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August 24, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 24, 2018

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PAGE 42B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 24, 2018 ime st in Unh 104; ANNUAU ot FAIRFIELD ORLANDO AT NOTASULGA RD,TAUASSEE, BABALOLA a CHINEDUM p PASQUAU 8001 Red Stone EVEN, 1/2 a 1/2, All S8a5on- PANORAMA cl CA 91402- Unrf, $7,710.05, 83.11, 5095- allocalad 49, 0 Pointsfor use STAR ISLAND, togather wrfh AL 3607&6017; Principal BABALOLA St Annes Chuwh Rd ng5vill8, MD 21087, 4000 Float Waa Flo Unit B,1345,B,1212,1,WH0U,1,#| 2597; TORREY R GOODING byW6Grant6ainEACHy s). all appurt6nancas ther6o, B an : 811,732.O7; lnte st: Vlcarage Molate lbadan Oyo, a 4 0 40 a . 71A a Season-Float WeeMloat Unit, Season-Float WeaMloal Unit, 100 SWEWATER DR Contrart Numb&: 21 3 according and subja to the S1,o43.91: Lat6 Chages: 200284 NIGERIA, B, 1114, 49, 71aB71cB71D,52a52a52 $11,695.84, $4.76, 4631-2339; 82o.774.86, 88.56, 463 2753; COLUMBUS, GA 31907-7342, - STEVE REED and SHIRLA D6Glatation ot Covenant5. S2o. : TOTAL S12,795.98 MN, 1/2,S6ason-Float a52,MN BMN a NEN a Augu I1T,24, 18 RAFAEL ARREOLA RASCON 4 0, 36, 19, ODD, 1 2, | REED DBA REED CRAFT Condrfionsand Ra ri ionsfor thDugh 41412018 D6r diem: W68hlFlo Unrf, 86,831.56, MN, 1 2 B 1n a 11z a 112, L17O866 826 w 15th St Davanport, IA Season-Float W86Mloat Unk, INsTALAnoNs, 1734 Faimald O ando al Star lsland S4.OVday th&eaWe . A $3.28,4944-2845;LAKISHA M Fwed kmoat Unh a,52804, B, 1215, 29, ODD, 112, 87,71o.o5, 83.11, 5095-2597; LONG EW ST, HIXSON, TN asr6cod6d in O cial Racords 84, 1188,645,0 undividad STUCKEY 5502 Luther Court s6ason-noal W o Unk #| Season-float W86Mloat USA D UPSHAW 656 I6e Rd 37343-1739: Ass8ssm6nts Book 1709. Page 1701 et eq t8na -in-com Dn tee mple Ellenwood, GA 30294, B, 1204, a,S6ason-floal Weeh float NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Un . 814,613.65, $7.15, 5 8- 450. Phoenix Ci,AL 36870 a Balance:S75O.1O;asavidenced Public Records ol Osceola int8r85t in Unh 1o3; AnnuaU 4 ,EVEN,1l2, IS6ason-Fbat Unh a #| Saason-flo Weehl WE 2833; VAURIE NLAZQUQ SEAN DQUEEN1117 N bytheClaimofL &ordedon Coun,Florida, together wkh allocated 84,000 Poimstoruse WeeMlo Unit, $6,601.94, noat Unrf, $30,677.4T, $12.68, WESTGATE TOWN cENnR,Po Box 384 GUDDEN, IA RD APT 443 HYATTS LLE. May 21, 2018 in Book 5N7 at any and all amendments and bytheGrant68in Each yaa s). 83.16, 4679-330; KEVIN HILL 4666-2133; JACQUELYN g2o3.o2 lrHOMM) 51443-,B, 1215, 29, MD 20785-4429,4000,36,43, Page 544 otthe Public R6cods supplements thereto (the #laKodingand5ubj8 totha 5N1 Brady Dr Smoke Risa, c DA S 2262 Hany Cou On 0911112018 at 11:00 am, ODD, 1n,Saason-Float MN, 112, All Saason-Float of OK8O County, Florida D laration . ma Proper D6claration ot Condominium GA 30087-3008, B, 1204, 47, Mobile, AL 36617, 5100, 5131, GREENSPOON MARDER, WeeklFlo Unk, $14,613.65, WeeMlo Unit, $8,414.91, tor the tollowing Property: dewribed above is a(n) nual tor CVPRESS PALMS EVEN, 112, All Season-Float 33,MN,112, ISeason-Float uP, 201 E. Pina Str86t, Suhe S7.15, 5 8-28N; YENISEI FU $4.04, 5095-2583; KAMESHA A 161, 188,645,0 own8nhipint&6stasd8 cribad CONDOMINIUM as &old6d weeMlo Unk, 86,6o1.94, W6aklfloat Unh. 827,343.19. 