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August 25, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 25, 2017

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\ PAGE 28B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 25, 201T saa5on-noal_klFloatunrt, p_M_vania Ave s_m C_ud, Twrt68, will s6|| _ public B_nson M_ri_ Hi_way, 208, 28 WHOU, S7,754.52, Mcnair197 Woodcock Mtn Rd Ga_ Mann 9318 Bill Jones $0.72 Anibal Ma_ano Ni_a a-01, 49 MN, S2419.58, n 34769, 112 Fw_ _k au_ion to th6 highe_ bidder _Nim_, FL 34747 _in S2.11 Sean E khmidt Robin W_hin4onville, NY 10992, 1 Rd _m_ AL 35091, 1 Orfiz Av Univenidad 64A El SO.T9 Maga_t M M_oney l Flxad Unh, w4o, 48 torlaw_lmon6yotth8Unh8d _fime Sha_ Plan pD_) Schmidt 22076 Hidden _ F_ed WaeMixed Unh, s-_, Fixed _ lxed Unh, s-06, L_Dn MaratayA_gu4 02105 9801 Dunmes Rd MaWhews, ODD, g2.477.92, $0.72 _and StatesofAmarita,onthehont Add_N_ s_d s_6 will be DrNew ao_on,MI48164,1n 14 WHOU, 84,999.28, $1.55 44 WHOU, S4,966.79, S1.55 WNUUELA. 1 Fixed w68k NC 28105, 1n Fixed w68_ TVlsher Mindy Mc G_th 639 _eps of lha Osceola County made (whho_ covenams, or Flxad Wee_xed Unk, sss- Ma_in Robbins, Jr. 403 E. K&_ N Johnson RUN8|| A _ Fixed Unk, w-633, 36 Flxed Unh$,_-07, 3 ODD, Norfh Sir p_lip Dr SaW Laha Courthouse, 2 Courfhouse w__, expRN or implied, 209,480DD,$3,N1.70,$0.90 118M sl NewYotk,NY1OO35- Richadson 1576 Ta_or Ave WHOU, 82,167.87, So.76 K_ a,123.51, . c_,uT84116,1n F_adW68k Square, _ssimmee, Florida _gading the thla, poM8Mion F_d L HodgesVera E Ho_ 4318,1 Fixad WeeMixedUnit, Apt4A Bronx, NY1_, 1 _| M Chong Wai F Choe 81_1 K:\FORECLOSURE\27756. IFlxed Unh,W-643.35 ODD, 34741,allrigM,titl8andim8r6st or encumb_nces) to pay the 6452 Saint Leger Ct _ s-06, 25 WHOLE, $4,999.28, Saason-Fbat Week l Float Unrt, Prima 16 1 Jln 16/18 Petaling WG Vacation Vlllas HOA (N_\ $1,166.35,S0.38 in the property skuated in the unp_d _wmants du6inth8 Che_er, OH 45069, 112 Fixed 81.55 Asi6rlnGhans_i aka Asiar s-06, 45 WHOLE, S2,297.o8. Jaya, 46350 MALAYSIA, 1 Jonas.O731\NOS.Pub.JONES. K:\FORECLOSURE\27758. County ot Osceola, florida _unt of ISee Exhibk _A"), We6Mix8d Unrf, m-01, 30 lnthausti Patrizia Da lnchansti 80.81 Danielmompson Debbie Fixed Weeh l Fixed Unh, w- doc WG Tow6_ North HOA (NJ)\ de_cribad as:(See Exhibk _A_ wrfh im_ accwing _ We ODD.81,2O1.66,SO.4O Manu6 aka Patrizia De lnchau_i Av K mompson 171 Charm Hill 634. 18 WHOLE, $2,206.95, Augu_| 18, 25, _1T Adversitmoo85\Nos.PuB. Tlme Sha_ lnt&e_(sT (Sae rat6 ot Ts_ Exhibh _A_ per R Rive_ Lucille E R_ara 2138 Sur4 _a Vlento Los N_jos Rd LugoW, sc 29078, 112 _| $0.76 Billy J Walker Elizabeh L156997 ADVERS ,INC.doc Exhibk ..A") according to \he day, punuanttothe fi_Bsha_ LacombaAveBronx,NY1O473, Caracas, 01061 VENUUEL_ season-Floatweeklnoatunk, R Walkar 2025 Us Highway 31 Augu_| 18, 2S, _1T TlmeSharing PlantorWestgate Plan, advances, rf any, under 1 Fixad W68Mix8d Unit, m- 1 Flxed WeeMixad Unrt. S-06, S-07, 22 MN, 82,247.68, N N1 Deatsville,AL36O22,1/2 L 156998 Towers. recorded in omci_ the terms ol said Claim ot 01, 49 WHOLE, 86,327.7O, 35 WHOLE, $3,633.27, $1.19 8O.79 HiWon Williams Jr Rek_ia Fixad Week l Fix6d Unh, w- NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S R8tord5 Book 1364, at Page Len,chages and 6xp8ns8s ot $1.59 Wallace M Snowden Gary Mann 9318 Bill Jon85 s Wllliams 11719 G_ve Arcade 636, 48 ODD, 82,477.92, So.72. SALE 427, ol tha Public Recods of tha Twstee and or the t_sts Jr 6216 Traymor6 Trce Se Rd Kimbe_, AL 35091, 1 Dr Rive_iew, FL N569, 1l2 All K:\FORECLOSURE\27758. wEsTGAn TOWERS NORrH NoncE OF TRWE'S Osceola Coun_, Florida _he c_ated by said Claim ot Li6n. Smyrna, GA 30082, 112 Fixed F_ed Wee Fixad Unit, s-06, s8a5on-Floatw8aklnoatunk, WG Towers Norfh HOA (N_\ On S6pt8mber 14, 2017, _ MU wPlan_). Tog8th6r wkh the right Obligo_sT rn_| have lhe right W6aklFixad Unk, m-08, 36 44 WHOLE, $4,966.79, $1.55 s-07, 46 EVEN, S1,765.38, Noquera.oo9o\Nos.PuB. 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON wEsTGnnTowERsNoRTH to otcupy, pursuant to the to wre the detauW and any EVEN, $3,828.22, $1.14 Erick Kelly N Johnson Russell A $0.60 NO UERAdoc MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine On S6pt6mbar 14, 2017. _ Plan, Building(s) / Unk(s) / Unrf junior li_holder sh_| have Ocasio Elizabeth Colon Po Box Richardson 1576 Taylor Ava Macintosh HD:Usen:DavidLeh Augu& 18, 25, _1T St_at, Suke 500, Orlando, 11:00 a.m.. GREENSPOON week(5) l ANign8d Yea_s), th6 rightto _ ksinte_ 478 Saylonbug, PA 183N, 1 Apt 4A Bronx, NY 10460. 