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October 5, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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October 5, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, OCTOBER 5, 2018 PAGE 33B JAMES F. RUPERT, 10139 Frequency: Annual, RAELENE STATES, $1,420.18; 167897T6,UNITED STATES, $1,682.53; 16801290, Unit Week: 9, ' N. MCNAIR, 6918 Merriewood,STATES. 81,42o.18; 16810387, GRAVES, 1033 WOODRIDGE SECOND ROAD, G. NIEHOFF, 23 24 Summer Unit Week: 51, Aparfment No.: 16795665. Unil Week: 28. ' Apartment No.: M-23, Ridge Dr, North Chesterfield,Unit Week: 32. Apartmenl No.:,RD. WAXAHACHIE, N 75165- CASTORLAND, NY 136z0,Lane, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 M-18, Frequency: Annual,Apartment No.: G-06 F quenty: Annual, PAMELA J. VA 23237-1 238 UNITED ' G-05, Frequenty: Annual, 2005,6909 UNITED STATES, UNITED STATES, $1,420.18;,UNITED STATES, 81,42o.18; TERRIE A PRICE. 279,Frequency: Annual, B M. ' SEIBEL, 3265 RIVER LN, STATES, $1,420.18; 16806006, Susan Tilghman Bwno Twst,$1,350.40; 16812846, Unrt 16773009. Unrf Week: 30,16780858, Unit Week: 13, HAWTHORN BLVD, ' WYLIE, 3 GATE LN. HASTINGS, Ml 49058-9149 Unrt Week: 32. Apa ment No.: Dated Janua 24th, 2005, 205,Week: 48, Apa ment No.: S-10, Apartment No.: S-12, Apartment No.: S-04, DELAWARE, OH 43015 LEVITTOWN, PA 19055-1903 UNITED STATES, 81,420.18; G-02, Frequenty: Annual, Park Central E Ste 501, Frequency: Annual, REGIS M. Frequency: Annual, JLR Frequency: Annual, UNITED STATES, 81,553.21;,UNITED STATES. 8944.73; 16801404, Unrt Week: 27. ALVIN L. DANIELS, JR, 19544 Springfield. MO 65806-1326 PERKINS, Po Box 484, IRREVOCABLE TRUST, 10139 TIMESHARE TRADE INS, LLC, 16789776. Unit Week: 51. 16795665, Unrt Week: 28. Apa ment No.: M-11. BROC MORE WOODS LN, UNITED STATES, $1,420.18; A ington, TX 7 -0484 SECOND ROAD, 10923 State Hwy 176 West, Apa ment No.: M-18, Apartment No.: G-06. F quency: Annual, DR. PETERSBURG, IL 62675-6260 16810579, Unit Week: 30, UNITED STATES, 81.35O.4O: CASTORLAND, NY 13620 Walnut Shada, MO 65771 Frequency: Annual, MARCIA E Frequency: Annual, CLEO BURTON s. DIAMOND, 75 s UNITED STATES, $4,061.16; Apa ment No.: s-16, 16812862, Unh week: 32, UNITED sTAns, $1,420.18;,UNITED STATES, $1,420.18; PRICE, 279 HAWTHORN BLVD, HOLT, 3 GATE LN, LEVITTOWN, Middle Neck Rd Apt 2G. Great 16806006, Unrt Week: 32, Frequency: Annual. KEITH D. Apartment No.: A-01 , 16773009. Unrt Week: 30, 167810T8, Unit w68k: 37, DELAWARE, OH 4301 5 PA 19055-1903 UNITED Neck, NY 11021-3496 UNITED Aparfment No.: G-02, RODGERS. 145 ALTAIR DR, F quency: Annual. MICHAEL Apartment No.: S-12, Apartm6nt No.: N-01, UNITED STATES. $1.553.21; sTAns, $944.73; 16796518, STATES, 81,42o.18; 16801404, Frequency: Annual, SEWELL, NJ 08080-1940 M SAMUELIAN, 3 DAYTON Frequency: Annu,UNDA M. Frequency: Annual, NORMAN 16791 178,Unit Week: 48, Unk Week:42,ApartmentNo.: Unrt Waek: 27,Apartment No.: GWENDOLYN DANIELS,19544 UNITED STATES, $1,225.69; AVE, EAST HAMPTON, NY RUPERT, 10139 SECOND M. 8RADV, 1792 MITCHELL Apartment No.: N-04, s-21, F quency: Annual, M-11, F quenS: Annual, BROC MORE WOODS LN, 16810738, Unit Week: 45, 11937-3922 UN ED STATES, ROAD, CASTORLAND. NY CT. PORTORANGE,FL32128- F quanty: Annual, KEVIN J. JOHN J DALY, 9673 GREAT WILMA T. DIAM ND, 75 S PETERSBURG, IL 62675-6260 Aparfment No.: v-15, $1,438. ; 16814189, Unk 13620 uNmD sTAns, 676o UNITED sTAns, BIRO, 1276 N ANSON RD, EGRET CT, WEST PALM Middle Neck RdApt2G,G at UNITED STATES, $4,061.16; Frequency: Annual, CYRIL Week: 32, Apartment No.: $1 ,420.18; 167T3009, Unrt $1 ,420.18; 16781 078, Unit STANFORDVILU, NY 12581 8EACH, FL 33411-1825 N k, NY 11021-3496 uNmD 16806055, Unit Week: 17, JAMES HUDD, 104 GORSE M-03, F quency: Annual, Weak: 30, Qment No.: s-12, Weak: 37. Apartmanl No.: N-01. UNITED STATES, $4,082.25;,uNlnD