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October 5, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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October 5, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, OCTOBER 5, 2018 PAGE 9B Unit, 500-526, 1 3 H0LE, in his notice or take other (herein "Time Share (Prope y) ' 2T669.0T54 ' 82.31; Juliet R Santos, 10943 the undersigned tw5 ee's sale ' the right o occupy, punuant House, Cross Lane, Wllmslow 1/2/201 4, 201 80/2001 z9, appropriate action wlth regard,Addre5s"), Building (See Exhibit Pursuant to Sectlon R gsdale Dr, Loma Lnda, or your timeshare intere5 . lf you to the Plan, Building-Unlt(s) ' SK9 2DD, ENGLAND, 1/2 87,849.87, $3.87; Gerard to this foreclosure maWer, you .'A") (herein "Time Share Plan 721 .855, Florida atutes, ; CA 92354, 1/2 Fixed Wa6h/ do no oblect to lhe usz ot the,(See Exhibil "A"), during Unit Fixed Week/Fixed Uni,900- F Olenick 134 Bell Bend risk losing wnershlp ot your,(Property) Address"). As a WESTGATE LAKES OWNERS,Fixed Unit, 500-532, 28/EVEN, truslee foreclosure procedure, ' week(s) (See Exhibit '.A"), 962, 1 7/EVEN, 1/2/2014. Rd, Berwick, PA 186O3, 1/2 limeshare interest through he,resull ot the atoremen loned ! ASSOCIATION, INC 1/2/2O14, 201 Bo/1 99363, you wlll not be subjecl to a during Asslgned Year(s), (See 201 80/199362, 84,66o.7o, Fixed Weeh/Flxed Unit, 200- ' trus ee toreclosure procedure detauK, Westgate hereby elects . (hereinaWer referred to as,$4,685.18, $2.31; Blanca E detitiency ludgment even if,Exhibit '.A"). 10,000 Turkey 82.3o; Julio Fonseca and 233, 21nvEN, 1/2/201 4, established in Se ion 721.855,to sell the Properfy pursuant,"Westgate"), ha5 recorded a Crisologo. 408 Goldenrod Ave, the proteed5 from the sale,Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819 Maria A Fonseca, 3001 Mile 201 80/2001 29, $4.685.18, Florida Stalutes. You may to Section 721.855, Florida j Clalm ot Lien in the amount Corona Del Mar, CA 92625, 1 ot your timeshare interest,merein "Time Share (Property) 12 N, Mercedes, N 78570, $2.31: Patricia Peck Olenick, choose o sign and send lo ' Statutes. Please be advised,ot (See Exhibit "A"), with Fixed Week/Fixed Unit, 1000- are insu icient to o set lhe,Address"), Building (See Exhibit 1/2 Fixed Weeh/Fixed Uni , 5702 Ridgeviaw Dr, Harrisburg, the underslgned twstee an that in the event that your interest accwing at the rate ot 1 046, 1/WHOLE, 1/V2014, amounts secured by the lien. "A'.l (herein '.Time Share Plan 900-946. 29nVEN, 1/2/2014, PA 17112, 1n Fixed WeeW objaction torm, exercising your obligation is not brought cu ent (See Exhibit "A") per day, and 201 8011 99363. $7,849.87, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, (Properfy) Address"). As a 201 80/199362, $4,6e5.18, Fixad Unrf, 200-233, 21/EVEN, right to objert to the use or the (including the payment ot any recorded in O.R. Book (See $3.87: Asit lqbal, 48838 Hunter LLP Twstee. ' resuW ot tha atorementioned $2.31: Danyl K Tucker and 1/u201 4, 201 Bo/2oo1 29, trustee foreclosure procedure. fees incu ed by Westgate in Exhibit .'A"), at Page(See Exhibit Dr, Matomb, Ml 48044, 1 2 WHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF,derauW, Westgate hereby ele s Priscilla M Tucker, 805 Sheline $4,685.18, $2.31; zerit L Upon the unders ned twstaa's commencing this toreclosure "A"), ot tha Publit Recods ot Fixad Week/Fixed Unk, 200- DEFAULT AND INTENT TO ' to sell the Properfy pu uant Dr, Havana. FL 32333, 1/2 Munlin, 504 GanaW St, Fountain r6G8ipt or your signed objection proces5) wrthin thirty (30) Orange County, Florida, and 253, 48/0DD, 1/v2014, FORECLOSE: to Section 721.855, Florida Fixed WeeMixed Unit. 900- lnn, SC 29644, 1n Fixed Wee torm, the toreclo5ur8 ot the days hom the tint date or the undersigned Twstee as 201 80/199363, $3.164.69, Owner(s)/Obligo s), fimeshare Statutes. Please be advised 9N, 28nvEN, 1/2/201 4, Flxed Unrf, 4 -441, 11nvEN, lien with rasp to tha datault publication, the undersigned appointed by Westgate, hereby $1.56; Wilson Vasquaz, 12 Clay lnterest, BuildingWnh. Week, lhat in the event that your 201 80/199362, $4,072.25. 1 lv2o14, 201 8012001 29, spetified in this notica shall Twstea shall procead wrfh tormally notifias (See Exhibit Street, New Haven, CT 06513, Default Date, BooklPaga ot obligation is not brought cu ent $2.01; Michael E Len5ch and $4,685.1 8, S2.31: Michaal b6 subjecl to th6 judicial the sala ot the Prope y as .'A") that due lo your failuP to 2 Fixed WeeMixed Unrf, Recorded Lien, Amount. Per [lncluding the paymant ot any Dana D Lensch, 329 Hicko K Ladn& and Cythia V to closure ploc8du only. provided in Sa ion 721.855, pay th6 annual ass8Nm8nt(s) 400-415, 35/0DD, 11V2014, Di6m Amount: fees incunad by Westga e in St 6t, Teaneck, NJ 07666, 1/2 Ladnar, 15 He he and Dr, You have the right to cura our norida Statutes, in which case, due on (See Exhibrf A2 and 20180/199363, $3,1 64.69, Joseph R WaN6n, 802 Longfod commenting this loreclosura Fixed WeeMixed Unit, 2200- Popla ille, MS 39470, 112 detault in the manner sat o h lh6 undenigned T ee shall: all as58Nm8nt(s) lheRa er, 81.56; Lse e Martinez, 249 Dr, Steubenvilla, OH 43952, 112 proce5s) wrfhin thir (30) 2213, 29 EN, 1 lv2o14. Flxed Wee xed Unk, 500- in this notica at any time beto (1) Provide you th wrmen you ara cur ntly in detauW CHESHIRE CT, KISSIMMU, Flx6d, 1800-1843, 25 0DD, days hom the fint dat6 ot 20180 199362. 