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August 24, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 24, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 24, 2018 PAGE 43B rate ot (See Exhibh A") per,de uN.notice ofwhich was s& Marilu Pulido Florez, Ava Fixed Wee Fixed Unk, M-,EVEN, 1 v2014, 52811835- in this notice or take other and Asslgned Unit 233, day. punuant to th6 Morfgage, lorth in a Notice ot De uW and NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND TePpaima Urb Colinas, Del 1510DD, 1/v2015, 5281 768- 840, $2,184.48, $1.58; Anthony appDpriat8 action wkh gard Annual advances, rf any, under Me,enl to Foreclose provided INTENT TO FORECLOSE Tubio Resd Regency Pa Piso 773, $2.501.62, $1.31: Sharon Q Drake.6OW Erie WApt 1701. lo this fo closu mawer, you AMign8d Un Week 49 terms ot said Mo gage. to the la known address of wEsTGAn vAcAnoN 10, Ba uisimeto, VENUUELA Jam6s and, Gailla James, chi,IL 60610, 1 Fixed risk losing ownenhip ot your and Assigned Unrf 245, . chages and expenses of Mortgago s), (See Exhibit VILLAS vll FILE: 2TTS6.0928 03001, 1/2 All Season-Float 213 College Pa Dr, Dayona Wee ix6d Unrf, u-112, 251 limesha int6 thDugh th6 Annual the T st6e and of tha twsts "A' . by certmed Registered Punuant to Se ion 721.855, Wee Float Unrf, R-03, 34/ Beach, FL 32114. 1l2 Fixed WHOLE. 1 U2015. 5281 835- h ee to&losu ploc8dur8 All ot FANTASY ISLAND cr8at6d by said Mortgage. Mail or by publication by the Florida Statutes, WESTGATE EVEN. 1/v2016, 52811841- W68klFix8d Unk, ss-12, 231 840, $3,037.54, $2.13; v M erfablished in Sertion 721 .855, RESO A CONDOMINI- Mortgago s) shall have the undenigned Tru ee, will sell VACATION VILLAS OWNERS 846, $1,267.96, 81.21: Nyasha NEN, 11v2014, 5281/768- BrahmbhaW and Neena v Florida St rtes. You may UM, accordinq o the Dec- right to tu lhe detauW and a publit aurfion to the highest ASSOCIATION, INC. D Johnson, 3553 1 h St Apl 773, $2,685.12, $1.94; Joseph BrahmbhaW, 1601 Hunten choose to sign and send to laration ot ondominium any junior lienholder shall have bidder for lawhl money of (heRina er refe to as 2G, A oria, NY 11106, 1 Fixed M Cele in and Majorie c Pointe Dr, Richmond, IN 47374, the und8nign8d lwst88 an thereot, recoded in O cial the right to deem rfs interest,the Unrfed S ates of America, . We gate"). has Pcoded a WeeM ed Unrf, R-10, 411 Cale in, 1008 Drake Feather 1/2 Fixed WeeklFixed Unrf, objertion torm, exercising your Records Book 2330, at up lo the date he Twstee on lhe hont eps ot t e Cl m ot Lien in the amount WHOLE, 4/2/2016, 5281/841- Dr, Orange Pa,FL 32065, LL-202, 2610DD, 11v2015. right to obja to the use of the Page 1491. ot the Publit issues the Qmtate of Sale Osceola Coun Courthouse, ot (See Exhibrf A',with 846. $2,376.52, $1.80. 1/2 Fixed, TT-05, 141EVEN, 52811835-840, $2,004.82, trustee toBlosu procedure. Records ot Volusia Coun . by paying the amounts due as,2 Cou house Square, intePst atc ing at the rate of Augu t 1T, 24, 2018 11V2014, 5281 768-773, $1 .05; Jesus SuaRz-Ordon8 . Upon the undenigned twstee's Florida. as amended hom o lined above. By: Amanda L. Kissimmee, Florida 34741,(See Exhibit A") per day, and L 170574 $4,242.82, $1.94; Ca os R Cl Marques De Ulquijo 15 2-E. B8ipt of your signed objettion time to time (the Dec ra- Chapman, A horized Agent right, title and inte st in recoded in O.R. Book (See Garcia Angeles and Laura Asturias Gijon, SPAIN 33203, torm, the fo&losul8 of the tion . EXHIBrr "n" - NoncE OF the prope srfuatad in the Ewhibk A' . at Page (See Exhibrt Pe z Fonseca, Manuel M 1 Fixed WeeklF ed Unk, U- lien wkh respe to the delauW including the building and TRUSTEE'S SALE Coun ot SCEOLA. Florida, A . ot the Public Recods of NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND Ponc6 No 129, Col Guadalupe 211. 17 H0U. 11u2015. specmed in this notice shall appu anances located the in. Own6 s) AddreN Building deKrib8d as: (SEE HIBIT OK la County, Florida. and IMENT TO FORECLOSE lnn, Mexico. MWICO 01020. 52811835-840. $3.051 .84. be subjert to the judicial together wrth the tixtures Unk Week Year TS Undivided wA Tlme ShaP lnteRstls) (SEE the undenigned T ee as wEsTGAn vAcnTloN 112 Fixed, TT-11. 1&EVEN. $2.04; Donald c Kirkpatritk. to tlosure p cedu only. situate the in and located lnterest Season A Dunt Per HIB A") accoding to the appoinled by Westgale, he by VILLAS,FILE: 2n56. 2 1/V2014. 52811768-773. 