STATES, S1,o13.67; STATES, S1,42o.18; 16801671, Apartment No.: N-11, HILL SOUNDWELL BRISTOL HUSTON M. MCINVALE, 18 F uency: Annu,JLR Frequency: Annual, EILEENE P. 16791178, Unrt Week: 48, 16796518, Unk Week: 42, Unk Week: 10, Apartment No.: Frequency: Annual, RONALD BS16 4PL UNITED KINGDOM, OXFORD DR, MIDDLEFIELD, IRRWOCABLE TRUST, 10139 BRADY, 1792 M CHELL CT, Apartment No.: N-04. Apartment No.: s-21, MD9. FI8qu8ncy: Annual, LONGO, 1133 BROOKMEADE $1,753.20: 16810742, Unk CT 06455-1233 UNITED SECOND ROAD, PORT ORANGE, FL 32128- F quency: Annual, DIANE F quency:Annu&,CHRISTINA CHARLES J FRENmE, 238 DR, NASHVILLE, TN 37204- Week:46.Apa mentNo.:V-15, STATES, S1,42o.18; 16814189, CASTORLAND, NY 1362o 6760 UNITED STATES, BIRO, 1276 N ANSON RD, DALY. 9673GREATEGRETCT, OAKHOLLOWDR.CHIPPEWA 4149 UNITED STATES, Frequancy: Annual, CYRIL Unrt Weak: 32, Apa ment No.: uNlnD STATES, $1,420.18; $1,420.16; 16781146, Unit STANFORDVILLE, NY 12581 WEST PALM BEACH, FL FAw,wl547294561uNmD S1,394.52; 16806055, Unrf JAMES HUDD, 104 GORSE M-03, Fr8qu8nGy: Annual, 16773043, Unk Week: 28, Week: 41, Apartn nt No.: s-03, UNITED STATES. $4.082.25: 33411-1825 uNmD STATES, sTAns, S1,698.43; 16801671. Waak: 17, Apartment No.: N-11, HILL SOUNDWELL BRISTOL SHIRLEY M. MCINVALE, 18 Apa ment No.: s-06, Fr6qu8ncy: Annual, ANNA 16792241, Unrt Week: 51, S1,o13.67: 16796518, Un Un Week: 10,Ap ntNo.: F quency: Annual, PATRIC Bs16 4PL UNITED KINGDOM, OXFORD DR, MIDDLEFIELD, F quenty: Annual, RICHARD LUCENTE. 5118 Midlothian ApartnPnt No.: M-16, Waek:42,AparfBNo.:S-21. MD9, F uency: Annual, LONGO, 11N BROOKMEADE $1,660.78; 16810789, Unk CT 06455-1233 UNITED c MAUCERl, 138 HASLACH Tpka Unrf 112, Crastwood, IL Frequency:Annual,SHIRW R F quency: Annu,MARYBETH JO FRENmE, DR, NASHVILLE, TN 37204- Waek: 11, Apa ment No.: sTAns,81,42o.18; 16814279, AVE, TRENTON, NJ 08629- 60418-2289 UNITED STATES, DUSENDSCHON. 98-1345 MARGARETBARNATHAN,522 238 OAK HOLLOW DR, 4149 UNITED STATES, G-10, F quancy: Annual, Unrf Week:4O,Apa n ntNo.: 11m uNlnD STATES, $1,070.48; 16781177, Unit AKAAKA ST. EA. Hl 96701 Fo rt Avenue, M ua. CHIPPEWA FALLS.WI54T29- $1,394.52; 16806427, Unh BRUCE MACAU LAY, 43 v-20. F quency: Annual, $1,420.18; 167T3043, Unk Weak:19,ApartmentNo.:N-10, UNITED STATES, $1,421.86; NY 1175& uNlnD sTAns, 4561 uNmD sTAns, Week:5O.ApgrtmentNo.:N-14. NIAGARA TRAIL WIU M A. CONDON, 2845 Waek: 28. Apa ment No.: S-06, F quenS: Annual, FRANK M 16792241. Unrt Week: 51, S1.o13.67: 16796518, Unrf $1 .698.43; 16802261. Unk F quency: Annual, A S. GEORGETOWN, ON L7G OA9 lvan Av6 SW. G&dville, Ml FRquancy: Annual, MARIA ZACCAR,219 sw LAKE Apa ment No.: M-16, Week:42,Ap tNo.:S-21, Waak:36.Apa memNo.:N-04, PEERBUX, 1 SCHOOL RD CANADA, $1,420.18; 49418-1438 uNmD STATES, MAUCERl,138HASLACHAVE, FOREST WAY, PORT SAINT F quency: Annual, RELDA L F quency: Annual, SEAN F quency: Annual, RESORT MOSELEY BIRMINGHAM B13 16810789, Unh Week: 11, $3,3T3. ; 16814279, Unk TRENTON, NJ 08629-1134 LUCIE,FL34986-1784 UNITED LOOMIS REVOCABLE UVING DALY, 2314 O Lake Drive, RECLAMATIONS, UC.a 9ET UNITED Aparf Bnt No.: G-10, W68k:4O,Aparf m No.:V-20, uNlnD STATES, $1,420.18; STATES, $1,420.18; 16782057, TRUST, 98-1345 AKAAKA ST, Ha ingen, M 78550 uNmD Wyoming Lmked Labil y KINGDOM$1 ,420.18: Fr uency: Annual. SON# F quency: Annual, 1677,Unrt Week: 52, UnrtWeek:34,ApartmentNo.: AIEA, Hl 96701 UNITED sTAns,$1,o13.67; 16796761, Company,5O42Wilshi BhdN 16806427. Unk Week: 50, MA AULAY, 43 N GARA REVOCABLE TRUST Apa &t No.: M-08, N-01, F quency: Annual, sTAns, $1,421.86; 16792338, Unk Weeh 49, Apertment No.: 35499, LosAngeles,CA9OO36- Apartment No.: N-14, TRAIL, GEORGETOWN, ON AGREEMENT DAnD F quency: Annu,DAVID D. DARRELL M. ROSE, 4051 Unk Week: 12, Aparfment No.: N-13, F quency: Annual, 4305 uNmD sTAns,Frequency: Annual, B A. L7G OA9 CANADA, $1,420.18; DECEMBER 19, 1991, 2845 