500, O ando, Florida 32801, CARBONELL 638 s DRAKE c QUEEN AKA KAMESHA c. undivided lenam-in-common in lhe Detla tion and such in omci R ods Book 1289. S3.16, 4679-330: DEREK A 811.28, 5067-1935; ANDREA a5 Tw ee punuant to O at RD APT v8 KALAMAZOO, Ml BAUENGER 2199 MA7THEW t86 simplaint in Unrt114; owarship int6re has Paga 1971, and orded in HUGHES 1 6 E Richmond D WATSON 1732 N Radfiald Appoint ant ot Tw 4 -1373,B,1216,45,EVEN, HENSON AVE HYATTSVILLE, ANNUAUallocated 161,000 allocalad 84,000 Points (as OMcial R ods Book 1291, Kokomo, IN 46901, B, 1303, St Philadalphia, PA 19151, &oded on 0511112018 112,S6ason-Float Wee MD 20785-2728, 40,36, 43, Poin s tor u58 by the G ntee in d6fin8d in tha Declatation) for Page 2810, public ds 12, EVEN, 112, All S n-Flo 51,5136, 48, ODD, 112, in omci Recods Book flo Unk, S15,961.59, $6.53. EVEN, 1 2,season-noat EACH s). usa by the Grantee in Each of OK8ola CouW, norid4 WeaMlo Unh, 88,352.16, #| n-Flo Mlo 5332, and Paga 1949, otthe 4813-873; VICTOR F SOLIS WeeklFloat Unh, S8,414.91, CYPR ss PALMS year. tog6h6r whh any and all 84.o5, 4952-235; EBONY v Unh, S24.283.94, S6.67, 5017- Pu it Recods ot OKEOLA 4501 VenhoW Ave Louis lle, $4.04, 5095-2583; AUZA ROY CONDOMINIUM, togathar m6own8nmu5tpayth6ToTAL am6ndn nts and suppl6m8nt FOSTER 809 E Knollwood St 1069: TAWANA ROBERTS 15 County, Florida, by r son KY 40216. B, 1216. 45, MN, 5052 moma DrRicMon Par all appurfenances the to, list6d above plu5 the per diem the to. Tampa, FL 33604. B, 1304, 3, Su an Courf Stalen lsland, ot a now Gontinuing derauN 1 2,Sea on-Flo W IL 60471, 40,46. 15. MN. atcoding and subjert to th6 and a S25o.oo fee for twst meow8nmu payth6ToTAL ODD, 1 2, All S8a5on-Float NY 10304. 51,5156, 28, ba Morfgago s), (See Exhibk floal Unrf, S15,961.59, $6.53, 1n, Fix6d Wae Float Unk, Decl ation ot Condominium to&losu sale plus tOSIS a5 li ed above plusthe per diem Wee Float Unit, $7,559.N, ODD, 112,Saason-Float w "T, whose add ss is (S 4813-873; LORNA CENAC 2 $10,206.19, a.96, 5012-1919; ror CYPRESS PALMS they aKwe, rf any. F lu to and a S25o. tee tortwstaa $3.65, 5053-6; LA KEASHA v W86Mloat Un,$13,76D.53, Exhibit A"), in he payl ntor w 120lh StApt 1J New York, MICHAEL ROY 3813 DEAL ST CONDOMINIUM as rded curethe detauW 58tt0M h6r8in to lowra s e plus costs as DA S 10610 N 30TH ST APT $3.75, 5118-393; ANGELA M parformanG8 oflhe obligations NY1OO27,B,13O2,8,WHOLE, EAST CHICAGO, IN 46312- in OMcial R6tolds Book 1289, ortakeotharappropriataartion thay ac#ue, it any. Failu to 17ETAMPA,FL33612,B,1304, EUBANKS 911 GOSHEN ST secu d by a Morfgag6 1, #| Saason-Float Weakl 2305, 4000, 46, 15, MN, Pa e 1971, and rdad in gardingthis maW will suH cuRM8dBauW s6ttorm h ain 3, ODD, 1,| Saa on-Float OXFORD. NC 27565-2660, coded in omcial Retords float Unh, S2o.831.21, 88.57, 1/2, Fixed WaeklFloat Unh, cial R6cords Book 1291, in the loss ot own6nhip ot the orlak6 oth8rappDpriat8 arfion Wee Float Unh, $7,559.N, 56 a 5,5613 5613, Book(S6e Exhibit A,atPage 465 435; DONNA s CHAVU 81o,2o6.19, 84.96, 5012-1919; Page 