489 Queen St, Chatham, ON, You hava tha right to tUr6 your thereon. Diem MTG Rec lnfo fime Sharing Plan for Westgate formally notifies (See Exhibit Pursua to Serfion 721.855, $2,685.12, $1.94; Kevin B CANADA N7M2J4, 1 Fixed detauW in the manner set torfh Any penon claiming an interest CLAUDIA L SANCHU 82 Vac ion Vlllas |, Rcod8d in "A that due to your ta luP to Florida Statutes, wEsTGAn May and Paula A May, 3421 WeeMixed Unk, u-304, 51 in this notice at any time belore in the surplus hom the sale, rf Granrfe Rd GuiWord, CT 6437. omclal Records Book 0629, pay the annual assessment(5) VACATION VILLAS OWNERS Blue Bridge Cv, A ington, TN WHOU, 11v2015, 528|1835- the undenignad t ee's sale any, other than lhe p perty 6100 a 6100 a 6100 a 6100 al Page 0186, of lhe Public due on (See Exhibrf wA and ASSOCIATION, INC. 38002, 1/2 Fixed, uu-04, 401 840, 83,051.84. $2.04; Roger M ol your timeshare ime st. lt you ower as ot the date of the a 6100, a 51E a 78A a 78B Records of Osceola Coun,all assessment(s) thereaWer. (hereina er fer d to as ODD, 1 2015. 52811768- Bu hfield, 112 HilWop Dr, Fall do not objerf to lhe use ot the Lis Pendens must tile a claim a 78C a 78D, 14 a 15 a 15 a Florida (the Plan . Together you are tu ant in detauW "Westgate . has reto ad a 773, $2,208.97, $1.16; Dante Branch, TN 37656, and Ma trustee to closure procedure, within 60 days a er the sale. 15 a 15, WHOLE a WHOLE B wM the right to occupy. ot your obligations to pay Claim of Lien in the amount Di Cristotaro and Candelora Di F Buwhfield, 119 mbe y Ln, you will not be subje to a REQUESTS FOR WHOLE a WHOU B WHOLE, 1 punuant to the Plan, 8uilding- a5seNments due to Westgate ot (See Exhibrt A',wkh Cristotaro, 26 Fountainebleu Fall Branch, TN 37656, 112 deficiency judgment even i ACCOMMODATIONS BY a 1 a 1 6 1 a 1, FixedWee Unrt (SEE WHIBIT A,during on the following dascribed real interest accruing at the rate of Rd Brampton, ON, CANADA Fixed Wee Fixed Unk, LL-308, the p ceeds hom the sale PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES Float Unrf B Fixed WeeW Unrf Week ISEE HIBIT "A ), property located in Osteola (S68 Exhibit "A' per day, and L6P1Z1, 112 F ed, UU-06, 47nvEN, 1/V2014, 52811835- ot your tim8shaR inte st lf you are a person wkh a Float Unrt a Fixed Wee during Assigned Year - (SEE Coun,Florida: (See Exhibrt r8Goded in O.R. 8ook (See 30lODD. 1 v2014. 5281 768- 840. 83,459.78. $1.58:. Ra el a insumcient to omet the disabil y who n6eds any Float Unrf a Fixed WeeklFloat HIB .'A"). 2770 Old Lake A fime Share lnterest(s) Exhibrf "A. . at Paga (See Exhibrt 773, 83,986.76, $1.31: Omayra J Polanco and Anexis A unts secu d by the lien. ac mmodation in order to Unk a Fix6d WeeWFloat Unk, Wilson Road, wimmee, (See Exhib .'A' as defined in wA"). of the Public Reco s ot Rivera Rodriguez, 184 KM Ron D. 112 Willd8rn8N Dr, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, pa itipate in this proteeding, $9,410.09, 8o.oo. 4769-2123; FL 34747 (he in wProp8rty lhe Detlaration of Covenants, Osceola Coun . Florida, and 1020 Car, Anoyo, PR 00714, Pocasset, OK 73079, 1 Fixed LLP, Twstee. you aR entitled, at no cost to LIDILIA T TRUJILLO 36 33RD Address ) WESTGATE Cond ions and Restrirtions the undersigned T rtee a5 1 2 Fixed W klFixed Unh. W Mixed Unk. MM-05. 34 EXHIBIT A" - NoncE OF you, lo tha provision ot certain ST COP GUE. NY 11726- vAcAnoN VILLAS 2770 old tor the W8 gat6 Vacation appointed by westgata, hereby uu-06, 48lEVEN, 1/v2014, WHOU, 1/v2o15, 5281/835- DEFAULT AND INTENT TO a5sistanc8. Pleasa conlart 1809. 6200, 15, N, WHOLE, Lake Wilson Road KiNimm88, fillas vll. OMcial Recods tormally not es ( ee Exhib 5281 768-773, $4,242.82, e4o, $3,760.58, $2.52; Sam FORECLOSE Courf Administration at Surfe 1 . All Season-Float Wee Float FL 34T47 Said sale will be Book 845, at Page 724. of the "A' that due to your tailure to 81.94; Julio Hernandez, 635 Singleton. 723 Bathany St. Owne s)IObligo s). Timashara 300, Courthouse Annex, 125 E. Unrt, $17,156.23, $4.62, 4738- made (witho covenanls, or Public Recods ol Osceola pay the annual assessment(s) Homestead Rd. Wilmington. DE Saginaw. Ml 48601, 112 Fixed lmePst, Building-Unk, Weekl Orange Ave Da ona Beach, 33; FERNANDO TRUJILLO a wa an,exp ss or implied, Coun,Florida (the Plan' due on (See Exhibrf A and 19805, and Florangel Espaillat, WeeMixad Unrf, MM-,36/ Assigned Year, DetauW Date, FL 32114: Tel.: 386-257-6096, FERNANDO G TRUJILLO a Rgading the trfle, poNession and all amendment(s) thereto, all assesMent(s) tha aWer. 130 Glenrich Ave, Wilmington, EVEN, 11v2014, 52811835- Boo Page of Recoded Lien, at least 7 days beto your LIDILIA T TRUJILLO-FLORES or encumbrances) to pay the rf any. Together wrfh the nght to you are current in detauN DE 19804, 1/2 Fixed WeeW 840, 84,242.82, $1.94; Amount, Per Diem Amount stheduled courf appaarance, or 1240 D on Ave Copiague, NY unpaid principal balance due occupy. punuant to the Plan, ot your obligations to pay Fix8d Unk, UU-08, 4O/ODD, Augustine G O wari and Edwin Pena and Rosa,immediately upon receiving this 11726, 6200, 15, N, WHOU, under the n orfgage in the Bu lding-Unrt(s) (See Exhibk ass6ssnFen s due to Wa gate 1/v201 5. 