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November 29, 2013     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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November 29, 2013

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PAGE 8A HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, NOVEMBER 29, 2013 b Kevin Winter/Getty Images Actor Sacha Baron Cohen (only legs are visible), recipient of the Charlie Chaplin Britan- nia Award for Excellence in Comedy, and a stunt performer (in wheelchair) appear onstage during the 2013 BAFTA LA Jaguar Britannia Awards presented by BBC America at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 9, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California. By Jana Banin to Deadline. "It's obviously a tragedy, but on the bright side, Baron Cohen's 'deadly' what a great way to go. She'll prank probably make the Oscars in HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (6No- Memoriam section. Bacon)--Sacha Baron Cohen Baron Cohen added, "Any- killed when he took the stage way tonight is not about her, at the BAFTA Los Angeles it's about me." Jaguar Britannia Awards It was, of course, a prank. Saturday night. Literally, he The lowdown on"Cullington" killed. An elderly woman, from the Los Angeles Times: At least that's what ev- "The senior citizen was actu- eryone there thought for a ally a stuntwoman, and the minute, only Cullington from the The Jewish comicactorwas silent era was Margaret Cul- being presented the Charlie lington, who had a small part Chaplin Britannia Award inChaplin's'ADog'sLife.'She for Excellence in Comedy by died in 1925." Grace Cullington, an 87-year- We're not sure what's more old in a wheelchair billed as impressive, Baron Cohen's Charlie Chaplin'soldestliving envelope-pushing shenani- co-star, gans or a senior citizen stunt- Cullington bestowed upon woman. Baron Cohen a cane she said Miley Cyrus to play Israel belonged to Chaplin. Baron Bust out the foam fingers, Cohen then proceeded to Israel! Yep, Miley Cyrus is use the cane as a prop in an coming to town. impromptu Chaplin imper- The large-tongued singer sonation. Allvery sweet until who got the term twerking the cane broke, causing him into the Oxford Diction- to fall.., into the wheelchair, ary will perform in the Holy Cullington was thrown off Land this summer, Israel's the stage and, supposedly, to Channel 2 reports. The de- her death, tails are still thin, but it looks "Grace Collington is the like the show will be slated oldest, sorry, was the oldest... I for June in a venue to be dedicate my award to her," he determined. said of his victim, according While the performance is Jenna Elise Jacobson, daughter of Barry and Sharon Jacobson of Or- lando will be called to the Torah as a bat mitzvah on Dec. 7, 2013, at Southwest Orlando Jewish Congrega- tion. Jenna is in the seventh grade at SunRidge Middle School in Winter Garden where she is an honor roll student. Her interests include competitive swimming, soccer, and music. When's she's not doing homework, you will most likely find her listening to her favorite band, One Direction. Jenna has decided to share her bat mitzvah with two people she's never met who died well before their time. First, Jenna chose to honor the memory of a young girl, Frida Zelikovics who died in the Shoah at Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944. The other person is a Jewish war veteran from New Jersey, Private Louis Shleifer who died at Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941, and was 19 years old. Jenna and her family recently moved back to Orlando from Plano, Texas. She would like to thank her tutor, Cantor Ramsay, for his patience and guidance. She'd also like to thank Rabbi Skolnik and Mr. Rubenstein in Orlando, along with the teachers from Levine Academy and Anshai Torah shul in Plano. Sharing in the family's simchawill be Jenna's brother, Mike; as well as aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends both local and from great distances who will travel here from all over the country to celebrate this milestone. expected to be on a smaller scale than Rihanna's recent performance, we have a feel- ing Miley won't let RiRi outdo her on the controversy front. And who knows, she might just meet a nice (older) Jew- ish guy. Rabin's granddaughter bringing show to U.S. Noa Rothman, the grand- daughter of the late Yitzhak Rabin, just signed a deal to produce an American version of her Israeli show "The Prime Minister's Children," The Times of Israel reports. The series, which Roth- man co-wrote, "focused on the public and private lives of a fictional Israeli prime min- ister, hiswifeandhistwoado- and--well, sadly--that's re- havebeen pretty great. lescent children,"according ally it. 8. "Sex and the City": It's to The Times of Israel. "The Which is why our imagi-all you, Charlotte York Gold- U.S. version will follow a nations have run wild with enblattI Unless, of course, similar model but instead dreams of what could have the ladies would rather just peer into the private rooms been if these two celebrations skip the whole thing and do of the White House, making collided more than once every brunch. Or cocktails. the audience privy to the in- 70,000-odd years. 