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November 21, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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November 21, 2003

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, NOVEMBER 21, 2003 PAGE 15 -- I II Ill Ill i New Cabinet,but Israel s few ,' BY Gil Sedan and imposeorderonthe Pales- the time being, nothing could That statement was a far cry But, Bechor warned, "this de- Israel'sforeignministersaid tinians' chaos of security ser- be done in the Palestinian Au- from Abbas' speech in Aqaba, man,dscreativityfrombothpar- Sunday that the new PA. gov- JERUSALEM(JTA)mAhmed vices and armed militias, thority without Arafat. He inwhich he denounced terror- ties. In any case, the obstacles ernment'S ill be judged by its Qurei pledged to stand tough. In addition, the security or- would not repeat the mistake ism and called for the renewal ahead are considerable,actions,' but, Shalom added, He pledged to insist that his gansaresubordinatetothena- of Abbas,whochallengedArafat ofpeacetalkswithIsrael.Qurei TensionsbetweenArafatand "Leaving securityauthority in men control the Palestinian tional security council. And in his first week in office in a sofarhasrefrainedfromstrong Qurei continue. Arafat's hands is notpromis- Authority'smyriadsecurityser- whochairsthatcouncil?Again, famous speech at the June 4 anti-terroristmessagesandstill Neither Hamas nor Islamic ing." "If terrorism continues," vices. Arafat. ' summit in Aqaba, Jordan. hopes to reach a general cease- Jihad has joined the Cabinet. said Harari of the Interdiscipli- But when all was said and Arafat spoke to the Parlia- "The dilemma of every Pal- fire without alienating Pales- The Popular Front for the Lib- naryCenter,"then nothingwill done, the 26-member govern- ment last Wednesday before estinian leader is between tinian terrorist groups, eration of Palestine and the change." That view was shared tt ment that the PA. prime rain- Qurei. meeting the national consen- Qurei enjoys a number of Democratic Front for the Lib- by former Defense Minister isterputtogetherleffP.A.Presi- do notdenythe right of sus and pleasing the Ameri- advantagesoverAbbas, analysts erz tion of Palestine also are Moshe Arens. dentYasserArafatfirmlyincon- Israelistoliveinsecufityalong- cans Israelis," Guy say: not represented. In an interview with JTA, and the trol of the security services--- side the Palestinian people in Bechor, ofthe Interdisciplinary Arafat likes him better and The Cabinet relies heavily Arens made several observa- much to the of Israel Center in Herzliya, told JTA. trusts him ontheoldcadreofFatahmove- tions about Israeli to- chagrin their own independent state. more. policy and the United States, whofear us end the cycle of fighting, Abbas"madeaclear-cutchoice. Unlike Abbas, who re-ment leaders, with the addi- ward the Palestinians. Ararat will continue to foil Ararat said in an address that He chose a dialogue with turned to the area from the tion of representatives from Though he said he is disap- moves to end violence and dwelledonlsraelimilitarycrack- America and Israel, ignored Palestiniandiaspora, Qureiisa severalsplinter groups.There- pointed that Arafat maintains make peace, downs in the West Bank and Arafatandtheintemalscene-- residentofAbuDis, nearJerusa- fore, it may be difficult to con- his control of the security The Palestinian legislative Gaza Strip but made no men- and paid the price." Bechor, lem, and his wealthy family is vinceradicalgroupstolaydown forces, Arens suggested that Council approved the Cabinet tion of Palestinian terrorism, author ofa"Who's Who" guide deeply rootedin theWest Bank. their arms. Israel stop threatening Arafat. last Wednesday. Dore:Gqold, an adviser to Is- to the Palestinian Authority, He thus has much more popu- Israel says it intends to re- ' Ne should leave, him alone, In an address to the council, raeli Prime Minister Ariel said he believes Qurei's Cabi- larsupportthanAbbas, newcontactswiththeP Cabi- simply ignore him,' Arenssaid. ) Qurei urged the lawmakers to Sharon, rejected the call as in- net will last much longer than As the former speaker of net as soon as it is approved, "When our ministers appear seek an end to'armed "chaos sincere. Abbas' did. the Palestinian Parliament, butIsraelisunlikelytorespond timeandagainandblameArafat in the West Bank and Gaza "Youi can'tn hold an olive ShalomHararioftheInter- Qureiisbetteracquaintedwith favorably to Qurei's main de- for every terrorist attack, thisis Lf Strip as part of efforts to put branch "n o e hand and,a tick- disciplinary Center, a former the labyrinth of internal Pales- mands---a halt to settlement ademonstrationoflackofintel- Ii 13eacemaking with Israel back ing bomb in the other, Gold Arab affairs adviser at the De- tinian politics, building in the West Bank and ligence and is probably untrue. ;; on, track, said. " lense Ministry, said Qurei is As one of the architects of Gaza Strip, a freeze on con- It iscounterproductivebecause us 'Itisnotacceptabletoanyof However, Foreign Minister better equipped for the task the Oslo Accords, Qurei is well struction of the security bar- it shows lack of thinking. By to see the chaos of weapons SiivanShalomsaidthatifQurei than Abbas but will face the acquainted with Israelis rier and a wholesale release of magnifying his role, we only do and shelling among the pub- is serious about cracking down same dilemmas. Israel and the UnitedStates prisoners, him good service." lic," Qurei saidl on terrorism, he would find an "Qureiis much moresophis- have learned from Abbas' fail- But the one wno snoum u Israeli partner willing to move ticalied,"Hararisaid."He knows ure.Though theywill continue proudest is Arafat: Despite all forward toward peace, how to maneuver in Palestin- to demand that terrorist orga- KOHINOOR 13 the obstacles, he proved once What happened to Qurei?ian politics, nizations be dismantled, they tf again that no one can chal- Why did he give in to