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August 25, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 25, 2017

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 25, 201T . PAGE 2TB the Tw_ee and of the |_sts 8/15/15, Mortgage Recorded steps of the Osceola Coun_ (See Exhibrt "A"). 7600 W lrlo amount ot (See Exhibk _A_, up to the d_e the Twstee the Tw_86 and ot the t__s Float Weekl Float Unrt, MM-12, created by said Mo_gage. 4/23l13 in OR Book4431. Page Courfhouse, 2 Courthous6 B_nson Mamorial Highway, wkh inte__ acc_ing al the iNu8s We ce_mc_e of Sale c_ed by sad Claim ot Len. 5 WHOLE, $2,308.46, SO.81, Obligo_s) shall have the right 458 GILBERT x GARCIA a Square, Kissimmee, Florida Kissimmee, FL 34747 merein rate ot (See Exhibrf _A") per by paying Me _un_ due as Obligo_s) shall have Me right Eugene WashinQon Enna J to CUP lhe detauw and any NICOLE v MORALES. 6507 34741 , all right, trtle and interest _Time Sha_ Plan (P_per_) day. punuant to the TlmeshaR ortlined above. By: AMANDA L lo cu_ the detauW and any WashinQon. 1918 Darcy Dr junior Lienholder shall have HARPER DR NE in the prope_y srtuated in the AddRss_Said sale will be Plan, advances, rf any, under CHAPMAN, Alrfhor_8d Agent. junior lienholder shall have Copus Christi, TX 78416, 112 the right to _deem ks interest ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87109. Coun_ ot Osceola. Florida. made (wkho_ covenants, or the terms ot said Claim of _HIBrr _A" - NoncE OF the right to _deem _s inte_st Fixed WeeMixed Unk. 00-01. up to the date the Tw_ee Tlmesha_ Unk 170105. Waek described as: ISee Exhibit wa_an_. express or impli6d, Lien, chages and expenses ot TRUSTEE'S SALE up to tha date Ma Twstee 23 ODD, $2,556.84, $0.75 iuues the ce_mcate of Sale N, Biennial ODD, fimesha_ '.A'_ Time Share lnle_slls) regading the title, poss8Mion the Twstee and of the t_sts Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILast iswes the certmc_e of Sale K:\FORECLOSURE\27756. by paying lhe amounts due lnterert 1/2, Per Diem $5.01, (See Exhibk "A'_ as definad in or entumbrances) to pay the created by said Clm of Len. Mow Add_M: Tlmesha_ by pang Me _un_ due as WG Vacation Vlllas HOA (NJ)\ as outlined in the pPceding De_uW Balant6 $13,935.58, the Declaration of Covenants, unpaid assess_nts due in the Obligo_s) shall have the right lnteR_; Buildin Un_; Wae_ o_rtlined above. By: AMANDA L Heppner.O733\NOS.Pub. parag_ph. To tU_ the defauW DefauW Date 7/1115, Mortgage Condkions and Res_i_ions a_Dunt ot (See Exhibh _A_, to cu_ the de_uW and any ANn_ Y8ar;A_DumotL8n; CHAPMAN,Arthor_edAgent HEPPNER.doc explained in Mis Notice you Recoded &29113 in OR Book tor Weslgate Towen North, wkh inteR_ acc_ing at the junior lienholder shall have Per Diem A_Dunt _HIBIT _A" woncE OF Augusl _8, 25, _1T murtremkMeamountyounow 4494,Page2917EUZABFrHA Pcorded in omcial Recods rate of (Sae Exhibrf _A_ per the rightto _deem hsintere_ Philip Goa_in 410 Sierra TRusnE's SALE L 156996 ow6, as set forth in Exhibk _A", SCHAUDEL B FREDERICK J Book 1823, at Page 414, ot day,pursuanttothafin_shara up to the date the Tw_ee College Blvd aakerneld, Owne_sVObligo_sVLa_ known includinglhe perdiem a_Dunt SCHAUDEL. 2035 MENAHAN _he Public Recods ofOsceola Plan, advances, rf anL, under issues the Cerfificate ol Sale CA 93312, 112 F_ed _k add_; Tl&a_ lme_st; foreach dayfollowing the date ST RIDGEWOOD, NY 11385, Coun_, Florida (the wPlan'_. the terms ot said laim ot by payingthe amou_s due as l F_ed Unk, WTA-101, 47 BuildinQ Unk: _AMign6d WENDED NoncE OF otthi5 noticeth_ughthe date Tlm8shaR Unrf 160902, week Together wrfh the right to Lien, tharges and expenses ot o_lined above.By:AMANDA L ODD, $2,501.44, So.72 Mallu Y_ B A_Dunt; p& Oiem TRusnE's MU payenlismade. ltyouchoose 38, Annual, fimeshare lntere_ occupy, punuant to the Plan, the Trustee and of the twsts CHAPMAN,Arthorized Agent. c Reddy 2470 San Matao Dr. _um _GATE vAcAnoN to cu_ the detauW set forfh in 1, Per Diem $4.37, DetauW Building-Unrf (See Exhibh wA_. cRated by said Claim ot Lien. _HI8rr _A" - NoncE OF Upland. CA 91Tg4-1145 Amj_i Juan M Cuellar Lau_ M Pe_z _LLAS wll this Notice,the _lla_Duntdu8 Balance $11.947.04. DetauW during Unk Weeh (See Exhibrf Obligo_s) shall have the right TRUSTEE'S _E M Reddy 2431 El__ Court VToluta41OCobniaSorJuana On seetember 14, 2017, at 11: mu_ be _mmed to: LANDO Date &15l15. Mortgage _A_, during Assigned Year to cure the de_uW and any Owner(s)/Obligor(s)ILast Upland, CA 91784. 