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September 5, 2014     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 5, 2014

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER 5, 2014 PAGE 5A Q By Elliott Hamilton _ A grand paradox exists within Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). The group markets itself as a movement to "restore the self-determi- nation of Palestinians" while simultaneously denying the self-determination of Jews. Operating under the premise that the Jewish state is "il- legally occupying Palestine," SJP tries to spread awareness of the hardships faced by Pal- estinian-Arabs claiming that Israel treats them unfairly compared to Jewish citizens. By showing images of the security fence that was built out of necessity--to limit the number of Palestinian- Arab terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians--SJP claims that Israel is an "apartheid state" and holds Israel to a higher standard than every other country in the Middle East. But SJP is far from the "social justice" movement it claims to be, as it partakes in some of the worst instances of anti-Semitism on college campuses. SJP activists shouting Jew- hating slogans such as "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" highlight the hypocrisy that surrounds the organization. Some activists associatedwith the group con- tend that the slogan does not call for Israel's destruction, but rather that "Palestine" will be "free from colonialism." Such arguments, however, do not hold true when members of the same SJP chapter call for the "Zionist state" to be torn down. In an attempt to save face, SJP activistswill im- mediately go on the'defensive and argue that what they say is not anti-Semitic, and then go on to criticize those who "cry anti-Semitism" as old- fashioned. The reality that SJP re- fuses to acknowledge is that the U.S. State Department considers any demonization and double standards against the Jewish state to be anti- Semitic. This would include comparing Israeli policy to the Nazis, something that Vassar College SJP did when postirig a Nazi-era cartoon on its Tumblr page. Pro-Israel students are often referred to as "baby killers," which demonstrates a modernized incarnation of the ancient blood libel that has targeted the Jewish people for millen- nia. The blood libel claim says that Jews killed non-Jewish babies to bake their matzot for Passover. By arguing that all Zionists "kill babies" and making ridiculous claims that Israel is committing "geno- cide" against Palestinian- Arabs, SJP continues to enable such vitriolic Jew-hatred to continue onward in the name of "social justice." This is why it comes as no surprise that an SJP-affiliated student, on Aug. 20 at Temple University in Philadelphia, shouted anti-Semitic insults and punched a pro-Israel student in the face during an orientation event. SJP historically bullies pro-Israel students and invites vehe- mently anti-Semitic speakers to campus under the pretense of"dialogue." But SJP activists have done far more than just harass Jewish students. In addition, they use the false language of "human rights" and "social justice" to get various student groups to assist their struggle for such causes. SJP deliberately mis- leads the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer), feminist, and African American communities, as well as many other minority groups, claiming that it sym- pathizes with their struggle for legitimacy against "white, cisgendered male" communi- ties that stand in their way. Thus, these groups take part in SJP events and call out any pro-Israel student who offends them. What many of these minor- ity groups fail to recognize, however, is that the "Pal- estine" that SJP defends is not only anti-Semitic, but also misogynistic (hatred of women), homophobic, racist, anti-Christian, and fascist. SJP defends a place where women are subject to honor killings, where members of the LGBTQ community face persecution, torture, and death, and where Jews are not allowed to live, build homes, or purchase land. SJP does not discuss these injustices, nor do they care when Hamas murders opponents and drags them through the street. In SJP's mind, none of this matters, because "Israel is the oppressor." Such deception, manipulation, and lies have led to the collegiate commu- nity tolerating SJP. The pro-Israel community has had enough with SJP's Jew-hatred. Zionist college students cannot allow this organization to continue bul- Hamilton on page 19A By Yitzhak Santis Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), the group that recently invaded and "occupied" the Philadelphia Jewish Com- munity Services Building and onAug. 20 simulated and protested the (legal) blockade of Gaza outside of the UJA- Federation of New York, has declared in northern Califor- nia, "Zionism isn't welcome in our town." There, JVP joinedwith a radical Bay Area coalition on Aug. 16 seeking to prevent the unloading of Israeli goods in Oakland. The action's announcement, proclaiming "Stand Against Zionism Everywhere," extols the "resistance in Gaza [that] is still alive and thriving, despite Israel's ongoing at- tempts to destroy it." This "resistance," the announce- ment continues, has "been By Shana Medel With the collapse of peace negotiations in Cairo on Aug. 19, Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip resumed rocket attacks on the state of Israel. Many believed that Operation Protective Edge-- rightfully launched by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on July 8--wouldn't be over anytime soon. However, on Aug. 26, Israel and Hamas ac- cepted an Egyptian-brokered, open-ended cease-fire; this is the twelfth time in fifty days that Israel has agreed to another cease-fire attempt with this recognized terrorist organization. According to The Jerusalem Post, Palestinians poured into the streets of Gaza shortly after to celebrate the so called, "victory for the resis- tance." Classifying the end of the operation as a victory for Hamas seems somewhat ironic considering more than 2,000 civilians living in Gaza have died and up to 500,000 have been displaced. However, this comes as no surprise to the Israeli community. In the mindset of a Hamas leader, the Arab-Israeli conflict is a psychological war; a war that going on since 1948, since Israel came into existence. And it will not cease until Israeli apartheid falls." These are euphemisms. Bringing down "Israeli apart- heid" is a call for Israel's destruction. The "resistance in Gaza" is the radical jihadist group Hamas, responsible for the murder and maim- ing of thousands of Israelis and causing three wars. The Hamas Charter says "the Jews" caused the French and Communist Revolutions, initiated both world wars, and that the entire world is controlled by Jewish money, in addition to promoting the anti-Semitic "Protocols of the