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September 8, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 8, 2017

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.i : PAGE 26B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER a, 201T ! performante ot tha obligat_n5 performance ot the ob_g_ions _unt of (S86 Exhib_ _A_. 30 Downsview Av6 Dowsvi6w, r8cold8d in O.R. Booh 4995, aut_on to th6 highe_ biddBr advantes, if any, und_ the 1n _| Saason-Float Week l sacu_d by said Cl_m otL_ secu_d by 5_d Cl_m ot Len wkh intar_ attwing at _e ONM3M1C9CANADA,1Fixed atPage 458-463,otthe Publit lor_lmon6y ofthe Unit6d t6rms ot said Mortgage, Float Unh, ccc-03, 30nvEN, _corded in O.R. Book 5_, &ord6d in O.R. Booh 5093, _te of (Sae Ewhibk _A_ per W66_xed Unk, 540_5431, Records ot OK8ola Coun_, S_8sot#l_rica,onth8t_nt chqes and 6ps8s ot 485111148, $10,740.43, $5.13 at Pag6 135-141, ot.th6 Publit _ Page 106-110, otth6 Public day.punuanttothe fi&aP 3 WHOU, $4,792.97, 81.55 Florida,includingMa breach or rt_ ot _la Osc6ola County the wst_ and o \h6 twsk Shaw D F8gu5on Christa E Racords of Ostaola CouW, Racords ot Osceola CouW, Plan, advanG85, it an_, und6r Phillip C Ga_o 1OO O'Leary dataull,noticeotwhichwasset C__58, 2 Courfhouse c_ated by s_d Mo_gag6. Fagu5on 104 w8dg6fi6ld Dr Florida, including th6 b_ach or Florida, includingthe br8aGh or the tarms of said laim of Blvd Apt 208 South Amboy, to_h in a Notice of DetauW and Squa_. _Mimm88, Florida Obligo_s) sh_| have _e right Naw Ca_I6, DE 19720, 112 All detault, notite of which was a detault, notite ot which was s& Len, charges and 8xp6ns8s of NJ 08879, 1 Fixed _Miwad lntent to Fo_close provided 34741, _| rigM, tkla and interast to cu_ tha datauw and any Saason-Float w68k l Float Unit, to_h in a Notice of DatauW and to_h in a Notite of DetauW and the Tw_tee and ot the twsts Unit, 5400-5436, 28 WHOLE, to the la5t know addr8M ol in _e p_perfy situatad in tha junior li6nhold6r _h_| hav6 CCC-04, 45nvEN, 4621l1772, ln_ent to Fo_close pDvid6d lntent to For_lose pDvid8d c_ated by 5aid Claim of Len. $3,384.62, $1.07 Andra Obligo_s), (See Exhibk _A_, by County or Osceola, Florida, the right to _de_n hs int&_ 89,5o1.36, $3.63 Cha_ita M to the last know add_ ot to the la_ know addr_s ot Obligo_s) sh_| hav6 Me right Mo_au Lse Mor6au 10351 Av C8rtih8dlR6gisteRd Mail orby d_bed as: (s68 Exhibit '.A") up to the data the T___ Robarts 2017 Hempstaad Dr o____T, (See Exhibk _A_, by Obligo_s), (See Mibrf_A_, by lo w_ tha datauW and any Peloquin Mont__, ac H2C2W publication by th6 und6rsign6d fima Sha_ lntare_(s) (s68 i5su8s the Cerfificate ot s6 Slidell, LA 70461, 1 #ISeason- . C | Registatad Mail or by Cartifi_agi_a_d Mail or by junior li8nhold6r sh_| havethe CANAD_ 1 Flxed W66Mix8d Twstee, will sell at publit M_rt _A_ according to the by paying th6 _unts due a5 Float Weak l Float Unit, ww- publication bythe und6nign6d publication bythe und8nign6d right to _deem h5 int_ up Unk, 54_-5452, 46 WHOLE, auttion to lhe highe_ bidd& fin_Maring PlantorWestgate outlinedabov6.By:AMANDAL 01. _HOLE. 4255/1107, T_st86, will sall al public Tw_68, will sall al public totha datath6 Twrtee iNu85 S3,384.62, $1.07 Rub6ns N torlawtulmoneyolthe Unkad Tow C_rt_ &orded in cHAPMAN,AulhorizedAgem S11,884.62, $4.59 Anthony auction to the highast bidder au_ion to the highest bidder th6 Cerfificate otSale by paying Malo Rua p_f6uor Manual Stalas otAmerica, ontha hom om_ R_ords Book 1564, _NIBIT _n" - NoncE OF N Robbins 1389 Hwy 139 torlaw_| money otthe Unhed for lawhl money ofthe Unit6d the amounts due as o_linad Fanaita, 171/501 Gavea Rio step5 of tha Osceola County _ Page_1479, of the Public rRusnE's MU Lot 223 MonD8, LA 71203 States otAmerica, onlha hom Sta\6s of_ria ontha hom above.By:AmandaLChapman DaJanei_,22451-O3OBRAZIL, Courfhouse, 2 Courfhous6 _s ot OKaola County, Owne_s)_Obligo_s); Tl&ara T_ M Robbins 201 Music steps ol the Osceola County _8p5 ot the OK8ola County A_horizedAgent. 1/2 #| Season-Float Week / Squar6, _ssimmee, Florida Fbrida @6 _Plan_). Togather lnterest; Buildingl Unh; w_kl Rd Mon_e, LA 71203-8881, Cou_house, 2 Cour_ou_ Courthouse, 2 Courthou58 _HIBIT "A" - NoncE OF Floa\ Un, 5600-5634, 25 ODD, 34741,allright,litleandinta__ w_ the right to occupy, Assign6dY6ar, MortgagaBookl 1n #| Saason-Floal Week / Squa_, _Nimm88, norida Squal8, _Nimm_, Florida TRusnE's MU 81,o67._, $O.N in th6 p_perfy _ituatad in the puwamtothePlan,Building(s) Page; Principal B_ance; P6r float Unh, ww-03, 2110DD, 34741 , all nght, title and int_ 34741 , _| right. tkle and inter_t Owner(s)_Obligor(s)ILast K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. Coun_ ot OK8ola, Florida, l unms) _ Unit Week(s) l Diam Amoum 465v1271, $11,047.57, $5.13 in _e p_perty 5ituat8din _T8 inthe p__ s_uated intha Mow Add_w: Tl_Ps_ WG Tow C6nt6r HOA (NJ)\ de_cribedas:(SeeExhibk_A_ _g_ Yea_s), (Sea Exhibit Andre Covingon u16 sw Laddy c Ameta Gustavo County of Osteola, horid4 CouW ot OK8ola, norida, lnte__; Buildingl Unk; Wee_ Ayala._49WOS PuB. AYALA. Tlma Sha_ lnta_st(sT (s68 _A_. n_ We_gata