JACKSON, 2815 NE DOMINION DR. ERIE. PA N-05, FPquency: Annual, STANW R. HOWARD, 815 $1,820.57; 16802628, Unrf PEERBUX, 1 SCHOOL RD 16810789, Unh week: 11, IVANREST AVE sw, ROCKAWAYTRL,TOPE ,KS 16510-3261 UNITED STATES, DAVID w PEAL, 28724 TAMMI ROCK CREEK DR, AURORA. Week:41,Apartn ntNo.:N-15, MOSELEY BIRMINGHAM B13 Apart nt No.: G-10. GRANDVILU, Ml 49418 66617-23 UNITED STATES, 81,42o.18; 16782057, Unrt DR, TAVARES, FL 32778-94T1 OH 44202-7610 UNITED F quency:Annual,CONNIE R. 9ET UNITED Fraquency: Annu . VINCENT uNmD sTAns. S3,373. : $1,413.18; 1 6774364. Unk Week: 34, Apa ment No.: N-01,UNITED STATES, $1,420.18; sTAns, $1,420.18; 16796761, EDWARDS, 2095 WATTS KINGDOM$1 ,420.1 8; LEE, 43 N GARA TRAIL, 16814279, Unk Waek: 40, Week: 52, Apartment No.: Frequency:Annual,DIANNAM. 16792338, Un Week: 12, UnrfWeek:49,Apa BNo.: ROAD, LORIS, sc 29569 16806728, Unlt Week: 14, GEORGETOWN, ON L7G OA9 Apartme No.: v-20, MD8, F uenty: Annu,ROSE, 4051 DOMINION DR. Apa ment No.: N-05, N-13, Frequency: Annual, UNITED sTAns, $1,425.96; Aparfmant No.: S-17, CANADA, $1 ,420.18; F quanty: Annual, SAUY S. ANNmE L JACKSON, 2815 ERIE, PA 16510-3261 UNITED F quency:Annual,MARJORIE VALERIE A. HOWARD, 815 168028T3. Unrf Week: 9, F quency: Annugl, MICHAEL 16810789, Unh Week: 11, STEAKLEY-CONDON, 2845 NEROCKAWAYTRL TOPEKA, STATES, $1,420.18; 16782481, ANN PEAL, 28724 TAMMI DR. ROCK CREEK DR, AURORA, Ap nt No.: N-07, R. PARTLO, 643 MAPLE AVE, Apartment No.: G-10, lvan Ave sw, Gedville, Ml KS 66617-2305 UNITED Unk w k: 51, Apa ment No.: TAVARES, FL 32778-9471 OH 44202-7610 uNlnD F quenty: Annual, ROBIN s. DOWNERS GROVE, IL 60515- Frequency: Annual, LISA LEE, 49418-1438 uNlnD STATES, sTAns, $1.413.18: 16774503, M-04, F qu6ncy: Annual, UNITED STATES, $1,420.18; sTAns, t1,42o.18; 16798110, PAPA, 8 STODDARD ST, 5013 UNITED STATES, 43 NIAGARA TRAIL, S3,373. ; 16814279, Unrt Un k:27.ApartmentNo.: WILUE F. MCUNDON, 464 16792916. Un Week: 50, UnkWeek:M,Apa B No.: PLYMOUTH, MA 02360-3961 $1,420.18; 16806963, Unit GEORGETOWN, ON L7G OA9 week:4o,Apartmam No.:V-20, N-04. Fraquency: Annual, JEROME ST, BROOKLYN, NY nt No.: S-17, N-01, F uency: Annual, uNmD sTAns, g1,42O.18; W68k: 8, Aparfment No.: V-09, CANADA, $1,420.18; F qu6ncy: Annu , KENNETH E. ALFR 2929 112o7 UNITED STATES, Frequency:Annual,JOSEPHW. ROBERT EDWARD 16802873, Unk week: 9, F quency: Annual, GEORGE 16811217, Unit Week: 24, REVOCABU TRUST VAUEYVIEWDR,KNOXVIUE, $1,420.18; 16782481, Un SPIERS, 4578A KINGS H ROSE L.46 KILSYTH RD, Ap t No.: N-07. A. LORD, 8 coBB AVE, Apartme No.: A-05. AGREEMENT DAnD TN 37917 uNlnD STATES, w k: 51, Apa n No.: BROOKLYN, NY 11234-2028 sow EASTON, MA 02375 F uency: Annual, YARMOUTH Po MAO2675- F quency: Annual, DAWN J. DECEMBER 19, 1991, 2845 $1,698.43; 16774503. Unk M-04, F quency: Annual, uNmD STATES. $1,420.18; uNmD sTAns, t1,176.56; MARGARET A. PAPA, 8 2431 UNITED sTAns, NEAL, 5949 BRIGr STAR IVANREST AVE sw, W68k:27,Apa m8ntNo.:N-04, B L. STILLWELL. 464 16792916, Unh Waek: 50. 16798110. Unrt Week: 33, STODDARD ST, PLYMOUTH, 81,698.43; 16806963, Unrf VALW RD, MINT HILL, NC GRANDVILLE, Ml 49418 F quanty:Annual, WAYLON T JEROME ST, BROOWYN, NY Aparfment No.: s-17, Apa nt No.: N-01, MA 02 3961 uNmD Waek: 8, Apa ment No.: v-09, 28227-7691 UNITED STATES, UNITED STATES, $3,373. ; STONE, 2417 auail Ne Cir, 11207 UN ED STATES, Frequency: Annual, LOUISE M. F quency: Annual, R A L NE sTAns, 81,42o.18; 16802950, F quency: Annual, MARY M. $1,420.18; 16811439, Unrf 168147n, Unrf Week: 10, cha anooSa, TN 37421-1360 $1.420.18; 16783972, Unit SPIERS, 4578A KINGS H ROSE L,46 KILSW RD, Un Week: 3T,Apartn nt No.: LORD, 8 coBB AVE, Week:25.ApartmentNo.:S-15, Apartmant No.: M-02, uNlnD TATES, $1,698.43: Week:45,Apa mentNo.:N-02, BROOKLYN, NY 11234-2028 SOUTH STON, MA 02375 v-13, F quency: Annual, YARMOW PORT, MA 02675- F quency: Annual, ALFREDO F quency: Annu,MARVIN 16774832, Unit Week: 7, Fr uency: Annual, GAIL UN ED STATES, 81,42o.18; uNmD STATES, t1,176.58; SUSAN M. CHAVU, 2378 2431 UN ED STATES, G.RAMIRU,97O1 BERKSHIRE DOSTER, 17816 TEMPU Apartmant No.: s-15, NA EL,7986 s GANNm RD, 16T93741, Unk Week: 13, 16798178, Un Week: 31, BONKIRK AVE, SPRING HIU, S1,698.43; 16807197, Unk TRCE, PEARLAND, TX 77584- BLVD, LOXAHATCHEE, FL F quenty: Annual, GARY D. SAGAMORE HLS, OH 44067- Aparfment No.: N-02, Aparf m No.: v-05, FL 34609-3509 uNlnD Weak:25,ApartmentNo.:S-13, 3058 UNITED STATES, 33470 UN ED STATES, VOSBURGH, 1716 SECLUDED 1779 UNITED STATES, Fr uency: Annual, NANCY L. F quency: Annual, AK8AR sTAns, $1 ,42o.18; 16802950, F quenty: Annual, CIRO $1 ,420.18: 1681 1439. Unrf $1,420.18; 16814888. Unrf WOODSWAY,ORANGEPARK, $1,420.18: 16784173, Unit MC UUOUGH, 1000 19th St ALLAN ALl, 2z77 LAKEVILLE Unh Week:37,ApartmentNo.: LOPU SA R, QUINTANA Week:25.Apa mentNo.:S-15, Week: 38, Apartment No.: FL 32003 UNITED STATES. Week:43,ApartmentNo.:N-05, NW Michael McCullough, RD, APOPKA, FL 32703 v-13, FRqu8ncy: Annual, ROO SUR 514 TOLUCA M Frequancy: Annual. OLGA v. M-23, F quency: Annu , 81,42o.18: 16774971, Un Frequency: Annual, SARAH J. Cedar Rapids, IA 52405-2246 UNITED sTAns, $1.447.54; MICHAEL CHAVU. 2378 50130 M ICOS1 ,420.18; RAMIRU, 9701 BERKSHIRE DANNY CAGU, 1812 BIRCH Week: 16, Apa menl No.: FREEMAN, 13650 UNITED STATES, 81,42o.18; 16798281, Unrf w86k: 33, BONKIRK AVE, SPRING HILL, 16807197, Unh Week: 25, TRCE, PEARLAND, M 77584- ST, NEWPORT, Ml 481668805 M-11, F quency: Annual, HACKAMORE TRL, 16793741. Unit Week: 13, Apartmem No.: v-02, FL 346 -3509 UNITED Aparfment No.: s-13, 3058 UN ED STATES, uNmD sTAns, S1,42o.16; HUSTON MC INVALE, 18 GAINESVILLE, VA 20155-1780 Aparfment No.: N-02, F quency: Annual, JAMES M. sTAns, $1 ,420.18; 16803029, F quency: Annual, PATRICIA S1,42o.18; 16811616, Unrf 16814888, UnW Week: 38, OXFORD DR, MIDDLEFIELD, UNITED STATES, $1,420.18; Frequency: Annual, MARVIN L. HUMPHREY, 6307 NEECE DR, Unk w86k: 13, Apartment No.: VAZQUU POSADAS. Week: 5.Apa ment No.: M-02, Apartn m No.: M-23, CT 06455-1233 UNITED 16784641, Unit Week: 15, MCCULLOUGH, 1000 19th St HOUSTON, TX 77041-6829 M-O2.F quenty:Annual,JIU QUINTANA ROO SUR 514 Frequency: Annual, THELMA F quency: Annual, DEBRA STATES, S1,42o.18; 16774995. Apartment No.: M-08, NW Michael McCullough, UNITED STATES, $1.420.18: A. ROY, 865 BROCK ST, TOLUCA MW 50130 REESE,211 owlNGsGAncT CAGLE, 1812 BIRCH ST, Unk Week: 9, Apa ment No.: Frequenty: Annual, GLADYS Cedar Rapids, IA 52405-2246 16798281, Unrf Week: 33, CE L. sc 29630-9236 M ICO$1,42O.18; 16807584. APT 101, OWINGS MILLS, MD NEWPORT, Ml 48166-8805 A-04. F quency: Annual, M. BROCKINGTON, 3 UN ED STATES, 81,42o.18; Apartment No.: v-02, UNITED sTAns. 81.42o.18; Unrt w86k: 41, Apa m6nt No.: 21117-4T 0 UN ED STATES, uNlnD sTAns, $1,420.16; JOHN E. DALLAPl,N39O5 MCINTOSH CT APT J, 16793757, Unit Week: 21, F quency: Annual, BONNIE L. 16803029, Unrt Week: 13, M-19, Frequency: Annual, s. D. 82,419.oo; 16811616, Unrf 16815679, Unk Week: 14, PINE MOUNTAIN RD TRLR 6, BALTIMORE, MD 21228-6025 Apartment No.: N-05, HUMPHREY, 6307 NEECE DR, Apart nt No.: M-02, LUNDE, LANDGOED Weak: 5, Aparfment No.: M-02, Apartmem No.: s-11, IRON MOUNTAIN, Ml 49801- UNITED STATES, $1,420.18; Frequency: Annual, FRANCIS HOUSTON, TX 77041-6829 F quency: Annual, JONI BACKERSHAGEN 15 Frequency: Annual, NELYN Frequency: Annual, JOSEPH 9407 UNITED STATES. 16784641,Unk week: 15, R. PREsnA, 8985 s Du ngo UNITED STATES, S1,42o.18: BOUTIN SMITH, 865 BROCK WASSENAAR ZH 2243AX MONGER,211 OWINGS GATE UR, JR 29 BIRCH ST, OLD $1.420.18: 16775271, Unrt Apartment No.: M-08, Dr Un 2131. B veSas, NV 16798659, Unrf Week: 35. ST. CENTRAL, sc 29630-9236 NETHERLANDS$1,432.59; CT APT 101, OWINGS MILLS, BRIDGE, NJ 08857 uNmD Week: 7. Apart nt No.: s-19, Fraquency: Annual, MCNEAL 89113-6136 UN ED TAns, Apa men No.: A-03, uNlnD STATES, 81,42o.18; 16807584, Unrt Week: 41, MD 21 1 17-4770 UNITED STATES. $1 ,626.96; 16815679, F quency: Annual, DONALD J. BROCKINGTON, JR 3 $1,420.18; 16793757. Unk F quency: Annual. GEORGE L 16803125. Unh Week: 23, Aparfment No.: M-19, STATES, $2,419.00; 16811616, Unh Week: 14, Apa ment No.: KREBS. 