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September 1, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 1, 2017

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PAGE 30B HERrrAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 EAST. B NG MORE PAR- CORDING TO THE AT SFGTampaSe ite log .com ING TO THE PLATTHERE- Kh8duling fo low s 6 211B in DOLPHIN BEACH Dua: $ 711.96 as ot Ma h TICULARLY DESCRIBED THEREOF, by, For all oth inquiria : OF RECORDED IN MAP or Fln JudR m, ant6r6d in CLUB. A condominium, 6, 2017; destribed as: Unk AS FOUOWS: COM- IN MAP BOOK u. u gaany cgiacinto BOOK 19, PAGE 176, OF Civil Case o. 2012-115 ac lding to the Dacla- FLOATING UNIT WEEK 115E- MENCE AT THE sow- 175 OF THE PUBW & Q Punua lo th6 F r D6bt THE PUBUC RECORDS CIDL ot the Circuh Court ot n ot Condominium o, Week 46. EAST CORNER OF THE CORDS OF v g a (s); Coll8rtion5 Prartic85 Arf, you OF VOLUSIA couw. th6 7lh Juditi Ciwuk in and th t ded in OWicial MILTON B. MCNEILL and SOUTHEAST 1 4 OF THE couw. flO DA ada a advi58d that thi5 oMt6 may FLORIDA tor Volusia County, florid4 R ods Book 2250, al LINDA D. MCNEIU, Notice ot NORTHWEST 1 4 OF SK- ANY PE ON CL Ml a, b8d68m8dad8btcoll8rtorand ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN whe in SunT Morfg paga 1 1-2 3, intlusiva, Detault and lntent to Foreclose noN 24, TOWNSHIP 14,EST IN THE w k any intormation obt ned may INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS lnc Pl iw and EUZAB and a o ing to the Con- sent via CartifiadlRagist8r6d sow, RANGE 31 EAS% FROM THE IF be used tor that pupose. FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, OROZCO a detendant(s), |, don nium Plat th&eot re- MaiUpublication to: 3908 sw THENCE ALONG THE oTHERn NTHE a 17-306358 FCO1 WNI OTHERTHANTHE PROPERrV Cle of Court, Lau E. Roth, cordad in Map Booh 37 at 286th St, Newbeny, FL 32669: sow UNEOFTHE S D OWNER AS OFTHE D^TE 5). Aug. u; S pL 1, 201T OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF will sall to the highe and Pag 151-154, intlusive, Claim ot L6n corded on SOUTHEAST 114 OF THE THEusP DmsM RLE L157213 THE us PENDENS MUST nu be biddartorcash AT www rdad in tha Public Mab 1, 2017; O.R. Book 7392 NORTHWEST 114 sow A CL M IN s w A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS VOLUSIA.REALFORECLOSE. R ords ot volwia County, at age 1545 Public Recods 87 DEGREES 57 MINuns AmR THE SAU. m s Y GWEN AFnRTHEsAu. COM at 11:00 A.M. on O o norida and all amand- ot VOLUSIA Coun,FL Tot 50 SECONDS WEST 570 'Punuam to na R d ling IN THE CIRCUIT .Punuant lo na. R. Jud. 3,2017,th6followingd b8d nab eBo. Due: $1,336. as ot Ma h FEET: THENCE NORTH Admin.2.51 N1 . Fln COURT OF THE Admin. 2.516D)(1),Pl nt s p p6rty as set torm in s d COUNr wll: JhCQUELINE 6, 2017; d85crib8d as: Unit 1 DEGREE 18 MINuns un elh c lc SMNTH JUDIC#L counsel he by d85ign 8s hs Fln Judgm<, to-w : P.MC N,INDMDUAU FLOATING UNIT WEEK 201c, 20 SECONDS WEST 140 pri & 1 otthe CIRCUITINANDFOR prima il add N tor the THAT oRnoN OF LOT hNDNTRusnEu r D W6ah 20. FEET TO THE POINT OF pu of m rf JL VOLUSIA couw, pu s6s ot email ic6 as: 2 OF THE SUBDMSION MnRcH 1 JOEL RHODES, Notica ot BEGINNING OF THE FOL- SF T . aok ad a FLORIDA SF Tamgaaic6 OF THE NORTHWEST 1 4 Unh Wa6k(s) No (s) 40, in D6tault and lntent to FOr8GIO58 LOWING DESCRIBED SHAPIRO. nsHMAN bn . u.s. CIVIL Dl SION SHAPIR,FISHMAN B OF sEcnoN 18, TOWN- Condominium PatGel(5) sent via CarfifiedlRegiste d PROPERTY; THENCE GACH LLP k . CaseW:2O16-11034 GACH ,LLP SHIP 17 sow, RANGE 2 B in DOLPHIN BEACH MaiUpublication to: 2120 coNnNuE NORTH 1 AWomayst T w CIDL AWom6y tor Pl ntm 30 EAST. ACCORDING CLUB, A condominium, 4th Ave N, St P8t6nbug, FL DEGRn 18 MINLrrES a N Dl SION: 02 4630 Woodland Coporata