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September 5, 2014     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 5, 2014

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PAGE 4A " HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER 5, 2014 .e By Edwin Black ful discussion and intellectual debate. Such an atmosphere should be encouraged by all Temple University has become the latest responsible student groups. Unfortunately, focal point for groups concerned about the Students for Justice in Palestine is not such a spreading wave of campus antisemitism and group.Ithasaproventrackrecordofintimida- academic-based Holocaust minimizing, tion, harassment, and incitement merging into Temple student Daniel Vessal, a fellow with anti-Semitismagainst Israel and its supporters CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle on campus." East Reporting in America), was drawn into The swift-response joint letter was spear- a verbal exchange with anti-Israel activists at headed by StandWithUs, which has become the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) table the nation's pre-eminent campuspro-Israelad- during an official college event on August 20, vocacy group. Additional signatories included 2014. Vessal, in his junior year at the Temple Americans for Peace and Tolerance, Commit- University Fox School of BUsiness, studying tee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in Management Information Systems and En- America (CAMERA), David Horowitz Freedom trepreneurship, was allegedly called a "kike," Center, Hasbara Fellowships, Proclaiming !'Zionist pig," and "baby killer." He was slapped Justice to The Nations, Scholars for Peace in so hard at the SJP table that he was sent to the the Middle East, Simon Wiesenthal Center hospital.Apolice investigation and legal action Campus Outreach, The Lawfare Project, The are underway. The assaultive SJP supporter Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights has purportedly apologized, according to a Under Law, and the Zionist Organization of published SJP statement, which states: "I'm America (ZOA). sorry for what I did. I admit I lost my temper." Students for Justice in Palestine has been With lightning speed, fourteen Jewish accused of fomenting violence and hate at organizations reacted to the assault, releas- campuses elsewhere. In March of this year, ing a joint public letter of protest to Temple the Northeastern University chapter in Boston University.Thelettercomplained:"Auniversity was suspended for a year after distributing campus should be the setting for thought- "mockevictionnotices'throughoutthedorms. After the mock evictions, every Northeastern University Adjunct Professor Alessio Lerro student was sent an email from Robert Jose, had argued that "Jews are exaggerating the Northeastern's Associate Dean for Cultural extent of the Holocaust to obtain political ad- and Residential Life, who asserted, "We do not vantages." Lerro's remarks were made during condone any behavior that causes members of the fractious debate over a proposed Modern our community to feel targeted and/or intimi- Language Association boycott of Israel. In an dated."After atumult of police interrogations, online post, Lerro reportedly quipped, "Six online petitions, and organizational appeais by million?.., we all know (or should know) that SJP, Northeastern reinstated the controversial the counting of Jews is a bit controversiaL" group beginning this fall pursuant to strict After a furor, a university spokesman caused oversight guidelines, further angst when he explained, "the exer- StandWithUs CEO Roz Rothstein explained cise of academic freedom necessarily results her organization'sswiftaction."Allthosewho in a vigorous exchange of ideas." After that care about promoting a safe and peaceful rankling apologia, Brandeis issued its stern environment on college campuses that en- letter of rebuke. courages civilized debate should be concerned Ironically, the day after the assault against about Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) Vessal, Temple announced a record $69.7 and their track record of promoting hateful million in charitable donations for the fiscal campaigns across the country that can lead year. This figure topped the previous year's to violence like this." Scholars for Peace take, which was $65.8 million. As a 501(c) in the Middle East executive director Asaf (3), every million dollars in tax-deductible Romirowsky added, "The latest at Temple is donations raised by Temple is subsidized by indicative of a larger trend growing on cam- general taxpayers in the amount of $400,000. puses--something we are seeing at both the Temple's fundraising brochures declare, "Our faculty and student levels.., giving rise to the students embody what it means to be