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September 21, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 21, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER 21, 2018 PAGE 11B establishad in Section 721 .856, nol be subje to a deficiency i Building (herein Tlme Sha due on (See Exhibit A ) and occupy, pursuant to the Plan. 246 Highland Ave. Oshawa, 1FL, Woodhaven. NY 11421, Publish a copy ot the notice ot Florida Stal es. Any right judgment even it the p c8ed5 Plan (Proper ) Add N"). As all subsequent payment5. Un (s) (See Exhibit A"), during ON L1H6A8, CANAD 1 2 1/2 valu6 S8a5on-Float w86h sale lwo (2) times, once each you may have to lnstate the hom the sale ot your timeshaP a result ot the arorementioned You cu ently owe HiWon the Unk Week(s) (See Exhibk A"), Value Season-Float w68kl Float Unrf, 1-1207 35nvEN, weeh. tor two (2) succ8Nive morfgage a er accele tion inta st are insuWicient to datault, Hilton he by elects amounl of (Saa Exhibit A") gb during Assigned Yea s), (See Float Unrf, 1-1603, 40nvEN, 11212014, 201 800165555, weaks, in an Oranga Coun will be punuant to the lerms oWsel the amounts setu d to sell the p party punuant undivided tenant in common Exhibit .'A"). 6145 Ca er Drive, 11V2014, 201 800137480. 83,314.76, $1.63; Ka a J newspapar, plovid8d such a ot the morfgage. You may by the mo gage lien. By: to Saction 721.856, Florida interast in Pha58 (See Ewhibk Orlando FL 32819 marain wTlma 83,314.76, 81.63; Bernad Chuman, 9502 89th Ave Unk newspaper exi s lhe lime choos6 lo sign and send to GREENSPOON MARDER, LLp. Stat es. Pleasa be advised A of RL VACATION SUITES, Shar6 Plan (Property) Addr8N"), J Logis and Marie A Logis, 1FL Woodhaven, NY 11421, ol publishing. lf you tail lo th6 undanigned t slee lha Twstee. hat in he event that the debt as desGrib8d in the Decla tion Building ma in '.Tlme Sha 22314 Wa che & Blvd. Port 1/2 Valua S8a5on-Float W6a cu th6 detauW as set forth 8ncl058d objection torm, HIBIT wA" - NoncE OF owed to HiWon i not p d wkhin of Covenants. Condrfions Plan (Property) Add N"). As Cha owe, FL 33952, 112 Value Float Unit, 1-1207, 35nvEN, in Mis notice or take other 6xarcising your righ to objerf DEFAULT AND INTENT TO thirty-five(35)days a RC8ipt and R6stri ions ther t as a resuW of the ato ntioned Season-hoat W oat Unh, 1 2 2014, 2018001655M, app priat6 artion wM gard lo th6 use ot lhe t stee FORECLOSE otthis notite, the under gned recoded in O.R. Book 9129, datauW,Wartgata harebyal s 1-1603, 43nwN, 1M014, S3,314.76, S1.63; Roned to this Bbsu maW&, you to closu protedura. Upon CONTRACT NO./ OWNER(S), Twstae shall proceed wkhtha Page 1091 in the Public to sell the Ptoperty punuant 201800137480, $3,314.76, s Ca son, 2199 2 M St, risk losing owanhip ot your the und&5ign8d tw ee's OBLIGOR(S) ADDRESS, Unit, sal8otthaPDp8rtyaspDvid8d Recods ot Otange Coun,to S8Gtion 721.855, Florida $1.63; Tamiko Su n Davis, 11993 Wadgewood Dr NW, ti&ara im rt IDugh the iplotyoursiqn6dobj ion w k, OKupancy, Dafault in Se ion 721.856, florida Florida. and all amendm6nts St as. Please b6 advis6d 724 Michigan Court Apt w 4, C6nturia, wl 54824, 1n Valu6 bu to closu pmedu torm, tha b&osu of lh6 Data. Delinquant Amount, Per Stat . Pukuam to &ion th6rao (the Declaration l. that in tha avent that your Saint Cloud, FL 34769, 1n S6ason-Flo WeaMloat Unk, 6 abli5h8d in &ion 721.855. mo gage wh & to th6 Di6m unt 721.856. norida S ul,th6 Gra e6 ow5 a (See Exhib obl ationisnotbroughtcu ent Floating, 1-1604. 40 ODD, 1-1409, 1&MN. 1 V2014, florida Sl Lrta5. You may d6tauW sp8cm6d in mis notic6 Con rart No.l Undivided undenigned T ee sh |: (1T A Su e wh ave (s68 [lncluding tha pay&rf ot any 1 12015, 201 37480, 201a0 65555, S3,314.76, doos6 to gn and sand to shall b6 subjarf o the judicial Tenanl lme al Phas6 Vacation Plovide you with wrmen notic6 Exhib A")o upancy rigMsin t intunad by W tgate in 82,254.12, S1.11; Vhal S1.63 Luis A Dnta and the und6nignad tw an to tlosu pmadu only. Ownanhip W Rec BooklPage otthe sala, inGluding the date, accodanca wrfhth6 provisions comm8nGing this to lowra Tkachu 117 Sh6 and Dr, LAia F #monta, 2 C h ne,obj ion torm, ex& sing our You have th6 right to cu DatauW Dat6Amoum PerDiem time and location the ot; (2l ofthe D6claration. PDjarf 45- p tass) wrfhin thir (30) Boiling Springs, K 29316, Danbu,CT 06811, 1n lue rightto obj tothe us6 o e your defauw in lha Bner 5& Ow8n(5VObligo s) ln R odthe notiG8 otsal8inth6,8 alC0nt INumb (s):(S66 daSs hom tha fint date ot 1l2 Valua n-Float kl Season-ho WeeMloat Unk, to low pmedu . torth in th notice at any n Common lm6 st ContDl Public Recods ot ORANGE Mibk A . 