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September 10, 2004     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 10, 2004

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NEWS, SEPTEMBER 10, 2004 PAGE 21 i' ING, YOU ARE ENTITLED, AT NO NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pur- TAMPA, FLORIDA 33614 AMENDED NOTICE OF SALE DEFENDANTS. SHAPIRO & FISHMAN, LLP COST TO YOU, TO THE PROVI- suent to an Order mschedulthg fore- TELEPHONE (813) 880-8888NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pur- AMENDED NOTICE OF SALE WOODLAND CORPORATE SION OF CERTAIN ASSISTANCE. closure sale dated August 30, 2004, 03-80975T suant to an Order reecheduting fore- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pur- CENTER I~17i2004 PLEASE CONTACT ORANGE entered in Civil Case No. 04-CA- September10,17,2004 closure sale dated August 27, 2004, suanttoanOrdarreechedulingfore- 4505 WOODLAND CORP. BLVD. COUNTY COURTHOUSE CIRCUIT003034 of the Circuit Coud of the 9th ~ entered in Civil Case No. 2004-CA- closure sail dated August 23, 2004, SUITE 100 CIVIL, 425 NORTH ORANGE AV- Judicial Cimuit in and for ORANGE 003030of the circuit Coud of thegth anteredlnCiviJCaseNo.O3-CA.3594 TAMPA, FLORIDA 33614 ENUE, SUITE 310, ORLANDO, FL County, Florida, wherein UNIONINTHE CIRCUIT COURTJudicial Cimuit in and for ORANGE oftheCimuit Coudofthe9th Judiolal TELEPHONE (813)880-8888 32801 wITHIN 2 WORKING DAYS PLANTERS BANK, N.A, Piaintiffand OF THE 9TH JUDICIALCounty, Florida, wherein UNION Circuit in and for ORANGE County, 04-63614T OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS NO- PETER R. SMITH are defandant(s), I CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA, IN PLANTERS BANK, NA Piaintitfand Florida, wherein WASHINGTON September 10, 17, 2004 "lICE OF SALE, IF YOU ARE HEAR- will sell to the highest and best bidder AND FOR ORANGE PETER R. SMITH are daefandant(s), I MUTUAL BANK, F.A. SUCCESSOR ING IMPAIRED, CALL 1-800-955- for cash, IN ROOM 350 OF THE COUNTY willselltothehighestandbestbidder ININTERESTTOHOMESIDELEND- 8771; IF YOU ARE VOICE IM- ORANGECOUNTYCOURTHOUSE, Casa#:03-2720-CA for cash, IN ROOM 350 OF THE ING, INC Plaintiff end SHEILA J. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT PAIRED, CALL 1-800-955-8770. 425 NORTH ORANGE AVENUE, UNION PLANTERS MORTGAGE,ORANGECOUNTYCOURTHOUSE, WOODS AND LOGAN C. WOODS, OF THE 9TH JUDICIAL DATEDatORLANCO, FIorida, thle SUITE 350 LOBBY, ORLANDO,INC. F/K/A UNION PLANTERS 425 NORTH ORANGE AVENUE, HER HUSBAND are defendant(s), I CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA, IN 30th day of August, 2004.FLORiDA32801,onOctoberl,2004, PMAC, INC. SUITE 350 LOBBY, ORLANDO,willsalltothehighestandbestbidder AND FOR ORANGE LYDIA GARDNER the following dascnbed properly as PLAINTIFF, FLORIDA 32801, on September 30, for cash, IN ROOM 350 OF THE COUNTY CLERK OF THE CIRCUITsat fodh in said Final Judgment, to- -vS- 2004, the following doscdbed prop- ORANGECOUNTYCOURTHOUSE, Case #: 04-CA-4533 COURT wit: DONALD BLACKWELL erty as sat fodh in said Final Judg- 425 NORTH ORANGE AVENUE, Division #: 34 ORANGE County, Florida UNIT NUMBER 3314, PARe DEFENDANTS. ment, to-wit: SUITE 350 LOBBY, ORLANDO,GRAND BEACH RESORT, By: Phyllis Kipfinger CORNICHE,ACONDOMINIUM; AMENDED NOTICE OF SALE UNIT NUMBER 3303, PARe FLORIDA 32801, at 11:00 a.m. on LIMITED PARTNERSHIP (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) TOGETHER WITH AN UNDI- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN put- CORNICHE,ACONDOMINIUM; September 28, 2004, the following PLAINTIFF, Deputy Clerk VIDED INTERESTINTHE COM. suant to an Order rescheduling fore- TOGETHER WITH AN UNDI- described propertyas set forth in said -vs- "f]'teaboveispubifshedtn:tbeHERI- MON ELEMENTS APPURTE- closure sale dated August 30, 2004, VIDEDINTERESTINTHECOM- Final Judgment, to-wit: MORIAH H. GRANT AND DAVID E. TAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS.NANTTHERETO,ACCORDING entered in Civil Case No. 03-2720- MON ELEMENTS APPURTE- LOT 7, PARK AVENUE ES- GRANT; TENANTS BY THE ATFORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF TO THE DECLARATION OF CA of the Circuit Coud of the 9th NANTTHERETO, ACCORDING TATES, AS SHOWN ON THE ENTIRETY; ET AL. SHAPIRO & FISHMAN, LLP CONDOMINIUM THEREOF Judicial Circuit in and for ORANGE TO THE DECLARATION OF PLAT THEREOF RECORDED DEFENDANTS. WOODLAND CORPORATE RECORDED IN OFFICIAL County, Florida, wherein UNION CONDOMINIUM THEREOF IN PLAT BOOK 34, PAGES36 NOTICE OF ACTION CENTER RECORDS BOOK 4127, PAGE PLANTERS MORTGAGE, INC. F/K/ RECORDED IN OFFICIAL THROUGH 38, PUBLIC FORECLOSURE PROCEEDINGS- 4505 WOODLAND CORP. BLVD.3444, PUBLIC RECORDS OF A UNION PLANTERS PMAC, INC RECORDS BOOK 4127, PAGE RECORDS OF ORANGE PROPERTY SUITE 100 ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA. Plaintiff and DONALD BLACKWELL 3444, PUBLIC RECORDS OF COUNTY. FLORIDA. TOU TAMPA, FLORIDA 33614 IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A are defandant(s), I will sell to the ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA. IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A NT II - AMBER D. DEMARCO TELEPHONE (813) 880-8880 DISABILITY WHO NEEDS ANY AC- highest and best bidder for cash, IN IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A DISABILITY WHO NEEDS ANY AC- Residence unknown, if living, in- 04-62536T COMMODATION IN ORDER TO ROOM 350 OF THE ORANGE DISABILITYWHONEEDSANYAC- COMMODATION IN ORDER TO cludin~ any unknown spouse of SALE September 10, 17, 2004 PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCEED- COUNTY COURTHOUSE, 425 COMMODATION IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCEED- theseid Defendants, ifeitherhes ING, YOU ARE ENTITLED, AT NO NORTH ORANGE AVENUE, SUITE PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCEED- ING, YOU ARE ENTITLED, AT NO remarried and if either or both of COST TO YOU, TO THE PROVI- 350 LOBBY, ORLANDO, FLORIDA ING, YOU ARE ENTITLED, AT NO COST TO YOU, TO THE PROVI- said Defendants are dead, their IN THE CIRCUIT COURTSION OF CERTAIN ASSISTANCE. 32801, on October 29, 2004, the fol- COST TO YOU, TO THE PROVI- SION OF CERTAIN ASSISTANCE. respective unknown heirs, devi- OFTHE 9TH JUDICIAL PLEASE CONTACT ORANGE lowingdescribedpropertyassetforth SION OF CERTAIN ASSISTANCE. PLEASE CONTACT ORANGE saes,grentsas, assignees,credi" CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA, IN COUNTY COURTHOUSE CIRCUITin said Final Judgment, to-wit: PLEASE CONTACT ORANGE COUNTY COURTHOUSE CIRCUITtors, Imnors, and trustees, and LOT 11 AND THE WEST 8 FEET AND FOR ORANGE CIVIL, 425 NORTH ORANGE AV- COUNTY COURTHOUSE CIRCUITCIVIL, 425 NORTH ORANGE AV-all other persons claiming by, COUNTY ENUE, SUITE 310, ORLANDO, FL OF LOT 12, BLOCK 1, SYLVAN CIVIL, 425 NORTH ORANGE AV- ENUE, SUITE 310, ORLANDO, FL through, under or against the Case #: 04-CA-003034 32801 WITHIN 2 WORKING DAYSHEIGHTS, ACCORDING TO ENUE, SUITE 310, ORLANDO, FL 32801 WITHIN 2 WORKING DAYSnamed Defendant(s); and the UNION PLANTERS BANK, N.A,OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS NO-THE PLAT THEREOF AS RE- 32801 WITHIN 2 WORKING DAYS OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS NO-aforementioned named PLAINTIFF, TICE OF SALE. IF YOU ARE HEAR- CORDED IN PLAT BOOK 0, OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS NO- TICE OF SALE. IF YOU ARE HEAR- Defendant(s) and such of the -vs- ING OR VOICE IMPAIRED, CALL 1- PAGE 2, PUBLIC RECORDS OFTICE OF SALE, iF YOU ARE HEAR- ING OR VOICE IMPAIRED, CALL 1 - aforementioned unknown Deian- PETER R. SMITH; PARe 800-955-8771. ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA; ING OR VOICE IMPAIRED, CALL 1- 800-955-8771. dents and such ol the aforemen- CORNICHECONDOMINIUM DATEDatORLANDO, Florida, this LESS THAT PART IN THE 800-955-8771. DATEDatORLANDO, Flodda, this tionad unknown Defendants as ASSOCIATION, INC.; UNKNOWN 1st day of September, 2004. ROAD ON THE NORTH. DATED at ORLANDO, Flodda, this 30th day of August, 2004. may be infants, incompetents or PARTIES IN POSSESSION #1; LYDIA GARDNER IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A 31st day of August, 2004. LYDIA GARDNER otherwise not sui juns. UNKNOWN PARTIES IN CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT DISABILITY WHO NEEDS ANY AC- LYDIA GARDNER CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT YOUAREHEREBYNOTfFIEDthal POSSESSION #2; IF LIVING, AND COURT COMMODATION IN ORDER TO CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT an action has been commenced to ALL UNKNOWN PARTIES ORANGE County, Florida PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCEED- COURT ORANGE County, Florida foreclose a modgaga nothelollowing CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, By: Phyllis Kipfinger ING, YOU ARE ENTITLED, AT NO ORANGE County, Florida By: Phyllis Kipfingar real property, lying and being and UNDER AND AGAINST THE (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) COST TO YOU, TO THE PROVI- Sy: Joselyn Alba (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) situated inOrange County, Florida, ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANT(S) Deputy Clerk SION OF CERTAIN ASSISTANCE. (CIRCUIT COURTSEAL) Deputy Clerk more particularly described as fol- WHO ARE NOT KNOWN TO BE Theabeveispublishedin:theHERI- PLEASE CONTACT ORANGE Deputy Clerk Theaboveispublishedin:theHERI- lows: DEAD OR ALIVE, WHETHER SAID TAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS. COUNTY COURTHOUSE CIRCUITTheabove ispublishedin: theHERI- TAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS. COUNT: 11 ORANGE UNKNOWN PARTIES MAY CLAIMA'I"rORNEY FOR PLAINTIFFCIVIL, 42S NORTH ORANGE AV- TAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS. ATI'ORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF PARCEL UNIT NO.: 853B AN INTEREST AS SPOUSES, SHAPIRO & FISHMAN ENUE, SUITE 310, ORLANDO, FL ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF SHAPIRO & FISHMAN WEEK NO.: 39 HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, WOODLAND CORPORATE 32801 WITHIN 2 WORKING DAYS SHAPIRO & FISHMAN WOODLAND CORPORATE DESIGNATED SEASON: GOLD OR OTHER CLAIMANTS CENTER OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS NO- WOODLAND CORPORATE CENTER This action has been filed against ORDER TO DEFENDANTS. 4505 WOODLAND CORP. BLVD. TICE OF SALE. IF YOU ARE HEAR- CENTER 4505 WOODLAND CORP. BLVD. you and you are required to serve a AMENDED NOTICE OF SALE SUITE 100 ING OR VOICE IMPAIRED, CALL I- 4505 WOODLAND CORP. BLVD.SUITE 100 copy ofyour written defense, if any, 800-955-8771. SUITE 100 TAMPA. FLORIDA 33614 upon SHAPIRO & RSHMAN, LLP, DATEDat ORLANDO, Florida, this TAMPA, FLORIDA 33614 TELEPHONE (813) 880-8888Attorneyslor Plaintitf, whosaaddress Ist day of september, 2004. TELEPHONE (813) 880-888803-58456T is Woodland Corporate Centar, 4505 LYDIA GARDNER 03-81124T September 10, 17, 2004 Woodland Corp Blvd Suite 100, CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT September 10, 17, 2004 Tampa, FL 33614, within thirty (30) COURT days after the first publication of this )|~'G SYST]F-~MSe ORANGE County, Florida IN THE CIRCUIT COURT