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September 29, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 29, 2017

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PAGE 22B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 ot Detault and lntant to A 1 58,0 11 50,91 6,000 Points tor us6 by the G ntee in,lnterest: 89o5.72: L e Charges: Contrart Number: 279702476,to satis the unpaid balance SABEL WARMLING, RUA,Florida, including the breach or Foreclose senl via Cartifiadl undivid6d interest in Unit 111; odd yea s). $35. ; TOTAL: $8,942.37 - ERCELL B MCIVER AKA of each spertive Mortgage RICARDO PEDRO GOULART datauN, notite of which was set Registerad Mail/publication Annuall located 1 58,000 Contra Number. 1261613673 through 05 1 1 201 7 er ERCELL BURTON BROWN, Recoded together wkh 99 FLORIANOPOLIS sc, to h in a Nolice ot Detault and to: AV ANTONIO GIL VELOSO Pointsforuse bythe Granteein - TONYA DAVIES and ERIC diem: $3.831day therea e . A 2806 N DECATUR RD APT actwad intarastinlhe amounl 88035 250 BRAZIL, Tim6sha lnlant lo Fo&lose provided 1580, APT 1002, VILA VELHA, Each yea s). DAVIES, 282 Hen Higgins 52,5001490,299,000 undivided 232, DECATUR, GA 30033: ot (Saa Ewhibit "A"), wkh Unrf 171003, Week 32, Annual, to the last known add ss of ES 29101-016, BRAZIL; Contract Number: 1261520662 Rd, Jackson, GA 30233-3618; ! interest in Phase lll; 8ienniaU Assessments Balance: intarast acc ing at he rate fimeshare lnterest 1, P6r Obligo s), (See Exhibk A ), by Mo gage r6cord6d on - GERALDINE BECKWITH Principal Balante: 85,52o.6o; allocated 105.000 Poinls (as 8661.24: as evidenced by the ot (S8B Exhibit '.A") per day, Diem $4.60, D6lault B ance C6rfifi egistered M l or by March 24, 2015; O.R. Book and LARRY JACKSON, 3353 lnte st: 8631 .24; Late Chages: defined in lhe Declaralion) for Claim of Len recoded on July punuant to tha fimeshare 81 1 ,912.98, Detault Date publication by lhe undenigned 47s3 at Pag6 1509 Public Oak Lake Cv, Memphis, TN 835.oo; TOTAL: 86,186.84 use by the Grantee in odd year. 10, 2017 in Book 5176 at Page Plan, advancas, it any, under 1/15/16, Mortgage R6corded T ee, will sell at public Racods ot Osceola Coun,381 18-5829; Princip B anGe: hrough 05 1 11201 7 Der ALL ot FAIRFIELD ORLANDO 2490 ot the Public Recods the terms ot said Mortgage, 4116 15 in OR Booh 4765, au ion to the highe bidder FL. Total Due: 815.511.92 81 7,491 .28; lnterest: $2,151.15: diam: $2.49/day theraaWer). A AT STAR ISLAND, togethar ot Osceola Coun,Florida charges and expenses of Page 112 JOSE ENILTON tor law,money ot the Unked as of March 6, 2017, inte sl Late Chages: $30.00; TOTA 52,500 188,645,000 undivided with all appurtenances thereto, tor the tollowing Prope y: the T st68 and of the twsts WARMUNG a ROSANGELA States of America, at tha hont $6.08 per diem; dascribad $1 9,672.43 through 04/271201 7 int8r85t in Unit 103; Biennial/ accoding and subject to the A 1 12,000/1 50,916,000 craated by said Mortgage. SABEL WARMLING. RUA steps ot lhe Osceola Coun as: A 1 05,000 490,299,000 D6rdiem: $8.1 4lday lhereaWe . allotated 105,000 Point5 tor Declaration ot Covenanls, undivided interest in Unit 104; Obligor(5) 5hall have lhe right RICARDO PEDRO GOULART Courthouse, z Cou house undivided imerast in Phase A 1 28,00011 50,91 6,000 use by lhe Grantee in Even Condhions and Rastrictions for ANNUAUallocated 112,000 to cure tha delaull and ar y 99 FLORIANOPOUS sc, SquaP, Nimmee, FL 34741. w; Bi8nniaUallocat6d 210,000 undivided inteR in Unh 113; year(s). F meld O ando at Star lsland Points tor use by lhe Grantee in junior Lenholder shall have 88035 250 BRAZl Tlmashare all right, tkle and nlerest in the Points tor use by the G ntee in AnnuaU loc ed 128,000 All atcording and subjecl o Me as r8cod6d in OWlcial Reco s EACH year(s). the right to redeem its interest Unit 170502. Weeh 31, Annual, p perty situated in the Coun Odd year. Points for use by he Grantee in Daclaration otCondominiumtor,Book 1709, Page 1701 e 58q Contract Number: 381417153 up to the date the Twstee Tlmeshara lntar6sl 1, Per of Osceola, norida, described RENATA ADRIANA DA SILVA Each yea s). Cyp u Palms Condominium Public R6cods ot Oscaola - CHARUS RANDALL issues the C6rtificat8 of Sale Diem 84.6o, Detault B anc6 as: and JULIANO CORREA DA Contrarf Number. 