1n Fwed Boxholm, _ 5_40, 112 F_ed a.m. REENPOON MARDER. RESORTS CORPORATION, Recoded 1113114in OR Book (See Exhibk _A_. 7600 w. lrlo junior lienholder shall hava Known Add_ss; fimeshare Week l F_ed Un_, WTA4O1, _ l Fwed Unh, WTE-136. PA. 201 E. Pine St_t. hrfe AWn: Janet Cuebas, Debt 4555, Page 2078 JOSE Bronson Memorial Highway, the right to _da6m hs int6__ lntere_; Buildingl Unrf; Weekl 1 EVEN, 82.3o2.52, So.73 17 ODD, 81,154._, $0.38 5_, O_ando, Florida 32801, Resolrtion Department, 5405 SANTOS AYALA a MARIA Kissimmee, FL 34747 (he_in up to the date the Tw_86 AssignedY8ar;A_DuntotL8n; RooseveW Spence Nancy Shelby L Sv_a 2012 6th Ave as Twrtee punuant to that Diplom_ Ci_le Ste. 106, GUADALUPE AYALA,93OO us 'Tl_P Share Plan (P_perfy) issues the cerfmcate of Sale P8rDi8mAnDunt Spena 2811 B_ Way sw B&Bair Blum. n N77O. Appointmanl ot T_rfaa O_ando, FL 32810 beto_ the 281 BROWNSVIW,TX7852O, Address_ Said sale will be bypayingthe amounts dueas Cha_es Walson Lyn W&5on Cin_nnali, OH 45239, 1n 1_ F_ed w_k _ Fwed Un_, _odad on May 15, zo17, sale date andtime settorthin fim8shaR Unk 170408, w_k made (w_ort covenants, or o_linedabove.By:AMAllDAL 5 Belmonl Road Torquay, F_ed _IF_ed Unk, WTA- w-138, 27 ODD, $930.52, in O.R. Book 5143, at Page Mis Notice. 35, Biennial MN, fimeshaP w_ty, exp_ss or implied, CHAPMAN,A_horized Agent. Devon, TQ1 1NE ENGLAND, 401, 24 EVEN, S5.297.19, So.34 Jan& Kolbeg Nicole 1740, of the Public Re_ds Dated: Augu_ 10. 2017 lntere_ 112. Per Di6m $4.91, _gading lhe trfle. poNession EXHIBrr "A" - NOTICE OF 112 Fixed Week l Fixed Unk. $1.38 Elizab&h c Fi_lo M Kolbeg 12425 K6am8y w of O5c80la County. Florida. By: GREENSPOON MARDER. . De_uW Balance S13.392.67. or encumbranG8s) to pay the TRUSTEE'S SALE WTA-103, 40 ODD, $3,318.13, Madeline Paris 489 Glenpoint Spring Hill.FL_. 1n fixed by _ason ot B now to_inulng Tw sta6 D6_uWD_e8_15l15,Mortgage unpaid a5s8ssm8nts dueinthe Owner(s)_Obligor(s)_Last 8o.87 Joshua J Frigge Kellie Ln H_son.TN37343.1n F_ed Week _ F_ed Unh, w-235, defauW by Obligo_s), (S86 EXHIBrr _n" R6cod8d 4117/14in OR Book amount of (Sea Exhibk _A_, Mown Add_M; Tin_sha_ s Frigge855 PrairieGdns Un_ _k _ F__ Unk. WrA-501, 47 ODD, t1,154._, to.38 Exhibk _A_, whos6 add_u GLADYS M ACEVEDO 6 4596, Paga 2227 DAISY wkh inteP_ accwing at lhe lnte_rt; Buildingl Unk; Weekl 93 Kewaskum, wl NO4O. 1n 26 ODD, S2,5o1.44, So.72 Awi_a R8y85 K&_ Rodriguez is ISea Exhibk _A_, in the __ DELACRUL 66 LOPU, 1729 COYUNDA _te ot (See Exhibk _A_ par AssignedY6ar;A_DuntotL6n; F_edWeeklFwed Unk,WTA- Slev_ p P8tDn8 31M Kov& VlilaCaDlineC_le526193-19 payment or perbrmanc6 ot wl_ AVE APT 1 EAGU PASS. N 78852, day.punuantloMeTimesha_ PerDiemAmount 107. 17 ODD, CtO_do.FL32837_iaE CaDlin4 PR _85, 112 Fwed the obligations secu_d by RIDGEFIELD PARK, _ 07660, fimesha_Unk47_,Week19, Plan. advances. if any, und6r Joge A Dias Angela Maria koW LcM 6634 Rainwood p_ne 140 Owhid _ds _ _ _ F_ad Unk, WTE-M5, s_d Cl_m otLen _old8d in fi_sha_ Unk 14308, _k Biennial WEN, TlnPsha_ the t_ of said Claim of Soline _artinho Dias Avenida Cove Ln Lake _rth, FL Apt1B DeWon4 FL32725,1n 46 ODD, t1,1_.42, So.38 o.R.Book5oN.alPag684o- N, Biann_ MN, fi_BshaR lme_rt 112, Per Diem $3.65, Len,chages and expansesot Amalia Rodrigues, 7, Duplex 3_-7448 Jacqueline LicM Fwed_k_F__ Unk.WTB- Vlrforina Ch_ez &illo 845, ot _e Public __s lnte_ 1n, Per Diem $4.62, DefauW Balance 81o,o46.4o, the Twstee and ot the tw_s Di_ho Odivelas, 2675-432 4TV sw12m Place D_m&d 111, 3 ODD,W.5O1.44, So.72 330 c_ D San Amon_. of _la CouW. Florda, D6_uW B_ance 812,5o4.23_ DetauW Date &1115, Mortgage c_ated by said Claim ofLen. PORTUGAL, 112 Fixed _kl Beach, FL N442. 1_2 F__ Jose A Rodriguez S&as _ TX T8218, 1n F_ed _ _ in_uding_T8b_thord8_u_, De_uWDate&15_15,Mortgage Recorded 1/10_14 in OR Book Obligor(s) shall have _e right Fixed Un_,WTA-101, 36 ODD, week _ Flxed Unk, WTA-207, Rodriguez N43 NW 1_ _ Fw_ Un_.W-N7.45 ODD. not_e ot wh_h was B _rm R_o_ed 415111 in OR Book 4555.Page680DAVIDSIERR_ to WR Me detauW and any S1,152.77, $0.38 Kem_ kin 13 MN, $1,901.35. 