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September 29, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 29, 2017

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. / HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER 29, ZO1T PAGE 23B GUILHERNE SERRANO 26 GARCIA GUTIERRU, CRA 38 CRESPO AZUAY CUENCA. Recoded 4123113 in OR PEDROMC UEIRO6LATIFE a,o 8, 1T at Page 1,ot e Public APT 1 1 BARRA VERMELHO NoncE OF rRUSrEE'S 9A500EsnAPT604T0RRE ECUADOR, Tl sha Unk Book 4431, Page 456 JOSE NEMETALAGOMES,SQN 404 L1 5 R olds of O la Coun . V OR ES, 29045 280 SALE 1 CALl,COLOMBIA,fi shaR 19703,w k48, Bienni ODD, GERARDO CASTELLANOS 8| N APTO 205 BRASIL Florida @e Plan . Tog&her BRAZIL, Tl Bsha Unh LANDO REsoRn Unk1VO3,Week32,Annual, Tln rna lnte 112, Per LEAL a MAYRA ALUANDRA DF, 70845 140 BRAZIL whh the rigM to occupy, 210208, w86k 41, Annual, coRPoRAnoN, a Florida Tl sha lme 1, p& Diem $4.94. De uW Balanta DUQUE JAUREGUl, AVE Tlmesha Unk 210209, NoncE OF TRusnE's punuant to the Plan, Building(s) TlmeshaR lnte 1, Per topo&on Di n $7.89, De uW B ance g13,621.38, De uW Date ROMULO GAUEGOS URB Week 41, Annual, Tlmesha uu l Unk(s) l Unh Week(s) / Diem S8.82. DefauW Balance On Orfober 26. 2017 at 2:30 $21,724.89, D&auW Date 711y15, Mortgage R ed VILLAS ZARAGOZA 12 CORO lnt6 st 1, Per Diam $9.84. wuTGAn vAcnnoN ANign8d Yea s), (See Exhibrt 822.o34.69. DetauW D e p.m.GREENSPOON MARDER, 7 1115, Morfgage Recorded 10 7115in0RBook4854,Page FALCON, 4101 VENUUELA, De uW Balance S24,861.93. LW A . 7700 We gate Blvd. . 311 16, Mortgage R8told8d 1 West CypPss Creek Road. 1118112in0R Book4221,Page 302 Tlmeshare Unrf 170610, W6ak DafauW Dete v1l16. Mort age On Otlobar 26, 2017. at 11:00 KiNimm88, FL 34747 ePin 615 14 in OR Book 4619. Suhe 700. Fort Lauderdale, FL 873JusnNAGARRm,6000 (40839.0115) 47, Biennial EVEN, Timeshare Recorded 7123115 in OR ook a.m GREENSPOONMARDER. 7lme Sha Plan (PDp8rty) Page 148 LUIS FERNANDO N3,as T stae punuantto GARDEN GROVE BLVD APT SepL2g;Ort.6, 1T lnte 1 2, Per Diem $4.16, 4814, Paga 241 QUINTIN C P.A 201 E. Pine Sh t. Add M Said sale will be DE CAMARGO HASEGAWA. that Appointment ot Trustee 301 WESTMINSTER,CA 92683 L158O68 DetauW Balance $10,875.30, WHITAKER, 4260 187TH PL Suhe 500, O ando, Florida made (w ho covenants, or RUA JOAO Q111 w163 Rcoded on June 09, 2017, 1960, fimesha Unrt 11205, De ult Date 1v15/15, COUNTRY CLUB HILLS, IL 32801, as Twstee punuantto wa an,6xp u or implied. LONDRINA PR, o 370 in O.R. Book 5161 at Page Week 2, Annual, TimeshaP Mortgage Recorded 5130113 60478,Timesha Unk17 O3, thal Appoi nt of Tw ee galding the tkle, posseMion BRAZIL, fi Bsha Unrf 1547 of the Public Recods ol lnt8Rst 1, Per Diem $6.32, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S in OR Book 4449, Page 1859 Week 14, Triennial B, fimeshaP &orded on June 20, 2017, in or encumbrancesT to pay the 15308, Week 25, Biennial ODD. OK8ola Coun,Florida, by DefauW Balante $17,398.36, SALE DAGNE A WRIGM, 3604 lntare 113, Per Diem $4.21. O.R. Book 5167, al Page 14, ot unpaid assess ms due in the fimeshaR lnt8r6 112, Per Rason of a now tontinuing DefauW Date 811115. Mortgage LANDO REsoRn DEERWOODDRAUGUSTA,GA De uW 8alante 89,991.97, the Public Recods otOsceola anDunt ot (See Mibrf A.'), Diem $5.42, DetauH Balance defauW by Obligor (s), (See Recorded 9/9114 in OR Book coRPoRAnoN, a Florida 3,Timeshare Un 15501, Da uW Date 6115116, Mo gage Coun . Florida, by ason whh inte st acc ing at the $13.727.10. De uW D e Exhibrt "A") whose add ss 4663, Page 633 MELANIE J topo on Week 20, Biennial EVEN, Recoded 4118/16 in OR Book ot a now continuing detauW r e ot (See Exhibrt A") per v15l16. Morfgage Recoded is (See Exhibrf "A"), in the HUFF, Po Box 75 BANDERA, On O ober 26. 2017 at 2:30,fimeshaP lnterest 112, Per 4945, Pag6 409 LUZ MARINA by Obligo s), (s Exhibk day, pursuant to tha Timashare 6123114 in OR Book 4626. payment or performance of M 78003, Timeshare Unk p.m.GREENSPOON MARDER,Diem 84.oo. DetauN 8alance CAMARGO DE AREVALO a .'A,whosa add ss is [See Plan, advanG6s, rf any, under Page 2987 MARCIA REGINA the obligations secured by said 11205, Week 2. Annual, 100 Werf Cyp N C ek Road. 88,841.18. Detault Date v1l17, RONALD JOSE AREVALO Exhibk A,inthe paymenlor the terms of said Claim of ALONSO PFlsnRER. RUA Mortgage orded ln O.R. Tlmesha lnte st 1. Per Su e 700, Fort Lauderdale, FL Mortgage Recorded 11125113 FONSECA, URB VILLA performance ot the obligations Lien. charges and axpenses of PROF MANUEL FERREIRA Book (See Exhibk wA',at Page Diem $6.32. DetauW Balance 33 9, as T stee pursuant to in OR Book 4536, Paga 2646 CAMPESTRE OESTE CASA secured by said Claim of Lien the Trustee and of the trusts 881401 RIO DE JANEIRO RJ, (See Exhibrf wA',ot the Public $1 7,398.36, DetauW Date tha. Appointmenl of Twstee ' MARK ANTHONY MEDINA 5 CABUDARE LARA. 3023 recodad in O.R. Book 5410, at cPated by said Claim ot Lien. 22451 030 BRAZIL, TlmeshaR Retod5 of Osceola County, 811115, Mortgage Recorded recldad on Ju 10. 