notice and file the original with the 1979 ~ By: Phyllis Kipfinger IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE gTH JUDICIALClerk of this Court either before ser- (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) OF THE 9TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA, IN vice on Plaintiff's attorney or immedi- t Deputy Clerk CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA, IN AND FOR ORANGE ately thereafter; otherwise a datauit B U ][ Lm~ I ~'~[~ S O N 'II" Ill ]I~ l~ O ~[ ][~ The aboveis published in: the HERI- AND FOR ORANGE COUNTY will be entered ageinst you for the R~A D Y FOR IMMEDIA T~ 3~HIPJtAENTI TAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, COUNTY Case #: 04-CA:2318 relief demanded in the Complaint. 2.5' x .30' x ] :2 ' $ ] =9.3 6,~ AT'fORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF Case #: 03-CA-3594 Division #: 39 If you are a person with a disability SHAPIRO & FISHMAN WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK, DEUTSCHE BANK, who needs any accommodation in IO' x 120' x 8'-6" $4,467.~ WOODLAND CORPORATE F.A. SUCCESSOR IN INTEREST PLAINTIFF order to padicipate in this proceed- ~,O' x 44' 16' $7,357.= CENTER TO HOMESIDE LENDING, INC. -vs- ing, you are entltled, atnocosttoyou, 53P' x 48' x 16' $15,H89.M 4505 WOODLAND CORP. BLVD.PLAINTIFF, EMMANUEL PINEDA; UNKNOWNtotheprovislonofcertainassistance. SUITE 100 -vs- PARTIES IN POSSESSION # I; Please contact Court Administration ~0' x 60' x 20' $17,833.~ TAMPA, FLORIDA 33614 SHEILA J. WOODS AND LOGANUNKNOWN PARTIES IN at 425 North Orange Avenue, Suite 60'-3" x 11 52%.~" x 1 6'HS/1 3'-6"LS $37,820-aa TELEPHONE (813) 880-8888 C. WOODS, HER HUSBAND; POSSESSION #2; IF LIVING, AND 2130, Odando, Florida 32801, tele- FffBIGI#T & TAXES NOT INCLUDED 03-58081T HOUSEHOLD FINANCE ALL UNKNOWN PARTIES phone (407) 836-2303, within two (2) September 10, 17, 2004 CORPORATION lit; PARK CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, working day.s of your receipt of this AVENUE ESTATES UNDER AND AGAINST THE document; if you are hearing or voice HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONABOVE NAMED DEFENDANT(S)impaired, call 1-800-955-8771. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF WINTER GARDEN, INC.WHO ARE NOT KNOWN TO BE WITNESS my hand and seal of this OF THE 9TH JUDICIAL DEAD OR ALIVE, WHETHER SAID Court on the 1st day of september, CIRCUIT OF FLORIDA, IN UNKNOWN PARTIES MAY CLAIM 2004. AND FOR ORANGE AN INTEREST AS SPOUSES, LYDIA GARDNER COUNTY HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, Circuit and County Courts case #: 2ooa.cp~oo3oao ':,repair service is OR OTHER CLAIMANTS By: Christine Wilson UNION PLANTERS BANK, N.A. oMr s~eclal~l." DEFENDANTS. (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) PLAINTIFF, NOTICE OF SALE Deputy Clerk -vs- C, flLLL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pup PUBLISH IN HERITAGE NEWS PETER R, SMITH; PARC suant to an Order of Final Judgment Florida Bar #0033626 CORNICHE CONDOMINIUM NElL WlTTENSTEIN of Foreclosure dated September 1, 04-64280C ASSOCIATION, INC.; UNKNOWN Clyde Fer]fls 2004, entered in Civil Case No. 04- september 10, 17, 2004 Why pay full price for your prescriptions? PARTIES IN POSSESSION #1; CA-2318 of the Cimuit Court of the UNKNOWN PARTIES IN Plumbing In(:. 