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September 21, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 21, 2018

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PAGE 10B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER 21, 2018 638-0812 JAPAN, 4 lnte,No.(s) lnte WSuke Type/ EVEN. 11v2014, 201&102141. DetauW Date, Boo Page of Share Plan (P per ) Address . 201&65549, S4.427.52. 82.18: $4,427.52, S2.18: Paul Ca illo, lnterast Number: I02703, or Document N D inquent 83,346.67. $1.65; La Chauon R ded Lien, Amount, Per Building e in Time ShaR NoncE OF DEFAULT AND Elaine R Ginste and Ed h L 1944 Sho Dr Apt 147, I02704, I02705, I02706, Club Amount c BishoP. 1087 Ellicon D, D m unt: Odell Mkchell Plan (P per ) Add ss"). As INnM TO FORECLOSE Beck and Arnold E 8eck, 9,ing, M7 1. 1 Season 3, Points:1OOO, Use Year Address Occupancy BaWi DR, MD 21216, 112 Bullhog Ct Gibsonton, aresu otthe atorementioned RVS AT ORLANDO Pollack Dr, Ma boD, NJ 07746, M-304. 40 H0U, 11v2014, Commencement: 0110112018; JOCELYNE MAuRlcmE Floaling, 1-1907, 5nvEN, FL N534, 1/2 Floating, d&auW, Westgate he by elects CONDOMINIUM 3|0Q. 1 Season 1, 0-321, 9 H0LE, 2018 550, g4,427.52, Mp.IO27/O3,O4, 05,06, HIDEKI HOUEDAN 14570 SHANNON 11v2014, 20181102141. 1-1 4, 44nvEN, 1/v2014, to sell the Proper punuant Pufiuant to S ion 721.855, 11v2014, 201&65549, $2.18; Joel A F andez and INUl, 998-95 HIGAIMOTO p APT 701. $3.346.67, $1.65: J 201&0102223, 83,346.67, to Sertion 721.855, Florida Florida Stat es, s- a,427.52. 82.18; Kenneth w Monica D F&nandez. 2999 OYODO-CHO YOSHINO-GUN ROSEMOUNT, MN 55068- Mc Lendon and lr8n6 Mc S1.65;EmogeneSmkhMkchell, St es. Please be advised ORLANDO CONDOMINIUM Adams and Janet F Adams. Ryan Ct. Tu . CA 93274, 1 NARA-KEN638-O812JAPAN,4 4196:0.008700000oo :2408- Lendon, 1004 Rickman c 203 Lak6 p ns Gm Unk lh in the event that your AMOCIATION, INC. c o Tlmesha Sol ions, Season 3, N-214, 45 WH0LE. lnte st e Numbar: 3g; ||; 1 BEDROOM EVERY Rd, F nklin, NC 28734, 112 107. Brandon, FL 33511, 112 obligation is not bDugh cunant e inaWer te d to as LLC, 937 E Oakmont Ave, 112n014. 20180065550, I02703, I02704, I02705, I02706, YEAR; 1088918202; 7112n017: Flo ing, 1-1908, 43nvEN, F ng, 1-1 4, 44nvEN, [lncluding the pay Pnt ot any We gate',has Bod8d a Oranga,CA92867, 1 Season 1, $4,427.52, 2.18; James Club Points:1OOO, Usa Year $3,442.22; $1.70: KIMBERLY 11v2014, 20181102141, 1M014, 201&.0102223, fees incunad by We gate in Claim of Len in the amount 0-321, 10 H0LE. 11v2014, T T pl&on and Shi ey Commencement: 0110112018: PATRICK BUSH a PRESTON $3,346.67, $1 .65: Dani& W,346.67, $1.65; Maria s commencing this toreclosu of (See Exhibk A,wkh 201&65549, $4,427.52, $2.18; Templ&on, 2 5 Wedglea MPIO27/O3,O4. 05,06, RANDOLPH BUSH: 5913 Kagwisa and Nichole Kagwia,608 Gamer Av6, p ceN) wrfhin thirty (30) inte statc ing atthe teot John Mccain Sr, 15 Covey Ln Dr. 116. D |,TX 75211, 1 TAKANORI INUl, 998-95 ou MILL ROAD, MOBILE, 712CaswyckTrate,Alpha n4 W dorf, MD 20602, 1l2 All days IDm the fir date ot (s68 Exhibk .'A") perday, and AptD,G 6nsboro,NC 27406, Season 3, 0-323, 41 H0LE, HIGAIMOTO OYODO-CHO AL 36609: 0.0125 ; GA 3 22, 112 Floating, n-Float Week/Flo Un,public ion, the undenigned recordedunderDocumentNo. 1 Season3,O-321,33 HOLE, 11v2014. 201 550, YOSHINO-GUN NARA-KEN 1110341; |, 2 BEDROOM 1-1911, 23nvEN, 1n12014, 1-1 7, 29 EN, 11v2014, Twstee shall p ceed wrth (s68 Exhibrf A,ol the Public 11v2014, 201&65549, $4,427.52, t2.18; Pam a 638-0812 JAPAN, 4 lnterest, EVERY YEAR, 201 9763: 201&102141, $3,346.67. 201 102223, $3,346.67, the sale of the p per as Recods ot Orange County, a,427.52, $2.18; Ra Jean F. Hauser and Edwald Hauser, lnte rf Number. I02703, 711v2017; S3,169.28; $1.56; $1.65; Franto J Sarto and S1.65; Syhia E Tw6lov8, p vided in Serfion 721.855, Florida, and the unde igned Quirion and Roger E auirion, P.O. Box 308, Ed Dnton, AB I02704, I02705, I02706, Club CHRISTOPHER GONZALES Yamil8CSartoR,12OO1 Wllbw 2380 Da ow Rd, Walkertown, FloridaSt es,inwhichcase, Twrtee as appointed by 11 Geoge Ave, Sanfod, ME T5Z1Y7,C A1 n2, Points:1OOO, Use Year ZARRAGA, 505 KINGS H G ve Ln. Clermont, FL 34711. NC 27051, 112 Floating, the undersigned Trustee shall: We gate, hereby formal 04073, 1 Season 3,0-321,38/ p-130, 27 H0U, 1M014, Commencement: 0110112018; MILFORD, DE 19963-1635, 112 flo ing, 1-1912, 351 1-1 7, 38nvEN, 11v2014, (1) p vida you wrth wrmen notifies (See Exhib A lhat WHOU, 11v2014,2018/65549. 