641504501 . asrecorded in omcial Records Coun,Florida, togelher wrth WATSON and LAVONNE s by pay ng the amounts due $11,912.98. Datault Date (SEE HIBIT A) fime Share SILVA BASTOS, Notice of - MARILENE NICOLAU, Rua Book 1289. Page 1971, and any and all amendments and WATSON, 3169 HIGHWAY as oullin6d in the praceding 1/15/16, Morfgag6 RaGord8d lnte&t(sl as defined in tha Default and lntent to Fo closa Amerito Siquei 58, Cariacica, rerecorded in OMcial Records supplemants tharato (tha 284, FORREST CITY, AR paragraph. To cura the default 4/16115 in OR Booh 4765, D6claration ot Covenants, sent via C8 ifiadlR6gist8r8d ES 29146-190, Brazil; Principal Book 1291, Page 2810, public Detlara ion"). Together wrth all 72335; ANeNm8nls Balance: explained in this Notice you Page 113 GIOVANNI DE MELO Condrtions and Restrirtions Mai publication to: R OUMPIO Balance: $12,901.09; lnte st: racords of OKaola County, the tenements, h8r8drfam6nts $665.00; as evidencad by the must remit the amount you now OTTl 6 DANILO BARBOSA tor Vacation Vlllage at Pa way, FRANCISCO PEDREIRO 54, S2,12o.6o; Late Chages: Florida, log&her whh any and appurt8nanc6s Werelo Cl mofLenrecoded on July owe,assetforthin Exhib wA", vlom, RUA MARLIERIA as rBcod8d in OMcial Recods SAO PAULO, sP 05202-130 ao.oo; TOTAL $15,061.69 and,ndments and belonging or in anywise 10, 2017 in Book 5176 at Page including the per diem amount 407 BELO HoRlzoNn MG. Book 1591. at Page 79, ot BRAZIL; Morfgage corded through 041271201 7 Dar suppl6m6nts thereto. appertaining. 2491 ot lhe Public Recods tor aach day following the date 31080 360 BRAZIL Tl share the Publit Recods ot Osceola on August 1, 2013; O.R. Book diem: 86.O1lday thereaW6 . A me ownen must pay the me owners must pay the ot OKeola County, Florida ot this notice through the date Unrf 210707, Weeh 11, Coun . Florida (the Plan), as 4481 at Pa&6 211 Public 105,0001 1 ,958,000 undivided TOTAL listed abova plus the TOTAL listad abov8 plus th8 tor lhe tollowing Property: payment is mad6. lt you Ghoos8 Annual. Tlmeshare lnt6 st amanded hom lime to lima. R6 ods ot sceola Coun,in e in Unit 102; BianniaU par diam. Failure to tUR the per diem. F lure to ture the A 1 28,00011 88,645,000 lo cu the detauN set torfh in 1, Per Diem 811.49, DetauW Together wkh the right to FL. Total Dua: $9,728.59 as of allocated 210,000 Points ror detauN sel to h h8r8in or defauW s8t torth h8r8in or undivided inle in Unit 107; this Notit6, the hll amount due Balante $29,613.84, D6tauW oKupy. punuanl to the Plan, March 6, 2017, inta st $4.14 use by the Grantea in odd lahe oth6r appDpriat6 aclion tahe oth& appDpri 8 action ANNUAU lotated 128,000 must be remi ed to: LANDO Dat6 1/15 16, Morfgage Assigned Unk Week (SEE per diam; d85crib8d a5: A year(s). ragarding this maWer will RsuW regarding this maWer will rasuN Points tor use by th6 Grantaa in RESORTS coRPoRAnoN, Recoded 4116115 in OR Book HIBIT and ANignad Unk 64,0001420,960,000 undivided Contract Number: 641530191 in the IOM of ownership of he in the IOM ot ownarship ol he EACH yea s). AWn: Janet Cuebas, Debt 4765, Page 122 FRANCISCA (SEE HIBIT A). in Assigned inte in Phase |; Annuall - EDSON ADIR DE OLIVEIRA timesha hrough lhe twstee timashara th ugh tha,stea Contracl Number: 540501012 Resolution D6partm8nt. 5405 RAQUEL UCHOA cAsnLo a Year (SEE HIBIT A). alloc ed 64,000 Points tor use FIWO, Rua Do or Abelardo foretlosure p cedu set torth foreclosure procedure set forfh - LYDIA KAZINGIZl, 623 Diplomat Circle Ste. 106, RAISSA CASTELO PEDROSA 3001 Pa way Blvd by the Grantee in Each year. Vegueiro c 350, Apto in F.S.721.856. You have the in F.S.721.856. You have the BEAVER DAM RUN APT O ando, FL 32810 betore the a RHACIUS cAsnLo KiNimn e, FL 34747 m6r8in PAMELA A. BEDEU, Notice 043, Sao Paulo, sP 04635- right to submrf an objertion right to submk an objection 623, DURHAM, NC 27703; sala date and time set forth in PEDROS RUA PEDRO Tlme ShaR Plan prope yl or DetauW and lntent to 080, Brazil: Principal B ance: torm, exarcising your right to torm. exarcising your right to Asses nts Balance: this Notice. RUFINO 100 APTO 903A Add ss For6clos6 s6nt via c6 ifi8dl $13,226.29; lnte : $1 ,939.46; objert to the use ot lhe t stee obj6rt to tha usa ot the t stea $608.30: as evidenced by tha Dated: September 15, 2017 FORTALEZA CE, 60175 100 Said sale will be mada (wkhoul Registe d MaiUpublitation Late Chages: $40.00; TOTAL toreclosure proceduR. lf the toreclosure pDc8dure. lt the Claim of Len recodad on July By: GREENSPOON MARDER, BRAZIL, Tlmasha Unh tovenants, orwarran,ewpress to: 1235 w. Sand Canyon 81 5,205.75 th ugh 041271201 7 obje ion is filed lhis maWer objection is filed lhis maWer 10, 2017 in Book 5176 at Paga Twstea 210707, week 39, Annual. or impli6d, garding th6 title, Dr, Casa G nd6, AZ 85122- Der diem: 86.1 61day th eaWe . sh,b6 subje lo the judicial,shall b6 subject to the judicial 2493 ol the Public R6cords WHIBIT "A" Tlmasha lnle st 1, Per poNeMion or encumbrantes) ; Mortgage retorded