TO THE MAP IN MAP a ing to tha Dacla- 33713; Cl m ot Len &o ed 20 SECONDS WEST 115 Bhd Sle 1 T WT 2 U.S.BankTw ,N.A,as Blvd Ste 100 BOOK 5, PAGE 103, OF t n ot Condominium on May 1, 2017; O.R. 8ooh FE% THENCE NORTH e7 T flu614 1F. ad WTrH R. Tru eetorLSF9Ma er T,FL33614 THE PUBLIC RECORDS M t rded in OMcial 7392 al Pag6 1548 Public DEGREES 57 MINuns T66phon8: (813) . |,B PartiGipationTw Telephone: (813) 880- OF VOLUSIA couw, R ords Book 2250, al Records ot VOLUSIA Counly, 50 SECONDS EAST 1 M 5273 L .w,| Pl ntm, M. 5273 flORID DESCRIBED AS pag6 1961-2033, intlusiva, FL Total Due: $1,123.50 as ot FE% THENCE sow Fax: (813) b ad -vs.- Fax: (813) 68 FOLLOWS: and actording lo the Con- Marth 6, 2017; d6scrib6d as: 1 DEGREE 18 MINUTES For,& m .VOLUS# RandyDomurad;Cha o 6 For Em,&i Only: BEGINNING AT THE IN- dominium Plal 6 t - Unk FLOATING UNIT WEEK 20 SECONDS EAST 115 sFGT a al Aug CindyRay;T my SFGTampaS c nRsEcnoN OF THE c in Map Book 37 at 105CE, Week 2. FE% THENCE sow 87 For,o l& inqu 11 ^M. 28, Young;Unknown Spouseot For all other inquiries: NORTHERLY UNE OF Pages 151-154, inclusive, JOHN N. WIUON and DEGREES 57 MINUTES tgia m n mT. RandyDomurad;Unknown cgiatinto logs.tom VOORHIS AVENUE AND,Bord8d in Me Public DELORES WILSON, Notice of 50 SECONDS WEST 190 Punuam to Fai m sad Spou58otCha oW6Aug8r, Punuant lo the Fair Debt THE EAsnRLY LINE R ords ofVolu5ia County, DetauW and lntent to Foreclose FEET TO THE POINT OF Coll ions Q p fig t Unknow Spouse ot Cindy Collertions p rtic A,you OF LANnRN LAKE, AS norida and,amand- sent via C8 ifi 8gi5t8 d BEGINNING, TOGETHER a a l e LOT 1. BLUE Ray; Unknown Spouse ot ara advised th this oMce may RECORDED IN MAP Bs laao. MaiUpublication to: 2411 WITH AN EASEMENT FOR be a ad am 1sr N, TammyYoung; Unknow Hein, bed adebt llertorand BOOK 19. PAGE 111, OF @Nrx JncauELINE D6nv8r St 6t, Muskog86, OK ROAD PURPOSES OVER any intom M TO THE D6vis86s, Grantaes, ignees, any intormation obt ned may THE PuBuc RECORDS P.J^CWSON,INDIVUDALLY 74401; Claim ot Len &orded AND THROUGH THE beusedt N - Cr6d o and L6non ot be u58d torthat pupos6. OF VOLUSIA COUNTY, nND TRUSTU OFTNE on May 1, 2017; O.R. Book WESTERLY 50 FEET OF 1629n92 FCO1 SLrr M AT K Denn Anthony Domu d a 17-305702 FCO1 SUT FLORID RUN THENCE Urr D MnRcH,1 7392 at Pag6 1553 Public THE EAsnRLY 595 nET Alg. 5; 1, T 1. m 128, OF Dennis A Domurad, and,Aug. s; S pL 1, 1T NORTH 3 DEGREES oa Unrf w Ws) No (s) 41, in Recods ot VOLUSIA Coun , OF THE SOUTHEAST 1T4 L1m1 M her Penons Cl ming by L 157215 MINuns WEST 128 Condominium Pawel(s) FL. Tot Due: $1,123.50 as of OF THE NORTHWEST 114 w, and mDugh, Under, Ag nst FEET OF A POIN% RUN 2 B in DOLPHIN BEACH March 6, 2017: describad as: OF SECTION 24, TOWN- ma Named Datendant (sT; THENCE NORTH 87 DE- CLUB, A tondominium, Unh FLoAnNG UNIT WEEK SHIP 14 sow, RANGE IN THE Cl UIT N#MING AN Unknown Pa iesin Powession IN THE CIRCU GREES 45 MINuns a ording to the Decla- 625CE, W6ak 11. 31 EAST AND RESE - COURT OF THE IN THE WRPLUS N1;Unknown Parti85in COURT OF THE EAST, 155.37 FE RUN t n ot Condominium DHARMESH s. PAnL, Notice ING AN EASEMENT FOR SMWJU M WE IF Poaion#2,llliving,and SMW JUDICIAL THENCE SOUTH 4 DE- th t rded in omcial ot DatauN and lntent lo ROAD PURPOSES OVER CIRCU INAND n THE allUnknown Parti6stlaiming CIRCU IN AND FOR GREES 05 MINuns EAST R ds Book 2250, at Foretlosa sent via Cerfified/ THE wEsnRLY 25 FEET VOLUS @w. N THE DAn OF by,thDugh, underand against VOLUSIA couw. 128.10 FEET TO A POINT page 1961-2033, intlusiv6, Registered MaiUpubliGation to: OF THE ABOVE DE- FLORIDA TMLS MUST nu tha above named Datandant(sl FLORIDA IN THE NORrHERLY UNE and aKording to the Con- 10701 Boca Point Dr, O ando, SCRIBED PROPERrY cMLArnoN A IN DAYS whoa notknowntobedead