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August 25, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 25, 2017

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PAGE 24B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 25, 201T 38 WHOU, W,372.21, 8o.81 K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. GA 3_16, 112 F_ed _k l ot OK8ola County, Florida, LIENORS,CRED_ORS, b6b_ your Kh8duled court your wrmen de_nse, rf any, TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE H_ Frink __h s Frink WG Tow C_t& HOA (N_\ noat Unk, 570_5764, 6 ODD, including Me b_ch ordefauW, TRUSTEES,ANDALLOTHER appearance, or immedia_e_ upon SHAPIRO, FISHMAN a AFTER THE DECEDENT.S 10610 Roxbu_ _ Ma_one, No_s.o62nNos PuB. S1,o2o.16, So.33 khneyder notice of which was B to_h PARTIESCLAIMINGAN upon _ceiving this not_cation GACHE, _ AWom8y5 tor DATEOF DEATHIS BARRED. NC 28214, 1 _| Season- Float NORRIS.doc R Man_sa 9305 sw T7th Ave in a Notice of DetauW and INTERESTBY,THROUGH, hthe time beto_lhe Kh8dul8d Plaim_, whose add_ is 2424 me d_e ot fim publication _Wfloat Un_, _-52c, nug.#;sO.1,_1T Apt 439 Miami, FL 33156, 112 lnle_t to FoBlos8 provided UNDERORAGAINSTTHE app8_c8i5|8wMan 7days; North FedeB Highway, Su6 ot this Not_e is Augu_ 18, _-52D, 49 ODO, 49 ODD, L157243 Floating, 5700-5764, 25 ODD, to the lart known add_ss of ESTATEOFROBERTN. if you a_ hearing or voite 360, BoGa R_on, FL M431 2017. 82,279.66, 8o.68 Randall E $1,046.84, 8o.33. obligo_sb(s_ Exhibrt _A_, by RANDAUA_ ROBERT imp__d, call 711. on or b8bR Sept_r 19, Signed on this 9th day of Bu_h Lnda K Buwh 35378 K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. ce_med egirt&ed M_| or by NORMAN RANDAU,SR., W_NESS MY HAND AND 2017, and filethe original w_h Augurt,2O17. L_le Riv6r Td, Tetumsah, OK NoncE oFTRumE's WG Tow Center HOA (NJ)\ publicalion bythe undenigned DECEASED SEAL OF SAID COURT onthis tha Cle_ of _is Court 8h6r P6nonal Rep__alive: 74873, 1 _| Season- Float _E Ta_O639WOS PUB.TARR.doc Tw_ee. will s6|| at public 18_BRACKSTREET 14th day ot Augu_, 2017. befo_ se_ice on Plaint_'s MERED_H JACKSON WaeMloat Un, _-62c, wEsTGnTETowNcENrER Aug.U;S_pL1,_1T aurtion to _Fe higherf bidder KISSIMMEE, FL34744 ARMANDO RAMIRU awomey or immadiate_ A_orney _r Penonal 4_-62D. 48 ODD, 48 ODD. On Sept_ 21. 2017, _ L15n45 lor law_| money ofthe Un_ed UNKNOWN HEIRS, DEVISEES, As Clerkofsaid Cou_ th6_a_8r; oMe_ise a de_uW R6p_s6___8: S1 .243.89, SO.4O 11:_ a.m., GREENSPOON Sl_es ot America, on the hont GRANTEES, ASSIGNEES, B_: Suzan Viz wlll b6 6nt8r8d again_ you Sean F. Bogle,Esq. K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. MARDER, PA., 201 E. Pine _eps ot the Osceola County LIENORS, CREDITORS, (CIRCUIT OURT sEAV lor the _liet demanded in the Florida BarNo.O1O6313 WG Town Center HOA (N_\ _t. Suhe 500, O_ando, NoncE OF TRumE's Courthouse. 2 Cou_house TRUSTEES,ANDALLOTHER Deputy Clerk Complaint. BOGU LAW FIRM Walls.O626WOS PuB. WAUS. norida 32801. as T__ee MLE Squa_, KiMim_B8, Florida PARTIE5' CLAIMING AN Augu_ 18, 2s, _1T lt you a_ a penon wrm a 101S.NewYo_Ave.,Suhe dot punuanl to thal Appoimment WESTGATE TOWN CENTER 34741, all right,tkleand ime__ INnREsT BY, THROUGH, L157O65 disabil_y who n_ds any 205 Aug.U;_1,_lr of T___ &o_ed on May On September 21, 2017, at inlhe proper_ srfuated lnthe UNDERORAG_NSTTHE accom_&_n in ord& to WinterPa_,FL32769 