on A 105,0001188,645,0 tor8closur6 p ceduR only. toretlosure procadura only. or Osceola Coun,Florida MARIO SIQUEIRA LEMES Diem $9.08, D6fauW Balance to satis lhe unpaid balanc6 September 20, 2013; O.R. undivided intere t in Unk 103; me detault may be cured any me detauW may be tured any tor the lollowing p pe y: A a LILIAN PAULA MARQUES $23,660.1 o, Default Date of each Pspective Mortgag6 Book 4505 at Page 1918 Publit BienniaU locat6d 210.000 tin befo the t slee.s sale time bafore the twslee's sale,84,000/150,916,000 undividad LEMES, RUA CANINDE 230 1v15115, Morfgag6 Racorded Recorded together with Reco s ot Osteola County, Points tor use by the G ntee in or your tim hare inte t. lf ot your tim8rnar6 int6rert. ll,interest in Unit 113; BIENNIAU JARDIM ANTARICA RIBEIRAO 918114 in OR Book 4663, Page accwed interest in tha amount FL. Total Due: 813,486.17 a5 Odd yea s). you do not objert to the twstee you do not objecl to the t stee located 168.000 Poinls for PRETO, 14O51 180 BRAZIL, 61 DANIEL AUGUSTO ALVES ot (See Exhibit A ), with ot Janua 10, 2017, inle st ContraN Number: 641473533 toreclosure p ceduP, you will toreclosure pDc8dur8, you will use by the Grantee in EVEN fimeshare Unk 16403, Week DE OLIVEIRA a ERICA DAIANA interest accwing at tha rata 85.90 par diem; d6scrib8d - KELLY MARIE SCHEIBE not be subje lo a deficiency not be subjert to a deficiency yea s). 5, Biennial WEN, Tlmeshare DE SOUSA JORDAO ALVES, of (See Exhibh A par day, as: A 166,0001490,299,000 CHAMBERS and ANDREW judgment aven ifthe p caeds judgmenteven itthe proceeds Contract Numb&: 219941986 lntere 112, Per Diem $2.88. AV DAS ARAUCARIAS Lon,punuant lo tha Tlm6shar8 undividad interast in Phase w. CHAMBERS, 41 Danton hom tha sale ot your timeshare hom the sale or your timeshare - SANDRA K. BURNS, 206 N DefauW Balance $7,610.50. 4530 BL B APT 801 BRASIUA,Plan, advantes, it any, undar ||; AnnuaUallotatad 166,000 Dr, Apl 41, Glanmoora, PA interast aR insuMcient to o set int8r6st a insuMcient to o set OAKLAND ST, COLFAX, IN Datault Date 1 1511 6, Mortgage DF, 71936 250 BRAZIL,the tw ot said Mo gaga, Points ror us6 by th6 Grant68 in 19343-1909; Principal B anca: lh6 amounts setured by the the amounts secu d by the 46035; Awessm8nts Balance: Racorded 8124/11 in OR Tlmesha Unk 14106, Week chages and expan56s ot Each yaar. 87 962.96: lnl6 st: $831.35; lian. lian. 89oo.48: as evidanced by the Book 4168. Page 871 FABIO 14, Bi6nnial ODD, Tl shaR the Twstee and ot the t sts CLAUDIA G. CONTRERAS and Late Charges: $30.00; TOTAL Punuant to the Fair Debt Pursuant to the F r Debt Claim of Len racoded on July YOSHINORI FUJISHIGE 6 lntarest 112, Per Diem 85.86, created by said Morfgage. JUAN CONTRERAS-SOTO, $8,824.31 lhrough 0412712017 Collerfion Practices Act rf Collect on p rtites A,it 31, 2017 in Book 5186 at Page MARINA VIEIRA DOS SANTOS DetauN B ante $15,317.56. Obligo s) shall hav6 the right Notice ot Detault and lntent to Der diem: $3.27 day therea e . is required that we ate the is r6quir8d that w6 state he 1746 ot the Public R8toTds OLIVEIRA, RUA PIAUI 114 DetauW Date 1v15115, to cure the detaull and any For6clos8 sant via Certified/ A 84,000/1 32,051 ,500 tollowing o you: THIS ls AN rollowing to you: THIS ls AN ot Osceola Coun,Florida VILA RICA MT, 78645 BRAZIL, Mortgage Recoded 4 17 15 junior Lienhold shall hav6 Regi e d Maillpublication undivided i erest in Unit 115; ATTEMPT TO COUECT A ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A lor the following p perty: A fimesha Unk 210903, Week in OR Book 4765, Page 2110 the right to redaam rfs interesl to: 1472 Marfin Nash Rd Annua allocatad 84,000 Points DEBTANDANYINFoRMAnoN DEBTAND ANY INFoRMAnoN 84,0001188,645,000 undivid6d 25, Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshara FELLIPE BARELA, RUA IRA up to the date lha Twstee sw, Llbum, GA 30047- toruse bytha Grant68in Each OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR intePst in Unit 114; ANNUAU lnterest 112, Per Diem 86.o3, SAL PA O 289 PARQUE issues the certmcate of Sale 1988; Mortgage reco ed on yea s) . THAT PURPOSE. THAT PURPOSE. loc ed 84,000 Points tor use Detaull Balance $15,783.14, DAS UNIVERSIDADES by paying the amoums dua S8pt6mb8r 20, 2013: O.R. Contrarf Number. 