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October 5, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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October 5, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, OCTOBER 5, 2018 PAGE 35B IPANEMA RIO DE JANEIRO,HIGGINS, CALLE 62B 11A Notice ot DefauW and lntent to Mo gage &oded on Ma h Orlando, FL, 32804, as Twslee sell at public Aurfion to the Orfober 18, 2016: O.R. Book of Janua 16, 2018, inte st RJ, 2241 1 050 BRAZIL, 51 MONTERIA, COLOMBIA, Foreclose sent via certmed/ 10. 2015; O.R. Book 4746 at in the Appointment Rcoded highest bidder ot u.s. tunds, in 5041 at Pa&e 554 Public $7.58 per diem: dascribed Tln shaP Unk 170203, W6ek fimesha Unrt 15308, Week Regi ered Mai publicalion Page 17N Public Recods at O.R. Book 4542 at Page cash or cerf ed tunds only, on R8Gords of sceola Coun,as: A 131,0001188,645,000 31, Biennial EVEN. Tlmeshare 2, Biennial EVEN, Timesha to: Rua Joaquim Lapas Veiga ot Oscaola Coun,FL. 2219 of the Public Retods of O ober 23, 2018, at 9:05 am, FL. olal Dua: $14,393.85 as undivided inta in Un 112; lnterest 112, Per Diem $4.07, ln eres 112, P8T Diem $3.95, 690 Bloca D, Apto 12. Sao Total Due: 812,844.28 as of Osceola Coun,Florida, will at Orange Legal, 722 Patrick ot Febtua 23, 2018, intere AnnuaUallocated 131,000 DefauW Balance $9,562.24, De uN Balance $10,314.31, Paulo 05550-01 O, BRAZIL; Janua 17. 2018, inte st sell at public Auction to the Street. Kissimmee, Florida 86.24 per diem; described Points tor use by lha Grantee in DetauW Date 711117, Morfgage DetauW Date 3/1/17, Mortgage Mortgage Ptorded on $4.75 per diem; dascribed highert bidder of U.S. hnds, 34741 . all right, title and interest as: A 1 05,00011 88,645,000 Each yea s). Recoded 11 21113 in OR Recorded 1v17/14 in OR Book Februa 6, 2015: O.R. Book as: A 105,000/420.960.000 in cash or ce ified hnds only, in the properfies listed below in undivided intarest in Unh 114; 8 J FRANKLIN and Book 4535, Page 398 CLAIRE 4709, Page 2793 EDMUNDO 4732 al Page 1216 Public undivided interest in the al on October 23, 2018, 9:05 am. Osceola Coun,Florida for Annual/allocated 1 05,000 SYLVIA PRATHER. Notice WATSON, 2760 CAROUSEL MIGUEL ROMO FABELA a Records of OKeola Coun,p per tommonly known at Orange Legal, 722 Patrick tontinuing nonpayment of the PointslorusebytheGranteein ot DetauW and lme to CRES APT 812 GLoucEsnR, JESUS HERMINIA ESTOLANO FL. Total Due: $12,432.18 as as Phasa |; AnnuaUallocated St et, Kissimmee, Florida periodic payments due under Each yea s). Foreclose sent via amedl ON K1T 2N4 CANADA, SANZ, 2556 GREEN VALLEY of Feb a 28, 2018. inteP 105,000 Points for usa by the 34741,allright,titleandinte lhe mo gages described EARL DELAMOTHE and Regi e Mai publicalion to: Ti shar6 Unk 210315, Week RD CHULA VISTA, CA 91915, $5.00 per diem: described as: A Grantee in Each ye . in the pDp8rti8S li ed below below, as follows: MIRIAM VALDU Notice 630T Moming Sun Pl, Tampa, 17, Bienni NEN, fimesh e fim8shaR Unk 210901, Weak 84,0001420,960,000 undivided SOMASEKHARA NARAYANA in Osceola County. Florida VERONICA MENJIVAR and of DetauW and lntent to FL N614-4659: Mo gage lnterest 1/2. Per Diem $2.02, 14, Biennial EVEN, Timesha inte st in the al property MURTHY PEMMIREDDY tor continuing nonpayent MAURICIO A SOSA FLORES, Foreclose sent via c8rtm6 &old6donApril28,2O14;O.R. Da uW B ance $6,076.91. lntere 112, Per Diem $5.25, common known as Phase |; and AMRUTHESWARI ot assessmants (as well as Notice of DetauW and lntent to Regi e d Mai publication Book 4 al Pag6 2156 Public DefauW Dat& 3115116, Mortgage DefauN Balance $13,943.03, Annua allocated 84,000 Points GOPIS Notic8 ot D8fauW p par taxes, interest, late FORCIOS8 sent via C8rt 8dl to: 381 P8n Dok Dr, Stone Recods ot O la Coun , R8cold8d 3117/16 in OR 8ook De uW Data 1/1117, Mortgage for use by the Grant66 in Each and lntent to Fo&lose sent f s andlor costs, rf applicable) Registerad Mai public&ion Mounlain, 3 87-575T; FL Tot Due: g8,4o9.66 as 4929, Page 1618 YUANNIS Retordad v5l15 in OR Book year. via cerfmedlRegirt&ed MaiU du6 turfh& d85cribed as to: 9628 Birch St, Oakland. Mortgaga co ed onJanua of Janua 16, 2018, ima CAROLINA DE ABREU. URB 4731, Page 2307 GUILLERMO JOHNNY ULISSES NEVES and public ion to: 13 Riv6nc W follows: CA 94603-2714: Mortgage 27, 2016; O.R. Book 4906 at $3.24p&diem;d ribedas:A EL CASTANO MANZ 6 C APT CHRISTIANALEJANDRELAIJA KENYA COSTA DOURADO Mansions,Traps le Rd.Wa,THE HARMISON SECOND Rcolded on O ober 21, Page 315 Public Reto s of 64, 150.916, und ided QUINTA 1 MARACAY EDO aMIRIAMcoNsuELoMlcHEL NEVES, Notice ot De uW He brdshi . SG12 OFQ FAMILY LIMmD 2014; O.R. Book at OsteolaCoun ,FL.TotalDue: int in Unh 108; Annua ARAGUA, 2101 VENUUELA, MORALES,CIVERGEL3OCOL and lntent to Fo&lose a UK; Morfgage &o on PARTNERSHIP AIWA THE Page 213 Public Reco s of $14,774.04 as of Fabrua allocaled64, Poimsforuse Timeshare Unk 160206, ek ATE DEL VALLE ZAPOPAN, via c8rtmadlR6gi e d MaiU March 24, 2015; O.R. Book HARMISON SECOND FAMILY OsceolaCoun ,FL.TotalDue: 23, 2018, ime S5.91 bytheG&t inEachy s). 