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October 5, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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October 5, 2018

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PAGE 36B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, OCTOBER 5, 2018 and all amendments and Clzim ot Len, hages and t any, under the terms ot said 7700 Westgate Boulevard Owner(s) AddreN Building possession or encumb nces) to the Plan, Building(s) / Unit(s) se ured by said Claim ot Lien supplements ereto. expenses ot the Tw ea and ot Claim ot Len, tharges and Kissimme6, FL 34747 Said Unit Week Year TS Undivided lo pay the unpaid aNeNmen s (SEE WHIBIT "A"), during Unit recorded in OWicial Records Obligon shall have the right to the twsts c ated by said Claim expenses ot the Twstee and ot sale will be made (without lntere Season nount p& due in the amounl of (See Week(s) (SEE HI8lT .'A"V Book (See Exhibit "A"). at Page cure tha derauW and any junior ot Len. Obligor(s) shall have the the twsts created by said Claim covenants, or wa an,8xpr8N Diem COL Rec lnto Exhibil A,wkh intere Assigned Yea s), (SEE WHIBIT (Sea Exhibit '.A"), ot the Public lienholder shall have the right right o cu the detauW and any ot Lien. Obligor(s) shall have the or implied. regarding the title, USANNE A SALADEEN B accwing a the rate ot (Sea A' . wEsTGAn TOWERS Recods ot OSCEOLA County, to redeem ks interast up to junior lienholder shall have the rightlo cure the detault and any poss6Nion or encumbrances) NICHOLAS M RAMLOGAN Exhibh A") per day, punuan to 7600 w o B nson Memorial Florida, including tha breach or the d e lhe t 86 iNU6S the right to redeem ks interest up juniot lienholder shall hav6 th6 to pay th6 unpaid ass6ssm8nts 6441 Sw 21 St. Hol wood, FL the fimesha Plan, advances, Highway Kissimmea. FL 34747 detault, nolice of whith was set Qificate ot Sale by paying e to the date the T stee iMu8s right to deem its inte st up dua in the amount ot (Saa 33023, WTA, 202, 31, ODD, 112, if any, under the terms ot said Sad sale will be de (without torth in a Notice of Datault and amoums dua as olrtlin8d in tha lha Ce ifitata ot Sale by paying to e date Me Twstee iNu8s Exhibk "A"), with interest #| Saason-Float Waeklfloat Cl m of Len, chages and covenants, or wa anty, express lntent to Foraclosa provided p&eding parag ph5. the amounts du6 as o lined th6 Ce ificate ot Sale by paying accwing at the rale ot (See Unrf. 81.915.1o. So.64, 5281- expanses orthe T ee and ot or implied, gading the title, to tha last known add 5s of cP NJ NOS 1018 - NOS abova. By: GREENSPOON the unts due as outlined Exhibk A")parday,pursuantto 847-852; JERROLD w ROY 7 metw s c at bys d Claim poNassion or ancumbrancas) O r(s), (Sae Exhibit "A"), by ; OtL 5, 18 MARDER, Tw 6a. abova. By: GREENSPOON lha Tlmashara Plan, advances, Ea briar Court Hampton, VA otLen.Obligo s)sh lhavetha lo paytha unpaid aM smants C adlRegiste d Mail or by L 172167 EXHIBIT A" - NoncE OF MARDER, L T stae. itany, und8rth8t8rm5 olsaid 23666, WT 204, 29, ODD, nghttotu M6d&auwandany dua in tha anDunt ot (Saa publiGation byth6 unde igned rRusnE's uu HIBIT n - NoncE OF Claim ot Len, chages and 112,n-noat w juniorlienholdersh lhavethe Ewhibrf A,wM inte&t Trustee, will sBll at public Owne s) Add N Building TRumE's SAU 6xp8ns8s otlheT stee and ot no Un,t1,915.1o, to.64. rigMto s im& up a ing tha 6 ot (Saa au ion to tha highe5t bidder NoncE OF TRWE'S Unrf Week Yaar TS Und idad Owna s) Add u Building th8t sw8at6dbysaidClaim 5281-847-852; WONNE lo 6 d e e Tw iuu Mibrt A perday,pursuamto for lawhl money otthe Unked SALE lm S8a5on Amount P6r Unh Y6ar TS Undividad otL6n.Obligo slshallhav8th6 JOYNER 65 ch al Dr 6Wt e0tSal6bypa ng tha Tlm ha Plan, advana, St 6s ofAm6rica, ontha hont NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN, DiemCOLReclnto lnt6 rt Season Amounl p& rigMtowrathedatauWandany Vlg ia d,VA2 ,WT e unb due as ortlin rf any, undarth6t M olsaid 6ps of tha Osceola Coun l Gasdick Won Ea y. w E ACMDO 291 Di COLR lnro jun rli6nhold6rshallhav8th8 205,29,0DD,1n,F ed above. B GRE SPOON C m ol Lan, chag and Courthousa, 2 Courfhouse P.A, 16O1 W. Colonial Dr Harbor Rd Stat6n IJand, NY N YN MWATTSbCARLAD rightlor8d86m ksint6 up fix6d Un,t1,923.n, to.64, ER. Tw . a otth6Tw and ot SquarB, KiMimm88, Florida o, FL 32804. a Tw ae 10303, 4000, 30, 31, WHOU, WATTS TONEY N25 