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October 5, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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October 5, 2018

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PAGE 4A HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, OCTOBER 5, 2018 world laughed at but and its enablers should not By Jonathan S. Tobin But those who think that the international community will be able to thwart his efforts (JNS)--The international community made to overturn the Iran nuclear deal are the ones no secret of its contempt for U.S. President who are playing the fool. Donald Trump when he spoke to the U.N. That Trump would think to brag at the General Assembly this week. So it was little world-bodyarenaabouthisMiddleEastpolicies surprise that when the president uttered a was inconceivable to his U.N. audience. They typical piece of Trumpian braggadocio with regard his willingness to drop the interna- a tenuous connection to the truth--"In less tional community's fiction about Jerusalem thantwoyears, myadministrationhasaccom- not being Israel's capital as shocking. They plished more than almost any administration feel just as strongly about Trump's plans to in the history of our country"--the response finally hold the Palestinians accountable for was peals of laughter from the normally re- their rejection of peace and support for terror. strained audience of officials in the chamber. But on Jerusalem, as well as seeking the end For most of the media, this was a telling of UNRWA--the U.N. agency that is devoted to moment not just because it momentarily perpetuatingthe Palestinian refugee problem flummoxed the president, but because it also rather than resolving it Trump is merely conformed to the way his opponents think showing common sense. of him. Trump's critics see him in general as Though bereft of policy experience, he un- unworthy of the presidency, but his lack of derstands that the"experts" have spent the last knowledge about foreign affairs and respect for few decades being consistentlywrongabout the thepost-WorldWarIIorderhascausedhimto conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. be regarded by the policy establishment as a Yet even some who favor Israel worry that his hopeless ignoramus and a danger to theworld, support is meaningless since they view Trump But while that disdain resonated in the as destroyingAmericaninfluenceintheworld. media coverage of the speech, those doing the It is in that context that his stance on Iran chortling shouldn't be too confident that they actually proves the opposite point. will have the last laugh. Trump's willingness Though the United Nations and America's to challenge the establishment's conventional European allies think Trump is isolating the wisdom and to rail at "globalists" may seem United States and diminishing its ability to comical at the United Nations and on CNN. influence events, it is they who are being un- By Susan B. Tuehman and memorial was vandalized. Posters proclaimed Morton Klein that "Zionism is Nazism" and equated the Star of David with the swastika. A huge sign on (JNS)--The U.S. Department of Education's the university's main walkway said, "Israelis Office for Civil Rights recently delivered wel- Love to Kill Innocent Children." Speakers at come news for Jewish students. OCR reopened podiums deliberately situated in the center of a student-backed civil-rights case brought by the campus regularly vilified Jews and Israel, the Zionist Organization of America against comparing Jews to Satan and referring to them Rutgers University. as "the new Nazis." Importantly, indecidingtoreassesswhether Students courageously came forward in Jewish students at Rutgers were harassed and OCR's investigation and described feeling discriminatedagainstinviolationofTitleVIof afraid to openly identify as Jews and Israel the Civil Rights Act, OCR stated that it will be supporters. Some feared for their physical using the U.S. State Department's definition safety. Two told OCR that they left Irvine and of anti-Semitism. This definition accurately transferredtootherschoolsbecausetheycould recognizes the many ways in which anti- no longer endure the hostility. Semitism is expressed today, including when Students also described how they tried to get Jew-hatred is camouflaged as vicious criticism university officials to address the problems to of Israel and the denial of the Jewish people's no avail. When a student wrote to numerous right to self-determination, officials imploring them to protect her, only OCR's decision was sorely needed. In 2004, one administrator responded. He actually when KennethMarcus headed OCR, theagency suggested that the studentvisit the counseling finally afforded legal protection to religious center, as if she were the problem. groups that face discrimination based on their Given the evidence, it's almost impossible to actual or perceived ancestry or ethnicity. The understand how OCR could fail to find a Title new policy not only benefited Jewish students; VI violation. But that's what happened.Almost it also afforded Title VI protections for Sikhs nine years after the ZOA filed its complaint, and Muslims. OCR dismissed the case. When Marcus left OCR, the agency retreated The ZOA's case against Rutgers, recently from its Title VI policy protecting Jewish