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November 21, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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November 21, 2003

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i PAGE 20 II I I HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS,t NOVEMBER 21, 2003 . ~1t1:1 Dershowitz anOhioStateseniorandnewly When she earned a D+ in c]ass with Dershowitz,On a case that would block where Dershowitz addressed M minted "Ambassador for Is- his course--a full grade lower Rosenfield said she feels broadcasts of Israel's Playboy hundredsofstudentsandcom- Continued from page 2 rael," the training program than she expected--she said newly connected to the Jew- channel, Dershowitz told the munity members, protestorsL was vindication, the professor told her she was ish state and armed with in- crowd, passed out leaflets calling him, view at Ohio State University. Rosenfieid recalled how, a troublemaker, telligent arguments. Israel makes mistakes, he a bigot l- Dershowitz visited Ohio when she was a freshman tak- If such a situation oc-In the training session at told the students, "but in gen- Inside, Dershowitz sought ! Eicl State inlate October tolaunch ing a 600-person sociology curred today, Rosenfield said, the Ohio State Chabad house, eral has been on the right side to take the case for Israel one,to I a Chabad-sponsored program seminar, herprofessortoldthe she would tell the professor: Dershowitz quizzed the stu- of history. He also warned stepfurther-~tomakesupport I tool to train Jewish students as class that Jews provoke the "Let me educate the class, let dents on Israel's democratic that "Israel-baiting doesn't for the Jewish state not just i venl " " t "ambassadors" for Israel. Israeli-Palestinian conflict, me tell the class what's up, merits: On which Israeli Su- come free --Jt paves the way acceptable on campus, bu !H Students seemed to wel- Rosenfield privately asked the because I know what's up." premeCourtcasedofeminists for harming Israelis. downright cool. ! itth come Dershowitz s effort, professor to change his com- After attending a private and fervently Orthodox rabbis Later that night, at the en- "Date a Zionistr' he urged War For Melissa Rosenfield, 20, ments, but he refused. "Ambassadors for Israel" come down on the same side? trance to the student union students here l endl D.C. - I Ta Continued from page 2 nuclearambitions--aconver- rorist activities against the new government. Mofaz said sation fortuitously timed for StateofIsrael, and I willnotbe he told everyone he spoke to And Netanyahu couldn't the day a U.N. agency criti- wrong to say Syria is a con- that advancing the peace pro- resist waxing nostalgic for his cized Iran for hiding evidence tinuation of support against cess is a top priority for Israel. owntermasIsraeliprimemin- of uranium and plutonium U.S. forces in Iraq," he said. Mofazeffectivelydroppedan ister from 1996-1999. enrichment. Mofaz was in less accord earlier precondition for talks: 'qfou know how many ter- "There is a concerted effort with the administration's that P.A. President Yasser rof bombings we had in the needed to stop or prevent a views when he met with Rice, Arafat cede control of the Pal- threeyearsIwasprimeminis- Iranian nuclear program,' PowellandVicePresidentDick estinian security forces. In- ter?" Netanyahu asked. Mofaz told the Washington Cheney on Nov. 13. stead, he suggested that while "We had three." Institute for Near East Policy Powell and Rice have criti- Arafat's continued control of Netanyahu also has been on Nov. 12. cized Israel's security barrier, security was worrisome, he discussing investments in Is- Validations of Israel's de- and Poweli has expressed sup- would judge Qurei more on because it gave the terrorists United States because of his/ Co rael with major U.S. Jewish cades-long suspicions about port for an unofficial Swiss- how he dealt with Palestinian breathing room. links to terrorism contributors, another impor- the Iranian regime reinforce sponsored Israeli-Palestinian terrorist groups. MofazalsohadaPowerPomt"'5'oucannotexpecttheonlY[. a~/ dencxalsde tant constituency for those the Bush administration's peaceproposalthattheSharon Mofaz understood that U.S. presentation that resembled a Palestinian leader who I - - seekingthetopofficein Israel. post-Sept. 11 appreciation for government has criticized as frustration over some Sharon campaign speech. He envi- deliver the Palestinians int0| ~ Y~ Mofaz is in the most semi- Israeli