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September 21, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 21, 2018

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PAGE 28B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER 21, 2018 Frequency: Even Year Biennial, Unit: 102AB, FPquency: Even September 14, 21, 2018 participale in this proceeding, and tile the original with the THROUGH, UNDER, AND TENANTS/OWNERS,WITH AN ARC DISTANCE Week Type: Flex, ROSCOE D Year Biennial, w88k Typ8: Flex. L 1718o4 you are 6ntitled, at no cost to Cle of this Court either beto AGAINST THE HEREIN Detendants. OF 136.54 FEE THENCE DYAL, 7395 E PONDEROSA CINDY L HINNEN. 14048 s you. o the provision ot tertain se ice nn PlaintiW's awomey,NAMED INDIVIDUAL NOTICE OF SALE N 79 DEGREES 33' 36'. E CIR, PARKER, co 80138-8624,CORAL DAWN LN, HERRIMO.N,assistance. Please contact or immediately thereaWer; DEFENDANT(S) WHO ARE Notice is hereby given,A DISTANCE OF 30 FEET: uNlnD STATES, $985.34;,UT 84096-1 785 UNITED,Court Adminis ration a Sui e olherwise a detault will be NOTKNOWNTOBEDEAD pursuant to Final Judgment ot THENCE N 89 DEGREES 16767185, Week: 32, Unrf: STATES, $985.34; 1683834,VOLUS,A COUNTY,g, Courthouse Annex, 125 E. enlered again5tyou forthe reliet,OR ALIVE, WHETHER SAID Foreclosure for PlaintiW entered,19' 41" E A DISTANCE 115AB AKA 115A. Frequency:,Week:46, Unit: 124, Frequenc : nge Ave Da ona Beach. demanded in the Complaint. UNKNOWN PARTIES MAY in this cause on September 1O, OF 4O9.9O FEET TO THE Even Year B ennial, Week Type: Even Year Biennial, Week TyPg: LEGALS i L 32114; Tel.: 386-257-6096, REouEsn FOR CLAIM AN INTEREST AS 2018, in the Circuit Courf of P.o.B. SAID PROPERTV Flex, CAROL S DYAL, 7395 E NIA, NANCEE ROOT-CUV,t laast 7 days betore your ACCOMMODATIONS SPOUSES, HEIRS, DEVISEES, Volusia Counly, Florida, Laura ALSO KNOWN AS LOT 4, PONDEROSA CIR, PARKER,4411 SUNNY SLOPE AVENUE,scheduled court appearance, or BY PERSONS WITH GRANTEES, OR OTHER E. Roth, Clerk ot the Circui FOOTHILL FARMS, UN- co 801 3&8624 UNITED OMAHA, NE 681 34-2957 immediately upon receiving this DISABILITIES CLAIMANTS Cou,will sell the property RECORDED SUBDIVISION STATES, 8985.34; 16768191, uNlnD STATES, $1,098.9 ; THE CIRCU ' ot cation il tha time before lf you are a per5on wilh Last Mown Address: Unknown siluated in Volus a County, NO.244. week: 1, Un : 123AB AKA 16838459. Week: 43, u: : S RT OF ,C,FOR ' a p8a'a"'8 i' '.8" `ha ' a disabili .wh . n8eds any Cu ent Address: Unknown Florida described as: TOGETHER WITH THAT 1 23A, Frequency: Annual. Week 105AB, Frequency: An,ENTH J ays: lfyou a heanng or volce actommodatlon ln o er to YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an LOT 36, BLOCK 1928. CERTAIN NON-WCLU- Type: Flex. THOMAS M Weeh Type: N A, WIL s IRCUIT, IN ANDTY .gd, tall 711. THESE ARE participate in this p ceedin9, aGtion to foreclose a mo gage DELTONA LAKES UNIT SIVE EASEMENT FOR IN- GORDON JR, c/o NEAUY ROWE, 2240 s BIR,o,USIAC UN,gu T INFORMATION you aR entrfled, at no costto on the following property in SEVENTV-FOUR, AC- GRESS AND EGRESS AS LAW 122 PARK CENTRAL DENVER, co 80 g oRIDg 20,g ,o,B3 o,WITNE . you, to he provision ot certain Volusia County, Florida: CORDING TO PLAT RECORDED IN O.R. BOOK SQUAREl 'PR'N""'D' M `N'"D 'A" ' '$'" ': i ali IN RE N . is Co' ' ha"d a"d 'aa' a"i"a"'e. . .p'e 8 ' "` L T 45| PORT ORANGE THEREOF RECORDED IN 1951, PAGE 626. 