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September 1, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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September 1, 2017

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PAGE 1&B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, SEPTEMBER 1, 201T 763-771, 773-778, 863-871, lv; BIENNIAU lotated - CR G DAUD E LOMBARDI 35206; Assessmants BalanG8: You havethe rigMto cure our DEFnuLT hND INnNT TO noat waehl noat Unk, 2200- (Saa Exhibk A.). 10, 0 873-878, 963-971, 973-976, 168.000 Poims as d6fin8d in and JACLYN E LOMBARDl, 117 S561.o4; as evidentad by the detault in the manner s& orfh FORECLOSL 2211, 49 WHOU, S11,o46.41, Turkay Lak6 Road, O ando, 1063-1071, 1073-1078 and the D8tlalationtorus8in ODD w 8TH AW, TAREWM, PA Cl m ot Lan coded on inthisnotit6at nytim6bato owe sVobligo sT, Tlm6shar8 t2.81 Ca eton Watson KaDnn FL 32819 e in Tlme Share none oth6r loc 6d in Buildinq y 5). me Usage Right otth6 15084; Ass8Mm8 s Balanca: June 21, 2017 in lnst ment tha undenigned w ae's 5al8,&e,BuildingWnk, Week, Watson 13435 Evanston Plan (Prope y) Add u Said entitled BUILDING 4, PHAS vol is a noating Use Right. S1,o96.54: as evidenced by No. 20170345538 ot the Publit ot your timeshare int8 5t. ltyou Dafault D a, unt, P6r Diem Derort, Ml 48213 Jo6 w s e will ba mad6 (wkhort lv"; ANNUAUalloc ad Contrart Number. 640705737 lha Cl m ot Len r6cod8d on Racods ot O nge County, do notobi8 toth6 u56 ofthe unt: Franklin Zenobia W son 6166 tovanants, orw,6xp N 308,0 Point5 as defined in - JEFFREY A SCARDINO and June 21, 2017 in lnst ment Florida for the tollowing twstea toreclosu procedu,Edgar Mandiola, 61 Hampton Bishop sl Datrorf, Ml 48224, 1 or implied. garding th6 thl6, theDeclaraliontoruseinEACH NANCY B SCARDINO, 2004 No.2O17 49otthePublic Properfy: One (1) Vacation you will not be subje to a Pl, Logan, UT 1, 1 Flx6d W6ekl Flxed Unrt, 2400- poM6Nion or 6nwmb nc6s) yea sl.meusage RigM otth6 DEAN ST, NISKAYUNA, NY R ords of O n9e County, Ownenhip lnlarest ("vol' d6fici8ncy judgment even rf Season 3, L-270, 42 H0LE, 2431, 34 WHOU, $12,922.12, to paythe unp d aam8nt5 vol is a Floating Use ight. 12309; A 8Mmen s B ance: Florida tor lhe tollowing having a 63,0001613,176,000 th6 proc86ds tDm th6 sal6 11v2011, g5,942.54, 81.82: $3.15 due in lhe unt ot ISee Contra Number: 381510890 $3,510.16; as 8videnc6d by Prope y: One (1) Vacation undividad tenan -in-unhs ot your timesha int t Sand E Bunon, PO Box K: FORECLOSURN7669.WG Exhibh A"), wM int6 JEPHTHAH CHIKODI tha Cl m of Len Bod8d on Ownanhip lnt8l8 ( vol ) numbered 547-552, 554-562, are insumcient to oWs6t the 1224, Pinelake, GA 30072, 1 Lakas HOA (NJTEdwads.O629 acc ing at tha rata ot (Saa NJIKONYE d JOYCE Juna 21, 2017 in lnstwment having a 112,0001613,176,000 647-652. 654-662, 747-752, amounts Bu d by th6 lien. Season 3, N-210, 45 H0LE, N OS.Pub.EDWARDS.doc Exhibrf A p& day. punuam to ADENIKE JEPHTHAH- No. 2017 316 ot the Public undivid6d tenant-in-unhs 754-762, 849-852, 854-860, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, 1 v2010, 86,751.83, $1.91; nug. 2s; S pL 1, 1T the Tlm6shar8 Plan, advanc6s, NJIKONYE, BLOCK 13 G7 ST Records ot Orange County, numba d 547-552, 554-562, 949, 950, 954-956, 959, 960 P.A Twsta6. Ronnie L Burton and CaDl L 157249 it any, undar th6 tanw ot said clnc MOUNT PLEASANT Florida tor th6 tollowing 647-652, 654-662, 747-752, and none other local6d in HIBIT NAw - NoncE OF c Burton, 1004 E De ck Cl m ot Len, chages and ESTA, ABUJA, FE 97000, PDp8rty: One (1) Vacation 754-762, 849-852, 854-860, Building entitled BUILDING DEFnuLT AND IN ENT ro Rd, Ca sbad, NM 88220, 1 expenses ot he T 86 and ot NIGERIA; Assessmenls Own6nhip lnterest ( vol ) 949, 950, 954-956, 959, 960 3, PHASE lll"; BIENNIAU FORECLON: Season 2, N-211, 191WH0U, NoncE OF TRusnE's the tw s c ated by said Claim Balance: $827.1 5; as having a 308,0001613,176,000 and none other located in allotated 126,000 Points as Owa sVObligo s). Tlmesha 11v2010. 87.7o4.84, 82.o5; snLE of Len. Obligo s) shall hava avidanced by the Claim of Lien undivided tenanl-in-unils Building 6nthl8d BUILDING defined in the Declaration tor lnterest, BuildingNnk. w k. Cha ie Hong and C al Hong. WESTG^TE LAWS v lhe right lo cu the detauW and recordad on June 21, 2017 in numbarad 1163-1171, 1173- 3, PHASE lll ; BIENNIAU use in ODD year(s). me Usaga DatauW Dat6, Amount, Par Diam 831-505 Hyundai Apt. Jangmi- On Septamber 20, 2017, at any junior lienholdar shall hava lnst ment No. 201 70344282 ol 1178, 1263-1271, 1273-1278, allocated 224.000 Points as Right ot the VOI is a Floating Amount: Maeul. Y ap-Dong, Sungnam 11:00 a.m GREENSPOON the right to Pd86m hs inta st the Public Records ot Orange 1363-1371, 1373-1378, 1465- defined in the Declaration tor Use Right. Robert Mehl Denman and Lnda 463-792, KOREA, 1 Season 2, MARDER, P.A 201 E. Pine up to the date the T stee County, Florida tor the following 1471, 1473-1476, 1565-1568, use in EVEN yea s). me Usage me Condominium PDp8rty D6nman. 122 w Grand Pr ria N-311, 2 H0LE. 11212010, Street, Suh6 500, O ando, issues the C6rtific 8 ot Sale Properfy: One (1) Vacalion 1571, 1573, 1574 and non6 Right ot tha vol is a hoating submi ed to the timeshare Rd, Grand Prairie, TX 75051, 1 87,999.96, $2.03: Ronald E Florida 32801, as Twstee by pa ng tha amounts du6 as Ownership lnterest (.'vol") other locat6d in Building u58 Right. Plan ot FAIRFIELD ORLANDO Season 1. E-1514. 