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August 25, 2017     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 25, 2017

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 25, 2017 PAGE 23B / Unit(s) / Unit Week(s) / _me ShaP Plan (Property) or encumbrances) to pay the Plan, advances, if a_, under day, punuant to \h6 fimeshare Address") S_d sale will be to cure the detauW and any righl to redeem its interest up Assigned Year(s), (See Exhibit Addl8N") S_d sala will be unpaid ass8Nm8nts dua in the the t8_M of said laim ot Plan, advances, if any, under mada (without covenants, or junior lienholder shall have the to the date tha Twstae iNuas wA"). 7700 Westgata Blvd.., made Twhhoul covenants, or amount of (See Exhibil ..A"), Len, charges and expanses ot the terms ot said Claim of wa_an_, expRss or impli6d, right to Pdeem ils interest up the Certiticale of Sale by paying _Nimm8e, FL 34747 _6r8in wa_an_, 8xp_N or implied, wkh interest accwing at the the Twstee and ot tha twsts Lien, chages and expenses of regarding the title, possession _o the date the Twstee issuas the amounts due as outlined _me Shara Plan (Property) _gading the title, poM8Mion _te ot (See Exhibh _A_ per treated by said Cl_m of Len. the Tw_ee and of the twsts or encumbrances) to pay the the Certificate of Sale by paying above. By: Amanda L Chapman AddRN") Said sale will be or encumbranc6s) lo pay the day, punuant to the fimeshare Obligo_s) shall hav6 the right created by s_d Cl_m ot Len. unpaid aNeNmenls due in the tha amounls due a5 outlin6d Authorized Agent. made (wrthout covanants, or unpaid aN8Nm8nls due in the Plan, advanc85, it an_, under to tu_ the detault and any Obligor(s) shl have th6 righ\ amount ot (See Exhibrt _A"), above. By: Ananda L Chapman WHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF wa_an_, express or implied, amount of (Sae Exhibrf _A_), the terms of said laim ol junior lienholder sh_| have the to cure the detauW and any wkh inte_st accwing at the Authorited Agent. TRUSTEE'S SALE _gading tha title, poss8Nion whh inte_st acc_ing al the Lien, chagas and expenses ot right to Rdeem ks intere_ up junior lienholder shall havB the _te ot (See Exhibrt _A_) per _HIBIT _A" - NoncE OF Owner(s)/Obligor(s)/Last or entumbranc6s) lo pay the rate of (S6e Exhibrt _A.') p6r the Twstee and ot the tw_s to lhe datethe Tw_ee issues right to redeem ks inte__ up day, punua_ to _he fim6sha_ TRUSTEE'S SALE Known Address; fimeshare unpaid assessmenls due in tha day, punuant to Ma Tlmeshare created by said Claim of Len. the certmcate ot S_e by paying to the date the Twstea iMu8s Plan, advances, if an_, undar Owner(s)IObligor(s)/Last lnle_st; Building/ Unk; WeeW amount ot (See Exhibit "A.'), Plan, advant6s, rf a_, under Obligor(s) shall have the right the amounts due as oullinad the Cerfifitate of Sale by paying the terms ot said |_m ot Known AddeN; Tlm8shar6 Assigned Year, Amount of Len; with intar6st accwing at the the terms ot said |_m ot to cure tha datauW and any above.By:_daLChapman the amounts due as o_lined Len, chages and expansas ot lnte&t; Buildingl Unit; Weeh/ Per Diem Amount rate ot (See Ewhibit "A") per Len, chages and expensas of junior lienholder shall hav6 the Authorized Agent. above. By: Amanda L Chapman _he Twstee and ol the tws_s ANigned Y_ _nount or Lien; Luis A Nunez Mireya L Gomez day, punuant to the Timeshare the T_stee and of the twsts right to redaam its interast up EXHIBIT _A" - NOTICE OF Authorized Agant. cre_ed by sd Cl_m ot Lan. Per Diem _unl Ciudad Colon Manzana 271 Plan, advancas, if any, under created by said Claim ot L6n. to lhe data th6 Tw_86 issues rRusnE's SALE EXHIBlr _A" - NoncE OF Obligo_s) shl hava the right Ca_os A #va_z Coronado Ana Solar 14 Guayaquil, ECUADOR, the terms ot said Claim ot Obligo_s) sh_| have th6 right the Certiticate ot Sale by paying Owner(s)/Obligor(s)_Last TRUSTEE'S shu to cure the detauW and any E De AlvaRz 5900 Coldwater 1 All Season-Float Week _ Float Len, chagas and axpansas ot to cu_ the dafauW and any the amounts due as outlined Mow Add_u: fimashare Ownar(s)/Oblgor(s)ILast junior lienholder shall have the Canyon Apt 5 North Hollywood, Unit, 4000-36, 16 WHOLE, the Tw_ae and ot the tw_s junior lienholder shall have lhe above. By: Amanda LChapman lnt6Pst; Buildingl Unit; Weeh/ Known Addrass; fimasha_ right to _deem ks int8r6st up CA 91607, 1/2 All Season- 81,991.47. 8o.68 Melodia E tRat8d by said Claim of Len. right to redeem its inte&t up A_horized Agant. Assigned Y_ Amoun_ of Li6n: lnte_st; Building/ Unk; Weekl to the date the Twstae issuas Float Week l Float Unk, 5900- Thompson Clive B mompson Obligo_s) shall hav6 the right lo we d_6 tha Twst86 iNuas _HIBIT "h" - NoncE OF Per Diem _nount Assigned Year: Amount ot Len; the Certificate ot Sala by paying 110D, 9 ODD, $1,056.92, $0.33 10809 Devlin Drive Upper to cu_ tha detauW and any thec&tmcateotsalebypaying TRusnE's SAU Enrique Sema Jr, Susan G ParDi6m_nount the _unts due as o_lined Nanty s Rivers 510 Hacal Hur Marlboro, MD 20772, 112 All junior lienholder shall have the the amounts due as o_lined Ownar(s)IObligor(s)ILast Sema, N32 NW Ch_ Ave Vlctoria Acuisa 4 Novara above. By: Amanda L Chapman St Ave Richmond, VA 23222, Season-Float Waek / Float Unit. right to redaem hs inte_st up above.By:_nandaLChapman Mow Addr8N; Tlmasha_ La_on, OK 73505, 1l2 Value Drive Winnipeg, MB R2P2W8 A_horizedAge_. 