Blvd.., 69 Ave Hol_wood, n NO23, A Ca_illo 4553 sw 195th d85cribed a_: (See Ewhibk .A_ de_cribed as: (See Exhibh _A.) AMign8d Yaar. Amoun\otLen; doc Exhibk _A'_ aKoding to the __rm_, FL 34747 me_in 112 _| s_n-noat _ _ Way Mi_m_ FL 33029, Tlme Share lnt8r8st(5T (_6 Tlme Sha_ lnterest(s) (Sae ParDiamAmount Sepl_mb_8, 15, _01T Tlm6SharingPlanrorW6_gal8 _n_ Ma_ Plan (Prope_y) Float Unrf, QQ-04, WN, 1n _| Season-Float Waak / Exhibit _A_ according to _T8 Exhibh _A_ accoding to tha Shawn M NBa_ 694 w. M_ L157632 Town Cen_er, &o_ed in A__ Said sale will be 42161432, 86,9o2.54, 83.27 Floal Un_, ww-06, 2/0DD, fime Sharing Plan tor_tgala fim6 Sharing PlantorW6_gatB V&non #114 Nixa, MO 65714 OWiGial Records Book 1564, made (w_hout covenants, or AndP D K6y Latoya Y Kay 856 46531180, S1o,636.81, $4.92 Town Qter, _d6d in Tow -Ce_&, Bod6d in EMIDSOUM INC., A MiNouri at Page 1479, ot the Public w_. 6xp_ss or implied, TaW St_6 w6_ Hemp__d, FranWin A Rangel Andreina c omcial Records Booh 1564, OMci_ Recods Book 1564, Copo_tion whh _ A NoncE OF TRusnE's Recods ot Osceola County, _a_ing th6 titl6, poss6ssion NY11552, 112 #IS6a5on-Float WaWher And_a G Rangel Ave at Page 1479, ot tha Public at Pag6 1479, of the Public Watson As Signing omcar SAU Florida (the _Plan_. Tog&her _ _mb_ntes) to pay the Week / Float Unrt. QQ-12, 371 Un_enidad Residencias Don R8cod5 ot Osc6ola County, Records ot Osteola Coun_, Po Box 1700 B_nson, MO wuTGAn TOWN CENrER with the right to occupy, unpa__entsdueintha EVEN. 421012652, $9,393.29, Bosco, Urb La Granja To_e 4 Florida (lhe "Plan_. Tog_mer florida (the _Plan_. Togath6r 65615, 1 Fixed Week l Flxed On Ortober 5, 2017, at 11:00 - punuanttothe Plan, Building(s) _m ot (S6e Exhibh _A"), $3.48 lsaul S_inas Claudia Pi_ 7ppt 4-074 Naguanagua, with lhe right to otcupy, with th6 right to occupy, Unit, 5400-5435, 18 WHOU, a.m.. GREENSPOON MARDER, l Unit(_) l Unil Weak(s) l wrm im_ atc_ing at the S_inas 628 _ng SICadar Hill. 02005 VENUUELA, 1_2 All pursuant lo tha Plan, Building(s) punuan_ to the Plan, Building(s) $4,479.69, $1.38 B_nda P.A., 201 E. Pine Str86t, Assigned Yea_s), (See Exhibk __6 ot (s86 Exhib _A_ par TX 75104, 1 _| _n-float Season-Float Week _ Float Unit, / Unit(s) l Unit W68k(s) l l Un_(5) l Un_ W68hTs) _ Marfinez Jo58 R Martinez 2621 Sui_e 500, O_ando, Florida "A"l. 7700 We_ga_e Blvd.., day, punuam lo lhe Tlmashare Week l noat Unh. N-_, 301 WWD6, 2110DD, 4669/2041, Assigned Year(s), (See Mibh ANign8d Yea_s), (S66 Exhibrt Augusta Driva D66r Pa_, M 32801, as T_st68 punuant lo Kissimm6e, FL 34747 _e_in Plan, advances. if any, under WHOLE, 4735l53, S17,o45.72, 81o,473.o6, $4.97 DoDthy D _A"). 7700 W85tg_8 Bhd.., _A_. 7700 We_gate Blvd.., 77N6, 1n #| S6ason-Float lhat Appointmant ot Tws_ee .'Tlma Sha_ Plan (Prope_y) tha tanM of said Claim ot $8.36 Rosanne Feliciano 942 Blanks 262 s Fraziar St_at Kissimmee, FL 34747 __8in _Nimm88. FL 34747 me_in Waek _ Float Unk, 5600-5624, recoded on May 8, 2017, in Add_ss'.) Said sala will be L_, chages and expensas of Avenue St John Apt 2D Bronx. Philadelphia, PA 19139, 1/2 _Tlme Shara Plan pro_ _me Share Plan (Proper_) 21 EVEN, 82,o86.32, So.66 o.R.Book5144.atPaqe2o9,of made (without covenants, or the T_rtee and ot the t_sts NY 10455 Mlissa Marfinez _| Season-Float Week / Address") Said sale will be Address") Said sale will be Tisa L R66d 368 Chapel Pl. the Public Reco_s o OK8ola wa_an_, expPss or implied. _ed by said Claim ot Lien. 448 Beeth AvaApt 1 BDnx, NY Float Unit, WW-07, 3810DD, made (w_hout covenants, Dr made (witho_ covenants, or Pmsbugh, PA 15235, 112 Coun_, Florida, by _ason _gading the tkle, poM8Nion Oblo_5) rnall have the right 10473 lsmael B_ce_ NO E 44131299, $10,336.87, $3.87 _ warran_, exprass or implied, wa_anty. expreN or implied, Floating, 5600-5624, 27 ODD, of a now continuing datauW or encumbrances) to pay the to w_ Me detauW and any 159th St N 7 BDnx, NY 10451. Ger_d J Rohmillar 410 Boad r6gading the title, poN8Nion _garding lhe \itle, poMas5ion $3,954.74, $0.96 Edna M Davis by ObligorEs), (S6e Exhibrf unpaid ass8Nm8nts due in the jun_r li6nholder shall hava 1/2 All Saa5on-Flo_ Week l St Roseboro, NC 28382, 1/2 All or encumbrantas) to pay lhe or entumbrances) to pay tha 923 N Ridgeway Chicago, IL wA'_, whose add_ss is (See amount of (See Exhibk _A_, the rigM to I8d88m its interest Float Unk, TT-11, 4010DD, Season-Float Waek l Float Unrt, unpaid aN8ssm8nts dua in tha unpaid aweNm8nts due in th6 60651, 1 Floaling, 5700-5764, Exhibit _A"), in tha payment or with intePst atcwing at the up to the date the Twstee 4376/1523, $7,807.46, $3.88 ww-09, 9_0DD, 48451674. amount ot (Saa Exhibk _A_, amount ot ISee Exhibk _A_, 33 WHOLE, $2,017.72, 8o.67 performance ot lha obligations rate of (See Exhibit "A_) per iNU_ the Ce_ificate of Sale Shalia J Jones D6m8tric8 D 81 1 ,467.44, 85.54 wilh interest acc_ing al the wkh inte_st accwing at the Jan_s R Cla_ Sharon L Cla_ setured by said Claim ot Lien day, pursuant lo the TlmeshaP by pang the amounts dua as Odds 120 _icia Dr Cre_view, K:\FORECLOSURE\292O5. rate of (See