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September 21, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 21, 2018

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PAGE 24B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER 21, 2018 Recodad 1v17114 in OR d as: (SEE HIBIT topayth8unpaidaN8N nts torlaw,money otthe United '.A,whose add is (s68 AMENDED publication bylhe undenigned 5348, and Page 635 ot tha Booh 4709, Page 2561 A Tl Ma lrh I5)(SEE due in the amount ol (S86 States otAm6rica.onlh8 hont Exhibit A"). inth6 paynent or NoncE OF TRUSTEEIS Twstea. will 58|| at publit Public Recods ot OSCEOLA MARRISA E FLORES, HIBfr A ding to the Exhibrf A,wkh inta&t 8p5 ot the Oscaola Coun performance ofthe obligations MU aurtion to the highest bidder County, Florida, by ason 2050 WUER SPRINGS RD Tlm6MaringPlan rWtgate acc ing at the tB ot (See Cou house. 2 Cou house secuPd by said Cl m ot Len wwTGnTE vAcAnoN for lawlul mon6y otthe Unked ot a now continuing derauN APT 211 CARROUTON, M Vat ion Vlllas, OMcial Exhibrt A perday,punuantto Squa,KiNimm8e, Florida Pcoded in omcial Recods LW mll 2TT . T6 Statas otAmerica, onthe honl by Obligo s), (See Exhibrf 75OO6, fim ha Unk 21,R olds Book 1072, at Page the fimeshara Plan, advanc85, 34741, allrighl, tkl6 and intePst Book (See Exhibit .'A,at Page WLLIAMS) staps ot lhe Osceola Coun A"), whose add M is (See Week 4, Annual, fim hare 1194, ot e Public R6cods of rf any, under the terms ot said in the property situated in the ISee Ewhibk A . ot the Public On 10R12018 11:00 am, Courthous6, 2 Cou house Exhibit A"), in lhe paynent or lnl8Bt 1, p& Di&n S7.45, O la Coun,florida (the Claim ot Len. chages and Coun of OSCEOLA. Florida Recods of OSCEOLA County. GREENSPOON MARDER, Square, KiNimm8e, Florida performance of the obligations DetauW B 821.224 P n . Toge T wh the righ expensas ot th6 Twstee and ot described a5: (SEE HIBIT Florida, including the breach or uP, 201 E. Pine St et, Surfa 34741,all right, tille and inlaRsl secuPd by said Claim ot Lian DetauW D a 7 1116, Mort e to oc py. punualk to the Plan. the t sts c ated by said Claim A Tlme Shara lnt6rest(s) (SEE delault, notice ot whith was set 500, O ando, Florida 32801, in the p pe y skuated in the recoded in OMcial Records Recorded 3119115 in OR k Bui g-Un (SEE HIBIT ot Len. Obligo s) shall have the HIBIT A") according to lhe to h in a Notite ot DefauW and a5 Tw ea punuant to that Counly ol OSCEOLA, Florida, 8ook (S68 Exhibk A'.), at Page 4750, Page 2401 DARLA A,during Unrt k (SEE right lo cure the detauN and any Tlme Sharing Plan for Westgata lntent to Foraclose provid AppointB ot Twstee d8scrib6d as: (SEE HIBIT (See Exhibit Ah), ottha Public BAIL 2311 w GRAPEVINE HIBrr A,during ANign8d juniorlienholdershall havethe