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September 15, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 15, 2017

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PAGE 18B HERrrAGE FLORIDAJEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER 15, 201T EaGh yea D,ion ol Covanants, MARISOL BERRIOS, Noti of CARLOS FERNANDO EIRA p 2957 UILA MACIEIRA Add R ord5 of OK la CouW, Add u s d s e,ba MIKAEL HINOJOSA and Condkionsand Re rirtionstor D8tauwandlrk8mtoFoBlo DAS NMS a EUANE MARA B GOMES, RUA DAS S d llbe gde(w hort norida (the Plan . Tog&h& mada (wkholrt covanams, or MARIA A KAUFMAN Noti Faimeld O ando atStarl5land s6nt via Cerfifi egi FOIADEW NEIRA DAS MARGARIDAS825CAMPINAS v8nan .orw .6xp w h M6 right to o upy, w,exp or impli , of DetauW and lnta to as &old6din OMcialRecods Mai publication to: 154 NMS, R ENGENHEIRO sp. 13087 450 B,or i pli . ading th6 thla, punuanttom8Plan,Building(5) ragading the tkl6, po ion FO GIOS8 sanl via Certifiedl Book17O9,Paga17O1&saq wB RLY RD APT 1, MOUNT JORGE OUVA 237 APTO 141 fim h Unk 210507, k po ion or 6nwmb n s) Unrt(s) l Unk W k(s) l or en mbran s) to pay tha Regi &ed M Upublit ion Public Racords of Oscaola KISCO, NY 10549: Cl m ot BL 2 SAO PAULO, sP 2 29, Annu ,fim ha lm& to is the unp d b an A5sign8d Yaa s), (See Mibh unp daweumemsduaintha to: 7419 DEEP FOREST Coun,Floride, together wrfh Len codedonMay3O,2O17; 060 8RAZl Tlm ha Unrt 1, Per Diem 87.46. DefauW ot each &p8c 6 Cl m ot A . T7 W gate Blvd unt of (See Mibh A . DR, HOUSTON, TX 77088- any and all amendments and O.R. Book5155 atPage1844 170201, W k 31, Annual, Balante 821,856.O4, DatauW L R orded togaW& w uimm,FL 34747 ma in whh im awing the 6717; Mortgage recorded on supplemems th6r&o (lhe Publit Ratords of Osc8ola Tlm ha lnt8 1, p Date 11115115, Mo 9a96 actnl int inthe um Tlme Sha Plan p ) ra a of (See Exhibit A per Augu 22, 2014; O.R. Book D la tion . Coun ,FL.TotalDue:$577.8O Diem .54, DetauW Balanca Ra rdad 8 4 14 in OR Book of (s Exhibk A,wkh Add Said sale will be day,punuanltothefimesha 4655 at Pag6 1260 Public Obligon shalhava ha rightto as otApril 12, 2017;deKrib8d 824,1oo.42, DetauW D e 4645, Page 1453 IDALINA imeRst acc ing at Me e made (whhout vanants, or Plan, advanc,rf an,under Racords ot la Coun,Gu th8delaultand anyjunior as: A 52,5001490,299,000 v1 16, Mortgaga Ra dad nlxEIRA GURJAO TOMAZ a of (See Exhibk A ) par day, w ty, exp w or impliad, the terms of said,m ot FL. Tot Due: 814,852.65 as lianholder shall hava the right undivided inte in Phase 7127112 in OR 8ook 4302, FRANCISCO EVALDO TOMAZ pukuant to lh6 Tlm ha garding th6 tkla, poN8uion Len,chag and axpans ot ot Feb ary 7, 2017, inteP to red m ks int6r8st up to ll; BiBnniallallocat8d 105,000 Paga 362 LUIZ ROBERTO JUNIOR, 327 NEO MIRANDA Plan, advancas, if anL, undar or encumbranc l to pay the the Twstee and of lh6 twsk 86.O3p6rdi n;deKrib8da5:A Me d 8th8t 88iMu8sth8 PointstorusebytheGranteain SILVA a ORNEUNA CABRAL FORTALEZA CEARA. 60867 the lenM ot said laim ot unp d essmemsdueintha c ated by said Cl m ot L6n. 98. 0 490.299, 0 undivided certm te ofSala by payingthe odd year. OUIXABEIRA a RENATA 530 BRAZIL, TlmeshaP Unrf Len. thage5 and 8xp8ns85 ot unt ot (s68 Exhibi A,Obligor(s) 5hall have lhe right inte in Phase ll: AnnuaU amountsdueaso linedintha ALVIN BROWN and SUSAN CABRAL SILVA a MARIANA 210601, Week 29, Annual, the Tw ee and ot th6 w s whh inle t act ing at the to cu the delauW and any aloc ed 98,000 Points for use pr eding parag phs. BROWN, Notice of DetauW CA8RAL SILVA a LARISSA fimesha lntere 1, Par crea ad by s d Claim of Lan. rat6 ot (See Ewhibit "A' per junior lienholder sh,hava bytha G ntee in Each yea Dated: August 28, 2017 and lntent lo FoPclose sent MORIAS QUIXABEIRA a LIA Diem $10.54, Default Balance Obligor(s) sh l hava the right day, pursuant to the Timeshare the right to redeem ks inte TONIA MARIE JACOBS and By:IJTaraC. y via CertifiedlRegi MaiU FLAVIA CABRAL SILVA, RUA $27,616.61, DetauW Date to CUR the defauW and any Plan, advances, it anL, undar up to the data tha T aa PAUL MICHAEL RODRIGUU, Ta c. Ea AWhorizad Agent publicationlo: 13002 OSTEND T 28 N171 SETOR 8UEN0 11/15/15, Mo gage Recolded junior Lenholder shall have the t m5 of said laim ol issues h6 C8 ific 6 ot Sale Nolice ot DatauW and lmentto FOSINJ N S1O17 WAY, UPPER MARLBORO, MD RES COSTA DO SAUPU APT &4 14in OR Book 4645, Paga the righl to redeem its i &85t Lien, chages and expenses ot by paying the amounts due as FoBlose sem via Certified Omber&15, 1T 2o772: Claim ofLen ded 604 GO NIA GOIAS, 74210 1643J0SERUBIERATORRES up to tne date lhe T 68 th6 Tw ee and of the tw s o lined above. By:Amanda L