1/2 V_ue Season-_loat Week 4000-86, 19 ODD, $640.01, to the dat6 _h6 Twstee iNu6s A_horiz6d Agent. lntere_; 8uilding1 Unrf; Waa_ _n-Float Waeh l Float CANADA, 1 #| season-noal _HIBrr NA" - NoncE OF / Float Unrf. 5900-207D, 41 $0.11 Ronald A Stiller M6liMa tha C8rfificat6 ot Sale by paying EXHIBrr _n" - NoncE OF Assignad Y6ar, Amount ot Lien: Unk, 59_-107D, 50 EVEN, Week l Flo_ Unrf, 58_-12c, TRUSTEE'S ShLE ODD. S1,o52.72, 8o.33 Edwin Still6r 251 Hibiscus Te_ace the amounts dua as outlined TRusnE's SALE Per Diem Amount $2,086.32, 8o.66. Ang6| E. 58_-12D. 36 ODD, 36 ODD. Owner(s)IObligor(sT/Last L Suggs Magaret s Suggs Magnolia, DE 19962, 112 All above. By: Amanda L Chapman Owner(5)_Obligor(s)ILast Gamini lnv85tm8n_ Parfnen, Ca_illo, 1N21 SW 142ND $1 ,094.39, 8O.39Juan Gonzalez Mow Add_N; fim6sha_ 2810 FmoM Dr Sh_veport, Season- Float Week l Float Authorizad Agant. Mown AddraM; Tlmeshare lnc., A Florida Coporation ST Miami, FL 33177. BeW Blanta Gonzalez 57 Bumham lnt&est; Buildingl Unh; WeaW LA 711_, 1/2 noating, 5900- Unk, 5500-5515, 31 ODD, WHIBIT " " - NOTICE OF lnl8_5t; Buildingl Unrf; WaaW Po Box 138039 Cl_mont, D. Ca_illo, 16971 sw 142nd St Bridgeporf, CT _604, 1 Auigned Year; Amount of Lan; 210D, 49 ODD, $1,048.89, $1,4N.81, $0.41 CaM6rine TRUSTEE'S SALE ANignadYaar;AmountotLi8n; FL 34713, 112 Fixed w86k _ Pl Miami, FL 33177, 112 _| Season-Flo_ Weekl noa\ p_DiemAmount 8o.w D Ang6lo A #len Cheri A Vandepool 316 L6xinQon Own6r(s)IObligor(5)ILast P6r Diem Amount noat Unit, 4000-19, 31 WEN, Value season-noat Week l Unit, 5800-21c, 5800-21D, Paul Akpan meodora Akpan s #len 8205 Poplar Hill Driv6 Av6 Findlay, OH 4584_3947, Mown Add_ss; Tlm6sha_ Sco_ T Moo_ Emili D Moore $2,066.35, 8o.66 Jannifar J Float Unrf, 5900-111C, 21 43 ODD, 43 ODD, 81,28o.16, 1 Chester Gadens Enfiald, Clinton, MD 20735, 1l2 Value 112 Value S8a5on-Float Waek lnterast; Buildingl Unit; WeeW 1402 Road 10 Sadan. KS Hibbs Po Box 2177 8lacMald5, MN, S2,o86.32, $0.66. $0.40 Si_o D R8suBcion EN34BB ENGLAND, 1/2 Season-Floal Week l noat l Float Unrf, 5600-5652, 20 _signed Year; A_Dunt ot L6n; 67361, 1_2 #| Season-Float AB TOMOJO CANADA, 112 #| Mike J Foumi& Jocalyn c me_sa L R6sun_ccion 658 Flxed, 510_5111, 31 EVEN, Unrf, 5900-307D, 4 NEN. EVEN, $3,297.56. 81.O2 Juan Per Di&n Amount Weak l no_ Unh, 4000-30, 10 Season-Float Waak mo_ Unh, Foumi&. 281 Rosa Abbey Banninq St_& Winnipeg, MB $3,359.64, &1.02 Khong $2,086.32, 8O.66 David p c Granda.XimenaGranda4659 Vlncen_ E Shap12O Beach MN, 83,91o.16, S1.13 Adam 4000-27, 9 ODD, 8286.15, Drive, Kingston, ON K7KOA5 R3G 2 2 CANAD_ 1 Floa\ing, BaGGam Xuan Battam 1968 Walker Sarah s H6n_ 10031 N Nagle Chicago, IL 60706, 1 26thSt,Apt.205FarRotkaway, Jolli_a Ga_e Joll_e 64 Wlllow 8o.o8 Jesus Garcia Maria E CANAD_ 1n _| S6ason- 5800-34A, 5800-34B, 1 EVEN, r_ Av6 Palo, IA 52324, 1 Dutch Rd Wat6rford, PA 16441, All Season-Float Weak l Float NY 11691-2229, 1l2 V_ue Hous6 Lucas Court Lemington Garcia 1703 S6ba_ian Drive float W_k _ Float Unit, 5900- 1 EVEN, 82,529.4O, SO.79 Hedy Flxed Week nixed Unk, 5100- 1/2 V_ue Season-Float Week Unit, 5600-5653, 4_ WHOLE, Season-Float w86k l Float Unrf, Spa, CV32NL ENGLAND, 1 Mission, M 78572, 112 #| 306c, 41 EVEN, $2,086.32, R Neg_n Emilio N6gron 6633 5116, 19 WHOU, S3,319.54, l Float Unil, 590_310D, 17 $3,701.38, $1.19 \_anne s 4000-47, 4 ODD, $1,046.84, Flx6d, 5100-5113, 3 WHOU, Season-Float Week l Flo_ Unrf. SO.66. Venisa Byams, Cha_es Gaviola Fort Pierce, FL 34951, $1.07 Rizek A Handal Ana ODD, $1,056.92, 8o.33 James Boylon Wilson c Boyton $O.NMonique A DrewRudy $4,477.93, 81.38 Hal N Faulk 4000-27, 31 ODD, S1,o46.84, By_ms, 125 Onondaga Dr, 1 All season-noat Weeh l hoat Regina Jiminez De Handal Beveridge Boone Ma_ Anidol8 178 Madison Ave Holyoke, MA A Drew, snoo1 High Plateau c__ L Faulk 565 Snip6svill8 8o.33 Tyler Mu_ay 1503 Clay Oxon Hill. MD 20745, 112 All Unit, 580_35c, 5_35D, p_e Cle Montes Eliceos 234 Mon_e Ave Monroe, NY 01040, 1 V_ue S6ason-Float Dka_and, M 75044, 1 Fixed Rd Denton, GA 31532, 1 Fixad St. Newport Beath, CA 92663- Season-Float w86k l Float Un_, 19 ODD, 19 ODD, $1,280.16, 10 B San Salvador, EL 10950, 1 V_ua S8a5on-hoat WeeMloat Unrf, 5800-13c, WeehlFixed Unit, 5100- Week l Fixed Unrf. 5100-5128, 9332, 112 Value Season-Float 5900407D, 10 ODD, S1,o56.92, $0.40 Carmen Pa_z 12938 sw SALVADOR, 112 Fixed Week Week _ Float Unk, 5900-311c, 5800-13D, 20 ODD, 20 ODD. 5138, 3 WHOLE, $8,703.54, 46 WHOLE, $3,807.50, $1.19 w86k / Float Unit, 4000-49, 43 8O.M. Edwin L Suggs 2810 252 T8_ac6 Hon_stead, FL l_xed Unk, 5100-5118, 50 45 WHOU, $2,017.72, 8o.67 $2,637.24, $0.75 _it SaWar 17 $2.43Ca_y A willouqhbyP.o. Shawn M Nea_ 694 w Mt ODD, $2,216.25, $0.63 Paul Falmoth Dr Shreveport, LA 33032, 1 Valua Season-Float ODD, 81,72o.93, $0.53 Rataal Joyce Young Josaph Ron_d Le_on Gds Balham London, Box 1295Morano Valay, CA Vemon w114 Nixa,MO65714, 1 J James 7200 Spring Lahe Dr 71106. Maga_t s Suggs 240 Week / Floal Unrf, 5800-42c. Von Began Yolanda Granall Joseph N11 Baybe_y Ln Fort SW12OAY UNITED KINGDOM, 92556Loria A Willoughby24769 Fixed Waak l Fix6d Unrf, 5200- Naw Orleans, LA 70126, 112 _| s. lnglawood Ave, apt. 203 5800-42D, 37 EVEN, 37 EVEN, De Von B6gan Avneda E 3 Lauderd_e, FL 3N19. 