11272 Desloges pu lication, the und6nign8d Float Unk, 1-1605, 1nvEN, 1-1410, 40lODD, 1nn014, Upontha und6nignadl '5 b&o th6t 86.55 8otyour No.(sl lnt6 sUSuka Typa coun ,norida;and(3)Publish Ava, O ando, FL 32836, T ee shall proc d wkh 1 2014, 201800 37480, 201800165555, 82,254.12, ipt oryoursign6d objertion tima5ha int6 .ltyoudonol or Docume D&inquant acopyotth8notiGaots 8two Building m& n ShatB tha sale ot la p as S3,314.76, S1.63; Midaa 81.11; K A Wilman, 1825 torm, the toBlo&u ot tha objerfto th6 u58 ot et um [2)times,ontaaach w k,tor Plan p ) Add .). h p d6d in & n 721.855, K Willis, C 6dral,s Monr St, D6nv,co lianwkh Q o ad&auW lo closu pmedu,you will Addr 5 Octupancy two(2)succeuivew ks,inan a r W otthe a oaation6d FbridaSt&ules,inwhid,Powd& Springs, GA 30127, 80210, 1 2 Value -F t in Mis noti rn | notb6 wbjarfto B defici cy BRIEN UE JENWNS and ORANGE Coun new pap&. d&auW. HiWon he by 6e s the und nignad Tw 66 h |: 112 u n-no noat Unh, 1-1502, 44 ba su to a judic judgm8nt6v8nrfM8 s SHEILA ANN JENWNS, pDvided such a new5p to sell th6 PD punuant (1) PDvid you wkh wrm n Floal Unk, 1-1605. 4WN. ODD,1 V2O15,2O1 6MM, to u on . nomM6s 6otyour a 1775 CARR GE w, S NT 8xi 5 th8tim60fpublishing. to S6 ion 721.856, horida notite ot th6 s 6, including 1M014, 201 37480, $2.254.12, S1.11: M A You hav the rigMtocu your ima A al8 in rf to JOSEPH, Ml 4 9489, llyou lto tU e da uW n . p b6 advN8d the d e, tim6 and,ion W.314.76, t1.63; auna wllman, 985 s Pa wa Dr, d6 uWin 6mann r86ttor ohs& M6 ums o 1912- as s& torm in is no or thalin th6 6v6m tha debt th r, (2T R6to tha notice D wlll,1831 Ton Ave, 8rookRald, 53 5,1 2 lua thisno G8alanyti o by th6 morf ag li6n. g 21E, |, 1 BEDROOM MRY tak6 oMar applopria 6 a ion owadtoHiHonisnotp dWhin ots einthe Publit sot p u PA15216,1nvalu n-noat W lo Unk. e un gned bu 's sale OREENSPOO MARDER,WEN NUMBERED YEAR, w h gad tothisf low thirty-five(35)dayaR& pl Or gaCoun ,Florid4and(3) - & Mlo& Unk, 1-1502, 44 0DD, 1n 015, oty rti in .ltyou Tw 86. 10908R043; 611312017; me er, all 5um5 du6 and otMis not ,the undanignad Publish aco otMe notic6ot 1-1 5, 4 . 1M014, 201 65555, W,25Q.12, do nol to h6 u ot e QNIBIT n" - NoncE OF S2,297.9o; $1.13; NELSON owing und6r 18 Not6 and Twrteash lp wrm Ma two ) ma5,onGa 6 h 201 T4,M,314.76, 81.11; L&rtia c RayDd, 36 bu t , D nuLT nND,nNTTo o. RWERA and JANIRA Mortgaqe shallba a &6 t6d s 8otth8PDp aspDvid8d w86 tor two (2) su 6ssiv8 S1.63: Lucely Gonz 6z and RHODES AVE 36, Da y, you,nol ba wbDrt to a FORECL E ROD GUQ, 159 MOORE and wil me im 6 in ion 721.856, Fbrida waaks, in an O ng6 Coun Manua F onz z, 39650 PA 19023 latiayna s Tabb, d Gy judgn nt ev rf CO CT NO.l OWNER(S), STREET. LOWELL MA 01852, du6 and payabl6.Addhion,St . Punuanl to S rf n n6wspapar, pDvid8d wch a Us Hw 19 Nor 724, Tapon 36 RHODES AVE, Da y, PA la pm hom th6 sale OBUGOR(S) ADDRESS, Unh, o. g6, 2912- asa wW ot 6 de uW,you 721.856, norida Sl rtes, a newspape exi s at th6 tin Springs, fl 9. 1n Valua 19023, 1n,n-Float ot your ala int k, OKupancy, D6tauW 3E; ||, 1 BEDROOM MRY risk I05ing owakhip otyour und ignad Tw rnall: (1) ot publishin lf you Bl to -F & oal Unh, hmoat Un,1-1602, w,c t to o 6 e Date, D&lnqu6nt um, p& NUMBERED YEAR; timesha i e IDughlha PD d8youw hwrm8nnotiG8 GU Ma da uW a5 s& torth 1-1,4vww. 1M014. ODD,1 2O15,2O1,n by a li . Diem nt 1 1862; sl15l2o17; twstee to&losu pD du otthe sala, includingtr d a, in Mi5 notice or take oth 2018 n7480, S3,314.76, 82,254.12, S1.11; G ge By. G WSPOON MARDER, Contrart No. Undividad S2, 1.31;g1.o2:TRAcYANNE e ablishadin Se ion 721.856, lim6 and lot ion the r, (2) appDpriata artion wh ragard S1.63: o Martina and A Bu 6y and Jacqu6lin8 A U ,T . T6nantlm6 alPh VaQi HERRING, 196 NR OAKS Florida etrtas. Any ght R8coldth8notit6ofsal8inth8 tothi to Glosu ma 6r, you Elida Martinez, 8923 Rich lth, 30 Rithmond Road QH T n" - NoncE OF Ow6nhip w R BooWPag6 nRR, EWJAY, GA 3053b you y havato in at6 M6 Public R o 5 of ORANGE risk losing ow hip ot your au |, San Amonio, M 78251, Flat 1, momlon H Blh, CR7- DEFnuLTnND IN TO DetauwDateAmoumParD m ,0. ;2610- mortgage ah& a &6 ion Coun ,florida;and(3)Publish tiWa int thDugh 1n V ua n-Floal 7QB ENGLAND, 1n V&ue FORECLOSL Owen(sVObligo s) ln 43E: ||: 1 BEDROOM; MRY,be punuant to lhe t a pyotM6no ot5 atwo t ea foBlosu pmedu no Unh, 1-160T, N, saason-no klflo Un,Owe sVObligo s, Tl hare Cormnon lm& Com,MN NUMBERED YEAR; of th6 mortgage. You may (2)lin&,ont66adwaak,tor ablish dinSe ion721.855, 1MO14. 