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October 10, 2003     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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October 10, 2003

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It.~ITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, OCTOBER 10, 2003 PAGE 5 I E off aid to Israel" have become used to cite how Israel was an for the next generation of Itwas October 1973. I sti, commonplace on AOL rues- instrumenta, a,y in the co d Park nson's medicines soon. |OSAMA Wt C/I L.E6ENDAR | rernember thatfeelingduring sage boards and in so-called war, and more recent admin- Israeli agriculturalists have a makeshift assembly at He- "peace rallies." Some leftwing istrations have used their in- taught farmers from over 20 brew school to discuss Israel s and Muslim groups on cam- telligence in the globalwar on states crop salvage techniques ernergency."Although Rabbi pus have been pressing the terrorism. At a cost of 2.5 to 3 in drought conditions. Ad- , par'ssermononYomKippur issue to those with limited in- billion dollars per year (2.64 vances in information tech- had described a ruthless at- sight into Mideast history, billion in 2003), this is much nology are too numerous to tack by its neighbors on that Even white supremacist less than other annual mill- mention here, but many ofthe holyday, I was not prepared to groups are involved in this tary budgetary items: 37,000 featuresoncomputersandcell hear that Israel was losing campaign to drive a wedge troops in the Korean Penin- phonesweusedailyhavebeen dly, and thousands were al- between Israel s most ardent sula, our European bases'and developed in Israel. ready dead. We prayed. With supporters and John Q. Pub- deployments, etc. Whether None of this would mean 0.8. intervention and risk- lic. you agree or disagree with muchifitwerenotforthefact laden tactics by the Israel De- Of course, these detractors sending an additional 87 bil- that we share the same values fense Force, they somehow do not mention that Israel's lion dollars to Iraq, it should and love of democracy, from Won the war. neighbors continue to receive be noted thatthisismore than elections to a truly free press. Because of this close cad, twice as much in U.S. mon- Israel has received in its 54- Don't bother looking for an- ,and other previous attempts etary aid. They neglect how year existence! As for loans, other Middle Eastern country *ulestroying the region's sole America's foreign aid actually the U.S. actually earns money where Jewish, Christian and uernocracy, active engage- totals less than one percent of on the interest, and Israelhas Muslim women all have full naent in Israel's defense be- the annual operating budget, not once defaulted, voting rights. Came a cornerstone of Furthermore, they conve- Other benefits of this rela- Whether it is for Israel's L~rnerica s Middle East policy, niently avoid how aid to Israel tionship are more direct to defense, shared interests and rhlswas reinforcedduringthe works as a two way street, someAmericans.TheNational valuesorpurelyeconomic rea- 1978peaceaccordswith Egypt. Laser guided weapons sys- Multiple Sclerosis Society has sons, aid to Israel helps seal an li n incentive for Israel to re- terns implemented to reduce shown how medicines pro- invaluable bond between us lnquish the Sinai (about two collateral damage in recent duced in Israel have saved bil- and a true ally and friend - irdsofits land mass) was the conflicts in Iraq and Afghani- lions of dollars in health care thirty years later, and beyond. u'S.pledge to provide military stan were developed by Israeli costs; the quality oflife ofdoz- MarkKlafterisaneurolo- ~s.lstancetomaintainaquali- engineers. Dozens oftechno- ens of my patients has im- gist in Orlando and member ta[IVe edge This deterrence logical upgrades on the F-14 proved with their use. Re- of the Jewish Federation of factor has been validated over andotherfighterjets havebeen search breakthroughs come Greater Orlando Community RaOOm cat the past 25 years, sent back to benefit the U.S. out of this tiny country on an Relations Committee. By Jonathan S. Tobln The notion that Jews cast their voies solely on the issue Israel is more myth than r ct. tha Of COurse, you might forget t if you listen to some of the rhetoric aimed at Jews by presi- dential candidates Can it be .that Israel is once again a presi- tial-election