CIVIL DIVISION OF VOORHIS AVENUE; dominium Plat the ot r FL 32836-5860: Claim ot Lien TOGETHER WITH THAT Case : 2017- - N THEWE or ive, whether 5aid Unknown Case w: 2015-10991- RUN THENCE SOUTH 87 corded in Map Book 37 al recoded on May 1, 2017; O.R. CERTAIN MANUFAC- clcl A F R Jud. Parti mayclaimaninte&t CIDL DEGREES 45 MINuns Pag 151-154, inclusive, Book 7392 a Page 1558 Public TURED HOME, YEAR: DMSION: 31 L51 N1 . m 's as Spous6, Hein, Devisees, DINSION: 02 WEST AND ALONG THE,recorded in a Public R8cod5 ot VOLUSIA Coun , 1990, MAKE: SHAD- Wells Fago Ban NA ks Granteas, or harClaiman s: me Bank of New Yo Mellon NORTHERLY LINE OF R ords ot Volusia County, FL. Total Due: 81,334.oo as ot Ow MAsnR. VINW: SucceNor by M to g l e ClerkottheCirwitCou ot as T stee for Nationstar Home VOORHIS AVENUE A DIS- florida and,amend- Marth 6, 2017; d6scribed as: 14605427A AND VIN#: Wachovia Ban N.A & as: Volusia Coun ,Florida Equ y Loan Twst 2007-A TANCE OF 157.50 FEET n nts heBo. Unit FLOATING UNIT WEEK 14605427B Plaintm, bgs. m' Detendanl(s). PlainliW, TO THE PLACE OF BE- atPublics etothehighest and 305E0, Week 50. ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN -vs.- y . NOTICE OF SALE -VJ.- GINNING. bidderfor cash sta ing at NAOMI B. WILLIAMS, Notice ot INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS David R. MOOR, ||: Jill B. QLLP NOTICE ls HEREBY GIVEN Paul Flannigan aMa Paul ANY PERSON CLAIMING AN the hour ol 11:00 o'clotk a.m. Default and lntent to Foraclose FROM THE SALE, IF ANY. Moore;meH Q punuant to order rescheduling Flanagan; Tereasa L Spiter; INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS on S6ptember 13, 2017. These sent via Certified/Registerad OTHER THAN THE PROPERTY Subdivision Ho w e foreclosure sale or Final Unhnown Pa iesinPossession FROM THE SAU. IF ANY, toBlosuR s es will be held Mail/publicationto:25OOMaple OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF Association IM.: Un,1 Judgment, entered in Civil Cas6 n1. lt liv g, and all Unknown OTHER THAN THE PROPERrY online lhe following website: St, East Poinl, GA 30344; THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE Pa iesin Po 1. T fl 14 No. 2016-11034-CIDL of the Parties claiming by,lhrough, OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF www.volusia.raal oreclose. Claim or Len recoded on A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS lt living, and,Un ow ' T : 13) Ci uit Courf of the 7th Juditial under and againsl the above,THELISPENDENSMUSTFIU com. Please reter to lhis May 1, 2017: O.R. Booh 7392 AFTER THE SALE. Parfies cl ming by. m4, MM Circuit in and tor Volusia named Detendant(s) who A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS webshetorcomplete delails. at Page 1563 Publit Records .Pursuant lo Fla. R. Jud underandag n Pa ve F 13 County, Florida, wherein u.s. are notknownto bedead or,AFTER THE SALE. Any n claiming an interest ot. VOLUSIA Coun,FL. Total Admin. 2.516(b)(1)(A), PlainliW's,named Defendant(s) WID sg Bank Twst, N.A a5 Twslee ive, whelher s d Unknow Pursuant to Fla. R. Jud. in the suplus hom lhe sale, if Due: $1,611.00 as ot March counsel hereby designates its ' are notknowto M s. m tor LSF9 Master Parficipation Pa ies may claim an interest Admin. 