2017. a YOLANDA YESSENIA VENUUELA, Timeshare Unrf Page 2026-2029, ot th6 Publit Obligo s) shall have the right Unk 170905, Week 26. Annual, Florida. including the breach or 919114 in OR Book 4663, Page in ).R. Book 5176 at Page MEDINA. 858 E 155TH ST 10704, Week 36, Triennial C. Recods ot OK8ola Coun,to cure the detauW and any Timeshare lnte 1, Per de uW, notice ot which was set 633 JOSE M SALINAS a DIANA 299 of the Public Racods of CLEVELAND, OH 44110 3033, Timeshare lnte 1/3, Per Florida, including the b ach or junior lienholder shall have Diem 812.o9, De ult Balance brth in a Notice ot Default and MARTINU ZAMORA, c 4 DE Osoola Coun,Florida, by Timeshare Unit 170309, Week Diem $2.42, D&auW Balance defauW, notice otwhich was set the right to redeem rfs interest $30,1 80.39, DefauW Date lntenl to Foreclose provided BLVD A QRO 15 VIVEROS rea>n ot a now continuing 14, Biennial EVEN, Timeshare $6,292.74, DetauW Date fo h in a Notice otDetauW and,up to the date the Twstee 311 16, Mortgage Recoded to the last known address of DEL VALLE TLAL DE BAZ EDO defu by Obligor (s). (See lnte st 1/2, Per Diem $5.50. 1v15 15. Morfgage Recorded lnlent to Foreclose p vided iNu8s the Cerfific e of Sale 7116114 in OR Book 4636, Obligor(s), (See Ewhibit "A"), by MWICO CITY, 54060 M ICO, Exhrt A whose address DefauW Balance 821,931.12, 6124114in OR Book4627.Page,to the la known addPss ot by paying the amounts due as Page 2176 ADERVANE VIANA Ce ified/Registered Mail or by TlmeshaR Un 171001, is ee Exhibk wA,in the De uW Date 8/1/15, Mo gage 2632 JULIE DIANA SEHEULT,Obligo s), (s Exhibk A,by,oE lin8d above. By:AMANDA L. SANTOS B TERUINHA DE publication bythe undersigned Week 29, Annual. fimeshaR payent or performance of Recoded 9/18/13 in OR Book 12224 23RD ST E PARRISH, ' ce m egi e d Mail or by CHAPMAN,A horized Agent JESUS BARBOSA SANTOS, Tw ee. will sell at public lntePst 1, Per Diem $9.20, thelbligations secured by said,45o3, Page 2426 BARBARA FL 34219, Timeshare Unit publication by the unde igned WHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF SMPW QD 18 CONJ 5 LOTE au ion to the highest bldder DefauW Balance $25.465.65 Mogage &old8d in O.R. EBRON WILSON. 2006 S 11504, Week 4, Biennial ODD. Trustee. will sell at publit TRUSTEE'S SALE 2 CASA B BRASILIA DF, 71741 tor lawhl money of the Unrted DefauW Date 7/1115, Mo gage Boc ISee Exhibk A"), at Page,19TH STREET PHILADELPHIA, TimeshaP lnte st 112, Per auction to the highest bidder Owner(s)/Obligor(s)/Last 805 BRAZIL, Tlmeshare Unrt States of America. at the tront Recoded 1/10/14 in OR Book (Se Exhibit A,of the Publit ' PA 19145, Timeshare Unit Diem $5.11, Dafault Balance for lawhl money of lhe Unrted Known Address; Timeshare 210501, Week 41, Annual. eps o the Osceola County 4555, Page 860 HECTOR Reods ot Osceola Coun . 170504, Week 46, Annual, $1 5,323.43, DefauW Date States of America. on the hont lntePst; Building/ Unrt; Wee TimeshaP lnterest 1, Per Cou house, 2 Courthouse J RANGEL WA HECTOR Flo a, including lhe breach or Timeshare lnterest 1, Per 1/1/15, Mortgage Recorded eps of the Osceola Coun Assigned Year; Amount ot Llen; Diem $8.97. DefauW Balance Square, Kissimmee, FL 34741, JAVIER RANGEL CAMPOS detuW. notice of which was set Diem $8.86, DetauK Balance 7/V14 in OR Book 4631, Page Courfhouse. 2 Courthouse Per Diem Amount $22,329.85. DefauW Date all right, tkle and interest in the a ANGLY c GAMBOA alWa torf in a Notice of Detault and $24,406.23, Detault Date 984 RAYMOND ALAN PRYOR, Square, Kissimmee, Florida A hur A Me iweather 1841 3/111s, Mortgage Recorded proper situated in the Coun ANGLY c GAMBOA PERU, lntat to FoPclose provided 7/15/15. Mortgage Racoded 1 2753 BRAMFIELD DR 34741.allright.tkleandinterest,Central Dr Ga,IN 46407, 8/1 14 in OR Book 4645. of Osceola, Florida, described 1635 ARBORETUM WAY to 1e la known add ss ot 11/25/13 in OR Book 4536, RIVERVIEW. FL 33579 7777, in the p perty s uated in the,1, GG-103, 36 WHOLE. Page 1051 MARCIA REGINA as: BURLINGTON, MA 01803 ObOor(s). (See Exhibk "A"), by Page 2810 DIANA R EBRON TimeshaR Unk 11504, Waek Coun ot Osceola, Florida, i $6,349.76, 81.93 Saverio R CAUCHIOLI a ELADIO (SEE HIBIT A) Time Share 3842, Timeshare Un 210102, cernedlRegistered Mail or by AKA DIANA R ROBERTS. 