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September 15, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 15, 2017

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HERrrAGE flORIDAJEWISH NW, SEPTEMBER 15, 1T PAGE 1gB A . 7700 wg&e Blvd or encumb n ) to pay the or encumb ) to pay the 923 N Ridgeway Chicago, IL A,whos6 add is (s of (s Exhibk A,the rigMto m sim&a Fbat Un,TT-11, 4 0DD, Kissimmee, FL 747 (he in unpaid menkdueinthe unpaid mentsdueinMe 1, 1 Floatin,5700-5764, Mibrt A ,in the pay m or w ime aK ing & the up to the d&e Me TwA 437 1523, S7,8o7.46, S3.88 'Tlme ShaR Plan (PDp8rfy) &noum of (See Mib A,um of (Sea Exhibk A,M WHOU, $2, 17.72, 8o.67 m n ot eoblgalions a ot (s Exhibh A per iuu the certmc&e ot S&e Sh&ia J Jon rice D Add ss' Said sale will be w inte a ing al the w ilrf a wing the Jan& RClarkMa n LClart by d C m ofL day.pu uamtothefi bypayingth8&TDuntsdu8as Odds 120 i a DC iew, made (whho venan,or Be of (s Mibk .A p& 1 8 of (s Exhibh A r 611 N Spean StAh ado, ld in O.R. Book 50u, Plan, advan,rf any, und& o lined above.&:Amanda L FL 32N6 An lia M Jenkins w,exp or impl d, day,punuamtoth8fi aR day.punuamto efi Psha T,1n Flo&ing, 5700. & Page 27&281 ofthe Public T8 terms ot said Cl m ot Chapman,A horizedAgent 7717 Primrose Dr N O eans, galding thathle, poss6s on Plan, advan,fi an,under p n, advana, rf an,under 5764, 48 EVEN, 1,286.39 R lds ot la Coun,Len,chagesand expensesot EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF LA TO126, 1 #| n-Flo& or 8ncumbB s) to pay Me the tenw of said laim of the t&lw of said laim ot $0.39 Humbe o Patron Lu; Florida,in udinqth8bRachor e T and of Me burts TRusnE's SAU Week Flo& Unrf, uu-08, 3y unpaid asseNm8nts dueinthe Len, thages and 8xpens6s ot Len, chag and expenses of E Pe z 504 Ridgaview D. detauW,noti o whichwasB c by said Claim of Len. Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILast WHOU,46T9 T31,817,O26.57. amount of (See Exhibrf "A2, the Tw ea and ot the h s the T and of the wsk Lou ville,CO8OO27,1l2Fix& to inaNoti ot uWand Obligo s) sh,have tha rigM Mow Add u; fi&aT8 $8.31. wkh i aP aKwing tha c ed by said Claim ofLen. c ted by said Cl m otLen. WeeklFloat Unk, B-1403, 1 lntant to FoBlos8 p vid lo w Me de uN and any lme st; Buildingl Unk; w K: FORECLOSURE 292O5. ae ot (See Exhibk A") per Obligo s) sh&| have the rigM Obligo s) sh&| have Ma right MN,8637. ,SO.26. to UB,ow add u of junior lienholdar shall hava AMign8dY8ar;AmountofLi8n; WG Vacalion Vlllas (N day,pukuanttothefimesha to cu the datauW and any to w e d&auW and any K: FORECLOSURE 26896 Obligo sT.(See Exhibh A ,by F8 rigMto m hsime A PerDiemAmount Gallaghar.o2onNos PuB Plan, advan,rf anL, und& junior lienholder 5hall have juniorli holdershalhave Ma WG Town C8nt8r HOA (NJ)' certm agW&ed Mailorby up to the dale the T stee CliWon J Davenporf 120 COVINGTON.doc the t8nN of said laim of the rightto m ksi e rt rigMto Rd8em ksint8R up Gawlik.O652 NOS PuB publitation bythe undenigned iuuas the Certificate of Sale Oakb ok vlllaqe Rd Columbia, m 8,15, 1T Lien. chages and expenses of up to the date the Tw ee lo the date the Twrtee sues GAWLIK.doc Tw ee. will sell at public bypayingth6amountsdu8as SC 29223-4 47 T cy D L 157734 the Twstee and of tha t s iMu8s the Cerfificate of Sale thecertmcateotsalebypaying Sep mber8,15, 1T aurtion to the highe bidd ortlined above. By: da L St n 1875 CaDlina Ave c ated by said Claim of Lien. by payingthe a Dunk due as the unts due as o lined L157631 r lawhl Dn8y otMe Unrf chap ,ArthorizedAgem Orangebug, sc 29115-4363, Obligor(sT shall have tha right o lined above. By: da L above.&: da LChapman St as ol Am,on the hont HIBrr A" - NoncE OF 112,Season- Float Wee NOTICE OF TRWE'S to cure the de uW and any Chapman,ArthorizedAgent A hor Agent. aps of the la CouW TRWE'S SALE Float Unrf, 4000-19, 4 ODD, SALE junior,nholder shall have EXHIBrr A" - NoncE OF HIBIT A" - NoncE OF NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Courfhouse, 2 Cou house Owner(s)IObligorTs)/Last $2,262.01, $0.63 Blanca R WUTGATE VACATION the right to deem hs inteP TRWE'S SALE TRWE'S SALE SALE SquaR, Kissimmae, Florida Mown Add M: Timesha Samarin U .San Miguel,Vlllas vlLLns a up to the date the Twstee Owner(sTIObligor(s)/Last Owner(s)/Obligor(sTILast WESTGATE TOWN CENTER 34741,all right, tkla and inle t lnte ; Buildingl Unk; w Del Tonaon, Valencia Maracay On O ober 10, 2017, at iMu8s the certmc e ot Sale Mown Address; fim8shaR Mown Add N; Timeshare