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October 5, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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October 5, 2018

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PAGE 6B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, OCTOBER 5, 2018 FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, coporationd/b/aABC ROCK UNIT 8, 14-16 ROKER LP VACATION SUITES 9501 9271: DAMARIS RIVAS-VEGA EVERY EVEN NUMBERED,Main Rd Aripero. TRINIDAD AL 35643-4000, EVERY OMER THAN THE PROPE SUPPLY co INC Unknown STREET SOUTH CRONULLA, Universal Boulevard Orlando, 15298 sw 104TH STAPT9-23 YEAR, 0.011325000009b, TOBAGO, 1900. 1954. 29, EVEN NUMBERED YEAR, OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF Parfies in Possession, if NSW 2230 NEW SOUTH FL 32819 Said sale will be MIAMl, FL 33196-3260 743, ONE BEDROOMI2, 6314- ODD, 1l2,Season-Floal 0.01 1635000009b, ONE ME us PENDENS MUST FILE living, and all Unknown WALES, EVERY YEAR, made (without covenants, or 48, EVEN NUMBERED YEAR, 38 E, vl, $12,904.52, $6.36, WeaklFlo Unk, $6,432.95, BEDROOM, 5501-19 E, A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS Parti85 claiming by. through. 0.02842000000%, TWO wa an,8xpr8N or implied, 85,4o5.39. 8o.26, 10889-9271; 201 60481 603; ERIK w. $3.17, 10964-1119: ANTONIO vll, 813,991.15, $6.89, AFnR THE SAU. under or against the above BEDROOM, 7702-17, vll, 2, regarding thetitle, poN8Nion ELIZABETH ANNE PECK15O8 PURDY 922 WEBSTER ST. DIAZ a ELBALUZ DIAZ Po 2016 608; SANDRY KAY lf you are a penon with a namedDefendant(s),who 817.3o2.35, 88.53, 1o662- or 6ncumbrances) to pay the STANLAKEDREASTLANSING, MUSCATINE, IA 52761,Box 581046 Kissimmee, FL BOWERS 20526 NE 9TH disabili who n d any arenotknowntobedeador 7631; THOMAS WIWAM unpaid assessments due in the Ml 48823-2018, 931, 49, EVEN EVERY ODD NUMBERED 34758, 1900, 1954, 30. EVEN, PL NORTH MIAMI BEACH, accommoda ion in order to alive, whethar said Unknown LlmEwooD JR. TRACY amount of (See Exhibit A"), NUMBERED YEAR, $7,888.59, YEAR, 0.01 132500000,112, All Season-Float WaaW FL 33179-1931, EVERY participate in this pDc88ding, Parti85 may claim an inte&t ANN UTTUWOOD 5863 with interast acc ing at tha $0.34, 20170203234; MARY ONE BEDROOMI2, 4406- Float Unrf, 81o,858.12, 85.35, EVEN NUMBERED YEAR a you a entkled, at no co to as Spouse, Hein, Devisees, WINDSOR FAUS LOOP rala ot (See Exhibil Aw) p6r SMITH 917 BLUE UNE 40, lv, $13,977.87, $6.89, 10895-641; CHRISTINE M EVERY EVEN NUMBERED you, to the p v n ot cartain Grant68s or h Claimants, ARLINGTON, M 38002-5396, day, punuanttothe Tlmeshare ROAD SIMCOE, ON N3Y4K4 20170342814; MICHEUE FULMORE a CARLTON A YEAR, 0.01615000000gb aMi anc6. Plaase conta Datanda s. EVERY ,O.O2842 O9b, Plan, advantes, it any, under CANADA. 917, 36, MRY L PURDY 206 WESLEV DR FULMORE 1 Berkalay Manor a 0.016150000009b, TWO the ADA Cooldinator, Human NoncE OF SAU TWO BEDROOM, 780613, the terms ot said Claim ol YEAR, S25. 6.2o, $12.34, CLEAR LAKE. IA 50428-1357, Dr F darick5bug. VA 22406. BEDRooMaTwoBEDRooM, Resou es, Oranga County NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN |, 1, $26,861.50, S13.24, Lan, chages and expenses ot 201 1733; EVERY ODD NUMBERED 2 0, 2036, 32, ODD, 112, 6110-2 o a 7803-50 E, vl a Courthouse, 425 N. O ng6 punuantlothaFinalJudgmant, 10972-a7; DEANNA SUE the Twstee and ol the t s S pL ;OcLS. 18 YEAR, 0.011325 gb,s n-noat WaeMloat a vll, $22,483.61, $11.08, Avenue, Suke 510, O ando, ent&ed in Civil Ca58 No. SIEGMUND a JEFFERY c atad by said Claim of Lan. L 172125 ONE 8EDR00Mn, 4406 Unh, S1,416.21, So.7o. 10244- 20160661718; SHELLY ANN norida (40 836-2303, at I6ast 2016-CA-009619-0 18 ot th6 LANCE SIEGMUND 21N5 Obligor(s) shall have tha right 40, lv, $13,977.87, 86.89, 2281; DONTA US L WRIGM DUESUS 11801 HOOSE CT. 7 days befo your sch6dul8d Cirtuit Courf ofthe h Judicial ROSEHIU CHURCH RD. to cu he d6tauW and any 20170342814;DAVIDRICHARD a ERICA D MOSELY 8127 FREDERICKSBURG, VA 22408. courf appea nte, or Ciwuk in and tor Oranga TOMBAU, TX 77377, junior lienholder shall have tha AMENDED HOPES 165 TENNESSEE AVE B kband Drive Douglasvill6, NERY ODD NUMBERED imn di e upon recaiving this Coun,Florida, wh6r6in EVERY ODD NUMBERED rightto deem k5 in e up NoncE OF TRwnE's COPPERHILL,TN 