4, Biennial ODD, TimeshaP described as:(S Exhibrf A,Gagliadi 824 w 6th St San MAGURNO CORREA JUNIOR. lntePst(s) as defined in the Week 31, Biennial ODD, pubca ion by the undenlgned 1474 WILLISTON RD SOUTH lnteRst 112, Per Diem $5.11, Time Share lntare (s) (See Pedro, CA 90731, 1, GG-103, AV ALMIRANTE COHCRANE Declaration ot Covenants, Timeshare lnteRst 1/2, Per,Tru ee, will sell at publit BURLINGTON, VT 05403 DefauW Balante $15,323.43, Exhibk A aKording to the 50 WHOLE, 83,967.04, 81.35 29 APTO 51 EMBARE SANTOS Cond ions and Restrirtions Diem $5.97, Detauw Balance aucion to the highest bidder 6422. Timesha Unk 170504, DefauW Date 1/1/15. Mortgage Ti P Sharing Plan lor Westgate Teresa L Bu 8230 Simpkins sP, 11040 001 BRAZIL, for Vacation Vlllage at Parkway, $16,438.84. DefauW Date tor aw,money of the Unrfed week 46, Annual, fim8shaR Recorded 7/v14 in OR Book Vacation villas Bod8d,Way Melbourne, FL 32940. 1. TinPshare Unrf 4407, Week as Pcoded in O tial Records /15115. Mortgage Recorded Staes of nerica. at the hont lnterest 1, Per Diem 88.86, 4631, Page 984 in OMtial Records Book 1665. ' GG-106, 6 WHOLE, $5,126.60, 37, Biennial ODD. TlmeshaR Book 1591, at Page 379, of 6 4/14 in OR 8ook 4618, Page els ot the Osceola Coun DefauW Balance 824,4o6.23, (4O839.01 19 - 43) at Page 1597. ot the Public 81.65 Laura F Reisman 152 lnterest 1 2, Per Diem $5.59, the Public Retods or Osceola I11 RUTH BRYANT, 534 RIVER Corthouse, 2 Courthouse DefauW Date 7/15115, Mo gage Sept. 29; Orf. 6, 1T Records of Osceola Coun . Cours De Pasteur Un A Da uW B ance $13,831.72, County, Florida (the Plan), as RHODES RD HOLLY SPRINGS, Sq R, Kissimmee, FL 34741, Recorded 11/25/13 in OR Book L 158o9o Florida he Plan . Together F ehold, NJ 07728, 1/2, GG- De uW Date 311/16, Mortgage amended t m time to time. MS 38635. Timeshare Unit all lght, trfle and inte st in the 4536, Page 2810 HERMAN wkh the right to occupy, 110, 27 ODD, 81,891.oo, 8o.69 Recorded 5113/16 in OR Book Together wkh the right lo 11703, Week 34, Biennial ODD, proDer sku ed in the Coun REINA BARRERA B MARTHA punuant to the Plan, Building(s) Ray L Abrell Kaye G Abrell 4959. Page 2526 CLAUDIO oKupy. punuant to lhe Plan. Tlmesha lntarest 1/2, Per ot Osceola, Florida, described ELENA GARCIA MARTINU NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND / Un (s) / Unh W66k(s) / 781 Spring Lake Dr Destin, FL SOARES DA SILVA JUNIOR AMigned Unk Week (SEE Diem $3.76, DetauK Balance as: a ANDRES FELIPE REINA INTENT TO FORECLOSE ANign8d Yea s), (See Exhibrf 32541, 1, GG-111, 27 WHOLE, a MICHELE TOLEDO PERU HIBIT A) and Assigned Unit $11,345.87, DelauW Date (SEE WHIBIT A) Tlme Shara GARCIA B CLAUDIA XIMENA LANDO REsoRn A . 7700 W gate Blvd. 83,967.o4, $1.35 Joyce SOARES.RUAMATOGROSSO (SEE HIBIT A), in Assigned 1v15114, Mortgage Recorded lnte st(s) as defined in the REINA GARCIA. CALLE CORPORATION KiNimm . FL 34747 m8Rin Pappachristou Tw Dated May 1767 APTO 603 LONDRINA PR, Yaar(SEE WHIBIT A). 11/27/12 in OR Book 4356. Declaration ot Covenants, 50 4840 SEVILLA VALLE TO: me ShaR Plan (PD ) 21 1991 NIWA Joyce Sneider 86010 160 BRAZIL, Tlmesha 3001 Parkway Blvd Page 450 DIGNO H BUNO a Condkions and Restri ions DEL CAUCA, COLOMBIA, THE UNKNOWN SPOUSE, AddRN Said s e will be 7092 sw 116 Loop Ocala, FL Unk 210211, Week 38, Annual, Nimm88, FL 34747 (herein MARIA M BUNO, 556 BRONX forVacationVlllage atPa way, Tln eshare Unrf 2304, Week HEIRS, DEVISEES, made (whhout venants, or 34476, 112, GG-208, 6 EVEN, Timesha lnterest 1, Per ime Share Plan (Properfy) DR TOLEDO. OH 43609. asrecodedinomtialRecords 40, 8iennial EVEN, fimesha GRANTEES, ANIGNEES, w ty. ewp M or impliad. $766.00. $0.35 Rene R L6may Diem 89.74, D&auW Balance Add ss fimesha Unk 170202. Week Book 1591. at Page 379, of lnte 1/2, Per Di6m $4.74, LIENORS, CREDITORS, garding the t le, poM6Mion 32 Colbetk Drive Welland. ON $24,310.59, De uW Date s d sale will be made (wkho 37, Biennial ODD, fimesha the Public Records ot Osc la De uW Balance $12,253.37, TRUSTEES, AND ALL OTHER or entumbranc ) to pay he uc5B5 CANADA, 1, GG-211, 311116, Mortgage Recorded v8nams,orwa an .exp M lnt8Rst 112, Per Diem $4.54, CoLn,Florida (Me PlanT, as DetauW Date 1/1/16, Morfgaga PARTIES CLAIMING AN unp daM8Nn msdu8ln he 9 WHOLE, $6,349.76, $1.93 813115 in OR Book 4819. Page or inplied, gading the tkla, DefauW Balance $13,621.78, anNnd8d hom ti P to tin . Recoded 6/3114 in OR Book INTEREST BY. THROUGH, anDunt ot (See Exhibh A"), Jose L S gueiro Jeen Almeida- 1905 GLAUCIO BALDUINO poN8Nion or encumbrances) DetauWDate1l15/15,Morfgage To ther wrth the right to 4617. Page 494 JUAN JOSE UNDER OR AGAINST THE whh int aK ing at the Salguei 14234 sw 84TH St. DOS SANTOS a CRISTIANE to s is the unpaid balante Recorded v13/13 in OR Book ocupy, punuant to e Plan, ROBAINA ROJAS B DAVID ESTATE OF RONALD ST rate ot (See Exhib A per Miami,FL33183-3933. 