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December 24, 2004     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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December 24, 2004

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PAGE 16 Ritter Continued from page 3 were 1,300 acts of anti-Semi- tism in France, the highest ever since World War 11. These acts include the vandalism of cemeteries and businesses. In one incident, a Sephardic rabbi answered the door of Iris synagogue to an attacker who plunged a knife into his stomach and yelled "Allah is great." A Jewish day school was torched last November. A.young boy was beaten up by Christian and Muslim school- mates, as reported in the New York Times last March, at the prNate Catholic school he at- tended. The attackers dragged tile boy into the shower of tile school's locker room and shouted, "We're going to gas you the way the Nazis gassed the Jews." Emigration by French Jews is currently at an all-time high, The Jeru- sah,m Post reported recently tha{ 3().(J0(I French Jews are c,~ntempkttmg moving to Is- rael in the next six n/onths, and the European Union has now recognized tire serious- licss of the situation. The second intifada inw)lves the Arab/Islamic world. Ritter said that ma- drasas and inosques teach an auti- Semitism comparable to tlmt (#Nazi Cermany. Joseph (h~ebhels was famous for ~ellHig "biff, lies" about Jews. "heeause the bi~!ger tile lie, tI~c more it was repeated and hclievcd."Slwh lies abound iH lhc Arab media and in edu cat tonal material I h roughout lhc Arab world. These lies in- clude thost' stat ing that Jews were involved in the attacks ~H: 9/11. and new tales of "hlood libel" such as that !he lsraelis inject Palest inian children with the lilY virus. Calls lot the destruction of Jews and Israel emanate from mosques, and m the media. Fifty-seven members met recently at a conference of Islamic nations. On that occasion, the outgoing Ma- laysian prime minister called on world's 1.3 billion Muslims to defeat the Jews. He stated that "The Europeans killed 6 million Jews, but today the Jews rule the world by proxy. Arts Continued from page 3 for the upcoming Jewish Arts Week is a "Family Arts Day," which would include Judaic arts workshops aimed at different age groups (pre-schoolers, elementary HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, DECEMBER 24, 2004 They get others to fight for them. They have invented socialism, communism, and worst of all, human rights and democracy." Rittercomment- ed, "Not since t tit ler has such blatant anti-Semitism been uttered in the international political realm." The prime rninister received a standing ovation. Conspiracy theories also abound in the Arab world. The Protocals of the Elders of Zion, a long-discredited anti-Semitic forgery by tile Russian czarist secret police which reported that Theodor tterzl's first World Jewish Congress was actually a Jewish plot to take over the world, appeared two years ago as the basis of a multi-part Egyptian miniseries called "Night Without a ttorse." "Night Without a tlorse" has since been broadcast by He- zbollah. Called by historians a "warrant for genocide," the Protocols were extensively used by the Nazis. The 1938 covenant of llamas, which has yet to be repealed, talks about a Jewish plot to dominate the world. Conspiracy theories also appear in new forms. One states that four thousand Israel is and Jews worked in the World Trade Center, and all received directions from the >lossad not to colne to work September 11,2001, and that the 9/11 attacks were ordered by the elders who wrote the Protocals. An(,ther f~,:cent conspiracy theory in the Muslim world is the one reported in the Or/undo ,S'c'ntinel last year: At weekly prayers in Bagdad mosques, a sheik charged that United Status forces in lraq were there to open up lraq to "tire Jews." I tolocaust denial is rampant in theArab workl, often claiming that the term "holocaust" actually refers to the experiences of the Palestinians and not the Jews. A Palestinian Author- ity broadcast stated that "the Holocaust industry is a financial scheme of the Zionist leadership that has generated billions of dol- lars in profits for the Jews. The Jews lied about the gas chambers and the term 'ho- locaust' actually refers to the experiences of the Palestin- tans." The nmfti of Jerusalem said, as quoted by the Ak,w Ibrk Times: "1 never denied that t he t tolocaust happened. But we believe the number 6 million is exaggerated. The Jews are using this issue also in many ways to blackmail tire Germans financially. The Holocaust is the reason that there isn't a bigger noise against Israel as an occupy- ing force. The ttolocaust is actually protecting Israel. It certainly isn't our fault that l titler hated Jews. After all, aren't they pretty much hated everywhere?" Jennifer Ritter commented: "What's important to understand about this fight is that the rationale for denying the ttolocaust and saying that it's an exaggeration is very simple when you consider where it's coming from. If the l lotocaust didn't hap- pen, according to those who deny it, then there's