17, Biennial EVEN, TimeshaP 45190 MWICO, Timesha public ion to: Rua Silva 4TN al PaB6 1549 Public LTD. WA HARMISON 812.634.35 as ot Feb a per diem; described Bs: A JEREMIAH JOHN MEYER, ln a rt 1/2, p Diem 84.45, Unrt 192O7, Week 37. Biennial Buano Qd. 13 Lt. 9 Casa 1 Recods ot s Coun . SECOND PARTNERSHlp. 23. 2018, inte st $5.26 64,000 188,645,000 und ided JUL MAE MEYER and De uW Balance $11,989.69. EVEN, Tim6sha lnterest Nova Era1, Ap6r8cida De FL Total Du6: $14,178.00 Bs Notica otDetauH andl entto par diem: deKrib6d as: A inte in Unk 103; AnnuaV ANDR F. MEYER, Notic6 Default Date 12115116, 112, Par Diam 84.45, DefauW Goiania, GO 74916-150, of Janua 1T, 2018, inte FoBlos8 sem via Ca ifiedl 84. 1188,645,0 undivided allocated 84,000 Pointstoruse of De uN and lmem to Mortgage Reco ed 11n5/13 Balance S1o,958.83, DetauW BRAZIL; Mo gage ded S5.73 per di&n; d8Krib8d Regirt&ad M publicetion inte rt in Unh 103; Annua bythe G nteein Each yea s). Foraclose sent via certmedl in o Book 4536, Page 2504 Date 511 511 7, Morfgage on Ma h 24,2015;0.R. Book as: A 105, 1490,299. 0 to: 806 N MAIN ST, BOERNE, located84,OOO Poin bruse PHYLLIS JEAN PrmE and Regist&ed MaiUpublic ion to: EUO E ROJAS a ISOLINA R6cod8d4l17l15in OR Book 4753 p&ae 1545 Publit und ided im&erf in e M 78 ; THE HARMISON bytheGranteeinEachyea s). DOUGLAS JASON PmlE, N5668 County Rd |. F onia, c VASQUU SA R B 4765,Page2707 Retods ot K8ola CouW, pD n know as SECOND FAMILY LIMmD OSCAR ADALBERTO REYES Notice otDetauW andlnlantto wl 53021-9423; Morfgage MANUEL E ROJAS VASQUU (40839.0174) FL. Tot Due: $14,198.92 as Phase N; BienniaUallocated PARTNERSHIP WA THE JR, NotitB ot DetauW and FoBlos6 sent via Ce edl recodedonMay1O.2O16;O.R. a JESUS E ROJAS VASQUU, S pL ;Orf.S,2O18 ot Feb a 28, 2018, inteRrt 210, Poin tor u58 bythe HARMISON SECOND FAMILY lntent to FoPclose sent viB Regi e d MaiUpublicatlon Book 4957 at Page 1460 Public URB TRlcENnNARIA CAUE L172199 S5.7o par di6m; d8Krib8d G inOddye . LTD. AIWA HARMISON Ce edlRegirfa d MaiU to: 7101 Ridge Rd, Hanov&, Racods ot OK8ola Coun , B SUR 82 BARCELONA as: A 105,0001490,299,0 CYNTH LYNN CHRISTY SECOND PARTNERSHIP, publication to: 2504 Feimaven MD 21076-1425; Mortgage FL. Total Due: g12,423.88 as ANZOATEQUl, NNUUELA, undivided inte in Me R and JOHN KEVIN CHRIS c o DEAN HARMISON, Ave, exandria, VA 22303- r8Gord8d on Augu 24, of Janua 16. 2018, ime fin 5ha Un 210102, Week NoncE OF TRWE'S p perty comnDn known as No ceofDe uW andlm& tto REGlsnRED AGENT, 8237 2304; Mortgage co ed 2015; O.R. Book 4831 & $5.23p8rdi8m;d6Krib8das:A 16, Blennial EVEN, fimesh ULE Phase w; Bi6nnia allocated FOR O58 at v ame F dericksbug Rd, San on November 3, 2014; O.R. Page 391 Public R8colds 84,000 188,645, 0 undivid lnterast 1/2, Per D m $4.87. LANDO RESO 210, Points for use by the R ist MaiUpublication to: Antonio, TX 78229-3356: Book 4690 at Page 479 Public of OsGeola County, FL. inte in Unh 110; Annua D6 uN B&ance g12.72o.72. coRPoRAnoN, a horida Grantea in odd year. 4405 E Joppa Rd. Peny H |, Claim ot Len Bord8d on Racods ot Osceola County, Total Due: S13,689.9o as of allocated84, oPoimstoruse - De uW D e V15l1T. copo&on JESSICA MARIE MILLER MD 21128-9302; Mortgaae Feb a 14. 2018; O.R. Book FL. Total Due: $14,732.08 as Febwe 23, 2018, ime st bytheG&taein Eachyea s). Morfgage Recoded 7117114 On October 25, 20|8 at and ROGER DEWAYNE recodedonApril2O,2O15;O. . 