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September 15, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 15, 2017

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PAGE 20B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER 15, 201T season-flo k noa un,no ing, B-1603, 40 ODD, A,who add N is (See Book(SeeExhibk A,Page L Lohman, 913 Madison St JanetMLeach4323StateHwy NLASQUU.doc St 6, Suite 500, Orlando, ww-09, 9 0DD, 484y674, $1,514.43, $0.54 Rodney Mibh A ,in epayentor (Sae Exhibk A ,ot e Public auincy,IL623O1,1#ISeason- 23 B ok Park,MN M 7, 1n &1 1T Florida 32801, as T ea $1 1,467.44, $5.54 Stoka L onya M Stok performanc6 ofthe obligalions R ods ot OK8ola Coun,noal w no Un,40 - F ed WeeMixad Unit, 51 L157744 punuant to that Appointment K: FORECLOSURE 292O5. 3Palisad wayAmioch,c by s d Claim ofLen Florida,intludingth6b achor 43 4 43B, 47 WEN, 5141, 13 ODD, $1,219.71, of T &oded on June WG Vac ion villas (N 94531-8228,112ValuaS n- r ordad in O.R. Book 4995, d&auW,noticeotwhichwasset 47 EVEN, S3.841.4o, $1.13 $0.40, Jan& M Leach, 4323 1, 2017, in O.R. Book 5157, Gallagher.o2onNos PuB Flo WeeMloat Unit, B-1607, at Page 547-552, ofthe Public to h in a Nolica olDetauW and Vannes Owens 3868 Bi hlaat S te Hwy 23 Blook Pa,MN NoncE OF TRWE'S Paga 1945, ot the Public GALLAGHER.doc 20DD,$4,985.05,$1.Z1T vor R ods of OK8ola County, lntenl to FoBlos8 p vided Rd, Mamphis, TN 38116, 1 #| 55007, 112 Fixed WaeklFlxad NU R ords of Os ola Coun , hp mber8, 15, 1T L p e Chri ie Pea e 1067 florida,includingtheb ach or to tha la known add N of Season-FloatWeaMloatUnrf, Unh, 510 5166, 13 MN, W G^TE TOWN CENTER Florida, by ason of a now L 157735 CMR422W1O67Apo,AE 7- defauN, notica otwhich was sal Obligo sT, (See Exhibk A,by 40 55c, 400 55D,39 EVEN, $2,409.55, $0.79 Benjamin On Ortober 5, 2017 at 11:00 tontinuing default by Obligo s), 11, 1 2 flo ing, B-1618, fo h in a Nolica of DefauN and C8rtifi 8gi 6r8d M,or by 39 EVEN, 82,457.49, $O.79, Chow, Catherine C teau, 35 a.m GREENSPOON MARDER, (See Ewhibit A"), whose 21 ODD, $5,759.11, $1.39 lntem to Fo lose pDvid8d public ion by the undenign Ana M C lo 2M60 Calle Be in St t Un N 12 Clinton, P.A 201 E. Pine Str t, Suka add N is (See Exhibit A"), in NOTICE OF TRusnE's L8 Dn Dawson 601 Henri& to the la known addPN of Tw ee, will sell at public 56 Ca lin4 PR 987-7519, MA 01510, 112 V ue n- 5 ,0 ando,f1orida32801,as tha payant or performance SALE St. ngsland, GA 31548-3229 Obligo s), (See Ewhibrf wA"), by aurtion lo th6 high bidder 1,n- noalweeMlo Float noal Unh, 570 T punuantto hatNotic6 ot the obligations gured by WNTGATE TOWN CENTER Ma A Dawson 3252 Bumt Certifi egi e d Mail orby lorlawhlmonay otWe Unrted Unit. 4 -72C, 4000-72D, 25 5764, 42 ODD, 83,7o2.66. of Appoint ant ol Tw ae a Mortgage ded in O.R. On O ober 5, 2017, at 11:00 Fod Rd Woodbine, GA 31569, publication by tha unde ignad States o America, on tha hont EVEN, 25 MN, $2,457.49, $0.94, Paul A Gnmn Sally &oded on May 8, 2017, in Book (Sae Exhibh A"), at Page a.m GREENSPOON MARDER. 