On Ortober3, 2017, at 11:00 inthe p per srtu ed in the AyignedYear;AmountofLen; Aragua, 02102 VENUUELA 11:00 a.m GREENSPOON by paying tha amou s due as lnta ; Buildin Unrf; Wea lnte : Buildingl Un ; Wee a.m GREENSPOONMARDER, Coun of OK la. Florida, Per Diem unt Francis M Pedilla Ub Base MARDER, P.A 201 E. Pine outlined abova. By:Amanda L AssignedYear;AmounlotLen; signedYe AmountotLen; P.A 201 E. Pine Stre,d8Krib8das:(S88 Exhibk A Ma o A Agueta Martha,A gua Resd Aguada G nde St et, Suke 5,Orlando, Chapman, Author ed Agent Per Diem A Dum Per Diem unt Suhe 500, O ando, Florida fin Sha lnte (sT (See Agueta 13222 Winding Wood Tor 2 Apto 261 Piso 6 Florida 32801, as T ee WHIBrr "A - NOTICE OF Kodi Ojogho 13 Olat u p sy A Navano 221 Gordon 32801, as Tw ee punuamto Exhibk A ac ding to the DrHou on, M 77038, 112 All Maracay, VENUUELA, 1/2 All punuant lo that Appointment TRUSTEE'S SALE Oluwole ao Lagos, NIGER#. Ave Mel R, LA 70123 Diane that Appointment of T ee Tima Sharing Plan brWe gate Season-Float WaeklFloat Unit, Season- FloalWaek/Flo Unk, of Trustee coded on Juna Owner(s)/Obligor(s)/Last 1 All Season-Float Week l Flo M J n 312 No h Turnville Bod8d on May 24, 2017, in Town Cenler, rded in 4000-66. 28 EVEN, $898.40. 4000-1 1 B, 49 EVEN, $908.80, 1. 2017. in O.R. Book 5157. Known AddRN; Timesha Unk. 5900-210D, 28 WHOLE, Drive MetaiR.LA7OOO1, 112 All O.R.Book5153.atPage285,ol OMcial Recods Book 1564. $0.34 Dennis M May Cynthia R $0.34 Jimmy L Francis Andr at Page 1711, of the Public lnterest; Building/ Unit: Wee $2,017.72, $0.67 Eve W B Season-Float Week l Flo Unrf, the Public Records ol Osceol at Paga 1479, of lhe Public Johnson May 6935 HaWod Ln J Francis 420 BuWernut Dr R ods of O5 la Coun , Assigned Year;AmounlotLien: Ja is Paula w Ja is 9304 4000-17, 46 EVEN, $3,358.38, Counly, Florida. by Pason R rds ot la Coun,Jacksonville, FL 32244, 1n All Rockwall, M 75087, 1/2 All Florida, by ason of a now Per Diem Amount Compton St Silver Spring, MD $0.94 Jeison M B&an u of a now continuing detauW Florida he Plan . Together Season-Float WeeMlo Unh, Season- Float WeeMloat continuing detauW by Obligo s), Carlos Bonifaz 667 Hu Ave 20901. 112 Floating, 59 - Rosema Vlll ane 5275 NW by Obligo s), (See Exhib wkh the nght to ocwpy. 4000-69. 18 EVEN, 81,966.5o. Unrf. 4000-31D, 45 EVEN, (See Exhibrf "A',whose Manville, NJ 08835, 1/2 #| 507D, 16 EVEN, $2.084.81, 9 h Dr Pompano Beach. FL A,whose add N is (See punuanttothe Plan. Building(s) $0.66 Randy w Pulley Cindy $1,986.47. $0.66 Donnie M addPM is (See Exhibrt wA . in Season-Flo wk / Flo $0.66, kon B BohnhoR Jean MO76, 112,Season-Flo Exhibrf A,inthe paym8ntol l Unrf(s) / Unk W k(s) l L Reid 5218 Ch8Nwood Drive Youmans SrAnita p Youmans the payment or performance Unk, 4000-77, 29 EVEN, M Bohnho,1101 Hol Ave, Weak l Floa Unk, 4000-71c, parformance of the obligations Ayigned Year(s), (See Ewhibk Richmond, VA 23237, 1T2 All 6601 Boxwood Dr Hollywood, of the obligations secu by $2,086.30, 8o.66 John o Ruehl Chesapeake, VA 23324, 112 20 WEN, $2,106.29, $0.66 secured by said Claim of Lien A' . 7700 We ga e 8lvd Season-Float Mlo Unrf, FL 33023, 112 All Season- Float a Morfgage &orded in O.R. Tammy L Ruehl 134 Avon St, Floating, 5900-607D. 12 EVEN. Angel L Golay Cynthia Morales &oded in O.R. Book 5093, KiNim . FL 34747 m8Rin 4000-75A.31 NEN,81.986.9O. WeeMlo Unrf, 4000-38A. Book(See Exhib A,Page Elizabethton, TN 37643, 1,$1,737.18, 8o.57 Loma s ToB 128-4 c/ 1 Vllla CaDlina at Page 117-122, ofthe Publit fi ShaR Plan (P ) $0.66 Kevin Long Kenya 38 ODD, $2,139.81, $0.63 (See Exhibh A,of the Public Season-Float Week l Float Tipa Howad Okumura 1460 Ca lina, PR 00985 Elba,R ods of Os ola Coun . Add u Said sale will be Long 25 Me hants Row Jonathan s Baca Carmen A Recods of Osceola CouW, Un,4000-82A, 33 WHOLE. Blai ood Ave Chula Vlsta, CA Morales Valdes Vla 6 2BL 115, Florida. including the breach or made (wrfho covenants, or Blvd TallahaNee. FL 32311- Baca JePz 2517 Denning Ln Florida. includinq the breath or $2,017.72. 8O.6T Daisy Maria 91913 M i Wagner, 215 Sie Vllla Fomane, Carolina, PR d&auW, notica ot which was set wa an,exp N or implied, 3663. 