Exhibrf _A") per _te ot (See Exhibrt _A_ per 611 N Spean St#varado. M recoded in O.R. Book 5033, Plan, advances. it any, under ortlinad above. By: Amanda L FL 32536 Am6lia M Jenhns WG Vacation Vlllas (NJ)\ day, punuant to the Tlmesha_ day, punua_tothe fimesha_ 76009, 112 Flo_ing, 570_ at Page 278-281 ot the Public the terms of said Claim ot Chapman, Alrthorized Agent 771 7 Primro58 Dr New O_eans, Gallagher.o2onNos PUB Plan. advancas, if anL, under Plan, advances, rf any, under 5764, 48 MN, 1,286.39, Recods ot Osceola Coun_, Len, chages and axpenses ot _IBrr _A_ - NoncE OF LA 70126, 1 All _n-Float GALLAGHER.doc th6 terms of said laim ot the terms ot said Claim ot 8o.39 Humbe_o Pat_n Luz Florida, including the bPath or the Twslee and of the twsts TRUSTEE'S SALE Week l Float Unh, UU-08, 351 S_ptember8, 15,_01T Len, chargas and expenses ot Len, chages and expanses ot E Pe_z 504 Ridgeview Dr detauW, notice ot which was set created by said Claim ol Len. Ownar(s)IObligor(s)/Lasl WHOLE, 46791731 , 817.O26.57, L 157735 the Twstee and ot the tw_s th6 T_stee and ot the tw_s Louisville, co 80027, 1/2 Fixed torfh in a Notice ot Defaull and Obligor(s) shall have the right Know Address; Tlmeshare $8.31. created by said Claim ot L_. c_ated by s_d Claim of Len. Weeh / Float Unit, B-1403, 15 lntent to Fo_tlose provided to cure the detault and any lnl_a_; Building/ Unit; WeaW K:\FORECLOSURE\292O5. Obligo_s) sh_| have the rigM Obligor(s) shl have the right EVEN, $637.00, 8o.26. to the last known address ol junior lienholder shall have _sign6d Year: Amount ot Lian; WG Vatalion Vlllas (NJ)\ NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S to cure the defauW and any to cure the detauW and any K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. Obligo_s), (Sea Exhibrf '.A_, by the right to redeem its inlerest p& Di6m Amount Gallagher.o2onNos PuB SALE junior lienhold6r shall have junior lienholder shall hav6 the WG Town Center HOA (NJl\ Ce_ifi_egistered M_| or by up to the date the Twstee Cl_on J Davenport 120 COVINGTON.doc WESTGATE TOWN CENTER the right to _deem its int_ right to redeem ks inte_ up Gawlik.O652WOS PuB. publication by th6 undenignad issues the Certificala of Sale O_ok Vlllage Rd Columbia, September8, 15, _1T On O_ober 5, 2017, at 11:00 up to the date the Tw_ee to the date the Twstaa issuas GAWLIK.doc Twstee, will sell at public by paying the amounts due as SC 29223-4247 Tracy D L15n34 a.m., GREENSPOON MARDER, issues the C6rtificat8 ot S_e the Certifitate ot Sale by paying Septambar 8, 15, _1T au_ion to the highest bidder outlined above. By: Amanda L St_man 1875 Carolina Ave P.A., 201 E. Pine Street, by paying the amounts due as the amounts due as outlined L 157631 for lawhl money ot the United Chapman, Aulhorized Agam Orangabug, sc 29115-4363, Suke 500, O_ando, Florida outlined above. By: Amanda L above. By:Amanda LChapman St_es ol Am6rica, on lhe honl WHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF 1_2 _| S6ason- Float Weeh/ NoncE OF TRusnE's 32801, as T_stee punuant to Chapman, Authorizad Agem Authoriz6d Agent. steps ot the Osceola County TRUSTEE'S SALE no_ Unh, 4000-19, 4 ODD, SALE that Appoinlment ol T_stee WHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF EXHIBIT "Aw - NoncE OF NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S Courthousa, 2 Courthouse Owner(s)/Obligor(s)/Last 82,262.o1, $0.63 Blanca R WESTGATE vAcAnoN recoded on May 8, 2017, in TRUSTEE'S SALE TRUSTEE'S ShLE SALE Square, Kissimmee, Florida Known Address; TlmeshaR S_arin ub. San Miguel,Villas VILLAS a O.R. Book5144, at Page559, ot Owner(s)/Obligor(s)ILast Own6r(s)/Obligor(s)/Last wEsTGAn TOWN CENTER 34741 , all right, title and interest lntar6st: Building/ Unit; Weekl Del To_n, Valentia Maracay On October 1o, 2017, at the Public Retords of Osceola Mown Addr6ss; Tlmesha_ Mown AddreN; Tlm6shaP On O_obar 3, 2017, al 11:00 in th6 properfy srtuated in the AssignedYear;AmountofLen: Aragua 02102 VENUUELA 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON Coun_. Florida, by r6ason lnterest: Building/ Unit; wee_ lnterest; Buildingl Unrf; Weekl a.m., GREENSPOON MARDER. County ot Osceola, Florida, Per Diem Amount Francis M Padilla Urb Base MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine ot a now continuing default Assigned Year; Amount ot Len; Assigned Year; Amount ot Len; P.A., zo1 E. Pine Stre6t, described as: (See Exhibrf .'A_ Marco A Agueta Ma_ha | A_gua Rasd Aguada Grande Street, Suka 500, O_ando, by Obligor(s), (See Exhibit Per Diem Amount Per Diem Amount Suite 500, O_ando, Florida Tlme Share lntere5t(s) (Sea Argueta 13222 Winding Wood Tor_ 2 Ap\o 261 Piso 6 Florida 32801, as T_st86 _A_, whose add_N is (See Kodi Ojogho 13 Ol_eju Patsy A Nava_o 221 Gordon 32801, as Trustee punuanl to Ewhibrf _A_) accoding to the Dr Houston, M 77038. 