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Fern Park , Florida
September 21, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 21, 2018

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PAGE 26B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER 21, 2018 A 294,000/1 50,916,000 under Fla. Stat. 721.856. The First American fitla lnsurance 483, FORT VALLEY, GA 31030 REGINALD A. JACKSON, 35 M-18, FRquancy: Annual; GROCE, 8900 GLENISTAR 92264-8377 uNlnD STATES. undivided tenant-in-common tollowing owners are he by Company. 400 Rampa Blvd, UNITED STATES, Unit Week: BRAND DR, HuNnNGToN, NY 16779545. SANDRA L WHITE, GATE AVE, LAS VEGAS. NV Unrf Weeh 52. Apartmenl No.: faa simpla inlerast in Unit 111; notitied that you are in d6tault Suile 290, Las Vegas, NV, 23, Apartment No.: v-09, 11743 uNlnD sTAns, Un 26 GRANT RD, SHAPLEIGH, 89143 uNlnD STATES, Unrt N-04, Frequency: Annual; AnnuaUallocated 294,000 ot the note and mortgage for 89145, (866) 505-9107. Eath Frequency: Annual; 16758880, Week: 5, Apartment No.: s-,ME 04076-41 37 UNITED Waek: 51. Apartment No.: N-10, 1 6795630, MICHAEL M Poinls tor usa by tha Grantee in the ollowing properties located obligor, nolice addraM, and GLENDON HOLTAPP, JR 217 Frequency: Annual; 16n 28, sTAns, Unit Week: 13, Frequency: Annual: 16789253, GRUENING, 1O53 s Palm Each yea s). in Osteola Coun,Florida: timeshaR inte st description N McKendrie Ave, Mount GODFREV w. BRUNO, 515 Aparfment No.: M-18, CLAUDE MCFARLANE, 1645 Canyon Dr C/O Law O c85 ot Contra Number: 391504511 Contract Number: 641342225 - are as listed on Schedule 1". Mo s, IL 61054-1148 UNITED UNDERWOOD ST NW, F quency: Annual; 16779895, wHlnslDEs RD, FOREST Mitchell Reed Sussman, Palm - NANCY E LANCE and LEONELARIAS and MARIBEL Legal Description: Unit Weeh sTAns, Unit Week: 49, WASHINGTON, DC 2 12- EDWARDN.LIVINGSTON,2O6 cl NC 2 UNITED Springs, CA 92264-8377 FREDERICK o LANCE. 491 ARIAS, 3500 WEMBLEY DR. no. (s68 Schedule w1" Legal Apartmant No.: s-14, 2725 uNlnD STATES, Unk auinlan Ave, Slaten lsland, NY STATES. Unit week: 24, uNlnD STATES, Unrf Weak: 4, LANCE RD, OLMSTED, IL ZION, IL 60099-4724; Principal Description Variables) in Fr8qu6ncy: Annual; 16758880, Week: 30, Apartment No.: s-,10314-5110 UNITED STATES, Apa ment No.: N-09, Aparfment No.: A-08, 62970-2002; Principal Balance: Balante: 86.368.47; lnte st: Apartment No. (See Schedule SAUY A. HOLTAPP, 217 N Frequency: Annual: 16770028, Unk W6ak: 14, Apartment No.: Frequency: Annual; 16789253, FPquency: Annual: 16795630. 81,558.64; lntarast: 8161.19; $1 ,019.62; Late Chages: w1" Legal D cription Variables) McKendria Ava. Mount Mo is, THERESA M. 8RUN0, 515 v-16, Frequency: Annual; DEBORAH GRAVES KATHY L GRUENING, 1053 s Late Chages: 84o.oo; TOTAL: 845.oo: TOTAL: 87,433.o9 of O.R.B.|.T, a condominium IL 61054-1148 uNlnD UNDERWO D ST NW, 16779895, LAURA A. MCFARLANE. 1645 Palm Canyon Dr c/o Law 81.759.83 through 4/27/2018 lhrough 4/27l2018 Der located al 2950 Enl Point STATES, Unk Weeh: 49, WASHINGTON, DC 2 12- ESPINOSA, 206 auinlan Ave, WHITESIDES RD, FOREST omces ot Mitchell Reed Der diem: $0.60/day thereaWer). diem: 82.96/day the aWe . Blvd, KiNimmee, Florida, Apartment No.: S-14, 2725 uNlnD STATES, Unh Staten lsland, NY 10314-5110 Cl NC 28043 UNITED Sussman, Palm Springs, CA A 84,0001107,937.000 A 1 12.0001490,299,000 32741. as &oded in the F quency: Annual: 16760081, Week: 30, Apa ment No.: S,uNlnD STATES, Unit Week: STATES, Unit Weeh 24, 92264-8377 uNlnD STATES, undivided tenant-in-tommon undivided lenant-in-tommon omcial Recods Book 649, ROBIN R DENNIS, 616 E OLIVE Frequency: Annual: 16770217, 14, Apartment No.: v-16, Apa m6nt No.: N-09, Unk Week: 4, Aparfment No.: tea simpl6 int6r8st in Unrf 1O5; tee simple intere in the al page 040 et seq in the Public ST, NEWPORT, OR 97365-2734 REGINALD A. JACKSON, 35 Frequency: Annual; 1678O4O8, Frequancy: Annual; 16789776, A-08, Frequ6ncy: Annual; BianniaUallocat6d 168,000 prop6rty commonly know Recods ot OKaola Coun,UNITED STATES, Unit Week: BRANDDR,HuNnNGToN,NY CONNIE R. EDWARDS, 2095 TERRIE A PRICE, 279 16795665, B M.WYLIE,3 Poinls tor us6 by th6 Grantee in as Phase lll; Annuallallocated Florida. SCHEDUU 1": 33, Apa ment No.: A-14, 11743 UNITED sTAns, Unh WATTS ROAD, LORIS, sc HAWTHORN BLVD, GAn w, LEVITTOWN. PA Even y s). 