1 H0U. Cook and Vlcki D Cooh. PO punuant to thal Appointm6nt o lined abova. By: AMANDA L. having a 200,000/626,821 ,ooo 6n rfled BUILDING 4. PHnsE Contra Numb6r. 641172655 AT BONNET CREEK RESORT, 1l2l2010, $8,207.56, $2.28; Box 1892, Fomey, M 75126, 1 ot T st68 r6cod8d on Marth CHAPMAN, A horized Agent. undivided tenant-in-units lv": ANNUAUallocaled - CUNT FAZAL ALIKHAN, A CONDOMINIUM (wme Brian w Shahan. 11804 NW Season 3, 0-220, 35 H0U. 14, 2017, under Documenl WHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF numbered 101-106, 108-110, 308.000 Points as defined in BIKANERWEG 16. KWATTA, Resort FaciliM, together whh CouW Road 0170, Ennis, M 11v2010, S7,373.11, 82.o1: w 20170133146. of the TRusnE's SALE 201-206, 208-210, 212-214, the D6claration lor usa in EACH WA, Suriname and all appu enanc6s the to, 75119, 1 Season 1, E-1522, 11 Michael p Shaw and Lo a G Public Racods of Orange Own6r(s)/Obligor(s)ILast 216-222, 301-306, 308-310, yea s). me Usage Right ot the ARCHNA ALAKHRAMSING, according and wbject to the WHOU. 11V2010, 87,59o.81, Shaw. 1901 Brookstona Dr Coun,Florida, by ason Known AddRss: fimesha 312-314, 316-322, 401-406, vol is a Floating Use Right. MISALASIS T 15, Declaration ol Condominium 82.17; Jan& L MaMman, Apt DE, Wylie, M 75098, 1 ot a now continuing default lnterest; Building/ Unk; WeeW 40&410, 412-414, 416-422 Contrart Number. 640710356 PARAMARIBO, SURINAME; for Fairfleld O ando at Bonnet 11870 Highway Ad, Mount n Season 3, p-331. 48 H0U, by Obligor(s), (Sea Exhibit Assigned Yaar, Amount of Li6n; and none other located in - PATRICK F BELMAR and Ass8N nts Balante: Creek Resort a Condominium'. Grove, MO 65711 JudiW 1 V2O11, 85,7o6.41, $1.63; A.'), whose add N is (See Par Diem Amount Building entkled '.BUILDING 6, CLEO p 8ELMAR, 1B83 3RD 8643.58; as evidenced by the racoded on June 8, 2004 in MaNman, 410 N Walk6r s M Miles and Patricia Exhibit .'A"), in the payment or Abdulgader Satdar Ghadi PHASE vl"; ANNUAU located ST NW, WASWINGTON, DC Claim ot Len r6cord8d on omcial Records Book 7475, Montgome cy, MO 6336 - .|,1o862 sw 87lh N, performance ot the obligations Khusetati P.o Box 9852 200,000 Points as defined in 20001; Ass8Mm6nts B anc6: Jun6 21, 2017 in ln ment Page 881, et seq Public 1748, 1,Season Float. Ocala. FL 34481, 1 S6ason 2, sacurad by said Claim of Lian Jeddah, 21423 SAUDI ARABIA, the Detlaration tor use in EACH 8924.oo; as avid6ntad by th6 No. 20170 50 ot the Public Racods ol O nge Counly, E-1522, 28 H0LE. 11v2010. Q-241, 31 H0LE, 1/2/2011, racordad in under Document 1/2 All Season-Float Week/ year(s). me Usage Right ot tha Claim ot L6n recoded on Records of Orange Coun y, Florida, as he totore or $8,207.56, $2.28; Tamig uc, 86,5o5.54, $1.82; Stephen # 20160295479, of tha Public Float Unit, 80-204, 30 ODD, vol is a Floating Use Right. Jun6 21, 2O17 in lnst ment Florida tor the tollowing h8Ra 8r amend6d (collective,A Nevada Lmitad Labil y Wundar, P.O. Box 683088. Pa Retords of Orange Coun . $1,195.80. $0.39 Fedinand De Conlract Number: 400626644 No. 20170344317 ot th6 Public Proparty: One (1) Vacation the Declaration"). Being the Company, 3605 Aiport Way ' c y, UT 84068. 1 Saason 1, Florida, including the breach OF Jesus Lopes Filho Margarida THE THROWN APPLE. Records of Oranga Coun,Ownenhip lnte st ( vol ) exact same property conveyed So h, Suite 200, SeaWle, WA,R-350. 5 H0LE, 112/2011, default, notice ot which was set Da Cunha Melo Lopes Rua LLC. 303 BELTLINE PL SW, Florida tor the lollowing having a 84,0 /804,860.000 to Mortgagor by deed recoded 98134, 1 Season 2, F-1613, 16/ 86.48O.54, 81.82; John J torth in a Notica of Dafault and Marcos Andre 200 902 To e STE D424, DECATUR, AL p perty: One (1) Vacalion undivided tenant-in-units immediately prior to tha WHOLE, 10/112009, $9,432.47, Wright and Eileen T Wright, Po lntent to Foraclose provided Racife, 50 710 050 BRA L, 1 35603; Assessments Balante: Ownenhip lnterest ( vol numb6 d 679-686, 688. recordation h8Rot. $2.52; Pa ricia Kolasa, 433O s Box 100639, Cape Coral, FL to the last known add ss All Season-Float WeeMloat 83.3o7.24: as evidenced by having a 84,0001695,141,000 690-698. n9-786. 