highlightedinthemedia, isanotherexampleof students. After a six-year battle led by the how inadequately OCR responded to a Title VI ZOA--backed by bipartisan congressional complaint involving Israel.Among our claims support garnered by ZOA in 2010, OCR was that Jewish students were discriminated re-affirmed that Jewish students would be against at an anti-Israel and anti-Semitic protected under the law. But the policy was campus event, which was advertised as "free never adequately enforced, particularly when and open to the public." When the event or- a Title VI complaint alleged anti-Semitism ganizers saw how many "Zionists" (meaning expressed as anti-Israelism or anti-Zionism. Jews) showed up, they imposed and selectively The ZOA's Title VI action against the Uni- enforced an admission fee against students versity of California, Irvine--the first case of perceived to be Jewish. Numerous witnesses campus anti-Semitism that OCR ever agreed attested to the discrimination. An email from to investigate under Title VI--is a case in a student volunteer at the anti-Israel event point.Theevidencewashorrifying:Jewishstu- corroborated it, stating, "We need to start dents, who came to learn and experience a ful- chargingbecause 150 Zionistsjustshowedup!" filling college life, were physically threatened and physically assaulted. A campus Holocaust Campus on page 15A THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF HERITAGE MANAGEMENT. CENTRAL FLORIDA'SINDEPENDENTJEWISHVOICE ISSN 0199-0721 Winner of 46 Press Awards HERITAGE Florida Jewish News (ISN 0199-0721) is published weekly for $37.95 per year to Florida ad- dresses ($46.95 for the rest of the U.S.) by HERITAGE Central Florida Jewish News, Inc 207 O'Brien Road, Suite 101, Fern Park, FL 32730. Periodicals postage paid at Fern Park and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes and other correspondence to: HERITAGE, P.O. Box 300742, Fern Park, FL 32730. MAILING ADDRESS PHONE NUMBER P.O. Box 300742 (407) 834-8787 Fern Park, FL 32730 FAX (407) 831-0507 email: Editor/Publisher Jeffrey Gaeser Editor Emeritus Associate Editor News Editor Gene Stare Kim Fischer Christine DeSouza Society Editor Office Manager Gloria Yousha Paulette Alfonso Account Executives Kim Fischer Marci Gaeser Contributing Columnists Jim Shipley Mel Pearlman David Bornstein Ed Ziegler Production Department David Lehman Gil Dombrosky Joyce Gore realistic. Whether they like it or not, Trump regulations that will give the Europeans a is getting his way on Iran, and nothing his op- choice between economic ties with the United ponents are planning to do is likely to stop him. States or Iran, their problems will multiply. The Europeans are adamant that the Iran The brave talk from people like E.U. head Fed- deal is the best way to control Iran's nuclear erica Mogherini that they will create a bank program. But it is figures like French President that will shield European companies from EmmanuelMacron, whodenouncedAmerican U.S. sanctions is as absurd as it is unwork- policies at the United Nations, who are the able. Trump may not be respected, but the fabulists in this debate, not Trump. idea that the Europeans can afford to exist The Iran dealwas an act of appeasement on outside in isolation from the U.S. economy thepartofPresidentBarackObamathatthrew or that American sanctions can't bring Iran away the West's leverage at the very moment to its knees is the real joke. whenlranwasatitsweakest.Thepactenriched Too many Trump critics are still looking and empowered a rogue regime to the point at his foreign policy through the lens of past where it is a greater threat to regional security conflicts. The "America First" slogan he has than ever before, and knows it only has to embraced has frightening historical baggage, have the patience to wait for the nuclear deal and his skepticism about NATO remains trou- to expire within a decade before resuming its bling. But Trump's push against the "global- march to a bomb with the West unable and ists"is not anti-Semitic--and notjustbecause unwilling to do anything about it. it is part of a clear tilt towards Israel. The assumption by the Europeans and As long as key U.S. allies seem more con- Obama supporters was that it was irreversible cerned about defending their right to profit because America's allies would never consent from commerce with Iran than in bringing to to a return to sanctions on Iran. That argu- healtheworld'sleadingstatesponsorofterror- ment was always flawed. It was always within ism or in holding the Palestinians accountable the power of the United States to enact new for their terrorist acts, America will need a sanctions and to deny the right to do business leader who is willing to run roughshod over with American financial institutions to any friends who act as Iran's enablers. Seen from entity that continued to operate in Iran. Enact- that perspective, Trump looks a lot smarter ing such sanctions would offend U.S. allies, as than his European counterparts, who have well as other nations like Russia and China. tied themselves to failed destructive policies In other words, it was the kind of thing that that must be discarded to ensure the security only a Trump would do. of the West. They may think they can wait But far from being ineffective, the reaction him out until he is replaced in 2021. But a from the