8o.62 Dor_Miami,FLN1T8,1F__ t1,154._, _0.38 K_in R in a Noti_ ot De_uW and 4113, Page 1464 ERICA 1397C_IN0S DR EAGU junior lianholdar shall have Pirinc Tulin Pirinc Bgizhan Juan M L_a Maric_z Weak_ Fwed Unh, WTB-111, Sp_ey Po Box 9 Meny Hill, lntem to FoBlose pDvd8d COOPER, 2429 SM_H ST PASS, TX 78852, fim_ha_ Merightto__mksinte__ sk Ugu_aya D5 So_6p8 Mendoza 3258 s 6320 We_ M WHOU, W,481.77, S1.11 NC 27957, 1n F_ed __ to _e lart _own add_ ot FORTWAYNEIN 46803 3449, Unh 4706, w_k 19, Biennial up to the d_e the T__ee lstanbul, TURK_ 1_2 Fixed SaW Lake cy, UT 84128, 1n RamiDM U&_aAv_idaEloy Fw_ Unh.W-343, 10 ODD. Obligo_s),(S_Ewhib__A_,by ., fi_ha_Un_45O2,_k5O, NEN, Tlmesha_ lntePrt 1_2, i5su8s the Certificata ot Sale Week l Fixed Unrf, WTA-201, Fixed_klF_ed Unh,WTA- _ N a64 Y Moli_ t1,154._, to.38 M&_a am_R_i_&_ M_|_ by Biennial NEN, fimesha_ Per Diem S3.65, D&auW bypayingtheamountsdueas 40 ODD, 81,179.25. So.38 209.N0DD.g2.070.83._._ Qurto. KUADOR, 1n F_ed Mhd6| J_i_ Hodges publ_ionbyM8und&5n8d lme_ 112, p& Diem $2.65, Balance $10,046.40, DefauW outlin6dabove.By:AMANDAL Gu_avo A auijano Au_ M R_nOrtKimMOrf_1_4 _k_F__Unrt,WrB-111,51 Ton_ GamBd_26wk6 Rn6 Tru_ee, will s&| at public De_uW B_an_ S7,228.51, Date &1_15, Morfgage CHAPMAN, ArthoredAgent auijano Calle 44 Norte 6 Bn Miu 8eb Road El Paso, TX EvEN.83,6_.64,t1._O_ DrM__nd,GA 31820. 1n _| aurtion to Me high_ bidder De&WDate&15_15, Mo_gage R_ed 1110114 in OR Book _HIBIT _A" woncE OF 22 Cali. COLOM8_ 1 F_ed 79932, 1 Fixed w68k _ F__ no_s c. Col La_ Lnda hr _n-F_al__noatunh. _r_w_|_Dn8yotM8 UnWed R_d_ 5129112 in OR Book 4555, Page 680 JUAN ANGEL TRUSTEE'S MU w68k l Fixad Un_, WTA-301, Unh, WTA-303, 46 WHOU, Bloque G Z94T Tegucgalp& w435. 28 ODD, 81.154.9o, Slales ot_aca,on _ehont 4275, Page 1075 RYSHIEONE RINRA MAR_ G RIVERA, owne_s)lobligo_s)na_known 19 WHOLE, S3,488.24, S1.o8 $6,378.22, S1.76 Diane v HONDURAS, 1n F__ _l tO.38Cha_esWT&D72Mab rt_s ot _B Osceola County GON, 555 BAIRD ST APT 2 _ S KOMENSKY AVE add&s; Tlmeshare lnte_st; Ann M Donnel_ Bemard J Toliv_12O1BunaCtNor_lh, Fw6dUnh.WfB-211,27MN, Ave _ |_ip, NY 11795, Cou_ouse, 2 Cou_ouse BENTON HARBOR, Ml 49022 CHICAGO,IL6_29,Timesha_ Buildingl Un_; W88klANign8d Gartland 17 G_enpark Close VA 23513, 1_2 F_ed _ l S3,6g8.64. t1._ slepa 1n F__ __ F_ed Unk, Squa_, _Nimw, norida 4801, Tlmesha_ Unrf 4502. Unrt 5405, Weak 49, B_nnial Year, Len Amount; Per Diem Co. We__th Mul_ng_ F_adUnrt,WTA-3_,36MN. Rob6rt K_ 13Wa_ing _ W#T, 18 ODD, t1,154._, 34741,_lrigM,tM6andim_rt w_k 50, Biennial EVEN, ODD, fimesha_ lnte_st 1/2, A_Dunt 11377 IRELAND, 1n F_ed 84,4o4.59. S1.16 Stephen M Uan_ Con_, w6 ou to.38 __da Kay _s in_e p__skuatedin_e fi_share lm_ 1n, Per p_ Diem S3.74, DetauW Ca_os Magno Dos Santos WeeklF_ed Unh,WTA-301, Hmg 2N _ld lte Loop uNmD _NGDOM, 1 Fwed 4407 Bak_ w Radnor, County of OK_la, Florida, D_m S2.65, DetauW Balan_ Ba_nce S1o,27o.96, DafauW Ka_a Regina Lopez Dos 24 ODD, $2,501.44, 8o.72 Delawa_, OH 43015 Julie w_k IF_ed Un_, wrB-318, OH _. 1n F_ad __ d8Krib8d as:(See Mib__A_ S7,228.51 , De_uW Dale Date &1_15, Morfgage Santos Rua |_ti N 44 Jadim Beth c Rotondo 1004 Landis Haag1495 Fo_ BDokeway, 8 WHOLE, S2,186.75, So.75 Fwed Unh,W-541.16 ODD, T_P Sha_ lm6_rt(s) (See &15_15, Mortgage Recoded Recorded 5R114 in OR Book Primavera Camaragibe-Pa, Rush Dr Perkasie, PA 18944, Apt. 237 Delaware, OH 43015- Ashok Dog_ Kamika Dogla _1,154._, to.38 Joge Aguilar Exhib_ _A_ a_olding to _18 5n9_12in0RBook4275.Page 4607, Page 358 cuRns L 54753-200 BRAZIL, 1_ Fixed 1/2 F_ed Week _ F_ad Unrf, 3953, 1n Fwed,WTA-308, 14 Vlnha DogFa 17023 _ Mo&a DeAguil_ _R 6 Y 8 fi_PSharingPlantorWartg_e 1075 PmR G MUSGROVE a HARRIS, 1825 12TH STREET Week / F_ed Un_, WTE-136, WTB-111. 1 ODD. S2.482.18. EVEN, $858.80, So.32 G_ LandingDHourtoniM77_5, c__ p_ No 13 Avenda F_y Vaca_on Vllla5 wll, _ld8d CAROLYNE A MUSGROVE, ROCK ISLAND, IL 61201. 45 EVEN, $3,674.93, $1.07. $0.72 Waye s B8asl6y Lsa D Nadeau N_6r_ c Nad_u 1_2 Fwed w_k_ F__ Unk, F&ipe Moraga Nort_t_a, in O_ci& R_rds 8ook1103, 181 cou_ LANE BARRIE fim8shaR Unh 170807, w_k Ea_ A Mc Kibbon Dawn L Mc c Beasley w9 khiKoMk8 Dr. Po Box 2012 p_m Springs. wrB-318, 19 ODD,S1,224.87, ELsALvADoR,1nFw_.w_kl _ Page 1123, of the Public ON, L4N OTg CANADA, 16, Bienni_ ODD. Tlm85haR Kibbon 7651 E Clear sWT_il Mo_nbah,O4744AUS__. CA 92263, 1n Fixed Week_ 8o.38 Joge Mario Ba_Kort FlxedUn_. W-6N, 48EVEN, Recods of Os_la County, fi&a_ Unk 16O2O7. _k lnte__ 112, Per Diem 85.18, p_scon Valley, AZ 86315. 1n Fixed Week l Fwad Unrf. FixedUnh,WTA-4O2,43NEN, Guzman 5Ta Av6 A 13-58 t2,2_.94,SO.74, & Wanan Florida (_e _Plan_. Tog_her 30,Annual.Tl_Psha_lnt_ DetauW B_ance S14,156.o5. 