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November 21, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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November 21, 2003

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PAGE 18 Ill Ill Editor's note: The commu- wanted to hear said at this nitywassaddenedbgtheun-service. But, you knowwhat? timely death of 18-year-old IntheendIaskedmyself: what TaliKorman.Shepassedaway would Taliwant to hear said at on Wednesday, October 22 this occasion. In fact, I began afteratwo-yearbattlewitha tothink: whatwouldTaliher- rare form of kidney cancer selfsaytoallofyoutodaywho that normally strikes mature have come her to mourn her adults, passing and to pay tribute to Tall was the daughter of her heroic life? Pauline Korman of Winter And these are some of the Springs and Mati Korman of words that I imagine Tall her- Boca Raton; sister of Joey self might speak if she were Korman; granddaughter of alivetoaddressyou.Shewould Helen Greenspun of say: Do not pity me and do not LongwoodandHindaKorman feel sorry for me. Even though oflsrael. I died at the age of 18, I don't Although many people want any of you to feel badly knew and loved Tall, morelost for me. Yes, I had hoped to live out on the chance to meet her a fuller life. I had hoped to go and be touched by her on to college, to be married strength, her beauty, her one day and to have children friendship, determination and of my own. spirit, lt is for this reason that I sometimes even allowed her family and Rabbi Aaron myself to imagine what that Rubingerhavegiventheirper- would be like. Maybe in part, mission for the "Heritage that was an act of denial, of Florida Jewish News" to print pushing away from my mind the rabbi's eulogy, the sad truth that I didn't al- Mayhermemorybeabless- ways want to accept. Maybe, ing and let her light shine such thoughts too served to through those who were keep my spirits high. But, touched by her life. please know, I never felt sorry My friends, this is a difficult for myself and neither should day. Certainly for the mem- you. I never blamed anyone bers of Tail's family, for her for my illness and neither friends, and for this commu- should you. I never blamed nity. God for tny illness! And you As a rabbi I first want to shouldn't either. Rather than make one thing very, very feeling sorry for me, I would clear. Tail's death was not an by far much prefer if you act of God. Do you understand learned from my life. me? God did not cause Tail's Learn that being beautiful illness. God did not want Tall is not so much what you are to die. God does not bring on the outside, but more im- about the death of young portantly what you are on the people. No, this was not an act inside. of God. Rather, this was an People often told me that I unfortunate and tragic act of was beautiful, but if I was, it nature. God islovingand corn- was because I'd prefer to focus passionate; nature is indiffer- on the hurts of others rather ent and very often quite cruel than my own. God is merciful and comfort- When I was in the hospital I ing. Nature--be it an earth- often saw children, much quake, aterriblehurricane, or younger than myself--even a malignancy--cares not a babies, with similar ailments. hoot for those who are hurt, That always bothered mealot. nor forpainoftheirsurvivors. Even watching the news and Tali'sdeathwa~indeedacruel seeing all the horrible injus- act of nature. But it is in the tices and acts of violence in arms of our kind, loving and the world I found difficult to compassionate Father where bear. As to why this happened Tall now resides. The laws of to me I can only say that, nature, cruel as they some- "that's just the way it is" pe- times can be, may have do- riod. minion over us while we are Don't misunderstand me. on this earth. But once we Indeed, I wanted very, very pass away, nature can no much to live. For over two longer harm us, as we enter years I battled against the the sheltering and loving pro- amazingly rare, unlikely kid- tection of God. ney cancer that almost never On Friday, I spoke withattacks a young person. And I .members of Tail's family. Her fought--I learned from my fa- mother Pauline. Her father ther to be a fighter--and I Mati. Her aunt Rita and other never gave up. I didn't care members of the family as well. how much pain the treatment I tookpagesand pagesofnotes, might cause. ! asked them what they I never tried stem cell re- search and subjected myself to many clinical trials; what- ever therapy or treatment held out any chance of hope, I was willing to try. I didn't even care when, after the chemo, I lost my hair. So what ifI had no hair. I'd just wear a hat or a stocking cap'over my head. Remember, beauty is not what you are on the out- side, but what you feel on the inside. If you can learn someth g from my life and from my death, learn, then, not to take life for granted. Learn to enjoy and explore all that life has to offer. That's what I always tried to do. As a child, I played a violin. I tried my hand at drama. I loved art. And dance and soc- cer and basketball. I even tried modelingand surprisinglywas chosen to model for several catalogues. Even when I be- came sick, I still tried to do everything I could. I fact, I went bungi jumping. I had wanted to go parachuting, but never got to do that. Those of you who knew me, knew that I had no tolerance for parties where kids took drugs. I never wanted any part of that. I simply was not a follower and you too shouldn't let the crowd direct your life. When I died, know that I died peacefully. Two days be- fore, I felt that the end was coming, and so I told my mother: 'Tin ready to die now." I knew that I had no more strength left inside of me. But if you think my life was tragic, then you are mistaken, because in my mind, short as my life may have been, I was truly blessed. I want to thank my father for his love and devotion to me. Yes, I know we had our battles, I know. But I always knew that you loved me, no matter what, just as you knew that I always loved you. I hope that I taught yQu, abba, to give love while you can, because tomorrow, you see, may just be too late. And I know that you learned as well to be happy with what you have. But thank you, abba, for giv- ing