1/2 #| Maracay, NNUUELA, 1/2 All punuant to that Appointm6nt Exhibrf _A"l. in the payment or Oluwole Ajao Lagos, NIGERl_ Ave., Metaire, LA 70123 Diane that Appointment of Twstae Time Sharing Plan tor We_ga_e S6ason-Float WeeMloat Unit, _on- noat WeeWFloat Unit, of Twstea _coded on June performanc6 ot lha obligations 1 All Season-Float Week / ho_ M Jessen 312 North Tumville r6codad on May 24, 2017, in Town Center, recorded in 4000-66, 28 EVEN, 8898.4o, 4000-118, 49 EVEN, 89o8.8o, 1, 2017, in O.R. Book 5157, secured by said Claim of Lien Unit, 5900-210D, 28 WHOU, Drive Metre, LA 70001. 112 #| O.R. Booh 5153, at Page 285, ot OMci R6cods Book 1564, $0.34 Dennis M May Cynthia R $0.34 Jimmy L Francis Andrea al Page 1711, ot the Public recoded in O.R. Book 4995, $2,017.72, 8o.67 Eve__ B Season-Float Week / Float Unit, lhe Publit Racords of Osceola at Page 1479, or the Public Johnson May 6935 HaWod Ln J F_ncis 420 Bu_ernul Dr Records ot Osceola Coun_, at Page 42_-429, ot the Public JaNis Paula W Ja_is 9304 4000-17, 46 EVEN, 83,358.38, Coun_, Florida, by reason Recods of Osceola County, Jatksonville, FL 32244, 112 _| R__|, M 75087, 1/2 All Florida, by reason ot a now Recods ot Osceola County, Compton St Silver Spring, MD $0.94 Jeison M Betancourf ot a now continuing detault Florida (the wPlan"). Together Season-Float Weeh/Float Unit, S_n- noat WeeWFloat continuing detault by Obligor(s), Florida, including the breath or 20901, 1/2 Floating, 5900- Rosema_ Vlllatane 5275 NW by Obligor(s), (See Exhibit with the right lo occupy. 4000-69. 18 EVEN. 81,966.5o. Unh, 4000-31D, 45 EVEN. (See Exhibk .'A"), whose detauW. notice ot which was set 507D, 16 EVEN, 2,084.81 , 96th Dr Pompano Beach, FL '.A"), whose address is (See pursuant to the Plan. Building(s) $0.66 Randy w Pulley Cindy $1,986.47, 8o.66 Donnie M address is (See Exhibk _A_, in torth in a Notice ot Detault and $0.66, Scott B Bohnho_ Jean 33076, 1/2 #| Season-Float Ewhibit "A"), in the paymant or l Unit(s) l Unrt Week(s) / L Raid 5218 Chesswood Drive Youmans Sr Anita p Youmans the payment or performanta , lnlent to Foreclose provided M BohnhoW, 1101 Holly Ave. Week / Float Unit, 4000-71C. performance of the obligations Assigned Year(s), (See Exhibit Richmond, VA 23237, 1/2 #| 6601 Boxwood Dr Hollywood, of the obligations seturad by to the last hnown address ot Chesapeake, VA 2_324. 1l2 2O EVEN, 82,1o6.29, $0.66 s6cur6d by said Claim ol Lien '.A_. 7700 Weslgate Blvd... Season-Float WeeMloat Unit_ FL NO23. 1_2 All Season- Float a Morfgage _corded in O.R. Obligo_s), (S86 Exhibit '.A"), by Floating, 5900-607D, 12 MN, Angel L Gotay Cynthia Morales recoded in O.R. Book 5093, KiNimmee, FL 34747 _erein 4000-75A, 31 EVEN, 81,986.9o, wee_noat Unit, 4000-38A, Booh (Sea Exhibit .'A'_, at Pag6 Ce_ified/Ragistered Mail or by $1,737.18, $0.57 Loma s To_es 128-4 c/71 vllla Carolina _ Page 117-122, ofthe Public | _fime Shate Plan (P_perty) $0.66 Kevin Long Kenya 38 ODD, $2,139.81, $0.63 (See Exhibit '.A"), ot lhe PubliG publicalion by the undersignad fipa Howard Okumura 1460 Carolina, PR 00985 Elba | Records of Osceola Coun_. Address") Said sale will be Long 2500 Merchants Row Jonathan s Baca Carmen A Records ot Osceola Coun_, Twstee, will sell at publit Blairwood Ave Chula Vlsta, CA Morales Valdes vla 6 2BL 115, Florida, including the b_ach or made (without covenants, or Blvd Tallahassee, FL 32311- Baca J_z 2517 Denninq Ln Florida, including the bPach or aurtion to the highest bidder 91913 Mitzi Wagner, 215 Siera Vllla Fontane, Carolina, PR detault, notite of which was set wa_an_, express or impliad, 3663, 1/2 All Season-Float Ch_e, VA 23321, 1 2 All detault, notice ot which was s6t tor lawhl money of the United Way Chula Vista, CA 91911- 00983, 1/2 All Season-Float to_h in a Notice ot Detault and regarding the trtle, possession Week/Float Unit, 4000-85A, 8 season-noat WeeMloat Unit, rorth in a Nolice ot Default and States of America, on the honl 1435, Nenita F Sola 1001 Week / Float Unit, 5900-507D, lntant to Foreclose provided or encumbrances) lo pay the ODD, $996.44, $0.33 Maria L 51_-5143, 20 ODD, $2,712.76, lntent to Foreclose p_vided | steps ot the Osc6ola Coun_ Sigsbee Pl. NE, WashinQon, 8 ODD, 82,254.47, 8o.63 Ania to tha last hnown address ot unpaid ass8s5menls due in th6 Lichtenfeld Andr6 J Lithtenfeld 8o.83 Derrick J Bias 3095 to the lasl known add_N ot Courthouse. 2 Courthou56 ._ DC 20017, 112 All Season- lntante Arias Res Del Oeste Ob___r(s), (See Exhibit "A"), by amount ot (See Exhibit _A"), 11045 John Street Road Wake t_n Placa Columbus, Obligor(s), (Saa Exhibk _A_), by SquaR, Kissimmee, Florida Float Week l Float Unk, 6_- Casa # T1O Pavas San Jose, Ce led/RegistePd Mail or by wkh interest actwing at the Murillo, ON POT2GO CANADA, OH 43224, 1 All Sgason-Float C8rtiti8d/R8gist8Rd Mail or by 34741 , all right, title and interest 65B, 17 ODD, $1,044.88, COSTA RICA, 2 All Season- publication by the undersigned r_e ot (See Exhibit _A") per 112 Fixed WeeMixed Unk, W_oa_ Unit. NOO-5367, publitation by the und8nign6d in _he propar_ situated in the $0.33, Tim Kovach C__al Float Week / Float Unrt, 4000- Twst68, will sell at public l day, pursuantto the Tlmeshare 5100-51_4, 4 ODD, 81.483.73. 