1T2 FloalingB,B-1620, 46 ODD, T ee, will sell public steps ot the Oscaola County 8O.79.H ILMartin,Cythia L Gri n 22 Union St Apt 1 O.R.Book5144, Page323,ot (See Exhibrf A,ot the Public P.A 201 E. Pina St et, 87,469.21, .67 Hyan au ion to the highe bidder Cou house, 2 Courthouse M Ma in 850 Wellington.Rd Pi on, ON KOWTO. CANADA, the Public Racods of OK8ola R6cords ot Oscaola Coun , Suke 500, O ando. Florida FatimaSHyan35O2Na ons forla ulmoney ot he Unked Squa,KiMimm88, norida Manthe er, NH 03104, 1,1/2 Floating, 5900-207D, 29 Coun,Florida, by Pason Florida, including tha braach or 32801, as T stea punuan to C Cr Snellville, GA 3 78, S t of America, on the hont 34741, all right, tkle and in ere Saason- ho W Mlo Unit, ODD, $3,374.99, $0.90 Lnda ot a now co inuing dafault defa t, notice of which was sel thal Appointmem ot Tw ee 112,n- Float Weahl s of th6 OKeola Coun in lhe property shuated in the 4000-73A, -73B,16EVEN, K Adkins, Pea ey w Adkins 32 by Obligor(s), (s Exhibk torth in a Notica ot Dafaultand retorded on May 8, 2017, in Float Unrf, B-1704, 30 ODD, Cou house, 2 Courthous6 County of OK8ola, Florida, 16 EVEN, $2,457.49, 8O.79, Still St et New Cumbe and, A,whose addRN is (See lntent o Foreclose p vided O.R.Book5144,alPaga559,of $4,763.01, $1.16. SquaR, Kissimmae, Florida described as:(See Exhibrf A Howad M Sherman Catherine wv 26047, 112 #| ons- Exhibk A"), inthe paym tor to the la known addPN or the Public Records ot Osceola K: FORECLOSURE 26896. 34741,all right. trfle and inte st Time Sha lnt8R (s) (See A Sherman, 115 Hu able flo Wloat Unrt, 5 performante ot the obligations Obligo s), (See Exhibit "A"), by Coun,Florida, by reason WG Town Center HOA (NJl in the p perfy situatad in the Exhibit "A") aKoding to the Sai John, NB VJ421 407D, 9 ODD, 81,oo6.52. secuPd by s d Claim of Len certm egistared M,or by ot a now continuing default Akali.O6O4 NOS PuB AFZAU. Coun of Oweola, Florida, Time Sharing Plan tor We g e CANADA, 1 All Season- Float 8o.33, Alt do Ba eda Triny rded in O.R. Book 4995, publit ion by the undenigned by Obligo s), (See Exhibrf doc deKrib8d as: (See Exhibit '.A") Vatalion Vlllas lv, recoded in WeeWFloat Unit, 4000-75A, Ma ero 12795 SW 1O St Miami, al Page 495-500, ot the Public Twstee, will s6|| al public A"), whose addr8N is (See SQember&15, 1T Tlme Sha lnt8 5t(s) (See OMci Records Book 766, at 40O0-75B, 1 EVEN, 1 EVEN. FL 33184, 1 All Seasons-Float Records ot Osceola Coun,aurtion to the highest bidder Exhibrf A,in tha paynant or L 157736 Mibrf Ah) aKoding to the Page854, otthe Public Recods $2,457.49, $0.79, Valentino Waek/Floal Unit, 4000-13A, Florida, includinq the b ach or tor la ul money ot the Unked performance ot the obligalions Tlme Sharing Plan for W tgata ol Osceola Coun,norida M Marcelo, Mela F Marcelo, 4000-13B, 50 ODD, 50 ODD, detauW, notice o which was set States of Amarica, on the tront secuPd by said Cl m ot Len . Town Center, recoded in (lhe Plan"). Togalher wkh the 10922 Foster Rd. No alk, $2,365.17, 8o.73, Ratael torth in a Notite of DefauW and steps of tha Osceola County racoded in O.R. Book 4995, NoncE OF TRusnE's omcial Recods Book 1564, right to occupy, punuanl to CA 9 50,2 #ISeason- Flo Ramos Sheila K Ramos, 4995 ln em to Foreclose provided Cou house, 2 Cou house at Page 424-429, ot the Public SALE at Page 1479, ot the Public the Plan, Building(s) / Unk(s) WeaklFloat Unh, 4 0-85c, NE 60lh Ta ate, Silver Springs, to the la known addreN ot Square, KiNimm88, Florida Records of Oscaola Coun y, WESTGATE vAcAnoN Records ot Osceola County, l Unit Weak(s) / ANigned 4000-85D, 24 WHOU, 24 FL 34488, 1 All S ons-Float Obligo s), (Sae Exhibrt A . by 34741,all right, tkle and intePst Florida, including he breach or LL,Florida (thB "Plan"). Togather Year(s), (See Exhibit wA"). 