43 MAsnRs CMN N, MCINTOSH CT APT J, Week:21,Apartn ntNo.:N-05, MARGERUM, 812 AWSON Apartment No.: G-10, F quency: Annual, TORIL D. Unit Week: 5, Apa m6n No.: S-11, F quency: Annual, QUEENSBU NY 12804- BALTIMORE, MD 21228-6025 F quenty: Annual. CYNTH# PL. EL RENO,OK 73o36-5411 FRqu8ncy: Annual, RAYMOND L u N D E,M-02, Frequency: Annual, SIMONE L. UR, 29 BIRCH ST, 9731 UNITED sTAns, uNlnD STATES, 81,42o.18; A.GOODWIN, 8985 s Durango uNmD STATES, 81,42o.18: L. BROWN JR, 12375 RANDLE LANDGOEDBACKERSHAGEN JOSEPH MONGER. 3031 OLD BRIDGE, NJ 08857 $1 ,427.18; 16775271, Unrf 16785622 Unk Week: 44. Dr Unrt 2131, Las Vagas, NV 16798659. Unk Week: 35. LN, CULPEPER, VA 22701- 15 WASSENAAR ZH 2243AX Parker Rd, Memphis, TN 381 uNlnD STATES, S1,626.96; Weeh: 7, Apartment No.: s-19, Aparfment No.: N-06, 89113-6136 uNmD sTAns, Apa n ant No.: AD3, 4803 uNmD STATES, NETHERLANDS, $1,432.59; UNITED STATES, $2,419.00; 16815725, Unk Week: 26, FPquency: Annual, VALERIE E. Frequency: Annu,LARRY $1,420.18; 16794002, Unrf F quanU: Annual, cRlsn L $4,412.34; 1 125, Unh 16807778, Unh Week: 42, 16811687, Unk Week: 9, Aparf Bnt No.: G-10, KREBs,43MAsnRscMNN, MILLER,16O2S LARCHMONT Week: 46, Aparf Bm No.: MARGERUM, 8|2 ALUSON Week: 23, Apartment No.: Apa ment No.: N-05, Apartment No.: s-09, F qu6ncy: Annu,DEBORAH QUEENS8U NY 12804- DR, SANDUS OH 44870- M-06, Frequency: Annual, PL,EL RENO,OK73O36-5411 G-10, F quency: Annual, F quency: Annual, MERLITA Frequency:Annual,JOSEPH A. ANN JOHNSON, 43 DAYULY . 9731 UNITED STATES, 4321 UNITED STATES, WILLIAM J HAEFLER, 11N uNmD sTAns, t1.42o.18: PEGGY M. BROWN, 12375 AYOS,184 ROCKSPRAY RDG, THEIS, 3636 s Gayer Rd Ste DR, MOUNT LAUREL, NJ 81,427.18; 16776157. Unk $1.124.64; 16785622, Unk BEUEAIR RD NW, 16798679. Unrf Waak: 51, NDLE LN, CULPEPER, VA PEACHTREE c GA 30269- 100 clo GWh Law Firm, Llc, 08054-5725 UNITED STATES, W6ak: 18. Apartmant No.: Week:44.Apa ntNo.:N-06, cLEA AnR, Fl M756 ApartB No.: v-17. 227014803 uNmD sTAns. 2489 UNITED STATES, Saint Louis, MO 63127-1237 S1,42O.18; 16815725, Un M-11, F quency: Annual, Frequency: Annual. TINA M. UNITED STATES. $1,981.83; F uency: Annu,S4.412.34; 16803196, Unrf S1,176.58; 16807893, Unrf uNlnD STATES, Sl,698.43; Week: 26, Apart t No.: FRANKM.ZACCARO,219 sw MILLER, 1602 s LARCHMONT 16794242,Unrt w k: 27, JEsslETAlnw WASHINGTON. W k:4O,Apartn ntNo.:V-11, W k:4O.Apa tNo.:S-10, 16811687, Unk Week: 9. G-10, Fquency: Annu . LAKE FOREST WAY, PORT DR, SANDUS OH 44870- Apa ment No.: N-02, 520 cou GUN DR, F quenty: nual, nMoTHv F uency: Annual, PHIUP Apartn nt No.: s-09. HARRY ERI JOHNSON. 43 SAINT LUCIE, FL 34986-1784 4321 UNITED STATES, F quenU: Annue, HENRY GROVETOWN,GA3O813-3950 L. HOLUNGSWORTH, 119 PRIEMER, 101 RYAN ST 1895 F quency: Annu,MA K. DAYULYDR,MOUNTLAUREh UNITED STATES, S1,42o.18; $1,124.64; 16785635, Unrf PALMER JR, 332 s SHADOW uNmD sTAns, S1.42o.18; CO NGTON DR BAU, LA ELDRIDGE LOOP, THEIS, 3636 s Geyer Rd St6 NJ 08054-5725 uNmD 16776157, Unrf Week: 18, Week: 25, Apartment No.: N-10, ST, QUINCY, FL 32351-3345 16798679, Unk Week: 51, 71405-N25 uNlnD sTAns, WILMINGTON, IL 60481 100 clo GWh Law Firm, Llc, sTAns, $1,420.18; 16815744, Apa ment No.: M-11, Frequency: Annual, William E UNITED STATES, S1,698.43; ApartB No.: v-17, $2.089.64: 1 126, Unk uNlnD sTAns, S1,42o.18; S nt Louis. MO 63127-1237 Unk Week: 2, Apart t No.: F quency: Annual, SANDRA Boswell, 405 DEMING RD, 16794242, Unit Week: 27, F quency: Annual, ERIKA L Waek:16,ApartmentNo.:S-01, 16807893, Unk Week: 40, UNITED STATES. $1,698.43; A-14, F quency:Annu&, PAUL M. ZACCARO, 219 sw LAKE CHAPEL HILL. NC 27514 Apartment No.: N-02, JOHNSON. 