1n Fixed Week / Fixad Unrt, wTa-111,2owEN,S3.698.64, 85,837.oo. $1.40 Felix Zayas Zona 9 Ciudad De Gual_a, 604 Hoppin Hill Ave No_h whh _e rigM to _py, 1, P6r Di_ 83.97. DetauW De_uWDate&15l15,Mortgage WTE-139, 2 ODD, $2,477.92, S1.o6 Robe_ G_enallKathlean Laoncia Zayas 7721 Simms St GuATEMALA,1n F___kl AWI6boD, MAO276O, 1n Fwad punuanttoM6P_n,Bui_irg(s) Balanta 811.281.73, DetauW Racorded V28_14in OR Book 8o.72, William Molino Judrfh | G_enall Gone Covert 74, Hol_wood, FL 33024. 1 F__ Flxed Unk.WrB-318.47 ODD, __Fa_Unh,W-635,22 l Unrf(s) l Un_ w__s) l Date 7115115, Mortgaga 4576, Page 1873 DAREN LEE Molino T Panoramic Dr Valley Rockingham Close WarrinQon, Week _ F_ed Unk, wr8-114. W,5o1.44, go.72 s&_ Ave. ODD,t1,154._,tO.38. Auned Yea_sT, (s_ Exhibk R_rded 5111111 in OR Book HARRIS, 701 ALBERTA ST conaq6, NY 10989, 112 Fixed WA36UYENGLAND,1l2Flxed 32 WHOU. 87,722.72. $2.02 Eloy_N58_YMolin8Ds K:\FORECLOSURE\27758. .A_. 7700 Wertgate Bhd. 4128.Paga238CHRIST0PHER ENTERPRISE,AL 36M01903, Wee Fixed Unh, WTE-142, Week l Fixed Unrf. WTB-111. Maria Tovar Jose Tovar 20722 Co _ Ca_os Mom8n6gD WG Towen North HOA (N_\ KiNim_, FL 34747 _e_in OM8AH_CYW#NMBAH, fin_sha_ Unk 170807, Week 46 EVEN, $2,270.45, $0.74 37 EVEN, $2,302.52, $0.73 Hen_ Mill& Rd Los Banos, auho, ECUADOR, 1n F_ed Cuellar.OO8O\NOS.PUB. _me Sha_ Plan (PD_) 8502 AUWMN GRAIN GATE 16, Bienni_ ODD, Tlmesha_ EamastB FReland1O9 Boozer G_hamS PetenGailM Peters CA 93635, 112 Fixed Week l w_k l F__ Unh, WTC-219, CUEUAR.doc AddRN_Said s_e will be LAUREL MD 20723 5883, lntera_ 112, Per Diem 85.18. St. Hogansville, GA 30230- Shorfacre me Driva SuWon, FixedUnh,WTB-115,51NEN, 38 ODD, t1.179.25. $0.38 __18._,_1_ made (wMo_ _venams, or fi_asha_ Unrf 161_1, _ek DetauW B_ance $14,156.05. 1005 Billie Sue F_eland 1348 SM2 7DJ GREAT BRITAIN, 112 $5.837.00.$1.40DaniloPlsid_ Jose David Rodrigu_ G_do L156995 w_ty, exp_ or inpl_, 5.Annual,Tl_rna_lnte__1. DefauN Date&15l15,Mo_gage Garner Rd Gay, GA 30218, 1 Fixed WeeklFixed Un_, wrB- J8nnrfarMlsidD21452Ve_St F_ntiKa _ayda Ort_a Bo _ading the t_le. poN_sion p& Diem $4.67, DelauN Recoded V2&14in OR Book F_ed WeeklFixed Unk, w- 111,400DD,S1,179.25,S0.38 Long Beach, CA 90745, 1n EIC6nbo4TaAv8 NortaOerte or 8ncumbranc8s) to pay _8 B_ance $12,595.82, DetauW 4576, Page 1873 NORA L 232. 25 WHOLE, $2,206.95, Robarf w Locklear Sa_enna F_edWeeklF_edUnk,WrB- Em_ 1 Y 2 C&le 7c F_rte WENDED NoncE OF unp_d as_Mmants due in tha D_e 7/15115, Mort_ge SHEFFIELD, 2_ EAST 10TH $0.76 Ma_ene Decker Po Box Locklear 355 Dominique Lane 116,46EVEN.$5,724.28,$1.40 La Pa_eleria San p_D Sula, rRWE'S MU a_Dunt ot (See Ewhibh _A_. R_old8d1O_11l11inOR ok COUMAN. M 76834. 1158 Pined_e, AZ 85934, 112 G_eneville, TN 37743. 1n BabaraJ Palek149 Ea_ Lake HONDURAS, 112 FixedWeekl _GATE vhc^noN wrm int__ acc_ing _ the 4186, Page 991 JOEL DODD, fimesha_ Unh 12404, Wa6k Fixed, WTE-242, 39 ODD, Fixed, WTB-314, 15 EVEN, Dr_6 Kalkaska, Ml 49646, 112 F_edUnh,WTC-22O,23MN, _UM_ r_6 of (See Exhibh _A_ per 328 HIGHLAND EST 49, Biennial EVEN, Tlm85har8 $2,477.92, $0.72 Stephen $2,302.52, $0.73 Brendan M Fixed Weak_ Fixed Unh,WfB- S2,3O2.52.8O.73MariaV_leDe On _t&Tb&14,2O17,a_11: day,punuantto WeTln_share COMMERCE, GA 30529 1503, lnte_rf 112, Per Diem $4.64, Robert Kean 13 Watling St_& Loughran Joyce A Lough_n 212,12NEN,$1,901.35.$0.62 Rincon Conjunto R_idanci_ a.m. RUNPOON MARDER, Plan, advana, rf anL, under Tln_shareUnh73O3,Week26, De_uW 8_ance a12,9O2.2O. Llan_st, Conwy, LU6OLS 150Sa_6RdWaco,TX76706. Cedric Ha_ell Ma_ L Pig_ La floR_a Ca_cas. 01_ PA.2O1 E. Pine Sba&. Suhe th6 t6nM of said |_m ot B_ni_ EVEN, fin_sha_ DetauW Date 711115, Mo_gage UN_ED KINGDOM, 1 F_ed 112 Fix6d.WTC-119, 15 ODD. 4356 JeRe_ sl Mlllington, VENUUEL_ 1n Fw6d _k 5_, _do, Florida 32801. L8n,chag6sand8_s_ot lme_ 112, p& Diem S2.42, Recorded11l1V14inORBook WeeMixed Unk, w-243, S2,5o1.44, $0.72 Dularie TN 38053, 112 Fixed Week l l F_ed Unh, WTC-220, 37 as T_rf_ punuam to that tha T__ae and ofthe tw_s De_uW B_an_ S6,8o4.92, 4694, Page 226 DAMON 9 WHOLE, S2,172.6o, 8o.76 Lall Shah68d Lall 11174 NW FixedUnrf,WTB-312,19ODD, ODD, S1,179.25, So.38 Paul Appoin_t ot Twrtee t_ated by s_d Claim ot Len. Deauw Date&15l15, Mo_gage _ONY HALLS, 3505 Ma_ A HyWon Dawn HyNon 34th Court Coral springs, FL 82,4o8.o3, 8o.66 Cha_es R A Bames Flo o Bames _3, __ on May 15, 2017, Obligo_s) shall hav6 the r_M R_d_ 11n111 in OR Book BRUTON PARISHWA_SILVER Fl_ 1 Adam Lodge London, 33065, 112 