112 All Season-Float Chesapeake, VA 23321, 1/2 All detauW, notice o which was set De Gutianaz Robe o Gutienaz Way Chula Vl a. CA 91911- 0 83, 112 #| Season-Float fo h in a Notice otDelauW and ga ing the trfle, poN8Nion W Mloat Unrf, 4OOO-85 8 Saason-Float WaeklFlo Unk, torth in a Notice of DetauW and Vllla Fontana c-17 Managua, 1435, Nen a F Sola 1001 week l Float Unk, 5900-507D, lntent to Fo close provided or encumb nces) to pay the ODD, $996.44, $O.M Maria L 5100-5143, 20 ODD, $2,712.76, lntent to FoBlos8 provided NICARAGUA, 1 Fixed Wee S sbee Pl. NE, Washington, 8 ODD, $2,254.47, $0.63 Ania to the la known addRss of unpaid n sdueinthe Lthten ldAnd J Lichtenfeld $0.83 De ck J Bias 3095 to the la known addRN of Fixed Unrt, 5100-5136. 26 D 20017, 1/2 All Saason- lntanle Arias Res Del Oe e Obligo s). (See Exhibrf "A ), by a Dunt ot (S Exhibrt A,11O45 John St & Road Wakefern Place Columbus, Obligor(s), (See Ewhibrf A,by WHOLE, $3,352.08, $1.O7 Flo Week Flo Unrf, - Casa w T1O Pavas San Jose, c6 m8dlRegistePd Mail orby wkh int8R atcwing Me Murillo, ON PonGo CANADA, OH 43224, 1 All Season-Floa CertifiedlR iste d M,orby Rataal Von Begen Yolanda 65B. 17 ODD, $1,044.88, COSTA RICA. 2,Season- publication bythe undenigned r e ol (s Exhibrt A per 112 Fixed Wee F ed Unit, Wee Floa Unit, 5300-5367, publication by the unde igned Granell De Von Begen Avda E $O.M, Tim Kovach C slal Float Week / Flo Unrf, 4 0- T rtee, will sall at public day, punuanttothe Tlmesha 5100-5134, 4 ODD, 81,483.73, 24 WHOLE, $7,614.37. $2.19 Trustee, will sell at public 3 Resdi Pacaramia Penlhouse Lethert 6449 Del ood Dr Ne 11c, 4000-11D. 18 WHOLE. aurtion to the highest bidder Plan. advances, rf anL, under 8o.46 Stephanie Wilson 734 Rogar c Doleman Po Box aurtion to the highe bidder 1A Ca cas, VENUUELA, 1 Minneapolis, MN 55432, 1,18 WHOLE, $2.470.49, $0.81 for lawhl money olthe United tha t8 M ot said laim of PoweWon Church Rd Sparta, 654 Kearneysville, wv 25430 lor law,nDn8y ot the Unked Fixed WeeklFixed Unk, 5100- Saason-FloatW k/Flo Unk, Wayne A Stoller Bever K St es olAmerica, on the hont Lien, chages and expenses of GA31O87, 112 AllSeason-Float Elvira L Dole n 522 Reyard States otAmerita. on the hont 5136, 36 WHOLE, $5,145.88, 6000-23c, 6000-23D, 39 ODD, S otler Po Box 142 Hudson, 8p5 ot the Osceola Coun tha T rtee and ot the h s W Mloat Unk, 5200-5225, 8 Rd Kearneysville, wv 25430- staps ot the OK8ola Coun $1.55 Anthony J Magu gui 39 ODD, 81,28o.16. $0.40 IL 61748, 1 Flo ing. 5800- Courthouse. 2 Courthouse c ed by said Cl m ot Len. ODD, $4,766.68, $1.25 Shaw 2732, 112 All Season- Float Courthouse, 2 Courthouse Che,E Maguregui 38 me Hen Khilawan Singh Robbie 61C. 5800 1D. 30 EVEN, Squa . KiNimm88, Florida Obligo s) sh,have the right A Mo s Valarie T Cona. 49 W68 FloatUnk,56OO-5645,46 SquaP, Kissim B8, Florida Bourne Hook Norton Banbu Singh 7 Ma Antho c sem 30 EVEN, $1,178.24, 8o.41 34741. lright,lkleandintePst to cure the de uW and any N SycamoR Lane Glenwood, EVEN, $1,308.36, $0.48 Jose 34741,all right, trfle and inteR ox15 5PB ENGLAND, 1 Ragoobar Lands asparillo, Robe J Gou ey Magam in the property s uated in the junior,anholder shall have tha IL 60425, 1n All Season-Float L Booth Keran Montalvo Vega in the propar skuated in the F ed Week/F ed Unh, 52 - TRINIDAD TOBAGO. 2 AH Planel Apartado 1423 Palma Coun of Osceola, Florida, right to eem ks inte up W klFloatUnrf.53OO-N45,2O 2 CarrKm1189,Aguadilla, PR Coun ot OK8ola, Fbrida, 5236, 1 ODD, $1,736.98, Saason-Float Week l Floal De Mallo a, 07080 SPAIN, 2 describad as: (See Exhibrt.'A to the datethe T is5ues EVEN, $5,377.63, $1.47 M 00603, 1/2,Saason- Flo described as:(S Ewhibk A $0.53, Ca,E B nnon, 3805 Unk, 6000-25c, 6000-25D, 25 Fixed Weak/ FloatUnh,6OOO- Tin Share,e (s) (See thacertmc eotsalebypayng Ann Cul Pr Rosina,Wea Float Unrf, 5900-211c, Tl B Sha lnte (s) (s Boysenber Courf Vlginia WHOU,25WHOU,$2,445.92. 1K, -13D, 52 WHOLE, Exhibk A aKo ing to the tha unk due as ortlin Had Ma he 19 ODD, $2,727.68, $0.76 Exhibrf A a ding to the Beach, VA 23456, 1 Fixed $0.81 Fernando Canales Zoila 52 WHOLE, 85.282.29, 81.54 fimeSharing PlanforWe g e above.By: daLChapman Birche F ay Manor 305 Maricarmen Rivera 155 Calle TlmeSharing PlanforWe gate Wee Fixad Unrf,52OO-5236,6 CanaBs, 5457 NW 184 St. John D Eckelbag Debo h Town Center, Rcod8d in A hor edAge F port, 41951 B AS, Alegria Guayama, PR 00784- Vacation Vlllas Q, &oded in WHOLE,82.522.36,$O.78S Opa-Locka, FL NO55, 1 All L EGk8lbager 4323 Sean OMcial Records Book 1564, HIBIT A" - NOTICE OF 112 All Season-Floal Wee 8719, 1 All Saason- Float O cialRecods Book1123,at A Sherban 1623 NoWingham S n-Float Week / Flo Unk, St Eugene, OR 97402, 1 All at Page 1479, ot lhe Public TRUSTEE'S SALE Float Un,5400-5424, 48 ODD, Wea Float Unrf, 