788, 790- me owners mu pay the 144th Sl, Omaha, NE 68137, 33910, 1 Season 3, R-350, M/ ot Obligor(s), (See Exhibit Unit, 80-207, 42 WHOLE, the Claim of Len recoded on undivided tenant-in-units 798. 879-886. 888, 890-898, TOTAL listed. Failure to cure 1 Season 3, F-1621, 33/ WHOLE, 1/2/2011, 86,48o.54, .'A"), by Certitied/Registered $1,881.24, $0.68 Coleen J June 21, 2017 in ln wment numbered 163-171, 173-177. 979-986. 988, 990-998, 1079- the detault set torth herein or WHOLE, 1/2/2010, $8,207.56, $1.82; Ma Kessler, 8374 Mail or by publitation by tha Thompson 2L BaWiew Te ace No. 20170344283 of the Public 263-271, 273-278. 363-371, 1086, 1088, 1090-1098 and lake other appropriate artion $2:28; Shon Holloway, 1827 Langdon St Philadelphia, PA undersigned Trustae, will sell Hoohse,NH 03106, 1 | R6cods of Orange Counly, 373-378, 463-471, 473-478, none oth6r located in Building regarding this maWer will result Northwoods Lake N, Dululh, 19152, 1 Season 3, R-350, 45/ at public auction to the highe Season-Float WeeWFloat Unrt, Flonda tor the following 563-571, 573-578 and none entrfled BUILDING 5. PHASE in the loss ot ownenhip of the GA 30096, 1 Season 3, WHOLE, 112/2O11, $6,480.35, biddar for lawlul money ot the 90-611, 8 WHOU, $1,576.96, Property: One (1) Vacation other localed in Building v; BIENNIAUallocated limeshare through the twstee F-1624, 37/WH0LE, 1/2/2011, 81.82; Richard J BDwn and United States ot America, in the $0.55 Johnnie E Mcgill 720 Owenhip,erest ( vol") entkled BUILDING 4, PHASE 168,OOO Points as definad in foreclosure procedure sat to h 86,8o2.56, $2.00; #berf A CaDlyn B Lutky. 643 Feamster lobby ot Suite 500, ot Capital N. Austin Blvd, Unit 303, Oak having a 154,000l695,141,000 lv; BIENNIAU located th6 Datla tion tor us6 in EVEN in F.S.721.855. You have th6 Kama and Da ene Kamara. Dr Houston, TX 77O22, 1 Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine Park, IL 60302, Monica D undivided tenant-in-unks 168,000 Points as defined in y6ar(s). me U5ag8 Right ot the right to submil an objection 3525 Rub Driva. Mesquile, M Season 2, R-353, 24 H0LE. Str68t, O ando, Fl 32801, all Lewis-Mtgill 720 N Austin Blvd numbered 163-171, 173-177, lhe Declaration tor use in EVEN vol is a Floating Use Right. torm, exercising your right to 75150, 1 eason 3, F-1633,33/ 1lv2011, $6,171.96, $1.82; right. titl6 and interest in the Unk 303 Oak Pam, IL 60302, 263-271, 273-2T8, 363-371, yea s). me Usage Right ot th6 Contra Number. 210334439 objact to the use ot the twstee WHOLE, 1/2/201 1, $6,980.29, James M Strong and Maria K proparty situated in the Coun 1/2 Floating. 100-11c, 27 ODD, 373-378, 463-471, 473-478, vol is a Floallng Use Right - BERNARD A BURY and tor8closur6 procedure. lt the $2.04; Susan M Mahoney and Strong, 19280 Marshall Rd ot Oranga, Florida, destribed $954.08, $0.33 #len R Ueckert 563-571, 573-578 and none Contract Number. 640721007,PAMELA BURY, 1170 KAMES objection is liled this maWer Kevin w B ning, 1411 East Biloxi, MS 39532, 1 Saason 3, as:(See Exhibit '.A") Time Share Maria T Ueckerf 18143 Holly other located in Building - NORA L MURPHY, WAY DR, NEW ALBANY, OH shall b6 subjact to the judicial Main Road, Portsmo h, Rl s-160, 40 HOLE, 1/2 2011, lnterest(s) (Sea Exhibrf '.A' as Fo sl Dr. Houston, M 77084, enti led BUILDING 4, PHASE 3238 WAWUT ST NE, 43054: Assassmanls Balante: foraclosure procedure only. 02871, 1 Value Season-Float $6,298.54, 81.82; Jennifer M dafined in the Detlaration ot 1 #| Season-Flo WeeMloal lv"; ANNUAUallotated WASHINGTON, DC 20018: $682.92; as evidenced by the me d fauW may be tured any WeeMloat Unk, F-1634, 45/ Keeling- R6n and Patrick Cov6nants, Conditions and Unrf, 100-24A. 36 WHOLE, 154,000 Poinls as defined in Asses5ments Balance: Claim ot Lien recordad on time b8tor6 th6 twslae's sale WHOLE, 1/2n010, $7,094.69, E Ren,36 Killdeer St, New Reslrictions for Westgate Lakes $7,858.23, $2.14 Deni5e Smhh the Declaration tor use in EACH $1,804.04; as avidencad by June 21, 2017 in lnstrument ot your tim6shar8 interest. lt 82.o5; Lsa M Walk,1733 Port O eans, LA 70124, 1 Season 3, v, recoded in O cial Records o Brian Simms 4531 NW y6a s). me Usage Right ot the the Claim ol Lien r8cord6d on No. 20170345531 ot the Public you do not obje to the twslae Tack Lane, Wylie, TX 75098, 1 s-261, 34 H0LE, 11212011, Book 9580, at Page 608, of 176th Miami, FL 33055. 112 VOI is a Floating Use Right. June 21, 2017 in lnsl ment Racords or Orange County, fo&losura procedure, you will Season 2, G-1726, 161WH0LE, $6,480.54, $1.82; Cha es F the Public Reco s ot Orange Floating, 100-61B. 46 ODD, Contract Number: 580710259 No. 20170344318 of lhe Public Florida tor the tollowing not be subjact to a deficiency 112/201 1, $6,984.04. 82.o4. 