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October 17, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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October 17, 2003

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HE RITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, OCTOBER 17, 2003 PAGE 5 ET--1YNTE I THE STATE i a's i r o '1 / By Jonathan S. Tobin Who's a terrorist? cast networks that refuse to pared to call specific Hamas [ l /.IIOD / 5"AbARI -S That the Times would pro- call Palestinian killers of Is- attacks "terrorist" attacks, but The headline across the vide us with such a blatant ex- raelis terrorists have no corn- insist that to attach this label ont page of The New York ampleofthe lackofobjectivity punction about calling the 91 to the group or its members 7'/rnes on what was for Jews, in Middle East reporting is in- 11 murderers terrorists, would be wrong. Such a rick- their Day of Atonement, told teresting, given that there is a Howdojournalistsgetawayetystandardishardenoughto its readers all they needed to lively debate going on in the with this double standard? defend, but their position is about the Arab-Israelinews business over how jour- They empioy sophistry, obfus- complicatedbytheirapproach nflict. "Israel Attacks What nalists should label the sort of cation, and what Christine to the "terrorist"AI Qaeda net- t Calls a Terrorist Camp in people who hang out at what Chinlund, the ombudsman of work. 8Yria," the gray lady screamed Israelis call "a terrorist camp." the Boston Globe, admits is Chinlunddefendsthisprac- on Monday, Oct. 6. Virtually ever major Ameri- "hairsplitting." tice because "the definition of By using the phrase ' hat can newspaper, including the Chinlund and Michael AI Qaeda in the United States Calls," the Times left no Times and the Inquirer have Getler, her counterpart at The isaimostsolelybasedonthe9/ ubt about its opinion of the decided, as a matter of policy, Washington Post, have both 11 attacks," making it an "al- credibility of the claim, and that members of Palestinian recently penned articles ex- Iowable exception." rights and wrongs of the terrorist groups -- such as plaining this policy and derid- And what, we might ask, is vantlict. Humus, Islamic Jihad and the ing their critics "partisans" Humus known for in Israel, or . The same article could have AI Aksa Martyrs Brigade -- ofIsraeiwhodon tunderstand anywhere else, except as the ,been headlined something should be called "militants," journalismortheMiddle East. slaughterers of innocents? twasactually neutralabout rather than "terrorists." Nor Chinlundassertsthatto"tag Getler goes further and be- e.story, like "Israel Attacks should, we are told, the orga- Humus, for example, as a ter- trays his paper's bias by as- SYrian Base" or "Palestinian nizations that claim credit for rorist organization is to ig- serting America's innocence aase, or it just could have massacres, such as lastweek's note its far more complex role in contrast to Palestinian re- Called it a "camp," as did the bombing in Haifa that took in the Middle East drama.' sistance to a "humiliating Is- UnUSually sober Philadelphia the lives of 19 Israelis, be re- Getler chimes in by quoting raeli occupation." Yet isn't ./nquireronthesameday.That ferred to as terrorist groups, thePost style manualas say- Getler's reference to Israel and :Ould leave readers to make Doesn'tthisflyinthefaceof ing that ' ve should not re- its actions itselfan acceptance P tbeirownminds, accurate reporting and com- solve the argument overofaslantedviewofrealitythat bbi ic. f The editors of the Timesare monsense?Journalistsanswer whether Humus is a terrorist takes the Palestinian point of entitled to express their opin- that "terrorism is an "emo- organization." view and rejects that of Israel? n(aSthey did the following tire" term that compromises Huh? To even entertain the In other words, according when their editorial page their objectivity, notion that there is a debate to Getler and those who agree 0ndemned both the attack This was hard enough to about whether a group that with him, lsraelis deserve to President Bush for rightly defend before Sept. 11, 2001, targets innocent civilians for beblownupincaf sandbuses, Y!ng that Israel had a right buttheaftermathofthatevent death is a terrorist organiza- butAmericansdo not deserve A word about th . lefendhersel0,buttheprin- has further exposed the hy- tion is itselfanactofpartisan- to be killed. So much for ob- Ples of objective journalism pocrisy in their approach to ship that gives murderers an jectivity, developement of the