Registe d M Upublic ion to: L157622 on May 30, 2017; O.R. Book 040 BRAZIL fim ha Unk aFEDIADREYNosolBER,226 iuues the Certificate of Sale c atad by said Claim of Len. Chapman, Aulhorized Agent 37 WIGHLAND DR NW, FORT 5155 at Paae 1848 Public 1705,w k 37, Annual, ASHWOOD CT HOWEU, NJ by payin9 th8 unts due Obligo s) shall have the right EXHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF WALTON BEACH, FL 32548- Records ot sceola Coun,fimerna lnt 1, Par 07731,Tlm hareUnit211102, as olrtlin8d in tha pB8ding to cu tha defauW and any TRUSTEE'S SALE 4830; Morfgage recorded on NoncE OF TRumE's FL. Total Due: $590.17 as of Diem 88.22. De uN B ance Week 17, Bienni EVEN, patagraph. To cu the default junior lienholder shall have Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILast Fabwa 6, 2015; O.R. Book SALE April 12, 2017: deKrib8d as: A 821,4o7.71, D6fauW D e fimeshare ln eP 1l2, Per ewpl ned in this Notica you the righ to Pdeem hs i ere Known Add N; Tlmeshara 4732 at Page 436 Public NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN, 84,0001490,299,000 undivided 1v1115, Mo 9age R6 rdad Diem $6.12, DetauW B ance mustRmkth8amountyounow up to lhe dale he Tw ee lnleP ; Buildingl Un ; w68kl Retods of OKeola Coun,th Gasdick Stanton Ea y, interest in Phase ll; Biennia V1y13in OR Book4395,Page 816.o29.47. DetauW Date owe, as set fo h in Exhibrt A", iMu8s he Cerf cata of S e Assigned Yaar; AmountofLen; FL. Total Due: $12,228.27 as P.A 1601 w. Colonial Dr allocated 168,000 Points tor 2792 NELL DRUMMOND, 28 12115115, Mortgage Recoded including the p diem unt by paying the amounts due as Per Diem Amount of Feb a 7, 2017, intere O ando, FL 32804, as T ae usebytheGranteeinOddyear. FRAMAR DRJACKSOWLU, 8n0115 in OR Book 4829, toreach daytollowing tha data outlined above. By: da L Javier H Rodriguez Francina 84.92perdi8m;deKribedas:A in the Appointmant recorded JASON CARR and JUUE AR 72076, Tlmesha Unk Page 1519 FABIOLA SANT ofthis nolice mDughth8 date Chapman,A horizedAgenl G Vasquez 1511 HallcroW Ln 84,000 490,299,000 undivided at O.R. Book 4542 at Page KING-CARR, Notice of DetauW 11401,Week23,Bienni MN, ANA BRENDOLAN a NICOU paye ismade.ltyouchoose HIBIT "A" - NoncE OF Houston, TX 77073-1823. 1 2 inte st in Pha5e ll; AnnuaU 2219 otthe Public Recods of and lntent to FoPclose sent fimesha lnt& 1 2, Per SANTANABRENDOLAN.RUA to cu the detauW setforth in TRUSTEE'S SALE,S n-Float Week Float allocatad 84,000 Points for use Osceola Coun,Florida, will via Cerfified/Regi ePd Di6m $4.21, DetauW Balance DAS CAMELIAS 4M CASA 2 this Notite, the hll un due Owner(s)/Obligor(s) Last Unit, 4000-28c, 47 ODD, by the Granlee in Each yea s6|| at public Auction to the Maillpublication to: 4164 $11,197.23, D6tauW D e COND VILA FENIX CAMPINAS must be mmed to: VACATION Mow Address: Tlmeshare 81,16o.38, 8o.63 Kevin A Mac BARBARA HARE, Notice ot highe biddar ot u.s. tunds, HILLCREST DR, ONEIDA, wl 1111115, Mortgage Recoded sP, 13087 488 BRAZIL, NLLAGE AT PARKWAY lntePst; Buildingl Un ; Weekl Knight Shash Ann Mac Might Default and lntent to FORCIOS8 in cash or cartified funds only, 54155; Claim ofLien Pcoded 4110113 in OR Book 4424, Tlmeshare Unrf 11307, Week OWNERS AuoclAnoN, INC Auigned Year, Amount of Len; 1404 Mo ee Drive Ea Mobile, sent via Ce ifi egist&ad on Ortobar 3, 2017, at 9:05 on May 30, 2017; O.R. Book Page 1679 ROMULO TORRES 36, Biennial EVEN, Tlm8shap o D Manag6mant, lnc Par Diem Amount AL 36618, 1,Season-Float M llpublicationto:1269MATT am, at Orang6 L6gal, 722 5155 at Page 1851 Public RAMIRO a VANIA KUIN lnl&est 1 2, Per Diem $5.17, AWn: Ownen R,ion Dept Herman M Jam Lavena A Waek Float Unit. 40 -61A, MOORE CT, UTHIA SPRINGS, p rick Street, Kissimmee, Records ot Osceola County, SOUTO, RUA ACRE 395 APT DetauW Balance 813,114.94, 1775 Bonav8ntur6 Blvd Suke J 9SunsetPassPemb ke 1 WHOU, $2,309.26, 81.57 GA 30122-2448; Morfgage Florida 34741, all right, title and FL. Total Due: 8629.16 as ot 301 BAIRRO NONOAL SAMA DetauW D e 211/16, Mortgage 1104 Weston, FL N326, beto HmO3 Pembroke, BERMUD Ragin d N Smith M Blue Pco ed on June 13, 2013; O.R. inte in the p parties listed April 12, 2017; described as: A MARIA RS, 97060 040 BRAZIL, Recoded 4129115 in OR Book the sal6 d a and ti B sat torth 112,season-no k l Mountain Road P.o. Box 62 Book 4456 at Page 2443 Public balow and racorded in Oscaola 84,0001490,299,000 undivided Tlmeshare Unit 18203, W6ak 4771, Page 1303 EDINEYJOSE in this Notice. float Unh, 4000-22c, 3 ODD, Red Hill Post omce St. Andrew, Recods of O la Coun,Counly, Florida tor continuing intePst in Phase lv; BienniaV 42, Bianni ODD, fimeshare ONIBENE a JULIANA FAVINI Dated: August 25, 