2018,t4,3o1 .52, MP I51V35,36, 37,38, 39,40, 0.006200 0,1 714-50; NEN. 11v2014, 20181102141, 201 10w23, $3,346.67, notic6 of the sale, including due to your tailu lo pay the $4,427.52, 82.18; Gene $2.12; Ahin L Ransom and 41,42 B Mp.Q283l24, 25, |; 2 BEDROOM PLUS EVERY $3,346.67, $1 .65; Nelson g1.65; Paul R T elove, the d e, time and location annual aN6Mm8nt(s due Voy shyn, 39477 N Circle Ava, Shi ey J Ransom, 1386 26,27, 28,29, 30,31, 32,M, G ODD NUMBERED YEAR; 8lanco and El ab&h Fera, old Belews Cr68k Rd, thereof; (2) Recod the notice on (See Exhibit A and all Antioth,IL6OOO2,1 S8a5on1, Winde & T,R &d e. KELLY NUCKOLS, 1705 20160652735; 711412017; 7 Kellogg Ave, Schen ady, W&kerfown, NC 27051, 112 of sala in the Public Records of ass8Mm8nt(s) thareaWer, p-231, 11 H0LE, 11212014. GA,1 n 3, EUCLID AVE, BOWLING $3,163.32; $1.56; NY 12304. 1 Floaling, 1-1912, Floa ng, 1-1007, 38/EVEN, Orange Coun,Florida; and (3) you a cuBtly in de uW 201&65549, a.427.52; p-230,1 V2014. GREEN, KY 42103 UNITED SQmb r21, ,2O18 41 HOU, 1 v2014, 1n 2014, 2018/0102223, Publish a copy oflhe nolice of of your obligations to pay Osvaldo L Acosta and Ma ha 201,S4,3o1 .52, STATES, 18 lnterest, lnte L 172012 201&102141,$5,561.41, 82.74; S3,346.67, 81 .65; Phyllis sale two (2l times, onte each assessments du6 to We gate p Aco a, 4340 Loma AlegP, $2.12; Anan ik and Number. I51235 a I51236 a Wendi L Wright, 2265 Grand Williams Moo aka Phyllis week, tor two (2l successive on lha tollowing described al El Paso, M 79934, 1 Season 3, Rosarin p i 1501 I51237 6 I51238 a I51239 a Prix Dr Apt c, lndianapolis, IN William Moore, 13900 Missouri weeks, in an Orange Coun proper local6d in Orange p-232, 38 w0u, 1/2n014. Molhiew Ln IWon, TX I51240 a I51241 a I51242. NOrlCE OF DEFAULT AND 46224, 1/2 Floating, 1-907, 1 Ave, Brandywine, MD 20613, newspaper, pro ded such a Coun,Florida: (See Exhibk 201&65549, 84.427.52, 75007, 1 3, p-235, Q28324 a Q28325 a Q28326 a INnNT TO FORECLOSE EVEN, 1/212014, 20181102141, 1 2 V ue Season-Float Wee newspaper exists at the ime '.A") Tlme Sha,e ls) 82.18; Jami D lnman, 118 N 43WH0LE, 1n12014. Q28327 6 Q28328 a Q28329 6 WESTQATE PALAW FILE: $3,346.67, $1 .65; Ruuell F at Unk, 1-1007, 45nvEN, o publishinq. lf you fail to (See Exhibrf A Tl B Shar6 6th St &, Sainta G6nevi8v8, 2018,84,427.52, Q2833o 6 Q28331 a Q28332 a 182.01 Henneghan Sr and T 1n 2014, 201810102223, cure the deault as set torfh lnterest(s) in Parcel Buildlng(s)l MO 63670. 1 Season 1, $2.18; C s A Ochoa. 15755 Q28333, Club Points:45OO, Use Punuant to Sertion B Henneghan, 731 Gamble S3,3o4.67, $1.63; Samual in this nolic6 or take other Un (s)l Unk W k(sV Ass p-235, 2 H0LE, 11v2014, El E ado D M 75248. Year Commencement: 721.855, Florida Statutes. Ln, Lake C,SC 29560, 1n A Wlue, 209 N Ba e Ln, app priale a ion w h Pgad Vea s), (See Exhib. . 201&65549, a,427.52, $2.18; 1 S n 3, p-N1. 46 H0U, 0910112015 a 09/01/2018; WESTGATE PALACE Floating, 1-907, 3&0DD. N ark, DE 19720, 1/2 to this toreclosu ma er. you (See Exhibk"A . (s Exhibh Robe c Lozano and,Blda 11v2014, 201 550, MP I512/35,36, 37,38, 39,40, OWNERS AssoclAnoN. 11v2015, 20181102141. V ue Season-Floal wee risk losing ownenhip of your A"), in Designated Season T Lozano, 1703 Maplaleaf Dr, $4,427.52, S2.18: m i Kehh, 41,42 a MP Q283l24, 25, INC. (h8r6ina 6r ter d to $2,229.14, $1.10; Debo h c float UnW, 1-1007, 49nvEN, timeshare interest through the (See Exhibk"A in RVS AT Wylie. TX 75098, 1 S6ason 2, 614 Dow g Dr, Richadson, 26,27, 28,29, 30,31, 32,33, as "We g e ), has torded Perlowski, 297 Central Ave 1M014, 2018/0102223. t stee foBlosur8 proc8duR ORLANDO, A CONDOMINIUM p-N2. 22 H0LE, 11V2014, TX 7 . 1 on 3, MARYLEE NUCKOLS, 1705 a Claim of Lien in the amount Dover, NH 03820, 1/2 Flo ing. M,346.67, $1.65; AMeda established in Se ion 721 .855, according to the D lar ion 2018165549, 84,427.52, S2.18; p-331, L 1 N014, EUCLID AVE, BOWLING ot (See Exhibrt A,wkh 1-908, 1610DD, 1 V2014, c Morris, 14 Karlstad Rd, Florida Stat es. You may of Condominium the t, Don d Paul Grandmaison, 2018 5 . a,427.52. GREEN, KY 42103 UNITED inte st accwing at lhe 2018/102141,$2,275.74, New Cartle, DE 1972o, 1/2 choo58 to sign and send to Pcorded in omcial Recods 1828 Glendale Dr, Azle, TX $2.18; An lony R Tripp, 409 E STATES, 18 lnterest, lnte rale ot (See Exhib A per $1.12; Ke y Grmon, 3114 V ue S6ason-Float Wee the undenigned t ee an Book 5283, at Page 4636, of 76020. 