1, GG- DE SOUZA BARRETO, RUA ot aach spective Morfgage 4395. Page 2886 MICHELLE Assgned Unrt w k (SEE RICARDO BOGUIEL ALVARU CLAIR, DECEASED, 705 s day.pursuanttoMefimeshare 309, 26 WHOLE, S6,349.76, 21 SUL LOTE 10 BL E APT Recordad together wrth A HILL B JAMES s HILL. 59 HIBITA)andAssigned Unrf 6 ANA MARIA LAGUNA PIERCESTREETDENVER,CO Plan. advances. if anL, under 81.93. 1202 RES ARAUCAR S accwed inte rt in the amount KINDERHOOK ST CHATHAM, ISEE HIBIT A). in Assigned RIVERO a ROSA DEL VALLE 80226 the t8nN of d,m of K: FORECLOSURE 27756. 8RASILUA DF, 71925 540 of (s Exhibrt "A"), wkh NY 12037. TlmeshaP Unk Yea(SEE HIB . ROJAS DE BOGUIEL, URB THE UNKNOWN SPOUSE, Len,chages and expenses of WG Vacation Vlllas HOA (N BRAZIL, fin hare Un inte st accwing at the rate 1T0509, Week 36, Annual, 30 Pa way Blvd BASE ARAGUA RES ACACIA HEIRS, DEVISEES, the Twrt and ot th6 t s 19108,Weak41,Biennial0DD, ot (See Exhibrf "A") per day, Tlmesha lnterest 1, Per Ki im . FL 34747 erein Plso 3 APTO 31 MARACAY, GRANTEES, ANIGNEES, c alad by sad Claim ot Len. ;om6, 1T Timesha lntePst 112, P6r punuant to the Timeshate Diam 84.66. DelauW B ant6 rne Sha Plan (PD ) 2103 VENUUELA, fi Bsha LIENORS, CREDITORS, Obl o s) rn,have the right L 156085 Diem $5.57, DefauW Balance Plan, advantes, rf any, under 813,87o.88, DetauW Date Add N Unrt17O41O.Weak21,Biennial TRusnEs, AND AU OTHER to w le de uW and any $14,078.14, Defau w D e the terms or said Mortgage, 1 1/15, Morfgaga Recorded Said salewillbemade(w out ODD, fimesha lnte st PARnEs CLAIMING AN junior lienhold sh,hav6 v15 16, Morfgage Recorded chag and expenses of 4123113 in OR Book 4431, cov8nants,orw ty,8xp N 1n, Per Diem $4.49, DetauW INTEREST BY. THROUGH. the rightto d m hsinte st NoncE OF TRusnE's 9121115 in OR 8ook,the T ea and ofthe t s Page 468 SUSANA PATRIC or implied, ading e Mle, Balance 811,887.77, DefauW UNDER OR AGAINST THE up to the date the T ee SALE Page 10N VLAD# BERSAN 6dbys d Mortgage. SA R PERU a CARLOS poN8N n or enwmbrances) Date 1v15115, Mortgage ESTATEOFCARRIER.COLBY, iwues e ce mcate ot Sale WESTGATETOWNCENTER DOS REIS MADUREIRA. sQB Obligo s) sh,have the right AWANDRO RODRIGUU to satis the unpaid balance R ld8d 7118114 in OR Book DECEASED, 318 CHARLES by paying the a Dunts due as On O ober26, 2017 at 11:00 1 81 8APT104 BRASILL DF. to cu Me defauW and any RAMIRU, FuENn GRANDE ot 6ach & e Mo gage 4638, Page 742 JOAO LUIS BANCROFTHWY LITCHFIELD, o lin above.By:AMANDAL. a.m GREENSPOONMARDER, 71 015 BRAZl fimesha junior Lenholder shall have 502 FUENTES DE ANAHUAC R8cold8d toge her whh FIORANI a LL S JOVENEY NHO3O52 CHAPMAN, Arthorized Age P.A 201 E. Pine St et, Unk 210211,w k 29.Annual, e rigMtoredeem itsinle SAN NICOLAS NUNO LEON, acc edinte rfinthe anDunt NUNES TEIXEIRA, RUA DO YOU ARE HEREBY QHIBIT n" - NoncE OF Suke 500, O ando, Florida fi sha lnt& 1, p& up to th6 d e the Twstee 6 M ICO, fi sha ot (See Exhib A,wkh SOL 230 B CENTRO SAO NOTIFIED the in k ion ot TRWE'S MU 3z801. as Tw ee punuant to Diem 812.63, De uW B ance isw the Ce ifica e ol Sala Un 17O6O4,Week37,Biennial inte acc ing al tha rata LUIZ MA, 65020 590 BRAZIL, the above s led pDc88ding Own8r(s) Obligor(5) Last th Appoinrment of T stee 831,1T7.35. De uW D e by paying the amounts due ODD, Timernare lnt6 st ot (s68 Exhibrf A p6r day, Tlm8shar6 Unk 160902, bythe TRusnEto fo&lose Mow Addr8N; fi a rd6d on May 24, 2017, in V15 16. Mortgage Recoded as oLrflin8d in the preceding 112, Per Diem $4.59, DetauW punuant to the Tlmesh Week 46. Annu,Tlmesha a lian 18laliv8 to th6 tollowing lnte ; Bui ingl Unrt: w O.R.Book5153.atPa e436,ot 9121115in0RBook ,Page parag ph. To curelhe detauN Balance $13.737.69, De1auW Plan, advancas. rf any, under lnte&t 1, Per D m $8.98, d8Knb6dprop& i8s: AssgnedY umotLen: th6 Public R s o Osteola 1687 ADEMIR MARANGONI a expl nad in this Notice you Dat6 1115115. Mortgage the t of s d Mortgage, De