4000-53A, Page 1, ot the Public Reco s Walled Lake, MI4839O, 1 Fixed 6000-44A, 6000-44B, 41 ODD, S n-Flo week/ Float Unrt. Recods of Osceola Coun . Owner(s)IObligor(sT Last $3.048.84, $0.88 Shemida 4000-53B, 8 EVEN. 8 EVEN. ot OKeola County, Florida WeeMixed Unk, 5200-5237, 41 ODD, $1,267.97, $0.40 6100 2A,6100-62B,40DD,4 Florida (the "Plan"). Together Known AddRN; fi haR Turner 22634 Pa view Dnve $2,409.55,$0.79 (the Plan . Togather wrfh Me 23 WHOLE, $3,352.08, $1.07 Antony Baaud Helen Beaud ODD, 81,192.25, $0.40 Lorena whh Me right to occupy, lnte ; Buildingl Unrf; Weekl R hton Pa,IL 60471, 1n,K: FORECLOSURE 26896. right to oKupy, pu uam to B an c Wagnar 520 E 81 St Box 310 Boden, SK SOKONO w Ay s 105 Bywood punuamtothePlan,Building(s) Ayign6dY8ar;A DuntotL8n; S 5on-float Mlo& Unrt, WG Town Center HOA (N the Plan, Building(s) l Un (s) Apt11LNewYork, NY1OO28, CANADA. 2 F ed Week l Ln T a, FLN624 J D l Unk(s) l Unh Waek(s) l PerDi&nAmoum -5616. 9 EVEN, 82,832.18. Davenport.O623 NOS PuB / Unk Week(s) l ANign8d 1AllSeason-Flo WeeklFloat Flo Un,*. 60 - mo n N12Oahwood . ANign8d Yea s). (See Exhib Gasper Flo s Luz Ponce 8o.92 Ca a G ge Vln nt DAVENPORT.doc Year(s), (See Ewhibk A"). 7700 Unrf. 5200-5251, 20 WHOLE. 55D, 15 WHOLE, 15 WHOU, Apl 2 Tampa, FL 33610-5938. A . 7700 Westgate Blvd 10626 HemP ead Rd Tr ler Geoge1O936132ndStSouth September8,1S, 1T We gate Blvd. XNimmee, $3,352.08, $1.07 Michael L $2,445.92, $0.81 David A 112 Fixed, B-1114, 15 EVEN, Kissimmee, FL 34747 (herain 14 Hourfon, TX 77092, 112,Ozona Par NY 11420, 1 All L 15n33 FL 34747 (he in i g Sha Azzopardi Donna M Azzopadi Cowles 223M Edgewatar $2,516.87, $0.73. wTim8 ShaR Plan (P perfy) Saason- Flo W klFloat Unrf, S son-Flo WeeklFloat Unk, Plan (Property) Add N Said 4739 195th St Flushing, NY Dr E-2 Port Cha oWe, FL K: FORECLOSURE 26896. Add N") Said sale will be 40 -18D,40NEN.82.026.41. 4000-33c. 4000-ND. 49 ODD, sala will be made (wrmo 11358, 1 Fixed Week/Fiwed 33980 Jennifer L Cowles 4091 WG Town Center HOA (NJ) made (wkho covenants. or $0.66 Michael A Tyson Helena 49ODD,S1,1O7.62,$O.4OJudy NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S covanants, orwa an,8xpreN Unrt, 5200-5251, 49 WHOLE, Rainbow Dr. Fort Mye . FL Navano.O651WOS PUB. wa an,8xpreM or implied, w Tyson 11806 Flora Ln E Laimke LauPn M Yamashha SALE or implied, Rgarding the trfle, $5,159.55, $1.55 Kok Swee M916-2829, 2,Season- NAVARRO.doc ading the tkle, poueuion Mrfchellville, MD 20721. 112 #| 214 Raynolds Drive Brockville, WUTGATE VACATION poss8Nion or encumbrances) Khoo245Ash Drive Long Pond, Flo Waek l Float Unk, 6000- m 8, 15, 1T or encumb ntes) to pay the Season- FloatWeeklFloatUnh, ON K6V1X9 CANADA, 1 All VILLAS,to pay the unpaid principal PA 18334, 1 Fixed W klFixed 61C, 6000-61D. 38 WHOLE, L 157630 unp d assessments due in the 40 -31D, 50 EVEN, $2,026.41, Season-Float WaeklFloat Unit, On Orfober 10, 2017. at balan due undar the Unk, 5200-5256, 30 WHOLE. 38 WHOLE, $2,445.92. 8O.81 amount of (See Exhibit "A.'), $0.66 PauleWe M Cha es Gillis 6000-14C, 6000-14D, 16 ODD, 11:00 a.m GREENSPOON mo gage in the unt of $3,352.08, $1 .07 Maria Olive s Joseph M Knighton, Sandra H wrth int8Fest accruing at the Cha es 14206 Daylight Ridge 16 ODD, $1,20T.62, $0.40 lan MARDER, P.A 201 E. Pine (See Exhibk A,whh inteRrt Conjunto Residencial Vllla Mighton 547 lngal Blvd Salem, NoncE OF TRwnE's r e of (See Exhibit "A ) per San Antonio, TX 78230, 1 Canson Dena Mulrain 17851 St et, Suke 5,O ando, accwing the rata ot (See Duna Casa No 12 Av Fue as VA 241M-7914, 1 All Season- SALE day, pursuant to the fimeshaP F ed Wae Flo Unk, 40 - Pienafonds Blvd Pienafonds, Florida 32801, as T ee Exhibk "A per day, pukuant Armadas c/ Calle 5 De San FloatWeek / Float Unh, - wMGAn TOWN cENnR Plan, advances. rf a,under 15c, 40 -15D, 14 EVEN, 14 ac H9J3L1 CANADA Elisa punuant to th Appointment to the Mortgage, advances, Jacinto Ma caibo. 04010. 62A. -62B. 47 ODD, 47 On Orfober 3, 2017, at 11:00 the terms of said laim of EVEN, 82.457.49, $0.79 Ca os Canson Eric Canson 22 ol Trustea Rcod8d on June if any, under th6 tarms ot VENUUELA, 112 F ed Wae ODD $1,280.16, $0.40 Lacy a.m GREENSPOON MARDER, Lien, charges and expenses ot E Valle Lainfiesta Monica J Valmount Rd Dollard-Des- 1, 2017, in O.R. Book 5157, said Morfgage, chages and F ed Unrf, 5300-5M3, 35 ODD, O williams Pa er 2850 192nd P.A 201 E. Pine Street, the Tru ee and of the tw s Aguilara Mansilla o Calle 16 OmF8aux, ac H9B2V6 at Page 1853, ot lhe Public expenses of the Tw ee and $1.755.20, $0.53 Mahmood St L sing, IL 60438 LariNa Suke 500, O ando. Florida cRat8d by said Claim ot Lian. 60Zona15.ColoniaEIMa D CANADA, 2 All on-Float Recods of OK8ola CouW, ot the t s c ed by said HuNain Fatima Mahmood 172 D Hobbs 15230 Meadow Lane 32801, as Twstee punuanl to Obligorls) shall have the right Gu a, O1015 GUATE . 