1 #| man:DesMop:Files:NOS.PUB. L 157005 Florida 32801, as Twstee MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine (See Exhibit _A_. 7600 w |_o up to the d_e the T__ee Fixed WeeMixed Unrt, uuu- Season-float Week l Float Unit, DALTON 2.doc punuant to that Appointmant Streat, Suka 500, O_ando, Bronson Memorial Highway, issu6s \he Certificata ot Sala 02, 35 WHOLE, $6,285.06, S-06, 45 WHOLE. 82,297.O8, August 1& u, _1T ot T_stee _orded on May Florida 32801, as T__ee KiNimm88, FL 34747 _erein by payinglhe _unts due as $1.89 Jermain A cooperMana $0.81 DanialmompsonDebbie L 157oo3 AMENDED NoncE OF 23, 2017, in O.R. Book 5152, punuam to that Appointm6nt _Tlme Share Plan (Plop8r_) o_lin6dabov8.By:AMANDAL. N Collins 2069 Sumner Drive K mompson 171 Charm Hill TRUSTEE'S SALE at Page 2353, of the Public of T___ _ded on May Address")S_d s_e will ba CHAPMAN,AuthorizedAgent F_derick, MD 21702 1/2 _| Rd LugoW, sc 29078, 1/2 All wEsTGAn vAcAnoN Racods of OK8ola County, 23, 2017, in O.R. Book 5152, made (wkhout covenams, or QHl&T _A" woncE OF Season-Float weehl Float Unh, Season-Float Weekl Float Unit, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S _LLAS xlll florida. by reason or a now _ Page 2557, ol lha Public wanaW, 6xp_N or impli_, TRUS~'S SAU UUU-05, 3 ODD, 81,2o1.66, S-07. 22 EVEN. $2,247.68, MLE On Sept_ber 14, 2017. at continuingdetauWbyObligo_s), Racods ot OKeola CouW, regarding the trfle, poNeNion ow_sVobligo_sVLa_ know $0.40 GineWe T Pie_e Hol_ D &0.79HiWonWilli_NJrR8k8sia WESTGATETOWERS NORTH 11:00 a.m. GREENPOON (See Exhibrt "A'_, whose florid4 by _n ot a now or encumbrances) to pay lhe addRN: Tlm_ha_ lntaR_; Piena 330 Olde M6adow Ln SWllliams11719G_veArcade On Septembe 14, 2017, al MARDER, PA., 201 E. Pine addr8M is (Sea Exhibk "A"), in cominuing detauW by Obligor(s), unpaid ass6ssm8nts du6 in tha Buildingl Unh; W__signed Lebanon, PA 17O42, 1n Fwed Dr Riv6_i8w, FL 33569, 112 _| 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON St_6, Suhe 500, O_ando, tha pay6nt or p8rformaMe IS68 Exhibh _A_, who58 amount or (Saa Exhibit _A"), Year; Len AnDunt; Per Diem W6eMix8d Unk, UUU-10, 21 S_son-Float Week l Float Unit, MARDER, P.A, 201 L Pina Florida 32801, as Tw5t88 ot th6 obligations secu_d by add_u is (See E_ibh _A"), in wkh interast accwing at the Amount ODD, $5,751.90, $1.39 Elsia A s-07, 46 EVEN, $1,765.38, Street, Suha 5_, O_ando, punuant to that Appointm_rf s_d Cl_m otL8nr6co_8din tha paWt or performance _te ot (Sae Exhib_ wA_ p6r Jim A Foote Bobbi J Foote Williams 8831 LoWstod Road, 8o.6o florida 32801, as Tnl_ee of Tw_ae recordad on May O.R.Book5O6O,atPage2964- ot tha obligations _u_d by day,punuan\to M8fi&al8 903 22 Ave Council BluRs, IA Apt. 417 Upper Ma_boD, MD K:\FORECLOSURE\27756. punuant to that Appointment 5, 2017, in O.R. Book 5143, 2970, ot the Publit Reco_s s_d Cl_m otLen __edin Plan, advances, it any, undar 51501, 1/2 #| S8a5on-Float 20n4, 1 Fixed WeeMixed WG Vacation Vlllas HOA ot Twstee &oded on May at Page 1448, ot tha Public ot Oweola Coun_, florida, O.R. Book 5_3.atPage 147- the t8nN ot said Claim of Weaklflo_Unrf,W-133,47 Unh, VW-O1, 33 WHOU, (NJT\Dalton.O736\NOS.Pub. 23, 2017, in O.R. Book 5152, Records ot Osteola Coun_, including lha breach or detauW, 150, ol \ha Public acords Len, chages and expensas ot ODD, $1,074.75, $0.38 J_s 87,91 8.76. 82.22 Steve Nichols, DALTON.doc at Page 2399, ot th6 Publit Florida, by _ason ot a now notiGe ot which wa5 set torth ot Osc_la County, Florida, the T__86 and ot the t_sts E H_esJrTammy L H__ 101 AuMoriz6d Repr_anlativ tor _gu_18,25,_1T R6colds of OK8ola County, continuing d&aultbyObligo_s), in a Notice ot DalauW and includingthe bRach ordefauW, c_ated by 5aid Claim ot Len. B_oMone Dr SW C_houn, Reso_s ACC8M Networ_ uc, L157OO4 norida, by _ason of a now (See Exhibit _A_, whose lntent to Fo&losa provided notic6 ot whith was sat torth Obligo_s) shall have the right GA 30701, 112 All Saason-Float A Geogia Copo&ation Po tontinuing d6lauN by Obligo_s), add_N is (See Ewhibk _A_, in to the la_ known addraM ot in a Notic6 ot DatauW and to ture the detauW and any Week / Float Unk, w-235, Box3O49Cleveland,GA3O528, (See Exhibh _A_, whose the payent or performance Obligo_s), (s66 Exhibk _A_. by lnt_t to Foreclose pDvid8d junior lianholder sh_| have 13 MN, S3,7o8.16, $1.07 1/2 Fixed WeeMixed Unk, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S add_N is (s68 Exhibh _A_, in ot the obligations setured by amedlRegi_e_d M_lorby to th6 la_ hnow addr_s ol the righltoredeem rfsinte_st #lan M Lana Melody Y Lane vw-08, 8 ODD, S4,o9o.54, SALE th6 payn_nt or performance said Claim of Lien &oded in -- publication bythe und8r5ign8d O____(See Mibk_A_,by up lo tha date the Tw5t88 _ khD8r Rd V_do_a, $1.08 Schkenna Y Fulton 3722 WESTGATE VACATION ot the obligations s6wPd by O.R. Book 5033, at Pa_e 213- T_staa. will sall at public c egi_&ed M_| or by iNu8s the carfmca\e of Se GA 31605, 1_2 _| Season- Pal8tac6 Plate Jacksonville, VILLAS vl said Claim ot Len &oded in 218, of lhe Public acods aurtion \o the highest bidder publitation by the undenigned by paying th6 amounts due as float W_k l Float Unrf, W- FL 32210, 1_2 _| saason-no_ On Saptember 14, 2017 at O.R. Book 5060, _ Page 2990- ot Osceola Coun_, Florida_ torlaw_| money ofthe Unrfed T_stee, _|| sell at publit outlinadabove.By:AMANDAL 334, 4 ODD, _.72, SO.26 W86kl no_ Unh, _-03, 42 11:_ a.m., GREENSPOON 2995. of \he Publit Records including tha breach or defauW, States of Amarica, on lhe tront aurtion to the highe_ bidd6r CHAPMAN, A_horized Agent. Dan_lle N Smkh 500 Guilfod ODD, $2,556.84, $0.75. MARDER. P.A., 201 E. Pine ot OKeola Coun_, florida, notice of which was sat fo_h _eps ot the Osteola Coun\y lor lawhl money ot the Unked _HIBIT "AN - NoncE OF Ave. Hager_own, MD 21740 K:\FORECLOSURE\27756. Weet, Suke 500, O_ando, intluding the b_ach or detauW, in a Notice of DetauW and Courfhouse, 2 Courthouse Statas ot_rica, onthet_nl TRusnE's SALE Todd c Po_&JrPO Box 375 WG Vacation vllla5 HOA florida 32801, as Twstee notice ot which was s& fo_h lntent to Fo_close p_vided SquaR, _Nimm86, Florida staps of the _la Coun_ Owner(s)/Obligor(s)/Last Maugansville, MD 21767, (NJ)\Eichner.O734\NOS.Pub. punuant to that Appointment in a Notic6 ot DetauW and to tha last known add_N ot 34741. all right, thla and int6_st Courfhouse, 2 Courthouse Mown Addrass; Tlmashar6 112 _| Season-Float Week l EICHNER.doc ot Twstaa recoded on May lntent to Fo_close provided Obligo_s), (Saa Exhibh wA"), by in the p_per_ situat6d in the Square, KiNi_8e, Florida lnterest; Buildingl Unh; w__ Flo_ Unk, w-433, 13 ODD, Augusl 18, 25, 2017 15, 2017, in O.R. Book 5148, to the last known add_N ot CartifiadlRegiste_d Mail or by County of Osc6ola. Florida, 34741, _| right, trfle and inte_ Assigned Ye_ _nounl ot Len; S995.47. $0.35 Cristina Vagas L 157002 at Page 1669, ot the Public Obligo_s). (See Exhibk _A"), by publication by tha und6nigned d85crib8d as: (S86 Exhibit in lha pDp8rty shuated in the Per Diem Amoum E_eban Rojas 14827 NW 87 Records ot Osceola County, certmedlRegiste_d Mail or by Tws_68, will sell at public _A"l fime Sha_ lnterest(s) Coun_ ot Osteola, Florida, c_y _ghts M a M Copor_ion Ct Hialeah, FL 33018, 1n All norida, by reason ot a now publication by the undenign6d au_ion to the high6sl bidder (See Exhibit "A") as detined in dascribad as: (Saa Exhibh a coporation duly oganized Season-Float Week l Floal Unk, NoncE OF TRusnE's continuing datauW by Obligo_s), T__ee, will s6|| at public lor lawhl money ot the Unhed the Declaralon ot Covenants, _A") Time ShaR lnta_st(s) and axisitng under and by W-435, 38 ODD, $1,027.32, SALE (See Exhibk _A"), whosa au_ion to the highe_ bidder Stat6s of America, on the hont Conditions and Restrirtions (See Exhibk _A_ as defined in virtue ot the laws ot the State 8o.38 Michael Flores-Pagan wNTGAn vAcAnoN address is (See Exhibh '.A"l. in for lawhl money ot the Unrted steps of the Osteola Coun_ for Westgate Towers North, _h6 D6claration of Covenants, Ot lllinois 3108 S. R_ 59 Ste Jan_ E Tolentino-Cardona _LLAS vl the paym6nt or parformance Stat_ of America, on the honl Courthouse, 2 Courthouse &oded in OMcial Recods Condkion5 and Restri_ions 124-102 Napa_ille, IL 60564, 3819 Winch6st6r Ct Augu_a, On September 14, 2017 at ot the obligations secured by steps ot the O5c80la Coun_ Squa_, Kissimmee, Florida Book 1823, at Page 414, ot tor Wa_g_e Towen Norfh, 1/2 F_ed Week / fixed Unrf, GA 30906, 112 _| Season-Float 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON said Claim ot Len recorded in Courthouse, 2 Cou_housa 34741 , all righl, titl6 and interest tha Public Retods ot Osceola recoded in omci_ Racods WrB-312, 9 MN, $1,679.29, Week l noat Unit, W-442, 39 MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine O.R. Book 5053, at Paga 865- Square, Kissimmee, Florida in tha properfy _itualed in the County, Florida (tha _Plan_. Book 1823, _ Page 414, ot $0.57 Shaila Goodson 902 Ash ODD, $1,177.80, 8o.38 Larelle Street, Suke 500, O_ando, 870, ot tha Public Records 34741 , all right, tkle and interesl County of Osceola, Florida, Together with the right to the Public Recods of Osceola St FloNmoor, IL 60422-2216, 1 E Montano 4045 Hoen Ave Florida 