37317-4055, GA 30134, 2200, 2z31, 20, YEAR, 0.01 1325000 , notmcat n rf the time b6to SEASIDE NAnoNAL BANK a YEAR, 0.01615 0 09b, to the data the Tw ae issues snLE EVERY EVEN NUMBERED ODD, 1n, #| s6ason-noat ONE 8EDR00M, 6701-20 F8 Kh8dul8d appearance is TRUST, Pl nti and DO TWO BEDROOM, 4607-44 thaCe ificateofSalebypaying TUSCANY LLAGE YEAR, 0.01420000000,W oat Unh, S15,835.67, o, vll, 812,1o4.75, 85.96, | 5 than 7 day; rf you a LHAUisdet8ndant(s),|,CI6 o, w, 2, 811,354.o9, $5.59, th6 amou s due a5 o lined vAcnnoN wlru TWO BEDROOM 2, 7604- S7.81, 10621-3884; MARK 1098 5458; MONICA hearing orvoi pai d, call otcourt.TmanyMoo Russ6||, 1102 : JOHN WIU M abov6. By: GREENSPOON T. HO 1E, vll, $12,858.82, 86.34, c SIMPSON a ANDREA M LINDA XIMENU 18211 711. will s6|| to M6 high6 and RON 810 MATTHEWS MARDER, T stee. On 10126n018 11:00 AM, 20170290606; SIMPSON 8749 aue St BULVERDE RDAPT51O6 SAN submm6d By. bastbiddartorcashAT . COMMONS DR APT 13 NIBIT A" - NOTICE OF GREENSPOON MARDER, S DL 28;0k s,2D1a Omaha,NE68122,22OO,2236, ANTONIO, M 78259-3 27, ATTORNEY FOR PL NTIFF: myorangetl8rk.raaltoraclos6. MATrHEWS, NC 28105- TRusnE's SAU 201 E. Pine slrae, Suhe L172131 50,0DD,112,#IS6ason-Float EVERY EVEN NUMBERED SHAPIRO, nsHMAN a com,AT11: AM on O ober 6129. MRV a WERY Owe s) Addr8N Unit Weak 500, O ando, florida 32801, W86Mbat Unh, S17,483.71, YEAR, 0.009730 0009b, GACH,LLP 23, 2018 the tollowing YEAR, 0.03167 9b TS Und ided lnt st Suh6 as Tw 68 punuam to th S8.62, 1 -6174: MA UA J TWO BEDROOM 1604- 2424 North Fede,Highway, dascribed proper as s&to h a 0.0323 g6, TWO Type Season ICN D6tauW D 6 Appoim m ot Tw 6 WENDED SILVA E FRE AS ANTONIO 21 E, |, $13,562.74, 86.68, Suke 360 in said Final Judgment, o-wrf: BEDROOM aTwo BEDROOM, AmountParDi COLR6tlnto retod on 04 41201 8, NonGE OFTRWTEE'S MSILVAEFRE ASR idancia 201605731 ; LORA UE B a R on, norida 33431 LOT 43, BLOCK c, ISLE 5704-44a6412-2,vavl,2a DANIEL REIS a MAGDA und& DowB ln nl SAU B dasBApto 6EUrbLa KNORR 4265 N.W. 61 561 998 7 OF CATALINA, UNIT TWO, 2,S34,2a6.48,S16.90, 10855- GISELA ARAUZ-REIS 712 no. 201802 815. ot 6 WESrGArE u,Granja Valentia, VENQUE# CT. COCONUT CREEK, 561 996-6707 AS PER PLAT THEREOF 3793;nRIJEANNEcAYR0ss HEWITT LN NEW WINDSOR, Public R olds or ORANGE .01 (BIGG SR) 23 ,2315,4,WH0U, 1,#| FL 33073, MRY , 17- 71 FCO1 WNI RECORDED IN PLAT 2908 WILUAMS sTAnoN NY12553-5462,12O7.1,Eva CouW, Florid4 by ason ot On 10n6n018 11:00 AM, n-no W o Unk, 0.01992,ONE hpL OtL s, 18 BOOK w, PAGE 79, PuB- RD MATTHEWS, NC 2810J Year, 1152. One B6dDom, a now ton nu q d&auw,ghy REENSPOON MARDER, S13,9o7.24, S6.86, 103 - BEDROOM, 7801-14, L 1720 uc RECORDS OF OR- 1231, MRY YEAR a EVERV Gold, 1207-1,$1,715.76, Mortgagor (s), s Ewh. 201 E. Pine St &, Suhe 9283: cRvsnE A ONY |, S25,813.93, 812.73, ANGE couw, FLORIDA 0.03167 So.85, 20180091351; CUVE A,whos6 addrass is (s68 500, O ando, Florida 32801, 9 Granka Ter To ann4 201T0229273; ANV PERSON CL MING AN 0.032,TWO THEODORE MENSINK 34 Mibh A ,inthepaymentor as T staa pu uant to at PA 184,26,2 2, 39, R. MAGEE 46N OLD IN THE CIRCU INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS BEDROOM TWOBEDROOM, SHYLOCK CRESCENT parformanc ot th6 obl ations Appointment ot Tw ODD, 1n,S6ason-Float KENT RD CELSIOR, COURTOFTHE FROM THE SAU. IF ANY. 5704-44 a 6412-2, v vl, SUNNYBANK HIUS, 5 u by a Mortgaga Bo 8d on 05111 2018, W Mlo Unh, S1o.2o7.43, MN 55331 -9268, EVERY NIW JUDICIAL OTHER THEPROP 2 a 2, N4,286.48, S16.9o, QUEENSLAND 04109 ed in om R8tod5 und Docum6nt lnW t S5.o3, 1 39-7452; AUEN YEAR, 0.02265 , CIRCU INANDFOR OWNERASOFTHE DAnoF 1 u-3793; LORRI UIGH AUS 1 7, 28, Ev&y Book(S Mibk A ,atPa e no. 20180280786, ot the L MARROW a TAMMY c ONE BEDROOM, 6215 23, ORANGE couw, THEusPENDENsMusTnu HAUER 242 E PEARL ST Yaar, 1 52, On6 B6droom, (S86Mibrt.A .ofth6Pubit Publit ds ol ORANGE MARROW 204 Robinson St vll, $21,857.79, 81o.77, noRIDA A CLAIM W HIN 60 DAYS OWATONN MN 5 2422, Platinum, 1007-28, t1,535.34, s ot ORANGE CounV, County, Florida, by n ot Waco,GA3O182,9 ,914,5O, 20170215615; snvEN CML DINSION AmR THE SAU. MRY MN NUMBERED So.76,2o1 1351; norida,including 6b achor a now cominuinq d&auW by WHOLE, 1,Season-Float D. MAGEE 2500 w 108TH Ca e : 2011-CA- lt you a a p6non wM a YEAR, 0. 