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October 5, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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October 5, 2018

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PAGE 288 HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, OCTOBER 5, 2018 is5u8s the C6 ifical8 of Sale 1932, 36, ODD, 1/2, Fixad MARnN JR 592 Adams Ave WILMINGTON, DE 19801, Stat es, in which case, he Florida Statlrtes. You y recorded in O.R. 8ook (Saa BERMUDA, 1/2 Fixad w68w by paying the amou s due as WeeMixed Unit, 82,988.71, Elizabeth, NJ 07201-1519, 14, o, 121, 35, WHOU, 1, A 2 undanignad Tw shall: (1) choose to sign and send to Exhibrf A,at Paga(Saa Exhibrf Fixed Unrf, 90 932, 2410DD, oullin6d above. By: Amanda L. $0.96, o-o; JEFFREY A TOBIAS 11O, 8, NEN, #| S8a5on-Float Bed om, Sea on 3, S3,4o2.53, Provide you wh wrm6n notite lhe undenigned twstee an A"), ot ha Public R6tords ot 1/2l2015, 201 80/1 99738, Chapman, #rfhorizad Aga . 152 South St. Westborough, w68 noat Un,$3,221.90, 81.o7. 2017-0576907; Gemini ot th6 s e, including th6 dale, obje ion torm, exe ising our O ng6 Coun,Florida, and $2,362.79, $1.17; Amoinew6 NIBrr nh - NoncE OF MA 01581, 1900, 1937, 45, So.87, 2018- 552; lnv tment Parfnars, lnt A tima and,ion Me ot; (2) rigMtoobjerflothausao th6 tha und&sign6d T stee a5 M momas, 178 St6wart TRUSTUIS SALE ODD, 112, Fixed WeaMixed ARTURO E RUIZ B DA NA E Fbrida Coporation p o Box Reco the notic6 of sale in tw toraclosura pDc6du . appointadbyw g e.h&aby Ave, Bu alo, NY 14211, 1 Ow6 s) Addr6N Unh k Unk, $4,742.37, S1.38, OD; GARRIGUE Camino Del lnca 138089CURM0NT, FL34713, m6 Publit s ot O ng6 UponWeundenignedt 's torm notm6s ( ee Ewhibk Flxad we nixed Unk, 900- Yaar Amourrt P6r D m MTG CHRISTINE A RUSSO 12227 527 Lma, PERU, 17, 205, o, 122 6, WHOLE, 1, Two Coun ,florida;and(3)Publ h ceiptotyoursignedobj n A Matdueto yourt lu to 948, 50 H0U, 11N015, Rac lnto bnde Dr Danv6,MA 30, MN, #| Season-Float B8dDom,S8ason1,84,47O.8O, acopyotManot aotsalatwo torm, the f losu ot Ma pay the annual aN sm8nt(sT 2018 198738, g5.874.92, LAVERNE @H SARA 01923, 1900, 1937, 45, ODD, W o Unh, S4,518.96, $1.32, 2017-0576907; M N H (2)tim,onc6 th weak,tor lian wkhrespactlothe d6tauW due on (s Mibh .A and 82.9o; MichaelJ Rowlay,2312 KATHRYN EASH 3718 112, Flxed W86Mix8d Unk, S1.12, 2018 552: JOSE F ily,UC,ALmit6d Labil y two (2) w e weaks, in sp8tifi6d in this notit6 shall all B(s) the aR,Corbin Ln, Lodi, CA 95242. 1 NSBURGRDQBIER, a.742.37,t1.38, O;PAMELA MIGUEL LOPU 6 JOSE Company Oganiz6d And an Oranga Coun n 5papar, be su erf to tha jud you ar6 & in dafauw Fw6d W x6d Unk, 1 OH 2, 743, 49, MRY E SHORT 206 Lghthouse D IGNACIO noRIA A nquda Exi ing.Undar And B Vlrtua pDv 8d SuGh a newspap fo closu p@adu onW. ot your oblig ions to pay 1525, N HOU, 1M015, ODD NUMBERED,Manahawhn,NJ 08050, 1900, Vldal,q 7- -D otma Laws m6 ata Ot 8xi 5 th8li 0tpublirning. Youhavetharightto our a ts du6to g e 20180 19973B. S5,3o1.48, t7,o45.75, S3.4T, 1 T- 1938, 44, MN, 1n, Flxed 9 " Ta agona, 5 D8lawal8 125 s sTAn RD 7 w you t,to w the d6fauw d6tauWinth6 manner s6 o on I6lollowing d ribed al $2.61: Jeri A Cota, 24851 N 4248; TODD DSMAN W WF 6d Unh, S6,9&4.61, SP N, 17, 303, 3T, MN, SU E14 3O1 WEWNGTON, as sa rfh in this notite or inthisnotit6atanytin b8to pDparty btat in ge Jach Tone Rd, A,CA MBERLY LANDSMAN 92 t1.68. O;EDWARDCSHORT u6 on-no& fl33414,O,123,2O,WHOU, tak o r ap a arfion the undenigned h a6's a Coun,F rida: (s Exhib 95220, 1 Flx6d x BRUMBELOW CRONING N Jennings Rd Manahaw n, noat Unrt, a,518.86, S1.12. 1, Two B8dDom, Saa5on w h a to,bBlo5ur8 otyourtim6sha inl8 .Nyou A fima M lnt (s) Unk, 15 -1525, M HOU, wAYALPHARm GA 2- NJ ,1 ,1938,44,MN, 201 M2: Y SIDKY 2, S3,378.98, $1.0T, 2017- n n,| SU N dua and donotobj6Gtloth6us8otth (s Exhibh A asdefinedin 1M015, 2018 1 T38, &166, 8B, 19, MRV ODD 1 2, Flx6d WW x Unh, auTuR cEL ANNuNDo 0576907; GERARD NDAU o n9 u ma Nota and tw 88loBlosu p G8du,the D t n otCovanank, 85,3o1.4B, S2.61: Aha J NuMBERED ,t1o,1o1.B7, ,864.61,S1.68, o; EIUEN BLITUR 5 7 Tumey D 703 Ha em St Youn rtow, Morfga 6 sh&lb6 acc &al6d you will not be subja o a CondkionsandR ionstor Sag6nt, 6703 H r V w 4.8B 201 73173;CARISSA MEDERO Po Box251OT lillo Missiuauga, ON UM1A1 OH4451O,P,132,19, HOU, and,b irm di a defitiency judgmem 6v8n rf the W ale Lak |, omcial Way, Tampa, FL 33615, 1n JOY RKE v4 BW EAT ANo.PR977,19 ,1943,41, CANAD 1T.3O3,47,EVW. 1, A 2 8ed m, S6aaon due and payab . dkional,We p caeds hom R o s ooh 5020, atPage Flxed W6aMiw8d Unk, - HOUOW RD MONROE ODD, 1 2, Flxed ed #| -Fbal oal 2, S4,363.43. 