2.516D)(1)(A). Plainti 's any. olher lhan the prope y 6, 2017; described as: Unit prima email address for the alive, whe D s d Un Dw Twst, Plainti and Randy asSpouse,Hein,Devisees. counsel hereby de5ignate5 its oweras otthe s e date ofthe FLOATING UNIT WEEK 607B, purposes of email se ite as: Pa ies may cl m anim Domurad are detendant(s), |, Grantees. or herClaimants: prima email address for lhe lis pendens must file a claim Week14. SFGTampaSe ice as Spouse, Hein, b P Fa Debt Cle of Court. Laura E. Roth. UnknownPartiesinPoMeMion puposes of email se ice as: w hin6OdaysaWerthesala. NATE L. AUSTIN, SR. and SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a Grantees, or,you will sell lo the highe and #2,lfliving,andallUnknown,SFGTampaSe ice Ta C. . Esq. ATHEEL AUSTIN, Notice ot GACH,LLP Unknown Pa iesinP may bes biddertorcash AT www. Parfiesclaiming by,th ugh, SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a florida Bar wo173355 Default and lntent to Foreclose AWorneys tor Plainli N2, ll living, and,Un a and VOLUSIA.REALFORECLOSE. underand againstthe above ' GACH ,LLP Gasdick Slanton Ea y, P.A. sent via Certified/Registered 4630 Woodlend Coporate Pa ies cl ming by, . a y COM at11:OOA.M.onOrtober namedDefendant(s)who AWomeys tor Plaintm 1 1 w. Colonial Dr. Maillpublication o: 122 Blvd Ste 100 under and ag n P . 10, 2017, the following aPnothnowntobedeador 4630 Woodland Coporate O ando, FL 32804 Greenacre Cir N, Kingsland. GA Tampa, FL 33614 named Detend s) D 16 1 wrr described property as set torfh ive, whethersaid Unknow,Blvd Ste1OO Ph. (40 425-3121 31548: Claim ot Len recorded Telephone: (813) 880-8888 are not know to hg 1. T in said Final Judg nt, to-wrf: Parties may tl m an intere,Tampa, FL33614 Fx (40 4254105 on May 1, 2017; O.R. Booh M. 5273 ive, wh h Un w L 157216 LOTS 11147 AND 11148. as Spouse, Hein, Devisee5, . Telephone: (813) 880-8888 E- |: t gs 7392 at Page 1587 Publit Fax: (813) 880-8800 Parties n y m an n BLOCK 356, FLORIDA Grantees. or her Cl manls M. 5273 A omey tor Plainti Recods of VOLUSIA Coun , For Email Se ice Only: as Spouse, Hein, SHORES NUMBER 14. Defendant(sl. Faw: (813) 880-88 Pu ua to Rule 2.516. FL. Tot Due: $1,409.00 as ot SFGTampaSe ite G ntees, or B WTHE rr ACCORDING TO THE NoncE OF SALE For Email Se ice On : you aR heRby notmed th6 March 6, 2017: described as: For all other inquiries: Defendam(s). OFTHE PLAT THEREOF AS RE- NoncE ls HEREBY GNEN SFGTampaSe ice deygnated em,address tor Unit FLOATING UNIT WEEK cgiacinto NoncE OF NU JU C L CORDED IN MAP BOOK pursuant to oder r cheduling For l otherinquiries: Me awom6y is: b gse-law. 421 E, Week 34-ANNUAL. Punuant to the Fair Debt NoncE ls H Y GB # m IN o FOR 19, PAGE 215, OF THE to losuR s e or Final cgiacinto com. BELINDA PAYTON, Notice ot Collertions p ices A,you punuanl to o @w, PUBUC RECORDS OF Judga,em&edinci lcase Pu ua to the F r Debt REQUESTSFOR DelauW and ln ent to Fo&lose aRadvis8dthatthiso cemay to&low fig A A VOLUSIA COUN FLOR- No. 2015-10991-CIDL of the Coll ions Prartices A,you AccoMMoDAnoNs BY sent via Certifi egi ePd bedeemedadebtcollertorand JudgB, &rf& avl L IDA Ci u Courf otthe 7th Judici aP advisedthatMis omce may PE ONS W H DISABILITIES MaiUpublicalion to: 422 Ed any intormation oblainad n y Case No. 2017- r. 17-1 01- ANY PERSON CL MING AN CiwukinandforVolusiaCoun,bedeemedadebtcollartorand lt you a n with a Church Rd, Rockmart, GA be used for that pupose. ot the Ci rt ol P # INnREsT IN THE SURPLUS florida, whe in me Bank ot any intormation obt ned may disabil y who n ds an 30153;Claim otLien toded 15-286416 FCO1 CHE 7th Judici ad :1 FROM THE SAU, IF ANY, N8wYorkMQlonasT 6etor b8w8dforthatpupos6. a m d ion in odat to on May 1, 2017; O.R. Book Aug. 2s; SepL 1, 1T lor Volusia c w. u-s OTHERTHANTHE PROPERrY Nationst Home Equ y Loan 17-308721 FCO1 SUT parf ip e in proceading, 7392 at Page 1588 Public L157217 whe in F W T t OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF T 2 7-A. Pl ntmand Paul Aug.V;SepL1. 