1 Mlo Unrf. 6000-61A. Florida. by ason of a now Mortgage. Obligo ) shall haue C iglehh Hill Ave, Edinburgh, DoWon,IL6O41g.2All n- F Appoi nt of Tw to cu lhe de1auW and any F ad o& Unrf, - 61B, 36 WHOU, 36 tontinuingdetauWbyObligor(s), MerigMtocu Meda uWand EH4 2NA SCOTLAND, 112 Flo Week FloatUnrt. &o on May 24, 2017, in jun rli hold shallhavetha &, 38D, 6 EVEN, 6 WHOU. 82.298.5o, So.81, (s Exhibk A"), whose anyjuniorlienhold sh&lhave Fixed, 5400-54N, 16 EVEN, 54A, -54B, -54C, O.R.Book51N, Page234.or right to deem m inte st up MN,S2,45T.49,SO.79 D&my JoelR Addi5on 16171 Backe add ssis(See Exhibk"A"), in the rightto Rd88m rfs int8Rst $2,566.68,$0.84 John M Lyon -54D. 21 ODD. 21 ODD, the Public Re ds otOK8ola tothe datethe Tn stee issues Martinez, 8851 NW 119lh St Ln Paint8r, VA 23420 Stella s the payment or parformance up to he d e the T ee Sha n E Lyon me FoR 8n 21 ODD, 21 ODD. $1.755.20, Coun,Florida, by reason the certmcate of Sale by pay ng Unh 6207 Hial8ah, FL 33018, Addison, 10352 IDn Mill Rd of the obligations secu d by iNu8s the cerfmca e ot Sale A Fai ap Uckfield, $O.N, Robart J Homnan of a now continuing datauW the amounts due as outlined 1 IS8ason-FloatW88WFb No che emeld, Va 23235- a Morfgage Bod8d in O.R. bypayingthe untsdue as TN223BP UNITED KINGDOM, Na mol Y Ho 12280 by Obligorls), (See Exhibk above.By:AmandaLChapman Unk, 0 44c, 400044D, 25 3952, 1n,n-Floal Book(SeeMibh A,Page o llnadabove.ByAMANDAL. 2,Saason-Float Weak l Charles Lacey Dr Manm, A,whose add is (Sea ArthorizedAgent. WEN, 25 MN, $2,457.49, W Mb Unk, B-1522, 38 (Saa Exhibh A"T, ottha Public CHAPMAN,A edAgent Flo& Unit, 4000-53c, 40 - VA 20112, 2,S n-Flo Exhib A,in the payem or NIBIT Nn" - NOTICE OF 8O.T9 P8dD s Navea R io ODD, 4,466.32,$1.16 Ch&rfa Reco of OKaola Coun,EXHIBrr "A" - NOTICE OF ND, 25 WHOLE, 25 WHOU, k Float Unh, 61 1TB, rfom nce ofMe oblig ns TRWE'S SALE p Porfugal CaNa Cond o R M D8, D&n rious MonD8 Florida, includingtha b Bch or TRwnE's ULE $1,959.28, $0.69 Jack Wm 61 32A, 3 WHOU. 19 .sew by d Claim otLien Owner(s)/Obligor(s)/Last 113. Dpt 402 Urban acion 16929 hnB Ridge Drive default,noticaofwhichwass& owner(sVobligo s); fi sha 10 Lovall St. NE apl. 3 Ron,WHOU, $2,373.38, $0.81 rded in O.R. Book 5 3. Mown Add N; Timesha Higue ta h o Lma, PERU, Count Club Hills, IL 60478, torth in a Notice ol Detault and lnte st; Buildingl Unk; w GA 30165-9063, 2 ISeason- Jam R Vlla, Sonia Vlla Page &9-93, of lhe Public lnte st; Building/ Unk; Wae 1 AllSe -FloatWeeklFloat 1/2 #| Saason-Float Waa lnlent to Fo close p vided AssignedYe MortgageBookl Float Week / Fl Unk, 4000- Me ado 4528 Pro Cou Ea Records ot Osceola County, AMign8d Year;Amount ofLien; Unrf, 4000-58c, 40 -58D, 35 Flo Unk, B-1618, 48 ODD, to the last known add N ot Page; Principal B an ; Per 58c 4000-58D, 16 WHOLE, Brade on, FL 34203. 1 All Florida. includingthe bPach or PerDiem Amount EVEN, 35 rVEN, $3,841.40, $2,548.47,$0.75 Obligo (See Exhibk A,by Diem Amoum 16 WHOLE. 82.445.92, $0.81 Season-Float Week l Floal Unh. detauW, notice ot which was B Santa J Ayala Providence $1 Howard HamiWon, 5166 K: FORECLOSURE 26896. Cerf 8gi 8Rd Mail or by James E Gallagher Anne R Ulhas D Devanhi 2116 Aspen 610 1BA,61 -18B, 29 ODO, fo hin a Notice ofDetauW and M Donahue 2 Nicholas St ow& C k Drive, Ponte Vedra WG Town Bter HOA (N publication bythe undenigned Gallaghar 541 Ocean Blvd No Dr PlainboD, NJ 08N63630 29 ODD. $1,280.16, $0.40,em to Fo&lose p vided Danbu . CT 06810, 1 Fixed Beach,FL32O82.1#| n- Agu&a. WOS PUB Twstae, will sell at public 6 Hampton, NH 03842, 1 All Sm a A Lengada 1200 Say Brian c Sankey Tracy Sankey, to le last known add N of WWFixed Unk, 5300-5313, Float Wae ho Unrt, 4 - ARGUETA.doc aurtion lo the highast bidder Season-Float w k l Float Dr Princeton, NJ o,2 1092 SaWwood Rd surmer, Obligo s),(S Exhibrt A ,by 15 WHOLE, $4,590.33, $1.55 84c, 40 -84D. 41 EVEN, 41 mber8, 15, 11 forlaw,money ofthe Unked Un,BBB-01, 42 H0U, Fixed Week l Float Unk, 4000- sc 29154, 1 All Season-Float certm 8gi 8Rd Mail or by Frank G Hoppa Judith A Hopee NEN, $2,457.49, $0.79, L 157732 