65806 UNITED "A"' '68'8'89 W8ek ar Blenn ` PmnoN OF '6p`8mbar 2 h8"'h da' ' ' ' Adm'""`'a" " a` '`"e p'ANTAn N PHASE 1, MAP BOOK 29, PAGES and commonly known as: 81,923.71; 16768191. Week: 1, Frequency. odd Y 300, Courfhou5e Annex, 125 E. ACCORDING TO THE 28 THROUGH 44, INCLU- 280 FOOT HILL FARMS RD, Unrf: 123AB AKA 123A, Week Typ8: N/Al AGN' BRADL Y wluls AN r:' '. R lh Orange Ave Da ona Beach. PLATTHEREOF, RECORD- SIVE, OF THE PUBLIC ORANGE CITY, FL 32763; F quency:Annual,We8kType: 'SCH'RA 8 " w, 9 o REY MICHEL Cou a"d ' `"'y FL 32114; Tel.: 386-257-,ED IN MAP BOOK 51, RECORDS OF VOLUSIA including the building, Flex, CYNTHIA L ' RD N' DR'`' BR M"" 'A" ' And "8" (CIRCUl : 'hawne8 Smith least 7 days b ore your PAGE(S) 52 THROUGH 55, COUN FLORIDA. appu enances, and fi uras c/o NEAUY LAW 1" PARK 8 " 8 ' 'N"'DW86k. t OURT SEAL) ,h8dul6d court appearante. or INCLUSIVE OF THE PuB- and commonly known as: loc ed therein, at public CE L SQUARE, $940.98. 16838714, edi ely upon ng this uc RECORDS OF VOLU- 2781 EAST CANAL ROAD. sala. to tha highest and be t SPRINGFIELD. MO 65806 Unrf: 114AB AKA ." WARREN THOMPSON, ,73 "8 notmcation rf the ime betoR s COUN FLORIDA. DELTON FL 32738; intluding bidder, torta5h. onlin6 al www. uNlnD sTAns, S1,923.71; F quanty: odd Year Blannl spond6n noN FOR b c CHE the appea nce less lhan 7 WA 5337 PLANTAnoN the building, appu 8nanc6s,, on 1676,Weak: 50, Unit: 101, Week Ty&6: Fixadl 'DWAR AD O, gF A 18 days; it you aP h6aring or voice HOME WAY, PORT OR- and fi u loc ed the in, at Nov6mbar 29, 2018 at 11:00 Frequency: odd Year Bi6nnial, ATCHIS N, clo MITCH mnoN FOR L 172025 imBaired, tall 711. THESE ARE ANGE, FL 32128 public s e, to the highest and A.M. k Type: Flex, RESORT REED ""MA . s d ON B snPPARENT U B ?R' 'N' RMA" N ha' b88" fi' d a9a ' ` a"d be" bidde'| ' ' 'a'hl n'in8 Any p8rsons claiming an RECLAMATIONS. LLCl' 4' AM "A"' ' ' SPRI : ARREN THOMPSON IN THE CIRCUIT WITNE you aP r u! d o 6ac0py at .volusla aWoreclose. inte st in the suplus hom Wllshi Blvd N 35499, Los CANY N DRl PA ED STATE,Ras,danUnknown CIVIL COURT OF ofthis Co m' ha"d a"d 'ea' ' ' `' w 8" d&e"'6' b? ' m' " rt b6' ',2 '8 at th8 sal8. itany, otharthan he Angeles, CA 64' ? 'A 9'?64 ' i14 Waa :4A Y U A "k" w FIED that SMW sept6mber g" `he "h da' ' ^ b .',' '8| n #b6rt8||| 11.00 A.M. pDp& owar a5 orthe dat6 ot uNlnD sTAnsl $596.' ! 89 ?.'4' '68 A A nn,a, c, onr' Petkion tor OF i"A' "RCUIT L u,a'8. Law, PlalntMs aWorney, whosa Any panons claiming an thalispandansmu fil6aclaim 16774608, w68k: 9| '"h. '"". " gdd Year RLy. L baa ,on by 'Stappa,ant has AND DA 'N Ciwurf'. Ro add is P.o. Box 23028, inte in the suplus hom wkhin 60da aW&th6sal8. 121AB, F quency: Evan Year F quancy. and Coun Tampa, FL N623, and filethe the sale, itany, oth6r hanth8 JennrfetM. oW Biannial, Waeh Typ6: "6xl w88k"p8: "w8d' B TCHE . RI6d again you and at COUW ' '`"A Cou s origin wkh this Cou 6kh6r prop6rtyown6rasofW8d 8ot (813)229-0900 GORDON LAVERN H "m' MAR"" " SMAN a you a qui d to se e a CIVIL DIVISION ,C,RCU, : J nifer Vazqu6z befoR se ite on Plainti .s thelispend smustfileaclaim Kau Shuler, P.A. clo BOUWAM LAW 980 REED su,o,3 s PAL of,our wrm6n d6t6n,'8 