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August 25, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 25, 2017

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PAGE 268 HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 25, 201T supplements theRto. Meadow Hall Way, Lagos P.A., 1601 W. Colonial Dr., County, Florida (the Plan), as 25, Biennial EVEN, fimeshare topo&on 1489 MIGUEL A NUZ, 27375 Week 34, Biennial ODD, Obligors shall have lhe right lo 1_1. Nigeria: Morfgage O_ando, FL 32804, as Twstee anPnded hom time to time. lnte__ 112. Per Diem $6.49, OnSeptember14,2O17at2:3O ROCK ROSE LN APT 204 fimeshare lnt_ 112, Per cuPthe defauw and anyjunior &ordedonJune18,2O14:O.R. in the Appoimment recorded Together whh the right to DetauW Balance $18,712.34, p.m.GREENSPOON MARDER. CANYONCOU_,CA91387 Diem $5.07, De_uW Balance lienholder sh_| have the right Book 4625 _ Page 10N Publit _ O.R. Book 4542 _ Page oKupy, punuant lo the Plan. DefauW Date 3/1/15, Mortgage 1OO West Cyp_ss C_k Road, 5175, fim8shaR Unrf 16201, $14,570.03. DefauW Date to redeem rt5 inte_ up to R8colds of _la Coun_, 2219 ofthe Public Recods ot AMigned Unh Week (SEE Recorded 4/21/15 in OR Book Suke 700, Fort Lauderdale, FL Week 3, Biennial ODD. 4115115, Mortgage Recoded the date the tw_ee iwues the FL. Tol_ Due: 814,1o5.46 as OKeola Coun_, Flonda, will _HIBIT Al and Assigned Unrt 4766, Page 2925 JERMEY w N3O9. as T_stee punuant to TlnPsha_ ln_8R_ 112. Per 4117114in0RBook4596,Page ce_mcateofsalebypayingthe of Janua_ 10, 201T, inte_ sell at public Aurtion to the (SEE _HIBIT A), in ANigned LAMPMAN, 1968 OPEN that Appointment of Twrtee Diem $3.80, De_uW Balance 2841 SHANIQUE T GA_IN amounts due as outlined inthe S5.9Operdiem;d8Krib8d as:A highert bidder of u.s. h_nds, Year(SEE _HIBITA). MEADOWS RD ASHVILLE, NY Rtorded on June 09, 2017, S1o,947.5o, DefauW D_e GREEN, 6974 VISTA CT pPceding paragraphs. 84._01150.916,_ undivided in cash orcertmed _nds on_. 3001Pa_wayBlvd,KiNimmee, 14710.TlmeshaP Un_21_O1, in O.R. Book 5161 at Page 4/1_15, Mortgage R8cod6d CHARUSTON, SC 29406. Augusl 18, 2s, _1T inte__ in Unrf 108: AnnuaU on Sept_ 11. 201T. at FL 34747 merein _me Share Week 25, aiennial EVEN, 1619 ofthe Public Records of 611_12in OR Book 4278, Page Tl_Psha_ Un_ 11501, Week L156981 _|_ed 84,_ Pointsforuse 9:05 am, _ Oranga L6gal, 722 Plan(P_perfy)Add_ss") fimeshare lnte__ 112, Per Osceola County, Florida, by 634 MILVIA CHAMAU _WA 42, Triennial B. Timashare by _e G_nt_ in Each y_s). p_rick sh_. KiNimmee, Said salewillbe made(whhout Diem $6.49, DelauW Balance _ason of a now tontinuing MILV_RCHAMAUDIGHERO, lnte_st 113, Per Diem 82.53, BENJOHNSIYA_AZl,CAROL norid 34741, all rigM. t_le and covenants, orwa_an_, ewpress $18.712.34, De_uW Date defauW by Obligor (s), (See 14167 _VEN ST SYLMAR.CA DefauW Balance $6,950.97. NoncE OF TRusnE's FUNGAI SIYAKWASI and inte__inthe pDp8_i8slisted or implied, _gading the trfle, 311115, Mortgage Retod6d Exhib_ _A_ whose add_N 91342, Tlmesha_ Unrf 16201. De_uW Date &1l15, Morfgage SALE PEGGY DORIS SIYAKWAZl, b8lowand__8dinOKeola poss8Nion or encumbrances) 4/21115in0RBook4766,Page is (See Exhibk .A_. in the Week 3, Biennial ODD, R_ded 711y14in OR Book NOTICE ls HEREBY GIVEN, Notice ofDetauW andlntemto Coun_, Florida tor continuing to satis_ th6 unpaid balance 2925 VANESSA D KING pa_ or p8rfom_Me ot fimeshaR lnt_ 1n, p& _. Page 1120 7VR0NE N that Gasditk Stanton Ear_, Fo&lose sent via am_ nonpay&t ot _N_Pnts ot each _pertive Mo_gage FRANKLIN, 3216 186TH theobligationss_uRd bys_d Di_n S3.8o, DetauW Balance GREEN, 113 TRILLIUM RD P.A.. 1601 w. Colonial Dr., R8gi_&8d M_Upublic__nto: (as well as pro_ tawes, R_oded tog&her wkh STREEr HOMEWOOD. IL Mortgage _orded in O.R. $10.947.50. De_uW Date COLUMBIA, sc 29229 6803, O_ando. FL.328O4,asTw_ee 276 Mu_ay Rd, Ln_ln M_ inte__, |_e f_s andlor accwed inte__ inthe amou_ 60430,fime5ha_ Unk2111O6, Book(seeExhibk_A_,_Paqa 411115, Mort_age Retorded Timesha_ Unh 11501, Weak in lhe Appoin_nt _ld_ Unh 3, el_ug, #N co_s.rfapplicabl6)due__her ot (See Exhibrt "A_, whh Week 