1T you e ed, a no co to Recods ot VOLUSIA Coun , N.A as h Q Tn THELISPENDENSMUSTFIU flannigan a Paul Flanagan L157334 you, to le pDvision otcertain FL. Tolal Due: 81,611.oo as of . to Wado a BaQ NA. - q A CL M WITHIN 60 DAYS a defendant(sT, |, CI6m ot aNi . Pleas6 contact March 6, 2017; d8scrib6d as: IN THE CIRCUIT Pl ntm and v R n 4,AFnR THE SALE. Court, Lau E. Roth, will sell Court Admini ion, 125 E. Unh FLOATING UNIT WEEK COURTOFTHE llaR def 5),|. - .Punuam to Fla. R. Jud. tothehighe and b tbidd IN THE CIRCU O ngeAve Ne. 3,Da ona 303B, Week 21-ANNUAL. SEVEW JUDICIAL Court, Lau E. Ro ,w . Admin. 2.516D)(1)p), Pl nlm's for cash AT WWW.VOLUSIA COURT OF THE B6ad, fl 32114, (386) 257- ROBERT T. ZYCH and LUANE CIRCUITINANDFOR toth6 high6 and -w- couns& hereby designat hs REAUORECLOSE.COM at SMW JUDICIAL ,al 7daysb6tor8your E. ZYCH, Notice ot DetauW VOLUSIA COUN tor cash AT . Qs r. a #aoyd; primary 8m ladd Nf0rth8 11: AM. on Oclob 3, CIRCU INANDFOR sd6du u appearance, and,ent to Fo&lose s t FLORIDA REAUORKLOSL@ CadE : puposes of em,s&vice as: 2017, he lollowing d cribed VOLUS couw, or immediate upon eiving via CarfifiedlRegistered Mai CIVIL DIVISION 11: AM. on s 1. SFGTampaS8 ic6 p perfy as s& torth in s d FLORIDA this notmt ion it the time publication to: p o Box 2294, Case #: 2016-30996- 2017, Me lb ng N gad SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a Fin Judgment, to-W: CASE NO. 2017 b6o e app ce is,s Apopka, FL 32704; Claim ot clcl pD as f Q. 4, GACH,LLP LOT 39 AND THE NORTH- 30693 clcl Man 7 day; ifyou are hearing Lien &orded on May 1, 2017; DIVISION: 31 final Judg,t % ad AWorneys tor Pl ntiW ERLY 10 FEET OF LOT4O, DOLPHIN BEACH CLUB or voice i p d, c,711. O.R. Book 7392 at Page 1593 De sche Bank T st Company LOT y, ) D 4630 Woodland Coporata NIELSEN'S REPLAT, AC- AssoclAnoN, INC THESE ARE NOT COURT Public Retods ot VOLUSIA Americas, as T ae for NLLAGE PHASE ll. M ae to or Blvd Sle 100 CORDING TO THE PLAT Pl mm, INFoRMAnoN NUMBERS Coun,FL. Total Due: Residential Accredk Loans, CORDING TO THE ^T 8 U DW Tampa, FL 33614 THEREOF, AS REC RD'D ' RN,G uZ FIWA DA D hug. : 1, 17 $1,611.00 as ot March 6, 2017; lnc Morfgage Asset-Backed THEREOF, R IN 9 m T8|8phon6: (813) 880-8888 IN PLAT BOOK 23, PAGE T,L1572O1 d8scrib6d as: Unk FLOATING Pass-mrough Cert cates, MAP BOOK 45, p . M. 5273 255, OF THE PUBLIC SWNNER, uc, et UNIT WEEK 203B, Weak 44. Series 2006-as6 102 ANO 1o3. OF THE s; Faw: (813) aao-aaoo RECORDS OF VOLUSIA Detendants. ANDREA ARGABRITE, Notice PlaintiW, PuBuc RKORDS ion ForEm ISe iceOnly: COUN FLORIDA NoncEoFsAu AMENDED NoncE OF ot DatauW and lntant to -vs.- VOLUSIA couw. n N gad M ow SFGTampaSa i ANY PERSON CL MING AN NoncE ls HEREBY GNEN TRW~'S SALE Fo close sent via Cerfified Cyril Javurak; Unknown IDA. Q. h. For all other inquiries: INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS that pu uanl to the final NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN, Registerad Mail/publication to: Spouse of Cyril Janurek; ANY PERSON CL MING AN ad Pa ve tgiacinto FROM THE SAU, IF ANY. Judgment ot Fo&losu tha Ga5dick Stanton Early, 32928 Lucille Dr, Lisbon, OH American Express Bank, INnREsT IN THE W LS s) Punuant to the F r D6bt OTHERTHANTHEPROPE entered on Augu 9, 2017 P.A, 1601 w. Colonial Dr 44432;Claim ofLenrecoded FSB, A Federal Savings Bank: FROM THE SAU. IF to or Collettions Practic6s Act. you OWNER AS OF THE DAn OF in tha cause pending in the O ando, FL 32804, as T stee on May 1, 2017; O.R. Book Unknown Partiesin Possession OTHER THE p P N d Un ow are advisedthatthis oMca may THE us PENDENS MUST FILE Circuk Court. in andforVolusia in the Appoi ntrecorded at 7392 at Page 1596 Public #1 as to 5823 Spwce OWNER AS OFTHE DAn a m& bedeemedadebtcolle orand A CLAIM WITHIN 60 DAYS County. Florida,CivilCase No.: ln wg No. 2017015751 ot Recods ot VOLUSIA County. Creek Road, lt living, and l THE us PENDENSMUSTRU 5,any intormation obtained may AmR THE SAU. 2017 30693 clcl, the OMce th6 PublicRecodsotVOLUSIA FL. Total Due: $1,535.00 as ot Unknown Parfies claiming by, A CL#M IN YS B s be used for that pupose. 