112,000 Points ror use by the Contra No Obligon, Obligor F quency: Annual; 1676ooB1, Weak: 37. Apa ment No.: s-20, 29569 UNITED STATES, Unit DELAWARE, OH 43015 19055-1903 uNlnD STATES, Contrart Number: 391509916 Grant86 in Each year. Notice Add N, Lagal WAYNE K DENNIS, 616 E F quency: Annual; 16771611, Waak: 14, Apa ment No.: v-21, UNITED STATES, Unrf Week: Unk Week: 28, Aparfment No.: - ADOUO A GunERRu and Contra Number: 641464896- Description Variablas, OLIVE ST, NEWPORT, OR EDITH L. cHRlsnE, 1 Fraquency: Annual; 16780858, 51, Aparfment No.: M-18, G-06, FRquenty: Annual; ROSA GunERRu, 147 w GUSTAVO ARAGAO DA SILV 16726682, J.R. QBREL 97365-2734 UNITED STATES, BARTON CT, ABINGDON, MD FRANK D. NIEHOFF, 23324 Frequency: Annual; 16789776, 16795665,cuoHoLT,3GAn 230TH STAPT3D, BRONX, NY GILSONANDRADEDECOUTO, clo WN B PRl Unk W86k:33,Aparfm8ntNo.: 21009-2835 UNITED sTAns, Summar Lane, Lawranceburg, MARCIA E PRICE, 279 w, WITTOWN, PA 19055- 10463-7340:Principal Balanca: TAYANE SOARES MARQUES ATTORNEY AT LAW PO Box A-14. Fr8qu6nU: Annual; Unit Week: 36, Apartment No.: IN 47025 UNITED STATES, Unit HAWTHORN BLVD, 1903 uNmD sTAns, Unrf 81o,2 .16: lnt6 st: $1,6a9.5o; DE SOUZA ARAGAO AKA 97,5245THSTRE PAWNEE, 1 6760636, WILBERT G. s-21, Frequency: Annual; Week: 13, Apartm6nt No.: s-04, DELAWARE, OH 43015 Weeh 28, Apa ment No.: Late rnages: 85o. : TOTAL: TAYANE SOARES MARQUU OK 74058 uNmD sTAns, COMBS, 1095 UNION ST, 16771611, MARGARET s. Fr6qu8ncy: Annual; 16780858, uNlnD STATES, Unk W6a G-06, FRquency: Annual; 811,948.66 th ugh 4l27/2o18 DE SOUZA ARAGAO, and Un Week: 25, Apartment No.: MARSEILLES, IL 61341-1747 AUSTIN, 100 BARTON CT, RAEUNE G. NIEHOFF, 23324 51, Apa ment No.: M-18, 16796518, JOHN J DALY, 9673 D di : 84.47ldayth8rea 6 . LUCIANA ARAGAO DA G-02, F quenc : Annual; UNITED STATES, Unk w68k:5, ABINGDON, MD 21009-2835 Summer Lane, Lawr8nc6burg, Frequenc Annual; 167911T8, GREAT EGRET CT, WEST A 128,0001150,916.000 SILVA ANDRADE, SETOR E 16726682, GL NDA H. Apartment No.: v-05, UNITED STATES, Unk IN47O25 UNITED STATES,Unit KEVINJ. IRO,1276NANSON PALM BEACH. FL 33411-1825 undivided t6nant-in-common SUL QUADRA 7 APTO 21, GAMBRELL CTO KEN B Fr6qu8ncy: Annual; 16760636, 36, Apartm6 No.: J21, Waek:13,ApartmentNo.:S-04, RD, STANFORDVIUE, NY uNmD sTAns, Unk w86k: tee simpl6 imerest in Unk 111; BRASILIA, DF 72025-070, PRlvm, ATTORNEY AT LAW MARY LOU COMBS, 1095 Frequency: Annual; 16771888, F qu6ncy: Annual; 16780858, 12581 uNlnD sTAns. Unk 42, Apartm&rf No.: s-21, AnnuaUalloc ed 128,000 BRAZIL; Principal Balante: Po Box 97, 524 5M STREET, UNION ST, MARSEILLES, IL B M. WYLIE, 3 GAn w, nMEsHARE TRADEINS, LLC, w66k:4a,Apartm8ntNo.:N-04, F quenc Annual; 16796518, Pointstoruse byth6 Grantee in 812,472.1o: lnta st: $1,911.54; PAWNEE, OK 74058 uNlnD 61341-1747 uNlnD STATES, wmowN, PA 19055-1903 10923 State Hwy 176 West, Frequency: Annual; 16791178, cHRlsnNA DALY, 9673 GREAT Each y s). Late Chages: $45.00; TOTAL: STATES, Unit w86k: 25, Unk Weak: 5, Apartment No.: uNlnD sTAns, Unh : W nut Shada, MO 65771 DIANE BIRO, 1276 N ANSON EGRET CT, WEST PALM Contratt Number: 641456835 814,428.64 through 412712018 Apartmem No.: G-02, v-05, Fr8qu8nGy: Annual; 35, Apartment No.: G-,uNlnD sTAns, Unk Week: RD, STANFORD W, NY BEACH, fl 3341 1-1825 - SMRINO DOS RAMOS Derdiem:$5.81/daythareaWe . F quency: Annual: 16728497, 16761479, CHARUS T. Frequency: Annual: 16771888, 13, Apa mant No.: s-04, 12581 uNlnD sTAns, Unh uNmD sTAns, Unrf Week: BERNARDINO, 9950 A 105,000/420,960,000 CHRISTOPHER c. MCLEAN PucKm, JR, 16525 CLEO HOLT, 3 GAn w, Frequency: Annual; 16781078, Week:48,ApartmentNo.:N-04, 42, Apartment No.: s-21, SANDAUOOT BLVD. BOCA undivided tenant-in-common H Po Box 0301-01854 EDINBOROUGH RD, DETROIT, LEVITTOWN, PA 1905J1 NORMAN M. BRADY, 1792 Fr8qu6ncy: Annual: 16791830, FRqu cy: Annual: 16796518, RATON, FL 33428-6647; tae simple int8r6st in tha real PANAMA cl PANAM Unit Ml 48219-4018 uNlnD uNlnD sTAns, Unk MrrCHEUCT,PORTORANGE, IAN a,14754 MARGARET BARNATHAN, 522 . Printip Balance: 81o,387.51; proparfy commonly know Week: 25, Apartmant No.: sTAns,Unrf week: 31, 35, Apa m6nt No.: G,FL 3212&6760 UNITED VILLAGE RD APT 88GD, For t Avenue, MaNapequa, lnte : 81 ,692.26; Lata as Phasa |; AnnuaUalloGat8d G-04, F uency: Annual; Aparfment No.: A-13, Fraquancy: Annual; 1677,STATES,Unk w86k: 37, JAM#CA, NY 11435-1264 NY 11758 uNlnD STATES, Chag6s: $35.00; TOTAL: 105,000 Points tor use by the 16728497, cLAuDrm F quancy: Annual; 16761479, JAMES F. RUPE 10139 Aparfment No.: N-01, UNITED sTAns, Unk w66h: Unk Weeh 42, Apa ment No.: $12,114.77 through 4/27/2018 Grant66 in Each year. BASCOM, Po Box 0301- SILVIA F. PucKm, 16525 SECOND ROAD, Frequenty: Annual; 16781078, 19, Apartmam No.: M-10, s-21, F quency: Annual; erdiem:$4.84/daylhereaWer). Contract Number: 641617733 - 01854 PANAMA cl EDINBOROUGHRD,DETROIT, CASTORLAND, NY 13620 UENE P. BRADY, 1792 FrBqu6ncy: Annual: 16791830, 16796518, SEAN DALY, 2314 A 84.000 188,645,000 MICHELLE