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September 3, 2004     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 3, 2004

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SEPTEMBER 3, 2004 PAGE 39 I Carris,Andrew L. Reiff, P.A.The Appliance Palm State Mortgage M & E Photography Advanced Corporate, Real Property nnrtr, r Licensed Florida Lender Commercial Portrait TvDesettina Southtrust Bank Bldg. Suite 720 v~ v, Lowest Rates at Lowest social Events Weddin s c~,',';i~, ~ffnr~'~c= t,n===t C.P,A.s 135 w. Central Blvd, Repairs on all makes and Closing Costs Since 1986 Bar/Bat Mitzvahs g r S #150 Odando FL 32802 muuut~ . 1900 Summit Tower B vd Ste 920 Endque Fux-Certified Professional ~i,~,~'"~,~'[~inT~"~=t'~,'"' ' s~,~, ~,-~,'J o4~,~ Licensed & Insured Odando FL 32o10 PhotMra~,her ~, n ~ Veug} "~",J'o|Oo NO Service Charge With Repair "407" 87" ()~(~^" "407; 833 """0 207 O'Brien Rd. /'df)7~ 7RR 2.~90 I, ) o- OUU ~. ) ,1 -OAR) Fern Park, FL 32730 "---" ---" 800-394-0602 Out of State FAX (407) 833-8924 (407) 834-8787 .!,== wl=,I wm ~v=w~w wlp =ran. CPA Civil litigation: Contract www, FAX (407) 831-0507 ,= n^ disputes, Personal injuries,1Dr 'TL'D ~ILj r'~ Cnminal defense: Traffic, Felony 1 ~U.~IVL 1 LK 1 lessesandDUI, Domestic violence I NEWSPAPER I Compumr & I 1 1"EH I Je lan-t n nnn.nrlando - - . NezworK ervices HERITAGE Florida Home-Business Installation, upgrades, repairs Jewlsn News and home automation 207 O'Bnen Rd Free Estimates Fern Park FL 32730 Well Connected Networks, Inc. /407 R'.~d-R7R7 David Goldman ~ (407) 595-0897 FAX (407) 831-0507 Emaih DAVEG@WCNC.NET FOR LESS TIp. $10 PER Wff.K ' 83 '8 8 OR 83 '82 FOR I 01 .TION! ==.~= with tha clerk of this coud either be- DIM.: 30 . includingdismisealorstdkingofpleed- ] you for the relief demanded in the INOTICE OF ACTION FOR ~ fore service on tha Petitioner or im- IN RE The Marriage o inga. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT I petition. IDISSOLUTION OP MARRIAGE ~T~ I mediatolythereafter, lf you fall to do TUBIOMOGBOLAHAN, Dated: August S, 2004. OF THE NINTH JUDICIAL I WARNING: Rule 12.285, FIodde ITO:GradyF. Dortch - " II so a default will be entered against Petitiormr, LYDIA GARDNER CIRCUIT IN AND FOR[ Family Law Rules of Procedure ra- I2011 Rogers Ave. [ you for the relief demanded m the and Clerk of the Circuit CoudORANGE COUNTY, I quirescodaln automaticdieclosureof IMaitland, FL 32751 / petition. DARREHYN L BRYANT, (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) FLORIDA I documents and information, Failure IYOU ARE NOTIFIED that an ac- WARNING: Rule 12.286, Flodda Respondent.T N By: Ashley Knox CASENO. 04-13952 I to comply can result in sanctions, Ition has bean fiiedagainst you and Family Law Rules or Procedure, re- NOTICE OF AC O As Deputy Clerk In re: The Change of Name of: ~ includingdismisealorstrikingofplead- Iyou are required to serve a copy of COURT quirescedain automatic disclosure of DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE Aug, 20, 27; Sept. 3, 10, 2004 Pedit, Bredan Conner I ings. !your whiten defenses, if any, to it on UDICIAL documents and information. Failure TO: Darrehyn L, Bryant ~ Pettit, Spencer Pulham, [ WITNESS my hand and the seal of [Sandre Do tch, Petitioner, whose FOR to comply can result in sanctions, 1507 South Center St. ,=, .