5281/T68-773, Jacqueline s Owwari, 1208 s Aviles Aponte, 107 Calle nolihcalion if the time before 1, All Season-Float Wee amount ot (S6e Exhib A,A,during Unk Week(s) (See on the tollowing dascribed Ral $2,501.62, $1.31; Rachel A 1Wh St, MaWoon. IL 61938, 112 Comprension, Mayaguez, the appearance is less than 7 Float Unrf. $17,156.23, 84.62, wkh inte acc ing at the Exhibk "A',during Assigned p perty located in OsG8ola Lewis, Po Box 59039, Nassau, Fixed WeehlF ed Unh, MM-12, PR 00680, 1/2 Fixed WeaW days; if you a hearing or voica 4738-33: AMANDA R SMITH rale of (See Exhibk A per Yea s), (See Exhibrt "A"l. 7700 Coun,Florida: (See Exhibrf BAHAMAS AP 59039. 112 Fixed 47 EN, 11v2014, 52811835- Fixed Unrf, HH-03, 21/EVEN, impaired, call 711. THESE ARE LUCIER 9 BELMONT AVE #165 day. punuant to the Mo gage, W85tgal8 Blvd KiNimmee. .'A") Tima Sha lnte (s) W68Mix8d Un,uu-1o, 51 840. 82.685.12. $1.94: Hugo 1 v2014. 5281 8N-858, NOT COURT INFORMATION ALPLAUS, NY 12 8-1018. advances, rf any, under the FL 34747 (he in "Time Sha (See Exhibrt "A' as defin6d in ODD, 411 2014, 52811768-773. o Vldal and Ana M Pe z. 82.685.12. $1 .94; Rob6 o NUMBERS. 6200, 15, 34, WHOU, 1,terms ot said Morfgage, (PD ) Add ss"l. As a lhe Declar ion ot Covenants, $3,824.31, $1.31. Vl nte 1696-5 15. Buenos E Marquina and Berfha A DATED this 16th day ot Season-Flo Wee Flo Unh, chages and expenses of BuW of the ato ntioned Condhions and Restri ions Augurt17,24, 18 s, ARGENnNA 01055, Malquina, 3202 Holly Hill Dr, Augu ,2O18. $49,112.73, 813.56. 4811- the T ee and of a hsts detauW, Westg e hereby ele s tor tha Westgate Vacation L 170573 1 Fixed WeeMixed Unk, Falls Church, VA 22042, 1/2 GREENSPOON MARDER 564; JOSE MIGUEL MORAN c ed by said Mo gage. to sell the PDp8rfy pu uant Villas xvl, OMtial Recods NN-02, 3 H0U, 11v2015, Fixed WeeklFixad Unrf, HH-04, TRADE CENTRE SOUTH, RODRIGUU a JOSE ISRAEL Mortgago sT shall have the to Sertion 721.855, Florida Book 1072, at Page 1234, ol 52811835-840, $3,760.58, 27nvEN, 1n12014, 52811853- SUITE 700 MORAN UON, DIEGO JOSE right to cu the defauW and W as. Please be advised he Publit Reto s ofOsceola NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND 82.52; R H A Cha esworth and 858. $2.685.12, S1.94; Enrique 100 WEST CYPRESS CREEK MORAN LEON a MARIA anyjuniorlienholdershall hava that in the event thal your Coun ,Florida(the Plan and INnNr TO FORECLOSE s M Cha aswot,21, London Robledo and Mana lsabel ROAD FERNANDA MORAN LEON. the nght to deem ks inte obligationisnotbDughtcu ent all am6nd Bnt(s) th&eto, rf WUTGATE v^cAnoN Road". Uckfi6ld, uNmD H6rnand8z, San F&ipe 1364, FORTLAUDERDALE,FL333O9 PRISCILA DEL CARMEN up to the d e lhe Twstee (including lhe payment of any any. Tog har w Ma rightto LLAS xv FILL m . WNGDOM TN22 1JB, 1 F ed Colonia Vlllasenor Serfor Tin sha DetauW Line: (888) MORAN LEON B HILDA iNues the certmc e of Sale f s incur d by We gate in oKupy, punuantto e Plan, Punuant to &ion 721.855, W Mixed Un,NN#, 211 Hid go, Guad a,M ICO 491-1120e .5001 BEATRIZLEONIGLES S4833 by pa ng Me anDunts due as commancing this fo closu Building-Unhls) (s Exhibk florida Statrtes, WESTGATE WHOU, 11v2015, 5281 - 44600, 112 Fixed WeeMixed Facsimile:(954)3436982 4Tth St Apt 1F W ide, NY o lined above. By: da L pmeu) wkhin thir I30) A,during Unk Week(s) (s68 vAcAnoN VILLAS OWNERS 840, $3,760.58, S2.52; Lerma Unk, II-03, 4/EVEN, 1/v2014, Email 1 : Jason.Silva gmlaw. 11377, 62,15, 49, WHOLE, Chapman. Aulhorized Agent. dab f m the fir date of Exhibh A . during Assign6d AssoclAnoN, INC. L Faust. 3860 112 Reve 52811853-858, S4,242.82, com 1 Season-Float W86k Floal HI8lT A" - NoncE OF pu lication, the und8nign6d YearTs), TSee Exhibrf A . 7700 e ina er f to as Ave, Los Angeles, CA 9 39, 81.94; Kevin A Bnrton and Email2:Timesha DetauW Un,S63,161.OT, $17.45. 