Vacation vlllas, omcial to the la know add N ot ded on 03121 2018 .'A")Tln Sha lnte st(s) (SEE Records ot OSCEOLA Coun , MIUS CIRCU APT 11 Year - (su HIBIT A . rightto deam rfs inte up Retods Book 1072, at Page Obligo s),(SeeExhibk A ,by in OMcial R8cod5 8ook HIBIT A") accoding to he Florida, including the b ach or GRAPEVINE, M 76051, wEsTGAn vAcAnoN VILLAS to the data the T stee iNu6s 1194, otlha Public Recods ot Certifi e9i e d Mail or by NO4. and Page 2602 ot th6 Tlm6Sharing PlantorWe gate defauW.noticaotwhithwassat Tlmesha Unh 210901, Waak 7700 we qa e Boul8vald the Certificate ofSal6 by paying Oscaola Coun,Florida (the publication by the und sign Public R ords ot OSCEOLA Vatation Vlllas, QHl, omcial forth in a Notite ofDatauW and 28, Annual, fi Bshar8 lnte Nuim,L 34747 Said the amounts dua a5 outlined Plan"). Togathar with the right Twstee, will sell at public County, Florida, by reason R ods Book 1202. at Page lntent to Fo&lose p vided 1, Par Diem $11.30. DetauW sala,be made (wrfhoul abova. By: GREENSPOON to occupy, punuant to lhe Plan, aurtion to the highest bidd ot a now cominuing detauW 0071, otthe Public R ods ot to Me la known add N ot Balance S31,359.43, DetauW v8nams,orwa anty,8xp N MARDER, T stea. Building-Unrf (SEE HIBIT torlawhl money otthe Unh6d by Obligo s), (S68 Exhibrt Osceola County, florida ehe Obligo s),(S66 Exhibk A ,by Dat6 9115116, Mortgaga or impli,ading the tkle, HIBIT A" - NoncE OF A.), during Unrt k (SEE States ofAmenca,onlhe hom .A,whosa addr8N is (Saa Plan"). Togatherw hthe right am agi ered M,orby Recoded 814 15 in OR Book p ion or encumbrancesT TRusnE's SAU HIBIT A,during AMigned steps ot tha OKaola County Exhibrt A,in the paynent or tooccupy,punuanttomePlan, public ion bythe unde ignad 4820, Pag6 1805 TOMMY o payth6 unp d as58 sm8nts Owner(s) Addrass Building Y6ar - (SEE HIB wA"). Cou housa, 2 Courfhouse performance ot the oblig ns Building-Unk (SEE HIB T ae. will sell at public MONS 165 COLONIA du6 in the um ot (Sea Unrf Week YearTS Undivid6d wEsTGAnvAcAnoNvlLLAs Squa . Nimm88. florida Bu by said Claim otL6n A,during Unk k (SEE au ion to Me high bidd6r DR GRAFORD, TX 76449, Mibh A,wh int esl lnte st S8a5on Amount Per 7700 Westgate Boulevad 34741,allright,trfleandin & in omtial R8told5 HIBIT A ,during gned forlawhlmon8yotth6 Unked Tlmeshare Unh 210901, k ac#uing al a rata ot TSee DiemCOLReclnto Kiuimmee, FL 34747 Said inthe p perty s ualed in Ma Book(SeaExhibk A ,atPage Year - (SEE HIBIT A . St otAm6rica,onth6hont 28, Annual, fim85har8 lnte rt Mibh.A peday.punuantto RICHARD J 8UCZK0WSKI a sale,b6 made (wkhout County ot OSCEOL horida, (s Exhibrt A,otthe Public wEsTGAn vAcAnoN VILLAS rteps ot the Osteola Coun 1, P6r Di6m S11.3o, D6tauW e fim ha Plan, advanG6s, MARGARET A BUCZKOWSW