~ (Present Name) this court on August 4, 2004, [address is 7614 Grame my. Dr Or- D stin FL .'~*nc~eM,~vl/~uul-~/ ~nd I FL32818 on or oewre :~e W, includmgdismissalorstdkingotpmau- u,LYDIA GARDNER iendo . p- ings. YOU ARE HERESY NOTIFIED that cOI~Hu IETI~/,N ~T ~ ~J U~D~'~clAL Pulham, Breden Conner I As Clerk of the Court tember 23, 2004, and file the on91na, 1-15101 WITNESS my hand and the seal of an action for dissolution of mardage X~IA'I~(~'E 2~,=,~.u Pulham, Spencer Montague, I (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) Iwilh the clerk of~s Coudat 425N. o n ou v ~,~= ~ uu~, ~ me h Knox g Ave unarmo PL ~4t~,ur this coud on August 24 2004. has been filed against y u a d y c -~,t~^ ' (Requested New Na ).I By: As iey I rang , LYDIA GARDNER are required to serve a copy ot your ~,-v,~,:,-, NOTICEOF ACTION OF CHANGE [ As Deputy Clerk ~before service on ma ~etirioner or Clerk of the C rtuit Coud written defanses ifany, toif on OSCAR ~'a~E~jt~.~"14561 OFNAME Aug. 13 20 27 ~.3,2004 /immediatoly thereaffer. If you lailto (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) Tubl Omogbolahan, Petitioner TO: Gabnel R. Peltit I ~ |do so, a default may be entered ey: Lakeyst~ West whose address is 5042 Liming Ave o ~ r'ecuoner, 2145 1/2 Pine Street ~ ,~, .-,- -. ,~-r |ageinstyou for the relief demandedin As Deputy Clerk Orlando FL32808 onorbefore Sap- ,~,"~ Paso Robles CO 93446 ~ e ",=~' L~.n ~:~u,' '.~,~u n.', |the petition. Sept. 3,10,17,24,2004 tember2 2004, and fiie the original ~.'~"~U=~r,~,~nUUr~e~ YOUAREFIEREBYNOTIFIEDthat [ ~r~?l~.r~r~'~- [ Copies of all coud documents in )N ~ with the clerk of this coud either be- . ;.~.~ere. - a ~etition for chenge of name of your ,~'Z=';',~ ~: ";-:,&'; ;'~r ~," Ithis case, iocluding orders, are avail- RIAGE fore service on the Petitioner or ira- n,~u~,',t = ~P=.~ C~ON FOR mlnorchild(ren)wasfiiedinthisCoud [ ~(~i~~ [ableattheCierkoftheCircutCoud's I~ I n ,~lrt~UH ~,~uns OU fa to do u.oovt.u = ~Unl ur" M~,H~IA~I= 2 b ~,r~ office You m ,~,-, med=atelythoreefter, lfy .r~.r ^,~, ~ on fhe 3rd day of August, 004, Y J ~a~N~ n.n~n~o,ayrev~ewthesedocu- ur/nr- Nil~/rl ~lUtJl,~l/~t. ntered a lnst "u" "~'#~'~UUI#'~ P~' Ruur~I~IUE/" nd OU are re- "~ " ments u r . so, a delault w I be e ga ~nnoceo v= ~ =, Lynna E, Putham a y I nlV. ,= / pon equesl. ~wt~,uH =~ ~-~,=u r~n you for the relief demanded In the ,-,= :,? ~o u,=,-~,~vv,~ quired to serve a COpy of your written / ,u ~,/ You must keep the Clerk of the IFIEDthat O,P'Z~NGECOUNTY, petition. . "ruuAREN.OT!FIEl3thatanec- delenses, ifany, to it on the petition- / p~l~.l:l~'~.~.