24 WHOLE. $7.614.37, $2.19 Trustee, will sell at public Counly ot Osceola, Florida, Lethe_ 6449 Dallwood Dr Ne 11C, 4000-11D. 18 WHOU, auction to the higherf bidder | Plan, advances, it any, under 8o.46 Stephanie Wilson 734 Rog_ c Dolaman PO Box auction to the highest bidder d_tribed as: (See Exhibit .'A") Minneapolis. MN 55432, 1 #| 18 WHOLE, $2.470.49, $0.81 torlawhl money ol_h6 Uned the terms o1 sald Claim ot PoweWon Church Rd Sparta, 654 Keameysville, wv 25430 tor law_| money ot th6 Unit6d Tlme Mar6 IMa_6_(_ .(S8_y Season-Float Week / Float Unk, Waye A Stotler Beverly K States ot Amerita, on the honl . Lien, ch_ges and expensas ot GA 310B7, 1/2 All Season-Float Elvira L Doleman 522 Reynard States ot America. on the hont Exhibk _A") accoding to lhe 6000-23C, 6000-23D, 39 ODD, Stotler PO Box 142 Hudson, steps of the Osceola Coun_ lhe Twstee and ot the t_sts WeeMloat Unit. 5200-5225, 8 Rd Keameysville, wv 25430- steps ot th6 Osc_la Coun_ Time Sharing Plan tor Westgata 39 ODD, $1,280.16, $0.40 IL 61748. 1 Floating, 5800- Courthouse, 2 Courthouse created by said Claim of Lien. ODD, $4,766.68, 81.25 Shawn 2732. 1_2 All Sea_on- Float Courfhouse, 2 Courfhouse Town Center. _corded in Hema Khilawan Singh Robbie 61C, 5800-61D, 30 EVEN, Square, Kissimmee, Florida Obligor(s) shall have the right A Morris Valarie T Conner, 49 WeeMloal Unit, 5600-5645, 46 Squara, Kissimmee, florida OMcial Records Book 1564, Singh 7 Ma_ Anthony cB8m 30 EVEN, $1.178.24, 8o.41 34741,allright,tkleandinterest , to cure the detault and any N Sytamora Lana Glenwood, EVEN, 81,3o8.36, $0.48 Jose 34741 , all right, title and int&est at Page 1479, ot the Public Ragoobar- Lands Gasparillo, Roberf J Gou_ey Magama in the property srtuated in the | junior lienhold8r shall have th8 IL 60425, 112 _| Season-Float L Booth KePn Montalvo Vega in the property srtuated in th6 Reco_s of Osceola County, TRINIDAD TOBAGO, 2 _| Planells Apa_ado 1423 Palma Coun_ of Osceola, Florida, right to radeem its interest up WeeMloat Unil, 5300-5m5. 20 2 Ca_ Km 1189, Aguadilla, PR Coun_ ot Osceola, Florida, Florida (the "Plan"). Togather Season-Float Week l float Da M_lorca, 07080 SPAIN, 2 described as: ISee Exhibit _A_ _o the date \he Tw_ee iNu8s EVEN, $5,377.63, $1.47 Mar_ _, 112 _| S6ason- Float described as:(See Exhibh _A_ with the right to occupy, Unit, 6000-25c, 6000-25D, 25 Fixed Week l Float Unit, 6000- fime Shara lnterest(s) (See the Certifitate ot S_e by paying Ann Culmer Rosina Russell w_kmoat Unit, 5900-211c, Tlma Shara ln\erest(sl (See pursuant to the Plan, Building(s) WHOLE, 25 WHOLE, $2,445.92, 13c, 6000-13D. 52 WHOLE, Exhibit .'A") according to the _ the amounts due as outlined Hadassah Marche Edwad 19 ODD, 82,727.68, 8o.76 Exhibit _A"l accoding to the / Unit(s) / Unrt Wee_(s) / $0.81 Fernando Canales Zoila 52 WHOLE, $5,282.29, $1.54 fime Sharing Plan tor Westgate above. By: Amanda L Chapman Birche Fai_ay Manor 305 Mari_n Riv6ra 155 Calle Tima Sharing Plan for Westgate As5igned Year(s), (See Exhibil Canales, 5457 NW 184 St, John D Eckelbarger Deborah Town Center, recorded in Authorized Agent Freeporf, 41951 BAHAMAS, _egria Guayama, PR 00784- Vacation Vlllas Q, Pcordad in , _A_). 7700 Weslgate Blvd.., Opa-Locka, FL 33055, 1 _| L Eckelbager 4323 Sean O_cial Recods Book 1564, WHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF 1/2 All Saa5on-Float Weekl 8719, 1 All Season- Float OWitial Racords Booh 1 123, at Kissimmaa, FL 34747 _erein Season-Float Week / Floal Unrf, St Eugene, OR 97402, 1 #| at Page 1479, ot the Public | TRusnE's SALE Float Unit, 5400-5424, 48 ODD, WeaklFlo_ Unit, 4000-53A, Paga 1, ot th6 Public Records .Tlme Share Plan (Proparty) 6000-44A. 6000-44B, 41 ODD, S8a5on-float Week / Float Unit, R6cords of Osteola Coun_, Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILas_ $3,048.84, $0.88 Shemida 4_53B, 8 EVEN, 8 EVEN, of Osceola County, Florida Address'.) Said sale will ba 41 ODD, $1,267.97, 8o.4o 6100-62A, 6100-62B, 4 ODD, 4 Florida (the .'Plan'.). To9ether Mown AddreN; Timeshare Turner 22634 Pa_view Drive $2,409.55, $0.79 (the '.Plan"). Together with the made (without covenants, or Antony Beaud_ Helen Beaud_ ODD, $1,192.25, 8o.4o Lore_a whh the righ\ to occupy, lnterest; Building/ Unrt; Weehl Richton Park, IL 60471, 1/2 _| K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. right to occupy, punuant to wa_an_, express or impli6d, Box 310 Borden, SK SOKONO w Ayres 1o5o9 Bywood punuant to tha Plan, Building(s) | Assigned Year, Amount ot Lien; Season-Float WeeMloat Unit, WG Tow Center HOA (NJ)\ the Plan, Building(s) / Unit(s) regading the title, possession CANADA, 2 Fixed w86k / Ln Tampa. FL 33624 Jesse D / Unitlsl / Unit Week(s) l Per Diem Amount 5600-5616, 9 EVEN, 82,832.18, Davenport.O623WOS PuB / Unit Weak(s) _ AMign8d or encumb_nces) to pay the Float Unit, 6000-55c, 6000- momasson 5312 Oakwood Ct. Assigned Yea_s), (See Exhibit Gasper Flores Luz Ponte $0.92 Carla Gaorge Vlntent DAVENPOR_doc Year(s). (See Exhibit _A"). 7700 unpd assessments due in the 55D, 15 WHOLE, 15 WHOLE, Apt 2 Tampa, FL 33610-5938, .'A"). 