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September 21, 1979     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 21, 1979

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Page A-4, HERITAGE, Florida Jewish News, Friday, September 21, 1979 Last weekend was a busy one. Had lunch with a couple of Israeli politicians visiting Fiodda and heard a few remarks from someone just back from a President Carter "briefing," as well as listened to a pastor speak about "brotherhood" and a Florida senator mention "anti-Semitism" at a new synagogue dedication. But it is the israelis and President Carter that this piece is all about. The United States--or at least this country's present administration--has been criticizing Israel for its policy of preemptive raids on the PLO bases in southern Lebanon. Ambassador Young, at the recent UN Security Coundl meeting, called them "wrong and unacceptable to my governmenL" Oh, he also called on "Palestinian leadership" to end terrorism, but, in classic State Department fashion, he never mentioned the PLO by name. And the State Department says Young's speech had the full authority of the U.S. government, meaning President Carter. Now, it so happens that those Israeli raids have been very successful. Since they were initiated last April, not a single Palestinian raiding team has successfully crossed into Israel. At least 27 planned raids have been prevented. According to israeli By Gene 8tarn, Editor & Publisher Two Israeli Politicians ... and President Carter sources, one such raid--against an Israeli school-- was to be launched in June from the.village of Arab Salim, but six hours before the terrorists planned to leave, Israeli planes bombed the house in which they were hiding. The PLO has never hidden the fact that it purposely places its terrorist bases near or in the middle of civilian concentrations. That's so that when Israel stdkes in retaliation for, or anticipation of, a terrorist operation, the PLO can get world sympathy in the event of civilian casualties. That tactic seems to be working. Our own U.S. has been taken in by it. Regardless of what President Carter says in his "briefings" to Jewish Americans about his great respect and support for Israel, he is being extremely hypocritical when he allows his spokesmen in the State Department to Israel's bombing raids on the PLO bases.' In every war the U.S. has fought--from American Revolution to Viet Nam--there been U.S. attacks on military targets which civilian deaths. Admittedly it doesn't matter dead and their families whether the attack "legitimate," but at least those by Israel deliberate attempts to kill civilians, such PLO's terrorist attacks on Israeli busses, air terminals, market places, Olympic But the Carter administration doesn't such a distinction in our government's accusations against Israel. In fact, they criticized Israel's retaliatory raids of the pa terrorist attacks. The admini: believes Israel should react to terrorism by nothing. Israel may lose some of its world standing its raids on the PLO bases. But better to its citizens--like those two young Israeli politicians--than to protect its image. Ma.y, President Carter who needs to be bdefed. With all the talk these days of various ways of meeting the energy crisis, it is interesting perhaps to recall that Theodor Herzl had some ideas. In his book."Altneuland," Herzl, with the eye of an engineer, taking note of the fact that the Dead Sea region is the lowest point below sea level, suggested that immense energies might be released if the "drop" were made use of. Comparisons were made by Herzl with the Niagara water power. "Altneuland" is hardly read today, but it had a very inter- esting fate. The book became a city. When the Zionists were building their first city, Sokolow, the Zionist leader suggested that is be named after the book. So Tel Aviv got its name, Tel, meaning hill, standing for old and Aviv, meaning springtime, for new. Old New Land became Tel Aviv. ItlOSe The recent passing of Chades Angoff removes the man who was the right hand of H.L. Mencken. One of the off- Broadway shows of today is "The Impossible Mr. Mencken.'" Some 30 or 40 years ago, no one was better known among the American intellectuals than Mencken. He ms a complete social reac- tionary -- his political and economic views, in my opinion, were entirely worthless -- and yet he per- formed a valuable function in some ways, in exposing various kinds of stupidity. Angoff was then his right hand in editing the American Mercury. But Angoff did other tings. He taught literature at L'Shanah Tovah! The First helps you help yourself! Member FSLIC Copyright 1979 Fairleigh Dickinson College in New Jersey. He was also the author of numerous books dealing with Jewish life and many thought them very good. I suspect that Angoff might have entertained the idea that some day he might get the Nobel Prize. Perhaps with a turn of luck he might have. (===$so Time marches on and there is only history to recall it, but history doesn't remember too .much. We got to thinking about Meyer Weisgal the other day. Behind the scenes, he was no inconsiderable force in Jewish life. He was the editor of the New Palestine and later when the Jewish State came into being, he was the chief assis- tant of Weizmann in the building of the Rehovot scien- tific institution, now known as the Weizmann Institute of Science. He was very vocal. He never needed a microphone. You always knew when he was around. One of the stories about him was of the time when he was with Weizmann in New York. He was sitting in an adjacent office to Weizmann talking on the telephone to Jerusalem. A friend of Weizmann came in and heard the shouting. "Who is that shouting7' he asked Weizmann. "Weisgal is talking to Jeru- salem," said Weizmann. "Why doesn't he use the telephone7' asked the friend. Stories like these are not recorded in history. This is too bad. They give a tastiness to past events. Maybe the Jews soon to be television will public better about, tory and life. The Abba Eban will a good story which I be told, and to deserve a plaC It is of the British, Balfour Dedaratjon' Weizmann translated and German at it was published in summoned his fine linguist, short time to a little boy. leave the infant bundled him uP a her to Weizmann The little infa0t Eban. The Educated Alternative Ngtui/ BEST WISHES For The NEW Design " 220 Park Avenue N. Winter Park 628-2716 Unique "Burlwood" Furnishings for home and office Featuring Redwood and Other Rare BurlwoodS HOURS: 10-5 TUESDAY-SATURDAY "WE WISH THAT OUR FRIENDS AND NEIGttBORS SHOULD' BE INSCRIBED IN THE BOOK FOR A'GOOD NEW YEAR." BKIa raaa-LaYssnberry Pine Hills Center Orange Blossom Center