L157242 24, 2017, in O.R. Book 5153, 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON CouW of OK8ola, Florida. ESTATE OF RO8ERT L. pa_icipate in _Fis pD_ing. T&ephone: 407-834-u11 _ Pag6 864, of Ma Public MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine described as:(See Exhibh_A_ RANDALL,AsPonNnAL IN THE CIRCUrr you a_ em_, at no coA to Fax:4O7-834-3302 Records of _la CouW, S_t, Suke 500. O_ando, fi_ Share lnt_(s) (s86 HEIROFTHEESTATEOF COURT.OFTHE y_u, to the pDvision ot ___n _|: _boglelawfirm.a NoncE OF rRUS_EE'S Florid4 by _son ol a now Florida 32801, as T__ee Exhibk _A_ awo_ing lo _e ROBERTN.RANDAUAKA NIW JUDIC#L assirtan_. Pl_ contart Seconda_ Email:jodi_ SALE _ntinuingd6tauWbyObligo_s), punuant to that Appoin_t TimeSharing Plan _r__g&e ROBERT NORMAN RANDAU, CIRCU_INAND FOR Ma ADA Coo_inator, Cou_ boglelawfirm.tom _GnrETowNcENTER (See Mibh _A_. whose of Tw_68 _oded on May Town Canter. _toded in SR.,DECEASED OSCEOLA COUN_ Adm[ni_ralion, OKeolaCounV Aug_ 18, 2s, _1T On S6pt_ 21, 2017, _ add_is(See 24, 2017, in O.R. Book 5153, OMcial Reco_s Book 1564, 1806BRACKSTREET FLORIDA Courthous6, 2 Courthouse L 156964 11:_ a.m.. GREENSPOON _e pay_nt or p&brman_ at Page 794, ot the Public at Page 1479, of the PubliG KlsslMMEE,n34744 CASE NO.: 2016-CA- Squa_, Suhe 6300, MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine ot the oblig_ions Bu_d by R_olds of OK8ola Coun_, Recods or Osceola Coun_, SHAWNTEMOMASAKA 000648-MF Kissimm_, florida 34741, sl_, Suka 5_. O_ando, s_d Cl_m ofLen _ld6d in norida, by reason of a now Florida (_e .Plan"). Tog&her sHANTALYNmETHoMAs, LAKEVIEW VILLAGE (40_ 742-2417, _ _ 7 days IN THE CIRCU_ norida 32801, a_ Tn__68 O.k.Book_,atPege16_- _ontinuingd6auWbyObligor(s). wkh th6 nght to owupy, AsPonNTIALHEIRoF PROPERrY OWNER'S b6to_ your Kh8dul8d _urt COURT OFTHE 9TH pursuant to th_ AppoilrtnF8_ 1606. of _he Public R8colds (See Exhibrt _A_. whose punuamtoth8Plan.Building(5i THE ESTATEOF ROBERT ANoc_noN, INC. a florida app8_, or im_iale_ JUDIC_L CIRCU_, IN ot T__ee _rdad on May ot OK_la Coun_, Florid4 addressisTSee Exhibk_A_,in l Unh(sT l Unk Week(s) _ N.RANDAUAKAROBERT not-br-p_M topoeion, upon __ing this notmGat_n AND FOR OSCEOLA 24, 2017, in O.R. Book 51u, includingthe b_ad orde_uW, the pay_nl or performance Awigned Y_s), ls_ Exhibrf NORMAN RANDAL_ SR., Pl_nlm, rf the ti_ b&o_ the Kh6dul8d couw, flORIDA a Page a, of _18 Publlc no_c6 otwh_h was s&fo_ otlhe obligaions sew_d by _A_. 7700 We_gale Bhd.., DECEASED v. app6_t8 is I8N than 7 days; CASE NO.: 2017 CA Re__s of OK_la Coun_, in a Notice of D&auW and s_d Cl_m of Len _ded KiMimm6e, FL 34747 __ln 2454WINFIELD0RIVE DANNY CONL_ _ al., W you a_ _ng or voice _93 MF norida, by _ ot a now lm_t to FoBlo_ p_vided in O.R. Book 5093, _ Page Tlme Sha_ Plan (PDp_M KISSIMMEE,FL34743 Datendams. impai_d, call 711. LANDO RESORTS _ntinuingde_uWbrObligo_s), to the lart _own add_ of 77-82, ot the Public Re_ds Addl8M_ s_d sale will be GREGORYGAINER,AS NoncE OF FORECLOSURE W_NESS _y hand and seal coRPoRAnoN,A FLORIDA (s68 Mibh _A_. whos6 Obligo_s).(S_ Exhibh_A_,by ot OK8ola Coun_, norida, made (whho_ covenants, or POTENTIALHEIROFTHE SAU otMis Court on lhe 25th day ot coRPoRAnoN add_N is (s_ Exhibk _A_, in Bme_Regi__ Mail or by includingthe b_ach ord&auW, wa_an__. 