5285 at Paae 2089 Public of Feb a 23, 2018, inte st $5.04 per dlem; described OSCAR ALBERTO A VO in OR Book 4637, Page 238z 2:30 p.m. GREENSPOON MILLER, Notice ot D6 uW Book4766 Page2267Public Recods of steola Coun,$5.80 per diem; descrlbed a5: A 105,0001150,916,000 A and VW#N JESUS R ROJAS a MIRGRE MARDER LLP, 100 We and lntent to Fo lose at R o s ot OK8ola Coun,FL. Total Du6: S62o.87 as ot a5: A 105,0001.188,645,000 undivided inta A in Unk 111; VERONICA VELASCO | HERNANDU, SECTOR CypPN C ek Road, Surte via certmedlRegirte d MaiU FL. Total Due: $14,198.90 as Janua 4, 2018; desGrib8d undivided interest in UnW 1|0; AnnuaUallocated 105.000 HERRERA, Notice of De uW SIERRA BRAVA CONJ RES 7,Fo Laud8ldal8, FL publlcation to: 2805 N 21st of Janua 17, 2018, inte st Bs: A 105,0001150,916,000 AnnuaUallocated 105,000 Points tor use by the Gtantee in and lment to Fo&b s t EL ROCIO APT 26 TOR 2 SAN M3O9, as T stee punuant to St, BDk8n ArDW, OK T4O12- $5.83 per diem; described undivided inte&t in Unrf 109; PointsforusebytheGra eein EaG 8a s). via certm egi M ANTONIO DE LOS ALTOS that Appoimment of Tru ee 9622; Mortgage cod6d on as: A 105,0001490,299, 0 ANNUAUallocatad 105,000 Each yea s). EM NUEL IGWEONU and publica n to: Urban acion MIRANDA, VENUUELA, Rcorded on August 09, 2018, Auqust 7, 2015; O.R. Book und ided int&est in e & PointstorusebythaG nteein JAMES p DORAN and JOANN CLARA IGWEONUNWAKIU, RioSie a14.SantaCwDeLa Tlmeshare Unk 210102, Week in O.R. Book 5382 at p&ge 48 3 at Page 1570 Public p perty common known EACHyea s). DORAN, Notice of De uW Notice ot DetauW and lntenlto Sie 4 And&lbanez, 80LIV# 15, Biennial EVEN, fimeshare 1265 otthe Public Recods of Recods ot Osceola County, as Phasa ll; AnnuaUallocated DAVID M SEVERANCE and and lnte lo For lose sent Fo close sent via cerfme 10260; Mortgage lnte 112, p& Diem 85.15, Osceola Coun,Florida, by FL. Total Due: $12,126.96 as 105,000 Point5 ru by e cHRlsnE L SEVERANCE, viB c& medlRegirte d R6gi 8 d Mai publitation on September 19, 2013; O.R. DetauW Balanca $13,505.03, ason of a now continuing ot Febwa 28, 2018, i 6 G&teein Each ye . Notice ot DefauW and lntent to MaiUpublita ion to: z548 w to: 7 3 Ave A cl, Festac Book 4504 Pag6 30 Public DetauW D e 1v15116, detauW by Obligo s), (Sae $4.87 per diem; daswibed DAVID PhUL LOWIERE and FoBlo58 sent via certmedl 104 F Pl, Chicago, IL 6 55- Town, Lagos 102311, Racords of Osteola Counly, Morf&age Recoded 7117/14 Exhibk A") whose add ss as: A 105,0001490,299,000 LN AJCLOWIERE,Noticeot Regi &ed M Upublication 1010; Morfgage Bold8d Nigaria; Mortgage &o ed FL. Tolal Due: S14,1T8.78 as in R Book 4637, Page is (See Exhibrf "A',in the undivided interart in the al Detauwardlme toFo&lose to:46 WOODHAM AW, FORT on Febwa 19, 2013; O.R. on Novamb 7, 2011; O.R. ot Janua 16, 2018, int8l8rt 2383 JUAN OTAZU TORO 6 payment or performance ot proper common known sent via am i &ad WALTON BEACH. FL 32547; Book4398 Page589 Publit Book4197 Bt Page415 Public S5.87 p6r diem; d8Krib6d MARTHAGUEVARALATORRE, theobligationssacu d bysaid as Phase lv; AnnuaUalbcated M publ ion to: p o Box Claim ot Len rded on Records of Osc la County, R ords of Osteole Coun,as: A 166, 188,645, 0 AV SAN BORJA NORTE N 983 Mortgage Bod8d in O.R. 105, 0 Points for use by lha 1012. N6v Bo on, TX 75570- May 21, 2018; O.R. 8ook FL. To al Due: $31,115.86 as FL Tot Due: $15,050.22 undivided inte in Unk 112: 101 SAN BORIA LIMA, PERU, Book(See Exhibrf A .atPage Gtameein Eachyear. 1012: M 9a9e on N37 at Paga 546 Public ofFebwa 23, 2018. inte as ot April 4, 2018, inte AnnuaU&bcated 166, 0 Timesha Unh 210309, W6ek (S6e Exhibh A ,olthe Publ lw N CLARK, CAROLYN S6pt&nb& 24, 2015; O.R. Recods ot OK8ola Coun . $9.69p6rdi8m;d8scrib8das:A S5.67 per diem; described Poi forusebythaGranteein 33, Biennia EVEN, fi Bsha R8cod5 of Osceola Coun,M CLARK and MICHAEL w aook 484 Page194 Public FL Toe Due: 8576.55 as ot 400,000/71,958,000 undivided es: A 308,000 188,645,000 Each ea s). lnle 1n, P6r Di6m $5.78, Florida,includinqtheb ath or CLARK, NO G8 of De uW R o s ot la Coun,April1O,2O18;described as:A interest in Unk 102; AnnuaU und ided i e in Unh 107; MAR OSDANIELDEALMEIDA De uW B ance $15,355.07, de uW,noticeo whichwasB and lntent to FoBlos6 at FL Tot Due: S9,65o.o6 as 63, 125,926,500 undivided allocat6d 400,000 Poinls tor Annua alloGat8d 308,000 SOARES and ROSANGELA De uW D e 111117, Mortgage rthin a NotiG8 otD6 uW and via ce m i &ed Mai of Januay 17. 2018, ime int in Unh 101; ANNUAU use by the Grantee in EaGh PointstorusebytheGranteein COSTA DEOLIVEIRASOARES, Recorded 10 115 in OR lntent to FoBlos8 pDvid8d publit&ion to: 94 Boya S3.o3 pr di6m; d8Krib allocaad63. oPoinktoruse yea s). Each yea s). Notice of D&auW and lment to Book 4853, Page 1220 LUIS to tha la known addreu ot Ln, Senoia. GA 30276 as: A 105. 