uW Balance $22,685.55, AM n8d Unk w k 35 p D m AnDunt CouW. Fl,by ason NoEuscHMm GoNl, w mhmeamountyou now R8Gord8d &29113 in OR Book thaq85 d e ot Oa uW Data v1/16. Mortgaga and Assignod Unrt 210110, Don&| LyoM N51 Hull Ave. ot a now con nuing datauW RUA ANDRE LEONARDO owe,ass&lorthinExhibrf A", 4494, Pag6 2832 DANNIELU the and ofMe twW R rded 4nv15in OR 8ook Annu& 2H BDnx. NY 1046T, 1,bS Obligo s), (s ExhibN scHMm 111 LUIZ ALNS in udingthe p diem amoum J VALDU JOSE A VALDQ, c & by Mo gage. 4T6T, Page 1586 PILAR DEL Ass n Un k 48 Se -Fba Mloat Unrf,whos6 add M is (Sea sc. 89115 BRAZIL fimesha r ch daytollowing We date 8994 us HIGHWAY 17 sow Obligo s) Bl have e right ROSARIO PARRAUSVARGAS and ANignad Unh 21 04,-01. 44 WHOU, S4,89o.76, Exhibh A,in the paymant or Un 21O41O, k38.Bi ni ofthis notic8lhDughth8 date CHOCOWIN NC 2781T. to cu tr de uW and any B FRANCISCO RAFAE L Annual S1.62 Marine M au es 1451 pe m nce ofthe obligations ODD, Tl sha lm 1n, pay&tismade.ltyouchoose fi sha Unh 4502. w68k junior Lenhold& shall have AUCAPENAMEDINA,AV25DE 1 Time ShaR lnte rfls) as s 66 Avenue Hol wood, FL setu d by sad Claim of Len p Di t5.61.De uw e to cu We defauW setforth in 1, Biennial NEN, finPshaR the rightto hsinte rt JUNIO Y 9 DE MAYO MUNC defined in the Declaration 33023, 1 #| n-noat r8co 6d in O.R. Book 5053, S14,1T3.83, D6 uW D e i Notice, Me,amounl due lnte 1 2, Per Diem $4.37, up to the date the T ae DE MACHALA 1 ER PISO ot Covenants, Cond ions Wee Floa Un -17, 36 Page 918-924, ofthe Public v15l16, Mortgage R ldad w be mmed to: LANDO DetauW Balance $11,897.59, iMu8s the amc e of Sale ALTO DPTO FINANCIERO and Resm ions tor Vaca- WHOU, 84.89o.76, S1.62 R ords of O la Coun , 9 2V15in OR Book,Page RESORTS CORPORATION, DetauW Date &1115. Mortgage by paying e a Dunts due MACHALA, ECUADOR, tion Vlllage at Pa way, as Yolanda Harbog Po Box 196 Florida. includingthe b ch or 2148 NORMA CEL os At : Janet Cuebas, Debt Recorded11 V13inORBook as o lined in the p&eding fimasha Unrf 11408, w86k &od6d in omtial Re- PBtiw, MS 39474, 112 Fwed d&auW, not eorwhich was s& NOBRE, RUA BARATA Rasol ion Departme,5405 4535, Page 2 4 NOLASCO paragraph. To cu me de uW 19, 8iennial ODD, Tim6sha cords Book 1591. Page ad Un -19. 35 to in a Noli ofDe uWand RIBEIRO 316 COBERWRA D lomat Ci le Ste. 106, MONTALVOCOPTO,CERRADA expl n in is Notice you lnt 112, p& Diem $4.50, 379, ot tha Public R s EVEN, t2,395.44, So.79 Erika lntent to Fo&l se pDvid6d NO 2 RIO DE JANEIRO RJ, O ando, FL 32810 betoP the ALAMEDA 93 COL MIGUEL mu nrtMe untyounow De uW Balance $11,483.43, ot O la Coun,norida N Ranhn 2 Mat ewsDnve to a la know add N of 22040 2 B IL, Tlmesha sala data end tima set torth in HIDALGO VILLAHERMOSA owe, a5 s M in Exhib A", DelauW D 6 1 1 16, Mortgage (Me Plan), as ded Garton,NC 28 2, 1 2 #| Obl o s), (s Exhibrf A,by Unh 210515, w k44, Annual, d Notice. TABASCO, 86126 M ICO, including a per d m unt R rdad1V1 14inOR Book hom ti to ti P. -Floal at Unh, ame Regi & Mail or by Tl sha lm& 1, p& D ed:Saptemb&15,2O17 fi Brna Unh 171,w k foreachday lb ngMed&a 4709, Page 377 GREGORY Togath& wrth e right to llB-OT, 3T MN, t4, 5.52, publitalion bythe undenigned D m S7.56, DetauW By: GREENSPOON MARDER, 51, Annu,fi aR lm& ot isnol Dugh e dale ROY EDWARDS DUCWR a o upy, puRuam to Me S1.14Ma AMing1O1 Munay Tru ee, wlll s&| at public S22.O2T.84, De uW D e Tw ee 1. Per Diem S12.15. De&W paya isn d8.WyourfDos6 PATRIC LORENA VANU Plan, Assigned Un w k St 81ngharmon. NY 13905- au lon to e highest bidder 1111y15, Mortgage R ldad QNIBIT A" B an W, .54, De1auK to w th u,rmin PINEL RESIDENC#L and signed Unk, in As- 3711 M w 325 cl k torlawhl money of e Unrted 11n 15 in OR Book 48T5, JusnN MCHUGH. O e &15115, Mortgage thisNotice,Me ll due ANDALUCIA 1 LA CEIBA, signad Y6ar. St Aubum, NY 13021, 1 2 All St&85otAm ,on Me hont Page 1576 CELSO RROS 5 mlNGToN WAY R orded2nol14inoR Book mua ba B to: LANDO HONOURAS, Tlmesha Unh AND you are qui d to Season-Flo o Unk, eps ofthe Oweola Coun DA SILVA ISMAELDI UMA SICKU UE, NJ 08081 4573, Page 745--MICHAEL RE RTS coRPoRAnoN, 210703, Week 45, B nnial se a a topy ot your wrm llB-24, 36 EN. W.527.46, use, 2 CouMous6 DOS os RROS, 10, n&ate Unrt 12603, JONATHAN onRo ROJAS, At Jan& Cueb,Debt ODD, fimesha lnte st de&sas,rfany,to isarf n, O.T9 J n R 12 Am h Squa,M,Florida RUA BARUERI 1 CAMPO w k 22. Biennial EVEN, 3654 LAn MORNING CIR Re,ion Dep t. 1n, Per Dlem $5.14, De uW uponG spoonMard P.A, Ave d Mard,34741,allright, andime GRANDE MS, T 1 fim ha lnte 112, Per KISSIMMEE. FL 34744 9423, DipllnB CiwB sl6. 