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November 7, 2014     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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November 7, 2014

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, NOVEMBER 7, 2014 PAGE 15A Sharkansky From page 4A more sophisticated weapons, or campaigns to boycott and impose sanctions. For each threatwe have our means of defense. Israelis' dealing with the ups and downs of Pal- estinian threats are not all that different from the ways that decent residents of other Western societies deal with those who would harm them. The police are meant to assure more or less safety from domestic unrest, the military for the more serious stuff coming from over the borders, and the diplomatic corps from hostile politics. None of those cadres are perfect. Despite efforts at training, individuals in the security forces occasionally do what they should not. Individuals do not rely entirely on the government, and seek to counter political hostility in academia, com- merce, and the media. Civilized societies use the carrot as well as the stick to deal with those who are res- tive. Social services and op- portunities, including one or another variety of affirmative action, are meant to satisfy the just demands of those who might otherwise be restive. Berlin From page 2A to West Germany. This belief was confirmed when shortly after the wall was erected two people died while attempting to escape--Ida Sickmann died after she jumped out a third- floor window. Two days later, Gunter Litfin, 24, tried to swim across the Spree Canalandwas shot by East German police, who had received shoot-to-kill orders to prevent anyone from leaving East Berlin. Twenty-eight years later, the Berlin Wall came tum- bling down. On Nov. 9, 1989, 51 years to the day after Kristallnacht, Germany was reunified. More than 170,000 In various countries one can point to spokespeople of those feeling themselves deprived who have threatened the majority and ended up hurting the minority they claim to be serving. One can quarrel who deserves such a designation among African Americans, North American and European Muslims, or Palestinians. Currently the Palestinians seem to be gearing up for another effort at violence. Neighborhood gangs, mostly of boys between the ages of 8 and 25 are throwing stones and fire bombs, being encour- aged by national and religious leaders. The young man who drove his car into a crowd at a train stop and managed to kill a 3-month-old child has received blessings from the leadership of Hamas, while the more moderate leadership of Fatah is failing to condemn his action, and accusing Israelis of provok- ing the incident by allowing Jews to buy flats in Arab neighborhoods. With enemies like that, we don't need too many friends. The family of the driver claims he was a good boy, who lost control of his car, and should not have been killed by the police. The video seen time and again tells another story, but families of Palestinian killers routinely proclaim their in- nocence and charge murder by the police. Here in French Hill we are suffering from the noise of police firing tear gas and stun grenades late into the evening, alongwith the heavy thudding of a police helicopter overhead or the constant hum of a drone. The concerns are Isaweea 200 meters to the east and Shuafat a kilometer to the north. It's part of the price we pay for civilization. We nod hello to the resi- dents of those neighborhoods who stroll the quiet and clean sidewalks of French Hill. Essential to proper be- havior is the concern not to make things worse by nastiness. Security personnel help us avoid the impacts of Palestinian nastiness by their actions, some of which we do not see or hear. Also involved is an occasional episode like that which flattened parts of Gaza, whose lesson should not be lost on those claiming to speak for the Palestinians of the West Bank. Dealing with the likes of Barack Obama and John Kerry requires more subtlety. They are the current gen- eration of worthies who think they can solve the problems of an emotional hot spot (Promised Land, birthplace of religions etc.), without learn- Jews from the former Soviet Union immigrated to Ger- many, and German Jewish life began to re-emerge. When it was announced that the Wall would come down, it seemed the World rejoiced. Celebrations were held with many well-known musicians: On Nov. 21, 1989, Crosby, Stills & Nash per- formed the song "Chippin' Away" in front of the Bran- denburg Gate. On Dec. 25, 1989, Leonard Bernstein performed in Berlin--the concert included Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," with the word "Joy" changed to "Freedom." And the following July, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd per- formed "The Wall" album near Potsdamer Platz, with a host of fellow musicians, including Bon Jovi, Sinead O'Connor, Cyndi Lauper, Joni Mitchell, Marianne Faithful and Van Morrison to name a few. Today Berlin is the horrn to more than 11,000 Jews. Jewish sites such as the Neue Synagogue, which was consecrated in 1866 and one of the few synagogues to survive Kristallnacht, and the Rykestrasse Synagogue, the largest synagogue in Ger- many built in 1904, have been reconstructed, and Jewish culture is once again vibrant in this country that once tried to exterminate all the Jews. ing from the failures of others who tried the same things from the 1930s onward. Bibi is good at this game. His dealing with the American president and secretary of state occurs within the fuzzy rules that gentlemen employ in matters of dispute. Courte- sy prevails in public, and who knows what in private. The prime minister's underlings are more outspoken. The US Congress provides part of the field on which this combat occurs. We may not get a nuclear free Iran, but the combina- tion of Israeli technology, U.S. built planes, and German built submarines may keep us safe. Israel has power in U.S. politics, but it's a limited power. We should think about the historic situation of Jews. The principle is not to expect or demand too much, and we'll get something. Jews have been playing this game at least since Yohanan ben Zakkai figured out how to cope with the Romans. There have been some classic failures along the way, and the testing continues. For some indications of how