520 cou F quency: Annual, MARILYN Apartment No.: s-10, 16812115, Unh Week: 44, AZZOPARDl, 4357 POLTAVA FOREST WAY, PORT S NT UNITED STATES, $4,B98.30; FrequenU:Annual,CORINE B. GLEN DR, GROVETOWN, GA HARRIS, 155 Ple t St, Frequency: Annual, ALICE Apartment No.: A-02, CRES, MINISSAUG DN LUCIE,FL34986-1784UNITED 16785635, Unk Week: 25, PALMER, 332 s SHADOW ST, 30813-3950 uNmD STATES. Dracrt, MA 01826-4814 PRIEMER, 101 RYAN ST 1895 Frequency: Annual, RALPH L4W 3B9 CANAD 81.42o.18: sTAns, 81,42o.18; 16776735, Apartment No.: N-10, QUINCY, FL 32351-3345 $1,420.18; 16798813, Un UN ED sTAns, S1,45o.59; ELDRIDGE LOOP, GRIFF H, 16 FULTON RD 16815744, Un k: 2, Unk Week:4O,Aparf nt No.: F quancy: Annual, Gracie E UNITED STATES, $1,698.43; Weeh24,ApartmentNo.:S-03, 16804285, Un waak: 11, WILMINGTON, IL 60481 NW, CANTON, OH 44703-1058 Apartn&t No.: A-14, A-13, F quency: Annual, Boswell, 405 DEMING RD, 16794242, Unit Week: 27 F quency: Annual. CHERVL Apartment No.: v-05, UNITED STATES, $1,420.18: UNITED STATES, S3,221.o5: F quency: Annu,MARIE CONNIE R. OWENS, 7691 CHAPEL HILL. NC 27514 Apartment No.: N-02, STANDIFER, 404 BEAR F quency:Annual,TEREMEN, 168o8o33, Unh Week: 15, 16812115, Unrt Week: 44, AQOPARDl, 4357 POLTAVA OAKMONT DR, LAKEWORTH, UNITED STATES, $4,898.30; Fr6quancy: Annual, LINDA A. CANYON DR, MANc cA,m INC A MINNESOTA Apa ment No.: A-11, Apartment No.: A-02, CRES, MINISSAUGA ON FL 33467-1219 uNlnD 16785826, Unk Week: 12, PALMER-DOUGLAS. 332 s 78652-4728 uNmD STATES. CORPORATION,23O1STSTS F quency: Annual, RANDY F quency: Annual, MELANIE L4W 3B9 CANADA,$1,42O.18; sTAns, t1.698.43: 16776068, Ap nt No.: M-23, SHADOW ST. QUINCV, FL S1,42o.18; 16798932, Unrt STE1O3,VIRGINIA,MN55792- PARAMENTER,9485Ro a89, GRIFFITH, 1606 FULTON RD 1681,Un : 30, Unk Week: 12,Apart nt No.: Frequency: Annual, DAVID N. 32351-3345 UNITED sTAns, Week: 48, Aparfmem No.: 2672 uNlnD STATES, Norfh East, PA 16428-5727 NW,CANTON,OH 44703-1058 Apart No.: N-02, s-05, F quency: Annual, WH E, 26 GRANT RD, S1,698.43; 16794336. Unrf M-20, F quency: Annual, S1 ,420.18; 16804288, Unrt UNITED STATES, $1,420.18; UNITED STATES, S3,221.o5; F quency: Annual, JOSEPH GERALD R. RURSCH, 2902 N SHAPLEIGH. ME 040764137 Week:24,AparfmentNo.:N-16, HERBON GREEN. 6218 BoB Week:14,Apartn ntNo.:V-05, 16808033, Un Week: 15, 16812188, Unlt Week: 44, LINDENLAUF, 354 G6lden Rd, 2nd sl. Clinton, 52732-1735 uNlnD sTAns, 81.42o.18: F quen : Annual, KENNETH DANIEL . OXFORD. NC F quency: Annual, TEREMEN, Aparfment No.: A-11, Apartment No.: s-06, FeWon, DE 19943-5926 uNmD uNmD STATES. 81,420.18; 16785826, Un W6ek: 12, R. BYER,1645wHlnslDEs 27565 wmD STATES, INC A MINNESOTA F quency: Annual, JACKIE FrequenU: Annual, RALPH J. STATES, S1,42o.18; 16816040, 16778068, Unh Week: 12, Apartment No.: M-23, RD, FOREST c NC 2 $1.420.18: 16798932. Unrt coRPoRAnoN,23o1sTsT s PARAMENnR,9485Route89, MIMS, 711 sw 6&h Blvd, Unh Week:3O,ApartmantNo.: Ap t No.: s-05, Frequency:Annu ,SANDRAL. UNITED STATES, S1,42o.18; Week: 48 Ap t No.: sn1o3.vlRGINIA,MN55792- North Ea,PA 16428-5727 P8mbDk8 Pinas, FL 33023- N-02, F quenGy: Annual, F quency: Annual, SHARON WH E, 26 G RD, 16794336, Unrf Week: 24, M-20, Fquency: Annu . 2672 uNmD sTAns, UNITED STATES, $1.420.18; 1154 UNITED STATES, CYNTHIA LINDENLAUF, 354 K. RURSCH. 2902 N 2nd St, SHAPLEIGH, ME 04076-4137 ment No.: N-16, MARGARFF. GREEN, 6218 S1,42o.18: 16804541, Unrf 16808250, Unrf Week: 13, $1,420.59; 16812188, Unk Gelden Rd, FeWon, DE 19943- Clinton, IA52732-1735 uNmD uNmD STATES, S1,42o.18; F quenZ: Annual, DEBORAH BoB DANIERD,OXFORD,NC w k: 17,Apa m tNo.:A-01, Apa ment No.: s-21, Week:44,AparfmantNo.:S-06, 5926 UNITED STATES, sTAns,s1,42o.18: 16778072. 