34, Biennial EVEN. (SeeExhibrf_A").otthePubit 6_1_12in0R ook4278,Page 42, Triennial B. Ti_sha_ at O.R. Book 4542 at Page 03201. Sorth Amta: Mortgage d8Krib8das_llows: int&e_ act_ing _ the rate Timeshare lntarert 1l2, Per Recods ot OK8ola County, 634 MAURICE CRONEUUS lnteR_ 1l3. Per Diem 82.N. 2219 of the Public Racords of _rdedon May11,2O15:O.R. GREG MOZEKE and FELIC_ of (See Exhib_ "A'_ per day, Diem $5.80. D6tauW Balante Florida, intluding the b_ach or SAUNDERS,3419 RYBURN RD DetauW Balan_ $6,950.97. Osceola County, Florida. will Book4777 _ Page 714 Public MOZEKE, Not_e of De_uW punuant to the Timeshare 816,576.64, De_uW Da_e de_uW,noti_otwhichwass& RICHMOND, VA 23234 6546, D_auW D_e &1_15, Mortgage sell _ public Au_ion to me Recods of OK_la CouW, and lntem to FoBlose senl Plan, advana, rf any, under 4_1115, Mortgage Recoded torthin a _oticeofDe_uW and Tlwha_Unk55O2,Wk43, R_o_ed 7115_14 in OR Book highe_bidderofU.S._nds,in Fl Tot_ Due: $12,971.63 as via __Regi_&ed Mai_ lha tenw of said Morfgage, 4129115in0R8ook4771_Paga |_ent to Fo_lose p_vided Triennial A, fim8shaR lme__ 4636, Page 1120 YSAIAS cash orcertmedtundson_.on ot Janua_ 10, 2017, int_ public_ionto:3O4VILLARIDGE chages and expenses of 1354 SHELIA BROWN, 1276 E to the __ known addRN of 113. Per Diem S2.13, De_uW ANI8AL PEROZO CUENCA 6 September11,2O17_9:_am, S_.29perd_m;_bedas:A p_, LAWRENCEVIUE, GA the Tw_ee and of the tw_s 186TH ST CLEVELAND, OH Obligo_s),(S68 Exhibh_A_,by Balance S5,86o.48, De_uW NURIS JOSEFINA PEROZO at Orange Lega, 722 p_rick 84.__150,916._ undi_ 3_: Cl_m of Len r_orded G_ated bysaid Mortgage. 44110,Tlmesha_ Unk 210806, certmedlRegi_ePd Mail or by Date &15115, Mort_age CUENCA. AVE PRINCIPAL LAS St_et. Kiwim_, Florida inle_rt in Unh 1_: AnnuaU on Jan_ 30, 2017; O.R. Obligo_s) shall have the right Week 40, Annu_, fi_sha_ publica_ion bytheundersigned R_orded y1V13in OR ook DEUC_S RES _LLA REAL 9 34741.allrigM.tkleandinte__ _located84,O_Poinbtoruse Book5O93atPage1T26Public to cuP the d6tauw and any lnte_st 1. Per Diem $9.59. Tru_ee, _|| sell _ public _, Pag6 23N SHANEIKA CABIMAS ZUUA 4013 in thB p_perties li_ed below in bythe Gramee in Each y_s). Re_rds or OK6ola Coun_. junior Lenholder shall have De_uW B_ante S27,321.23, aut_on to the highe_ b_d_ NICOU ALSTON, 17 N ELM VENQUELA, Tl_Prna_ Unk Osteola CouW. Florida tor VERENDA _OLA WEEWS, FL Tot_ Due: S1,557.97 as ot the rightto _e_n _s inteR_ De_uW D_e 4_1115. Mo_gag6 _rlaw_| nDn8y otthe Unked AVEHENRICO,VA23O751432, 1_7_, w_k 24, Annual, continuing nonpayat of _e Notice ot_w and lmemto _16,2016;described up to _e da_e tha Twrtaa R6_rd_ 412v15 in OR Book SBes ofAn_rica. atthe hont finPrna_ Un_55O2,_k43, fiaa_lnt8l8rt1, ParDiem periodic payT_ms dua und& Fo&lose sem v_ am_ as: A 64,_1490,299,0_ iyues the c8rfmc_6 ot Sa_ 4767, Page 1725 HUGH R _eps ofMe OK6ola County Tri8nnialA,fim6shaRlnt&8st S9._, De_uW Baance the _Drtgag8s d8K_ Regi_&_ M_U Rublic__n und__int&din Phasell: by pang the amoulrfs due MCBRIDE a UNDA M Courthouse. 2 Cou_house 113. p& Di6m S2.13, De_uW S25,4T9.21, De_uW Dale b&ow. as tolbws: to: Lyden Hill. . PhiliP. BIENN_U_loc_6d 128.000 as ortlined in th6 pPceding MCBRIDE, 2860 HAGUE AVE Squa_.NNimm88,FL 34T41. B_ance t5,86o.48. D6_uW 6_1_15, Mort_ R_ded MARQUES SHONTAE HIU Barbados: Mortgage _ed PointsforusebytheG_nteein p_raph. To cu_ the detauW SARASOTA, FL 34234, &lrigM,t_B andint&_inMe Date &1y15. Mortgage 411T_14in0R 4596, Page and ANGEL ZYQUESE onJanua_ 5.2016;0.R.8ook ODDye_. exp_ined in _is Nolice you fi_rnare Unh _,Week1, pD_shual8dintheCoun_ R_o_ y1V13in OR B_k 1_3 DA_D T BARGO, 828 CAMPBELL Notice ot DefauW 4894 _ p_e 1474 Publ_ JANEW HUMPHR_ mu_rem_the_untyounow Biennial ODD, fin&hare ot _I4 Fbrida, d__ _,Pag62M3RICKYROSS, SAM PARKER RD GRAY, KY and lntent lo Fo&lose & Records of __ Coun_. No_ot_Nandlntemto owe.assel_Min_hibk_A., lnte_ 1_2, p& Diem $5.13, _: 512 w suMnR ST SHELBY, 40734 6780, Tlmeshara Unh via c&tm_ R_i__ FL To_ Due: t14,_.18 as FoBbs8 & via am_ intluding_ep&diem_unt D_uW B_ance S14,692.89, (SEE _HIB_ _ fi_B Ma_ NC2815O4329.fi_Bsha_Unh 