1 Season 2, a-141, Hale Lake Rd, w sbuq, Number: I51235 & I51236 a day, and racoded in under Beacon Dr, Porf Cha o e, FL Unk, 1-1 7, 491EVEN, objection form, exertising your the Public Records ot Orange 25 H0LE. 11V2014, MO 3, 1 Season I51237 a I51238 a I51239 a in wment N (See Exhibk 33952, 112 Floating, 1-908,34 1M014, 201 &01 02223, right to objert to the use ot the Coun . Florida as amended 201 8165549, 84,427.52, $2.18. p-332, 3 0u. 11v2014. I51240 B I51241 a I51242, A"), of the Public Records ot EVEN. 1/v2014, 20181102141, $3,346.67, S1 .65; Dudley twstee fo closure p cedure. hom tin to ti B. 6950 Villa mb r21,18 2018 5 . $4,427.52, Q28324 BQ28325 aQ28326a Orange County, Florida, and 83.346.6T. $1.65; Jhonny L Madu,2168 C akview Trl, Uponthe undekignedlwstee.s de Co a Dr e, O ando. FL L172OD8 $2.18; Dejews and Q28327 aQ28328aQ28329a the undenigned Tw ee as Franco, 238 s Washin4on r, GA 30035, 1/2 Value &eiptotyoursigned obja ion 32821,meRinwfim8share Plan Dolores Y sus. 2929 Q28NO a Q28M1 6 Q28332 a appoin ed bywestgate,he by Ave, Dunellen. NJ 08812, n-Flo Wee Float Unrf, torm, the foreclosu o the (Prop8rMAdd M").Asa suW Hazelwood Dr. Ga and, N Q28M3,Club Points:45OO, Use tormal notmes ( 68 Exhibh 112 Floating, 1-910, 8nNN. 1-1 8, 21nvEN. 1/v2014, lien wkh Pspect to the defauW of the afoRmention8d defauN, NOTICE OF DEFAULr AND 75044, 1 n 3, Q-240, Year Commencement: A") that due lo your failu to 11v2014. 20181102141, 201 &01 02223, $3,346.67, specified in this notice shall RVS hereby ele s to sell the INnNT TO FORECLOSE 48 H0U, 1/2n014, 09/01/2015 a 0910112018. pay lha annual aMessment(s) $3,346.67, $1.65; Lllian w S1.65; Ca n B oks Maduro, be subject to the judicial p per punuant to Sertion RVS AT ORLANDO 2018 550. S4,427.52, September 21, 28, 18 due on (See Exhibrt A and H chinson. 3389 BDW 148-211 Lm6 StT u,Cha oWe foreclosure procedure only. 721 .855. Florida Stat es. CONDOMINIUM 31023. $2.18; Jose Luis B nas and L172O11 all ass8Mm8ntls) tha a er, Chapel Rd, Spart4 GA 31087, An lie, vl 00802. 1 2 Value You hav6 the right lo cuP your Please be advised that in th6 Pursuant o Sertion 721.855, Yolanda A as, 10420 you a cu antly in daauw 1/2 Floating. 1-912, 44nNN, n-Float WeeWFloat Unk, detault in the manner set forfh event th your obligation is not Florida Stat 8s, RVS- Twin Oak Dr, Con e, TX 77385, of your obligations to pay 11v201 4. 20181102141, 1-1 8, 211EVEN, 1/v2014, in this notice at any time betore brought cu ent (inc ding the ORLANDO CONDOMINIUM 1 Season 2, R-150, 22 H0LE, NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND assessments due lo Wa gate $3.346.67; $1.65; Andea 201&0102223. 83.346.67, th6 und6nign6d twrtee's sale paynPnt of any fees incuned ASSOCIATION, INC. 112/2014, 20180065550, INTENr TO FORECLOSE on the lollowing d6scrib8d Pal R PR on, 446 E Ten Mile $1.65; Exguiel Briceno, 508 ofyour timesha interest. II you by We5tg 8 in tommencing me ina er refe ed to as 84,427.52, S2.18; William RL VACATION SUITES: proper located in Orange Rd, Pensacola. FL 32534. 1 w 1 h t Apt 4K, New do notobi8cttoth8 use olthe thisforeclosu p cess)wkhin "Westg e'.), has recorded a Gdovic and h L Gdovic, . Coun,Florida: (See Exhibrt Floating. 1-912, 46 HOU. York, NY 10032, 1 Floating, tw ee fo closure procedure, thirty-five (35) days a er ipl Claim ot Lien in th6 amount 360 Wlnn Drive, Keswick, Punuant to Serfion A ) Tlme ShB lnte st(s) 1/v201 4. 20181102141. 1-1012, 441WH0LE, 11v2014, you will not b6 subjerf to a of this notice, the undenignad ot (Sae Exhibrf "A,w h ON L4P3BT. CANADA, 1 721 .856, Florida Statrtes, (Sea Exhibrt A atcording to $5,410.69, $2.67. 201 &01 02223, $5,622.41,deficiency judgment even it T stee shall pDceed wrm inte acc ing at the rate of Season 1. R-151, 1 H0LE, the undenigned T ee the Timesharing Plan tor th6 S&ptember21,18 $2.7T; Diana Briteno. 263 the proceeds f m the sale the sale of the Proper as (See Exhibrt A p6rday, and 11v2014, 201 550. as appointed by HILTON W8stgat8 Palace, coded L17 mDggS Neck Blvd, BDnx, of your timeshare interest provided in Set ion 721.855, cordedunderDocumenlNo. 84.427.52. t2.18: T L Ca er RESORTS CORPORATION in the OMcial Reto s Book NY 10465, 1 Floating, 1-1012, are insuMcient to oWset the Florida atrtes, in which case, (s Ewhibk A ,ofthe Public and hsan J Carf 6250 me ina er ter d to as 7010, at Page 1467, of the HOU. 112/2014, amounts secured by the lien. lhe unde igned Twstee shall: Records ot Orange Coun . Rosewood D Apl 2801, Norfh HiWon") he by form ly Public Recods ot Orange NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND 201 102223, $5,622.41,By: GREENSPOON MARDER, (1) PDvid8 you wkh wrmen norida, and the undenigned Richland H . m 76180, 1 notmes you th you have Coun,Florida (the Plan' . INrENT TO FORECLON $2.77; De ck L Brame, 51 s LLP Tw ee. nolice of the sa,including Tw as appointed by Season 2. R-152. 