1261509269 By: Gasdick S amon . P.A By: Gasdick Slan on Ea y. P.A. by lhe Grantae in EACW yaaWs). Default Date 12115/15, CAMPINAS sP, 13086 BRAZIL as oullined in the pr8t6ding Booh 4505 at Paga 2055 Public - BOBBY REDMON and T slee, 1601 w. Colonial Dr Twstee, 1601 w. Colonial Dr CYPRESS PALMS Morfgage Recoded 12/29/14 Tlm8shar6 Unit 211201, Week pa graph. To cure the detauW R6co s ot OK8ola County, PAMELAREDMON,3O63Joyce O ando, FL 32804 O ando, F 32804 CONDOMINIUM, togethar in OR Book 4714, Page 841 23, Annual, Tlmesha lnle explained in yis Notica you FL. Total Due: $14,641.71 as Dr, Marianna, FL 32446-8375; SapL OtL6, 1T SepL 28; Ort. 6, 1T with all appurt8nant6s the to, EDMAR BALBINO DIAS a 1, Par Diem $8.73, DelauN mu mitth6amounlyounow or Janua 10, 2017, inte Principal Balanc6: $8,609.63; L158O48 L 158004 according and subjarf to the ROSELI GIROLDO DIAS, RUA Balanca 822,556.12, Default owe, as s6 to h in Exhibk A", $6.08 per diem; dastribed,ln ePst:8974.18;LataChages: Daclaration of Condominium DOUTOR RAUL CARNEIRO Date 1115116, Morfgage including the par diam amount as: A 166,0001490,299,0 $30.00; TOTA L S9,613.81 tor CYPRESS PAiMS FILHO N 197 CYR IBA Recoded 4l16l15 in OR Book foreach day tollowing the date undividad interast in Phase thDugh 04/z71201 7 Der NontE OF DEFAULT AND NoncE OF DEFAULT AND CONDOMINIUM as racordad D12, 80620 440 BRAZIL, 4764, Paga 2697 AFONSO otthis notic8thDugh h8 dat6 |||; Annual/allocatad 166,000 diem: $4.011day the aWer). A INnNT TO FORECLOSE INTENT TO FORECLOSE in OM al Retods Book 1289, Tlmesha Unk 210706, Weak DE LIGORIO OLIVEIRA SILVA paym tis made.ltyou choose Points tor use by the Granlee in 64,0001132,051,500 undivided Gasditk Stanton Ea y, Gasdick Stanton Ea y, Page 1971, and r8r6cord8d in 31, Biennial EVEN, Tlmesha 6 MARIA DA CONCEICAO to ture he detaull set torth in Eath year. interest in Unrf 115; AnnuaU P.A. has bean appointed P.A. has been appointed OMci R8cord5 Booh 1291, lnt8r85t 112, Per Diem $6.28, CASTRO CORDEIRO, RUA this Notica. the hll amount due #| ot FAIRFIELD ORLANDO allotated.64,OOO Pointslorusa as Tw ee by WYNDHAM as T stee by WYNDHAM Page 2810, public records DefauW B ance $16,258.26, GOLFO DA CHINA 400 APTO mu be remi ed to: LANDO AT STAR ISLAND, togelher by the Grantee in Each yea sT. VACATION RESORTS. INC VACATION RESORTS, INC of Osceola County, Florida, Datault Date 1 1 16. Morfgag6 301 CABEDELO PB. 58102 RESORTS CORPORATION, wrm allappurfananc8sthar6to, Conlra Numb6r. 1261603864 FIWA FAIRFIELD RESORTS, FIWA FAIRFIELD RESORTS, logeth& wrfh any and all Recorded 11/20l15 in OR 171 BRAZIL TlmeshaP Unrf AWn: Janat Cuebas, Debl accoding and subjert to the - BRANDON FOLEY and INC FIWA FAIRFIELD INC FIWA FAIRFIELD amendments and suppl8m8nt5 Book 4875, Pag6 1111 211103, Waak 31, Biennial Resol ion Deparfmant. 5405 Detlaration ot Covenants, KIMBERLY A. GLOVER, 2375 coMMuNlnEs, INC A coMMuNlnEs, INC A lhe to. SIMONE MA flNS BORGES ODD, fimesha lm&est 1 2, Diplomat Ci le e. 106, Condrfions and Restrirtionstor w Kelley Rd, Bak6r, FL 32531- DELAWARE coRPoRAnoN DELAWARE CORPORATION me ownen mu pay tha DIONISIO, RUA RIO WRDE ParDiemS6.26,DetauWBalance O ando, FL 32810 beto the Faimeld O ando at Star lsland 7351 ; Principal B ante: tor the puposes ot insthuting for the puposas ot instku ing TOTAL list6d. Failure lo cu 560 AP 902 EDI EVEREST 81 5,975.38, DetauW Date sale date and ti B B torfh in as d6d in OMtial Recods $9,594.68; lnte : 81 ,596.39: a Twstea ForeclosuR and Sala a T aa Foreclosure and Sale the detauW set torth herein or SETOR CAMPINAS GOIANIA 1 1116, Mortgage Retorded this Notice. Book 1709, Page 1701 at seq Late Chagas: 845.oo; TOTAL und Fla. Slat. 721.856. ma und& Fla. Stat. 721.855. me take other appropriale attion GO, 74525 060 BRAZl 11119/15 in OR Book 4874, Dated: Sept&nbar 15, 2017 Public Recods ot OKeola S11,236.O7throughO4l27l2O17 following owen a h6r8by tollowing ownen are hareby gading this maWarwill rasult TlmeshaP Unk 170605, w68h Page 2171 MARIO ARTUR By: GREENSPOON MARDER. CouW, Florida, tog&her wkh D8rdi6m: $4. day th&8aW6 . notified that you are in datauW no ified that you are in defauW in the loss ot ownenhip ot the 17, Biennial ODD, Tlm6sha FE REIRA a PATRICIA MUNIZ T staa any and all nendn nts and A64,OOO 71,958,OOO undivided of the note and mortgage tor ot Nm6nts las well as timesha through tha t sta6 lntares 1/2, Per Diem $4.81, DOS SANTOS FERREIR EXHIBIT "A" 5uppl8m8n 5 thereto he int in Unk 102; Annua lhetollowin perfieslocated pDp8rfy taxes, inte st, late to tlosu proc6dur6 setfo h DefauW Balance $12,675.77, RUA ARISTIDES LO8O 129 GRAZIELLA DE CA AWO D6cla tion . located 64, Points tor usa in OKeola un,norida: tees andlor costs, rf applicable) in F.S.721.855. You have the Detault Data 1v15115, APT 102 RIO DE JANEIRO SOARES a LUIZ CARLOS Obligon sh,have the right to bythe Grantea in Each yea s). Cont Numbar. 641523683 duetorthetollowing pDp8rti8s right to submrt an objatlion Morfgage Recorded 5/30/13 RJ, 20250 450 BRAZIL SOARES, AV MANCEL H w th6 d6tauW and anyjunior Contra Nulnber. 