9th Judicial Circuit in and for OR- YOU can save up to 80% with ShopCanadaRX. POSSESSION #2; IF LIVING, AND IN THE CIRCUIT COURT ALL UNKNOWN PARTIES 422-8702 ANGE County, Florida, wherein DEUTSCHE BANK, Plaintiff and OFTHE NINTH JUDICIAL CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR Winnipeg, Canada UNDER AND AGAINST THE ~ ~: IRLECTlU WATIgR EMMANUEL PINEDA are defendant(s), I will sell to the highest ORANGE COUNTY, ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANT(S) HEATEILq - SEWEII and best bidder for cash, IN ROOM FLORIDA WHO ARE NOT KNOWN TO BE SERVICE 350 OF THE ORANGE COUNTY CASE NO.: 03-CA-11381 DEAD OR ALIVE, WHETHER SAID COURTHOUSE, 425 NORTH OR- DIV 33 UNKNOWN PARTIES MAY CLAIM ANGEAVENUE, SUITE 350 LOBBY, WESTGATE LAKES, INC a AN INTEREST AS SPOUSES, WWW. ShopCanadaRX.corn HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, ~808 Edgewater l)rDe ORLANDO, FLORIDA 32801. on Florida corporation as general October 1, 2004, the following de- partner of WESTGATE LAKES, OR OTHER CLAIMANTS OR][,ANDO scdbed property as sa forth in said LTD a Florida limited padnership, DEFENDANTS. Final Judgment, to-wit: vs Plaintiff, LOT 7, BLOCK H SHADOW " LAWN, ACCORDII~G TO THE CPIERYL A. AELING; et al SERVICE PLAT THEREOF AS RE-L, Defendants. HANDYMAN CORDED IN PLAT BOOK AMENDEDNOTICE OFSALE PAGE 125 OF THE PUBLIC PURSUANTTO CHAPTER 45, RECORDS OF ORANGE FLORIDA STATUTES Handy man and General Maintenance COUNTY, FLORIDA. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN por- IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A scant to an Order or Final Judgment a Air Conditioning COMMODATIoNDISABILITY WHO NEEDSIN ORDERANY AC-To August, f Foreclosure2004, datedand enteredthe 24thin dayCatseOf No. 03-CA-11381 DIV 33 of the Cir- PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCEED- STR U CTU R ED Elect[']cal ING, YOU ARE ENTITLED, AT NO cuif Court in and for Orange County, Flodda, wherein WESTGATE LAKES, COST TO YOU, TO THE PROVI- NU ITIES Plumbing siON OF CERTAIN ASSISTANCE, INC etc isthe PleintiftandCHERYL and Ca~.l~nt~ PLEASE CONTACT ORANGE A. AELING; et el are Defendants, COUNTY COURTHOUSE CIRCUIT that I will sell to the highest end best Formerly handled maintenanceatJCC CIVIL, 425 NORTH ORANGE AV- bidder for cash at Suite 350, Orange ENUE, SUITE 310. ORLANDO, FL County Courthouse, 425 N. Orange 32801 WITHIN 2 WORKING DAYS Avenue, Orlando, Florida at 11:00 References available OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS NO- o'clocka.m onSeptember29,2004, TICE OF SALE. IF YOU ARE HEAR. the following described properly as STEVE'S SERVICES ING OR VOICE IMPAIRED. CALL 1- set forth in said Fine, Judgment of 800-955-8771. Foreclosure to-wit: J.G. Wentworth means Call Steve Doyle at (386) 668-8960 DATEOatORLANOO, Florida, this Assigned Unit Week Number 23 for 2nd day of September, 2004. ALL, in Assigned Unit Number LYDIA GARDNER1551 r E] FIED / CLERK OF THE CIROU,T AssignndUnitWeo, Nomper2' r "1 COURT ODD. in Assigned Unit Number / H. B. Goldberg / ORANGE County, Florida 1532 By: Phyllis Kipfinger Assigned Unit Week Number 5 (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) ODD, in Assigned Unit Number Deputy Clerk 1922 The abeve is published in: the HERI- ALL OF Westgate Lakes I, a Time TAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS.Share Resort according to the ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF Declaration of Covenants, Con- /BUILDING I 0 ' "" s. /INSPECTORS ,Pre-Purchase Home Inspections , E E D M P D i N T CLEANING SERVICES HANDY MAN SERVICE lawn and landscaping maintenance cleaning of driveways and pool decks work at affordable prices available Service you can rely on/ 407-312-8554 or 407-682-7251 emaih mauricelawncare@ Residential & Commercial Cleaning Service Available to help assist with parties Affordable Rates. Free Estimates Licemed, Bonded & Insured CaB Mir.ballo 411'/-8'/1-,3817 $10 OFF first cleaning! HOUSE CLEANING. Affordable rates, free estimates, satisfaction guaranteed, licensed, experienced. Call Michelle, 407-671-3517. 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