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October 5, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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October 5, 2018

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PAGE 10B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, OCTOBER 5, 2018 201 80/1 99342, $4,685.18, fees incu ed by We gale in 86.816.74. 83.36: and Marisol Ortiz, 953 E DEFAULT AND INTENT TO Lak6 Road. Orlando, FL 32819,Fixed Unit, 1400-1418. 271 NJ 08861. 1/2 Fixed Wee $2.31: lrma,TorPs and Edgar commencing this to&bsu Ortob r s, 12, 18 Normandy Blvd, UeWona, FL FORECLOSE: (heRin "Time Share (Property) ODD. 1/V2014, 20180235578, Fixed Unrt, 700-745, 32/EVEN, Hemandez, Condominio To e proceMT w hin ir I30) L 17UN 32725, 1/2 Fixed WeeMixed Owne s)IObligo s), fime5haR Address"), Building (See Exhibit $3,1 64.69, $1 .56; Da an 11u201 4, 201 80235688, De Escorial lll, 4006 Avenida days f m the fim date of Un,1000-1015, 1 3nvEN, lnterest, Building/Unk, Week, .'A") merein "Time Share Plan K Chester Sr, 13303 SuWer $4,685.18. $2.31: Rodney Sur Apt. 3606, Carolina, PR publication. the unden ned 1/v201 4, 201 80/1 99740. DefauW Date, Boo Page of (Propa y) Address.'). As a Ave, Jamaica. NY 11420- L Ha is, 17151 Pennin4on 00987 Edgar Hamandez, Twrtee shall pD W F NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND $4.685.18, $2.31; Tommy Recoded Lien. Amount, Per suW of the a orementioned 3030 Sylvia M Cha er, 116 Dr. D rorf, Ml 48221, 1/2 55 Las Brisas Camino Real, the sale of e PDp8rty as INTENT TO FORECLOSE Avanl and Ana asia Avant, Diem Amount: default. Westgate hereby elerts Northbend Dr Apt F. Charlone. Fixed Wee Fixed Unit. 1100- 40 Avenida Sur Apt. 3606, provided in Sertion 721.855, wuTGAn LAKES III FILE: 213 Levon Owens Dr, Ter,Sarah B h Macneilfka Sarah to sell the Proper punuant,NC 28262-4405, 112 F ed, 1122, 1&EVEN, 1/2/2014, Caguas. PR 00725 Manuel Florida Statrtes, in which tase, 2T66g.0T64 MS 39170, 1/2 Fixed Wee B Doherty, 9210 Vllla Palma to Se ion 721.855, Florida,700-711, 30/EVEN, 11v2014, 20180235688, $4,685.18, Hemandez and Maribel Albino the undenigned Tw ee sh |: Pursuant to Settion F xed Unit, 600-628, 47/WEN, Ln Apt C, West Palm Beach, Statutes. Please be advised 201 80235578, $4,685.18, $2.31; Gabriel R Soria and Eva De Hemandez, Vla Arenales (1) p vide you wrm wrmen T21.855, Florida Stat es. 1/2/2014, 201 80/1 99740, FL 33418, 1 2 F ed Weekl that in the event that your 82.31; Dar n K Cherter Jr, L Cubillo, Monte Olivo S2O42 CK9532, ub Camino Del notice ol the s e. including WESTGATE LAKES OWNERS $4,685.18, &2.31: Altred Fixed Unrt. 1600-1652, 13/ obligation is not brought current 146 CHESTERFIELD RD, El PDgr8No. auho Pichincha, Mar, Toa Baja, PR 0 49, 1 the date. time and loc ion ASSOCIATION. INC. Boston Jr and Marcia Mathews ODD, 1/v2014. 201801199348, (including tha payment of any Hamplon, VA 23661, 1 2 Fixad, ECUADOR. 112 Fixed Wee Flxed Wee F ed Unk. 500- thePof; (2) Re d the noti me ina er reterred lo as Bo on, 16259 Lasu St, 83,164.69, $1.56;. Ra el fees incu ed by We gate in 7O0-711, 301EVEN. 1 V2O14, Fixad Un,700-714, 38/EVEN, 555. 28 H0LE. 112n014, ot sale in the Public Records ot g&e,has recoded a Detrok. Ml 48235, Marilynn Lo ruo Hernandez, 3100 SW commencing this foBlosuP 20180235578,$4,685.18, S2.31 1n12014, 20180235688, 201 801199342, $7,849.87, Orange County. Florida: and (3) Cl m ot Lien in the a Dunt K Laidler. 17367 Huntin4on 106th Ave, Miami, FL N165. proc8M) wkhin thirty (30) Orfober s, 12. 18 84,685.18. 82.31: John F 83.87; Pri5tilla J Nichols, Publishacopyot enoticeof of (See Exhibrt A . wkh Rd. Det,Ml 48219-3521, 1 1 2 F ed WeeM ed Unrt, days hom the fim date ot L 172254 Brinkman and Michelle Koppes. 1101 Camden Ave, Salisbu . sale two (2) tim,on each int& act ing at th6 rate ot Fixad Wee Fixed Un,600- 1400-1452. 45nvEN. 11v2014, publication, the undenigned 23622 Urban St, Macomb, MD 21801, 112 Fixed Week/ week, tor two (2) wc N e (s ExhibW A perday, and 646, 26 H0LE, 1/v2014, 201801199348, $4,685.18, Tw ee shall proceed wkh Ml 48042, 112 Fixed WeeW F ed Unk, 5 -544, 28 0DD, weeks. in an O nge County dad in O.R. Book (See 201801199740, $6,816.74, 82.31; E in Velazquez, 456 the sale ot the Properfy as NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Fixed Unit, 1100-1152. 