Pinev tothe datatha Twrt iswes 5281-847-852: LA TONYA QNIBrr ^ - NoncE OF thebu s ted bys d Claim 34741, allright,trfl6andima 5t in th6 Ap h&t corded 1, All s6a9on-no w Av8Di riGIH8 hts,MD2O747, thecertmtaleotsaleby ng JOYNER Mrbridge D rRW~S ghu otL6n.Obligo 5)shallhav lh in the property skuated in the O.R. Book 4542 at Page noat Unit, S3,51o.52, t1.23, 5100,5117,2. HOU,1,Fix6d th6 amounts due a5 o,ad NW wl,NC 27,WT Ow&5l Add Bui ing rigMto 6d uWandany counS ofOSCEOLA, Florida, 2219 ot 6 Publit R ords ot 528&267&-2681; ROBERT xed Unh. V,48o.43, abova. By: GRUNSPOON 205,29,0DD,1n,F ed Unk k Y n Und dad juni li rn&lhavalha d tri ed as: (SEE HIBIT CouW, horida, wlll LASSAUE 3001 sw &h CT 1.11, 5281 2&834;JUAN v MARDER, T . F Unh, t1.923.7T. .64. lm Anmnl p& ngMto silrt 6Aup A Tl Mera lnt ( ) s&| at pu ic rtion to lhe CapaCoral,FL33914,4 .3O, 10111 NW 24m Pl Apt IBlr n - NoncE OF u61-847-B52; MICHEW A&ncoL lmo to a date la T A 6 iswas (SEE HIBIT A a5d6Rn8din h h bidd ot u.s. hnds, 31,wH0u,1,#ls n-no& 302 hnri5,fl N322, 5100, TRusnEls uu COLUNS 121 L a Way NE DUANE L KOWS 18C&Mc 60l b tha D laration ot Covenams, in Gash orc8rtm6dh ndson Unh, W.51o.52, 51w, 19, WHOLE 1, Fwad Ow s) Add Building Ludow i.GA31316,WT 2O7. ANGWQUE J MBW anDum5 du a5 Condhions and R8stri ion5 tor on Ortob& 23, 2018, at 9: 8&267&-2661;JAYNE w Unrt, W,942.o&, Unrf hYearTS Undl d6d 39, WEN, 1n, F ed 65 w ay Av6 a . B GR NSPOON W6 g&eTow,in ,O ng6 Lagal, 722 E G R 8 Fombum #,SO.97,5281-82&834;SEROIO lnta& S ason AnDu p F Un,N,3 . BDo y Par MN 55428, ER, T . omtial R6cords Book 1364, at p&ritk,s mmaa, Normumba and, NE&5OBL D GUARDADO D mCOLR,o 5281 7-852; ONY wr2 1,17. ww, 1n, I8lT n" - NoncE OF Paaa427, ot Public R ords nonda34T41,aNrigM,t 6and ENGLAND, 4000, 80, 25, ESTRADAL NoriasDe BRIAN K COTTON a SONJA SWART 2820 Fwed. .O7O.1O, .6 5281- TR U ot la County, norida h im M8pDp i6sli 8d WHOLE, 1, #| n-no& n79F GHati8ndaD Mom6. J COTTON 707 Fo Ct Apt19D B y, NY 112u, n4n9; RQuo Bui ing Plan,and al amandn m( ) b lowand rdedin la hlFlo& Unh, t2.8o4.87, J88uaDeMont6Mo lia,s8No Haysvill6, KS 670,4 WT 3 .46.WHOL 1.Fw LAURA RWAS Unh Y n Undivld d th &o. it any. TogaMar w h Coun,horida tor tonlinulng So.92, 5288-26762681; MDCO, 51,5127, 52,22c WD, 14 F ad Un,2, D M d, co aoM2, lrrf DUm p& w6 rightto oKupy, pu uam nonpayn nt or ass 8m9 MICHAEL T 8EADENK0PF WHOU, 1, Flx d x6d 14, MN EVEN, 1n .95, 5281-847&2: 10a,2.ww.1n,F,A COLR ln to the Plan, Building(s) l Unk(s) ( well as p perty taxe,18>08 Badan Naylor Rd Unh, W,465 to.84, 5281- 1l2, Fixed W68Mloat Unk, J SWARr 15 aw .070.10, D 5261-T74- LWINE K MINGO (SEE HIBIT A,during Unk lm,lata t andlor Brandywln6, MD2 13, 5300, 828-834; ED H THOMPSON S1,322.4o. So.45, 5288-298 - B k n,NY11236,WT 3,n9:o Doc NQ MEREDnH v MINGO PO Box W k(s) (SEE HI8 AV ,rfap ama)duatuM 5346, 3, ODD, 112, flxad, 7 Granaway Sorth 2988; OLUSOLA LAWAL 5116 46, WHOE 1, F ISABELM NQAv a Cr 56249 N u, BAHAMAS, Assign6dY 5),(SEE HIBIT d b6d as follows: S3,o48.oo, to.96, 5288-2aT6- H ton, BERMUDA, 5100, St momas Sanrtua Dnva Flxed Un . S2. .3o, to.95, a orio87B 21O WT 1O4,15,EVW,1l2,Flxed A . wEsTGAn TOWERS .- K D HOLT and TONISHA 2681; UESA E BEADENKOPF 5137, 31, WHOU, 1, Flxad Bowie, MD 20720, 4000, 30, 5281-847-852;MINDYJ K N Ma c y. 11870 M CO, wed Unrf, ,070.10, 7600W.| oBDnson M nori L HOLT, Notita ot D&auW 10928 Sassan Lan Wee x d Unh, t2,a.58, 21,0DD,1 2,#lseason-noat 5428 d wood D F ,M WT 202, 26. WHOE 1, to.62, 5277-2w-w7; Highway s mm68,FL34747 and,t to Foretlos s6nt Hagentown, MD 21742, NOO, to.8o, 5261-628-834; VICTOR wa6klnoat Unk, S4,2o1.64, 75 5, WTA ao4. 7, NEN, Flx,S2. .3o, to.95, c WNMAN CAROUNE Sadsal8willb6mad8(whhort e Cart iAerad N 6, 33, ODD, 112, Flxad, MENDOZA MADELOURDES $1.18, 5268-2883-2988; 1n, Flxad w Flxed Unk, 5281-774-T79; MIGUEL A M WNMAN 2 Gold tovanank,orwa an ,8xp8N M VpubliGation to: 6731 83,o48.oo, 8o 5268-2676- OAUEGOS Calla Zapopan OLAUKAN OKUNUGA 13502 83,3o3.9o, So.89, 5261 7- OMOYA ON RNINA B ch Rd MO 65011, or i pliad, ga ing the la, KAUNOWSKI ST, TARAWA 2681; LARRY B MAC ADAM 283 B Apt. N Monter y, AWlabroro Ct, Apt 12 Laul8|, 852; WNNY D #RN 1 R FERNANDQ C le 26B Da 104,20,oDD.1n,Flxad poss6Nion or 8nwmbranG ) nRRAcE, NC 2 -1404; 590 Main St et WoodrtoGk, 64610 M ICO, 51,5166, MD2O7O8,4OOO,3O,21,ODD, Sp m Dr. 1120 Addison, Los Rn Nu 6 La Paz, 6d Unh, S3,o89.96, topaytheunp dass sn nts ClaimotLan