112 _| 2 All Season-Floa_ w68k l Moonshadow Dr.Moreno 5231, 38 WHOU, 83,455.78, S6ason-Floal Week l Float Unk, RuM8|lvill8, AR 72801-3326, $2,494.93, So.79 AnneWe Tonas Resdi Pata_ima Panthouse 1A Season-Float Week l Float Unk, Float Unit, 6100-42c, 6100- V_ley, CA 92557-3206, 1 $1.11 Radha Bhagaloo 1863 4000-38c, 38 ODD, $1,046.84, 112 V_ue Saason-Flo_ Week Jj2 Calle Ronda vllla And_ucia Caracas, VENUUELA, 1 Fixed 5900-510D, 10 ODD, 81 ,056.92, 42D, 3g WHOLE, 39 WHOLE. Flx6d WeeMixed Unh, NOO- Pine Rdg Bushkill, PA 18324- 8O.33 Miller Cra_er 2631 So_h / Float Unrf, 5900-407D, 45 San Juan, PR 00926, 1 Week nixed Unit, 5100-5136, 8O.33 Eduado B Copuz Maria 83,692.99, $1.19 Daniel J N11, 18 WHOLE, $7,649.18, _ Nirm_a Shiwmangal Hills Rived_e, GA 30296-6032 _EN, $2,086.32, 8O.66. Graca Floaling, 5800-51c, 5B00-51D, 37 WHOU, $5,098.79, $1.55, A Copuz 27 Sharon Drive Ecke_ Pamela A Eckart 76 82.21Steven H BinnsSandra 134O CP8kvi6w Court Saint Tova R66d6r CraWer 1914 Gi_ng Alliante, lnc., 2911 13 EVEN, 13 EVEN, 82,526.4o, Juana Silva Jose Silva, 7560 Coram, NY 11727. 1 Floating, Helmer Ln Whit6 HavBn, PA J Binnsmree Chimneys, Cloud, FL 34772, 1 Fixed Haor Walk F_bum, GA Meadow Glen Dr Mckinne M $0.79 John p Nixon Trina L sw 30lh St Miami, FL 33155, 1 5800-11_ 5800-11B. 48 ODD, 18661, 1/2 Floating, B-1822, 42 Vlllage St_etNo_ood Weeh l Fixed Un_, NOO-5317. 30213, 1/2 All Saason-Float 75070, 1l2 Value S6ason- loat Nixon 3418 Noble Ter. Ln. Flxed W6ak nixed Unk, 5100- 48 ODD. 86,O36.54, $1.39 Allan ODD, $2,637.24, $0.75. Green,HalilaxHalifax, 9 WHOLE. g,477.93, $1.38 W6ekl Float Unit, 4000-81C, 18 Week _ Float Unit, 5900-410D, Pea_and, M 77584, 1 floating, 5156, 47 WHOU, $3,319.54, W Peten Colleen B Peten 4 K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. HX38QGENGLAND, 1 Floatinq, Gesn6r Delva Rose L Delva ODD, 81,o46.84, 8O.N Waye | 49 NEN, $2,057.61, $0.66 5800-NA,58_-NB,44 MN, $1.07 Tony Novoa, Dwmnia Lak8wat6r Court Dartmo_h, WG Town Center HOA (NJ)\ 5500-5565, 13 WHOL , 6080 sw 180 T6_ Davie, FL p Slagla Jr 4042 EllisboD Rd Ashoha N Mallanqada 190 44 EVEN, 82,445.82, So.79 Mquez Novoa, Pavas Del NS B2wx8 CANADA, 2 Nunaz.O622\NOS PuB. $2,922.67, $0.92Anibal 33331, 1 Fixed Waak l Fixed Slohesdale, NC 27357, 1 #| Mineola Bhd Apt 5 Min6ola, Eddia E M_donado HC 2 Box Co_eo 100 M6tros Norte Y15O vaue Season-Float Week / NUNU.doc EscobarReina lsabel Escobar Unit, 5300-5336, 47 WHOLE, Season-Float Weak nloal Unrf, NY 11501 Kavkha K Pulyanda, 3911 PENUELAS PR 0_24, 1 Oeste, Edmcio V8rd6 F_n\a float Unk, 5800-14A, 5800- Aug. 25; SepL 1, _1T Rivaslvonna R EscobarMartha $6,154.07, 81.8O James Wilson 4000-14A, 4000-14B, 2 ODD, 2 408WoodbridgeLnJericho.NY #| Season-Flo_ Waek / floal # Parque San Jose, COSTA 14B. 38 WHOU, 38 WHOU, L 157241 lvonne Escobar Rivas223 Marthie M Wilson 2906 Clady ODD, 81,268.o7, 8o.4o C_stal 1 1753-2631, 112 Value S6ason- Unit, 5800-54c, 58_-54D, 28 RICA, 1 Fixad Weeh nixed $2,445.92, $0.81 Patricia L Bayhills DrLndala, M 75771, Rd Dothan, AL 36303, 1 Fixed D Hawkins 5495 Kenwood Dr Float w_k l Float Unit, 5900- EVEN, 28 EVEN, $2,529.40, Un_, 520_5217, 33 WHOLE, Ethelston Shannon Adshada 1 Valu6 S6ason-Floal Week w68k _ Fixed Unk, 5300-5363, North Port, FL 34287, 1 Value 507D, 19 NEN, $2,086.32, $0.79 Balasub_manian $3,319.54, 81.o7 Anne Marie 136 Fai_ake Drive Cambridge, NoncE OF TRusnE's l Float Unit, 5700-5746, 44 25 WHOU, $5,188.51, $1.54 Season-Float W86k / Floal $0.66. Timolhy s Sommers. Chandraseharan Maya T Da Ros, 2058 Chapel St ON N1S4Z3 CANADA, 2 Fixed SAU WHOLE, $3,531.91. 8O.91Ma_ R. Sadewin llgin L_e llgin Unrf, 4000-18A, 4000-18B, 2469 Dove C_ek Dr. LiWle Elm, Wishnamu_hy 36 Brownlow New Haven, CT 06515, 1/2 Week _ Float Unk. 5800-14c, wEsTGAn TOWN CENTER A Graana36 _whead Atakoy Konak Lan Di-3 Blok 19 ODD, 19 ODD, $1,268.07, M 75068, 1/2 Value Saason- Rd Crodon, CRO5JT uNlnD Fixed, 5200-5231, 13 ODD, 5800-14D, 52 WHOLE. 52 On Septamber 21, 2017, al _Dillon, co 80435, 1 _| D.12 Bah__ lstanbul, 34158_ 8o.4o Jonas Sanchaz Ana Float Weak / Float Unit, 5900- KINGD M, 1 All Season- $3,070.27, $0.89, Bernard WHOLE, $1 ,830.03, $0.62, 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON Sea5on-Floal Weak _ floal TURK_ 1 lx6d Weeh _ Fixed H Santhez 8B9 Slawson Ln 507D, 36 ODD. S1,o56.92, Floal Weak _ Float Unit. 5800- momazios Jasb68r Kaur Connie D Dickerson 9458 A_on MARDER. P.A., 201 E. Pin6 Unit, 6100-45F, 5 WHOLE, Unk, 5300-5365, 32 WHOU, Killeen. TX 76542, 2 V_ue 8o.33. Darian A Williams 54C, 5800-54D, 29 ODD. 29 momazios, No 5, Jalan Eliti5 Grove Rd Cordova. TN 38018 Street, Suile 500, Orlando, $3,773.50, $1 .19David 84,477.93, S1.38 Claude M Season-Float Waak / Float Janel D Willi_M 813 Schaub ODD, $1,28O.16, So.4o Jose Anggun Sari Val6ncia Hillcourt Tom6ka L MG Kinni 9651 Florida 32801, as Twstee MessmerAngalia Me5smer456 Walan Jr. a Myong Y Whalen, Unrf, 4000-43A, 4000-43B, 1 Ava. Mobila, AL 36609, 112 D Rodriguez Norma Lopez PRcint, Sungai Buloh Salangor Grays Song Dr. Cordova, TN punuant to that Appointment Eric Odom RdBre_on. AL Twst86s ot the Jim Jim WHOU, 1 WHOLE, $2,421.35, Floating. 