2610, public &ods timashare through M6 twstee regardingthis manerwill resuW 83.65, 5053-6; DARUNE 10 B43, MN a,112 a (See Exhibk A ,ofthe Publit 914 N 24TH ST VAN BUREN, CHRISTOPHER J PORE a ot OK6ola CouW, Florida, toreclosura procedura settorm inthe loss ofowenhip otthe KEEFEaTHoMAs KEEFE,6O5 112, #| n-noat w68hl R6tords ot OSCEOLA County, AR 72956-3744, B, 130a, 45, LAQUISHA D BROWNING 365 togethar wkh any and all in F.S.721.856. You hav6 the limeshare thDugh the trustee Division St at Glouce er City, Float Unk a #| Season-Float Florid4 including the b ath or WHOU, 1,saason-no Ashtod St Ap N 1 B ok n, amandments and supplements right to submit an objertion toreclosu proGadu set to h NJ 8030, B, 1403, 11, MN, kmoat Unk, $22,158.05, defauW, notice of whith was sat W oat Unrf, S17,524.89, NY 11207, 4000, 46, 17, ODD, thereto. torm, exertising your right to in F.S.721.856. You have the 1 2, #| Season-Float Weekl 89.11, 507J2177: HOWARD torfh in a Notit6 ot DetauW and $7.17. 4515-1721; NICOLAS S 112,Sea on-Float Weekl me owen mu t pay th6 object to the us6 ot th6 twstee righl to submk an objection Float Unrf, $6,758.46, $3.28, L EUBANKS 3009 splk Wood lntent to Foreclose provided CHAVU a MARIA B CHAVU Float Unrf, 87,o31.13, $3.59, TOTAL li ad plus $300. tee to closure proc6dur8. lt the torm. axe ising your right to 4655-1738; DONNA WALKER Court O ord, NC 27565. 5600 to the last known addr8M ot a PAMELA S.CHAVU AND 5043-753; CAPRECIA M tor tw ee to&losu sale objection is filed this maWer obi8rftoth6 use otthat ee 427 E 22nd St Baltimore, MD a 5600, 5613 a 5613, 1o a 43, Morfgago s), (See Exhibit MICHEW CHAVU 615 N COLLIER 7878 N MAIN STAPT plus costs as they accwe, it shall be subje o the judicial tor losu procadu . ll the 21218, B, 1403, 42, ODD, 112, EVEN a MN, 1n a 1/2, All "A"), by C8 ifi8dlR6gist8 d 7lh St Van Buren, AR 72956, 5A JONESBORO, GA 30236- any. Failure to w tha datauW toraclosure procedu only. obje ion is filed thi5 maWer,Season-Float WeeMloat saason-no W oat Unit Mail or by publication by B, 1308, 45, WHOLE, 1,2268, 4000, 46, 28, ODD, 112, s6t to h h8Rin or take other me detauW may be cured any sh l be wbja to the judici Unrt, $7,143.31, $3.43; J#RO a All Season-Floal W8BklFloat the undenigned Tw5t8a, Season-Float WeeMloat Unit,Saason-Float Waeh/Float appropriate a ion garding ime befoP the twslee's sale toreclosura pmedure on . o CROES a Josrm s DONK Unh, 822.158.o5, $9.11, 5075- will sell at public au ion to $17,524.89, $7.17, 4515- 1721; Unit, $9,480.75, $3.81, 5064- this ma er will rasuW in the of your timashare interest. lt me detauW may be cu d any Palm Baach 140 D Nood, 2177: MARNIE E ABRAHAM the highest biddar tor law,RINA RODRIGUU 1207 6th St 689; AUJANDRA RODRIGUU loss ot ownership ot the youdonotobi8cttoth6twst88 t me beto the t 86's sale ARUBA, B, 1504, 8, WHOU, a RONALD L RUSSELL 1o4 money ot the Unrfed States G enaPa ,TX77547,B,1312, GOMU 15454 sw 36TH timeshare through the tw ee toreclosure procedure, you will of your timesha intere . lt 1,Season-Float weekl Mount Odin Dr GPensbug, ot ca, on the hont 12, ODD, 112,Season-Float TE MIAMl, FL 33185 -4815, toraclosu procedura