5046- TRUSTEE'S SALE Twstae shall proceed wkh We ata Bhd Kissimmee, We gate,has &oded B 112 Flxed Wea F ed Unrt, CaDIABnrfon,1234Wal8rford 2761; BABATUNDE ADENIYl Owner(5) Add ss Building th6 sale ot the Prope y as FL 747 (he in Tin Sha Claim of Len in the amount NN-04, 1410DD, 11v2015, Rd. West Ch8 6r, PA 19380, Jason Silver, Esq. ADEJUWON a ADESUA Unk Week YearTS Undivided provided in Sertion 721.855, (PDp8rty) Add M"). As a ot (See Exhibk A,wrth 52811835-840, $2,450.25, 1 2 F ed WeeM ed Un,FloridaBarNo.92547 c ADEJUWON 5 Adebisi lnt Season Amount Per FloridaSlat es,inwhichcase, resuW ol the ato mentioned i e aKwing at herale of $1.04; Ron d L Sm,885 II-04, 47nvEN, 11v2014, nugu I24,31, 18 Ladejobi St llupeju, NIGERIA. Diem MTG Rec lnfo Ma undenigned T rtee sh |: defauW, W8 gal6 he by & s (See Exhibk A p& day. and Faye e St. WashinQon. PA 5281 853-858, 82,685.12, L171O97 62 . 25, 23. WHOU, 1, #| JENNIFER J SM H 48 I1T p vide you wrm wrmen to sell the Prope y punuant oded in O.R. Book (s68 15301, 1 F ed WeeM 6d S1.94;Da alJBenyandFakh Season-Flo Wee flo Unh. Menydell Driva Savannah, GA notice of the sale, including to &ion 721.855, Florida Exhibrf A ,atPage(SeeExhibk Unrf, 00-01, 25 WHOU, E Joyner, 717 La hmontAve, S57,354.61, t28.49, 4761- 31419, A, 3, 21, EVEN, 112, All tha date, time and location St es. Please be advised A,ot the Public Racods of 11v2014, 52811835-840, Caprfol HeigMs, MD 20743, 1/2 IN THE CIRCUIT 2580: AL ANDER Buxo a Season-Float WeeMlo Unrf, the ol; I2) Recod the notice lhal in tha eve t th your Osceola County, Florida, and $6,78T.96, $2.12; Gert des Fixed WeeMixed Unk, II-05, COURT OF THE KAMELLA Buxo 31 Nor lh 85,158.33, 82.34, 4104-1809; ot sale in he Public Records oblig&ionis notbDughtcu 8nt th6 undanigned T stee as N Ba ista and Nen a M 1VEVEN, 11v2014, 52811853- SEVENTH JUDIC L St et, B8| Dnt Port Ot TORRIS SMITH 600 LULA ofOsceolaCoun .Florida;and (including the pavment otany appointed byWe ,h&eby Carfro. 5622 Drmwood Ave. 858. 83,467.87, $1.94: Ratael CIRCUIT IN AND FOR Spain. TRINIDAD TOBAGO, POWELL DR KNOXVILLE, TN (3) Publish a copy olthe notice fees incu ad by W8stgat6 in formal notmes ( Exhib La Palma, CA 90623, 1 F ed A Galeano and Ma ha s VOLUSIA COUN 6200. 31. 19, WHOLE. 1. #| 37915, A, 3, 21, EVEN, 1/2, ot sale two (2) tin s, once each commancing Mi to&losu A l due to your failu to WeeM ed Unk, 0 01, 351 Briones, 102 Delafield Drive, FLORIDA Season-Float Wae Float Unh Season-Float WeeMloat week, tor lwo (2) sutcessive pDtaN) wkhin thirty (30l pay the annual aweNm8n (s) WHOU. 11v2015, 52811835- Summa ille, sc 29483, 1/2 CIVIL DIVISION $57,978.85, $20.80, 4761- Unh, S5.158.33, 82.34, 4104- weeks, in an Osceola Counly days hom the fint d e ot due on (See Exhibk A and 840, $3,760.58, $2.52; Kevin Fixed WeeWFixed Unk, II-06, Case #: 2017 11104 2593; GEORGE w REID JR 1809: L S H BROOKS 1236 newspaper. p vided such a publication, the undenigned all aN8ssm8nt(sT therea er. J Dom. 4244 Chicago Ave, 3410DD, 11v2015, 52811853- CIDL a LORRAINE c REID 16 1 Bu e Ave Apt 6A B nx, NY nawspaper exists at the time T ea shall proteed wrth you a cur nt in detauW Minneapolis. MN 55407. 1 858. $2,501.62, 81.31; Richard DIVISION: 02 Folk one N Purcellville. VA 10469. A, 3. 49. ODD, 1 2, All ot publishing. II you fail to the sale ot the PDp8rty as of your obligations lo pay F ed Wee Fixed Un,00- Low nte 2229 Saginaw Rd, JPMorgan Cha56 Banh, 20132. 6200, 35, 21, WHOLE, Season-Float WeeMloat Unk, tU the defauW as s6t torth pDvid8d in Sertion 721.855, ass8Nm8nts due lo Westgate 02. 43 H0LE, 11V201 5, Norfh Port, FL 34286, 112 Fixed National Associ ion 1,All Season-Float Wee Float $7,762.25, $3.65, 4847-465; in this notice or take other Florida Stat es, in which Gas8, on the following deKribad 52811835-840, $3,760.58, WeeM ed Unit, II-12, 361 Plainti , Unit, &31,467.71, $8.66, 4938- BRANTLEY H DAWSON, JR, B appropriate artion wrth gard the undenignad T staa shall: p per localad in OK8ola 82.52; Steven D Mipp and EVEN, 11v2014,5281/853-858, -vs- .1454: FERNANDO MARTINU HOPE B. DAWSON 2207 Cobb to thi5 fo&losuR ma er, you (1) p vide you w h wrmen CouW, Florida: (s Exhibrf Deb F shipp, 20115 NW 18th 83,942.52; $1.94; Edkh VTaylor, Dorel c. Beller al a Do | a MARIA JOSE PALACIOS Rd KiWon, NC 28501. A. 5. 19, nsk losing owe hip of your notice of the sale, including wA Tima ShaR lnte rt(s) Pl, Ridgefield. WA 98642. 1 21729 E St et, Rehoboth B8|I6F; Th6lma s. B6|I8r a/k/a M aga 557, Las Condes WHOU, 1, All Season-Flo tin sha inte st rough the the date, time and location (See Exhibrf A as defined in Fixed WaeklF ad Unrf. 00-03, Beach, DE 19971, 1/2 Fixed Thelma Beller; Belinda Beller; Santiago, CHILE, 6200, 35. 37, WeeMloat Unk, S12.271.27, t ee foPclosure procedure thereot; (2) Record the notita tha Detla tion ot Covenants, 2 H0LE, 11V2015, 52811835- WeeklFixed Unrt, JJ-05. 