no moral, legal or any other legitimate imperative for the existence of a Jewish state." The demon- ization of Jews is strikingly dranratized in a recent Arab television interview with "an adorable" three-year-old girl. "The hate that was spewed out of her mouth was not to be believed," said Ritter. The girl was asked whether she liked Jews. "No," she said, because "they are apes and pi~ {s." 1 low did she knmv this? "It's in the Koran," she said. The interviewer praised her and said she was tire example of "a real Muslim girl." "This is not j ust mere vulga r invec- tive," emphasized Ritter. "It is a commt)n insult dehtunan- izing Jews." And such dehu- manization then gives license to destroy Jews, in the same way that Nazis character- ized Jews as vermin, or as ah infection that had to be cleansed. Ritter then described the third intifada, the one being played out on college cam- puses, and "the one that hits most close to home." Nnti-Semitism is now part of the domain of the tradi- tional left, said Ritter. "It's mind-bending, really, but anti-Semitic rhetoric is now part of the human rights platform, the anti-racism platform, the anti-war and anti-globalization platform. It's a politically correct form of anti-Semitism, because it's not paraded as criticism of Israel's policies and actions, but it makes use of words like 'apartheid,' 'genocide,' 'fascism,' 'racism,' when re- ferring to Israel's actions and policies. The Palestinians' legitimate right-they have a legitimate right to political sovereignty-is touted by the liberal left, but the validity of Zionism and even the right of Israel to exist is challenged, it's denied and it's called rac- ism. That is not academic de- bate and that is not political discourse, not when Jewish students are at risk of verbal or physical attacks." At the [Jniversity of San Francisco, supporters at a rally for Israel heard protestors shout, "Zi- onist racist pigs" and "Hitler should have finished the job." At Duke lJniversity, a student wrote an op-ed piece entitled "The Jews" for the university's newspaper, tie complained about Jewish "privilege" in the U.S, the power of the "Jewish establishment"and that tile tlolocaust "indus- try" has stilled debate on the Middle East contlict. And, said Ritter, "What was even scarier than what he wrote were the letters that came in from across the country in support of his 'standing up to the Jews.'" One, from a tirefighter in Boston, said: "Bravo, your article was a breath of fresh air. What you wrote was just the tip of the 'kike-berg,' however. Future articles should be about the overwhelming role of ttre Jews in the slave trade, their predominance in commu- nism, in pornography, the ecstacy trade, their outright ownership of the Federal Reserve, the Russian mafia, genocide of the Palestinian people, Israel's illegal acqui- sition of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, their parasitical existence on the United States, their knowl- edge of the terrorist attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. The Jews are not the innocent minority which they try to portray, but an ethnocentric tight- knit group which controls our mass media, our political system, our financial system. It's time to get the Jews off our back once and for all." That response appeared on October 18 of this year. The last intifada, said Ritter, is the one directed against the U.S. and western democracies. Islamic extremists wage war on the U.S and their hatred of Israel and Jews is also fu- eled by the fact that Israel is a democratic country in the western democratic tradi- tion and has very close ties to the U.S. lsreal, Jews and Americans are attacked as the "infidels of the West"by Islamic extremists. In tire Arab Muslim press, Israel is regularly depicted as the "Little Satan" and the U.S. as the "Big Satan." Ritter then said, "Amid the tortures, the shootings and the beheadings that we have witnessed in Saudi Arabia and in lraq over the past three or four years, one stands out, and that is the murder of l)aniel Pearl. Not because it's any worse than the beheading or the murder of anybody killed in the last t hree years, but because it was as if his Islamic captors had hitthejackl)ot. Right before he was murdered, the last words that he uttered in response to their questionsabout what his religion was were, 'My mother is a Jew, my father is a Jew and I am a.lew.' Not only were they killinganAmerican, theywere beheading, live on film onWeb casts throughout tire world, an American and a Jew. And the fact that he was a Jew was important, and its importance cannot be understated. What we are once again witnessing is the rise of the same danger- otis extremist and intolerant elements that bred tile Ho- locaust. Anti-Semitism is a cancer that metastasizes to destroy entire societies. We saw this in Europe and we need to heed thewarningnow. It's become clear that we're in a struggle for our survival. There are on any given day 13 or 14 mill ion Jews in the world. It's interesting to note that we have not recovered from the Holocaust. There were 18 million of us here before the ltolocaust. After, there