490,299, byMeG&t inEACHyea s). PERCY RO PALOMINO JONATAS CLAYrON FARINA Fo lose sent via c6rfm8dl A REYES B CARLOTA F Obligor(sl,(SeeExhibk A ,by 6731; Morfgag6 rd6d on und dedim in Me EDDIE O JACKSON and ROJASand LMAREYNALDA BENEandPRISCILLASOBRAL Ragirte d MaiUpublit ion ausTAMANn, CAUE VINA ame Regirte dMailorby August 22, 2014; O.R. Book p m Dn know JACQUEUNE WIU M AKA EVANAN QUISPE, Notice of ORNELLAS, Notice ot De uW to: Rua Lagarto 1018 Apt MARENGO MZ G LT11 APTO publicat n by 6 unden ned 4655 at Paa6 1341 Public as Phase ll; AnnuaU&bc JACQUEUNE WILUAMS, D6tauW and lntentlo Fo close and lntent to Fo Glose sent 804, Cond. Ma s, Da GBia- 301 URB LOS JARDINES Twrtea, will sell at public R ods of K8ola Coun,105, 0 Poims ror us6 by e Noti olD6fauW and lntemto sent via CerfifiedlRegista d via Ce iRedlReglAe d Ed Aracaju-Se 49010-390 SURCO UMA, PERU, aurtion to the highe bidder FL. Tota Due: S9,264.72 as GrantaeirEathye . Fo&lose sam via Ce lfiedl M&iUpublication to: c I6 MaiUpublication to: Rua BRAZIL: Mortgage ded fi arna Unh 210702, k torlaw,money ofthe Unked ot Febwa 28, 2018, inte RAQUEL HERNANDU R i &6d MalUpubl ation to: Callao 629, lca, Nawa, PERU Euclldes Rosa 454, Belneario on De mb 30, 2014; O.R. 3T, Bienni EVEN, fi sha States ot ca,atthe hont $3.62 p diem; d8Strib6d ORTEGA and KARINA p Box 560271, ORLANDO, 12310; Mortgage &o ed Camboriu, sc 88332- 0, Book4714alPage2373Public lnte st 1 2, Per Dlem S5.14, steps ot the Os ola County as: A 105,0001490,299,000 ARELLA S,NoticaotDetauW FL 32856-0271; Claim of Uen on April 21, 2014; O.R. Book Brazil; Mortgaga &orded R ods of OK8ole Coun , De uW B&ance g13,o38.63, Courfhouse, 2 Courthouse und ided inter t in the al and lmert to FoBlos8 at ld8d on May 21, 2018; 4598 at Pa&e 191 Public on June 27, 2013; O.R. 8ook FL Total Du6: t14,51O.6T as De uW D&e 311117, Morfgega Squer8,KiMimmee, FL 34741, pDp8r co n known via C6rf 8dlR8gi a d MaiU O.R. Book N37 al Page 548 R8Gods of sG6ola County, 4463 Pa e 2336 Publlc of Janua 16, 2018, ime rt R orded 9n1 15in OR 8ook lright,tkleandi 8&tinth6 as Phase lll; AnnuaVallotated publicatio to: Euc ipto N7OO Public Recods ol OsG8ola FL. Total Du6: S8,o43.36 as Reco s ot 5c80la County, $5.67 per di&n; d8Krib8d ,Page 1301 GENERYS p perty s uatedinthe Coun 105,000 Poi s for use by the Col, ChapuWep Poza Ri# County, FL Tot& Dua: 8668.71 of Febwaa 23, 2018, int FL.Total Oua: S8,681.9T as of as: A 105, 188,645, JOHANNA 8URG0S TRIANA, of OKeola, Florida, described G meain Each year. V6 tWZ 93240, M ICO; asotApril1O,2O18;d8Krib8d S3.29per i8m;d85c b8das:A April 4, 2018, ime 83.65 und ided int& in Unrt 107; URB ACUARUELAS DEL as: ALBERTO LUIZ CORTU Mortgage ed on Jun6 as: A 112, 188,645,000 64, 01150,916,000 undivided per diem; d8Krib8d as: A Bi8nniaU loc&6d 210, RIO MANZA 53 VILLA 10 (SEE WHIBIT A) Tlme Sha FERREIRA and NORMA 25, 2015; O.R. Book 4T98 at und ided interest in UnW 103; int6 st in Unk 106; AnnuaU 63,0 1188,645,000 und ided Points rus8byth6G t in GUAYAQUIL, ECUADOR, lnta (s) as dafined in the JEANNEPACHECOFERREIR Page 2778 Publit Reco s 8lENNIAUalbGat8d 224,000 alloc ad 64,000 Pointsforuse inte in Unh 114; B[ennia Oddyea ). fin shaT8 Unrt 210909, k D8Ilaration ot Covenants, Notice of DetauW and lntantto of OK8ola Coun,FL Tot PointstorusebytheGranteein b theGranteein Eachyaa s). allocated 126,0 Points for RUBENS RIWO, Not e 32, Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshare Conditions and Restrirtions Fo close sent via certmedl Due: S1o,95o.71 as otJanua EVENyea s). J FFREY NEIL GREENWOOD use by the G nt in odd of D6tauW and lntem to lnt6 t 112, Par Dlem $6.37, forVacation Vlllage at p ad, Regirte d Mai publlcalion 17. 2018. inte rt S4.43 AMY w KEU Notlce of and ANGELA RENEE yea sT. FoBlos6 s6nt via c6rtm Da u Balance S16,484.o1, as Bord8din O cialRecor s to: Rua AMis Machado 555 per diem; d trib6d as: A De uW andlnl6ntto Fo&los6 GREENWOOD, Notice of SHARON E EDWARDS, Regirt&ed M Upubl ion O8 ultDat81l15l17,M0rtgag6 Book 1591, at Page 379, ol Apto 21, Vlla Hortencia, 84,0 1490,299. und ided sent via certme Regi D6tauW andlntentto FoBlos6 Notic6 ot DetauW and to: Avenida R wndo Pa i Recodad 5113116 in OR Book he Publlc Recods olOsceola Sorotaba, sP 18020-0258, inte rt the al p M Upublic ion to: 7820 at via cartmadlRagl e d lntent to FoBlos6 sent via De Magalhaes 1720, Apt 33 4959, Page 2293 MILAGROS Coun,Florida (the Plan), as Brazil; Mortgage r oded on com n know a Phase lll: GREENVIW BREVARD, MaiUpublic ion to: 1282 c8 m 6gi 8 d Mai Bloco 19, Sao Paulo. B L DEL VAUE MORAUS amended f m time to time. Augu T, 2015; O.R. 8ook AnnuaUalloc&ed84, Points NC 28712-4657: Claim orLen S,ood Dr w, W&dorf, publication to: 96 Whman 05145-901;Mortgaga d ROMERO WILFREDOALLAN Togelher whh the righ to 4823 Pa 1546 Public toruseb MeG m inEach d onMay21,2O16;O.R. MD 20 3-473 rfgage ng, Cla sville, TN 37043- on Mawh 26, 2015; O.R. GUEDU GONZALU, LOS occupy, punua to the Plan, Records of ceola CounV, yaa Book