States ot America, on the hont 407711328, $1,409.56, So.24 78C.4000-78D,52 WHOLE,52 Waek l Floal Unrf, 61 - public ion bytha undenignad 42325 YALE RD CHILLIWA K Do thyA R ns15O1 p ide steps ot the Osceola County Jos8SGuene AnaLGu8neD WHOLE,$2,445.92,$O.81 Josa 32C, 6100-32D, 44 ODD, 44 T ee, will sell public BC V2R4J4 CANADA, 1/2 Ave.Apt.9B Ewing.NJ - Courthouse, 2 Courfhouse 347 Howad Ave Rockville, MD Rivera David 2 E. Eugine Rice ODD. 81.28o.16, $0.40 Man au ion to he highe bidder F ed, 5300-5318, 5 EVEN, 2624, 1,n- Flo NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Squa,KiNimm88, Florida 20850, 1/2 #| Season-Float Dev Agui . PR 00704 Wanda T Chung Helan, 232 Farnham for lawhl money of the Unrfed 83.421.72,$1.o2 Bet DCa le Wea Float Unrf. 6 0-51c, SALE 34741,all right, trfle and inte st Waek / Float Unrt, BBB-03, 16 Brig Gonzalez Po 8ox Rd Havertown, PA19O83,1 All States olAm8rica,onthefDm 1756 WillJames Rd RocMod, 6000-51D, 3 EVEN. 3 EVEN, wuTGAn TOWN CENTER in the property srfuated in the ODD, 4359n474, $7,478.16, 411 Aguina,PROO7O4, 1 F ed, season-no w klFlo Unrt, eps of the OK la County IL611O9, 1/2 FixedWee Fixad $2,457.49,S0.79. On Orfobet 5. 2017, at 11:00 County of Osceola, Florida, $3.41 Ro Ravarie 40 -82C,4000-82D,26 ODD, 6100-82C,6100-82D,12EVEN, Cou house, 2 Courfhousa Unk, NOO-N18, 33 EVEN, K: FORECLOSURE 26896. a.m GREENSPOONMARDER, describad as:(See Exhibh "A Po Box Road Town 26 ODD, $2,706.00, $0.75 12 EVEN, $2,529.40, $0.79. Square, KiMim . Florida $3,321.72, $1.02 Bhupendra WG Town Center HOA (NJ) P.A 201 E. Pine &. fime Sha lm&eA(s) (Sae Tortola, VG 1110 BR ISH K: FORECLOSURE 26896. K: FORECLOSURE 26896. 34 41, all right,trfle and inte T lor Neela Tailor 216 Ralph Flo s.O625WOS PuB Su e 5,O ando, Florida Exhibk A") a ording to the VIRGIN ISLANDS, 112 | WG Town C6nt8r HOA (NJ) WG Town Center HOA (N in the pDp8rty srtualed in tha Road Shi ey Solihull, B9o 3u FLORES.d 32801, as Twrtee pukuam to Tl Sharing Plan brWertgate Season-FloatWeeklFloatUn , Bonfiaz.O648 NOS PuB Ojogho. 5owos PuB Coun ot O la, Florid4 ENGLAND, 1/2 Fixed, NOO- m 8,15,mT thal AppointB ot T Vacation vlllas xvl, Bord8d BBB-04, 9nvEN, 481111407, BONIFAZ.doc OJOGHO.doc deKri as:(S Exhibk A 5352, 16 EVEN, $3,321.72, L 157731 rded on May 8, 2017, in in omcialRacods Book1O72, $11,821.91, $5.63 Rafael A Sep m 8, 15, 1T #m 8, 1s, 1T fi P Sha lmeR (s) (See $1.02 Cla Howad Ma aB O.R.Book5144, Page145,of at Paga 1234, ot tha Public To as GinB E Tonas Ar ijan L 157628 L157629 Exhibrt A a ording to the Howad 1340 N F nklin Rd the Public Recods ot la Recods of Os ola CouW, Va nta Residenci La fi Sharing PlanlorWestgate lndianapolis. IN 46219 William NoncE OF TRWE'S Coun,Florida, by n Florida (the "Plan . Together Conrtancia Casa 107 Pan&na, Tow Cemer. Pcoded in Sanden Maria Sanden 2730 E of a now ntinuing de uW w h Me rigM to o upy, PANAMA,1n lse on-Flo NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S NOTICE OF TRwnE's omci Re rds Book 1564, Foxbriar Pl. lndianapolis, IN WMGATETOWNCENTER by Obl o s), (Sea Exhibk punuanttothePlan,Building(s) Week l Flo Unh, 8BB-05, SALE MLE at Page 1479, ot the Public 46203 Vlginia Howa 8608 On Ortob& 5, 2017 11: A,who add (s l Unk(s) l Unk weeWs) 191NEN, 4656/20, S9,431.o5, wEsTGAn TOWN cENnR wEsTGATETowNcENnR R6tods of la Coun,Co lbeny Ln lndianapolis, IN a.m GREENSPOONMARDER, Exhibrt A,in the payl nt or ANign8d s), (See Exhibrf 84.3o B8maldo J Ajone Eliana On Ortober 3, 2017 11:00 On Orfober3, 2017, al11: Florida ha Plan . Together 4623-7T09, 1n F ed, 5300- P.A 201 E. Pina . hrt6 p8rformanG8ot 8oblig&ions A . 7700 Wa gata Blvd. M Blasoni Av 14B No 66- a.m GREENSPOONMARDER, a.m GREENSPOONMARDER. w the right to o upy, *3, 36 EVEN, $3,421.72, 5 ,0 ando,f1orida32801,as BuRd by said Claim ot Lan Mimm88, FL 34747 e in 09 U an acion MaraGaibo P.A 201 E. Pine St &, Surte PA, 201 E. Pina,punuanttothePlan,Building(s) 81.o2 Nathan Robinson Twrt puRuanttoMalNdi R in O.R. Book 4995, 'Tln ShB Plan (PDp8r ) Ma t bo, VENUUELA, 1 500,0 ando,Florida32801,as Surfe 5,O ando. florida Un (s) Unk s) l 1206 s New wilke Rd Apt of intB of T Page -511 ofme Publ Add SBd sale will be IS6 n-Floal klFlo T staepukuantlothatNotice 32801. as Tw ee punuantto ANigned Yea s), (See Exhibrf 404 A ington Heights, IL ld on May 8, 2017, in R ods of la Coun,de (whhort covenants, or Unk, BBB-,17 H0LE, of Appointment of Twstee that Appoim t of T .A . 77 W gate Bhd 5. 