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November 21, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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November 21, 2003

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H. ERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, NOVEMBER 21, 2003 l l II l PAGE 21 Malkin to Argentina, where it was de- a forger, to prepare necessary ing he would have but mo- rogation, "Clement" admitted solved was getting Eichmann cided that the boy's father was documents ("In Argentina," mentstosnatchEichmannand that he was, in fact, Adolf out ofArgentina. The solution, Continued from page 1 not the right man. Fifteen Malkinsaid,"ittakeshalfayear stuffhim in a car. Eichmann and Malkin's chase Malkinsaid, was to bring Abba years and the removal of the to get a drivinglicense; here, it After weeks of surveillance, was over. On the second day, Eban to Argentina on the pre- He was ordered to capture uniform, hesaid, ledthemto took half an hour."); an inter- they came to the rainy evening Malkin said that he told text of celebrating that Eichmannand bringhim back the wrong conclusion, rogator, who spoke excellent of May 11,1960."It'snotanact Eichmann that he had to ask country's 150 years of inde- to Israel for trial as an act of After 18 months, it was de- German; a doctor; a woman that depends on you," Maikin him a question of his own-not pendence and take Eichmann morality and justice, not re- tided that perhaps it was who not only cooked ("she was said, explaining that many of aboutsending6millionJewsto back to Israel on that same venge. Eichmann after all, although terrible,"Malkinsaid)butposed his actions were dependent on the gas chambers or 5 million plane, leaving Eban there. Hesaidthatthosewhomade he was using the name of as the wife of the man who what Eichmann did and how non-Jewsbutaboutthedeathof The ultimate irony was to reacted, hisownnephew,blondandblue- prepare a forged passport for it through the Nazis andWorld Ricardo Clement. Tasked with rentedthe housesand cars, and he,I War II were not survivors but putting together a team to Malkin himself, who was a can't manage; I can only eyed like Eichmann's own son. Eichmann which showed him heroes, for so much they had to make the capture, Malkinwent masterofdisguise.Malkinsaid follow the way an opponent Eichmann asked, %Vas hewearing a Star of David. endure, just to stay alive, on to explain who comprised thegreatesttestofhisabilityto acts," he added. The plan was Jewish?" Malkin concluded by.mus- The story of Eichmann's his team: a photographer, to disguise himselfwas to fool his for MaJkin to stop Eichmann "Yes," replied Malkin. ingthatthelifeofanagentcan capturebeganduringthedays photograph "Clement" in or- mother, which he was able to withthe Spanish phrase,"/]no "What could I do?" get so lonely that sometimes of the Nuremburg Trials in der to determine if he was, in- do. momentito, Senor."However, Eichmann said querulously, the only people he knows are 1945. Mosaad received a tip deed, Eichmann;amanto rent Originally, the head ofhe said that he got no further "I'm only a soldier I never his opponents. outaboynamedEichmann; 8housesandl0earsinBuenos Mosaad wanted two men to do than "Uno momentito," than hated Jews I Iove Jews, leven How does one explain the eVentually, they sent an agent Aires, not knowing where they the actual capture but Malkin Eichmann knew the Israelis speak some Hebrew." Holocaust? "If you have small -" Malkin took great pains to would secrete Eichmann once said no, he would do it himself, had come for him. In 9 sec- And what was the Hebrewchildren." he said,'you have to explain that someone who he was captured - near water, Toprepare himself, heengaged onds, Malkin hadgrabbed him, Eichmannknew, Malkinasked. learnnot tosay'Holocaust,' not Works for his country is an near a train station, near the in hard physical training for put him in the car and the car "Sh'ma Yisrael Adonai to frighten, [but] tell them a agent while*one who works airport, etc.;amechanictokeep several months prior to his de- wasgone. Eloheinu," was his reply, story ofbravery. Teach them to against his country is a spy- the cars in running condition; partureforBuenosAires, know- After a short period of inter- The final problem to belisten to the good and the bad." Lieberman Continued from page 3 his decision to run for the presi- ncy was based on more than Years of public service as a Rate senator, Connecticut's at- torney general, United States Senator and vice-presidential Candidate ("many people believe Iwas electedvice president," he quipped). "I don't like the direction in Which America is going," he continued, "I believe that orge W. Bush has broken Promise after promise that he made in 2000 to continue our PrOsperity, to be fiscally respon- sible, to unite us, to change the t ne in Washington. None of those have really been done. also has not trusted the rican people enough to level us and that is why the Aalerican people are beginning to not trust this President. lie said that he was strong q nOugh to take on the president where he's supposed to be all the plans were available on womantherighttoanabortion, representative These two %Ve've got to put the pres- strong--on securityandvalues his website, It should be a decisive issue in peoples can't make it better sure on them. We've got to get - and then go on to defeat him ' rheraceisataveryinterest- the campaign, hesaid."Thisbiil themselves, the Europeans to help us do where he's been weak- on eco- ing point---nine candidates. I the President signed is the first "The first thing that has to that, who've been awful in this. nomic policies and the social continuetopollinthetoptierof step in undercutting Roe vet*- happen is that the Palestinians We've got to get the moderate agenda. He said he was pro- candidates. I've led in twopolls sus Wade legislatively the have to declare their own war Arab countries - who haven't growth, pro-jobsintheClinton- -WallStreetJoumaland Wash- right of privacy is in jeopardy" on terrorism. There has to be a been good at all - to do this as