FixedWeek Fixed EvinsllKa_nREvinsaka_ bgnet w_k" Bognor R__. in O.R. B_k 5148. _ Page to CUR the da_uW and any 4195,PageT84J_R0 PEREA SPRING, MD 20904 4859, N21 1SG ENGLAND, 1 Fixed Unk, WTC-119, 20 NEN, RSibl8_139OW.KavanaghAv6 p v9LYENGLAND.1nF_ed 1_8. ot Me Publ_ R__s junior lianhold6r sh_| have BU_GO a DIANA Tlmesha_ Unk 161001, w_k WeeWF_ed Unk,WTE-3_2,23 g2,3O2.52,SO.73Ca_JJ_n T_cy. A 9N76-772O. 1 F__ _ _ Fw_ Un wrc-v3. ot _ Coun_, florid_ lhe rightto _daem sim__ ANGELICAPEREACALDERON 19. Bi6nnial MN, fim_a_ WH_,82,2_.95.SO.76MW 13124 Dapnne Ava Ga_ena. Wk_F__ Un_,WrB-313.1 a MN. W,_8.64, t1._ by _ ota n_ _minuing up to _I6 dale tha Tw__ _ ANA RO_ CALDERON lnt_ 1n, Per D_m S4.6o. A HyWon Daw HyWon Fl_1 CA 90249. aa M J_n WHOU.S4,655.51.t1.3&Col_ T_ Gun__ 9 _ C_ __ by Obligo_s). (_ i_u_ _6 C6rt_cata ot S_la _ MUNAR,C_81B6C1OAPTO _uN Balan_ S12,791.83, AdamLodgeLondon.N21 1SG 13404 Fu_he Ave, Ga__a, JBumsm_Ma_B 8ums Edison. NJ 0_1T. 1n F_ed Exhib_ _A_, who_ add_ by payingth8 &_um5du8as 302 TORRE 1 B_OT_ __uW Dale 7_1_15, Mortgaga ENGLAND,1FwedW68Mix8d CA 90249-165T, 1 Fixed week 72 Hoylake Clo_ Mu_ishaw _k l F_ed Unrt, WTC-224, is (Sae Exhibrt .A_, in _e olrflin_abov8.By:AMANDAL. COLOMBl_ fi_sha_ Unh Recoded 4J17114in OR Book Unk, WTE-332, 24 WHOLE. l Fixed Unk, WTG-119, 29 Runtorn.WA76DU ENGLAND, 26 EVEN, S2.3o2.52, So.73 pay_ or _m_n_ of CHAPMAN,ALrthoriz8dAg8m T5O4. _k 49. Triennial _ 4596, Page 2423 TIARA D $2.206.95, $0.76 Curfney WHOLE, $3,291.87, S1.o8 112 Fixed Weekl Fixed Unk, Jose EVazquez PO Box 2154 M6 obla__ns Bu_ by QNIBIT _h" - NOW OF TBa_ lnl&ert 1n, Per KEUHWAN MCCOY, 9411 Kwidama Nichole Kwidama Peter L _Dng Glady WD-229,45 ODD,M,318.13, GuayanB PR _785 _a _C_motL_ __in TR_nE's_u Diem $2.10, DafauW Balance GWYNNDAU DR CUNTON, Andasw_ 5 Willemrtad, M ArMtDng 24 Nomandy $0.8TGaraldRRayJrMotiaD B _ Cond Fl Mi_, O.R._5ON,& Page877- Owner(s)IObligor(s)ILasl S5,693.64, __uW D_e MD 20735 3519, Tlm_ha_ CURACA .1 _ISeason-Float St_et swimon Manch_er, Carfer144 E.G_nwood Ave Apl21o3Pon_,PR_717,1n 879, of _e Pu_ic R_lds Mow Add_u; fin_haR &15_15, Mortgage R_ld_ Unk161OO1,_k19,Bienni_ Wee_ Flo_ Unh, WTE-W6, M279TW ENGLAND MichaelJ Lansdowne, PA 19050-2013. F_ed W_klF__ Unh,WTC- ot OK_la Coun_, norida, |___; Building Unk; __ &29113in0RB_k4495,Paga MN, fiaa_ lnta_rf 112, 34 WHOLE, S2,19o.52, So.76 King Julie A _ng, 7 Normandy 1_2 Fixed Week _ Fixed Un_, 319, 13 ODD,S2,5O1.44.SO.72 including_e b_ach orde_uW, AwignedY_ AnDuntof_8n; 4T0 JOHN HELMS a LAURA p& Diem g4.6o, D&auW Tl_Dthy Alaxander 15 Valarie GDv8 Swimon Mancha_er, WD-329,41 EVEN,S2,61O.13. RobinLFa_ey15_S.HillcRrt not_ ofwhid was s& forth PerDam_unt HELMS, 9625 LAWRENCE LN B_ance S12,791.83, DatauW Ln Danbu_, CT 06811, 112 M279TW ENGLAND, 1 Fixad $0.81 AveCl_a&.FLN756-Q58, in a No_ of __uW and Jeanene s Jon6s _ SPARTA, IL 62286 3832, Date TI1l15, Mort_ge Flxed WeeklFixed Un, WTE- WeeklFixed Unk, WTC-120, K:\FORECLOSURE\2775T. 1_2 F_ed w_hl F__ Un_ lm&rt to F__ pDv__ Phil_Dm Dr Mari&B GA fin_sha_ Unk16O2O6, _k Reco_ 4117114in OR ok 438,270DD,$2,477.92,S0.72 22 WHOLE, W,481.77, S1.11, WG Towen HOA y_\ WTC-32O,44MN,t1,666.78, to _e la_ _ow add_ ot _, 1n #| _n-F_& 33. Biennial NEN, fimesha_ 4596, Page 2423 RICHARD E Cha_85 Me_o Gail Me_o 34 Gemini lnvesbat Partn&s. Pashena._WOS. PuB. _0.54. O___s).(_ M_.A_,by w_ flo_ Unh. w-_. 17 lnt_ 1l2, p& Diem $5.46, HOM a LARETHA HOGG, Me_o Ln W6rt_d.N 05494, lnc, A Flonda Copo_tion PASTRANA.doG K:\FORECLOSURE\2T757. Cert____&ad M_| or by ODD. S2.426.6o, So.74 _hano De_uW B&ance $15,052.34, 41_ BENO_ DR PLANO, TX 1n F_ed Week _ F_ed Un, Po Box 138039 Clermont, FL Augu_t18,25,_1T WG Towen HOA _\ publi_ionby_6und8nign6d Martinez6_ N Ea_St Plano, De_uW D_e &1115, Mortgage 75024,fin_sha_ Unrt 211102, w-540. 16 EVEN, S2,289.a5, 34_13, 1_2 #| Season-Flo_ L 156993 Goalwin._5WOS. PuB. T___, _|| sell _ public IL _ Nori Marfin6z 702 R_ld8d 912y13in OR Book w_k 3. Annu_. fin_sha_ So.74 Jose F Valde_ama Week l Flo_ Un, WTC-319, GOALWIN.doc aurf_ntothe hh_ bi_ E. Edge_w D. Plano. IL 4507. Page 2346 ERIC lntere_ |, Per Diem $7.37, Cla_IMurillo 233 G_uperN 1ODD,g2,501.44,$0.72,Jose nu__ 18, _, _1T __w_|__ot_eUn_ _J1_4, 1n F_ed _ BROOKS B CHRISTIE De_uW Balance $20,075.00, Poinciana, FL34759, 112 Fix_. Mejia Jose F Mej_ F_ncisca NoncE OF TRumE's L1569g_ s__ofA_&_on_ehom F__ Unrt. WD7, 48 ODD, OVERMAN, 3_ RAIFORD De_uWDate&15l15.Mortgage w-637,38 EVEN, S2,2B9., Colin Ca_os o Majia 10T Cart uu __s of_e o___ Coun_ t2,732.6o, SO.T6 m_ L RDPONCHATOUL_ LA7_, R_rded vv15 in OR Book 8O.74JogeEdsonSalesYu_n B_nch Cirtle G_wood, DE wEsTGnTE TOWERS . Cou__. 