shofar f nOuld have prevented them covering terrorism, unearned legitimacy. Far more honest was the inserting it into a head- Why? Because virtually all Humus by any other name |lile, of the newspapers and broad- Both newspapers are pre- See "Tobin" on page 20 Oneofthe mostexciting ritu- driven out of Spain during the als of the entire High Holidays Inquisition in 1492. They fled L ters To The Editor I up his,orherlastbreathabe.a wol a ] and be checked. A womanhero ?College-agedstuaents tn th, th [ ca e up to him and yelled are shootmg ata ghost nabon I that she had to pass the check- wanting only peace. phonen'u~nber."We-will wi"th/~o-l'd~your I point quickly. Her dog at Thesameyoungsoldierwho nameifvousoreouest Pleaselimitletters I home starving. His spirits toldthestoryaboutthecheck- to 250 words. Due to suace limitations, we [ dropped. He wanted to help point can name ten missions reservetheri httoeditletters Sendletters,the woman, but he could not thatwere aborted because the I to P.O. Box 300742, Fern eark, FL32730. [ and he told her just that. She Israeli generals thought that Or e-mail to ] screamed at him, "It s not bad too many Palestiniancivilian's enough that you kill babies, lives were at risk. More than a uP 'ege in the barracks but now you kill dogs too!!" handful of those aborted mis- He was a young boy just out sions, he heard about later on of high school. He had never the news, in the form of a Thisletterwas have the disturbance of wor- so much as pointed a gun at tragedy. by Daniel Ludin, an ryingwhichpositiontheywant any child, let alone an infant. Israel has made many at- at Winter Park, in the army. The 18-year-oids However, thiswomanaccused tempts for peace and the Pal- , MiguelCosio legislative in Israel don't mature from him of murdering newborns, estinians continue to teach to Congressmen boys into men. They mature In two years, I will be in theirinfantsthatmurderinga into seasoned war veterans by college. I can assure you, ,that Jewwill result in a pleasurable lr. Cosio: living lives and experiencing I will never be forced to deal afterlife.WhileAmericanchil- enter my junior year of suffering that many elderly with the fact that people think dren learn their ABCs, Pales- the idea of col- Americans have never even that I am a murderer. No tiniankidsarebeingtaughtto over me. The had nightmares about. The American college student has hate. Saroundthecornerand youngboysarriveattheirugly to livewith the notion that he Mr. Cosio, I want to thank liege anxiety is setting barracks or military schools is seen as a murderer, you for your support of Israel I know when it is all and have the feeling of inde- Thewomanfinallygottotheand ask for you to continue e will be pendence. But the feeling is frontofthelineandhadhercar supporting the Jewish home- time of my life. In notawelcomedandhappyone, checkedforexplosives.Shehad land.Thankyouforyourtime. boy ma- but the realization that they none in her car and angrily Sincerely, gains the are responsible for their own drove off. Her dog had suffered DANIEL C. LUDIN S needed to succeed in the safetyandthelivesofthecivil- for nothing, and her time had Maitland iansandsoldiersoftheircoun- been wasted. The Israeli F011ow-up from Daniel you remem- try. Israelis cannot look for soldier's spirits were dismal. Ludin: Often the legislative days at college. You the best places to eat. They are Thenextcarinlinewasmanned assistant has the premier in- '.r the sights of the regulated to army food.with explosives. Several people fluenceoverthecongressmen ',feel- In Israel, the best places to would have died that day, ifnot and can literally decide his ndependence as you eat are often the most danger- for the checkpoint, vote. Cosio's e-mail is your dorm. You hung ous anyway. My cousin in Is- One explosive attack per day Isandlooked rael is reluctant every time is the rate in which Israel is and John Mica's e-mail and best places to eat andshe sends her daughter out to attacked; more than 1,000 at- address wouldn't be hard to eat. Personally, I have been to tempts in three years. Israel is find. Please flood their maii- firsttext- manyofthe restaurants in the not paranoid; the threats on boxes with letters and e-mails dreary feeling prob- Orlando area and not once her are real: The number of thankingthemforsupporting you. I bet that have I been concerned about bombings heard on the news Israeland telling themtocon- Your entire opening my safety. In Israel, they can't pale compared with the hum- tinue their support. Let Con- at college, you be so blissfully ignorant, bet of bombings thwarted. As gressman