Eiders of Zion" and call- ing for Israel's "obliteration." Who, then, is this self- proclaimed Jewish "voice for peace" whose actions in effect support Hamas terrorism? JVP's executive direc- utilizes and manipulates the media to spark international outrage against Israel, ul- timately hoping to weaken its public image and support system. In light of recent events-- particularly proof depicting Israel!s devotion to minimiz- ing civilian causalities and her willingness to accept a cease-fire that will most likely be broken by Hamas yet again--it amazes me how much of the global commu- nity is still bent on demon- izing and delegitimizing the state of Israel. According to ABC News, the catalyst for launching Operation Protective Edge can be traced back to Hamas' direct involvement in the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli yeshiva stu- dents: Naftali Frenkel (16), Gilad Shaar (16), and Eyal Yifrach (19). During the intense seven week conflict, the IDF has taken measures like no other to prevent civil- ians from being caught in the crossfire--sending text messages, making phone calls, air-dropping leaflets, and roof-knocking to warn Palestinians before firing into Gaza. While the IDF does tor, Rebecca Vilkomerson, describes her group as "the Jewish wing of the [Palestin- ian solidarity] movement," with the mission "to facilitate conversations inside the Jew- ish community... [to] put that wedge in, saying the Jewish community's not agreeing on these issues." That's it. JVP seeks to divide Ameri- can Jews--Israel's main foundation of international support--so as to reduce or eliminate U.S. backing for Israel for the benefit of Israel's enemies. JVP is part of the inter- national NGO "soft power" war, whose unrelenting at- tacks on Israel's right to self'defense ultimately aid Hamas. This global political warfare strategy includes sustained delegitimization campaigns, BDS (boycotts, divestment, and sanctions), and promoting a "right of re- everything in its power to minimize causalities, Hamas. calls on its people to serve as human shields, which is a war crime in itself. According to The New York Times, rockets have been stored in and launched from schools, mosques, hospitals, and civilian housing. Densely populated areas have also been used to set traps for Israeli soldiers and conceal the extensive terror network tunnels running from Gaza to Israel. The civilians of Gaza aren't victims of the alleged occupation or the alleged Israeli apartheid, but rather victims of Hamas' complete disregard for the sanctity of human life. The cruelty they inflict upon their own people is appalling and inhumane. We should free the Palestinian people from the ones at fault for oppressing them: Hamas, not Israel. Even after living, studying, and volunteering in Israel, it never ceases to amaze me how life continues on as usual in times of hardship and Strug- gle. Amidst the sirens and rocket fire, people go about their daily lives. Hamas has launched over 4,564 projec- tiles towards the state of Israel are no voice peace turn" for Palestinians, which means dismantling Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. It partners with awide coterie of radical leftist, Islamist, and Arab ultra-nationalist groups to promote its program. When asked, JVP states that they are "agnostic" about a two-state solution. But that is a smokescreen. The group's actions demonstrate a clear anti-Israel agenda. A JVP contingent marched at a July 12 "peace" demon- stration in San Francisco, where "anti-war" protest- ers waved Hamas banners and burned an Israeli flag while chanting in Arabic "Ya Hamas, ya habib, udrub, udrub Tel Abib!" (Oh, dear Hamas, strike a blow at Tel Aviv!) Signs read, "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," "From Gaza to Ramallah Forever Intifada," and "F*** Zionism!" The and if this doesn't legitimize Israel's basic right to defend itself and its people, then I don't know what does. In 2008, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "The truth is if Israel were to put down its arms there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms there would be no more war." Prominent Arab leaders and their affiliates have continuously called for the destruction of Israel; they aren't subtle about their overarching desire to wipe Israel off the map either. In order to even begin the peace process in the Middle East, the Palestinian population must first recognize the state of Israel and stop dubbing those who kill Israelis as martyrs. The road to achieving peace will not be an easy one, but Israel has repeatedly stated that it's willing to take the necessary measures to resolve this centuries old conflict. Shana Medel is a student at UCF, studying journalism, Judaic studies, and interna- tional and global studies. She is also an organizer of UCF Knights for Israel programs and is a student intern at the Heritage Florida Jewish News. rally's advertising demanded an "end to US aid to Israel and to Zionist rule over Pal- estine." In Los Angeles, JVP teamed up with American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) to "put on a massive die-in street theater." AMP's website refers to Hamas as a "Palestinian resistance group." In Detroit, JVP protested for the release of convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh. An FBI press release describes her "role in the 1969 bomb- ings of a supermarket and the British Consulate in Jerusa- lem, whichwere carried out on behalf0fthe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a designated terrorist organization." That bombing killed two people. Odeh is charged with immigration fraud, for allegedly not in- forming U.S. officials of her terrorist conviction, Who funds JVP? That is a mystery. Its 2013 Annual Re- port lists its 2012 income as $1.15 million and states that some 80 percent of its income is derived from "individual donors.'; But it fails to iden- tify them or the size of their gifts. Why? Knowing JVP's funding sources is crucial to understanding why JVI seeks to weaken the Jewish community'snatural support for Israel. But JVP hides its funding sources. Again, why? JVP calls the current conflict with Hamas "Israel's war on civilians"--which follows Hamas PR guidelines to describe "anyone killed or martyred" as "a civilian from Gaza or Palestine." JVP demands an "end [to] the siege on Gaza," a central Hamas demand. JVP insists the U.S. "suspend military aid to Israel," which would also benefit Hamas and other jihadist terrorists. Finally, when JVP supports the call to "Stand Against Zionism Everywhere," it is clear whose water they are carrying. JVP stands unmasked as anything but a voice for peace. Yitzhak Santis is chief pro- grams officer at Jerusalem- based NGO Monitor, where he directs the "BDS in the Pews" project. NAMA5 PUBLIC EXECUTIONS BUT WHAT KIM) OF GAZAN NOULO TIP ISRAEL?/