rdadonJuna ON N4SIV6 CANAD 5400, 28, WHOU, 1, Flxed Weahl 112, #| Saason-Float w M75 1,WT 404.7,MN, Bou WT 2,46. ODD, SO.92,5277-2V-W7:FREDDIE du6 in the amount ot (S6a 5.2018;0.R.Booh5345atPag6 5463, 6, ODD, 1 2, Flxad, Flxad Unit, 82,149.19, $0.77, Float Unrf, $4,201.64, S1.18, 1,Flxad Flxed Unrt, 1n,n-no DEL B RW ROSARIO Exhibk A"). w h inte 64 Public Records otOw ola $2,570.42, $0.83, 5268-2676- 5281-82&834: WILLIAM R 5288-2983-2988; BENJAMIN S3,3O3.9O. SO.89, 5281-847- flo Unh, U,O89.96, So.92, 407 C la Tava z Urb.La accruing at the rata ot (Sea Coun ,FL TotalDue:8651.35 2681; KAREN M MAC ADAM MARCHBANKS21O1 MonlGlair J KONRAD 1214 Snipa Court 852; GLORIA coNn 3 5281-774-779; ons JENKINS p n s San Juan, PR 915, Ewhibrf A")p6rday,punuantlo m otApril25,2O18;d85trib8d 590MainSt atWood och,0N Ave Flint, Ml 48503, 5200, Wopa Mills, NC 28348, 5300, CollinQon Dr M e, NC a JACQULVN D JENKINS WT 1O7,26, ,1l2,Fixad th6 fimashara Plan,advances, as: A 126,0001490,288,000 N4S1V6CANADA,54OO,5463, 5233, 20, WHOLE, 1, Fixed 5341, 41, WHOU, 1, Fix,27302, WT 410, 49, EVEN, 5806 NW 8 h Av6 Tamarac, W x6d Unk, 81,621.44. rfany,underthat otsaid undivided inte in Phas6 ||; 6, ODD, 112, Fix6d, $2,570.42, W86klFlx8d Unk, $2,798.63, $8,100.68, $2.42, 5288-29a3- 112, Flxed W68kl Flxed Unh, FL N321, WT 3,39, 8O.5O, 5277-222-227; MARIA Claim ot Len, chages and ANNUAU located 126.0 $0.83, 5286-2676-2681; 8o.92, 5281-828-834; SILVIO 2988; BENJAMIN LOPU a $2, 7.69, So.62. 5281-847- EVEN, 1 2 on-noat MERCEDES DE LA wENn 8xp8n58s otth8T 66and ot Pointsforus6byth6G m6Bin ANTONIA ONEJEME Po 8ox RUI COSTA ALMEIDA Rua MARIA FERNANDA LOPU 852; DERROL L coNn Po w6ekmoat Unk. S2,o7o.1o, Apartado PoA 4oo9-1 o thetwstscreatedbysaidClaim EACH y6ar. 627 BDnx, NY 10453, 5500, Caprtao Gustavo 3156 Pi6dad8 96z9 sw 152 Av Miami, FL Box 1001 Mebane, NC 27302. $0.62, 5281-774779; CLAVEL San Jose, COSTA RICA, WTA, orL6n. Obligo s) shall havethe BLANE E HESS, Notica ot 5524, 8, ODD, 112, Floating, Fort eza, BRAZIL, 5200, 5238, 33196, 5600, 5627, 3, WHOLE, WT 410, 49, MN, 1 2, Fix A EDWARDS B MICHEU I07, 50, EVEN, 112, Fixed righl lo cure lhe defauN and any DatauW and lnt6nt to Fo&losa $3,048.65, $0.96, 52B8-2676 2, WHOU, 1, Flx8dW68M x8d 1, Floating, $5,043.36, $1.69, Weekl Flxed Unh, $2,067.69, J EDWARDS 216-15 121st W Flxad Unh, S3,3o3.9o, junior lienholdar shall have Me sanl via certm egiste d 2681; DEBORAH SCHUU Unk, 83,4oo.18, $1.11, 5281- 5288-2983-2988; ANCELMO $0.62,5281-847-852;T0NYAL Ava Cambria Haights, NY So.89, 5277-2w-227; PEDRO right to daam ks inte st up M Upublicationto: 113 HAWK 39126 Detroit Rd Avon, OH 828-834;D0NIEL A PRIETO a MADERAa MARIAEMADERA MEARsaALvlNHMEARs496 11411, WTA, 04, 21, EVEN. E SANDE a FERNANDA tolh6 dat6th6 Twsl88iMue5 DR, GLENSHAW, PA 15116- 44011, 5600B,5627, 7, ODD, MARTACABIZOSU DE PRIETO 1806 N 33rdAv6 Stone Pa,IL SHollyAveAbsecon,NJO82O5, 1 2, Fixed W68 x8d Unk, BARABASCHI DE SANDE Ave theCertificaleotSaleby paying 1017; Claim ot Lan racodad 112, Fixed, ,570.42, So.83, Suipacha 161 Ramos Mejia, 60165, 5700, 5723, 26, ODD, WTB, 112, 47, ODD, 1 2, Fiwed $2,070.10, So.62, 5281-774- Callao 1520 Piso 7 Buenos the amounts due as outlined on Ju 9, 2018; O.R. Book 5288-2676-2681; ELIZABETH ARGENnNA, 5200, 5247, 8, 1/2, Fixed WeaMloat Unit, Weekl Fixed Unk, $3,089.96, 779; SANTOS F MOLINA a B, 1024 ARGENnNA, abova. By: GREENSPOON 5363 at Page 1350 Public MARRERO 2780 Kingsbridg6 WHOU, 1, Fixed WeeMixed $2,645.84, $0.83, 5288-2983- $0.92, 5281-847-852: LUREEN USBIA L PACHECO 3917 WTA, 108, 3, WHOLE, 1, Fixad MARDER, LLP, Twstea. Ratods or Osc6ola Coun,Te ate Apt 5B BDnx, NY Unrf, S2,485 8o.84, 5281- 2988; MARIA GABRIELLA LAWSON 140 #coW Pl B nx. Foxglove Dr Zion, IL 60099, WaeMixed Unk, 82,856.95, WHIBIT NA - NOTICE OF FL Total Dua: $664.35 as 10463, 5700. 