7700 Westgata Blvd.., 10626 Hampstead Rd Trailer George 1O9 36 132nd St Soulh September 8, 15, 201T Westgate Blvd. _s5imm8e, amount ot (See Exhibrt _A'.). $2,445.92, $0.81 David A 112 Fixed, B-1114, 15 EVEN, Kissimmee, FL 34747 merein 14 Houston, TX 77092, 112 All Ozone Park, NY 11420, 1 All L 157733 FL 34747 _erein _Tlme Sha_ wkh intarast acc_ing at tha Cowles 22333 Edgewaler $2.516.87, $0.73. _Tlme Sha_ Plan (P_perty) Season- Float WeeMloat Unit, Season-Float Wee_Float Unit, Plan (P_pe_y) Address")Said rale ot (Sea Exhibit "A") per Dr E-2 Po_ Cha_o_a. FL K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. Add_N'_ Said sale will be 4000-18D. 40 EVEN, 82,o26.41, 4ooo-33c, 4O0O-33D, 49 ODD. sale will be mad6 (without day, punuant lo tha Tlmashara 33980 Jenniter L Cowles 4091 WG Town Centar HOA (NJ)\ mada (without tovenan\s, or 8o.66 Michael A Tyson Helena 49 ODD, $1,107.62, $0.40 Judy NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S cov6nants, or w_ty, 6xpr6ss Plan, advances, it any. under Rainbow Dr. Fort Myen, FL Navar_.O651WOS PuB. w_ty, exp_N or implied, w Tyson 11806 flora Ln E Laimite Lauran M Yamashita SAU or implied, _gading tha title, tha terms ot said Claim of 33916-2829, 2 All Season- NAVARRO.doc regarding the titla, posseMion Mitchellville, MD 20721, 1/2 All 214 Raynolds Driva B_ckville, wvTGAn vAcAnoN poss8Nion or encumbrances) Len, chages and axpenses ot Floal Week / Float Unh, 6000- Septembar 8, 1s, _1T or encumbrances) to pay the Season- Floal WeeWhoat Unil, ON K6V1X9 CANADA, 1 All _UAS xvl to pay lhe unpaid principal the T_stea and of the twsts 61C, 6000-61D, 38 WHOLE, L 157630 unpaid assassmants due in the 4000-31D, 50 EVEN, $2,026.41 , Sea5on-Float Week/float Unit. On October 10, 2017, at balance due undar Me c_ated by said Claim ot Lien. 38 WHOLE, $2,445.92, 8o.81 amount of (See Exhibit _A"), $0.66 Paulewe M Cha_as Gillis 6000-14c, 6000-14D, 16 ODD, 11:_ am., GREENSPOON mortgage in _a amount of Obligo_s) shall have the right Josaph M Knighton, Sandra H with interest acc_ing at the Cha_es 14206 Daylight Ridga 16 ODD, 81,2o7.62, $0.40 lan MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine (See Exhibrt _A_, wkh inte_ to cura tha d6fault and any Mighton 547 lngal Blvd s_, NoncE OF TRusnE's rat6 of (Sae Exhibit _A"l per San Antonio, M 78230, 1 Canson Dena Mulrain 17851 St_6, Surta 500, O_ando, acc_ing al lhe _te ot (s86 junior lienholder shall have VA 24153-7914, 1 #| _on- SAU day, punuant to the fim6shaP F_6d WeeMloat Unk, 4OO0- Pia_atonds Blvd., Pie_etonds, florida 32801, as Trustee Exhbit "A") per day, punuant the right to redeem its inte_st float w86k / Float Unrf, 6_ WUTGATE TOWN CENTER Plan, advances. rf any, under 15C, 4_0-15D, 14 EVEN, 14 QC H9J3L1 CANADA Eli5a punuant to that Appointment to the Morfgage, advant6s, up to th6 dat6 th6 Twslae 62A, 6000-62B, 47 ODD, 47 On O_ober 3, 2017, al 11:00 th6 terms of said Claim ot WEN, S2,457.49, SO.79 Ca_os Canson Eric Canson 22 ot Tw_ea Bod8d on Juna if any, under th6 terms ot iNu6S the Certificate of Sale ODD, $1,280.16, $0.40 Laty a.m., GREENSPOON MARDER, Len, charges and 8xp6ns8s ot E Valla L_nfie_a Monita J Valmount Rd Dollad-Des- 1, 2017. in O.R. 8ooh 5157, said Morfgag6, dag65 and by paying _he amounts due as o Williams Parker 2850 192nd P.A., 201 E. Pine Stl88t, th6 T_stee and of tha tw_s Aguil8ra Mansilla o Call8 16 Ormaaux, ac H9B2V6 _ Page 1853, ot the Publit axpanses of the Tw_ae and o_lin6d abova. By: Amanda L St.. Lansing, IL 60438 Larissa Suite 500, O_ando, Florida c_ated by said Claim of Lien. 60Zona15,ColoniaEIMaestro CANADA. 2 All season-noal _ of Osceola Coun_, ot th6 twsts _ad by s_d Chapman,Au_orizedAgent D Hobbs 15230 Meadow Lane 32801, as Tw_86 punuant to Obligor(s) shall have the right Guat6, 01015 GuAnMALA, 1 WeeMloat Unil, 6000-61A, norid4 by reason ot a now Mo_gage. Obligo_s) sh_| hav6 _HIBlr _A" - NoncE OF Dolton, IL 60419, 2 _| _- that Appointment of Twstee to ture the d6tault and any Fixed WeeklFloat Unit, 4000- 6000-61B, 36 WHOLE, 36 cominuing detauW by Obligor(s), the right to cuP the d6tauW and TRusnE's SAU float Waek l Float Unh, 6_ _rded on May 24, 2017, in junior lienhold6r sh_| have the 38c, 4000-38D, 6 EVEN, 6 WHOLE, $2,298.50, 8o.81 , (See Exhibh "A"), whose any junior li8nhold6r shall have Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILast 54A, 6000-54B, 6_54C, O.R. Book5153,atPage234,ot right to _deam its int6rast up MN, $2,457.49, $0.79 Delmy Joal R Addison 16171 BackeW add_ i5 (See Exhibit "A"), in tha right to redaam hs inte_ Mown Address: fimeshara 6000-54D, 21 ODD. 21 ODD, the Public Recods ofOKeola to the dateth6 Tw_ee iNues Martin6z, 8851 NW 11_h sl Ln Painter, VA 23420 S\ella s Me paynent or performanca up to th6 date the T___ lnte_st; Building/ Unit; Weeh/ 21 ODD, 21 ODD. S1,755.2o, Counly, florida. by r_on th6 Cerf_tate ot Sale by paying Unh 6207 Hi_eah. FL NO18, Addison, 10352 |_n Mill Rd ot Me obli9ations secured by issues the C6rtificat6 ot sae Assianed Year, Amount ot Li6n; $0.53, Robe_ J Ho_ of a now continuing default the amounts due as o_lined 1 _| Season- Float WeeMloat No_h chestameld. Va 23235- a