2101_, _k 23. Annu_, M__ publica_on to: 820 ot Jan_ 10, 201T, int_ R_i_&ad M_Vpubl_a_on breach d__llowingthed_a D8_uWDat64J15_15,Morfgag8 lnt__(s) as defined in the 15705. Weak 4, Annu_, fi&a_lnt_1.P_ D_m Highway 17. las. AL 36919- S5.67pard_m:d_crib_as:A to: 811 wEsTMINsnR DR, ofthis notic8thDughth8 date R8colded 4n0_15 in OR 8ook Declaralion of covenarm. fi_BshaRlm8_rt1,P&D_m S8.85. Oe_uW B_ance 5601; Mo_gage _orded on 84,__150,916._ und_ded ORANGE PAR_ FL 32073; paym6ntismad8.ltyouthoos8 4766,Page1030BRIANLIPSKl CondioM and Res___ns S6.88. D&auW __ S24,_o.74, _w D&e September 19, 2013; O.R. ilrt8_in Unrt 111; Bi_niaU Claim ot Len &old8d on tocu_thede_uWBtorthin a RACHAEL M UPSKl, 514 _rVaca_DnVll__P_ay, t17,645._, De_uW Dale 611y15. Morfgage R_ld8d Book 4505 at Page 498 Public __ed 168,_ Poink tor Janua_ 30, 2017; O.R. Book MisNot_e.thetull_umdue AMHEMDROSHAWAON,L1G as _rdedin ci_ R_s &1_15, Mort_ge R_ 4nv15in0Raook4T67,Page R_ds ot _la CouW, u58 by _e Gramee in odd 5_3 al p_e 1659 Publ_ mu_ be Rmm_to: LANDO 2J5 C_A.fi_Bsha_Unh Book 1591, at Page 379, of 11125_13 in R B_k _, 1836 ROBIN L PARSL_ 24 FL. Total Due: S8,379.26 as y_s). R_s ot __ Coun_, RESORTS coRPo_noN, 15103,W_k26,B_nni&0DD, the Public R8__5 otOK_la Page 2308 _CTOR_ NICOLE BEE QUICK w GRAY, KY of Feb_ary 7, 2017, int_ QUINON DEOR_E MIWR, FL T_ Due: t882.54 as of At_: Jane_ Cuebas, Debl fi_shaR lnt__ 1n, Per Counly, norida (the Plan). as DEGREE ROSS.PO Box 285 40734 _. Tl_&hal8 Unk 83.7Op&di_;de_bedas:A Not_ot__uWandlntemto _16,2016;d8Kribed Resolrtion Deparfment. 5405 Diam $2.20, DetauW Balan_ am6nd8d hom time to time. WACO, NC 28169. fi&a_ 2101_. w_k 23. Annu_, 64,__150,916,_ und_id_ Fo_ _rt v_ c6rfm_ as: A 63,_1420,960.000 Dip_n_t Ci_le Sle. 106, $6,421.21, DefauW Dale Tog&her whh _e right to Unk 15T05, _k 4.Annu&, fi&a_lnl_rt1,P_D_m inte_st in Unh 108; AnnuaU Ragi_&_ M__public_ionto: undivid6d inte__ in Phase |; O_ando, FL 32810 beto_ the 3115_15, Mo_gaga R8_d6d oKupy. pu_am to the Plan, Tl_sha_lm_1, p_ D_ S8.85, De_uW B__ _localed64,_O Poimstoruse 1895 W_worth Dr, R_e__e. BIENN_U_loc_ed 126._0 sala date and __B s&forthin 8_28113in0RBook4494,Page Assn_ Unk w68k (su $6.88, De_uW B_ance t24,_.T4, De_uW D_6 bytheG_eeinEachyea_s). GA 3__2870; Mortgage Po__toruseby_eG_m_in thisNo_ce. 22 YOLANDA EUZABETH _HIB__andANnedUnrt t1T,645.99, De_uW Dale 6_1y15. Mortgage Re__ MATTHEW SINGLETON and __ on Janua_ 15. ODDy_. Daled: Augu_ 7, 2017 VILLACRESES VINUEZA, AVE (SEE _HIBrr _, in ANign8d &1_15. Mo_aag6 R__ 4nv15in0Raook4767,Page HEATHER BROCK, Nobte ot 2016: O.R. Book 4_ al JUL# p_cau_ By: GREENSPOON MARDER, 6 DE DICIEMBRE E ISLA Yaar(SEE_HIB__. 11n5_13 in R Book 4536, 1836 HILDA MILAGRO D8tauWandlnt8mtoFoBlo_ p_e 2881 Pu_ic _ N_of_N_dlntentto Tw_68 ISABELA au_o PICHINCHA, 3001P_ayBhd.WNimm88, Page23O8 MARIE G DO_ VIUANUEVA PORREUO a sant via certm_ Regi_&_ or o__ Coun_, h To_ FoBlo_ _rf _a amedl _NIBIT _n_ ECUADOR, fim8shal8 Unh FL34747_e_n_meMa_ _ JACK 8ENT0N, _ MAR_ GABRIELA sluwl M_U publK__n to: 943 Du8:S14,11O.36asotJanualy Regi_e_d Mai_publication MELODY A HOKE _WA 170401, Week 19, Biennial Plan(P_PW)Add_u_ AVENUEZAPT5B8ROO#YN, NUANUEVA _ _ONY H__ St, Macon, GA 3121T- 10. 2017, int__ 85.72 to: 241 w EDISON AVE, MELODV c SORREW, 33 ODD, Tlmesha_ lnterert 1n, s_d_willben_de_rmort NY 112N. fi&aR Unh SIUN__UANUEV_URBLA 1348; Mortgage Rcord8d on per d_m; d_b_ as: A WIWAMS, AZ _; Cl_m EVENING SUNSET RD Par Diem $4.72, DefauW _v_,or_,e_ 17_2,_16,Tri_ni_C, TRINDADCALU ELARENAL Orfober27. 2015; O.R. Book 84,__71,958._ und__ ot Len Bo__ on Jan_ CEDARTOWN, GA 30125, Balante $16.3_._. DetauW oFi_pli_, _adingthetkle. fin_sha_ lnt&_ 1n. p& QTA 161720 BARUTA 4862 al Paae 21z0 Public int&a_ in Un 102; B_nn_U 30, 2017; O.R. Book _3 at fi&a_Unh12O2,W_k49, Date 11_15_13, Mortgage poaion or encumb_n_) Di_ 83.o7, De_uW B_ance MIRANDA, 1080 NNUUELA, Retords ot K_la CouW. _bc_ed 168._ Poin_ _r p_e 1T04 Public R_rds of Biennial MN. Ti_PshaP Recorded1V5_12in OR Book to satis_ _e unpaid balan_ S8,5Q.65. De_uW Dat6 Ti_rnaR Unrt 210105, Waek FL Total Due: _,526.67 as use by _e G_m_ in Even _laCoun_,FLTot_ Due: lnte_rt 112. Per Diem a.17. 