~r~lgAeM~A~/n /CJrcuilCoud'soffioenotifiedofyour marriena rLUM~uA ' WARNING: Rule 12.285, Flodda }!on nas ceen mac a,gams~ you and ere whose name and address are / -''~,L;~:= |current address. (You may tile Notice and y~u,Ca. se No,: 04DR-15437 Fam y Law Rules of procedure, re- ~r~.r you are req=u=ma to sere a ~P~ 8023 Golden Glen Ct Orlando FL / r-,=uuuner, |of Current Address Fior da Supreme )y of our uiv!sion: 29 . quirescedalnautomaticdisclosureof o, y oourwnaan uemnses, if any, tel= 32819 and file tha original with the [ an~ ,-, |Court Approved F:amil Law Form OnMl~orl~.~,1t~ ~neMard~, o,f,~ documents and information, Failure . nu'~r~' ~r~un~,wn~ ~sea " Clerk of "his Coud on or before Sep-,~,on,~ L~ I12915) Futurepapers~thislawsuit ~lLo'~l~l ~ Ruur~I~IUEL rass iS annuge ~ ~ w ~-~es onoen| address,to comply can result in sanctions ~ C','~Y ,". ~ ft "-', tember15,2004,11youfaiiedtodoso, / ~ = ~ .~,~. = ~ willbemailedtotheeddressonrecord Petitioner/Husband ' udanoo ~-Ionoa 3z509 on or Delore d f " =,~u.=~ r vr P~v/tv,~ vr," ando, FL --,=ncludmgdmm=ssalorstrikngoplaad- ~ -'-: '"": " . "- b a efau w ll be entered agamst you / ,~,~.~^ ,~ ~,~i atthecierksothce. ~/- 8110 " Z I ; UU~ 8J~K]nlelNeO V ' Jn ~ P ' I,/IO l~/l~u/lul~ vr M~nn,#~a= ~R " Rg~e 12R~ Flor~la 7, 2004 mg~. ~ COd( ~:~ t 4251~ for the rstie~ ~ eU-i / W, NI~, . , e clerk of M~,HI~ MUr~.e~Fv ~/ WlTNESSmyhandandthesealof~e~. wLm~ ~m ,~ .~ L-i" tlon. [~.~ eu~,r~= n~.~m ~u.~u,=,Family Law Rules of Procedure, re- iceonfhe Hssporlaenvwse =, this coud on July 20, 2004, ~"~"~"-~""~ ~;"=~"P'e~ii~ro~ WARNING: Rule 12,285, Florida /~ = ~ ~,core,~venue I quirescerleinaut(xnaUcdisciosureof NOTICEOFAC.~Jr~ I A NER o,:ov, ue,ore=,rv,~,~ Fam LawRueeofProcadure rera.s~ nurcn v~,~,~u~ hereafter. LYD A G RD . . ly -,documents and reformat=on Fadure ultwillbe .~' S~O.AU~.p ".O.e, ARR'AGECierk of the Circuit Coud ~mn~d'alelyt,heroa~e!-IL.Y~n?ellr~ qu,rescerta,naut.omat,cdmctosureof )YOU. AREHEREBY.NOT.IFIE[)that / to comply can result in sanctions, relief de- Iu~ ~.Rp2 ~ M u ~ ~ O. :.v U (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) uu ~u ~ u~,~u~ ~:~{-'~"-~'~'~i" documents ana mtor~nation, kailure /an acuon mr a=ssmuuon or marnaga,includingdismissalorstrlkingoipiead- yuuAHl=ldl=Hl:::[dYNUtll-lb;l~trla! By: Lakeysha West .a, ga=ns~'uuw=um,o=ro.~,o =,~ to comply can result m sanctions, /.as u,~n r,eo .gains( you and you i in~s. 5 FIn,~,t= an action for dissolution of marriage As Deputy Clerk me peuuon. ' includingdismissalorstrlkingofpiead, lare required to serve a copy of your / "bated" Aunust 9 2004 .r, -- 0. =. el~=,' are mquired to serve a of our = thmcase ~ncludm orders, areava~- n'~ TNESS my hand and tha sea of Ro coGalmpaofo Pettonerwhoee se copy y ~ ' [ /',As Clerk of the Court ~. ,rod. writtan defenses if any to it on Ca~rlton abieattheCierkn~theC~rcuitCouds this coud on August 4, 2004. address m 3455 Avenue of the Aman- tCIRCUIT COURT SEALt e-.a,ure Pierce Attomev'lor Petitionar, whose IN THE CIRCUIT COURToffice. You may review these dotu- LYDIA GARDNER,cas # 1003, Orlando, FL 32822, on or i "- ev Ashley Knox ~d' addre~,~ is 57~8 Major Blvd, Suite OF THE NINTH JUDICIAL manta upon request. . .