24 H0U, defauWed under tha Note and Together wkh the right to WESTGATE PALACE nLE: port Dr, Henrico, VA 23075, EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF the dale, time and loca ion We gate, he by tormal 1/v2014. 201 *0, Mo gage Ptoded in O.R. occupy, punuant to the Plan, 182.0101 1 Value Season-Flo Waekl DEFAULT AND INnNT TO the ot; (2) R6cod lhe noti notmes (See Exhibk A that S4,427.52. .18; R ph E Book (See Exhibrt A' at Page, Unk(s) (Sea Exhibrf A,during Punuant to Sertion F al Unk, 1-1012, 491WH0LE, FORECLOSE: of sale in Me Public Retords due to your failu to pay the Wright and WrigM, 3638 (SeeExhib .'A")Public Retords Unrf Week(s) (Sae Exhibk A,721.855, Florida St . 1 2014, 201&0102223, Owne sVObligor,Timeshara of Orange Coun,norid4 annual aN8Nm8nt(s) due Bah ,M u 6.M7515O, ot O nge Coun Florida, by during Assigned Y8a 5), (See WESTGATE PALACE S5.6u.41, $2.77; Geogina lnte,8uildin Unk, Week, and (3) Publish a copy ofthe on (See Exhibk .A and &| 1 n3,R-1N, HOLE, failing to make the payment Exhibk"A' .6145 ca ierDnve, OWNERS Assoc noN, L ToB, 552 JeWerson Ave, DelauW D&e, BooklPage of notice ol sale wo (2) times, ment(s) e aW&, 1 2014, 201 550, due on (See Exhibk A. and O andoFL32819(he in Time INC. e ina er r&enad to o,NJ 07201, 112 Recoded Llen, Amount, Per once eath week, tor two (2) you a cunant in detauW 84,427.52. U.18: CaD S ,subsequent payments. Shar8Plan(Prop8 Add N,as Westg&e,has r noabng, 1-1412, 19 EN, Diem Amount: Jason Lazo . sutc8Niv8weeks,in aOrange of your obligations to pay Goldrt n.4615 W d Ln, You tur nt owa Hilton the Building (he in ime Shara a Claim otLen intha um 1nk014, 201&0102223, 9459 Atwood Ave, Norfolk. VA County n6wspap&, pDvid8d ments due to We gate D las, TX TW44. 1 n |, amountot(See Exhib "A")gb Plan (PDp8rty) Add w ). As of (Sae Exhibrt A,w M,346.67, S1.65; Gustavo 23503,112Floating,1-1503,361 such a nawspaper exisb a on 8f0|I0wingd8Krib8d al R-250,1M014, und ided tena in common a suW otthe afo mentioned int6r8rt accwing at e E Tur and Deyani Ca ajal, EVEN, 11v2014, 2018 1993N, he time of publishing. w you pDp8rty loeed in O&ga 201 . t4,427.52. i e st in Phase (See Exhibk d8fauW,W8stgat8h8 by8|6rts te of TSea Exhibk .A NW 173rd St, Hi&eah, 83,346.67, 81.65; Roxann il to cul8 the d&auW as s Coun,Florida: ls86 Exhibk S2.16; p F WepBs, A ofRLVACATION sums, to sell the Proper punuant day, and racoded in und FL uo15, 1/2 Fbating, Bo,1037 old Kehh Rd, fo hinWisnoticeortakeoMer A fime Sha lnle rt(s) 18303 Po Drive, asdescribedinlheDeclaration to Sertion T21.855, Florida instwmenl W (See Ed ibk 1-15,3910DD, 1 2014, Wake Fo st, NC 2758T, 112 appDprial8 artion whh ard (s Mibk A Tlme Sha Humbl6,MTT 6.1S8ason2, of Covenants, Condrfions Sta utes. Please be advlsed A,ol lhe Public R s of 201 10Q23, S2,275.74. Floating, 1-1503, 36 EVEN, to th foRclosu er, you lme ls) in Pa el Building(sV R-253, 2,1M014, and Restrirtions the ot as th in the 8v6nt that your Orange Counly. Florid& and S1.12; Juan M Gu8n8D and 11v2014, 20181199353, risk losing owenhip ot your unh(sV Unk week(sV ANign8d 201,g4,427.52, coded in O.R. Book 9129, obligationisnotbDughtGu Bnt tha undarsigned Tw ee he and lsaias S3,346.67, 81.65; Roxann tim8shaR int&ert MDugh the Y s), (See Exhibrf"A,S2.18; p E C e, 2220 Page 1091 in Me Publit [lncluding the paymem ofany appoinladby gate. y h and Maria L Rico, Bo,1216 Lndse Unk t ee bRclosuR p du (s Exhibk"A,(s Mibh Gloria c Am 46, p sacola, Records ol Orange Coun,tees incu ed by gate in tormal notifies (See E brt Win RowLnApt19O1, A, Clebuma, M 760 3, 1/2 e ablishedin&ion721.855. A . in Designated Season FL 32514, 1 Season 1, Florida, and all amendments commencing this &losu A that due to your,lun to Napa. FL 34116, 1 2 Fb ing, Floatinq, 1-1503, 36nvEN, Florida St utes. You may (s Exhib "A in RVS AT R-350, 9 H0U. 1M014, ther&o (lhe Detlaration . process) wrfhin thir (30) pay We annual aN s) 1-1702, 34J0DD, 1 2015, 1 20 4, 20161199353, choose to sign and send to ORLANDO. A CONDOMINIUM 2018,t4,427.52. Grantae owns a (See Exhibk days hom the firrt d&e or du6 on (See Exhibrf A nd 201 102223, $2,255.74, $3,346.67, $1.65; Jany R th6 und6nignad t ee the acto ing to the Daclaration S2.18; TB v Ha ings and A Suite wrfh eve (See publication, tha unden ned all aN8N t(s) W&a &. t1.11: ldo Ochoa and B8rk8,215GDv8Str88t,Mount enclosed ob rtion brm, of Condominium the t, Lien Vo, 2240 Teagle Dr, Mibk A o upancyngh in T ae sh,pDc w you a cu& in de uW v mna On,Ganaderia El Ki5to, NY1O549, 1 2 Floating, 8x6 ising yourrightto objetl Bo 8d in omcial Recods Heath,TX T5 2, 1 Season 2, accordanc8wkhth8pDvisions Me sale ot the PDp8rty as ot your obligations to p R N39, Jaridines Del Tor,1-1707, 431EVEN, 11212014, to the use ot the t stee Book 5283, at Pag6 4636, ot R-353, 17 H0U, 1 2014, ofthe Declaration. PDjert 45- provided in Section 721.855, aN8Mm8nts due to W ga e MoBia 9, M ICO, 112 20181199353, $3,346.67, to closu procedu . Upon the Public Retords of O nge 2018 5 . S4.42T.52, lntervalCont INumbe s):(See Florida Stat es,in which case. onlhefollowing described ng, 1-1707, 31/0DD, $1.65; Da an Colaman and the undenign t rtee's Coun,Florida as amanded 82.18; Deb p,7413 Exhibh A . 