4361, Page 968 DANIEL of each _spa__e Mortgage 7_15_15. Mo_gag6 R_o_ 13, Bienni_ NEN, fimesh_ of Feb_a_ 7, 2017, inle__ y_s). $2.014.08 as ot D_ember DetauW Balance S16,719.44, JOSEPH DESIATO, 101 Recordad tog&her w_ 1014_13in0RBook4512,Page lnB_ 1n, Per D_ S5.75, 83.66perdi6m:destrib8das:A KE_N B. SAMPU and 16. 2016: deKrib8d as: A DetauWDate7_15l12,Mortgage TYURWAY w MORRISVIUE, aKw8dinle__inth8 _um 2070_Auc_8_NAa De_uW B_an_ S16,469.79, 64,0001188,645,000 und_ided SHARONJ.SAMPU.Noti_ot 77.__420,960,0_ undivided Recoded v2&12 in OR Book NC 27560, Ti_sha_ Un of (s_ Exhibrt _A_, wh RODNEY KEnH BROWN. 502 De_uW Dale 611115, Mortgage intere_ in Unk 103; Biennia_ De_uwandlm_tto Fo&bse ime_rt in Phase |; ANNUAL 4236, Page 0984 PATRON 13_, w68k 50, BiennialODD, int_ actwing al Me _a EcuNToNANA_wAnR,cA R_ld8d _5_14 in OR Book allocated 128,0_ Poims _r at _a __ R_irt&ad ow&shipim_asdes_bed WUAN HOKE, 422 Tl_shaP lnt__ 1n, Per of (See Ewhibh _A_ per day, 9N01,fi_a_Unh210701, 4619, Page 159 FRANCISCO use by Me G_ee in _ M__ publ__n to: 127 in _16 _la__on and 5uch JEFFERSONSTCEDARTOWN, Diem 83.53. DetauW Bante punua_ to the Tlmesha_ Week 15, Annual, Tl&a_ BENA_DES a SANDRA yea_s). _na Ln, Sw_. ow&rnip ime_rf has _ GA3O1253119,fimesha_Unrt $9,950.88, DefauW Da_e Plan, advantes, h any, under lnte_st 1, Per Di&n $11.77, EL_NABARRETO.15RUNET CHASEW.DEASONand RYAN NJ _4071; Mortgage _|_ed77,OOO Poimsloruse 1202,Week49,BiennialEVEN, 6115115, Mortgage Recoded the temw ot said Morfgage, DetauW B_an_ SN,651.5T, CRESCENT FLORENCEVILU B. DEASON, Notice ofDe_uW &old8d on Augurt 16, bytheG_am_inEAcHyear. Timesha_ lnte&t 112, Per 9_4/13in OR Book4497,Page chages and axpens_ ot De_uWD_e4_15_15,Mortgage BRISTOL NB E7L 2x3 and lnt6nt to Fo&lose 6 2013; O.R. Book _ at M EARL JONES and Diem a.17, De_uW Balance 1739GABRIELLEGUIMARAES th6 Tm__ and ot _e burt5 R_orded 9110_14in OR B_k CANAD_ fi&aR Unk via cerfmedl Regirtered MaiU Page 2989 Public Records EUZABETH M JONES, Notice $16,719.44, De_uW Dale DO COUTO RODRIGUES. c__edbys_dMorfgage. 4_3.Page2160 EDDIEDEAN 210301. _ 25, Annu_, publicalion to: 1391 Dews of OK_la CouW. FL Tot_ of De_uW and lm_t to 7_1w12, Mortgag6 Recorded ESTR DA JONASA yNO Obligo_s)sh_lhavethe right NEAL a PENELOPE WONNE fi&a_|_e__1,PerDiem Rd, Moum Holly, AR 71758- Due: t6,599.23 as otJan_ F_s6 at v_ ame_ N&12inORBook4236,Page CONDO WEEKEND APT 407 to cu_ Me detauW and any NEAL, 414 ENGLAND RD $11.83, DetauW B_ance 6121; Mortgage _ded 10, 2017, im_rf 82.43 R_i_&ad M__publicalion _84 wl_ SM_H JR a TORRE B PONTA NEGRA junior Lenho_er shall have TAZEWELL TN 37879, 834.1o2.o1, De_uW D_e on April 1, 2016: O.R. Book per di_; _b_ as: A to: 1N24 WA_ICK BLVD ALESIA YOUNG, 3712 MANAUS AMAZONAS, 89000 the rightto _daem rtsim_ fimes_ Un 21_, Week 311y15. Mortgage R8_lded 4937 at Page 293 Public 84,__188,645._ undivded APT D, NEWPORT NEWS, VA MONTGOMERY WAY BRAZIL, fimesha_ Un up to the dale the Tn___ 33, Annu_.fim_ha_ lm_ 7l1&14inORBook4638,Page Retords of Os_ola Coun_, inteR_ in Unh 103; Annua_ 2_;Claimo1Len &orded SMYRNA. TN 37167 8395, 161oo1, Week 35, Biennial iMu8s the amcate ot S_e 1, p& D_m S11.8T, De_uW 2152 EsTAn OF SANDRA M FL Total Due: $7.413.04 as _|_ed84,_Poin_toru_ on Janua_ 30. 2017; O.R. TlmeshareUnk66O8,Week49, ODD, Ti_aR lme__ 112, by paying tha _unb due B__ S33.193.12, _uW YOUNG, DECEASED clo ot Feb_a_ 7, 2017, ime_rt by_aG_nt_in Eachyea_s). Book5O93_Page1712Public TanialB,fi_BshalBlnteR_ Per Diem $4.54, DetauW as olrflin_ in _e p_ing D_e 611115, Mortgage usnR YOUNG, _ECLrrOR, $3.09perdi8m:d8sMb8das:A FABIO _THUR _BEIRO and _ ot _la County. 