'Punuant to Fla. R. Jud. ot LAURA E. ROTH, Volusia CouW, florida, will sell at Marth 6, 2017; described as: through, under and againsl AmR THE SAU. 16-299505 FCO1 CIH Admin. 2.516D)(1)(A), PlaintM's County Cle ot Court will 5Ql public Aurtion lo the highest Unil FLOATING UNIT WEEK the above named Derendant(s) 'Pursuant to fla R Ad. NLE Aug. u; S6pL 1, 201T tounsel he by designates s the proper srfuated in s d bidder of U.S. hnds, in tash 618B,Week17-ANNUAL. who are not known to be dead Admin. 2.516DN1N . s m H EBY L157211 prima em l add N tor the Coun described as: or certmed nds only, on MEGAN S.DRAWDY,Noticeot oralive,whethersaidUnknow counsel h y b to puposes ot email s8 ice as: COUNT lll: AL DER Septemb 18, 2017 at 10:00 Dafault and lntent to For8clos6 Parfies may claim an in erest prima e lad P s e SFGTampaSe ice TOMLIN and SOPHIA L am at Dowmown Executive s6nt via Cerfitiad/Registered as Spouse, Heirs, Devisees, pupo5es of,& F.g rt& in IN THE CIRCUIT SHAPIRO. FISHMAN a TOMLIN C ter at 12o s. Woodland Mail/publication to: 6653 Grantees, or Other Claimants; SFGTampaS K . v . 2017-10401- COU T OF THE GACH,LLP Unrt week(s) No (s) 35 in Boul6vard, Suhe 200, D6land, Curlew Pl, C stal River, FL Unknown Parties in Possession SHAPIRO. FISHMAN # d ha Court of SEVENTH JUDICIAL Anomeys tor PlaintiW Condominium Parcel(s) FL 32720,right, tkle and 34429: Claim ot Len recoded 2 as to 5823 Sp ce GACH . LLP P a k in and CIRCUIT IN AND FOR 4630 Woodland Coporate 311B in DOLPHIN BEACH int& inthe p pertias listed on May 1. 2017; O.R. Book Creek Road, lf living. and all AWomeys tor Pl,norida, VOLUSIA COUNTY, Blvd Ste 1oo CLUB, A condominium, b6low in Volusia County, Florida 7392 at Page 1599 Public Unknown Pa ies claiming by. 4630 Woodland e U.S. Na on FLORIDA Tampa, FL 33614 actording to the Dacla- tor continuing nonpayment Raco s ot VOLUSIA Coun . th ugh, under and agalnst Blvd Sle 1 . m T tor CIVIL DIVISION T6lephon6: (813) 880-8888 tion ot Condominium ot asseNm8 s Tas well as Fl Total Due: $1,309.00 as ot the above named Detendant(s) Tampa, FL 33614 Tw Case w: 2017-10208- M. 5273 the ot recorded in OMcial pDp8rfy taxes, inte st, late March 6, 2017; described as: who are no known to be daad Telephone: (813) - . -Back6d CIDL Fax: (813) 88 8800 Recods Booh 2250, at t andlorcosts, itapplitabla) Unit FLOATING UNIT WEEK oraliva, whethersaid Unknown M. 5273 nmQ es, DIVISION: 02 For Em,Se ice On : page 1961 -2033, inclusive, due turther describad as 621E,Week48. Pa ies may claim an intere Fax: (813) T- HU. p mm SunT stMortgag6, lnt. SFGTampaSe ice logs.tom and accoding to the Con- lollows: GARY M. LAFFREY and as Spouse, Heirs, Devisees. For Email S a On ad Jr. a Gus PlaintiW. For all other inquiri85: dominium Plat thePot r RO ZIMMER and LURINE LAFFREY, Notice ot Grantees, or Other Claimants: SFGTampa s. s), |,Cle -vs.- cgiacinto coded in Map Book 37 at MARGARET D. ZIMMER, Default and lntent to Foreclose Unknown Parties in Possession For,olher inquiri : E,|| sell Donn F. Piaw a Donn Pia ; Punuant o Me Fair Debt Pages 151-154, inclusive, Notice ot DetauW and lntent to sent via Certiti8dlR8gist8r6d #1 asto 5827 Sp ce tgiacinto logs.a to O ad bidd6r Tanya Renee PintaralWa Collerfions Prartices Arf, you al Bodad in the Public Fo&lose sent via C8rfiti6d/ Maillpublication to: 3167 Creek Road, lt living, and all Punuanl to he Fai AT .VOLUS . TanyaR6n68Pia aTanya are advised lh his omce may Recods ot Volusia County. Regi e d Mai publication to: WOOD ROSE WAY, DELTONA, Unknown Parfias claiming by, Coll tions p rt Q p LCOM at P. PiaW aTanya R.PiaW: be deemed a debt