N . ' " 10139 DaguRT SEALT anom6y, or immediately wkhin 60 daas aW&the s e. 1505 N. florida Ave. NORTH FEDERAL HIGHWAY AN CIATE PALM S R,N S 5qu t0 it on c. Calvin Ho ,O Di on 18-313009 F 'k thaRaW ; olha ise, a datault NicholasJ. oetaro Tampa, FL 33602-2613 sn 110, BOCA RAT N. " 'AN' N NITED ST 6 g b '6 add'6 :201 u s BANK NAn ' Seplember 1, g will ba t6 again you (813)22g x1484 Fo&losu66 ice haNlaw. M432 uNmD STA"'| 'A 9' 16a38838, w do F St 6t, Su bB,o, Ajjoc,AnoN N AL,7,g66 tor Me liet damanded in lhe KaN Shul6r,P.A. tom ' - $985.34; 16"46 8' w k. 9' $9 . 'ABl "8q`8"' Nl bei a, " " filB lhB ,NDMDUAL C PA ITS complaim or pahion. 1505 N. norida Ave. S p mb 1,18 Unrt: 121AB, F qu8nty. E'8" '"' B annial WBBk T Li c,o g,na, whh ,hB' ot thi soLELYAsTRusnEFg ' A auEsn FOR Tampa, FL M6O2-2613 L 171995 Year Biannial, Weeh T : flew, Y6a,p . oMMoDnnoNs Fo closu S6 it8 kaNlaw. CHARI DEE HOGS,clo MARYHEL ISEN,AR N urt at Volu5ia Coun,1 RMACTRUST,SERIES THE CIRCU &Y PERSONS com BOUQAM LAW 980 NORTH NEAUY LAW sauAgo6 ama Avanua, DaLan,6-CTT S RTOFTHE D lunEs S pt mb F 21,18 IN THE CIRCU FEDERAL HIGHWAY sn 110, CENTRA ELD MO 6 3 ' ,h,724, bafor6 s6 i g Plaint,CIR W "DICIAL lt you a a p6rson wkh L171985 COURT OF THE BOCA RATON, FL N432 SPR ST TES $gBU a, dB, gW, v VOL 'NAND' R a di'abi' y .wh . "88ds any SMW JUDICIAL uNlnD sTAns, .34; u o,o, Waa d,ou, m utailtodos Ml.CHAELJ.HOLLANDAIWA noRIDA ' 'w' a" m d ' ". '" 6r. t CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR 16777 48lWa8k: "' '"!'. '?4 ' 'AB' ' q`8"' p R 10 hB pB he b 8"'8 d a n ICHAELHOLLAND, LOUISE CIVIL AcnoN arflclpale ln thls pDc88dlng, IN THE CIRCUIT VOLUSIA couw, F qu6ncy: odd Year Blannlal ,ann, Waa EF LPRA UE op, on et demand HOLLAND AND UNKNOWN CASE NO . 2018 y 'h'8d'. " ' st ?o CIVIL COURT OF FLORIDA Weak Typa: FI6x, HARRY L . : . t th p vlslon ofc6rtaln THE SEVEW CASE NO.: 2017 BECKNER, 2817 Macinee Dr MARVIN R. SCNEW,ES ,n h,s. oja,tourtdocuman,s TENANTSIOWNERS, 11177 CIDL aui ce. PI6as8 contart JUDICIAL CIRCUIT 11262 CIDL Apt 1103, Council BluW'| 'A ' '4"H "'uNnD STA ' . . ase includ ng o,d6n D8t8ndants. WELLS FARGO BANK. N.A Court Administration at Suite OF FLORIDA, IN QUICWN LOANS INC 51501 126 UNITED sTAns, MN 56071,6B4 5,0 WBBk, vaiab6la,ha C,B o,h No, oncE OF SALE Plain i,300, CouMouse Ann6x, 125 E. AND FOR VOLUSIA Pl ntiW, 85 .36; 16m048| w66k: "I 8"? .' B F qu nGy. d . h o rf'somce. You punu i'. haPb' gi'6"' `'. O nge Ave Da ona B6ath, COUNTY vs. Unh: 124, F quen : odd Y6ar Unh. 1 nn,aj W6Bk T,p N,A rBv Bw th6sB dow ts u Foreclosu ""a'| ?` gme ' 'H' 'NKN WN HEIRS, FL 32114; Tel.: 386257-6096, CINL DINSION UNKNOWN HEIRS, Biennial, ypa: Flex, YearBiM . ,LUR, s,mus, kBBp WB C,a,k %,h,scau orPalntl ante d DEvlsEEs,GRANnEs, lea 7 days bato your Casa No. 2013 12189 BENEFICIARIES, DE SEES, WILUAM s HOGAN, 2817 nNA . . on September 10, ASSIGNEES, LIENORS, sch6dulad court appa ca, or CIDL GRANnEs, ASSIGNORS, Macin DrApt11O3,Council 245TH ST, NEW PRAGUE, M o, ,hB C ,cuh Court,s omca 18, in lh6 Cirtu Court ot cREDIToRs,TRusnEs, imm8diat6 upon receiving this Division 02 CRED ORS AND TRusnEs Blu,IA 51501-8126 uNmD 56071 uNlnD STAT k, mado,ou,cunan,add&,u5ia County, Florida, Lau OR OTHER CL MANTS notmca n if th6 lime betore MTGLQ INVESTORS, LP THE EsTAn OF JUDITH G. sTAns, s596.36; 16777092, s1,238.39: 16846192, Cu y fi,B Das gn onMa, s olh, Cla of the Ciwuil CLAIMING BY,THROUGH, the aPparance is laN than 7 PlaimM, PERWNS, DECEASED; ET AL, h 32, Unk: 120AB AKA 28lUn%:1!6|"8q`6"' .N, d Mailing and E- . a, will sell the p perty UNDER, ORAG#NSTTHE days:i you a hearin2orvoit6 vs. Detendants. 