LEANNE GILLIAM, PANAMA, Unrf Week: 25, Ml 48219-4018 uNlnD uNlnD sTAns, Unk MrrCHEUCT,PORTORANGE, SHAUMA MOHAMMED, 14754 Lak6 Drive, Ha ingen, M undivid tenant-in-common 2 AUBREY w, ELGIN, Aparf nt No.: G-04, sTAns, Unrf Weak: 31, 30, Apartment No.: J12, n 32128-6760 UNITED VILLAGE RD APT 88GD, 78550 UNITED sTAns, Unil tee simple intera in Unit 114; SC 2g045-71 10: Principal Frequency: Annual: 16732620, Apartment No.: A-13, Frequency: Annual; 1677,sTAns,Unrf Week: 37, JAMAICA, NY 11435-1264 w86h 42, Aparfmenl No.: S-21, AnnuaUallotated 84,000 Points Balanc6: $11,835.73; lnta st: WIWAM c. flSCHER, 323 F quency: Annual; 16762o26, JLR IRREVOCABLE TRWT, Apartmenl No.: N-01, UNITED STATES, Un w66h FPquency: Annual: 16796761, tor use bythe Grantee in Eath $1,962.17; Lata Cha 6s: PERRY ELUS DR, KEVIN M. BARTOL, 519 So h 10139 SECOND ROAD, FRquenty: Annual: 16781146, 19, ApartmBnt No.: M-10, STANLEY R. HOWARD, 815 yea s). 845.oo; TOTAL: $13,842.90 HENDERSON, NV 89014-1607 Bhd, Baraboo.WI53913-2865 CASTORLAND, NY 13620 ANNA LucENn, 5118 F quenty: Annual; 16792241, ROCK CREEK DR, AURORA, Contrart Number: 641469945 lhDugh 412712018 Dar diem: UNITED sTAns, Unh Weeh uNlnD sTAns, Unrf w66k: UNITED sTAns. Unrf w Midlothian Tphe Unit 112, SHIRLEY R DUSENDSCHON, OH 44202-7610 UNITED - nPAL SINGH CHAGGAR 85.67lday th6 aW&T. A 48, Apartmanl No.: A-12, 24, Apartm6nl No.: A-1O, 30, Apartment No.: J12, C&twood, IL 60418-2289 98-1345AKAAKAST,AIE Hl sTAns, Unit Week: 49, and ANU ANA KAUR 84,0001420,960,000 undivided Frequancy: Annual: 16732620, FPquency: Annual; 16762026, Frequency: Annual; 16773,uNlnD STATES, Unit Waak: 96701 UNITED sTAns, Unk Apartment No.: N-13, CHAGGAR,376AVON RD APT tenant-in-common tee simpl6 CAROL B. DEMARCO, 323 JOYCE E. BARTOL, 519 South LINDA M. RUPE 10139 41, Apa ment No.: S-03, Week: 51, Aparfment No.: F quency: Annual; 16796761, M3OO, DEVON, PA 19333-2339; interest in th6 al pDparfy PERRY EWS DR, Blvd, Ba boo, wl 53913-2865 SECOND ROAD, Frequency: Annual; 16781177, M-16, Fraquency: Annu ; VALERIE A. HOWARD, 815 Princip Balance: $14,189.90: commonly known a Pha a |: HENDERSON, NV 89014-1607 uNlnD sTAns, Unit w66k: CASTORLAND, NY 13620 K M ZACCARO, 219 sw 16792241, RELDA L LOOMIS ROCK CREEK DR, AURORA, lnt : 82,187.o5; Lat6 AnnuaUallotated84,OOOPoin uNlnD sTAns. Unk Weeh 24, Aparfment No.: A-10, UNITED STATES, Unk w k: LAKE FOREST WAY. PORT REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST, OH 44202-7610 UNITED Charges: $45.00; TOTAL: torus6byth8 G nteein Each 48, Apartment No.: A-12, F qu6ncy: Annual; 16762569, 30, Aparfment No.: s-12, SAINT LUCIE, FL 34986-1784 98-1345 AKAAKA ST, AIE Hl STATES, Unit Week: 49, $16,421.95 M ugh 4/27/2018 year. FRqu8ncy: Annu ; 16734788, JAMES M REVELLS, 328 F quency: Annual: 16n,uNlnD STATES, Unit Week: 96701 UNITED STATES, Unk Aparfment No.: N-13, Derdiem: 86.61/daylhereaWer). Contrarf Number. 681600326 CHRISTOS N ZIGOURAS, 205 BEACON WAY, SANTA ROSA JLR IRREVOCA8LE TRUST. 19, Apartment No.: N-10, w68h: 51, Apartment No.: F quency: Annual: 16798110, A 128,0001150,916,000 - cHEsnR M HOPE JR and Park Central E e 501 clo BEACH, FL 32459-3099 10139 SECOND ROAD, F quency: Annual; 16782o57, M-16, F quenU: Annu ; ROBERT EDWARD undivided t6nan -in-common COLLENA D HOPE, 20937 Neal Law, Springfield, MO uNlnD sTAns, Unh Week: CASTORLAND, NY 13620 DARRELL M. ROSE, 4051 16792338, DAVID w PEAL ROSEWAL 46 KILSYTH RD, tee simpleinterest in Unrf 106; JOHNSON RD, LINCOW, DE 65806-1326 uNlnD sTAns, 33, Apa ment No.: A-08, UNITED STATES, Unit Weeh DOMINION DR. ERIE, PA 28724 TAMMI DR, TAVARES, sow EASTON, MA 02375 AnnuaU located 1 28,000 19960-2643: Principal B ante: Unk eh 49, Apartmem No.: Frequency: Annual; 16762569, 30, Apa m6nt No.: s-12, 16510-3261 UNITED STATES, FL 32778-9471 uNlnD uNlnD sTAns, Unrf Week: Poin tor use by the G nt68 in 81 3,996.34; lnte st: $2,753.76; A-01,Frequency. Annual; JANE E REVELLS, 328 Fr8qu8ncy: Annual: 16773043, Unrf Week: 34, Apa mant No.: sTAns, Unit Week: 12, 33, Apartment No.: N-01. Each yea s). Late Chages: 84o.oo; TOTAL: 16734788, ANTolNrm M BEACON WAY, SANTA ROSA RICHARD c MAUCERl, 138 N-01, Fraquency: Annual; Apartment No.: N-05, F quenty: Annual; 16798110, Contrarf Number: 641506258 $16,790.10 th u9h 4127/2018 WHITMAN, 205 Park Central E BEACH, FL 32459-3099 HASLACH AVE, TRENTON, NJ 16782057, DIANNA M. ROSE, Fraquancy: Annual; 16792N8, RITA LAINE ROSENTHAL, 46 - CL RTON LUIS ALVES Dardiam:$6.52/daytherea e . Ste 501 clo Neal Law, uNlnD sTAns, Unit Weak: 08629-1134 UNITED sTAns, 4051 DOMINION DR, ERIE, PA MARJORIE ANN PEA 28724 KIUVfHRD,SOUTH EASTON, RODRIGUES and PATRICIA A 