8radley and Deborah L Bradley, Coun,Florida (the Plan ), $445.22, $0.15 Mika J Durall - LAVERNE E MURRAY, 7491 Records of Orange Coun . PDparfy: Ona (1) Vacation judgmentevan ilthe proceads Aug. 5;SepL 1, 1T 2311 Ma l rest Lane, and all a ndment(sl thereto, Kim D Watson 2729 Robert KYLAN DR, MEMPHIS, TN Flonda tor tha tollowing Ownership lnterest (.'VOl' trom tha sale of your timeshare L 157263 Spring. TX n386. 1 Season 1, it any.Together with the righl Road Windsor, ON N8W5L9, 38125; AsseNm8nts B ance: Prope y: One (1) Vatation having a 166,0001182,421 ,ooo intar6st a insuMciant to otket s-265, 10 H0LE, 112 011. to occupy, punuant to the CANAD 112 floating, 100- $648.13; as evidenced by the Owne hip lnterest ("vol") undivided tenant-in-units the amounts secured by lhe $6.480.54. 81.82; Vance Dixon Plan, Building( ) l Unk(s) l Unh 65D, 31 WEN, $1,806.08, So.61 Claim ot Lien Pcorded on having a 84,000/704,420,000 numb6 d 302-310, 312- li6n. NoncE OF DEFAULT AND and ite Dixon, 16 FI68twood Week(s) l Assign6d Yaar(s), Ea sund6mau5 Mad e Jun6 21, 2017 in ln wment undivided t6nant-in-unrfs 314, 402-410, 412, 414 and Pursuant to tha Fair Dabt INnM TO FORECLOSE Plata. WlllingboD, NJ 08046, (See Exhibrf A . 10,000 sund8mau5 26 E Fo Rd No. 20170344286 oflhe Publ c numbared 663-671, 673-678, none other locatad in Building Collerfion Pra ites Arf, it RVS AT ORLANDO 1 Season 1, J364,5 HOU, Turhay Lake Road, O ando, Ashaville. NC 28803. 2 | R6cords of Orange Coun,763-771, 773-778, 863-871, entkled VILLAGE CENTER ; is r6quir8d that wa 5tate the CONDOMINIUM 31 . 11v2011, l, 86.48o.54, 81.82; FL 32819 m8r6in m6 Sha Season-Float Weeklflo Unk, Florida tor the tollowing 873-878, 963-971, 973-978, ANNUAUallocated 166,000 tollowing to you: THIS ls AN Punuant to ation 721.8x. Raynond E Hay6s and Enci6h Plan (P pe y) Add M Said 8 104, 8 405, 21 WHOU. 13 Property: Ona (1) Vacation 1063-1071, 1073-1078 and Point5 as defined in the ATTEMPT TO COWCT A norida S atut,RVS- s Hayas aka E. s. Hayas, 3980 s 6 will b6 made (without WHOLE, 86,195.4o, $2.37. Ownership lnterest ( vol") non6 other locatad in Building D6claration tor use in EACH DEBTANDANYINFoRMAnoN ORLANDO CONDOMINIUM Portloe T6r, F rfax, VA 22033, cov6nants, orwa an,8xp N K: FORECLOSURN7669.WG having a 84,000/613,176,000 enlitled BUILDING 4, PHASE year(s).me Usage Right ottha OBTAINEDWILLBEUSEDFOR AssoclAnoN, INC. 1 Season 3,S-365,33WH0U, or implied, gading the thle, Lak6s HOA (NJ)U dar. undivided t6nant-in-unrfs lv: BIENNIAU locatad VOI is a Floating Use Righ . THAT PURPOSE. 6reinaW& t to as 11V2011, S6,47o.54, 81.82. poN8uion or 8ncumbranc6s) NOS.Pub.SAFDAR.doc numbared 547-552, 554-562, 168,000 Poims as defined in Contra Numbar. 210433660 By:GasdickSlanton Ea y,P.A, We gata"), has orded a Aug.2S; 1, 1T to payth6 unpaid aM8Mm6nt5 ^ug.U; SepL 1, 1T 647-652, 654-662, 747-752, the D6cl ation for use in EVEN - NCTORIA sTEINER-KmEL T stae, 1601 w. Colonial Dr Cl m ot Len in the amoum L 157259 due in th6 amount ot (Sae L 157251 754-762, 849-852, 854-860, yea s). me Usage Rightotthe AKA CTORIA snRNER- O ando,FL,328O4 or (Sae Exhibk A,wM Exhibrf A,whh im6 949, 950, 954-956, 959, 960 VOlisafloatingUse ight. KmEL 9801 H NES RD, g. 2s; S pL 1, 2D1T int8Rst actwing the rate ot acc ing at th6 rate ot (See and none olhar located in ContractNumbe 640722385- WAYNES W, OH 45068: L157W2 (See Exhibh A per day, and NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Exhibrt A"T p6rday, punuantto NoncE OF TRwnE's Building entitled BUILDING STACY LAMOTT 20474 OLD s6M nt5 B ance: rd6d under Do nPnt No. MU the Tlmesha Plan, advanc6s, sw 3, PHASE lll": BIENNIAU MEADOW LN, L ES, DE $608.72: as evidenced bythe 20170224772, ot the Publit wEsTGAn uws,if any, und6r th6 tarms ot said wurGAn LAKN III allocaled 168,OOO Points as 19958: AMaNments B anc6: Cl m ot L6n ded on NoncE OF DEFAULT AND R8colds ot Orange Coun,On Septambar 20, 2017, at Claim ol L6n, chagas and On S8ptamb6r 15, 2017, at d6fin8d in the Declaration for $643.58; as evidenced by the June 21. 2017 in lnst ment INTENT TO FORECLOSE florida, and the und&5ign8d 11:00 a.m GREENSPOON 8xp6ns6s otth8T 86 and ot 11:00 a.m GREENSPOON usain EvENyaar(s).meusage Claim ot Len oded on No. 2017 533 ol the Public RVS nr ORLANDO II T st66 as appointed by MARDER, P.A 201 E. Pine th6twstscr8at6dbysaidClaim MARDER, P.A 201 E. Pine Right otth6 vol is a Floating June 21, 2017 in ln ment R ods ot Orange County, CONDOMINIUM 31 . rtga e, he by torm,Suka 500, O ando, ot Len. Obligor(sl shall have Stra&, Suke 500, O ando, Use Right. No.2O17 ofthe Public florida for lh6 tollowing Punuant o S6 ion 721.855, notmes (See Exhibk A th norida 32801, as Tru ee lherighttocu lhad6tauWand Florida 32801. as T sl86 Contrart Numb&: 640502704 Recods or O nge County, p p6 y: One (1) Vaca ion Florido Nat es, RVS- dua to your t lure lo pay e punuanl to lhat imman anylunior li8nhold6r5hall have puNuant to that Appointment - GLADYS M ACUNA, 1801 norida tor Me following Ownenhip lnt6 ( ol