5766, 42, ODD. 8ze-834: RONALD GAYMON PONTE JIMENU 4311 sw NY 10475, WT8, 212, 27. Wr 31O.32$O N,1l2,Fix6d, 8o.95, 5277-222-227; LISA TRUSTEE'S SALE ot May 29, 2018: dascribad 112, Floating, 83,o48.65, SO.96, 36 Hamlin Ave. Babylon, NY 16 h Ave Apt. 210 Miramar, ODD, 112, Fixed We6k Fixed 83,303.9O, 5281-774- L WEIDEMAN 726 Southport Own8r(5) Address Building as: A 105, 01490,299,000 5288-2676-2681 ; MEUSSA 11704, 5300, 53N, 7, WHOU, FL 33027, 5800 B 5800, 53A B Unit, $1,920.81, $0.64, 5281- 779; MICHAEL L FOX 20672 s Elmira, NY 14904, WT Unit Week Yaar TS Undividad undivided inl6r8 in Phase lv; J GEORGE B TIMOTHY D 1, Fixed WeeM xed Unk, 53B, 16 a 16, EVEN a MN, 847-852: MANUEL ABADIE Fleetwood Pl Haper Woods, 110, 5, EVEN, 112, Fixed lnterert Season Amount Per BIENNIAUallocated 210,0 GEORGE 917 E Church St. $3,400.18, $1.11, 5281-828- 1/2 a 1/2, Value Season-Floal a MIRIAM ABADIE Amuebla Ml 48225, WTA, 405, 18, ODD, WeeklFixed Unk, $2,047.86, Diem COL Rac lnlo Pointstoruse bytha G nteein Union City, TN 38261, 5900, 834; GLORIA L RHODES 541 Wee Float Unit, $3,899.04, Avenida Roble Plm Marie 1/2, Fixad Wee xed Unit, $0.62, 5277-222-227; WEST CARLOS D URDANETA 6541 ODD year. 109B, 42, ODD, 112, Floating, Evegraen Ave 1 Broohlyn, $1.24, 5288-2983-2988; Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS, 83,o89.96, $0.92, 5281-774- L LOUDENSLAGER 355 sw 41st N Davie, FL 33314, JOHN D HERRIAGE and JAIME $2,420.42, $0.63, 528a-2676- NY 11221, 5300. N33, 7, ROBERT J PALOMBO 1439 WTB, 215, 31, WHOLE, 1, 779; JUAN A HERNANDU a Riv8rsidaAv6 Elmira, NY 14904, WTA, 104, 40, ODD, 112, Fixed HERRIAGE, Notice ot D6fauN 2681; JERRY BURGIN a JOAN WHOU, 1, Flxed WeeMixed NW 97lh Te ace Coral Springs, Flxed, $2,860.30, 8o.95, 5281- SAN JUANITA HERNANDU WTA, 110, 5, EVEN, 112, Fixed WaeklFixed Unit, $1,915.10, and lmem to Fo lose 58nt BURGIN 11121 StraWold Way Unrt, $3,4 .18, 81.11, 5281- FLMo71,58ooa58oo,53Aa 847-852; JusnN T LAVIGNE 3002 Blain6 St Lo o, TX WaaWFlxed Unk, $2,047.86, $0.64, 5281-786-790; NELLY via C8rf 8gist6r6d Mai Fisha,IN 46038,5900, 505 828-834; ARNOLD onRo JR 53B, 16 a 16, EVEN a EVEN, 65 North ST Manchert&, 78043, WTA, 410, 32, EVEN, $0.62, 5277-222-227; ALWIS HUARCAYAUrbChacariaCalle publ ation to: 732 s Bols D 6, ODD, 112, Fixed, S2,458.M, B BARBARAAonRo 14921 N 1/2 a 112, Value Season-Float CT 2. wrB, 218. 42, 112, Flxed W86WFw8d Unrf, M DANIELS 510 Robbins La Pradeta 115 Apt 302 Lima, ARC ST, FORN M 75126- 8o.83, 5288-2&T62681; 75thDrPeoria,AZ85381,N00, WeaWfloat Unit, $3,899.04, ODD. 112, #| n-Floa 81, 5.o2, So.35, 5281- Re Ci le Championsgate, PERU, WTA, 406, 22, EVEN, 9679; Cl m ot Len &ordad EBONYPIZARRO314FoyAva N36, 22, WHOU, 1, Fixed $1.24,5288-2983-2988;ERI0N W oat Unh, S1,915.1o, 774-779; ANDRES CORAL n 33896, WTA, 202, 24, 112, Fixed WeeklFixad Unh, on Ju 9, 2018; O.R. Book Lawington, NC 27282, W xed Unh, t2,842.o6, BuzAa FABIOLA BUZA1725 8o.64, 5281 47&2; MARIO D a DIANA DE LA FUW ODD, 1w, Fix6d ahl x6d $3,303.90, So.89, 5281-786- N63 at Page 1352 Public B 6 0, 34c B 34D, 15 a15, So.97, 5281-82&834; RAFAEL Chuwh w Conwa ,SC 29526, RESTREPO B RODRIGO Cana 38- NB26 B,Unh, $1,915.10. So.64, 5277- 790; RUDY R UPE B USUE Rato s of O t la Coun,WHOU 6 WHOU, 2, Flxed, E GUERRA B AUCIA DE 5900. 110D, 10, DD. 112.#| PALACIO15O4 WMcw&hy sl llaviacio, COLOMBIA, 222-227; lvo DE BIAGGl a L LEPE 1820 Beach p w FL Total Due: t76o.28 as t1o,889.62,S2.98,52B8-2676- GUERRA C le 1 c 12 o Season-Float WeeMloat Unh, RiaNo, CA 92376, WTC, 125, WT 502. 1, MN, 1n, Flx6d CAROUNA DONIS Anauto Cape Coral, FL 33914, A, ot May 29, 2018; d Gribad 2681; BERNICE E SWART C tD M acay Atagua. 2104 S2.159.36, 8o.69, 528&2983- 49, WHOE 1, Flx w k W k x Unrt, M,3o3.9o, San B6matdinoCa tas, 1010 505, 17, EVEN, 1/2, Fixed as: A 154, 01490,299,0 ROLUNS 217 s 4m t VENUUEL N,5N6, 2988;ANIBAL CABALLERO a Flxed Unh, S2, .3o, to.95. to. . 5281-774-779; JUAN VENUUEL WT 206, 52, Wa6klFiw8d Unh, $2,070.10, undividadint in Pha5a N; Hook on, NC 28N8, 36, WHOU, 1, F ad Waekl UNET RULAN 6836 sw1 h 5281-847-852; UE A MIW J CORREA Pobox 902 1563 WHOU, 1, FN8d WaaMixed $0.62,5281-786-790;CHERYL ANNUAU located 154,0 6 0,34c a 34D, 15 15, Flxad Unrf, S1,182 So.48, Hol wood,FL33O23,59,19 BM Ln fi&d. San Juan, PR 2, WT Unrt, S2,463.42, o.a4, 5277- E ARMSTRONG115 JeW&5on , Poin torusebythaGram in WHOU WHOU, 2, F ed, 52B1-82&834; SALWA A 207D, 45, ODD, 1 2, Value Ml 4 76, WTC, 126, w, 503. 30, MN, 1n. Fw,W2-V7;IDANIAQUIROS3877 Av6 Lahigh I5land, NY M936, EACH y S1o,889.62, Q.96,52 z67b GUSTAFSON odland n-Float W Mloat Unh, WHOE 1, F F S2.o7o.1o. .62, 5281-774 Urb Lo s v Dal Zu wfA,5o9,19,EvEN,1n,F ed Nl or F#RFIELD ORLANDO 2681; AARON T HAMILTON Ava LMO,NE 68516, NOO, S2,o6o.2o, So.54, 528&z983- Unrf, W, 9.16. .91, 5281- 779:GUSTAVOA RODRNUQ la Mrada Principal 5 klFixed Unlt, $1,142.75, AT STAR ISLAND. togeth& K HAMILTON 58 5NT, 16. 