105,000/420,960,000 Spri field, MO 65806-1326 33, Apartment No.: A-08, Unit Week: 28, Apa ment No.: 16510-3261 UNITED sTAns, TAMMI DR, TAVARES, FL MA 02375 uNlnD STATES, MARA DE AZEVEDO undividad tanant-in-common UNI D STATES, Unk Weeh Frequency: Annual; 16762752, s-06, F quancy: Annual: Unrf Week: 34, Apa ment No.: 32778-9471 uNlnD sTAns, Unrf Weeh M, Aparfmem No.: RODRIGUES, RUA FERNANDO fee simple intarest in tha real 49, Aparfment No.: A-01, CONNER L. HAWN, 173 167T3043, MARIA MAUCERl, N-01, F quency: Annual; Unit w k: 12, Aparfment No.: N-01,F quancy: Annual; ABBO T 476 APTO 801, prope y commonly known Frequency: Annual; 16737279. TAIWAN ISLAND RD, 138HASLACHAVE,TRENT0N, 16782481. WIUIE F. N-05, F quenc : Annu ; 16798178, AKBAR AUAN ALl, CRISTO REDENTOR, PORTE as Phase |; AnnuallalloGat8d WALTER L HERBINE, 407 LEESBURG,FL34788 UNITED NJ 08629-1 134 uNmD MCLENDON,464 JEROME ST, 16792916, JO EPH w. 2277 lw RD,APOPKA, AUGRE, RS 91040-360. 105,000 Points toru58 bythe YORK AVE, LANSDAU, PA STATES, Unit w68k: 15, STATES, Unrf w66k: 28, BROOKLYN.NY112O7UNITED SPIERS, 4578A WNGS H FL327o3uNlnDsTATEs,unrf BRAZl Principal Balante: Grantee in EaGh yaar. 19446-3517 uNmD STATES, Apartment No.: A-10, Apartmant No.: S-,STATES, Unh Waak: 51, BROOKLYN, NY 11234-2028 Week: 31, Apartmanl No.: v- , 81 1 .638.67: lnteRst: $2,237.90; Contrart Numbar: 1 261607261 Unk Week: 49, Apa men No.: F quency: Annual: 16762752, Fraquency: Annual; 16n,Apartmenl No.: M-04, UNITED sTAns, Un Week: F qu6nty: Annual: 16798281, Late Chag85: $55.00; TOTAL: - JUDITH PARRAGA and v-03, F quanty: Annu ; ANNE s. HAWN, 173 TAIWAN DAVID D. JACKSON, 2815 NE F quency: Annual; 16782481, 50, Apart nt No.: J17, JAMES M. HUMPHR 6307 $13,931.56 MDugh 4/27/2018 VICTORPARRAGA,8234AUSO 16737279, MARGARET ISLAND RD, UESBURG, FL ROCKAWAYTRL,TOPEK KS B L snuwELL 464 Frequency. Annual; 16792916, NEECE DR, HOUSTON, TX Derdi6m:$5.42ldayth8r8a 8 . CANYON LN, HOUSTON, HERBINE, 407 YORK AVE, 34788 uNlnD sTAns, Unit 66617-2305 uNlnD sTAns, JEROME ST, BROOKLYN. NY LOUISE M. SPIERS, 4578A TTO41-6B29 uNlnD STATES. A 105,0001150,916,000 M 77083-5085; PrinGipal LANSDAU, PA 194463517 Weak:15,AparfmantNo.:A-10, UnitW66k: 52, ApWl No.: 11207 uNlnD STATES, Unit KINGS H BROOWYN, NY Unh Week: N,ApartmentNo.: undivid lenant-in-common Balance: $11,237.42; lnte st: uNlnD sTAns, Unk weah Frequency: Annual; 16763455, M-08, F quancy: Annual; Weak: 51. Apartment No.: 11234-2028 uNlnD sTAns, v-02. F quency: Annual; tee simple interest in Unrf 109; $1,712.43; Late Ch es: 49, Aparfment No.: v-03, JEANS.MOTTE,2615WHEAT 16774364, ANNrm L M-04, FRquency: Annual; Unh w68k: 50. Apartmant No.: 1 6798281,BONNIE L Bi6nniaU loc ed 210,000 $45.00; TOTAL: 812,99 .85 Fraquency: Annual; 16737671, ST. COLUMBIA, sc 29205- JACKSON, 2815 NE 16783972, G#L NAGE 7986 s-17, F uanty: Annual: HUMPHR 6307 NEECE DR, PointstorusebytheGranteein thDugh 412712018 D6r diem: NADIA B. EL-MARAGHY, 443 2314 uNlnD sTAns, Unh ROCKAWAYTRL TOPEK KS s QNm RD, SAGAMORE 16793741, NANCV L HOUSTDN, M 77041-6829 odd yea sT. $5.391day th6 a 6r). A UGHTHOUSE AN, sTAnN W88h33,Aparfm6ntNo.:V-14, 66617-2305 uNlnD sTAns, HLS, OH 44067-1779 UNITED MCCUUOUGH, 1000 19th sl uNmD sTAns, Unk Week: Cont rf Numbe 641616891 84,0001490,299,000 undivided ISLAND, NY 10306-1220 FRquenty: Annual: 16763455, Unh W88h:52,Apa m6ntNo.: STATES. Unrf Week: 45, NW Michael Mkullough, N, Apartment No.: v-02. - NICOLAS MARTINU tenant-in-common ta6 simple uNlnD sTAns, Unrf Weeh CR G B. AULL, 2615 Wh6at M-08, F quenW: Annu ; Apartment No.: N-02, Cedar Rapids, IA 52405-2246 F quency: Annual; 16798659, HERNANDU and MARTA inte st in the al proper 15, Aparfment No.: G-09, sl, Columbia, sc 29205-2314 16774503, KE NETH L F uency: Annu ; 16784173, uNlnD sTAns, Unh k: GEORGE L. MARGERUM, 812 ? CAMARGO MARTINU, 708 commonly known as Phasell; Fr8qu6ncy: Annual; 16737671, uNlnD sTAns, Unrf w68k: ALFR 2929 VAUEY EW H J. FREEMAN, 13650 13, Aparfment No.: N-02, AWSON PL, EL RENO, OK SE 12TH CT APT 26, CAPE AnnuaUallocated84,OOOPoints UZAT EL-MARAGHY, 443 33 Apartment No.: v-14, DR, KNOXVIW. TN 37917 HACKAMORE TRL, F qu6ncy: Annual; 16793741, 730365411 uNlno STATES, CORAL FL M99 2988; toruse byth6 Grant6ain Eath LIGHTHOUSE AN, sTAnN FRquency: Annual; 16764363, uNlnD sTAns, Unrf k G NESVIW, VA 20155-1780 MA IN L MCCUUOUGH, Unk Weeh: 35,ApartmentNo.: Princip B anGe: 811,8o1.61; year. ISLAND, NY 103 -1220 HAROLDO.JOHNSON,231W 27, Aparfment No.: ND4. uNmD STATES, Unh week: 10oo 19th St NW Michael A-03, F quency: Annual: lnt& : 81,954.45: Late #| of FAIRFIELD ORLANDO uNlnD sTAns, Unrt Waeh Broadway Ave Apt224, Fo st Fraqu6ncy: Annual; 1677,43, Apa ment No.: N-05, MtCullough, Cedar Rapids, IA 16798659, CRISTI L. Chag : $35.00: TOTA AT STAR ISLAND, together 15, Apartment No.: GD9. Lake, MN 55025-2706 uNlnD WAYLONTSTONE,2417Qu,Frequency: Annual; 16784641, 52405-2246 uNlnD STATES. MARGERUM, 812 ALLISON $13,791.06 thDugh 412712018 wkh all appurtenan s th6 o, F quency: Annual; 16737674. sTAns, Unk week: 29, Nest Cir, cha anooS4 TN GLADYS M. BROCKINGTON, 3 Unit w68k: 13, Aparfment No.: PL, EL RENO, OK 73036-5411 erdiem:S5.66ldaytherea er). acco ing and subja to the NADIA B. EL-MARAGHY, 443 Apartment No.: A-01. 