2 courmouse Pheo 4832 Fieldg_ Dr. Tla_un_1_,_k 4729. Page 844 LAWAN E K_ia Maria Da Siha Wo 19950,1 F_ed _k_Fixed On September 14, 2017, _ NoncE OF TRUSTU'S Squa_, Kls_m_, norida Won6 Mountain. GA _- 45, B_nni_ ODD, fi_&ha_ MACIOALVA_,1_4EAST Ywim Rua PeRira Nun&, Unk, WTC-323, 13 WHOLE, 11:_ a.m., GREENSPOON uu 34741,&lrigM,thlaandim_ 35M, 1n #| Season-Fbat lnt&_ 112, p& D_m S4.93, HOWEU ST PHILADELPHIA, 107_1202 lnga Nkeroi, 242n- $2,219.70,S0.75 MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine wuTGnnTowERsNoR_ in _e pD_ Wat8dinth6 w_ no_ Unrf, DDDD1.46 De_uW B_ance S13,525.49, PA 19149, fi&a_ Unk 430 BRAZIL, 112 Fixed We_ K:\FORECLOSURN7757.WG St_at, Surte 500, O_ando, On Sept_ 14, ZO1T. _ Co_ of __ Fbrid4 ODD.W,238.7O,SO.65 _ De_uWDale6l15l15,Morfgaga 211104, Week 27, Annual, Fixed Unit,WTE-642,5 ww, Towen HOA (N_\Dias.OO9_ Florida 32801, as Tw_aa 11:_ a.m.. GRUNSPOON _ m:W Exhibrt _A_ M_|_ Lyn F M_|_ Re_ded v1&14 in OR Book fimesha_lme__1,PerDiem $2,289.45, $0.74 John E_ punuantto thatAppoima MARDER, PA, 201 L Pine fi_ M_ lm_s) (s_ 31_ lngl6wood Ave s Apt8 4572. Paqe 516 DANIEL 812.T6. De_uW Balance odili Origbo Priwilla N E_t Augu_t18.U,_1T of T_rt_ _rded on May _, hke _, _do. M_k .A_ _rding to Me Minn_I, MN 55416. 1n _SN ED.5_BAGWEU S34.614.o8, DetauW Dale D_nLFontaine216Whrtblk L156992 11, 201T, in O.R. Book 5147, florida 32801, as Twrt_ fi_M_PB__gale F__ W_wed Unh, DDD- CIR DAwsoww,GAm34 &1y15. M_ _rded DrLondon,SW196SWUNIT_ at Page 264, of Me Public punuam to _ Apporma Va_n vlB _._rdedin 02, 11 ODD,t4.123.51, S1.o8 5031, fim_ha_ Un 17_, y16n5inoRBook4748,Page KINGDOM. 1_2 Flxed w_ Recod5 ot Osceola County. ot Twrtee ___ on May omca R_ld5 Booh 1072, J8anM_B_53935M_r Week 8,Triennial_ fiaa_ 2724 JORGE LUIS PABON Flxed Unh,WTE-642.35 EVEl, NOTICE OF TRusnE's Florida. by _ason ot a now 23. 2017, in O.R. Book 5152, a_ Pag6 1194, ot th6 Publ_ _ Youngrtown, OH 44511, lm&_ 1_3, p_ Dm S3.27. VELQ a HAYDEE DELGADO $2,289.44,S0.74. SALE co_inuingd6_uWbyObligo_s), _ Page w3o, ot the Publ_ R_s ot _la Coun_. 1n F__ _klFw_ Unk. De_uW B_ance S8,689.73, VELAZQUU, 118 CAUE K:\FORECLOSURW7758.W WESTGATE TOWERS ISee Exhibh .A_. whose R_rds ot __ Coun_, norida @e _P_n_. T_&B DDD#, 24 ODD, 84,123.51, De_uW D_e 9_1_15, Mortgage BONDADLASPIEDRAS,OO771 Tow6n North HOA (N___ On Sept_ber 14, 2017, at add_Nis(S8eExhibh.A_,in nor_4 by _n ot a now wrm M6 rigM to otcupy. 81.O8Ga_RH_WDaw R_ld8d 6ny14 in OR Book PUERTO RICO,fimesha_ Unk Santos.OO86\NOS.PUB.DQ 11:oo a.m., GREENSPOON _F8 pay&t or perfom&ce cominuingde_uwbyoblo_s), punuamto_ePlan,Buildingls) H_ 4527 Edg6 c_ Ln 462T, Pag6 1274 JOHANNA 19505,Week1,BiennialEVEN, SANTOS.doc MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pin6 oftha obligations Bu_d by (s_ Exhibk _A_. whose l Unrt(s) l Unrt _k(s) _ A_inglon.M76O17, 1nFwed CATAUNA GARC# _WA fim_ha_ lnte_ 112, P6r hugu_18,U,_1T St_at, Su_e 5_. O_ando. said Claim of Len Bod8d Mibh_A_,in Assnad Yaa_s). (s_ Exhibk W_klF_ed Unk, DDD-_, 10 JOHANNA GARC_ MUNOZ, Diem S4.56. De_uW Balance L1569I Florida 32801, as Tw_6e in O.R. Book 5093. at Paga Me pay_nt or p&_m_n_ _A_. T7_ _g_6 Bhd. ODD.t4.123.51.81.O8. p__ 68_ HEARDSNW RD $12,485.83, Da_uW Dat6 punuant to that Appointment 21-26, ot the Public Ratods of the obligal_ns __ by _srm_. n 34T47 __n Mo_ 2401 Ba_ona D. Fort CUMMING, GA 30028, &15_15, Mo_gage Recorded of T_stae _toded on Mey of OK8ola County, Florida. s_d Cl_m ofB ___in Tlme Ma_ p_n pDp8M __.TX 76131-1711 8Bca Tlmesha_ Unh 170903. Week 4_20115in OR Book4766, Page NoncE OF TRumE's 11, 2017. in O.R. Book 5147. includingth6b_achord6_uW. O.R.Book_._Page_- Add__Sad _ _|| be Mo_ 6728 Park Vl_a Bhd 8, Trienni_ _ Tlmesha_ 1987 CRAIG L WATERS _ SALE at Paga 375, of th6 Public noti_ ofwhith was settoM _, ot the Publ_ R_ods _ (w_ort _v_ams, or Fort worm, TX 76137. 