120A, F quenty: odd Y6ar Y6arBIBnnlal, w68k Typ E Fo App ,orida Sup&ne i,oridada .volusia Coun,ESTATEOFNAOMAS. imBaitBd, call 711. TH SE ARE JOSEPH M ROTUNDO, NoncE OF uu Biennial, W6ek Typ6: nex, L RIN c MA'KA'| go 6 ,n ,h,s ig, ed Family Law LOT 14 B ': ARMENTROUT, DECEASED, N T COURT INFoRMAnoN ROBYN L8RYANT, NoncE ls GIVEN that, in JEANC ,8281S1OOOE. OAKRID UT $5g ,6, ma,ag uk w papan NA ES UN,T% ELTO- at al, NUMBERS. SUNTRUST BANK. AND atto ante wh the Final SANDY, UT 84 94- " B 'N sTAn a Unk . ha.add m lad or CORD,NG TO THEE, AC- Detendant(s). WITNESS my hand and seal UNKNOWN nNANTsl Judgm6m of Fo&losu uNmD sTAns, S985.34, uNln PLAT NOTICE OF AcnoN otthis cou on this 1wh day ot OWNERS, ente d on Augu 27, 2018 in 16777570, w66k: 9, Unrf: 1 192,wee :Ye ,Bi n,a, co,da,hac,6,k,s " THERE OF AS RECORDED To: THE UNKNOWN HEIRS, September, 2018. Datendants. the abov6-s I8d tause, Lau 120AB AKA 120A F quanc F uency:Ev ,A KA ,A. ,%ARN,NG. Ru,a ,i2B5 MAP BOOK 25, PAGES DEVISEES, GRANnEs, LAURA E. ROTH NoncE OF SALE E. Roth, Volusia county cle Annu,k Typ8: F'8xl B ' w88k "p8:1o22 ' OAKRIDG Fam Law Rul oi CLUSN OUGH 1,IN- ASSIGNEES, LIENORS CLERK OF THE Notice is he bd given, otcourf shallselltothe highe t R MARKJR,967 N MORQ MACKA OUNTFUL UTB4O,O a u u P5 tert ECORD F THE PU8LIC CREDITORS, TRusnEs, CIRCUIT COURT pursuant to Final Ju gmen of and bast biddar tor cash on VALW DR, MORGAN, UT LAN D STA S B5g63 g ic' disclosu o ouw F,g'`"A R THER CL MANTS B : Shawnee Smkh Fo Glosura tor PlaintiW anta d O ober 9, 2018 11:00 A.M 8405 96 4 uNlnD sTAns, u 6, WBBk, 6,s and in,orma, on and tomm n know as 643 MING BY, THROUGH, (CIRCUIT OU T SEAL) n this cause on S6ptemb6r 10, at www.volusia. to tlos6. 81,931.71; 16m570, w k:9, 1 5AB,uan Ev n comp can ,6w H,PPO ,U ST DELT NA EST,R AGAINST THE Depu Cla 2018, in the Circurt Court ot com, the following described Un : 120AB AKA 120A, ann WBBk :434UT hng, o cluding dismi 32725. nciuding m ARMEN O: OMAS. S pt mb r 1, 28, 2018 Volusia County, Florida, Laura pDp8rty: F qu6nty:Annua'IWaak ' AAR N' D. H C ted: Au '6ad'"g ,g uilding, purtenances, and La Known Ad " "D L172O19 E. Roth, Cle ot tha Circuk LOT 37, BLOCK 1181, flax, USA A MARK' 96DR, 700 sl sA"uN,nD sTAn u " '4',k locat6d the in, at Unknown eN Courf, will s6|| the p per DELTONA LAWS UNIT MORGAN 'A O5 9634 841 4-'6"6B46312 waek ' .R ' . . . s e to the highe and Cur Address:Unknow IN THE CIRCUIT tuat6d in Volusia Coun,42, ACCORDING TO THE MORQ, UT,lorida described as: PLATTHEREOF, RECORD- uNmD sTAns, S1,931.71; 8985.34; 1 . :,' b bidd for cash. online ANYANDALLUNKNOWN Cl L COURT OF LOT 6, nMBERLANE ED IN MAP BOOK 27, 16778080, Week: 8, Unrf: 117, Unrf: 1.15A,F q`8"'y: "g (CIRCUITCOURT sEAV .volusia.realfoPclose. PARTIES CLAIMING BY. THE SEVENTH TRAILS, ACCORDING PAGE(S) 262 THROUGH F quenty: odd Year Biannial, Year Blennlal, W8Bk Typa: NIW M. CDN Lndsey," b8' 3,2 18 at THROUGH,UNDER,AND JUDICIAL CIRCUIT TO THE MAP OR PLAT 266, INCLUSIVE, OF We6k