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October 11, 2013     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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October 11, 2013

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PAGE 12A HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, OCTOBER 11, 2013 T Joe Biden slammed for calling Palestinians 'least ideological and sectarian' Mideast Arabs sue involves the least ideologi- cal and least sectarian Arabs in the Middle East," he said in an answer to his rhetorical question. Dr. Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum, said Biden's characterization of the Palestinians revealed the Obama administration's "profound ignorance--or willful denial--about the Middle East." He said the Pal- estinians, contrary to Biden's assessment, have "shown themselves over the last cen- tury to be the most radicalized of populations not just in the region, but globally." "In the 1920s, they initiated a policy absolutely to reject the Zionist presence; in the 1940s, they joined with Adolf Hitler; in the 1960s, they founded modern terrorism; in the 1990s, they fraudu- ( In a speech at the conference of the self- labeled "pro-Israel, pro- peace"lobby J Street, Vice President Joe Biden said last Monday that the Pa!estinians are the "least ideological and sectarian" Arabs in the Middle East. Biden's comments on the Palestinians were an at- tempt to address questions concerning the Obama ad- ministration's brokering of Israeli-Palestinian conflict ,,. negotiations during a time of upheaval elsewhere in the region, including in Syria and in Egypt. "In light of ali these prob- lems, some people ask us: Why Biden, why, why Obama. Why are you so set on trying to resolve the peace process?" Biden said. "The Palestinian-Israeli is- lently signed an agreement on the White House lawn; in the 2000s, they engaged in a policy of ethnic cleansing vis- -vis Christians; and today, as a terrorist organization rules in Gaza, a large majority endorses terrorism as a tactic and retains the goal of elimi- nating the sovereign Jewish state," Pipes told "Palestinians are, in fact, most ideological and most sectarian of Arabs," he added. A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that Palestinians express the highest support for terrorism and terrorist groups among Muslims, despite overall drops in support of terrorist groups across the Muslim world. According to the survey, "Support for suicide bomb- ing and other violence aimed at civilian targets js most J Street via Facebook Vice President JoeBiden addresses the J Street conference last Monday. widespread in the Palestinian Muslims saying that such at- justified in order to defend territories, with 62 percent of tacks are often or sometimes Islam from its enemies." By Linda Gradstein The Media Line Salome Worch was born in Iran, grew up and spent most of her adult life there. The daughter of a Jewish mother and a Muslim father, she was registered as a Muslim in Iran's records. Gradually, she grew more interested in her Jewish heritage, and in 2005 eventually immigrated to Israel, where she works in catering. "Don't use my maiden  Development Corporation for Israel Israel Bonds t 2600 South Belcher Road, Suite 101A '!SRAELi'BONDS,,,,; Largo, Florida 33773 Reva Pearlstein Monica DiGiovanni Assistant Direcfor Registered Representative 727-539-6445 = 800-622-8017 BUYER Gold'00 Diamonds I Daniel 0031-8544 name because my brother is still in Iran and I wouldn't want to put him in any dan- ger," she warned The Media Line. Worch said she is deeply skeptical that the election of new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani heralds any change in Iran's poli- cies. "I wouldn't trust him-- he's just another mullah," she said, referring to the Iranian clerics who are in charge of Iran's policies. "I wouldn't trust him at all." She said that the men run- ning Iran are the same faces as when she was a student in the 1980s. "These faces I see nowwere young Islamic students in the 1980s," she said. 'I don't see them as the opposition, and I don't see them as a breath of anything." She agreed with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's description of Rouhani as a"wolf in sheep's clothing," and said she rarely reads the Iranian papers. "I will only read the news when they say the Islamic government fell and it has Jewish Museum of Florida-FlU NEW EXHIBIT Opens October 15! :Citrus" and es three times the size of Manhattan, State are better HANS SACHS POSTER COLLECTION THRU DECEMBER 15, 2013 This poster collection, the largest and most significant in the world, was confiscated by Nazis 75 years ago and finally returned to the Sachs family this year. Come see select works from this rare end stunning collection. presented by Peter 8aohl Ind Faf/y in honor of the Legacy of Hwtl  Coumsy s, Nsw Yk CAROL FRYD: FRYD ON FIRE Thru October 20, 2013 Fds cap.t!vating an'w., os of Miami and.!.ts cur(ural intersect ons mela me numen ngure wnn fabu ous flora and fruit. Her vaned techniques combine digal art with mixed media to proouce Qmund break nl work. The combination of bright "fiery colors in this .sh. ow. a.. match.ed, only by the intensity ena neat OT me Plonoa sun. Bring this =d in Also see MOSAIC: Jewish Life in Florida, visit the : for z for  Orovitz Museum Store for one-of-a-kind gifts and -' admission have a snack at Bessie's Bistro! '= .......... I111 ] Jewish Museum II - IIlqll I of Florida J 301 Washington Avenue. Miami Beach Open daily 10 a.m. - 5 pom. "'] Phone: 305-672-5044  o Except Mondays, Jewish and Civil Holidays 4] ,,J -tJ!