~ Clerk of the Circuit Court I before September 15, 2004 and file / ~,~'DeDu~ Clerk " """"" 210 Orando FL32819 onor'before CIRCUITIN AND FOR You must keep the Clerk of me (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) I tha odginai with the clerk of this coud i Aug 13 20 27;S~t 3 2004 hesaalof Oct~r 14,200~,~ndfi~theodginalORANGE COUNTY, Circuit Coud's off:ca notified of your By: Linda N, Amic I eitharbeforesen~iceonthePetiticnar 1 04 with the clerk of this coud before FLORIDA current address. (You m~yfiie Notice As Deputy Clerk ~ orimmedialelythereafler. If you fail to J --~"~-"--~--- CierkoftheCrcuitCoudO: L EDOG ZA EZ qu' s " " " ' t" [ =-,-. -. ' ' ",i N TheChenge fNameo: COURT (C RCU T COURT SEAL) ADDRESS UNKNOWN documents and information. Failure ~,A~: t~u, u~-=4a r,in~ mg mnmmatorsldkingofplead-,Chrielein Victor Gonzalez UDICIAL By Lakeysha West YOUAREHEREBYNOTIFIEDthelto comply can result in sanctions, uIv.: ou / W; (Present Name) " FOR As Deputy Clerk an Action for Dissolution of marhege including dismisselorstrlking ofplead- In re: ~ .C'~oge o, r~ame or. i isw~r~-~ myna ne andthe seal of i and janico~mitn / ~,u,=u.~ugus~o ~uu~ /Ch' inV' r i'y SepL 3 10, 17, 24, 2004 has been filed against you and you rags. : .vr ~;:,= - " . ~ to Gonzalez are required to serve a copy of your Dated: August 12, 2004,o/'o/o Andrew oames,~u y l ~u '~e~'~'~l~-.~ iOewoerry, I-15202 written defanses, it any, to it on LYDIA GARDNER Antony=a CalmS=, rtea, amg ~, ~.o~[ne ~.;,ourt |(Requested New Name). pm~l Name ~,~ln%~utl ~uun/ O~/'M.) ,~ e r~c t :.~uH ~uuM:Grlndella Guzman Petitioner Clerk of the Circuit Coud( ) /" --k -- "'" / NOTICE OF ACTION OF uy La west OF THE NINTH JUDICIAL whose address is 6533'Woodthru#,~ (CIRCU T COURT SEAL) and,~: ~,CHANGE OF NAME C~CUI~IN A,N,D F.OR Hill, Orlando, Florida 32810, on or By: Jani~.nn Robinson TA~dreaw&~ime=,=S#m~f~.tAua '13 ~t'~Tpu~y ~"',e~. 2004 ~?~ Ro~inaon Gonzalaz ur',~l,~ll= UUl~l t v, hafnm t~tnh~r 7 9rv'.4 ==rvl tik~ lha Ae, mnUSV ~lerK .u ya v,= ,~,-~, ~l J . . Box 870002 ' """ ~ " -"' =' me" "" O- -- - FLORIDA o,-~ in=, with m,= clerk of this cou~ A.n 20 27' SeDL 3 10 2004 (Requested New Na ). /~ / nar~o, PL 32857 2 DR NOTICE OF. OF CHAN E ,N THE CIRCUIT COUR, u ou,~ ~ orimmediatal thereaffer.lfyoufalllo u OFTHENNTHJUDCAL mP~r georn.a, meofyour )N IN RE: THE MATrER OF THE doso adefau~wlllbeanteredanainst IN THE CIRCUIT C QURT TO: Tony R~Og t CIRCUIT IN AND FOR / ir~ child(ran) fi.kKl. ,nthisCourt IRIsP-= TERMINATION OF PARENTAL you for the relief demanded Fn-the OF THE NINTH JUDICIAL Address UnKnown / ,- -, ,N-,~ / on the r ~ day o~ UCtooer, 2003 by ~'" RIGHTS FOR THE PROPOSED ~tition CIRCUIT IN AND FOR YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that / =U, nc~,*r~~ ~uu,Kara D. uewberry, and you are're- ADOPTION OF THE MINOR '--WAR'NNG" Rule 12285 Florida