Type: flex, STANLEY MYUNDA s. HAWK'| '4'4UT Aug 3, pu Cle . . AGAINSTTHE HEREIN OF FLORIDA, IN THEREOF, AS RECORDED THE PuBuc RECORDS UOYD STIMS Nl 13' ' N' ' " 'A" `AK' " ns . ; T, 1 |'Li71 lh6 '" ' "a' '"g a" NAM'D'ND' DUAL AND FOR VOLUSIA IN MAP BOOK 42, PAGE OF VOLUSIA COUN 23RD CT, NORTH MIAMl, FL 84104-2671 uNlnD s,he supus hom DEFENDANT(S)WHOARE COUNTY 106, OF THE PuBuc FLORIDA. N181-1851 UNITED sTAns, S985.34; 16846314, Week: 25,if any. olh6rthan the NOTKNOWNTOBEDEAD CIVIL DIVISION RECORDS OF VOLUSIA p pe Add N: 3171 $1,171.74; 16778080, w h 8, Unk: 101, F quency: odd Year pD ow8rasotth8dateol OR AUN, WHETHER S D Case No. 2017 11091 COUN V, FLORIDA. SHALL WFORD STREET, Unh:117,F quen :OddYear Bi6nni,Week Type: w th6lisp8nd8nswstfilaaclaim UNKNOWN PARnEs MAY CIDL and commonly known as: DELTONA, FL 32738 Biennial, k : nex, CHARUS A MERRELL cl THE CIRCU n 60 days aW&the sala. CLAIM AN INnREsT AS WILMINGTON SAVINGS 2449 TIMBER VIEW DRIVE, ANY PERSON CL MING AN DARLAJEANsnM N,135O1 ucHnN LAW FIRM, PLLC IC L rf W SPOUSES, HEIRS, DMSEES, FUNDSOCl FSB, DIB A NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS NE 23RD CT, NO TH MIAMl. GREENwAYPu suln11,EWJ GRANnEs, OR OTHER cHRlsnANATRusT, NOT 32168; including the building, FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, FL N1B1-1851 uNlnD HOUSTON, M 77046 u VOLUS COU OR ,505N PA. CLAIMANTS INDMDUAUY BUT AS appurfenances, and fi u& OTHERTHAN THEPROPERrY sTAns. g1,171.74: 16778909, sTAns, S552.46; 1684 .da Av6. La5t Known Add N: Unknow TRusnE FOR PRETIUM locat6d lhe in, al public sal6, OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF h 42, Unk: 115AB AKA W h:25,Unk:1.O1,Frequ a RIDA ' pa' '`"6 -2613 Cur nt Add N: Un ow MORTGAGE AcaulslnoN to lh6 high6st and be bidd&, THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE 115 F uancy: dd 'aa' dd '6a' Bi8""'a" W86 REL a ' " A losuRSe lt8 kaulaw. YOU ARE NonFIED that an TRUST torcash,onlineatwww.volu ia. A CL M WITHIN 60 DAYS 8iannial, weak Type: n6x, WA, PATRICIA L M p ' '8- - nb 1, . 18 g ion to to los6 a mortgage Pl ntiR, altor6clos6.tom, on Otlob6r AmRTHE SALE. NWL L HuNna WA c oucHnNLAwFIR,th6 tollowinR pDp&ty in vs. 30, 2018 at 11:00A.M. REQUESTS FOR NEWEL UE HUNTSMAN, 12 GREENWAY Pu SON:O2 L171993 VolusiaCounly, orida: RAWOND PARENn AND Any panons claiming an AccoMMoDAnoNsaY 10300 s 154 wl ' "H " ' H "' N', MS552.46i g ga" a .Ba"k' "" 9' B' 'K '8 `NKN WN n sl inlere in the suplus hom PERSONSWITH DlsABlunEs JORDAN, UT 84 5-8879 uNlnD STA 37 Unrf. t on atlon IN THE CIRCUIT UNIT 'TONA LAWS, OWNERS, th6 sala, itany,oth&thanth6 lt you a a p son wkh a uNlnD sTAnsl 898'. ' 66" 6n . Ev n Yaai PlaintiR. COURT OF THE IN PLAT " RD'D D8' dants. pDp6r own&asotthedataot disabil y who s any 16778809, w88k: 4'| '"rf: '?' ' " kT, .W AN am, h pabwk III `D'C#L 146 THROUGH'8| PAGE NoncE OF SAU th6lispand6nsmuslfilaaclaim accommodation in ord6r lo 115AB AKA 115 F qu6ncy. Blennl ,W . . 152, ET Notic6 is h6t8bd given, whhin6Odayak&thes e. participa e in lhis proceeding, odd Year 8ienni,w66k : DEARDEN, 1102 N n aW,| J. t ; VOLUS# C R "a.' ' 'H' p`Bu' p`"`a"' ` F'" ?u.Rm8nl t Nithola5J. Roetaro you a antkl6d, at no co to Flex, MAVA L HUNTS AN, KAYSVILUIUT84 37 B ch6|le p rick a FLORIDA,K S OF VOLUS Fo osu torPlalntl 8m6 d (813)229- x1484 you, to Ma pDvision ot Garfain 10 0 s 1540 w SOUTH sTAnsl83|792.1? 