211 112n014, 201801199342. newspaper. pDvid wd a Mibrt A ,atPage(SeeExhibh $3.36: BridgeWe s B wn, G veland St. Abin4on. providad in S6 ion 721.855. INTENT TO FORECLOSE EVEN, 11v2014, 20180235688, 83,164.69,$1.56; Bemie Davis. newspaper exi s a e tinP A,of tha Public R ords of 1486 Springleaf Cir, Smyna. MA 02351-2146. Melissa M Florida Stat which case. WESTGhTE II FIU: $4,685.18, $2.31; Patricia A 1415 Chapel St, Salisbu . ol publ hing. W you,to O nge County, Florida, and GA3 8O.1 F ed Wee Fixed Valazquez.M5OC le N13,Urb he undenigned Tw ee shall: 2T6 .0TT8 Srader and Daniel L Heiser, MD 21,112 Fix Weekl cu the de uW as sel r WB und&signed Tw ee as Unk, 600-637, 22 H0LE, Glenview Ga ens, Ponce, PR (1) Provide you wrfh wrmen Pursuan to Sertion PO Box 634, Belton, MO F ed Unk, 5 -544, 2810DD, in Mis no ce or take o appoint6d by We gate,he by 1 u2014, 201801199740, 730, 1 2 F ed W M ed notice of the sale. including 721 .855, Florida Statrtes, 64012, 112 Fixed Week/Fixed 11v2014, 201801199342, appDpri e artDn w ald noMes (See Exhibh $7,849.87, $3.87i Hen J Unrf, 13 -1363, 41nvEN, the date, time and location WESTGATE LAKES OWNERS Unk, 1100-1133, 47/EVEN, $3,164.69, S1.56; ClaRnc8 F to Mis to lowR g you A lha due to your IUR to Pearce and Lori A Pea e, 1 2n014. 201801199348, the ot: (2) Recod the notice ASSOCIATION, INC. 11v2014, 20180235688, Bowenllland Me LBowen, risk losing ow ip ot y r pay 6 annual Nment(s) 19547Voiland Road,Roseville, 84,685.18, $2.31; John w ofsaleinthePublicRecordsof (hereina er refe ed to as a,685.18. $2.31: Lany K 4542 Buc om Rd, 8ullock, ti ha ilrt& h Me due on (s Exhibh A and Ml 48066, 1 F ed Wee F ed Elmo lll,179AllenStApt179, OrangeCounty,Florida;and(3) "Westg e"T, has &ordad a Muim6ad. 4785 Ba ley Circle NC 27507 112 F ed w bu dowR pD uR,mem(s) e aWer, Unk, 500-563, 301WH0LE, SprinQeld, MA 01108-1913, Publish a copy otthe notice of Claim of Lien in Me amount Unh 28,Forf Myers, FL339O7. Fwed Unk. 6 -617. 5 EN. lishedinSert nT21.855, you aR cunant in de uW 11v2014, 201801199740, Valerie M Elmo,136 Lncoln sale two (2) times, once aach of (See Exhibh A,whh ma sa F Muimead. 2208 1M014. 201 801199342, Florida S a Lk . You g ot your obligations to pay $7.849.87, 83.87; Luz Vallejo St, Warner Robins, GA 31088, weak. tor two (2) successive inte acc ing at the te ot Owhid Rd, Lehigh AtRS. FL g4,685.18. $2.31; Paul E th se to gn and to ents duato Wa gate DeLozadaandVlrtoriaEugenia 112 F ed W M ed Unrf, weeks, in an O nge Coun (See Exhibrf A perday,and 339364N7, 1n F ed week/ Mkchel and Diane Mrfchell, T6 und6nign burt an on e llowingdescribed al LozadaVallejoand LuzAdriana 1400-1452,4810DD, 1 V2014, newspaper. provided such a corded in O.R. Book (S F ed Unh, 7 -711, 17nvEN, Melling Mount, 5, p&M obj iont m,ex ngyour pDp8rty locat in O nge Del Pilar Lozada Vallejo, P.o 201801199348, $2,744.49. newspaper exists at the time Exhibk"A ,alPage(SeeMibh 1M014, 20180235688, Close. L epool W 1u, righttoob rfto euseofMe CounV, flo da: ISee Exhibk Box 152150. Cape Cor . FL $1.35;GI6nRKkthenandTracy of publishing. lf you fail to A"), otthe Publit R ords ot S4,685.18, S2.31; Ca o G ENGLAND. 112 F ed. 10 - lru &lowl8 pDceduP. A fime Share lnte (s) 33915, 1 Fixed WeeMixed SPriddis,22,Glad oneRoad, WR the datauW as s& torth O nge Coun . Florid and Nilo and Annielyn s Nilo. 10N, 31nvEN. 1 V2014, UponMeund nedtrurt 's (S Exhibk A as definedin Unrf. 500-556, 14 H0U, Hodd8sdonHaMoldshi EN11 in this notite or take o er the undenigned Tmrt as 847 Bishop St, Union, NJ 201801199342, $4,685.18, ceiptofyoursigned ob Dn the D laralion ot Covenants, 1 v2014, 201801199740, OJW, UNrrED KINGDOM, 112 app priate artion wkh gard appointed by gate.he by 07083, 112 F ad WeaklF ed 82.31: C herine Fu y, 52 me torm, e foBlow ot the Condrtions and Restrirtionstor $7.439.87. 83.67: Weven F ed W M ed Unrf. 12 - tothis bBlosu n ner. you torm notmes (See Mibk Unk, 14 -1438, 20nvEN. GDV8 Kingswood HeigMs, lien wrth p to e W theWertg&e Lakeslll,omcial D len 171 Bellman Ava, 1246, 46 EN, 11v2014. risk losing ownenhip ot your A") that dueto your lu to 1 2014, 20180235688, Dublin 24. IRELAND. 112 sp6cm6d in this nol sh,R lds Book N91, at Page Wa ick. Rl 02889, 112 F ed 20180 199348, 84.685.18. timesha int thDugh the pay the annual (s) g4.685.18, S2.31: Ricardo L Flo&ing. 200-212, 3110DD, be subjert to the jud 3172, ot th6 Publit R o s Wee F ed Un ,6 -611,47 S2.31; Kesa Lee, 478 r h &losu p du due on (See Exhib A and Hemandaz and AndRina M 1M014, 20180 199342, foBbsu pD ur8 on . ol e Coun,Florida (Me ODD, 11v2014.20180 199740. Ridge Dr, Slone Mount n, e ablishedinSertion721.855, all ass8Nm8m(s) e &, Zamblano, 10135 sw 75th Pl, g3,164.69. S1.56; Paul C Youhav8M6rigMto Ryow Pl and all dme (s) g3.164.69:$1.56;AmrHRagab GA 30087-4703 J L,florida St es. You may you are tut nt in de uW Miami, FL 33156, 112 Fixed Pidg n and Ka& Pidg n,8 de uWin e n& af B&o, h any. Tog&h& wrm andmadigaAEIMeteni,Ado- 464 r Ridge Dr, S one choose to sign and send to ot your obl at ns to pay Wee Fixed Unrf,7OO-731,36/ pe, GRatwor,Oxon inMisnoti alanyb rigM to occupy, punuant Heliopolis. 