ORANGE COUNTY, apetifionforchangeofnameofyour I ~"S'EN~) 04 122~,c~u!redlose.rveacopyofyourwdttan IFIEDthot CHILD Famifv Law Rules of Pr~lure re-FLORIDA mmorchlld(ran) was filed in thisCourt,~,~,'-~, "-', " ~'-' |Oelanses, I1 any, to it on the petition- rna~i~=~= nuirescedalnautomaticdieclosu;'eof Case No.: DR04-5072on the 9111 day of August, 2004, by l ~"'r~ of / ere whose name and address are I ~l"~geT.L,D male child, DOB: 07/01/00 ~umants and information Failure Division: 42 janlcaA.Smithandyouarerequired,',~.~,=.-,~na,*,Mal~o~;~ / 1016CopenhagenW.a.y, WinterGar. ~vofYo~r NOTICE OF ACTION to comnlv can result in ~iona AIXAMARITZAANDINO, tO senre a copy of your wd~an de- / u~"'~tit~i~ne~~ ' i d? n' FL ~787' a.nd. fde the original -~,~" TO: Unknown Father includi~'~lismissalorstrlklnnofn,~,=~d.' Petitioner/Wile, fenses, itany, to it on the petitmners / - " "~" ' / wan me t ~er~ ol tins Uoud on or e'a~lr~s YOUAREHEREBYNOTIFIEDthatinns "'' "'-- and whose name and address are P,O. i = '~ ~ / be fore ~eptember 15, 2004. ff you 162-4" '~'~'~- an action for lemlinafion of paranlel '~iTNESS my hand and lhe seal of LUIS ROBERTO PEREZ, Box 681625, Orlando; FL 32868, and,~n~=un~,~;,=, / !rated to do so, a default will be en- or, (J~,~- dghts Ior the proposed adoption has this coud on Auoust 23 2004 Respondent/Husband. file the original with ~ Clerk of this,'~,;,~;',-~L-'~'~ =,-,~,=u n=: /rereo a~,nst you mr the relief de- o~-~'~,~been filed in I1~ captioned case by LYDIA~'~RDhlER " NOTICE OF ACTION FOR Coud on or before September 23, / ,~, ,~,~^~r ~ ~;~ ~ ,' / mended m the petition. a default / UI=~)%/ .'.J I IVll ur m~,nne~u~ / WARNING" Rule 12 RAYMOND HAYES LANNEN IV and . DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE 2004 If you failed to do so, ,28S F;onda er before,Clerk of the Cercuit Coud,TO" Gary Loum Johnson F " ' r imm,~;SYLVIA LYNN LANNEN, and you are ICIRCUIT COURT SEAL~ TO: LUIS ROBERTO PEREZ will be entered against you for the /=~Z.~ u^ a.a, e ~ I armly Law .Rules of Procedure, re- o lo'~.'a requiredtoeenma .c.o~t.ofyourwrif- " Bv:Janllvnn R~inson YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an ac. mllet demanded in the Petitien : |~.a~'~TL'~707,~resca.damau~t .omaticd!sclosureof t~r un. ~;,~, ten defenses, if any, to It on Pet tion- ~ Det~J'w '.~rk tion has been f ed against you and WARNING: Rule 12,285, Honda / w-u!~I~'I~'UI=I~I::~V klt~TlCll::i'tthat 1 oocumanm and mrormalton. Failure ~,~" ere Raymond and Sylvia Lannan Aun 27 -e;,T,~-3"~"~0~ ~1-'/ 2004 that you are required to serve a cop~" Family Law Ru es of Procedure re- i '-" ~ ~ ".'~.' "T,'-'~,::"-'.','--'~rr~]~ / to comply can result n sanctions ' = ---r-, ' sureof=. uu~r ~ ,u, U,==,U,mM, u~ ,= =U~ includ" dismisea orst ' " ' ~.-F~t,~L, whoeeaddrese ts 12974 Mallow Cir of your written defenses, if any to it ouffescartamautomattd~selo |~,=~ ~-,=,= fil=,~ anoins' -ou and ,ou,mg rlkingofplead. ~lur,~';'~. #204, Odando, FL32828, onorbe- ~ onALBERTC. EATON, ESQUIRE, (]ocumentsand nformation. Failure /"~=' ~:;'.