1n lnt_ 113, p_ D_m $3.27, D_NE CHESTNUT AIWA wEsTGAn TOWERS Recods ot OKaola CounV. in a Notite ot De_uW and ot OK_la Coun_, florida. wanaW, exp_u or inplied, F_ed W__ed Unk, DDD- De_uW B_an_ S8,689.73, D#NE wAnRs _WA D#NE On Sep\ember 14, 2017, | Florida, by _ason ot a now lnl6nt to FoBbs8 pDvid8d intludingtheb_dorde_uW. _garding _\atrtle. poss6Mion 04, 29 ODD. $4,123.51, g1.o8 De_uW D_e 9_1115. Mortgage BEL_ 10036 KIMBERLY CT 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOU continuingd8tauWbyObligo_5), to the last know add_N ot not_e ot which was B tor_ or ancu__) to pay the Patricia Ann #I6n 23 Polk R_rd_ _23_14in OR Book WARRENTON, VA 20186, MARDER, P.A., 201 E. PiB (Sae Exhibit "A_, whose Oblig_,(SeeExhibk_A_,by in a Notice of D&auW and unpad_du8in_le Ave H_ead, NY 11550. 4627. Page1274 ANTONIO M fimesha_ Unrf 17_, Week St_et, Sue 500. Orland, add_Mis(S88 Exhibrt_A'_,in certm Regirte_d Mailorby lment_to Fo&lose pDv_ _unl ot (s_ Exhibrt .A_, 1n F_ed __xed Unk, CHACON,2121 PARNEUAVE 11. Trienni_ A, Timesha_ Florida 32801, as T_Ae the payment or p8rformanc6 publitalion bytheundenigned to the _ know add_ of w_ int_ __ing al _e DDD-04. 42 ODD, $3,3_.93. FORTWAYNE,IN468_ M36, lnterert 113, P6r Diem $3.58, punuant to that Appointmet ot the obligations secu_d by Tw_86, will sell at public Obligo_(_Exhibk.A_,by _6 ot (s_ Mibh .A_ _ So.83 John A vllis 16421 fi&a_ Unh 14304, Week De_uW Balance $9.785.82, of Twstee &orded on M_ said Claim otLen Rcord6din aurfion to M6 high6rt bidd_ W agirt&ed Mail or by day, pu_amto _18fi_shaR _nb& FI6_ Dr. Huntenville, 37. Trienni_ C, %m85ha_ De_uW Date 711115, Mo_gage 11, 201T. in O.R. Book 514, O.R. Book 5093, atPage 151- torlaw_lnDn8y otthe Unkad publiBionby_eundenigned p_n, advan_. rf anL, und6r NC 28078-5931, 112 F_ed lnte_ 1_3, p_ Diem S2.75, R_ded U4J15 in OR Book at Page 127, of the Pubt 157, ot the Public Records s\atesofAmerica,onthef_m T_rtee, will sell al publ_ the tenw of said laim ot We8_F_6d Unk. DDD-04. 5_ De_uW B_an_ S8,465.38, 4731, Page 621 Records of Osceola Coun1, ot Osceola Counly, Florida, steps ot the O5ce0la County aurtion lo the highe_ bidd& Len, chagas and expansas of ODD. g4,123.51, $1.08 Paul L De_uW Date 10_1114, Morfgage (40839.01 14) FIDrida. by _ason of a n_ includingthe b_ach ordetauN, Courthouse, 2 Courfhouse brlawhlnDn8y ofthe Un_ _e Trurf_ and ot _e w_s Duncan Sr Pa_cia F DuMan R_ded 7117114 in OR Book August18,25,_1T tontinuingde_uWbyObligor(!, notice ot which was set forth Squa_, KiNimme8. Florida S_es ot_ onMehom c_ed by s_d C_m ofLen. 1208 Ca_isle Ave Macon, GA 4637, Page 2255 CESAR L157O47 (See Ewhibrt wA"), who9 in a Notice ot De_uW and 34741,allright.thleandinte__ _eps of Me O_la Coun_ Obligo_s) rn&| have _e rigM 31204, 1 Flxed Wee_F__ AUGUSTO VELASQUU SILVA addreNis(S88 Exhibk_A_,_ lntent to Fo_lose pDvid8d inlhe pDp8rty s_u_edinthe courmouse, 2 Courthouse to __ _e d&BuW and any Unk, DDDD5. 31 WHOU, a MIGUEL ANGEL LAVERDE the payment or performano to the la_ known add_w ot CouW of Ow_la, Florida, Squa_, KiNim_, norida junior lienhold_ sh_| have 811,243.3T,82.85Tarnig,UC., ENCISO. CALU 25 B 43 64 NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S ot the obligations Bu_d _ Obligo_,(See Exhibh_A"), by described as:(See Exhibrf _A_ 34T41,allrigM,thleandint_ th6 rightto _deem hs inle_rt A Nevada Lmed Labil_y _ APTO 201 BOGOTA, ULE said Claim ot Lien Bordd certm Regi_e_ Mailorby fime Sha_ lnterest(s) (See in _e pDp8rty skuated inthe up to the date the Tw__ Company 3605 _porf Way COLOMB_, fi_sha_ Unk WESTGATETOWERSNORTH in O.R. Book 5093, at Pa_ publicalion by_heundenigned Exhibrf .A'_ according to the Coun_ of OKeola. Florid4 issues _e c6rfmcat8 ot S_e South S6aWle. WA 98134. 210801, Week 48, Annual, On September 14, 2017, _ 36-42, of the Public R8CON T_stee, will sell at public TlnPSharingPlanforWertgate described _: (s_ Exhibh bypangthe_unkdueas 1n F_ed _Mixed Un_, fi_sha_lnterert1,PerDiam 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON ot Osteola Coun_, Florid. au_ion _o the highe_ bidder Towen, _ded in omcial .A_ fi_ s_ lme_ms) ortl__above.By:AMANDAL. DDD-12, 2 ODD, S4,123.51, S7.55, De_uW Balante MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine includingthe b_ach ordetau, torlawhl money ot_he Unked Re_ds Book 1364. at Page ls_ Mibh .A_ as defin_ in CHAPMAN,ArthorizedAgent S1.o8 Joge D Rosa Bonilla S2o,482.89, De_uW D_e St_t, Suke 500, Ollando. notice ot which was s_ fon Stal_ otAn&ca,onthe honl 42T, olMe Public R8cord5 ot _F8 Declatation of Covenanb, QHIBrr _A_ - NoncE OF Angeles Pagan Garcia 23355 &15115, Mortgage Re_rded norida 32801, as Tru__ in a Notice of De_uW a_ _eps of lhe Osceola County Osceola Coun_, Florida (the Condhions and Re_n_ions TRumE's ULE NE 11&h T6r. Fort Mkoy, FL 10/T115 in OR Book 4853, Page punuant to that Appointment lntent to FoBlose p_vidB Courthouse, 2 Cou_housa _Plan_. Togather wkh the nght for Wa_g_e Tow6n North, Owner(s)_Obligor(s)ILast 32134. 