11272 Deslo es the undenigned Tw ee shall: prop& located in 1n 015. 201&0102223, Maga t Coleman, 29A ceiptotyoursigned objertion hom tin to lime. 6950 filla Spring LeaWay,North Richland Ave, O ando, FL 32836, I1) Provide you wkh wrmen Coun,Florida: (See Mibrt W,275.74, $1.12; LaQ H6via, Bainbridge Stre&, Maldan, MA torm, the fo&losure ot the de CoAa Drive, O ando, FL Hills, M T61,1 Season 3, Building erein wfin Sha notice of th6 sale, including A fime ShaP lnt (s) 3157 NE 3rd Dr Homestead, 02148, 1/2 Floating, 1-1211, v lien w h &pert to the defauW 32821,erein Time Share Plan s-163, 42 H0U, 1M014, Plan (Prope y) Addr8N"). As Me date, time and lotation (s Exhib A accoldingto FL MON, 1/2 Floating, ODD, 1/2/2014, 20181199353, specmed in this notice shall (P per )Add ss").Asa suW 2018 550. $4,427.52, a resuW ofthe ato mentioned Me ot; (2) Re d the notite ha Timesharing Plan br e 1-1 5, 36nvEN, 11v2014, $2,275.74, $1.12; Chri opher ba subjert to the judicial ot the ato mentioned de uW, $2.18. de uW, HiWon heRby elerts otsaleinthePublic R d5or We g e Palace, 201 10v23, $3,346.67, J Ono, w 1730 Holy Hill Rd, toBlosu p cedur6 on . RVS he by elerts to sell tha S p m 1,18 to sell Me Proper punuant O ngeCoun .Florida;and(3) in the omti Re ds B k S1.65; Eri M Momo and Cecil, wl 54111, 1 Floaling. You hava lhe right to tu PDper punuant to Sertion L 172007 to Sertion 721.856, Florida Publish a copy of Me notice ot 7010, at Page 1467, of e sPMontoD,131 BukesSt, 1-1511, 38/WH0LE, 11212014, your d6 uW in the manner set 721 .855, Florida Stat es. Stat es. Please be advised sale two (2) times, once each Public Recods ot Oranga K,NJ 07032, 112 Floating, 201 811 99353, $5,469.33, torth in this no ice at any tin Please be advised thal in the that in the evem that the debt w k, tor wo T2) success e Coun,Florida (the an . 1-208, 28 0DD, 11v2014, $2.70; Tonya J ono, 5751 Hwy beto thetrustee.s sale ofyour event that your obligation i5 not NoncE OF DunuLT hND owed to HiWon is not paid wkhin weeks, in an Orange Coun Together wrfh the rigM to 201 102223, $2,275.74, p, GilleW, wl 54124, 1 Floating, timesha interert. lf you do not bDught cu ent Flncluding the INnNT TO FORECLOSE thir -fivel35)daysaWerraceipt newspaper, pDvid8d such a occupy, punuam to the Plan, t1.12: Eln r He era Hildago, 1-1511, 381WH0LE, 1/VL 014, objarttothe use otthetwrt payem of any fees incunad RL vnM wrm: oflhis notice, the undenigned n8wspap6r exi s at the ti Unk(s)(Sea Exhibh A ,during 31755 Janice Rd Lot WA16, 2018/199353, $5,469.33, foBlosu pDcadu,you will by We gate in com ancing . Tw ee sh,p ceed wkh the ot publishing II you tail to Unk Waek(s) (See Exhlbrt .A,D,DE 19958, 1 Floating, &2.70; Ha ld E Escalanta and not be subje to a daficiency this fo&losu p c8N) wkhin Punuant to &ion saleoftheP pe yasprovided cu the de uW as s& forth dunng Assigned Yea sT, (See 1-210, 271WH0LE, 11v2014, Beatrice E Escelanle, 100M judgment even rfthe pDc88ds Mirfy-five(35)days a er&eipt 721.856, Sl rtes, in &ion 721.856. Florida in this notite or taka other Exhibrt A .6145Ca &Drive, 201 102223, $5.622.41 . Ravello Blvd, Fo Myen, FL hom We sale olyourti sha of Mis noti . the unde igned the u T ae StatLrfes. Pursuant to Serfion appropriate arfion wkh gard O andoFL32819 e inTlme S2.TT; Geoge Vazquez, 320 33905,112Floating,1-1811,181 inte a insumcienttoowset T shall pmeed w h as im by HILTON 721.856, Florida Statutes, the to this IORCIOSU maWer, you Sha Planproper )Add u,B var w, Hilltose, co 80733, EVEN, 11v2014, 201&199353, the amoums secu d by the the sa of lhe p perty as RESORTS coRPoRAnoN undenigned Twstee shall: (1) risk losing ownership ot your Building 6rein Time sh 1n noating, 1-302, 34/0DD, $3,346.67, $1.65; Ma ia E lien. p vid in S ion 721.855, merei& a to es Provide you wrfh wrmen not te timesha interast th ugh the Plan (Prope y) Add M"). As 1M014, 2018/0102223, BecMord, 7050 NW 44th St EXHIB A - NoncE OF Flonda