5900-51 1C, 22 EVEN. Rodriguez 49 Cam8Dn Rd D.E., 47000 MALAYSIA, 112 38018-7752, 1 Floaling, 5800- of Twstee recorded on May 36426, 2 All S8a5on-Float Week FinanGial Twst dated Janua_ $0.81 Jonathan Mazza Sonia N $2,086.01. 8o.66 noyd B Smkh Begenfiald, NJ 07621, 1 V_ue Fixed Week nixed Unit, 5200- 53A. 5800-53B, 17 EVEN, 17 8, 2017, in O.R. Book 5144, / Float Unit, 4000-28A, 4000- 3, 2003 2203 che_emeld Lopaz 3836 Double Eagle Dr Dawn s Smhh 121 Marine season-noat Waek l Float 5237, 18 ODD, $1,739.15, MN, 82,529.4o, $0.79 Har_ al Page 228, ot the Publlc 28B, 49 WHOLE, 49 WHOLE, Loop Chesapeake, VA 23323, Apt 2818 Orlando, FL 32839, 1 Oaks Dr BaWimora, MD 2122, Unrf, 5800-61c, 5800-61D, $O.N, Yolanda Mo_s Williams, D Ta_or 5101 Twin Pina Drive Records ot Osteola Coun_, $4,322.28, $1 .32Agnaldo 2 Value Season-Float Weak / All Season-Float Week / Float 1 #| Saason-Flo_ Week / Float 19 ODD, 19 ODD. $1.280.15, 219 22 141 Rd, Springfi6ld Plant C_y, FL 33566 Debbie Florida, by reason ol a now | H6r_raK6|ly C Casari Float Unk, 4000-43A, 400_ Unit, 4000-45c, 4000-45D, Unit, 5800-14c, 5800-14D, 20 $0.40 Jam6s L Cha58 Jan& Gard8n5, NY 11413. 1/2 M Taylor 10078 s. Riviera Pt. conlinuing detault by Obligo_s). He_eraRua Franca 145Bai_o 43B, 44 WHOLE, 44 WHOLE, 22 ODD, 22 ODD, $1,268.07, EVEN, 20 EVEN, 82,529.4o, A Nipper 63 To_nQon St Flxed waeknixad Unrt, 5200- HomosaNa, FL _-5311, 1 (See Exhibit _A_, whose Parque Da5 NacoesSanto 83,773.5o, 81.19 Roberto 8o.4o Raymond Stock 8o.79 John p Hamord Da_ene Port Cha_o_a, FL 33954, 1 5238, 16 EVEN, $3,359.64, Floating, 5800-54A, 5800-54B, add_N is (Sae Ewhibrf _A_, in And_, 09210 020BRAZIL, 2 All Flgueroa Anab6| D Figueroa Geraldina Stock Claddagh A HaMod Phyllis A Gri_n Floatng, 5800-63A, _63B, $1.02, Michael Mullin Bridget 19 EVEN. 19 WEN, $2,294.28_ the payment or performance S6ason-Float Week _ floal Unrt, 101 Lawn Av6 Stamtord, CT Wa_an Farm Wynyad Road Paul M Gri_n 201 Gabrielle 46 EVEN, 46 EVEN, 82,52g.4o, Ma_andino, 350 Ocean Ave $0.79 Rupal E Manhall 6265 of the obligation5 58Gur8d by 4000-22A, 4000-22B, 4000- 06902, 2 All Season-float Wyn_ad, TS225ND uNmD St Manth8st6r, NH 03103, 2 $0.79 Ca_on Wall6n Marfha MaNap8qua, NY 11758, 1 Merrimac Ln. N Maple Grove, said Claim of Li6n recoded ln 41c, 4000-41D, 11 EVEN, 11 Waak l Float Unk, 5800-34A, KIN DOM, 2 All Season-Float _| Season-Float Waak / Float Wallan 10200 122nd Ave N Apt Fixed Week /Fixad Unrt, 5300- MN 55311-3837 Renane T O.R. Book 5033, at Page 189- EVEN, 13 ODD, 13 ODD, 5800-34B, 34 WHOLE, 34 Week / Float Unh, 4000-53c, Unk, 5800-55c, 5800-55D, 4 2151 Lago, FL 33773, 1 _| N13, 48 WHOU, $4,823.79, Makhl 6150 auinwood Lane 193, ot the Public Recods $1 ,936.56, $0.67Kwang Y WHOLE, $3,773.50, $1.19 4000-53D, 12 WHOU, 12 WHOLE, 4 WHOU. 82,445.92, S6ason-Float w68h _ Float Unh. $1.55. Eric A Williams. Sandra North N5211 Plymouth, MN ol Osc6ola County, Florida, YooSung H Yoo331 Nomtlands Howad Layon 1970 Adiar WHOU, 82,421 .35, So.81 So.81. Kim L Seve_ 4O Venna 5800-63c, 5800-63D. 39 ODD, Pollonais Medina. 32 Rainauth 55442, 1 _| Season-Float including the breach or default, DriveCa_, NC 27519. 2 Value Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55422, Arfuro Hemandez Sr Nelda | Av6, H_6don, NJ 07508 . 39 ODD, $1,280.16, $O.40 Sl, La Pu6rfa Ave, TRINIDAD Week / Float Unrf, 580_64c. notice ot which was sat _orth Season-Float Week / Float 2 All Saa5on-Float Week l H6mand8z 711 We5t BenneW Tamara L Hou_on, 44 Davey Emidso_h, lnG, A MiNouri TOBAGO, 112 Fixad w66h / 5800-64D, 49 ODD, 49 ODD, in a Notica ol Datault and Unit, 5800-62C, 5800-62D, flo_ Unh, 5800-42_ 5800- St Fal__ias, TX 78355 ArtuD Dr. West Orange, NJ 07052- Coporation _ A. Watson As Fixed Unk, 5300-N33, 37 $1,326.82, 8O.4O Michael A lnt6nt to Foraclose p_vided 46 WHOLE, 46 WHOLE, 428, 13 WHOLE, 13 WHOLE, Hemandez Jr 1327 S. Cenl6r 2176, 4 floating, 5800-13A, Signing omter Po Box 1700 ODD. $1.7_9.15. 8o.5_. Da_ell Adeyanju Moni5ola | Adeyanju to the la5t known add_M or $3,795.16, $1 .190scar B 83,784.33, 81.19 Martin St. Faltu_as, m 78655. 2 5800-13B. 5800-1_c. 5800- BransDn. MO 65615, 1 Flxed w Laonad. 