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NOO, 5N7, 16, ;OtL5, 18 5261 -847&2; EDUARDO n4-n9;Tol M MASON 5201 Fri& Pl B oW NY 11218, $0.35, 5281-78s-790; FEUKS &ord in O tialR ords PEm P.O Box 308217 S nl WHOU, 1, Fw6d x L1721Q6 A CRUZ 73 Av da Sur Su a D Ric nd,VA wr 31o,36, N, 1 2, Flxed SOKOUN aYEuNAsoKouN Booh17O9, Paga17o1 6t5aq momas,vloo8o3,B, 1518,27, Unh, 2,942 SO.97, 5281- Nu 234 Co n 23234, WT 5 . 28, W, wad Unh, W,153.52, 35 Sprute Lane Stat8nl5land, Public R s ot Oscaola ODD, 112, Flo lng, t2,57o.42, 628-834; E NEWBERRV San Sahador, n SALVADOR, 1n, Fw,1,934.34, So.61, .89, 5277-222-227; ERIKA NY1O3 ,WTB,112,2O,ODD, Coun,Fbrida, ogath& th So.83, 5288-26762681; DA D a JEAN M NEWBERRY 485 s NoncE OF rRWFS wrc, 325, 31. ODD, 1n, Fwad 5281-7T4779; MAUREEN R JOHNSON 49 Lnden Ave 1/2, Fixed WeeM ed Unh, any and,amandmants and VAN GOMPEL a CATHERINE T tal Tr,Apl 212 Ma m MLE kl Fwed Unh, 1,915.10, 8ARNES 4 1 Hi sboD B& |I6, NJ 71,WT 310, $1,915.10, $0.64, 5281-7B6- 5uppl& nt a lo he VAN GOMPEL n3 Condor ls,FL 32952 NOO, w#rGAn TOWERS,So.64. 5281-847-852; NANCY Blvd. B6ad, fl 36, MN, 1n, Fwed w kl 790; CLARA INES ZAMORA D la tion . Place Winnip,MB R1W2 N54, 15, WHOU, 1, Fw6d TT5T.O11 (MNDEE M D KCUSllS 205 No sl u442. WT 508, 31, MN, Flxed Unh, S3,1N.52, So.89, 11630PupleLlacDir0 ando, Obligonshallhavetharightto CANADA, B, 609, 18, ODD, W ed Unk, ,942.06, On 10111n018 at 11:00 am, Rya, NY 1 . WrD, 129, 112, Fwed, W.o7o.1o. So.62, 5277-W2-227;G#LPVAUEY FL32837,wTa,114,42,EvEN, the defauW and anyjuniot 112, V u6 s ason-noat w w So.97, 5281-82&834; CESAR GREENSPOON MARDER, 3, MN, 1 2, F ed 5261-774-779; MA G 2 So w Ste 101 112, Fixed W88Mix6d Unrf, lianholder shall hava th6 right Float Unit, $2,570.42, So.83, AUGUSTO SANCHQ L 201 E. Pina Wra6, Suha F ed Unh, S2,o7o.1o, So.62, CINEW 52 Glenli& Rd s |,MD 20782, WTA, $3,303.90, So.89, 5281-786- to radaam rfs int t up lo 528&2676-2681; RUNEL MULADO a OFEL DEL 5,O ando, norida 32801, 5281-847-852; cH snAN A Forf My,n u 7, 4,30, ODD, 112, Fixad 790; SANTIAGO OLMOS a th8dat8th8twst68issu8sth8 A KESTER a WIRAPONG PILARMACEDOBARRIOSMar as Twstee punuant to that CORCINO115 EW sl Naw 508, 31, w, 1n, Fwed, W M ad Unh, 81,8o8.62, SANDRA GONZALU Fue a CertifitataotSalebypayingthe NAMSANGA 515 John Muir Coral 179 Urb Naphno Suwo, Appointment ot Tw 86 Yor NY 1 10, WrD, 129, 3, S2,o7o.1o, .62, 5281-774- So.62, 5277-222-227; SUSAN Ve ura 558 Valle Lo Campino ums due as o lin inthe Drive,Apt.A319San FranciKo, PERU,5412, 9,WH0U, 6d on 0610712018 MN,1n,Flx weaklF ed n9; JENNIFER K BAU 79 A RWOLDS 34816 Swan Santiago De, CHILE, wfB, p Gading paragraphs. CA 94132, B, 1802, 37, ODD, 1, Fwad W w Unrf, in omcial Records Book Unh, S2.o7o.1o, .62, 5281- SummerStMiWord,NH 03055, c 8lvd Unh 28 Richmond, 118,6,EVEN,112,FlxedWaeW FOSI NJ COL NOS 1018 - NOS 112, Floating, $2,570.42, $0.83, S3,4oo.18, 81.11, 5281-828- 5346, and Paga 1963, ot tha 847-852; A a A MORTGAGE wfB,113,u,oDD,1n,F ed, Ml 48062, WTA, 504, 5, ODD, Fixed Unk, $3,303.90, So.89, S pL ; OtL s, 18 528&2676-2681 : 834; sTAnoRD B SU TON Public R6cords of OSCEOLA SPECIAUST, uc, A FLORIDA S1,915.1o, So.64, 5281-n4- 1n, Flxed W Mix6d Unk, 5281-786-790: nDERlco L172168 Sept. ;Ort.5,2O18 a BE F SUTTON 2552 County. Florida, by ason uMlnD L BIUTYCOMPANY n9: MARC J ANDERSON 4 $3.089.96, So.92. 5277-222- MAYA UAL a WRONICA L172145 Ridge Rd AptA Wlndsor Mill. ot a now continuing d6lauW Po Box1134 p m H r.FL G IRd M6 n ac NH 03054, 227; A p uwls 2 Po land SANTANDER San Gabri6| 205 MD 21244, 5400, 5412, 25, by Mortgagor(5), (See Exhibh 2, WTD, 229, 44, ODD, WT8, 113, N, ODD, 1l2, Lan6Sandys,BERMUDA.WT Fractionamien o Vllla Los NOTICE OF TRusnE's MN, 112, F ed Wee xed A"), whosa address is (See 1l2, Flxed w Fwed Unh, Flxed, S1,915.1o, So.64, 5281- 505,40,0D 12,FixadWaek1 Arcangales Tampico, 89100 SALE NOTICE OF TRusnE's Unrf, 81,761.78, $0.54, 5281- Exhibit "A"), in tha paymant or 81,915.1o, 8o.64, 5281-84T- n4-779; HARPER WAMS Flxad Un,089.96, $0.92, M ICO, WTC, 125, 23, ODD, wEsrGAn TOWN cENnR,SALE 828-834; PmR J CHISHOLM parformanca ofth6 oblig ion5 852; a ROSE H WAMS 1304 5277-222-227: KAnA c DA 112, Fiwed WeaMixad Unk, .OT OCEVEDO) wEsTGATETowNcENnRl 14T erRidge Private Bag seturad by a Morfgage ;OcLS, 1B onne Ava G wood, sc COSTA 7611 LgWouse Dr 81,91o.24, $0.64, 5281-786 On 1011&2018 at 11:00 am, 26e .0T0s Am) xoo8 Ho ck, 3290 SOUTH recoded in O cial Retods L172O92 29646. WTB. 114, 50, ODD, Apt2O3 S otMon, CA 95219, 790: SCOTT