19216001n - LATOYA A TUUOCH, p o localed in Osceola Coun,lorm, ex6rcising your right to in OR Book 4449, Page 1080 Tlmesha Unit 170804. Weak REGO N 95 PRAIA DESERTA lianhold& shall have the rigM - SHERWIN DAVID RAMOS Box 64, POCONO SUMMIT, Flonda: obj8tttoth6 usa otthetwstee MARINA LOPES RIBEIRO a 44, Annual, fim6shaP lnte SAO sEBAsnAo SAO PAULO, to deem k5 inte t up to andUZARAMOS,29Moumain PA 18346- : Principal Co tt Numbe 219616224 fo&lo5u pDc8du . lt he EDISON FERREIRA PRATINl, 1. Per Diem $9.29, Defaul 11600 BRAZIL, Timeshare the d 6th6twstee iNu the Vlew Ave, GI6n pina, NSW B an : $21,359. 8; lnte rt: - AURED KING and PHVLLIS ob rtion is filed this maner URB COLINA BLOCO 1 AP Balante 824,M5.91, DetauW Unrf 19605, Wa6k 32, Annual. C6rt cat8 otSale by pa ngthe AU 2560. Au ralia; Prin p $3,189.99; Late Chag85: KING, 1415 LILY POND shall be subi6ctto thejudicial 201 BRASIUA DF, 70910 Date 1v1/15, Mortgaga fimeshare lnt8 5t 1, Par ~ amou sduaaso,6dinth6 8alant6: $9,584.10; lnte : $40.00; TOTAL: $24,589.77 RD, ALBANY, GA 31701; lo&losu procedu only. 900 BRAZl fimashare Unrf R6cord8d 4n9/15in OR Book Di6m S8.31, Datault Balance pracedinggarag phs. $1 ,398.03; Late Mages: lhrough 041271201 7 Der men 5 B anc&: me dalauN may ba tu d any 19705, Waek 35, Biennial 4771, Page 1602 MARIA DA 821, 9.69, Detault Date SepL ; rt.8, 1T $25.00; TOTAL: 811,oo7.13 diem: $10.531day tha a e . S971.92; as evidenced by the time b6for8 the t st68's sale MN, Times ara lnterest GLORIA RODRIGUES DE 2115116, Mortgage R8cod6d L158O49 th ugh 041271201 7 Der A 189,0 1420,960,000 Cl m ot L6n codad on ot your ti Bsha inla st. lt 112, Per Diem $3.52. D6fault MELO BOSQUE, SHIS QL 18 511&16in0RBook4962,Page diem: $4.461day thereaWerT. A undivided int6 st in Phase June 20,2017in Book 5166 at you do not objert to the twstee Balance $9,062.88, D6tault CONJ 3 CASA 20 LAGO SUL 730 CHRISTOVALDO REIS 64,00011z5,926,500 undivided |; AnnuaU located 189, Page 760 otthe Public Recods toBlosu proc6du,you will Dat6 211116, Mortgage DF, BRAZl TlmeshaP Unk CONCEICAO CLAUDENICE NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND inle st in Unrt 101; BianniaU Points (as definad in tha of Os la County, Flonda notbe subja to a d6ficiancy Recorded 7122113in OR Book 18305,Week25.Bianni 0DD. BARRETO CONCEICAO, RUA INTENT TO FORECLOSE located 128,000 Points tor Decla tionT for use by the lor he tollowing Prop& : A judgm6m even itthe p s 4474, Page 2005 FABRICIO Tlmesha lnte 1 2, Per RES COSTA N 50 VILA RUI Gasdick Stanton Ea y, use by tha Grantee in Ev6n GranteeinEaGhy8ar. 77,0001188.645,000 undividad hom th6 s a otyourtim6sha CHIACHIO VOLPE, RUA Di&n $6.28. DefauW B anc6 BARBOSA SALVADOR B P.A. has been appointed yea s). Contrart Number: 1261210561 inte st in Unk 103; ANNUAU inte sta insumcientlo oWsat JOAO CAETANO MENDONCA S16,154.72, DefauW Date 4o430 BRAZl fimesha as Tw 68 by WYNDHAM Contrart Number. 641351820 -MICHAELIRVIN, 197 WATTS allocatad 77,000Pointstoruse the amount5 s6cu d by the ALMEIDA 2415 MIRASSOL 1115116, Mo gaga Recoded Unk 210403, Weak 23. vAcAnoN RESORTS. INC - MAURICIO DA COSTA LN. TALLADEGA, AL 3516 bytheGrant inEACHyea s). lien. SAO PAULO, 15130 BRAZl 6 4/15in OR Book4788, Page Annual, Tlmesha lnt6 st FnvA FAIRFIELD RESORTS, GOUVEIA and ANAMEUA 3948; Principal Balance: Contrac Numbar. 210237020 Punuant to the Fair Debt TlmeshaP Unit 170705, Week 1477 MOISES DUTRA DASILVA 1, p& Di6m 89.3o, DefauW INC FnvA FAIRFIELD GALBONERA, Rua Cotoxo 88,889.12; lnterest: $1,491.12; - UONARD RANDLE and Colla ion Prarfices Art, h 16, Annual, Timashara ln ere a GARDENIA FREIRE BATISTA B anca 823,4o5.65, DatauW coMMuNlnEs, INC A 839, Apt 12, Sao Paulo, sP Lale Chages: $45.00; TOTAL: BEVERLY RANDU, 4749 is qui d that we stat6 tha 1, Per Diem 89.58, Default DU RUA MARCELO Data 2115116. Mortgage DELAWARE CORPORATION 05021- 1. Brazil; Printipal $10,425.24thDugh04/27n017 BOYT RD, BEAUMONT, N tollowing to you: THIS ls AN 8alance $24,806.34, Detault GENTIL PORTO 100 TORRE 1 R6cord6d 4121115 in OR Book tor th6 puposes ot insth ing B anc6: S13,226.49: lma st: Derdiem:84.26ldayth8 a 6r). 