12720 w Kaim Dr Plot2O East W85t Rd Po Box Obligo_, (Sea Exhibrt _A_, by RisharJoan L RisherPO Box D Howarth Julie Howarfh Fixed Waak Float Unk, 4__ 13D, 23 WHOU, 23 WHOLE, Waak l Floal Unk, 58_63c, L_chfield Pa_, AZ 85340, 1 18201 Federal S_e_ariat c6_ifi R8gist&6d M_| or by 904Denham Springs, LA7O727, 3 Bu_legate Downdeny 72A, 4000-72B, 15 WHOU, 23 WHOU, 23 WHOU, 5800-63D, 8 ODD, 8 ODD, Fwed _knixed Unrt, NOO- Port Ha_ouk, NIGERIA, 4 _| publiGationby_h8undenigned _o_| Season-Float Waeh / ENGLAND, 2 _| S6ason-Float 15 WHOLE, &2,421.35, $0.81 $4,544.33, $1.40 Ru_s $1,280.16, $0.40 _onas J 5353, 45 WHOU, $3,319.54, S_n-Floa_ w68k l Floal Unk, Twstee, will sell at public Un, 5900-101A 5900- Waek l float Unrf, 5800-64c, PatriGia N Panico 5 Graen Valley ColBman Aud_y J Clark, 7903 Simpukas 2059 Blue Top Rd 81.o7 Ron_d Giltord, Shannel 5800-42_ 5800-42A. 580_ au_ion lo the highe_ bidder 102B, 13 WHOLE, 13 WHOU, 580_64D, N WHOU, 33 Road SttaWod, NJ 08084, 1 _| Ki_ridg6 Parh Drive Belleville, Tazawell, TN 37879, 1 V_ua Mc Kenzie, 13820 Old Sl 42B, 5800-428, 41 WHOU, tor la_ul mon6y ot _he Unhed 86,99O.42, $2.00Maria B WHOU, 83,773.5O, $1.19 Saason-Float Waek l Float Unk, Ml 48111, 1 All Season-Float Season-Float Waek l Float Augustine Rd Suk 113-162 42 WHOU, 41 WHOLE, 42 Slatas ot America, on the hont NogueraAura De NogueraNerio David E Mansfield Susan M 4000-75A, 4000-75B, 13 ODD, Week / Float Unit, 6000-13c, Unit, 5800-65c, 5800-65D, 20 Jacksonvilla, FL 32258, 112 WHOU. 83,352.o8, S1.o7 Brian steps of th6 OKeola Coun_ | Nogue_Daniela Dag8Nlb Mansfi6ld 129 Blackbum Road 13 ODD, 8992._3, $0.35 Luis 6000-13D, 34 ODD, 34 ODD, EVEN, 20 EVEN, $2,529.40, Fixed Waek nixed Unh, 5300- Mc Carthy 38 Bow St Unk # 2 Courthousa, 2 Courthouse Colinas De La CalifomiaCle Rishton Blatkbum, BB1 4ER E Ramos Maria E Ramos 7847 S1,28O.16, 8O.4O. Howald 8O.79 And_w C Corbeil Jana E 5353, 50 EVEN, $3,359.64, B6v6_y, MA 01915, 4 Floating, Square, Kissimmee. florida San Jo58 Re5 Saosalito Apt ENGLAND, 4 valu6 Season- Mesquhe Farm San Antonio, Maddocks Keny Maddocks 37 Cobeil 7 Pumpkin Lane clmon &1.O2, Andra Mo_au, _se 5800-65A, 5800-65B, 580_ 34741,allright,titla andi_erest 8CCaratas,VENUUELA, 1 #| Float week l Float Unrf, M 78239, 1 _| season-noat H_6 Rd W_lasey, CH457QT Pa_, NY 12065, 4 Floating, Mo_au, 10351 Av Peloquin 65c, 5800-65D, 35 WHOLE, in the proparty srfuatad in the Season-FloatWeehlFloatUnk, 5800-13_ 58_-13B, 58_- Week / Float Unk, 4_84c, GREAT BR__N, 1 #| Season- 5800-13A, 5800-13B, 58_- Montr6_, ac H2C2W 35 WHOU, 35 WHOLE, 35 County ot OsG8ola, Florida, 6100-11A, 6100-11B, 27 ODD, 13c, 580_13D, N WHOU, 4000-84D, 32 ODD, 32 ODD, Floal w_k l Float Unrf, 6000- 13C, 5800-13D, 47 WHOLE, CANAD_ 1 Fixed w86k nixed WHOU. 83,352.o8, 81 .07. - described as: (See Exhibk "A") 27 ODD, $1,268.07, $0.40Ada 35 WHOLE, 35 WHOU, 35 81,268.o7, $0.40 St8phani6 25C,_25D,Z0DD,20DD, 47 WHOU, 47 WHOU, 47 Unk, 5400-5452, 47 WHOLE, K:\FORECLOSURN6896.WG Tlme Share lnta__(s) (See N Candelario535 Calle M WHOu,S5,o98.79,$1.55lrisH whe 6816 L_la BDok Las $1,280.16, $0.40 Hen_ Garcia WHOLE,$3,352.O8,$1.O7Colin 83,319.54,81.o7. Tow Cenler HOA (NJT_varez Exhibk "A") accoding to lhe SurDorado, PR 00646, 1/2 #| Johnson HowardWJohnsonJr Vagas, NV 89131-3219 Wlllie 145 ConklinQow Rd Ch8_6r, B LockebGwen M Lockay 437 K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. Co_nado.641WOS PUB. Tlm6 Sharing Plan torWestgate Saason-FloatWeeklFloatUnk, HowadWJohnsonSr9Hialeah White 4312 Govarnon Hill St NY 1_18 Do_en Garcia 126 Sawmill d Rr1 W C_harin_, WG Tow Bter HOA (NJ)\ ALVARUCORONADO.doc Town C8nt6r, _torded in B-1116, 18 EVEN, $1,980.22, Drive M6adowb_ok Kingston Las Ve2as, NV 89129, 1 Fixed Maadow Landing Dr. Conroa, ON UR6P7 CANADA, 2 Vua ADan._38\NOS PuB. Aug. u; SepL 1, _1T OMcial Ratods Book 1564, $0.66Naim M PashaAnna J 19, JAMAICA, 2 #| Saason- Waek loal Unk, 4000-88A, M 77384-2119. 1 #| Saason- Season-hoat _k l no_ AKPAN.doc L157247 at Paga 1479. ot the Public Ar_ca8 Marigold CtLumberton, noatweah l no_ Unk, 6100- 4000-88B, 15 ODD, 15 ODD, Float W_k l Float Unit, 6000- Unit, 5800-31A, 5800-31B, Aug._S;S_pt.1,_1T Recods of Oscaola Coun_, NJ 08048, 1 2 _| S6ason-Float 82_ 6100-82B, 47 WHOU, $1 ,268.07, 8o.4o. 61A, 6000-61B, 4 ODD, 4 ODD, 5800-31c, 5800-31D, 45 ODD, L 157244 Florida (the _Plan_. Tog&her Waeh l Float Unrf, B-1505, 3 47 WHOLE, $3,773.50, S1.19 K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. 81,28o.16, 8o.4o. 45 ODD, 45 ODD, 45 ODD, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S wkh tha righl to oKupy, ODD, $3,504.81, $0.90Paul D J_se w Euinger Marily v WG Town Cantar HOA (NJ)\ K:\FORECLOSURN6896.WG $1,755.20, $0.53 Ana lrma SAU punuant to tha Plan, Building(s) CoN8_Ka_n E CoN8y75O E EMing6r 1505 w Highway 290 Parfnen, INC.O636\NOS PuB. Town Canter WOA (NJ)\Sema Martinez No 85 Mayaguaz sl NoncE OF TRusnE's wuTGAn TOWN cENnR / Unrt(s) / Unrf Week(s) l M_n Lake B_rtl&, FL 32054, Dripping Springs, TX 78620, 1 PARTNERS, INC.doc Jr.O645\NOS PuB. SERNA Cond To_e Lnda #903 San SALE On September 21, 2017. at AMign8d Yea_s), (s_ Exhibrf 1 floaling, B-1802, 2 WHOLE, Floating, B-1617, 27 WHOU, Aug.2S;SepL1,_1T JR.doc Juan, PR 00917, 2 #| _on- wEsTGAn rOWN CENTER 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON "A_). 