2017 $1,027.76, $O.N TeRsa K JAMAICA, 1/2 Flxad Waak FL. Tot Due: 88,97o.99 as nonpayment of aMassments allocated 168,000 Poink for lntaP 112, Per Diem 84.o9, ONIBENE, AV DOURADO By: GREENSPOON MARDER, Adcox Ea ene L Hunler 2404 l Fixed Unrf, 5100-5135, 32 of Febwa 7, 2017, inteP (as w&| as property taxas, use bylhe Grantee in Odd year. DelauW Balance 81o,493.66, 1249 CENTRO SEPEZAL MT, Trustee Rolling Oaks San Ma os, ODD, 81,583.52, $0.88 Alan 83.8o per diem: deKrib8d as: A intarest, lal6 ta andlor All ot FAIRFIELD ORLANDO DetauW Data 1115 16, 78365 BRAZIL, Tlmesha Unit HIBIT "A" M 78666, 1 #| Season-Float Fletcher Vltki F K6nnedy # 8 ` 64,0001490,299, 0 undividad costs, itapplicable) dua further AT STAR ISLAND, together Morfgage Racod6d 4123/13 211206, Week 36, Annual, EUSTACE DUNCAN a w68k / Float Unil, 4000-23B, Honeysuckle Driva Hillbank, imerest in Phase lv; AnnuaU d8Krib8d astollows: with all appu enances thereto, in OR Book 4431, Page 912 fimeshare lnlerest 1, Per ROBERTA DUNCAN, 1629 42 WHOLE, 81,274.27, 8o.46 05112 AUSTRALIA, 1n Fixed loc ed 64, 0 Pointsforuse nDEL SIFUENTES and IRMA awoding and subje to the PAULO ROBERTO FELLAO 6 Diem $6.67, Default Balanca BOWMAN DR. GREENFIELD, Leslia L LaurellJohnie c Lau ll week l Fixed Unit, 5100-5154, by the G ntee in Each yea EsnLA NAVA, Notite ot Declaration of Covenants, LUCIANA DE FARIAS FELLAO, $1 8,979.01,De ult Dat6 IN 46140, Tlm8shaT8 Unit 410 A inQon Falls Ct Bonai,3 ODD, $1,663.52, $0.88 Segio LAWANDA SHEPEAR VIVIANS DefauW and lntent to FoPclose Condkions and Re ri ion5 tor R ANTONIO BIASSI FIWO 1115/16, Morfgage Recoded 18605, Week 48, Annual, GA31OO5,1/2AllSeason-Floal A Doverfe Soco o T Vldanes AKA LAWANDA SHEPEARD sent via CertifiadlRegistePd Fairneld O ando alStar lsland 173 PARQUE ORTOLANDIA 4129/15 in OR Book 4771, Tlmeshara lnlerest 1, Per Week/FloatUnit,4OOO-74B,35 POBox441OOForfWashington, VIVIANSandANTHONYQUINN M Upublit ion to: CAUE as r orded in omcial Records HORTOLANDIA SAO PAULO, Page 1895 HORACIO SHUJI Diem 81.95, DatauW Balante ODD, $1,036.76, 8o.33 Debbie MD 20749, 1/2 Fixed w86k VIVIANS, Nolice ot DefauW BARRIO DE LA PALMA 117, Book17O9,Page17O1 etseq 13184 040 BRAZIL, fimeshare HASEGAWA a WKIE AMELIA $3.950.00, Default Date p Manuel 8623 s 45TH GLN / Fixed Unh, 5200-5253, 18 and ln ent to FoRtlose sent CENTRO zAcAncAs, ZAC Public Records of Osceola Unk 1 70801. Waek 40, NAGAI HASEGAWA, RUA v13l12 DENNIS DAVIS, 7236 LAVEEN, AZ 85339-2189, 1/2 ODD, $1,663.52, $0.88 Ca os via cerfmedlRegi ered Mai 980,M ICO; Claim ot Coun,Florida, together wrfh Annual, Tlmeshare lnteresl DONA TALINA119 MORADA M ESTIC WAY MAGNA, Fixed WeehlFixed Unh, 5200- Vallarino Po Box 09 06 6187 publicationto: 1730 HIGHWAY Len ratoded on June 12, any and all amendments and 1, p& Diem 88.64, DefauW NOBRE BARREIRAS BA, UT 84044, fim ha Unh 5256, 50 EVEN, $7,305.98, Guayaquil, ECUADOR, 1 Fixad 25 S, LENA, MS 39094- 2017; O.R. Book 5162 supplements lhePto (the B ance 822,o97.21. DefauW 47810 163 BRAZIL, fimesha 181,W68k 3, Annual, $1.84 Wanda R Johnson 12904 Week / Fixad Unk, 5200-5254, 9177: Mortgage o ed on Page 483 Public Records of Declaration . D e 1115116, Mortgage Unit 211208, Week 40, Annual. fim6sha lntere 1, Per Makia Place Clinton, MD 10 WHOLE, 81,663.52, $1.80 August 29, 2014; O.R. Book Osceola County, FL Total Obligors shall have the right to Recorded &29113 in OR Tlm hare lnter 1, Per Diem 81.57, DatauW Balance 20735, 1 Fiwed Week / Fixed Alberto D Castanada E inda 4658 at Page 1 97 Publit Due: 8638.32 a5 of Feb a cure the defauW and any junior Book 4494, Page 2626 JOSE Diem $9.78, DefauW Balance $3,191.00, DafauW Data u5l13 Unk, 5400-5411. 51 WHOLE, F Castaneda 2685 Millanium Records ot Osceola Coun,15. 2017; described as: A lienholder shall have the rignt DOMINGOS CORREA a $25.571 .60, Default Date SHANTA GROVER, 149o w. 82,711.67, $0.65 Ti sha Cir Rano, NV 89512, 1/2 Fixed FL. Total Due: $54,846.78 as 77,000/420,960,000 undivided to redeem its inteRst up lo MARIUNE BELA DE SOUSA 11/15/15, Mo gage Recorded GOVERNMENTAL STREET, Relief ConsuWa s, lnc P.O. Weak l Fix6d Unk, 5300-5354. of November 16, 2016, intara inte st in Phase |; BIENNIAU the dal8thet eeiNuesth8 CORREA. COL AGRICOLA 6/18115 in OR Book 4795. BRANDON, MS 39042 1004 w Box 2067, Branson We,MO 19 ODD, $1,646.53, 8o.88 82o.37 per diam; described allocated 154,000 Points for CerfificateofSalebypayingthe SAMAMBAIA CHACARA 96 Page 1441 LUIS GUSTAVO 57TH ST, CHICAGO, IL 60621 65737,JoseABa jasKimbe y Benjamin F Me era Ethel c as: A 400,000/420,960,000 use bytheGranteein ODDyear. amounts due as owlinedinthe Lon 09 BRASILIA DF. 72110 CORREA DASILV RUAJOSE 15o2, Tlm8shaR Unh 18106, c Barajas 11820 Siena MoPna Mercara Kaya Man 3 Bonaire. undiv ded inteP in Phase SUNNY ISLES VACATION p ceding paragraphs. 