W as, in which,wHiWon bnnal of the sale, including the date, trustee b Glosu pDc8du a suW ot the ato mentioned S2,275.74, $1.12; Makey Apt 5,Laudemill, FL 33319, DEFnuLT nND INnNTTo Me undenigned Twst shall: notm you you hava tima and loc ion thePof; (2) establishedin Setlion 721.855, detauW,Wastgatehe by& C Hemandez and Roberf 112 Floating, 1-1811, VEVEN, FORECLOSE: (1) PDvid8 you wkh wrmen defauWed u Note and Retordthenoticeofsaleinthe Florida Stat es. You may to sell the PDp8rty punuam V o,228 R er S eet 11v2014, 201&199353, own6 sVobligo s). fin sha notice ot e s e, including Mo gage in O.R. Public Records ot ORANGE choose to sign and send to to Sertion 721.855, horida Apt. N1O7, Hackensack, NJ $3,346.67, $1.65; Edgado lnte,BuildingNnh, Week, le d e. nP and loc ion Book(S Exh k.A Page, Coun .Florida:and(3)Publish the undenigned t ee an Statrtas. Please be advi OT 1, 1 Floating, 1-303, Canaras Mor as and Lllian D6 uW Date, Boo Pag6 of F8 or. (2) Recod tha nolice (SeaExhibh.A PublicRe rds acopyofthe notice ofsaletwo objertionform, exekising your that in the eve th your 29 H0U, |/V2O15, AyalaRivera,UbStaPaulaL7 Recorded Len, Amount, p ot s 6 in Me Public Records of Orange Coun Fbrida. by (2T times, once each week, tor rightlo objerftothe use otthe oblig ion is not b ught cu& 201&0102223, $3.893.87, Calle Juan Ramos, Guaynabo, Diem A Dunt: ot O nge County, Florida; tailing to n ka e payment two(2)successiveweeks,in an t stee fo closu p cedu . (including the paynent ot any t1.92; Mithaal T Lane and PR 969, 112 Floating, David U rt,3124 R era and (3) Publi5h a copy otthe due on (s brt A and ORANGE County newspaper, Upontheundersignedtwrtee's lees incu by w8 g 6 in M n A,63 Equertrain 1-1209, 131WEN, 11v2014, Ave, El Paso, TX 7,1 noti of sale two (2) times, all sub q& payT ms. provided such a newspaper Rceiptofyoursign8dobj8 ion commencing this foB w D, Bu ington, NJ 08016, 1 2018/199353, 83,346.67, Season 1, M-103, 14 H0LE, once each week, for two (2) You cu& B HiWon the 6xistsatth8time0fpublishing. brm, the toRclosu ot the proc8N) wkhin thirty [q ng, 1402, 23 H0U, $1.65; Zlatan Nikolic, 3170 112 014, 2018 65549, w eN e weeks, in a O nge amount ot ( hibrt A lf you tail to cure the detauW lien wkh Rsp toth8 detauW days hom e fim d e of 1M014, 201&0102223, Cou,Miami, FL 331M, $4,427.52, S2.18; Jache L Coun nawspaper, pDvid8d und ided t in mnDn as set torth in this notice or specitied in this notic6 shall publication, the undeng t5,5 .41, $2.74; Rene Calani, 1/2 Flo&ing, 1-1805, 251 U rtia, 11253 War Fealher Dr, wch a newspaper exi s at inta rt in ExhlbW take other appropriate arfion be subjert to the judicial Twrtee shall p c6 wrm 3670 lev Apt B2K, Fo EVEN, 1 u2014,20181199353, EIPa9o,m79936,1 S n1, Me L of publishing. lt you A otRLvAcAn N sums, wrfh regardtothisfo&losure Blosu pDt8du only. the sale of the p Bs m a,FL N319, 112 $3,346.67, 81.65; Cordelia M-103. 14 H0U, 1n 014, lto cu the detauW as set asdescri aD laeion maWer, all sums due and Youhavetherighttotu our p vided in S ion 721.655. rg, 14,27nvEN. Nikolic, 255 Sunrise Dr Apt 201&65549, g4,427.52, $2.18; forfhinthisno ceortakeoth& of Coaanb. Condrtions owing under the Note and defauWinthe mann&set rm FloridaStatrtes,inwhich,1M014, 201&0102223, 109, Key Biscaye, FL 33149, Wayn6 v Handwerk and app priate artion wrm regad and R6 ons t as Morfgage shall be accaler ed inthis notice a anytime beto lhe undanigned T sh |: W,346.67.81.65;Zoila Mor ra, 112 Floating, 1-1805, 25/ Bonnie L Handwe,17 Bak6r to lis fo closu er, you &orded in O.R. B k 8129, and will become immedi ely the undenigned tw ee.s s 6 I1) Provide you wrth en 41 Sp ce sl, Carte&. NJ NEN,1lV2O14,2O1&1993N, Dr, HelmeWa, NJ 08828, 1 nsk losing ownenhip of your Pag6 1 1 in e Public due and payable. Additional,olyourtim ha inte .Wyou notite of he 5&8, includ g O,1n Fbating, 1-904, 27/ $3,34s.67, $1.65; John D King Seeson 3, M-104, 44 H0LE, tin ha i e rt lh ugh tha Records of ge Coun , as a suW ofthe defauW, you do notobi to e u ofthe the date, tima and,n ODD.1MO14,2O1&O1O2223, and ice King, 410 RmetAve, 1/V2014, 201& 9, tw ea &losu p cedu Florida, and aH a &d nts risk losing owenhip D1 your w ee foBlosu pocedu . the or, (2) Racord the nol ,2T5.74.g1.12. South Plainfield. NJ 07080, 1 84,427.52. $2.18; Leon PraW, ertablishedin Set ion 721.855, heBo W . B n"). timesha inta thDugh the you will no b6 subjerf to a otsal6inth8 Public Re of 21,18 Floating, 1-180T, 43 H0LE, 6123 Lake Placid, Dallas, M norida St es. You may G ntee o a (s Exhibrf twrtee to&losu pDc8du deficienty judgment even rf