1,B ante S13,235.33. DetauW TRusnE. fi &ha D&auW M2618H1OWGLAND.1.WC- in M6 p s u edinthe 8RAZl fin share Unh Di 83.38, Detault Balance Tl sha Unrt 170903, k O do, FL 32610 be a Date 111 16, Mo e OapertB,whoseadd is 02, 4T WHOU, t4, o.86, Coun ot . FloridB, 170307, w k 30, Biennial S1o,331.1o, DetauW Date 20, Bienniel ODD, fi&a saled e andli B s&tormin R 6d1V17l14inOR k T daC nt Sou ,hheTOO, t1.38 Tam uc, A N ada d b as:( Exhibh A EVEN, Tl s lnta 1v1114, Mortgage Recorded lnt8 5t 1 2, Par Di $5.32. thisNot . 47,Page 25T3 LEANDRO 1 Cyp ssC kRoad, L edLabil y fi Sha lm&@s) (See 1n. p& Diem S6.59, DefauW 1 20 12in0RBook4222.Page DefauW BalaMe S14,519.93, Dal d:Sept 15,2O17 MARQUES EUAS a NVIAN Fort La a,FL 3N09. porf Way u h e 2 Exhib A a olding to M6 B ance g16.448.19, w 1539 RO8ERT D HEUBACH DetauW D e&15l15,Mortgage By: GREENSPOON MARDER, FIGUEIREDO BoPP, AV TUUO w inthir (3o)dayof I8fim,WA 98134, 1.wc#, fin SharingPlanforWestg e D 6 3 1 16, Mo gage a CAROL L HEUBACH, 446 Reco ed1 29 15in OR Book Two6a DEROSE26OAPT1O3TORRE dateotpublic n.onorbe 6 WHOLE, t12. W.28 Tow C8nt6r, oded in Re ded 12R 15 in OR Book WINWARDLANEBRUNSWICK, 4728, Paga 1224 CAROUNA HIBrr n" c PORTO ALGRE RS, 91340 OCTO8ER 29,2017,ot i ZyoBM ld144O1A &Av8 omcial R ords Book 1564, 4882, Page 19T5 E OH 44212, Tlm6sha Unrt RODRIGUQ PUIN. CAW JUAN RAFAEL RESTREPO 110 BRAZIL. Tl Unrt as a suW oflhedetauW,you Cl 6land, OH 44112, 1n #| Bt Page 1479, of e Public FERNANDESDACRUZ UV# 1631o, Week 26, Annual, 77B 129 11 INT APTO 1303 VASQUU ISUNA 6301, Week 5, Biennial ODD. risk loslng ownenhip ot your Se n-Float WFloal Unh, Recods of O la Coun , FERNANDES . GONCALVES, fim ha lnte st 1. Per BOGOTA DC, COLOMB CAMARGO BUARANO, KRA Tl sha lnte 112, Per timeshe int thDugh the wc-10, 4 ODD, S2,35o.48, Florida h6 P n . Tog&her AV MARIO VPIRANGA 1T77 D m S8.44, DefauW B an fi sha Unh 210902, week 89 29 65 MZ12 cs6 A Diem S5.o4. DelauW Balance trustee loBlosu p cedu So.83 F n s s PisatuD One w h the right to oKupy, ED BELUNI APT 1202 BLOCO $25.324.34, DefauW Date 1, Biennial ODD, Tin sha JUANA DE LAS NUAS, S12.795.oo, DefauW Date 8 abll5h8din Sertion 721.856, Navano Rd New Haven, CT punuanttoth8Plan.Building(5) A MANAUS AM, 6 57 002 1v1y14, Mortgage Recorded lnte st 112, Per Diem $4.95, PEREIRA COLOM8,v1l16, Mo gage Recoded Florida St es. At any tin 06512, 112 #| n-Float l Unh(s) l Unh W k(s) l B,fin sha Unh19TO1, 4 11 in OR Book 4113, DetauW Balanca 813,968.58, Ti sha Unrt 1,1 T115ln OR Book4718,Page beto Me Tw ee iuues the w Unh. WE . 13 Ass 6d Y s), (s Exhibrt Week 38, Biennial EVEN, Page1617 EMILY G NEUON, DefauW Date 5115115, We& 36, Annual, Tl Bshar8 993EDM0NDJ RICHARDSON. Cert cateotSaleyou mayw EVEN,t2,368.38,gO.T9 .A . 77 Bg e Blvd Tl&a lme rt 1,Per 615 OLD BACK RIVER RD Mortgag6 Recorded 1V1T114 lnt8 5t 1, Per Diem 82.28, 317 w HENCART RD the d6tauW whithisth6 subje K: FORECLOSURE 27756. WNimn 8. FL 34747 e in Diem $5.82, De uW Balance GOOSE CREEK, sc 29445, in OR Book 4709, Page 2408 DetauN Belan S5,98o GLENNVILLE,GA 30427 2198, otmis arfion and m M6 WG V ion Vlllas HOA W) m6 Sha an (PDp8r ) S14,512.93, De uW Date fimesha Unk 16109, Week GLENN GORDON CROTEAU. D&auN Dat6 111116, Mortgaga fin sha Un 211 8. Week timesha int by paying Lyons.OT5OWOS.Pub. LYONS. Add M s d s e will be 3 1116, Morfgage R8cold8d 32, Biennial EVEN, Tlmesha 209 10610 76 STREET NW R8cold6d1V3OI11inORBook 11, Biennial ODD, fimesha Me &nounts secu by the dot made (wkhol venams, or 5R116in OR Book4956,Page lnt 112, Per Diem $4.16, EDIMONTON, AB T6A 3Y9 4215, Page 2094 GLOR E lnt&a 112, p& Diem $6.14, lien in Bh or&med hnds OcL6, 1T wa an,axp u or implied, 2491 ANDERSON SALMAZI De uW Balance $11,180.32, CANADA. Tln sha Unrt MORENO.CRA82C3 1O5T De uW Balance S16,4o7.34. to the T stee the add N L158O84 ading the thle, possession a DEBORA RODRIGUES De uW Date &1/15, Mortgage 170501, Week 37, Annu,9APT916URBP NCUNA D6 uW Data 811115, Mo gage above.A erthe Twst88iNu8s or 8ntumbranG8s) to pay the SALMAZl, RUA FRANCSICO Recorded1 24l12in OR Book Tl sha lnte rf 1, Per MEDELUN, COLOMB,Recoded 3/13115 in OR Book the certmcata ot Sale th8T8 is unpaid aM8ss nts due in the VISENTAINER 549 APTO 951 4223, Page 169o NATHALIE Diem 89.41. De uW B ance Tln sha Un 210102, Week 4748, Page 168 SHIKENNIA noriphtot demption. NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S a Dunt ot (s66 Exhibrf A. . SAO BERNARDO DO CAMPO G NERO, 5023 BALLANTINE 