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December 22, 1978     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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December 22, 1978

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II - IIAllPS AigK HERITAGE, Florida ]ewisk News December, 1978 / More Surprising  GE/tT CHANUKAH PRESENT: Facts ,=o...-..0.,) IRSNkL 3TATIoNERY ! WHY DO WE GIVE GIFTS ON CHANUKAH? A' L You riled O mo|l potoq j o knee, Q lot of people think we give gifts because Chanukah takes pt/I, 'Ppero Iin" and o brsh, place about the same time as and |4"s O poelg ($e Or' cQ|ored). Dear W,s Owl Christmas. That-is not the huH:. I just moved to a new real reason. After the Jews won the war, they wanted the people to know they were a free people so they made new coins to let all of the people, know the good news. That's why the custom started of giving coins during Chanukah. It used to be called Chanukah "gelt" (money), and by now most families in America give presents instead of money. Another reason Sifts were given at Chanukah time is be- cause Jewish parents wawted to reward their children for studying the Torah. WHY DO Wg EAT LATKE$ AND E? There are two legends about this. One is that, dm the war, the Jewish eatdiers were chasing the enemy and didn't want to take a long time to eat. They were very tired and hungry when they came to a little village. The villagers gave them cheese pancakes which were quick to make and refreshing to eat. That's why we eat latkes (pan- cakes). The legend about cheese is this: in the village of Bcthulia lived a woman named Judith. When the enemy was camped near her city, Judith visited tlu leader. She gave him cheese which made him thirsty. So she gve him w/ae to driu, which made him depy. While he ste, she kited him! When the soMiens fmmd out that their leader was dead, they rm away from the Jews. lml/th saved heir city and we eat chse tm honor this ChamAah hero. WHY I$ CHANUKAH SPELLED SO MANY DIF. FERENT WAYS? in Hebrew, Chamtkah is only spclk'd one way. In kglish, pe(dc spell it like i soumts, and/I must sound dif&rent to diffirent people. Some ways to spell it are: Chanukah, Ilanukah, llannukah, llan,akksh, and more. Ther is m) right m" wrong. Howcwr ym 1 it, it is surely one of " favorite Jewish holidays in America. Z. Cut 4"he po'l'a4"o in  your' percil "t'0 draw our ''riendl$ inif;o[- like L. 4"or Leoh. Or ou can make a jeSign. ])row ;+ l)ackwards tnd "then .t' Ou'F J' bQckcjround." 3. Paint 4he raised letter (or dei4)n) o,, h,l00 q. Press +he potato half t [.he do--., 1 m s00et$ ,q T*V.r. tEad00 w;It otl,w 00'wa ds/cjns Or leHers t". bz md. A Chanukah Game From the word "CELEBRATE", find at least 8 words, having 4 letters in each word. (Example: Belt) 1. 5. 2. 6. & 7. 4. 8. . I I I I I I III I I _ L _. I I I I II I II Ill a I r i i i i i city. I am going to a Jewish Day School where everyon e else has been studying He- brew for a long time except for me. I don't know any He- brew. I go to tutoring and some people laugh at me. What should I do? - Mixed Up Dear Mixed: This is not an unusual problem for a person who goes to a new school. The people in your class could be teasing you to see if you are a good sport, or they could be trying to get your atten- tion. Here are two su,getions. Both will work! Choose the one which will be easier for yOU. SUGGESTION NUMBER ONE: Ask the teasers for help. For example, someone says, "Hah, hah, hah! You don't know Hebrew! You need a private tutor." Your answer could be, "You are so right! In fact, I wish I knew Hebrew as well as you do! Would you help me?" It is very hard to tease someone who asks for help. And if you and the teMe work to- gether, even one time - you will not only lettm more He- brewbot might di, cever a .ew friend  two. I I II I I I Indtvklual Candle Salad For each came salad, here is what you need: 1 lettuce leaf 1 sicc of piapph, !12 hasw, na I tootkpick ! clur 1. Put tlw k'ttcc h:af on tl plate. 2. Put the rotmd slice of pin,,apph, on the lettuce leaf. 3. i'ecl the hsmsma and cut it in tlw mkldk (so H is short and fat, ,n4 to. K a.d thin). 4. Put a toothpick in the middk' of thr t of tl' haana. 5. Stick a vii,wry on tlw to,)tht)i,'k. 6. Make on(' ,a, for 'ach person ymt are serving. [ I I II II a i I i iii i i ii i iii SUGGESTION TWO: When tease you, laugh When they say, hah! You don't brew! then answer, "Hah, bah, are right!" Go along joke on yourself, hard to do. The dren will see you sport and it to tease you ing is only fun the person angry. (Isn't it people think it make people sad Ignoring the work. They sad or angry you don't let it going laughing at teasers will stop You will be on Maybe you can them how to have new person who sport- YOU! After you try (or back and let us you tried and how i NOAH'S A mqliM for Je Iv is printed distributed featnre All corres taqairies podam to: p.O. Beg Akmumste s PlttK& From tbe From the (ot EDITORS Lid. r htra To C i aotu aaJI/ atoll ...;.. "":::" "'...:::::::::." '""........ 2:i'2.'2::::::::::::::::::::::