ORLANDO II CONDOMINIUM annual a t(s) dua orTwstee rd6d on March the rightto de8mit5int8 5t ot T 5ta8 raGord8d on May ARCOLA AVE, WHEATON, MD Proper : One (1l Vac ion having a a4,oooR2o,7o9,5oo ASSOCIATION, INC. on (See Exhibk A and,14, 201T, under Do menl up to th6 dat6 the T 5ta8 11, 2017, undar Docum6nt 20902; Assessments B ance: Ownanhip lnt t ( vol undivided tenant-in-Unks arainaWer retenad to as aN8Nm8nt(s) th Wer, N 220170133038, ot tha issu6s th6 C8rtifitat6 ot Sala N 20170263666, ot the $682.92; as evidanted by the having a 84,0 704,420.0 located in Building entrfled wW8slgat8 ), has co ed a you a cu ly in detauW Public Retords ot Orange by paying the amounls due as Public Racods of Orang6 Claim ot Lian r6cord6d on undivided tenant-in-units BUILDING 1": BIENNIAU Cl m ot Len in tha amount ot your obligations lo pay Coun,Florida, by ason oullinad above. By: AMANDA L. County, Florida, by reason June 21, 2017 in lnst nPnt numbered 663-671, 673 78, located 168,0 Point a ot (See Exhibh A"), th a55895man due to We ga e ot a now co inuing d6tault CHAPMAN, Authoriz6d Aq6nt. ot a now continuing dalauW No. 20170344310 ot the Public 763-771, 773-778, 863-871, defined in lha Detlar ion tor inte st aGGruinq at tha rat6 ot on the tollowing described by Obligo s), (S6a Exhibit NIBIT A" - NOTIC OF by Obligo s), (See Ewhibk R6cods ot Orang6 Coun,873 78. 963-971. 973-978, usein EvENyea s).me Usag6 (S66 Exhibit A per day, and prop6rty locat6d in Orange AhT, who58 addr8N is (See TRUSTEE'S SALE .'A"), who58 add i5 (See Florida tor the tollowing 1063-1071, 1073-1078 and Right ol the vol is a floating toded under Dowment No. County, Florida: (See Exhibrf Exhbh A"), in tha pay6nt or Ownar(s)IObligor(s)ILast Exhibit "A ), in th6 payment or Prop6r : On6 (1) Vacation none oth located in Buildinq Use Right. 20170246859, ot the Public A"l Tlme Sha lntere (s) (See performance ot the obligations Mown Address; Tim6sha parformance ol the obligalions Owenhip lnterest ( vol entkled BUILDING 4, PHAS Contra Numb6r. 210608667 R ods ot Orange Coun,Exhibk A") as dafined in 6 sacu d by said Claim ol Len lnle s ; Buildingl Unit; Weekl s6Gur8d by said Cl m ot an having a 166,0001441,210,000 lv; BIENNIAU located - NCTORIA sTEINER-KmEL Florida, and tha undenign6d Declaration of Condominium &oded in und Document As5ian8d Year;AmountotLien; recoded in under Dotum6nt undivided tenanl-in-un s 168,000 Points as defined in AKA VICTORIA snRNER- Twst68 as appointed by tor s AT ORLANDO, A w 20160239246, ot the Public Par iam Amount N 20160597994, ot the Public numbered 131-144, 146, 231- theDeclar ionforuseinEVEN KmEL 9801 HAINES RD, Wastgate, he by tormal CONDOMINIUM, orded in Recods ot Orange County, Filomena M Jesus 1001 New R6tod5 of O nga Coun , 246, 331-346 and none other y s). me Usage Right ot the WAYNESVIUE, OH 45068; notifias (s68 Exhibit wA"l that OMcial Records Book 5283, Florida, including lhe b ach or Boston Rd, Apl. 3 Fall Rivet, Florida, intludinq th6 brBach or lotated in Building enlrfled vol is a Floating Use Right. Ass8Nm8nts Balance: due to your lailu to pay tha at Paga 4636, ot the Publit detauW, notice ol which was set MA 02720-7525, 112 All derauW, notic6 o whiGh was set BUILDING 2, PHASE ll": Contrart Number: 640821856 - $608.72; as evidenced by the annual ass8ssm8nt(5 due R6cods ot Orange County, torth in a Notice ot De uW and S8a5on-Float week l Floa Unrf, forfh in a Notic6 ot DetauW and ANNUAUallocated 166,000 LAURA KING, 2 1 COUEGE Cl m ot L6n co ed on on (s68 Exhibi "A"l and,Florida (the "Plan"), and al lntant to Fo lose providad 100-12c, M EVEN, 84,3o4.14, lnt6nt to Fo&lo58 pDvid6d Points as defined in the ST, LEIGHTON, AL 35646: Juna 21, 2017 in ln wment aN8ssm8nt(s) th6r6aW8r, amendment(s) Me to, if any. to Me la known add ss $1.22 Rodolro E Sosa Claudia to the last know add&s Datlaration tor us6 in EACH AM8Mmant5 8 ante: No.2O1TO345534ofthePublic you ara cur ntly in detauN Tog&her wkh th6 right to ot Obligor(5T, (See Exhibrf VANamirano1OOBaWiawDrive ot Obligo s), (s68 Exhibk yaa usageRightotlhe 8648.13: as e denced by the Recods ot O nge Coun,ot your obligations to pay occupy, pursuant to th6 Plan, A . by cerfmedlRegi 6 d Apt 208 Sunny lsland Miami, "A,by CBrfifi agi 6r8d vol is a Floating Use ight. Claim of Len &orded on florida for tha tollowing as585smanl5 due to W85tgat8 Building(s) l Unh(5) (See Exhibh Mail or by publication by lhe FL 33160, 112 #| Season-Float Mail or by publication by e Contract Numb6r: 640555215 June 21, 2017 in lnst ment PDp8 Ona (1) Vacation on the tollowing da5crib8d re A"), duri q, Unk Week(s) (See undenigned Twrtee, will sell w86k T Float Unk, 100-31D, und6rsign8d Tw a6, will sell - ST HAMM MANAGEMENT, No. 20170 5 ofthe Public Owe hip lnterest ( vol pDp8r located in Orang6 Exhibit during Assigned at public au ionloth6 high6st 49 