1.32, 2017- asa Wot I8da uW,you ot your i sha im 327.ot aPublic R ordsot 935, 1WN, 1 2014, PA1B618,934,23,MRYODD Unh, g8,651.55, W.12, o; Unh, W,221 8T, 2018- 76 7: Blac VaGation, risk lo ng oaip ot your a in5u ti8nt to oWs& Me O n2a County, nonda h6 2018 199736, $4,685.18, NUMBERED . .276.49, JUUO PERQ 181 KM 12.T 52;EDDIE p QUINONES uc A WiKonsin A Lmk m ha lm& IDugh e unts sacu d by ma li . Plan and,dm t(s) t2.31; Ped R LUC D and t4.5T,2O1 73174;S N Twjillo o, PR 76, 18,Hc 01 Box 8115 L,PR il y Co any 40 E M#N bu ee wrB u By GREENSPOON MARDER, We to, rf any. Tog&h6r w h Maria M LucaD, San Martin ANN HATZIS e SUNNY DE 1943. 41, ODD, 1n. Fh d n2, 17. 3,41,ST 76ON AR DE19711, |@ in&on721.856, U ,Tw5taa. Me rigM to py, punuant 311 1 Piso, Cat 04700, DRSWEETV PA1 - Miwed Unh, t8,651.M, v&u s -no p, 234, 30, WHOU. 1. Two norida . y right QHIB n"-NonwoF to 6 p n, Building-Unh(s) ARGENnNA, 1 Flx6d Wae 2476, 934, 23, MRV ODD S2.12, o-o; RODOUO K sou Unk. S1.856.M, So.57, 201& BadD,n2,t3,426.oB, you ngy hav6to a e DEF^ULThND,TO ( Mibh A,dunng Un FixedUnit,9 -966,2 HOU, NUMBER . .276.49, a MYRNA s sou Amianan M2; HAFIDA GRlnnHs t1.o7, 201T 76907; Wlde nDrfgag8 ah awa ation FORECLOSL 5) ( M h A,1M015, 201 199738, t4.57,2O1 T3174;SANDRA Davalopm t Cop R al a COUN s GRlnnHs 8 d VaGation5, lnc A ue,b6 p nuamto 6 t Ow&sVObligo fi duriqA5s n8d Yaam), (s S6,O93.44,M.O1;Judkh EL NE BRODIE 3184 Av6nua Phillipln,Mapl Road ty, Copo on356N75OWD9 or 8 Drtgag8. You y llrf . Buildin nrf, Mib .A . 10, Turhay V&ez,317LaminoDeLaLolinc MINERAL RIDGE w. STONE PHIUPPINES, 19,1g45, SP47LP ENGLAND, 1T,343 AMERICAN FORK, UT ch to gn and ad to D6tauN D 6, 8ookPag ol Lak6Road,O ,FL32819 LaMivol6d5O1,V B a,PR MOUNT N, G 905, M, 40, WHOLE, 1, Flxad 29,wH0u,n-noal,p, 235, 17, WHOU, I6 un gn burt68 16 R Len, m. p m n fi sha pD ) 93, 1 2Flx6d M MRV NUMBERED Flx6d Unrf, a,465.T3, S1.44, o Unh, S2,86o.62, 1, A 2 Bed m, Gl ob&bon torm, D n unt: Add .),Bui ingWMibk Unk, 1 1817, 1nwN, ,t1O,T45.32, S5.29, o; MARY A M BABAUTA tO.95,2O1 2:BOBBIE 2, S4,447.94, 1.32, 2017- exe s g yourrigMto ob D ni5 T G an, A ln Sha Plan 1 2 014, 201 199T38, 2016 T3174; ROBERT 12314 W Bloomfiald Rd El ROBBINS248O16MStC . 057690T; Gemini lnv6 t to F6 us6 or e twAB8 Arbo iaw Ln,Van BuBTwP. p M d . a a,652.54 Q.29. CHARUS 8R0ADwAnR Mirag6,AZ85335,19OO,1948, AL M . 5, 208, 34, Partnen, lnG A norida to dosu pm ura. Upon Ml 48111, 1n Flx6d w ot m6 ato abon6d ;OcLS, 18 MICHUU BEALE 19, ODD, 112, Flx d W ekl WHOU, #| season-no Copo tion p o Box138 9 Ma un gn6d t 8a'5 Flxadunk,15 -15w,9nvEN, d8 uw, g ah y&aGI5 L 172Q7 BROADWAT T2O4 WEST Flxad Un,S6,614 S1.76. W o Unrf, S6,4 .5o, CURMO FL 34713,p. M2, lotyours n obj 11v2014, 201 126. to s&| la D pu uam Nl ANA CIRLCE NORTH o; TERE TA H SOUANO t1.79, 201& 2; 47,WH0U,1,Two BadDom, torm, m bg ot e a,o59.64. S2.oo; Sh ta to on 721.8x, florida RICHLAND HIUS, TX a ANNIE H GUY a JOSE JoNAna p WEB8 2517 S n 3, S3,426.o8, S1.o7, nDrtgag8 w Qtolhe Langtod G n, 218 Wate St . p be ad d Fo&losu HOA8O619LR16 76182, N1, 42, MRV ODD ANTONIOC GUY31 Magnolia MandabDok Ci le Palham, 2017-0576907; Blu6 chip daeuw m i5 no ce w Huntsvilla, AL 35810, 1 2 th in the av rf Mal your HOA TRusnE's NoncE OF NUMBERED .S12.412.18, Rd MiNord, CT 6461, 19,AL35124,5,2O8,34,WHOU, Prami r R6ntal5, Cabin5 shall b6 wbj toth6judicial Flx6d W66 x6d Unrt, 1 oblig ISnotbDugM t SAU:DataotSa :1 1&2O18 t6.12, 2016 1 ; ERNEST 19N, 41, WHOU, 1, Flx6d,n-floal w kl Condos uc 1w0 NORTH fo dow u on . 1522, 9nvEN. 1 2014, flncludingM6pay motany 1:00PMPlac6otS&8:1211 JAMES ER, JR. 14 Mixed UnW. t7,82o.74, no Un,S6,4 .5o, 81.79, MARKET STREET suln You hav6 ma rigM to tU 2018012 126, 4,058.84, t 5 in nad by gate in E S6m Bhd, Apopka, n GRANMERE CT NRGIN S2.3o, o-o; JOAN L CKERS 201& 2; DEIRDRE A 808WILMIN0T0N, DE 19801, rourde uNintha mann s& S2.oo; Ritky Bogan, tonrm ng thi5 I05u 32703;Parhnglot.mis Not e BEACH,VA2 ,947, 4T4 Hermony GDva Chu M#OUNO 2 15 sw 54 F Ln p, 3N, 14, WHOU, 1, A 2 o inm nolic6 anyLma M6ssick Av6, Ot8an5i,pDtaul whin thir (30l is ga ing that rtain 2, MRY,1,702.27, Rd p n, GA31642, 1,CapeC ,FL33914,8.1O1, B8dDom,S6ason1,W,426.OB. b&o th6bu 'ssal8otyour NY 11572, 112 Fix d w dabs hom 18 RrA d a ot timeshare int ow d by t1O.T2 2O1T 74; 1956, 38, ODD, 1n, Fw6d 30, WHOL,n-flo S1.o7, 2017-0576907; J m ha im .llyoudonot Fix6d Unit, go 963. 