Mica know that his realize how lucky you As the new soldiers walk bad as the situation in Israel is, voting public firmly supports in into their first class, they are itcan'tcomparetohowbadthe Israel. Jews constitutes less Is.fuel, juniors are handedagun.Theygetadreary situationwouidbeifnotforthe than one percent ofthe world the eclwith homework and feeling that they may have to heroic children in uniform, population. In order for Jews ea of post-high schoolbe responsiblel or the death of Israel is fighting with a cul- to have a say, everyone must ever, Ve.r their heads. How- another human being, ture that believes that killing have a voice and that voice anxiety is much One young Israeli soldier an innocent Israeli citizen is a must shout in unison. It % ejt tifiedthanmine.They toldastoryabouthowhehated ticket straight to heaven. How doesn't take long to write a have luxury oftor- &hewayhewasviewedbyother can you fight a ghost, an en- simple e-mail thanking Mr. the over the Choice of people. He was manning a emy that in his or her mind is Mica, please take the time to ""COilegestoapplyto;they checkpoint and had to force already dead and happy to give do so. is thesoundingofthe shofar. It to Algeria. Finally they ended is amazing to observe a young up in Haifa, Israel near Mt. father holding a son or daugh- Carmel where Elijah, the ter in his arms close to the Prophet declared his loyalty to bimah on Rosh Hashanah to God over the false prophet of watch the Ba'al Tekiah with Ba'al. We are told that the Bar utmost concentration, inton- Sheshet family were Dayanim, ing the required ritual of the Judges who made Shofrot for ram's horn. I have seen it every 400 years because they had a year and it seems to have the secret formula. They imported same mystical effect on both from 800 giant Antelope horns young and old. What is the Australia of which 400 turned origin of this unusual law? out kosher and identified each i TheTorah requirestwotypes by stating, "Made in the city of of trumpets for Yore Truah, Elijah." Who could compete one was a pair of chazozrot, with such a claim? silver trumpets the other one a Talking about the shofar and ram's horn, the shofar. Since Rosh Hashanah, I like the story the destruction of the Temple told about Rabbi Melchior of we are left onlywith the shofar. Denmark who in 1943 rescued Also originally only a Kohen or all his Jews from the Nazis. He Levy could sound any instru- was told by his non-Jewish ment in the Temple, later on friends that the Nazis would any Jewish adult was permit- visit on Rosh Hashanah every ted to sound the shofar in the Jewish household and take synagogue. Again, in the be- them to concentration camps ginning there were two types in Germany. The rabbi was of sounds, Tekiah and Teruah, promised by the churches and but the Talmud explains that ministers of Copenhagen that the rabbis were not certain they would hide all the Jews in about the Teruah whether it their homes, including their was a happy or a sad tune, so Torah Scrolls and other ritual they added the Shevarim to objects from the Shul. Rabbi satisfy both melodies. Melchior gathered all his Jews They also ordained that at on Erev Yom and told them the end of each set of melodies, first the bad news and then the theTekiah shouldbe heldextra good news. Don't come to Shui long and they called it, Tekiah on Rosh Hashanah, instead go Gedolah. into hiding to the non-Jewish Two major reasons are of- homes; I made all the arrange- feted in the Talmud for the ments. Tell all your Jewish sounding of the Shofar, (R.H. friends. Came Rosh Hashanah, 16a) one, to remember the the Nazis searched for the Jews Akedah, thebindingoflsaacby of Copenhagen, no one was Abraham and that this act of home. faith be added to our account I would like to close my ar- onRoshHashanah;two, sothat ticle with a poem by Mrs. theAlmighty should move from Levinger which 1 consider well His seat of strict judgment to fittedwiththemoodofourHigh His throne of mercy. A more Holidays this coming season, modern rabbi, S. R. Hirsh sug- "O shofar tell us we need not gested another reason namely fear though long and hard the that the Shofar should arouse way. 0 shofar, bind us with thy us to our divine task, to stir our holy strain till eachyoung heart minds and hearts, our whole will share in Israel's pain and being with all our strength and like a trumpet clear, sound to for a lifetime of Torah. the world the vow we pledge Most of the shofarot today anew, to bear with honor the are made in Israel by a special name of Jew, throughout the family, Bar Sheshet, who were coming year."