9. "The Nanny": Thanks- nerworkingsofanAmerican 1."Friends":We'rethinking givukkah gets the Queens president." itwouldhavebeencalled"The treatment. Sounds good. And if it fol- One with the Menurkey."10. "Entourage": Thanks- lows in the footsteps of fellow 2."The Goldbergs": C'mon, givukkah gets the Queens Israeli imports "In Treatment" can't they just fudge it and treatment, but this time at and "Homeland," it likely pretendThanskgivukkahwas the Gold's lair, where the will be. an'80s phenomenon? They've boys come to celebrate. Vince Thanksgivukkah episodes been pretty loose with period hooks up with Ari's barely le- we want to see accuracy as it is. gal niece, Turtle lights a joint Thanksgivukkahisn'thap- 3. "Seinfeld": How can off the menorah, Drama re- pening for another couple one even begin to process countsthetimeheauditioned of weeks, but already it has a Festivus-Thansgivukkah fortheroleofaMaccabeeand bestowed upon us many gifts, mash-up? There are just far Eric does nothing interesting. including a great recipe for too many comedic possibili- Paula Abdul bat mitzvah off roasted Brussels sprouts ties to handle. This is clearly a the Western Wall with pastrami and pickled jobforthefolksoveratModern Paula Abdul canceled red onion, a rapping turkey Seinfeld. her much-hyped bat mitz- and a"Colbert Report" bit so 4. "Curb Your Enthusi- vah at the Western Wall, funny the host himself lost it. asm": Perhaps Larry mightask opting instead for a low-key We have something else on the owner of the Palestinian ceremony in the town of our wish list for this holiday chicken restaurant to cater Safed, The Times of Israel re- season, though, that only his holiday feast? ports. the network gods can deliver. 5. "The O.C.": A shining Per Israel's Tourism Minis- We'retalkingabouttheoppor- moment surely for knowntry, which hosted the former tunity to watch our favorite ChrismukkahenthusiastSeth "American Idol" and "The X TV characters engage in Cohen. Factor" judge, the switch was someridiculousandhilarious 6. "Will & Grace": A better due to jet lag. But the offici- holiday hijinks. That's right, merger than Thanskgiving ating rabbi, Eyal Riess of the bringontheThanksgivukkah and Hanukkah? The merger of Tzfat Kabbalah Center, claims episodes, TV-making people Z thesitcom'sclassic"Moveable it was to avoid the media. We are ready. Feast" episode and Thanksgi- Eitherway, the deed is done. Our best hope for some vukkah. Mazel tov! Latkey Day representation 7. "Arrested Develop- For the latest Jewish celeb- is probably on the "The New ment': A celebration during ritynews, visitJTA's6Degrees Girl," "The Big Bang Theory" George Sr.'s rabbiphasewould (no Bacon) blog. By Leonard Felson from a rabbi who saw the "Why don't you just find I thought that way, and that First person Torah as a spiritual road map, an Orthodox wife to marry?" attitude made me less thanthe and his teachings spoke to me Julia suggested in her most spouse, father and friend that HARTFORD, Conn.(JTA)-- like never before. "Give me a exasperated moments. God expected of me. MywifestaredatmeasifIwere modern-dayexampleofMitz- Ishruggedoffherproposal: I went to the wedding. In from another planet, rayim," he asked, referring to Divorce might be a solution, preparation, I envisioned how "What do you mean you enslavement in Egypt. butitwouldbetoopainful.Be- a more flexible and loving don't know if you can come Suddenly I saw how en- sides, it would give credence husband would behave. For to my cousin's wedding?" she slaved I felt in my job at the to what my wife and others that weekend, I also chal- demanded indignantly, time. I resonated, too, with thought of me-- as "going lenged myself to suspend my She hadn't seen her rela- his definition of Shabbat as a over the deep end." judgments and be the partner tives in years andwas looking daylong meditation focused Actually, I was struggling mywife had fallen in lovewith forwardtoaweekendgetaway on being instead of doing, with who I was becomingyears ago. with her husband of 28 years Soon I was going to Shab- Jewishly. ] wasn't the Ha- That Saturday afternoon, without