7700 WHOLE, $4.495.50, $1.41, Weekl Float Unk, 4000-28A, certmedlRagirterad M l or by in the propar skuat6d in the default, no ice of which was set On October 10, 2017, at wrfh the right to occupy, Westgale Blvd. Mimme8, Slephanie White Willie White 4000-28B, 37 ODD, 37 ODD, publicalion by the undenigned County ot Osceola, Florida, torth in a Notice of Default and 11:00 a.m GREENSPOON punuant to the Plan, Building(s) FL 34747 (he in Time Share 6816 L le B ok Las Vegas, $2,591 .40, 8o.75, Manuel T ee, will sell public d8Kribed as:(Saa Exhibk .'A") lntent to Foraclose provided MARDER, P.A, 201 E. Pine l Unk(s) l Unrt Week(s) / Plan (PDperty) Address")Said NV 89131, 1 Fixad WeeklFloat Duran, Ana Duran, 545 Pa au ion to the highest bidder Time Shara lntarast(s) (See to lhe last know addrew of Street, Suke 500, O ando, ANignad Year(s) (See Exhibk sale will be made (w hout Unil. 4000-88A. 4000-88B, 15 Ave, Apt 1C Ea Omge, NJ for lawhl money of the United Exhibit "A") acco ing to the Obligor(s), (Sae Exhibh A"), by Florida 32801, as T ee A"). 7700 W gate Blvd covenanls, or wa anty, 8xp N EVEN, 15 EVEN, $2,457.49. 07017-1912, 1,Seasons- Slat ot rica, on the hont Time Sharing Plan for Weslgate CertifiedlRegistared Mail or by punuant to th Appointn nt Kiuimmee, FL 34747 merein or implied, regarding lhe tkle, $0.79 Bemie L Adkins Barbara Float WeeMloat Unit, 580 eps ot tha OK la Coun Vacation Vlllas lx, corded publication bythe undenigned of Tw ee Pcoded on June fime ShaP Plan (Proper ) poMeNion or encumbrances) A Adkins 665 Tuckahoe Road. 24A, 5800-24B, 9 EVEN, 9 Courthous6. 2 Courthouse in OMcial Records Book 882, Twslee, will sell al public 1, 2017, in O.R. Book 5157. Address'.) Said sale will be to pay tha unpaid princip Vlneland, NJ 08360, 1,EVEN, $2,409.55, $0.79 Ratael Squara, KiNimm8e, Florida Page 2709, of the Public aurfion to lhe highe bidder at Page 1870, of the Publit made (wimout covenants, or balance dua under the Season- Flo WeeMloat Ramos, Sheila Ramos, 4995 NE 34741 . all right, trfle and i ara R ds ot OK8ola CouW, for lawhl money ot the Unked Racords of Oscaola Coun,wa an,expPN or implied, mortgage in the amount ot Unit, 6000-14c, 6000-14D, 40 60th Tar ce, Silver Springs, FL in the p pe y skuated in the Florida (the Plan"). Tog h ates of Amerita, on the hont florida, by raason ot a now Pgading the title, poNession (See Exhibit A"). wrth inteRst EVEN, 40 EVEN, 82,457.49, 34488, 1/2,Saasons-Float Coun ot Osceol4 Florida, wkh the right to occupy, ep ot the Osceola Coun ntinuing defauW by Obligo s), or encumbrances) to pay the accwing at the rate ol (Sea 8o.79 Ge o Salmr Julia WeeMloat Unit, B-1718, 35 d8Krib8d as: (See Mibit A ) punuan to lhe Plan, Building(s) Cou housa, 2 Courfhouse (Sae Exhibrf A"), whose unp dau8Nmentsdu8inlh8 Exhibit A") per day, pu uant H Sal 2604 E F sno. NEN,82,4O9.55,$O.79 fime Shara lntere (s) (Sae l Unk(s) / Unit Week(s) / SquaP, Kissimmae, Florida addreN is (See Mib A"), in amount ot (See Exhibit A"), o the Mortgage advances, Ave Hid go. M 78557, 1 #| K: FORECLOSURE 26896. Mibrf A") aKo ing o th6 AMign8d Year(s), (See Exhibit 34741, all right, titleandin erest the payment or performan wkh inl& aK ing at the it any, under the terms or Season- noat WaeMloat Unk, WG Town Cenler HOA (NJ) fime Sharing PlantorW tgate '.A . 