201 37480, 1-1,2 0DD. 112n014, lm,8u din nh, W k, No.(sl lm WSuhe T 2016 73106; 611612017; choo to ign and 5and to twoQ)wtc6N 8w ks,inan Florida Statlrt . You may S3,314.T6.S1.63. 201 65555, S2,254.12. uW D a. Paga ot or Down&t linqu6m W,326.32; $1.15; NAVOTNY lhe und8Rign8d w ea the ORANGE CouW n8w5pap8r, choos6 to sign and sand to hpbm 1, 1a S1.11; Nitol6 s Ha 5 ,331O R ed L,um, p um TAWN STREICH and JOHN enGlosed obj n torm, p d6d wch a newspaper th6 undanignad tw ea an L171 8 2 8 & ole BL Lago, FL Di&n unt:Ma n o LBwis. Add a Oc panGy LWER STREICH, 2717 67TH ax ising your rigM to obja 8 5 &thetime otpublishing. obja ion torm, 8x6 ising our Nn8, 1n Value Season-hoat 684 BaM6y ci I6, #aba EDNA LOUISE LAWSON ST, DES MOINES, IA 50322- to the usa ot tha w lt you t,to cul8 the d lauW righttoobj6 toth6us8o M6 Mloat Unrf, 1-1606. 35 AL 35 7. 1n Floating, JUUUS WENDAU 4912: 0.0125 ; to&bsu pDt8du . Upon a B toM in Mi5 notic6 or tw lo losu pm du . NoncE OF D ^ULT nND ODD, 1n12014,201 65555 1-1 5, 34 0DD. 1 v2015. LAWSON, 975 OSPREY DR, 21007-41; ||; 2 BEDROOM the und8Rign hst66's tak6 0 16r appDpriat6 aGlion UponW8und6nign6dt .s,ro FORECLON S2,254.12, S1.11; Dolshea 2018 120, S1,623.27, MELBOURNE, n 3294 7860, MRY YEAR, 105871392; B8iptotyoursign obj ion wrm ga to this fo losu & ptotyoursign6dob rtion wEsTonn PnLhN nLL 5149 Wabb, D&Drt, MI482O4, So. : Tonya G Lewis, 3042 O 2613-27 711 2017; S1,944.46; $0.96; form, tha toBlosur6 ot th6 maW6r,sun dua and lorm, the ro&losure ot th6 1 1 1n Value n-Float Ava N, Brmingh,AL E, ||, 1 BEDROOM MRY BERNARD JOSEPH ALnsHIN morfgag6 whh sp6ct to th6 o ng under the Note and lien whhr6spactlo h8 da uN Punuant to &ion float Unrf, 1-1610, 20 N. N2o7.1nfloating.1-1 ,34 MN NUMBERED,JR.a NANcYJ.ALnsHIN,Po datauW spatmed in lhis notite Morfgage shall b6 attale ed spacified in this notite 5hall 721.855, Florida Stalut6s, 1nn014, 201 655M, ODD, 1n 015,2 1 120, 201703 9; 112017; Box 1869, WALDPO OR shallba subj6 to 18judiGi and will immadiata b6 subja to th6 judici wEsTGAn PALACE 83,314.76, 81.63; H di c S1,623.27,; Ma ia S2,985.46; S1.47; JEANNrm 97394-1869,0. 0 : foBlosura p c6du . on . due and payable. dkion . to closu pD du on . OWNERS AssoclAnoN, Wamar, 119 curmuck Ln, Day, 7959 Be nd , RAYE WRIGM. 2448 21008-28E; ||; 1 BEDROOM; You have e rigM to as a wW otth6 d6tauW,you Youhavetherighttotu our INC. nak t to Dumam, NC 27703, 1 2 V ue Douglas lle. GA 30134, 1 2 PINEHURST LN, FUMING MRY EVEN NUMBERED yourd&auWinth6 mannar58t rish losing ow hip ot your d6tauWinth8 mann oM a5 gat6,ha5 6d S a on-Flo W float Unh, lu6 n-flo w ISLAND FL 32 3-6359, YEAR; 105a5513;6 23/2017; fo h in this notice atanytime tin&ha in thDugh I6 inthisnotiG8atanytimab6to a Cl m otL in the anDunt 1-1612, 38 0D0, 1M015, Fb Un,1-1 5, 37 , 0.0125,115 -30; S2,882.o9; S1.42; JEFFREY A. b8to th8twst86'ss 6otyour t 68 foreclosu pDc6du lhe und6kignad hu ee's sal6 ot (S6a Exhbk A,wrm 201 85M5, S2.254.12, 1 2n014, 201 54120, |, 2 BEDROOM PEWOUSE HonBERGER, 5 coum lim8sha inl6 .ltyou donol tablirn6din Se ion 721.856, otyourtim8shar6in 8 .ltyou inte st accwi brt at Me S1.11; Omar A Ga ia, 9250 U,4N.94,S1.21; s AV, MRYYEAR; 10807R111; CIR, BRIGANTINE, NJ 08203- obj8 tolh8us8ofth8tw5t88 horida Statutas. Any right donotobja tolhausaolMe r e ot (Sea Ex . A per Fountainablaau Blvd N1O5, Va n, Urb Ja ines De La 611012017; S6,1 .62; S3.o1; 2744; 0.0125 gs, foBlosu pDc8dul8, you will you may have to inrtata the t 86 to closu procedu,day, and &orded in under Miami, FL 33172, 1 2 Floating, FayeWe, Calle o c 34, A yo, SHERRY s. SANCHQ 0.0125 0 9b,21203-52, notbe subj6rfto a d6fici6ncy morfgag6 a 6r acc6laration you will not be wbja lo a in w m N (s86 Mibrt 1-1701, 5 0DD, 112n015, PROO714,1l2#ISaa n-Float BRIAN T. SEWARD, 11 FAYS 21205-9, ||, ||, 2 BEDROOM, judgmantevenitthe p caeds,b6 punuam to the tanw d6fiti8ncy judgB 8v6n rf A,ot