issue? Forail of the alarmist rheto- hear from Jewish often OUps, the truth is that Israel lrnply hasn't been an issue ,ring the last two elections. conspicuously absent e discussion during the George W. Bush vs. AI 1 match-up, as well as in U when Bill Clinton bested Republican Bob Dole and ttle !Pendent Ross Perot towm :election. "urning the elder Bush In fact, it has been 12 years nee Israel was a factor in a eSidential election. In 1991, Sident George H.W. Bush's cl inistration was seen as " tile to the State of Israel rnany American Jews were er to do anything to boot out of the White House enext year. "Ush's e" disdain for Israel and orts to isolate its leaders t deeply resented. The hos- of his Secretary of State, James A. "bleep the Jews" Baker III, toward Israel was the icing on the cake. This probably didn't cost Bush the election, but he did get the lowest total of Jewish votes by a major-party candidate since Barry Goldwater, and set back GOP efforts to make inroads among Jews by a decade. The issue disappeared en- tirely in 1996, as neither of Bill Clinton's challengers could credibly present them- selves as more pro-Israel than the president. Nor was the 2000 election much of a test of affection for Israel. Despite some outreach efforts to the pro-Israel com- munity, George W. Bush was fatally handicapped by the as- sociation with his father, as well as by the fact that the Democrats nominated a Jew, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, for vice president. Ironically, Lieberman, who is attempting to move up on the ticket this time and be- come the first Jewish presi- dent, isn't the only Democrat candidate with Jewish roots. Gen. Wesley Clark's father was Jewish (Clark was raised as a Protestant, and is currently a Catholic); Sen.John Kerry of Massachusetts recently "dis- covered" that his grandfather was Jewish; and former Ver- HERITAGE welcomes and encourages letters to the editor, but they must be typed or printed and include name and phone number. We will withhold your name if you so request. Please limit letters to 250 words. Due to space limitations, we reserve the right to edit letters. Send letters to P.O. Box 300742, Fern Park, FL 32730. Or e-mail to Pay attention to the Jewish calendar clitor's note" " l .Thts etter ~, ent to Dr. Brian Tonner, %;~r of the Orlando Sci- enter. t~:~r. Tonner: writing concerning the announcement I re- ceived for your "members only" film premier of the "Magic Flight" scheduled for Friday, Sept. 26, 2003. 1 would normally have been al With such friends, who needs taunt Guy. Howard Dean is component to Middle East di- enemies? married to a Jew, and his chil- plomacy. dren were raised as Jews. That immediately drew fire By Rabbi R. J. Adler Zionism and be a friend of Will any of this appeal to from the Jewish Institute for the Jewish People at the same Jewish voters? I doubt it, but National Security Affairs, It is reported that one of time. Benjamin Netanyahu asaminyanofDemocratsline which pointed out the dan- the Popes said to Theodore once said. "I'm not anti- up for the chance to knock off gers for Israel involved in Herzel, if you will send us Semitic, I'm just anti-Zion- Bush the younger, sotne of bringingAmericansoldiers, or your Jews to the Holy Land ist is the equivalent of I'm them have not been shy about more European or U,N. diplo- we'll convert them. And the not anti-American, I just attempting to use the Middle mats, into the conflict with Moslem leaders insisted, think the United States East to make some political the Palestinians. there is no room for Jews shouldn't exist." hay. The decision of Lieberman here, this is Islam territory. The Catholic Church un- Dean gives them an opening to use the Israel issue against With such friends who needs der Pope John XXlII, con- In August, Dean gave an Dean is interesting because it enemies, such as Syria, Iran, vened Vatican II and at- opening to his rivals by stat- maybe hisbestchance to rally Indonesia, France and many tempted to make amends for ingthattheUnitedStatesmust Jewish voters to his flagging others?Andwhatisthesource the religious anti-Semitism be "evenhanded," in its policy campaign. Lieberman is seen of this new anti-lsrael anti- of the past. Shortly before he between Israel and the Arabs. bysomeashavingtroublerais- Semitism in the world? It is died, he composed a prayer This prompted Lieberman to