7700 W85tgat8 Bhd.., S3,8o9.33, S1.19Nahamiah 83,773.5o, $1.19. L157238 Aug.U;_1,_17 Flo_ Waak l Float Unk, 58_- On Sap_ember 21, 2017, at MARDER, P.A, 201 E. Pine Kissimmee, FL 34747 _8r6in BanksTamara D Banhs4388 K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. L15724O 52A, 580_52B, 58_-52c, 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON Str6&, Surf6 500, O_ando, "Time Sha_ Plan p_perfy) Centannial TrailBa_eley Laka, WG Town C_t_ HOA (NJ)\ 5800-52D, 17 ODD, 17 ODD, MARDER, P.A, 201 E. Pina Florida 32801, as T_staa Addr8M") Said sale will be GA 30_6, 2 Floatin B-1101, Moora.O634WOS PuB. NoncE OF TRUS~'S 17 ODD, 17 ODD, 81,755._, Sl_t, hke 500, O_ando, punuant to Wat Appointment mada (without covenams, or 8-1102, 16 WH LE, 16 MOORE.doc snu NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S $0.53. norida 32801, as Twstee ot Tw_ee Bo_6d on May wa_anty, 8wp_N or implied, WHOLE, $5,233.95, S1 .55. Aug.U;_ 1,_1T WESTGATE rOWN cENnR SAU K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. punuant to that Appoimment 5, 2017, in O.R. Book 5143, regading !h6 trfl6, poN_sion K:\FORECLOSURE\26896. L157237 On S6pt6mber 19, 2017, at wEsTGnn TOWN CENTER WG Tow Center HO (NJ)\ ot Tw_ee retoded on May at Pag6 1451, of the Public or entumbrances) to pay the WG Tow Centar HOA (NJT\ 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON On Septembar 19, 2017. at Pa_nen, INC._OS PUB. 24. 2017. in O.R. Booh 5153, R6cords ot OK8ola County. unp_d ass8Mments due inthe Shap.O632\NOS PUB. SHARP. MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine 11:OO a.m., GREENSPOON PARTNERS, INC.doc at Paga 800, of the Public Florida, by _on ot a now amount ot (Saa Mibk _A_), doc NoncE OF TRusnE's Straat, Suke 500, O_ando, MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pina Aug.25;_1,_1T R6cods ot OK_la County, con\inuing detauW by Obligo_sl, with im&est aKwing _ \he Aug. 2s; S6pL 1, 201T SALE Florida 32801, as T__86 St_a, Suk6 500, O_ando, L157N9 florida, by 18as0n ot a now (s68 Exhib _A_, whosa ra\e ot ISee Exhibh _A2 per L 157236 wNTGAn TOWN cENnR punuant to that Appointment Florida 32801, as Tw_ee continuing detauW by Obligor(s), addrau is (See Exhibk wA_, in day, punuanl \o the fimeshare On September 19, 2017, at ot T_st68 _codad on May punuant to that Appointm6nt (S86 Exhibk _A_), who58 tha pay_nt or performance Plan, advanc6s, it any, under 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON 24, 2017, in O.R. Booh 5153, ot Twst68 Bord8d on May NOTICE OF TRumE's add_M is (See Exhibit _A"), in ot the obliga_ions secu_d by lha terms ol said Clm of NoncE OF TRusnE's MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine at Page 858, of the Public 24, 2017, in O.R. Book 5153, SALE lha payn_nl or performance said Claim ot L6n _corded in Lien, chages and axpenses of SALE Str_t, Surfe 500, O_ando, R8Gords of Oscaola County, a\ Page 855, ot the Public wuTGAn TOWN cENnR ot the oblig_ions sacu_d by O.R. Book 50N, at Page 123- tha Twstea and ot the twsls wEsTGAn TOWN cENnR norida 32801, as Twstae Florida, by _n ot a now Retods of Osc_la Coun_, On September 21, 2017, at said Claim of Lien retorded 126, ot \he Public R_ords craated by sFd Claim ol Lien. On September 19, 2017, at punuant to that ot Appointment continuing d6auw by ObligorT5). Florida, by reason ot a now 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON in O.R. Book 5093, at Page of OK8ola Coun_, Florida, Obligo_s) shdll have Ma righ_ 11:00 a.m., GREENSPOON ot Tw_ee recoded on May ISee Exhibk _A"), whose continuing detauW by Obligo_s), MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine 71-76, ol the Public Recods including lhe breach or detault, to cure the default and any MARDER, P.A., 201 E. Pine 24, 2017, in O.R. Book 5153, addr85s is (See Ewhibh _A_, in (See Exhibh _A_, whosa Street, Surte 500, O_ando, ot Osceola Coun_, Florida, notice ot which was set torth junior lienholder shall have the __et, Suite 500, Orlando, at Page 464, ot the Public tha payent or performanca add_M is (See Exhibk _A_, in Florida 32801, as T_stea including the breach or detault, in a Notice ot DetauN and right to r6d88m its interest up Florida 32801, as T_staa Racords ot OKeola Coun_, of tha obligations s6cur8d by the payent or performanca pursuant to that Appoi_n_nt notice ot which was set torfh lnt6nt to Foreclose p_vided to tha data tha Tw_ee iNues pursuant to that Notice ot Florida, by Pason ot a now said Claim ot Lien racorded in ot the obligations secu_d by of T_stee retorded on May in a Notice of Default and to lha last know addPM of theCertificateotS_abypaying Appointment ot T_5t88 tontinuing delauN by Obligor(s), O.R. Book 5093, at Page 164- said Claim ot Lan &odad in 24, 2017, in O.R. Book 51N, lntent to Foretlose p_vided Obligo_s), (See Mib wA"), by the amounts due as ortlined recorded on May 24, 2017, in (S6e Exhibh .A_), whose 169, ot the Public R8cod5 O.R. Book 5093, al Page 15B- at Page 768, of _e Public to tha la_ know add_ss ot cartm_agi_aPd Mail or by above. By: Amanda L Chapman O.R. Book 5153, at Page 461 , ot address is (See Exhibit _A'.), in ot Osc6ola Coun_, Florida, 163, ot tha Public Racords