8xpr8s5 or implied, ESTATE OF ROBERT N. NOTICE is he_by g_en July,2O17. Plaint_, _e pay_m or pe_rmance publiGalion by Me undenigned notice ot which was s_ b_h regading tha tkle, possession RANDALLAKAROBERT punuant to the Final Judg_ant _do Rami_z vs. ofthe obligations Bu_d by T___, _|| sell at public in a No_ice ot DelauW and or encumbrances) to pay the NORMANRANDAU,SR., of Foreclosure, dated June Ci_uk and County TAMARA SWA_ 6. al., s_d Claim ot Len Bo_8d in auc\ion to the highert bidder lntent to FO_tlOS6 p_viaed unpaid assessments dueinthe DECEASED 16. 2016, and _t&ad in Case Courts _adan_. O.R. Book 5053. atPage 834- forlaw_| money otthe Unrfed to the la_ known addRN ot amount ot (See Exhibh .A_, 3110K0VALC0URT Number. 2016-CA-_- &: S_an Va NoncE OF FORECLOSURE 839, of lhe Public R8coTds Stat6s ofA_rica,onthe hom Obligo_s),(See wrth inteP_ atcwing _ th6 ORLANDO,FL32637 MF, otthe Ci_uk Cou_ in and ' (clRcu_couRTsEAV MU ot OK8ola Coun_, Florida, _eps ot the OK6ola County amedlRegi_e_d Mailorby rat6 of (Sea Exhib_ _A_ per ANTONIOWRIGM,AS for Ow_la County, florida, Depu_ cl_k NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN including Ma b_ach orde_uW, Courthouse, 2 Courthouse publication bythe und6nigned | day, punuanttothe Tl_5ha_ POTEWLHEIR OFTHE whe_in LAKEVIEW VILLAGE 15-296608 FCO1 WNl punuam to an O_er or Final notit6 of whic_ was set form Squa_. KiMimm_, Florida Tw_ee, will sell _ public Plan. advances. rf any, under EsTAnoFRoBERTN. PROPERTY OWNER.S Augurf_8,U,_17 Judgment 8nt6r8d in Ca58 in a Notice ot DefuW and 34741._lrigM.tkl8andinl8R_ aurtion to th6 highe_ bidder the terms of said Claim ot RANDALLAKAROBERT AMOCIATION, INC., is the L 156965 No. 2017 CA 000693 MF of lment to FoBlos8 pDvid8d in the pD_ shua_ed in the tor law_| money otthe Un_ed Lien, thag6s and expansas of NORMAN RANDALL,SR., PlaintM, and DANNY CONL_ the Cirwk Cou_ of the 9TH to the la_ _ow add_u of Coun_ ot OK8ola, norida. Stat_ otAmarica,onthe hont the T__ae and of Me tw_s DECEASED et al., a_ the Dafenda_s, | Jud_ial Ci_urf in and tor Obligo_(See Exhibk_A_, by d8Kribad as: (See Exhibk _A_ rteps of the OK8ola County c_ated by said Claim ol Lien. 3110 KOVALCOURT will sell to th6 highe_ and IN THE CIRCU_ OSCEOLA CouW, Florida. am egi_e_d Mailorby Tlme Sha_ ln_e_rt(_) (s_ courmouse, 2 Courthouse Obligo_s) shall hav6 the right ORLANDO,FL32837 be_ bidder br cash at tha COURT FOR wherein. LANDO RESORTS publication bylhe und&signed Exhibh _A_ according to the Square. Kissimmee, Florida lo cu_ the detauW and any UNKN_WN SPOUSEOF RON Osteola Coun_ Courfhouse, OSCEOLA couw, coRPoRAnoN, A FLORIDA Twrtee, will sell at public fime Sharing Plan for W__gata 34741 , all right, tkle and intePst junior li8nhold6r shall hava the WASHINGTON 2 Courfhouse Square, FLORIDA coRPoRAnoN, PlaintM, aurtion to the highert bidder Town cemer. r_od6d in in the pDp8rfy srtuated in the right to _deem ks inte_st up 3349SKIRKMANR0A0, _Mimm88, Florida, 34741 on PROBATE Dl_SION and. TAMARA SWA_ tor la_ul money ot lha Unrf6d omcial Recods Book 1564, Coun_ of Ost6ola, Florida, to the date the Tw_ee iuues N1519 September 19, 2017 _ 11:_ File Number: 2017 CP el. al., a_ Defendants, clerk States otAmerica. onthe ho_ _ Page 1479, ot the Public described as: (See Exhibrf _A_ thecertmcateotsalebypaying ORLANDO,FL3Z811 a.m., the _llowing described _T4 PR Armando Rami&. will s6|| to rtaps ot the OK8ola Coun_ R6coTds of Osceola CouW. fime Sha_ lnte__(sT (See the amounts du6 as ortllned UNKNOWNSPOUSEOFRON property as set brth in said Division: 22 th6 h_he_ bidder tor tash at. Courthouse, 2 CouMousa Florida _he _Plan_. Together Exhibrt _A_ aKoding lo the abov6.By:AmandaLChapman WASHINGTON Oder, to-wW: IN RE: ESTATE OF 2 C URTHOUSE SQUARE. Squa_, _Nim_, Flonda wrm the right to oKupy finPSharingPlantorWestgate Alrthoriz8dAgent. 