1_3, p& Diem g2.25, DefauN Balance $12,536.20, DetauW parag_ph.To CU__T6 de_uW R_oded11n4_14_oRBook 1647 EAST 94TH STREET 52.5__150.916,_ und_d_ RAQUEL _ SATHUR FL Tot_ D_:S2._.87 as of B_anc6 $8,571.62, De_uW D_e 7_15_15, Morfgage explained in this Noti_ you 4699, Page 9T4 ARMANDO BROOKL_N, NY 11236, int&ert in Unh 111; Biennia_ _B_RO, Not_e ot DBauW _16,2016;_bad Dala 7_15_12, Morfgage R6co_8d 8_28_13 in OR Book mu__mktheamountyounow NICOLASTORRES CORREA a Tlma_ Unh 21_, w_k _|_ad 105,_ Poims for and lm&rf to Fo_lose sem as: A 154,_14_,299,000 R_od8d1V1V11inORBoDk 4494, Page 1418 ANTOINE owe,assetforfhin Exhib.A", MABEL MORAUS OUVAS, 25, Bi_ni_ ODD, Tl_a_ use by _78 G_m_ in Even v_ ame_ Regirf&ad M__ und_d8di_6R_in Phas6|||; 4207. Page 1694 DAVID c MAURICE MCLEAN, 134 includingtheperd_m__ CAW CORCEL REAL T13 lnt_ 1n, p& D_ S6.1o, yea_s) . publ_ationto: Ert_da Do Rio ANNUAL ownenhip int6__ SHERRIU a KRISTEN J LIBERrY WOODS DR FORT tor_chday_llowing_6dal8 FRACC REAL CAROUNAS lv De_uW B__ S17,219.46. IRMA GARC_, Notice Morto 95, Bloco 8 C_a 104. as d_b8din_T8 Declar_ion SHERRILL291SUMME_IND SWART, GA 31315, otMis no__ _Dugh Me dale ETAPA CHIHUAHUA CHl, Da_uW Date _1_15, Mo_gage or DelauW and lntem to R_ De_o._n783-210. ar_ wKm __rnip il___ DR CROMNW, TN aT1, ITlmeshare Unk 170108, _k pay_mis_da.wyoud_se 31137M_lc0.nn_shaRunk R_oded 4n9115in OR Book Fo_lo5e _ via __ B_: Mortgage _ on has _ _|__ 154,_ Tl_BshaPUnk_,_k5, -17,8iennialEVEN,fimesha_ to__thede_uwa_r_in 210503. Weak 13, B6nnial 4T71, Page 1141 DAVID Regi__ M_U publit_ion _gu_ 5. 2014: O.R. 8ook p__useby_eG&teein B_nial MN, fi_rnara lnt_ 1_2. Per Diem $5.89. thi_Not_8,th8hlla_Duntdue EVEN, Tlmesha_ lnte_st 1_, DURAN GUEVARA a NANCY _o: 20850 sw 87_ Ave Apl _ _ p_843 Pu_ic EACHy&a_ lnte_rt 1n, Per Diam W.52r Da_uW Balance $16,862.86, muA be _mmed to: LANOO Per em S6.42. De_uW OSORIO VASQUU a DIEGO 305, Crfl& Bay, FL N1_- _rd5 ot _ Coun_, PRKIOUS HARRIS, Notice of De_uW Balance $11,234.61. DetauW D_e 3_1115, Mortgage RESORTS coRPoRAnoN, B_an_ S18,345.91, _w A_DER LOPQ OSORIO. 7405: Mortgage _ad on FL To_ Due: S12,775.63 as _w_dlmemtoFoBlose DelauWDat6&1y14,Morfgag8 R_oded _1y14in OR Book Alb_: Jan6 Cuebas, D6bt Date 4115_15, Mortgage _s T2 u 265 CASA A1 Otlober16, 2015; O.R. Book ofJan& 10, 2017. im&_ & viE &_egi_&ed R_oded1n_12inoRaook 4623,Page55USACHANCE R8solLrfion DeparfB. _ R__1V1_14_ORBook CONJ CACICQUE IMP 4858 at Pa&e 686 Public $5.44_d_m;d_b_as:A M__pub_&_n lo: 19T80 4V2,Page2108JENNIFER L MC_, 1304 DEKORT CIR Dipbm_ CilI_ Sle. 1_. 4708, Page _ RO_ auc_Q COLO_B_. R_ods ot Keola Coun_, 84._150,916._ und_ ATAK_rfA SWORES D, POWERS. 1u3 NE wHm COPPERAS COVE. TX 76522 O_ando. FL 32810 be__ _e LAWRENCE KENDAU _ Tl_ Un_21O2O2.Waek FL Total Dua: _16._T.21 as int_ in Unk 1_; Annua_ HUMBLE M n346; Claim PINE nRR JENSEN BEACH, 1454, TlmashaR Unh 1701_, saledee andtime set_rthin SHANENE_LUAMKENDALL, 29, Annu&, Tl__lnte_rf of Janua_ 9, 2017. im_ _bc_ed84,_P_nb_r_ ol L_ _rd_ on Janua_ FL 3495T, Tlm_ha_ Unrt Week 17, Biennial EVEN. _isNotice. 393CR1214_RKAN_M 1, p& Diem S3.87, De_uW 86.5o p_ diem: d_Mb_ by_aG_nt_in_y_sl. 30,2017; O.R. _ 5093 at 160903, _k 50, Annual, Timeshara lma_rf 1_2, Per Dated:Augu_11,2O17 75501,TB_ Unh 21_, B__ g1o._.72, De_uW as: A 1_,_150,916,_ JAMIE w. ONRSTRE_ Page 170T Public Records of fi_Prna_ln__1,PerDiem Diem $5.89, D&auW Balance By: GREENSPOON MARDER, _ 27, Annu_, Tl_ D_e 1v1y15. Mortgag8 und_d_ inte_ in Unrt 108; Noli_ of__uW and lntemto _la County, FL Tot_ Due: S6.57, De_uW Balan_ $16,862.86, De_uW D&e Tw__ lnt_ 1, p& Di&n t12.89, R__1V1T_14inORB_k Annua_allocat_ 105,_ FoRdos8 s&rt v_ am_ t1,569.32 as of D_amber t25,185.33, De_uW Dae y1l15, Mortgage R8cold_ _NIBrr .n" _auW _ W,4_._, 4T_,Paq62157 Poimsfotus8bytheGlam_in Regirt&ad M_Upubl_to: 16, 2016; d__ as: A 10115_12, Mortgag6 Re__ 6113114in0RBook4623,Page USA L RON, _ RIDGE ST _WDal6&1y_5,Morfgage (4_38.0 12) Each y_s). 