600 BRAZl Tlm hare Unk CARLOS REGO 38 CAMPO Week 3, Annual, fimeshaR El Paso, M 79936, 1/2 All NETHERLANDsANnLus,1l2 |: AnnuaUalloc ed 400,000 CLUB, LLC, Notice of Default Dated: August 28, 2017 19601, w86k 35, Bienni ODD, GRANDE RIO DE JANEIRO lntere 1, Per Diem $1.57, S n-Float Week / noat Fixed Week / Fixad Unk, 5300- Points tor use by the Grantee in and lntent to Foreclose sent By: /s/ Tara c. Early fimesha lnte 112, Per RJ, 23093 246 BRAZl DetauW Balante 83,191.oo, Unrf, 54 5422, 39 EVEN, 5356, 39 ODD. 81,663.52. Each year. via Certifi egislered Mail/ Tara c. Earl,Authorized Agent Diem 83.75, DBfauN Balance Tlmeshare Unk 210211. Weak DefauW Date 215/13 MELISSA $1,140.80, $0.41 an A 8o.88 Abraham s Urmen a CASSANDRA BUSHNELL publication to: 16850-112 FOSINJN S1O17-NOS $9,839.85, DerauW D e 45, Annual, fimeshare lntere M JOHNSON a ANDREW J Vlsconti285McFarlane Rd,Ap Ma H6lan c Urmenata 403 MITCHELL and PATRICK COLUNS AVE, SUITE 302, September8,15, 1T 1v1/15, Mortgage Recoded 1, Per Diem $9.85, DefauW JAMES, 3630 JOSEPHINE 170 Colonia. NJ 07067-3429, 1 BrooMaven Courf Chesapeake, MICHAEL MITCHEL Notica SUNNY ISLES, FL 33160: L 157621 8/2&13 in OR Book 4494, Page Balance 825,787.89, DefauW STREET DENVER, co 80205, #| Season-flo Week l Float VA 23320, 112 Fixed Weeh of Delault and lntent to ROBERT MOTTER, 16850- 1514 NILBERTO AROLDO Dale 1 1/15/15, Mortgaga fimesha Unit 19504, w k Unrf, 5600-5612, 2 WHOLE, l Fixed Unk, 5400-5435, 13 Foretlose 5ent via Cerfified/ 112 COLUNS AVENUE SUITE DA SILVEIRA a ROSANA Recoded 813/15 in OR Book 18, Annual, TlmeshaP lnt t $4,550.00,81.36 Rita M M en ODD, 82,452.o4, 8o.88 James Registered M l/publication to: 302. SUNNY ISLES, FL 33160; NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S ZAMPRONIO DA SILVEIRA. 4819, Page 1727 RENATO 1, Per Diem $2.32, DefauW 13855 237th Drive Lve ak, lgwa 31 me Hollies G vends 26960 REGENCY PARK DR. Claim ot Lien recorded on SALE RUA FRANC RODRIGUU AMATTO NETO a PAULA Balanca 84,7o7.oo, DefauW FL 32060, 1 All Season-Float Kentcoun ,DA125EPuNlnD DENHAMSPRINGS,LA7O726- Janua 9, 2017; O.R. Book LANDO RuoRn GASQUES 58 APTO B62 KARINA GARBELINI AMATTO, Date2l1/11 RAULRODRIGUU Week l Float Unit, 5700-5735, KINGDOM, 112,Season- 5665; Morfgage recoded on 5082 a Page 2882 Public CORPORATION, a Florida GUARULHOS sp. 07111 140 RUA TEODORO SAMPAIO LOPU a ANA LUZ DIAZ 9 WHOLE. $1,351.80, $0.48 FloatWeehl FloatUnit, 5600- April 21, 2015; O.R. Booh Recods of Osceola County, topo tion BRAZIL, Timeshare Unit 15101, 1020 APTO 16o5 SAO PAULO RODRIGUU, PINO 72 Robert J Fuller maresa R 5655,41 ODD, 8434.oo, $0.59 4767 at Paga 674 Public FL Total Due: $643.32 as of On Seplember 28, 2017 at 2:30 w66k 34, Biennial EVEN. sP, 05406 050 BRAZIL. COLONIA FLORIDA M ICO Fuller 109 Castle Drive East Robin s Brown Po Box 106 Recods of Osceola Coun,November 1, 2016; described p.m. GREENSPOON MARDER, Timesha lntarest 1/2, Per Tlmeshare Unit 11404, weak D.F O1O30, Tlmesha Unit Stroudsbug, PA 18302, 2 All Shaldon, SC 29941. 112 All FL. Total Due: $13,820.24 as as: A 154,0001490,299,000 100 West CypRss Creek Road, Diam $3.71, DefauW Balance 41, Biennial EVEN, Tim8shar8 19501, Weak 23, Biennial ODD, Sea5on-Float Week / Float Saason-Float Weak l Float Unit, of November 16. 2016. inter t undivided inteR in Phase ll; Suite 700, Fort Lauderd e, FL 89,849.82, DetauW D e lntere 112. Per Diem 85.65, Tlmeshara lnt8Rst 112, Per Unrf, 61 00-72A. 61 00-72B, 6000-21B, 19 ODD, 81,16o.44, . $5.18 per di6m; d8Krib8d ANNUAUallocated 154,000 33309. as T stee punuant lo 11115 15, Mortgage Racoded DetauW Balance $14.852.80. Diem 80.79, Detault Balance 6100-7zc, 6100-72D, 31 $0.63 Tani5ha s B nnen as: A 105, 01490,299,000 Points for use by the Grantee in that Appointment ot Twstee 9124113 in OR Book 4507, DetauN Date 11/15/15, 81 ,611.00, DatauW Dale 215113 ODD, 31 ODD, 31 ODD, 31 Po Box cb 13065 Nassau, undivided inta in Phase EACHyear. recoded on July 11, 2017, Paga 1923 ANTONIO MENDES Morfgaga Recorded 11116/15 GERMANO M SILVA TAVARES ODD, $1,723.10, $0.53 Tanya BAHAMAS, 1 All Season-Float ||; AnnuaUallocated 105,000 nMEsHARE TRADE INS, LLC, in O.R. Book 5177 at Page FURTADO a DEBORA in OR Book 4872, Page 1716 a MARIA DO ROSARIO M PayeWe 360 Fal i e Driv Waak l Float Unit, 4000-12A, Pointstorusebythe Granteein Notice of DefauW and lntent to 164 ot the Public Records ot MACHADO NEPOMUCENO MARCELO DE MORAES TAVARES, 47 SPRING NE Apt 2115 Calga,AB 4000-12B, 19 EVEN.19 EVEN, Each year. Fo&lose sent via