40/ F drick Beller al a F drick WHOLE, 1, All Season-Float $6.18, 4761 -284; JAN ertablished in Serfion 721 .855, of sala in the Public Recods Condkions and Re rirtions 840, &3,760.58, S2.52; Woon EVEN, 1/2/2014, 52811853- c. Beller al a Fred c. Beller WeeMloal Unrf. $63,858.07, SPITSCHKA a VIDAUNA LUGO Florida Stat es. You may otOsceolaCounty,Florida;and tor the Wes e Vacation Chau Tsang and Dons H. L Ng, 858. 82,685.12, 81.94; William a F d Beller; Transland 831.77. 4833-819; CHARLES Qui a Ye na Colonia Tovar choose to sign and send o I3) Publi h a copy ol the notice Vlllas o ti R6cods 67 me C scam, Mand8lbDt8 Wiu and Elizabeth Wisz, 290 Financial Se ices. lnc a M TAYLOR a LAVONNE MC Aragua 1030. VENUUELA, A. the undersigned wstee an olsaletwo(2) im s,oncaeach Book 1072, at Paga 1194, of Dr. Oxford, ENGLAND Ox4 Fenlon St Apt 1C, BuWalo. NY Dis5olv8dFloridaCopo lion: KINSTR 8044 Aber Road 5, 27, ODD. 1/2,Season- obje iontorm, exercising your week. for two ( suK8wiv8 the Publit R ords ofOK8ola 4xQ, 1 F ed W M ed Unh, 142,1l2 Fixed WeeMixed Unknown Hein, Devisaes, Ver6na. PA 15147, 6z00, 41, Flo WeeMloat Unrt, rightto objertto Ma usa otthe weeks, in an Osceola Coun County, flDrida(th8 an and 00-,11 HOU, 11V2015, Unh, JJ-06, 1T10DD, 11V2014. Grantaes, AMign88s, C dhon 3, WHOU, 1,Season-Float $7,081.26, $3.38, 4651-2042; t stae foRclosu pDc8du . newspaper, pDvd8d such a all ndm6ntlsl theRto, fi 52811835-840, S2,8o2.46, 52811853-858, S3,986.76, and Llenon of Do,c. Bellar WeeklFloal Unk, 849,859.46, BEATRIZ MENDOZA 9350 s Uponthe undenignedt ee.s newspaper exi s at tha tin any. TogeMer wkh the ri9ht o S2.o2; Juan Pablo Vlcuna and $1.31; Gerald M Panons and al a Do IBeller,andAll $13.76, 4918-1667; DENISE PADRE ISLAND DR APT 23z &eipt of your signed objection of publishinq. lf you il to occupy, punuant to the Plan, Maria Pilar p zzo, Jadin D6 Sha n B Panons, Po Box 3. her Penons Claiming By G REDICK 6498 ROLLING CORP CHRIST, M 78418- form, the IOPtlOSU of the cu the deauW as set lorth Building-Unrf(s) (See Exhibh Los Paja s 4628, Santuario Del C |, ME 04419, 112 Fixed and mrough. Under. Again RUN RD SOWPO NC 5518, A, 7, 18, EVEN,2. All lien wkh respe to the detauw in this notice or take other A,during Unh Week(s) (Sea V le. antiago, CHIU, 1 F ed WeeMixed Unk. JJ-07. 481 the Named Defenda (s); 28461-8302, 6200, 41, 25, Season-Float Week/Flo Unk, spacified in this notice shall appropriate a ion w h ragad Exhibrf A,during ANign8d W M ad Unrf, 00-11, 371 ODD, 11v2015, 52811853-858, Unknown Spouse ot melma WHOLE, 1,Season-Float $7,892.68, $3.78, 5070-2763; be subject to We judicial to this foBlosur8 mawar, you Yea s), (s Exhibrf A . T7 WHOU, 11v2015, 52811835- $2,582.94, $1.18; Dorothea D s. Bellar a melma Beller; WeeMloat Unrt, $63,578.13, BLANCA E FuENns 1015 N for losure p cedure on . risk losing ownenhip ot your gate Blvd Kiuimmee, 840, $3,760.58, S2.52. Curtis momas 69 New Castle Unknown Pa ies in Possession S26.35, 4844-1382; DA D CARRIER p APT c232 You havethe rightto cureyour limesha inte th ugh the FL 34747 m6 in Tlme Sha Augusl1T,24, 18 Ln. Willingboro. NJ 08046, N1,lfliving,and allUnknown EASON 15 8TH CT W UN GRAND PRAIRIE. M 75050- detauWinthe mannersetlo h lwstee fo&losu pDc8du (PDp6r ) Add N"). As a L17O572 112 Fixad Week/Fixed Unk, Pa iesclaiming ugh. 8 BIRMINGHAM, AL 35208- N91, A, 7, 18, EVEN, 112, All in this notice at any time belo established in Section 721 .855, suW of the alo mentioned JJ-08, 251EVEN, 1/v201 4, undar and against the above 3818, 6200, 41, 46, WHOLE, season-noat WeaMloat Unrt, the undenigned t st 's sale Florida Statutes. You may de uN, We gate hereby elerts 52811853-858; 83,942.52; named Detendant(s) who 1, All Season-Floal w kl $7,892.68, $3.78, 5070-2763; of your timeshare interest. lf you choose to sign and send to to sall tha PDpar punuant NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND $1.94; Me m L Chaplin Jr, a not known to be dead or Float Unh. 865,225.oo, $27.02. VICTOR A DE LA CRUZ 317 do not objert to the use ot the the undersigned t st an to Serfion 721.855. Florida INTENT TO FORECLOSE 1 10 Hillside Dr, Hende onv lle, alive, whether said Unknown 4921-1z74; STACI JONES 4701 Macarfhur Blvd Grand Prairie. t stee foreclosu procedure, obje ion torm, exa ising your WatLrt8s. PI6as8 be advised wEsTGnTE v^cAnoN TN 37075-2214. 1 2 Fixed Pa ies may claim an inta st Fla Shoals Rd Apt22 A Union M75O5O,BJOSEVMENDOZA you will not be wbjert to a righttoobi8 toth6us8otth8 th in the evant that your LW x FIU: 2TT . 