1 Fixed W M ed O.R.Book5144,alPage33O,ot Fbrida,iM dinqM8b or wananty, exp u or implied, 435v1127, $15,199.11, $5.90 Bod8d on May 24, 2017, in ded on May 24, 2017, in uimm,FL 34747 mer n Un . N -N53, 43 WHOLE, the Public R o s of B de uW,noli o whichwass6t Rgarding the thle, poss8Mion Anton M HallNashelia D Hall O.R.Book5153,atPega238,of O.R.B k51N,&Page293,of Ma p n IPD g3,376 S1.o7 Johnena L CouW, florida, by rthin a Not ofDe&Wand or ancumbranc ) to pay the 3&05SunbrightLn R&eigh,NC th6 Publit R o sot la Me Pu ic R sot d Sad saB will be M x 5 CandleligM DrApt of B now continuing deBW lnt&rt to Fo&lose pDvid8d unpaid p ncDal b ance due 27610, 1n #| n-Floal County, Florida, by son County, Florida, by n Bd8 (w ort cov ams. or 6 Springfield, IL 62704, 1n by Obligo s), (s Exhib to Me lart ow ad ot undet the rtgage in the k Flo&Unh,KC-O1,1y of a now continuing de uN ot a now continuing de uW w,exp u or implied,Season-Float Waek l Float A,whose add is (s Obligo s),(S Exhibh.A ,by unt of (s Exhibh A,NEN, 465, Q,922.51. ba Obligo s), (Sae Exhibk by Obligo s), (s Mib t ,po Unh, 54 -5413, 25 NEN, Exhibh A ,in epayartor & & M or w in ing &the g4.5& G ge ph ,w add u is (See A,who add u (s )to B ts,288.47,$1.o2c v JTa m& of I8 pu i nby u e otW Exh .A p& Ch o,h n12 E MibW A ,inthepaymentor Exhib A ,inMe pay or u due R a M D& T Ta -Tanli u by s dCl m ol w Tw s&| y.pu u&mtow Mortgage, e eaSl T,FLN61O, par ofMaobligalions perb ot e ot Q .A . 30DowsviewAve wnsv,in O.R. k,to u h g advan,w any, under the 1n AN on-Floal k l bysaidCl mof s u by dCl mofL& w a ONM3M1C9C h,1F Page458463,ofWPPubl br M of MWad 9ad Mortgage, F unw.cK-o3.3onvEN, inO.R. Book5O93, inO.R. Book 3, eof MibW Mixed Unk, S4OO-5N1, R lds ot la CoW, sQ mohom chaq s and nses ot 4851 1148, 10.740.43,M.13 & Page135-141,ofthe Publ Page1 -11O,otthePubl ,p rfto eT 3 WHOLE, $4,792.97, S1.55 Florda,includi la or aps of la CouW e ww d ot the twsb B D F n Chn a E R ods of O la County, Reco orOsc la Cowrfy,rfany,un p llip C Gako 100 O'L d&auW,not wh hw Cou ou . 2 c by Mo e. F&gu n 104 a D Florida,includin th6b aIhot Florida,includigu b ador e BR d Cl m of Bhd Apl 208 Sou l y, lorthineNoli ot W . . a Obligo s) shB# Me rigM New c ,DE1972o.1n | d&auW,noti o whichwass,de&W,ndi hw B L ,d and ot NJ 08879,1 Fiw6d W M lmem to Fo& prov 34741, r ra.t ba rf to de uw and any n-Flo& klno unw, torthinaNoticaotD&auWand to hinaNd eof Ward u of e Unh, -N36, 28 WHOU, toMe B ow d pD A e nior,n 9hall have Kc-o4,45 EN,4621 1n2, lntem to F p vid lm&rf to Fo lo56 pDu by C orL . U,384.62, $1.07 And (S Exhibh.A .by Cowhy Eb da, MarigMto binte A $9,501.36, S3. Cha a M to the,know addRss ot to the la DW add or ob ) A have Me ngrt Mo au Lse Mo au1O351 m eg & M,by d8Krib as:(S .A up to th d&a Me Twrt Roberts2O17 H egd Dr Obligo s),(S86 Exhibk A ,by Obligo sT,(S Exhibk.A ,by to w le d&auW and Bry P6bquinMom ,acH2c2w eublicalionbyMa und&sg fi M s) (s iNu the wee ot Sala Slid&.LATO4&1,1#| n- ce m agist&ed Mailorby Certi egi e d Mailorby juniorli ho arsh lhave Me CANAD 1 F ed W klF ed,will s8|| a public Exhibrt A a ing to the by pg ngth6 Dunk due as Fbal W k Fbal Unh, ww- public&ion bythe und8Rignad publication by Me undenigned rigM Rd88m ks int& up Unh, 5400-5452, 46 WHOU, aurtion to e h he b & Tl M PlanbrW g&e o minedabova.&:AMANDAL 01, HOU, 425511107, T,will sell at public T ae,sell al public to 16 date F8Tw 88issu8s S3,384.62, $1.07 Rubens N lawhl Dn8yot 8Unk Tow &,in cHAPMAN,A rizedAgem $11,884.62, a.59 Amhony aurfion o the higha bidder auc on to tha h he bidd& eCe fi otS&ebypa ng Malo Rua p tessor Manuel sla ot Bo on w t omc s 8ook 1564, QHl&lr Nn" - NoncE OF N Robbins 1389 Hwy 139 forlawhl Dn8yofth8 Unh brlaw,Dn8y ofthe Unked 6 unk due as oMinad F&I8i,171 501 Gavea Rio aps of Ma O la CouW al Page 1479, ot Me Publlc TRusnE's SALE Lot 223 MonD8, LA 71203 Sl es ot ca,onthe hom St es ofA arica, on Me hom above.By: daLChap D8Jan8iD,22451-O3OBRAZIL, Cou housa, 2 courmDus8 Records of OK la Coun,Owner(sTIObligo s); Timeshara Te sa M Robbins 201 Music eps of the IB CouW eps of Me O la Coun ArthorizedAgam. 