e Public R ords ot 201800165555, 82,254.12, klnoat Unk, 1-1008, w AN, LYNN, MA 01904, 2 BEDROOM, EVERV YEAR, t mth6 al8otyourti Brna ot Me mo gage. You may the proc68ds hom the 5al8 Orang6 County, Florida, and 81.11;JogeLRangeland sa ODD,1MO14.2O18 5412O, 0.0043 9b, 2710-46 MRY YEAR, 1078212833; int6r8 ara insumci6nt to choose to sign and send to ot your timesha int6 st tha unde ignad T as G Vlllatana, 7001 Dram ic S2,254.12, S1.11; E, ||; 1 BEDROOM MRY 611v2017; S8,844.41; $4.36; oWset the amounts s u d he undenigned t stee lhe are insumciant to oWset ha appoint6dby gat6.h8Pby way, Las Vegas, NV 89130, N Ay a Roche, 784 UR8 MN NUMBERED YEAR; DA D ROBERT MIDDLETON. by lhe mortgage lien. entlosed obi6ction torm, amounts sacured by the lien. formally notmes (s66 Exhibit 112 Floating, 1-1905, 1110DD, Monte Re E1, C la o c 34, 20170215974; 6 &2017: JR. and ELIZABETH GREENSPOON MARDER, L,ex cising your right to objecl By: GREENSPOON MARDER, A th due to your tailuF8 to 1 v2014, 201 800 65555. Guayama, PR 00714. 1 2 | $2,485.73; 81.23. VANDERBURG MIDDLETON Twstaa. to th6 use ot th6 tw tee P.A Tw ee. pay th6 annu aN6N nt(5T $2,254.12, $1.11: Genoveva S6a5on-Float W68Mloat Unit, SeDtemb r 21,16 11902 LAWINGS CORNER DR, NIBIT A - NoncE OF fo&losura pmedura. Upon QHIBrr "h" - NoncE OF due on (Sae Ewhibrt A and Rangal, 304 o hid Dr, La5 1-1 8, 2V0DD, 112n014, L17193O HuNnRsvlLu, NC 28078- DEF^ULTAND INTENTTO Me undenigned t ea's DEFAULT AND INnNT TO all (s) th8r6aRar, V6gas, NV 89107, 112 Floating, 201800154120, S2.254.12, 2310, 0.008700000009b; FORECLOSE recaipt ot your signad obj6rtion FORECLOSL you a wBt in detauW 1-1905, 11 0DD. 1lV2014, S1.11: Richad B Nap wa 21413-30; ||; 1BDRM CONTRACT NO.l OWNER(ST, torm, th6 to Glosura ot the Own6r(s)IObligor(s), Ti sha ot your obligation5 to pay 201 800 65555. S2,254.12, and Ba ara Naprawa, 433 NoncE OF DEFAULT AND PENTHOUSUPLUS; EVERY OBUGOR(S) ADDRESS, Unk, morfgaga wrfh spa to the lnt6 st, BuildingWnil, Waak, ass8Nm8ms due o W6rtgata 81.11; Maria L Rangel, 1979 D6von St, Keamy, NJ 07032. | TO FORECL E YEAR: 1068v1761;612112017; h, OccupanU, De uW defauW spatmed in this notica Datault Date, BooWPag6 of onthetollowing d8Krib8d 18al BEESLEY DR, Las Vegas, NV 112 Floating, 1-1010, 1V0DD, RL vnc^noN WrrN: S4.972.o7; $2.45; DAVID Dat6, D6linqu8nt A Dunt, Per shall be subje to lh6 judicial R6cod8d Len, Amount, Per pDp6r locat6d in Orange 89156,112Floating,1-1905,111 1l2l2o14, 201800 54120, . MCWIUIAM HARAWAY and DiamAmount toreclowre pmedu only. Diem Amou : Manson L Coun,florida: (S86 Exhibrf ODD,1lV2O14,2O18OO 65555. 82,254.12, $1.11; Cha D Pu uant to S6ction EUENALLEN HARAWAY, 5685 Contra No./ Undivided You hava the rigM to cura Tarbin,524McinnisSpringsRd, A fi B Sha lnlarest(s) $2,254.12, 81.11; Eduardo Long and Tulya T Long, N192 721 .856, Florida Slatrtes, AUEN RD, HERNANDO, MS Tenant lnte al Phasa Vacation your d6tauW in tha manner s& Ha i6sburg, MS 39401, 1n,Ts86 Mibk A atcording to A Lozano, 2417 River Chase JoannMarieDr NewBaWimo , the und8r5ign8d Tw5t88 38632-9638,0.01250000000 ; Own6nhip Mt Rec Book/Paga forth in lhis notice at anytima S6ason-Float WeeMloat Unk, the Tlå Plan tor Me Dr, Mon e, NC 28110, 1n Ml 7. 1n #ISeason-Float a5 appoinled by HILTON 1215-21; |, 2 BEDROOM PLUS; D6tault Date Amount Per Di6m b8for6th8t ee's sal6 otyour 1-1002, 34/0DD, 1121z014, W8stgat6 Palace, &oded Valu6 Season-Float Weakl Whoat Unk, 1-1102, 241 RESORTS coRPoRAnoN MRY YEAR; 10870R489; Ownen(s)IObligo sT ln tiaareinteP .ltyou do not 201800/37480, 82,254.12, in the omci Recotds 8ook Float Unrf, 1-1912, 45 EN, ODD, 112n014,201 154120, e ina & t& d to a5 612812017; $8,844.41; a.36; Com Dn lnteBt ContDl obje to the use ot ha t ee $1.11; #axis D Ta in, 115 7010, at Page 1467, ot the 1 1201 4, 201 800165555, 82,254.12, 81.11; Elizabeth HiWon") he by torm ANDREW JOHN MCMILLAN No.(s) lnte WSu e T fo losure proG8du ,you will NorfhwestCir,HaWiasbug.MS Publit R ods ot orgnq 83,314.76, 81.63; Elisa c M |, 285 Sco sdale Sq, notifies you that you have 3550 ESPLANDE WAY APT or Docum6nt # Delinquent nol b6 subje o a d6fici8ncy 39401, 112 l S6 n-Float Coun,florida (the Pl . Lozano, 101 Eagl6 c Dr. Wint6r Par FL 32792. 1 2 All defaulted und6r e Note and 1208. TALLAHASSEE, FL Amount judgm8nt6ven rf h6 proc66ds W68WFloat Unk, 1-1002. 