cov6nants,orwar n ,6xpBs describ6d as: (SEE HIBIT R s ofOSCEOLA Counly, 7700 W6stg 8 Boul8vald courmou58, 2 CouMou e Balante W1,359.43, D&auW rf any, und U 8t8 M ot5aid 804 Winchast6r Dr Ot implied, regading Me tkle. A TlmeSharelnt (s)(SEE florid4intluding 16 b ach or ssimme6, FL 34747 S d Squa,uimn e, florida Date 9115116. Mortgaga Claim ol L6n, chages and Wastminster, MD 21157, aa, poNaNion or anGumb nc8s) HIBIT A aKoding lo e detauW,noticeotwhichwass6 sala will be made ( out 34741, lright,tkleandinta R6tod &4 15 in OR Book oftheTrurtae and ot 4, 42, WHOU, 1, Fixad Wae to paythe unp d asseNm8nt5 fime Sharing PlanforW8rtgat6 Min a Notic6 otD6tauW and covenants,orw ty,expr s in the pro rnu ed in Ma 4820, p 18 COLUN e s edbys dClaim Fixed Unit, $2,414.56, $0.85, due in he amount of (See Vacation Vlllas, omcial lnt t to Fo lose pDvid8d or impli6d, ragading the thB, Coun ot OSCEOq Fbrida, DEANE D UFSEN a LOLA ofLen.Obl o s)shallhavetha 5281-806-812; MARCO A Exhibk A"), with inte st Racods Book 1072, at Pag6 to the la known add ot poN8wion or encumbranc l d ribed as: (SEE HIBIT KAY DETHLEFSW AKA LOLA rigMtocu ede uWandany CHACON a NEUY CHACON aGc ing at th6 rate of (See 1194, ofth6 Public R6cord ot Oblig (See Ewhibh A,by to payth6 unpaid ass nts A fi Sha lm (s)(sEE K DANIEU, 294 COUNTY RD jun r,ho sh,have the Urb Las Loma5 Av6 Sucr6 a Exhibk A.)perday,pursuantto Osceola Coun,florida @6 am egi &ad Mailorby due in th6 amount ot (Sa& HIB A rdingto Ma 4292 DKATUR, TX 76234, rigM to rts int&est up Nal Karina NumaD T 173 the fim6shara Plan, advances, wPlan . Togeth& wrthth6 rigM public ion byth6 und8r5ign8d Exhibit A,whh i Tln SharingPlantorWe g a Tlmasha Unh 21,k to the dale e Tru ea iNuas San Cristobal, VENUUEL rf any, und&theterms otsaid tooccupy,pu uanttoth6Plan, Twstea,sall at public accwing We te of (See Vacation vlllas, xll, omcial 39, Annu,fi a lnte t 18 80tS 8by ng aa, 9, 37, EVEN. 112. Flxed Claim ot Len, chages and Building-Unk (SEE HIBrr auclion to the higha bidder Ewhibk A perday,punuantto R8cod5 8ook N, Page 1, Per Di&n $8 DetauW 16 n dua as o ed W Fixed Unk. $1,258.96. 8xp8n585 otlha Twstee and ot "A"), during Unit Waak (SEE for lawhl money ofthe United the fimesha Plan, advances. 0423. ofth6 Public R6cod5 ot Balanc6 S23,38o.63, D&auW abov6. B GREENSPOON $0.42, 5281-806812; NELSON thetw streatedbysaidClaim HIBIT "A,durinq ANign6d St es ot rica, onth6f rf any, underlh6terms ofsaid Osteola County, florida eha Date 5 1y16. Mortgage E Twrt . HERNANDU a JEANrm otLan.Obligo slsh lhavethe Year - (SEE IBIT A . 