77713; s8Nm8nts Balanca: ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A Date 1211115, Mortgage AP5O2COCOFORTALEZACE, 4766, Page 2819 GEORGE a Tw Fo clo5u and S e S2,278.36; Late Chages: A 105, 490,299,000 8666.62; as evidenced by the DEBTANDANYINFORMATION Recoded11l25l13in OR Book 60813 550 BRAZl TlmeshaP FEUZOLA SOARES PRATA under fla. Stat. 721.856. me $45.00; TOTA S15,549.85 undivided inte in Phase Cl mofLenRcordedonJun8 08TAINEDWILLBEUSEDF0R 4536, Page 2718 RENATO Unrf 210215,Waek43,Annual, a ROSANE VASCONCELOS tollowing owen are ha by thDugh 0511 112017 er lv; AnnuaU loca ed 105,000 21.2017in Book 5167 atPage THATPURPOSE. PISSINATTl, RUA DANIEL Tlm6sha lnt8R 1. Per CAMPOS PRATA,AV MELICIO no mad matyou ara in detauW diem: S6.34Jday M6 a 8 . Points (as d8fin6d in the 17o9 ot he Public Records By:GasdichStanton Ea y,P.A DE OLIVEIRA CARVAWO 83 Di6m $9.85, DetauW B ante MACHADO4OOOARAC USE. or tha note and mo gage tor A 166,0 1150,916,0 DeclarationT t use by the ot O5ce0la County, Florida T stee, 1601 w. Colonial Dr PORrO FERREIRA sP, 13660 825,791.68, DefauW Dat6 49038 443 BRAZIL, Timeshare thatollowing propertieslocatad und ided inte st in Unk 111; Granteein Each yaar. tor Me folbwi p perfy: O ando,FL328O4 000 BRAZl Timasha Unit 1v1115, Mortgage Retorded Unk 210509, Week 28, Annual, in OK8ola CouW, horida: AnnuaUallocated 166,0 Contrart Number. 641522370 A 105,00 107,937, 0 :OtL6, 1T 170910, week 32, nual, &3115in0RBook4819,Page fimesha lntara 1. Per Contrart Numbe 211603451 - Poin toruse bytheG eein - SAVIO SANT ANA SCHMIDT undivided int in Unrf 105: L15ao58 Tlmeshar&,6r85t 1, Per 1750 SIMONE CHAVES DE Diem 812.51, DetauN Balance GEORGE THOMPSON JR, 501 Each y8a 5T. and ANDREA PEREIRA DE ANNUAU lotat6d 105, 0 Diem $9.37, D6tauN Balanc6 CASTRO a CARLOS RAFAEL S31,3o2.82, Detault Date S Morri Ava, Donalsonville, Contracl Number. 641616321 MORAES SCHMIDT, ESTR PointstorusebytheGranteein $24,083.30, DafauW Date DOS SANTOS FREITAS. RUA 3 1116, Mortgage Recoded GA 39845-1561 and PAMELA - KEVIN IRA LAUGHLIN FRANCISCO DA CRUZ EACH yea s). NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 1/15116, Mortgaga Racoded VITOR ALVES 1966 CASA 1 1 1N16 in OR Book 4899, JOYCE MOORE, 501 s and KRlsnN MICHEW NUNU 695. BL 1 APT 1o2, Contrart Number. 3a0308692 SALE 11 2v13 in OR Book 4535. CAMPO GRANDE RJ. 23087 Pag6 2311 KATHY s WEAVER Mo s Ave, Donalsonvilla, LAUGHLIN, 1183 Big Hom NITERIO,RJ,BRAZILPrintip - WESW D WADE, 411 LANDO RUORTS Page 2664 VALDERES 230 BRAZIL fim85ha Unit a cuRns M WEAVER, 1202 GA 39845-1561; Principal Way, Normal, IL 61761-g750; Balance: 811,7o8.68; lnta st: CEDAR LN. REIDSVILLE, coRPoRAnoN, a nonda FERNANDES PINHEIRO 210214, wk 42, Annual, GuYANDomAvEMuLuNs, B ance: $26.0 .81: lnter6st: Principal Balante: $14,620.34; $1,728.46; Late Chages: NC 27320 and ANDREA c topo tion a MAIZA DE OLIVEIRA Tl&a lnteRst 1, Per wv 25882, Tlmeshare Unh 83,416.13; Late Chagas: lnterest: $2,354.42; Late $40.00; TOTAL: 813,477.14 WADE, POST OFFICE Box On Ottober 26, 2017 a 2:30 FERNANDES PINHEIRO, RUA Diem $9.93, DefauN B ance 17040|, Weak 9. Annual. $40.00; TOTAL: $29,462.94 Chagas: $45.00; TOTAL thDugh 04n71201 7 Der 3N1, EDEN, NC 27289- p.m.GREENSPOON MARDER, VICENTE OROPALO 260 ED 825,993.85, DetauN Date fimeshare lnt 1, Per th ugh 03106/201 7 Der $17,019.76through 0511112017 diem: $5.451day tha aWa . A 3N1; AwaMments B anta: 100 Wa Cypr8M Creek Road, UNITAS APT 42 VILLA s 1v1115, Mortgaga R od6d Diem 81o.57, DetauW B ance di6m: 81 1.04 day therea e . D&di n:87.O1ldayth6raa e . 84,0001490,299,000 undivided S552.5o; as evidencBd by tha Surfe 700, Fort Lauderdale, FL FRANCISCO SAO PAULO so, 8n0115in OR Book 4829, Paga $31,035.20. DetauW D e A 169, /188,645,000 A 128,0001150,916,000 inta in Pha58 ||; AnnuaU Claim otLen Pcordad onJune 33309, as Twstae pursuant to 05351 025 BRAZIL, Tlm6shar8 1667 MELANIE E BREAULT B 2 15115, Mortgage Recoded undiv inte st in Unk 103; undivided ime&t in Unk 111: allocated 84,000 Poi 5 (as 21,2017in Booh 5167 atPage that Appointmant or Twstee Unit 170809, week 44, Annual, KRlsnNE M VALERl, 451 PARK 1vy12 in OR Book4361, Page nuaU locatad 169,0 AnnuaU locatad 128, defin6d in tha Datlaration) tor 1711 ot Me Public Racods reco ad on July 26, 2017, fim8shar6 lntarast 1, Per AVEAPT24KEENE,NHO3431, 1513 MICHAEL z COOPER Points tor use by the G nt .in Points lor use by we G ntee in us6 by tha Grant6a in EaGh ot O la Coun,Florida in O.R. Book 5184 at Page Diem $5.16, DerauW Balante fim8shaR Unit 170603, Week 6 CRYSTAL M COOPER, Po Each yea s). Each y s). year. for he following PDp8r : A 1198 otthe Public R8cold5 ot $14,378.07, DafauW Date 39, Bienni EN, Tlmeshare Box631 PINEVILU,WV24874 Conha Number. 641443641 Contra Number. 381514934 Contlart Number. 