Mortgag6 racoded in O.R. by paying the _ums due _ P6r iamAmount Nawmol Y HoMnan 12280 by Obligo_s), (See Exhibrf above.By:AmandaLChapman Unk, 4_44c, 4000-44D, 25 3952, 1/2 All Season-Float Book(S_Exhibit_A_,atPage outlinedabove.By:AMANDAL Nazir A Akali Monica L A_ali Cha_es Lacey Dr Man_, "A"), whosa address is (See Authorized Agent. EVEN, 25 EVEN, $2,457.49, Week/Float Unit, B-1522, 38 (_ Mibk _A"), ot the Public CHAPMAN, A_horiz6d Ag6m 9644 s.w. 163 N. Miami, FL VA 20112, 2 All Season-Float Exhibk "A_), in the paymant or WHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF $0.79 P8dD s Navea Rocio ODD, $4,486.32, $1.16 Charita R8colds ot OsG8ola County, EXHIBIT _Ah - NoncE OF 33196, 112 _| Saason- Floal Week / Float Unit, 610_17B, performance ot the obligations TRUSTEE'S SALE p Portug_ C_le Condoroma R Monroa, Demetrious Monroe horid4 including the breach or TRusnE's SAU weeklnoa_ Unrf, 4000-46, 9 6100-32A, 3 WHOLE, 19 BuPd by said Claim of Lan Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILast 113, Dpt 402 Urbanizacion 16929 Sunset Ridge Drive detauW, notice ot which was set Owner(s)IObligo_s); Tlm6sha_ EVEN, $3,186.42. $0.94 Juanrfa WHOLE, $2,373.38, $0.81 _codad in O.R. Book 5093, Mown AddraM; Tl_PshaR Higue_ta Surco Lima, PERU, Count_ Club Hills, IL 60478, to_h in a Notica ot Detault and lntarest; Buildingl Unh; Weekl v Smkh 2302 Lost Hollow Ct James R Vlla, Sonia Vlla _ Paga 89-93, of the Public lnte_st; Buildingl Unk; Wae_ 1 _| Saa5on- float WeeMloat 1/2 All S6ason-Float Wee_ lment to Foraclose provided Assigned Year, Mortgage Bookl FloriMant, MO 63031 Stava Mercado 4528 Pro Cou_ Ea_ Records ot Osceola County, ANigned Year; _nount otLen: Unh, 4000-58c, 4_0-58D, 35 Float Unit, B-1618, 48 ODD, to _T8 lart known address ot Page; Princip_ Balance; Per E Smhh 10047 Norfhgata Dr. Bradenton, FL 34203, 1 All Florida, including the breach or Per Diem Amount EVEN, 35 MN, 83,841.4O, $2,548.47, $0.75 Obligo_s), (See Exhibit .'A_), by Diem Amou_ S_nt Louis, MO 63137-3948, Season-Float Week / Float Unk, detault, notit6 of which was set Sanla J Ayala PDvidenc8 81.. Howard HamiNon, 5166 K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. __Regist6_d Mail or by James E G_lagh6r Anne R 1 All Season- Float Wee_ 6100-18A, 6100-18B, 29 ODD, to_h in a Notice of DetauW and M Donahua 2 Nitholas St Ower Creek Drive, Ponte Vedra WG Town Canler HOA (NJ)\ publitation by the undenigned Gallagher 541 Ocean Blvd No Float Unh, 5100-5113, 28 29 ODD, $1,280.16, So.4o lntent to Foreclose providad Danbu_, CT 06810, 1 Fixed Beach, FL 32082. 1 _| Season- Agueta.O6OOWOS PuB Tw_ee, will sell a_ public 6 Hampton, NH 03842, 1 _| WHOLE, $9,41 9.38, $2.57 Brian C Sankey Tracy Sankey, to the last known add&s of WeehlFixed Unit, 5300-5313, Float WeeWFloat Unit, 4000- ARGUETA.doc autlion to tha highest bidder Season-Float Week l Float William D Sinyad Marsha L 1092 Saltwood Rd Surmar, Obligor(s). (See Exhibrf _A._, by 15 WHOLE, $4,590.33, $1.55 84c, 4000-84D, 41 EVEN, 41 September 8, 15, 201T tor lawhl monay ot the Unitad Unit, BBB-01, 42_H0LE, Sinya_ 2969 Jamey Lana sc 29154, 1 All Season-hoat CertifiedlRegistePd Mail or by Frank G Hoppe Judith A Hoppe EVEN. $2,457.49, 80.79, L 157732 States ot America, on the tront 4077/1328. 81,4o9.56, So.24 Douglasville, GA 30135, 1 All w68k / Float Unh. 6100- publication by the undenigned 42325 YALE Rn CHIWWACK Dorothy A Rns 1501 Pa_side steps of th6 Osceola County Jose s Gue_e_ Ana LGu6rPro Season- Float Wee_Float 32c, 6100-32D, 44 ODD, 44 T_stea, _|| sell at public Bc V2R4J4 CANAD_ 112 Av6, Ap_. 9B Ewing, NJ 08638- courmouse, 2 Courthouse 347 Howa_ Ava RoGkvill8, MD Unrf, 5100-5132, 38 WHOLE, ODD, 81,28o.16, $0.40 Man au_ion to tha highest bidder Fixed, 5300-5318, 5 MN. 2624, 1 _| Season- Float NOTICE OF TRusnE's Squa_, _Nimm88, Florida 20850, 1_2 #| S6ason-Float $4,309.97, $1.38 Kelvin Abnay T Chung Halen, 232 Famham tor la_ul monay ot the Unhed 83,421 .72, $1 .02 Bet_ D Castle W6a_Float Unrf, 6000-51c, SALE 34741 , _| right, title and intaresl Week/flo_ Unk,BBB-03, 161 Tracey D Abney 205 River Rd Hava_own, PA 19083, 1 _| S\ates of Amarica, on the tDnt 1756 will James Rd RotMod, 6000-51D, 3 EVEN, 3 EVEN, WESTGATE TOWN cENnR in _le p__ srfuated in the ODD, 435912474. S7,478.16, Summrf Drive Simpsonville, sc Season-Float W68k l Float Unk, steps ot the Osceola County IL 61 109, 1/2 Fixed WeeklFixed $2,457.49, 8o.79. On Octobar 5, 2017, at 11:00 CouW ot Osceola. Florida, 83.41 Rosa Ravarie_ _ 29681, 1n Fixed, 5400-5442, 61_-82c, 6100-82D, 12 MN, Cou_hous6, 2 Cou_house Unit, 5300-5316, 33 EVEN, K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. a.m., GREENSPOON MARDER, d_bed as:(Sa6 Exhibit '.A") Po Box 4445 Road Tow 14 EVEN. 85,425.87, 81.45 12 EVEN, g2,529.4o, $0.79. Square, _Nimm88, Florida $3,321.72, 81.o2 Bhupendra WG Town Cenler HOA (NJ)\ P.A., 201 E. Pine Stra6t, fima Sha_ lnt6rast(s) (Saa Tortola, VG 1110 BRlnsH Vanasa Ramos 2827 sw sw K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. 