D NoLFm 2 GREENSPOON MARDER, On 10/18/2018 at 11:00 am, AFRICA, 5400, 5454, 14, Booh(SeeExhibit"A"l,atPage 1 2, Flx6d W wad Unrf, WT 5O5,41,MN,1l2,Fixed Claar BDok x g Kennebun 201 E. Pina StR8t, Suh6 GREENSPOON MARDER, WHOU, 1, Flxed WeeMixad (Sae Exhibit "A'.), ot tha Public $1,915.10, 8O.64, 5281-774- xed Unrf, 83,34O.43, ME 4043, WrC, 126, 5. ODD, 500, O ando, norida 32801, 201 E. Pin& Streat, Suita Unk, $2,942.06, $0.97, 52B1- Records ot OSCEOLA County, NoncE OF TRusnE's 779; STANW A WIWINS a $0.89, 5277-222-227; JOSE N 112, Flxed Weakl xed Unk, as T st68 punuant to that 500, Orlando, Florida 32801, 828-834; Florida, includinq tha braach or MLE CARDELUA L WIWINS 22 DA FRAGA 507 Cra VI6w Ave $1,915.10, $0.64, 5281-786- Appointmant ot Twstaa as Twstaa punuant to that SapL ;OcL5,2O18 default, notice o which was set wEsTGnn TOWERS,Bradlay Dr Forf Mkchell, AL Belmont,CA 94002,WTA, 505, 790; SANTOS B HERNANDU recorded on 06/11/2018 Appointm6nt ot Tw ee L172147 torth in a Notica ot Detault and 2TT57.0115 QO N 36856, WTC, 225, 29, MN, 41 MN, 1 2. Flxed Weakl B REINA C ESCOBAR 59 in omc,Recods Book recorded on 0610&201 8 lntant to For8clos6 provided On 1OI11l2018 at 11: am, 1 2. Flwed, S1,617.65, $0.46, Flxed Un,$3,340.43, $0.89, R ladge St B ntwood. NY N47. and Page 2235 ot the in OMcial Ratods Book to the last known add s ol GREENSPOON MARDER, 5281-774-n9; 5277-222-227: AWANDRO 11717, WTC, 325, 2, MN, Publit Rato s ot OSCEOLA 5347, and Page 977 ot the NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Mortgagor(s), (Saa Exhibit LLP, 201 E. Pina St &, Suite S pL ;OcL 18 FLORES a PAULA SUARU 112, Flxed WeeMixed Unk, Coun . Florida, by Pason Publit Retords of OSCEOLA SALE "A"), by C8rtifi6d/R8gistar8d 500, O ando. Florida 32801, L 172093 Km 27.5 Ca A E L Salvador 83,49o.34, $0.89, 5281-786- of a now ton inuing default Coun,Florida, by reason wEsTGnTE TOWN CENTER,Mail or by publication by tha as T stea pukuant to that Municipio F ijanes. 790; by Obligo s), (See Exhibit ot a now continuing datauW .OTOT (COTTONl undarsignad T stea, will s6|| Appoi mem ot Tw GuAnMAL wr 508, 11, SepL28;OtL5,2O18 wA"), whose addr s is (See by Obligor(5), (Sea Mibit On 10/1812018 at 11:00 am, at public auction to the highast corded on 06107n018 NoncE OF TRumE's WHOU. 1, Flxad WeeW xed L 172o95 Exhibrf A,in the payent or A"), whose address is (Saa GREENSPOON MARDER, biddar tor la ul mon6y ot in omcial Recods Book Unk, $2,123.38, $0.71, 5277- performance ot the obligations Exhibit "A"), in the payent or 201 E. Pine Street, Suite the United Stat6s of Amarica, 5346, and Page 2226 ot the WNTGATE TOWERS,222-227; DARREN CARROLL s6cured by said Claim of Len performance ol the obligations 500, O ando, Florida 32801, on the hont steps of the Public Recods ot OSCEOLA TTST.O116 INGO) a MELINDA D SHERRON 119- NOTICE OF TRusnE's &oded in omcial Records secured by said Claim ofLen as T stee punuant to that Osceola Coun Courfhous6, County, norida, by ason on1ol11NoncNo18at11:oo 17 231St Cambria Heights,NY SALE Book(Sea Exhibrt A"),atPage Rcorded in O cial Racords Appointment ot T stee 2 Cou house Squara, ot a now continuing detauW am, GREENSPOON MARDER, 11411, wrB, 114, 1, EVEN, wEsTGAn TOWN cENnR | (See Exhibrt A,otthe Public Book(See Exhibit A"), Page retoded on 0611112018 Kissimmaa, Florida 34741, by Obligo sT, (Saa Ewhibh 201 E. Pina St at, Suka 1/2, Fiwed WaeMixed Unrt. . (VALDV Retods ot OSCEOLA Coun,(See Exhibit .'A.), ot Me Public in omci Racods Book all right, title and intBr8st in .'A"), whose add N is (See 500, O ando, florida 32801, $3,303.90, $0.89, 5277-22z- On 10111/2018 at 11:00 am, norida, including the breach or Records of OSCEOLA Coun,5347. and Pag6 2209 ot th6 th6 prope situated in the Exhibit A,in the payant or as Tw ee punuant to that 227; SERGIO CASTANET 6753 GREENSPOON MARDER, detault, notice ot which was set Florida, including the breach or Public Records of OSCEOLA countS ot SCEOLA, Florida, performance ot the obligations Appoinlme ot T stee R ston Beath Cir Tampa, LLP, 201 E. Pine Street, Suite torfh a Notice of DefauW and delauW, notica ot which was set Coun,florida, by reason descri ed as: (SEE WHIBIT secured by said Claim ot Len r6cod8d on 0 07/201 8 fl N614, WTB, 116, 17, 500, O ando, Florida 32801. lntent to Foreclose provided to h in a Notic6 of DatauW and of a now continuing d8tauW "A") Tlm8 Shar8 lnt8r8st(s) r8to 8d in OMci