18nvEN, pu li n, Ma undenigned Obligor in Lak6sho R e DIANE cox acH sToPHER W x6d Unh, t2,g88.71, W o Unh, .883.84. B p NnNG a DRVWAU ob to laus6ot atw 68 11v2014, 2018 200126, Tru,pm d wM Condominium,ed in BR N cox 1 UR So.96, o: CRVSTAL D t2.54, 201 y2; SE CES.UCPOBox1353O9 osu pmedu ,you will 84,685.18, S2.31; bert v the s 6 ot M6 p a5 Orang6 Coun,Florida, as DR FAT M 75132, 75, 28, H RSTON 540 NE M ibu PATRICIA B H UTT 1 Cl nt, fl 34713, a, 243, notba wbj to a daficiancy Davey and Paula J Dav6r, 52 pD d8d in S ion 721.855, mo sp ifica d tribed on MRY NEN NUMBERED Driv6 LB8'S hmmh, MO OldMl&Rd,Apt1O2C 4,WH0U, 1,A 2 B d m, judg tavanrfu e s Windwald Road,m8wllow5, lorida S M ,in wh h casB, Sch8dul6 "1". a Obligorhas 20,328.10, S1O 64 4, 2,2014, 21, ODD, Bay, n N1 1779, 8. 1,1, S3.378.98, S1.O7, hom es&eotyourtim ha Torquay, D6von TQ2 FGA, th6 und igned T shall: fail6d to pay when du6 the 201 w64; ROWELD C. 1 2, Fwed W86 x Unh, 49, MN,V ue s son-noat 2017- 76907; snvE uw im al8inwm ttooh ENGLAND, 1 2 F ad kl (1) PDvd8 you w h wrm6n Ass8Nm6ms,F88s,andTax8s RWON g521 H NA RD W,322.22,SO.76,OD;JORGEA W oat Unh, S2.923.o9, Po Box 865 wllli b,VA 6 anmms d by Ma Flx6d Unit, 1900-1948, 4v not 6 ot m6 s e, iMluding a5as5as98doradvanc8dandis W#Mq Hl 96796. 754, 47, GARRIDoa MLYN JU to.eo, 201& u2; SHAUN 23187,a,3Q0,21,WH0 ,1,2 alian. ODD,1lU2O14,2O18 2OO126, th6 date. tin and lotation th6 by in d tauW d ha MRV MN NUMBERED 14 Calle B-14-11 Zona 10 WWE CHANNER a Dom,s8ason2,a.4o2.22,lr n.-N oF S3,164.69, S1.56; D i t r. (2) R d F8 notite obligationtopadsuchamou s ,10,863 t5.35, Cuidad De Gual n&a, 3 140 LaneBirm gham, S1.32, 2017-057690T: &ni D nuLT D,TO To s, 16 Montgom6 sl &. ofs 8inM6Publ R o sof as and when ua Punuant to 2017 64u: CLAUDIA GUAWAL 2 0, 2023, 46, B321QAEN D,8,2 ,1O, lnv &t Par &s, lnc A FOR EW Bridg6po,CT,1n o ng6county,norida;and(3l thatG8rtalnD8cla tion t LOPQ 4 1 s WSTSHORE NEN, 1 2, Flxed W x6d ODD, #| -noal hl norida Co ion p o Box Con NoJ Ow&5(sV Fwad W86W x8d Unrt, Publ ha pyof enotiteof to balow. AKoding,the BLVD APT 212 TAMP Unh, S2,756.92, So.79, o; hoal Unh 4,386.40, S1.17, 1 c RMO FL34713. Obl {5)A,T a 936, 21 EN, 1M014. sale lwo(2)tim .onc6 6ach Lakesho a5a 6 FL N611-1016, 413, 47, IRISSILVAUrbLagoMaFB6ach 201& M2; HKTOR R. 152, 5, WHOU, 1, Two lnt,Club Suha No^ nrt 201 126, S3,793.26. wea tor two ) suaiva Condominium ci ion, MRV MN NUMBERED Calle 15c Marataibo Zulia, VELAZQUQ 157 Zatha B D ,S 1,S3.426.O8, No. lm S1.8T: Luis R Marfinaz, 3T8 weaks, in an O ge County lnc a Florida not-tor-p M ,S1o,545.47, 85.2o, VENQUELA, 2 0, 2024, 38, Drive 8wn GA31525.8, S1.o7, 2017-0576907; &ini No, Plan Unh Configu ol Grov Ave, Brid CT newsp pD d6d wch a coporation pMociation) did 2017011 ;DAND WGENE EVEN, 1 2, Fixad x 212,23, D,n-noat lnv mant Parfn 5, lnG Ra#J R M, De uW 6,1n Flxed w6d n s 8 5k al the tima Gaus8aClaimotL6n( L6n to SHERK a NANCY G. SHERK Unh, t4,32o.o6, S1.14, o; o& Unh, 201 - A Fbrida Copo lon p o D a, g R dad 8oo Unk. 9 936, 21nvEN, ot publ hing. lt you il to ba d6d in a Public 47T1 PLACID CIR SOT JESSICA LACLE ERIKA M 01, t5,648 S1.42, 201& Box 138039 CLERMO FL Pa2 or n, noum 11v2014, 2018 2 126, cure the defauW as t torth R o 5 otOran,norida, as FL 34231-,624, 44, AGIELPied Plat2CAtuba, 5552: 34713, R, 350, 14, WHOLE, D6inqu&rt,P D unt S3,793.26, 81.87: Ge A in Mi5 notice or lake o h d cribed on hedule 1 MRY ODD NUMBERED ARUBA,21OO,2126.41,ODD, S pL ;OcL5, 18 1, Two B6droom, Saason RODNEY GAR H GRUN, GagneJrandAngelaMGagne, appDpriat8 arfion w ad th&eby p6rf8rting the lien ot YEAR, S1o,863.oo, S5.35, 112, Fix6d W88Mix6d Unh, L172135 1, a,47O.8O, S1.32, 2017- 2710 MARlmA HWY sn C, 93 Rochngham Rd,to Wisfo&losu n W you un nts,F88s,andTax6s 2017 010; S7,554.16, S1.91, o-o; JOSEPH 0576907; EMIDSOUTH, INC.A CANTON, GA 30114-39Ni NH 03038, 112 Fixed risk losing ow6nhip ot your punua toth8D6tla tionand 18 NOLEN 6 PEARLEAN TODD 30 MISSOURI coRPoRAnoN a 11104;9N 47;0NEBEDR00M Fixad Unk, 1 1824, 27 tin&ha int M ugh tha sartions 721.16 and 192.037 L17212O Gladys Cou BaWI6 C ak, Ml AMENDED LARRY A WATSON, SIGNING PLUSGOLD 9N-47O; EVERY ODD, 1 v2015,2018012 126, tw ee b low p cadu Florida St rtas. ma Obligor 49037, 21,2126, 