4965 JONES RD Lot 87, LAKEVl_ VIL- JACQUELINE J. BROWN, KISSIMMEE 34741 - sum 34741.allright.tkleandinte__ punuanlto_ePlan,auilding(s) Town Center, recoded in _NlalT "A_ - NOTICE OF ST. CLOUD, FL 34770 LAGE, Phase 2, accod- Deceased. 2600, ROOM 2602, _ the hour in Me p_per_s_ua_edin Me _ Unh(s) / Unk Week(s) l omtial Recods Book 1564, TRUSTEE'S SALE UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF RON ing to the plat the_of as NoncE TO CREDrrORS ot 11:00AM. on the 21_ day ot CouW ot OKeola. Florida, ANign8d Yea_s), (See Ewhib_ at Page 1479, ot the Public Owner(s)IObligor(s)/Last WASHINGTON Pcorded in Pl_ Book 11, (Singla p_nal Septamber, 2017, the tollowing described as: (Sa6 Exhib__A_ _A_. 7700 Westg_e Bhd.., Retods ot Osceola CouW, Known Add_ss; Timeshare 1206MANNSTREET Pages 62, Public Records R_p__) describ_ p__: fime Shal8 lnte_(sl (See KiNimn_e, FL 34747 me_in Florida (the "Plan"). Tog_her lnte_rf; Buildingl Unrf; Weekl KISSIMMEE, FL34741 ol Oscaola CouW, Florida. me adminim_ion ot lhe Assigned Unh Week 18 Exhibh _A_ according to the _n_ ShaR Plan (PDp8rty) wkh the righ_ to occupy, AMign8dY8ar;AmounlolL8n; UNKNOWNSPOUSEOFRON lf you a_ a penon whh a e_ate ot JACQUELINE J. and Auigned Unrf 12501 fime Sharing PlanlorWestgate Address_ Said sale will be pursuanttothe Plan,Building(s) | ParDiemAmount WASHINGTON disabil_y who needs any BROWNdecaased,whosedate Bi6nni_ Even Town Center, Bolded in made (wkholrt covenants, or l Unh(s) l Unrt W68kls) l Craig M O Grady Nane_a M 120739MSTREET accommod_ion in oder to ot de_h was Sept_ber 1, Assigned Un_ w68k 36 omcial R8cod5 Book 1564. war_n_, expRss or implied, ANigned Ye_s), (See Exhibk o Grady, 105 Eveg_n Dr. ORLANDO,FL328O5 partitipate in Mis pD_ing. 2016, is panding in the Ciwuk and ANigned Unrf 12604 at Page 1479, ot the Publit _garding the lkle, poss8Nion _A_. 77_ We_gata Blvd.., Aubumdale, FL 33823, 1_2 UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF you a_ entkled, at no cost to Court tor Osceola Coun_; Triennial A R_ds of OK_la County. or 6ncum_ces) to pay the KiNimm_, FL 34747 _er_n Value S6ason-Flo_ Week l ROBERTRANDALL you, to the provision of certain Cle_ ofthe Court Assignad Unk w68k 35 Florida _he _Plan_. Tog&her unpaid a_ment5du8inth8 _me Sha_ Plan (PDp8_y) Float U_rf, 4000-27, 2 ODD, 3110K0VALC0URT assistance. Please contarf PDbal8 vision and ANign8d Unrt 11305 w_ the righl to occupy, amou_ ot (See Exhibk _A_, Address_ Said sal6 will be $1,056.92, 8o.33, B_an G ORLANDO, FL 32837 the ADA Coodinator, Courf Two Courfhouse Squa_ Biennial Odd punuanttothePlan,Building(s) | wrm inta_rf aKwing al the made (wkhort coaants, or Budick Patricia A Budick UNKNOWN SPOUSEOF Adminirt_tion, Osceola Coun_ KiMimme8, norida 34741 AMign8d Unk Week 30 / Unrf(s) / Unrf W_k(s) / _6 ol (s_ Exhibrt _A_ per wa_an_, 8xpr8N or implied, 43755 Sawgrass Lane Quartz ROBERTRANDALL Courthouse, 2 Courfhousa ma na_ and add_N ofMe and Assigned Un 14104 Auigned Y6a_s), (See Exhibrf day, pu_uant to the fimesha_ rega_ing the _kle, possession Hill, CA 93536, 112 All Season- 1806 BRACK ST N311O Square, Suhe 6300. Pe_onal Rep_atat_e and Biennial odd _A_. 