1 WeeMixed Unh. JJ-10. 38/ as Spouse, Hein. Devisees. C y. GA 30291. 62 . 41, 46. 517 Lncoln Shi Dr ing, TX defit ncy judgmenl even rf t ee toBlosu pDc6du . obligation is not bDught cu ent Punuant to Se ion 721.855, ODD, 1lV2014, 5281/853- Grantees, or heF Claimants; WHOLE. 1,season-no 75061 A, 7, 18, EVEN, 1/2,the pD s hom the sale Upon the undenigned t rtee's [lncluding the pay nt ot any Florida Statrtes, WESTGATE 858, 83,986.76, 81.31; Tana Unknown Partias in Possession Weeklhoat Un,S65.225 Season-Flo Wee float Unk, ol your timesha inte st Pteiptotyoursignedobjerfion fees incu by Westgate in VACATION VILLAS OWNERS N Chaplin, 200 Bonnafiald #2,living, and all Unknown $27.02, 4921-1274; BEATRICE S7,892.68, $3.78, 5070-2763; a insrmcient to of et the lorm, the foreclosu ot the commencing this foreclosu AssoclAnoN, INC. Dr, Hermrfage, TN 37076, 1/2 Pa ies claiming by, th ugh, EASON 1509 8TH CT w CONNA M COOK193Ashland unts 58cuRd by the lien. lien with spe lothe detauK pDt8M) whhin thirty (30) me ina er Benad to as Fixed Wee ixed Unk, JJ-10, underandagainsttheabove UNIT 8 BIRMINGHAM, AL Place Brook n, NY 11217, 7, By: GREENSPOON MARDER, spetitied in his notice shall days hom the fim date ot We gate,has coded a 38/0DD, 1 v2014. 5281/853- named D6 ndantls) who 35206-3818, 6200, 41, 46, 24, EVEN, 112, All Season-Float LLP, Tw ee. be subje to tha judicial publ at n. the undenigned Claim of Len in the unt 858, $3,986.76, $1.31; Cayo A a not knownto be daad or WHOLE, 1, All Season-Flo WeeMloal Unk, $8,715.14, HIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF lo closure pro u on . Twstee shall pD wrm of (See Exhibk A,whh Franco and Luz M Da Franco. aliva, whathar said Unknown WeeMloat Unk, 865,225 $4.07, 4654-230; JASON B DEFAULT AND INTENT TO You havethe rightto cu your Me sala of Me p per as inte st acc ing atthe ra e of Ermeneo M donado, #1343 Partiesmayclaimaninterest 827.o2, 4921-1274; MARUSIA DIAza MARIBELCJABALERA- FORECLOSE defauW in th6 mamer set torth p vided in Serfion 721.855, (See Exhibk A per day, and Piso D6 Emteso Manoso. as Spouse, Hein, Devisees, E KUSHNIR 135 w 24TH ST D 115 8wsh Ln Johnrtown. Owne syObligo s). Tim8shar6 inthis notice ata time beto Florida St es, in which tase, &oded in O.R. Book (s86 Asuncion, PARAGUAY, 1 Fixed Grantees,orOtharClaimants APT 2 BAYONNE. NJ 07 2- CO 80534. A. 7. 24. ODD, 1 2. lnte,Building-Un,WeeW the undenigned tustee's sale the undenigned T rtee shBll: Exhibk A . at Page (See Exhibit Week/Fixed Unrf, KK-10. 3/ Detendant(s). 1722, 6200, 51. 43, WHOLE, All Season-float Weeklfloal Awigned Year, DetauW Date, olyourtimesha ilte . ltyou (1) PDvid8 you wrfh wrmen A"), ot the Public Records ot WHOU, 1/V2015, 5281/853- NOTICE OF ACTION 1 Season-Float Wee Flo Unk, 88,344.14, 84.o1, 5087- Boo Page ot Recorded Lien, do not objert to tle use ot the notite ot the sale, including Osceola County. Florida. and 858, S3,76O.58, $2.52; David FORECLOSURE Un ,$51,244.14,$14.14,5O74- 231; AMBER D JOHNS 149 Amount, Per Diem Amounl tw ee foraclosun procadu,tha d e, time and location the undenigned Twrt as Gonzalez and ba Gonzalez, PROCEEDINGS-PROPERN 1808; NORTON c BORGES TANGERINE AVE LABELU, FL Kenneth w Spano and Alice you will not be ubje o a th&eor, (2) Recod the not 6 appoimed by w8stgat8,heRby Cuarfelvlejo A Pineda, Edmcio TO:Unknown Hein,Devisees, 11 Packad St Bayonne, NJ 339N 6518,A,7,41,WH0U, F Spano, 1015 s Holiday Dr, deficiency judgnant even rf ot sale in the Public Recolds to,notmes l Exhibrt Mi olApto45-Piso4.Ca cas, G&tees. AMign88S, C diton 7002, 6200, 51. 43. WHOU. 1. ISeason-FloatWeek1Flo Dad8vill6, AL 3, 1,the pm ds hon the s e otOweolaCounty.Florida:and A Matdueto your ilu to VENUUELA 01010, 1 F ed andLenonofDo IC. 1, All on-Floa W Floa Un,813,430.O3, $6.M, 5047- Season-Float WeeklFloat Un,ot your timesh inte (3)Publish a copy otthe notice pay Me annual assess&s) W68klF 6d Unk, KK-12, 17 Beller,andAll harPersons Unrf,S51.244.14,$14.14,5O74- 294T; SAM M CISNERO JR p-01, 42 H0U, 112n016, aP insumcient tl o & the ofsaletwo(2)li s,onteeach due on (s EwhlbW .A and WHOLE, 11212015, 5281/853- Claiming By and m ugh, 18 ; AL NDER 8ux0 B 149 Tangerine Ave |,FL 5281 841-846, 2,398.18, amounts secu dby the lien. week, tor two (2) suct8uiv6 all ay Mant(s) tha aWer, 858, M,76o.58, $2.52. Under, Against the Named KAMELLA Buxo 31 Nor lk M935,A,7,41,WHOLE, 1,All S1.81;Ariana M Romel, 10471 By: GREENSPO MARDER, weeks, in an Osceola County you a cuBtly ln detauW hugu lll,24, 18 Detendant(sl: ADDRESS St t, Bel Dnt Port Of