me your fighting spirit. Thank you for giving me my Israeli background too. You know how much I love being part Israeli, how proud that made me feel. I do so love Israel and all of my family in Israel. Please say goodbye so everyone there for me, espe- ciallysaftah, my grandmother. Tell her for me that I'm sorry my Hebrew speaking ability wasn't better, but I did under- HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, NOVEMBER 21,2003 I I stand everything she said and understood how much she loved me. And thank you too abba for making me feel beautiful and telling me that I didn't need makeup because you said I had natural beauty. To my brother, Joey, I hope you know how very much I love you. I know I was often times bossy, Joey. I used to always tell you what to do, like, do your homework, take a shower, and when to get up and get ready for school. I sup- POse I motheredyou, maybe, a bit too much. I am sorry that I won't get the chance to see you grow up and become thewonderful man that I know that you'll one day be. I was so very proud of you at your Bar Mitzvah. And even though I was ill, I danced and danced with such joy over your achievement. Joey, don't be bitter about my death and don't lose your faith in God. Take good care of mommy and look after her for me. To my grandmother Helen, you always made me feel like a princess in your eyes. Maybe that's, in part, because I was the only granddaughter on mom's side of the family. Please, please know how much I appreciated all that you did for me: how you would iron all my clothes. How you would cook for me anything I'd asked for. I so enjoyed your cooking. It was better than mom's. Grandma, please, don't let my death destroy you. Don't let the end of my life do to you what the Nazis couldn't. You survived the Holocaust, Grandma, and now Iam count- ing on you to survive this as well. I love you with all my heart. Please be strong. To Rita thank you for being the best aunt that anyone could have. Thank you for al- lowing me to turn to you when me and my morn would get in a fight. You were the fun aunt and I so appreciated all that you did for me. You even spared my mother and father the pain of making these funeral ar- rangements. Take good care of Chad and Jake, I know they need your love and support. Thank you cousin Ben for your love, for your company, and for taking me places in my wheelchair, like to the movies or to a restaurant. I hope you know that besides my mother, and your moth, Aunt Rita, you were the only other person I trusted to take care of me when I was sick. So thank you, Ben for always looking out for me and being such a good friend. TALl KORMAN And to my morn, what can I possibly say? Here too I know that we had our ups and downs, our little spats, but those were so insignificant in comparison to how much you loved me and to the amazing care that you gave me while I was sick. Whenever I didn't feel good, I wanted you there and that is where you'd be, right by my side, 24/7, as they say, except here it was liter- ally true. Being in the hospital or at home I knew I would always, always count on you. I was the luckiestgirl inthewholeworld to be blessed with a mother l;ke you. I knew too how proud you were for me--please, don't think I didn't know that. You always said that I was so kind and understanding and hon- est. But you see, I guess in some ways, I took after you. And now you too have to be strong and take care of your- self. I know my illness, these past two years, has so badly drained you. I need you now to get strong, to stay well, and to look after Joey. Promise me that you will do that. And to my friends who are here today, you guys were sim- ply the best. To those Of you at school who visited me when I wasn't doing so well, to all of you who gave me a standing ovation at graduation this spring, to my teachers, too, you don't know how much strength you all gave me. But I need to especially single out Christina, Ashley, Kathryn, J C, Blakely, Sara and Jessica for their loving friend- ship, wonderful support and for always being there for me. (If any names got left off, please know its not that I forgot you, its just the fault of this rabbi.)' Do you guys know, do you truly realize, just how tant you were t~o me? How, kept me going and kept up spirits? Thank you too for not feeling sorry for me and for' not letting my illness change our friendship. To all my friends, and rela" tives please don't think that my death has ended am relationships. had foK one another still existS and will always exist, know. Realize that there more powerful things in world than cancer. There the human spirit. There kindness. There is love. ture those qualities in selves--that is the honor that you can pay And love life--as I make the very best of life--don't sell it short. you all so very much. Until we meet again. love, your daughter, granddaughter, and friend Tall. JEANETTE BACH ofCasselberry, Fla. died Tues- Beth' Shalom day,November 11. He was 81 Chapel, Orlando. Jeanette Bach of Winteryears old. Park, Fla. died Saturday, No- Mr. Kornbluh was an Elec- RAY WILDER vember 15. She was 88 years trical Engineer. RayWiider, of Oriando old. He was born in New York died Saturday, November Mrs. Bach operated and City and moved to Central She was 91 years old. 'Ji owned a business. Florida in 1974. He was an Mrs. Wilder was a saleSl (( [TO ShewasbominPoland.Sh active member Of the Jewish son for women's clothing. [ moved to Central Florida in Genealogy Society of Greater She was born in Lond0O,e. 1959. Orlando. England and moved to tral Florida in 1998. , Mrs. Bach issurvived by son Mr. Kornbluh is survived by : do Larry (Susan):; daughter, his wife, Adele of Casselberry; Mrs. Wilder is survivedl . .ersi Lorraine Jablowof Westport, sons, Richard Kornbluh of her son, Melvin Wiidet,: i LOag' Conn,;sister, EstherWeinberg Longwood and David Elmont, N.Y.; daughter, v '/JIla, ',ted Hurst of Leesburg, six ofJackson, NJ.andtwogrand- Kornbluh of Atlanta, Ga.;, children and three I children, daughters, Sara Nelson of Nor- ABRAHAM JACOB folk, Va.;sister, FrancesI kin grandchildren, i' of New York, and six grand- Services were entrust i to KORNBLUH children. Beth Shalom MemOt . t efa Abraham Ja b/b Services were entrusted to Chapel, Orlando. (Ab