37421-1360 uNlnD TAns, MCINTOSH CT APT J, N-02, F qu6ncy: Annual; uNlnD sTAns, Unit Week: A 84, 0 132.051,500 Declaration ot Cov6nanls, LIGHTHOUSE AN. sTAnN FRqu8ncy: Annual; 16764363, Unit Weak: 27, Aparfn&t No.: BALnMoRE, MD 21228-6025 16793757, FRANCIS R. 35, Aparfment No.: A-03, undiv tenant-in-common Condrfions and Ra ri ion5 tor ISLAND, NY 103 -1220 MAUREEN E. JOHNSON, 231 N-04, Frequency: Annu ; uNlnD STATES, Unh Weak: PRESTIA 8985 s Durango Dr F quancy: Annual; 16798679, f86 simpla int in Unh 115: Faimeld O ando at Starlsland uNlnD sTAns, Unh k: w B adway Ave Apt 224, 16774832, GARY D. 15, Apa ment No.: M-08. Unit 2131, Las Vagas, NV JESSIETAIN WWASHINGTON, 8ienn loc 168,0 asrecordedin O GialR8cods 16, Apartm,No.: G-09, Fol8st Lake, MN 55025-2706 VOSBURGH, 1716 SECLUDED Fr6qu8ncy: Annual; 16784641, 89113-6136 UNITED STATES, 520 COUNTRY GLEN DR, Poin toruse bylheG nteein Booh 1709, Page 1701 6ts6q F qu6nty: Annual: 16737674, uNlnD sTAns, Unit Weak: WOODS WAY, ORANGE PARK, MCNEAL BROCKINGTON, JR Unh Week: 21, Apartment No.: GROVETOWN,GA 30813-3950 odd y sl. Public Records of Oscaola UZAT EL-MARAGHY, 443 29, Apartment No.: A-01, FL32oo3uNITEDsTAns,unh 3 MCINTOSH CT APT J, N-05, F quenty: Annual; uNlnD sTAns, Unk Waek: Cont Number. 641621685 - County, Florida, tog8lh6r whh LIGHTHOUSE AVE, sTAnN FPquency: Annual: 16764599, Week: 7, Apartment No.: s-15, BALTIMORE, MD 21228-6025 16793757, CYNTHIA A. 51, Aparfment No.: v-17, ANNE M GAWS and UMAR any and all am6ndm8nts and ISLAND, NY 103 -1220 ADAMO PALmA, 135 Frequency: Annual; 16774971, UNITED STATES, Unrf Week: GOODWIN,8985 s Durango Dr F quenty: Annual; 16798679, c AVE 29 POOSPATUCK supplements tha to (the UNITED STATES, Unrf Week: HERZEL8LVD,LINDENHURST, HUSTON MC INVAU, 18 15. Apartment No.: M-08, Unit 2131, Las Vagas, NV ERIKA L JOHNSON, 520 w, MAsnc, NY 11950-4813; Declaralion"). Together with all 16, Aparfment No.: G-09, NY 11757-1143 UNITED OXFORD DR, MIDDUFIELD, Frequency: Annual; 16785622, 89113-6136 uNlnD sTAns, cou GLEN DR, Princip Balance: $1 1,158.44: the tenements, hereditaments Fraquancy: Annual; 16739144, STATES, Unit Week: 32. CT 06455-1233 uNlnD LARRY MILUR, 1602 s Unrf Week: 21, Apartment No.: GROVETOWN, GA 30813-3950 lnter : 81 .930.76; Late and appurtenances th8r6to WALTER E.VEITH.6O12 WEST Apartment No.: v-12, STATES, Unit W68k: 16, LARCHMONT DR, SANDUS N-05, F qu6ncy: Annu ; uNlnD sTAns, Unit Week: Chag : $45.00; TOTAL: belonging or in anywise CENTRAL BLVD, ORLANDO, Frequency: Annual; 16764599, Apartment No.: M-11, OH 44870-4321 UNITED 16794002, WILLIAM J 51, Apartment No.: v-17, $13,134.20 thlough 4/2712018 apperfaining. FL 32835 uNlnD sTAns, Unit IDA PALmA, 135 HERZEL Frequency: Annual; 16774995, STATES, Unit Weak: 44, HAEFUR. 1133 BEUEAIR RD F quency: Annual; 1679a813, Derdiem:$5.35ldaytherea er). m8own6nmustpayth8ToTAL Week: 43, Aparfment No.: BLVD, LINDENHURST, NY JOHNE.DALLAPl N39O5 Apartment No.: N-06, NW, cLEARwAnR, FL 33756 CHERYL STANDIFER, 404 A 84,0001150,916,000 listad above plus the per diem G-01, F quancy: Annual; 11757-1143 uNlnD STATES, PINE MOUNTAIN RD TRLR 6, F quency: Annual; 16785622, UNITED sTAns, Unh Weeh BEAR CANYON DR. undivid tenant-in-common and a 825o.00 tee tor t 5t8e 16740259, N L FIERKE, Unil Week: 32, Aparfment No.: IRON MOUNTAIN, Ml 49801- nNA M. MILLER, 1602 s 46, Apartment No.: M-06, MANCHACA, M 78652-4728 tee simpla intere in Unk 104; foraclosura sala plus costs a5 120lndianwood Lnlndian Head v-12, Frequency: Annual; 9407 uNlnD sTAns, Unh LARCHMONT DR, SANDUS Frequency: Annual; 16794242, uNlnD sTAns, Unit Waak: Annua allot ed 84,000 Points they accwe, if any. Failure to Park, ||, lndian Head Pa,IL 16766525, MICHAEL F. FLECK, Waak: 9, Apartment No.: A,OH 44870-4321 UNITED HENRY PALMER JR, 332 s 24, Aparfment No.: s-03, tor use by the G nlee in Eath cure the detault sat torth herein 60525-3726 uNlnD sTAns, Q817 COUNTY ROAD 16, Frequency: Annual; 16775271, STATES, Un Week: 44, SHADOW ST, QUINCY, FL F qu6ncy: Annual; 16798932, y6a s). ortake otherappropriate a ion Unit Waak: 3, Aparfme