were less than 12 million. We're threatened by assimilation, by global anti-Semitism and by those who still threaten to destroy Israel arld drive her into tile Mediterrane,m." And by those who would allow it. she concluded, Ritter finished by describ- ing the mission and successes of tire Holocaust Memorial Center itself. "The t lolocaust Center where you're sitting right now is at the forefront of that struggle. We teach the lessons of the Holocaust in order to shape a tolerant and inclusive community free of anti-Semitism and all forms of racism and bigotry the universal lessons that should be learned from the Holocaust, the most compre- hensively studied, well-docu- mented genocide of our time, are of the gravest import." The Center monitors and responds to hate activities, it creates awareness about intolerance m the local community and threats to democratic values and freedoms. Its public pro- grams include armual Yore ttaShoah and Kristallnacht observances, exhibits and training sessions, workshops and resources for teachers. Thousands of public and private school children irom all over Central Florida come to spend time in the Center's permanent teaching muse/ml and resource library, and to learn lr()lll the Cenler's resident teacher, who is actu- all, an Orange County public school teacher. l'his Jewish lh(ffessional Women's event with .len- nifer Ritter was co chaired by Barbara Gold and Dolores Indek. Amira's Kosher Cater- ing provided the buffet din- ner, which featured a variety of Middle Eastern foods. For more information about Jewish Professional Women, contact Nancy Ludin at the offices of the Jewish Fed- eration of Greater Orlando at 407-645-5933, ext. 239, or e-mail her at nancyl@orl Jennifer Ritter will also be the guest speaker at a Get Connected event on Jan. ]8, 2005. school students, high-school students, adults, seniors and entire families), where people would sign up for two or three workshops that interest them. Workshops would include vi- sual, performing and musical Judaic themes, and the entire communitywould bewelcome to participate. During Jewish Arts Week 2004, numerous organiza- tions, including the Jewish Federation of Greater Or- lando, the Jewish Commu- nity Center, the Hebrew Day School of Central Florida, Congregation Bet Chaim, Congregation of Liberal Ju- daism, Congregation Ohev Shalom, Southwest Or- lando Jewish Congregation, Temple Israel Longwood and Temple Shir Shalom of Oviedo, all participated in or sponsored events - helping to forge a community-wide bond. Organizers hope that the Jewish Arts Week 2005 celebration will further the aim of having the entire Orlando Jewish community HERI I I Glicl Levi Danl 850 C Maitla (407 Crai! Soli, Advis Their 1413" Winte~ (407 I YOI I P SALLY ' PIe vS. KELLY, Def( l To: KEt You a to reh Iowim NOR' BOAE ORL# THE COR[ PAGE ~ "~ OF FLO~ has bee are reqk written Plaintiff' KORSH 2345 Sa Orlando yourroc you ale call 1-8( Witness this Cou celebrate the Judaic arts together. The Jewish Fed-Att Korshak eration of Greater Orlando I 2345 Sa { Orlando provided a grant to the Jew- ] Telepho ish Community Center to D~ .24 help fund Jewish Arts Week for February 27 - March 5, 2005. (CIRCU; Speech Continued from page 7 But the fact that the com- mittee is headed by Floyd Abrams, a visiting professor and a respected First Amend- ment lawyer, has given the university committee cred- ibility, some say. "I don't think that he would allow for rubber- stamping," said Wayne committee "is fit," said Susan Brown, the university's assis- tant vice president for public affairs. The film has forced the university to examine its grievance procedures, and it found that they aren't as accessible as they should be, Brown said. The ad hoc committee created to inves- tigate the issue is intended to anti-Semitic was the same as being anti-lsrael. Still, if a professor is anti- Israel, "that shouldn't really affect his position," said Saa- dawi, who is Arab."Should an anti-Taiwanese professor not be able to teach?" If a profes- sor is "being discriminatory or giving bad grades because you're pro-Israel," that would be inappropriate, she said. The 30 or so participants, many of whom seemed too old to be students, said Zion- ists had helped perpetrate the Holocaust, Simonson said. Simonson said he found such statements, and others at the meeting, "relatively offen- sive." But "m general, I think people here have a relatively decent understanding of the Middle East," he said. "It's a anese Christian, he said. But he noted that his professor is the exception for beingpro-Is- rael in the Middle East &Asian Languages & Cultures depart- ment, known as M EALAC, the department that is the focus of the complaints. Michael Levinson, 21 and Jewish, is a MEALAC major. "I found what the students talked about in the film to be Israeli- Palestinian conflict in his courses. As for his own views, he said he is still sorting them out. "After having started MEALAC, I think that my upbringing had been verY pro-Israel biased," he said. Mike Bat, 21, said most peo- ple on campus find the accu- sations against the professors hard to believe, and therefore