~",~,~="==-'L'-~ I-' . / rags, c~,~,~,~= ; fore October 14 2004 and file the IN THE CIRCUIT COURTwhose address ie 1516 E, Colonial to comply can result in sanctions, /,".'~'.'#,T~";~=."'~nu~t~.~.nYUlc~,WITNESSmyhandandtheeealof ' d- w a. u~,=,~o, "-", this coud on Au ust 3 2 n F==il -,= onglna w th the C ark of ths Coud, OF THE NINTH JUDICIAL Dnve, Sude 100-E, Orlando, Fionda ncludmRdmmLssalorstnkmgolplee |J^h pelt ~v,=, ~ ~ / g,004. v =u ==o LYDIA GARDNE m ~tim~whoeeaddresem425N,OmngeAve, CIRCUIT IN AND FOR 32803 on or before September 15, ings. i= o~4 wh~=,u~r ~ ,~k,~,~ ~i,h ~ir,~ ER [}of~'d'Orlando FL32801 eitharbeforeeer- ORANGE COUNTY 2004 and file the oriRinal with the WiTNESSmyhandandtheSealO~,~rl~"~d~.'l~'~.~3~.~n"or~:~'~ore~ie''=' / ~su~emo~me~oud 2004 "'"= ~ '~ P (C RCU T COURT SEAL " vice on ~titieneror~lely there-FLORIDA ' Clark'of Coud at Domestic Relations this coud on August 9,J tem~'='r 1= 2~ a'r~ file the orin~n~i,- ), hs ~i ~ after:, otherwise a delauit will be an- CASE NO. DR04-11897 Division, OrengeCountyCoudhousaLYD A GARDNER i~'~e ~"~'~"*~'P c^-d eithe~'~'=,uy: Jan~lync Rob,nson 104 ter(~:J against you for the relief de- DIVISION 42 425 N. Orange Avenue Orlando, Clerk ot the Circuit Coud / ~re ~:~ce ~ the"F;e~ionar or ~m",As Deputy Clerk :~ " mendedin the petition. You have the IN RE The Marriage of Florida 32501, before se~,ica on Pe- fCIRCUIT COURT SEAL),~,ei*r"~ ,'~h,=~'-'~,~ f'~. re= t~ ~,Aug. 13, 20, 27; Sept. 3, 2004 f " ' It " it P ~ nghttorequestthattheheenngonthe EMMA MARIA LATORRE RAMOS,tihoner/Wfle or m'~medmlely theree - By: Tyem Fe on I o.- ~Jo I-,= t r=,~ t I --"" petition to terminate parental rights Petitioner, ter, If you fail to do so, a delault may As Deputy Clerk,'~:,"~^'r*'~':"-~"lief~dem'an~ed'~rn't'~,IN "r.= " 2004 yvu .~, i,~ ~ - ,~ l J ~Jun/ be transferred to the county in which and be entered against you for thd re ef Aug. 20, 27; Sept, 3, 10, I r ~lltinn,OF THP I',II~TI-I ~t ir~ir~|Al you reside. YOU may object by ap- FABIO LEONEL RAMOS, demanded in the petition,"-WAFINING" Rule 12 285 Florida } ~lR(~l't~"r'l~'~r~-'~'~"" " i S nt in ~" "~'~ poannRatthehaadogorf ogawnt- Respondenf. Cope of all court docume s IDPHIT#*~IIII~T,Family Law Rules of Procedure re- / ~hAIM~'Z~I~ f~t~tl~MTV ten obiection with the courtNOTICE OF ACTION FOR this case including orders are &vail- N ~H= ~,n ~,~v: :: / . " ' .I =: ~-.'-:~ ------- " ' " ' " ' OF THE NINTH JUUIL;IAL utres cellam amoma.c o~sc~osure or PLUHfuA UNbER SECTION 63.089, DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE ableattheClerkoftheC~rcu~tCouds I~ i i--- "'-i Ct'tl II:~'r I::/t~RIr~ARTATtI'r~=~ PAI/IIRPTt~ Y(')II ARF Nt'}TtFIFr) that an ac- offio~ YOU mev review these docu- CIRCUIT iN ANU r'U~,ouGUmUllt~ ~llU ul~ k~t U~t. r~ lUrU / t~ase INc. u~-14161 "-'"', r if " ' ' ' n r " s ORANGE COUNTY, Io comply can esu m sanctions, TERESA A, BURNS UDICIAI FILE A WRII-rEN RESPONSE TO lion has been fded against you and me ts upon equet, /~ ~,~in,~i= i==ol,rstdki,~ ~ l=o,~,D o~,; FOR THIS NOTICE WITH THE COURT that you are required to serve a cop~ You must keep the Clerk of the pLUHI~ 16 /~n~s.'