O nge Coun,Florida; and(3) L172OO4 11v2014, 201811993M, 75232, 1 Saason 2, M-201, choose to sign and sand to A h e w (See e ablishedin Setlion 721.856, We pme6ds hom Me sale Publish a copy otthe no or $5,622.41, $2.77; Eder D 25 H0LE, 1 2014, a undenigned t ee the Ewhibh A cyrighbin norida Slatrtes. Any rigM ot your tin 5ha int 5al8tw0(2)tin s, on d Mazariegos and Ang6|la o 201&65549, S4,427.52, S2.18; 8nGI0s8d objetlion rm, actold w pDvisi s you may haveto i athe a iMumcient to o et the week, tor two (2) suc e NoncE OF DEFAULT AND MazarieBos, 2909 sw 15th Joe s Aharado and lnT T exe ising yourrightto objert ofthe D . PDj 45- Drtgag8 aWer actele tion amourks setured by Me lien. weeks, in an OBg8 CouW,TO FORECLOSE StR&, tala, FL 34474, 112 Alv ado, 741 Lau,Lane, to the use of the twrtee lnt s):(See will ba punuant lo Me tarms By: GREENSPOON MARDER, n6wspap8r, pDvid6d such a GhTE PALACE FILE: Floating, 1-1808, 4810DD, New B untels, TX 78130, 1 fo&low pDc8du . Upon Exhibrt .A . 112T2 og6s of Me nDrtgag8. You n y LLP Twrtee. newspaper exirts at the 1 01 11V2014, 2018 1993N, Season 2, M-3O5,2&WHOU, the undenigned burt88'5 Ave, . n 32836, choose to sign and send to HIBlr A - NoncE OF ot publishinq. lf you Bl to Pu t to Sertion $2,275.74, 81.12; Sheri Wells, 11v2014, 2018 65549, &eiptofyoursigned ob rt n Building ln Shee e undenigned t ee he DEFAULTAND INnNTTo cu the deauW as B T21.855, Florida St rtes, 9613 C scentGaden DrApt a,42T.52, $2.18; Robert J torm, the to&losuR of the Plan pD M . As enclosed objeclion form, FORECLOSE: in this notice or &e o B wEsTGAn PALACE 101, Napl6s, FL 34109, 112 Ca son and Raina A Ca son, lien wrm &pertlo Me detauW a wW ot t n exe ising your right lo obj6rt ow6 sVobligo s), Tlmasha appropriate artion wkh a OWNERS ASSOCIATION, Floating, 1-1502, 27nvEN, 51-5380 Smhh Dr, RichnDnd, m in this not e shall d uW. H & s to tha use ot the t stee lme st, BuildinglUnrt, Waek, o mis to&lo5u m& INC. 8 inaR6r nad to 11v2014, 2018 199353, Bc v6v 2K8, CANADA 1 ba wbj to e judicial to,6 pu Blosu p cedu . Upon DetauW D e, Boo Paga of risk losing owenhip ot your as gale,has ded $3.346.67,$1.65;WilsonWalls, S n 3, M-305, 33 H0U, Blow p c u on . to a n1. . norida e undenigned t rfee's Recorded Len, AnFount, Per tin sha i e MDugh tha a m otL6n inthe unt 9679 Berkshi St, NBpl6s, FL 11V2014, 201& 9. You have e rigM to w St rtes. advis B8iptotyours n8dobi8rtion DiamAmount:LuisAGonzalez, tw ee fo&losu pm u ot (See Exhibk rtA,whh 34109,112Floating,1-1502,271 84,427.52, g2.18; Dale Hen your de uW in the mann& set that in 18 debt rm, th6 Blosu ot Me 2400 Bria est Blvd Apt e lishadin&ion721.B55, im& a wing at the EVEN,1 V2O14,2O18l199353, fleming, lndividual and as tormin notice any nP ow toHm p dw in nDrtgag8 whh respe to lha 607, Houston, M 77077, 112 Florida St rtes. You a e of (See Exhibrt A p& $3,346.67, $1.65; Eduado F Tw ee otMe Fleming Fami be et ee'ssaBofyour thir -fivaM ah &eipt defauN spetmed in Mi notice Floating, 1-1010, 4y0DD, choose to sign and sand to d,and Bord8d in under Ponce and Elia A Femandez, Tw Daled Ma h 19, 1992 tiaa imeR .wyoudonot of is . gned shall be subjert to the judicial 11v2014, 201&102141, the undekigned t A an msbuB n (s Exhibk 16 Calle 240 Zona 10, and Lav6m8 Bertha Fleming, ob rttotheuseottheburtea Twrt88rf w h F8 b closu protedu only. $2,275.74, $1.12; Diana,objertionform, exertising your .A . ofthe Public Retods of HotQ Posada PDC8& S D. lndividual and as Twrt BIOWR p ceduR, you will sal8of aspDvid6d You hava th6 right to ture Gonzalez, 12919 wming Dr rightto objerttothe useotthe ge CouW, Florida, and Guatemala, WATEMALA, ot Me Fl ing Fami Twrt nol be wb rtto a deficiency in abon T21.6,horida yourdetaultintha mannerset Apt1211, Houston,m 77077, tw 86 foreclosu pr u . und8nign6d Twstee as 1 2 Floating. 1-1811. 44/ Dated Ma h 19, 1 2, 1 judgB ev rf Fe pD s St rt . to SBrtion torth inthis notice al anytime 112 Floating, 1-1010, 431 UpontheundenignedtwA .s inted byWe gate,he by EVEN, 1 v2014, 201811993N, Cahe Court, Oakland, CA tDmth6 saB otyourti Psha 721.856, SQrtes, the beforethet stee's saleofyour ODD, 1/v2014, 20181102141, &eiptofyours ned obi n nolmes (See Exhibk 83.346.67, $1.65; Melody 94611, 1 Season 2, N-111, int a insu c mtooRset und s n Tnd shall: (1) limesha interest.ltyoudonot $2,275.74, $1.12; Llia S torm, the to&losu ot the .A Matdueto yourf lu to Nelson, 8749 lsola Dr, Las 26 H0U, 1M014, a unts s6cuRd by the p videyouw wrinen notice objecttothe use ofthetwstee Ba ios, 326 Sumn ood lien whh respertto the d uW pay the annual Nn nt(s) vegas, NV 89117, 1n Floating, 201&65549, S4,427.52, S2.18; lien. of the,ing e date, to&lo5u p c8du ,you will Dr. F mont. CA 94N6. 