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October 10, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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October 10, 2003

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PAGE 18 HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, OCTOBER Bombing Continued from page 1 which he typically expresses following terrorist bombings in Israel. Spokespersons for Ararat--who is mindful of Israel's threat to remove him as an "obstacle" to peace-- denounced the attack as play- ing into the hands of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's gov- ernment. The official Pales- tinian news agency said Arafat considers the attack outlargepartsofJewishfami- A family restaurant, we are family. My brother, 30 percent Arab and one "a serious attempt to corn- lies. Five members of the Maxim's was founded 40 Muli, was killed in the War of the few Israeli cities consid- promisethenationaiconsen- Almog family were killed, in- yearsagoby ShabtaiTayar-- Attrition and it never affec- ered a haven of ethnic coex- sus in a critical situation." cluding members of three a Jew--and his Christian tion our relations," she said, istence. With a death toll that in- generations: two grandpar- Arab partners, Salim Matar referring to the attacks by "It is irrelevant that cluded ChristianArabs, other ents, a son and two grand- and Abu Sharval. The fears Egypt on Israel following the restaurant was under Palestinianofficiaiswentfur- sons, ages9andll.Fivemem- and tensions stoked by four 1967 Six-DayWar. ownership," said ther, telephoning village el- bersoftheZer-Avivfamily, of Middle East wars and two "When my sons were Mahoul, an Israeli ders at Fassouta, the Chris- Kibbutz Yagur, also were Palestinianintifadasfailedto drafted in the military, the Knesset member tianArab town outside Haifa killed in the blast, includinga shake the amity at the res- Christian women lit candles Haifa. "Terrorist attacks where two of the dead lived, grandmother, her son and taurant, for their safety and good wretched and criminal to offer condolences, daughter-in-law, and their "The Christian familieshealth in church," she said. all cases, but all the Untii Saturday's bombing, two children, ages 4 and 1.A who run the restaurant are Saturday's attack was the so in Haifa. I have faith 10 Israeli Arabs were killed young couple in their 20s, the salt ofthe earth," Tayar's fourth in Haifa since Pales- this city, that can in attacks during the intifada. Mark and Naomi Biano also daughter, Orly, toidHa'aretz, tinians launched the intifada through all this and not lose The bombing also wiped were murdered in the blast. "We are more than partners, three years ago. The city is its sanity." Israel Continued from page 1 grew quieter, rather than probably safe from Israeli ac- Instead, Israeli helicopter Saturday's terrorist attack, tus. But with Israel'S more combatant, tion--for now. gunships rocketed terrorist has shifted the spotlight onto airstrike--and the deadly While Assad could avenge Sunday's strike also takes Minutes after the Haifaarsenals in Gaza Strip.Islamic Jihad, the other ma- bombing in Haifa on the eve the attack near Damascus us- some heat off of Palestinian bombing, Arafat's elite mili- However, what Ararat jot Palestinian Islamic ter- of Judaism's holiest day--th ing his Lebanese proxy,Authority President Yasser tin, Force 17, set up gun en- gained in security he lost in rorist group after Humus. group could face new Hezboilah, he has not done Ararat. campments around Arafat's dignity, some analysts noted. While kindred in ideology sure to curtail its activities, so in the past when faced While some Israeli law-Ramallah compound, intent Sounding the false alarms of toHamas, IslamicJihadlacks "We will not tolerate with an Israeli strike on a makers renewed their calls on mounting a defense a call to his defense, and is- Hamas' public profile and continuation of this axis Syrian target. After Sharon for Arafat's expulsion follow- against Israeli commandos, suing a quick denunciation popularity, in part because it terror between Tehran, ordered the bombing of a irjg the Haifa bombing,But despite Israel's Cabinet oftheHaifabombing, Arafat's does not have Hamas'exten- ascus and Gaza to Syrian radar installation in Israel's decision to focus on decision last month to, in moves had a ring of despera- sive network of social set- to operate and kill Lebanon in 2001 in response Syriantraining camps rather principle, "remove" the Pal- tion in many Palestinianears. vices, men, women and children," to Hezbollah shelling of Hat than punish the Palestinian estinian leader from power, The move against Syria,Damascus