16786817, Unk Week: 27, L. BYER,1645 wHmslDEs 27565 mD sTAns, F quenty: Annual, ROBERT F quency: Annual, CHARLES F quency: Annual, LINDA M. $1,420.18;1681T805. Unk Unh Week: 8, Apartment No.: Apartment No.: s-20, RD, FOREST c NC 2 S1,42o.18; 16 1, Unk WAYNE WOOLDRIDGE,115N E HARDING, 7634 LECLAIRE MIMS, 711 sw 6&h Bhd, w68k:26,Apart mNo.:v-18, s-22, Fquency: Annual, Frequency: Annual, G. UNITED STATES. 81.42o.18: h5o.aart mNo.:v-21, GARFIELD WAY. THORNTON, AVE, BURBAN IL 60459- P8mbDk8 Pines, FL 33023- F quency: Annu,AWONY MILnADEs . VARGELIS, Po THOMAS KENEFICK, 9555 E 1679,Un Week: 25, F uency:Annu&, MARNIE co 80233-2530 uNmD 1540 uNmD sTAns, 1154 UNITED STATES, J. MARTUCCl, Po Box 1974, Box 932, OGUNQUIT, ME VISTA DR, HIUSBORO, MO Aparfmem No.: N-16, BAGW-HFMANN, 6T OLD sTAns,S2,887.o4:1 1, $1,420.18; 1 86, Unh 81,42o.59; 16812235, Unh NOVATO, CA 94948-1974 0390T-0932 uNmD STATES, 63050-3228 UNITED STATES, F quen : Annu,KENNETH MONSON RD, sTAnoRD Unk Week: 17, ApamatNo.: w68k: 36. Qment No.: Week: 8,Apart ntNo.:A-07, uNmD sTAns. S1.42o.18; S1,176.58; 16778072, Unrf $1,420.18; 16786817, Unit R. BYER,1645 wHmslDEs sPGs,cT oT6N1TuNmD A-01, F u cy: Annu,M-10, F quency: Annual, F quency: Annual, WILL M 1682,Unrt 21, Week: 8, Apartment No.: s-22, We6k:27,Apartm8ntNo.:S-20. RD, FOREST cl NC 2 sTAns. $1420.18; 16T 1T5, JEANNINE DENISE BRADA.LARSON,POBox36. DACHILLE, 51 DUGWAY DR, Apartn m No.: SD8, F quency: Annual, ANGEL M. F quency: Annual, MARY A. UNITED sTAns, S1,42o.18; Un w k:18, t No.: WOOLDRIDGE, 115N SanJuan Ba rfi a,CA95O45- PAWLING, NY 12564-2315 F quency: Annu&|, KEUY KE Po Box 932. KENEFICK,9555 EVISTA DR, 16T94460, Unrf w k: 25, N-04, F gcy: Annu,GARFIELD WAY, THORNTON, 36 uNmD sTAns, UN ED SrATES, S1,42o.18; PHOUNG HOANG, 2136 OGUNQUIT, ME 03907-0932 HILLSBORO, MO 63050-3228 Apartment No.: N-16, CAROLYN SWEEN 1 co 80233-2530 uNmD S1.45o.59: 16808486, Unrt 16812235. Unh Weeh 8, SPRINGGROVECT. MOBIU, uNmD sTAns. S1.176.58; uNmD STATES, $1.420.18; F quen : Annual. DEBORAH URS CT. PIUWROVE. sTAns. g2,887.o4; 1 721, Week: 36. Aparf m No.: Apartn m No.: A-07, AL 36 JN18 uNmD 16778914, Unrf w k: 25, 16788279, Unh Weak: 14, L. BYER,1645 WH ESIOES NJ 3137 uNmD Unrf k: 29,Apamat No.: M-10, F queW: Annual, F en :Annual, NANCY M. sTAns, 2,628.01; 168w943, Apartment No.: s-17, Apartment No.: s-04. RD, FOREST cl NC 28043 sTAns, S 648.19: 167 175. N- ,F a Annu&,EARL ROSEM.LARSON,POBox36, DACHILL,51 DUGWAY DR, Unk 21, No.: F qu : Annu,JAMES D. F qu8nGy:Annual, SUSAN c. uNlnD STATES, t1,42o.18: Un k:18, B No.: LUSTERJR,4 GERTRUDE a Juan Ba is .CA 95045- PAWLING, NY 12564-2315 S-O8,F Annu .HIEU FRYAR, 2 9 COMMERCE PRISCAL 7860 HAWTHORNE 16T94774, UnW Weak: 30, N-04, Frqu6W: Annual, DR,WMPHIS,TN38125-5752 0036 uNlnD sTAns, uNlnD sTAns, 1,420.18; a. . 2136 SPRING BLVD, ORLANDO, FL 32807 AVE, M Ml BEACH,FL 33141 Apa nt No.: A-07, LEONARD SWEENEY, 1 uNmD sTAns. t1,42o.18; S1,45o.59: 16808684, Unh 16812429. UnW : 12. GROVE n. MOBIV AL uNmD sTAns, 1,420.18; uNmD STATES, $1,420.18; Fr8qu6n : Annual, NEREO T. URS CT, PILESGROVE, 1 T21, Un w k: 29, k: 46, Apartn nt No.: ApartB No.: MD2, 3 9JN1B UN sTAns, 16T78914. Unk w86k: 25, 16788279, Unrt Week: 14, REOOU,NO UNDSEY DR, NJ 0 8-3137 uNmD Ap m No.: N-,G-11, F quency: Annual, F quency: Annue, JONI t2.628.o1; 1,Unrt Ap nt No.: S-1T, ent No.: s-04, WAYNE, PA 19087 uNmD sTAns.S 648.19; 167 221, F nty: Annual, TANl s WILLIAM J. RoBINmE, 608 BOUTIN SM H, 21 hT. No.:M- , F aGy: Annu,KIM M. F quen : Annue, DAVID J. sTAns,t1,42o.18; 16794774, Unk k:45,Apa m No.: us R,4 GERTRUDEDR, COLON L HEIGHTS RD, PERIWINKLE DEU, SENEC F qu&Ky: ,GERTRUDE MORIN, 2 COMMERCE PRISCAL 7860 HAWrHORNE UnkWeak:3O. B No.: M-02, F u cy: Annu&, MEMPHIS, TN 38125-5752 KINGSPO TN 37663-2104 sc 296T2- uNmD G. RKHARDS-GREENE. 