1261606115 77,0 1188,645,000 undivided Osc6ola Coun,Florida, by 1l1l16, Morfgaga RacoTd8d lnla&| 112, Per Di6m $5.20, 0631. fin shara Unit 170401, - JIMME MOISES s - ABIMBOLA AKINGBOYE, 73 - JEFFERY MCDONALD and inter in Unrf11O;BIENNIAU ason ot a now continuing v18/14 in OR Book 4571, DafauW Balance $14,193.25, Waak 9, Annual. Tlmeshare ORDONU and HEUEN D r Clo58, Gray, Essex CHRISTY MCDONALD, 1417 localed 154 Point5 tor detault by Obligor (s), (s68 Paqe 2329 ALAN RODELA DafauWDate4l15l15,Morfgage lnt6 st 1, Par Diem 81o.57, PINEDO VEL JR Uwbamba RM2O4WB,England:Principal,wou ROAD, SUWGE use by lhe Grantee in MN Exhibh A"T whosa add M JA OMIN a YARA REGINA Racoded 2 &14in OR Book DafauW B anc6 $31,035.20, 548, Pucallpa, Co nel Porfillo Balanca: $13,104.71; lme :,AL 355863708: Principal yea s). is (See Exhibh A,in tha MARQUES YAMANAK 4576, Paga 1880 DANIEL DetauN DateV1y15,Mortgage cP 061, Petu; Principal 81,818.19; Late Chages: B an : S12,715.12; lnt : ComrartNumber.2|98OO182- payem or p6rformancB of RUA MARIAZINHA LEln MAURICIO POVED 168 E Recorded1V5l12inOR Book Balanca: $15,975.42; lnl e : 845. ; TOTA 814,967.9o 82,38o.28; Lat6 Chages: RODRIGOMALDONADO LLA th6oblig ion5auredby5 d CAMPAGNOLI 715 COND 1 N CUARFIELD,UT84O15 4361, Paa6 1513 MARCIO $2,446.45; late Ch es: thDugh 05 1112017 Der $50. ; TOTA 815,145.4o LON and MA DEL GALLAsn Mortgage Bod8d in O.R. SHANGRILA CAMPINAS sP, 2206, fimesha Unit 171002, FERNAND APARECIDO DE $40.00; TOTAL: $18,46 .87 diem: S6.1 day M&eaWe . thDugh 04n71201 7 D6r GUI DE MALDONADO. 4990 Book(S Exhibk A").atPaga 13098 615 8RAZIL,Tlm8shar6 Waek 37, Bi nial ODD, MOURA a T SA ROSSANA thDugh 4n71201 7 Der A 105,0 1107,937,0 di n: 86.O9 day th6 aR8r). A SW163RDAW,MIRAMAR,FL (Saa Exhibrf A . ofthe Public Unrf 2502, Waak 34, B nnial fim6sha lnlar t 1n, Per TAKll DE MOUR RUA 7 DE diem: $7.441day tharaaWa . undivided im6r6st in Unk 105; 84,000T420,960,000 undividad 33027; Ass ms Balance: R8Gods of Osceola County, EVEN, Tim6sha lnte 112, Diem $5.29. DetauW B anca ABRIL 324 APT 43 ALTO DA A 205,0001150,916,000 BienniaUallotatad 210, 0 intarest in Phasa |; Annua $605.57; as a dencad by Me norida, including he braach or PerDiam84.74,DatauW8 ance S11,724.oo, DetauW Date RUA xv cuRlnBA PR, 80045 undivided interest in Unh 113; Pointstoru58 bythe Gramaein allotatad 84,000 Point5 (as Cl m ot Len Bod8d on July detauW, notiteotwhich wasset 812.452.33, D6tauN Date 10125116, Mortgag6 R od6d 105 BRAZl Tlm ha Unk AnnuaUalloc 6d 205,000 Evan y6ar(s). defined in the Declaration) tor 10, 2017 in Book 5176 at Paga torth in a Notic6 ot DatauW and 12 15/15, Mortga e R8cold8d 4 16l14 in OR Booh 4596, Page 170304, w k 27, Annual, Points rusabythaGrant6ain Contrarf Num 641501838 use by the Grantee in Each 2486 ot th6 Public R6cods lntent to FoBlos8 p vided 519 14 in OR ook 4607. 1670SHANDELP0VEDA3M0 Tlmesha lnt 1, p& Each y6a s). - DJANIRA SANTOS DO year. ot OKeola County, Florida to the la know add ss of Paqa 189 MELQUESEOEK DA MIDLANDDRAPTM4OGDEN, Diam .59, Defauw Baance Conhart Number: 381420132 NASCIMENTO PARREIRA,Rua Co Numb6r. 641503768 for the following Proper : A Ob sl,(See Exhibrf A ,by SIL A PEREIRA a FAnMA DO UT 84401 6983, fi sha S23,9o8.35, DetauH Data - GWENDOLINE J. DICK, HiWonRodrigu85167Apt1OO1, - DIEGO ALBERTO MORERA 84, 188,645,000 undivided Ce edlRegirta d Mailorby ROSARIO DE OLIVEIRA UMA, Unk171OO2, 37,Bianni 311116. Mortgage Recoded 1o83o 173ld sl, Jam,Edmcio Mo da Do Parque, AMAYA and CONSTANZA int&d in Unit 107;ANNUAU publication bythe unde igned RUA VEREADOR NARCISO ODD, Tlmerna lnt 511V14in0R Book46O7,Paga ~ NY 1143J3036: Princip S vador.BA4183O-63O,Blazil; MORERA MONTOY Calaa lo t8d84,OOOPoint5toru58 T 86, will sell at public DO ESPIRITO SANTO 43 1n, Per Di n 85.29, D6tauW 1981 VALBER ANDRE ALVES 8alance: 825,11 .94; lnt : Printipal 8 an : S11,841.51; 19CIF84,Bogota DC11O911, byth8Grant inEACHy6a 5). auttion to the highesl bidder CASA 1 BAIRRO IPITANGA B ance 811,724.oo, DetauW ARAUJO a NARA MIR N S3,775.88: Lata C 6s: lm t: g1,659.12; Late Colombia; Principal Balance: Co Numbar. 219800620 torlawhl money oftha Unrf6d LAURO DEFREITAS BA,427 Dat6 10125116, Morf aga MOTA RODRIGUES ARAUJO. a5.oo: TOTA S28, .82 Chages: ao.oo; TOTA $20,667.73;lnt |:S2,895.62; - CHRISTOPHER D WIWAMS States ofAmerica, at thet nt 000 BRAZIL, fimashare Unk Racorded 4116114 in OR ook RUA MIGUEL DAVI 1200 th ugh 4n7n017 Der 813,54o.63thDugh 11no17 L a Ch es: S45. ; TOTAL and CYNTHIA AH. WIWAMS, steps ot the OK6ola County 15602.w68k23, BiennialODD, 4596,Paga1670 M A p 68503 BRAZIL, diem: S11.69 day th Re . D&di :S5.51 day ea a . S23, 8.3 thDughO5l11T2O17 1115 S WINTERHAWK DR, Courthousa, 2 Courthouse fim har6 lnle st 112, Per (40839.0122) Timasha Unk 170301, Waah A 189, 150,g16. A 105. 125. 