was one of thethe Israeli prime Dov in northern Israel,leaderforhisinactionagainst nosuchactionwasforthcom- and the relative inattention few places where Islamic spokesman, Gissin, things in southern Lebanon terrorists means Arafat is ing. to Arafat in the wake of Jihadenjoyedfullofficialsta- cording to media reports. Yom Kippur Continued from page 1 that the surprise Suez at- the bloodshed of the Pales- and Gaza terrorist strong- of desert between them. They shunned the Sinai after the tack--celebrated to this day tinian intifada, took a some- holds, signed a treaty and, for the intifada erupted are flockir$ But official opinions asavictoryinCairo'sOctober what different tack. Israel's military intelli- most part, they never really backonce more to the shift: have mellowed since, with War Museum--restored Justaswar"broughtEgypt,gence, like its civilian ad- saw each other again," ing sands and tranquil even Prime Minister Ariel Egyptian pride battered in the biggest and most impor- juncts the Mossad and Shin Makovsky told The New beaches that have Sharon--then a maverick 1967 and thus paved the way taut Arab nation, to realize Bet, has been bolstered mas- Yorker magazine, the din of war. At the reserve general and divi- to the1978 Camp David peace that the only way out of the sively since the Yom Kippur "But with the Israelis and border crossing, Egyptian sion commander who treaty, imbroglio the Arabs marched debacle and keeps a close eye the Palestinians, the quality border officials who on forced an Egyptian cease- At a Tel Aviv symposiuminto in 1948was negotiations on restive neighbors, of the relationship after they scowled at Israeli passpo fire by leading Israeli forces marking Shimon Peres' 80th on the basis of recognizing But all that is not enough, make a deal is at the core of now are happy about the re* across the Suez Canal-- birthday last month, the Is- Israel," so "will it be in the it seems, to stop Palestinian everything, as with a mar- turn of tourism. saying the war improved raeli elder statesmen took the conflict with the Palestinian teenagers donning explosive riage," he said. "And when Many of the luxury the Jewish state's strategic theory further, tellinghisau- Authority,"Ya'alontoldYom belts and blowing up Israeli thelsraelisbegintothinkthat inSharm position, dience that the Yom Kippur KippurWarveteransonTues- restaurants and buses, what the Palestinians really even offer Israeli televisiO0 "Clearly, Israel exists in a War ushered in an era of day. According to David intend is not land-for-peace by satellite, so visitors region that refuses to recon- MiddleEastpeacemakingthat Of course, there is a world Makovsky of the Washington but land-for-war, well, it these High Holidays can, cile itself to our presence," culminated with the Oslo ac- of difference between the Institute for Near East Policy, doesn'tbodewellforthemar- they wish, enjoy "Silence Sharon said in a television cords, sprawling Sinai Desert tank it comes down to geography riage." Still, Israelis who the Sirens." interview. "But at least the ButLt.Gen.MosheYa'alon,battles and hand-to-hand rather than military prowess. Arabs learned in 1973 that whoastheIsraeliarmy'schief skirmishes in the Golan 30 "When the Egyptians and they cannot beat us militar- ofstaffhasseen firsthand how years ago, and today's often the Israelis made peace, they ily."Indeed, historians argue quickly Oslo deteriorated into messy sweeps of West Bank suddenlyhadahundredmiles Scene Around Continued from page 9 Arafat Continued from page 2 all the myriad Palestinian se- curity services, to one degree terior minister--nominally oranother. responsibleforthosebranches If Karia does manage to of the PA. security apparatus achieve national unity, he will that don't report directly to need to take measures to win Arafat--is one measure Karia the support of Israel and the took to secure the coopera- United States. Mussa Abu tion of Arafat's Fatah move- Za'abut, a member of the Is- ment. iamic faction in the Palestin- But Arafat maintains con- inn Parliament, probably will trol of the Presidential Guard be appointed health minister, and other key securityorgans, also responsible for liaison That, together with the deci- with Humus and other mili- sion that Ararat and Karia will taut groups. jointly run a security council Other radical names men- thatsetssecuritypolicy, means tioned as new ministers are Ararat maintains control over Kais Abdul Karim of the Tobin Continued from page 5 voters as sympathetic to Is- rael. barking up the wrong tree A different Bush here. After all, many of the Though he hasn't a single liberal Jews who will help de- Jew in his Cabinet, the pres- termine the outcome