No.: NAPOLEON, OH 43545-7202 DONALD J. KREBS, 43 Apartmanl No.: N-06, 32351-N45 uNmD STATES. HERBON GREEN, 6218 BoB meowenmu paytheToTAL regarding this maWar will sult A-09, Fr8qu8nGy: Annu ; uNlnD sTAns, Unrf Weak: MASTERS CMN N, Fr6qu8ncy: Annual; 16785635, unkweak:27,Qmem No.: DANIEL RD, OXFORD, NC listad above plus the per diem in the I05s ot ownanhip otth6 16742096, RICHARD M. 43, Apartmant No.: v-02, QUEENSBU NY 12804- WllliamE8oswall,4O5DEMING N-02, FI8qu8nty: Annual; 27565 uNlnD sTAns, Unrf and a 825o.oo tee tor twstae timashaP through the tru5t88 THATCHER, 5753 FINNEGAN F quency: Annual; 16766525, 9731 uNlnD sTAns, Unk RD, CHAPEL HIV NC 27514 16794242, CORINE B. w66h 48, Apartm6nt No.: fo closu sale plus costs as to closure p cadur6 s6forfh CT, DUBLIN, OH 43017-2625 BERNICE M. FUCK, Q817 Week: 7, Apa ment No.: S-19. uNlnD STATES, Unrf w86h: PALMER, 332 s SHADOW ST, M-20, F qu6ncy: Annual; thay aKw8, rf any. Failure to in F.S.721.856. You have th6 UNITED sTAns, Unrf w k: 4, COUNTY ROAD 16, F qu6ncy: Annual; 16775271, 25, Aparfmem No.: N-10, QUINCY, FL 32351-3345 16798932, MARGARET F. curatha dafauW settorth he in right to submit an obje ion Apa ment No.: A-15, NAPOUON, OH 43545-7202 VALERIE E. KREBS, 43 F quanty: Annual; 16785635, uNlnD sTAns, Unrt Weah GREEN, 6218 BoB DANIEL ortake oth&app priata a ion torm, exercising your right to F quent : Annual; 16744312, uNlnD sTAns, Unk Week: MASTERS CMN N, G cie E Boswell, 405 DEMING 27, Apartment No.: N-02, RD, OXFORD, NC 27565 r6gading this mawer will resuW obje to the use ottha twst6a CHARU R. WILSON. 6 43, Aparfm6nt No.: v-02. QUEENSBU NY 12804- RD, CHAPEL HILL NC 27514 Fraquency: Annual; 16794242, uNmD sTAns. Unrt w86k: inth8loN ofownenhip otthe fo closure procadura. lt tha BUTTERMIW BRIDGE RD, F quency: Annual; 16766525, 9731 uNlnD sTAns, Unh uNlnD sTAns, Unk Week: LINDA A. PALMER-DOUGLAS, 48, Qment No.: M-20, timesha M ugh tha,stee objection is filed lhis ma ar WASHINGTON, NJ 07882- ODINC Q817COUNTYROAD Week: 7, Apartmant No.: s-19. 25, Apartmant No.: N-10, 332 s SHADOW ST, QUINCY, F quency: Annual; 16799041, loraclosu procedu setfo h shall be subjertto thejudicial 4356 uNlnD sTAns. Unh 16, NAPOLEON, OH 43545- Fr6qu8nty: Annual; 16776157, F uenty: Annual; 16785826, FL 32351-N45 UN ED MARNIE BAGW-HOFMANN, in F.S.721.856. You have the foRclosu procedu only. Week:15,Apartn ntNo.:A-03, 7202 uNlnD sTAns, Unk FRANKM.ZACCARO,219SW DAND N. wHln, 26 GRANT sTAns, Unk Waak: 27, 67 OLD MONSON RD, right to submk an obje ion me detault may be cu d any F quency: Annual; 16744312, Weeh43,AparfmantNo.:V-02, LAKE FOREST WAY, PORT RD. SHAPLEIGH. ME 04076- Apa ment No.: N-02, STAFFORD SPGS, CT 06076- form, exercising your right to time before the twstee's salB NANCY R. WILSON, 6 F quancy: Annual; 16766932, SAINT LUCIE, FL 349861784 4137 UNITED STATES, Unit F quenty: Annu ; 16794M6, 3317 uNmD STATES, Unit obj6 toth8 useofthet ee of your timesha inta&t. lt BuTnRMlw BRIDGE RD, FRANK E. PFINDER, w2o51 uNlnD sTAns, Unit k: w k: 12, Apa ment No.: KENNETH R. BYERS, 1645 W86k:5O,Apartm8ntNo.:V-21, toreclow pDc8dur6. lf the youdonotobjecttothatwstae WASHINGTON, NJ 07882- MARSH RD, PALMYRA, wl 18, Aparfmant No.: M-11, M-23, F qu6ncy: Annual; wHlnslDEs RD, FOREST F quenc : Annual; 16799041, obja ion is filed this maner foreclosure procedu,you,4356 uNlnD sTAns. Unrt 531569605 uNlnD STATES, FRqu8ncy: Annual; 16776157. 16785826,SANDRA L.WHITE, cl NC 28043 uNlnD CHARU BAGLEY, 57 shall ba subjert to the judicial not be subje to a d8fiti6nty w86k: 15,Apartn nlNo.:A-03, Unrf Week: 33, Apa ment No.: SANDRA M. ZACCARO, 219 26 GRANT RD, SHAPLEIGH, STATES, Unrf Week: 24, B dto Drive, Windsor, CT to&losura proc6dur8 only. judgm6nt even il the pDc88ds F qu6nty: Annual; 16754989, G-08, F quency: Annual; sw LAKE FORESTWAY, PORT ME 04076-4137 UNITED Aparfment No.: N-16, 06095 UNITED STATES, Unit me dafauW. may be cured any hom the 5al8 otyourtimesha PHILIP 8LAusnlN. 