Spain, Season-Float WeeMlo Unrt, M 65, Posen, Ml 497T6, and LLP, Tw ae. nawspaper, pDvid8d such a ot your oblig ions to pay L17O589 UNKNOWN TRINIDAD TOBAGO, 6200, 55, $13,430.03. $6.55, 5047-2947; John A Romel, 5894 E. Meb EXHIBIT "Aw - NncE OF newspap& exl at Me tin ass8NB5 due lo Wertgate YOU ARE HEREBY 12,WH0U,1,AllSeason-Float MICHAEL KING DARRYN Hwy, Poa, MI49776, 1 F ad DEFnuLT AND mNT TO ot publishi lt you t,to onthabllo ng d8sMb8d & NOTIFIED that an artion has WeaMloat Unk, $49.001 KING 10598 Horizon Drive Fixed Unrf, p-02, 11 FORECL E w me d uW as set tor p perty bcat6d in la b n comm8nc6d to toraclose S17.57, 4976-2426; STACY Spring Hill, FL346O8, B, 1,49, WHOU, 11v2016, 52811841- Owe s)IObligo s Tlmeshare in th notic6 or take o Coun,Fbrida: (s Exhib VOLUS,A COUNTY mo gege on th6 tollowing p MC CALLUM JOHNSON WHOU, 1, #| Season-Fbat 846, S2,414.56. $1.82; Ronald lnlePA, Building.lnh, Weekl appropriale a n whh Rga A Tln Sha lme rt( eal pDp8,lying and belng SHIOM# p B OLOMEW W Mloat Unh. t13.599.61, G ybealandJennrf Graybeal, ANign8d Year, DfauW Date. to this lor losu maWer, you (Sae Exhibk A as defined in LEGALS d,s uate in Volusia Coun , 5M Beach 63rd St Apt 1 S6.65. 5038-2M6: KAN A Q 2951NuangolaRoad,Moum n BooklPage of Reorded L6n, ri5k losing ownenhip ot your the Declaration ot Cov6nan da, mo particul A eme, NY 11 2, 62 . u. DUBOSE 5450 Swe6 prings Top, PA187O7, 1 F ed Weekl Amount. Per Dim Amount tlme ha inte rf th ugh the Condrtions and Ra rirtions described as tolbws: 27,WH0U,1,AllSeason-Flo Dr Sw Powd& Springs, GA Flxed Unk, p-07, 40 H0LE, Grego B Jakson and t stee toBlosu protadu r Ma w e veeion THAT PART OF LOT 28, OF wae noat Unrf, S58,412.74, 30127,B,3,6,wH0u,1,nxed 1 v2016, 52811841-846, Melvina Jackson,151O North ertablishedin S n 721.855, V las B R8Golds DOMINGO RMS GRANT, S21.oo, 5064-781: DONALD Mloat Unh, S12,589.9o, S2,414.56, S1.82; Oante D 1 h Wreet, ForfPierce, FL norida w . You y 8ook 1021. al Paga 1053, o IN THE CIRCU gs RECORDED IN MAP WILUAMS,| MONA S S6.o3, 4623-2045; JAMEKA L Baraa and Elisa T Caringal, 34950. 112 F ad,RR-01. 171 doose to s n and ad to th8PublicR ldsotOK OURT OF THE 7T N OK 6, PAGE( 6, OF WILUAMS 185 Ging8rbl8ad snNNsoN 1675 ROSWEU 15275 s ROUN U Ln, La ODD, 11v2015, 5281 768- Ma unden nad t an County,florida@e Plan ICIAL CIRCUIT, E PUBLIC R CORDS GaM& bug.MD 2 77. RD MARlm GA 3 62- Mirada, CA,1 Flxed 773, $4,044.40, .40; Tom obj on rm,exa ising our all m8"'!') m6 hi, COU R ' LUSl FLO `"'A COUN 62 ,61,14.WH0U,1,F 3659,B,3,6,WH0U,1,Fwed W M 6d Un . p-10, 511 Mo ensen,1OPa DrApt1O2, rigMtoobjerttotheuseo the any. Together whhth hB p ASE ?LORID COM A' A' ' LLOWS: W o Un S46,317.23, W Mloal Unh, S12,589.9o, WHOU, 11v2016, 5281 841- PleasantValley, N 12569, and twstee bBlosu pDc8du . occupy, eunuant t,2 cl ' '8 SOUT " A' 'HE S12.76, 4T72-853; EDUARDO S6.o3, 4623-2045; SHARON 846, $2,426.59, $1.82; Ma in Cha ane Mortensn, 182 Main Uponthe und ignedtW 's ulldlng-. nrf(s). (s . . EST CORNER MARnNu a ROSANDA L MACK B D?NNl' ' ?K ' 8 w"'. '96' 'a"'8b' '?Ap"'B8a' "'W'.?' 8.-' &8' ' " "' 8d b' ' " A`: '!"g.`"rf g" gRgo ' Fbrida ' D ' ' '8' AS A MARnNu 2 Valentin Lane 22488 ldR lll"gRd'a"' m'al '"' N h""6. M' 48'6" d "x8d W88 "x8d "rf RR '- rm . `8 & '` ' m8 'xh'b"I A` d' A . " potatio OINT OF REFERENCE; Apt5DYonken,NY1OTO5.B MD 2 19, B, 3, 24, WHOLE, M8lanl6GBDw,4399D sld8 15 EVEN, 1/2n01, 5281 T68,n w to e de&W Y s) (s Exh N THENCE NORTH B,1615 1615,18 19.NEN 1, All Season-Floal Drive, B gMonl Ml 48116| 7T3| 82|5 7.74| 8.86i ' a"" m i" is " ' ' g&8 Bh .' . i= Pl&intm g 14 "' A D"TANCE MN, 1 B 1,Season- no& Unk, t1O.5N.O3, S5.36, 1 Flxed W M ed Unk, Stokes, 6433 Lowhart Dr E, be sub rf to 18 ludKl FL3474T e ln Tln,FEET; THENCE F at W Mloal Unk B,4633-5 ; ALIC D HARPER p-11, 6 H0LEl 1 N 16| J cks nvill6|.n"? 9| 1 2 ' &' '` m8d` " . (PDp M Add 's . a DREINAVELASCO ETAL N NORTH 50 EAST, A s6ason-no Mb& Unk. CANTRELLRDAPTP1O7 52811841-846, $2,414.56, Fwed WeeMlxed nk, RR-06, You ha?e e nghtlo cu your suW ot the a ntl en F,OREC OSUR TANCE OF 685 FEET S25,394.71, S6.96. 4765-1338: umE ROCK. AR T22O7- $1.82i Jam8s B w d a"d "' DDl "v' ' '?8"'6 - 8'a?W'". `8 "" ' '&' M d8'a'W'W8 ga'8h8 b' ant E . N . N' ' BE- nugurt 1T, 2,18 4174, 8, 3. 