N3T Page 55 Publlc Bord8d on 21, 6NT; Mortgege toded on Book 4755 al Page 85 Public RAUSEOS CAUE CORFU AMiqn6d Un Weak (SEE FL. Total Due: S28,2O8.36 AGNALDO SERGIO R lds ot OK8O County, 2014; O.R. 8ook 46&3 at Februa 1T,2O14;O.R.Book Recods ot O le Coun NORTEPARCELAC ELLIMON HB and Assigned Unrt as of Apnl 5, 2018, inte rt BANIN AGosnNHo and FL Tot Due: t641.41 as of Pag6 2498 Public R8tolds 4571 at Page 1437 Public FL. Total Due: $15,445.39 as MARACAY EDO ARAGU TSEE HIB,in Assigned 811.41 per diem; d6s b8d DAMARES SUIUNE DA April1O,2O18;d8Krib8das:A ot Osceola County, FL Records of Osc6ola Coun,of Janua 16, 2018, [nte VENQUELA, fimesha Unrf Year(SEE WHIBIT . as: A 200.0001490,299, SILVA AGosnNHo, Notice 49,0001150,916, 0 undivided Total Due: 826,465.83 as ot FL. Total Due: $21,837.28 $6.31 per diam; dew bed 18703, k24,BiennialEVEN, 3001P ayBhd,K sim,und ided int8r6rt in the & of D6tauW and,ent to inle rtin Unh 104:ANNUAU Febwa 23, 2018, interest as of April 4, 2018, inte as: A 128,0001188,645. 0 Tln&ha lnte 112, p& FL 34747 me in me Sha proparty mmonW known FoBlos8 at via C&Medl alloc ed49,oooPoimsforuse S9.o5 per diem; described 88.9o per diem; descrlbed undivided inte in Unrf 103; D m $2.26, DefauW Balance Plan (P pe y)Add as Phase lll; Annua allocated Regi &ad Mai publication to: by I8G&t88in EACHyea s). as: A 441,0001188,645,000 as: A 189,0001150,916,000 AnnuaUallocated 128, 0 $6,243.66, DefauW D&e 1 1/17, Said s&ewillbe Bd8(wrmo 2 ,000 Pointstorusa bythe Rua Lu F&nando Andrielli snw REED DBA REED undivided interest in Unrt 107; und ided i e in UnW 109; Points for usa by the Grantee in Mortga e Record 5 30113 cov8nants.orwa anty,8xpRN G mee in Each yeer. 892, Jadim Bandeira es. CRAFT INsTALAnoNs and AnnuaUallocated 441,000 Annuallallotated 189,000 Each yea sL in OR ook 4449, Paqa 1239 or implied, garding the t le, MICHAEL JOHNSON and Pirauununga. sP, 13631-665 SHIRLA REED DBA REED Points rusebytheGranteein PointstorusebytheGranteeln WAGNER OMES DA SILVA, EDGAR JAVIER HDALGO poss8Nion or encumb nces) JUANITA JOHNSON, Notlta BRAZIL Mo gage ded CRAFT INsTALAnoNs, Each y8a s). Each yea s). Notice of DatauW and lment to HIDALGO a SANDRA MILENA to s&is the unp& b an ol De uW and lmen to on Augu 3,2015;0.R.Book Noti ofDetaultandlntentto JOSE EDUARDO PINEDA CARLOS TADEU CHAGAS, FoBlos8 s t via cerfmedl PARRA MARTINU,CRA1O9A ot each sperfive Mortgage Fo lose sent via ce medl 4820 Pa&e 151 Public Fo lose sent via Cartifiedl NIEVES, Notlca or DetauW Notlta otDefaultandl a to Registe d MaiUpublic ion 148 91 TORRE 1 902 BOGOTA, Recorded together wrm R i e d MaiUpublitation R8cod5 ot la Coun,Regirfe d MaiUpublication to: and lntant to FoBlos8 sent Foreclosa sent via Ce lfie to: Rua Sabartiao Da Siha COLOMB,Tlmesha Unh actwedinte stlnthe amount o: 1169 Coun Rd 261, FL Total Due: S13,oo8.18 as 1734 LONGVIEW ST. HIXSON, via Cart edlR i a d Mai Registe d MaiUpublication 73, Apto 24, Campinas, sp. 170201, w k 48, 8 nnial of (See Exhibh .A,wrfh Jones, AL 36T49-2543; ot Janua 17, 2018. int6 rt TN 37343-1739; Cl m ot Lien publicatlon lo: alavante N11O to: Rua F ncisco Tap os 170 BRAZIL 13050; Mo gage MN, fi share lnte rt 112, inte st acc ing at tha rale Morfgag6 ded on Augu S5.27p6rdi8m;d8scrib8das:A ded on May 21, 2018; Pue a Grende, Jesus Maria, Apto 34, Vlla Santo E etano, &odedonApril7,2O15;O.R. p&Diem83.17,DefauWBelance of (See Exhibk wA") per day, 6, 2013; O.R. Book 4483 al 84, 14 ,960, undividad O.R. Book N37 at Page 544 a 20925 MWICO; Mortgage Sao Paulo, sP 04153- 0, Book 4759 & Page 75& Public S8,249.96. Detau N Date punuant to the Tlmesha Paga 1903 Public Recods inte rt i th6 al pDp8r Public Recods ol Osc la coded on Novamber 19, B zil; Mortgage &orded R olds of O la CouW. 3115117. Mortgage R8God8d Plan, advances, rf any, under of OsG8ola Coun,FL. common known as Phase |; County, FL. Total Due: S75O.1O 2014; O.R. Book 4697 at on November 3, 2014; O.R. FL Tot& Du6: t13,T66.74 as 9n4113 in OR Book 4507, the tem of said Mortgage, Total Due: $10,3T7.86 as ot AnnuaU&bcat6d 84, 0Points asofApril1O,2O18;d8K b8d Page 1944 Public Recods Book469O atPage 491 Public ot Janua 16, 2018, ima Page18O7JESUSHERNANDO chages and expenses of Apnl 5, 2018, inte st $4.30 torus8byth8G nt86in Each as: A 161,0001188,645,000 of Osceola County, FL. Recods of Oscaola Coun,S5.68 per diem; d8Krib8d GALvlsaulNnRoacLAuDIA tha Twstee and ot the twsts per diem; described as: A yea undivid6d int6 in Unk 114; Total Du6: $15,343.37 as ot FL. Tot Due: $10,710.06 as as: A 105, 188,645, 0 PATRICIA GUTIERRU created by said Mortgage. 