Goreeconomictradition, strong ington Post but I have to tell WhatwouldhappenifAIGoreleadership in the Palestinian well. ondefenseandsecurity, includ- you the leadwas 1 point. This is threw his hat in the ring? "It's community that will make a "American people, not just ing homeland security and had an undecided race. not going to happen," said 100 percent effort to stop the the politicians, remain very a real record of fighting for so- "Bushisvulnerable.Inoneof Lieberman,"Thesameistrueof terrorism. If that happens, the committed to the security of cial justice and progress, those polls, I was five points Hilary (Clinton)." Israelis are open to a two- the State of Israel and it's based Liebermansaidhewouldcre- behind him and one I think I He went on to say that, after state solution, most of them - on an understanding of shared ate 10 million new jobs in his was seven or eight. It's a re- the first round of primaries, he you can never get 100 percent values-democraticvalues, par- first term as president and in- markable opportunity that I envisioned the field narrowed of Israelis to agree on anything ticularly - and also an under- vestininnovationbypartnering have and I'm working my heart to Howard Dean, himself and -but75percentofthemarenot standingthat, inahostileworld, with the private sector, out for it, to try to take the perhaps one other, only open to a two-state solu- particularlyinaworldofterror- "I've set a goal to reduce the future of this country, which I On Israel, Lieberman criti- tion, they'reyearningforit.They ism, thatinthatregion,wedon't deficit every year [interest on love and has been so good to me cized President Bush for not live in fear, too often. The have a more steadfast ally than the debt] is going to balloon in and so many millions of others, making it a higher priority, al- economy is down, but they're Israel." the next few years because of and make it better." thoughhedidsaythatthe presi- not going to negotiate with a Referring to the fact that we theBushfiscalirresponsibility." Responding to a question dent was clearly pro-Israel, country that's led by somebody could base troops and planes Hewentontosaythathehas about the recently-passed and "As president, I would ap- whoencouragesterrorism.The there in times of crisis, hesaid, a health care plan, an education signed bill prohibiting partial point a high level emissary to key question is: can Ararat be "That's the ultimate source of plan, a manufacturing protec- birthabortions, Liebermansaid move there, to be my pushed back. strength in this relationship." tion plan and has very strong that he was not pro-abortion ideas about environmentalpro- but pro-choice, that the Consti- tection. He said that details of tution and Roe v. Wade allow a Tobin We have competition Continued from page 4 mocracy around the world-- tion, fundraising for worthy including the Arab and Muslim causes means puttingourhands Palestini,Arabs. If only world where it remains virtu- out to the rich. Many ofthose in erewereno'occupation or ally unknown---such remarks attendance at the Jewish at-- israeli Prime Minister Ariel are especially egregious. Funders Network have nobly d~i~::~haron, we are told, the vitu- Indeed, while representatives dedicated their lives and their dcY i ----,e ration would dry up. of Jewish charities were fanta: fortunes to aiding vital causes, such as Jewish education. sizing about getting Soros to nb.-| Nonsense. This hate has th innedground preciselyduring back their efforts, the Past re- There is nothing inherently :U lewhen Israel made un- portedthatthebillionaireisnow wrong with opposing either eslit ecedented (and concentrating his efforts on Bush or Sharon. But there ' ' : procated)concessionsin ousting Bush, not re-discover- should be some limits to our effort to secure peace, ing his Jewish roots, willingness to kowtow to a man h ilikea lnowwearetoidbypeople Sowhat difference does one whose statements are pro- Soros and European intel- obscenely rich, out-of-control foundly destructive to Jewish tl- L :baah choking on their own mngulmake?Inthebigpicture, security, one who knowingly of America that it is all probably not much. spreads hatred against his own aet ) .ident George W Bush's AllofSoros'moneywillnever people. Rather than trying to mollify Soros, as many appear be able to persuade Israel's forisraelandoppositionto peopletocommitsuicidetowin willing to do, Jewish leaders 'nianleaderYasserArafaL the love of Europeans. Despite need to stand up to him. eer, erica under Bush is a the confidence of some on the Yes, Mr. Soros, we wish we The Tremoflt retirement residence is simply the best place to live in Oviedo. If you would like the best food, the best view, the best location, and the best place to live in town, then call The Tremont today. Lt'lg l[ertotheworld,"Sorostold ldt, itwon'tconvinceAmerican had your billions on our side. v lolli Wash/ngtonPostthisweek. Jewstoputtheirweightbehind Butifthepriceofthathelpisto " " e of il- wf ,m'okinghl$ status as proposals opposed by Israel s .g veyouafacad,respectS. ,t * lild survivor of the Holo- people. Nor will it, I suspect, tythatyouhaven teamed, then n Soros added, "Bush re- help convince most Americans my answer would be to keep deSi! ! me of the Germans." that a Europe that stands for your mopey. Kissing up to a Choina the thinly veiled appeasement is right and that man who justifies anti- E'Semi ism of many ex- Washington's stand for democ- Semitismisjusttoohighaprice ii!i "' critics of the war in racy and an unceasing war to pay for adonation. ; Soros claimsagainst terror are wrong. JonathanS. Tobinisexecu- ta d0 k' k On.servatives ---a com- Are thereany, mits?,tiveedi roftheJ.ew hExpo- , Codeword for Jews---aretlut the wiJJingness or so nent in rnilaae pnia. Me can be t promote an agenda many Jews to bend their knees reached via e-mail at: r, rld domination." andtugtheirforelocksinSoros' " in a week in which presence does trouble me. Read the Jewish Exponent on- bee0! ' entBushmadeapassion- Yes, Jewish causes desper- line at www.jewish for the spread of de- ately need help. And, by defini- iato .