47, ODD, NoncE OF TRWE'S OFFICER 130 w RocMord Dr ODD NUMBERED YEAR: $3,164.68. $1.56; David K 8 ablish6din Se ion 721.855, and anyjuniorlienholden have 112, Fixed W8aMix6d Unrf, SALE Apt 3 Branson, MO 65616, 5/1&2017; 20160335105: Morse Jr, 450 Bo5ton Po norida SlaMes. You may th8rigMtocu th6d8tauWand WENDED $2,988.71,$0.96, o-o; RN 91 . DAV s, 165, 39, WHOLE, 1, 2 82,958.7o: 81.46; JULIANA Rd, Wllmington, MA 01867, thoose to s n and sand to to radeem its spa iva NoncE OF TRusnE's SapL OtL 5, 2018 On 1011712018 at 11:00 AM, Bed om,Season3,84,47O.8O, MORENO,8THANDISTREET 112 Flxed W8aklFix6d Unh, he undenigned t ee an int,up to th6 d e th6 . SAU L17Z132 GREENSPOON MARDER, 81.32, 2017-0576907; Florida SE, WASHINGTON, DC 20390, 180 1824, 27/0DD, 11v2015, obja ion torm, exe ising your t stea iuues the cerfificate of wTGhn,201 E. Pine Str t, Surf6 Barter And Travel, LLC 1 104; 907 23; ONE BEDROOM 201 8012001 26, $3,164.69, righ to obj tothauseottha sale, by paying in hll th6 T .OTU eODRIQuEo 500, O ando, florida 32801, A Florida Limitad Labily PLAnNuMI9o7-23 o; MRY 81.56; Tanya M Morsa, 4 tw ee fo losuR procedu . amount5 owed a5 58tf0rfh on On 1 26n018 at 11: AM, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S as Tw ae punuant to that Company 2578 ENnRPRlsE ODD NUMBERED YEAR; Lntoln St De NH 03038, Uponthe und8nign8dtwst6e's Sch6dula "1" awached he to, GREENSPOON MARDER, SALE Appoin t of Twstae RD N324 ORANGE cl FL 512v2017; 2016 48141: 1/2 Fixed w86 Fix6d Unrt, r eiptofyoursiqn6dobj8rtion which includa the amounl uP, 201 E. Pina St 6, Surfe wuTun aLuE TREE Bo on 4/1912018, 32763, s, 260, 6, WHOU, 81,996.16; $0.98; CYNTHIA 1800-1824, 27/0DD, 1/2/2015, form, the forecosu ot the sacurad by 6achli8n,p6rdi6m 5,O ando, horida 32801, RUORr und Document ln wmanl 1, 1 B6d om Standa,DARUNE WICKWIRE 201801200126, $3,164.69, lien wkh spertto the detauW up to and including tha day ot as T ee punuant to that (DURBINl no. 20180235176 ot th6 S6ason 1, $4,202.95, 81.32, and JOSHUA RUSSEU $1.56: Pieter w Key er and spacified in thi5 notite shall sale, plus the 6stim 8d Appoint t ot Tw ee On 1011712018 11:o0 AM, Public R8colds ot ORANGE 2017-0576907; EMIDSOW WICKWIRE; 1223 TWIN Charl6n8 K6ys8r, 31, L6acroR, be subj6rt to th6 judiGial tor8Glo5ur8costsinth8amount on TO7l2O18, GREENSPOON MARDER, Coun,norida, by ason INC. a MiNouri Copo tion SPRINGS DR, BREN7WOOD, Slain6sTW184PB,ENGLAND, toBlosuR pDc8dur8 only. ot $650.00, by d8liv6ring cash und& Docu Bnt ln wment uP, 201 E. Pine St et, Suke ot a now cominuing d6tauw LARRY A WATSON AS TN37O27;1l52;92Vl;STUDIO 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unk, You hav8th6 rightto cure our orcertifiadtundstotheT stee. no. 20160331522 ot the 500, O ando, Florida 32801, by Obligo s), (s Mibh SIGNING OFFICER p o Box GOLDR22-1; MRV YEAR; 2600-2624, 24 H0U, detauWinlhe mann& set o h See Schadule w1" aWached Public R ods or ORANGE as T stae punuant to Mat A,who58 d N is (s86 1700 BRANSON, MO 656105, 5n3n017: 20170242184; 11v2014, 201801200126, in mis no it6 anytim6 betore he to tor (1) tha name and Coun,florida, by ason Appoimmem ot T Mibrf A . inthepaWtor s, 260, 39, WHOU, 1, 1 $2,281.00: S1.12. $6,816.74, $3.36; Shaskisha the undenigned trust 's s e add ss ot each Obligor, (2) the ot a now Gontinuing d&auW cordad on 06111 2018, performance ot the obligalions 8ed om.Season 3,84,317.94, 18 L My s Ga ia, 580 Mal otyourtiBarainterast.ltyou legal d85tription ot the by Obligo sl, (s66 Exhibk und6r Documenl lnstwment secu by s d Claim ot en t1.32, 2017-0576907; 8lue L 172172 Rd sw Apt 102, p m Bay, do not obje lo the us6 ofthe timashara nta st, (3) the A . whose addre s is (See no. 20180341679 of the r8cod6d in omcial Racords Chip Pr6mi6r Rantals, Cabins FL 32907. 