1211 Golconda Rd, Lak&and. 77._420,_._ und_ided 4_6111 inORBook4113,Page 55 ERNEST COUMAN JR, APT 3s wAnRBu_ CT R_o_9n1_14inoR Book n__1&_,_1l WANDRO GOMES DE fl N8O1-2121; Mortgage int_in Ph_|;ANNUAL_ 1611KRlsnNJENER0u,3T85 10223 JACK TORRES RD Po _706.Tl_sha_Unrt160404, 4&65, p_e 3 cHRlsnAN L 157046 BARROS and MARC_ _ on Ort_ 21, al_edTT._Poimsbruse S CLEVELAND AN SAINT Box 218 MARINGOUIN, LA w68k 19, Annual, Tlm_ha_ MICHEUALVARUE_LLA HIC_ MOURA DE 2014; O.R. Book 4684 _ byMeG_m_inEAcHyear. JOSEPH, Ml 4_ 8519, 70757,TimeshareUnN11605, lm&e_ 1, p& D_m S6.51. _ PAMELA DEL R_IO BARROS. Notite of DefauW Page 920 Public R_rds ot _| ot FAIRFIELD ORLANDO Tl_sh_ Un_ 160801. Week Waek 19, Biennial EVEN. De_uW BaBce S16.542.N. BUSTOS BETANCOU_ NoncE OF TR_nE's and lntent _o Fo&lose serk _la Coun_, FL Tot_ AT STAR ISLAND, togethar 50.Annual.fi_asha_lnte_ fi_sha_ ll__ 1n. p_ _w Dale 1N5_15. PINAR ALTO CALU E N4821 NU viaam_ Regi__ MaiU Due:S11.T63.88asofJanua_ w__|_purt__M&&o, 1, p& D_m t5.45, De&W Di6m S4.8o, __ Balan_ Mortgage R_rd6d 1v1v11 107 2DA _SNRSAL uNDoREsoRn public_ion to: E_rada Da 10. 2017, im&_ S4.95 _lding and wb_tothe B_ance t16,38o.29, De_uW 813.855.34, De_uN D_e in OR 8ook4207,Page 2885 au_o,EcuADoR.n_a_ coRPoRnnoN, _ no_d& lnd_dencia 18_, c_ p& d_; __ as: A __ ot Cov_k, Date 1_15_15, Mort_ge 4_1_15, Mortgage R_ded MARCIA snPHENsoN. 200 Unk21O7O1,W_k17,Annu_, _on 3, Pe_Dpolis, RJ _J343, 84.__188.645._ und__ Cond_onsandR__nstor R__ 5_13111 inOR ok 6123_14in0RBook4627,Page BLAKESUE ST APT 130 fin_sha_lm&a_1.P&Diem OnS8pt&T_&14.2O1Tal2:3O 8&il; Mortga_ _rd_ inl_ in Unrt 110; AnnuaU F_me_o_ando___lsland 4129, p_6 690 BRIAN 8cHARLIELEEw00Dwa BRISTOL CT 06010 _1, S12.17, _uW B_an_ p.m.GREENSPOON MARDER, on June 9, 201 _O.R. Book _|_ed84,_Po_k_ru_ as_rd8dinO_ci_R_olds HuFsm R, 180 CACTUS MELBA DELOIS WOODL_ Tlm_ha_ Unrt1_,_k S31,321.o1, DefauW D_e 1__Cyp_C_Road, 4790 al Pa_e 2745 Public by_eG&teeinEachyea_s). Book17O9,Page17O1 &seq.. LN SPRING c_ TN 37381. 140 GREENPLAINS RD APT 9 19.Annum, Tl_ha_ lm&_ .1v15_15, Mortgage R_ Suke 7_, Fo_ Laud8lda_. FL Racords ot _la CouW, ROQUECORR_DOAMA_ Publ_ R_ords ot OK8ola fi&a_Un_73O2,W_k5O, EMPOR_ VA 23847, 1. p_ Diem S6.51. D6_uW 4nv15in0RBook4767,Page 3N_, as T__ pufiuamto FL Tot_ Dua: S15.295.45 as nwo and LUC_ XANER County, Fbrida. toge__ w_h Bienni_ ODD, Tlm_hala fi&a_ Unk 170303, _k Balanc6 S16.542.53, D_uW 1976 PAnY N uwls, 138 M& App__t ot T_rtee of Janua_ 10. 2017. im_ DE MOR_S.No_ceofDe_uW ary and _| an&d_ and lnte_rt 1_2. Per Di_ S4.1o, 19, Biennial ODD, Tlm8shar6 Da\e 12ny15, Mort_ge MALLARD DR COLUMBUS, &old8d on June _. 2017, t6.19p_di_;_bedas:A and lm&rt to F_b_ _rt wppB_nb _e&o (the D&auW B_an_ S14,765.oo. lnte_rt 1n, Per Diem S4.72, Recorded1V1V11inOR ok MS 39702 _, fin__ha_ in O.R. Book 5161 _ Page 105,__1.958,_ und_ded via _e_ RegW&_ M_U _Ded_on_. De_uW D_e v1_13, Mortgage De_uW B&ance S14,131.97, 4207, Page 2885 OSCAR Unh 17_, _ 4, 8ienn_ 1448 of_e Public R_ of im_rt in Unk 1_; B_nniaU publKabon to: Rua __da Obligonsh_lhavetharightto Reto_ed 7113112in OR Book DefauW Dae 111_15, Mort_age LAZO, 5 SUMM_ DR APT A MN, Tl_a_ lnte_rt 1n, _B C_n_. Florida. by all_ed 210,0_ Poims tor 89, Vllla _, F_nto De w__ede_uWandanyjunior 4296, Page 436 CARRIE RecodadV1&14inOR ok NEW MIUORD, CT 06T76 p& D_m S3.89, _uW _n ot a now _ntinuing usa by Me G__ in Even Rod4 sP 07813-040, B_il; |_nhold_ rn&| havethe righl HuFsmuR_wAcARRIEA 4571,Page2410L0RIANNST N57, Tl&a_ Unh 1_04. B_an_ S1o,6v.17, _uW de_uW by Obligor (s), (See yea_s). Morfgage__onJanua_ to _ s im_ up to MCGHEE,262SYCAMOREW cLnlR, 260 RAGLAN ST w_k 19. Annu_. fiaaR Date &1y15. Mortgage Exhibh .A_ whose add_N CLAUDIO ANDRADE CONDE 16, 2015; O.R. B_k 4T23 _ _&dal8_ebu__uasth6 SPRING c_ TN 37381. WGODSTOCK, ON N4S 1w8 lnt__ 1. Per Diem S6.51, R_old_2__13inORB_k is (Sae Exhibk .A_, in Me and HEUN cRlsnNA NUNES p_e 1679 Pu__ R_lds a_Qeot_bypangthe fi_Psha_Unh73O2,Week5O, CANADA, fimesha_ Un_ DetauW B&ance S16,542.53, 4399, Page 2030 TRACY s payment or _rmance ot CORRE_ CONDE. No__ of ot _la Coun_, FL Tot_ _nbdueasoWinedinthe Biennial ODD, fim6sha_ 21_, Weak 28, Annual, DetauW Date 1v25115, JACKSON,96O5USHWY9OW the oblig_ions setu_ bys_d DetauW and lntemto Fo&ose Due: S12,451.77 as of Janua_ _g _g_phs. lnt6R_ 1_2, Per Diem $4.10, Timesha_lnte_st1, PerOiem Morfgage Racoded 1v1v11 3N SANANTONIO,TX 78245, Mortgag6 ._ld_ in O.R. sen_ via amedl R_i_&_ 10, 2017, im&arf S5._ nug@18,_,_1T DefauW aean_ $14,765.00, $11.29. De_uW Balance in OR Book 4207, Page 2885 fi&a_ Unh 17_. _ B_k(S_Exhibk_A_,alPage M__ publication to: 