43 Moha Farid Moum n, GA 3 87 Sha n Me undenigned t stee an ass8Nm8nts due to Weslgatg EVEN,1lU2O14,2O18O235688, ox1T2ED,uNmDwNGDoM, the un burt .s to e Plan, Building-Unh(s) St, C D, EGY 112 F ed Gibson, 3572 NW 37th Ave, obj ionform.exe ising our onthetollowing deKrib8d al S4,457.o1, $2.20; David L 1n F ed W M Unrf. ofyourb i .Wp ( hibrt .A,during Unh WeeM ed Unk,6OO 27, 2v Forf Laudeda ,FL3NO9.1l2 rigMloobjetltotheuseo the pDperty located in O ng6 Marida,PO Box9O22397,Vlejo 1 1038,27 0DD, 11N014, do not ob rtto e use of s) (See Exhibk .A,ODD,1l2 O14,2O18O 19974O, F ed W M ed Unk, 16 - t rt toRclosu pDc8du . County, Florida: (See ExhibW SanJuan,PRO O2, 112 Fixed 201801199342. 83.164.69, burt,R R, during A gned Y s), (Sae $3,164.69, $1.56; Jose at 1641, 30nvEN, 1 v2014. UponMeundanignadt stee's "A") fime Sha lnte (s) WeeM ed Unk, 700-725. 20/ S1. ; G K wlll and you will not be wb to a M h A . 10, Tu ey and Leyla Rojas Vldela, 201801199348, $4,685.18, &eiptotyoursigned objertion (See Exhibrf A as defined in MN, 11v2014,20180235688, Bemadewe wllli,c o defi#ency judgB rf Road,O ando,FL32819 Claudio A au 304 Jard Del S2.31; Marie Y Perez, 941 torm, the foBlosur8 ot tha the Declaration of Covenants, $4.685.18, S2.31; Rodame S ephen Boyd, Lnder Myen, e p hom & n Tl Sha (PD ) Sur, Antofagasta, CHILE, 1 2 Lon Lake Dr s, W8laKo, M lien wkh sperftothe da ult Conditionsand Res rtionsfot M Sampilo and Vloleta R Sol on, 19 Spring Gardens, of your ti a im& Add ,BuildinglSeeMibk Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, 1 0- 78596-8474, Donato Pe z, specified in this notice shall the We gata Lakas ll, O cial Sampilo, 8112 Spring Lake 5th noor, Manche er M21FB, a insu ci t to o UP A in me Sha Plan 1012, 3MEN, 1n/2014, 3506 ShadowWood,Edinbug, be subje to the judicial Racods Book 5 . at Page Rd N, Jacksonville, FL 32210, uNmD WNGDOM, 1 V ue ums by e li . pDp8rfy) Add ss . As a 201801199740, $4,685.18, M 78541. 112 F ed Wee toBlosu pDc8du only. 3118, of the Public R o s 1 2 F ed Mixed Un , n-flo W floal Unk. By: GREENSPOON MARDER, w of Me a mentioned $2.31; Erne o Tonas and F ad Unk, 700-741. 29 0DD. You havathe rightto cu your ofOrange Coun,Florida @a T -764, 50 0DD, 1n12015, 500-562, 19 H0LE. 11v2014, u,Tru ee. de uW,We g e h&ebyele s Gesha Rodnguez, 100 Ava La 1 v2014, 201801199348. de uW in Me mannersetfo h Plan and all am d s) 2018,$3,164.69, 20180 199342, $7,849.87, EXNIBlr A" - NoncE OF to,the PDp8r punuant Sie a Apt. F91, Condominio 83,164.69, S1 .56; p ricia inthisnotitealanytime befo the to. rf any. Toge whh S1.56. 83.87; Man Bell,4241 DEF^ULT ^ND INTENT TO to &on T21.855, Florida Sie a Del Sol, San Juan. PR P6na, 3428 Clegr Vlew Dr. Me und8nign8dtwrt88'5 5al8 the right to otcupy, punuant Ot 5,1 18 s Four Mile Run Dr Apt 21, FORECLOSE es. Please be advised 00926, 1 Fixed W Mixed Holland, Ml 49424, 112 F ed ofyourti sha inte .ltyou to the Plan, Building-Un s) L 17u56 A ingon.VA 22204, 112 Fixed Owne s)IObligo s). fi in M6 event that your Unk. 2 -215, 51 H0LE, Mixed Un,16 - do notobjerttothe use ottha (Sea Ewhibh .A . during Unh Mixed Un,500-567, 301 lnte,BuildingNnrt,obl ionisnotbDughtcuBt 1 v2014, 201801199740, 1621, 49nvE 11v2014, tw &losu p cedu,Week(s) (See hib .A , ODD,1 V2O14.2O18OI199342. De u Dale, Boo Pag6 ol [lnduding Me payl ot any $6,816.74,$3.36. 201801199348, 84,o72.25, you will not b6 subjerf to a during AMign8d Yea sl, (See NoncE OF DEFhULT^ND S2,837.69, $1.40;,a Recorded,A Dunt, p inw by We gale in Orfo 5,1L 18 S2.o1; Michael A Johnson deficiency judgnant even rf Exhibk A . 10. Tutkay INTENT TO FORECLOSE Ebanks and Dewey Ebanks, D m urrf: cing this to&losu L17V55 and Zaida Portal in, 48 d e pmeeds hom the s e LakeRoad.O ando,FL32819 WUTGATE LAKES II FILE: No 13 S6asan Dr Bosun Bay, Pi& c Du Bu,p ) whhin thir (30) Jordan Lane. Middl&ow, NY of your ti ashare ime st (herein wTlm8 Sha pDp8r T 2T86g.0T8S Bay. G nd Cayan. OlinvilBAv8,BDnx.NY1O467. days hom 6 fim d e of 10940, 112 Flxed W WFwed aR iMumcient to oWset the Addl8N"),Bui ing(SeeExhibh Punuant to Section CAYMAN ISLAND, 1 F ed. 1 2 Fixed W M Unh, publ n. th6 und ignad NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Un,13 -1345, 4UEVEN, amounts sewRd by tha lien. A") (he in,P ShaR Plan 7z1.855, Florida Stat es, 5 -531,50 H0U,11V2014, 2100-2134,3010DD. 1 14, TW sh,pmeed wrfh INnNTTo FORECLOSE 11v2014, 201801199348. By: GREENSPOON MARDER, (PDper ) Add N . As a wEsTGAn LAKES OWNERS 20180 199342. $6.816.74. 