European Union and others shows U.S. campaign to stop Iran is likely to succeed that they know Trump is succeeding. The re- before then. If so, it will be Trump who will be imposition of sanctions on Iran's oil exports is the one smiling. already having a major impact on their shaky Jonathan S. Tobin is editor in chief of economy. When new, more far-reaching sanc- JNS--Jewish News Syndicate. Follow him on tions are imposed in November, along with Twitter at @jonathans tobin. Young activists learned the wrong lessons from the Oslo Accord By David Brog citizen from Gaza in what he called a "down payment for peace." LASVEGAS(JTA)----Thissummer, America's But the Gaza withdrawal didn't launch Jewish youth rebelled. Or at least a very small the virtuous cycle that Sharon had expected, minority of them did. But through orches- Instead, the exact opposite occurred. Hamas, trated stunts and aggressive marketing, they a terrorist group, seized control of Gaza and garnered the headlines they sought, dramatically increased the number of mis- These youth are demanding that Israel end sties it fired at Israel's towns and cities. Once its"occupation,"presumablyoftheWestBank, again, an Israeli concession had produced an They are targeting pro-Israel organizations escalation of Palestinian terrorism. they deem to be insufficiently zealous in op- Today's college students were in dia rs posingsaidoccupation.Theywantpeace.They as these disasters played out. And many want it now. And they know who's to blame dismiss events that preceded their puberty for its absence: Israel. as ancient history. Thus it's worth noting This agenda is not new. It's a throwback to that the Palestinians rejected a subsequent a movement that dominated the Israeli left in and even more generous peace offer in 2008. the1980s and1990s appropriately called Peace As recently as 2014, Palestinian Authority Now. Peace Now also demanded immediate PresidentMahmoudAbbasscuttledtheObama peace, and it likewise assumed that Israel could administration's peace efforts by announcing have peace if it only wanted it badly enough, a unity government with Hamas. To this day, But some tragic things happened on the Abbas pays generous salaries to any Palestin- way to the signing ceremony. These events ianwho succeeds in murdering Israelis. Little challenged Peace Now's core assumptions and has changed. forever changed the Israeli left. This mugging Peace Now was founded by officers from by Mideast reality holds valuable lessons for Israeli combat units. They were rooted in Is- today's new peace activists in a hurry, raeli reality by their service to their country. In the 1990s, therewas a broad consensus in Thus when the results of their policies were Israelandabroadthatpeacewouldbeachieved so different from their expectations, many of through a two-state solution. Politicians and them did what responsible adults tend to do: pundits all knew what "the deal" would look They learned and they adjusted. like. When the Oslo peace process stalled in the There's still an Israeli left today. But instead late 1990s, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak of demanding peace, now their program decided to break the stalemate by offering might best be summarized as "enable peace the Palestinians "the deal." Barak eventually tomorrow." They tend to focus on opposing agreed to a Palestinian state in all of Gaza, settlementconstructionandotherpoliciesthat Arab eastern Jerusalem and, over time, what would preclude an Israeli government from theClintonParametersdescribedas94percent again offering the Palestinians "the deal" at of the West Bank with additional land from some point in the future. These days, President Israel proper. Trump tends to be more optimistic about the But the Palestinians did not accept the deal. prospects for peace than these Israelis. They didn't even make a counteroffer. Instead, America's student protesters couldn't be they launched a wave of suicide bombings in more different from the men and women who which over 1,000 Israelis were murdered and founded Peace Now. They never defended Israel thousands more injured. Israel's supposed or even lived there. Most of them are visiting partner for peace, the Palestinian Authority, Israel for the first time. Yet they exhibit the activelycompetedwithHamastoseewhocould worst conceits of"the ugly American," insist- blow up more Israelis. Israel's most generous ing upon fitting the natives--both Israeli peace offer to date was met with the most vi- and Palestinian--into their simplistic, pre- cious wave of terrorism to date. conceived political categories. Most of them Israelis are a can-do people who are deter- have never heard of the political novel from minedto shape their own destiny. Having failed which this pejorative is derived. Many of them togetthePalestinianstocreateastatethrough have never even heard of Peace Now. That's negotiations, some decided they could force a shame. They'd be a lot more interesting to them to accept a state by simply withdrawing talk to if they had. from theterritorytheysought. Prime Minister David Brog is the executive director of the Ariel Sharon embraced the idea of unilateral Maccabee Task Force and the author, most withdrawal and decided to test it in Gaza. In recently, of "Reclaiming Israel's History 2005, he removed every last Israeli soldier and [Regnery].