7700 W8_g_E Bhd.., Plan, advances, rf anL, und6r or encumbrances) to pay _he Float Week l Float Unrf, 4000- KISSIMMEE, FL 34744 Wssimmee, Florida 34741. the Personal Rep__at_e.s . Assigned Unrf Week 02 KiNimm88, FL 34747 _eRn the lerms of said laim of unpaid aN6ssm8ntsdu8inthe 69,48EVEN,$2,086.32,$0.66. UNKNOWNSPOUSEOF (40_ 742-2417, _ laa_ 7 day a_omey a_ setto_h below. and Assigned Unk 1_ _in_ Sha_ Plan property) L8n,thag85 and expense_of amounl ot (S86 Exhibk _A_), Ricky L Manier, Bridg_ A ROBERTRANDALL b8foR your scheduled tOU_ _| c_drton of the d_ent Biennial Odd Add__s") Said s_e will be tne Tw_ee and of _6 _wsts w_h int_e_ acc_ing al the Maniar,377 E HomeSt.RiaWo. 131TAMPIC0LN appearance, or immediate_ and oth& penons having ANign8d Unk Week 13 n_de (wrfhort covenank, or t_ated by said Claim otLen. _te of (See Exhibrf _A_ per CA 92376, 112 _| Season- KISSIMMEE,FL34743 upon Pceiving this ndmtation claims or demands ag_nst and ANign8d Unrf 18406 wa__, 8xp_M or implied, Obligo_s) sh_| have the right day, punuanttothe TimeshaP Float Week l Float Unk, 4000- UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF rfth6time b6hl_th8 scheduled decedent's e__e on whom a Annual _galding the tkle, poN_sion to tU_ Me de_urf and any Plan, advances, rf any, under 11B, 1 ODD, $1,056.92,$0.M, SHAWNTETHOMASAKA appearanc8isl8NMan 7 days; topy ot this notice is Rqui_d AMign8d Unk Week 33 or encumb_ncas) to pay Me juniorlienhold& shl havethe the terms ot said Claim ot Kenneth L Richads, 3810 sHANTALYNmETHoMAs it you a_ hearing or voice to ba se_ad must file their and Awigned Unrf 18805 unpaid _N_Bnk dueinthe rigM to _d_ ks i_e_rt up Len. chages and expenses of Maypo_ Cir, Unk 108, Myrtl6 2454 WINFIELD DRIVE impaiPd, call 711. tlaims w_h this courf ON OR Biannial odd _unt of (s_ Exhibk _A_, to Me d_e Me T__ee iwues th6 T___ and of the t__s aeach,sc 29588-1408, 1/2All KISSIMMEE,FL34743 DATED _his 9th day ot BEFORE THE LATER OF 3 AMign8d Unk Week 45 w_h inte__ actwing _ the thecertmcateotsaleby paying cRated by said Claim ot Lien. Saason-Float Weekl Float Unk, UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF August, 2017. MONTHS AFTER THE nME and AMigned Unrf 18201 _ta ol (See Exhibh _A_ per th6 _unt5 due as ortlined Obligo_s) shall have tha right 4000-18D, 49 ODD, $1,056.92, ROSCOE CUMMINGS THE ASSOCIATION LAW FIRM, OF THE FIRST PUBLICA,ON Annual day, punuamtothe finPsha_ above.By:AmandaLChapman lo cu_ lhe detauW and any $0.33 Ruben Marfinez,Xiomara 3110 KOVALCOURT Puc OF THIS NoncE OR 30 DAYS As5ign8d Unk Week 43 Plan, advances, rf 3ny, under A_horized Agent. junior lienholder shall hav6 the Yamil&, 1808 FuWon _ Apt. nRLANDo,FL32837 13_r w. Cenbal Bhd., Suhe AmR THE DAn OF SEPVICE and Auigned _nk 18705 Me terms of said Claim ot WNIBIT _n" - NoncE OF right to Rd88m _s i_e__ up A, Houston, TX 77009. 