R8colds in OMci Recods 8ook WHOU, 1, Flxed WeeMiwed as T stee pursuant to lhat to the la know addr8N ol lntent to For6close p vided by Obligo s), (See Ewhibit (SEE WHIBIT "A") as d8fin6d in Booh (See Exhibk A"), at Paqe 5346, and Page 2159 of tha Unk, $2,860.30, $0.95, 5277- Appointment ot T stea Obligo s), (See Exhibrf A2. by to lhe la known add N ot A,whose addraM is (Sae tha Daclarat on of Covenants, (See Exhibh A . ot lhe Pubit Public Records or OSCEOLA 222-227: LUIS E TORRES recoded on 0511 1/201 8 ce m Regi ePd Mail or by Obligo,(Sea Exhibrf A,by Exhibk A"), in th6 payment or Conditions and Rastri ions tor R6cods ot OSCEOLA County, Coun,Florida, by son a PATRICIA DEL CARMEN in OMcial Records Book publication by tha undenigned Cartifi Registe d Mail or by perfom nGa of tha obligations Wastgata Towan, racorded in Florida, including lha b ach or ot a now cominuing darault MENARES San Juan De Dios, 5332, and Page 2074, ot tha Tw ee, will sell at public publitation by th6 und signed secured by said Claim ol Len O cial Reco s Book 1364, at detault, notite of which was set b Obligo s), (Sa6 Exhibrf 5N Valparaiso, CHIU, WTB, Public R6cords ot OSCEOLA aurtion to the highest bidd& Twstee, will sall at public retorded in omcial Records Paae 427, ot th6 Publit Records torth in a No ice ot DetauW and l, whose add M is (See 117, 35, EVEN, 112, Fixed Coun,Florida, by reason ror law,n oney ot Me Unked auction lo the highest bidder Book (See Exhibrf A,at Page ot sceola Coun,Florida (the lntent to Fo&lose pDvid6d Exhibk A"), in tha payent or Wee xed Unk, $3,303.90, ol a now continuing defauN ates of rica, on the hont for la ul monay ot the Unrfed (S Exhibk A . ol tha Public "Plan"), and all amendment(s) to th6 la know add N ot p6rformant6 oftha oblig ions $0.89, 5277-222-227; NEREIDA by Mortgagor(s), (Sae Ewhibit eps ot the Osceola Coun States of #narita, on tha hont R ords ot OSCEOLA Coun,th6r6to, it any. To9ether wrfh Obligo sl, (Saa Mibh .A,by Bu d by said Claim of Len LOPU 759 Calle Mawedas A"), whose addrass is (See Cou hou58, 2 CouMouse staps ot tha OK8ola CouW florida,includingth6braach or tha right to ocGupy, punuant c6 m 8girt&8d Mail or by codad in O ci R8colds Sola Urb Count Club San Exhibit"A"l, intha paymentor Squa,Nimm8e, Florida Courfhouse, 2 Courthousa detauW, notice ot which was set to the Plal,Building(s) Unit(s) publication by the und6rsigned Book (See Ewhibit A,at Page Juan, PR 924, WTB, 212, 45, parformanca ot tha obligations 34741,all right. thle and inle Square, KiNimma8, norida to h in a Notica ot D6lauW and (SEE HIBIT "A"T, during Unit T ae. will sall at public (Sae Exhibh A,of th6 Publit WHOU. 1, Fixed WaeMixed secured by a Mortgaga in the p h ed in the 34741,allright,lkleandint lmem to FoBlos6 pDvid8d Weah(s) (SEE HIBIT wA l aurtion to le highe bidder Retods otOSCF-OLA Coun,Unrf, 82,86o.3o, $0.95, 5277- &odad in O cial Retods Coun ot OSCEOL Florida, in the p pe y skuat6d in h6 to 6 la know add N ot ANign6dY8ar(s),(SEE WHIBIT tor law,money ot h6 Unhed florida, including e breach or w2-z27; HECTOR L LOPU Book(Sea Exhibit A"), atPage d bed as: (SEE HIBIT Coun of OSCEOL norida, Obligo (S Exhibh A"T, by '.A . WESTGATE TOWERS Stat65 ot rita, ontha hont deteuW,notiteotwhichwasset 1N7 Hidden GL G p8vin6, (s68 Exhibit AhL, otlhe Public A Tlm6 Ma lme ls) describad as: (SEE HIB Cerfifi egi e d Mail orby 7600W.| oBroMon Memorial 8p5 ot Me OK8ola Coun torthin aNoliceofDetauWand M 76092, wrB, 212, 45, Ratods ofOS EOLA Coun , (SEE HIB A accoding A fime Sha lnta (s) publiG ion by Me undanignad Hi war KiMimm68, FL 34747 Courthou58, 2 Cou ouse lntenl to For losa pDvid8d WHOU, 1, Flxed WeeklFixed Florida, includingtha breach or to the fime Sharing Plan for (SEE HIBIT A aKolding T,will sall at public Sa sa6willb8mad8(wkhout Squa, Florida to the la hnow add ot Unh, S2,86o.3o, 8o.95, 5277- detauW,noticeolwhichwass& wEsTGAn TOWN CWR, to he fime Sharing Plan tor aurf n to the high biddat cov8nant5,orwa an ,8xpr8N 34741,allright,t eandint qor(5).