84,000/420,960,000 undivided KIMBERLY JENKINS SM H ANNUAU,ed 161,000 Feb a 23, 2018, lnt ofApril4.2O18, inte S4.29 undivid6d int6 rtin Unh 103; CARDENAS, CRA 7B 134B 66 Obligor(sT shall have the right inte in the al pDp8rty and DARRYL LORENZO Point5torus8byth8G nt in $6.20 per diem; describad p& diem; d8Krib8d as: A Biennia loB 210, 0 TORRE 2 APT 201 BOGOTA, to cu the detauW and any commonly known as Phase |; SMITH, Notite ot DetauW and EACHyea s). as: A 128.000 125,926,500 84,0001188,645,000 undivided Poimsforusabythe Grameein COLOMBIA. Tin sha UnN junior Lienholder shall have AnnuaUallocated 84. 0 Points lntent to FoBlos8 at via KATHYJACKSON and DANNY undlvided inta in Unk 101; inte in Unh 110; nuaU oddy 5). 170309, w k 42, Biennial the rightto d68m ts inte st foruse byth6 Grant in Each c8rtm6dlR8gl MaiV JACKSON. Notica ol DarauW AnnuaU located 128,000 allotated 84,000 Poin r use CHRISTOPHER BENNm EVEN, Timesha lnterest 1n, up to the date the T ee year. public ion to: 5220 S t Dr and ln 6nt to Fo&bse at Points r use by the Glant88 in by the Gram in Eath yea s). and LINDA BENNm, Notlce PerDiam$3.93,DetauWBalance issues the Certificate ot Sale HORACE G MINCHEW and Apt 1 Hlgh Point, NC 2 265- via certm egi e M V Each yea s). NELSON ABEL OLIVARES of DefauW and,e to $10.713 DetauW D e by paying the amounls due NANCY R MINCHEW, Notice 3N1; Mortgag6 ld8d public ion to: 1N6 wluow ARIMAR NNES NETO and A and MARIA DEL Fo&lose s6nt via certmedl 11115 16, Mortgage Recorded as o llned in the prac6ding ol DefauW and lment lo on Ju 6, 2016; O.R. Booh GROVE DR. KNOXVILU, TN ANDREA MONTEIRO DA CARMEN CARDOZO SALINAS Regi MaiUpublica ion 1/13114 in OR Book 4555, paragraph. To curelhe defauW FORCIOS8 sent via certmedl 4987 Bt Page 2309 Public 37932-3620; Claim ot Len COSTA NEVES AKA ANDREA DE OLIVARES, Notice of to: 1118 Anowhead Dr, Page 2070 JULIETA AMADO explained in lhis Nolice you Regirfe d MaiVpublication Racods OK8ola County, &odedonJu 24,2O18;O.R. M DA COSTA NEVES, Notice D6fauW and lnte to Foreclose Crossville, TN 38572-64 ; ACOSTA B LUIS ALBERTO must mrftheamountyounow o: 1505 Ea lake Dr, k ven. FL. Tot Due: t25,772.66 as BookN72atPage1O32Public of DelauW and lnt6nl to sent via CertifiedlRegi e d Mo gageracordedonOrtober LOPU GONZAW, CIL5 NO 1 owe, as set torth in Exhibrf A", GA 31560-8722: Mortgage ot Janua 17, 2018, inte Re ds ot Oweola County, FoBlos8 sent via Certirledl MeiUpubliGation lo: Jesus 2. 2015; O.R. Book 4850 at B 72CASA7VALDIVIAllCHIA includingthe perdiem amount RcoldedonApril27,2O15:O.R. S1o.36 p& diem; dewribed FL Total Due: S1,o21.41 as Registe d Mei publication Aguayo 1732, Cothabamba, Page 2444 Public R8colds CUNDINAMARCA. COLOMBIA, tor each day tollowing the date Book 4769 at Pag6 2373 Public as: A 157,5001490.299. 0 ot June 6. 2018: d85crib8d to: Rue Rot Antonio Giulesse Cewado, Bolivia; Mortgage of Osceola Coun,FL Total Tl Psh Unrt 170505, Week ot this notice th ugh lhe date Recolds of Osceola County, und ided im in Me as: A 105. 0 150,916.000 354 Apt 304, Alvorada, reto ed on May 10, 2016; O.R. Due: $11,615.00 as ol Janua 46, Bienni EVEN, Tlmesha paymentismada.ltyouchoose FL. Tot Dua: $6,955.49 as ot plop8r tom Dn known und id int in Unk 106; Manaus, AM 79042-060 Book4957atPage166OPublic 16, 2018, inte st g4.67 lntea 112, p& Diem $4.05, to cu the detauN settorth in April 5, 2018, imeR $2.32 as Phas6 |||; AnnuaUallocated BIENN Uallocated 210,000 BRAZIL; Morfgage codad Records ol Osceola CouW, per diem; described as: A De uW B ance S1o,928.35, this Notice, the,amount due per diem; described as: A 157, 0 Poims tor use by the Poims tor use by the Gramee in on March 26, 2015; O.R. FL. Total Due: $10,865.96 as 84,00011 88,645,000 undividad De uW Date1V1 16.Morfgage mu be rammed to: LANDO 84,0 420.960.000 undivided Gran 68ir Each yea EVEN yea s). Book 4755 at Paga 139 Public ofApril 4, 2018, interert 84.48 inte in UnW 103; Annua Recolded 4117114 in OR Book RESORTS coRPoRAnoN. intePst in he Ral p perfy LACRES A c HEBERT and BERNICE p RAY, Notice of Records ot Osceola Coun,par diem; dascribed as: A allocated84,OOOPointstoruse 4596, Page 2844 PAULO Ann: Janet Cuebas, Debt tommonly b own as Phase |; RAYMOND H HEBERT JR. De uW and lntent to FoBlos8 FL. Total Due: $13,946.66 as 84,0001150,916,000 undivided bylhe Granteein Each ea s). SERGIO TERRAWEIRO a Resol ion Department. 