9T3,;OcL 5, 16 de uW, otwhichwasset Mortgagor (s), Sea Mibh Unk. t18,165.87, ST. BLOOMINGTON, MN 01N59-0 disabil y who neads any TWO BEDROOM, 1504-40 L1721&2 to inaNoticeofDa uWand A,whos6 add is (s S8.96, 1026J943; DAWN M M431-4012, MRY YEAR, DIVISION: 37 actommoda ion in 0 6r o E, |, 2, S13,287.12, $6.55, lnt&rf to F lose p ded Exhibk A ,inthe pay tor snRuNG a LANSWORTH 0.02265,ONE Ev k participata in this pDc6ading, 1 5T-7710; JOSEPH E. to th6 la ow add ot p8rformanc6 ot I6 oblig ions H snRuNG So hhington BEDROOM, 6215-23, nlm, you a entitled, at no cost to O'NEIU FEUCIA M.O'NEILL AMENDED Mortgago sT, (See Exhibh s6cur6d by a Mortgaga Ave iOon. CT 6489, vll, S21 ,857.79, S1o.77, -vs.- you,totha pDvision otc6rfain 10305 BERKSHIRE ROAD NoncE OF TRusnE's A,by carfmedlRagista d &ordad in omcial Racord5 9,951, 1, MN, 1 2, #| 20170215615; Jeb Bachman; rican aMistanGe. PI8as6 conta BLOOMINGTON, MN 55437, SALE Mail or by publication by the Book(S66 Exhibrf A,atPaq6 Saason-Floa kmo Unh, S pL ;Ort.S, 16 Exp Ban FSB the ADA Coodin or, Human MRY EVEN NUMBERED oRLnNDo vAc^noN undakigned Twstee, will sell (s68 Exhibit "A,ot th6 Pubic S13,72o.36, 86.77, 107 615; L 172124 D6tendam(5). Resouwes, Orange County YEAR, 0.01132500,sulnsllg . vlLoulsl public aurtion totha highest Reco s of ORANGE Coun,on 5, 18 NoncE OF uu Courfhousa, 425 N. Orange ONE 8EDR00M, 6715- On 1012612018 at 11:00 AM, bidd& tor law,money ol tha Florida, intluding tha b ach or L 172121 NoncE ls HEREBY Avenue, Suhe 510, O ando, 30 E, N, 1, S15,89o.95, GREENSPOON MARDER, Unhad St es otAmerica, in the defauW, notica of whiGh wa5 set WENDED GNW punuam to od& florida(4O 836-23O3,atlea $7.83, 20160573237; L 201 E. Pine StrB8t, hrfa lobby ot hka 500, ot Capital torfh in a Notic6 olDelauW and NoncE OF TRwnE's Bd8duling t low sal6 7 days beto your Kh8dul8d cHRlsnNE PATNODE E1182 5,O ando, Florida 32801, Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine ln ent o Foreclose p vided WENDED SAU or Flnal Judgn nt, 6m&8d court appaarance, or DENVER w EL C ON, as Tw a6 pursuant to that t, O ando, Fl 32801, all tothe lastknown add N ot NoncE OF TRusnE's TUK^NY LLnGE in ci,Case No. 2011-CA- immadi a uponreteivingthis CA 92021 -4775, EVERV AppoinOn6nt d T ee right, t le and i ara in the Mortgago sl, (s Exhibit MU vAcnnoN sulns 01N59-0 ot th6 Ci uit Cou notifitation it the lima beto YEAR, 0.02265,&orded on 01 1&2018, pD& s u 6dinth8Coun A ), by c8rfm8dlR6gist&8d ruKnNY LLnGE T. (NDUKh) or th6 9th Juditial Ciwuh in he Khedul8d app8aranc6 is ONE BEDROOM, 3702-47, und& Documem ln wm6nt ot RANGE,Florida,described Mail or by publication by lh6 vnchnoN wms On 10n6 2018 al 11:00 AM, andtorO n eCoun ,Florida, less lhan 7 days; it you are lll, 2, S18,917.99, S9.32, no. 201 6767, ot Ma as: A (SEE HIBIT A") unde igned TtU 86, will sall T. ON) GREENSPOON MARDER, wh in Ev6 ank, Plain iW and hearing or voice impai d, call 201 237; DENNIS Public R8cord5 ot ORANGE undividad tanant in common atpublic aucliontoth8high6st On 10n6 018 at 11:00 AM, 201 E. Pine t, Suh6 J6b Bachman ar6 d&endant(s), 711. CARR, JR. 1106 WENK DR. Counly, florida, by ason ot ima st in Phase (5) (SEE bidd6rtorlawhlmon6y otthe GREENSPOON MARDER. 5,O ando. horida 32801, |, Cla ot Courf, TiWany SubmiWedBy: SAVANNAH, M 76227-7806, a now continuinq detauW by WHIBIT A ot TUSCANY Unrf8dStat8sotAm8rita,inth6 201 E. Pina t, Suhe as T punuam to that Moo RUN6||, will sall to the ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF: WERV ODD NUMBERED Mortgagor (s), Saa Exhibh LLAGE VACATION SUITES, lobby ofSuhe 500, ot Caphal 5,O ando, norida 32801, Appointment ot T ee hig& and bidder tor SHAPIRO,FISHMANB YEAR, 0.01959400000,'.A"), whose add ss is (Saa as d6scrib8d inthe Declaration Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pin6 as T rt86 punuant lo that r6to 8d on 041041201 8, AT www.myo ng I6rk. GACH ,UP THREE BEDROOM, 7107-17 Ewhibit "A"), inth6 paymentor ot Covanants, Condition5 and Stra6t, O ando, fl 32801, Appoi nt ot Tw 68 und& Docu nt lnstwmant o, AT 11:00 2424 Norfh Fedaral Highway, O. |. 