20180199360. S3.164.69. B or the PDp8r as WESTGATE LAWS II FILE: $4.685.18, S2.31: Eddie L UP T ee. suW of lhe ab mamioned ASSOCIATION, INC. S3.36; Rosario Morin, 5554 S1.56; Ym E M . po d in aion 721.855, ZT .OT Blount Jr and Danielle JeRco,HIBrr A" - NOTICE OF detauW,Westgate h y alec s mereinawer fanad to as vd Sl,RioG ndeC y. 4-60 2nd Sl, F r Law. NJ norida es,inwhich,Punuant to Sertion 150g Redwood Lane,Wyncote, DEFAULTAND INnNr TO to sell the Propet puRuant "We g e"). has recoded a TX 78582, 1 Flo ing, 1 - 07410, 112 F le undenign6d Tw shall: 721.855, Flonda St lrt8s, PA 19095. 1 2 Fixed Wee FORECLOSE: to Sertion 721.855, Florida Claim ot Lian in the amount 1014, 27 H0U, 11v2014. Un . 1 1943, 34 MN, (1) PDvde you w wrmen wEsTGAn LAKES OWNERS F ed Unk, 1600-1641, 191 Owne s)IObligo s), Tlmeshare Statutes. Please be advised ot (See Exhibh A"), with 201801199342, $7,849.87. 1 v2014, 201801,noti of Te sale, including ASSOCIATION, INC. ODD, 11v2014, 201801199348 eP,BuildingNnk, Week, hat in the eve that your inte rt accwing at the rate ot S3.87: Norma Morin. 1N N S4.685.18. S2.31: H8rtOF the dale. time and location a inaWer te ed to as $3.164.69, S1.56: David L 8ell DetauW Date, Boo Page of obligationis notbroughtcunant (See Mibrt A per day. and Redwood St, Rio Grande C y, Vlrtoria and M am Vlrtori4 r, (2T Recod he notice wW8 ga e"), has Pcorded a and Ros6mari8 D Bell, 310 E Recorded Len, Amount, Per (including the payPm ofany r old8d in O.R. Book (See M 78582. 1 Floating, 10 - 6836CaD nWay,G acRs, ofsaleinthePublitRecodsof Claim ot Lien in the amoum Lanbright St Apt 1.Tampa, FL DiemAmount: tees incur d by w gale in Exhibrt A ,at g, e(seeExhibrt 1014, 27 H0U, 11v2014, FL . 1 2 F ed kl O ngeCoun,lorida;and(3) of (Sea Exhibk "A,wkh 33604, 112 Fixed WeeMixed Jose Luis Lagade and Vl or commancing this to&losu A,otthe p t Ratords of 201801199342, $7.849.87. Fixed Un . 1 -1815. 4v Publish a copy l lhe notice of interest acc ing at the te of Unrf, 16 -1636, 1VNEN, Flo s and Volanda Ertrada process) wkhin thir (30) Oranga County, Florida, and 83.87: John R Hills and Jache ODD, 11v2014, 20180199360, s e o (2) times, once each (See Exhibrf A' per day. and 11v2014, 201801199348. Lagade, 4861 AptA Jackson days hom the fim dale ot Me und8nign6d Tw e6 as L Hil,2 GAS HOUSE DROVE. $3.164.69, $1.56; Stephanie week. for two (2) succ8Nive recoded in O.R. Book (See 84.685.18. 82.31: Silvia G St, R enide. CA 92503, publitation, the unde gned appointed by Werfgate, hePby B ndon IP27 OEA. uNlnD L BDIosh and Bryan weeks, in an Orange Coun Exhibk A ,atPage(SeeExhibk Ho nann, 3500 Santa lnez 1/2 Fixed W Fixed Unk, Twstee shall p whh form& notmes (See Exhibrf KINGDOM, 1/2 F w kl Brozoski, 664 Seminary n spaper, p vided such a A,otthe Public Re lds of Cir, MiNion, M 78572, 1n 700-752, 1V0DD. 1/v2014. the sale ot the PD as A thal dueto yourt lureto F ed Unh, 500-541, 46nvEN. St t. Pannsbu,PA 18073, n spp exim at the time Orange County. Florid4 and F ed W M ed Unrt, 13 - 20180235578, $3.164.69. pDvid8d in S ion 721.855, pay the annual assassment(s) 11v2014, 20180/199342, 112 Fixed w ed Unrt. ot publishing. N you tail to the undenigned T ee as 1323, 19nvEN, 11v2014, $1.56; Jonathan c Cooper. Florida Statrfes, in which,dua on (See Exhibrf A and 84,685.18, 82.31; Guillermo 900-928, 35 MN, 1M014. cu e defauH as set fo h appointed by Westgate, heRby 20180 199348, 84,o72.25, 87 aueens Ciwle, ChaWont, the undenigned Trurtee sh |:,aM8Mm8nt(s) the aWer, ChapetonandElibertChapeton, 20180199360, $4,685.18, in Mis nob or take other tormal notmes (See Exhibk S2.o1: sh& Jon85. 4M PA 18914, Ginger M Ortiz I1) p vide you w wriWen you Gun8nt in detault 7360 NW 56 St. Miami, FL $2.31:LavinaCPagador.10236 appDpriate artion wrm regad A thatdue o yourt lu to CDsby 44, Sarasota. FL Stone, 20414 WyandeWe notice of the s e, including ot your obligations to pay N166. 1 2 F ed.5 -528.2V NwNrdPl.sunnse.FLwu1. to l &losu er, you pay th6 annual aNess tlsl 342 7, 112 Flxed W86M 8d St, Winne ka. CA 91306- the date. time and loGalion ass85sm8nts du6 to We gate ODD.1 V2O14.ZO18O 199342, 1/2 Flxed w ed Un nsk losing o enhip of your due on IS6e Exhib A and Unk. 11 -1143, aNEN, 3121, 1n Flxed WeeklF ed lh6 ot: I2) R6cord the notite on thetollowing destnbedreal 83.164.69. 81.56: an J 1900-1922,3VODD, 1 14. ti&a int8T85lth ugh the all ass8M Pnt(s) thereaRer, 1lV2O14, 20180 199348. Unrt. 1600-1632, 2910DD, ofs einthePublicR odsof pDp8rty located in Orgnge ken and Joanne K ken, 7 20180199360, S3,164.69. twrtee foBlo5w p ceduP you a curPnt in defauW 84,685.18, $2.31; Celeta F 1 v2014, 20180235578, Orange Coun,Florida; and (3) Coun,Florida: (See Exhibit G fod. Stillin4on. vepool $1.56: Jose A Carfagena i in Se ion 721.855. or your obligation5 to pay Cart6r, 26 Tolth6rt8r Ln, Bal $3,164.69, $1.56: Richard Publish a copy ot the notica of "A' fime Share lnt6r8st(s) U53TS,ENGLAND, 1n Fwed, Wt27 Calle C e Urb F rida es. You may aN8N ants due to We gate #r, MD 21014. 