1 2 Fixed w twrtee to&losu p cedu,recording intormation tor aath Mibk A"), in the payent or Publit Retods ot ORANGE Book(See Exhibrf A ,atPage a Condos uc, A D8lawaR Fix6d Unit, 900-952, 1WN, you will not be subje to a Len, (4) the amount sacured by p8rfom nG8 ot the obligations Coun,Florida. by raason (Sea Exhibrf A"). ot tha Public Lmitad Lability Company 1220 NoncE OF DEFAULT nND 1/v2014, 2018012 126, defitiency judgmen 6van it aath Lan, and (5) the per diem secured by said Claim olLan ot a now cominuing detauH Recods ot ORANGE Coun,NO TH MARKET STREET INnM ro FORECLOSE $4,685.18, S2.31; Arnaldo the pro hom the s 6 amount to account tor the &oded in omcial Recods by Obligo s), (See Exhibit florida,includinqthe b achor suln 808 WILMINGTON, wuTGAn UKU,nLE : Gartia, 442 sw 16Place, ot your timesha inte turfher accwal ot the amounts Book (Sae Exhib "A,at Pag6 "A"), whose address is (See detauW, notica o which was s6t DE 19801, S, 365, 7, WHOLE, 2T .0T 8 Deemeld Beach, FL M441, aR insu cient to oWset tha secured by 8aGh Len. S86 (S6e Exhibk A"), ol tha Public Exhibit .'A"), in the payment or forfh in a Notica ot DetauW and 1, Two B6droom, Season Punuant to S6 ion 112 Fixed Weeh/Fixed Unrt, unts secured by Me li6n. Schedule 2" a achad harato R8cod5 ot ORANGE Coun,performance of the obligation5 lntent to Foretlose p vided 1, $3,402.53, $1.O7, 2017- 721 .8N, Florida Stat as, 900-952, 1VNEN. 1 v2014. By: GREENSPOON MARDER, tor tha nam6 and add N ot florida, includinq the b ach or securad by said Claim ot Len to the last known address 0576907; wEsTGAn LAKES OWNERS 2018012 126, a,685.18. LL,T stee. 6ach Junior lnt6l8st hold rf detault, notic6 o which was s6t r8cord6d in omcial Records ot Obligo s), (S6a Exhibit SepL28;OtLS,2O18 AssoclAnoN, INC. 82.31; Javier Vega,15857 HIBIT n" - NoncE OF applicable. me ANociation has torfh in a Notice ot DetauW and Book(Saa Exhibit A',at Page A T, by CerfifiadlRegi e d L172136 e ina t to as sw 71 St et, Miami, FL DEFnuLT AND INTENT ro appointed the following Tw ee lntant to Fo&lose p vid6d (See Exhibit "A"), ot lhe Public Mail or by publication by the wW tgate"), has Bord8d a 33193, 12 Fixad We6 xad FORECLOSE: to condurt the wste6's sale: to the la5t known address Records or ORANGE Counly, undersigned Tw ee, will sell Claim of Lan in tha amount Unit, 1800-1826, 171EVEN, Owe sVObligo s), Tlm6sha Fint American Tkla lnsu nte ot Obligo s), (s Exhibit Florida, including tha breach or at public au ion to the highest NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND ot (Sae Exhibh A"), with 1/21201 4, 201 80/2001 26, ln erart, BuildingWnrf, Week, Company, a Nebraska A"), by Cerfifi egiste d detauW, notice ot which was set bidder tor la ul money ot the INTENT TO FORECLOSE inta accwing at the te ot $4,685.18, 82.31 ; Joge DetauW Date, BooklPage ot coporation duly Rgistered in Mail or by publication by the torth in a Notice ot DetauW and Unked Stat6s ot America, in the LP VACATION SUITW - (See Exhibh A par day, and Vargara, Calla 12 Norfe # 4N- R8cord6d L6n, Amount, Per the state ot Florida as an unda igned Tw,will s6|| lntent to Foratlose p vided lobby ot Surfa 5,ot Caprf 4B .0014 retoded in O.R. Book (Sae 17 Oficina 219, Joge Vegara Diam unt: lnsuranc6 Company, 400 s. publit au ion o th6 highest o the la known add N Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine Punuant to Section Mibit "A l, at Page (See Ewhibh Marin, Cali, COLOMBIA, 112 Domingo Araos, 4593 Pinatr6a Rampart Blvd, Surte 290, Las bidder for lawhl money ot the ot Obligor(s), (See Exhibrf Nreet, O ando, Fl 32801, 721 .856, Florida Statutes, '.A,ot lhe Public Records ot Fixed WeeklFixed Unil, 180 Dr, Delray Beach, FL 33445, 1 Vegas, NV, 89145, 02) 304- Unked St 6s of Am6rica, in the A"), by Certified/RegistePd all right, trfle and int6r8st in he undersigned Twstee Orange Coun,norida, and 1826, 1 7nvEN, 11v201 4, Fixed Week/Fixed Unk, 2300- 7509. Legal Dascription: ln Unrt lobby ot Suk6 500, ot Capital Mail or by publication by the tha p per situated in the as appointed by ERGS lhe undanigned Twst86 as 201 8012001 26, $4,685.1 8, 2326, 48 H0U, 11212015, (Sea Schadula 1 Legal Plm Building 1. 201 E. Pine undenigned Twstae. will sell Coun ol ORANGE. Florida, TIMESHARE, LLC e ina er appointed by Wastgate, heraby $2.31; Frank J Schucha 201 8011 99738, 86, 3.44, D85cription Variables), Unrt StRal, O ando, Fl 32801, at public auction to the highe d6scrib8d as: (SEE HIBIT te ad to as wERGS") h6r8by tormally not 6s (See Exhibit and Lye e Sthuchadt, 9705 $3.01; Paula Araos, 438 Week(s) ISee Schedule w1" all right, trfle and inte st in bidder tor law,money ot the A.) Tlma Share lm&est(s) tormally notifies you th A") th due to your tailu to Banson St, Shawnee MiMion, Mulber Grove Rd, Royal Palm, Legal Dascription Variables), in th6 pDp8r skuat6d in the UnkedStatesotAmerica,inthe Season (SEE HIBIT A you have detauWed und& pay the annual aN8ss t(s) KS 66212, 1/2 Fixed Weekl FL 33411, 1 Fixed Wee Fixed Lakashore Rese e Coun ot ORANGE, Florida, lobby ot Suita 500, of Caphal as defined in the Decla tion the Note and Mo gage by due on (See Exhibrf A") and Fix6d Unit, 900-955, 4nvEN, Unit, 2300-2326, 48 HOLE, Condominium, according to lhe describad as: (SEE HIBIT Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine ot Condominium tor s AT tailing to make the payent,a tls) th6r6aW8r, 1/2/201 4. 