MN, g2,o9o.96, $0.68 at publit au iontoth6 highe uc, A DELWARE LIMlnD Racods ol O nge County, having a 84,0001613.176,000 County, Florida: (See Ewhibit Y6a sT-(S88 Exhibrf A .695O bidd&tor law,monay otthe Ma insia R D6riso Dway6 L bidd6rtor la ul money ottha UABILITV COMPANY, 16192 Florida tor the tollo ng undivided lana -in-units A.l Tlma Sha lntate t(sl (Sae Vllla de Costa Drive, O ando, Unrted ates olAmerica,inthe Lewis p O Box 170187 Hi 6ah, Un ed Stat6s ot ca, in th6 COASTAL H LEWES, DE PDp6r : Ona (1) Vac ion numba d 547-552, 554-562, Exhibit wA ) as detinad in th6 FL 32821, me in "fim6 Sha lobby of Suhe 500, ot Capk FL 33017, 112 IS6ason-Float lobby ot Suk6 500, ot Capt 19958; Assessm6nts Balanc6: Ow6khip lnte st (vol 647-652, 654-662, 747-752, Detlaration ot Condominium Plan (P parfy) Add N"). Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pin6 Week l Flo Unit, 10 51c, Pla a Building 1, 201 E. Pin6 S1,328.25; as 6vid6nc6d by having a 84,0 626,821,000 T54-762, 849-852, 854-860, tor RVS AT ORLANDO ll, A ar85uW otthe ator8m8n ion6d w, O ando, Fl 32801, all 44 ODD, 8958.44, SO.N Jan St 6, O ando, Fl 32801, all th6 Claim ol Lan r ord6d on undivided tenant-in-unhs g49, 950, 954-956, 959, 960 CONDOMINIUM, recorded in d6taul,W8stga 6 he by ele s rigM, trtle and int&art in the C O man Oxana Ostman right, tkla and intar in the Juna 21, 2017 in lnst m6nt numbe d 101-1,108-110, and none oth& loc ad in omci Retods Book 6434, to sell the p p&ty punuam properfys uatedintheCoun Kl umie 35 B Espoo, 02140 pD srfuatadinth8Coun No. 20170344312 otthe Public 201-206, 208-210, 212-214, Building en hled BUILDING at Paga 8307, ot the Public to S6rtion 721.855, Florida ot Oran,norid4 d tribed FINLAND, 112 #| Saason-Float of Oran,Florida, da5Mbad Ratod5 ot Oranga Coun,216-222, 301-306, 308-310, 3, PHASE lll.; BIENNIAU Records ot o :q Coun,Stat 6s. PI8as6 b6 advis6d a5:(S88 hibh A )Tl Sha klFloatUnrf,1OO-51D,46 as:(Sea hibh A TlmeSha Florida tor th6 following 312-314, 316-322, 401-406, alocated 168,000 Point5 as Florida (the Pla ', and all th in th6 ev6nt mat your lnt& (s) (Sae Exhibh A as ODD, S887.22, $0.31 . lnte (s) ls Exhibh A as PDp6rty: Ona (1) Vacation 408-410, 412-414, 416-422 defined in the Declaration tor amend nt(s) ha to, it any. obligation is not brought cu& definad in the D6tla ion of K: FORECLOSURN7669.WG d6fin8d in tha Detlar ion ot Ownanhip lnte st ( vol") and none other located in usein oDDy8a s).m8usag6 Tog8th6r with he rigM to flncluding the pay t ot any Covanants, Condh ns and Lakes HOA (NJ)Wa s. 39 Covenants, Condkions and having a 63,0001554,257,000 Building 6ntkled BUILDING Right of th6 vol is a hoating oKupy, punuant to the Plan, t86s incu ed by We gata in R6rmc on5 lor We gala Lakes NOS.Pub.HARRIS.doc Re rirfions tor Westgale Lakes undivided tanant-in-units 6, PHASE vl"; 8lENN U UseRight. Building(s)/ Unh(s) (s Exhib Gomm8ncing lhi5 to closu |, &orded in OMcial Recods hug.U;S pL 1, 1T ll, &o ed in omcial Rato s numbered 147, 148, 150-152, allocated 168,000 Points as Contrart Numb NO622226 - wA,during Unh w68k( T (s86 pDt6u) wMin thir (30l Book 5020. at Paga 327, ot L 15725o Booh N91, at Pag6 3172, ot 154-162, 247-252, 254-262, d6finad in th6 D6claration for EUGENE TALMADGE MA nN, Ewhibk A,during A55ign8d days hom th6 fim date ot 6 Publ Retords oforanq6 tha Public R6tords ol o nqe 347-352, 354-362, 447-452, usain EvENy6arTs).m8usage ll, and KWON L MARnN, Y6a s)-(S88 Exhibit A").695O publication, M6 und nad CouW, norida (the Plan . Coun,Florida (the Plan , 454-462andnoneotharlocated Right ot th6 vol is a Floating Po Box 356, HOMER, GA Vllla d6 Cos a Driva, O ando, Tw aa sh,p w and all a &dnPm(sl lhe to, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S and,am8ndm6nt( l e to, in Building entitled wBUILDING Usa Right. 30547: uments B ance: FL 32821, a in Tlm6 Share the 5al8 ot th6 PD as rf any.TogeMer whh tha right SAU rf any.Tog6lh& whh th6 right 3, PHA E lll"; BIENNIAU Contract Number. 641 36 S6,477.56; a5 evidenced by Plan (PDp8rty) Add N"). As pDvid8d in Sa ion 721.855, to octupy, punuant o the,WNTGA E LAKES V to occupy, punuant to he loGat8d 126,000 Points as - WONNE BOHMER, Po the Cl m ofLen &oded on a suW ot the ato mentioned norida St as, in which,Plan, Building(sT l Unh(s) l Unh On Saptamb6r 20, 2017, at Plan, Building(s) l Unk(s) l Unh d6fin6d in the Decla tion tor 80x 153, PIET RmEF, Mp. June 21. 2017 in lnsbument d8tauw,w8 gat6h6 by8|8cts th6 und6rsign6d T 86 sh |: Weeh(s) l Assigned Y s), 11:00 a.m GREENSPOON Week(s) l signed Y8a 5), usainoDDyaar(s).meusage SOUTH AFRIC &ts No.2O17 45536ot ePublic to sell the Dp8rfy punuant (1) PDvida you w h wrm6n (s68 Mibk A . 10,0 MARDER, P.A 201 E. Pin6 ls86 Exhibh A . 10,000 Right ot the vol i5 a Floating B anc6: 8682.99; as Retords of O ng6 County, to Se ion 721.855, horida notice ot th6 s e, including Turkey Lake Road, O ando, t, Suhe 500, O ando, Turkey Lake Road, O ando, Use Right. 