2465 per diem; dastribed as: A L157O2O De_uW Date v1l13, Mortgage $32.492.63, De_uW Dala TAnc_ CUNNINGHAM, 82 4, BiennB MN. fi_shaR (s_ Exhibrt.A_,ot_le Publit c82 B88thcDh Rd, lps_ch, 84,_1150.916,_ und_id_ R_od6d 7_1y12 in OR Book y15_15, Mortgage Reco_ed BIDWEU sTwAnR8u_ CT lnte_rt 1n. p_ Di&n S3.89, R_olds of O_la Coun_, hWolklP1 6aB,uK:Mortgaae int_ in Un_ 108; AnnuaU 4296. Page 436 BARBARA 1v1_14 in OR Book 47_, _710.fi_BshaRUnh1_04. D_auW B&an_ S1o,622.17, Florida,includingtheb_ach or BordedonJun81O,2O15:O. . ___ 84._ Poina_u58 NoncE OF TRumE's GRIFFIN, _ RIVER GUN Paga 387 E_ EFRAIN Week 19, Annual, fimesha_ DetauWD&8&15_15,Mortgag6 de_uW.noticeotwhichwasset Book 4791 at Page 324 Public by_TeG_t_in Eadyea_s). uu DR RMRDALE, GA 30296 aulNTERoAGulLARasoNIA |_6_st 1, Per Diem 86.51, R_orded NOI13in OR Book _rthin a Noti_ofDetauWand Records ot O_la County, JORGE ERNESTO GARC_ UNDO RvoRn 2731, fi_share Unk 160208, INES BARCELO HABIB, CRA DefauW Balance $16,542.53, 4399, Page 2030 MONIQUE lmem to Fo_lose p_vid_ FL Total Due: 813,144.67 as FORERO and GUNIS JUD_H coR_noN, a horid_ Week 22. Biennial NEN, 111A148 75 SENDEROS DEL DetauW Date 1N5115. HIL_21NWOODHOUOWLN to _e la_ _ow add_u ot of Janua_ 10, 201T, int_ VIUARREAL PERU, Noti_ _ fi_sha_ lnte_rt 112, Per PARQUE II SUBA FONTANA Mortgage R_oded 1v1v11 APT1D HAMMOND.IN 46323 Obligo_s).(S_ $5.37 per diem; dewribed of De_uW and lntent to OnSept_r7.2O17al2:3O Diem $4.30, De_uW Balance TORRE1 APTO2O4BOGOTA, in OR Book 4207. Pag6 2885 1365, fi_aR Un_ 1707_. gmedlR_irt&ad M_lorby as: A 105._188.645._ FoBlos8 _ via am_ p.m.GREENSPOONMARDER. S14.o45.7o. DefauW Da_e COLOMBIA, fim_ha_ Unh MYRAEscoBEDoaJosE M _ 3. B_nni_ ODO, public__nbytheundenigned undividedinl_ _ Unk1_; R_i_&ad M_U public_ion 1_B_uC_Road. 5_1_14, Mortgage Re_rd6d 2107D3. w68k 21, Annual, MAC#S, 2435 29TH AN NE Tl_Bsha_ lnt_ 112, Per Tw_ee. will sell at public BienniaU_|_ed 210,_ to: c_ 98 134B, 34 Ap_ Suhe7_, Fo_ Laudad_e, FL 1V5_12in0RBook4361.Paga Tlmesha_lnte__1,PerDiem NAPUS, FL 34120 7553, Diam $3.99, De_uW Balance aurfion to Me high_ bidder Poi_storusebyMeG_m_in 102. Bogo_, DiWo Cap_ _. as T___ punuantto 1220 MAURI FERREIRA $9.40, D6_uW Balante fimesha_ Unk 160302, Waek $11,241.19, DetauW Date brlawhlnDney ofMe Un_ed Even y_s). 110121. Cobmbi4 Mortgage that _in_t of T__ee AMORIM B FLAVIA FERREIRA $26,924.17, De_uW Date 49,Annu_, Ti_Psha_ lme_ 6_1y15. Mortgag6 R_orded Stal_ ofAn&a _ Me hont HARMI SUZUKl. Not_ ot __onJu_22.2O16;O.R. _ld8d on June og. 2017, DOS SANTOS, AV JOAO 411_15. Mo_gage Reto_ed 1, Per Diem a.94. De_uW y&13inORB_k44O8,Pag6 _eps ot the OK8ola County D6fauWandlnt8ntto FoBlos8 Book 4998 al Page 378 Public in O.R Book 5161 at Page CESAR DE OLIVEIRA 1275 u 4116_15in0RBook4765,Page B__ S14.o7o.48, De_uW 2498 JUUO MANUEL courmouse, 2 Cou_house sent via amedl R_i_&ed R_ords of OK_la Coun_, 1459 of_e Public R8colds ol 254 CONTAGEM MG, 32315 126 JOSE ENRIQUE CRUZ Date _1y15, Morfgage RODRIGUQ MARnNu B Squa_, _uimmee, FL 34741, MaiU gublic_ion to: R T_ra FL. Tot_ Due: t9,434.62 as __ CouW, flonda, by BRAZl_ Ti_sha_ Unk COLON B ANNmEARRoYo, Re_ded 4J4112 in OR Book KARINAEusaETHBusnLLos all right,thle and _te__inthe 274, ao Paulo, SP 05301- of Jan_ 10. 2017, int_ _ of a now cominuing 2104_. w_k 28. Annual, 7736 LORNE ST NEW PORT 4252, Page 975 DEBRA L SEQUERA, URB EL TULIPAN pDp8rtyshualedinth8County O_,Brazil;Mortgag8 Bold_ S4.O7_d_n;d8Kri_a5:A deBN by Obligor (s), (S6a Tl_Psha_lnt8rBrt1,P8rDi8m RICH_ FL 34653, fimesha_ SWEET, 2_ FRANK ST PARCELA15TORRE J Plso 2 otOK8ola, Fbrida, describ_ on Ju_ 9. 2015; O.R. Book 52._1150.916._ und_ Mibk _A_ whose add_N S12.19, DefauW Balance Un_21O2O7,Week35,Biennial WARREN, PA 1_ 1506, APTO 124 SAN DIEGO as: 4805 at Page 2_6 Publ_ ime_rt in Un 113; B_niaU i5 (See Exhibrf _A_, in the 833,o55.4o, DelauW Dale ODD, Timeshare lnte_st 1n, Tim_ha_ Unk 18103, _k VALENCIA CARABOBO, _ (SEE _HIB_ _ fin_ ShaP Racords ot OK8ola Coun_, all_ed 105,_ Poin_ _r pay_m or parfom_nce ot &15_15, Mortgage Recorded Per Diem $5.52, DefauW N, Biennial EVEN, fi_a_ NNUUEL_ TlnPrna_ Unk lm_rt(s) as dafined in Me FL. Total Due: 814.783.17 as use by the Grantee in Odd theobligal_nssecu_dbysaid 4121_15in0RBook4T66.Page Balance $15,9_.19, DetauW lnt_ 1n, Per Di_ S2.92, 17_, _k 31, BiennB D_la_bon of Covenants, of Janua_ 10. 