2, 813,4T2.OO, S6.64, performance ot the obligations Restri ions th&eotas Bord8d all right, title and int6 st in orded on 04 041201 8, no. 20180200839, ot the AM on Nov&nb6r13,2O18,th8 Suite 360 20170215521; s6cu d by a Mortgage in O.R. Book 6630, Page the property srfuated in the und& DoGumant ln wment Publit R6cords ot ORANGE following d8s b6d p per as Bota Raton, Florida 33431 OtL 5, 18 r6cordad in O cial Racods 4259inthe Public Recods ot County of ORANGE, Florida, no. 2018020 79, ot th6 County, Florida, by ason of s6 forfh in s d Fin Judg nt, p: (561) 287-5590 L172161 Book (See Exhibit wA ), at Pag6 O nge County, Florida, and desctibed as: (SEE HIBIT Public R8cod5 ot ORANGE a now continuinq delauN by to-wh: F: (561) 287-M89 (See Exhibit "Ah), of the Publit all amend Bnts th6reo (lhe wAhl Time Shara lnt6 (s) CouW, florida, by ason ol Mo g r (s), See Ewhibk PARCEL 1: S pL 2 OtL s, 2016 Recods ot ORANGE Coun,D la tion . G nt68 owns (SEEWHIB A")asd6fin8din a now co inuinq detauW by wA ), ose add ss is (Sea COMMENCE AT THE L 172089 WENDED horida, includinqthe b ach or a Typ6 (SEE HI8lT A"l the Daclaration of Covenan,Morfgagor (s), s68 Mibh Exhibk A"), in the paym6nt or SOUTHWEST CORNER NoncE OF TRusnE's defauW, noticao which wa5 set Vacation Own&ship in a (SEE Condhions and R6stri ions A . whos6 add N i5 Ts68 performance ot th6 obligations OF THE NORTHWEST 1/4 SAU for in a NoticaofD6fauH and HIB A hkeandsh lbe tor Westgate Lakes |, omtial Exhibk A ,in la paym6ntor s6cur8d by a Mo gage OF THE SOUTHEAST 1/4 AMENDED LP vncAnoN sums lntem to For6closa pDvid8d qui dlo make arese ation Records Booh 5020, at Pag6 performance otthe obligations recoded in OMcial R6cod5 OF sEcnoN 10, TOWN- NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S 51 . pEISl to the last known add ss ot tor a Suke, wM eve (SEE 327, otlhe Public Recods ot sacurad by a Mortgag6 Book(s88Mibk A"), Paq6 SHIP 21 SOUTH, RANGE SALE On 10126 2018 at 11:00 AM, Mortgagor( (s86 Exhibk HIBIT A oKupaMy Orange County. Florida (th6 old8d in OMcial R od5 (See Exhibit A"), otthe Pubic 28 EAST, RUN EAST TUSCANV VILLAGE GREENSPOON MARDER, A,by ertm egi e d right5 in accordance wrth the Plan,and all am6nd &t(s) Book(See Exhibk A ,atPa a RaGods ot ORANGE County, 22.50 nET, THENCE vAcAnoN sulns LLP, 201 E. Pin6 Str t, Suka Mail or by publication by the pDvisions ot lhe Daclaration. lhe to, if any. Tog&h6r wM (S Mibh A . ot M6 Pubit Florida, intluding the b ach or NORTH 392.0 FEET FOR 3 T. 4 (ROC 500, O ando, Florida 32801, und8rsign6d Twstaa, will sall Together wkh an appurtenant the right to occupy, punuant Recods ot ORANGE Coun,detauN, notita ot whiGh wa5 s6t POINT OF BEGINNING, On 1012612018 11:00 AM, as Tw 66 punuant to that at public aurtion to the highest undivided intete in common to the Plan, Building-Unk(5) norida, includinq tha b ach or toM in a Notice ot D6tauW and RUN THENCE EAST GREENSPOON MARDER, Appointmant ot Tw5t88 biddertor la ul money otthe elemen s ot the p jact as (SEE HIBIT A,during Unk defauW,noticao whichwa55& lntent to FO GIO58 providad 119.25 FEET TO THE 201 E. Pina St at, Suha old8d on ov15no18, Unkad Statas otAmerica, inthe dascribad in tha D8Glaration. Week(s) (SEE WHIBIT A,rorfh in a Notice ot DatauW and to the last know add ss ot WEST RIGM OF WAY 500, O ando, Florida 32801, und Docum6nt lnrtwment lobby ot Surf6 500, ot cagal Proje 48 - lnte al Cont,during sign6d Y6a s) - (SEE lnt6nt to Fo&osa pDvid8d Mortgago s), (Sea Ewhibk UNE OF MCGEE AV- as Twsta6 punuant to O at no. 201 29z6 ot th6 Plm Building 1, 201 E. ine Numba s): (SEE HIBIT "A") WHIBIT "A ). wEsTGAn to the la know add ot .A,by C8 ifi8dlR6gist6r8d ENUL THENCE NORTH Appoi mem ot T ee Public R6cods or ORANGE St at, O ando, Fl 32801, all TUSCANYVILLAGEVACATION LAKES 10,000 Tu ey Lake Morfgago s), (Sea Exhibk Mail or by publication by the ALONG S D RIGHT OF Bold8d on 0111&2018, Coun . horida. by n right, tkle and int8r6st in the sums 8122 A zzo Way Road O ando, FL 32819 Said A,by C8rtifi 6gi 8 d und8nign6d T stea, will sell WAY UNE 39.81 n under Document ln B ot a now c tlnuing d6 uW pDp uat8dinth8 County O ando,FL32821Saidsalewill sale will b6 mad6 (wrmou Mail or by publi ion b tha atpublic auctiontothe high6st THENCE WEST 119.25 no. 201 6733. or the by Obligo s), IS Exhbk otO E, norida, d8Krib6d be made(wrthout covanant ,or cov8nams,orwa ,6xp N und&s nad Tw ee. wil sell bidd& tor la ul monay ot h6 nET, THENCE SOUTH Public R8God5 ot ORANGE A . who a add N i5 IS a5: ignad Unk h No. wa anty, xp N or implied, or impli6d, ading tha thle, atpublicaurfiontothehighe UnrfadS