6ps ot the O5G80la County Cl m or Len, chages and Plan .Tog&h& mth6 right Racodad 11 1 15 in OR IBIT A - NoncE OF HERNANDU 36 Washington rightto cu thedelauWand any WESTGATE VACATION VILLAS Courthousa, 2 Cou house axpans6s ofthe Tw 6e and ot tooccupy,punuanttothePlan, Book 4872, Page 1690 JERRY TR ms ShLE Avanue Am Willa, NY 11701, junior lianhold6r shall have the 7700 Westgata Boulevad Squa . KiNimm88, Florida thetwsts c ated bysaid Claim Building-Unh (SEE WHIBIT ` K RlsnNE LYNEE RlsnNE Ow ls) Add u Building RR, 3, 20, MN, 1l2, Flx6d right to Rdeem hs inteRst up Kissimmee, FL 34747 Said 34741,all rigM, title and int8r6st of Lan. Obligor(s) shall have he A,during Unk w68k (SEE AKA LYNEE BERGERON, 216 Unh Y TS Undivided WeeklFixed Unrf, 82,685.12, to the date the T stee issues salB will be made (wrthoul in me pDp8rty shuated in the righttocu thedefauWandany HIBIT A during ANign8d HIDALGO DR HOUM LA lnt& AnDunt P6r 8o.79, 5281-8 -812: MARK th8C6rtificat6ofSalebypaying covenants,orwa anly,6xpr8u County ot OSCEOLA, Florida, juniorlienholdershall hav6the Year - (SEE HIB A"). 70363,fim ha Unk 210502, Di n COLR lnto J OTfO B PAULA L OTTO w the amoun s due as o lined or implied, regarding the trtle, described as: (SEE WHIBIT right to deam hs intere up wEsTGAnvAcAnoN VILLAS Week 2, nual, fim haR nDEL VALU a ROSA M 348s7370 Coloni Dr. Eagle, above. By: GREENSPOON possession or ancumbrances) A fimesha lma (s)(sEE tothe datatha Tw a8iMu6s 7700 We gate Boulava lnt&est 1, Per Di $6.62, RODRIGUQ DE VALU Pedro wl 53119-1341, RR, 5, 14, MARDER, T ee. to pay he unpaid aaments HIB A atcording to tha thaCerfificateotSalebypaying KiNimm88, FL 34747 Said DetauW Balance $18,637.84, D8Ah o6T5F KR8to ODD. 1 . Fixed Waekl xed HIBIT Ah - NOTICE OF dua in the amount ot (s86 TlmeSharingPlanforWe ate tha amounls due as outlined sale will be made (wrtho DetauWDate&15 16,Mo gage V a 91919 M ICO, Unk, 83,986.76, 81.18, 5281- TRumE's SAU Exhibrt A,whh inleBt Vacalion Vlllas, Qlll, cial abova. By: GREENSPOON covanants,orwa an ,expraw Racorded 3&16 in OR Book LL 104. 32, ODD, 1 2, Flxad -812:cuRnsMTuRNERa Owe s) Addr s Building accwing at th6 r e ol (s68 Records Book 1202, at Page MARDER L Twste6. or implied, gading the trtle, 4923, Page 2926 JOAN G w Unh, g2,o49.69, DAVIDATURNER252O1Haines Unk w k Year TS Undivided Mibit A )perday,punuantto 71, otthe Public R o s ot HIBIT "A" - NoncE OF posseuion or encumbrances) MORRIS A JOAN EDUKPE, So. . 52 -2996; RAY Rd G wood, MO 64034, lnt6 st Season unt Per theTlmasha Plan,advancas, O la Coun,norida (the TRusnE's SAU to pay th8 unP d aN8Nmants 5739 BARRINGTON RUN J n 8Q1 Amberton RR, 5, 15, ODD, 112, Flxed DiemCOLReclnfo itany,und8rth8t8nN ot d Plan .TogaWerw hlhe right Owe sT AddT8N Building dua in tha amount ot (Sae UNION C GA 30291. pW. Apl. 168 D las, M W66klFlx6d Unk, $3,986.76, RICARDO M MARnNaALMA Claim of L6n, chag85 and toocwpy,punuamtothePlan, Unrf wk YearTS Undivid6d Exhibk A"), whh int8 5t Tlmesha Unh 210810, Week 7524J3211,LL107,46,0DD, S1.18, 5281-806812; GARV c MARnN 23 Meadowb ok Ln 8xp6ns ottheTwsteeand ot Buildi -Unrt (SEE HIBIT lnte Season Amoum p acc ing at Ma lat8 ot (s68 3, Annual, fi&are lm& 1 2, Fwed klF ad Unk, RIGGS SR 4M G 6nland Ct Roanoke, M 76262, LL 101, th8tw5tsc at8dbys dCl m A . uri q, nrt week (SEE Di nCOLRaclnto Exhibk A") par day, pursuant to 1, Per Di&n $7.81, DetauW S2,526.81, .83. 