16 an, R g & HamiNonaMa CML DMSION WA i RIDA inthi5 cau58 on s6m8mb8r 10, KaN Shuler, P.A. aui ance. PI8aE8 tontatl JORDAN, UT 84 5-8879 waak: 3?| Un B. T o,W iWon aB Casa : 201&11057- BLVD, D 'A'A'NA ' 'e'. i" `h8 'i `k. ' '" t 1505 N.floridaAv6. Court Admini ion at Suka uNmD S'A " .'4' ' `8"". ' 6" 'N'A'TRU a w ' ION: 02 h32725 TON FL Volusla Cou,nonda, Laura Tampa, FLM6O2-2613 3,Courthou5e Annex. 125 E. 16784N6, w k. 6| Un . '?4| w88k "p AMIL v,L n, n,ndlll. w6| Fago Bank N lonal ,ougn fi d ag n you and M' ."8 ' 'h8 Ci uh Fo&losu aKa kaNlaw. o qe Ava Da ona Beach, F quency: Even Y8ar BI8nnlal D'ARD' O E KAY SB6k w ,ng an o,n,lon ' . o, ,ou u d,o&aacop, s ua, w'!| s8|| m8 pDP& com n 3 114: T6|.: 386-257-60 , W6ek 8: nax, LUPE 1102N, . . N S. . . . ln Volusia County, hm 1,18 al lea 7 days beto your GON,2050 E PmRs 84037 uNln oo E,b Un o,rkm, o ob6r g18 a"' br. " "dada" b a': L171991 sch uledcourt ce,or COLONY ROAD, $3|792."i'68 u ' u . andaga nrti ' - - Law Plaimiws aW ,na b8rt6' ' ' ' '4. IN 8L0CK 136, immedi e upon ng this CARROUTON, TX T5OO7-3544 Unh: 110AB, F whose OF DELTONA LAKES notmQion rf Ma tin b6to uNmD STATES. S596.36; Yaar Biannial, WaekB,M,N, nam Da,endan,s,who '8 Ev yn A a; Unknow add is P.o. Box 23028, UNIT FOUR, ACCORDING IN THE CIRCU the arance is,s han 7 16784556, Wa6k: 6, Unh: 124, CHARUS AVE AURO no,know,obad6ado, n. De s,G ntees, Tampa, FL N623, and fil6 M6 TO THE PLAT THEREOF, CML COURr OF dayi rfyou a h8anng orvoic8 F qu6ncy. Even Year Biennial, 12084EMA 6B,u o, ha, said Unkno dign s. C dkon, L on, ori nal w this Courf e & AS RKORDED IN PLAT THE SEVEW impai d 711. THESE ARE k T a: fl6x "R'A ' 8 7268.1684 . may G m an inta un ot Paule e F. b6 re s vit6 on Pl m s BOOK 25, AT PAGES 121 JUDICIAL CIRCU NOT COURT INFoRMAnoN BEARD-G NZALQ, 2050 E STATES,n OAB, an o n D6 s g aPau Wa F. a, awomey, or im i 6 THROUGH 126, INCLU- OF FLORID IN NUMBERS. PmRs COLONY ROAD, We8 :6nG,IEvan ,Bianni,Un ' o . ' ;,| h6r th6r6a oth E6, a detau SNE. OF THE PuBuc AND FORVOLUSIA Daled: Sept 6, 2018. CARROUTON,TX 75 7-3544 Fr k T,p N,A D,ANN PL w Part 65in ou 5 on mDugh Unda, AByand will be ent&Bd ag n you RKORDS OF VOLUSIA COUNTY / Mithel A DeL n uNmD STATES, S596.36; EN,AM,N:,Og E oo, . un,ng anda,Unkno 6d 6,6nd n,q in m6 tor the Biet demand in 6 couw, FLORIDA Cl L DIVISION MidalleA DeL n, Esqui 167925"IWBah "''"%:'? 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PEPPERMIU LTD, uc IN THE CIRCU COPPELL M 75019-3408 CE L sau t dant(s)who at east 7 days b&ore your J nrferM. ow PORTFOUO RECOVERV COURrOFTHE uNmD STATES. 8715.63; SPRINGFIELD, MO g3 N 27, 8 ' ' own to be dead or schedulad court appe ce, or (813) 229- ASSOCIATES. LLC SMW JUDIC L 16796799,w 5, Unrf: 116, uNlnD sTAns, 89 :6; UED,RE HEREBY gl,wh&h8r5aid Unhnown immadiataly upon ceiving this Kass Shuler, P.A. NAnoNwlDE LENDING, CIRCU IN AND FOR F quenty: odd Yaar Bienni,17017593, Week: uan .: t an attion has as s y " im a"i '8'6 " 'i"ca'i n rf th8 tim8 b8tor8 1505 N. Florida Ave. LLC RAMPART MMW, INC VOLUSIA couw. W6ek Type: Flex, DEBRA H. 120AB AKA 120A, eekT, N: a mo g :ad ,o ,o ,osB G n,66s 8ln,D6vls68s, he aPpearanta is less than 7 Tampa, FL336O2-2613 UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF flORIDA