83,289.72, 516, 45nvEN, 1/u201 4, tha undersigned tw 68.s sale nolice ot the sale, including ot your obligations to pay FL 34758, 112 Fix6d w 1/v2014, 201 80 199340, publication, the undenigned 81.62; Tonya M Bowen, 2087 201 8012001 29, $4,685.1 8, ot your t meshare interast. ll you th6 date, tim6 and localion assessmants du6 to Westgate Fixed Unk. 400-415, NIODD, 82.837.69, $1.40; DeidP R T shall pDceed wkh Raston Cir, we p m Beach, S2.31; Wilhs w Lang on and do not object to the u58 ot the lhe ot; (2) R6cord the notice on th6 following d85crib8d real 1/2 2014, 20180 199363, WaWen, 1790 Clover Meadow the 5al8 ot the Prope y a FL33411, 1n Fwed W66 x8d Janet B Lang on, 57 Cox twstaa fo closu pro du,ofsaleinlhePublicRecordsot pDpBrfy located in O nge $3,164.69, $1.56; Rithad L Driv6, Vlanna, VA 22182, 112 provid6d in &ion 721.855, Unrf, 18 -1824, EN, Rd, H ingway, sc 29554, you will not be subi6 to a Orange Coun,Florida; and (3) Count Florida: (See Exhibit Hold6r and Pamela p Feguson, Fixed, 1800-1843, 25 0DD, horida Statutes, in which cas6, 1 v201 4, 201 8011 99362, 1n Flxed W M ed Unrf, deficiency judgment 8v6n it Publish a copy ot tha notice ot "A"l lma Share lnterest(s) Lywood Road, 1 o, Chatsworth 11v2014, 201 80/1 99340, tha undenigned T ee shall: $4,685.18, $2.31; Jason A 4 436, 1WN, 11v2014, th6 p ceeds hom the s e sale two (2) timas, once each (s68 Exhibh "A as defined in Cou,Deby DV4 9RS, $2,837.69, $1.40: me sa p (1) Provide you with wrinen Marfin,245G enbriarDr,We 20180n 129, 84,685.18, ot your timesha int6r w tor two (2) succassive the Declaralion ot Covananls, ENGLAND, 112 Fixed Waahl B o ves, 32 Gra o Road, notice ot the sale, including Palm Beach, FL 33403, 112 S2.31; Rona w Hall and are insumcient to oRset tha w,in an Oranga Coun Condkions and R6 riclionstor Flxed Unk, 400-425, 1310DD, Manhfield, MA 02050, 112 tha date, time and location Fixed W86Mixed Unk, 1800- #da c H |, 59w Long Cr68k amounts secu d by the li6n. news pDvid6d suth a tha W8 gat6 Lakes lll, omcial 11v2014, 20180/1,Flxed WeaMiwed Unk, 190 th& or, (2) Record the notice 1824, 4&MN, 11212014, Copus Mris,TX 78414, 8y: GREENSPOON MARDER, newspap& axisk al the time Recods Book 5391, Paga g3,164.69, $1.56; m M 1921, 1610DD, 112n015, ofsalainthe Publit R6colds of 20180/199362, 84,685.18, 1n Flxed x6d Unit, LLP Twstee. ot publishinq. lt you tail o 3172, ot th6 Public R6cods Mun 6, 56 Crock6W Ave 201801199340. S3.164.69, O nge County, Florida; and (3) 82.31; Peter J Pietanza and 40 435, 1 0DD, 1n12014, EXHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF tUr6 lhe deauW as s& to h ot Orange County, norida (the 1, Dortha ar, MA 02124, 81.56; Jaan R Bouniquot, Publish a copy ot the notice ot Michelle L Pietanza, 12896 201801200129, $3,1 64.69, DEFAULT AND INnNT TO in this notic6 or tak6 olher '.Plan") and all am6ndm6nt( ) 1 2 Flxed w knix6d Unh, 22932 Oldlnl6 Bridga Dr, Boca sale two (2) times, onte 6ach 54thSt N,We Palm Baach,FL 81.56; A #egria, Po FORECLOSE: appropriata artion with regard thereto, it any. Together wkh 500-516, 9nvEN, 11u2014, Ra on,FL334N,1 Flx6d,19O weak, tor lwo (2) Suct8s5iv8 33411, 112 Flwed W x Box 1296, BanDm, CA 94002, Owne s)IO igo s, Tlmesha to this roraclo ure maWer, you th6 right to octupy, punuant 20180 199363, g,685.18, 1923, 8 H0U, 11V2015. w88k5, in an O nga Coun Unh, 1800-1824. 4&MN, 1n F 6d W xed Unk, lnt8r85t, Buildin nk, w86k, risk losing own6nhip ot your to th6 Plan, Building-Unk(5) 82.31: Hen c Dunn, 53 201 8011 99340, 85,3o1 .48, n6wspap8r, pDvided such a 11v2014, 201 8011 99362, 2 243, 2y0DD, 1lV2O14, DefauW Date, Boo Page ot ti B5ha inte st thDugh h6 (Sea Exhibit Ah), during Unit Minion Court, Mcleansville, NC $2.61; Marie J Joseph, 120 newspaper 8 5 at the tim6 84,685.18, $2.31 . 201e0n 129, $3,164.69, Retorded Len, Amount, Per t 68 to&losu pDc8du W86k(sl (s Mibk A,27301, 112 Fixad W Mixed Cutspring Cirtl6, Bndg6port, ot publishing. lf you fail to Ortob rS,12,2O18 $1.56; Mon T ada, 1171 Diem Amount: lishedinSertion721.855, during Assiqned Yea s), (See Unil, 1000-1037, 1&EVEN, CT 614, 1 Fixed, 1900- cu the detauW as sat torth L 172348 Fo er c y Bhd Apt 1, Fo er L6nore J Slout and Ju5tin florida St es. You may Exhibrt A". 