~ u ~'~"~""/ v rY OR TO APPEAR AT A HEARINGof your written defenses if any to it Circuit Court's office notified of your CA~= ,~u ~.-,u / "~'ITN=SSm. hand -nd the se"l -f / .; ' ' ' t N RE The Marriage or vv i~ y 1 . u UI~/tMT U I~Ui~l~* ~H,~, U CONSTITUTES GROUNDS UPON on Elizabeth Baleguer, P.A whose curranfaddrese,(YoumeyfiieNote . . / i ~ n Au u t 4 ~n~,~'r~.~'n. ' " ~UH04-14957 WHICH THE COURT SHALL ENDaddressis2307MountVemonStreet, of Current Address, FIoridaSuprema GLORIADAvI:s, l" '~'uu'.vyr ~,- ,:,F,~"~:' i "-"'~ , ie~ ANYPARENTALRIGHTSYOUMAY Orlando FL 32803 on or before Sep- Coud Appoved Family/ Law Form Petitioner I " ~'~.~,~'Z~,n~ I ~esp~oen.ts.; ' " ' nd ,-~ ,-,-, ,o ,~, ~, ,~,c ~e ~ I lUN FOR '"", HAVE REGARDING THE MINOR tember15, 2004, and fiie the original 12.915).Futurepapersmthmlewsuit a |,~ ~ TC~,R-r o ~ '~'~ CHILD with the Clerk of Coud Domestic willbemalledtotheaddressonrecord ODELLDAVIS, /~ n u, ,- / Uei. ~=,~,-/ / ~ :~'UH.~Nlr (.;HILD CUSTOOY k~CR WlTiilESSmyhandandthesealof Relations at 425 N, Oren~Avenue, at the clerk's office, Respondent. TIONOF J ~sY.l~ey ~vi'~IteOr~ |iO:JlmmyD, Bums UZ this Coud on August 30 2004 Orlando Flodda 3280t ~!~efore ser- WARNING" Rule 12285 Florida NOTICEOFAC IA 1" 2" "~'P:" |502GienRd, ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' SSOLUTION OF MAHNIAt=P.Ug. ,~, u,; ~epz. a, ZUU~ Orlan00 FL 32820 LYDIA GARDNER vice on Petitioner or ~mmed~ately Family Law Rules of Procedure, re- DI | Clark of the Circuit Coud thareafler. Ifyoufailtodoso adefault quirescedainautomaticdisclosureof TO: Odall uavm t--t /~ / vuu AHE NOTIFIED that an ac- REBY NOHH~'U na (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) may be entered against you for the documents and information. Failure YOU ARE HE / IN THE C RCUIT [ lion has been filed against you and k h rehef da n in th i ion to corncan result In sanctions an acllort for alseO ul on )~ ,u =,~=~F, COURT ou are r By: La eys a West ma dad pet't" . ply " ' ' ' nd "ou,OF THE NINTH JUDICIAL,y . requ! e.d to sere a c~y o~ As Deputy Clerk Copies of all coud documents in inc~udiog~smissalorslrlkingofpload- has Dean m eo agan,=~ yuu~, ,y~ CIRCU T IN AND FOR| ~our wnnen amenses, n any, to ~t on Sept 3, 10, 17, 24, 2004 this case, including orders, are avail- ings. are required ~o serve = cupy v, yuu. i ORANGE C~ 'N"" i /eresa A, Bums whose address is ableattheCierkoftheCircuitCoud's "baled:August 6, 2004. writtendefenses, itany, toitonGIorla / FLORIDA ~Ju ~ v, / 625 Mercury Avenue Orlando N Davis Petitioner whose address Is office, You may rev'ew these docu- LYDA GARD ER : : i ^. . s h I CASE NO DR-04-12"~''~,Florida, on or before September 15', ~ ~r~c ~ ~rt~,u~. ~,uuM~ ments upon re~uesl C erk of the C mu t Coud 1012 w. 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