32801, as Twstee ot Osceola Coun_, Florida, in the property sku_ed in tha described as:(See Exhibk "A") occupy, pursuant to the Plan, Coun_, norida (tha wPlan_. Fixed WeeMixed Unit, WTB- Santa Rosa, CA 95405, 112 All pursuant lo that Appointment intluding the breach or defaul_, Coun_ ot Osteola, Florida, Time Share lnta_st(s) (See Building-Unit (See Exhibit "A"), Together wrfh lhe righl to 313, 25 WHOLE, $2,578.52, Season-Float Week l Float Unit, ot Twstee recorded on May notice of which was sel torfh described as: (See Exhibit Exhibrf wA_) according to the during Unit Week (See Ewhibit occupy, punuant to the Plan. $0.86 Gloria Hernandez Andre w-642, 10 EVEN, $2,279.23, 15, 2017, in O.R. Book 5148, in a Notice of Defaull and _A") Tlme Share lnterest(s) Time Sharing Plan for Westg_e _A"), during Assigned Year Building-Unit (Sae Exhibil _A"). Blanco Gloria Taylor 1970 $0.74. at Page 1669. ot the Public lntenl to Foreclose pDvid8d (See Exhibk .'A_ as defined in Vacation Vlllas xlll. recorded in (See Exhibk _A"). 7600 w. |_o during Unrf Week (See Exhibk Am_erdam Ave Apt 1F New K:\FORECLOSURE\27758. R8Gords of Osc6ola Coun_, to the last known addr855 ot the Daclaration ot Covenants. OWlcial Recods Book 1021, Bronson Memori_ Highway, _A_), during Assigned Year Yo_, NY 10032, 1_2 Flxed WG Towers No_h HOA (NJ)\ Florida, by reason ot a now Obligor(s), (See Exhibit "A"), by Conditions and R85trirtion5 at Page 1086, ot the Public _Nimm8e, FL 34747 _eRin (Saa Exhibk _A"). 7600 w. |_o Weeh / Fixed Unrt, wrB-313, Foote.OO93\NOS.PUB.FOOTE. continuing defauW by Obligo_s), CertifiadRegislered Mail or by for Westgate Towen North, Records ot Osceola Coun_, _me Share Plan (Propertyl Bron5on Memori Highway, 37 EVEN, $1,704.64, $0.57 lan doc (See Exhibk _A"l, whose publication by the undersigned recorded in O_ci_ Records Florida (the "Plan"). Together Address") Said sale will be Kissimmee, FL 34747 mePin p Julian Sharmila R Sookram Augurt 18, 25, _1T address is (See Exhibit _A"), in _ T_slee. will sell at public Book 1823, at Page 414, ot with the right to occupy, made (without tovenan_s, or _Time Share Plan (Property) Julian 2107 Falling Leat Lane L 157001 _h6 payment or p6rformance | auction to the highest bidder the Public Recods of Osceola pursuant to th6 Plan. Building(s) wa_an_, express or implied, Addr8N") Said sale will be V_dosta, GA 31602, 1/2 Fixed of the obligations s8Gured b _l_whl money of the United County, Florida (the _Plan"). l Unrt(s) / Unit Week(s) l _gading the titla, posseNion made (wilhoul covanants, or Week / Fixed Unit, WTB-313, said Claim ot Lien recoded i t s ot America. on the tront Together with the right to ANigned Year(s), (See Exhibit or encumbrances) to pay the wa_an_, expRss or implied, 41 EVEN, 81,7O4.64, 8O.57 NOTICE OF TRusnE's O.R. Book 5053, at Page 865- ! steps ot the Osceola County occupy, punuant to the Plan, _A"). 7700 Westgate Blvd. unpaid assessments due in the regarding the title, poss8Mion Cha_as C Blackman Linda SALE 870, ot the Public Records ' Cou_house, 2 Courthouse Building-Unit (See Exhibrf .'A"), Kissimmee, FL 34747 merein amounl of (See Exhibit _A.'). or encumbrances) to pay the Blackman 3866 Stevens Lane WESTGATE vAcAnoN ot Osceola Coun_, Florida, ' Square, Kissimmee. Florida during Unit Week (See Exhibit '.Tlme Shara Plan (Properfy) with in\eresl acc_ing al the unpaid awessmenls due in the Nashville, TN 37218, 1/2 Fix6d _LLAS _||| including the breach or default, 34741 , all right, title and interesl '.A"), during Assigned Yaar AddPss")Said sale will be rate ot (See Exhibit '.A") per | amounl of (See Exhibrt wA_, Week / Fixed Unrt, WfB-316, On September 14, 2017 at notice ot which was set to_h in tha property situated in lhe (See Exhibit wA_. 7600 w. lrlo made (without covenants, or day, pursuant to the Time5hare wkh interest atc_ing at the 19 ODD, 8873.88, $0.29 _aena 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON in a Notice ot Detault and _ Coun_ ot Osceola, Florida, Bronson Memorial Highway, wa_an_. exprass or implied, Plan, advances, if any, undar rate ot (See Exhibit .'A") per Ramra_an 1 0331 Sunrise MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine lntent to Foretlose provided | described as:(See Exhibit _A") KiNimmee, FL 34747 _erein regading the title. possession the terms ot said Claim ot day, punuant to the Tlmeshare Lakes Blvd Apt 201 Sunrisa. Slreet, Sue 500, Orlando, to lhe last known addreN ot | fime Share lnterest(s) (See | _Tlme Share Plan (Propar_) or encumbrances) to pay the Len, chages and expenses ot Plan, advantes. if any, under FL 33322, 1 Fixed Week / Fixed Florida _2801 , as Twstee Obligo_5), (See Exhibit "A'_, by _ Exhibit .'A") according to the | Address") Said se will be unpaid assessments due in lhe the Twstee and ot the twsts the terms ot said Claim of Unit, WTB-316. 