10, 0 Turkey 11u2014, 201801199363, 1923, &WHOU, 11v2015, in this notite or take other c y, CA,1n Fix6d G Sto,4206 41st St w, thoose to sign and send to LakB Road, O ando, FL 32819 $4,685.18,$2.31; Lsa s Collins 201801199340, 85,3o1 .48, appDpriat8 action with gard W xed Unh, 2 z43, 231 Bradenton, FL 34205, 1 #| ha undanignad t ee an merain "Tlma ShaP (PDparty) and Mithael D Collins, 1403 82.61; Miguel A #varado, 85 to thi5 to tlosuR maWar, you NoncE OF DEFAULr AND ODD, 112n014, 201801200129, Season-Float W68Mloat obje ion torm, exewising your Addrass"), Building (Sea Exhibrt Blvd Dr. Belpre, OH 45714, Edinbugh Rd, Middletow, risk losing ownenhip of your INnNT TO FORECLOSE 83,164.69, $1.56; Enrico Mineo Unit, 1300-1311, 5 H0LE, right o obja to the use ot the '.A") marain fime Shara Plan 112 Fixed Wee Fixed Unrf, NY 10941, 1 Fix6d Wee xed timesha intePst th ugh the wuTGAn LAKU FILE: III and li5on G Rascoe, 1407 1/2/2015, 201801200130, t staa to Glosu procedure. (Proparfy) Addr6ss' . As a 20 224, 510DD, 11v2014, Unk, 1500-1514, 47/WH0U, twstee fo&losuR pDc8du 2T .0TM 1rt St w, oshe, NC 27910, $6,093.44, $3.01: EdRar E Long Upon tha undenigned t stee's result ol the atorementioned 201 80/199363. $3,164.69, 1/v201 5, 201801199340, established in Sertion 721 .855, Pu uant to Sa ion 1 Flxed W ed Unrf, 400- Jr, 11860 SW 2nd,Yukon. racaipt of your sign6d objertion datault, Weslgata hereby 6|8cts $1.56; Rachall A Williams, $5,301.48, $2.61: Jean M florida Statrtes. Vou may 721 .855, Florida Stat es, 426, 39 H0U, 11212014, OK 73099, 112 Fixed w68kl form, the fo&losure ot the to sell the Property punuant 1275 Ashley Dr, Troy, Ml 48085, Alvarado, 702 Westmin er choosa to sign and sand to wEsTGAn LAKES OWNERS 201 80 2001 29, 87,849.87, Float Unk, 16o 1633, 511 lien wrth respa to lhe detault to Saction 721.855, Florida 1/2 Fixed WeeMixed Unit, Blvd, Oldsmar, FL 34677, 1 the und6nigned t tee an AssoclAnoN, INC. 83.87: Min . Po Bow ODD, 11v2014, 20180 200130, specm6d in this notice shall Statutas. PIBase be advisad 400-424, 361EVEN, 1/v2014, Fixed W88 Fix6d Unit, 1500- obje ion form, exercising your (hePina er Pfen d lo as 291, Auland NC 27805, 1 $3,164.69, 81 .56: Mawene be subi to the judicial that in the evenl lhat your 201 80 1 99363. 84,685.1 8, 1514, 47 HOLE, 1 v2015, right to objert to the use ot the "Westgale"), has corded a Flxed W68 Fw8d Unh, 400- Hum and John M Roesar, 129 loreclosure pD dure on . obligation is not brought cunant $2.31 ; Cha es Ga atson, 8209 201 80/1 99340, 85,3o1 .48. t stee fo closure procedura. Claim ot Len in the amoun 426, 39 H0E 11u2014, King Brook Rd, Lnthicum You have the right to cure your (including tha payent of any Penny Dr, Fort My6n, FL 33917, $2.61; Ragan Ramsoondar and Upon the undersigned twst66's ot (See Ewhibk A"), with 201 8012001 29, $7,849.87, Haights, MD 21090. 112,detauW in the mann6r s6t forth t68s intu ed by W6 gat8 in 1/2 Fixed WaeMixed Unh, MaWy Rajindra, 91-19-220th raceipl of your signed objertion intePst accwing at the te ot 83.87; Langdon Douglas and Season-Float W6aMloat in this notice any time before commencing this for8closur6 500-517. 27nvEN, 11v2014, St t, Qu66ns Vlllage. NY torm, the toreclosure of the (See Mibh A per day, and , Shi ey Douglas, 7118 Lydia, Unil, 1300-1312, 39/0DD, the undanigned t stee's sale process) within thirty (30) 201 80/199363, 84,685.18, 11428, 1/2 Fixad WeeMixed lien wkh raspe to the datault coded in O.R. Book (See Kansas c y, MO 64131, 1/2 1/2/2014, 201 8012001 30, of your timeshare interesl. lf you days trom the first date ot $2.31; Da ene Ga &son, 2 Unrf, 230 2326, 33nvEN, sp6cifiad in this notice shall Exhibk A,Pag8(S68 Exhibk Flxed WeeM ed Unit, 1OOO- $3,164.69, $1.56; Frank A do not obje to the use ot the publication, the undenigned Lewis St, WesM6ld, MA 01085, 1/V201 4, 201 80/1 99340, be subje to the judicial A,ot the Publit R6cods of 1044, 2,11V2014, Sigmund, 1403 Mystic Valley t st66 to closu procedure, Trustae shall proceed with 1/2 Fixed W66h/Fix8d Unit, $4,072.25, 82.O1 : Mitchell A Hill toretlosure p cedure only. Orange Coun,Florida, and 201 8012001 29, 84,685.1 8, Dr, Sewichley, PA 15143, 112 you will not be subject to a the sale ot the Prop6 y as 500-517, 2TnvEN, 1/v2014, and ClaudeWe c Hill, Po Box You hava the right to cure our the undenigned T stee as $2.31; Cris an D Pineda, 341 Floating, 1100-1124, 5010DD, defitiency judgment even if providad in Sertion 721.855, 201 80/199363, 84,685.18, 1877 Sunset Lane, Paradise detauW in tha manner set orth appointed by Westgate, he by W 11th St Apt 3H, New Yo,1 IV2O1 4, 201 8012001 30, the p c68ds hom the sale Florida Statutes, in which casa, $2.31; Merijaan T Va ne, 963 Vlew, St Johns, ANTIGUA- in this notice at any time betora tormally notifies (S86 Exhibrf NY 100.14, 1n F ed Wee $3,164.69, $1.56; Dawn c of your timeshare int8l8st th6 unda igned Twstaa shall: h St, Cla on, Wl 54 4, 1 BARBUDA, 1 Fixed WeeklFlxed the undersigned t slee's sale '.A lhat dua to your failure o Fixed Unh, 4 2, 1910DD, T vis and Glandyl R T vis. a insumcient to o set the (1) p vide you wkh wrm6n Fixed WeehlFixed Unrf, 500- Unk, 2300-2313, 47/WH0LE, of your tim8shal8 intarest. lt you pay tha annual assessment(s) 11v2014, 201 80/2001 29, 2508 Chicago Road, Wa en, amounts secured by the lien. notice of the sale, including 547, 26 H0U, 1 v2014, 1/v201 4, 201 80/1 99340, do nol object to the use ot tha