1/2 Fixed B Miller and Joyte E Mill6r. sale two (2) times, once aach (See Exhib "A )as defined in 200-252, 3VEVEN. 11V2014, Santa Juanka Bay n, PR doo to sign and send to onthefollowing described Pal Week Fixad Unrt, 13 - 12755 PoNum Hollow Rd, week. for two (2) succeNiv8 the Declar ion of Covenants, 20180 199342. 84,685.18, 56. 1 Fwed e und igned hustee an p perfy located in Orange 1348, 271EVEN, 1 U2014, C oksville, OH 43731. 1 2 weeks, in an Orange CounV Condhions and Restrictionstor S2.31; Geoge M Copeland. Unrt, 18 -1823. 1 WHOLE, ob form,exe ising your Coun,Florida: (See Exhibk 20180 199348, $4,072.25. F ed WeeM ed Unit, 1300- newspaper, pDvid8d such a the W gate Lakes ll, O cial 1029 Stonet il Drive, Plano, M 1 v2015, 201801,rigM to objert to e use ot the A' Time Share lntere (sl $2.01; John c Becker, 47 1343. 2V0DD, 1/212014, newspaper axi s at the time R ods Book 5000, at Page 75023. 112 F ed. 2 -214, 34/ $6,086.43; $3. ; Doug s t rt losuP procedure. (See Exhibk '.A as defined in Tappan St Apt 3, Baldwinsville, 201 80235578, $3,164.69, ot publi5hing. II you il to 3118, of the Public Records ODD, 11v2014, 201801199342. G B an and Cha oWe A Uponthe unde nedtwstee's the Declar ion ol Covena s, NY13O27-2326,AliciaABecker, $1.56: Jeny aui and MauPen cure th6 defauW as s forth of Orange County, Florida Ethe S3,164.69, $1.56; Guillermina B an, 429 E Huisache Ave, ipt of your signed objertion Condrfions and Re rictions for 794 Normandy St, Houston, M Qui, Brash Avenue Phillipine. in lhis notita or take oth& Plan and all an nd nt(5) Copeland. 1521 EndicoW Dr, ngsville, m 7,1n rm, the ro&losuR ot the the Westgate Lahes ll, OMcial 77015-3659, 112 Fixed Wee San Fernando, TRINIDAD appDpriat8 artion w h ard theBo. rf any. Together wkh Plano, TX 75025, 1/2 F ed, F ed W xed Unrt, 9 - lien wrthresperttothe detauW Records Book 5000, at Page F ed Unk, 1600-1652, 4& TOBAGO, 112 Fixed Wee to this toBlosuR maW&r. you the righl to occupy, punuant 200-214, 34/0DD, 1/v2o14, 938. 27 MN, 1 14. specmed in this notice shall 3118, of the Public Recolds ODD, 11v2014. 201801199348. F ed Un,1600-1615, 10/ risk losing owe hip of your to the Plan. Building-Unh(s) 20180 199342. S3.164.69. 20180199360, $4,685.18, be subjert to the judicial of O nge Coun,Florida (the 83,164.69. $1.56: Ricado L ODD. 1 u2014. 20180235578, timesha int thDugh the (See Exhibk A . during Unrt $1.56; Zakira Davis, 1509 $2.31: Jose R Coronado and closuP p cadure on . Plan") and all anPndnP (s) Figue a Marqu and Helga S3,164.69, $1.56; Valencia trustee to&losure p uR Week(sT (Sae Exhibrt A ). Meadow C ek Dr. Princeton, Fransis G and Auralia You havethe right to cuP your lhereto, if any. Toge her wrfh Y Milian Canalas. Hc 2 Box S Head and Willie Head Jr, e ablished in S on 721 .855, during Assigned Yea s), (See M 75407, 112 Fixed. 200- Vlgen and MariaA CoDnado, de uWinthe mannerseltorth the right to occupy, punua 14T26, Ca lina. PR 87. 4333 Abram Lane, Conley. Florida Statrtes. You n ay Exhibrt A . 10.000 Turkey 214. 34 0DD. 1/V2014, 400 Ed Dndson Ave, Sou in isnoticealanytimebetore to the Plan, Building-Unk(s) . 1 2 F ed W Mixed Unrf. GA 30288, 1 2 Fixed Wee choose to sign and send to Lake Road,O ando.FL32819 201801199342, 83.164.69, Bo on, VA 24592, 1n Fwed the undenigned twst .s s e (See Exhib A,during Unh,700-728, 45nvEN, 1/v2014, F ed Unrt, 700-765, 30 0DD. the undenigned twrf an ePin fime Share (PDp8rty) $1.56; Sher L Mc Vey, 19398 W klF ed Unh, 9 934. 301 ofyourti are in ert.lfyou Week(s) (s Exhibh A,201801199348, $4,072.25, 11v2014, 20180235578, objertion form, exe ising your AddRN"), Building (Sea Exhibrf Jeb Stua Hwy, Abingdon, EVEN.1lV2O14.2O18O1 36O. do notobjertto'the useolMe during AN n8d Yea s), (See 82.o1; J6sus R Go Bz and $3.164.69, $1.56: Grego o righttoobjertto euseofthe A me in mlme Share Plan VA 24211, 112 Flo ing. 500- $4.685.18, $2.31; Kim T Mc tn ee toRtlos R pmeduR. Exhibk A . 10, 0 Tu ey MariaFeidaGomez,6167Ocho R en and Felicia D Rivers.PO t rfee fo&losure proc uP. IPDpe y) Address"). As a 555, 30nvEN, 1lV2014, DowellandMarianDMcDow&|. you,not be subjert to a Lake Road. O ando, FL 32819 Rios Dr. San Jose, CA 95123, Box 203, Pineland, SC 29934. Uponthe undenignedtw ee's RsuW of tha aforementioned 201801199342, $4.685.18, 149 Sim5 Lane, Sp bug, d6fic ncy judgment even rf m&ein fime ShaR (P pe y) 1 2 F ed WeeM ed Unrf, 112 Fixed WeeklFixed Unrf, ceiptofyoursignedobjertion detauW,We gateherebyelarts 82.31; Mah ofd6en Oyekan sc 29307, 1n F w p s hom the s a Add y"),Building(SeeExhibk 70 717. 1WN. 11v2014, 1400-145T, 1710DD, 11v2014, form, the fo&losu of tha to sell the Prope y punuant and Adeola Oyekan. 