collarfor and Florida and all amend- p O Box 716, Avon Park, FL FL 32725: Claim ot Lien through, under and against a advised at iso g 11: ^M. 28, Unknown Spousa of Donn F. any information obtain6d may ments th ato. 33826; Cl m of Lan corded recodad on May 23,2017;0.R. the above named Detendant(s) bedeemedad t ad mT. bed Pia a Donn Pia ;Orange be used tor that puposa. COUNT lx URBAN on May 1, 2017; O.R. Book Book74O1 atPage3894Public who are not known to be dead any intonnation ob B in s d C y,Florida;UnknownParfies 14-280372 FCO1 CXE FRANKEN T392 at Page 1530 Public Records ot VOLUSIA Coun , or alive, whether said Unknown be used forthat pu . fig t w: in Possassion N1, lf living, and Aug. 25; S pt. 1, 1T Unit Weak(s) No (s) 49, in R ords ot .VOLUSIA County, FL. Tolal Du6: $1,110.50 as ot Parties may tlaim an inter6st 16-304980 FCO1 a LDT5 KB. wB all Unknown Parfies cl ming L 157333 Condominium Parcel(s) FL Tot Due: $1,611.00 as ot April 11, 2017; describad as: as Spouse, Heirs, Devisees, Aug. 25; 1, 1T . A NG by, through, undar and against 20B in DOLPHIN BEACH Ma h 6, 2017; daKribad as: Unk FLOATING UNIT WEEK Grantees, or Other Claimants; L 1n212 TO M AT TH F, th6 above named Datendant(sl CLUB, A condominium, Unh FLoAnNG UNIT WEEK 705EE,Waeh17. Unknown Pa ies in Possession N IN MAP who a not hnown to b6 dead IN THE CIRCUIT according to Me Decla- 7 w86h 28. RICHARD D. BARTLm m as to 5827 Sp te 5. E 88, OF or aliva, whether said Unknown COURT OF THE ralion ot Condominium BMRLY EDWARDS FASIG, and BONNIE M. BARnm, Creek Road, lt living, and all,IN THE CIRCUIT THE RBW s Parties may cl m an intere SEVENTH JUDICIAL lhe ot Bo 8d in omci Notice of DefauN and lntant to Notica ot Default and lntent to Unhnown Parties claiming by, COURT OF THE @w. as Spouse, Heirs, Davisees, CIRCU IN AND FOR Retods Booh 2250, at Fo lose sant via Certifiedl Foreclose sent via c8 ifi6dl through, undar and against SMW JUD THE D KR. Grantees, or her Claimants; VOLUSIA couw, page 1961 -2033, intlusiv6, Ragi &ad M publicalion Registered Maillpublication tha abova namad D6t8ndant(5) CIRCU IN AND gBDMSDN Unknown Parties in Po Mion FLORIDA and accoding to th6 Con- to: 1040 Slaepy Hollow Ln, to: 921 SHORE ACRES DR, who are not known to ba daad VOLUS aw, Ag OF 2, lt living, and all Unknow CIVIL Dl SION dominium Plat th&eot B Harfsville, TN 37074; Claim ot COLCHESTER, VT 05446; or aliv6, whather said Unhnown flORIDA LOT & BL 4. OF THE Partias claiming by, through, Case #: 2012-11506 coded in Map Book 37 at Lan dad on May 1, 2017; Claim otLien retoded on May Parties may claim an interest Cl L DM ON gBDM ON, under and again th6 above CIDL Pages 151-154, inclusiva, O.R. Book 7392 at Page 1N8 23, 2017; O.R. Book 7401 at as Spous6, Hairs, D6vis88s. Ca58 : 201 1Qa N M IN MAP n Detendant( ) who DINSION: 02,0 6d in th6 Public Publit R o s ot VOLUSIA Page 3895 Public R8cod5 ot Grantees, or her Claimant5 CIDL 2. E 1T3. OF a not known to be dead or SunT st Mortgag6, lnc. Recods ot Volusia Coun,County, FL Total Due: VOLUSIA Coun,FL Total Detendant(s). DINSION: 1 THE Bw s aliv6, whether s d Unknown Pl n iW, florida and,am6nd- S1,611. asotMa h6,2O17; Due: 81,648.00 as ot April NOTICE OF snLE u.s. Banh N 0 @w. Partias may tl m an int -vs.- m8nt5 the to. d8sMb as: Unrt FLOATING 11, 2017; described as: Unh w NOTICE ls HEREBY GIVEN ANociation, asTnd . as Spouse, Hairs, D6vis88s, EUZABETH OROZCO; THE COUNTW: BUNNER UNrr WEW 506B, week 51. FLOATING UNTI WEEK 311A0, punuant to ordar reschadul g sutc -in-im to ##MING AN Grant86s,or h8rClaimanls UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF JACKSON andJ^COUEUNE CORS BOUCICAULT and Waek 13. tor6clo5u sala or Final WachoviaBankN TnB . IN THE WRPLUS Detendant(s). EUZABETH OROZCO; ANY P. J^CKSON cHRlsnNE L BOUCICAULT, LARRY R. CLEM and Judgnent, entered inCivilCa5e tor BAFC SALT 1F wE IF ANY, NoncE OF ShLE AND AU UNKNOWN PARnEs Unk W66k(sT No (s) 15, in Notice ot D&auW and lntent to JACQUELIN R. WILLIS, No. 2016-30996-clcl ot lha Pl mm, n w NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN CL MING BY, THROUGH, Condominium Paw6(s) Fo losa nt via Ce iRedl Notic6 ot DefauN and Cirtuit Courf ot tha 7th Judicial -vs.