atesof rita,inthe 39.81 FEETTOTHE POINT Coun,Florida, by laa5on ot Ewhibk A,in Me p or (SEE HIB A Ae qn arding the M,poNaNion poM8 5ion or 6ncumb n s) bi rorlaw,mon y otthe lobby ot Surt6 500. ot caghal OF BEGINNING, ORANGE a now continuinq de uW by p6rf c8otth8 obliga on5 Unh No.bsEE Hl IT.A ,ot or cumbances) to pay Me to pay tha unpaid pnncipal Unk S ol ,inWe Plaza Building 1, 201 E. ine couw, flORIDA. Morfgagor (s), See Exhibk Bu by s d Claim otLan ORLAND vAcAnoN sulns unp d principal balance due balance du6 und the lobby otSuhe 5,otC k& St &, O ando, Fl 32801, all PARCEL 2: A"), whos6 add ss is Ts oldad in O cial Reco s ll, a condominium, wM (SEE und e nDrtgag8 in M6 mortgage in lha um ot Plm Building 1. 201 E. ine right, tMe and inl in the COMMENCE AT THE Exhibit A ), in th6 paymant or Book(S68 Exhibh A ,al Paqe HIBIT A ocGupancyright5, amoum ot (s66 Exhibk wA (s68 Exhibit A,whh im,O ando, n 32801 pD& sku 6dinthe Coun SOWWEST CORNER performanca ottha obligations (Sea Exhibh A,ottha Pubic accodingtotha Declar ion of w h im acGwing at th6 accwing th6 rate ot (s right, Mle and int6 in M6 ot RANGE,Florid& d6&trib OF THE NORTHWEST 114 s6cu d by a Morfgage Records ot ORANGE CouW, Condominiumth t God8d rate ot (s Ewhibh A.) p6r Exhibh wA") parday, punuant pD6&ty5huat8dinth6Coun a5: A (SEE HIB A OF THE SOUTHEAST 114 &ordad in O tial R6cods horida, intludingthe b ath or in omcial Racods Book 5196, day, punuantlolha Mortgage, to the Mortgage, advanG,ot RANGE, horida,d6Krib8d und idad tenant in common OF sEcnoN 10, TOWN- Book TSae Exhibit A"l, at Page datauW, notiG6 ot which wa5 58t Pag8632,inth6PublicR8co s advant,rf and, under the it any, und6r the t8rm5 ot as: A (SEE HI8 A int in Phase (sl (SEE SHIP 21 sow, RANGE TSae Exhibrt A"),otthe Public torthin a NotiGaotDatauN and ot Oranga Coun,Florida, tenw of sai Morfgage, said Mortgage, Ghag8s and undivided t6nant in common HIB AL ot TUSCANY 28 EAST, RUN EAST R8Gords ot ORANGE Coun,lntam to Fo lose pDvid8d and,ndments the to, chages and 8xp8ns6s ot 8xp8ns85 ot the Twstae and int& in Phas6 (s) (SEE NLLAGE VA AnoN SUITES, 22.50 n THENCE Florida,inGludinqth8bl8achor to the la know add N and any amendmams 1&80t the Tw ee and ot tha tw9t5 ot h6 tw s t ated by said HIBfr Ah) ot TUSCANY asd6scribadinth8 D6tlaration NORTH 431.81 FEET d8tauW,notic6o whithwasset ot Obligo s), (Sae Mibk he D6clar&ion"); Tog6h e ed by said Mo gage. MortgaRe. Mortgago s) shall LLAGE vAcAnoN sums, ot Covenants, Condklons and FOR POINT OF BEGIN- torthin a NoticeotDetauW and .A,by am egi a d wrm a r8maind6r over upon Mortgago s) h,hav6 the have t e rigM to tU tha as da bedinthe D6cla ion R8strirtion5th8 otas cord8d NING, RUN THENCE lnt6nt to Foretlosa pDvid8d Mail or by publitation by the termination ol the vacation right to w th6 detauW and de uWand anyjuniorlienhdder ot Cov6nants, Condhion5 and in O.R. Book 6630, Paga EAST 119.z5 FEET TO to tha la know addr s of undenigned Twstee, will sQl owenhip plan as tenant in anyjuniorli6nhold8r 5h,hava shall have th6 right to deam R ri ionsth tas&ordad 4259 in the Public R6tO 5 ol THE WEST RIGHT OF Mo gago sl, (s66 Ewhibh atpublicau iontotha highe tom Dnwhh otharpurchasen the rightto deam hsime hs im6r8A up tothe dalathe in O.R. Book 6630, Pag6 Oranga County, Florida, and WAY UNE OF MCGEE AV- "A"), by Cert edlRegirt biddartorla ul money otthe ot Unk5 w86k5 in 5uch Unk, up to Me date lha Twrtae Tw a8iMu8s h6c8 mc 8of 4259 in the Publit R o s of all amendmen tha to (Ma ENUE, THENCE NORTH Mail or by publiGation by the Unk8dSt 8sotAm6rita,inthe in lhe p6rc8ntag6 in e s iNu8s th6 c&tmGata ol S e S 6bypayingth6a Dunt du6 O nga County, florid4 and Daclaration"). Grant68 owns ALONG D RIGHT OF und6rsign6d Tw aa, will s6|| lobby ot Suk6 5,ot Capkal det&minad and establishad by by paying Me unts due as asoutlinadabova.By:Amanda,dBs th6Bo he a Typ6 (su HI8lT A WAY UNE 39.81 FEET, publit auctiontothe high6st Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pine Exhibk D lo tha Declaration o lined abova. &: da L. L Chapman,AuthorizadAgent. Detla ion . G nt66 ows Vatation Owe hip in a TSEE THENCE WEST 119.25 biddartorlaw,money otthe St &, O ando, Fl 32801 of Condominium to have chapman, rmorizedAgent. Hlalr A" - NoncE OF a Type (SEE wlB A HIB .A Suh8and5hallb8 FE THENCE sow Unit6dSlat6sol Qintha all rigM, thle and inte&t in and to hold th6 same in tee HI8lr A - NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE Vatation Owanhip in a TSEE requi d to maha a s6 ation 39.81 FEET TO THE POINT lobby ot Suh6 500, otCapkal th6 prop6rty s uated in th6 simple tor6v8r. ORLANDO TRUSTU'S snLE Own6 s) Addrass Building HIBIT.A )surteandrnallbe tor a Suhe, whh 6v6 (SEE OF BEGINNING, ORANGE Pla a Building 1. 