1n All Season-Float week l Squa,KiNim,Florida Florida (the Plan . Tog&her lnt8R ; Buildi Un ; Wee Rd MonD8, LA 71203-8881, Cou house, 2 Courthouse Courthouse, 2 Cou hou QHIBlr n" - NoncE OF Floeunh,56oo-5634,25oDD, 34741,allrigh ,tklaandinte whh the right to occupy, AssignedYaar; o gageBoo 1n,Season-Flo w k l Squa,KiNimm88, Florida Square, Nimm88, Florida TRWE'S SALE 81 ,067.00, $O.M in the p sku&ed in Me pukuanttothePlan.Building(s) Page; Principal Balan ; Per Flo& Unk, wwa, 2110DD, 34741,all right, title and interest 34741,all rigM, trfle and inteR Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILast K: FORECLOSURE 26896. CouW of OK la, F rida, l Unk(sT / Un (s) l Diem A Dunt 465v1271, $11,047.57, $5.13 inth6 pDper srfu ed intha inlha p per skuatedinthe Mow Add u: fi a WG Tow Canter HOA (N d cribed as:(See Exhibk A Auign Yea s), (See Exhibh And Covingon 3516 sw Laddy c Am&a Gu avo Coun of Osteola, Florida, County of OK8ola, Florida, lma ; Buildingl Un ; w w Ayala. 9WOS PuB. AYALA. Tl Sha lnt (s) (Saa A . 7700 gate Bhd 69 Ave Hollywood, FL M 3, A Cartillo 45N sw 195th d8Kribed as: (See Exhibrf A described as: (s Exhibk A AwignedY noum ofLen; doc Exhib A ac ding to Me WMimn,FL 34747 e in 1/2,Season-Float Waek l Way Mi mar, FL NO29, Time Sha lnte (s) (See Tlme ShaR lnte (s) (s p D m unt Saptem r8, 1s, 1T TimeSharingPlanbrWe gate ime Sha Plan (P per ) Float UnW, QQ-04, VEVEN, 112 All Season-Flo w k l Exhibit A accoding to the Exhibk A aKoding to the Shawn M Nea 694 w. w L157 2 Town Center, ded in Add Said sale will be 42161432, $6,902.54, $3.27 Float Un,ww-06, VODD, Time Sharing Plan brWertgate Tlme Sharing PlantorWe gate Vernon N114 N a, MO 65714 omci Re ds Book 1564, de (Whout cov6nanb, or AndRDK8yLaloyaYK6y856 46N 180, $10,636.81, 84.92 Town Center. coded in Town cemer, &orded in EMIDSOUTH INC A MiNouri a Page 1479, ot the Publ w W, 8xp N or implied, TaW St & We Hemp ead. F nWin A Rangel Andreina C OMcial Recods Book 1564, omcial R ords Book 1564, Copo tion wrth A NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Ra s of la Coun,gading the lrtla, poaion NY11552,1l2AllS n-Flo WaWher And a G Rangel Ave at Page 1479, ot tha Public Page 1479, ot the Publ Wahon As Signing SALE Florida he .Plan . TDge er or encumbrana) to pay the week / Float Unk, QQ-12, 371 Univenidad Residencias Don Re rds ot O la Coun,R8colds of OK la Coun,Po Box 17 B nson, MO WUTGArETOWNCENTER whh Me right to ocwpy, unpaid mentsdueinthe EVEN, 421012&52, $9,393.29, BOKO, Urb La Granja Tor 4 Florida (the Plan . Toge her Florida (the Plan . Tog her 65615, 1 F ed w k l Fwed On Ortober 5, 2017, at 11:00 punuanllolhe Plan, Building(s) amoum ot (See Exhibk A',$3.48 lsaul Salinas Claudia Piso ,Apt 4-074 Naguanagua, whh Me right to ocwpy, wrfh he right to occupy, Unk, 5400-54u, 18 WHOLE, a.m GREENSPOONMARDER, / Unrf(s) l Unit W k(s) l wkh inte accwing al the Salinas 628 King St CedarHill. 02005 VENUUELA. 112 #| punuant to the Plan, Building(s) punuant to the Plan, Building(s) $4,479.69, $1 .38 Brenda P.A 201 E. Pina Stre&, Auigned Yea s), (s Exhibh rata ot (See Exhibh A per TX 75104, 1 #| Season-Float Season-Flo Waek l Float Unrt, l Unrf(s) l Unk Week(s) / / Unk(s) l Unh Week(s) l MartinezJoseRMa inez2621 Suke 500, Orlando, Florida A"). 7700 We gale Bhd day,punuamtotha fi asha Weak Flo Unk, u-,30 ww-06, 2110DD, no41, Auigned Yea s), (Sae Exhibk ANignad Yaa s), (See Exhibrf Augu a Drive D r Pa,M 32801, as Twstee punuant to Kiwim,FL 34747 me in Plan, advances, rf any, under WHOLE. 47351N, $17,045.72, $10,473.06, $4.97 DoDthy D "A. . 7700 Wa gata Bhd "A"). 7700 Bg e Bhd 77536, 1n,n-Flo lhat Appointment ot Tw ee Tl Sha Plan p per ) tha tBnM of said Claim of $8.36 Rosanna Feliciano 942 Blanks 262 s Frazier sl & Kiuimmee, FL 34T47 (ha in Kiyim,FL 34747 me in Week Floa Unrf, 5624, ld8d on May 8, 2017, in Add u s d s e,be Len,chages and expenaof AvenueStJohnApt2D BDnx, Philadelphia, PA 19139, 1n B Share Plan (PDper ) i ShaR Plan (P ) 21 MN, $2,086.32, So.66 o.R.Book5144,atPaqe2 ,ol made (w ho covenanb, or the Tw ee and otthetw s NY 10455 M8liMa Ma inez,n-Flo k l Add N s d s e will be Add u Said sale will be Tali5a L R 368 Chap& Pl. the Public Recods o Oscaola wa an,axp u or implied, c aled by said Claim ofLien. 448B AveApt1B nx,NY Float Unrt, WW-OT, aoDD, made (wrfho covenan,or made (wrthort covenants, or p sbugh, PA 15235, 112 County, Florida, by on gaTding thetrfB, poa n Obligo s) rn,have the right 10473,al B C8D 530 E 4413n,$10,336.8T, $3.87 w,exp or impli6d, wa aW, 8xp N or implied, Floating. 5 5624. 27 ODD. of a now ntinuing defauW or ancumb na) to pay e to CUR e de uW and any 159thSl#7 Bronx.NY1O451. Ge ld J Rohmiller41O Boald ga ing the tkle, poss8Mion gading Me thle. possewion S3,954.74,8o.96 Edna M Dav by Obligo 5), (Sae Exhib unpaid Bnts duein e junior li6nhold8r shall have 1n,Season-Floa k l StRos8boD,NC 2 ,1n |