201 80/200126, 1/u201 5, 201 8011 99738, DBclaration of Condominium A") fime Sha lnt&e (s) Str86t. O ando, n 32801,ORLANDO, A CONDOMINIUM, due on (S6e Exhibrf A and you a cu tly in detauW $4,685.18, $2.31; Geraldo A $6,093.44, $3.01: Richard H tharBot, as recorded in omcial (SEE WHIBIT A") as definad in right, t le and intere in the r orded in omcial Racords all 5ubsequ8nt payments. ot your obligations to pay Watson, 12 Slrak Drive, Pa in, Harris and Juna p Ha s, 11-13 Racords Book 9741 at Page the Declaration ot Covenants, pDp8rty situated inthe Coun Book 5283, at PagB 4636. ot You cu antly owe ERGS th6 Nm8nts due to Wa g a NJ 08859, 1/2 Fixed Weekl Kingsway 14, Po Box 5200-- 2312 inthe Public Recods ot Condrfion5 and R6 rirtions ot ORANGE, Florida, dascribed the Public R ods ot Orange amount ot (See Exhibk A on the tollowing d cribed al Fix6d Uni,2500-2516, 71 Liguanea Post omce Kingston Orange County, Florida, and for Westgate Lah85 |, omcial as: (SEE HIB A") fima Coun,Florida (tha Plan"), wkh interesl atc ing the p per locat6d in Orang6 ODD, 11v2014, 201801200126, 6, King on 1O, JAMAICA, any am8ndm6nts the ot. Recods Book 5020, at Page Share lntarest(s) accoding and all a ndment(s) the to, rale ot (S6a Exhibrf A") per CouW, Florida: (Sae Exhibrt $3,164.69, $1.56; Joseph B 112 Fixed W68Mix8d Unh, SCHEDULE w1'.: Contra No 327, ot the Public Racords ot to the fime Sharing Plan lor it any. Together wrfh th6 right day, wkh regard to lh6 following A") fi Ma lmBr8st(s) M6 and Dana Cherie Mea, 900-956, 1210DD, 11v2015, Legal Description Variables, ora q Coun,Florida (the estgate Blua Tree Resort, a to occupy, punuant lo the al prope y loc ed in O nge (Sea Exhibh A") as d8fin6d in 145 Oak Cir. Gadsden, AL 20180 199738. S3,164.69, Obligon, NotiG8 Addr8N, Len Pla,and al amandment(sl fim6share Resort recorded in Plan, BuildingTs) Nnk(s) (SEE County, Florida: (See Exhibrf lha Declaration ot cov6nams, 35901, 112 Fixed WeeklFwad $1.56: Ma in L ngsbu and Retording Date and RetePnce, th6r8to, it any. Together th the OMtial Recods Book 6703, WHIBIT A durinq Unk A Tlme Sha lnlere (sT Condrfions and R rittionstor Unrf, 1500-1545, 91MN, LndaJ ng5bu,1823 Beaver P6r Diem, DetauW Amount; tha right lo occupy, pursuant at Page 2603, ot the Public Week(s) (SEE HIBl A,(See Exhibh A'.) me tollowing the Wa gata Lakes |, omcial 11v2014, 201 8012 126, Cr86k Ln, F deritk, MD 21702, LR 23O6 O7 B, Unit k: 7, to the Plan, Building-Unit(s) Records ot Orange Coun,during ANign8d Yearls) - (SEE Tln share ln &est(s) tonsisting Records Book 5020, at Paga 84,o64.49, $2.00; Vlrtor M 1 Fixed W Mixed Unrf. 90 Unrf: 2306, F quency: Annual. (SEE HIB A"), during Unit Florida (the .'Plan"l. Together HIBIT A ). RVS,6950 ot an undivided tee simpla 327, ot tha Public R8Golds ot D6yn6s Solo, Po Box 1188, 948, 36 H0U, 1 2 015, EMILIO PATRICIO FLORES Bk(s) (SEE HIBIT '.A"), wrfh the righl to occupy, Vllla de Costa Drive O ando. tenant in common inte in Orange County. Florida (the Moca, PR 00676, 1 Fwed 20180 199738, $4,791 .eo, MANTECA, AV. RESIDENCIAL durin AMign6d Yea s) - (SEE punuant to tha Plan, Unrt(s) FL 32821 Said s e will be p6petu yinthe Plan Unrf(s) ( Plan") and all dment(s) W Mixad Unit, 2 82.36; Migu& Antuna, 175 N49CLUBDEGOUCHILUCA Hl IT AhT. WESTGATE (SEE WHIBIT "A"), during Unit mad6 (wrmout tovanants, or '.Club Suh6s)' settorfh b6low the to, rf any. Togeth& wkh 2632, 251WH0LE, 1 2015. NE 31st Ava, Hon ead, FL AnzAPAN ESTADO DE LAKES 10, 0 Tu ey Laka Waek(SEEEXHIBIT"A"),during wa aW, 8xp N or impliad, in LP vAcAnoN sulns and the right to o upy, punuant 20180/200126, $6,081.28, 330N, 112 Fixed W88kl x6d M ICO, 52930 M ICO, Road O ando, FL 32819 Said Assigned Year (SEE HIBIT r6ga ing th6 tkl6, poM8Mion the Condomin um Common to Me Plan, Building-Unrt(s) $3.00; Maurice Camey, Unrf, 2100-2136, 20nvEN, 0410512018, lnst: 20180201 195, sale will ba made (without A ). WESTGATE BLUE TREE or 6ncumbranc8s) o pay the Elements and Tlm8shar6 (s68 Exhibrf A,during Unrf 30 Nugent St Glenwood, IL 1/u2014, 201 8011 99738, 8o.92, 82,24o.22; cov ams,orwa ,8xp N RESORT 12007 CYPRESS unpaid aN8um8ntsdu8inth8 Common Elements thereto as W68k(sl (See Exhibh A,60425, 1 Fixad W6a x8d 84,685.18, 82.31; Sonia B LR 23O6 OrB, Unrf w k: 7, or implied, garding the title, RUN ROAD ORLANDO, amoum or TSee Exhibit A,mo pa iculatly described in during s nad Y6ar(s), (See Unh, 2600-2623, 19 H0LE, Antuna, 14118 Abaco lsle Unrf: 2306, F quency: Annual, poM8uion or encumbrantes) FL 32836 Said sa will be whh inter t attwing at the and subjert to [ll that c6rfain Ewhibh A . 