5405 AnnuaUallocated 84,000 Points Notite ofDelauN and lntent to sent via certm egiste d ol Februa 23, 2018, intarest inte in Unrf 104; B nniaV RUSSELL WHI HEAD SOFIA HELENA DE NARDI Diplomat Ci le, S e. 106. tor use by the Grantee in Eath Foraclose sant via cartmedl M Upublication to: 193 $5.59 per diem; described allotated 168,000 Poinls for and JENIFER WHITEHEAD. BASTOS TERRAWEIRO, RUA O ando, FL 32810 berore the year. RegisteB MaiUpublication CEDARLINE DR, GRAY, GA as: A 105,0001125,926,500 use by the Grantee in odd Nolite ot DetauW and lnt t to JOSE PEREIRA JORGE NO sale data andtime setfo h in WILLIAM EDWARD JACKSON to: 290 Penton Ln, Waco, 31032-5831; Claim ot Lian undivided interest in UnN 101; yaar(sT. Fo&losa sant via cartmedl 322 SAO PAULO sP, 02067 this NotiG8. and LYDIA ANN JACKSON, M 7676-4840; Mo gage Bod8donJuly24,2O18;O.R. Blennia allocated 210,000 OSCAR ANGELO PEREIRA Ragirt&ad MaiUAublication 020 BRAZIL, Tlmesha Unrt Dated: Septembar 18, 2018 Notice of DefauW and Bod8d on September 4, Book 5372 at Page 10M Public Points for use by the Gra ee in JUNIOR and MARIA ISOUNA to: 122 Dabbie,Ozark, 160203. Week 42, Biennial By: GREENSPOON MARDER lnlant to FORCIOS8 sent via 2012; o . Book 4317 at Recods ot OsG8ola Coun . odd bea s). ANIBAL, Notice ot D6 uW AL 363 -5482; Mo gage EVEN, Ti sha lnt8R LLP,Twstee c8 medlRegisteRd Mai Page 1s4 Public Reco s FL. Total Due: 8639.8o as of WAR EN LAMAR MCKINNON and lntent to Fo&lose sent ded on Ortober 27, 1l2, p Diem $3.98. DefauW WHIBrr "A" publication to: 874 Blanchad ot Osce Coun . FL Total June 6, 2018; describ6d as: A and SHANAI LA-TRICE via c8rfm6dlR8gist&8d M 2015; O.R. Book 4862 at Balance $10,193.90, DefauN PAULA MENDOZA SANCHU, Rd, Memphis, TN 38116- Due: $7,66.17 as ot Janua 84,0001188,645,000 undivided CREDLE, Notlce ot Detault publication to: Rua p f Toa Pag6 2136 Public R rds Date 4T1/17, Mo gaga 611 60 AVE TERRACE WEST TO13; Mo gage Rco d8d on 17, 201, inte 83.21 int e in Unk 107; ANNUAU and lntent to Fo&lose sent Homem 507 Apto 73, Santos, of OK8ola Coun,FL. Tolal Recoded 4117114 in OR Book BRADENTON, FL 34207, August 6, 2013; O.R. Book par die described as: A alloc ed 84, 0 Poinlsforuse via ce medlRegi ered M U SP11O25-O21,Brazil;Mortgaga Due:S13,2O9.18 as otJanua 4596, Page 1958 JUSCELINO fimesha Unk 210311. w86k 4483 at Page 2008 Public 64,0 49,299, 0 und ided by eGranteein Eathyea s). publitation to: 9 Abbey Ct, Bord8d on May 10. 2016; O.R. 16, 2018. inte 84.43 LUIZ RIBEIRO a TANIA 45, Annual, Timeshare lntere Records o OKeola Coun . inle il the al p CYPRESS PALMS momasvllle, NC 27360- Book4957atPage1664Publ p6r di&n; described as: A MAR# TEIWIRA RIBEIRO, 1, Per Diem $10.04, Detault FL. Tolal Due: $8,363.55 as of com Dn known as PhaselV; CONDOMINIUM, together 8925; Morfgage ed on R8tord5 of OK8ola Coun,64, 188,645, und id6d RUA NOSSA SENHORA DA Balante $25,873.73, Datault April 27, 2018. inte $3.27 AnnuaUalkated 64. Po[nts wkh lappurten Me to, Febwa 15, 2016; O.R. Book FL. Total Due: 813,216.64 as inte in Unk 103; Annua CONCEICAO 100 PEDRO Date 6115/15, Mo gage per diem; d8Kribad as: A torusebltheGram in Each accolding and subjert to the 4913 at Page 2256 Publ[c ofApril4, 2018,inte rt$5.45 allocal 84. Poimstorus6 LEOPOLDO MG, 33600 Recorded &21115 in OR Book 84,0001490,299, und ided year. D la ionotCondominiumtor Recods ot OK8ola County, par di&n; describ as: A bytheG eeinEathyea s). B IL, Tlmesh e Unrf 4830, Page 708, inte st ln the & pDp8rty #| ot FARFIELD ORLANDO Cyp N p ms Condominium FL Tot Due: S12,451.45 as 84,000 150,916,000 und ided HEYDER ENRIQUE 160509, w k 42, Bi nial (40839.007 common known as Phasell; AT STAF ISLAND, tog&her as ld8din O cialR s of Feb a 23, 2016, inta rt inte in Unk 104; Biannia AVENDANO VILLA and ARFA EVEN, fin sha lnte rt S pl. ;Ort.S, 18 Annua allocated 84, Points wrfh la urt an Me to, Book 1289, p 1971. and S5.11 p8rdi8m;d8Krib8des:A alloGat8d 168,000 Points for ELAINELuNGoRnz,Noticaot 1 2. Per Diem 84.32, DefauW L17Z198 foruseby eGrant inEach a ingand wb rtto e &od in ci Records 84, 1150,916,000 undlvldad use by the Granlee in Even D&auW andlntemto Fo&ose Ba nce S11,o52 D6fauW yaar. D la t ot cov ams, 8ook1291, Page 2810,public inte st in Unrf 111; AnnuaU yea . sent via cerfm R ead Date 4 15117, Mortgage JOHN J RESCIGNO and Cond on and R6 rirt n5tor s ot OK8Ol& Coun,albtated84,O Pointstorus6 MELI SA PRUITT and PHILIP M Upubl ationlo: La ocosa Re 9 1v14 in OR Book NOrlCE OF TRUSTEE'S DANIEW L REKIGNO, F m6d O ando at lsland F rda, together wkh any byMeGranteelnEachyea s). PRum ll, Notice of De uW KM 2, San And s lsland. 