probably ence of many pro-lsrael voices are supporters of "even- in the administration (the handed" policies toward Israel neoconservative cabal that themselves, leftists are so worried about) But if Dean or Clark do has led t the crafting f p li" emerge from the pack, they ties that are seen as closely will have to be wary of any- aligned with that of Israel. In thing that will make them particular, his refusal to meet seem to be too closely identi- with Yasser Arafat, whom he fled with an anti-Israel tint. In rightly regards as a terrorist, a close election, a swing of a is deeply satisfying to most few Jewish voters in key states pro-Israel voters. could prove fatal to Demo- Some on the Jewish right cratic hopes, arestill unhappy about Bush's And that's where one major support of the road-map peace difference from 1992 comes plan and a Palestinian state, a in. Because, in stark contrast position now shared by Israeli to his father, George W. Bush Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. is regarded by most Jewish But given the fact that any of Lake Howell Theater Company of Lake Howell High School, Democratic Front for the Lib- The bottom line is that nei- under the fine direction of eration of Palestine, and ther generals such as Nasser, JAMES BRENDLINGER. AhmadMajadleh, ofthe Popu- nor infuential figures like Danielle, a senior thespian iar Front for the Liberation of Erekat, will determine much at her high school, portrayed Palestine. of anything in the new Pales- the part of Dora Strung. It was not clear whether tinian leadership. Danielle is currently the veterannegotiatorSaebErekat The ultimate decisions will secretary for the troupe. This wouldjointheCabinetasmin- bemadebyArafatfromwithin, is her fourthyear in theater. ister in charge of negotiations and by Hamas'Yassin as leader She looks forward to her with Israel. Erekat said last of the P.A.'s main militant next role in Shakespeare's week that he expected to stay opponent. Romeo and Juliet, and to di- outoftheCabinetbecauseany That means that two of recting aseniorshow. peace talks would be managed Israel's worst enemies are the Among her other participa- through the PLO, not the P.A. key tothe immediate future-- tions, Danieile is secretary for government--but he disowns assuming, of course, that nei- Junior Civitan. reported to have said that he ther of them has the urgent Someday, she says, she would consider other portfo- need of a doctor in the near wants to move to New York lios. future, and she would like to marry Marion Brando. (Oy Daniellel Up until that DANIELLE WOLFE Brando you theDemocratswouldprobably Israel is still assailed by a Rather, he is about five no eight times his emulate Clinton in his sup- bloody Palestinian terror what a great actor and handsome devil he once was!) port for the Israeli left, Jews war, it would be foolish to One for the road who bash Bush from the right think that Israel is a negli- ATT: All city, county, state and federal employees. have no place to go. gible factor. If the GOP can And as November 2004 gets label a Democratic candidate Speedworld, a division of FASCAR, wants to reward you closer, we can probably see as soft on Israel, it will hurt your hard work (especially in even less interest from the them. giving you and your family a special price to ride on OcL and 24. White House in any plan that Despite the current ban- For more details, call DOMINICK MARCHESE, makes Israel uncomfortable, ter, it's hard toimagine Israel 3921. That will allow Bush to help being an issue next spring in secure some key Jewish votes the Democratic primaries. And a laugh for the road and firm up his hold on con- But if the Democrats aren't My personal prayer: servative Christians, who are careful, history might reverse "Now I lay me down to sleep, moreferventlypro-Israeithan itself, as a Bush turns the Is- I pray the Lord my shape to keep, many Jews. raei factor to his advantage Please, no wrinkles, please no bags, It is unlikely that 2004 will this time. And please lift my tuchas before it sags[" see a return of the old-time Jonathan& Tobinisexecu-(What's that? It's too late for my prayer?) pandering to Jewish voters, tiveeditoroftheJewishExpo- which once had every chal- nent in Philadelphia. He can One more word about Israel: lenger falsely promising to be reached atjtobin@jewish As the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations move the U.S. embassy in Is- Read the Jew- Syria's calling for the U.N. meeting after the Haifa rael from Tel Aviv to Jerusa- ish Exponent on-line at"would be like Osama bin Laden calling for an lem. But, given the fact that,meeting of the Security Council the day after September" i: