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October 5, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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October 5, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, OCTOBER 5, 2018 PAGE TB a r6mainder over n fee in Orange Coun,Florida SQUARE, STERLING, VA numbePd 663-671. 673-678, detined in the Declaralion for R8gist8l8d MaiUpublication NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S,having a 105,000 735,45g. 0 simple absolute as ten- tor continuing nonpayment 20165: Claim ot Lien cord6d 763-771, 773-778, 863-871. use in ODD year(s). me Usage to: 7831 HUMMINGBIRD ST. SALE undivided lmerest in unk5 ant in common wilh all ot assessments (as well as on June 4, 2018; lnstwment 873-878, 963-971, 973-978. Right ot lhe vOl is a Floating HOUSTON, M 77071; Cl m ot NOTICE ls HEREBY GIVEN, numbe d 901-906, 908-910, other ownen of all lhe unit pDp8 y taxes. int8 5t, late No. 201 803261 05 Publit 1063-1071, 1073-1078 located U58 Right. Len retorded on June 19, 2018: that Gasdick Stanton Ea y, 912-914. 916-922, 1001-1006, weaks and in that pe ent- tees and/ortosts, if applicable),Records ot Orange County, in BUILDING 4, PHASE lv"; ROBERT J SCOTT and CATHY lns ment No. 20180361179 P.A 1601 w. Colonial Dr 1008-1010, 1012-1014, 1016- aga interast determined due hrther described as,FL. Total Due: $1,029.81 as ot BIENNIAUallocated 168,000 D sco Notice of Detault Public Retords ot Orange O ando, FL 32804, as Trustee 1022, 1101-1104, 1106, 1108, and established by the rollows: April 19, 2018; described as: Points as dafined in the and ln ent to FoFeclose sent Coun,FL Total Due: $599.55 in the Appointment recoded 1109, 1112-1114, 1117-1122, he ina er described Dec- RAY R BROWN, Notite Ona (1) Vacation Ownership Declaration tor use in NEN via Cerf ed/Registered Mail/ as of May 8, 2018; described at O.R. Book 10666 at Paga 1201-1204, 1206, 1208, 1209, laration ot Condominium of Default and ln ent to lnte (.'vol") having a year(s). me Usage Right ot the publication to: 6 3RD AVE, as: One (1) Vacation Owership 9238 of the Public Recods of 1212-1214. 1217-1222 located COUNT xl: DENIE Foreclos6 sant via certmed/,84,000/441,210,000 undivided vol is a Floating Use Riaht. LEsnR, PA 19029-1758; lnterest TwVOl") having a O nge Coun,Florida, will sell in BUILDING 6, PHASE vl": MORRISON R8gist6 d MaiUpublicalion lnlerest in Units numberad ELLEN MARY MULR ON Claim ot Lien retorded on 84,0001626,821 ,ooo undivided at public Aurtion to the highest BIENNIAUallocated 210, 0 Unit w k No: 24, Unit No: to: 3426 SUMMIT CT NE, 131-144, 146, 231-246, 331- Notice or Datault and lntent to June 19, 2018; lnstwment lnterest in Unhs numbered bidder ot u.s. nds, in cash or Points as definad in he 111, Buildina No.: 203, WASHINGTON, DC 20018;,346 lotated in '.BUILDING 2. Foreclose sent via Ce ed/ No. 201 80361 234 Public 101-106, 108-110, 201-206, cerfified hnds only, on Ottob6r D laration tor use in MN ot ORLAND INnRNA- Claim ot Len Bord6d on PHASE ll"; BIENNIAUallotated Registered Mail publicalion R8cod5 of Orange County, 208-210. 212-214, 216-222, >o. 2018 at 9:05 am, at Gasdich yea s). m6 Usage Right of lhe noNAL RESORT CLUB |. May 21, 2018; lnstwment 168.000 Points as detinad in to: 88 momtliw St, Oshawa, Fl Tolal Due: $600.62 as ot 301-306, 308-310, 312- 14. Stanton Ea y. P.A 1601 w. vol is a Floating Use RigM. a condominium. together No. 201 80301 375 Public the Declaration tor use in EVEN Ontario L1H 7H2, CANADA; May 8, 2018: described as: 316->22, 401406, 408410. Colonial Dr Orlando. FL 32804, ALINE ROSA NUNE and th all appurf6nanc8s Records ot O nge Coun,| year(s). me Usage Right ofthe Claim ot Len reco ed on One (1) Vacation Ownarship 412-414, 416422 located in all right, title and interast in ALLAN PATRICK DOS SANTOS, th&9to, and tog6th8r whh FL. Total Due: $823.41 as ot vol is a Floating Use Right. June 4, 2018; lnst ment No. lnterest ('vol") having a "BUILDING 6, PHASE "; ha pDp8 i8s listed below Notice of DafauW and lntent to a mainder over in tae April 11, 2018; describad as: JUAN LOPU and MARIA 20180326098PublicRecordsot 84,0001441,210,000 undivided BIENNIAUallocated 168,000 in Orang6 Coun,Florida tor Foretlose sant via certmedl simple absolute as ten- One (1) Vacation Owenhip LOPU. Notice ot DetauW Orange County, FL. Tdal Due: lnle in Unhs numbaPd Points as defined in the continuing nonpayment of tha R8gist6r8d MaiUpublitation to: ant in common with all lnterest ( vOl ) having a and lntent lo FOPtlOS6 sen $698.04 as of April 19. 2018: 131-144, 146, 231-246, 331- DeGlaration tor u58 in NEN periodit payments due under Rua Casami De Abrau 3 , other owen ol all th6 unk 84,000R20,709,5 undivid6d,via C6 ifi 8girt&8d Maill described as: One (1) Vacation 346 located in BUILDING 2, year(s). me Usage Rightotthe the mo gages described Apto 1203, Blumanau, sc weeks and in that pe ent- lnta st in all Residenlial Unks,publication to: 5232 S KEATING Ownenhip lntar t ( vol ) PHASE ll"; BIENNIAUallocated vol is a Floating Use Right. below, as follows: 89035-600, B |; Mortgaga agB inta st datermined located in BUILDING 1";,AVE, CHICAGO, IL 60632- having a 105,000/735,459,000 168,000 Points as defined in DORIS SILVA VARGAS and MATTHEW,OLEKA and raGod8d on March 10, 2015; and established by the BIENNIAUallocaled 1 ,0 4923;ClaimotL8nRcodedon undivided lnte st in Unrfs Me Declarationtorusein ODD OSCAR ANYELO GAVIRIA UCHENNAAOLEKA,Noticeot O.R. Book 10886 at Paga hereina er d8Krib8d Dec- Poinls as defined in the June 4. 2018: ln wment No. numbered 901-906, 908-910, yea s). me Usaga RigM ot the CASTIUO. Notic6 of Deault DetauW and lntent to For8clos6 4525 Publit R old5 ot laration ot Condominium D6clar ion tor us6 in ODD 20180326107 Public Recods ot 912-914. 916922, 1001-1006, vol is a Floating Use Right. and lntent to Fo&lose s6nt sam via Ce ifiadlRegista d Orange County, FL. Total Due: COUNT wl: GISELA y6a s). me U5age Righl otthe O nga CouW, FL. Total Due: 1008-1010, 1012-1014, 1016- ABE LONG and DANA LONG, uia Cartifi egist MaiU MaiUpublication to: 3715 64th $20,825.69 as ot Ma h 30, VALBUENA DE BUTRON vol is a flo ing Use Right. $795.40 as ot April 19, 2018; 1022, 1101-1104, 1106, 1108, Notice of DefauW and lntent to publitalion to: CAW 16A 132- Ave, Landover, MD 20785- 2018, inta st S8.36 p& di ; Unrf w k No: 30, Unrf No: SAMMYA SILVA FRE AS, described as: Ona (1) Vacation 1109, 1112-1114, 1117-1122, Foreclosa sent via Ce ifiedl 60 APTO 31, CAU,COLOMBl 1015; Morfgaga cord6d on described a5: Ona (1) Vacation 111, Build No.: 203, Notica ot DatauW and lnte to Ownenhip lnte ( ol ) 1201-1204, 1206, 1208, 12,Regi e d MaiUpublication to: Claim ot Lan &orded on Fabrua 18, 2013; O.R. Book Ownarship lnte ( vol.) of ORLAN INnRNA- Fo&lose s6nt via ce m having a 166,0001450,489,000 1212-1214. 1217-1222 located 13s0 FIRETOWER RD, KILN, Jun6 19, 2018; ln ment No. 10523 at Paae 5480 Public havin d 128,0001920,709,500 noNAL RESORT CLUB |, R6gist8 d M Upublication lo: undivided lnt6Pst in Unks in BUILDING 6, PHASE "; MS 39556-6849; Cl m of Len 20180 61180 Publit Records R ords ot range County, undiv d tenant-in-tommon a condominium, together Rua Nossa Senhora do Bom numbeRd 431-446, 531-546, ANNUAUallocated 105, 0 r8colded on Juna 19, 2018; of Orang6 Coun,FL Total FL. Total Due: $6,552.39 as feesimplahartionalOwnenhip wh all appurtenances Cons6lho, 320 - Apto 63E, Sao 631-646 located in BUILDING Points as defined in the lnst ment No. 20180361235 Due: $565.03 as ot May 8, 2018; ot MaKh 30, 2018, inte st lnt8 5t in all Residamial Unks lher&o, and tog6th6r with Paulo 05763, BRAZIL; Cl m ot 2, PHASE ll"; ANNUAU Declaralion tor use in EACH Public Recods ot Oranga dascribed as: Ona (1) Vacation $2.70 per diam; dascribed as: located in Building entklad a mainder ovar in fae Len recorded on May 21, 201B; allocated 166,000 Points as yea s).me Usaga RightofMe Coun,FL Total Due: Ownenhip lme st ( vol One (1) Vatation Ownanhip '.BUILDING 1"; ANNUAU simple absolut6 as ten- lnst mam No. 2018 01376 defined in the Dacla tion for vol is a Floating Use RigM. $638.96 as ot May 8, 2018: havlng a 63,0 704,420,000 lnta ( vol"l having a allocated 128,000 Points as ant in common wkh all Public Records ot Orange,useinEAcHyea s).meusage LUIS ESPINAL and SIUNE described as: One(1)Vacation undiv ded lmere in Units 63,0001613,176,000 undivided defined in the D6cla on tor o har ownan ot all the unit County, FL Total Due: $586.78 ' Righ of the vol is a floating ESPINAL Notice of DefauW Owe hip lm8r6st ( ol") numbe d 663-671, 673-678, lnte st in units numbe d usa in EACH y8a 5). me Usaga waeks and in that percent- as otApril 11, 2018; deKribed Use Right. and lment to Foreclose sent having a 84,000/T04,420,000 763-771, 773-778, 863-871, 1163-1171, 1173-1178. 1263- Right ot the vol i5 a noating ag6 int6rast da ermined as: One (1) Vacation Owenhip KIMBERLY BESS, Notice ot via certm isteRd MaiU undivided lnt6P in Unhs 873-878, 963-971, 973-978, 1271, 1273-1278, 1363-1 71, Usa Right. and astablished by the lme ( vol") having a DetauW and lntent to Foreclose publication to: 353 FRANKUN numbe 663 71, 673-678, 1063-1071. 1073-1078 located 1373-1378, 1465-1471, 1473- JAIME EsnBAN ASTUDILLO he inaRar d6scrib8d Dec- 154,0001804,860,000undivided,s6nt via Ce ifi st&ad ST, BLOOMFIELD, NJ 07 3- 763-771, 773-778, 863-871, in "BUILDING 4, PHASE lv; 1476, 1565-1568, 1571, 1573, RAMOS and KATYA XIMENA lar ion of Condominium,inUnksnumbe d679- Mai publ ation to: p Box 3414; Claim of Len ld8d 873-878, 963-971, 973-978, BIENNIAUallocalad 126,000 1574 locatad in BUILDING ORELLANA CABRERA, COUNT wll: DERRICK 686, 688, 69 698. n9-786, 123, DOLTON, IL 60419- on June 4, 2018: ln mant 1063-1071. 1073-1078 locatad Points as defined in the 4, PHASE lv ; BIENNIAU Notice ot Detault and lnt6nt to COCHRAN 788, 79 798, 8T9-886. 888. 0123; Claim of Len recorded No. 20180326074 Public in BUILDING 4, PHASE lv ; Declaration tor use in EVEN allocatad 126,000 Point5 a5 Foreclose 58nt via am Unrf k No: 42, Unrf No: 89 898, 979-986, 988, 990- on June 4. 2018: ln wment Retods ot Orange Coun,BIENN Uallotated 168,000 year(s). ma Usage Right ottha defined in tha Declaration for R8gist8r6d Maillpublication 112, Build No.: 204, 998. 1079-1086, 1088, 109,No. 20180326109 Public FL Tolal Due: S966. as ot Points as defined in the VOlisafloatingUseRight. usein ODD year(s).ma Usage to: Km 9 Vla Sanbo ndon, of ORLAN INnRNA- 1o98 loca ed in BUILDING 5, Recods of Orange Coun,April 19, 2018; deKribed as: De aration for us6 in EVEN MICHELLE DENISE BROWN Right ottha vol is a Floating Ciudad C8last6 La Co lia, noNAL RESORT CLUB |, PHASE v; ANNUAUallocat6d FL Tolal Due: $1,866.27 as ot One (1T Vac ion Owanhip y s).m6 Usage Rightottha and DANIEW ANNrm Us6R ht. Guayaquil, ECUADOR; a condominium, toge her 154,000 Poims as defin6d in April 19, 2018; deKribed as: lnterest ( vol having a VOlisaFloating Use Right. COLEMAN, Notica ot D&auW ANDR s MORAND and MARIE Mortgaga r8Gord6d on July with all appurt8nanc6s th6D8tlar ionforus6inEACH One (1) Vac ion Owne hip 84,0001695,141, 0 undivided JOYCE p ROPER, Notice ot and lntent to Fo&lose sent MORAND, Notice ot Detault 8, 2015; O.R. Book 10947 at thereto, and tog8th6r with yea s).m6usageRighlotthe,E Ol having a lnte st in Un s nu DetauWandlntentto Fo&lo58 via BmedlRegi te d and lntent to Fo close sant Page 2217 Public R6tO S of a maindar ovar in fae vol is a floating Use RigM. 84,000/613,176,000 undivided 163-171, 173-177, 263-271, at via certm egi Mai publicat n to: 2701 via C6 edl98gist8 d Mai Orange Coun,FL Total Due: simpl6 absol e a5 ten- PAMELA BURY and BERNARD,lntePst in Unrfs numb8Rd 273-278, 363-371, 373-378, Mai publication to: 14422 MEADOWOOD CT, WESTON, publication to: Plogvagen 3B, $17,569.23 as ot Ma h 30, ant in common whh all Bu Notice ot DefauW and 547-552, 554-562, 64T-652, 463-471, 473-478 563-571, 167TH ST, JAMAICA, NY FL 33N2-3435; Claim ot Len Skanor,Scania 23931, w8d6n; 2018, inte 87.o3 per di6m; olh6r owen ot,the unk,ent to Foraclose senl via,654-662 747-752. 754-762. 573-578 located in BUILDING 114344826; Claim ot Len co ed on June 19, 2018: Mortgage recoded on Feb a described as: One (1T Vacation weeks and in that percant- Certifi egiste d M U 849-852, 854-860, 949, 950, 4, PHASE IV; BIENNIAU rded on June 19, 2018; lnstwm6nt No. 20180361183 21, 2012; O.R. Book 10335 at Ownarship lnt6Bt ( vol") age intarest d&&mined public ion lo: 1170 KAMES 954-956, 959, 960 located located 168,000 Points as ln mant No. 20180361206 Public R6co s ot Orang6 Page 2654 Public Recods of having a 105,0001920,709,500 and established by the WAY DR, NEW ALBANY, OH in BUILDING 3, PHASE lll^; defined in the Detlaration for Publit Recods or O nga Coun,FL Total Due: 87N.55 O ng6 County, FL. Total Dua: undivided enant-in-common he inaR6r deKrib6d Dec- 43054: Cl m ot Len orded BIENNIAU lot ed 168,000 usein ODD yea s).me Usage Coun . FL TotalDue:$787.63 as ot May 8, 2018; d6Kribed S1o,3o8.61 as ot March 30, feesimpleharfionalOwnenhip laration ot Condominium on May 21, 2018: lnst me Points as d6fined in he Right of lha vOl is a no ing as ot May 8, 2018; d8Krib8d as: One (1) Vatation Owenhip 2018, int8 5t 85.o5 per diam; ln erest in all R6sid6 ial Unks COUNT wv. ALuRn No. 20180301377 Publit Declaration for use in MN Use Right. as: On6 (1) Vacation Ow6 hip,erest ( vol having a dascribed as: Ona (1) Vacation located in Buildin entkled MAULDEN and BRADLE Records ot Orange Coun,yea s).ma Usaga Rightofthe BENJAMINVAR@,Notic6of lnt t ( ol ) having a 84,0001613,176,0 undivided Owenhip lnta st ("vol ) .'BUILDING 1"; IENNIAU NALW FL. Tolal Due: S721.88 as of VOlis a Floating Use Right. DefauW and tam to Fo lose 84, 1691,998, undividad lnterest in Unhs numb6 d havin dg1o5,ooo/626,821,ooo allotated 210,000 Poi s as Unh Week No: 41, Unk No: April 11, 2018; deKribed as: NCTOR JOSE LABADI and s6nt via C6rtifi i lnt& n Unrts numb 1163-1171, 1173-1178, 1263- undiv lnte st in unks dafinad in the Declaration for 117. Building No.: 205, One (1) Vacalion Owenhip KATY VIRGINIA F ARDO, MaiUpublica on to: 15319 1179-1186, 1188, 1190-1198, 1271, 1273-1278. 1363-1371, numbe d 101-106, 1O8-11O, u58 in ODD yea s). m6 Usaga ot ORLANDO INTERNA- lnt ( ol") having a Notice ot DetauW and lntent to MoNnslNo DR APT 1 1279-1286, 1288, 1290-1298, 1373-1378, 1465-1471, 1473- 201-206, 208-210, 212-214, Right of the vol is a Floating noNAL RESORr CLUB |, 77,000R20,709,500 undivided FoPclose sant via certmadl ORLANDO, fl 3282&6734; 1379-1386, 1388, 1390-1398, 1476, 156J1568, 1571, 1573, 216-222, 301-306, 308-310, Use Right. a condon nium, together lnterest in all Residential Unks Registe d M Upublitation to: Cl m ot Lan &o ad on 1481-1486, 1491-1496, 1583- 1574 locatad in BUILDING 312-314, 316-322, 401-406, LUCAS DE ALMEIDA with all appurtenanGes loGated in 8UILDING 1"; 7429 E LOMITA AVE, MESA, Juna 4, 2018: ln wme No. 1586. 1591-1594 locatBd in 4, PHASE lv: BIENNIAU 4O8-410, 412-414, 416-422 SCHEUDER and NNICIUS thereto, and togeher with BIENNIAUallocaled 154.000,AZ 85209-4920: Claim otLan 20180326075PublicRetodsof BUILDING 5, PHASE v allocatad 168, 0 Points as located in BUILDING 6, FERREIRA CARVAWO, a r8maind8r ov8r in t88 Points as defined in the,recorded on June 4, 2018; Orange County, FL Total Du6: BIENN Uallocated 168,0 definad in tha Datlaration tor PHASE vl"; ANNUAUallocated NotiG8 of DetauW and lntent to simDle absol a as ten- Declaration tor usa in ODD ln wman No. 20180326111 S648.78 as of April 19, 2018; Points as dafinad in the us6 in MN yea sl. ma Usaga 105,000 Points as defined in Fotetlosa sant via C6rfifi8dl ant. in common with,yea s).me Usage Righlotthe,Public R6cods ot O nge describad as: One (1) Vacation De ar ion tor use in EVEN Right ot th6 vol is a Floating th6 Declaration tor use in EACH R6gistar8d MaiUpublication other owen of,lhe unrt vol is a Floaling Use Right. Coun,FL Tolal Due: $597.87 Own ship lnt6r6 ( vol y s). me Usage Rightoftha Us6 R . y8a s).m6 Usage Rightofthe to: Rua Dos P6N8gu6iDs weeks and in that parcant- DAVID E.JONES and LATONYA as ofApril 19. 2018: describad having a 105,000 626.82|. vol is a floating Usa ight. SAND PILAR PEON vol is a Floating Use ht. 110, Diadema, sP o- age imerest determined M. WELCH, Notite ot Detault as:One(1)VacationOwn6nhip undivided lnte st in Unhs RICHARD F JONES, Notic6 CARDENAS and FRANCO HERMANN R YEp VON 580, Brazil; Mortgage and established by the and lnt6nt to Fo&lose sent lntd (vol") having a numbared 101-106, 108-110, ot DetauW and lntent to ANTONIO FERRADA UPPKE and PAUUNA r8cod6d on November 23, heRinaWer described D6c- via certm agi & d M U 84. T613,176,000 undivid6d 201-206, 208-210, 212-214, Fo los6 s6m via Certifiedl FERRADA, Notica ot DefauW EUZABETH LOAYZA 2015: O.R. Book 11017 at laration ot Condominium publication to: 61 14TH p lnt6Rst in Units numba d 216-222, 301-3,308-310, Ragist&ad M Upublitation and lntent to For losa sent MORA AKA PAUUNA Page 119 Public Recods of COUNT x RICHARD M CHICAGO HEIGHTS,IL6O411: 1163-1171, 1173-1178, 1263- 312-314, 316-322, 401-4,to: 6282 RIDGEGAn CIR, via C8rtifi8 R6gi &8d MaiU EUZABELOAYZAALZAMORA, Orange Coun,FL Tolal Due: zAMBoRsm Claim ol Len retordad on 1271, 1273-1278, 1363-1371, 408-410, 412-414, 416- PENSACOq FL 32504-8059; publication to: La C ina Notite of DefauW and lntent to $17,381.70 as ot Ma h 30, Unit k No: 3, Unk No: May 21, 2018; lnslwm6nt No. 1373-1378, 1465-1471, 1473- 422 locatad in BUILDING Cl m ot Len tord6d on 3 Casa 5 Lampa, Santiago, Fo&lose sent via c6 ifi6dl 2018, inte st S6.99 p di6m; 121, Buildina No.: 206, 201 80301 379 Public Re s ot 1476, 1565-1568, 1571, 1573, 6, PHASE vl"; BIENNIAU Juna 19, 2018: ln wment No. CHILE: Claim ot L6n orded Ragi e d MaiUpublitation to: described as: Ona (1) Vacalion ot ORLAND INTERNA- O nge Coun,FL Total Due: 1574 locatad in BUILDING allocatad 210,000 Points as 20180361208 Public Records on Jun6 19, 2018; lnst n&t Casa 13 Tumbaco, Norb6rfo Ownership lnte t ( vol") noNAL RESORT CLUB |, 8662.57 as ot April 11, 2018: 4, PHASE lv: BIENNIAU defined in we D6claration lor ot Orang6 Coun FL Total No. 20180361 184 Public Salazar SN Vlc6nta Alva z having a 105,000/735,459. a condominium, together d8scrib6d a5: One (1T Vatation allot ed 68,000 Points as use in ODD yea s). m6 Usage Dua:S746.76asof ay8,2O18; Retods ot O nge County, Conj, Quko, Pithincha 170184, undivid6d lnt in unks with all appurfenances Ownenhip lmere ( vol defined in the Declaration tor Right ot tha VOI is a Floating d b6d as: One (1) Vacation FL. Tot Du6: S599.55 as ot Etuador. Mortgage &orded on numbe d 901-906, 908-910, thereto, and together with having a 154,000 725,592,000 us6 in ODD year(sl. ma Usage Use RiRht. Owenhip lnt&e l ol May 8, 2018: dewnbed as: Septemb& 21,2012: O.R. Book 912-914, 916-922, 1 1-10 , a remainder ov8r in f66 undivided lnterest in Unks Right ot the vol is a Flo ing JUUE T STACY. Notice ol having a 112, 01626,821,0 On6 (1) Vatation Owenhip 1 at Paae 5651 Public 1008-1010, 1012-1014. 1016- simple ab5olut8 a5 ten- numb&6d 501-5,50&510, Use Right. DetauN andlnlemloForaclose undivid6d ln 6r8 in Un s lnterert (vol ha ng a R olds or range Coun,1022, 1101-1104, 1106, 1108, ant in common whh all 512-514, 516-522, 601 06, PAULA PRONKO, Notic6 ot sent via cartm agi &ad nunb 101-1,1O&110, 84, N,459, undi ded FL Tot Due: S12,514.31 as 1109, 1112-1114, 1117-1122, oU er own6 ot all tha unit 608-610, 612-614, . 616 22, DefauW and,e o Foreclosa Mai publitation to: 125 M N 201-2,20&210, 212-214, lm in Unks num ot M 30, 2018, i e&t 1201-1204, 1206, 1208, 12 , waeh and in that p8w6nt- 701-706, 70&71,T12-714. sa via Cartifi egistared ST APT 47, NEWMAR#T. 216222, 301-3 . 30&310, 901-906. 8-910, 912-914, 85.28 p6r diem: describad as: 1212-1214, 121T-1222 lotat age int6re deermined 716-722, 801-806, 808 10, MaiUpublitation to: 937 RIDGE NH 03857-1640; Cl m ot Lan 312-314, 316322, 401-4,916922, 1 1-1,100& One (1) Vac ion Owa hip in .BUILDING 6, PHASE vl ; and astablished by the 812-814, 816-822 locat6d in AN, ROCKFORD, IL 61103- t8God8d on June 19, 2018; 408410, 412-414, 416- 1010, 1012-1014, 1016-1022, lnte ( ol having a BIENNIAU located 210,000 h6 inaWar d6Kribed Dec- "BUILDING 6, PHASE ": 6049: C im of Lan co ed ln twmant No. 201 1v8 422 lot ed in BUILDING 1101-1104. 11,1108, 11,84,0 1804,860, undivid6d Points a5 dafined in me lar ion ot Condominium ANNUAUallocatad 154,0 on June 4, 2018; lnst ment Public Reco s ot O ng6 6, PHASE vl"; BIENNIAU 1112-1114. 1117-1122, 1201- lnte inunksnum 679- D laration tor use in MN ,aGcoding and sub- Points as d8fin6d in tha No. 201 80326089 Publit County, FL.TotalDua:W65.O3 locat6d 224, Point5 a5 1204, 12,1206, 12,1212- 686, 688, 69 698, 779-786, y s).me Usage &tofMa i to the D laration ot Declar ion tor usa in EACH R o s of O nge County, as olMay 8, 2018; d8strib6d d6fin8d in a DaGla tion for 1214, 1217-1w2 bcated in 788, 790-798, 879-8B6, 888, vol anoalingusa .gM. 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