5288-2992- Punta Go a, FL 33983-8669, 1,WH0U,1,FixedWeekFixed otL8n.Obligo s)5hallhav8th8 HIB uring sign6d GREGORY WILUAMS a tha fim8shar6 Plan, advantes, Balance $22,162.96, DetauW 2996; PAMELA J TERREU RR, 7, 42, MN, 112, Flxed Unrf, S3,482.64, $1.20, 5288- righttocu thedetauWandany Year - (SEE HIBIT A . GENNENE WIWAMS 13732 rf any,underthet otsaid Data 7 1y16, Mortgage 4212F ayDrhow6rMound, W6aklFixad Unk, $4,242.82, 2859-2864; RUPERT A DIAZ junior li8nhold6r shall have Me wEsTGAn vAcAnoN LLAS Applewood Dr Grandview, Cl m ot Len, chagas and R6cod8d 31&16 in OR Book 7x 7502&8515, L 107, 46, 81.14, 5281-806-812: DIANA a ouv KINGSTON DIAZ rightto daem rt5int8 stup 77 gata Boul8vald MO 64030, JJJ, 2, 20, MN, 8wp8ns8s0tth6Twst88and0t 4923, Page 2930 MICHELU ODD, 1n, Flx W68Mix6d RIGGS 1534 Dowhasl& St 65 Ma in Ave Hempstead. totha d a Me T St88iNu8s uim,FL 34747 Said 112, #| Season-flo wee thetw sc atedbysaidClaim D ROWE AKA MICHEW D Unk, S2,526.81, $0.83, 5288- Porf Cha o a, FL N952-2409, NY 11550. y 103. 2 ODD, theCertificalaotSalebypay g s e,be mada (whholrf Float Unk, S2,N7.36, 8o.79, ot Len. Obligo sT h,have the LOVE, 5401 OLD NAnoNAL 2992-2 6;J0YCE M HARTa RR, 7, 42, MN, 112, Fixed 112, Fixed Week Flxed Unh. tha amounts dua as ortlin cov8nams,orwa anty,axp N 5281-126 1265; DAVID w righttotu MedetauWandany HWY APT 1213 ATLANT GA JUDITW R 8900 Covey W86klFix8d Unrf, $4,242.82, 82,o28.74, $0.69, 5288-2859- above. By: GREENSPOON or i pli,ading the tkle, HOWLAND 58 E tR land, junior lianholder shall have the 30349,fimeshaRUnk210810, Ct Au in, M 78T58, LL, 210, 81.14, 5281-806-812: ANN 2864; CAROL A THOMAS MARDER,UP,Twst68. poaion or entumb nces) NO57O1.SSS 110,37,MN, righl to deem ks im6 st up Week 3, Annual, fim haR 50, ODD, 112, Fixed ek/ c MACK Po Box 682646 a MICHAEL s LOVELESS WHIBIT "A - NoncE OF to pay la unpaid Nm8nts 112, Flxed W Mixed Un,to the dale the Twst86 iNu8s lnte&t 1, Per Diam $7.81, Flxed Unrt, 82,o49.69, 8O.69, O ando, FL 32868-2646, RR, 1947 Calle Huascha Deland, TRUSTEE'S ShLE due in the amoum of (Se6 $2,204.56, 8O.66. 