7700 Wastgate Blvd. inthe p party situaledinthe ot the obligations s uRd by I6 of (See Exhibrf A per said Mortgage, chages and -15C, -15D,3 MN, wood.o6onNos PUB Wood. Tow C6nter, Rcoded in Nimme8, FL 34747 erein Coun of Osceola, Florida, a Mortgage Pcorded in O.R. day, pursuant lo the Tlmeshare axpenses ot the T stee and 3 MN, $2,457.49. $0.79 doc OMti Re ds Book 1564. Tlme Share Plan (P pe y) described as: (See Exhibit wA") Book (See Exhibit A,al Page Plan, advances, it any, under of the twsts c ated by said Christine Booher 203 Mistletoe September 8, 15, 1T Page 1479, of me Public AddPu Said sale will be Tlme Sha lnte (s) (Sae (See Exhibrt A"), otthe Public the terms of s d Claim ot Mortgage. Obligo s) shall hava Ave Marmora, NJ 08223, 1 L 15n43 Records ot Osceola County, made (wkhout covenants, or Exhibrt A") accoding lo the Recods ot OK8ola Coun,Len, charges and expenses ot lhe rightlo cu lhe detauN and Fixed, 6000-21A, 6000-21B, florida (the Plan . Togalhar wa an,8xp M or impliad, fime Sharing Plan tor Westgate Florida, including Me breach or the Twstea and ot the tw s any junior lienholder sh,have 14 EVEN, 14 EVEN, 82,457.49, wkh the right to oKupy, regading the titl6, poNeMion Town Center, coded in defauW, noti ot which was set created by said Claim ot Lien. lhe right to redeem rfs inte $0.79 Shlomo z Cohen 1315 NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S pu uant to the Plan, Building(s) or encumbrancas) to pay the omcial Reco s Book 1564. to h in a NOtit6 ot DalauW and Obligo s) shall have th6 right up to the date the Twstee Ave Y Brooklyn, NY 11235, 1 SALE l Un (s) l Un Week(s) l unp d principal balance due at Page 1479, ot lhe Public lntent to Foreclose p vided to lhe defauW and any iNues tha Certifitate ol Sale,Season- flo WaeMloat WNTGATE TOWN CENTER ANign6d Y s). (See Ewhibit under the mortgage in the Recods ot Osceola Coun,to the la known add N ot junior lienholder shall hav6 by paying the unts due as Unit, 6000-mA, 6000-34B, On Orfober 5, 2017 at 11: A . 7700 W tgate Blvd unt ot (Sea Exhibit A"), Florida (tha "Plan' . Together Obligor(s), (See Exhibk A"), by the right to redeem its intarast outlined above. By: AMANDA L. 3 EVEN, 3 EVEN, $2,457.49, a.m GREENSPOON MARDER, Nimm86, FL 34747 e in w h i st acc ing at the wilh lhe right lo occupy, C6 ifi8dlRegiste d Mail orby up to the dale he Twstee CHAPMAN,AuthorizedAgent 8O.79 OKar A oyo Gladys P.A 201 E. Pine St et, Suke me Sha Plan p perty) rate of (Sae Exhibit A"T per pu uant to the Plan, Building(s) publitation by tha und6nigned iuues lhe Certifitate ot Sale WHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF Lugo 9827 HC t Penuelas, 500, Orlando, Florida 32801, as Add M Said s e will be day, pursuant to the Mo gage, / Unit(s) l Unh Week(s) l Tw ae sell at public by paying the amounts due as TRUSTEE'S SALE PR 624-9504, 1 All Season- T stee punuanl to lhat Nolice made (wrfho covenants, or advances, it any, under the signed Year(s), (See Exhibk aurtion to the highast bidder o linad above. By: Amanda L Ower(s)IObligo s): fimeshare Float WeeklFloat Unit, 6000- ot Appointmenl ot T stee wa an,6wpRN or impliad, terms ot said Mo gaga. A"). 