Temple BDS movement and to those seeking Israel's Made. But they couldn't be who they are if you destruction." didn't do what you do." University President Romirowsky referred to "the latest at Theobaldhasstated,"Wedeeplyappreciatethe Temple." Indeed, the university has recently donors who recognize the power of Temple to been in the spotlight for minimizing the Holo- contribute to the well-being of our city, state caust. On June 9 ofthisyear, Temple University and nation." More than 137,000 individual president Neil D. Theobald received a formal donations were made to Temple between 2010 complaint from the Louis D, Brandeis Center and2012alone,accordingtouniversityrecords for Human Rights Under Law about Holocaust minimizing. Brandeis protested that Temple Black on page 19A By Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn Other aspects of the PA's history of shielding and helping terrorists are well documented. Prominent supporters of both Israel and The PA has never honored any of Israel's the Palestinian cause are now saying that the requests for the extradition ofPalestinian ter- solution to the current Gaza conflict is for the rorists. Numerous terrorists have been given Palestinian Authority to be handed control jobs in the PA security forces. PA terrorists there in place of Hamas. who are in Israeli prisons receive monthly Such thinking fails to account for the PA's salaries from the PA's Ministry of Prisoner long history of sheltering, assisting, and even Affairs (which itself is headed by convicted collaborating with Hamas and other terrorist terrorist giyad Abu Eain). And prominent groups. Palestinian terrorists are routinely celebrated Writing on the op-ed page of the Washing- and lionized by the Palestinian Authority and ton Post on Aug. 21, former national security its lapdog media. advisers Samuel ("Sandy") Berger (who served The PAwas created in 1994 by the Palestine under Bill Clinton) and Stephen Hadley (under Liberation Organization. The dominant faction George W. Bush) argue thatthe "onlyway" to ofthe PLO is Fatah. In those days, YasserArafat achievepeace"istoletthePalestinianAuthor- was chairman of Fatah, the PLO, and the PA. ity and its security foYces back into Gaza." His successor, Mahmoud Abbas, now chairs They claim that "in the West Bank, the PA's all three. How has Abbas's Fatah responded security forces have proved relatively effective to the current Gaza conflict? in maintaining securib." On the very first day of the war, Fatah's Similarly, Elliot Abrams, formerly Hadley's official Facebook page, called "Fatah--The seniordirectorforNearEastaffairs, assertedin Main Page" posted what it called "A message the Weekly Standard on June 16 that U.S. aid to the Israeli government and the Israeli to the Palestinian Authority's security forces people." Here's what Abbas's Fatah had to say "should be continued, for lsecurity cooperation to Israelis as hundreds of rockets were be!ng between Israel and the PAl benefits Israelis as fired atthem from Gaza:"Deathwill reachyou much as Palestinians." from the south to the north. Flee our country Yes, such cooperation might benefit Is- and you won't die. The KN-103 rocket is on its rael--if it existed, way toward you." Instead, Israeli soldiers who went house- And that was just the beginning. to-house in PA-controlled Hebron in June, On July 9, a cartoon on the Fatah Facebook duringthe search for thekidnappedteenagers, page, titled "Israel Fires Rockets at Gaza," found stockpiles of weapons, laboratories for showed an Israeli bomb, adorned with a huge manufacturing bombs, and dozens of tunnels swastika, about to strike a Palestinian child. used by terrorists. All of these deadly prepara- (It's worth recalling that then-Secretary of tions were being carried out right under the State Colin Powell, among others, has said that noses of the PA security forces. Earlier this comparing Israel to the Nazis is anti-Semitic.) year, the New York Times reported (March 23, Perhaps the most telling item of all on Fatah's 2014) that Israeli troops were forced to enter Facebookpageisadramaticfull-coloriilustra- the Jenin refugee camp in pursuit of terrorists tion of three heavily-armed Palestinians--one because--although Jenin is under the "full from Hamas, one from Islamic Jihad, and one control" of the Palestinian Authority--"the fromFatah, standing together. The text reads: Palestinian [security forces] did not generally operate in refugee camps." "Phillips on page 18A THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF HERITAGE MANAGEMENT. 