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August 27, 2010     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 27, 2010

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PAGE 4A HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 27, 2010 By Michael Berenbaum Polish territory annexed to the Third Reich. During the war, it was part of Germany proper. LOS ANGELES (JTA)--Reports of a fire at Majdanek was captured whole in July 1944. Majdanek that damaged the barracks housing Unlike at Auschwitz, the Nazis had no time to hundreds of thousands of shoes of the Jews evacuate the camp or to burn its contents. Its murdered in the death camp should cause liberation was featured on the front page of us to shudder. Something monumental has The New York Times. H.W. Lawrence, a cor- been lost. respondent for the Times, wrote: "I have just A word about Majdanek: The camp is situ- seen the most terrible place on Earth." These ated in a valley just outside the major town r'evelationswerenotgivenmuchcredence.The. of Lublin, in proximity to Little Majdan, from veryexistenceofsomethingasawfulasadeath whichit derivedits name. Itwas situatedin the camp seemed impossible. Even graphic films ~m By Andrew Silow-Carroll mum efficiency, in the following order: Fami- New Jersey Jewish News lies with young children, families with six or more young children, families with eight or "El AI and JetBlue will now offer connect moreyoungc ildren,individualswithphy s c ing options for customers traveling between limitations, individuals with aches and pains the United States and Israel... [B]eginning in that may be something but they won't know October passengers can buy a single ticket until they see a specialist, individuals who cut for connecting service between Ben Gurion in line. and gentiles. Airport and 61 JetBlue flight destinations in Carry-on luggage: You may not think a North America from New York's JFK Interna- double stroller, six Borsalino hat boxes, and a tional Airport." JTA Samsung fiat-screen television are able to fit Dear JetBlue employees: in an overhead bin. but please don't underes- Welcome to the El Al family or as we say timate our passengers. During this portion in Hebrew, Bruchim haba'im! We're so excited of the flight it might be a good idea for flight about our new partnership. We here at Israel's attendants to retreat to the galley and have a national air carrier are eager to make this beer. Or two. transition as smooth as possible and thought Safety instructions: Hebrew is written from it would be helpful to sensitize you to some right to left. Similarly, in order to accommo- of the cultural differences you may encounter date our passengers' unique sensibility, our with your new customer base. instructions are delivered backward. When Of course, we had planned to write this we say, "Please do not stow items under the memo even before reading about the unfor- seat in front of you," our passengers think, "I'll tunate incident involving Steven Slater, the damn well stow my items anywhere I want to," JetBlue flight attendant who gave new mean- before stowing them under the seat. When we ing to the term "flight risk." We here at El A1 say, "Please move freely about the cabin." our take very seriously hisviolations of federal law, passengers respond, "If they think I am budg- which include using the plane's P.A. system to ing from this seat, they have another think curse at a rude customer, grabbing two beers coming." It works like a charm. from the galley, sliding down the inflatable In-flight behavior: At some point during emergency chute, and sprinting towardhome, the lengthy overseas flight, bearded men will We have instructed our employees that Mr. crowd the aisle, wrapped in leather straps and Slater is not a role model, going so far as to white shawls. Do not be alarmed! They will not ask our flight attendants to remove the 8-by- ask you to join them! 10 photographs of Mr. Slater that had been Food service: As a Jewish airline, we serve adorning their lockers. Ditto the "I'm with clientele with unique dietary needs. Our Steve-O" buttons some had taken to wearing, choices include kosher, glatt kosher, kosher However, to avoid a repeat of the Slater dairy, kosher meat, kosherpareve, glattkosher incident, we wanted to introduce you to some dairy, gluten-free kosher meat, lactose-fre of the, shall we say, unique aspects of a flight kosher with nuts, lactose-free kosher without to Israel. To wit: nuts, low-salt kosher pareve, high-salt gluten- Security lines: Passengers are instructed to free kosher meat, and "just bring me a box of arrive at the airport six hours before a flight, cereal and some milk." Remain calm and do This may seem excessive, but Israel's crack not reach for the emergency chute. security service demands it on the theory Landing: Passengers will often burst into that no terrorist would be dedicated enough applause when the plane touches down in to spend six hours in a crowd of Jews. Kidding! Israel.This is because a) they