Racords ot Osceola Coun_, Obligo_s), (Saa Exhibrf _A_, by publication by the unde_igned Authorized Agent. th6 Public Retords ot Osceola the payment or performance including the b_ach or detault, ot Osceola Coun_, Florida, Florida, by reason ot a now Certifi_egi_ered Mail or by Twstee, will sell at public WHIBIT NA_ - NoncE OF CouW, Florida, by _ason of the obligations securad by notica ot whith was sat torfh including the breach or detault, continuing detault by Obligo_s), publication by the undersigned aurtion to the highest bidder TRusnE's SAU of a now continuing d6rauN said Claim ot Len _codad in in a Notice ot DetauW and notice ot which was set torth (See Exhibit "A"), whos6 T_stae, will sell at public tor law_| money ot the Unhed Ownar(s)IObligorTs)/Last by Obligo_s), (s86 Exhibit O.R. Book 5060, at Pag6 1594- lntan\ to Foretlose provided in a Notite ot Detault and add_ss is (See Exhibrf _A"T, in au_ion to the highe_ biddar Statas ot America, on the hont Known AddPss; Tlmeshare _A"), whose addr8M is (Se6 1599, of th6 Public R6cords to th6 last known addrass ot lntent to FORtlOS8 provided th6 payment or performante tor lawful money ot \he United staps ot tha Osceola Coun_ lnte_st; Buildingl Unk; Week/ Exhibh _A_, in the payment or ot O5c80la Coun_. Florida, Obligor(s), (See Ewhibil wA_), by to the last known add_ss of ot the obligations securad by States ot America, on the tront Courthouse, 2 Courthousa Assigned Year; Amount ot Len; performance of the obligations including \he bPach or datault, C6_ifi8d/Regis\erad Mail or by Obligo_s), (See Exhibit _A.'), by said Claim ot Lien recod6d in steps ot lhe Osceola County Square, _Mimmee, Florida Per iem Amount secured by said Claim ot Len notice ot which was sat to_h publication by the und8r5ign8d CartifiedlRegistered Mail or by O.R. Book 5060, at Paga 1567- Courthouse, 2 Courthousa 34741 , all righ\, lrfle and interast Danisa Walls 805 NW 3rd Rcorded in O.R. Booh 5053, in a Notice ot DetauW and Twstaa, will 5ell at public publication by the undenigned 1573, ot the Public Recods Squara, Kissimmee, Florida in the prope_y skuated in the Place Cape Coral, FL 33993, at Page 911-917, ot tha Public lntent to Foreclo58 providad aurtion to the high6st bidder Twstee, will sell at public of Osceola Coun_, Florida, 34741 , all righ_, tkle and interest County ot Osceola, Florida, 1/2 All Season-Float Weak / Records ot Osceola Coun_. to the la_ known addraM or , tor law_| monay otthe Un_ed aurtion to tha highest bidder including the bPach or detauW, in the p_perfy situated in the destribed as: (See Exhibit _A") Float Unit, 5100-5112, 12 ODD, Florida, including the braach or Obligor(s). (Sea Exhibrf _A"), by States ot America, on tha hont tor lawhl money of the Unit6d notice ot which was s6t torfh Coun_ of OK8ola, Florida. Tl_ Share lntere_(s) (See 81,478.1o, $0.46 #exander detaull, notica ot which was s6t Ce_ified/Registe_d Mail or by steps ot the Osceola Coun_ Stat_ ot _nerica, on the hont in a Notice ot DetauW and described as: (See Exhibk .'A") Exhibrt _A") according to the Ma_inez Pilar Ma_inez 13606 torth in a Notice ot DetauW and publica\ion by lhe undersignad Cou_house, 2 Courthousa steps of tha Osceola Coun_ lnlenl lo FoRclo5e providad Tlme Share lnterest(sl (S66 TlnFa Sharing Plan tor We_gale SW 144TH Ter. Miami, FL lntent to Foreclose provided T_stee, will sell at public Squara, Kissimmea, Florida Courthouse, 2 Courfhous6 _o the la_ known add_N of Exhibit _A") accoding to tha Town Center. recorded in 33186, 112 _| Season- Floa\ to tha last known address ot aurtion to the highast bidder 34741 , all righl, tkle and interest Square, KiNimm88, Florida Obligor(s), (See Exhib_ _A_, by Tlm6 Sharing Plan tor Westgate OMcial R6cods Book 1564, WeeklFloat Unrf, 510_5137. Obligo_s). (See Exhibit "A"), by tor lawlul money ot lha United in the properfy situated in the 34741 , all right, title and i_e_st Ce_hedlRegistered Mail or by Town Center, &orded in at Page 1479, of the Public 25 EVEN, $3,297.55, $1.02 Certified/Registe_d Mail or by States of Amarica, on the t_nt Coun_ ot Osceola, Florida, in the proper_ s_ua\ed in tha publication by the undenigned OMtial Records Book 1564, _ Retords ot Osceola Coun_. Roberf M lvey Adrain R lvey publication by th6 undersignad steps ot the Osceola Coun_ described as: (See Exhibit "A") County ot OsGeola, Florida, Twslae, will sell at public at Page 1479, ot the PubliG ' Florida _he _Plan"). Togethar 305 Magnolia Lane Monroe, GA T_stee_ will sell at public Cou_house, 2 Courthous6 Time Share lnterest(s) (S68 describad as: ISae Exhibit "A") auction to the highest biddar R6cords ot Osceola County, wh the right lo occupy, 30655, 1/2 All Season- Float auction lo the highast biddar Square. KiMimm68, Florida Exhibit .'A") according to the Time Sha_ lnte_st(s) (Sae tor lawful money of the United Florida (th6 '.Plan_). Together punuant to \he Plan_ Building(s) WeeWFloat Unrf, 5200-5226, 16 tor la_ul money ot the Unked 34741 , all right, tkle and interest Time Sharing Plan tor W6stgata Exhibit _A") according to the States ot America, on tha hont wkh the right to occupy, / Unk(s) / Unrf week(s) l ODD, $2,625.73, $0.75 Terence State5 of Amerita, on tha t_nt in _he pDp8rty shuated in the Town Cen\er, r8cod6d in fime Sharing Plan for Westgate steps ot the Osceola Coun_ pursuant to the Plan, Building(s) Assigned Yea_s), (See Exhibit BoyeWa Yolanda R Boy_We steps ot the Osceola County Coun_ ot Osceola. Florida, OMcial Recods Book 1564, Town Center, ratorded in Courfhouse, 2 CouMous6 _ Unit(s) l Unit Weekls) / wA"). 