10,000 Turk6y 11v2014, 201801200126, Dr, O ando, FL 32824, 112 FABIOLA GARCIA RMS, AV. lo payth6 unpaid aN8ss nts mad6 (wrfhoul covanants, or rat6 ot (s86 Exhibk A") per Amended and R8stat6d Laka Road, O ando, FL 32819 $5,N9.91, $2.73; Wanda Fixed WaeMixed Unh, 2100- RESIDENCIAL N 49 CLUB DE du6 in M6 amount ot (Saa wa anty, exp ss or impliad, day,punuamtothefimashare Daclaration ot Condominium a in Tlme Share TProp6 y) s Camay, 20325 Joy Ln, 2136, 20nvEN, 11v2014, GOLF CHILUCA AnzAPAN Mibk A,wrm i e gading the thle, poN8Nion Plan, advances, it anL, und6r tor Vlllag6 ot lmagine, A Add N"), Building (s86 Exhibil Chicago Heiqhts, IL 60411, 1 201801199738, 84,685.18, ESTADO DE M CO, 52930 actwing at th6 r 6 ot (S68 or encumb n sT lo pay the he w ot said,m ot Condominium, r6cod6d A") 6r6in Tlme Sha Plan Fixed Weeh/ ixed Unit, 260 $2.31; Adriana Mari6 #ain, PO MWICO, 041o512018, ln : Mibk A perday.punuantlo unpaidas58Mm8ntsdu6inth8 Len,chag and axpenses of Nouembet 6, 2015 in omcial pDp8rtyT Addl N . As a 2623, 191WH0LE, 11v2014, Box F-43201, SaWlen Wa,20180201195, $0.92, the Tlm rnar6 Plan, advana, anDunt ot ISee Exhibk A,the Twst and ot the t s Records Book 11009, Page suW ot the ato mentioned 20180/200126, $5,539.91, G nd Bahamas, BAHAMA,$2,240.22; L 23 33 B, Unh itany, und6rth8tanw ofs d whh inteBt atcwing at th6 c ed by 5aid Claim ot Len. 7799 in the Public R8cod5 ot d8tauw,Bgat8h by8|6rfs $2.73: Maida Lawinson and 112 Fix6d W86Mix8d Unh, Weeh: 33, Unh: 2306, Cl m ot Len, thages and r 6 ot (See Exhibk A p6r Obligo s) shall hav6 th6 right Orange Coun,norida (th6 to sal th6 p Upunuant Paul L8win5on, 44 Hillsdal6 900-956, 25/0DD, 11212014, Fr6quentL: Annual, NORA 6 s85 orMeT eeand ot day,punuamtotheTl sha to w 18 detauW and any Condominium Daclaration ); to S6rfion 721 Florida Dr, Sussex, NJ 07461, 112 20180 199736, $3,164.&9, ELW RE INOS DE DELGADO, h6 tw s c 6d by said Claim Plan. advances. rf a . und6r junior lienholdar sh,have the and fl that ce ain Detlaration SlaM85. PI8a58 be advis6d Fixed W68klFix8d Unh. 2200- S1.56; Gr o A Janhns and PJE SAN FRANCISCO N5 ofL6n.Obligo s)shallhav8th8 the t6rms ot said,m ot rightto d68m hsint up ot Covenants, Cond ions and th in 6 ev&rf a your 2235, 1610DD, 11v2015, Carm6lita Jenkins, 12 Sa a SOBRE CAUE JOSE MARn ght to cu the datauW and m y Len, chages and axp sas ot to tha dat6 the Tw 86 iNu Re ri ions and Vatation obligation is not brought tuBt 201801200126, $1 ,746.72, Ct, BaWimo,MD 21207, 112 COL ESCALON SAN junior li8nhold6r rnall have the the T ee and ot the tw s th8C8rfifit 8otS 6bypa ng Ow hip lnrt mant tor LP rlncluding the paynent ot any So.86; Doris Be os Lozada, Flxed WeaWFwad Unh, 1500- SALVADOR 00000 EL righttor m rfsinte up c ated by said Claim otLan. the unts du6 as oMined Vacation Surfes, Ptorded on t86s inw by Wa g e in Hc 3 8ox 78424, 8o T6jas, 1565, 3V0DD, 1 2n015, SALVADOR, 0410512018. lnst: to tha d 6 tha T ee iNues Obligo s) rnall have the right abova. By. GREENSPOON November 6, 2015, in omcial commencing this to&losu Las Piedras, PR 00771, 1n 201801199738, S2,495.94, 20180201 197, $0.91 , theCe c aotSalebypa ng lo cu the datauW and any MARDER, Tw . R ords Booh 110,Paga pDcaMT w hin irfy (30) Fixed WeeMixed Unit, 15 $1.23: Lawr8nG8 D Pierta 82,238.33; LR 23O6 33 B, Unit th6 anDunts dua as outlined junior lienholder 5hall have the HIBlr n" - NoncE OF 8650, in the Publit Retods daSs hom lh6 fim dat6 ot 1522. 27 0DD. 1 v201 5, Jr and Cindy s Pi e, 4221 w86k: 33, Unit: 2306, above. By: GREENSPOON nght to r6de8m its inta st up rRWTEE'S MU ot O nga Coun,Florida ha pu lication, We undenigned 201801200126, 82,744.49, London Rd, Duluth, MN 55804, F quency: Annual, MARDER, TwstB8. tothe d ethe Twsteaissues Owne sT Add N Building fimerna Decla tion ). ma T ee rn,pmeed with 81.35; Jose Menjivar and 112 Fixed W86Mix8d Unrf, FRANCISCO JOSE BARAONA HIBrr n - NoncE OF heCe ificaleofSalabypaying Unh k Year TS Undivided Condominium Declaralion and the 5al8 ot the PDparfy as Catalina Gomez D6 Menjivar. 