41, EVEN. 1 2, All Maxine Wood, 993 Connen 773, $2,501.62, S.31, Dennls ln hlsnotlt8 anytlm8b8foR to s&| M6 PD pu,ENCE CON- L17O88Z season-noat Mloat Unrt, Rd,Cayuga,NY13O34.1 Fixed M Mobilia, 1726 Maple Ave, the und nad bu ee's s e to & n 721.855, flo NOT,CE,EBY G,V NUE NORTy 5 EAST, $7,959.63, g3.7o, 4649-815; WeeklFlxed Unrf, p-12, 501 Croydon. PA 021, and ofyour &a inte rt.Nyou SlaMes. p be &dv ou nugm,o gn o o, F orf STANCE OF eo FEET; WILUE J ER 6 JANET WHOU, 1 v2016, 52811841- Ch8 I8n8 s w8bt59 1 T ga d " ' b "' M8`'a ' `8 i a 8' ' a unan udg m em&ad ln Case NCE RUN SOUTH NoncE OF rRWE'S M GA HER 2 V&5aill8s Pl 846. t2,414.56, $1.82; Robert St,Bri ol, PA19OO, 1 2 F 6d Wst86. & su pmedu . obllg onlsnotb ght o, an c B,c,c, o,hB ci ST, A DISTANC E Ellanwood,GA3O294,B,4,45, L nard and E"8" A "a'dl W88 'w8d '"k'"- 4' "' ' ' "' " ? b8 "b rf ' "d'"g `e p gale i urtotthe7TH Judicial ci . UN so H'N' WUrGATE vAcAnoN MN, 112,n-Float 3 Cand wood,Humln4on, ODD, 11N014,5a1 68-773, defitlanty ludg& even rf 5 ln nad ,s &osu and,VOLUS Cou STANCE o o WEST, UMl . r(SM W Mloat Unk, s9,855.41, NY 11743, 1 F ed w88 $3,986.76|$1.31iDl risBr wn th8 pr ' ' 'Dm ' 6 'a'8 ' m" "'i rf n ,rf,' ,o da, wherain, : ' NCE RUN N On 9 1112018 11: am, $4.75, 5003-2284; EDWARD Flx8d Unrfl a- '| " H "I B"d.'8' yB w"'4 4 Hw'9' ' ? " ?' 'ha '"'8p pQ8 m Me fim'dale o g s CORPORAT WEST A DISTANCE GREENSPOON MARDER, PIERCE,|,DIONKA c 1 v2016, 52811841-846. HeRln, AL 36264,112 Flx8dl a lnsumta"' ' w'8' .M8 d c on e undan gn d.AN opo A,F ET TO THE Pol LLP, 201 E. Pine St &, Su e PIERCE 831 La y Ln G mal $'I4".'9|.S'.8'iRa dyp '8' "- " ' D' 'M ". `"k B' d b' 'h8 " : w s &| w. g,cl6rk L ur g"'NN'N'. 500, O ando, Florida 328 1| LA 7 56| Bl '| '8| "'N' ' ' ' .W"d'a' B"dg6 Rd' "8' 68 "" s4' ' .'6' & 'R"N?p N MARD'R M8 sa ' M6 p B5 b, g h wlll as T ee punuant to th& 1l2, All Season-Float w88 Danl8lsvlll8, GA 3 633| and 8 .97| R8nn8y ? C a 8'| up.'wrt nn ,oncEo, p v dBd n & owh,ch a, us,to the hlghes T 86, COMMENCE AT Appointmem of Twrtee Float Unh, 88.717.42, g4.11| Van .p I2 5 h"s8?D'| p B x 4' " S'h"" " N' LT nN TENT TO no dg WaMas i w aawim6,o c . OUTHWEST COR- &orded on 03n7n018 4847-467;DAVIDCARRIZALU DanBsvllle, GA 3, 1 Flxed 1, 112 Flxed, -06, 2T1 DEF^, in O cial Racods Book SOSABDEL#PERQGOMQ WeeMixed Unh, a-04, v ODD, 11v2014,5a1T768-773, FORECLOSE Me undenign wh nc,ud,nl: n,2 o,00 AM. THE SAID LOT 28, OF 5307, and Page 1386, ot e 71N We e eigh Rd Fo Mill, WHOU, 1l 2o16. 52811841- S3.986.76,$1.31;be LHogan, Owne s)IObligo s), fimesha (1) Provlde,on pDp B ,o,gay o, rto GRANT g INGo REYES Public Records of OSCEOLA SC 29715. B. 7. 24. EVEN. 112, 846. S2,414.56, $1.82:. Gail 140 Wa en St. oston. MA lnterest. Building-Unrf. k no ite ot t n . wing d85cri . MAp B oKg'c RDED IN Coun,Florida, by ason All Season-flo& WeeMloat M SaR, 65 Norwood St et, 02119, and Valaril M Hogan, signed Y,DetauW Data, the dale, t. PAGE 6, OF ot a now continuing detauW Unh, $1,835.86, $o.oo, 4679- R8dlands, CA 92373| 1 F 8d 287 Bridle Cr&k D' ?wl B WPage '.R8' 'd8d `,'h8 ' .(') R8' d.'ha " ` igried Un week 18 ' p'B'c RECORDS by Mo gago s). (See Exhibk 2657; AARON L JOHNSON a W88 F 8d Unk, a-1,11/ C ny8nl GA 3 gl '12 'lxed Am `"`IPe'D'8mAm `"' "e ' '&8 '" `e p'b"' % 6 u igned Unk 236, FLO ""A couw, A,whose add&s is (See nFFANY L GLAZE JOHNSON WHOLE, 11v2016, 5281/841- Wea Fwed Unrt, ss-07, 341 F Bennew-Neson, 9101 Lmle otOsceolaCoun ,Flonda, DA AND RUN Exhibrt A,in Ma pay Bnt or 37 CAPITAL CIR SE APT 846,$2.414.56,$1.82;R8ginald NENl 1/2/2 14| 5281 68- Ri' ' Bhdl Mia il " ?"4'| (' p'b'i'h a ' py ' 'h8 B c digned Unk k 1 ORTH 50 EAST, ALONG p6rfom ant8 ofthe obligations 206 TALLAHASSEEl FL 323"- A. 'a'dwe" ". a"d 'ha " D. "" $4"4'.8" $'.94' 'b8" ' "x8d WeeM'x8d '" ' u- 'a'8'w ""'m8" ":8Miv Assigned Unrf 23,L E SOUTH LINE OF SAID aured by a Mortgage 2704, B. 7. 47, EVEN, 1n, All Caldwell, 15900 Rosemont Coppln, PO Box 946, Wlnsor, 102, 34 H0LE. 11V2015, week, for two T2) suc T 28, A DISTANCE OF recoded in omcial R8colds Season-Float wee noat Unrf, Ave,Det k,MI48223,1 Fixed CT 06095, and He her 52811835-840, $3,051.84, weeks. in an OK8ola C un A ? 'Bd Unrf Week 4 "" ' THE Book (See Exhibk A,at Page $8.504.77, $4.05, 4684-2719; W8eklFiw8d Unrtl R- 2| 24/ C ppinl 29 Bina A,wi d' '| 8'. 4i R be" M M`ph? a"d "ew'pap8" p `'dad "' n gn '9AMign6d Unrt 23 . FRO ' BEGINNING. (See Exhibh A . of the Public August 17, 24, 2018 WHOLE, 1/2/2016, 5281/841- CT 06 95| and ""8' w"' "' Ma ` M'ph" 6 w d"d D" "ew'pap6'. 8x'w a' `h ail t AN 'ad Un Week 34 INNI ' p 'NT OF BE- Recods ot OSCEOLA Coun,L 170861 846. 82.414.56, $1.82: Jaime 345 ROCKAWAY PKWY APT Gra on, MA 01519. 112 Fwed ot publlshlng. lf you . THENCE CON- Florida. including the breach or Joaquin Pad n Faria and 1, Brook n, NY 11212, 1 2 WeeMixed Unh. LL-111. 3v cure he delauW as B rt INUE NORTH 40 WEST.