112 _| UNKNOWNSPO_SEOF 1150 OF A COPY OF THIS NoncE Annual L6n, chages and expenses of rRumE's_E to the date Me Twrtee iNu8S Season-Floa__VeeklFloalUn, ROSCOE CUMMINW O_ando. FL 32801 ON THEM. _| ot VACATION VILLAGE the T__ee and of the hu_s Owner(s)IObligor(s)/Last M8certmcat6olsal8bypaying 4_-22D, 5 ODD, _.39, 731 MICHIGANAVE Tel: 407-s92-8812 All other c_dko_ ot the AT PARKWAY, A nME cRat8d by s_d Claim orLen. Mown AddRN; Tlm8sha_ the _unts due as oLklin8d $0.29 April D Dal_mpl6 PONTEVERDABEACH,FL Fax: 407-903-1470 decedent and other pe_ons SHARE RESORT, accod- Obligo_s) shall have the rigM |_e__; Buildin Unk; Week/ l above. &:Amanda LChapman Christopher J Bridges, 11020 32004 Counsel tor PlaintiR having claims or demands ing to Me Detla_tion ot _ to tUI8 the defauW and any AssignedVe_ _untof_en: ALrthor_edAg8nt. Bullseye St El Paso, M 79934, UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF Association a_ainst d8c8d8nl'5 e_ate Covanants, Cond_ions junior li6nhold6r shall have _e Per Diem _um QHlalT _A" - NoncE OF 1/z All Season-Float Week / ROSGOE CUMMINGS MiGha8| A. una8lbu8hl8r must file th6ir claims wkh this and R6_ri_ions _he_ot. right to _d_m hs int_ up Cahin L Ta_ Tonja Ta_-Tami TRUSTEE'S SALE Float Unrf, 4000-24D, 3 ODD, 500 E17TH ST. Florida Bar No.: 0599123 court W_HIN 3 MOWS r_o_ed in OMcial Re- lo the d_6 th6 Twrfee iNu8s Rosa M Dellilo 30 Dowsview Own8r(s)IObligor(5)ILast $1,056.92, $0.33 Loudes M ST.CLOUD,FL34769 Designated E-mail Add_N AmR THE DATE OF THE GO_S Book 1591, Page _lecerfmcateofsalebypaying Ave Dowsview, ON M3M 1c9 Known Address; Timeshare Ertrada Oscat L Estrada, 1776 UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF tor pleadings: enotice_ FIRST PuBucAnoN OF THIS 379, ot _B Public Recods Me amounts due as ortlined CANADA, 1 Fixed Week/Fixed lnte_rt; 8uilding1 Unrf; Wee_ 8icentennial Way - Apt. A9, ROSCOECUMMINGS #| oMer NOTICE. ot O_la Coun_, Florida, above.By:AmandaLChapman Unh, 5400-5431, 4 WHOU, _signedYe_AmountofLen; Norfh p_vidence, Rl 2911. 425CAR0LINAAVE conBspond6nc6: mau_ AU CLAIMS NOT FIUD _he _D_laration . tog&h- Arthored Agenl. a,69B.79, S1.N Judrm Pea_ p_ DiemAmount 1n All _on-Floal Week ST.CLOUD,FL34769 W_HIN THE nME PERIOOS er wkh the rigM to occupy, QNIBrr N^h - NO_E OF Teny L Coop_ 11 Sh6nfi8ld Jose L Gonzalez Janet A _ Float UnW, 4_38c, 31 UNKNOWNSPOUSEOF Augurt 1&, 2s, _1T SET FORTH IN sEcnoN punuant to Me Declara- rRU_U'S uu Pl_ B&twood, CM15 9AG Gu8n8D Po Box 603 Vlllalba, MN, S96o.8o, So.34 Joseph GREGORYGAINER L156966 7N.T02 OF THE FLORIDA tion. Owner(s)IObligor(s)_Last NGLAND, 112 F_ed, _ PR _T66, 1/2 _| Season- A p_ndega_, ShaDn E 3110K0VALC0URT PRoBAn CODE WILL BE lncluding the building and Mow Addlass; Tlm_haR 5432, _7 MN, S3.359.64, float_IFlo_ Unk, _- PBd_a_,1159Ridg8mount ORLANDO,FL32837 FORMR BARRED. appu_8nanc8s loc_ed lm&_; Buildin Unk: w_ S1.o2 Disnei De Ca__ho 5634, 24 EVEN, $2,086.32, Bhd, shawa. ON L1WJ4 UNKNOWN SPOUSEOF IN THE CIRCUIT NOTWITHSTANDING THE the_ln, togeWar wkh Me Assign_ Ye_ _um otL_; Claud&eB D6Ca_alho PriKila 8o.66 Jose L Cald8Dn Marfha CANAD_ 1 _| Season-Float ANTOhlO WRIG_ COURT OF THE nME PERIODS SET FORTH fi_u_s skuate M_in and p& Diem Amoum | 8 De CaNalhoV_o Luciano c Cald8Dn 5401 Leeway Ct Week l Flo_ Unk, 4000-11A, 3110K0VALC0URT NIW JUDICIAL ABOVE, ANY CLAIM FILED loc_ed th&ein. JasminB N No_s 48 Russel V Vassao __eda Guatemala, Fal_, VA 22032, 112 Value 4000-11B, 21 ODD, 21 ODD, ORLANDO,FL32837 CIRCUIT,INANDFOR TWO I2) YEARS OR MORE Anypenon__minganinte_ Pl Summh. 