prescience, unauthorizedandundulycon- policies, whichhadrarelybeen sionedPalestinian, Israeliand any serious" process, to staYla~i tOrne~'State' tiveposition.Thedefensemin- Mofaz and Rumsfeld alsocessionary, voiced since the collapse of outside investment in indus- under house arrest, Kh I . ister has been closely associ- discussed Syria, anothercoun- Mofaz said the unofficial the previous P.A. government, trial zones inside Palestinian- said in a telephone interviC i senah ated with Sharon government try on which Israel and the proposals came up in the dis- could resurface now that controlledareasandalongthe from the West Bank. !!ICandit policies that have irked the UnitedStatesagree morethan cussions, but only as "inter- Qurei'sgovemmentisinplace, border with Israel that would Khatib said Qurei was hog[ Wast Americans, including a pro- ever. Bush has said he under- esting ideas." The Americans said David Makovsky, an ana- create 120,000Palestinianjobs ing to co-opt Arafat by con'[ quzPl~ posal to build a security bar- stands Israel's recent bomb- also raised the issue of Israel's lyst with the Washington In- within three years. ". " . . rier that runs inside the West ingofsuspectedPalestinian security barrier, andMofaz stitute. The message was the same i~~ipi~tltPaci~t,[ c~i!! Bank and reticence to dis- terrorist camps in Syria, an repeated Israel's willingness The installation of another as Netanyahu's: Economic mantle illegal settlement out- unusualexpressionofsupport to discuss with the Americans relatively moderate Palestin- movesareanincentivetopeace. "I believe that within ~| "-mi posts, for an attack on another every step of the fence's con- Jan has returned peace nego- Netanyahu and Mofaz both - ti~!~de One strategy for Mofaz has nation's territory, struction, Mofaz reported, tiations to the forefront of Is- admitted that they had not yet current situation, with been to emphasize what Israel Mofaz underscored the Still, it was clear that the raei-U.S, relations, discussed these visions with minimum level of tensionS| Prospe r anJ" Sible, t and the United States have in closeness of outlook on Syria Bush administration expects The message from the their purported targets--the tween the prime ministe !, common, in his Washington Institute Israel to accelerate the peace Americans, Makovskysaid, is Palestinians--suggestingthat, presldent, itismorelikelyth~l~ne'l InhismeetingwithDefensetalk. process now that Palestinian "thatthey'vebeenonvacation the primary aim was to culti- Secretary Donald Rumsfeid on "I believe Syria is continu- Authority Prime Minister for two months; now school's vate American support. Nov. 10, Mofaz raised Iran's ing to support and to bait ter- AhmedQureihaspresentedhis back in session.", Mofazalsocamearmedwith Khatib said. [1! Aaleric~th'~aeriCu Beary - , Continued from page 3 "the opportunity of a lifetime" knew I was a cop, he reported, pecially with a 6 6" flight at- this country. He was particu- week, I had the Anti-Del i e nd i when he went to Israel, at the "I must have hit every com- tendant who knew where ev- lady critical of the fact that tion League corn in a g" [ g~ invitation of the Jewish Insti- tute for National Security Ad- ministration. Beary was one of 14 chief executive law en- forcementofficers to make the trip to study Israeli training methods. With a not-so-subtle dig at the Orlando Sentinel, he noted that it was done at no cost to Orange County taxpay- ers. From Orlando, he said, he flew to Newark to board an El Ai flight. "Even though they Publication Date Pennsylvania, in addition to Florida, he said, and the De- partment of Homeland Secu- rity will be adopting it. There will be a test project, origi- nally created here, involving a rural area and urban area. "The message we're trying to get to the federal govern- ment," he continued, "is to listen to their local officials who have been so involved with security." In August of last year he had :ember 12, 2003 Deadline: December 3, 2003 A Chanukah Greeting is a Good Way to Thank Your Jewish Customers for Their Patronage or to Sell Your Holiday Merchandise For More Information Call 407-834-8787 puterwhistletherewas Iwas erything was, that he kicked airport employees are not our intelligence people train'! scanned, my computer was offhisshoesandsleptforfour scanned, or checked; "I'll bet ing and they gave us the ~i ~[~ L taken apart, my [PDA] was hours, you don t find that in Israel," to-date stuff on what's 1~'| aLJD taken apart, mycellphonewas "The United States needs to he added, pening domestically." .