certmed/ Osceola County, Flonda, by FURTADO, RUA NEUDELIA MESSIAS a FERNANDA STREET APT 3A ONINING, TW2G3 CANADA, 2 112 All 896o.45, 81.o7 Hesdy Pigot IVEUSSE PERU BONILLA Regi e d MaiUpublit ion r son of a now continuing MoNn 1034 ALAGADICO BORGES MESSIAS, RUA NY 10562, Tlmeshare Unrt Season-Floa WeeklFloatUnil, lng6 A Pigot Enser 16502 sw and JUAN MANUEL FLORES to: 10923 STATE HIGHWAY d auW by Obligor(s), (Sea NOVO FORT c,HUMBERTO PRIMO LEARDINI 18302, Week 34, Biannial 610 31A, 6100-31B, 6100- 58th T6r c6 Miami,FL33193, OTERO, Notica of D6fauW 176, WAWUT SHADE, MO Ewhibh A ) whose add M 60833 420 BRAZIL.fimeshare 396 JD SANTA UDIA MAUA EVEN, fimeshare lnt& t 41E, 6100-67c. 6100-67D, 1 All S8a5on-Float Week l Float and lntent to Foretlose sent 65771; Claim ot Len recorded is (See Exhibil A"), in the Unh 1704,Week 36, Annu . SP, 09311 021 BRAZIL, 1 2, Per Diem 81.19, DefauW 19 DDD. 19 ODD, 20 ODD, Unrt, 4000-28 4OOO-28B, via Ce ifi egiste d Mai on April 3, 2017; O.R. Book payment or performan or Tlmesha lnteP 1, Per fi Pshap Unk 210414, k Balance $2,414.00, Default 35 ODD, 35 ODD, 83,755.06, 35 ODD, 35 ODD, $1 354.18. publication to: 2310 CAMP 5126 at Page 134 Public theobliga ionssacu d bysaid Diam $7.52, DetauW Balance 40, Annual, fimeshar6 lnt8ra Date v13 12 EDWIN VAW 81.17 Bel Tum Sudan 35 $0.75Joseph H Norman22949 TOWNWAY, LAWRENCEVILLE, Recods of Osceola Counly, Mortgage Pcoded in O.R. $19,346.82, DelauW Date 1, Per Diem .90, DetauW a USA A HERNANDU, 1115 E V encia Dr Phoenix, AZ NE136thDrRaitod,FL32O63, GA 30044-2769; Mo gaga FL. Total Due: $588.10 as ot Book (Sea Exhibrf "A',at Page 1115116, Morfgage Recoded B ance 826,o14.46, DetauW HIDDEN SPRING NAPERNW, 2, 112 Floating, B-1603, 2 All Season-Float week l recoded on Decamber 4, Febwa 15, 2017; destribed (See Exhibit A"), ot lhe Public 1112v13 in OR Book 4N6, Date 11 15115, Morfgaga IL 60540, Tlm haT8 Unrf 16 MN, $1,372.71, 8o.22 Float Unk, 4000-31A, 4000- 2015; O.R. Book 4880 at as: A 105,000/490,299,000 Records of Osceola Coun,Page 145 CARINA CARDOSO Recoded 1/13/16 in OR Book 8604, Week 20, Bienni ODD, Edzon v Gawia Hernandez 31B, 46 WHOLE, 46 WHOLE, Page 1266 Public Recods undivided inte st in Phase lll; Florida, including tha br8ach or DE MELLO DA SILV RUA 48,Pag8 2114 GERALD Tlmesha lnt8 5t 1 . Per 1926 Lebanon St Hya svilla, $1,404.18, $1.54 Sagira Y Shah of Osceola Coun,FL. ANNUAUallocated 105,000 default, notice otwhich was set JOAO PEDRO nlxEIRA EDwARDLovEuNaGRAcE Diem $1.18, DefauN Balance MD zo783, 1,Season-Float 1864 Fall St. San F ncis , Tot Due: $16,419.30 as of Points tor use by the Grantee in torth in a Notice ot DetauN and 238 NOVA PARNAMIRIM JEMICA LOVELESS, 18213 $2,393.00, DefauW Date v1l1 1 Week l Flo Unk, B-1410, CA 94117-2021, 1,Season- Novembar 16, 2016, in ere EACHyea lntent to Foreclose pDvid8d PARNAMIRIM RN, 59152 MAXADRMANOR, M78653, AuGusnNE s TATUS a B-1710, 13 EVEN, 11 EVEN, Float Waek l Float Unit, 4000- 86.37 per diem: dascribed JAMES R CARMICHAEL to the last known addrass of 790 BRAZIL, TlmeshaR Unrf fimeshare Unit 10201, Week KRlsnL R TATUS, 905 TWIN 81,563.9o, 8o.54 fimothL 41c, 4000-41D, 44 EVEN, 44 as: A 105,0001420,960,000 and B J CARMICHAEL, Obligor(s), (Saa Exhibit "A"), by 17o7o2, Week 31, Annual, 39, Biennial ODD, Tlmesha PINES DR MADISON, wl Ridardson 243 Lnden St 2 EVEN, $1,394.32, $1.13 John undivided interast in Phase Notice ot DefauN and lntent to CerfifiadlRegiste d Mail or by Tlm8share lnteP 1, Per lnler t 112, P8r Diem 85.38, 53704, fimeshare Unit 16102, B okly, NY 11221 Samantha Eric Mensah Emelia Mensah |; AnnuaUallocaled 105,000 Fo&lose senl via Certifiedl publication by the undersignad Diem $5.12, DetauW Balanc8 Default Balanc8 $12,129.52, Waak 49, Bienni MN, M Per 2208 Ston8wat8r 42 Ravensboume Gadens Points tor use by the Grantae in RegistePd MaiUpublication to: Trustee, will sell at publit $1 4,699.55, Defaull Date Default Date 1 0/3/1 6, Morfgage Tlm8shaR lntePst 112, Per Glen Ln Ca,NC 27519, 1 All Clayhall, uNlnD WNGDOM, Eath year. 15027 GLENN AVE, PRIDE, LA au ion to the highest biddar 2/1/16, Mo gage Recorded Recorded 811/14 in OR Book Diem 81.19, D auW Balanca Season-Float Waeh / Float Unit, 2,Season-Float Week/ Flo GREGORY MANEM and 70770; Cl m ot Lien Pcorded lor law,monay of the United 1113114 in OR Book 4555, 4644, Page 2160 $2,41 4.00, Default Date v1 311 2 B-1513, B-1514, 22 EVEN, 22 Unit, 6000-15A, 6 15B, 4 WINNIE JONES, Notice ot on May 4, 2017; O.R. Book States ot America, at lhe hont p 2021 JOAO CLAUDIO (40839.0120 ) RANDY s ETHRIDGEa LIUIAN ODD, 82,396.78, $0.81 Godwin WHOLE, 4 WHOU. 81,4o8.18, DefauW and lntent lo Foretlose 5142 at