our grown children, bat morning services almost sid in "Annie Hall," yet my we sat on folding chairs in "Well, it's on a Saturday weekly as I juggled our kids' compromises and efforts to the hot Florida summer afternoon, before Shabbat soccer schedules. Eventually show more flexibility came sun among guests at the is over. It's during the three we moved to a Conservative grudgingly, ceremony. A minister and weeks of mourning before shul, whereIfeltmoreathome Then one day, I saw ourrabbi officiated. I held Julia's Tisha b'Av, not to mention but whereJuliafeltdisenfran- struggle from a new perspec- hand. After the wedding, I during my year of saying chised.Shestoppedattending, tive. Ironically it came from hugged and congratulated Kaddish," I replied, knowing though I constantly nudged a real Hasid, Rebbe Nachman Julia's cousin, the father of the none of these reasons would her--astrategythattriggered of Breslov, who said you are groom. I sipped champagne resonate with her. more resentment than any- never given an obstacle you and toasted the new couple, Julia and I had met in our thing else. Going alone also cannotovercome.Thatmeant chatted with Julia's relatives mid-20sataYomKippurbreak made me feel embarrassed committing to finding a way duringthereception.Inshort, fast in the late '70s. We had when other regulars at my tobring some kind of whole- Iallowedmyselftohaveaball. beenunaffiliated, Jewish cata- newly adopted shul askedwhy ness to my marriage, divisions "I like the new flexible you," log-kind of Jews loosely tied to they had never met my wife. notwithstanding. Julia said over the band's mu- our religion and tradition. She That mindset rippled be- I still did not know what to sic, a smile on her face. grewupReformandremained yond family. As I became do about the wedding of my That weekend marked a proud Jew who felt her level more observant over the span wife's cousin. I did not think I a turning point. I came to ofobservancedidn'tmakeher of several years--keeping should attend, but I knew this understand that despite our any less Jewish than anyone, kosherandeventuallyjoining was my obstacle to overcome, differences, religious or oth- I grew up Conservative, the an Orthodox shul--I longed Itwas my encounter with the erwise, I had taken a vow to son of a Holocaust survivor, foracirclethatcouldenthusi- Divine. I consulted a rabbi honor my wife no matter how withparentswhospoke fluent astically participate inweekly who'd written about what he we changed. Despite what of- Yiddish and kept basic tradi- Shabbatmeals, Passoversed- called the sacred messiness tenseemedlikemyaffairwith tionslikenotmixingmilkand ers and my religious journey, of life. God, I realized that I owed meat (although my mother I envied shul acquaintances "The only issue iswhether Julia a commitment, to hear had inexplicable exceptions, whose communities offriends youwantJudaismtobeassoci- her and be there for her no like serving Campbell's clam were more Jewishly literate, ated with judgmental holier- matter what life's challenges. chowder). Instead, Shabbat and Jew- than-thou energy. Obviously, I also realized that to hold We forged our own way of ish holidays became points of you don't," the rabbi said, "or her in my arms as we feel the doing things religiously. For friction when service sched- you wouldn't be asking me joys and sorrows of life is a our first child, a daughter, ules clashed with social invi- what to do." spiritualpractice, too. It's not we crafted our own naming tations from our less Jewishly That startled me. I wasalways easy. Butwhen I feel my ceremony. We found a mohel observant friends-- which certain he would have sided inflexibility and holier-than- andhadabrit for our twosons, was most of them-- or Julia's with me. I re-readhis message thou voice creeping back, I We joined a Reform temple desire just to take in a movie againandagain. Over the next try to remember that having because it was where most of on a Saturday night, even if few days I came to realize that a sensitive heart is also one of our friends were joining, our Shabbat's end had yet to ar- for at least the past 15 years God's commandments. kids attended its religious rive.Iimaginedthatwhenshe I had been acting holier than Leonard Felson has writ- school and we went to Friday looked at me, she increasingly thou-- to Julia, our kids and ten for The New York Times, night services frequently, sawtheHasidicJewthatAnnie to our friends. Tablet Magazine, theJerusa- About 20 years ago, how- Hall'sgrandmothersawwhile Even if I hadn't alwayslem Report and many other ever, I began taking classes looking at Woody Allen.behaved that way outwardly, publications.