201 E. Pine County ot ORANGE, norida, vAcAnoN sulns II 6924 Ow6 sT Add M Year n Unk w66k Y6arTS Undivid6d qui dto mak a n HIBIT A otcupancy couw, noRIDQ Str t, O ando, n 32801,describ6d as: m6 tolbwing G nd VacatlonE Way O ando, Und ided lnla Suite Type lnt6 Saason nount Per tor a Suke, whh 6v6 (SEE rigMs in accordanG8 whh the ANY PERSON CL MING AN rigM, thl6 and ime in the fi Bsha lma t(s)consisting FL 32621 Said sale will b6 ICN TS Pha58 Amoun Par Di8mMTGR6clnto HIBIT A.) otwpancy p visions ot the D6tlaration. INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS pr shu adinMeCounty ot an undivldad t simple made (wkhout covenams, or DiamMTGR lnfo JO VAN R HAYES a CRYSTAL rights in acGo an wkh the Together wrfh an appurtananl FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, ot GE, Florida,d8scrib6d tenant in co n ime in w ty, 8xpr8M or implied, WENZHU ZHOU 340 AUBURN N GREEN 1520 Presidamial pDvisions ot the Declaration. undivid6d in 6 5t in tommon OTHER THEPROPERrY as: A (SEE HI8lT -A pap&u y in th6 p n Unk(s) galdingthethl6, pou on WAY APT 5 SAN JOSE, Dr Richmond, VA 23228. Together wkh an appurtenant al6m6nt ot tha Prol6ct as OWNER AS OFTHE DAn OF undividad I6nant in common ( clubhk 5atormb&ow or enwmb ntes) to pay the CA 9512g1643, 1500, 1511, 45, ODD, 1n, #| undi ded int6 A in common d6scrib6d in tha D8Ga tion. THEUSPENDENSMUSTflU int6 st in Pha5a (s) (SEE in LP VACA N sums and unp d principal balanta due ODD NUMBERED YEAR, season-noat wnoatunk, 8B m5 ot Wa PDj6rt as ProjBrt 48 - lnt6 al Control A CL M WITHIN 60 DAYS WHIB AE ot TUSCANY th6 Condominium Com Dn und6r tha mortgage in the 0.011325,ONE 814,375.21, 87.1o, 10987-512: d8Krib8d in lhe Decla ion. Numbe s): (SEE WHIBIT A") AFnR ME SAU. VILLAGE VA AnoN sums, El& ms and fi&a unt ot (s68 Exhibh .A,BEDROOM 1, 3102-60, |||, DE CHANTA M MIUER 1541 p je 48 - lnt Conbol TuscANYvlLLAGEvAcAnoN lt you a a penon wkh a asd6sGrib8dinth8D8 ar ion Common Elan nb MeBo as whh int ac uing at e 812,651.31, S6.23, 11020- HpnF6 yCtRiGhmond,VA Num 5T: (SEE HIBIT A sulns 8122 vo way disabili who n ds any ot Covenants, Condhions and mo parficula y d6Krib6d in r a ol (s68 Exhibh A per N ; ANGELA J. WILSON 23228. 15,1511, 45, ODD, TuscANY LLAGEvAcAnoN O ando,FL32821Said5al8 || accommodation in od6r to R6 ri ionsth6r8otas old6d and wbja to n th cert n day,pursuanttothe Morfgage, a PAULO S. cRlsnLo 4 112, All season-noat sums 8122 A ao way b8mad8(wkhortcov6nan s,or partiGip 6 in this p ing, in O.R. Book 6630, Paga Am6nd8d and Rertatad advant65, if any, under Me URS CT CAPE MAY, float Unk, S14.375.21, $7.10, O ando,FL32821 Said5alawill wa an,axp or impli6d, you a emhled,atno co to 4259intha Public R8cod5 ot Detlaration ot Condominium terms ot said Morfgage, NJ 08204-3897, MRV 10987-512;RAFAEL0LWER0S be made(wkho rf covenank,or r8galding tha thlB, poN6Nion you,totha pDvision ofterfain Otang6 CouW, Florida, and tor Vlllaga ot lmagine, A chages and 8xpBns8s ot YEAR, 0.0323,a SOLANGE PERU C le w,8xp N or i plied, or en mb nces) to pay Me aNi aM8. PI6as8 mart all dmants th&elo (th6 Condominium, &orded the Twst86 and ol tha t sts TWO BEDROOMI2, 6607- Geminis Edr Fon56ca 1 Amo reg ding Watrtla, poN6Nion unp d princip balante due a ADA Coordin Human D laration . G mae ows Novembar 6, 2015 in omcial G at6d by said Morfgage. 