(!l /TheM ............ edbylndidualonttibut'ons.fou.dati ....... bershipsandg,antsf om he$  eof Fiorida, OePartdC 'a Di.ion [1' |.j!g!L] ut`aAffi`a1dhAFddaCtenitnAtfn?tet:MamiDDaeC"n;-urtd"ent:i  .... mine dtnY o . I ea' .................. A aiC', "1 .................................. , ,/IAMI BEACH MiamiSeach CulturalAffasProgram.Cultura rts ounci. been replaced with a secular government," Worch said. There are an estimated 50,000 Iranian-born Jews in Israel and about 90,000 "second-generation" Iranian- Israelis. Some immigrated in the 1950s after the creation of the state of Israel. Others left after the Islamic Revo- lution overthrew the shah, Iran's last secular monarch, in 1979. According to the Jewish community in Tehran, there are currently 25,000 to 35,000 Jews still in Iran, although the official census lists fewer than 10,000. Many of the Iranian Jews in Israel are deeply skeptical of their governments. Panteh, a young mother and yoga teacher who asked me not to use her last name out of fear of the Iranian government, grew up in Los Angeles, where the second-largest com- munity of Iranian Jews after Israel is located. She says she believes that despite official denials, Iran is continuing to pursue a nuclear weapon. "It serves all of their interests in both the Arab countries surrounding them, and Iran's goals for global conquest in the world at large," she said. If Panteh represents the younger generation, the older generation is even more critical of the current Iranian government. "Rouhani is worse than Ahmadinejad," Ruth Or, 77, who left Iran at age 17, told The Media Line, describing Rouhani's predecessor who repeatedly denied that the Holocaust had happened. "Ahmadinajad was not smart, but Rouhani is smart--he knows how to speak." When it comes to policy, however, she said, there's no difference at all. Even those Iranian Jews who are critical of the regime say they miss many things about Iran, including its physical beauty. "I see myself as having two homelands," Hanna Ja- hanforooz, a musician living near Tel Aviv told The Media Line. l'Maybe I'm idealizing Iran, but the country of my native language remains deep in my heart." Jahanforooz, who left Iran at age 12, speaks to her young daughter in Farsi, and has been involved in collaborative projects with Iranian musi- cians who live abroad. She remains deeply critical of the current regime and skeptical about Rouhani. "It's the same policy-- there's no change," she said. "He is a different politician and his PR apparatus works well. He knows how to sell himself." She said she will only be- lieve in progress when Iran addresses women's rights. "I will see a change when they stop hanging women and stoning them, when the 40 percent unemployment among women declines, when the percentage of aids and drug addicts goes down and when they stop killing homosexuals," .she said. New Haggadah lessens temptation to pass over Seder Chandler, Ariz.--Modern Jewish families that shy away from participating in the an- nual Passover Seder due to its typical two- to five-hour ceremony, will cheer Cass and Nellie Foster's "Sixty-Minute Seder: Preserving the Essence of the Passover Haggadah." "Cass and Nellie Foster have done an amazing job of sifting the essence of the Passover ritual from the embellish- ments of time. Each section is explained clearly, with the appropriate blessings in Hebrew and transliteration. The outstanding glossary of terms make it possible for a newcomer to understand the background of the symbols and rituals without adding long readings to the text. The symbols are explained in a manner accessible to Jews and non-Jews alike... Best of all, Nellie's family recipes make it possible for anyone to create a splendid Seder meal," said Rabbi Judith HaLevy, Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue. While Foster developed the text, he credits his wife, Nellie, with not only provid- ing suggestions for how to set the Seder table but also preparing the Seder meal as well as simple meals for the remaining Passover days including recipes families can create together. "With more than 3,500 Haggadahs in print and no two having the same content, revisiting the Haggadah is not unheard of," said Linda F. Radke, president of Five Star Publications, Inc., the parent company of Six Points Press, which published Fos- ter's book. "Though pared down to only 60 minutes, this Haggadah still has it all, from planning to preparation to the actual presentation of the Seder." According to Rabbi Jack Moline of Agudas Achim (Conservative) Congregation in Alexandria, Va., "A seder in an hour? To a traditional rabbi, it sounds like heresy! Butyou now hold an opportunity to discover a truth about this long-standing ritual that is often obscured by the focus on form over substance. The order of the Seder is a frame- work for building your own story of liberation. Cass and Nellie Foster have distilled itto its essence. And I dare you-- maybe double dare you--not to be captivated by the oppor- tunities they present." Scheduled for release in February 20t4, "Sixty-Minute Seder: Preserving the Essence of the Passover Haggadah," (ISBN: 978-1-58985-260-0, $12.95 softbound; 978-1- 58985-261-7 eBook) is a Five Star Publications, Inc. prod- uct distributed by Ingram, Baker & Taylor and Midpoint Trade Books. The book will soon be available at major bookstores, BarnesandNoble. com, Amazon.corn and Five- Iranian Jews in Israel Skeptical About Rouhani