5281-1260- the certmcate ot Sale by paying DerauW Balant6 822,162.96, 5288-2992-2996; STEPHANE 11, 35, ODD, 112, Fixed Week/ FL 32724, LL, 103, 7, ODD, Owne s) Address 8uilding Exhibrt A,with int 1z65; BARBIE A HOWLAND th6 amount5 due as outlined DetauW Date 7115116, Mortgage FoRnN a JEANNE GRONDIN Fixed Unit, $4,148.13, $1.18, 112, Fixed week Fixed Unit, Unit Week Year TS Undivided accwing the te ot (See 97 E Ridge Ter R hland, VT above. By: GREENSPOON Recorded 38116 in OR Book 368 Em -Gabou Gatineau, 5281 -806-812; REGINALD $2,047.90, $0.55, 5288-2859- lnterest Season Amount p& Exhibh A par day, punuanl to 05701-9142, sss, 110, 37, MARDER, L T . 4923, Page 2930 MARIUNE QCJ8V2R9CANADA,LL,311, D GROFF III a ANDREW 2864; JORDAN DUKE 236 DiemCOLReclnfo the fimesha Plan. advances, EVEN, 112, Fixed WeeMix6d IBIT A - NoncE OF ANDRADE COUUON, 13424 2,0DD,1n,F 8dw68k1Fix6d GROFF 6 DEBORAH GROFF Aquilla Dr Fort Worth, M TOBIE BENNm,|,a rfany,underthelerms ofsaid Unk, $2,204.56, $0.66, 5281- TRusnE's SAU SILVER LAW DR POWA CA Unrt, S1, 2.53, 8o.38, 5288- 234 Falmouth Rd Falmo h, 76108, LL, 105, 51, ODD, 1/2, ESPERANZA MARnN 6202 Du Claim ot Len, chages and 126 1265;LEEKN0wLEsa Owna s) Add Building 92 4. fim haR Unk 210815, 2992-2996; DAVE T WILCOX ME 04105, RR, 12, 44, EVEN, Fixed, 81,998.71, $0.69, 5288- Clay Rd JacksonvillB, FL32244, axpanses otthe Trustee and of ELIZA8ETH KNOWLES 171 Unrf k Y6ar TS Undivided Week 39, Annu,fimesha acARoLAERnL13 Forman 112, Fixed WeeMixed Unk, 2859-2864;StatewideProperfy LL, 101, 37. EVEN, 112, Fixed thetwrtsc atedbysaidClaim old Cla Rd lnman, sc lnte st Saason unt Per lnt t 1, Per Diem $3.15, DrTI8mon, NJ 8680, LL 311, 5, 81,249.28, $0.42, 5281-806- Management Cop a Florida Waa Fixed Unit, $2,685.12, ol Len. Obligo s) shall hava the 29349, SSS, 110, 39, ODD, Diam COL Rec lnto DetauW B ante $10,7N.63, WHOE 1, F ad hlFixed 812; GIANNA BASSFORD Coporation 229W113S .Unit $0.79, 5288-2656-2661 ; right to cu lhe defauW and any 112, Fixed WaeMixed Unit, RUFFIN s GREGORY JR a DetauW D e 511117, Mortgage Unh, $3, 3.34, S1.o4, 5288- 33 Sun et Dr Fo ed River. 1 New Yo,NY 10026, LL 1o6, JOYCE COILE 11041 Fa agLrf junior lienholder shall have the $2,049.69, $0.69, 5281-1260- SARAH J GREGORY 9111 Racorded 511y16 in OR Book 2992-2 : GUNN NICHOLS NJ 08731, RR, 12, 50, ODD, 13, WHOU, 1, Fixed Week Hills Blvd Moxville, TN 37922, rigM to redeem its inteBt uO 1265; YOHANY GONZALU Omaha sl Rithmond, VA 4959, Page 2190 ROBERT D 5026 B okfiald Drive Fo 112, Fixed WeeMixed Unrt, Fixed Unk, $3,724.49, $1.24, LL, 104, 7, EVEN, 112, Fixed to the dale the T stee issues 10438 NW 88th Pl Miami 23237, BB, 11, 38, WHOLE, HICKMAN, 3022 RuMm Collins,CO 80528,MM,2, 15, 83,986.76, S1.18, 5281-806- 5288-2859-2864; PAMELA D Wee Fixed Unit, 82,738.o2, lhe c8rtmcat6 ot Sale by paying Lakes, FL 33018-7344, sss, 1, F ed W66klFlx8d Unk, ROAD PETOSK Ml 49n0, ODD, 1n, Flxad WeeklFiwed 812; STNEN J BASSFORD BENTON 11318 Vlllage Brook $0.78, 5288-2656-2661 ; th6 amounts due as outlined 112, 1, EVEN, 1/2, Fixed WeeW $2,239.92. 