2440 E 16766932, GINNY E. PFINDER. SAINT LUCIE, FL 34986-1784 STATES,Unh Weak: 12, F quency: Annual; 16794336, w86k: 50, Aparfment No.: v-21, tima beto the t ee.s sale inle are insuMcientto oWset 29TH ST APT 4R, BROOKLYN, w2o51 MARSH RD, PALMYRA, UNITED sTAns, Unit k: Apartment No.: M-23, DEBORAH L. BWRS, 1645 Frequency: Annual; 16799175, of your timeshare inteRst. lt the amou s secured by the NY 11235-1958 UNITED wl 53156-9605 UNITED 18, Apartmenl No.: M-11, F quen : Annual; i6786817, wHlnslDEs RD, FOREST CAROLYN SWEEN 1 you do not objact to the twstee lien. sTAns,Unrt Weeh 27, sTAns, Unk Week: 33, Frequency: Annual; 16776735, G. THO AS KENEFICK, 9555 cl NC 28043 UNITED ARTHURS CT, PILESGROVE, to&losu proceduR, you will Punuant to the Fair Debt Apartmant No.: v-08, Apa ment No.: G-08, CONNIE R. OWENS, 7691 E VISTA DR, HILLSBORO, MO STATES, Unk Wee 24, NJ 08098-3137 UNITED not be subje lo a deficiency Colle ion Practices Act, it Frequency: Annual; 16754989, Frequency: Annual: 16767957, OAKMONT DR, LAKE WORTH, 63050-3228 UNITED STATES, Apartment No.: N-16, STATES, Unk Weeh: 18, udgmant aven if the proceeds is Rquired that we slata the RONA 8. BLAusnlN, 2440 E JUAN CARLOS BRUNO, 16 FL 33467-1219 uNlnD Unh Week: 27, Apa ment No.: Frequency: Annual; 16794460, Aparfment No.: N-04, hom the sale ot your timeshare tollowing to you: THIS ls AN 29TH ST APT 4R, BROOKLYN, NEWLAND AVE, BELLINGHAM, STATES. Unit Week: 40, s-20, Fraquency: Annual; KENNETH R. BYERS, 1645 Frequency: Annual: 16799175, inte a insumcienttoowset AmMPT TO COLLECT A NY 1 1235-1958 UNITED MA 02019-1935 UNITED Apartment No.: A-13, 1678681 7, MARY A. WH ESIDES RD, FOREST LEON RD SWEENEY, 1 he unts secuRd by lhe,DEBTANDANYINFORMATION STATES, Unh Week: 27, STATES, Unit Week: 42, Fraquency: Annual; 16778068, KENEFICK, 9555 E VISTA DR, CITY, NC 28043 uNlnD ARTHURS CT, PILESGROVE, li8n. OBTAINED WILLBE USED FOR Apartment No.: v-08, Aparfment No.: s-oa, GERALD R. RURSCH, 2902 N HILLSBORO, MO 63050-3228 STATES, Unrf Week: 25, NJ 08098-3137 uNlnD #| according and subje to the THAT PURPOSE. Frequency: Annual; 16757382, Frequency: Annual; 16767957, 2nd St, Clinton, IA 52732-1735 uNlnD STATES, Unit Week: Apartment No.: N-16,sTAns, Unil Week: 18, - . D6clar ion ot Condominium By: Gasdick Slanton Early, P.A RICHARD C. SNYDER, 2724 DENISE ANNE BRUNO, 16 UNITED STATES. Unit Week: 27, Apartment No.: s-20, Frequenty: Annual: 16794460,Apa ment No.: N-04. tor CYPRESS PALMS,T stee, 1601 w. Colonial Dr GAIL DR, GILBERTSVILLE, PA NEWLAND AVE, BELLINGHAM, 12, Apa ment No.: s-05, F quency: Annual; 16788279, DEBORAH L. BYERS, 1645 F quency: Annual; 16799221, CONDOMINIUM as retorded Orlando, FL, 32804 19525 uNlnD STATES, Unit MA 02019-1935 UNITED F quency: Annual: 1677,SUSAN c. PRISCAL, 7860 WHITESIDES RD, FOREST,ROBERT L LOWERY, 1714 in omcial Recods Book 1289, FOSI NJ NOA 0918 Week: 41, Apartment No.: s-12, STATES, Unit Week: 42, SHARON K. RURSCH, 2902 N HAWrHORNE AVE, MIAMI cl NC 28043 UNITED,COUNTY ROAD 635, Pag6 1971, and rerecorded in September 14, 21, 2018 Frequency: Annual; 16757382, Apa ment No.: s-08, 2nd St, Clinton. IA 52732-1735 BEACH, FL 33141 UNITED STATES, Unrt Week: 25, BERRWILU, AR 72616 O cial Records Book 1291, L171798 MARY H. SNYDER, 2724 GAIL Frequency: Annual; 16768367, UNITED STATES, Unit Week: STATES, Unit Week: 14, Apartment No.: N-16,uNlnD STATES, Unil Week: Page 2810, public retord5 DR, GILBERTSVILU, PA 1 9525 RICHARD BUTTERY, 40539 w 12, Apartment No.: S-05, Aparfment No.: S-04, Frequency: Annual; 16794774, 45, Aparfment No.: M-02, of OK8ola County, Florida, UNITED STATES, Unit Week: 1o MILE RD, NOVl, Ml 48375- Frequency: Annual: 16778072, F quancy: Annual: 16788279, NEREO T. REGOLLO, 530 F quency: Annual; 16799519, togeth& wrth any and all Foreclosure HOA 80359-0RB6- 41, Apartment No.: s-12, 350 UNITED STATES, Unit MILTIADES c. VARGELIS, Po DAVID J. PRISCAL, 7860 LINDSEY DR, WAYNE, PA SYLVIA J. HICKEY, 24833 amendments and supplements,HOA. Nolice ot Default and Frequency: Annual; 16757773, Week: 9, Apartment No.: v-01, Box 932, OGUNQUIT, ME HAWTHORNE AVE, MIAMI 19087 UNITED STATES. Unk Tu ey Ridge Dr, Wa enlon, thereto. lnlent to Foreclosa, garding BENJAMIN J. DENT, 18 F quency: Annual; 16768367, 03907-0932 UNITED sTAns, BEACH, FL 33141 UNITED Week: 30, Apa nPnt No.: A-07, MO 63383-5795 uNlnD Pursuant to lhe Fair Debt limeshare interast(s) owned by BRIARWOOD CT, EMERSON, LINDA BUTTERY, 40539 w 10 Unit Week: 8, Apa ment No.: STATES, Unrt w66k: 14, Frequenty: Annual; 16794n4, sTAns,Unit Weeh: 17, Colla ion Pra ices A,it the Obligor(s) on Schedule "1" NJ 07630 UNITED STATES, MILE RD, NOVl, Ml 48375-3503 s-22, Frequency: Annual: Apartment No.: s-04, nREslTA REGOUO, 530 Apa ment No.: A-06, is required thal we state the at O.R.B.|.T a Condominium, Unit Week: 21, Apartment No.: UNITED STATES, Unit Week: 9, 16778072. ANGEL M. KE Frequancy: Annual: 16788406, LINDSEY DR, WAYNE, PA Frequency: Annual; 16799540, tollowing o you: THIS ls AN located in Osceola County, v-12. Fr6qu8ncy: Annual: Apartment No.: v-01,PO Box 932, OGUNQUIT, ME GEORGE DELRUE, 7700 19o87 uNlnD STATES, Unrf JAMES R. LAUGHLIN JR, 34 . A TEMPT TO COLLECT A Florida, as described punuant 16757773,ANT0lNrm DENT, Fr6quency: Annual; 16768868, 03907-0932 UNITED sTAns, GRANDE RIVER LINE, Weeh: 30, Apartme No.: A-07, MAPU BRANCH CT, PORT DEBTANDANYINFORMATION tha Declaration refe ad to 18 BRIARWOOD CT,JOHN D. ENGWER, Po Box Unit Week: 8. Apartment No.: CHATHAM CANADA, ON N7M Frequency: Annual; 16795372, REPUBUC, NJ 08241-9784 OBTAINEDWILLBEUSEDFOR below ot said coun,as EMERSON. NJ 07630 UNITED,737, WRENTHAM, MA 02093- s-22, Frequency: Annual; N CANADA, Unil w68k: 49, DOUGLAS OWEN JORDAN, uNlnD sTAns, Uni Weeh: THAT PURPOSE. amended. O.R.B.