52 Fwed Unk, 965, 3 0DD. of your bnPshaR imeR A me n m6 Sha Plan 201801199348, 84,o72.25, 20180235578, $2,744.49. lien wrfh raspertto the de uW to Sertion 721.855, Florida Bungalow Road. London SU5 1 V2014. 201801 . a inNrmc m to omet the (PDp8r ) Addrew . As a $2.01: MaurineJ Bee.PO Box 81.35: Robarf J Shaw and sp8cih6d in this notite shall Stat rtes. Please be advised 6JZ. ENGLAND. 112 F ed $2.837.69. 81.4o: L A unb Bu by the lien. suW ot the ato mentioned 2554. G lup, NM 87305, 112 Pamela J Shaw, 2658 Windmill be subject to tha judicial that in the evenl lhat your W88Mix6d Unk. 500-N8. 34J H dez and R C By. GREENSPOON MARDER, d8tauW,W6 g 8h8 by &erts Fixed Mixed Unrf, 1400- Fo Dr, lmperial, MO 63052, fo&losu pDc8du on . obligalionisnotbDughtcu 8nt ODO, 11V2014. 201801199342, H nandez, 295 p lnn LL,T ee. to sell the PDp8r punuant 1428, 11nvEN, 1 V2014. 1 2 Fixed Weak Fixed Unk, You have the right to cu your (including the payment ot any S2,744.49, $1.35. Way Sle 130. Hu o. IBIT A" - NoncE OF to Settion 721.855. Florida 20180 199348. 84,685.18, 700-725. 1O/ODD, 1/v2014, defauW in the mannerset M fees incur d by We gate in Orfo 5, 12, 18 PR 791, 1n F ed DEFAULT AND INnNT TO Statutas. Please be advised $2.31; Erivaldo Dasilveira, 155 20180235578, $3,164.69, in this notice at anytima betore commencing this foreclosure L172349 F ed Unh. 21 -2134, 311 FORECLOSE: that in the event that your Diamond Ledge Rd, Sta old $1.56; Herman G Law and the undenigned tw 's s e pm8N) wMin thirty (30) ODD, 1M014, 20180199360, Own8 sVObligo 5l. Tim8shaR oblig ion is not broughtcu ent Springs, CT 06076-31 12. Dabra M Law. 8491 Kirby St, otyourtimeshareim .lfyou days hom tha fint date ot 83.164.69, $1.56: A yJ Biddle, lnte,BuildingWnk, Week, (intluding the payment ot any 1 2 F ed WeeMixed Unk. Manassas. VA2O1 10. 1/2 Fixed, do not obje to the use of e publitalion. the undenigned NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 5420 w EICortezT,Phoen,D&auW Date, BooklPage of tees incu d by We gate in 700-T25, 36/0DD, 11v2014. 700-711, 1nvEN, 1/v2014,t ee toreclosu pDcedu,Tru ee shall proceed wrfh INnNT TO FORECLOSE AZ 85083, 112 Fixed w Recorded Lien, Amou,Per com nting this foreclosure 201801199348, $3.164.69, 20180235578, $4,685.18, you will not be subjecl to a the s e of lhe Properfy as wEsTGAn LAKES,FILE: F ed Unk, 1800-1823. 39 Di&nAmount: pDt8M) wrthin thirfy (30T,$1.56; p&er Meade and 82.31:me sa A MooP, 3105 daficiancy judgment even if p vided in Se ion 721.855, 2T 9.0T62 ODD, 11v2014, 20180199360, Apnl Au in and Shayne days hom the fim date of ValeriaPMeade,1164E1 h Ha ie Rd, Richmond. VA the pDc88ds hom the sale FloridaStalrtes,inwhichcase, Punuant to Settion 83,164.69. $1 .56; T wo Au in. 9132 O S,Omaha. NE public ion, the undenigned St, B oWy. NY 11236, 1 2 23223, 1 2 Fixed. 700-732, 23/,ot your timesha inte the undenigned Twstee shall: 721 .855. Florida Stat es, Enilolobo and Mosun Az z 68127. 1 2 Fixed W M ed Twrfee shall procead wrfh F ed WeeM ed Un,1400- ODD, 1/v2014. 20180235578, aR insumcient to om6 tha (1) PDvide you wrfh wrmen wEsTGAn LAKES OWNERS Enilolobo, 27 Robin C t. Unrt, 1 1013, 46nvEN, the s e of the PDp8rty as 1421, 40 EN, 11u2014, 83.164.69, 81.56; Stephen B,amounts secu by the lien. notice ot the sale, including ASSOCIATION, INC. London E6 5x ENGLAND, 1 2n014, 20180/1 99740, pDvided in Sertion 721.855,20180 199348, $4,685.18. Mobley, 675 s Bounda Ave, ' By: GREENSPOON MARDER, the date, time and location me ina er fenad to as 1 2 Fixed WeaM ed Unrt. 84.685.18. $2.31; JeNie J Florida Wat es, in which case $2.31. Oeland, FL 32720, Ethel D LLP Tw ee. the f. (2) Retod he notice wW8stgat8"), has &old8d a 2100-2125, 45 ODD. 1M014, SI6V8M and Ma E Stevens, the undenigned Twrtee sh |: Ortobar5,1 18 Mobley, 661 Ca a Ct, Deland, HIBIT A" - NoncE OF of s e in the Public Recods of Cl m ot Len in the amount 20180199360. S3,164.69, Po Box 1670, MelDse. FL (1) p vide you wkh wrmen,L172257 FL 32T24-7079, 112 F ed, DEFAULT AND INnNT TO Orange Coun,Florida; and (3) of (See Exhibrf A,wkh $1.56;MartinVazquezandLa 3,1 2 F ed WeeklFwed ndice of the sale, including,70c-756, 3V0DD, 1/v2014. FORECLOSE: Publish a copy of the notica ot inteR actwing therale ol Bermudez, 2432 uNwERsnv Unk, 1 0-1066. 18 EN, the date, ti P and lotation 20180235578. $2,744.49. Owne s)IObligo Tim8shar6 sale two T2) times, once aath (See Exhibrt A per day, and AVEAPT1B,BDM,NY1,1M014, 20180 199740, thereof: (2) R6cod the notice,NoncE OF DEFAULTAND $1.35: Tamn s Fanning, 47z7 lnte st. Buildin nrf, Week, week, br two (2) sutcessive ded in O.R. Book (See 1l2 Fixed W ed Un S4,685.18, 82.31; Jae Y Jang ofsaleinthePublicRecordsot INTENT TO FORECLOSE San Josa Dr. Sarasola, FL DefauW Data, BooklPage of weeks, in an Orange County Ewhibrf A ,alPage(SeeExhibrf 2000-2032. 