34741 , _| rigM, tkle and interest T_lor Neala T_lor 216, R_ph Flores.O625WOS PuB Suite 500, Orlando, Florida Ewhibrf _A") according to tha VIRGIN ISLANDS, 112 _| 145th Ct Miami, FL 33175- WG Town Cantar HOA __\ in the p_perty s_u_ed in the Road Shi_ey Solihull, B9o 3u FLORES.doc 32801, as T_stee punuant to fime Sharing Plan forWeslgate Season-FloatW68k_ Float Unk, 7440 Luis Ramos 12999 sw Ojogho.O65OWOS PuB Coun_ of Osceol4 norida. ENGLAND, 112 Fix6d, NO_ September8,1S,2O1r that Appointment ot Twst86 Vacat_n Vlllas xvl, recorded BBB-04, 9_EN, 4811_1407, 1M St_et Miami, FL 33186, OJOGHO.doc describad as: (See Exhibh _A.) 5352, 16 EVEN, $3,321.72, L 157731 _coded on May 8, 2017, in in omci R6cords Book 1072, $11,821.91, 85.63 Rafa& A 112 _| Season- Float Wea_ Sapt6mb_6, 15, 201T Tlme Sha_ lnterest(s) (s68 $1.02 Cla_ Howa_ Magaret O.R.8ooh5144,atPage145.ot at Paga 1234. or lhe Public To_as Gina E TonB5 A__jan Float Unk, 5500-5556, 44 L 157829 Exhibk _A") accoding to the Howard 1340 N Franklin Rd the Public Records ot Osceola R_ods ot Osc6ola County, Vacamont6 R_idanci_ La MN, a,576.67, $1.32 Jesus fime Sharing Plan torWestgate lndianapolis, IN 46219 William NoncE OF TRusnE's County, Florida, by _ason norida _ha _Plan_. Togethar Constancia Casa 107 Panam4 Hemandez Naivis Hernandez Town Center, _rded in Sanden Mari6 Sand6rs 2730 _E ot a now continuing datauH whh th6 right to occupy, PANAMA, 1n #|_on-no_ 8316 R6dfield Dr Porf RichBy, NoncP OF TRUSTEE'S_ OMcial R_ods Book 1564, Foxbriar Pl. lndianapolis. IN WESTGATE TOWN CENTER by Obligor(s), (See Exhibrf pukuamtothe Plan,Building(s) Week l Flo_ Unh, BBB_5, FL 34668, 1 #| Saason- Float SALE at Paga 1479, ot the Public 46203 figinia Howard 8608 On O_ober 5. 2017 at 11:00 "A"), whose address is (See l Un(s) / Unit Week(s) / 191EVEN, 4656_20, S9,Q31.o5, waeklnoat Unk, 4OOO-51A, WEsTG^n TOWN CENTER R6cords ot Osceola Coun_, Cor_beny Ln lndianapolis, IN a.m.,GREENSPOON MARDER, Exhibit "A"), in lhe payent or _sned Yaar(s). (See Exhibit 84.3o Bernardo J Ajona Eliana 4000-51B, 38 ODD, 38 ODD, On Octob_ _. 2017, at 11:_ florida (the _Plan_. Together 4623-T7_, 112 Flx6d, 5300- P.A., 201 E. Pine Slr66t, Suit6 performance ol the obligations _A_. 7700 Westgate Blvd. M Blasoni Av 14B No 66- 83,992.98, $1.08 Ma_ F Smith a.m.,GREENSPOONMARDER, wrth tha right to occupy, 5353, 36 MN, $3,421.72, 5_,0_ando,Florida32801,as sacur6d by said Cl_m otLan Ns_mm_, FL 34747 merein 09 Urbanizacion Maracbo Julie M Smkh 83 Peacock P.A., zo1 E. Pine St_et, punuant to the Plan, Building(s) $1.02 Nathan Robin5on Twstee pukuant to thal Notice recodad in O.R. Book 4995, _n_ Sha_ Plan (Prope_yl Marac_bo, VENUUELA, 1 Drive Hyannis, MA 02601, 4 All Suite 500, Orlando, Florida / Unrf(s) / Unrf WeekTs) l 1206 s Naw Wilke Rd Apt of Appointment of T_stee at Page 506-511 ot the Public Addr_s_S_d sale will be All Season-Float w68k l Flo_ S6ason- Float We6Mloat Unit, 32801, as T_stee pursua_ to Assigned Year(sT, (Sea Exhib 404 A_ington Haight5, IL recoded on May 8, 2017, in Ratods ot Oscaola Coun_, made (w_hout covenants, or Unit, BBB-06, 17_H0U, 4OOO-88A, 4000-88B, 4OOO- that Appointment ot Twstea _A"). 7700 We_gate Blvd.., 60005, 1 Fix6d WeeklFixed O.R. Book 5144, al Page 330, of Florida, including the breach or w_, express or implied, 4352/1127, S15,199.11, $5.90 88C, 4000-88D, 32 WHOLE, _coded on May 24, 2017, in _Nimm88, FL 34747 _6_in Unk, 5300-5353, 43 WHOLE. the Public Retords ot Osceola default, notice of which was set Rgarding tha title, possession Antonio M H_| Nashelia D H_| 32 WHOU. 32 WHOLE. 32 O.R. Book 5153, at Paqe 293, of _me Share Plan (Proper_) $3,376.00, $1.07 JohneWa L Coun_, Florida, by reason fo_h in a Notice of Defaull and or encumbrances) \o pay tha 3605 Sunbright Ln Raleigh, NC WHOLE, $6,709.24, $2.00 the Public Records o OK8ola Add&s") s_d s_e will be Maddox 5 Candlelight Dr Apt ot a now continuing delault lntent lo Foreclose provided unp_d principal balance due 27610, 1/2 _| Season-Float David M Vante 2301 sw Coun_, norida, by _ason made (whho_ covenants, or 6 SpringfiBld, IL 62704, 112 by Obligo_s), (Sae Exhibil to the last know add_N or under tha mo_gage in tha Week/FloatUnrf,CCC-01, 13/ Andanon St. Laka ci_, FL of a now continuing d6auW wa_an_, 8xp_N or impli6d. _| S6ason-Float Week l Float _A"), whose addraM is (See Obligor(s), (See Exhibk _A"), by amount ot (See Exhibrt _A"), EVEN, 46532465, $9,9w.51, 32024-3906 Cindy A Vance by Obligor(sl, (S86 Exhibrf rega_ing the lhle, poN6Nion Un_, 5400-5413, 25 MN. Exhibit _A"). in lha payent or CerfifiedlRegiste_d Mail or by wM inte_st accwing at lh6 84.56 Gaoge Elpheage 15055 93rd St F8|lsm6r8. FL '.A"), whose address is (See or antumbrancesl to pay the $3,288.47, 81.o2 Calvin J Ta_ performance ot the obligations publication by the undersigned rate ot (See Exhibit _A_) per Cha_o_a | Elpheage 2212 E 32948, 1 #| Saason- Float Exhibit "A"). in tha payment or unpaid ass8Mments due in the Rosa M Delillo Tonja Ta_-Tanti setured by said Claim of Lien Twstae, will sell at public day, punuant to the Morfgage, Chelsea St Tampa, FL N61O. Weeklhoat Unk, 6000-MA,