34 Tog&h& w h th6 right to Manh6ws,NC281O4,1/2valu8 Season-Fbat Mlo Unk, Morfgaga ld8d in O.R. 32311-3750 MARSHA LYNN Add ssOccupancl hom he saleofyourtimeshaP ODD, 11v2014,20180013 480, oc py, punu t to tha Plan, Saason-flo Wae hoat Unrt, 1-1104. 3V0DD, 112 014, Book (s Exhibk A.) at Page, MCMIUAN, 39 KOHEN RD, MELISSA NICHO LIPARl int& t a in5u ci8nt to $2,254.12, 81.11; Joyc M Unh(sT (s68 Exlibk A,during 1-1912, 45 EN, 11v2014, 201 541 20, S2,254.1 2, IS88Exhibh A PublicR8colds BROOKSNUE, FL 34601- 8577 SERENA CREEK AVE, ot et the amounts setu d St at, 1807 Elmwood Ave, Unh W86k(s) (s Exhibk A,201800l65555, S3.314.T6, t1.11; J u5 M |, 14649 ot O nge Coun norida, by 2766; 0.0125 0096; BOWON BEACH, fl 33473, by th6 mortg a lian. By: FolGroW,PA19O32,1l2Floating, during Assignad Yea sl, (Sea 81.63; Na sh D Motwani and Lady Vlc oria Blvd, O ando, tailing to mak6 We par 21205-17: ||; 2 BEDROOM o 11012- GREENSPOON ARDER, uP, 1-1003, 4310DD, 1 2n015, Mibh A .6145Ca &Drive, Anha N Motwani, 34 Gwnauer FL32826, 112 ISeason-Flo du6 on (S68 Ewhibh A and MRY YEAR, 1093512391; 5E, |, 1 BEDROOM EVERY T a6. 201 800137480, S2,254.12, O andoFL32819 ainTlme Ave, Saddla 8DO NJ 07663, W flo Unk, 1-1104, 3v ,sub56qu8nl Rayl ms. 612012017; 84,257.83; $2.10: EVEN NUMBERED YEAR, NIBlr n" - NoncE OF 81.11; Chester c Sang y. 2 Sha PlanpDp6 Addt8x"), 1,on-Float w68kl ODD, 1M014,201800154120, You cunantly owe iWon Me UOYD WAYNE uwls and 1090819104, 7/17 2017; DEFnuLT nND INnNT TO F skip Zerba N, Mohnton. Building in lme Shal8 noal Unk, 1-205, 30 H0U, S2,254.12, t1.11: F nt T anDuntot(S88Exhibh A RHONA E. uwls, 7782 $2,240.40: $1.10; CURW FORECLOSE PA 19540, 112 Floating, Plan p peW d M"). As 1n 2015, 2018 655M, Land,7230 Benson, New und id6d I6nam in common INDIGO ST, MIRAMAR, FL PATRICE JONES 4516 CONTRACT NO.l OWNER(S), 1-1003, 4310DD, 11212015, a rasuW oflhe ato ioned $4,258.80, $2.10; William L o 8an5,LA7o127,1nFI0 ing, inte in Phase (s66 Mibk NO23-5879: 83,626.42; 81.79; BRIDLE RIDGE RD, UPPER OBUGOR(S) ADDREN, Unit, 201800137480, $2,254.12, defauW, W8 gat6 he by & s Watson Sr, 1171 Glebe Slr t, 1-1110, WN, 112 014, A otRLvAcAnoN sums, USA CORRIN G GER, 9517 MARLBORO, MD 20772-8154, Wee OKupanU, DefauW S1.11; L5a A Sang&, 1631 to 56|| the PD punuan Taunton, MA o, 112 Floating, 201800154120, S3,314.76, asd crib in eD la tion 70TH KEN0SH WI53142- BRITT NY NICHE PRA Date, D6linqu8nt Amoum, Per ROBERT RD, Lanca er, PA to S ion 721.855, florida 1-402, 30nvEN, 1l212014, S1.63: Jeanina T Jennings, ot Covanants. Condkions 7611; o. o oo%; 12401 BRICKVARD BLVD APT Diem noum 17601, 1 2 floating,1-1 3,4y St . PBasa be advis 201800/65555, $3,314.76, 83 p mano SIApt114, New and Rertrirtions th&aot as 21201-38 o; ||; 1 BEDROOM; 27, BELTSVILLE, MD 20705- Contrart No.T Undividad ODD, 1 v2015,201800 37480, th in Me 8v6nt that your 81.63; ro Toa, 2155 w O 6ans,LA7O118,1l2FI0ating, Bord8d in O.R. Book 9129, EVERY ODD NUMBERED 1334; 0.00870000000 ; Tenant lnte al Phase Vatation 82,254.12, $1.11;John Rogen, obligationisnotbDughtwat 52nd St, Hialeah, fl NO16, 1-1110, WN. 1 v2014. Page 1091 in lh6 Public YEAR; 2016001 1226; 2808-8; ||; 1 B EDROOM Own8r5hip Mt Rec BooWPage 69 N C6ntre Ave, L885port, PA flncluding the pay nl of any 112 Floating, 1-501, 24 EN, 2018 54120, 83,314.76, R6cods ot Orange Coun,6116n017; 82 361.5o; 81.16; EVERY YEAR: 20160206N3: DetauN DateAmountP&Diem 19533, 112 Value S6ason-Float tees incu by We gate in 1/212014. 201 655M, $1.63; Jos6 A Lenu5. 2 3 Florida, and all nd Bms VANESSA HOLDEN 13164 711712017; $3,729.48; $1.a4; owners(sVobligor(s) ln WeeMloat Unit, 1-1107, 3& commencing thi5 to losu &3,314.76,81.63. C over Cir, CanolWon, TX therato (the D laration . sw 2 h nR, MIAMl, FL GARY THEO WATSON a ComnDn,e Control ODD, 11v2014,201800137480, p c8NT wkhin thirty (30) S p mbar 1,28,2O18 75007, 112,Saason-Float Grantee ows a (See Exhibk M175-1332 VINCE ANDRE SHERRY DIANNE WATSON No.