|.T. Owners sTAns,Unk Week: 21,0737 uNlnD sTAns. Unit 16778914, JAMES D. FRYAR, Aparfment No.: G-12, 1103 M AN, GRUNDV 49, Aparfment No.: G-07, By: Gasdick Stanton Early, P.A Association, lnt a non-p ht Apa ment No.: v-12,Week: 51, ApartmenlNo.: v-20, 2009 COMMERCE BLVD, Frequency: Annual; 16788406, CENTER, IA 506 8 UNITED FPquency: Annual; 16799540, Twstee, 1601 w. Colonial Dr Florida coporation did cause a Frequancy: Annual; 16757833,Frequency: Annual; 16768868, ORLANDO, FL 32807 uNmD MADELEINE CECILE DELRUE, STATES, Unrf weeh: 32, cHRlsnNE LAUGHLIN, 34 Orlando, FL, 32804 Claim of Lien lo be retoded in Ta y p Pete on, 781 DIANNE M. ENGWER, Po 80x sTAns,Unrf Week: 25, 7700 GRANDE RIVER LINE, Apartm6nt No.: v-10, MAPLE BRANCH CT, PORT cP NJ NOA 0918 publit records ot said coun . MCLENDON DRIVE, 737. WRENTHAM, MA 02093- Apartment No.: s-17. CHATHAM CANADA, ON N7M FrBquency: Annual: 16795372. REPUBLIC, NJ 08241-9784 Saptember 14, 21, 20?8 Obligor is liable for payment in SCOTTDALE, GA 30079 0737 UNITED STATES, Unit Frequency: Annual; 16778914, N7 CANADA, Unit w68h: 49. LEWIS w. HIG8EE, 1103 M uNlnD STATES, Unit Week: L171797,ot amounts as shown in the UNITED sTAns, Unit Week:,Week: 51, Apartment No.: v-20, KIM M. MORIN, 2 Aparfment No.: G-12, AVE, GRUNDY CENTER, IA 49. Apa ment No.: G-07, lien plus co s; and is pPsently 31, Aparfment No.: A-06, Frequency: Annual: 16769181, COMMERCE BLVD, Frequenty: Annual: 16788854, 50638 UNITED STATES, Unrt FRquenty: Annual; 16800059, in detaull ol obligation to pay. Frequency: Annual: 16757833,JANET E. COOLE, c/o NEALLY ORLANDO, FL 32807 uNmD P6t6r H Buchner, 1621 SE Week: 32, Apartment No.: v-10, RONALD D. CORREIA, 9 NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Twstee is condurting a non- Phyllis J Petenon, 781 i LAW 205 PARK CENTRAL E STATES, Unrf Week: 25. NORTH BLACKWELL DR, Frequency: Annual: 16795565, GILBERTS WAY, NORTON, MA INnNT TO FORECLOSE judicial foreclosure punuant to MCLENDON DRIVE, ' STE 501, SPRINGFIELD, MO Apa ment No.: s-17, PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL 34952- CAROL A. ROSE, 1053 s Palm 02766 UNITED STATES, Unit Gasdich Stanton Early, Florida Statute 721.855. me SCOTTDALE. GA 30079 ' 65806-1326 UNITED STATES, FPquency: Annual; 16779469, 6651 UNITED STATES, Unit Canyon Dr clo Mitchell Reed Week: 30, Apartment No.: v-15, P.A. ha5 b6en appointed Obligor mu pay all sums no UNITED STATES, Unit Week: Unit Week: 15, Apartment No.: JOHN P. COSGROVE, 40 Week: 17, Apartment No.: Sussman B Associates. Palm Frequency: Annual; as T ee by WYNDHAM ' lalerlhan 30daystromthefirst 31. Apa ment No.: A-06,s-08, Frequency: Annual; Sherman St, Needham, MA M-23, Frequency: Annual; Springs, CA 92264-8377 1 6800059,MARTHA H. vAcAnoN RESORTS, INC date of publication by Frequency: Annual; 16758551, 16769181, ROLAND w. 02494-3124 UNITED sTAns, 16788854, Nilsa Buchner, 1621 UNITED STATES, Unit Week: CORREIA, 9 GILBERTS WAY, F/WA FAIRFIELD RESORTS,contacting Twslee or the J C WILL JR, Po Box 483, COOLE, c/o NEALLY LAW 205 Unit Week: 2, Apartment No.: SE NORTH BLACKWELL DR, 52, Apartment No.: N-04, NORTON, MA 02766 UNITED INC FnvA FAIRFIELD Twslee will proceed with the FORT VAU GA 31030 PARK CENTRAL E STE 501, s-08, Frequency: Annual; PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL 34952- Frequency: Annual; 16795565, STATES, Unlt week: 30, coMMuNlnEs, INC A sale orthe timeshare inte st at UNITED STATES. Unit Week:,SPRINGFIELD, MO 65806- 16779545. DAVID N. wHln, 26 6651 UNITED STATES, Unit THE CAROL A. ROSE LIVING Apartment No.: v-15, DELAWARE CORPORATION such date, time and lotatlon as 23. Apartment No.: v-09. 1326 UNITED STATES. Unit GRANT RD, SHAPLEIGH, ME Week: 17, Apartment No.: TRUST, 1053 s Palm Canyon FPquency: Annual: 16800163, for the puposes ot instituting T stee will include in the Frequenty: Annual; 16758551,Week: 15,AparfmentNo.: s-08, 04076-4137 UNITED STATES, M-23, Frequency: Annual; Dr c/o Mitchell Reed Sussman,CHARLES E HARDING 7634 a Twstee FoPclosure and Sale Notice ot Sale. me Trustee is:: WIWELMENA J HILL, PO BOX Frequenty: Annual; 16769839, Unit Week: 13, Apartment No.: 1 6789083, THOMAS c . aAssociates,Palmsprings,cA,LECLAIRE AVE, BURBANK, IL i |