(s Mibk A,by 2v-227; torth in a Notica ot D6fault and ld8d in O ci Records wEsTGAn TOWN CENTER, torlaw,money olth6 Unked or implied, garding th6 thle, in the pD w 6d in Me m 6girt&8d M,orby OtLS, O18 lnlent to Foreclosa provided Book 1564, Page 1479, of RtO in omcial Ratords s ot rica, onthe hont poM855ion or 8nGumbranc65) CouW ot OSCEOL norida, publication by F8 und&signed L172O94 to the la known add ss ot the Public Recods orOsceola Book 1564, at Paga 1479, ot s ot th6 O5t la Coun to pay the unpaid principal d bed as: (su HIBIT T ee,s&| a public Morfgagor(sl, (Sa6 Exhibrf County, norida he Plan . tha Public R8codsotOK8ola CouMouse, 2 Courthou58 b ance due undar the A fi MaR lm (s) auc ion to the high bidder .'A"), by C8rfifi8dlRaqist8r6d Together w h the right to Coun,Florida (Me Plan . Square, uimmee, norida mo gage in th6 unt of (SEE HIB A definedin forlawhlmoney otthe Unked NoncE OF TRumE's Mail or by publicatlon by ot py, punuant to the Plan, Togathar whh he right to 34741,allrigM,tkl6andint&85t (S66 Exhibk A"), wkh inte 16 Decla tion ot Cov s, St otAn&O onMehom MU . the undarsignad T 5t88, Building(sWnrt(s)(SEE HIB occupy, punuant lo tha Plan, in th6 properfy skuated in tha attwing at the rate ot (s68 Condkions and R rfion5tor rteps ot e O la CouW wGnn rOWERS,will sall at public au ion to A,during Unk W k(s) (SEE Building(s)Wnh(5T(SEE HIB Coun ot OKEOL florida, Exhibrf A") per day, punuant Bgate Tow,in Courfhou58, 2 Courmousa TTST.O11T (URDANETh) the highest bidd6r tor lawhl HIB A,during Ass ned A"), during Un Weak(s)(SEE d8scrib6d as: (SEE HIBIT to th6 Morfgage, advances, OMcialR o s B k1364. Squa,ui,florida On 10111n018 11:00 am, mon6y ot tha United States Y s) - (SEE HIB A . HIBIT A,during AN n8d A Tlma Sha lnterast(sl it any, under Me terms ot Paa8427,otth8Pu icR olds 34741, lrighl,tkBandint& GREENSPOON MARDER, ot America, on tha honl wEsTGAn TOWN cENnR Y6a s) - (SEE HIB A . (SEE HIB A according said Morfgage, Ghag8s and ot K lacoun .norida@6 the pD s ualed in tha 201 E. Pine St t. Sui e st8p5 of the Osteola Coun 77 We gat6 Boulevard WESTGATE TOWN cENnR to the Tlme Sharing Plan lor axpenses ot the Twstae and Plan,and all dB(s) County ot OSCEOq norida, 500, O ando, Florida 32801, Courfhouse, 2 Courthous6 Nimm88, FL 34747 Said 7700 we qate Boulevad wEsTGAn TOWN CENTER, otthe twsts c atBd by said the to. rf any. Tog&h& w d bed as: (SEE HIBIT as Tw punua to that Squar6, Kiss mmee, Florida s e will be made (wkho KiNimm88, L 34747 Said r ord8d in omcial R8cord5 MorfgaRe. Mortgago 5) shall the righ to oKupy, punuam A") Tl Sha lnte rt(s) Appointment of T stee 34741, all right, lkle and covenants, or wa an . expRss 5al8 will be made (wrfhort Book 1564, at Pag6 1479, ot have t e right to cu he to lhe Plan, Building(s) Unk(s) (SEE HIB A as defined in recorded on 06107/201 8 interest in the prDp8rfy situated or implied, regading the titla, covanants, or wa an,exprau the Public Reco s ot O5c80la default and any junior lienholder (SEE HIB A,during Unk Me Decla tion ot Covenan s, in OMc Records Book in tha County of OSCEOLA, pou8Mion or encumbrances) or implied, regarding the tkle, County. Florida (tha Plan"l. shall have the right lo radeem Weak(s) (SEE HIB AV Condkionsand Rermrfionstor 5346, and Page 2163 ot lhe Florida, d8scrib6d as: (SEE to paythe unpaid aNeNm8nts pos68ssion or 6ncumbran s) Togather th tha righl lo ks interast up to the date th6 signad Yea s),(SEE HIB Wes gate Tow,ded in Public Records ot OSCEOLA HI8lT .'A' Tlme Share due in the amount of (S topayth6unpaid aN8ssm8nts otcupy, pursuam to the Plan, Twst68iNu8sth8C6 ifica 8ot A . wEsTGAn TOWERS omci R6 rds Book1364, at County, Florida, by raason lnta st(s) SEE WHIBIT A") Mib A,wrfh intarest due in tha amount ot (s Building(sWnk(s) (SEE WHIBIT Sale by paying the amounts due 76 w o B nson Men rial Page 427, ofthe Public R ords ot a now continuing dafault acco ing to the Tlme Sharing accwing at lhe rate of (Se& Exhibit A"), whh intarest A ), during Unrf W68k(s) (SEE as outlined above. By: Amanda Highway Ni,FL 34747 ot Osceola County, Florida (tha by Obligo sl, (Saa Exhibit Plan lor WESTGATE TOWN Exhibk A") per day, punuant to accwing the rata ot (s68 HIB A"), during ANign8d L. Chapman, Authorized Aga . Sad sale,ba mada(wrfhoul Plan . and all an&dn nt(s) A ), whose addr8N is (See cENnR, recorded in OMcial the fimesha Plan, advanc6s, Exhibit A )perday,punuantto Yea s) - (SEE HIBIT A.). EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF covenants,orwa ,8xpRN hePto. h any. Together wkh Exhibh A"T, in Me payent or Racods Book 1564, at Page it any, under the lerms ot said the Tlmesha Plan, advancas, WESTGATE TOWN CENTER TRUSTEE'S SAU or implied, arding the Mle, e right to o@py. pu uant p8rformanc6 ot the obligations 1479, of the Publ c Recods