825,741.69, DefauW D e 32, 8iennial EVEN, Tlm8shaR J RICHARDSON, 1925 08J CTION FORM: SALE wkh inte rf acc ing at the sP, 861 630 BRAZIL, DR SUMMERVIUE,SC 29485 7 15115, Mortgage Retorded lnte st 112, Per Diem S5.52, MONROE DR NE APT 1373 Should thB obligo s) wish to wEsTun vAcAnoN r e of (See Exhibh A") per fi asha Unrf 147,Week 8898. Tlmeshare Unrt 16109, 115115 in OR Book 4717, Page Detauw Balanca $14,257.15, ATLANTA, GA 30324 7800, exercise the obligor's right VIUM wll day, pursuant to e Tl share 35, Bienni EVEN, Tl Psha Week 32, Biennial EVEN, 902 8RmNEY A SHIELDS DetauW Date1l1l16, Mortgage fin share Unrt 211008, Week to objert to the use ot the On Ortober 26, 2017, at Plan, advances, h any, undar lnt 1 2, p& Diem 85.81, fim haR lnte st 1/2, Per AIWA BRITNEY VILLANUEV Retoded 71v14 in OR Book 11, Biennial ODD, Tim85haR trustee to closu p du 11:00 a.m GREENSPOON the t8rm5 of s d Cl m ot DetauW B ance 814.537.26, Diem $4.16, Default Balance 205 WILLIE JAMES JONES 4631, Page 1187 ROBERT lnte st 1/2, Par Diem $6.14, contained in sartion 721.856, MARDER, P.A, 201 E. Pine Len. chages and expenses ot DetauW D e 311116, Mortgage $11,180.32, De ault Date AVEAPT21 SAN DIEGO, CA w cox a BONNIE L cox. De uW Balance $16.407.34, Florida Stat es, selert your . Suke 5,O ando, the Tw ee and of the,s Recoded 5 11 16 in OR &1 15, Mortgage Recorded 92102 6038, Tim6share Unrt EAST WEST HWY APT De uW D e &1115, Mortgage name below and retum h to Florida 32801, as Trurtee c ated bysaid Claim otLien. Book 4958. Page 2626 JOSE 1 24 12 in OR Book 4223, 5204, Week 4, Biennia NEN, 1119 BETHESD MD 20814, Retoded 3 13115 in OR Book G nspoon Mald8r. PA punuant to al inbBt Obligo s) shall have the right SERGIO DA SILVA REIS a Page 1690 SIMON ALCIDES fimesha lnte st 112, Per TinPshare Unh 210403. Week 4748, Paaa 168 KLEBER TRusnE, Timeshare DefauW ot T d68 on June to cul8 the de ult and any VAN TEREZA OLIVEIRA ARDILA VELAZCO a LAURA Diem $4.91, DetauW Balance 26,Annual,Tln sha lnte rt GUIUERM VIERA MENA a Departmant,whose addPNis 20, 201T, in O.R. Book 5166, junior lienholder sh,have REIS, RUA SAO CRISTOVAO EMIL ZAMBRANO MEDINA, $13,579.56, D6tauW Date 1, p& Di g12.14, DetauW DIEGO FERNANDO LOPU Trade Cent So h,Suk6 700, at Page 2830, ot the Public the rightto deem ks int8Rst NO239SAPJORGEMANAUS SOUDAD G CRUZ NO 111B 7115115, Mortgage Retorded B ante S27,43o.32, De uW nPAN a ERIKA MAGALY 100We Cyp ssCraekRoad, R olds ot Osceola Coun,up to the date the Tru ee AM, 69033 240 8RAZIL, CASA 08 PRIVADA PARAISO V4l15in OR Book4731.Page Date 1011116, Mortgage CASTRO ARANDA a ROSARIO Fort Laudardala, FL N3O9. Florida, by ason of a now issues the ce mtate ot Sale Tln share Unk 210912, wk FRACC OROPEZA VILLA 1 DOMINGAS F R p PEGADO, R o ed &4114 in OR Book GIANINAREVOLLARARANDA, THE UNKNOWN SPOUSE, continuingda uWbyObligo s), by payingthe emounts due as 11. Bienni EVEN, Tlm8shaR HERMOSA TABASCO, cP 1711 MAssAcHusms AVE 4645. Page 2117 FRANC CO AV MARISCAL SUCRE s91o1 HEIRS, DNISEES, (See Exhibh A,whose outlin6d above. By:Amanda L lnt& 112, p& DiBm 86.74. o M ICO, TlmashaR APT 223 WASHINGTON, DC JARAuzBARRlosaMARITzA QUITO, 170111 ECUADOR, GRANTEES, ASSIGNEES, addr8N is (See Ewhibk A,in Chapn n,Arthorized Agen De uW Balante S16,836.19, Unh 1,Week 36, Annual, 20036 2101. Timesha Unrt x BONILLA VEGA, PO BOX fimeshare Unrt 211105. LIENORS. CREDITORS. the paynant or performance HlalT A - NOTICE OF DefauW D e 311116, Mo gage fim haP lnterest 1, Per 10605, Week 20, Triennial c, 0819 07 3 EL DORADO, week 44, Annual, Timeshare TRUSTEES, AND ALL OTHER ot the obligalions BuRd by TRumE's SALE Re rded 61 16 in OR Book Diem $7.21, Detault Balance Tlmesha lnte st 113, Per PANAMA, Tln sha Unk lnte st 1, Per Diem $9.25, PARnEs CLAIMING AN said Cl m otL &old8din Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILast 4971. Page 376 ISABEL A $20.499.89. D6fault Date Diem $2.39, DetauN Balance 21 604, Waek 37, Bienni DetauW Balanca S23,727.39, INnREsT BY, THROUGH, O.R.Book514O,& Page2 5- Mown Add N; Ti Pshare WARREN. 