8vid6nc6d byth8Cl motL6n norida tor the tollowing Stat rfe5. Please be advi5ad the date, tim6 and lotation FL 32819 a in ma Ma florida 32801, as. Tw 68 FL 32819 ar6in Sha Contrart Number: 64 05952 ordad on Jun6 21, 2017 in p : One (1) Vatation that in the evant that your th&aot; (2) Record the nolic6 Plan (P p&M Addr8M S d pu uant to lhat Appoinlment Plan property) Add N Said TROPICAL DEUVERY ln wmentNo.2O17O 7of Ow&ship lnta (vol obligationisnotbDughttu ant otsal6inth8PublitR8cod5ot s a will be made (wrfho ol Twstee Bo 8d on March sale will be mad6 (whhout SERVICE, LLC, A FLORIDA Me Public Ratods ot Orange having a 300,5 695,141. 0 flncluding lhe paymant ot any O nge Coun,norid4 and(3) cov8na s,orwa an ,8xp M 14, 2017, undar Document tovenants,orw ,express LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, Coun,norida lor the tollowing undivided tena -in-unhs t intunad by Wes g e in Publish a copy ot F8 notice ot or inpli6d, regading lhe tkle, N 201 70134732, ot tha or implied, ga ing tha thl6, 1313 BRUCEMONT DR, Pro : Ona (1) Vac ion numbe d 163-171, 1T3-177, commencing this to&losu s e two (2) times, onte each pou8Nion or encumbrances) Public Racods ol Orange possession or anGumbranc8s) GARNER, NC 27529; Own6nhip lme ( vol 263-271, 273-278, 363-371, p taM) whin hirty (30) w66k, tor two (2) suK8Niv8 to paythe unpaid asseNm8nls Coun,Florida, by r6ason o paythe unpaid ass6ssm6nts Ass8ssm6nts B anta: $61 0.54; having a 84, /554,257, 373->78. 463-471. 473-478, days hom the fim data ot weaks, in an Orang6 Coun due in tha amount of (Sea of a now continuing detauW due in lhe amoun ot (S68 as 6vid8nt8d by th6 Cl m ot und idad tenant-in-unrts 563-571. 573-578 and nona publication, th6 undanigned n6wspap pDvid8d such a Exhibh A . whh inte by Obligo s), (Sae Ewhib Exhibk '.A"), with inte Lenrecorded on June21,2O17 numb6r8d 147, 148, 15 152, oth& located in Building T a6 shall pr wrth newspaper 6xists a Me ima aK ing at me te ot (See A ), whosa add ss is (See acc ing at th6 rate ot (S66 in ln ment No. 20170344313 154-162, 247-252, 254-262, entrflad BWLDING 4, PHASE lha s a of the PDp8rty a5 ot publishinq. lf you tail to Exhibk A par day, pu uant to Ewhibrf A ), in the payment or Exhibk "A") per day, pur5uant to ot he Public Records or 347-352. u4-362, 447#2, IV; ANNUAU located p vided in Sertion 721.855, tu the de au as s6t forth the Tlmesha Plan, advancas, performance ol the obligations the Timesha Plan, advantes, oranqe Coun,Florida tor 454-462andnon6oM&locat8d 3 ,500 Points as defined in F rida Sta es. in which ca56, in this notica or taka oth6r it any, under the 8rm5 ot said secured by said Claim of Lien rf any, under th6 t8rm5 ot 5 d he ollowing PDp6r : Ona in Build 6nthl8d BUILDING theDeclarationforuseinEACH the undenigned T 86 sh |: appDpriat8 arfion wkh gad Cl m ot Len, chages and Bord8d in under Document Claim ot Lan, chagas and (1) VaGation Ownenhip 3, PH E lll"; BIENNIAU yea s). ma Usaga Right ot the (1) PDvid6 you wrfh wrm6n to this to closur6 maWer, you 6xp8nses ot th6 T stea and ot # 20160444875, ot the Public 8xp8n58s ot tha Tw5ta8 and ot lnte& ( ol") having a locat6d 168, 0 Points as vol is a Floating Use ight. notice ot thB sal6, lntluding risk losing ow&ship ot your M8t 5ts c ated by said Claim Recods ot O nge Counly, th6 twsts c ated by s d Cl m 84,0001410,091,000 undivided defined in Ma Declar ion tor Contra Numb6r. 330807983 th6 dat6, time and loca ion tim6sha int6 th ugh the ot Len. Obligo s) shall have Florida, including the bRach or ot Len. Obligo s) shall hava tenanl-in-unks numb&ed 731- u58in NENyaa s).meusage - ANNE MARIE HALEY the ot; (2T Recod he notice t st66 to&losu p cadu lherightto cur8lh6 datauW and d6tauW.notic8 otwhich was sel the rightto cu the detauW and 746, 831-846, 933, 934, 937- Right or th6 vol is a hoating and JOHN T 89 or 5 a in the PubliG R8cod5 ot tabli5h8d in Section 721 .855, any junior li6nholdar sh,have forth in a Nolic6 ot DetauW and any junior lienholder shall hav6 942 and nona other located in Use RigM. JEnERsoN DRM, ST. OrangeCounty,Florida;and(3) florida Statrtes. You may tha rightto rBd88m its i e st lma to For6clos8 p vided tha rightto deem rts inte Building entrtled .BUILDING 2, Contract Numbar. 