WNMAN, 605 RAVEN LANE, Even Y8arBi8nniall PREs gN: ,aa, pDpB, y he tollowing Da, nd 6r Claimanl5 days: i you ar6 h6arinqor voice Fo tlosu S8 ic8 kaNlaw. ROBERT MCC N, WIWAM Cl L AcnoN coPPw TX 75019- F ed, LARR D Hou m ds,ua,ad n o and b NoncE '. imBairad,c I711.TH SEARE com MCC#N WA wl E. Case N: 201&1 1205- uNmD sTAns, s715.63; 13222 EL NE,7 ,7 d6s a m us Co:,a,PR C TION N T COU T INFoRMAnoN Sept mb r 1,18 MCC N, AND UNKNOWN CIDL 16797071, k: 23, Unh: M 77 4 ,g Ya, Bd as ,o,ow pa ic ' NGS-' ERN NUMBERS. L 171988 TENANTSIOWNERS, DIVISION: 1 115AB AKA 115A, F quency: sTAns, $1. . ; | WITNESS my hand and the Daf6ndants. walls Fago Bank, N.A odd Y6ar Bianni ,Week Type: Weeh 51, Unit: 12Ev UTH Bo EET OF nknow Hairs, Devisees, seal ot this Gourt on lhis 12w NOTICE OF SAU Plaimm, flex,ROBERTC.BAKER,5413 120 F quancy,B F,x ORTH 480 FEET o d ' g"88" day of Septemb&, 2018. IN THE CIRCUIT Notice is h8l8by given, -vs- JEFnRsoN DR, CHSE, TX B nni,w6akPREgT N iA LOT,7.33 nET aas "'a"d LAURA E. ROTH CINL COURT OF punuant to Flnal Judgment ot Jennrfer L McLaughlin; Erica T5O4&3613 uNmD sTAns, SHEU L NE RD HOU T E% UBD, SO HEW'S - a Paula a` 6w8 F. Munn CURK OF THE THE SWENTH FoBlosu lor Plainti ent T. McLaughlin; Unknown s985.34: 16797071, W8eh: "I ""' no47 N u 67 ' ' M K LA g 8,a '. 'a' CIRCU COURT JUDICIAL CIRCUIT in this tause on Au t 30, H n,Devis s,Grantees, Unrt: 115AB AKA 11 ATES $, ,g,6 ,7,0 A gF AS RE RD E nons Ca,dAl har B : Shawaa Smith OF FLORID IN 201B, in the Cirtuit urt of Assigneas, Credhon, Lanon, F qu6nc Odd Year 8ienn ;,| . .ngByand (CIRCUrr OuRTsEAV AND FOR VOLUSIA Volusia County, Florida, Laura andTw ees otJohn D. kType: flax, SANDRAM. w h 9, Unk: 112 Y RECO OOK 11, Pguc `ghl '"d8" Agai"" . Deputy CI6rk couw E. Roth, Clerk ot tha Ciwu MtLaughlin,Jr. aJohn D. BAwR,5413JEnERs N DRl '!' . "8q`8"c': g: s, CO N S ' p USIA 8"da"'(s) . S p mb r21,18 CIVIL DIVISION Court, will 5ell lhe pDper McLaughlin.Da asad,and SACHSE, M 7' &'6" B'8""'a" W6ek su FLo,g u AR WN L1719N Case No. 2016 10285 s uated in Volusia County, #| herPenons Claiming By uNmD sTAns. Q85.34; SPRING ORR,672 HEREBY CIDL florida d8Krib8d as: and mDugh, Under, Apain 16837175, w h 31, Unrf: AVE, COLORADO s TAn,mDvn know as nFIED that an acti n has Division 02 A PARCEL OF LAND TO m6 Named Defendant s); 118Aa, F qu ty. odd Year co 80911 uNlng Wa6 a, m, iLG72,Da, a Gom nced to to close IN THE CIRCUIT WILMINGTON SANNGS BE KNOWN AS LOT 4, Unhnown Spouse ot J6nnit6r Bienni . Week Type: nex, S1,97o.76;1753499,:,| - ortgage on th6 tollowing COURT OF THE FUND socl FSB, DIB/A BEING MORE FUUY DE- L McLaughlin; Unknown EUGENEFARRELFOUNT NE, Unk: 121AB AKA 1nn aga,risja on h s baan fi,Bd,prope,lying and being SNENTH JUDICIAL CHRISTIANA TRUST, NOT SCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Spousa ot Erica T. McLaughlin; 13980 s KNOU HOUOW w, F qu6ncy: odd Year Big,Y Bq,d ou and you ag, ds uate inVolusia Coun,CIRCUITIN AND FOR INDl DUALLV BUTAS COMMENCING AT THE W6|ls Fargo Bank, National DRAPER, UT 8402 7695 Week Type: flax, NA . .da, mor6 partiGula y VOLUSIA couw, TRusnE FOR CARLSBAD NE CORNER OF THE Assotiation, SUK6SSOr by uNlnD sTAns, $985. 