Page 1823 Public sleps or the Oscaola Coun p sos JORGE a ULIAN September8, 1s, 1T B ETHRIDGE, 1721 PAGES o Dibia Mathilda o Dibia 81.54 William Monlesdeoca sent via Certifi egist&ed Records ot OKeola County, Courthouse, 2 Courthouse MARIA DE OLIVEIRA MAIA L 157624 DAIRY RD YUUE, FL 32041, UgonnaHospkalsPOBox33O7 Paulina Montesd 12610 M Upublication to: p O Box FL. Total Due: 81,o89.93 a5 Square, KiMimm88, FL 34741, JORGE, AV N1 115 ANAP.OLIS Tlmesha Unit 6506, Week Aba. NIGERIA, 1 Fixad Weak Vein Mill Rd Apt 1 304 Rockville, ,CHATSWORrH, GA of March 14, 2017; described all righl, title and inte st in the CITY ANAPOUS GO, 75096 40, Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshare l Float Unit, B-1609, B-1610, MD 20853, 1 #| Season-Float 05-1588: Mo gage as: A 140,000/490,299,000 property situated in lhe Coun 020 BRAZIL, fimeshaR Unit NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S lntere 112, Per Diem $1.53 26 ODD, 26 ODD, 8718.oo, Waek l Float Unit. 6 24c, recoded on Novambar 26, undivided intere in Phase ll; ol Osceola, Florida, described 9305, Week 32, Biennial EVEN, SALE DetauW Balance 83,112.14, $0.08 Ha ey Hardy Guadalope 6000-24D, 11 ODD, 11 ODD, 2014; O.R. Booh 4700 ANNUAUallocated 140,000 as: TlmeshaP lntePst 1/2, Per Vaca on Vlllage At Parkway DetauW Date 2111110 JAMIE Ha y 402 Kassalring Ava $1,404.18, $.075 Dolores J Page 1198 Public Records ot Points for use by the Grantee in (SEE WHIBIT A) Time Share Diem 85.26, De uW Balance Owne tiation, lnt a EUIS, 1303 OLD HIGHWAY Dover, DE 19904, 2 Floating, Posten William H Po en 46 Osceola Coun,FL. Total Due: Each y . lnte st(s) as defined in the $13,776.07, DefauW Date norida non pDtit copo on 2 BELWIUE RR 2 ON, K8N B-1800, B-1802, 35 WHOLE, BuWarnW Rd Levi own, PA $13,767.82 as of Novemb CAMIUE LATOUCHE and Declaration ot Covanants, 1v1115, Mo gage Re d On Seplember28,2O17 at2:3O 4z2 CANADA, fim hare Unit 35 WHOLE, 83,287.oo, 81.o7. 19057, 2 All Season-floal Week 16, 2016, intere $5.w ORLANDO KORNEGAY, Condhions and Re rirtions 1110114 in OR Book 4555, p.m. GREENSPOON MARDER, 12606, Week 19, Biennial ODD, K: FORECLOSURE 26896. / Float Unil, 6000-33c, 6000- per diem: dBscribed as: A Notice ot DefauW and lntentto forVacation VlllageatPa way, Page 674 ANALU CORREA a 100 W6stCypraNCr88k Road, fimesha lntere 112, Per WG Town Canter HOA (NJ) 33D, 45 WHOLE, 45 WHOLE, 84,0001490,299.000 undivided Foreclose nt via Certified/ as &orded in omcial Records GEOVANE DANTAS GARCIA Suke 7OO, Forf Lauderdale, FL Diem $1.18, DefauW Balance Robles.O628 NOS PUB 81,4o4.18.81.54 inte st in Phase lll: Annua Regi e Mai publication Book 1591, at Page 379, ot FLORESTA AZUL 213 219 N3O9, as Tw ee pursuant to 82.393.oo. DefauW D e v1l1 1 ROBUS.doc K: FORECLOSURE 26896. allocated 84,000 Pointstoruse to: 3454 BRINKW RD APT the Public Recods otOKeola SAO PAULO sP, 03729 010 lhat Appointment ot Twstea MICHELU H. SMITH a PAUL kptember8,1S,2D1T WG Town Center HOA (NJ) by tha Grantee in Each year. 102, nMPLE HILU, MD Coun,Florida (tha Plan), as BRAZIL Tlm haR Unrt 7103, recoded on April 27, 2016, in G. UIDECKER, 705 MOOR L 157626 Rodriguez.O629 NOS PuB EARNESTHARRIS and JEWEL 20748; Cl m ofLien Pcorded am6ndad hom lime to time. Week 48, Bienni WEN, O.R.Book4949atPa9e2692of nRRAcE CRYSTAL LAW, IL RODRIGUU.doc S. HARRIS, Notice ot DefauW on May 4, 2017; O.R. Booh Togath6r wrfh lhe rigM to fim haP lnt 112, Per the Public Ratords otOsceola 60014, fi PshaP Unh 7607, September8, 15, 1T and lntent to Fo close sem 5142 at Page 1824 Public octupy, punuant to the Plan, Diem $3.76, DefauW Balance Coun . Florida and Amendad Week 21, Bienni MN, NoncE OF TRumE's L 157627 via CertifiadlRegistered MaiU Records of Osteola CouW, Assigned Unit Week (SEE $9,910.97, DefauW D a onJulyO3,2O17,in O.R.Book fim haR lnteR 112, Per SAU publication lo: 10 Steele FL. Tolal Due: $2,839.92 as HIBIT A) and Assigned Unk 11115115, Mo gage Recoded 5173 atPage238otthe Public Diem $1.19, DefauW B ance wuTGAn TOWN CENTER C ek Dr, Midland, GA 31820- ot Mawh 14, 2017; d6scribed (SEE WHIBIT A), in AMigned 6/23114 in OR Book 4627, Racods ot Oscaola Coun,$2,414.00,DefaullDaleV13112 On O ober 3, 2017, at 11:00 NoncE OF TRumE's 4594; Mo gage &orded on as: A 126,0 1490,299,000 Year(SEE WHIBITA). Page5 GUILHERMEALBERTO Florida, by raason of a now (40834.0024) a.m GREENSPOON MARDER, SALE March 9, 2016; O.R. Book undivided interestin Phase lv; 3001 Parkway Blvd MARINHO GONCALVES, co inuing defaultby Obligor(s), m & 15, 1T P.A 201 E. Pine Str t, WUTGATE TOWN CWTER 4925 at Page 26N Public ANNUAUallocated 126,000 KiNimm88, FL 34747 merein EDA DAS SUCUPIRAS (Sea Exhibit '.A") whose