2017, int_ yea_s). Mortgage _rd_ in O.R. 2821J0RGEAALCALA,22115 Date 3115115, Morfgage De_uW Balance $8.159.88, ODD, fi_rna_ lnte_rt 1n, Condkions and Rarfrirfions S6.o1 p_ diem; d_rib_ #| of CYPREM PALMS B_k(S_Exhibrt.A_.alPage NW IMBRIE DR HIUSBORO. R__ed 115115 in OR Book DetauWD&e7_15l15,Mortgage Per Diem S5.54, De_uW torVatationVlllage_Pa_ay. as: A 1_,_188,645,_ CONDOMINIUM, t__ (_ Exhbk.A_,ofMe Public OR971246988,fin_shaRUnk 4717, Page 432 CARIN L Recorded1OI1OI11inORBook Balan_ S15.663.97, De_uW as &old8din omtialR6_ds und_id_ im_ in Unrf 114; w_ _lappurf_an_ _e_o, R_s ot OK8ola Coun_. 211003, w_k 47, Annual, FuERsnNBERG NICOUD, 39 4186.Page673JANETSWEET, Dale sl1_15, Mortgage Book 1591, at Pag6 379. of BienniaU_|_ed 210,_ atcording and wb_rt to Me norida, includingtha b_ach or Tin_shaRlnt8__ 1,PerDiam N SOPHIA ST FOND DU LAC, 619 PILLOW AVE CHESWICK, R8cod6d &29_13 in OR Book the Publ_ R_s otOK_la Pointstorusebythe G_ee in Decla__notCondominium_r de_uW. noticeofwhich was set $9.43, DetauW Balance wl 54935, Tim85ha_ Un_ PA 15024, Tl_a_ Un 4494, Page 2624 ANDRE Coun_, Florida _he Plan). as Even y8a_5). _ p_ms Condominium torth in a Notice otDetauW and S26,8T3.22, DetauW D_e 21_02, Weak 46, Annual, 18103, Week 35, Bienni_ NNCENT CUWLAND, 629 a_&ded hom tinP to ti_P. NATON HUDAN CAMPBEU as __in omci_ R_ods lntem to F_lose pDvid8d 4115115, Mo_gage Recold8d Tlmesha_lnte__1.PerDiem EVEN. Tln_sha_ lnt_ 1_2, RuTGERsDRLANcAsnR.M Tog&h6r wrm the rigM lo and JESSICA VW_N A. Book 1289. Page 1971. and to _e _ know add_N of 1__15in0RBook4718.Page 89.56, De_uW B_ante Per Diem S2.92, DetauW 75134 25_, fim_ha_ Unh o_upy, punuamto the Plan, MARSHAy Notice ot De_uW B_o_ in omti_ R_ds Obligo_s),(S_ Mibrf_A_,by 677 JACQUELINE KRISTA $2T,539.62, De_uW Date Balance $8,159.88, DefauW 18706, Waak 49, Biennial ANign8d Unrf w_k (SEE and lntem to Fo&lose sent Book1291, Page 2810,publ_ c6rtm__irt8_d M_lorby WEAHKEE, 2081 E 8TH ST 1115115, Mo_gage Recoded Date 7115115, Morfgage EVEN, fimerna_ lnte__ 1l2, _HIB_ _ and Awigned Unk via amedl Regirf&ed MaiU _s ot O_la County, public__n byMe undenigned BROOKLYN, NY 11223 4124, 1/28115in0RBook4727.Page Recorded1OI1OI11inORBook Per Diem 83.79, DetauW (SEE _HIB_ _, in Assigned public_ionto:Pine Dale.EigM Fbrida. tog&h& whh any Tm_e8. will sell _ public TimeshaP Unrt 11601, Week 1792 MICHAEL E OROURKE, 4186, Page 673 ANGELICA c B_an_ S1o,423.21. DetauW Y_ (SEE _HIB_ _. 3_1 Mile Rock, F_eport c_y, WG, and _| amendmenb and au_ion to the highert bidder 44, Triennial A. Timesha_ 76 WESTERN AVE FOND DU GUZMAN. 5614 CLAUDE AVE Date 4_1115. Mortgage Pamway Bhd, _Nimm88, FL Bahamas; Mo_gaga _od_ supple_Pw_I6Bo. torlawhl nDn8y otthe Unhed lnte__ 1/3, Per Oiem $2.78, LAC.WI54935.Tlm8shaR Un_ HAMMOND. IN 46320 2_1, R_orded 9119113 in OR Book 34747 _a_in _meSha_ Plan on Orfober 27. 2015: O.R. Oblonsh_lhavetherigMto S__ofA_&ca._thehont DefauW B_ance, 210902, w86k 46, Annual. fim_ha_ Un_ 16109, w_k 4504, Paga 2166 ANDREA pDPW)AddRM_ Book4862alPage2O38Publ_ w_the de_uW and anyjunior _eps of _e OK_la County D&auWDal63_15l15,Mortgag8 Tim8shaR lnte__ 1, PerDiem 42, Biennial EVEN. Tlmesha_ LASHA WIWAMS, 110 CLIFF Said sale willbe made(w_ho_ Retods ot OK8ola County, lienholdar rnau have _e right Cour_ouse, 2 Courthouse R_olded 4n1115 in OR Book $9.56, DefauW Balanca lnte_rt 1n, Per Diem 83.87, HEIGHTS CIR DALLAS, m cov8nants,orwanan_,8xpr8N FL Total Due: 813,162.85 as to __m hs im_ up to Squa_, _#immee, FL34741, 4766, Page 2919 JAMES $27,539.62, DefauW Date De_uW Balance S1o,932.o5, 75241 5333, fimesha_ Unit or implied, _garding the tkle, ot Janua_ 10, 2017, inted Me date _e bu_eeisw_the allrigM,t_leandimePstinthe WEAHKEE, 285 CWELAND 1115_15. Morfgage Retoded De_uWData7l15l15,Mortgage 187_. 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