641027198- CA INES, ONTARIO VN Publish ato otthenoticeot choose to sign and send to up to th6 d e Me Twst68 to the last known address up to the date the Tw ee PHASEll"; BIENNIAU loc JAMIEL AU and PETRINAAU, 3v5, CANAD ments sal6 lwo (2T m6s, onc6 6ach th6 und6nign8d hu 66 an iwues th6 Certificate ot Sale ot Obligor(sl, (s86 Exhibrt iNu6s th6 C6 ificat6 of Sale < 168,000 Points as d6fin6d in 937 mA pL GASTONl NC B anc6: S6o8.72; as week, for two I2) suK8ssiv8 obj6ctlontorm, axawising your by paying the a Dunt5 due a A"), by C8 ifi8dlRBgi 8 d by payingth6 amount dua as the D latationtoru58in MN 28054; 6Mm6nts B ance: evidenced by Me Cl m otLen w68ks, in an Orang6 County rightto objerttothe use otthe oullinadabove.By:AMANDAL M,or by publication by th6 o lin6d above.By:AMANDAL yea Usage Right otth6 S716.o3; as 6vid8nc6d by th6 r oded on June 21, 2017 in n spaper, p vided such a t stea toBlosut8 pDc8du . CHAPMAN,AuMorizedAgent undersigned Twstee, will sell CHAPMAN, A horized Agent vol is a Floating Us6 ht. Cl m ot an ord6d on lnstw tNo. 20170345537ot n6wspap8r axists at the time UponM8und6nign6dtwst8a's EXHIBrr ^" - NoncE OF at public au ion to e highB EXHIBIT "Ah - NoncE OF Contrarf Number. 64 66673 June 21, 201T in ln w t th6 Public R6tords of Orange of publishinq. lf you fail to B8iptotyoursign8dobj6 ion TRusnE's WE bidder for law,mon6y ot the TRUS~'S MU - FRANKUN R AUXANDER No. 20170344>48 ot he Public County, noridatorthetollowing cu tha daault as s6t torth form, tha to&osur6 ot th6 Own6r(s)IObligor(s)ILast Unrted Statas otAmerica, inth6 Own6t(s)IObligor(s) Last and DENISE V AL NDER, R6co s ot Orange County, PDperfy: On6 (1) Vacation in this notica or taka othBr lien wMresperttothe detauW Known Add w; fim ha lobby otSuk6 5,otCaprf Mown Add N; Tlmeshare 3109 LOST CREEK DR, florida tor Wa tollowing Ow6nhip lnt6 ( vol app priata a ion with ragard specified in this noti sh,lma st: Buildingl Unrf: Waahl Plaza Bui ing 1, 201 E. Pine lnte&t; 8uilding1 Un ; WaeW CANTONMENT, fl 325M; p p& : On6 (1) Vac ion having a 84,0 804,860,000 tothis to closu ma at, you ba subje to lha judici AMign6dYe AmountofL6n; St Bt, O ando, fl 32801, all signedY untotLen: AN8Mm8nt5 B anc6: Ownenhip lnl6 st ( Ol undividad tenam-in-unrfs risk losing own6 hip ot your to losu pDt6du on . P6r i6mAmount rigM, tl6 and int6 in a Per i6m unt S1,861.16; as evidenced by having a 84, T25,592,000 num 679-686, 688, tim6shar8 inte st thDugh the You havelhe right o cu our Eve n Edwads 74 Woods Rd pDp6r s uated inthe County Ca os D G lo Marib C G lo M6 Cl m of Lien retoded on undivided tanant-in-unrts 690-698, 779-786, 786, 79 tru 68 toBlosurB p c6du dBtault inthe mann6r set orfh Pmsbuqh, PA 15235, 1 F 6d ot Orange. Florida, des b6d 525 AbboW Ave Ridg6fi&d, June 21, 2017 in lnst ment nu b 501-5,50&510, 798, 8T9-886, 888, 890-898, 6 ablish6din Sarfion721.855, inthisnotic6atanytimab6 w kl lx6d Unrf, 18 -1835, as:(S86Mibh A.)fimaSha NJ 07657, 112 Flxad w No.2O17O344314 otM6 Publit 512-514, 516-522, 601-606, 979-9a6, 988, 980-998, 1079- Florida Statutes. You may the und8nign6d tw 6a'5 5 a 26 WHOU, t11,587.93. W.9O lnte (s) (S68 Mibk wA as Flx Unh, 4 Q2, 28 MN, R6Gods ot Orange County, 608-610, 612-614, 616 22, 1086, 1088, 1090-1098 and Ghoo58 lo 5ign and send to otyourtim6sha ima st.lryou Jamas A Mt Clu5ky defined in the D8clalation ot W,323.77, S1. momas H norida - for tha following 701-706, 708-710, 712-714, non6 other locat6d in Buildinp the und8nignBd twstee an do noto4a to We uga olthe Pl nfi6 -N ill8 Road, Cov ant5, Condrt n5 and S n sa A S n 8 w Prop6r : One (1) Vacation T16-722, 801-806, Bo8-810, emkled BUILDING 5. PHAS obj6rtion form, ex8rci5ing our t ee lo osu pmadu,Surfe 2 Nap ille, IL 60564 mon torw g 6 Lakes F6m N Unh 202 c Pal ine. Owanhip lnt6 st ( VOlh) 812-814, 816-822 and non6 v; BIENN Uallocal6d righttoobj8rfloth8us6o the you will not bB 5ubj o a Nico R Mc clusW 46 Dus v, dedin omti R olds IL 7, 1 Fwed W wed having a 84,000 704,420,000 othar loG ed in Buildinq 1,Poink as defined in t ea foBlosu protedu . deficianty judga 6v8n rf Ln L8ic 6r. NC 28748-6201. Book 9580, al Page 608, ol Unk,19 WHOU. . undivided tanant-in-unrfs 6ntkl8d BUILDING 6, PHAS th8D6cla tiontorus8in WEN Upontheund8 gn6dh 's we pm88d5 hom tha 5&6 112,Seasons- hoat w d Public R ord5 ot O e S5,4O6.47, tO.6O Rn numbarad 663-6T1, 673-678, "; BIENNIAU locat6d 8a 5).m8usag8Ri 0rth8 &eiptotyoursiqnadobjaclion ot your tia im6Bt noat Unk, 2 2 4, 43 County, norida @a .P n,Gu Trina D6 Grti 763-771, 773-778, 863-871, 168,000 Poims as defined in Olisaho ing u . ht. torm, m6 to&owra ot th6 a insum am to o & 6 MN,S1,229.T6,SO.38Joshua and,d t(s)th to, u La La nha C la A 4 873-878, 963-971, 973-978, th D6tlarationtoru5ainODD Contratl Nu 12651 li6n wrfh sp6 toM8 defauW ums by me li . D Cody Po Box 103 b. rf any.Tog&h& wrm 6 right auinta Los Lh kos c , 1063-1071, 1073-1078 and Laa 5).m6u5ag Ri Motth8 - nuPE D CAMERON d ad in Mis notice sh,By: GRUNSPOON MARDE AL 363T6 Felka A codb245 to py, punuant to the VENQUM 1 Flx6d w non6 oth& lotated in Buildlnq ol I5 a hoa ng U5a lght. nFFANl c CAMERON, 8328 b subje to th6 judi P.A,T 66. Maadow c k D,AL Plan.Buildin IUnh(5 IUnk Fw Unh. 4 #6, 34 6ntrtl8d BUILDING 4, PHAS Contrart Num 64116 4TH AVE N,BIRMIN ,AL losula pDc u on . Brr n. - NoncE OF 363T6-5748, 1 #| s- (s) l n6d ea s), WHOU, t5, 1.76, t1.54