L157635 Suite 500, O ando, Florida On Ortob6r 3, 2017 at 11:00 Recods ot Osceola Coun,Points for use by the Grantee in "Time Share Plan IProparty) 390 COND RmRo DO CHALE add M is (Sea Exhibit "A"), in 32801, as Tw punuant to a.m GREENSPOON MARDER, FL. Total Due: $15,439.04 as EACHyear. Addrass") BRUMADINHO MG, 35460 the paymant or performance that Appointment ot Tw ee P.A 201 E. Pine StP , ofDecember16, 2016, in e BARBARA PETREN, Notice ot Said sala willba made( thout 000 BRAZIL fim haP Unrf of the obligations sacured by NoncE OF TRumE's Bord8d on May 8, 2017, in Suke 500, O ando, florida $6.49 p diem: dascrib De uW andlntentto Fo close covenank,orwarranty,ewpress 171005, Week 28. Annual, s d Claim ot Len recoded SALE o.R.Book5144, Paqe278,ot 32801, as T ae punuant to as: A 128. 01420,960,0 senl via BfiedlRegiste d or implied, gading the title, TimeshaP lnte 1, Per onApril13,2O16inO.R.Book WUTGATE TOWN CENTER the Public Reco s o Osceola tha Appointment of T ee undivided inl in Phase M Upublic ion to: 30 HOLLY possession or encumbrances) Diem $11.74 DetauW Balance 4942 at Page 2126, of tha On Ortober3, 2017, 11:00 Coun,florida, by ason ded on May 24, 2017, in |; Annua all ed 128,000 HOUSE DRlvE,HELMmA,NJ to satis the unpaid balante $30,N0.19, De uW D e Public Ratods ot Osceola a.m GREENSPOONMARDER, of a now minuing datauW O.R.Book5153,atPage9 ,ot PointstorusabytheG nteein 08828; Cl m of Len co ed of aach spactive Morfgage 1v1115 Mortgage R ld8d Coun,Florida and Amandad P.A 201 E. Pine et, by Obligor(s), (See Exhibrt thePublic RecordsotOsceola Each ea on May 4, 2017; O.R. Book Recorded tog8th6r wkh 4117114 in OR Booh 4597, on Juna 12, 2017, in O.R. Book Surte 500, O ando, Florida A"), whose add ss is (See County, Flori,by ason MAR us ANTHONY 514z Page 1825 Publit aw ed i ere inthe amount Page 16 AL DRE COSTA 5162atPage766 oftha Public 32801, as T stea punuant to Exhibrt A"), intha paymentor ot a now continuing defauW ^ COLEMAN and PAULA RENEE RecordsofOK8olaCoun ,FL ot (Sae Exhibk A,wkh PEDROSA a CLAUDIA Records ot Osceola County, that Appointmenl ol T ea parformance ottha obligations by Obligo s), (See Exhibrf COUMAN, Notice of DetauW Tot Due: 8847.56 as ofMarch int6 a wing at the rate OLWEIRA PEDROS RUA Florida,includinqthe breach or &oded on May 24, 2017, in sacured by said Claim of Lien "A',whose add ss is (See and lntent to Fo&lose sem 14, 2017: described as: A of (See Exhibk A") p day, SALOMAO VASCONCELOS datault, noticeo which was s6 O.R.Book51N,atPage356,of raGord8d in O.R. Book 5053, Ewhibh A"T, in lhe payant or via Ca ifiedlR istered M U 84, 01490,299,000 undivided punuant to the fi&aP NO2OB RROMANGABEIRAS to h in a Notica otDefaultand the Public R ds of OK8ola at Paga 880-885, oflhe Public performan oftha obligations publication to: 563 Sy R int in Phase ll; BIENNIAU Plan, advanc85. il any. under BELO HoRzown MG, 30210 lntent to Fo close p vided County, Florid4 by Pason Reco s ot Osceola Coun,sacured by said Claim of Lien Dr, JonasboD, GA 30238-,ed 168,0 Point5 tor th8 t8rms ot d Mortgage, 070 BRAZIL fim ha Unrt to M8 la ow add N ot ol a now continuing detauW Florida,including h6b achor &oded in O.R. Book 5093. 3188: Morfgage r oded on useb theG ntaeinODDyear. charg and exp s of 161,k 32, Bi8nni Obligo s),(See Exhibit"A ,by by Obligo sT, (s68 Exhibh d8lauW,notic8otwhiGh wasset at Page 111-116, oflhe Public September 30, 2015 O.R. CON TANCE WRIGHT and th6 Twst and ofthe t W MN, fim e lnt c8rtm 6gi e d Mailorby A,whose addr s is (Sea fo hinaNoticaofDefaultand Recods of Osceola County, Book 4850 at Page 47 Public CHRIS MEADE, Notica of c ated bysad Mortgaga. 1n, p Diam $5.57. DatauW publication bytha undenignad Exhibh A,in tha pay&| or lntem to FO GIOS8 p vided Florida, including the b ach or Re rds ot Os la CouW, DelauW andlnt6ntto Fo&lo58 Obligo s) shall have he right B ance 814.157.9o. D8tauW Tw 86, will s8|| at publ performance ot e oblig ions to the la known add ss ot datault, notice ofwhich was se FL.Tot Due: $7,757.74 as of sent via cartmedlRegi &ad to cu tha defauW and any D e 1 1 16, Mort9aga autlion to the highert bidd BuRd by s d Cl m of Lan Obligor(s), (s68 ExhibhwA"), by forth in aNoli ofDetauW and Detambar 16, 2016, int& MaiUpublic ion to: 596 junior Lenholdar sh,have R o 5R114 in OR Book forla ul Dnay otthe Unhed rdad in O.R. Book 5053, certm egi e d Mailorby lntent lo Folaclos8 provided ~ S2.86perdiem;d bedas:A HOUY AVE, MILTON, ON L9T th6 rightto eam ks int 4 7, Page 76 MAURICIO ates ol ca, the t nt Page 899-904,ottha Publit public ion by he undenigned to ma la own add of 84,0001490,299, 0 undivided 4G7, CANADA: Claim ot Len up lo tha date the