9304 JACKSON 5/1115, Mortgage Recorded $6.724.80. DetauW Date EVEN, Tlmesha lnte st D6 uW Date 111116, Mortgage UNDER OR AGAINST THE 2,ot the Publit R ods lnte : Buildingl Unh: . HIU RD CUBA. NY 14727, 1v30/11 in OR Book 6 15/15. Mortgage Recorded 112, Per Diem 85.77, DefauW Recoded 4 29115 in OR Book ESTATE OF RONALD ST ot OK8O CounV, Florida. ANign8dY A DunlotL8n; fimesha Unrt 161004. Week 4215. Page 2100 CLAUDIA &1 14 in OR Booh 4644. B ce S14,949.84, De uW 4771. Page 1553 RONALD CLAIR, DECEASED l 705 s intludingth6b achorde uW, PerDiemAn unt 4. Annual, Tlmeshare lnterest ANDREA MESA SIERRA a Page 2070 LISA L MCNEl D e 1v15/15, Mortgage ANTONIO MONTAQUIZA PIERCE STREET DENVER.CO not 6 ot whd was set torth B&h c p&el 105 Gleneagles 1, Per Diem $7.33, DetauW LUIS ARMANDO CAMBAS 5281 DECATHLON AVE R tdad8ny15inoR Book SA R B GUNDA LUC# 802261UN 2109041WEEK in a Notice ot De uW and Drive Niceville, FL 32578 Balance S23,985.43, DetauW ZULUAGA, CARREA 65 26 57 FAIRBANKS. AK 99709 4518, 483|, Page 1469 RONALDO VERA MORENO, URB 48 YEARANNUAL DEFAULT lnta to FoBlos8 prDvid8d Be Defense Law AWn: Allen Date 4115114. Morfgage CASA137lTAGUIANTIOQUIA, fimeshaP Un 210307, Week MEU DA SILVA a GEORGE ncNIPETRoL MZ 9 v7 AMOUNT$19,739.5O to the la known add u of Campbell 100 Colonial Center Retoded11l27l12inORBook COLOMBIA, Tlmeshare Unrf 13, Biennial ODD. Tln shaR cowTANnNo LOPES 6 ESMERALDES, ECUADOR, THE UNKNOWN SPOUSE, Obl o sT,(S Exhibrt A ,by Pkway Surfe 140 Lake Ma , 4356. Page 260 REINALDO 16210,Week50,BiennialEVEN, lnteRst 112, P6r Diem $5.78, AN EA PAULA SANTOS DE finPsha Unh 4706, Week HEIRS, DNISEES, certm egi &ed Mail or by FL 32746, 1 Fixed, 5200-5233, PIRES DE CARVAWO B fimeshaR lnt8Rrt 1/2, Per De uW Balance $15,815.99, MEU LOPES. RUA SILVIO 32. Biennial EVEN, Tlmesha GRANTEES, ASSIGNEES, publication by the undenigned 13 WHOLE, $4,472.29, $1.38 VANESSA SANTOS DE UMA, Diem $2.70, D auW Balante DetauW Date 8/15115, Mortgage ROhERO 171 PETROPOLIS lnte st 1 2, Per Diem 86.4o. LIENORS, CREDITORS, T . will sell at public Robe E Delorme Marilyn H RUA MARIO AGosnNEul $7, 9.29, DefauK Date Recorded 4120115 in OR Book CAA ARU,55O3O44O 8RAZIL, DetauW Balance $16,598.00, TRUSTEES, AND AU OTHER aurfion to the higha bidder Delorme 214 Danbu Dr. Ltl 100 BL 2 APTO 1203 RIO 8/15115, Mortgage Recorded 4766, Page 1071 PATRICIA A Tlmesha Unrf 210612, Week DefauW Date 1u15115, PARTIES CLAIMING AN forlarmlmoney ofthe Unhed Egg Hbr, NJ 08087-1370, 1 DE JANEIRO RJ. 22775 046 511v11 inORBook4128.Page FITZPATRICK. 93 COLUMBIA 16, Biennial WEN. Tlmeshare Mortgage Recoded 813 15 INTEREST BY. THROUGH. States otAn&ca.on Mehont F ed WeeklFixed Un . 5300- BRAZIL, fimesha Unk 1394sTALINRMoNTALvANa RD APT 1 PORTLAND. ME lnte st 112, Per Diem S6.49. in OR Book 4819. Page UNDER OR AGAINST THE eps ot the OK la Coun 5317, 42 WHOLE, $4,477.93, 3705. w k u, Biennial ODD. MAYRA G MONTALVAN, 3167 04013 Timeshare Unk 210307, DelauW Balance $16,396.11, 2244 MARCELO ALEMAN ESTATE OF CARRIE R. COLBY. CouMouse, 2 Courthouse $1.38 Hugh c Kessler Linda Timeshare lnterest 1l2. Per 49TH STAPT4C WOODSIDE. Waek 13. Biennial ODD. DefauWDateV15/16,Mo gage SOTOMAYOR, LOMAS DE DECEASED l 318 CHARLES Squa,KiNimn . norida D K85sl8r 4135 Abbon Ave Diem $5.53, DelauW Balance NY 11377 1319, Timeshare fimeshare lnte st 112. Per Reco ed 101&15in OR Book SANTO DOMINGO CASA 22 BANCROFT HWY LITCHFIELD, 34741, lright,thleandim e Lncoln Pa,Ml 48146, 1 $13.860.97. De uN D e Unk 16705. Week 3, Annual, Diem $5.78, DetauW B ance 4854, Page 604 cHARLom MANAGUA, 505 NICARAGUA, NH 03052 l UN 210110 l in the pDp8r shuated inthe F ed ek Fixed Unh.54OO- 311116, Mort age Recoded fimesha lnterest 1, Per $15,815.99, DefauW Date DAVID. 91 840 PUHIKANI ST fimeshareUnrt82O6,Week23, WEEK 35 YEAR ANNUAL l Coun of OK8ola, florida, 5454, 44 WHOLE, 84,477.93, 9121115in OR ook4844,Page Diem $5.86, DetauN Balance 8/15115, Morfgage R orded A BEACH, FL 96706 4018, Triennial c. Tlmeshare lnterest DEFAULTAMOUNTaO,464.58 deKrib8d as:(Sea Exhib .A $1.38 K Kelly Evans Judy 1069 $17,076.67. DefauW Date 4 20 15 in OR Book 4766. fimesha Unrf 170108. Week 1 3, Per Diem $4.13, DefauW WITNESSMYHANDANDSEAL fi P Sha lnte (s) (See Evans 3602 s Lake Pa Ave. (40839.01 21) 1v15114, Mortgage Recorded Page 1071 JUAN PABLO 20, Bi6nni EVEN, Tln share 8alance $10,704.53, DefauW on this 1 day of September. Exhibk A accoding to tha Chicago, IL 60653-1405 Excell SepL ; OtL 6, 1T 1W0 12in0RBook4222,Page sAuNAscoRDERoaMIRIAM ln e st 112, Per Diem S4.33, Date 1v15115, Mortgage By: GREENSPOON MARDER, TlmeSharingPlantorWertgate Sand s 1096 Todd Farm L1 7 1747 JUUAN SPITZ DUQUE F MERCEDESRIVAS ESPINOZA, DerauN B an 812,o84.16, R oded 813/15 in OR Book TRusnE Vacalion Vlllas xlll, racodad in Dr. Apl. 204 Elgin, IL 60123- DE SOTO B EDNA PATRICIA SANTA CRUZ 1 15 REMIGIO DefauND e7l15ll5,Mortgage 4819, Page 1718 EDUARDO GM File No:4O839.O123 omcial R8tolds Book 1021, 1729, 1,Season-Float Week