6,5 D6rdi6m:89.6VdayO &8aW8 . ST AuGusnNE, FL 32 6; Squa,Nimm88, FL 34741, Diam $4.64, DefauW Balance SepL OtL6, IT 27, Annual, fimesha ln ere und ided int in Unh 108; und id im& in Un 101; A 166, 420,t5 Balance:,right, thle and inta st inthe 812,o37.22, D6tauW Data L158O66 1, p Diem $12.25, DetauW AnnuaU located 18g, Bi8nniaU 6d 210, undivided inl in Phase S69o.1 ; as evdan d by the pD s u 8dinth6County 1115116, Mo age R8coTded B anc6 831,665.o7, D&ault Poin torusabythaG maein Pointstorus6by 8Glant8ain |; AnnuaU lotat6d 166, Cl m otLen oded on Ju ofOKaola, Florida, described 4 16114 in o Book 4596, D e 11 15115, Mo gaga Each yea s). Even yea s). Points (a5 defined in th6 10.2017inBook5176atPag6 as: Paga 881 SALVINO JUUANI NoncE OF TRusnE's R orded 1 112v13 in OR Booh Conharf Nu b6r: 381415249 comra Numb 3815 765- Daclaration) tor usa by th6 2487 ol th6 Public R o s (SEE HIBIT A) Tlm6 Sha FILHO B EUNICE GARCIA shu 4*, Page 2520 WILSON - SONIA LYNN DURDEN DARRYLSHANEEARP,595L G t68inEady ot O la Coun,Florida lnt (s) as defin6d in th6 HERRERO JUUANl, RUA LANDO RNoRn BATISTA DOS REIS JR, RUA and DA D DURDEN, 303 Godhay Ave, Philad6lphia, PA Com Numb 641269154 tor th6 tollowing PDp8rfy: A Detlar ion ot Covenants, ANTONIO PIRES 653 SAO coRPoRAnoN, a n DOS ACARAS 84 PATOS DE mi I6wood Run, Mtdonough, 1912 2120;PriMip B te: - ARrHUR JENKINS and 84. 188,645, undivided Condkions and R6 rirtions PAULO sP, 02730 BRAZIL MINAS MG. 38702 186 BRAZIL, GA 30252-4074; Prin p S7,612.67; lm& : .37; SHIRLEY A JENKINS, 231 intar in Unk 107: ANNUAU torVatationVlllag6atP ay, Tlmasha Unk 210504, weeh On O ober 26. 2017 2:30 Tl share Unh 171 . Balance: $8,019.60; lnt& : L e Chag : W5. ; TOTA Dunning Rd, Su ill6, sc localed 84, 0 Poimstorus6 as p rdedin omcial Raco s 47, Bi6nnial ODD, fim6sha p.m.GREENSPOON MARDER. k 1, Annual, fi ara S747.75; L a M es: $8,548.04 thagh 111 201T 2 1891;PrincipalB ance: by eGranteainEACHyea s). Book 1591, Page 379, ot lmerasl 112, Per Diem $5.21, 1 W8stCyp Cr86hRoad, lnt6 st 1, Par Diam $6.22, 83o.oo; TOTAL: S8,79 .35 D d m:S3.54ldayM We . $12,367.88;lnt6r t:81,793.20; Cont rt Numbar. 219910981 tha Publit R6cods ot OK8ola DefauW Balance S13.379.89, Suhe 7,Forf Lauderd e, FL D&au B ance S15,639.73, thDugh 4n7 017 D& A 52,5 1 ,916, Late Chag85: S4o.oo; TOTAL - JEFFREY LVNN WAU and County, Florida ehe Plan), as D6tauWDat61l15l16,Mortgaga 3N,as Tw punuant to D6tauW Date 311116, Mo gaga diem: 82.8yday M8 W6 . undMd8dint 6 in Unh 113; $14,201.08through05111n017 TRINA DIONNE WAU, 2146 ded tDm time to tim6. R8Gord6d 911V14in OR Book Appoin nt ot Tw 68 R ordad 5R114 in OR Book A 158, 132,051.5 Biennia 105, prdiem:t6.1 dayth&aa e . cHEsnR RIDGE DR APT Tog6th8r whh the right to 4&65, Paga 942 ALBERTO old6d on Ju 11, 2017, 4607. p o3n ANA MAR undiv ed int in Unk 115; p nkbFusabyth6G m66in 119, 490,299,000 D, HIGH Pol NC 27262; ocwpy, punuant to th6 Plan, WAISMAN B ALINE BARROS in O.R. Booh 517T at Page FIGUEIR LocAnw, nua lotal 158, Ev6ny8a s). undividad im in Pha58 as Balance: 5ign8d Unrf Week (SEE FERRAZ, RUA NEV DA GANA 3N ot he Public Recods ot ALAMEDA FERNAO CARDIM Poinktoru by G m in Conhacl Numba 64162 |||; Annua ad 119, .14: as 8 deMad bythe HIBITA)and Assigned Unit AHRENDS 295 APTO 408 Oscaola County, norida by 161 AP 171 SAO PAULO sP, Each y s). - JOANA FRORE Bonwo, Points (a defined in tha Cl motLen o ed on July (SEE HIBIT,in Assigned PORrO ALEGRE RS, 91450 reason ot a now continulng 01403 020 BRAZl TlmBsha Conbacl Nu 6414N 212B Pond s . h,MA D cB ion) tor u58 by the 10,2017in8ooh5176atPage Year(SEE HIBITA). 345 BRAZl fimasha Unit dafauW by Obligo s), (s66 Unk 9501. Week 41, Bianni - YADIRA AU WKINS, 01721-2047:Rwp : G m in Eady 2489 ol the Publit Rato s 3001 p ay Blvd 6601,W88k31,Bi6nni EVEN, Ewhibh A who96 add u ODD, fi ha lnte t S &vd t tT. 9.44; lm : t8T4.84; Com Nu 641624077 ot O la CouW, Florida Nim,FL 34747 6 in Tim ha lnta st 112, Per is (s86 Ewhiblt A.), in th6 1 2, Per Diem g4.54, DatauW ando, fl w 2-1615; L 6 M *. ;TOTA - MAURICIO SOARES UMA tor Ma tol PD : A Tl sh Plan property) Diem S5.7o, DetauW aaan payn6nt or p6rformanc8 ot B&anta S11,517.2o, DatauW ntp :t14, 3.OT; ,T3928 Mmg 11n017 and SIMONE DE souq 52,5 1188.645. und ided Add S15,o28.67, D6tauW D 6 thaobligal ns tu dbysaid D a v15 16, Mortgaga lm : .012.64; L 6 D d : .TUday . AN JORGE LACERDA 1682, t inUnrt112;BIENNIAU S d5&8 llba d6(wWhout 1v1115, Mortgag6 Retoded MD gag8 o d in O.R. R ordad 2n7 14in0R Book : 45. ; TOT A 52. 150.916, CAR NOS, flOR NOPOUS. aUocat 1,Poim t v an ,orwwty.axp e4 14 in o Book . BoohlS68Mibh A ,atP a 4576,Page 914 WELUNGTON 16,110.T1 mg 4nTn01T rf in w1oB; sc T 1. B L u by 6 Gram in ODD orimpl d, gadingthat e, Pag 1340 JOSE ENILTON ( Mibh A ,otM6Pu FRErrAS SANTOUN a ALYNE D&d :t6. day . 8 g 1 . Prmcip : 8. 1.65: yaa s). pow s n or anwm t ) WARMUNG ROSANGELA R 5 ot,MIKH m DEMUNER, RUA |