- N THE DAn OF punuantto old8r sth8duling UNDER,ANDAG NSTTHE 211B in DOLPHIN BEACH R i M Upublication to: lntent to FoBlos8 sant via CiKuitinandtorVolusiaCoun,MA7THEW R. ODE THELs MusTnu toBlosur8 sale or Flnal HEREINNAMEDINDl DUAL CLUB, A condominium, 13 o SE 7th,Hom65t8ad, C8rtifi6dlR8gistar6d MaiU Florida, whe in Deutsche Bank UNKNOWN SPOUSE A N DAYS Judgm8nl,8nt8r8dinCivilCas6 DEFENDANT(S)WHOARE accoding to tha Dacla- FL NOM-5O19; Cl m or Lian publication to: 1901 MAm T Company Am6rica . OFMATTHEWR.OD THEWE No. 2017-10208-CIDL ot the NOT KNOWNTO BEDEAD ration ot Condominium Bold8d on May1,2O17; O.R. DR, MELBOURNE, FL 32935; a5 T st66 tor R6sid6ntial FLORIDAHOU NGhNANN A Fg R Jud. ci uitcourtottne7thJudicial ORAUVE,WHETHERS D the l &old8d in omtial Book 7392 atPage 1540 Public Claim ot L6n r8God8d on May Acc dit Loans, lnc Mortgage coRPoRAnoN: UN m 2.51 N . m.s Circui in and tor Volusia UNKNOWNPARTIESMAY R6cods Book 2250, at R ords ot VOLUS County, 23, 2017; O.R. Book 7401 at A5s8t-Back8d Pass-mrough nNANT w1; UNKNO rfs County, Florida, wha in CLAIM AN INnREsTAs paga 1961-2033, inclusivB, FL Tot Due: S2,243.oo as ot Page 3912 Publit Reto s ot C8rfifiGatas, Sarias 2006-as6, nNANT m, ANDOTH f le SunTn st Morfgage, lnc SPOUSES, HEIRS, DEVISEES, and according to the Con- Mal h 6, 2017; dascribed as: VOLUSIA Coun,FL. Total Plainti and Cyril Javu h uNKNowNPARnEs. a5: PlaintiW and Donn F. PiaW a GRANnEs,oRoTHER dominium Plat th t B Unrt FLoAnNG UNIT WEEK Due: 81,648.oo as ot April ar6 d8r8ndant(5), |, Cle ot theunhnow eolM . m. Donn Pia ar6 d8f8ndant(5). |. CLAIMANTS: SUNTRUST coded in Map Booh 7 at 521E. h 28. 11, 2017: dascrib6d a : Unit Court, Laura E. Rolh, will sell,leholderin ol . Clerk of Courf. Laura E. Roth, BANK: CACV OF COLORADO, Pages 151-154, intlusive, ISAAC T. SMITH and ROSLYN FLOATING UNIT WEEK 303B0. to th6 highast and b6st bidd6r lhe pD ;and,rfa QUP will sell to the highest and uc;nNANTw1,TENANT,r6cod6d in the Public M. SMITH, Nolite ot Detault ROYAL FLORIDIAN RESORT, ror cash AT WWW.VOLUSIA. Detendant(s)isdm. best biddertor cash AT www. #2, nNANT 3, and TENANT R8tolds ot Volusia County, and lntem to FoBlos8 sant a condominium, together REALFORECLOSE.COM at thesu ivin9 a VOLUSIA.REALFORECLOSE. 4the nam being fi kious Florida and,amand- via carfmadlRegi a d MaiU whh an undividad shara 11:00 A.M. on Saptambar 22, devi ,g nta ,a k 5,6 1 COM at 11:00 A.M. on October to accounttorparties in ments th6r8to. public ionto: 12188 SE 86th in the common elements 2017, the tollowing described and alloth&part Ta A 14 31, 2017, the tollowing poN8Nion COUNr wl: BUNNER Ava, B6|I8vi8w, FL 34420; appurtenant th8r6to as per pDp8rty as set torth in s d by, h ugh,und& T 1 d crib6d p pe y a5 set rorth Detendant(s). JACKSON andJACQUEUNE Cl m of Len r8God8d on Daclaration of Condominium Final Judgmenl, to-wh: that D8t6ndam(s): and yn in said Final Judgm6nt. to-wit: NoncE OF snLE P. JACWSON Mab1, 2017; O.R. Book 7392 ot Royal Floridian Resort, a LOT 6, CAMBRIDGE VIL- sever and 1g LOT 9, ACORN ACRES, A NoncE ls HEREBY Unk w h(s) No (s) 16, in at a2 1521 Public Reco s condominium, as recordad in LAS SUBDIVISION, AC- unhnown S M. s s SUBDIVISION ACCORD- GINN punuant to o & Condon nium p |(5) ot vo USIA CouW, FL. Total OMcial Recods Book 4224,