41, vl, S22,928.71, $11.30, 6A Utb Santa Paula EICat&al or 8ncumbranG ) to pay tha und& th6 mortgag6 in Me Resou,O nge Coun a Type SEE WHIBIT A Recods Book 11,Page Mortgago s) shall have the 20160510522; JAMES A. Ca tas, 1061 VENUUELA, unp d principal balance due amounl ot (See Exhibk A , Courthou5,425 N. O nge VaG ion wenhip in a (SEE n99 in 6 PubliG R o s of right to GU ha detauW and HARTNm 24 APPALOOSA 1500, 1556, 12, ODD, 1n,undar the Drfgaga in the w h int6r8st atc ing the Av nue, hhe 510, O ando, HIB A")Suheandsh lba O nge County, norida, ehe anyjuniorlienholdershallhaua WAY FINKSBURG, MD Saason-Float Mlo Unk, a Dunt of (s Exhibit A,tata ot (See Exhibrf A") per horida(4O 8362303, a quir6dto make a & ion .Condo nium Dada ion : he rightto da m k5 im 21048-1622, EVERV 84,548.88, S2.24, 1080J6980; wkh inta A aKwing at 16 day, pursuanttoth6 Mo gag6, 7 day bato yoursdedu d for a Suha, wh ev y (SEE andfl latc6 nD8 a on up to M6 date th6 Tw ae NW NUMBERED,DON A FESTGE MINDY E t e ot (Sa Exhibk A p6r advanta5, it anS. under the court ap,or HIB A o upanGy otcovenams, Cond ons and sues the Cerf c e ot SalB 0.011325,ONE GRIMES FESTGE 11671 NE day,punuamtoth6Mortgag8, enw ot 5al Mo gag8| immedi&ayupon ngthis rigM5 in acto anG8 whh tha R Wion5 and Vac n by payingtha unts due as BEDRooMn, 4301-22 18thDrNorfhMiami,f1N181. advanc,rf and, und& th6 chqes and axpenses ot not c ion rf th6 tin bato provisions ot th6 Decla tion. ip ln w tor LP o rtlinedabove.By: daL E, lv, t13,977.oo, S6.89, 1700,1721,7,WH0U,1,F 6d t ol s Mortgaga, the wae and ot the tw5 lh6 schadu d app8alanc6 is Togamar wrfh an appurt6nant Vac ion Suk,r ord6d on Chap n,Au oriz6dAg |. 20170342734; KERRY w66knloat Unh, S2O,3N.54, chq and e a ot cl8at8d by said Morfgaga. | s than 7 days; rf you a undivided int8l8st in common Nov6mb& 6, 2015, in omci IBIT n - NoncE OF RIPPU 12736 FM 1173 81o.o3, 10262-8507; KURT the and otMe hAs Morfgago s) sh,have M6 haaring orvoiG8 impai d, call elema s ot tha Proj6rt as Reco Booh 11009, Page TRUSTEE'S MU KRUM. M 76249-,A HUEMMER 3022 Wlnt& ed by s d Morfgage. righ to cu the de uW and 711. d65cribad in the Detlar ion. 8650, in the Public R old Ow6 5) Address Unh h MRY MN NUMBERED Park Pl Madison, wl N719, Morfgago s) sh,have M6 anyjuniorli8nhold sh lhav6 Submm : Proja 48 - lnt6 al ContDl otOrang6 Coun,florida Che Y6ar Amount Per Diam MTG,0.011325,1700, 1726, 47, EVEN, 112, right to tU the detauW and th6 rightto d68m ksint& ATTORNEY OR PL NnFF: Numbe s): (SEE HIBIT A") m ha Decl ion . me R6tlnto ONE BEDROOM 2, 6609-,season-no w66wno anyjuniorlianhold sh lhave up to th6 d a th6 T SHAPIRO, nsHMAN a TuscANY LLAGEvAcAnoN Condominium D la tion and DIAN s. LOUIS a EARL D. 16 E, vl, S11,384.o2, S5.61, Unh, S3,817.37, S1.88, 1o244- tha rightto sim6 iNu8s th6 c6rtmtat8 ot s 6 GACH,uP sums 8122 ao Way th6 fi&are D laration, LOUIS 606 couw Roun 20160572947; NADA 2703;ANN E HUEMMER 9412 up to the date the Trustaa by payingthe amountsduaas 2424 No Fad Highway, O ando,FL32821S dsal6,as each may be hrm6r 93 sLAn HILL NY 10973- RAMUS C 7313 67TH DR Sloneywood Blvd Middlaton, iNu8s tha c6rtmcat8 ot Sal6 owlinad abova. By: da L h a 360 bamad6(wMortGovanams,or d nomtim6toti . 8 4107, 499, 45, EVERY ODD UNIT 1 MIDDU LLAGE, wl 53562, 1700, 1T26, 47, by payingth amounts due as Chapman,AuthorizedAgent. Raton, noridaN431 w,6xp or npli,h inaW coll8rt 6 B NUMBERED YEAR, $7,877.45, NY 11379-2524, NERY NEN, 112,S6ason-Flo ortlined above.By:Amanda L QNIBIT A - NoncE OF 561 998 7 garding et,poaion to as Me Deda ions"; S3.88, 10481-4993; MARY MN NUMBERED YEAR, W Mloat Unrf, S3,817.37, Chapnan,A horizedAgent. TRusnE's SAU 561 99&6T07 or 6ncumb nc8s) to pay tha T wrm me tollo ng: JANE R. BATANQ-TAMPON 0.011635,ONE S1.88, 10244-2703; HIURY QNIBIT n" - NoncE OF Own6r(s) Addr8M Year TS 11-227040 FCO1 FW unpaid principal b ance du6 g)me rightto e a fime a REYONTOLAN TAMPON91 BEDRooMn. N1 19E, v, p CERQUEIRA BRENDA D TRUSTEE'S SAU Undividad lnt8r6st Suit6 Type hpL ; s, 18 under tha mortgaga in the ariod, a5 defin in the 1 1 KEAUNUI DRIW N116 S1o, .51, S4.93. 10827- PAGOTTO 177 C K rf Owne s) Add N Yaar TS ICN TS Pha5a Amount p& L172O91 amount ot (S6a Exhibk A,Tlmasha D la on, and to EWA BEACH, Hl 967,9,6107; ME EMA RAMUSMC No 14 Sh w5bu,MA 01545, Undivid6d lnt& Suha Typa DiamMTGReclnro wkh interest acc ing tha us6 and oKupy a Club h a 49, MRV ODD NUMBERED 7108 72ND ST APT 1 1700,1764,32,WH0U,1,ICN n Phasa Amount Per EBERE u. NDUKA B NWAKA e ot (See Exhibrf wA per otthe Plan Unk Configu tion YEAR, S8,181.oo, $4.03, GUNDAU. NY 11a-T331, season-noat hmoat Un,Di nMTG R lnto c. NDUKA 14 BELMONT AVE IN THE CIRCUIT day,punuanttothe Mortgage, set torfh below, on a Ro ing 20170216917; BRIAN EVERV NUMBERED S21,179.3o, 81o.44, 1087J JOSEPH A AUTON PL WEW, NY118O3, MRV COURr OFTHE 9TH advantes, if any, under he use basis as settorth