4665, 941 DAWN M SALE Notice ot D&auW and as dinO ci&R lds and all d nb and DAVID GORDON MIDDLETON and lnt6nt to Fo&lose senl San And 5, COLOMB# HEIER ORS AKA DAWN NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN, lnte to Fo&ose sent a Book17 ,Page17O1&seq wppB&tsth&&o. andTAMMY LYNN LUMPKINS- via Cert edlR i e d M U ; Morfgage &orded on M cAmEs a CUNTON R th Gasditk stamon Ea y, ce m e MaiU Publ RKO S ot O la Obl on sh lhave arightto MIDDLETON, NoticeotDetault publicationto: 3 9T Nolasulga M 26, 2 15; O.R. Book cAmEs. 5123 ncoLon P.A 1601 w. Colonial Dr public&lon to: 506 5th Ave, Coun . For a, tog&he wrm tu thede&Wandanyjunior and lnlam to For lose sant Rd, TallaM8e, AL 36078- 4755 at Pa&e 393 Public DR NW ALBUQUERQUE, O ando,F 32804,asTru Egg H r c y, NJ 08215- any and,en&d ms and lienhold sh,havethe right via cert edlRglste d MalU 601T; Mortg&ge &ordad on Recods of la CouW, NM 87120, fi &hal8 Unk in the Appointment Bo 8d 4039; Mortgage &orded wppl k &&o ( 8 to d m Ws inte rt uP to publication to: 318 Mevarn Augu 16, 2 16; O.R. Book FL. Total Due: M3,668.62 as 8707, w k 24, Bi nial O.R. Book 4542 at Page on Feb a 17, 2015; O.R. Declatatiln . the date the t ea iNu8s the Dr, N6w O eans, LA 70126- 5008 at Pa e 2322 Public of Januaty 16, 2018, ime MN. Tln ha lnte 2193 otMe Publ R8Gords of 8ook 4737 atPaga 214 Public Obligon n lhav6 Ma riqhtto certmcateofsalebypayingtha 2110; Morfgage co ed R6cods of sceola County, $13.61 per dlam; daK b8d 1n, P6r D m t4.36. De uW OK la Coun,Florida, will R o s of OK8ola Coun,cu 6 auN and anylunior unt5du8a5oL lin8dinm8 on May 2, 2016; O.R. Book FL. Total Due: $12,795.98 as as: A 21T, 188,645, B ance S11,ON.78, D&auW sell at public Aurtion to the FL. Total Due: S25,564.88 as lienholdershall have the righl pB8dinaparagraph5. 4952 & Page 2498 Publlt otApnl4, 2018, inta A $4.02 und ided ime in UnN 110; Dale y1y17, Mortgage highe bidderofU.S.hnds,in of Januay 17, 2018, i &aA o deen hs int up to CPNJC LNOS1O18-NOS Racords ol Osceola County, per dlem; d8sG b8d as: A AnnuaUallocated 217, Recorded 91&14 in OR Book cash orcarfmed lunds only,on S1o.43 per diem; dascnbed the date netw eeiyuesthe S pL ;OtL5, I8 FL. Total Due: $16,189.29 as 84,0001188,645,000 und lded PointstorusebytheG nteein 4662, Pqe 294 TERRY Ortober 23,2018,at9:05 am, as: A 189,0 490,299,000 certmc eotsalebypa ngthe L172165 of Feb a 23, 2018, i 8 9t inta st in Unh 103; AnnuaU Eachyea . A GOLD NHERSH, 1590 at O ng6 Legal, T22 Patrick undivided inte in the al untsdua aso linedin Me 86.65 par diem; descrlbed allocated84,OOOPoinktoruse #| ot YPREN PALMS nMBERLAKE MANOR p St t, Kissimmee, Florida proper commonly known p ingparag phs. as: A 105,0001150,916,000 bythe Grameein Eech ea s). CONDOMINIUM, tog&h cHEsnRFIELD, MO 63017, 34741, allright,thle and intere as Phase ll; Annuallallocated FOSI NJ NOS 1018 - NOS NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S undivided inteteA in UnW 109; WIUIAM F GABRIE otice ot wrm,appu enances 18 t0, Tlnasha Unk 210705, Week inthe p perties listed belowin 189,000 Poi s for use by the SepL 2B;Dtl.5, 18 SALE Annua allocaed 105,000 D&auW end lnta to FoBlos8 ac ding and wbjerf to Me 12, Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshare Osceola Coun,Florida for Granteein Each year. L 172166 NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN, Points lor use by the Grantee in sent via CerflfiedlR8girtaRd Dacla ion ofCondominiumtor lnte rt 1 2, Per Diem $4.86, continuing nonpayment ot lhe JOAN THOMPSON and that Gasdick Wanton Ea y, Each yea s). Mei publitation lo: 358 Mount Cyp M Palms Condominium De1auW B ance $12,355.89, periodic paymen s due undar DONALD THOMAS MITCHEL P.A 1601 w. Colonial Dr RICHARD JONESJR, Notica ot Hol Rd, Amelia, OH 45102- as oded in O cial R8colds DetauW Date 4115T17, Mo gage the morfgages described Notice of DefauW and lntent to NonN OF TRusnE's O ando, FL, 328,as T ee De uW and lntent to Fo&lose 9764; Mortgage Bord8d Book 1289. p 1971, and Recoded 918114 in OR below,astollows: Fo close sant via c8 ifi8 MU in the Appointmenl &oded sent via CertifiedlRegiste d on July 19, 2016; O.R. Book d6d in ci R rds Book 4663, Paga 54 PEDRO EDELSON DA SILVA Regi e d MaiUpublica on NOTICE ls HEREBY GIVEN, O.R. Book 4542 at Page Mai publication to: 1743 4995 at Paae 2024 Public Book 1291. Page 2810, public RAFAEL ANTONIO MENDOZA NASCIMENTO and MARIA to: 2119 G enbriar Bhd, that Gasdick Slanton Ea y. 2219 otthe Public Records ot Watling Dr,Mana ,LA7 72- Recods of ceola CouW, &olds ot OK8ola Coun , VIANA a LUZDARVS ALCALA JOSE DO NASCIMENTO, Claa ater, FL 33T63-1422; P.A, 1601 w. Coloni Dr OK8ola County, Florida, will 4418; Morfgage ed on FL. Total Due: $18,434.85 as Florida, togeMer wrm any