34 WHOLE, pursuant lo that Appointment Cerfified/Registared Mail or by Tlme Sharing Plan tor Westgate made (without covenants, or amount of (See Exhibit .'A"), created by said Claim of Len. Len. chages and expenses of 81,524.64, $0.56 Alvin Taylor or Twstee recorded on May publication by th8 undersigned Vacation Vlllas vl, recorded in wa_an_, express or implied, with interest accruing at the Obligo_s) shall have the right lhe Twstee and ot the t_sts Lo_aine Taylor 4707 w Monroe 15, 2017. in O.R. Book 5148, T_stee, will sell at public O_cial Records Book 845, at regarding the title, poNession rate of (See Exhibit '.A"l per to cure the detauW and any created by said Claim ot Len. St Chicago. IL 6_. 1/2 Fixed at Page 1691, ot the Public auction to the highest bidder | Page 686, otthe Public Records or encumbrances) to pay \he day, pursuant to the Timeshare junior lienholder shall have Obligor(sl sh_| have lhe nght we6k / Fixed Unrt, WTC-221. ; Recods ot Osceola Coun_, for lawful money otthe Unrt_ , _r Osceola Coun_y, Florida unp_d asseNmen\s due in the Plan, advances, it any, under the right to radeem its interest to cure the detauW and any | 10 EVEN, 81,315._1, 8O.47 ' Florid4 by reason of a now States ot America. on the _ro he _Plan_). Together with the amount ot (See Exhibit "A"), We terms ot said Claim of _ up to the date the T_stee junior lienholder shall have German David Cas\ro Fons6ca continuing dafault by Obligor(s), s\ep5 of _he Osceola Coun_ | right to occupy. pursuant to wrth interest acc_ing at the Lien, chag6s and expenses or iMues the Certificate ot Sale the right lo r6deem its interest Jacqueline Hernandez Fajardo (See Exhibi_ _A_, whosa Courthouse, 2 Courthouse \he Plan, Building(s) / Unit(s) rate of (See Exhibrf _A_ per the T_stee and of the t_sts by paying the amounts due as up to lhe date th6 Twstee Calle152#55 A 10 To_es 6 address is (See Exhibrf '.A"l. in Square, Kissimmee, Flonda _ l Unrf Week(s) / Assigned day, pursuant to the fi_share created by said Claim of Len. outlined above. By: AMANDA L. iSJu8s the Certificate ot Sale Bogota, COLOMBIA, 112 Fixed the payment or performanc6 34741. all right, title and intePst | Year(s), (See Exhibil "A'_. 7700 Plan, advances, if any, under Obligo_s) shall have the right CHAPMAN, Authorized Agent by paying _he amounts due as Waak / Fixed Unrt, WTC-221, ot the obligations secured by in the property situated in the Westgate Blvd. Kissimmee, the terms of said Claim of to cure the detault and any EXHIBIT "A" woncE OF outlined above. By: AMANDA L 44 EVEN, $1,689.22, 8o.57 sad Cl_m ot _en recorded in County ot Oscaola, Florida, FL 34747 merein "Time Share Lien, charges and expenses ot junior lienholdar shall have TRUSrEE'S SALE CHAPMAN, Authorizad Agent La Nora D Ma_in 2178 Leger O.R. Book 5053, at Page 846- descnbed as:(See Ewhibit _A") Plan (Proper_l Address")Said the Trustee and of the twsts the right lo redeem its intere_ Ower(s)/Obligo_s)^ast known WHIBIT _A" woncE OF Cirtle Jacksonville, FL 32208, 851, of the Public Racods Tlme Share lnlaP5t(s) (See s_a will be made (witho_ cPated by said Claim ot Lien. up _o the date the T_stee addPss; fimashare lnterest; TRumE's SALE 1/2 Fiwad, WTC-222, 22 ODD. ot Osceola Coun_, Florida, Exhib_ _A_ according to the covenants, or wa_anty, 8xpRss Obligor(sl shall have the right iNues the Cerfiticate or Sale Building/ Unit; Week/Assigned owne_sVobligo_s)nast know $918.26, $0.23 Orfa M Londono including the breach or defauN. Tlme Sharing Plan tor Westgate or implied, regading the thle, to cure lhe defauW and any by paying lh6 amounts due as Year: Lian Amount; Per Diem address; fimeshare lnterest; 705 SE 14th Pl Homestead, FL notice ot which was set rorfh Vacation Vlllas vl, recoded in poN8Nion or ancumbrances) junior lienholder sh_| have outlined abova. By: AMANDA L. _nount Buildingl Unrf; Wea_Assigned 33033, 1/2 Fixed Week /Fixed in a Notica ot DefauW and OWicial Recods Book 845, at to paythe unpaid ass8Nm8n\s the right to Rdeen ks inte_st CHAPMAN, A_horized Agent Overcoming Adversly, lnc., Y6ar, Len Amount: Per Diem Un, WrC-222, 25 EVEN, lntent to Foreclose provided Page 686, olthe Publit Recolds due in the amount ot (See up to the date the T_stae WHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF 1035 Primara Blvd Suite 1041 Amount 81,7o4.64, 8o.57 Roberf G