we've done, come share our walks on the clean sidewalks alongside the flowers planted in the traffic circles of French Hill, and think about Gaza. Those who cringe at the collateral damage should remember those thousands of rockets sent toward Israeli civilians. And if that doesn't bring quiet, have a cup of something, join a demonstra- tion, find a good book, or write me a nasty note. Ira Sharkansky is a profes- sor (Emeritus) of the Depart- ment of Political Science, He- brew University of Jerusalem. Bake From page 3A that the numerical values equaling the number seven are "no coincidence, and there is a Kabbalistic reason behind each value." Rivky Lipskier, co-director of Chabad at UCF shared the three special mitzvot performed by women, which include the baking of the chal- lah, the lighting of the Shab- bat candles, and attending the mikvah. She remarked that these mitzvot can be traced all the way back to the matri- archs, and that (thousands of years ago) Sarah's challah was said to have a healing quality. She noted, "The making of challah links us in a chain for thousands of years." From there, the Mega Chal- lah Bake began. The partici- pants, who had premeasured ingredients neatly packaged on their plates, were directed by Lipskier to rip open the package of yeast on their plates, and to add water and followed by a pinch of sugar. ,Ks the dry andwet ingredients were mixed with one another, the challahs came together quickly. The feeling of sister- hood was palpable, as the women adorned in matching aprons, kneaded, rolled, and separated the dough in syn- chrony. Participants lent one another a hand when needed and gave guidance when asked. Experienced baker Sharon Fraifeld rolled out perfectly rounded strands of Pamela Ruben Happy Frank shows off her ready-to-pop-in-the-oven braided challah. challah and demonstrated her rolling technique to her table- mates, who soon formed six perfect strands of their own. After the women enjoyed an evening of soup and salad, it was time to braid the challahs. Some challenges occurred when it came time to weave together the six separate strands, as most women had braided with only three. Not- ing the confusion, the ladies of Chabad jumped in and guided entire tables through the maze of directions. As the evening came to an end, 200 women left with beautifully shaped loaves of bread, tying the participants to women around the world through this shared experience. Howard From page 8A Take your time. What's the hurry? My mother used to say that to me. Do you give marital advice to your children? Shin Bet From page llA busy making sure that there will be as little contact and as little exposure as possible," Shimron said. In situations involving large groups of people, the Shin Bet now utilizes casually dressed agents among the crowd who look for potential threats--of- ten using women for the job. "Something interesting thatwe found was thatwomen have a much better capability Winton From page 12A "It was very moving for me when I sat there today," he said. "I noticed that even the president shed some tears." The final Kinderstranspor t left Prague on Sept. 1, 1939. However, it was forced to re- turn because of the outbreak ofthewar, and none of the 250 I don't give them too much advice. If I care about some- thing, I say it maybe once and then lay off. I understood from my own life--that which you learn that costs nothing has no value. Some things you've got to do yourself or it has no meaning. Are you worried that by writing this book and saying that you've finally found your "Dr. Perfect" you'll jinx your current marriage? No. It's a function of getting old, I think. You know where you are. You have all that backlog of experience to fall back on. This is it. Death will end this marriage. to detect strange behavior in a potential threat than men," said the former Israeli security official. "They probably don't have the physical power [as male agents], but when it comes to detecting suspicious behavior that might lead to a potential threat, they are much better than men." The official also pointed out that there are structural dif- ferences between the Shin Bet and the Secret Service that might contribute to varying degrees of effectiveness. In Israel, Shin Bet agents are usually much younger than their American counterparts and usually serve between five and seven years. In the Secret Service, the older average age means more seasoned agents, but they may lose some of their sensitivity and alertness. Raviv told that lapses like the recent White House intrusion are less likely to occur with the Shin Bet. "Would anything so ri- diculous as what happened at the White House occur at an Israeli government build- ing--or specifically, at the home of the prime minister in Jerusalem? It's not at all likely," he said. "Israeli fa- cilities have fences that are far more serious, including sensors that high-tech Israeli industries developed. And, frankly, Israeli guards--[who are] part of Shin Bet--would be far more likely to open fire on an intruder." children it carried survived the Holocaust. Winton's story only came to light in the 1980s, when his wife discovered lists of names of the children he rescued from Prague. In 1988 he met around 80 of those children for the first time since the war in an emotional encounter cap- tured in a BBC documentary. In 1998, Czech President Vaclav Havel decorated Win- ton; Queen Elizabeth knight- ed him five year later. Matj Minfi, a Slovak-born di- rector, made three films about Winton and hiswartime efforts including the 2002 documen- tary "The Power of Good," which won an Emmy Award. Minh told JTA that Winton, at first, "did not want to talk about himself at all. "It took us several months to convince him that those nine months he spent in Prague was prob- ably the most important time in his life," the filmmaker said. "His story is amazing because he was no James Bond. He just did what any decent person should have done but didn't." The festival is produced by Enzian and the JCC of Greater Odanclo as rt of the Cultural Festival Circuit and is suppor t by United Arts of Cent ra Florida with funds from the United Arts Campaign and by the ENZIAN State of Forida, Department of State, Division of Cuttural Affairs, he Forida Arts CunciE, and the Nationai Endowment for the Arts, ;IT YOUR TICK[TS/IT 00.[NZIAN.ORG