1 2 spacmed in this notice,d on (See Exhibk A and 1-1510. UNEN. 11v2014, Ronald L Wie bic and QHIBlr n - NoncE OF tinP and f; (2) nolbe subjertto a daficiancy Flo ing, 1-1011, 3 NEN, be subjert to Me judic,Bnt(s) heRa er, 201811993N. 83,346.67. An a L wi&zbicki, 2319 Lo DEFnuLT AND INTENT TO R ord 16 ot s e in the judgment 8v6n if the proceeds 1/v2014, 201&102141, to losuP pDc8du on . you a cunam in defauW $1.65 LUt Gonzalez. 314 Road.Ancho ge,AK995O7, 1 FORECLOSE: Publit ot ORANGE homthe sale otyourlimeshara $3,159.27, $1.56: De k J You havathe rightto tU your ot your obligations to pay Winche er Way, Palm H& or, Season 2, N-114, 32 H0U, owna sVobligo s), finPshaR County, florid and (3) Publish inte a insu cien to GoberandMonicaDGob&,84 defauWinthe n nners&for Bs dueto Wertg e FL 34684, 1n Flo ing, 11v2014, 2018/65549, lme . BuildinglUn,Week, a copyof P ofs etwo oWset the amount5 secured Mc Cormick Rd. Ca e ville, inthis notice anytime be on e following d8Krib8d 1-1110, 40 0DD, 11VZ014, $4,427.52, $2.18; Helping DefauW Date, BooklPage ot (2)times, o week,for by the mort ege lien. By: GA 30120, 112 Floating. the unde igned t ee's s e pDp&V,6d in Orange 20181199353. $2,275.74, Hand Private Found&ion, lnc. Recoded Lien, Amount, Per two(2)w ew an GREENSPOON MARDER, LLP, 1-1410, 9nvEN, 1n12014, otyourtimeshareinte .ltyou Coun,Florida: (S68 Exhibrt $1.12; Judy T MerPll. 110 A Not-For ProM Oganization, Diem Amounl: ORANGE Cowl newspap8r, Twrtee. 2018/102141,$3,346.67, donotobjerftothe useotlhe .A fi P Sha lntere (s) HmgDrive,WarnerRobins,GA 86-01 114 St, Richmond JefB ntro and Joy p vided WGh a newspaper EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF $1.65; Sleve M Bowker, 11254 t rtee foRclosuR pDc ul8, (s Ewhibh A according to 31093 Alice SeW, 1983 Breeze Hill, NY 11418, 1 Season 3, Armantro,22624 Pinedala exists atWe P of publishing. DEFAULT AND INTENT TO E DE Ave, Richland. Ml 49083. you will not be subjert to a e fi Bsharing Plan tor the Drive, Soddy Daisy, TN 37379. N-314. 39/WH0LE. 1/v2014, Ln T r 15, Porter, TX 77365, 1 lf you tail to # the defauN FORECLOSE 1/2 Floating, 1-1502, 13/ deficiency judgment even rf We g a p ace, recorded 112 Floating. 1-1403, 1V 2018165549, 84,427.52, 82.18; Season 3. M-202, 49 H0LE, as set M in this notica or CONTRACT NO./ OWNER(S), EVEN, 11v2014, 20181102141, the proceeds hom the s e in e OMcial Recods Book ODD, 11v2014, 20181199353, Earlie Reynolds and Andrea 11u2014, 20180065550, lake other appDprial8 a ion OBLIGOR(S) ADDRESS. Unrt, $3,346.67, $1 .65; Brenda of your timesha i e rt 7010. at Page 1467, ot the $2.275.74, $1.12; Malachi C Reynolds and Kay Reynolds S4,427.52, $2.18; Lawrence wrfh regad to &losu Waek, Occupancy, DetauW s Bowker, 507 Su ey Dr, aR insumcient to of at the Public Recods ot Orange Jones Sr and Debo h D Jones, and Joyce Reynolds, 4T38 Hotstad, 910 Wilson Collins maner, all wms due and Date, Delinquent Amount. Per Huddle on, VA 24104. 1 2 amoun s secured by Me lien. County, Florida ( he Plan. . 2531 Columbus way South, Fallon Pl, Dallas, TX 75227, 1 Rd, Roseburg. OR 97471, 1 owing und WP Note and Diem AnDunt Flo ing, 1-1502, 13nvEN, By: GREENSPOON MARDER. Together w h the right to Saint p enbug, FL 33712, Season 2, 0-121, 27 H0LE, Season 3, M-204, 45 H0LE. Mortgage rn,be accele ted Contrarf No.l Undivided 11v2014, 2018/102141, LLP Twrtee. oKupy. punuant to lhe Plan, 1/2 Floating, 1-1711, 291 1/v2014, 201 8165549, 1/v2014, 201 80065550, and will immediately Tenant lnte al Phase Vac ion $3.346.67. $1.65: Marco A HIBIT "Aw - NoncE OF Un (sl ISee Exhib A"), during EVEN, 1lV2014, 20181199353, $4,427.52. $2.18; Te ance L $4.427.52, $2.18; Debo h due and pay . Addrtionally, Ownenhip Mt Rec BooklPage Gonz ez and Nel Y Febles DEFAULT AND INTENT TO Unrt Weekls) (See Exhibrf "A.'l, $3,346.67, $1 .65. Turner and Cynthia D Bihms, Hotstad, 14124 Meridian E Ap as a PsuW ot Fe defauW, you DetauW Date Amount Per Diem Pon,Calle Esgrin 203, Vllla FORECLOSE: during Awigned Year(sl, (See September 21, 28, 18 1601 Colorado Blvd Unk 2301, 1203, Puy lup, WA 98373, 1 risk losing oBip of your Owenls)IObligo s) ln Hermosa 3560611, M ICO, Owne s)/Obligo s), Tlmesha Exhib A . 6145 Ca ier Drive, L 172005 Denver, co 80220, 1 Season 3, Season 3, M-204, 45 H0LE, timeshare im& th ugh he Common lnterest Cont,1/2 Floating, 1-1606, 25/ lnteR . BuildinglUnh, Wee O ando FL 32819 eRin "Tlme 0-220, 37 H0LE, 112/2014, 1/v2014, 201 80065550, t ee foBbsuR procedure