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Mende_. Esq. you. lo the p_vision of c_t_n 77N6, 1_2 Floating. _- Tol_s 8 Vllla Ven_ia S_ NR89 Float _k / Float Unrf, 5600- 65C, 40O0-65D. 18 ODD, 18 TO THE OFFICIAL PLAT Jackson: Elizabelh Renee Kms; AWomey tor Pe_onal aNi_anc8. Please contart 76, 29 ODD. S989.22. SO.N. CaDlina, PR _83, 1 V&ue 5664.2WEN,$1,477.31,$0.48 ODD, $1,28O.16. $0.40. WaNer FILED AND RECORDED Unknown Hein, D8vis86s, Rep_sent_ive M6 ADA Coodin_or, Court Michelle B&onidge 471 Season-Flo_ week l Float HaDldRMtg88Fay8WMcg88 L R_ers Paula J Ludwig 240 IN THE OFFICE OF THE Grantees, AMign88s. C_dkon Florida Bar No. _75760 Admini__tion, Osceola County T_nt Ave Apt 16 Orange, Unk, 5_5634. 36 WHOU, 3153 WindsorCtLataye_e, CA WertlWStEastRochester, NY CURK OF THE CIRCUIT and Lenon ot Benjamin H. LAW OFFICES OF PETER P. Courthouse. 2 Cou_house NJ 07050, 1_2 _ISeason-Floal $1,997._4, $0.67 Ma_us B 94549, 112 All Season-Float 14445.2AllSaason-FloatWeek COURT OF OSCEOLA KMs, and _| _her Pe_ons MENDU, PA. 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OH l Flo_ Unh, _-_, 43 2SunriseC_Rr30NL9M0H2 50 ODD. $1.755.20. 8o.53, THE EAST LINE OF SAID Unknown Hein ot Kathleen E: appearance, or immediately 43103. 112 All Season-flo_ ODD. $1.046.84, 8O.N Cha_es CANADA, 1 Value Season-r-loat Rosema_ Sthuyler, Sandra G BLOCK "EL" A DISTANCE Sharkey August 18, z5, _1T upon &ei_ing this notmcation Week / Flo_ Unrt, 5300-5343, s G BoaWe Jr El_abeM D w68k / Float Unrt, 5700-5711, Antone Kekh D Anton6 1089 OF 50 FEET TO THE Defendant(s). L 156979 fithetime beb_the wheduled 35 EVEN, 1,428.748, 0.848 Boayue 35361 St_on Hill N 4 WHOLE, 84,545.88. $1.55 Rivar Rd Rr #1 Southwold, POINT OF BEGINNING NOTICE OF ACTION | appearance is I8M than 7 days; Eleanor Hall 3819 Jo Ann Drive FarminQon Hills. Ml 48331, Julio Aba_a 1041 Craw_od ON NOUGO CANADA, 2 All OF THE LANDS HERE- FORECLOSURE | rf you a_ hearing or voice Clev_and. OH 44122 Germa 112 Value Season-Float Week 5`t_et Belhlehem, PA 18017, 1 Season-Float Week / Float IN DESCRIBED, RUN PROCEEDINGS-PROPERN ' IN ME CIRCUIT impai_d. call 711. momas 11716 Continenlal | / Float Un_, 5600-5634. 48 All Season-Float Week l Float Un_. 4000-63B, 4000-64A, THENCE IN A WESTERLY TO: Unknown Heik ot | COURT FOR DATED :his 11th day ot Ave. Cleveland. OH 44120. EVEN. $2.066.35, $0.66 Unk, 5700-5_34, 32 WHOLE, 4_00-T2D, 4000-73c, 25 ODD, DIREcnoN AND PARAL- Kathleen Sha_ey: ADDRESS , OSCEOLA COUNTY, August, 2017. 1/2 All Season-Flo_ Week / _ Cha_esBFulksDo_thyLFulk_ , _2,213.41. $0.64 Jennrfer L 25 ODD, 27 ODD. 27 ODD. LEL WITH THE N_RTH UNKNOWN | FLORIDA GREENSPOON MARDER Flo_ Unrf,55OO-5535, 1 EVEN. | 56 Prospert Rd Ponca c_y.o | aurer Douglas J Chri_opher 81.T36.98, 80.53, Ricado LINE OF SAID BLOCK Rasidence unknown, it PROBATE DIVISION TRADE CENTRE SOUTH, 81.591.94, $0.92 B_nd_ L | 74604, 1 Value _n-Float | 2211 Avalon Pines Dr Coram, | Berrios Olga De Be_ios, Vlllas .'EL'. A DISTANCE OF 99 living. including any un- File No.: 2017-cP- SUITE 700 Wooden 22421 Yo_ Courf 1B. 'Neak l Float Unk. 56_-5652, | NY 11727, 112 Value Saason- De Miramonle 1 Calle Principal | FEET, RUN THENCE IN known .spouse ot the said 425-PR 100 WEST CYPRESS CREEK Richlon Pa_, IL 60471, Fannie 21 WHOLE, $3,319.54, $1.0_ ' Float Waek l Float Unrt, 5700- Casa 2 San Salvador, EL A SOUTHERLY DIREC- Defendants, if erther has IN RE: ESTATE OF | ROAD B Wooden 268 W 150th _t. | Mithael A Hlnds _m_ M 5734, 48 EVEN, $2,086.32, SALVADOR, 2 All Season-Float TION AND PARALLEL TO remarried and if 8rfh8F or SHAWN FORBES, FORT LAUDERDALE. FL 33309 HaNey, IL 60426-1546 Barbara _ Owens Hinds 159 Hannony St $0.66 Carmen M Feliciano Week / Floa_ Unrt, 6100-57A, THE EAST LINE OF SAID both of said Detendants Deceased. | Timeshare DetauW Lne: (888) J Sams 318 Wh6a_6ld Rd. Bridgepo_, CT 06606. 