34 0DD. 1M015. and Mi Sun s Jang, 316 Wrte Orange Coun,Florida; and (3) WESTGATE LAKES II FILE: 34235-4417,Kevin J Mayner, Recorded Lien, Amounl, Per newspaper, p vided such a A,ot Me Public Recods of 20180199360, S2,744.49. BirIh Lane, Jericho, NY 117N, Publish a copy ofthe notice ol . 2T g.0TT3 6251 3&h St E, Bradenton, Diem Amount: newspaper exi s at the time Orange Coun,Florida, and $1.35: Vlrtor M Bonney and 1 F ed WeeklF ed Unrf. 100 sale two (2) times, onca each Punuan to Sertion FL 34203, 1/2 Fixed. 1300- Laureano Gomez Rangel and of publishing. lf you fail to the undenign6d Tw ee as Anna K Bonney. 1117 AL u m 1 4, 2 H0LE, 1 Z'2014, week. for two (2) succ8Niv8 721 .855, Florida Statutes, 1334, 23/0DD, 1/V2014, Ana lsabel Gomez Zaha and CUR the delauW as set to h appointed by Westgate, h y Gold Dr. Gambril,MD 21 4, 20180 199740, $7,849.87, weeks, in an Orange Coun WESTGATE LAKES OWNERS 2018023 578. 83,164.69, Jorge Mario Vllla Ma uez in this notice or take other tormal notmes (See Exhibrt 112 F ed W ed Unrf, $3.87; Lyn c HoW, 1965 newspaper, provided such a ASSOCIATION, INC. $1.56: WaWer w PrescoW and and Vilma Zaha De Gomez, appropriate artion wrth regard A th due to your t lure to 2400-241 1. 29 0DD. 1M014. Macedonia Rd, Mo own. newspaper exi s at the tin mereina er Rfened to as Angela R PPsco,P.O Box Ave. 5 N42 81 La Flora 101. to this fo losure ma er. you pay the annual asseMm8nt(s) 20180199360. S3,1 64.69, TN 37814, Carolyn s Holt, ol publishing. lt you tail to .'Wertgate"), has recoded a 178, Olive Branch. MS 38654. Cali, COLOMBIA. 1 2 F ed risk losing ownenhip ot your due on ISee Exhibrf A") and $1.56; Robert Powell and 1224 Hodge Dr, Morristown, cure the defauW as s& to h Claim of Len in the amount 112 Fixed, 1300-1337, 23/ WeeMixed Unk, 700-735, 37 timeshare ilrfeR through the all aNeNm8nt(s) therea er, Dayna Powell, 6134 Fo TN 37814-6124, 1 Fixed in this notice or taka other ot (See Exhibrt A"), wrth ODD, |/v2o14, 20180235578, EVEN, 1/212014, 20180235688, twrtee foreclosure procedure you aR cunantly in detauW Pines Drive. Pensacola, FL W klFixed Unk, 1 000- appDpriat8 artion wkh regard inte st accwing at the rate of $3,164.69, $1.56: Olivia Jol,$4,685.18, 82.31: J n R established in gtion 721 .855, of your obligations to pay 32526. 1 Fixed W F ed 1027. 15 H0LE, 11V2014. to lhis foreclosu maWer, you (See Exhib A per day. and PO Box F42O89. Freep rt Zapata and Olga O Otbe. Florida Statrtes. You may asseNment5 due to Westgate Unk, 2600-z645. 37 H0LE. 20180 199740, $7,849.87. risk losing ownenhip of your,ded in O.R. Book (See BAHAMAS, 1/2 Fixed Wee Calle Jenovesa 175, E lsla choose to sign and send to on the tollowing describad real 1 v2014. 20180199360, $3.87; Rodney w mompson. imeshare intere through the Exhibk A,at Page (SeeExhibrt Fixed Unrt. 1400-1412. 45/ FloPana Cdla. Jipijapa, Qurto, the undersigned trustee an p per located in Orange 86,816.74,$3.36;PabloAha z 4110 Bedrord Rd. BaWimoP, t ee foreclosuP pDc8dure A,of the Public Recods of ODD. 11v2014, 20180235578, ECUADOR, 1 2 Fixed w kl obje ion torm, exertising your Counly, Florida: (See Exhibrf and Maria A Es to, 117N sw MD 21207, 1 2 Fixed Wee establishedin &ion 721.855,Orange Coun . Florida, and 82,744.49, $1.35; Suhel M j FixPd Unk, 70 721, 37 EN, right o obj to lhe use of the A TinP Share lnterest(s) 1O7th T,Miami, FL N186. 1n Fwed Unk. 600-662, 510DD, Florida Slat es. You may,the undenigned T ee as Nazario and FPddie Rodriguez, 1/V2014, 20180235688. t stee fo closure procedure. (See Exhibk A as defined in Fixed WeeM ed Unk, 21 1M014, 201801199740. thoose to sign and send to,appointed by We gate, hereby,658 Richfield Ave Kenilworth,$4,685.18, $2.31: Ronald J Mc Upon the undersigned trustee's the Declar ion ot Covenants, 2135, 34nNN. 1n 014. W,164.69, $1.56; Regina M the undersigned tw ee an,formal notmes (See Exhibrf,NJ O7033, 1/2 Fixed Wee Clelland and Joan Mt Clelland, &eipt ot your signed objertion Condrfions and Restrictions lor 201 80199360, $4,685.1 8. smrm. 2160 Madison Ave objertion form, exerclslng your,A") th due to your failure to,Fixed Unrt, 1400-1421, v,34, Dean Straet. Blackpool form, the foPclosure of the the We gate Lakes |, omcial $2.31:MariaGCouanubi and Apt 6-D, New Yo,NY 10037 righlto obje tothe use ofthe pay the annual aNeMnPnt(sl ODD, 1/v2014, 20180235578, FY4 1BP, ENGLAND, 1 2 F ed lien wkh respert to the default Retods Book 5020, at Page Mario Carrillo. 1013 w Qulald8an BDwn, 45 E 135 t stee foreclosure procedure. dua on (See Exhibrt A and $2.744.49. $1.35; Tomo ow Wee Fixed Unit, 700-717, 18/ specified in this notite shall 327, ofthe Publit R8colds of Bhd. Behid . IL 61 8, 1n Ap 7D, New Yo,NY Upontheund6nign8dt 88.s all aN8Nm8nl(s) thePa er. T Smrfh, 820 Benjamin SE, EVEN, 1/V2014. 