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Box 300742 (407) 834-8787 Fern Park, FL 32730 FAX (407) 831-0507 email: Editor/Publisher Jeffrey Gaeser Editor Emeritus Associate Editor Assistant Editor Gene Stare Kim FischerChristine DeSouza Society Editor Bookkeeping Gloria Yousha Paulette Alfonso Account Executives Lori Apple Marci Gaeser Contributing Columnists Jim Shipley Ira 8harkansky David Bornstein Ed Ziegler Production Department David Lehman Gil Dombrosky Joyce Gore Letter from Israel No end in sight By Ira Sharkansky sured the same level of quiet as produced by Lebanon II? The Israeli public is unhappy with how Consistent with the criticism of the Prime the Gaza operation has ended. "Ended" is, of Minister for not being aggressive enough course, problematic, as is the expectation for againstHamas, arecentpollshowsthatIsraelis amonth-long cease fire. have moved to the right. The cluster of Likud, The prime minister, defense minister, and Israel Our Home and Jewish Home would gain head of the IDF held a joint press conference, 54 Knesset seat in an election, compared to in which they defended themselves against 43 currently. Centrists (There is a Future, those claiming that the war ought to have The Movement and Kadima) would drop to continued to a more complete victory. 16 from 27. Left of center Labor plus Meretz Netanyahu's line is that the complete defeat would remain with 21. Ultra-orthodox parties of a terrorist organization is not easy. He would drop to 15 from 18. Arab parties would didn't say "impossible," but something near increase their places from 11 to 14. Within that that was apparent, cluster, the Arab-Jewish party Hadash would Israelis argue as to whether Operation show the greatest increase, from 4 to 6 seats. Protective Edge should have been degcribed With all of the frustrations associated with as a "war." this and earlier episodes of violence, one must The reality is that Israel has been engaged i not overlook Israel's accomplishments. in one multi-episode war since 1948. It has From poverty, dependence on the good gained power and international acceptance, will and money of overseas Jews and friendly but the process is not complete, governments, Israel has become at least a Each major chapter produced arguments mini-powerhouse; economically as well as as to what was accomplished, whether Israel militarily. It scores admirably on a number of had done better than its adversaries, or what social indicators for health, public satisfaction was left undone, with the standard of living, and the quality of Among the points higher education. Could Israel have gained control of the Old Compare its status with the hyperbolic City and East Jerusalem in 1948, and should proclamations of Mahmoud Abbas, who has it have expelled more Arabs? remained in office for more than five years Was 1967 a great victory, or the beginning beyond the end of his term, inspires little ofaburden involvingadministration of Arabs, admiration among West Bank Palestinians, then the persistent conflict associated with and much less among those of Gaza.. settlement, as well as another missed oppor- West Bank Palestinians appear to have tunity for more complete ethnic cleansing? adjusted to a degree of autonomy alongside of Did Israel fail to pre-empt in 1973, due to Israel, andmaybelookingatGazaandremem- a concern for US pressure, when the signs beringwhathappenedduringlntifada#2.They were pointing to an Arab attack, and should have nothing close to the democracy, public it have destroyed more of Egypt's army and services, orderly legal system, assurance of approached Cairo? Or did its restraint pave personal safety, or living standards of Israelis, the way for a peace treaty with Egypt and the but are better off than their cousins in Gaza. beginning of Israel's acceptance as a perma- This is not a time to pat ourselves on the nent entity in the Middle East? back, or to predict years of quiet. Should the IDF have gone deep into Lebanon The most recent Gaza episode is a long way in 1982, should it have remained an occupying from being settled, and there are even more force, anddidtheSouthLebanonSecurityZone awesome problems right over the (as yet un- accomplish anything important until the IDF settled) Golan border with Syria, as well as a withdrew under pressure in 2000? bit farther away in Iraq, the Gulf, and North Was the withdrawal of Jewish settlements Africa. Iran has enlisted in the battle against from Gaza in 2005 worth the domestic costs? Sunni extremists, but its nuclear program is Did Lebanon II end with the folly of an still unresolved. agreement that has not been implemented and Most fashionable among international politi- allowed the massive armament of Hezbollah? cians fs Daishand close relativesal Quaida, Boko Or did the great destruction of Hezbollah's Haram, pluswhoeverisrebellinginLibya.Those neighborhoods produce near quiet on the who put Hamas and other Palestinian Jihadists northern front that has continued until now? Has the recent destruction in Gaza as- Sharkansky on page 18A