8o.88, 5304-1388; Tlmeshare Unh 211114, h Unk, t2,y6.81, So.83, 5288- 15 Lanca ar Ct Fo ad River, Dr Rive iew, FL 33579. u, JANICE L KIRBY 1579 Old above. By: GREENSPOON Fixed Unit. 84,277.37, $1.14, Septamb r 21,18 15, Annual, fi arelnl 2992-2 :cHARuscLE0a NJ 08731-5657, RR, 12. 311. 31. ODD. 1/2, Fix6d Fort Rd FaiNiaw, NC 28730- MARDER,UP,Tw ee. 5281-1260-1265; SERGIO A L 172070 1, Per Di&n $O DatauW WR JUO95RunrfordRd 50, ODD, 112, Flxed Weekl Week Fixed Unit, 82,019.59, 7617, U, 11O, 16, EVEN. WHIBIT ^" - NoncE OF GONZALU 2658 w 73d Pl Balance $8,938.54, DerauW s Par NY 11754, MM,5, Fix6d Un,$3,986.T6, $1.18, $0.69, 5288-2859-2864: 1/2, Fixed WeeWFlxed Unrt, TRusnE's SALE Hialaah, FL 33016-5422, SSS, Date 10 1 16, Mortgage 7, DD, 1n, Flx W86Mix6d 5281-806-812; CORNEUUS JEFFREY DAND BROOKS 511 $2,857.75, 8o.74, 5288-2656- Owe s) AddRN Building 112, 1, WEN, 1/2, Fixad Week/ NoncE OF rRusnE's Recorded 6R 16 in OR Book Unk, S3,395.54, So.83, 5288- R wHln a RECHELU M 1Ave Coronado, CA 92118- 2661; REYNOLDS ROLUS s Unrt Waek Y6ar TS Undivided Fixad Unit, $4,277.37, 81.14. SALE 4973, Page 1290 SUSAN 2992-2996; ROOPCHAND wHln 2903 Richland Spring 1637, MM a MM, 12 a12, 7 MARGARETH ROLLES 1201 lnt&a Season Amount Per 5281-1260-1265; RORY M WESTGATE vAcAnoN L HICKMAN AKA SUSAN DEVOUTT a DEBIWATHIE Suga and, TX 77479, ss, 8, a 15. WHOU a WHOLE, 1 sw 66th Te ace Plant ion, DiemCOLRetlnfo SMITH 4689 V6ntu Ava San VILLAS lv 2TT . L DOWEy 6271 RONDO DEVOUTT 4 A Hewood Dr 48, EVEN, 112. Fixed Wee a 1. Fixed Week Fixed Unk, FL 33317, LL 110, 17, MN, BMRLY A WIUIAMS 10357 Jose, CA 95111 2678, sss, (LOCHMUELLER) RD WOLVERINE, Ml 49799, Lmhlanca Rocks Durban Sa, Fixed Unit, $2,674.90, $0.79, $6,590.49, 82.49, 5288-2859- 1/2, Fixed Wea wed Unh, W CampanaDrSun City,AZ 206,47,NEN,112,FixedWeek1 On 1011612018 at 11:00 am, Tlmeshare Unh 211114, w k sow AFRIC MM, 5, 51, 5281-806-812; WILUE c,2864; Valhalla Entaprises, $2,184.48, $0.66, 5288-2656- 85351, sss, 204, 19, WHOLE, Fixed Unk, $3,592.62, 81.oo, GREENSPOON MARDER, 15,Annual,finPsharelnte WHOU, 1, Flx W66Mix8d CARTER a RONDAA CARTER,uc 12920 sw 56th Str86t 2661;ADAM PADILLA38Mack 1, Flxed WeeM ed Unit, 5281-1260-1265; ADRIENNE L 201 E. Pine Street, Suite 1, Per Dian $O DetauW Unk, S3,798.45, $1.24, 5z88- 16618 Jamestow Fo&t Dr #262 Miami, FL 3 175, NN. Road Middl8fi6ld, CT 4X- $1,935.01. $0.71. 5244-590- AKINsm 3629 coppemeld Dr 500, O ando, Florida 32801, Balance $8,938.54, DelauW 2992-2 6; ISELLA JULCA Florissant, MO 63034-1708, 1, 15, WHOU. 1, Fixad Week 1104. L 111. 27, ODD. 1/2, 593: BrmE SWURA 18014 Apl 359 San Josa, CA 95136, as Twstea punuant to that Dale 1011116, Mortgage 952 W fioga Sl Allanlown, TT. 2, 43. 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