T DE A L PANINET a 6ps ot lha OK8ola County Records of Coun,T,will sell at public Obligo s),(SeeMibk A"),by inte st in Phase ll; AnnuaU &o edonApril28,2O17;O.R. iMuas tha Certificate ot s 8 ANDREA ALVARENGA ROLLA Cou house, 2 Courthous8 horid4includingthe b ach or au ion to the highest bidder CertifiedlR i M,orby located 84,000 Pointsforuse Book5139 Page1163Public by paying the amounts du8 PANIUET a MAURICIO Squa,KiNimm88, FL 34741, de uW.noti otwhich wasset tor w,money oftha Unked pu ic ion bythe undenigned by the Grantee in Each yea R8cordsotOK laCoun ,FL. as o linad in the p&eding BENDA PANINEr a NEUSA lnght,trfleandinte inthe forthin aNoliceofDe uWand sl ot rica,onthehont Tw ee,s,at publit JANET ELAINE ANNT Tot Dua:8872.41 asofMarch pa graph. To cu the de uW CONCEICAO DE AVILA pDp8rtyskuat6dinth8CouW lm,to Fo&lose provided 6ps ot T8 Osc la County auclion to lhe high bidd& RANSOM, Noti of De uW v, 2017; d8Krib as: A explained in this Notice you PANIN QRI 11 CASA otOK8ol4 florida,dascribed tothe la ow add of courmou,2 Courfhouse torlawhl neyot laUnrf6d and lmant to Fo&lose sent n, o 49o,299,ooo undivided mustremktheamountyou now 07 RES SANTOS DUMONT as: Obl o s),(See Mibrt A ,by Square, uimmae, Fbrida St ofAm Q onthahont via certm egirtared int in Phasa lll; Bienniall owe,assetforfhin Exhibh A,A MARIA BRASILIA DF, (SEE HIB AT fime Sha am egi M,orby 34741, lngM,trfleandime eps of tha OK8ola Coun MaiUpublitation lo: 10021 lotated 154,000 Points tor includingthe perdiem unt 72592 211 BRAZIL Tl h lnt (s) as d8fin8d in Me publitation by 6und8 gn inthe pDp8rty skuated inth6 Cour ouse, 2 Cou hous6 Leatha ood Dr, Fo WoM, usebylhaGranteainOddyaar. tor chdaytollowingthed a Unk 18506, h 9, Annual, De ar ion ot Covanants, Tw ee, will sell at public CouW ot OK I4 florid Squa,uimm,norida M 761084148: Mortgage D.U.M.P. BROS, uc, Nolice otthis ndit8thDughth8 date Trm hare lnt 1, p& Condhion5 and R riclions aurtion to the high bidd6r d8Krib8d as:IS Mib A 34741, lright,lkleandint ded on Septemb& 25, ot DefauW and lntant to pay ntismade.lfyouchoose Diem $6.48, D&auW Balanc8 forVat ionVlllageatP ay, forlawhlmoney oftha Unrf fi B Shal8 lnt&6 (s) (Sae inthe pDp shual in tha 2015; O.R. Booh FoBlos8 sent via Certified/ to Gu tha datauW s&forthin 818,375.32, D6tauW Date as rdedin omcialRatods S at of ca,onth6hom Exhibk A a ording to the County ot OK I4 norida, Pag6 2928 Public R ods ot Regi &ad MaiUpublication this Notice,tha llamountdue v1l16, Mortaage R dad Book 1591, Page 379, of eps of 18 OK la County TlmeSharing Planfor gata d crib as: (See Mibk A O laCoumy,FLTd Due: to: 360 MCLAWS CIR sn 2, mu be miwed to: LANDO 5R 14 in o Book 4607, thePublic R6tordsofOsc la Cou house, 2 Courthousa Tow Cent rd6d in Tlme Sha lm& (s) (Sea $14,046.75 as d WIWAMSBURG, VA 23185; RESORTS coRPoRAnoN, Page 80 cl MARIANO Coun,Florida (the Plan), as SquaP, Nimm,norida om R ds Book 1564, Mibh A a ding to the 16, 2016, imd S5.72 Cl m ot Len Bod8d on AWn: Janet Cuebas, Debt DA SILV RUA BARAO DE amendad hom time to time. 34741, lrigM,trtleandint at Page 1479, ot the Public fimaSharingPlantorW g e per di : d : A May 30, 2017; O.R. Book R olution Daparfment, 5405 MESQUITA 459 APTO 606 To9ether wrfh the right to inthe p shuatedinthe R ods of Oscaola CouW, Tow Centar, ded in 84, ,490,299, und d 5155 Paae 1843 PubliG Diplomat Ciwle Sle. 106, RIO DE JAN RD,20540 oGtupy, punuantto he Plan, County ot OK6ola, norida, florida (tha Plan"). Together OMci Records Book 1564, im& in Phase N; AnnuaU R rds ot K la County, O ando, FL3281O b8for6the 145 BRA fim ha Unrf signed Unit weak (SEE d crib8da5:(S Mibrf A.) wkh the rigM lo oKupy, at Paga 1479, ot a Public ,ad 84, Poin toru FL Tot Dua: 8582.72 as ot sale da e andtime 58tf0rmin 17,w k 26, Annu,HIBIT and Auigned Unrf fime Sha lnt& Ts) (s86 pu uanttothePlan,Building(s) R olds ol O la CouW, by tha G m in Ead ye Apnl 12, 2017;d rib a5:A thisNoti . Tlm a lnt 1, p& (SEE HIBIT,in AMign Mibh A.) aKo ing to the Unh(5) l Unh WeekTs) l Florida (We Plan . Tog&h& #| ot F RFIELD ORLANDO 63, 420.960, undividad D :Augu 24,2O17 Di&n t7.18, De uW c6 Y (SEE HIBIT . fimeSharingPlantor g e A sign6d Y s), (s86 Exhibh with tha rigM to o upy, AT STAR ISLAND, t im& in Ph |; nua By: GREENS N MARDER, 82o,627.9o, Da uW D e 3001 p ay Blvd Tow & ed in A.T. 7700 w gal6 Blvd punuanttoth6Plan,Building(s) w lappurt o, 6d 63,0 Poinlstoruse T v1 16 Mo gage R d uimm68, FL 34747 erein omci R rds Book 1564, KiNimm88, FL 34747 e in l Unk(s) l Unh k(s) l ac rding and wb rt to a by I8G in EaGhy6ar. lalT A" T 1 14 in OR Book,Tlme Shal8 Plan pro ) al Paga 1479, ol the Public Tlm6 Shal8 Plan (PD ) Assigned Y s), (s Exhibh