1n _| S8a5on-Flo_ 12o5DANIELBRowNaAN_A of T___ _lded on May to the la_ known addRs5 f Square, Kissimmee, Florida to occupy, punuanl to the &orded in omcial R_ords Known Add_N; fi_Bsha_ __ Floal Un_, EEE-01, 35 BROWN, 258 MALVERN DR 23, 2017, in O.R. Book 5152, Obligo_s), (See Exhibk "A'_, t 34741 , all right, title and int8l8_ Plan, Building(sT l Unk(s) l Unh Book 1823, al Page 414, of lnte_rt; Bui_ingl Unk; w_kl EVEN. S2,419.58, $0.79 _b&to VENICE, FL 34293, Tlmesha_ at Page 2360. ot the Public certmedlRegirte_d Mail or b in the proper_ shuated in the Week(s) l Assigned Yea_s). Me Public R_ods ofOst_la AssnedY__u_otLen: Cha_haRie Mirta Go_ De Un 210412.W_k19,Annual, Ratods ot OK8ola County, publicalion bythe undenigna County ot OK_la. Florida, (See Exhib_ _A_. 7600 w |_o Coun_, Fbrida @e _Plan_. PerD_m_um Cha_heRie 9 De Julio 844 Tlm8shaRlnt8__1,PerDiem Florida, by _ason of a now Twstee, will sell _ publ: deKribed as:(S88 Exhibk _A_ BDnson Memori_ Highway, Toge_& whh _e right to Lau_ J H6ppn_12341 Drake B_nal, 01876 ARGENnNA, 1 S1.64. DetauW Balante conlinuingde_uWbyObligo_s), aurtion to the highe_ bidd_ Time Sha_ lnte_rt(s) (See _Nimm88, FL 34747 me_in occupy, punuant to the Plan, StNWMinneapolis,MN 55448, Fixed WeeMixed Unh, EEE- \ $5,914.52. DafauW D_e (See Exhibh _A_, whose forlaw_lmoney ofthe UnkB Exhibk _A_) accoding lo the _ime Share Plan p_perty) Building-Unh(See Exhibk _A_, 1_2 F_ed WeeM_ed Unrf, 03, 3 WHOLE, $1,462.99, &15_15. Mo_gage Recoded add_N is(See Exhib_ _A_. in States olAmerica,onthefro[ Tin_Sharing PlanforWestgate Add_ss_Said sale will be during Unh Week (See Exhibk u-102, 7 ODD, $2,080.60, $0.52 Ann6_8 c Maxwell Dr 9nv15in0RBook4845,Page the payment or performance rt6ps ot the Osceola Coun_ Towen, recordad in omcial made (wkho_ covenants, or _A_. during _signed Year $0.63 Ca__n Hyslop 5026 J_s A Maxw&| Gillian M 1663 FRANCISCO DEUON ofthe obligation5 secu_d by Courthouse, 2 Cou_hou9 Retods Book 1364, _ Page wa_an_, 8xpr8N or implied, (See Exhib__A_. 7_0 w. |_o Hil M_ Drive S_e 204 Di_W Maxwell 1041 Gauguin Dr SALINAS. 2417 BENDING s_d Claim ot Len recoded in Squa_. Kissimmae, Flori_ 427, ot th6 Public Recods of Rgading the thle, poss8Nion BDnson M&_ri_ Highway, HeigMs, MD 20747, 112 #| figinia Beach, VA 2_. 112 TRAIL AusnN. TX 78744. O.R.Book5O6O,atPage2917- 34741.allright.trfleandintere_ Osceola Coun_. Florida (the or ancumbrances) to pay the _Nimm88. FL 34747 me_in _n-Fb& _k_ floatUnrf. 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Page 458 SERGIO to the last known address ot Towen, retorded in O_icill Kissimmee. FL 34747 (he_in the terms ot said Claim of unpaid aM_sm8nkdu8inM8 Win_on 11025 Lewi_own Rd $0.77 Brian D lngle Jennrf_ DANIELSAUNAS,371PURPLE Obligo_s),(See Recods 8ook 1364. at Pa_ "Time ShaP Plan (P_perty) Lien, chages and expenses of amount ot (See Exhibh _A_, Ashland, VA 23005-8031, Ken s lngle 2737 MaNasok Lane MARnN AVE mLE.Tx 78640 CertifiedlRegi_e_d Mail orby 427, ofthe Public Recods rf Address_Said s_e will be the T_stee and of the t__s wM inte__ acc_ing at the E Dabney, 10266 Jame_own Lafaye_e, IN 47909, 1 All 2126, TlmeshaR Unrf 160207. publication by the undenigned Osceola Coun_, Florida (t_ made (wkhoLrt covenants, or created by said Claim of Len. _te ot ISea Exhibh _A_ par Rd Ashland, VA 235005-8031. Season-Float Weekl Float Unk, Week 44, Biennial ODD. T_rtee, will sell at public _Plan"). Together wrth the rigW wa_an_, express or implied, Obligor(s) shall have the right day, punuant to the fin_sha_ 1 F_ed, MM-07, 31 WHOLE. EEE-06, 32 WHOLE. $3,633.27. Tlmesha_ lnteP5t 112, Per aurtion to the highest bidder to occupy, pursuant to t_ _gading the title, possession to cu_ tha d6tauW and any Plan, advances, h any, under S16,32O.64, S3.69 Lupe Farias $1.19 A_onio Vazquez Maria Diem $4.30, DefauW Balance tor lawful money of the Unked Plan, Building(s) / Unrt(s) / Unl or encumbrances) to pay the junior lienholder shall have the te_ ot said Cl_m ot 2O4 E. WashinQon _ Round M Vazquez 717 Fiot Ave $1 1 ,822.13, DefauN Date States of America, on the front Weah(s) / Assigned Year(s, unpaid assessments due in the the right to _deem hs intererf Len, chages and ewpenses of Lake, IL 6_73, 1 _| Saason- B_hlehem, PA 18015, 112 _|