20180235688, be subjert to the ludlclal Orange County. Florida (the F ed WeeM Un,1 1 37. 1 FixedWee F ed Unrt, receiptofyoursignedobjettion you aR cu ently in defauW Grand Rapids, Ml 49506. 1/2 $4,685.18, $2.31; NeWon De foreclosuP pDc8dure only. Plan and l an ndn nt(s) 1948. 50 0DD, 1M014. -643,10 H0U.11212014, orm, the fo closuR ot the of your obligalions to pay Fixed Wee Fixed Unit, 1400- Zo i and Clerfe M p De Zo i. You have the right to cure your MeRto, rf any. Together wkh 20180199360. $2,83T 201 1199740, 86.816.74, lien wrfh spert to the detauW aN8Nments due to Westgate 1441. 1VEVEN, 1/V2014. Fazenda Coruprtuba, Rodovia defauW in the manner set forth the right to occupy. pu uant $1.40: Miwgia lll B w. S3.36: Javier Pe z and Be riz spetmed in this notice shall on the following described real 201 8023557e, $4,685.18, Vereador Abel Fabricio Diaz, in this notice at any time before to the Plan, 8uilding-Un (5) Martinique Drive 5. Sl Mmrten. Bugos. C le 79, 7A-87 Apto. be subjetl to the judicial pDp8rty localed in Orange $2.31; Silvestre Vagas and Pindamonhangaba 12445-010, the undenigned twstee's sale (See Exhibk A . during Unk NETHERLANDS ANnLus. 701, Bogota, COLOMBIA, 1 foreclosure procedu only. Coun,Florida: (See Exhib Pamela Cabana, 2821 GEneral BRAZIL, 1 Fixed WeeklFixed ofyourti PshaPinterest.lfyou Week(s) (See Exhibh A,1 2 Fixed W ed Unk, Fwed W Mix6d Unrf. 600- You havetherightto cure your "A ) TinP ShaP lntere (s) Blv,Norfh chestemeld. Unrf, 700-742, 36 H0U, do not objert to the use of the during ANigned Yea s). (See 2100-2136. 4110DD, 1 2014, 662, 49 H0LE, 1/v2014, defauW in the manner set to h (Sae Exhib A as defined in VA 23237, 1/2 Fixed. 1300- 1/v2014, 20180235688, t rtee to losure procedure, Mibrt A . 10.000 Tu ey 201 801 99360, $3,1 64.69, 201 80 199740, $7,849.87, in this notice at any time befora the Declaration ot Covenants. 1354, 34/0DD, 1/v201 4, $7,849.87. $3.87; Kimbe y you will not be subje to a Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819 $1.56; Mel G Tamio and C ilia 83.87; Cha es S Williams Sr and the undersigned t ee's sale Condrtions and Rertrit ions tor,20180235578, 83,164.69, Cu is. 5811 N Ridge Ave deficienty judgment even it meRin fime Share (P perty) B Tamio, 9775 Wrt aler Cheryl A williams, 1907 Veale ofyourtimeshaPintePst.lfyou lhe Wertg e Lakes ll, omcial,$1.56; Jose M Ayala, 422 Unrt 1, Chicago, IL 6,112 the pm ds hom the sale AddRN"), Building (See Exhibrf Canyon Courf, Las Vegas. Rd, Wllmington, DE 19810, 1 do not objerf o the use o he Records Book 5000, al Page,Hermhage Ct. San Antonio, TX,Fixed WeeklF ed Unk, 140 ot your timesha interest A me in Time Share Plan NV 89183, 1 2 F ed k Flxed WeeMixad Unrt, 1000- wrtee foretlosure procedu,3118, of Me Public Records 78223-2044, lsidra E Garcia, ' 1447, 18/EVEN, 11v2014, a insumcient to oWset the (Properfy) Address . As a Fixed Unrf, 19 -1947, 271 1018. 141WH0LE, 1/v2014, you will nol be subjert to a of Orange Coun . Florida (the 299 Pr682O, Natalia, TX 78059 20180235688, a,685.18, amounts secured by the lien. PsuW ot the aforementioned EVEN, 11V2014. 20180199360. 201801199740, $7.849.87, deficiency judgment even it Plan and all amendment(s) 1/2 Fixed Wee Flxed Unit 82.31; Vlrtor o Femandez By: GREENSPOON MARDER, d auW,Wertgateherebyelerts 84,685.18, $2.31; S eph T $3.87: Gan n E Silva and the pmeeds hom the sale the to. rf any. Together wkh 1400-1462, 48/0DD, 1/V2014, and Lidia M Femandez, 2974 LLP T stee. lo sell the Properfy punuant Sta ey Jones and Swan F Juana M Silva, 3557 FoPst Hill of your timesha interest the right to oKupy, pursuant,20180235578, $2,744.49, N . 97th St. Miami. FL 33147, EXHIBIT Aw - NOTICE OF to S ion 721.855, Florida Sta ey Jones, 5 Rusham Rd. Bhd Apt 63, West Palm Beach, are insumcient to oWset the,to the Plan, Building-Unrf(s) $1.35; Paul M Santhez, 5250 1/2 Fixed Wae F ed Un,DEFAULT AND INTENT TO Statrtes. Please be advised Balham, London SW128TJ. n 334,112 Fixed Wee amounls secuRd by the llen. ' (See Exhibk A,during Unrf Black Rd, MiWon, FL 32583- 700-714, 47nvEN, 1 v2014, FORECLOSE: th in the event that your ENGLAND,1 F edW ed F Unrt, 1000-1066, 41 By: GREENSPOON MARDER. Week(sT (See Exhibk A,! 2711, AntoineWe M Sanchez, 20180235688. $4.685.18, Owner( ) Obligor(s), Timeshare obligation is not brought curRnt Un,2600-2625, 391WH0U. ODD, 1 v2014, 201801199740, LL,T rtee. during ANign8d Yea s), (See,5250 Blatk Rd, MiNon, FL $2.31; YouMer M Hemadeh, lnta . Building/Unit, Week, (intluding the payment of any 1/v2014, 201801 . 83,164.69, S1.56; Edgar Rios HIBrr A" - NOTICE OF Exhibk A . 10,000 Tu ey,32583-2711, 112 Fixed Wee 171 Smith St, Perfh Amboy, DelauW Date. Boo Page of