900-948. 1V0DD. 1 v2014. RECINOS. PJE SAN TRUSTU'S SALE the amounts due a5 o lin6d lnte Surt6 Typ6 S6ason tha fim8shar6 Declaration, as p vid6d in &ion 721.855, Zona1O,Paseo Mi lvalle,269, 201801199738, $3,164.69, FRANCISCO #5 SOBRE CALU Owne s) Addr6N Building above. By: GREENSPOON A DuntP8rDi6mCOLR lnto 6ach may be rther amended horidaSt ules,inwhith tasa. San Salvador, EL SALVADOR, S1.56; Nephen R Manhall JOSE MARn COL ESCALON Unit w86k Year TS Undivided MARDER, LLP, T stee. GERARD NDAU 703 Ha em tDmtim8totim8,a h6 ina & the und&sign6d T stae shall: 112 Fixed Wee xed Unh, and Do e M all, Man o SAN SALVADOR EL lnterest Season TS Phase WHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF St Young5tow, OH 44510, coll ively rete ed to a5 the (1) PDvid8 you wrfh wrmen 900-917. 49nvEN, 1 2014, War Cir 8, P.o. 8ox F 43248. SALVADOR, 04 512018, lnrt: Amount P6r Diem COL Rat lnfo TRUSrEE'S snLE L, 170, 3, WHOLE, 1, One wD8clarations"; 9501 Univenal notite ot the sala, intluding 20180/2 126, $4,685.18, Fr68port, BAHAMAS, 112 20180201 197, So.91, OTHNI RODRIGUU B MARIA Owner(s) Addr6ss Building Unit B8dDom, Season 3, $3,314.46, Boul6vard, O ando, FL 32819, the dat6, time and lotation 82.31. Flxad W66 Flx6d Unk, 1 $2,238.M; LR 23O6'N'B, Un M NEGRON 760 Calla Amapola Week Year Season Amount Per S1.o7, 201 7-0576907; Building erein .'Tim6 Shar6 the ot; (2) R6tod the notite SepL 28; OcL 5, 2018 1911, 34nvEN, 1 lv2o1 4, Week: 33, Unk: 2306, T jillo AWo, PR 976, 1800, Diem COL Rec lnfo Memorable Vacations, UC, a Plan (P perfy) Address"). As ot sale in the Public Recods of L 172226 201 8011 99738, $4,685.18, F quancy: Annual, GILBERTO 1832, 38, ODD, 1/2, F ed MARIANA D LOPU 22211 Florida Coporation p o Box a Psult ol the afo mentionad Orange CouW, Flonda; and (3) 82.31; Ruuell c King Jr, and ANTONIO BARAONA WaeMixad Unit, $8,651.55, Woodseem Ct Katy, TX 77449- 138o39 CLERMONT, FL 34713, detauW, ERGS hereby alacts Publish a copy of the notite of Patricia King, 2234 Avalon RECINOS, PJE SAN S2.12, o-o; MARIO J GOLCHER 5173, 11, 107, 34, EVEN, All N, 211, 10, WHOLE, 1, A 2 to sell the Prope y pursuant sala two I2) times, onca aach NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Gates, T mbull, CT 06611, 1 FRANCISCO N5 SOBRE CALLE a FILIZ ARDIC P.o. Box 22552 Season-Float WaaMloat Badroom. Season 1,$4,447.94, to Sertion 721.856, Florida week, for two (2l successive INnNT ro FORECLOSE,Flxed WaaMixad Unrf, 900- JOSE MARTI COL ESCALON Qatar # ays Technical Bldg. Unrt, $3,130.82, $0.87, 2018- $1.32, 201 7-057690T; Statutes. Please b6 advised weehs, in an Orange County WESTGATE LAKES,FILE: 926, 43 H0LE, 1/2/2015, SAN SALVADOR 00000 EL Doha, QATAR, 1900, 1918, 38, 0065552; LUIS A COLON JR Memorable Vacations, LLC that in the event thal your newspaper, provided such a 2T669.0T50 201 80/1 99738, $6,093.44, SALVADOR, 04105/2018, lnst: EVEN, 112, Fixed WeeMlxed,3918 Green Sabal Dr. O ando, A Florida Coporation p O obligation is not brought newspaper exists at the time Pursuant to Se ion,83.o1; Guadalupe FIORS, Sur 20180201 197. $0.91 , Unit, $5,011.41, $1.32, o-o; FL 32824, 11, 113, 1, EVEN, BOX 138039 CURMONT, FL cu ent (intluding the payment ot publishing. lf you tail to 721 .855, Florida Slatut6s, 35 w 546, Entre Oriente 6 Y $2,238.33; LR'2312 O4 B, Unit MICHAEL J HENDERSON a Value Season-Float WaeWFloat,34713. N, 312, 18. WHOLE. of any tees incu ed by ERGS cure the detault as set forfh WESTGATE LAKES OWNERS Vla Del Fe oca |, Orizaba Week: 4, Unit: 2312, FRquency: , MARTHA A HENDERSON 783 Unit, 84,4o1.88, 81.12, 2018-,1, A 2 Bedroom, Season . in commencinglhisforeclosure in this notice or take other ASSOCIATION, INC Veratwz 94300, MWICO, 1 Annual, CARLOS PORCEL 64lh Ave S Saint Petersbug, FL,0065552: JASON T HOFFNER 2, 84,447.94, $1.32, 2017- ' process) within thirty (30) appropriate aclion wi h regad (hereina er reterred to as Flxed WeeWFixed Unit, 1900- SASTRIAS, INSURGENTES 33705, 19,1925, 43, ODD,142 Cotswold Cir Davenport, ; 0576907; Blue Chlp Premier ' days trom the first date ot to this roreclosure ma er, you "Westgate"), has recorded a 1927, 31 H0LE, 1/2/2014, SUR # 2117-3 COL. SAN 1/2, Flxed Wee Fiwed Unit, ' FL 33837-8881, 14, 107, 35. 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