to the la5t known add_ss of ot Oscaola Coun_, Florida Exhibit _A"), with interest issues the Certificate ot Sale TRUSTEE'S SALE Lake Ma_, FL 32746, 1 Fixed Zelibeth M V_verde La Salvisbug Ca_e L Salvisbug Obligo_s), (See Exhibrf _A_. by _he '.Plan"). Tog8th6r wilh the acc_ing at the rate ot (See by paying lhe amounls due as Owner(s)IObligor(s)/Last wk l Float Unit, w-134, Ca_ell_a C_le 15 Ca5a 15 P.o. Box 283 BucMom, ON Certifi_agistered Ml or by right to occupy, punuant to Exhibit _A_ perday, pursuant_o outlined above. By: AMANDA L. Known Address; Timesha_ 6 WHOLE, $2,206.95, $0.76 Apartado 08191_61 El Dorado KOL1JO CANADA, 112 Flxad publication by the undenigned the Plan, Building(s) l Unit(sl the fimeshare Plan, advantes, CHAPMAN, A_rthorizad Agent lntarest; Buildingl Unit; Waah/ WRS Holding LLC 21745 s Panama, PANAM_ 112 Flxed, week l Fixed Unk, WTC-222, Twstee, will sell at public l Unh Week(s) l Awigned it any, under the terms ot said _HI8lT "A" woncE OF AMign8d Year; Amount of Lien; Moni Dr New Lenox, IL 60451, w-238, 4 MN, 82,o49.35. 34 ODD, $873.88, $0.29 Philip aurtion to the highe_ bidder Yea_s), (s68 Exhibrf _A_. 7700 Claim ot Len, charges and TRUSTEE'S SAU Per Diem Amount 112 Fixed Week / Fixed Unit, $0.68 Paul A Kino 1312 G_nn Surridge Do_en Su_dga 49 tor lawhl money of We Unrf6d Westgate Blvd. _ssimm_, expanses ol _he T__ee and ot owe_syobligo_slnast known John R Mo_ey Olive E Mo_ay W-137, 37 EVEN,$2,289.45, Oaks Dr., A_ington, TX 76010- Hamilton Road Bnst6ad Ryd&, St_as olAmerica, onthe hont FL 34747 _e_in "fime Share th8twstscRatadbysaidClaim add_N; fim_ha_ lnte__; P.O. Box Cb11286 N_u $0.74 Hebert E Cooke 79 5826 Staci L _no 2011 _ston PO33 3QY ENGLAND, 1 Fixed steps ot the Osceola County Plan (Property) Add_u_Sd of Lien. Obligo_s) shall have Building. Unrf; W__ANign8d cb, 11286 BAHAMAS, 112 #| Campfield St Fl 1 |_in4on, St A_in4on, M 76013, 112 w68k / Fixed Unit, WTC-222, Courthouse, 2 Courthouse sale will be made (witho_ lhe right \o cure the detault and Year, Lien Amou_; p& Diem Season-Float WeeMloat Unrf, NJ 07111 Mild_d L Edmunds Flxed W_Mo_ Unk, w- 43 WHOLE, 81,641.32, $0.58 Squa_, KiMimmee. florida covenants,orwa_an_,expPN anyjuniorli8nhold6rshallhave Amount GG-103, 16 ODD, 8975.22, 28 Taranto Court Maplewood, 241, 52 ODD, 81,o17.5o, 8o.38 Philip Surridge Doreen Su_dge 34741 , _| right, t_le and inte_st or implied, regarding the title, the nght to Pd6am its intere_ Edwad A Noguera Marianela 8O.33 Hector D vemoeva 262 NJ 07040, 1/2 Flxed Waak l Lsa Douglas 2801 WaWon Way 49 HamiWon Road Binstead in the property skuated in the poN8ssion or encumb_nces) up to the date the T_stee Monasterios Trig_ Norfe Las B_adway St Tillsonbug, ON Fwed Unrf,W-236, 23 ODD, Apl 204 Augusta, GA 309_, Ryde, PON 3QY ENGLAND, 1 Coun_ ot OK_la, Florida, topaythaunpaid aMeNmems iuues the Certificate ot Sale Clavellinas C_le Los Claveles N4G3R7 CANADA, 1 Fixed 82.477.92, 8o.72 Michael T o 1/2 _| Saason-Float Wee_ Fixad WeeklFixed Un_,WTC- destribed as:(See Exhibk _A"T due in the amount ot (See by payinglhe _unt5 due as 93A73V_encia,VENUUELA, W86klFix6d Unit, GG-104, 51 Toole JillA O Toole 369 B6rlin floatUnrf,W-343,40 EVEN, 222, 44 WHOLE, $1,641.32, Tlma Share lnteP_(s) (S68 Ewhibk _A_, wrfh inteP_ outlinedabova.By:AMANDAL 1l2 Fix6d Weeh _ Flxad Un_, WHOLE, S896.5o. 8O.N willy Rd Ma_borough, MA 01752, $1,063.80, 8o.38 Denise M $0.58. Exhibrf _A_ accoding to the atc_ing at the rate of (See CHAPMAN, AuthorizedAgen\ w-135, 52 ODD, S2,477.92, Jean Loui5 Angelia D Jean 112 Flxed Week / Fixed Unk, Ka_din 2317 sw Olympic K:\FORECLOSURE\27757. fimeSharing PlanforWestgata ExhibitwA")p8rday,punuantto _HIBrr "A" - NoncE OF 8o.72 Kevin M sLSas Jaquata Louis 3600 NW Treasu_ Coast w-237, 15 EVEN, $1,921.49, Club Te_ Palm c_y, FL 34990, WG Towen HOA (NJT\M B M VacationVlllasQlll,reco_edin the fimeshara Plan, advances. TRUSTEE'S SALE c Sykes 5725 m_Dns Ln DrApt2O4 Jensen Baach, FL $0.65 J6sus J Rami_z PO 1_2 Flxed w68k _ Fixad Unrf, Coporation.OO93WOS. PUB. OMci_ Recods Book12O2, a_ itany, und6rlh8t6rms d s_d Owner(s)_Obligor(sTILast Alpha_Wa,GA3__1l2Flxed 34957, 1/2 #| Sea_on-Float Box 271502 West HaMord, W-N4, 9 ODD, S3,O35.O6, Page 71,oflhe Public Racords Claim ol Len, charges and Mown Address; fimashare WaahlFixedUnk,W-14O,48 WeaMloat Unit, GG-1O6, 46 CT 06127 Guadalupe Colon $0.76 Ha_z M_er Sznajder Augu8t1&,U,_1T ot OKeola Coun_, Florida 6xp8ns8s ot_he T__ee and ol lmerest; Buildingl Unit; Waekl EVEN, $2,289.45, $0.74 Llian ODD, 8975.22, $0.33 Ha_o 260 Edgewood StHaMord,CT Norma GuWman Vlamonta L157OOO (the _Plan_. Together wrfh the thetwstsc_atedbysdCl_m AssignedYe__untotLen; Bevan 3 Byfedwen Close Ten Mear Kaya Muiz8nb6g 06112-1906, 1_2 Fixed w86k l 2565 B Pi_o 7 Buenos #&, nght _o occupy, punuant lo of Len. Obligo_s) sh_| hav6 PerDiemAmount Tr6h8_8rt Treo_hy. CF42 5PB 38 Will6mstad, CURACAO, Fixad Unrf,WTE-241, 18 ODD, 01056 ARGENnNA, 1 Flxad the Plan, Building(s) l Unk(s) therighttocu_thedetauWand F_nk o DaWon Diane p DaWon WALES, 1 Flxed _l Flxed 112 _| S6ason-float w86kl S1,176.66, $0.38 Cha_a D WaeMixed Unrf, w-634, NoncE OF TRusnE's l Unrf W_k(sT / Assignad anyjuniorlianholder shlhava 10414 Foxlake Dr Mkchalhille, Unk, w-235, 20 WHOU, Float Unh, GG-111, 29 ODD, Ethridg6 8710 Haventock Dr 3 WHOLE, a,847.69, 81.45 SAU Y8ar(5), (s86 Ewhibk _A_. 7700 the right to _d86m its int8r85t MD 2072, 1 Fixed w_kl $2,206.95, $0.76 Ca_| A 8975.22,SO.33Rosy MA_in6 Hou_on, M 77031-2729, 1n mon_s L o_ Abiga_ D wEsTGAnTowERsNoRm Weslgata Blvd. _Nimm88, up to th6 date the Twst68 Fixed Unit, s-01, 33 WHOLE, Gordinier 5510 s Gold St Ap\ 110StantonCirWamerRobins, Fw6d Week l Flxed Unit, w- O_an 6318 old Ebenezer On S6ptemb& 14, 2017, at FL 34747 _ePin Time Share iNuas th6 Ca_ificate ot Sala 84,738.53, $1.50 Philip Neal 300 Wichka, KS 67217, 112 GA 31_3, 112 All Saason-Float 334,47EVEN,S2,446.10,S0.75 Rd LaW4 sc 29565, 1n #| 11:00 am., GREENSPOON Plan (Prope_y) Add_M_Said by payingthe amounts dua as Clark 55 Cha_as Straet Sylva, Fixad WeehlFixed Unk,W- Wee_Float Unrf, GG-201, 19 Sunshine Clearing S8_ic6, _n-noat_oat Unrt, MARDER, P.A, 201 E. Pine s_a will be mad6 (wkhout outlinedabove.By:AMANDAL NC 28779, 1 Fixad W6ekl 238,50EvEN,$3,675.73,S1.07 ODD, 895o.22, $0.33 Fakh D uc, A florida Lmked Labil_y w-635,48 MN.S1,O29.OO. St_&. Suhe 5_, O_ando, cov8nants,orwa_an_.8xpr8N CHAPMAN,ArthorizedAgent Flx6d Unk. S-01, 49 WHOU, F_nces D Tou_ 4981 Eve Dickey Jonathan J Dickey 13 Company 757 SE 17th St_& So.38 KevinAMoo_ DavidaA norida 32801, as Tw_ae or implied, Pgading Me thla, _HIBlr _n_ - NoncE OF 83,NO.13, 81.19 Marelien Lyn Street Lafi_e, LA 7_7, GullaneLn B6ar, DE197O1,1l2 _ 936 Fort Laudedala, FL Moo_ 3707 Latimo_ Shaher pu_uanl to that Appoinbnent poaion or encumb_ncesT TRUSTU'S MU Exantus Sr J8Nica s nudd 1n Fix_ _k l F_ed Unrt, _| season-noat Wa6Mloal N316, 1 Flxad Week l Fixad Hls,oH44122,1n#lseason- ot Twstee recorded on May topaytheunp_d_ments Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILasl 3604 Weatharby Dr Dumam. w-241, 10 ODD, S2,477.92, Unk,GG-2O2,4ODD,$975.22, Unit, W-338, 45 WHOLE, Floa_ weekmo_ Unk, W- 23, 2017, in O.R. Book 5152, due in the a_Dunt ot (See Known Add_N; Tlmesha_ NC277O3,1l2AllSeason-float $0.72 Cha_es R Johnson SO.33 Janelle L comirn S2,2o6.95, So.76 Rayond 638,24MN,S1,_3.80,S0.38 at Page 2468, ol the Public Exhibk _A_, wrfh interest lntere_; Buildingl Unit; weekl Week moat Unh, s-02, 12 167 E Centr_ Ave Ravenn4 690 D_ry Driva Smya, DE A Culmer Maria M Dem8rm6 Jona_han D m_son M_en R_ords ot OK6ola County, accwing at _e _te of (See Assign6dY8ar;AmountotLan; MN,$2,316.44,$O.79Jam6s OH 44266 Ma_ A Johnson 19977, 112 _| saa5on-noat Enaas Ava Stapledon Ga_8n5 M mompson 1901 Townrnip florida, by _a5on of a now Exhibk_A_p&day,punuantto Per iemAmou_ M Hill II 58_ Central Avenua 64 Whiteh_| Dr. Tallmadge, w86_no_ Unrf, GG-202, 10 N_u, CB1N99 BAHAMAS, Rd WllminQon, DE 1_, continuingd&auWb_Obligo_s), the Tl&are _an,advances, Frank o DaWon Diane p DaWon Pike AptN 5706 Moxville, OH 44278-2219, 1n Fixed, ODD, $945.19, &0.33 TIWany 1_ F_ad Waek l Fixad Unh, 1_2 _| s_-noat weah l (s_ Mibk _A , whose rfany,und&lh8|_Mot5_d 10414 Foxlaha DrM_th&hille, TN 37912 c_il6 p Hill 6931 w-*,22 ODD, S2,296.32, Summen 233 Highpoint6 Dr WTE-435, 45 ODD, 82,477.92, no_ Un_,W-639,23 MN. addreuis(Sae Exhibh_A_. in Cl_m or Len, chages and MD 2072, 1 F_ed w86kl Shelblle _. San Antonio, M So.72 Sa_ Kouchahan 23202 Beachlsland,SC29842,1_2#| So.72 Patrick A Bat85 Lana p g1,_3.8O,SO.38. the payent or p8rformanc6 8xp6ns_0t_eT__66and0t Fwed Unk, S-01, N WHOU, 782444_, 1 #| Sea5on- Sage Bwsh No_, MI48375. 