ingJewishmoney.Thatishap- not new at all but the old which was very positive as publicly chastise Dean for pening for two reasons, one of jealousy-Israel is doing too far as we Jews are concerned abandoning Israel. Kerry, the which is based on nonsense, well on every front. Immigra- but which was not widely putative Democratic front- while the other is rooted in tion, economy, science, tech- published as far as I know. runner until Dean mobilized hard fact. nology, democracy, American Rabbi Telushkin has a copy anti-Iraqwarsentimentonhis On the one hand, some be- friendship and support, world of it in his book, it "Jewish behalf, chimedinonthatscore, lieve Lieberman's election, Jewry's partnership, inshort, Literacy," and I would like to and then one-upped would stir up more anti- everything is working too share it with you. Lieberman by seizing upon a Semitism. That is patently - well, especially compared to "We realize nowthat many, Dean quote in which he re- false, as his well-regarded run the sleeping Moslem neigh- many centuries of blindness ferred to Hamas terrorists as forthevicepresidencyin2000 borswhoexcelofllyinterror- have dimmed our eyes, so "soldiers." proved.Butothersare rightto ist acts. that we no longer see the The latest entrant to the worry whether Lieberman or How can we improve the beauty of Thy Chosen People Democraticracemaysoonface anyJewishpresidentwouldbe situation? How can the and no longer recognize in someofthesametreatment.A so eager to prove his "even- president's road map for theirfacesthefeaturesofour politicalgreenhorn, Clark has handedness" on the Middle peace work? I agree with first-born brother. We real- been all over the place on the Eastthattheywouldbendover those who have suggested to ize that our brows are war in Iraq. But he has stated backward to show no favorit- cut off the flow of money to branded with the mark of support for the idea that NATO ismtoIsraei, all terrorist organizations Cain.CenturieslonghasAbel troops could serve as peace- But Lieberman is probably worldwide and to monitor lain in blood, tears, because keepers in Israel, as well as for money laundering more we had forgotten Thy love. an enhanced international See "Tobin" on page 18 carefully. However, wewould Forgive us the curse which be more successful if we in we unjustly laid on the name the U.S. would stop doing of the Jews. Forgive us that, business with any country with our curse, we crucified delighted to attend, how- Topossiblyputthisintoyour supporting terrorism any- Thee a second time." ever, you are asking me to perspective, scheduling this where. We should also stop Asimilarapologyfromthe choose between enjoying film on Dec. 24 would be buying fuel from these lands highest-ranking Moslem this film and attending ser- equailyrepugnantandamaz- and direct Americ#n compa- clergy or scholar would also vice for one of the two hull- ing. nies to do business with our be appropriate to Israel and est days of the Jewish year, Irealizethattheclockcan- friends. Shall we permit our the Jewish People for their Rush Hashanah. not be reversed. I would en- enemies to hold us hostage? anti-lsraei stance, especially I am highly offended and courage you to do the next Of course not. Peace could inthelightoftherecentmas- amazed that an educational best thing, which would be be achieved much sooner, I sacre in Jerusalem. The at- institution for all of Central to publish an apology in the guarantee it. I am just wait- tack on these Orthodox Jew- Florida so blatantly chose a .Drlando Sentinel and the ing for the White House to ish families, returning from date which, by necessity, ex- Heritage Florida Jewish give me a call. a prayer session at the Kotel cluded a large and support- News. Your response to this Let us also be aware that to Meah She'arim, is inex- ive segment of Orlando's insultwillcertainlyaffectme many times today, anti-Zi- cusable and the killing of population. I cannot accept and others feelings toward onism is a cloak for anti- men, women and children this insensitivity as a result the Orlando Science Center. Semitism;others have called just because they were Jews, of ignorance as the impor- RANDALL B. COVERMAN, it a new code word for anti- should be condemned by all tant date is printed on virtu- M.D. Semitism. Butletusbeclear, religious leaders. Their si- ally all published calendars. Altamonte Springs no one can be an enemy of tenceissinfultosaytheleast.