below, FARTHING 2002 MAYF#R RD YEAR,O.O1163 ,ONE N78;MILTONOHIGHTOWER 16 DEPOT ST UN 5 YEAR, 0.02327 , JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN t6rms ot said Mortgage, in accodanc6 wrfh, and CHAMPAIGN, IL 06182-6455, BEDROOMI2, 5314-19E, v, a NATASHA A HIGHTOWER HOUSATONIC, MA 01236, ONE BEDROOM, 5702-14, v, AND FOR ORANGE chaqas and exp6ns8s ot subje to the Declarations, 936, 50, ODD NUMBERED $10,009.51, $4.93, 10827- 45 coW Cir Covin4on, GA MRY EVEN NUMBERED 1, $15,041.40, $7.41, 10586 COUN FLORIDA tha stea and ot tha hu s as a nd6d, togemer wkh YEAR, $6,072.02, $2.99, 6107; REN A EDWARDS 30014, 1800, 1824, 3, ODD, YEAR, 0.01615 9s, 8575; CAROL ANN MARSH Case No. 2016-CA- c ated by said Mo gage. the right in common whh all 10547-4894; FRANCES J. 793 s TRACY BLVD N 362 112, All S6ason-Float kl TWO BEDROOM, 350448E, a PmR JOSEPH MARSH 19-0 Mortgagor(sT shall have the Owen to use and enjoy DIXON 6932 FINCHLEY TRACY, CA 9N76, EVERY Float Unh, $13,501.30, $6.66, |||, 81o,97o.62, $5.41, 10645- 8686 CRABAPPU LANE DMSION 37 right lo cu the detauW and the fimesha Common DR REYNOLDSBURG, OH EVEN NUMBERED YEAR, 10866-5001: SITHEMBISO 0933: HEATHER N. ALSTON WARREN, Ml 48093, EVERY SEASIDE NAnoNAL BANK a any uniorlienholdersh lhave EI8m8nt5 and Condominium 43068, 211, 46, EVERY 0.011325 0%, ONE MAJOZI a NOKUTHULA 26 HIGH ST HOUS ONIC, YEAR, 0.0391800000096, TRUST, a national -charfered lhe right to redeem its im 85t Common Ele anls during the ODD NUMBERED YEAR, aEDRooMI2. 6502-21 E, vl, MBAMBOFlat2148Grosvenor MA 01236-9701, EVERY THREE BEDROOM, 7707- com rcial bank. up to the date the Twsl86 Hon Week r e ed to each $9,817.n, $4.84, 10942- S1o,oo4.36, 84.93, 10980- Rs London, SW1V3AN EVEN NUMBERED YEAR, 49, Vll, 2, $18,572.69, $9.15, Plaintm, issues tha Certificata ot Sala atorasaid Tln share lnt ast 1910; MINHUISAMANTHA su 4457; HECTOR POMPIUO ENGLAND, 1800, 1831, 27, 0.0161500 9b, TWO 20160481377; CHRISTOPHER v. by payingthe amounts due as as are and may be setforthin 130 BRADHURST AVE APT OREUANA 21117 GARY WHOLE, 1, All Season-hoat BEDROOM, 3504-48E, |||, DEAN MARES a ELIZABETH DONALD L HAL an outlinadabove.By:Amanda L. the Decla lions; Tlmeshare 809 NEW YORK, NY 10039- DRIVE APT 116 CASTRO Week/Float Unit, $33,687.71, 81o,97o.62, 85.41, 10645- ANN WILSON 6965 smsoN individual, JEANNINE L. Chapman, Authorized Agent. lnt6rest:TSEEWHIB A")Club 2435. 9N, 23, WERY YEAR, VALL CA 94546. EVERY 816.61, 11o28-4638; DEVEEN 0933: ALPHONSE THOMAS WAY FRISCO, TX 75034, HALL, an individual, ISLE OF WHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF Sui e Number. (SEE HI8lT 811,639.47, $5.74, 10429- ODD NUMBERED YEAR, AsHANDaBJloNBcLARKE AWN a ANGELA NICOU EVERY EVEN NUMBERED CATALINA HOMEOWNER'S TRUSrEE'S SALE wA") Unrf Week Number: 1977: ANDREE MATTHIS RAY 0.011635 09b, ONE Po Box 408 Savannah Grand MILUR 4218 PATHWAY YEAR, 0.00671500000%, AssoclAnoN, INC Owner(s) Addrass Yaar TS (SEE HIBIT "A") Plan Unit 111 DAWN ST WAKE VILLAGE, BEDROOMI2, 5309-47 Cayman Ky1 1502, 1900, CT FRESNO, TX 77545, ONE BEDROOM, 1501- a florida nol-lor-profit Undivided lnterest Suite Typa Configuration: (SEE WHIBIT TX 75501-5874, 852, 48, MN O, v, 89.472.08, $4.67, 1913, 46, EVEN. 112, All,EVERY ODD NUMBERED 1E. |, 2, 81o,965.12, $5.40, copo tion, BRADCO Tenant lnterest ICN TS Phase "A") Saa5on: (SEE WHIBIT NUMBERED YEAR, $9,707.05, 20160228064; KIMBERLY Saason-Float WeeMloat Unit, YEAR, 0.0142 0,20160443524; SUPPLY CORPORATION, a Vatation Ownership Type '.A ) Recu ng Right: (SEE $4.78, 10B08-0941; RICHARD NESHAY O'GILVIE AKA $13,674.71, 86.74, 10924- TWO BEDROOM, 7704-49 Sapt. 28; Ort. 5, 2018 dis5olv Florida coporation, Amount Per Diem MTG Rec WHIBIT A") lnternal lnte al VEGA 16985 sw 93RD STREET KIMBERLY NESHAY O'GILVLE 5956; KEMPTON CARTER a o, |, 816,21o.32, 87.99, L172129 AMERICAN 8UILDERS AND lnto Control Number: (SEE HIBIT APT 201 MIAMl, FL 33196, 743, 6 CLNELLE CLYDE TRICIA L CARTER a KENT K. 20160618975: JARROD CONTRACTORS SUPPLY ELLIOT PETER ROCK a .'A")and )Membershipinthe 48, EVEN NUMBERED YEAR,MITCHELL8818COYTH LANE cARTERaAuDREYcARTER6 LAWAN PRUITT 16748 AL COMPANY, INC a Florida,CANDICE NATAUE MARI- Hilton Grand Vacations Club. $5,405.39, 8o.26, 10889-,SHREVEPORT, LA 71106, KYLE K. CARTER 278 Southern HIGHWAY 20 HILLSBORO, AMENDED