(s),e WSurfe Type/ $2,254.12, 81.11; Megan days hom the fir dat6 ot L17197O w86kmoal Unk, 1-1201, 2u A") Suite wkh eve (s86 ATHERW, 15210 sw 23rd B ARTHUR CALVIN WATSON or Dowment Dalinquent M Rog6n, 326 Lau,Rd publication, lh6 und6nign8d ODD, 1 2n015, 201800154120, Mibit A") otcupancy rights in ST, MIAMl, FL 33185-5701; B QUTINA JOHNNEE Amount Orwigsbug, PA 17961, 112 Tw 68 shall p c66d wkh S2,254.12, 81.11: LeWi A accordance wh the pDvisions 0.0125 000009b; 21114- WATSON, 1105B SKYUNE Add NOccupancy Valua Sea5on-Float Weehl tha sale ot he Prop6r as NoncE OF DEFAULT AND LBws, 1945 Chasham Dr, ofth6 D6cla tion. PDj8rt 45- 51; ||; 2 BEDROOM PLUS; CIR, MARSH MN 56258. KAlnlN JOY MCLACHLAN Float Un,1-1107, 3810DD, p vided in &ion 721.855, INTENT TO FORECL E CanolWon. M 75007, 1 2 #| lnt8 alContDINumb8 s):(S86 EVERY YEAR; 20170026075; 0.01250000000,2511-23, 8256 XERXES AVE s, 11212014, 20180013T480, Florida Stat es, in which ca5e, WESTGATE PALACE FILE: S6ason-Flo Wea flo Unrf, Ewhibk A . 11272 D85tog8s 6128 2017; $6,971.09; $3.44; ||, 2 BEDROOM EVERY YEAR; BLOOMINGTON, MN 82,254.12, $1.11: Rosely he und sign6d Twstee shall: 281 . 2 1-1201, 2V0DD, 11v2015, Ave, O ando, FL 32836, APRILLADAwNcuRns,21o2 20160619346; 7 20 017; 55431, 0.0 2 00096, Wells, 2156 SE Midow Rd, (1) p vide you th wrman Punuant to ation 20180 54120, $2,254.12, Building marein Tl Sha s 137TH AVE APT B; TULSA, 83,322.04; $1.64; ZOR DA 11503-3E, |, 2 BEDROOM Port Saint Luci6, FL 34952, notice ot lhe sa,including 721 .855, Florida St as, 81.11; Roy F Wa s, 1614 Plan ( perfy) Addr6M"T. As OK 74134; 0.00430000000gb; ORTIZ-MORAN, oRnz- PENTHOUSE MRY 1 2 floating, 1-1403,25nvEN, lhe data. ti and lotation wEsTGAn PALACE B6lWow8r Ct, Le sville, TX ar uW orthe afor entioned 11013-20 E; |; 1 BEDROOM MORAN, SAMUEL MORAN- MN NUMBERED VEAR, 1/2/2014, 201800137480, th& t: (2T Racord Me notic6 OWNERS AssoclAnoN, 75 7. 1n Value Season-Float detault, HiWon h aby ae s EVERY EVEN NUMBERED BRAVO, 60 WNGSLAND AN 20170229371. 511912017, 83,314.76, $1.63; Nathaniel ofsal6inth8 PublitRecordsot INC. ereinaWer te ad to o Unrf, 1-1203. v to sell Me p punuam YEAR;2O17O324171:7l2/2O17; APT 7c, BROOKLYN, NY 83,765.2o; $1.86; ABAYOMI Walls, 609 N 23rd St, Fort Orange County, Florida; and I3) as Westgate"), has Pco ad ODD, 1n12014, 201800 54120, to Sa ion 721.856, Florida 82,493.6o; $1.23; RICARDO 1 1211-1N7,0.0125 09b, ADEUKE THOMAS a BERYL Pi6rc8, FL 34950, 112 Floating, Publish a copy ot th6 nolic6 ot a Claim of Lian in lhe amount $2,096.12, 81.o3; Barbara 8 alutas. Plaase be advi d GOMU 1802 MARIGOLD 0.0125,11503-19, OLUFOLAKEH B JEREDYN 1-1403, 25nvEN, 11u2014, sale two (2T times, once each ot (See Exhibit A ), wi h Plumm&, 660 NW 37lh Ave that inthB 6v8mthatth8 d6bt ST, MISSION, TX 78572- 11503-14, |,|, 2 BEDROOM THOMAS, 122 BRUNEL 2018 /37480, g3,314.76, wae tor two (2l Succ8Miv8 int8R accwing at th6 Unh 37, Fort Laudadala, FL owedtoHiltonisnotpaidwithin 3153 ROSA G. GOMU, 8511 PENTHOUSE, DRIVE, BIGGUSWADE, $1.63; AWhaa J Hedgepa,weeks, in an Oranga County rate of (s66 Exhib A par M311, 1 2 V ue Season-Flo thirfy-fiv6(35)daysaW6r&8im ANACO TES ST HOUSTON, 2 BEDROOM PENTHOUSE, BEDFO SG18 8BJ ENGLAND, 3932 Lau,Band Court, n8w5p,p vid wch a day, and r8tod6d in und Mloat Unh, 1-1204, 161 otthis notite, la und igned M 77061,0. 0000000%; EVERY YEAR, EVERY YEAR, 0. 87000,1808-16, Snellville, GA 30039, 112 Valu6 n8w5pap8r 6xi s at tha ti in m6nt w (Saa Exhibrf ODD,1l2 O15,2O1 I5412O, Twst6a sh,pm68d w h Me 1801-19 E; |; 1 BEDROOM, 201 70300726; 41251201 7; |, 1 BEDROOM EVERY YEAR, S8a5on-Float W68Mloat Unk, ot publishin lf you tail to A,ot tha Public R o s ot S2,254.1 2, $1.11: Rithard sal8otth8PD asprovided MRY MN NUMBERED $15,300.38; 87.55; HEUNA 20160128186; 51241201 7; 1-1405, 441NEN, 1n12014, tu the de uW as set lorfh Orange Coun,Florida, and Ocampo,114PiD mPl,Valley in S6 ion 721.856, Florida YEAR; 20170342666; GARC 6371 BLACKBERRV S3,832.9o; $1.89; ANTHONV 2018 137480, $3,314.76, in lhis nolic6 or taka other th6 und8nign6d T 86 as Sl am, NY 11580. 112 Value Statutas. Punuant to S6 ion 6126 2017; $2,493.60; 81.23: CT, GILROY, CA 9502 3424, JOHN DELMASTRO S1.63; Rocio Del Castillo and appDpriat8 artion w h rega appointad by Wesl,he y Season-Float W Mloat Unit, 721.656, norida Statut,the WESW GYLES MANIS, 0.0043,11412- 8036 RED nRN cou Joal P6 z, 1826 so Pm6 tothistoBlosu ma er, you tormal notm6s ( Exhibh 1-1403, 2 0DD, 11v2014, undenignad T sh |: (1) 111 SYCAMORE DR, 45E, |, 1 BEDROOM EVERY SACRAMENTO, CA 95843 Lane, C rtal Lake, IL 60014, risk lo ng ow rnip ot your A Matdueto yourt lu to 201 54120, $2,254.12, PDvid8youwkhwrm8nnotic8 ROGERSVILLE, TN 37857- EVEN NUMBERED YEAR, KELLY M. DELMASTRO, 112 Value