1_2 All 1400 Massachusens Ave 6100-57B, 46 WHOLE, 46 BLOCK "EL'. A DISTANCE are dead, their Rsperfiv8 NOTICE TO CREDrrORS | 491-1120 Y_. 5001 MaWeson, IL _ Gloria E Season-FloatWeek/FloatUnk, Saint Cloud, FL 34769. 1/2 WHOLE, $2,445.92, $0.81. OF 5_ FEET, RUN TWENCE _ unknown hein. devisees, ma admini_ration of the _ Facsimile: (954)343 6982 Burns 268 w. 150th St. Ha_ey, | 5600-5654, 31 ODD, $751.30, All Season-Float Week l Float K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. IN AN EASTERLY DIREC- | grantees, assignees, credi- e_ate of SHAWN FORBES, j Email 1: Jason.Silver_gmlaw. IL 60426, 1/2 All Season-Float $0.27 Rolando auiles lveWe Unrf, 5700-5744, 22 EVEN, WG Tovln Cenler HOA (NJ)\O TION AND PARALLEL TO | tors, lienon, and t__88s, deceased, whose data ot d6ath com Week / Float Unk, 5500-5543, | auiles 10403 Mo_s Bridge 82.o86.32, $0.66 Don Canon Grady.O642\NOS PuB. o THE NORTH LINE OF SAID ' and all other per5on5 was December 31, 2016. is Email 2: TimeshareDetduK_ 42 EVEN, $7,122.55. 82.02. Rd Tampa, FL 33637, 1 Value Karen A Zilveb&g 4720 Oak GRADY.doc BLOCK "EL_ A DISTANCE claiming by, through, un- pe_ding in the Circurf Court _isha B mibodaux. 715 | _n-Float Week _ Float St Seab_ok, TX 77586. 1_2 Aug.U;Sept.1,2O1T OF 99 FEET, RUN THENCE der or againrt the named tor OSCEOLA Coun_. Florida, Jason Silver, Esq. Avenue c. Mana_, LA 70_72- | Unk, 5600-5657, 41 WHOLE, Floating, 5700-5764, 21 EVEN, L 157248 IN A NORTHERL_r DIREC- Defandant(s): and the p_bate Divislon, the a_dress Florida Bar No. 92547 2023, Michael J mibodauw, | $3,319.54, S1.o7 Ge_d p St | S2,o86.32. 8o.66 FranciKo TION AND PARALLEL TO atorementioned named of which is 2 Cou_house Augusl18,2S,2O1T 149 We_ HeatherDriva Lling. | Cl_r Roncia R St Clair 2623 A Cueto Zoila L Cll8to 15751 THE WEST LINE OF SAID DefendantEs) and suth ot Square, Kissimmee, FL 34741. L 157043 LA 70070, 112 All Saason-Flo_ | Socie_ Dr Holiday. FL 34691. Woodgate C_ Weston, FL IN THE CIRCUIT BLOCK "EL" A DISTANCE the atoremen_ioned un- me names and addresses of Week / Float Unk. 5700-5723. | 1/2 _| S6ason-Float w_k 3N26, 1 All Season-Float COURT OF THE 9TH OF 50 FEET TO THE known Defendants and the per5onal Pp_sentative and 21 ODD, $4,089.31, 81.o8, / flo_ Unrt, _-_, 31 Week / Floal Unrt, 5800-55c, JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN POINT OF BnlNNING. such ot the afo_men- the penonal Pp_sentative.s IN THE CIRCUIT Alexander C Evangelista 8elen EVEN, $2.066.35, So.66 Dzvid 5800-55D, 47 EVEN, 47 EVEN, AND FOR OSCEOLA has been filed against you, tioned unknown Defen- a_orn_y a_ set torfh below. COURT OF THE 9TH G Evangelirta 6274 McKay Cir G MouWon Po Box8364 Essex. $2,529.40. $0.79. COUN_ FLORIDA and you are _quired to dants as may be infants. All cRdkors ot th6 d_ent JUDICIAL CIRCU_ IN Rosedale, MD 21237-_068, VT 05451 Jessica L MouWon K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. CASE NO.: 2016 CA se_e a copy of your wrmen incompetents or otha_ise and other penons havin3 AND FOR OSCEOLA 1/2 Floating, 59_-1_7D, 29 341 Browns RiverRd Essex.N WG Tow Cenler _OA (NJ)\ 0