are deeply moved The six-hour time period allows our security by the thought of arriving in the land of their team to ask essential questions of our passen- ancestors; b) they are still surprised, even gers, including "Do you have family in Israel? after 60 years, that a Jew can safely pilot an Where do they live? What is the purpose of airplane; or c) they are relieved that they no your visit?" It also allows time for the person longer have to listen to the guy in the middle behindyou in line to ask the very same ques- seat complain about Obama. tions, in even greater detail. What you might We hope you find these tips useful as you call "intrusive rudeness" is merely what our welcome El A1 passengers aboard JetBlue. people caU "Jewish geography." We know how stressful it can be dealing with. Luggage: We allow each passenger to stow passengers in the age of airline deregulation, luggage weighing up to 6,000 pounds. Again, overcrowded planes, and erratic departure this may seem generous by American stan- times. But whenever you are tempted to dards, but it is in response to our passengers' "go Slater" on one of our passengers, please need to bring books for their cousins in B'nei remember the old Hebrew saying: You ain't Brak, appliances for their neighbors' in-laws seen nothin' yet. in French Hill, and industrial-size boxes of M Andrew Silow-Carroll is editor-in-chief of & M's for Israeli soldiers, theNewJersey Jewish News. Between columns Boarding: We board our flights for maxi- you can read his writing at the JustASC blog. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWS OF HERITAGE MANAGEMENT. CENTRAL FLORIDA'SINDEP'ENDENTJEWISHVOICE 1SSN 0199-0721 Winner of 4O Press Awards HERITAGE Florida Jewish News (ISN 0199-0721) is published weekly for $37.95 per year to Florida ad- dresses ($46.95 for the rest of the U.S.) by HERITAGE Central Florida Jewish Ne~;s, Inc., 207 O'Brien Road, Suite 101, Fern Park, FL 32730. Periodicals postage paid at Fern Park and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes and other correspondence to: HERITAGE, P.O. Box 300742, Fern Park, FL 32730. MAILING ADDRESS PHONE NUMBER P.O. Box 300742 (407) 834-8787 Fern Park, FL 32730 FAX (407) 831-0507 email: Editor/Publisher Jeffrey Caeser Editor Emeritus Associate Editor Assistant Editor Gene Starn Lyn Payne Mike Etzkin Societ~ Editor Bookkeeping Gloria Yousha PauleRe Harmon Kim Fischer Account Executives Barbara do Canto Marci Gaeser ontr~ufing Columts Jim Shipley Ira Sharkansky Tim Boxer David Bomstein Terri Fine Ed Ziegler Production Department David Lehman David Gaudio "left Harks Loft Apple s Elaine Schooping Gil Dombrosky L of the camp showr in Britain and the United From small, from large, from each and States were dismissed as Soviet propaganda, every one. BecauseMajdanekwas captured whole, those Make way for the rows for the pairs, who visit the death c mp see far more than they For the generations--for the years. might see at AuschWitz. As any visitor to the The shoe army--it moves and moves. camp will tell you, Majdanek is more primitive. "Wearetheshoes, wearethelastwitnesses. more actual, more teal and more powerful. We are shoes from grandchildren i. and Sho [ grandfathers. Visitors to Majd nek would walk through From Prague, Paris and Amsterdam. the barracks ofsho s, the shoes of the 500,000 And because we are only made ofstuffand Jews from the various ghettos and camps leather who entered but not leave. To me, that And not of blood and flesh, each one of us barracks was the mbst powerful part of a visit avoided the hellfire. to Majdanek, more moving even than the gas We shoes--that used to go Strolling in the chambers and crematoria that one sees intact market at the top of the hill, more powerful still than Orwith the bride andgroom to the chuppah, the pyramid of ashes that form a mountain We shoes from simple Jews, from butchers just outside the gas chamber, and carpenters, Moses Schulstein, the great Yiddish poet, Fromcrochetedbootiesofbabiesjustbegin- wrote of these shoes in his poem "I Saw a ningto walk andgo Mountain": On happy occasions, weddings, and even I saw a mountain until the time Higher than Mt. Blanc Of giving birth, to a dance, to exciting AndmoreHoly than theMountain of Sinai. places to life... Not in a dream. It was real. Or quietly to a funeral. On this world this mountain stood.Unceasingly we go. We tramp. Such a mountain I saw of Jewish shoes The hangman never had the chance to in Majdanek .... snatch us into his Hear~Hear the march. Sack of loot--now we go to him. Hear the shuffle of shoes left bghind--that which remained. Majdanek on'page 22A The By Sanford R. Cardin strongly believe that one of the best places to witness the effective use of the principles of TULSA, Okla. (JTA) "Another leadership followership is within the ROI Community, a development program? Don't we already leadershil developmentprogramestablishedby have enough of them in the Jewish world? ourfoundationfiveyearsagoinpartnershipwith What I think we need are