S6ason-Float w66kl ti a int thDugh lhe pay th6 annual auass m(s) S1.11: Su5an OGampo, 171 otMe sale, in uding th6 date, N53, o. ooooooo,1064511303; 10126n017; 4624 FoRREsnRwAY, Float Unh, 1-14,4810DD, t ea clo5ul8 procedu du6 on (Sae Exhibh A and NoM Corona Av6, Valley time and,n l r, ) 11012-390, |, 1 BEDROOM, $1,385.60; 8o.68; DNONE ANnLoPE, CA 95843-5803, 11212014, 201800/37480, e ablishadin S6rtion 721.8M,aN8um8nt(s) theraaW St am, NY 11580, 112 v ue Racod anoticeotsaleinMe MRY ODD NUMBERED LEE M CHEU QESHA 0.012 9b, 1314- 82,254.12, $1.11; Anthony Florida Statrt65. You may you a tu ently in detauW S6ason-Fb weekmoatunh, Publit R ods ot ORANGE YEAR, 10M&5777; 7 8 017; LYNE# SMITH, 111 ELM 13, |, 2 BEDROOM PLUS a Carfer and Ayesha L choose to sign and ad to of your oblig ions to pay 1-1403, 2 0DD, 11v2014, Coun,Florida; and (3) Publish 82,244.o4; S1.11. LANE, THIBODAUX, LA MRV,20170324148; Cart 1951 NW 184M sl, lh6 undenigned twrtaa an aN85sm8nts du6to gate 201 54120, t2,254.12, a topyotth8 notiG ot5al8two S pt m 21,2& 2018 70301,o 5n512017;S8,215.00; $4.05. Opa-Locka, FL MO56, 112 ob ontorm, exercising our onthetollowing d8Krib al t1.11; Maria s Gi ld,908 (2) times, onte each w tor L171929 280140E; ||; 1 BEDROOM b 21,18 Value Saason-Float w86hl rightloob toth6 u58o the pD located in Orange B nd Dr, H&ndon,VA2O17O. two (2) wtc8Niv8 w,in an EVERY EVEN NUMBERED L1T1927 Floal Unit, 1-1408, 4310DD, t ae to losu pDc8dur6. County, Fbrida: (See Ewhibk 112 Valua -float wkl ORANGE County new,YEAR; 10957 8821; 7 24n017; 11212014, 20180 37480, UponM6und8r gn8dt 68's A.) fime Sha lnt (s) F Unh, 1-1403, 4510DD, pDvid8d swh a newspap& NoncE OF DunuLTnND S3,2o9.92; S1.58; JENICA g2,254.12, 81.11; Ma E iptofyoursi 6dobj8rfion Ts86 Exhibk A at ding to 1 2014, 2018 54120, axi s e ti B ot publ hing TO FOREWOSE M. RANDOLPH JAUSA L. NoncE OF DunuLT hND Castaneda, 115 N Bermuda torm, th6 t w of We the Tlmasharing Plan tor the t2.254.12. 81.11; Jolg8 L lt you t,to th6 de uW RLvAunoN WITU: HAWKINS; 837 MoNnREv INnNTro FORECL E St,Waco,M 76705, 112 value lien w h Qtothe datauW We gata Palaca, dad Gi ez, 2 66 d e sq, a5 58t torfh in thiE notice or . ST DUQUESNE, PA 15110, wurGnn p CE nu: Season-Float kmoat Unk, 5p m6d in this no shall in the O ci R6 s Booh Sla ing, VA 20165, 112 Value tak8 othar aPP priata artion Punua to Se ion 0.004300 96; 21012- 1 1-1409, 4nNN, 1wn014, be subj lo a juditia 7010. al Pag6 1467, ot a saason-no w Unh, thr6gadto ist losu 721.856, Florida S at 6s, 20E; ||; 1 BEDROOM MRY Punuant to &ion 201800 37480, S3.314.76. lo osu p u on . Publit R ords ot O ng6 1-1403, 4y0DD, 1nn014. 6r, &| wn# due and Me undan ned Twstea EVEN NUMBERED YEAR, 721.855, norida St es, 81.63;RaginaChanauW,515W Youhavetharighttocu our County, norida ha PB . 201 120, W,254.12, ow g und a Nota and as appoim6d bd HILTON 201703 675; 7 2 017; wEsTGAn PALACE Mstina,RoundLake,IL6OO73, d&auWinthe mann& set orth Tog&her whh the rigM to S1.11; Hilano Noe Ba i a Morfgaqa sh,be acca&aled RESORTS co PoRAnoN S2,26o.8o; g1.11; JASMINE OWNERS Assoc noN, 1n Valua Season-Flo w inthi5notic6&anytimab&o otcupy, punuant to the Plan, and Juana B rti a, 646 and,b imn di&a inak a to as NICOU MASK MONIQUE INC. e inaR t to Flo Unk. 1-1409, 45nvEN, the undenignad t rt 's 5ala Unklsl(S66Exhibit A"),du ng hlphur, Hou on, M 77034, due and payabl . Addkional,Hi on"l h& by tonnal MASK6 a5 W gate"), has &ordBd 1M014, 201 37480. otyourti&a im&art.ltyou Un w88k(5) (s68 Exhibh A.), 1 2 flo lng, 1-1404, 3910DD, a5 a suW otth6 da uW, you notmes you th you hava NIGEL CORTQ MAS a Cl m otLanintha unl M,314.76, S1.63; Won c donotobj to 6u58otth8 duri qk nad Y 5), (Sea 1M015, 201800154120, risk losing ownanhip ot your d8tauW6d under th6 Note and 170 LASALU STRE ol (S86 Exhibk A,wkh ChanauW, PO Box762,Round tw to cbw pmedu,M. . ".6145Ca Dnve, W,254.12, t1.11; p ri a | tim8shal8 inte through th6 Morfgaga Bord8d in O.R. MANSFIELD, OH 44906; int acG ina at Me Laka, IL 60073, 1n Value you,not b6 wb rf to a O andoFL32819 a n Goodrith,POBox89,Box69, t ea t losu pm6du Book(See Exhibit A")atPage, 0.0043 00000 ; 11213- r e of (S6a Exhl A ) p6r Season-Float weekmoat Unh, deficieW judgm6nt aven rf Sha Plan(Prop&NAdd,B Dav6nport, NY 1 , abl hedin&ion721.856, (SeaExhibk A.)PublicR ords 48E; li 1 BEDROOM M day, and ded in under 1-1409, 