7640 BLVD, ORLANDO, FL 32807 AvE,M#MIBEAcH,n33141 A-OT, F uenc : Annu . ROBERT L LOWE 1T14 uNmD sTAns, S1,42o.18; uNmD sTAns, S1,437.66; sTAns,S1,42o.18;16612429, NO ST 63RD STRE uNmD sTAns, t1,42o.18; uNmD sTAns, S1,42o.18; nREs A RE uo, 530 couw ROAD 635, 1,UnW : 41, 16809401, Unk Waek: 36, Un Waak:12, BNo.: M Ml. FL u1 uNmD 16779Q69, Unrt w k: 2, 167,Unh WeeS: 49, UNDSEY DR, WAYNE, PA BER L,AR 72616 Ap m No.: v-12, Ap ent No.: M-19, M-02, F quency: Annual, JILL sTAns. 1.425.59; 16822981, Aparbat No.: s-oe, Apartg No.: G-12, 1 87 uNmD sTAns. uNmD gAns, t1,632.48; F uency:Annu&|,PAMELAA. Fqacy: Annual, DAVID A ROY, &oz1 PERIWINKU Unh k: 10,Aparta No.: FqL w: Annu,JOHN P. Freqgcy: Annu&. GEORGE t1,42o.18; 1679N72. Unh 16T99519, Unh : 17, CARLSON,14SYCAMORELN, ERI smsoN,311 5THAVE DEU, SENECA, sc 29672- N-01, F aGy: Annuel, co ROVE, 40 Merman,DELRUE,TT GRANDERIVER :32. tNo.:V-10, ApartB No.: A . MORRISTOWN, NJ 07960- s, LAKE WORTH, FL 33480- 8 3 UNITED STATES, JOSEPH A. SILVER, Po Box N ham, MA 02494-3124 UNE,CHATHAMC A,ON F Bn : Annu,OOUGLAS FI8qu cy:Annu,SYLV# J. 6T29 uNlnD sTAns, 4662 uNlnD STATES, t1,42o.18; 18812512, Unh 2 ,MAL0NE,NY129N-0204 uNmD sTAns. S1,42o.18; N7M N7 CANADA, ow NJ RDAN.11O3MAN, HIC 28N Tu ey Rdg6 t1,42o.18; 1 6, UnW S5, o.54; 16809401, UnW w68k: 44, Apartment No.: uNmD STATES. t1.42o.18; 16779545, Un : 13, S1,42O.18:167 . Unrf GRUNDY CENTER, # Dr,W ln,MO -5T95 :41.AparbBtNo.:V-12, : 36, Aparf nt No.: G-1o,F qu6nZ:Annual,T.H. 16822981, UnW : 10, ApWt No.: M-18, k: 49, Apart nt No.: uNmD sTAns, t1,42o.18; uNmD gAns, t1.764.2o; F Annual, RICHARD M-19, F quency: Annu&, SHAW, 20 Bu KINGHAM RD Qa No.: ND1, F quanty: Annual, DAND N. G-12, F qacy: Annual, 16795372, Unh w k: 32, 167 540, Unh w k: 49. E. CARL N, 14 SYCAMORE MATrHEW JOHN STETSON, STALY BRIDGE CHESHIRE F quenZ: Annu&, WONNE wHm, 26 GRANT RD, MADELEINECECIUDELRUE, ApartB No.: v-10. Apart t No.: G-07, LN,MORRISTOWN, O79 - 3115THAVES.LAKEW0RTH, ENGLAND SK15 1BL UN ED c. SILV R. Po Box 204, SHAPLEIGH, ME 040764137 7700 GRANDE RIVER LINE, F quency: Annu,uwls w. F qu cy:Annu&, JAMES R. 6729 uNmD sTAns, FL 334604662 uNlnD KINGDOM, S1.659.65; MALONE, NY 129N-0204 uNmD sTAns, S1,42o.18; CHA CANADA NN7M HIGBEE, 1103 M AN, LAWHUN JR, 34 MAPU 1.420.18; 168 248, Un STATES.M.84O.54:1681O113, 1a812512, UnW k: 44, uNmD sTAns, t1,42o.18; 167T9545, Unk w k: 13. y7 CANADA, ,420.18; GRUNDY cENnR, 5 38 BRANCHC,PORTREPUBUC, :19,ApWtNo.:V-13, Unk w h 35,Ap t No.: Apart nt No.: G-10, 1&823919, UnW : 12, Ap m No.: M-18, 167 4, Un W6ak: 1T, uNmD sTAns, S1,42o.18; NJ 0 -9T84 uNmD F uW: Annual, SHARON M-16, F qu8nGy: Annual, F ancy:Annual, M. SHAW, Apartg No.: s-14, F quenty: Annu&. SANDRA L Apa menl No.: M-23, 16T95565, Un Week: 52, sTAns, S 638.2o; 16T 540, HAUNCHER,313O HARTFORD WINSTON MAGNUS 20 UCKINGHAM RD STALY F quent Annu&|, PIERRE v wHm, 26 GRANT RD, F quency: Annual, Peter H Aparf &t No.: N-04, Unh k 9, No.: CT. RocHEsnR HIUS, Ml HUFFSTEAD, 20 HERITAGE BRIDGECHESHIREENGLAND AnR#NY, 1599 E 52ND ST, SHAPLEIGH, ME 04076-4137 Buchnar, 1621 SE NORTH F quency:Annu ,CAROL A G-07, F aty: Annu,4 uNmD sTAns, WEP,CO NGTON,GA3 16- SK15 1BL UN ED KINGDOM, BROOWYN, w 11234-3823 UN ED sTAns, 81,42o.18; BLACKWELLDR,PORTSAINT ROSE,1O53SPalmCanyonDr cHRlsnNE LAUGHUN, 34 S1,42o.18; 1 248. Unh 9149 uNmD sTAns, S1,&59.65; 1a812T19, Un uNmD sTAns, t7,2 .16; 167T9895, Un Week: 14, LUCIE,FL34952-6651UNITED clo MrtchellR d suumana MAPU B NCH CT, PORT W k:19,Ap tNo.:V-13, S2,469.T5; 16810113, Unrf W6ak: 38, Q t No.: 16823919, Un k: 12, Apartm6nt No.: v-16, STATES, S1,42O.18; 167B8854, Assoti es, Palm Spring . CA REPUBUC, NJ 08241-9784 F quency: Annu,BRmANY w k: N, Apart m No.: M-22. F qaZ: Annual, N Ap t No.: S-I4, F qu8nG : Annual, EDWARD Unrf Waek: 17, Apa mentNo.: 92264-8377 uNlnD sTAns, uNmD RAns, t2,636.2o; HAUNCHER,313O ORD M-16, F quency: Annual, K. BOYER, 68 HESTNUT ST, F u8nGy: Annugl, MARIE c N. 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