some 'followership' Taglit/Birthright Israel in order to introduce programs. Go find me some of those to fund." young Jewish adults from around the world to When Charles Schusterman spoke those the Crucial issues of the day and to encourage words to me in 1999. he had a good point: Back their involvement in the building of vibrant then, most Jewish organizations and founda- Jewish communities globally and locally. tions seemed more interested in producing ROI rec ntlycelebrated its fifth anniversary _ leadersthaninbuildinginspiredcommunities, by convening 120 young Jewish innovators Were Charles alive today however, I think and activists, each of whom has a personal he would feel otherwise, vision, about how to make the Jewish world a The past decade has witnessed the emer- better place. Over the course of several days, genceofanewgenerationofprogramsinwhich I listened as these young leaders explained the primary focus is on those who participate, how they have helped hundreds of thousands not on thosewho lead. While Taglit/Birthright of their peers and contemporaries throughout Israel, Moishe House, Hillel and Limmud are the world broaden the depth and breadth of among the most obvious examples of this their Jewish activities, all for the purpose of shift, a host of other organizations also have reaching them with a powerful message: that embraced the concept of "followership" by in their search for meaning, for relevance, for making engagement of the many a higher spirituality, actively engaging in Jewish life is priority than the empowerment of the few. a path worth pursuing. Unsurprisingly, someoftheseorganizations ROI isn't alone in its quest to empower have had greater success than others. Why? leaders to engage participants. American First and foremost, successful followership organizations like the Center for Leadership programs place the participant at the center Initiatives, Bikkurim, Joshua Venture Group, of the experience. For example, a recent mar- Jumpstart and Upstart; European efforts such keting study of a music festival showed that as Paideia and J-Hub; Israeli groups like ROI its peer-to-peer recruitment approach, where and PresenTense;and, of course, Taglit itself--. the consumers shaped much of the message, just to name a few--have helped hundreds was far more effective in reaching the target of Jewish social entrepreneurs educate and audience than the more traditional, top-down inspire their peers through collaborative and campaign they also pursued, cooperative programs and projects. Interactivity and openness to new ideas Indeed, I see enormous potential for impact are two other keys to effective followership at the global intersection of followership and programs. One of the most profound impacts leadership, some of which is already being of the Internet is the degree to which it has realized with the Jewish Salons network and "democratized" the flow of information. As the Web portal a result, program providers must now be JewishSalons, whichaimtopromoteJewish prepared to listen as much as they speak and identity through arts and culture, connect learnasmuchastheyteach.Participantswant young Jews from different communities by to play an integral part in shaping their own co-producingeventsthatprovideanalternative experiencesandbuildingtheirowncommuni- mind-set to formal community institutions. ties.Thebest followershipprograms encourage Youngactivists inAmsterdam, Prague, Vienna these behaviors, and Mexico City have established local salons The best followership programs also rec- since, the international network's ,launch in 0gnize that it is their responsibility to sell Tel Aviv in 2006. In 2009, some 1,500 people rather than the obligation of their potential participated in 14 salon events. participants to buy. All too often, we in the, a collaboration of 19 ROI Jewish community bemoan the fact that our members, is being launched to create a plat- youngpeoplejustdon'tgetit.Thisiswhereour form for Jewish environmental activists to thinking is faulty. We assume their inability network and share program resources. The to recognize the wisdom of our position is a long-term goal of the Web portal is to build shortcoming ontheir part rather thana reflec- a multi-denominational, multi-generational. tion of our failure to communicate effectively regionally diverse community of Jewish en- and persuasively. We must remember, it's not vironmental activists who are learning from about us, it's about what is happening, one another how to educate their communities Ultimately, however, and perhaps somewhat about our Jewish responsibility to protect the ironically, the best followership programs are environment. those that take all of the above and sophisticat- The structures, the people and the resources edly integrate them with one other principle: are ready to go; all we need is the will. leadership. Sanford R. Cardin is president of the Charles Though seemingly counterintuitive, I and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.