Ararat? Preciselybecauseheisaware will be more careful about put- lenge his near-absolute rule in Why didn't he simply give the of the dilemma between the ting pressure on the new P.A. the Palestinian Authority: keys back to Arafat, as his pre- internal necessities and out- Cabinet. Qurei had threatened to quit decessor Mahmoud Abbas did side pressures he maybe more "Both Israel and the U.S. are if his favorite, Nasser Youssef, inSeptemberafferjust 129days successful." The new Cabinet now more aware of the limita- rasn'tappointed interior rain- in office? includes a majority of Arafat tions in their demand for de- ister and given extensive pow- Qurei did not offer an expla- loyalists, mocratization and dismantling t ers over security, nation. He merely issued a "Our top priority is to re- of terrorist organizations as a .s But Arafat vetoed Youssef's statement saying he hadlease all our prisoners from precondition for talks," Bechor :' appointment. Inthe end, the reached an agreement "on a Israel, lift the siege imposed on said.' /henyoucombineamore ,new interior minister will be formula to unify the work of our people, halt the construc- sober American viewand an Is- ' the security services to fulfill tion of the separation fence and rael which is tired of terrorism all the obligations to end chaos settlements, andopen newho- and wants an arrangement, and achieve security. Qurei rizons for the peace process," there is more than a 50 percent apparently understood that for Qurei said this week. probability that this can work.' fit's like e Jews and delegitimize Israel to move After Mahathir's speech be- around the world in seconds, fore the Organization of the Foxman's book hits shelves Islamic Conference, "heads of amid two incidents that reflect state, kings, potentates stood his argument, on their hind legs and gave The first is last month's him a standing ovation,' SeeurityoftheJewishpeopleas speech by Malaysia's then- theonewefacedinthe1930s-- prime minister, Mahathir e par if not a greater one.Mohammad, who told the 57- liT tot'tion I nation Organization of the Is- lamic Conference that "Jews rule the world by proxy," and ][ Survivor, makes in his new urged the Muslim world to . ok,"NeverAgain?TheThreat unite to defeat the Jews. -'-" I Qtthe New Anti-Semitism. The second development is IB In, hisopeningaddressatthe a recent poll revealing that ! 90th annual meeting in more Europeans--about 59 . 11 ew York on Nov. 6, Foxrnan percent--consider Israel the /|i hored today sobering greatest threat to world peace l [ es" in another anniver- than any other country. ii, ll -the 65th anniversary of Underleadersthatexcusethe IIIi ristallnacht, the Nazi-in- anti-Semitism in their midst, ll ;ill)iredpogrominGermanyand Europe--home to a fast-grow- tn th i htofNov.9- tpr ed " " us,m given rise to extremist political ii Rristallnacht, when Nazi- parties and hate crimes against l i: " ired rioters stormed the Jews, Foxmannotesinhisbook. ets torching synagogues But "Never Again? also beating Jews, is a stark comes as the FBI prepares to i !nder that anti-Semiticrelease data Wednesday show- i,cu!ion"startedwith glass ing a downward trend in anti- e ndedwlthflesh," " Foxman United Semitic crime in the States. ! ;~ lsm, he said. !ding Israel to a double and questioning the right to seif-determina- macks of anti-Semitism, 1El '.an and others argue. 0day's anti-Israel messages broad appeal, finding l .Pions among the right l .ft, with bigots and anti- nialists adhering to the Clobalization and the rnet allow anti-lsrael ti- that dehumanize Jews The FBI reports 931 anti- Jewish incidents in 2002, down from 1,043 in 2001 and 1,119 in 2000, FBI spokesman Paul Bresson said. Some Jewish community observers take issue with Foxman's argument. ' The idea that Jews are more ' vulnerable today than io the 1930s is "absurd," said Steven M. Cohen, a sociologist of American Jewry and professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. "We have the most powerful Foxman said. Like Foxman, other Jewish leaders are topping l heir agen- das with talk of the "new anti- Semitism." Sallai Meridor, chairman of the World Zionist Organiza- tion and the Jewish Agency for Israel, has proposed an "inter- national campaign on behalf of Zionism and against hatred of Israel and the new anti- photo by David Karp Semitism." Abraham H. Foxman, na- tional director of the Anti- The Zionist General Coun- Defamation League, at the cil, an international body of ADL's 90th Anniversary Na- Zionist groups that is meeting tional Commission Meeting, thisweek in Jerusalem, is slated Nov. 6, 2003, in New York. to discuss putting the issue at the center of its activities in the military in Jewish history" in coming year. the State of Israel, Cohen said, According to Foxman, Israel "and possibly the most influ- has few friends. ential Diaspora Jewrysince Jo- With the United Nations a seph sat next to Pharoah on the bully pulpit for the Palestinian throne of Egypt." cause, the Jewish state often In his book, Foxman admits finds itself allied only with thatitmayseemironictostress America and Micrones.ia, he Jewish vulnerability while Is- said. raei exists. Simply put, Israel has be- Yet he worries that 40 per- come "the Jew of nations," cent of Jews live in a state sur- Foxman told Wolf Blitzer last rounded by much larger coun- week in a CNN interview-- tries that wish to destroy it. shunned, hounded and perse-. And the size of Israel's Arab cuted. minority ultimately will force Indeed, his words took on an the Jewish state to choose be- eerie resonance only a few days tween its democratic and its later. At a 65th anniversary Jewish sides, Foxman writes, commemoration of Furthermore, hesays, Israei Kristallnacht in Vienna, pro- has become an easy target for testors waved Palestinian flags world criticism, with world and yelled anti-Israel slogans, leaders applauding or looking disrupting the Holocaust cer- the other way. emony. 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