7700 Westg e Blvd for lawhl Dney ot the Unhed Chapman,A horized Agent lntere ; Buildingl Unrf; w NA, 6 53B, 3 EVEN, 3 corded on May 8, 2017, in ragarding the tkle, poN8Mion chargas and axpenses of Kissimmee, FL 34747 merein States otA Prica, on the ho HIBIT A" - NoncE OF AssignedYear, MortgageBook NEN, $2.457.49, 8O.79 Edwin o.R.Book5144. Paqe321,ot or encumbranc ) to pay the tha Twstea and of the t sts "Time Sha Plan (Proparfy) steps of the OK8ola Coun TRumE's SALE Page; Principal B ante: Per G Mo on Anna M Morton, 131 the Public Recods o OK8ola unp d ass ntsduainth6 creatad by said Mo gaga. Add ss") Said sale will ba Courfhouse, 2 Cou house Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILast Diem Amount Ca Sei Dr. Wilminglon, Coun,Florid4 by reason unl ot (See Mibh A"), Obligo s) shall have the right made (without covenanls, or Square, Kissimm68, Florida Mown Addrau; Tlmashare Raul Castillo Maria Estela NC 28401, 1 Floating, 6000- ot a now ntinuing detauW wkh inler aaing at the to cure the detault and any wa an,8xp M or implied, 34741, l right, tkleand int lnt6 sl: Building/ Unit; WeeW Valencia Guadallupe Y 61c. 60 -61D, 11 MN, 11 by Obligo s), (Sea Exhibrf te of (See Ewhibk A.) per junior lianholder sh l have regarding the trtla, posseuion in the propa y srfuatad in the ignad Ye Amountot an; RamirBz851 A Cuidad De EVEN, $2,457.49, 8o.79, Julian "A"T, whose addraM is (See day, punuanttothefi hara the right to deam ks in e / or encumbrances) o pay the Coun of OK8ola, florida, Per Diem Amount Mexico. MWICO, 112,Sl Ro58 Saraphina St Rosa, p Exhibit "A',inthe payentor Plan. advanc,if any. under up to tha date the T stee unpaid ass8Nm8nts dueinthe d bed as:(See Ewhibk A Cody A Cleaveland 1497 sw Season-Float Week l Float o Box 4624 Kingshill, vl 0851, performanca ofthe obligations th6 tarms of s d Cl m ot iNu8s tha Ce ificate ot Sale amount ot (Sae Exhibh A,Tlme ShaR lnt& (s) (s 30lh Te Forf Laudedale, FL unit,J-O5,4VODD, I1536, 1 #ISeason- Floatweeklnoat sacured by said Claim of Len Len, chages and expanses ot by paying th6 amounls due as wilh inte st acc ing the Exhib A according o the >N12 Jeannie L Cleaveland 84,785.64,81.38. Unk, 6000-6q 6000-62B, 30 Bord8d in O.R. Book 4995, tha T and ot tha tw s oWlinedabove.By:AMANDAL. rate ot (Saa Exhibit wA") par TlmeSharingPlantorW gate 3u0 sw 19lh sl. Fo K: FORECLOSURE 292O5. EVEN, 30 EVEN, $2,457.49, at Page 491-494, oflhe Public c ated by said Cl m ot Len. CHAPMAN, Authorizad Agent day,pu uantto hefimasha Vac ion vlllas vll, ded in Laudedale, F 3N12-3648, WG Vacation Vlllas (NJ) $0.79. Recods of OK la CouW, Obligo s) sh,have Me right HIBIT "A - NOTICE OF Plan, advancas, if any, undar omcial Recods Book 845, at 112 #| Season- Float w86kl Ca5tillo.O213 NOS PuB K: FORECLOSURE 26896. Florida, includingtha b ach or to cu the dafauW and any TRUSTEE'S SALE the terms ot said Claim of Page 724, oftha Public Records Float Unrt, 4000-20, 29 EVEN, CASTILLO.doc WG Tow Center HOA (NJ) defauW, notice orwhich wasset junior li6nhold8r rn,have Owe syobligor(5); Tlmeshare Len,chagas and expens of ot O la Coun,Florida $1,427.M, 81.13 Mode o Septembar8,15,2O1T Jankins.O624WOS PuB torth in a Notice ofDetauW and tha right to d m rfs ima lnte ; Buildingl Unh; Weekl the Tw ee and of the t s (Me Plan . Togaher wM the Ca aKo Mauva Ca asco 80 L157739 JENKINS.doc lnt6nt to Fo&lose pDvided up to tha date tha Tw ea ANign8dY8ar, MortgageBookl t ted by s d Cl m ot Len. right o ocwpy, punuant to Dingley Rd Carmel, NY 1O512, ptem 8, 15, 1T to the la known addr8M of iNues the certmt e of S a