due on (See Exhib A and 83,o11.69, $1.49; Jos6lina M Ml 4809z, 1 Floating, 1200- By: GREENSPOON MARDER, lhe date, tima and location 201 80/1 99363, $7,038.87, $7,849.87, 83.87; Marianne t stae fo tlosu procedure, all aNeNm8nt(s) lha a er, Rosso, 234 W 114th St Apt 1232, 9 H0LE, 11v2014. LL,Tw ee. th8r6ot; (2) Record the notice 83.47. Vacation Luxu Plus Godwin, 30 Hillsbo Ave Apt you will not be subja to a you are cu antly in detauW 201, New York, NY 10026, 201 8012001 30, $5,699.02, QNIBIT A" - NOTICE OF ot sale in the Public Racods of L.P) lnc a Canadian 2204, Toronto, ON M5R1S7, deficiancy judgment even it ot your obligations to pay 112 Fixed Mixed Unit, 82.81; Tina Mo,sp 60754 DEFAULT AND INTENT TO Orange Coun,Florida; and(3) Coporation, 524 StPatrick S e CANADA, 1 Fixed Wee xed th6 proc68ds hom the sala aMeNmants due to Westgate 40 2, 1910DD, 1/v2014, P.O Box, Nassau, BAHAMAS, FORECLOSE: Publish a copy ot th6 notica ot 302, Montreal, QL` H4E1A8, Unit, 2300-2332, 271WH0LE, of your timeshare inte on the tollowing described Ral 201 8012001 29, $3,011.69, 1/2 Fiw6d W88hlFix6d Unk, Owne s)IObligo s), Timeshar6 sale two (2) times, onc6 aach CANADA, 1 Fixed WeeMixed 11v2015, 201 8011 99340, a insumcient to oWs6t the p perfy lot ed in Orange $1.49; Ma Full PiD, 195 1200-1212, 1710DD, 11v2014, lnte st, BuildingWnit, Waek, week, tor two (2l successive Unil, 1000-1053, 34 H0LE, $6,093.44, 83.o1; Moises amoums secured by tha lian. County, Florida: (s68 Exhibh Maadowood Ln, Chagrin Falls, 201 801200130, $2,744.49, DetauN D e, Boo Paga ol w68ks, in an Oranga Coun 2/2014, 20180/199363, Rodriguez and Fe Rodriguaz, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, A Tlme Shara lntar t(s) OH 44022, 1n Fwed W86W $1.35; Ben Bu a, 106 Easy R oded L6n, #noum, Par newspaper, pDvidad such a ,849.8T, 83.87. 12431 N E 60th St, Williston, LLP Twstee. (See Exhibk A") as defined in Flxad Unh, 2, 1nvEN, St, Koun e, M 77625, 1/2 Diem Amount: nawspaper exists at tha time Ortober5, 12,2018 FL 32696, 112 Floating, 1800- HIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF the Declaration of Covenants, 11v2014, 201 80 2001 29, Floating, 1100-1115, 910DD, James Laynan, Po Box ot publishing. lt you tail to L 17w70 1824, 2810DD, 1/2 201 4, DEFAULT AND INTENr ro Condkions and Re rirfions tor $4,685.18, S2.31; Rchad Roth 11v2014,201801200130 955. Newport, TN 37822, cu the detauN as sat torth 20180/199340, $3,164.69, FORECLOSE: he We gata Lakes lll, omcial and Chrirtine Roth, 10314 $3,164.69, $1.56; Cynthia A 1 2 Fixed Waahl xBd Unrf, in this notic6 or take oth6r $1.56; Guy R Maulen, 3820 Owne sTIObligo sT, TimBshar8 R8 lds Book 5391, Paga S8dg8bDoh Dr, Riv6 iaw, Cobb AIWA Cindy Bu a, 6350 700-752, 11nvEN, 1/2/2014, app priate artion wkh gad NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Adams Dr, Martinsville, IN lnt,BuildingWnit, Week, 3172, of tha Public Recods FL 33569, 1n Fixed WeaW AprilLn,Lumbarfon,M 77657, 201801199341, $4,685.18, to this toreclosura maWer, you INnNT TO FORECLOSE 46151, 1 Fixed W88klFlx6d DetauW Da e, BooklPaga ot olOrange Coun,florida he Flxed Unrf, 5 564, 2710DD, 1/2 Floating, 1100-1115, 9/ $2.31; Kimbe y Ann Mcdonald risk losing ownenhip of your wEsTGAn uws,nLE Unrf, 1700-1714, 3&WH0LE, R6cod8d Len, Amount, PBr Plan and all amendmam(s) 1 2014, 201801200129, ODD, 11v2014, 201801200130, and Roland Jos6 Cavazos, 705 timeshare interest th ugh lh6 7 g.0 4s 1/v2015, 201801199340, Di6m Amount: theBo, it any. Together w h S3,164.69, S1.56; Amo Edwin 83,164.69, 81.56; Ron d G Tamarack Drive, SaWler, M twstee tor8clo5u procadu Punuant to &ion $6,093.44, 83.O1; Richard Chri oph6r M Cutrie, 307 he right to occupy, punuam G rtienaz Boudri and Julia Fradejas, 7210 N Palafox s,781N. 112 Fixed WeeklFlxed established in Sertion 721 .855, 721 .855, Florida Stal es, D Balasich, 13852 Keller RoSinson Av6, Apt 4, E to th6 Plan, Building-Unk(s) caia Ca a Rolando, Los Pensacola,FL325O3, 112 Flxed Un,160 1663, 1nvEN, Florida Statutes. You may wEsTGAn LAKES OWNERS Rd, Faimope, AL 36532, 1/2 Patchogue, NY 11772, 1/2 (See Ewhibit A"), during Unk Gi so s 108, v I6 Hermoso WeeMixed Unh, 13 -1336, 1T 11v2016, 2018011 99341,choos6 o sign and s6nd lo AssoclAnoN, INC. Fixed WeeMixed Unit. 260 Fix6d Week/Fixed Unit, 2200- Week(s) (Sae Ewhibk A , Surco, Su Lma, PERU, ODD, 1 v2014, 201801200130, 82,928.75, $1 .44; Melody the und8nign6d t s 66 an mereinawer te d to a5 2641, 1 310DD, 1 v20 I4, 2242, 31nvEN, 1/2/2014, during A5siqn8d Yaa s), (See 1 2 Flxed W Mixad Unit, $2,744.49, 81.35: Mam Sa Walk,801 Drake Av8nu6, obj6t ion form. exercising our W tgate"l. ha5 &orded a 201801199340. 82,391.54, 20180/199362, $4,685.18, Exhibk A". 10,000 Tu ey 50 547, 4lODD, 1lv2014, and Famando Valls Robl6s C6nta ille, IA52544, 1 2 Fixed righ toobje oth6usao h6 Cl m ol L6n in th6 um $1.18: Brian p, Geoge. 970 82.31: Gail Hogu6. 