45nvEN, 1nn014, th6 pm s hom tha sale Building me in fima Sha 1n V u6 n-Fbat w Fbrida 6s. Any rigM otO ng6 Coun Florida, by MN NUMBERED inrt m t n (s66 Mibrf 201800137480, 83,314.76, ot your m ha inta Plan ( Dp8rfyT Add s5"l. flo Unk, 1-1406, 4110DD, you may have to in ate Me t ling to maka th6 p y nt 20170378872; 7 25n017: -A,ot e Public R s ol g1.63;St6phan EAnenauW,94 a inwmci t to o & th6 a suW otthe ato tion6d 1 2 014, 201 54120, mo gag6 aWer acc6|6 ion dua on (See Exhibh l and 82,113.O4:S1.O4; Orange County, norida, and Oak St, Ston6ham, MA 2180, unh Bu d by Me li6n. detauW,W65tgat8h8r8by8| s S2,185.12, $1.08; Kann&h will be punuant to ha terms all subs6qu8nt payents. S ptembar 1,18 the und6nignad Tw ae as 1 Valu6 Saason-Flo wea By: GREENSPOON MARDER, to sell th6 p party punuant J G drich, 1u3 Di nd ot Me Drtgag8. You may You cun ntly ow6 Hilton tha L 171931 appointed by w6 gat8, he lo Unk, 1-1411, 37 H0LE, LL,T . lo Se ion 721.855. Florida Springs Rd, Box 69, figinia choo58 to sign and 5and to amountof(See EwhibitwA )9b tormal not 85 ( ea Ex . m2o14, 201 800137480, HIBlr n - NoncE OF alut6s. Please ba advi58d Beach, VA 2,1n Value he undenignad t 86 Me undivided tenant in common A th dueto your tailu to 85,568.88, S2.75; Diana M DUhULT hND INTENT TO hat in th6 evem that your saason-noal W Mloat Unk, enclosed objarfion torm, int in Phase (See Exhibit NoncE OF DEFnuLT nND pay th6 annual aN8ssm8nt(5) nauW, 125 N Lowell Rd, FORECLOSE: obligationisno bDughtcu t 1-1406, 41 0DD, 1T2n014, 8x6 ising your right to obj6 A ot RL vAcAnoN sums, INnNT TO FORECLOy due on (Saa Exhibrt A") and Windham, NH 3087, 1 Value Owne syObligo s), fimasha flncluding the payent ot any 201800154120, $2,185.12, to lh6 use ot the w tea as describedintheDeclaration RL vncAnoN wlru:,a t(s) thereaR&, Season-Float w wnoat lnt,BuildingWnh, w68 fees incu ed by W8stgat6 in 81.o8; Mc G G BuWaloe, toreclosu pmedu . Upon ot Covenants, Conditions 3 . 1 you aR cu ent in detauN Unk, 1-1411, 37 H0U, DetauW Date, BookRage of commencing this tor losu 106 Ha s St, Seaboad, NC the undenigned t e6's and Restri ons thareof as Pursuant to S6rfion ot your obligations to pay 1/u2014, 201 800137480, Recoded Len, #nount, Per pDc8NT wkhin thir (30) 27876, 112 floating, 1-1410, v B8ipt or your signed objertion racoded in O.R. Book 9129, 721 .856, Florida Stat es, ass8Nments due to Westgata $5,568.88, 82.75; Adetokunbo Diem Amoum: Arial Clavijo days hom the fim dat6 of ODD, 11v2014, 201800154120, torm. the toRclosu of M6 Page 1091 in the Public th6 und6nign8d Twsl86 on the tollowing described raal B oks, 7016 Jasper Dr, and Hayd86 Clavijo, 8065 NW publication, lhe undenigned $2,254.12. $1.11; Shi ey D morfgage wkh respe o tha Records ot Orange Coun,as appointed by HILTON p pe y located in Orange Plano, TX 75074, 112 All 8 s Apt w7, Miami, FL 33126, Twst6a shall proceed wkh BuWaloe, 6 Sesame Ct Apt detault specified in this notite Florida, and all amendm6nts RESORTS coRPoRAnoN Coun,Florida: (Sae Exhibit Season-Float WeeMloat Unrt. 1/2 Floating. 1-1001, 110DD, the sala ot the Property as 2B, Reisters own, MD 21136, shall be subjert to the judicial thereto (the "Declaration' . ereinaWer rete ed to as A fime ShaP lntarest(s) 1-1602, 32nvEN, 1/V2014, 1/2/2014, 201 800 65555, p vided in Section 721.855 1/2 Floating. 1-141O, 2/0DD, foreclosure procedu on . Grantee owns a (See Exhibit "HiWon") haraby tormally (See Exhibit A") according to 201 800/37480, $3,314.76,$1,295.48, 80.64; George Florida Statutes, in which case, 1/2/2014, 201 800/541 20, You have lhe right to ture '.A") Suite with eve (See notities you that you have the Tlmesharing Plan tor the 81.63: Rolando N Leon, 1971,R Ga a, 631 WesWall Ave. tha undersigned Twst68 shall: $2,254.12, $1.11; Els e L your detault in th6 manner set Exhibit "A") occupancy rights in defaulted under the Note and Westgate Palaca, recordad Calle Salvia, Guaynabo, PR San Antonio, N 78210, 1 ' (1) Provide you with wrmen Cwz and Gerard Cwz. 652 torth in this notice at any time actordanca with the provisions Morfgage recoded in O.R. in the OWicial Records Book 969, 1/2 Value Season-Floal,All Season-Float Week/Float notita ot the sale. including Everlasting Way, Locust berore the tws a6's sale of your ot lhe Declaration. 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