Page; Principal Balance; Par Obligo s) shall have the right the Plan, Building(s) / Unk(s) 1 Flxad WeeM ed Unk, 520 L 157740 Obligor (See Exhibit A"), by by paying the unts due as Diem Amount to cu the detauW and any l Unh Week(s) l Assigned 5211, 5 WHOLE, 83,697.51. NoncE OF rRusnE's Ce ifie egiste d Mailorby olrtlin8d above. By: da L Lux Joseph Jr Po Box 394 junior lianholder shall have Yea sT, TSee Mibrf A . n 82.43 Regina K Lawis 58 E76lh SAU publitation by tha und6nigned Chapman. A rthor ed Agent Loganville, PA 17361 fiWany therightto deam itsinte W tg e Blvd. Nimmee, sl Am 1 Chicago, IL 60619, 1 wEsTGAn TOWN CENTER NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S T stee,sall at publit HlalT ^" - NoncE OF M Glover 114 Covin4on / up to tha date the T stea FL 34747 6 in Tlme Sha Fixad WeeMixad Unrf, 5200- On Orfober5, 2017, at 11:00 SALE auction to the highe bidder TRUSTEE'S SAU ShPwsbu,PA 17361, 112 iNu8s tha Cerfificale ot Sala Plan (P perty) AddRN S d 5218, 48 WHOU, 83,oo6.47, a.m GREENSPOON MARDER, wEsTGAn TOWN cENnR torla ulmoney otthe Unked Ownar(sTIObligor(s) Last #| Saason-float Week l by payingthe amou sdue as e will be made (whho $2.08 Japheth Darling Grate P.A 201 E. Pine Streat, On Oclober 5, 2017, at SlatesotAmerica,onthehont Mown Add u: fim85har8 Flo unh, T-01, 30 0DD, outlined above. By: Amanda L venank,orw ,exp Da ing PO Box N 38 Nassau, Suit6 500, O ando, Florida 11:00 a.m GREENSPOON staps of the Osceola County lnt6r85t; Building Unh; w kl 4811n012, 89,119.68, $ 4.38 Chapman, Arthorizad Agent or impli,ading the trfle, BAHAMAS, 1/2 Fixed Wee 32801, as Twstee punuant to MARDER. P.A 201 E. Pine Courfhouse, 2 Courfhouse ANignadY8ar, untofLi8n; Richad L Lopaz Javier lris HIBIT A" - NoncE OF poNeNion or ancumb n T Flxad Unk, 5200-5242, 30 that Appoinrment ot Tw ee St et. Suite 500, O ando, SquaP, Kissimmea, Florida PerDiemAmoun M Orfiz Martin6z Rr 5 Box rRunEE's SALE lo pay the unp d princip ODD.81.148.44,8O.8O Patntia odad on May 8, 2017, in norida 32801, as T stea 34741, lright,tkl8andin eRst John R Lewis Staphanie 25005Anasco,PR00610,1All Owner(sllObligor(s)/Last balance due under he F brmon a Patricia F. Blowa O.R. Book5144. Page 180, ot punuant to that Appoimmem in the p perty skuated in the K Lewis 423 Banter Trails Season-Float Week / Float unit. Mown Add ss; fimesha mo gage in the amount of 226 67 h Rd Middle Vlllage, he Public Recods ofOK8ola otTw &orded on March Coun ot OK8ola, Florida, Dr. Houston, m 77049, 112 T-03, 13 H0U, 4653/537, lnterest; Buildingl Unit; Waa (See Exhibit A"), with im NY 11379, 1n Fixed weew Counly, Florida, by Pason 15. 2017, in O.R. Book 5116, described as: (See Exhibk A noating, 81B, 22 MN, $18,941.71, 87.73 Femando Assigned Year; Amount of Len; actwing the rate of (See Flxed Unit, 5300-5315, 29 of a now continuing d8fauW Paga 2764, of lhe Public fime ShaR lnt8 (5) (See $3,186.42, 8o.94, Luis A Riv E Silva Wilma G Jacome Silva Per Diam nount Exhibh A") per day, punuant ODD, 81,6oo.16, $0.88 Diana M by Obligor(s), (Sea Exhibit Re ds of Oweola Coun,Exhibh "A") accotding to the Rataala Rodriguez, Hc 04 Box 1O4 46 104th St. Ozone Park, Nazir A A ali Monica L Ak i o the Mo gaga, advanc,BaWaglini 7526 67th Rd Middle A ), whose addPN is TSee Florida. by reason ol a now Tlme Sharing Plan tor We gate 5652, Corozal, PR 00783, 112 NY 11417, 112 All Season-Float S.W. 163