11706 Lake Road, O ando, FL 32819 20180 200129, $3,164.69, and Enrique V ls Roblas and W Fixed Unh, 700-712, 141 tw 6a fo losur6 pr u . ot (s Exhibrf A,wrm Ha sbug Rd, Ha sbug, TDy Ct, W dorf, MD 20601, e in fima Sha p perty) 81.56: Ph lis A Boczar and Enriqu6 Valls PI6nas, 5Ta Calle ODD, 11212014, 20180 199341, Upontha und6nign8dhv 6a's im accwing attr r e of OH 43126, I12 Fixed Weakl 1n Fixed WeeMixed Unh. Add "T,8uilding(SeaMib Bogdan J B 8 Ch8ls6a 0-19, Zona 9, Guat6mala, S3,164.69, 81.56; A a A r8c8iptofyoursign6dobl6rtion (Sea Exhibk A"l per day. and Fix6d Unrf, 9 -938, 310DD, 9 -941, 2110DD, 11v2014, A 6r n Tlme Sha Plan Rd, Euex Junrfion, VT 05452, GUATEMALA, 1 Floating, MORTGAGE SPECIALIST, LLC, torm, the foreclosure ot tha ed in O.R. Book (Sea 1 v2014, 201801199340, 201801199362, 81,661.81, p pertyT Addr s . As a-- 1 Flxad W88 rn6d Unh, 1000- 1100-1123, 45 H0U, A Lmrfed Liabili Company lien with respe to th6 dafauW Exhibk A"), at Page(See Exhibk $3,164.69, &1.56; Gina R 8O.82; J se J Hamba in and r uW ot th6 ato memioned 1047. 31 H0U, 11v2014, 11v2014, 201 80/2001 30, du oganizad and existing specitied in this notice shall A ). ot lhe Public Recods of G6og6, 1027 Columbus St, Diana p Hamb6 in, 1T413 defauW, W6 gat8 h8Rby ele s 201 8012001 29, $7,389.87, $7,849.87, $3.87: Kenni under and b virfue of the be subje to th6 judicial Orange Coun,Florida, and Ha bug, OH 43126, 1/2 Fixed Critket chip Loop Lot 103, to s6|| tha p perty punuant $3.64: Jean Rosa, 22228 Blondon law5 ot the tate of florida, toreclosure procadure only. Me undenign6d T ae as W86hlFix8d Unrf, 900-938, 3/ Land O' Lakas, FL 34638, to Section 721.855, norida Oclo 1 18 Ct, Wildomar, CA 92595, 1 PO Box N3, New Port Richey, You have the right to cur6 your appoinled by W9s 6, hereby ODD, 1/V2014. 20180/199340, 1/2 Fixed WeeMixed Unit, Stat 6s. Please be advised L 172427 Fixed, 1300-1331, 71WH0U, FL 34656, 112 Flxed Wee detault in the manner s6t torfh tormally notifies ( e Mibk $3,164.69, 81.56; Sandta E 900-918, 18/EVEN, 1/212014, thal in the event that your 1 v201 5. 2018012001 30, Flxed Unk, 700-732, 610DD, in this notice at any tima before A") that due to your failu to Cuetia and FBmando Montoya, 201 8011 99362, $4,685.1 8, obligation is not brought cu ent $5,899.36, 82.91; Christopher 112n014, 201 8011 99341,the undersigned t st66.s sale pay the annual aN8Nmem(sT Cana 65A N# 1A-50 Apto 82.31; Neil Duggan and flncluding th6 payent of any NoncE OF DEFAULT AND J B6tancourt, 723 Burgundy p, $3,164.69, $1.56; Law nce ofyourtimeshare i e st. lt you due on (Saa Exhibh A") and 204 G, Cali, COLOMBIA, 1/2 Ann Gibson, 90 ngs Lane, lees incu 6d by W6stgat8 in INnM TO FORECLOSE Delray Beach, FL 3 . 112 Joyce, 2043 Highway 70, do not obje to tha use olthe all aM6NmantTs) the aWer, Fixed W6eMix8d Unrt, 19O StreWord. Manthe ar M32 commencing this toreclosure WESTGATE uws II FILE: Fixed Waah/Fixed Unit, 1400- Kingston Springs, TN 37082, 1 t stee toreclosure procedure, you a cu ently in d&auW 1914, 161EVEN, 1 lv2o1 4, 8GG, ENGLAND, 1 Fixed Waak/ p cess) within thirty (30l n .o 4g 1418, 251EVEN, 1/21201 4, Fix6d WeeWFloat Unil, 1300- you will not be subj6 to a of your obligations lo pay 201 8011 99340. $4,685.18, Fixed Unrf, 1700-1744, 1700- days hom the fi t date of Punuant to Section 201 80/2001 30, 84,685.18, 1327, 6 H0LE, 1/2/2014, deficiency judgmBnt even if assessments due to Wertgate $2.31; Ma A Jones, 1764 1744, 20, 211WEN, EVEN, publication, tha undenigned 721.855, F rida Statutas, $2.31 : Damaris Ornaviani. 201 801199341,87,849.87, the procaeds trom thB sale on the tollowing dascribed raal Sho view Drive, Jacksonville, 1/2/201 4, 201 80/1 99362, T 86 shall proceed wkh wEsTGAn LAKES OWNERS Calle Dr Quevedo Baez N $3.87; Twdie Pnn WhiWla and of your timeshare int6 st proparfy locatad in Orange FL 32218, 1 Fix6d WaaklFixad $8,068.97, $3.98; Daniel J the sale ot tha Plop8 y as AssoclAnoN, INC. Toa Baja, PR 9, 1/2 Sharon Elaine Slephens and are insu cient to oWset the Coun,Florida: (See Exhibit Unit, 2100-2111, 1 H0LE, Karas and Rebacca E Van provided in Se ion 721.855, areinaRer t to as Fixed WeaMixed Unit, 140 Xavier Shomari Ellio and amounts securad by the lien. A ) Time Sha lnterast(s) 11v201 4, 201 80/1 99340, Rinsvelt, 420 LadL Huntingdon Florida Statutes, in which case, We gata"), ha5 &orded a 1418. 25/EVEN, 1 lv2o1 4. Chri5toph8r Amhony Junior By: GREENSPOON MARDER, (Sea Exhibh .'A") as defined in 87,849.87, $3.87Maria,Ortega, Ln, Asheville, N 28803, 1/2 th6 undenigned Twstee shall: Claim of Len in tha amount 201 80/200130, $4,685.1 8, N6w8||, Caya Quant # 1, San LLP *rusl . -- -the aclaration ot Covenams, 55 Mountain Top Road, East Flxed Wee Fixed Unit, 2200- (1T PDvida you wkh wri en of (See Exhibit '.A"), with $2.31; Juan C F nto and ldalia Nicolas, ARUBA, 1 Fiwad, WHIBIT A" - NOTICE OF Condkions and R6 ri ions br Stroudsbug, PA 18302, 112 2221, 2110DD, 1121201 4, notite of lha sale, including interest acc ing at lhe rate ot E Rodriguaz D6 Franto, Av 700-737, 8 H0U, 4/2/2014, DEFAULr AND INnNT TO the Westgate Lakes |, OMcial Flx6d WeeMixed Unh, 220 201801199362, $3,164.69, the data, time and loca ion (See Exhib A per day, and 15K Calle 43K, R6sidentia El 201801199341,$7,809.94, FORECLOSE: Recods Book 5020, at Pag6 2235, 201MN, 1 v201 4, $1.56; Ve M Baher, 18317 th&aot; (2) R6cord Me notice &oded in O.R. Booh (See Bosque A Ca5a 8, Maracaibo 83.85; Promotional Ent8pri58s, Owner(sVObligor(s), fimeshaP 327, ot the Public R8tod5 ot 201 80/1 99340, 83,4o5.62, Ohio St, D8tDk, Ml 48221, of s e in the Publit R ods of Mibrf A"), Page (Sea Exhibit 04003, VENUUEL 112 Fixed, LLC A Florida Lmrted Liability lnt8r6st, BuildingWnk, Waak, Orange CouW, Florida (Me $1 .68; Luis A ayon Mor&|, 879 112 F ed WeeMixed Unk, O nga Coun,florida; and (3) A"), ot me Public Records ot 1100-1 163, 3V0DD, 11v2015, Company, 13750 w. Colonial DetauW Data, BooklPage ot Plan") and all amendment(s) Calle Jardin, Hatillo, PR 00659, 2200-2233, 2110DD, 1/212014. Publi5h a copy ot the notic6 of O nga Coun,florida, and 201 80/2001 30, $2,631 .49, Drive, Winter Gadan, FL 34787, Racoded Len, Amount, Per thereto, it any. Togathar wilh 112 Fix6d WeahlFixed Unit, 2018011 99362, $2,744.49, sale lwo (2) times, once each tha und gnad Tw ea as 81.3o; Da Gk R Burton and 1 Fix6d W6ekl x8d Unit, 1600- Diem Amount: lhe righl to occupy, pursuant 1900-1936, 2nvEN, 11212014, $1.35; Faira L Glenn, 6633 Red wa6k, tor two (2) succeuive appoim6d by B,hereby Brigme M Burton, 14 Gullwing 1654, 3 H0U, 11v2015, Paul Chisholm and Barbara to the Plan, Building-Unh(sl 20180/199340, $4,685.1 8, Cedar Ln, W6st Bloomfield, weeks, in an Orange Coun form notm ( Ewhibh St, Ma thon, ON POT2EO, 201B01199341,$6,093.44, Chisholm, B&nha Str 5, (s86 Exhibrf "A,during Unk $2.31; icia Famand6z, Ml 48324, 112 Fixad WeeW newspaper, pDvidad suth a A") Mat due to your failu to CANADA, 112 Flxed Waehl S3.o1; Howard HamiWon, 5116 G enloh, Gute loh 03M2, k(s) (SaB Exhibk .A,70 Hacienda Palquaz, San Flxed Unit, 2200-2233, 211 newspaper exists at the time pay the annu aN8Nm6nt(s) Fixedun ,16 -1644,6nNN, OWer c Dr, Ponte Vadra GERMANY,1 FlxedW Mix during s ned YearTs), (s68 Lo nzo, PR 00754, 112 ODD,1lV2O14,2O18OI199362, of publishinq. lt you tail to due on (See Exhibit "A") and 1/v2014, 201801200130, Beach, FL 32082, 112 Fixed Unrf, 600-621, M HOU, Mibrf A . 10, Turkay Flx6d WeeM ad Unh, 190 $2,744.49, $1.35; Roland cu the deauW as set to h all B(s) lherea er, $4,685.18, $2.31; AnMony Wee xed Unrf, 700-735, 261 1/v2014, 201801199363, Lake Road, O ando, n 32819 1936, VNEN, 11v2014, Jr Pi,135 NE 193 sl, in this notica or ake olhar you a cu tly in detauN Hanna and Daphnia Hanna, ODD, 11v2014, 201801199341, 87,849.87, $3.87; Te nce m6 in Tlme Shar6 pro ) 201801199340, 84,685.18, Miami, FL 33179, 1/2 Flxed appDpriat6 artion w h rggad ot your obl alions lo pay P.o Box N4746, N u, S3,164.69, $1.56; Eric Halpin and Norma E Halpin, Add N"),Building(S88Exhibk $2.31;NinaJVagasand Nei Wee x6d Unk, 1900- to this foBlosu n n you as due to W6stgat8 BAHAMAS, 1l2 Fwed D6ja in and Francolse Van 1914 E Longbranch Dr, Draper, A merein Tlme Share Plan JVa a5 De Duarteand N8| 5J 1922, 10 N, 11212014, risk I05ing ow6nhip or your on Me follo ng d cribed real W88M x6d Unit, 120 Vaerenbegh, 11 Rue Des UT 84020, 112 Fiwed WeeW (PDp6rty) Addr6N . As a U ba i, 5730 NW77Te ate, 20180 199362, 84,685.18, timeshare inl6 ugh ha pD loc ed in Orange 1221, 34nvEN, 11V2014, Po5t,Braine Le corme Fixed Unit, 1000-1028, 211 result ot the atorementionad Pompano Beach, FL 33067, 1 $2.31; Yvrosa Pia e, 2 51 t ae to&losuR pmedu Coumy, norida: (See Exhibit 20180 200130, $4,685.18. 07090, BELGIUM, 1 All ODD, 112/2014, 201801199363, detault, rtgate he by 6le s Fix6d WeaklFixed Unit, 2600- Wilkie Ava, Porf Cha o 6, FL 6stablish6d in Serfion 721.855, A Tln Ma lnt8 (5) $2.31. S n-Floal WeeMloat Unit, $3,164.69, $1.56: Mohammad to sell the Property punuant 2635, 49/WH0LE, 11v2015, 33954, 1/2 Fixed WeeklFixed Florida Statutes. You may (S Exhibh A as defined in O ob rS, 12, 18 7 -762, 27 0DD, 1 12015, A # M6jaib8| and Melissa R to S6 ion 721.855, Florida 201801199340, S5.3O1.48, Unrf, 1900-1922, 10nvEN. choose to sign and s6nd lo the Declarat n of Covenants, L 172368 201801199341,83,164.69, Omelas, Blotk 2 St 6t 8, Stat es. Plaase be ad sed 82.61; Melvin A Wlggins, 2702 1 121201 4, 201801199362, tha undersigned t ea an Condhion5 and R85trirfions 81.56; Blue chip p mier House 15, Sabahiya, KUWA th in the event that your a St SE Apt 101, Washington $4,685.18, 82.31; Dennis objerfion torm, 8xewi5ing your tor the W6 gal8 Lak6s, omcial Rentals, Cabins a Condos, 112 Fixed W6e xad Unrf, obligalion is not brought cu t DC, 20020, ' Fixed W86klFlx8d D Bunkley and Va nica D right to object to We use ot the Recods Book 5000, at Page NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND LLC, a Delawa Lmhed 200-212. 3nvEN, 1/212014, flncluding lhe pay t ot any Unk, 150 1541, 17nvEN. Bunkley, 471 Cranleigh Ct, t aa to losu pmedu . 