~,~i C, oni taken apart, they interviewed wake up," he continued, "they He went on to praise theHe said that groups on I~] ~L sayi~| ~ae Pal me for 25 minutes - even (Israelis) live it every day. The security in Jerusalem, where the left and right are th erew though they new l was a cop - only difference between the cameras cover so many cur- slmilarthings-d awayw:3"" to~, ao,-~sra~ my belt came off three times, bombers in Iraq and those in ners and nooks and crannies, the government. Tha my shoes came off three times Israel is that Israelis see it three "They have 40 people who do shown in 1995 in Oklm,~'-t"d ~i :De~qaron - V i [ ratiol and guess who was the last and four times a day, stretch- nothing but watch television C ty when Timothy Mc q'i. ~ oiOl~ one on the plane after they ing resources as thinly as pos- all day. They know where the bleWl,mUP pleasedhiS truck boma.with . ~' a,: searched his luggage?" sible." crowd control situations are Once he got on the plane, IfacarisstolenintheUnited occurring; they know what's progress our region has ~-~. though, he felt so secure, es,~ States, it's most likely for a joy going on in the walled streets in homeland security, he~'~. ~,~'-~Cedl ride, or burglary, or robbery, of Jerusalem the whole time." We don t know it all but WC~ ~.a~ip In Israel, it automatically goes "On the other hand, here in had tremendous coope " straight to a car bomb. the United States, there's a from the public and the Having the opportunity to hueandcryover"BigBrother" in the nine-county reg~~n sit and talk to the number one watching. It's a battle just to In response to a bomb technician in the Israeli keep the traffic cameras on I- from the Heritage, the o , ;.',~ide Defense Force, he s a law en- 4," he said." said he s still trying to get!~ ~ r Orlando area designatec'f~gl: ,~!t, in I m ~tforl forcement officer, was an in- Beary said that Israel has banarea, similartoTa ~~. credible operation. The train- three rings of security: the ingwasoutoftheworld.They Biue ring (police), the Red ring Miami, whichwouldgiv ~'i ~ ni showed us the suicide bomb- (military), and the Green ring additional resources ers, theyshowed us the satchel (border patrol). He noted that, eral funds, noting that ~j~r tt bomb That'simportantstuff on one of his last days in Is- cent of the state's tax for us to have. That training rael, ali three forces combined come from Central~~d,~;.:;~'~" ~ has already gone out to the tointerceptfoursuicidebomb- Not meaning toslight ~ Intentional Drive area and ers before they could reach City, he said, how our tourist area and our bomb their destinations, even City have an urban des~i~, m~a~s so technicians have the most up- thoughitnevermadethenews, tmn" when there are wn' Sen" to-date training just like that "We must realize that our vacant stores downto ~rlist ( in Israel. That's why it's im- threat here in this country is Orlando does not? portant." . a not just the international '`while security is g o ~i~g~' Beary noted era-threat. We have our fair share airports such as Orla,n n, phasis on security has shifted of kooks out here; they're all ternationai, hesaid, .~/~.~ cod, from military-to-military; be- over Orlando."Inconjunction a need to tighten sechri 'aR to causehomelandsecurityisnow with the Maitland Police De- smaller ones such as Or e. fld the issue, we need to get law partment, the Orange County Executive. " ~l~ ~inl Why have there beea' ." nt enforcement executiveWhat is a weapon ofthere'mass callsSheriff'Sfor serviceOffice hasat thehadjewishm re major incidents since 1 destruction?Bearyaskedrhe- CommunityCampusthanany- 2001?Withoutgoingint : . toricaily. "Couldn't a weapon where else in the area. citics, he said that it of mass destruction he some- "So don't tell me it couldn't tiallyluck andpartially' body that's simply walking happen in a little town like gence. With the Northe -' tin onto a bus and killing 60 Maitland,"hesaid,"that'swhy land situation eased, Oth . people? That's mass destruc- they've gotsome of the special the bombers are hiringt " l ' . e -, 1 tion. And that s what we ve equipment from our regional selves out to the Middle ~ been trying to tell the federal domestic security task force, He noted the United Sta , government- that they have totakecareofbusinessathand, fourth on the terrorism 'e list, behind onl Israd,~r'l~ ~ I "~ to start paying a lot of atten- We have,our own hate groups Ile~sn tion to the bomb situation in and they reallon the rise. Last stun and Columbia. ~1