1 Saa_on-Float W__float Unrf, B_es275 EVl_aRidgeMallDr K:\FORECLOSURE\27758. ot the oblig_ions _atu_d by lhetw_swaatadbys_dClaim $4,738.53, 81.5o Philip Ne_ no_ w_k _ ho_ Un_, s-03, #| _n-noal w_k _ floal GG-2_,5ODD, Apt7423 L6_sville,TX75O67, WG Towe_ Norfh HOA W\ said Claim ot Li6n _ordad ot Lan. Obligo_s) sh_| hava Cla_ 55 Cha_as StR6 S_va, 2 WHOU, S3,375.28, S1.19 Unh, w-338, 24 WHOU, Maria FChitaAnib_ E M__a 1n #| s6_n-noat w66k l Brazill6.OO94\NOS.PUB. in O.R. Book 5093, at Pag6 tharigMtocu_thad&auWand NC 28779, 1 Fix6d w_ Donald w Gib5on 5718 North S2,2_.95, So.76 Fanni6 D 2814NW78AveHol_wood,FL flo_ Unk. w#9, 32 ODD. 67-70. ot the Public R_ods anyjuniorli_hold8rsh_lhav6 Fwed Unh, s-o1, 49 WHOU, 34lh St Mcallen, TX 7_, 1 Bradtord 14620 CollinRham Dr NO24, 112 Flxed W_kl_x_ / t2,477.92, tO.T2 Adriano Y __1&_mT ot OK8ola Coun_, horid4 m6rightto _ ksint_ S3,NO.13, S1.19 Ma_li6n Flxed _Mix6d Unit, S-03, D__k, Ml 4a205, 1 Fwed Un,GG-2O5,7ODD,S975.22, Laon Marib& Borbua Pan_ L156999 including_I8_dord8_uW, up to _6 d_e m6 T__aa _s 5 J6Nica s Fludd 38 WHOE S5,751.61, $1.80 Wa_k_ Fwed Unk. W-N9, So.33 H_orD v6moeva379 Odo_do Camino De C_Ga5 notic6 orwhd was Btor_ _u_ M6 c_mt_e ot S_e _ _6rby Dr Dumam. NinaPPowell1_Wh_ndge 21 MN. _2,289.45, to.74 Dova_IM6 Plate Wata_oo, _ w7 Panama_ PANAM_ in a Noti_ ot D6_uW _d bypangth6 _umsdue_ Nc2no3,1_2_|_-flo_ DrivaWlnt_Garden,FL34787. Mary F Fanow RayDnd J ON N2T1S2 CANADQ1 Fwad 1n Flxed w ixed Unk, NQnN oFrRun_s lmem to For6clos8 p_v_ oLklin_abov8.By:_DAL _ mo_ Unh, JOh 12 1 Fw_ _x6d Unrt. F_w 35F6nna Ct W_ng, W_wed Un_, GG-2_, WTE-N6, 52 EVEN, S2,289.45, uu to _e la_ know add_u or CHAPMAN,_riz6dAg8nt MN,S2,316.44,SO.79J_ sa, 39 WHOU, t2,966.82, NJ 08759. 1n Fw_ _ 52 WHOL_ _.50, to.35 D.74 Jo5_ N Gua_ Martha _onrE TOW_S __o_(S_ ExhibW .A_, by _Nlarr_hh-NoncEoF M Hill ll5800 _ Avanua t1.o1 lrina Dush6nko Bogdan l Fwed Unrt. w34o, a R_ha_ARmuskas N_ x _ona Aparta_&to5 On S_t_ 14, 2017, at m 6gi_e8dM_I0rby TRWE'S shu Pik_ Apt_ 57_ Mox_ll6, Dush6nkoVolodimirDush8nko MN, W,289.45, to.74 Tom _uskas 14T M_n.s San _tonio Edmt_ 8, Apto. 11:_ a.m., GRUNSPOON g_ication bym_unda_gn6d Own6r(5)IObligor(s)_Las\ TN 37812 C8til6 p Hill 6831 T_ Dwhenko 103 Aubum R s__ An_a L s__ 65N N CDwing Court Sev_ Par_ 1F_rf_CandaD_8a5k_tb_| MARDER, PA. 201 L Pi_ w__, _|| sal _ publiG Mow Add_u; nn_h_e Mabll6 _.San Amonio,M Sound Cova Se C_ga_, 5_WMich_C_y.IN4_, MD21146,1n#lseason-no_ Mana_g NICARAGUA, 1 _ hk6 _, _do, aut_ontoW_h_h_ _ lnl_;BuildinglUnh;_ 782_, 1 #| _- AB nMoG6 CANAD_ 1 #| 1n Flx_ _ F__d Unh, W68klho& UnW, GG-301, 10 F_6d k_Fwad Unh,W- F_rida 32801, _ T_rt_ t_law_lmoney otMe Unk_ _&_Y_AnmmotL_; F__ _k_no_ Unk, s-_, _n-hoatw68kmoalunrt, w-342, 48 ODD, _.4n.92. ODD, _g75.22, So.w Rida_ 540, 52 WHOU, t2,2_.g5, punuantlo _l_ _i_ Wat_ofA_&G&on_\8h_rf p_ _nA_mm 2 WHOU, W,375.28, t1.19 SD4, 13 WHOU, _4,999.28, to.72An_a_olO_Ma_g_e L C_nh 312 R_ Bay D. tO.7&JoyJRami_zLuzYDa_5 ot T___ _ on May _6ps ot __ Osc_la CouW G_AEdn_Joyc_F_dn_ Don_d w Gib_n 5718 Nor_ t1.M TmD_y A _g 97 Adolpha 95_ 2_ sl nor_ R___C 2761_2260, 1n U_anizacion Fo_st Plantation 11,201T,ln0.R.Book5147,_ courmous6, 2 courmou_ 412 Gag_AveLyons,IL_, 34M s_ MG_&, M 76504, 1 _oodDr.GlaAonbuly,CT Par_ NY 11_1, 1n Flx_ #| n-no_ _ ' No. 30 C_le #n_ci_ p_ot__PubliG_s Squal8, Kisslmn_e, norida 1n Flxad _xed Unk, Flxad W_ixed Unk. J_, 4121 B_nda R _g _ _ Fw_ Mh, w-343, Unh,GG-3O2.5ODD,t875.a. Canovan_.PROO729,1_ | ot la Co_, norid4 by 34741,allrigM,t_andim&_ SN-102, 3 ODD, t4,N7.18, 38 WHOU, S5.751.61, S1.8o 24 Ha_an Pl Ea_ W_on. 23, NEN, W,26g.45,to.74, _O.M L_a Hurtado Vlol&a _-noat__noatunh, _ ot a now _n_nuing in_le pro_ sWualed in _18 S1.O1Lama_DWi_yLau_ NinaPPow8|I1_whmridg6 CT 6424-1624, 1 Flx6d W6ahl ArfhurFo_C__F_ R Hurfado R6_d6n_ Pa_ua w-541, 2 MN,W,2B9.45, d__uW by O_go_sl, (s_ Coun_ ot 0_I4 Fbrid4 R WHn_ 2_ Parh Ava Driv6Wlm6rGadan,FL34787, Flx6d Unh, s-05, 28 WHOLE, 2204Ret_CourtEdg_ood, ChoDniliTon8 B p_o3Apto to.74 Ma__ E Ush6r p_ M_h .A_, _D_ _d_ d_Mb_ as: (s_ Mib M_apo H_ght5, IL 60411, 1 F_ed WeehlFwed Unh, S1,7o6.oo, to.73 Carolyn c MD 21040, 1_ Fwed _k 3-5 M_acay, VENQUEL_ DUsh_212O7Tanner_s _ (_ Mibh .A_, in Me .A_ fime Sha_ lm_(s) 1n _ad WW_xad Unh, JO3, 39 WHOU, 82,966.82, Mcn_r197Wood@kWnRd l Fw_ Unh, w434, 14 1n All S_n-Flo_ w_ Ln Humbl6,M n336,1 F_6d pay_rf or _rf_ta ot (S6B Exhibh_A_ a5 dafin_in SN-107, 8 ODD, S4,1_.41, _1.01 lrina Dwh6nko Bogdan W_hinRonvil_, NY 1_, 1 ODD. t1.843.65. So.56 O_ra FbatUnh, GG-302, 11 MN, _kl Fixad Unh, w-637, _16 obhgat_s __d by tha DaGla_tion otCov6n_, S1.oB Gland_iz Da Jasw Du_ko VdodimirDushenko F_6d _xed Unrt, s-06, Ejupi 1T03 Ba_ Ave Apt 1 n t1,857.75, go.66 J_qualine 11 WHOU, $2,206.95, So.76 s_d Clalm ot L_ &oded Condkions and R8_n_ion5 Pe_z UrbVllla Madrid C_le 6 T_ Durn_ko 103 Aubum 14 WHOU. _4,999.28, t1.55 B_wy, NY 11214, 1n #| M Glau 1123 Tlllman Road Jatque_ B B_w N21 in O.R. Booh _, _ Pag6 for Wa_gata Tow6n North, c5co_,PR_769,1n#| Sound Cove s6 C_ga_, Ma_n Robbins, Jr. 4_ E. _n-hoat__no_unh, PortGibson,MS3915O,1_2_| Ava J . 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