4: CAS 227 PRINCE PHILFL ,ou, wrmg &8 a c y aKrib8d as tollows: FLORIDA WNDING MORTGAGE TRUST SE 114 OF sEcnoN 1, Mager to Wachovia Bank, 16837175, Waek: 31, Unk: DRNE, ST. AuGusnN ns on SH d6'8"'6| rf a" ow 120 FEET OF CIVIL AcnoN PlaintM, TOWNSHIP 18 sow, National Associa ion; cl6 118AB, F qu cy: odd Year 32092 uNlnD STWa,p,aCHE g,"SHM ,% woo 6, 27 AND 28, WN- CASE NO.: 2018 vs. RANGE 30 EAST, THENCE ot Circuk Cou ofVolusia Bienni,k Type: flex. 81.n1.82; 1760405 uB mlwhos a w ma G T LACE, ACCORD- 30840 clcl UNKNOWN HEIRS, s o DEGREES 11. 44" w County, Florida; c y of DEANN s. FOUNT NEl "98 ' ' `"h: '."A.B', eeh B la d copg 6, L Kg Ap 'N MAp PING RA L AN SE CING, BENEFICIARIES, DEVISEES, A DISTANCE OF 2062.55 Edgewater, Florida; Unknown s KNOU HOU W 'Nl dd'ea'B'8""' NNm, ampa g 20 S,A EC R ' 56| PuB- uc, AMIGNEES, LIENORS, FEET TO A POINT TO BE Heirs, Davise6s, Grant6es, DRAPER, UT 84 2 -769' WA'M""AB STREET " ' rt b8r w mo OUW F ' "- Plai iW, CREDITORS, TRUSTEES KNOWN AS THE P.o.B. Assignees, Credhon, Li8nor5, uNlnD STATES, $985.34: FRANWl ,L,E ,N 46, nd fi,e ,h6 orig n a;ba,o as ,com on,R DA. vs. AND AU OTHERS THENCE coNnNuE s and Twst66s ot Cath6rin8 N. 16837179, Week: a, Unrf: 108, MARnNssTA s B, B,g,4 B,k o, is Court s awom6, Avanua as, n% MATTHEW s. KAYE AIWA WHO MAY CLAIM AN o DEGREES 11' 44" w A McLaughlin, Deceased, and FRquency: Ev6n Year Bienni,uNlng53 WBBk o u k i24; s tB on p,a . ,h&aa 3,63 ,anga c,FL TTHEW SCOTT KAYE AIWA INnREsTIN THE EsTAn DISTANCE OF 275 FEET:,her Persons Claiming By Week Type: flex, JOSEFINA 1769 an Ev6n:Y&,B nn a; or immadiatal,' ' ". et al, OF EL NE DIPLACIDO, THENCE s 89 DEGREES and m ugh, Und6r, Aqainst VARGAS-MORRISON,POBOX Fgk T,p flBx AND VE othe isa a defauW w,a, a s rtion has been filed Non '('l. JOHN DIPLACIDO, 59' 28" w A DISTANCE me Nam6d Detendant s); 640. TOMBALL M 77377- R,ON, oo W s,ova D, # g again youtort ,n, . ,6q st ,ou and ,ou a,e To.MATTH FAcnoN THERESA DIPLACIDO, AS OF 395.98 FEET; THENCE Unhnown Parti6s in Possession 0640 uNlnD sTAn,2,g Sa ,o,d NC ,7,30 Bg4, g '"`h8' m . . . d to sa a a cop, ot M TTHEWSC .KA" WA KN WN HEIR OF ELAINE s 89 DEGREES 59' 27" w N1, ltliving, and all Unknown $596.36; 16837287 weak: ari uNriD STA S, $1,171. ^ccg'u" ' ONS,wrman de,ansa rf an, MATn,EwKAY KAYE wA DIPLACIDO, DECEASED, A DISTANCE OF 30 FE Parfies claiming by, th ugh, Unit: 102AB, FRqu8ncy: 6x SC EDUU 2n. Junior,e as, BY p D" TW GA SHAPIRO. FIS MAN La MownAdd N: NK ' D'`' N flORIDA THENCE N O DEGREES undar and against tha above Year Bi6nnial, Week TyP UGH, Hoda, Nama un,o, ,n p,a,D,snB,: Es wh p,a,n E LLp AWom6,s to, 5337Plant ion HomeWay THO N"NANTNKA ' oo' 33 w A DISTANCE OF nam6d Detendant( ) who SCOTT w. FUNCHB,| RUSCH, UNKNOWN 129.04 FEET TO A POINT a not know to be dead or JR 14048 s CORAL DAWN Holder Add N; c . . . m,whos8add Nis463o Po Orange, FL 2128 SPOUSE OF THERESA OF CURVE; THENCE ON A aliva. whath6r said Unknown w, HERRIMAN, UT 84096- Admini5trati ns LL'| " a d ` a a Woodland Copo ta Blvd cunemAddPs :unhnow DIPLACIDO, UNKNOWN CURVE TO THE UFT HAV- Parties may claim an interest 1785 uNmD sTAns, Pion68rAv8St8115,Ch8y6n,ablllty who s any SurfB 100 Tampa fl 33614, ANYANDAUUNKNOWN SPOUSE OF JOHN ING A CE ANGU a5 Spouse. Heirs, Devisees, $985.34 16837287, w86h 21, WY 82001 uNmD STATES. actommodation in o & to on o,bBt O o 23, 2018 PARnEscL MING BY, DIPLACIDO. AND UNKNOWN OF 10 DEGREES 25. 51. G nt6a,or OWar Claiman ;