7700 Westgate Blvd.., 7 Vanburgh Ct StaWord, VA Courthouse, 2 Courthouse deKribed as: (S66 Exhibk _A.') at Page 1479, of the Public omci_ Recods Book 1564, Squap. Kissimme6, Florida AMign6d Year(s), (Saa Exhibk Kissimmee, FL 34747 _erein 22554, 1/2 All Season- Float Squap. Kissimme6, Florida fime ShaP lnt6r6st(s) (See Records of Osceola Coun_, at Page 1479, of lh6 Public 34741 , all right, trfle and inte_st ..A_. 7700 Westgate Blvd.., _fime Share Plan (Propa_y) WeeWFloat Unrf, 5300-5324, 34741 . all right, title and interast Exhibk _A") actording to the Florida (the _Plan_). Togather Recods of Osceola Coun_, in the prope_y shuated in the KiNimm88, FL 34747 (he_in Address_T Said sale will b6 16 EVEN, $2.915.85. 8o.92 in the p_perty situated in the Tlme Sharing Plan ror W85tgate wrfh lhe right to octupy. Florida (the _Plan_. Together County or Oscaola, Florida, _fime Share Plan IProperty) made (wkhout covanants, or Philip D Shekwolo Hannatu County ot Osceola, Florida, Tow Center, recorded in punuant lo the Plan, Building(s) wkh the rigM to occupy, d6stribed as: TS88 Exhibrf _A") Addr8N_) Said sal6 will b6 wa_anly. expPM or implied, Shehwolo Shell Pet_leum describad as: (See Ewhibit "A") O_cial Records Book 1564, / Unrfls) / Unit Waak(s) / punuam to the Plan, Building(s) Tlme Sha_ lnte_st(s) (See made (_tho_ covenanls, or Pgarding lhe tkle, possession Development Company Nigeria Tlme Sha_ lnterest(s) (See al Page 1479, ot the Public Assigned Yaa_s), (Se6 Exhibrf / Unk(s) l Unrf Waek(s) l Exhibit wA'_ accoding to tha w_n_, expRss or impli6d, or encumbrances) \o pay tha Ltd Port Hawourf. NIGERIA, Exhibit '.A") accoding to the Recods of Osceola County, "A"). 7700 W6slgata Blvd., Assigned Yea_s), (Sea Exhibit Tlme Sharing Plan tor We_gate _garding the lrfle. possassion unp_d aNessments due in the 1n _| Season- Float Weekl fime Sharing Plan for W85tgate Florida (the _Plan"). Together Kissimmee, FL 34747 me_in _A2. 7700 Westgate Blvd.., Town Center, recoded in or encumbrances) to pay tha amount of (See Exhibrf _A_). Float Unit, 5400-_, 22 Town Centar, recoded in wkh th& right to octupy, "Time Share Plan (Proparty) Kissimmee, FL 34747 me_in O_cial Records Book 1564, unpaid aNeNments due in the wrth interest aKwing at tha EVEN. $2,91 5.85, 8o.92 omcial Racords Book 1564, punuant to the Plan, Building(s) Address") Said sale will be .'fime Sha_ Plan (Proparty) at Page 1479, ot th6 Public anount ot (See Exhibit _A"), rate of (See Exhibk _A_ per Rithard E Cock_ Sr Dianna L at Pag6 1479, ot the Public / Unit(s) l Unit Week(s) / made (without covenants, or AddPss") Said sale will ba Recods ot Oscaola Coun_, wrfh intePst accwing at the day, pursuam _o _he Tlm6shara Cock6y 28266 anterbu_ Dr Recods of Osceola Coun_, Assigned Yaa_s), (Saa Exhibit wa_anty, axpress or implied, made (wkhout covenants, or Florida (the _Plan'_. Together rate of (See Exhibrf _A") par Plan, advances, if any, undar Salisbu_, MD 21801, 112 All norida (tha _Plan'_. Togathar _A_. 7700 Wastgate Blvd... regardng the title, poN8ssion wa_an_, expreM or impliad, with the right to occupy, day, pursuant to the Tlmeshare tha terms of said Claim of Season- Float WaeklFloat Unit, with the right to occupy, KINimmee. FL 34747 me_in or encumbrancas) to pay the regading tha title, poss8Nion pursuant to the Plan, Building(s) Plan, advances, it any. under Lien, charges and expansas ot 5500-5542, 9 EVEN, 81,4o2.55, pursuant to the Plan, Building(sl _me ShaP Plan (Property) unpaid assassmants due in the or encumbrances) to pay the l Unit(s) / Unit W68k(s) / the terms of said Claim of the Twstee and ot tha t_sts $0.48 Ronald M Fostar Lindal / Unit(s) l Unit Week(sl l AddPM") Said sale will be amount of (s86 Exhibit _A"), unpaid aN8Nm8nts due in the Assigned Yea_s), (Se6 Exhibrf Len, chages and expans6s of tr6ated by said Claim ot Lian. L Scon Foster 264 Winthrop ANign8d Yea_s), (See Ewhibrf made (who_ covanants, or with intare_ acc_ing at the amount ot (See Ewhibit _A'.), "A_l. 7700 Westg_e Blvd.., the T__ee and of tha trusts Obligo_s) shall hava tha right T6rrac8 South Orange, NJ _A"). 7700 Westgate Blvd.., wa_anty, exp_N or implied, rate of (See Exhibrt _A_ per wkh intere_ accwing at the KiNimmee, FL 34747 _8r6in crea_ed by said Claim ot Lian. to CUR the defauW and any 07079, 1 All Season- Float Kissimmee, FL 34747 me_in _garding the title, poss8Nion day, punuant to _e Tim6share rate ot (See Exhibil _A") per _Time Share Plan (PDparty) Obligor(5) shall have tha right junior lienholder shall hav6 the Weeh/Float Unit, 5900-402B,