118, ot the Public Recods INnNT TO FORECLOSE Labil y Company, oganized 201 80/1 99363, 84,685.18, tees incu ed by Westg e in 11v2004, 201 801199340, Cleveland, OH 44143, 1500 Upon th6 unda igned hu ee's ot Oranga CouW, Florida (the wNTGAn LAKES II hLE and existing undar lhe laws $2.31: Mario Romarico comm6ncing this toreclosu 84,583.18, $2.26. Hunling Hollow Dr, Hudson, OH &6ipt ot your signed obje ion Plan and,amandment(5) 2T6 .0T51 ot the Slat& Delaware, Mercado and vllma SaWa p caM) whhin thirfy (30) Ortober s, 12. 2018 44236, 112 Fixed WeeMixed form, Ma to closuP of the ther&o. rf any. Togethar with Pursuant to Se ion 1220 No h Ma et St et Ste Mercado, 4630 Woodley Ave days hom lhe finl date ot L 172347 Unrf, 1900-1942, 311 EN, lien wkh sped to the detauW the right to oKupy, pursuant 72h855, Florida Stat es, 808, wilminq on, DE 19801, 1 Apt 105, Encino, CA 91436, publication, the undersigned 1 121201 4, 201 80/199362, spacifiad in this notice shall to a Plan, Building-Unit(s) WESTGATE LAKES OWNERS Fix6d Wee Fixed Unit, 1400- 1/2 Fixed WaehlFixed Unk, Twstee shall p ceed with $2,698.50, $1.33; Lindsey c be subje lo the judicial (See Mibh A,during Unit AssoclAnoN, INC. 1444, 41 HOU, 4 2 2014. 500-537, 1 ODD. 1/v2014. the sale ot the Prope y as NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Washing on, 1500 Hunting to tlosure procedure only. Weeh(s) (See Exhibrf "A'.), erainaWer rete lo as 201801199341,$6,782.48, 201 80/1 99363, $3,164.69, p vided in Section 721.855, INTENT TO FOREGLOSE Hollow Dr, Hudson. OH You have he right o cur6 your during Ass n6d Yaar(s), (See "Westgate"), has Bord8d a $3.34; p motional Entaprises, 81.56; Ca os AlvaPz, 3000 Florida Stat es, in which casa, WESTGATE LAWS,FIU: 44236, 1/2 Fixad W8Bk/Fixed default in the manner set torth Mibk A . 10,000 Tu ey Claim ot Lien in the amount LLC A Florida Lmked Labili NW 106lh Ave, Co,Springs, the undersign6d Twstee shall: 2T6 .0T52 Unit, 1 900-1 942, 31/EVEN, in this notice al any tim6 betora Lake Road. O ando, FL 32819 ot (See Exhibk .'A ), with Company, 13750 w. Colonial FL 33065, 112 Fixed Week/ (1) p vide you wrth wri en Punuant to Se ion 1/V201 4, 201 80 199362, the undersigned twstea's sala ePin fima Share (Properfy) interast accwing at the r e ot Dr, Winter Gaden, FL 34787, Fixed Unrt, 200-263, 41/0DD, notica ot lhe sale, including 721 .855, Florida Stat es, $2,698.50, 1.33; Wenito c ot your limeshare inteP . lt you Address"), Building (See Exhibit (Sae Exhibit '.A"l per day, and 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unit, 1300- 1/2/201 4, 201 80/1 99363, the date, time and location WESTGATE LAKES OWNERS Washin4on, 1088 Venice N, do not objert lo the usa ot the A") merain Tlme Share Plan recorded in O.R. Book (s86 1323, 13/WH0LE, 1/2/2015, 83,1 64.69, $1.56; Juana tharaot: (2) Recod the notice ANOCIATION, INC. Macedonia, OH 44056, 1/2 tw ee to closwe procedu , (P pe y) Addr6ss' . As a Exhibit .'A"), at Page (See Ewhibit 2018c/199341,86,o93.44, Guzman, 11225 Lakeview of sale in the Public Records or mereina er rete ed to as ' Flxed WaaMixed Unit, 1900- you will not be subject to a resuW of th6 aforementioned A"l, ot the Public Records ot 83.o1: Ty s K Lask6,Jr, Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33071, Orange County, Florida; and (3) Westgate"), has recorded a 1 942, 31nvEN, 1 /2/201 4, deficiency judgmenl ev6n it delauW, Wartgata hePby elects Orange Coun,Florida, and 8917 Tumbe y N, Orlando, 1/2 Fixed WeeMixed Unit, Publish a topy of the nolice ot Claim ot Lien in the amount 201 80/1 99362, $2,698.50, the proceeds trom the sale to sell the Roperfy pu .uant the undersigned T stee as FL 32819, 1/2 Fixad WeeW 200-263, 4110DD, 112/2014. sale two (2) times, onca aach of (See Exhibrf .'A"), with $1.33; Lisa B Uncles, 1315 of your timeshare inta st to Se ion 721.855, Florida appointed by We gate, he by Flxed Unit, 700-767, 24/0DD, 201 80/1 99363, 83,164.69. week, tor two (2) succ6ssiv8 intaPst acc ing al the rate ot John St, Baltimore, MD are insuWicient to o s6t the St utes. Pleasa ba advised tormally notifies (See Exhibit 1lV2014. 20180 199341,81.56 Ursula Alvarez, 6741 weehs, in an Orange County (See Exhibit "A") per day, and 21217, 1l2 Fixed WeeMixed amounts secured by th6 lian. that in the 8v6nt that your "A") that due to your tailure to 83,164.69, $1 .56: Nicholas Fern St, Magate, FL NO63, newspaper, p vided such a corded in O.R. Book (See Un,2300-2331, 26nvEN, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, obligation is not brought current pay tha annual aN8Nm8nt(s) Benede o and Ginamarie 112 Fixed WeeMixed Unit, nawspaper exists at the time Exhibit A"), at Page (See Exhibit 1/u201 4, 201 80/199362, LL,Twstee. flncluding th6 payen ot any due on (See Exhibit A") and Benedeto, 3241 Watebu 200-263. 41/0DD, 1/2/2014. ot publishing. lf you tail to A"), ot the Public Recor s ot $4,685.18, 82.31; David M HIBIT "A" - NoncE OF tees incu ed by Westgate in all assessment(s) th6r6aW8r, Drive, Wantagh, NY 11793, 1 201 80/1 99 63, 83,1 64.69, cu the default as set torth Orange Coun,Florida. and Talavera, 6806 Hopewell DEFAULT AND INTENT TO comm6ncing this foRtlosu you ara Gu ently in d6tault Fixed We6WFix8d Unit, 1600- $1.56; Carmen Vasquez, 695 in this notice or tahe other the undenignad Twstee as Av, Springfield, VA 22151, 1 FORECLOSE: pDc8N) wrfhin thirty (30) of your obligations to pay 1664, 501WH0LE, 1/2/2016, sw 50TH TER, Magate, appropriata action with regad appointed by Westgata, he by Fixed W88WFlx6d Unit, 1500- Owne sVObligo s), Tln share days hom tha fint date ot assessments due to Westg a 201 8011 99341,$3,482.79, FL 33068, 112 Fixed Weeh/ to this toreclosure maWar, you tormally notifies (Saa Exhibit 1543, 25 H0LE, 11u2015, lnte st, BuildingWnk, w86k, publication, lhe undersigned on the tollowing describad al S1.72; G6og8 Foster and Pielra Fixed Unit, 200-263, 41lODD, rish losing ownership ot your "A") that due to your tailuR o 201 8011 99362, $5,301 .48, DetauN Date, BoohlPage or T ste6 sh,p ceed with property located in Orang6 Fo 6r, 2633 8uWe ing Road, 1/212014, 201 80/1 99363. lim8shar6 intePst through tha pay the annual assassment(s) 82.61; Julissa,Ramos and Luis Recoded Lien, Amount, Per lhe sala ot Ma p perty as Coun,Florida: (Sa6 Mibit Mayfield H hts, OH 44124, 1 $3,164.69, 81.56: Eric Walker t stae foreclosure procadu dua on (See Exhibit .'A") and E Ramo5, Belgica Call Gran Vla Diem Amount: provided in Sartion 721.855, wA ) Time ShaP lnta st(s) Flxed Wee ix6d Unk, 1400- and Susana Bezada, 121 established in Section 721 .855, all as5essm8nt(s) thereaWer, 2470, Ponte, PR 00717, 112 O avio Rodriguez and Anal Florida Slat es, in which case, (See Ewhibk "A") as defin6d in 1451, 47 H0U, 112/2016, Lewis Sl, Yonkers, NY 1070, Florida Stat es. You may you aP cu ently in detault Flxed WeaklFixed Unrf, 2200- Vazquaz, Paseo Florasta he undersigned Tw5t88 shall: tha D6claration ot Covenants, 201801199341,85,312.22, 1/2 Fix6d We6Mixed Unit,choose to sign and send to of your obligations to pay 2221, 1 9nvEN. 1 12 201 4, Poniente 409, Casi Esq Paseo (1) Provide you with wriwen Conditions and Restri ions tor $2.62; Gerald C Mchnnon and 600-632, 43/0DD, 1/2/2014, tha undersigned,stee an aN8Nments due to Wes gate 201 80 1 99362, $4,07Z.25, Flor6sta Sur, Vera Cwz, notice ot th6 sala, including the Weslgate Lakes ll, O cial Stephanie M Mckinnon, Po Box 201 80/1 99363, &3,164.69, objection torm, exercising your on the following dascribed Ral $2.01 ; Susanna Holguin, M ICO, 112 Fixed Wee the date, time and location Records Booh 5000, at Paga 592034, O ando, FL 32859, 1 $1.56; Ruben K Bu eson and right to obje to the use ot the property located in Orange 1250 E 13th St, Douglas, AZ Fixed Unk, 500-5N, 17/0DD, lhereot; (2) Recod the notite 3118, ot the Public Racord All Season-Float Week/Float Donna L Bu eson. 2330 s twstee toreclosure procadura. Coun,Florida: (See Exhibit 85607, 112 Fixed Weekl xed 11v2014. 201 80/1 99342, or 5al8 in the PUblit Records of ot Orange Coun,Florida (the Unrt, 1600-1623, 48 H0LE, Palmer Av6, Georgiana, AL Upon tha undenigned twstee's '.A") Time Share lnterest(s) Unrf, 2200-2z34, 49nvEN, $ ,164.69. 81.56: ArtUD Abeja, Orange County, florida; and (3) .'Plan") and all am6ndm8nt(s) 412/201 5, 20180/199341,36033, 1/2 Fiwed Wee Fixed receipt of your signed objertion (See Exhibit "A.') as defined in 1/2 201 4, 201 80/1 99362, 846 NW 6th T Hom6st6ad. Publ sh a copy ot the notice or therelo, it any. Togethar wkh 86,o51 .68, $2.98. Unit, 1 000-1 064, 1 6nvEN, rorm, the toreclosure of the the Declaration ot Covenants, $4,072.25, $2.01; Rodolfo K FL 33034, 1/2 floating, 200- sale two (2) times, once each the right to occupy, pursuant Ortober 5, 12, 18 1 /2/201 4, 201 80/1 99363, lien with respect to the datault Conditions and R89tritlions for Sanchez, 2202 E. Calle A oyo 224, 25nvEN, 1 /v2o1 4, week, tor two (2) successive lo lhe Plan, Building-Unh(s) L 172369 84,685.18. $2.31: MemW s specified in this notice shall the Westgate Lakes |, OMcial Lndo, Tucson, AZ 85706, 1/2 201 80/1 99342, $4,685.1 e. weeks, in an Orange Coun (S68 Exhibi "A"), during Unit Santos. 26450 Comell St, be subjett to the judicial Records Book 5020. at Page Fix6d W68 Fixed Unit, 2200- $2.31; Guy w Simpson and newspaper, provided such a Waak(s) (See Exhibit A"), Loma Linda, CA 92354. 1/2,toretlosure procedu only. 327. ot the Public Records of 2234, 49/EVEN, 1 /2/201 4, Hazal C Simpson, oha, 46, newspapar exists at the lime during Assigned Year(s), (s68 NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Fixed W86Mix8d Unrf, 500- ' You havethe rightto cure your Orange County, Florida (the 201 80/1 99362, $4,072.25, Ridgeview Road, Lncoln LN4 of publishing. lt you tail to Exhibit '.A"). 10,000 Tu ey INnNT TO FORECLOSE 532. 28nvEN, 1 /2/201 4. defaull in the manner set torth Plan") and all amendment(sl $2.01; Michaal J Eastment 2u, ENGLAND, 1/2 Fixed. cura the detauW as set torth Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819 WESTGATE LAKES FILE: III 201 80/1 99363, $4,685.1 8, in this notiGe at any time befo lhereto. it any. Togelher with and June Eastment. Slair 500-532. 19/EVEN. 1/v2014,