sat torth not be subje to a deficiency you do not obja to tha t staa Float Unit, &11,084.45, $5.41, PA 15601, 56 a 5600, 5642 aps ot the Osceola County W oat Unh, 810,997.71, 4000, 76, 1, ODD, 112, | in F.S.721.855. You have the judgment evan it the proGaads loreclosure procedu,you will 4811-1680; EDWIN o onRo a 5653, 8 a 8, WHOLE B Courthouse, 2 Courthousa $5.20, 4281-1068: ANTHONY Saason-Float WeeMloat Unrf, right to submk an objertion trom the sale of your timeshare not be subject to a deficiency 178 Calla 2 Toa ANa, PR WHOLE, 1 B 1, All Saason- Square, Kissimm86, Florida W MORQ HOBBS 16x2 89.186.12, $4.45, 5 0-2493; torm, exercising your right to interest are in5u ci8nt to o set judgment even it the p c ds 00953. B, 1603, 9, ODD, 1 2, Float WeeMloat Unk a All 34741, all right, t le and OLD HAMMOND HWY TRLR EDUARDO J URBINA 1126 objerttothe use ofth6tw 88 the amount5 58cur8d by the homth6 s 6 otyourtimeshare All S8a5on-Float WaeklFloat Sea5on-float WeeMloat Unit, interest in the proper srfuat6d 1S3 BATON ROUGE. LA 70816- NW 5TH ST APT 6 MIAMl. FL to&losuR procedu . lt th6 lien. inter a insumci6nt to oWset Unit, $7,695.63, $3.07, 4756- $25,106.45. $6.83. 4669-1204; in the County ot OSCEOLA, 1795, B, 1312, 12, ODD, 1/2, 33128-1050, 4000, 76, 1, ODD, objertion is filed this maW& Pursuant to lhe Fair Debt lha unts aured by Me 1753; BANDI J HUCKABAY nlLHARDEALvARuazAIDA Florida, described as: (SEE All Season-Float eMloat 1/2, #| Season-Float Wee shall be subje to lha judicial Collertion p ctices Art, k lien. Po Box 453 Canon ci,NV c TORRES Urbanizacion WHIBIT A") fim6 Sha Unrf, $10,997.71, 85.2o, 4281- Floal Unit, $9,186.12, $4.45, fo&losu pmedure only. is required that we ate the Punuant to th6 Fait Debl 89702, B, 1603, 28, ODD, 1n, Lomas De Esm alda. 4Ta. lnterest(s) (SEE WHIBIT A 1068; RAQUEL RODRIGUU 5060-2493; ERIC c ROBERTS me detauW may be cured any tollowing to you: THIS ls AN Colle ion Pra it6s A,#| Season-Float WeeMloat Etapa. Manzana H1 Sa. 22 accordingtothe fima Sharing 1205 6TH ST GALENA PARK. 9160 EDMONSTON RD APT time before tha t stee's sale AmMPT TO COLLECT A is requir6d that w6 e the Unh, S8,669.99, $4.21, 4865- San Diego.NNUUEL 5800 Plan lor wEsTGAn TOWN M 77547-3115. B, 1312, 12, 203 GREENBELT, MD 20770- ot your timeshare nta st. lt DEBTANDANYINFoRMAnoN tollowing to you: THIS ls AN 1414; CAROL A EDWARDS a58ooa 5800 a58oo, 15c a cENnR, &orded in omcial ODD. 1,All S8a5on-Floal 4364, 4000. 76, 5, ODD, 1 2, you do notobje tothat st86 OBTAINEDWILLBEUSED FOR AmMPT TO COLLECT A 3918 Edgewood Rd BaNimo,15D a 21A a 21B, 35 a 35 a Records Book 1564, at Page weeklflo Unrf, 81o,997.71,Season-Float WeeklFloat fo losure procadura, you will THAT PURPOSE. DEBTAND ANY INFoRMAnoN MD 21215-7228, B, 1703, 40, 42 a 42, WHOU a WHOLE a 1479, ot the PubliG R8Gods &5.20, 4281-1 8; DELIA M Unk, $7,267.57, $3.43, 4652- not be subje to a deficiency By: Gasdick Stanton Ea y, P.A OBTAINEDWIUBEUSEDFOR ODD, 1/2, All Season-Float WHOLE a WHOLE, 1 a 1 a 1 of Oscaola County, norida RODRIGUU 1209 6TH ST 1069;B0BBILSIMM0NS 528 judgn n aven if lha proc88d5 T 5t88, 1601 w. Colonial Dr THAT PURPOSE. W86klFloat Unit, 87,462.33, a 1. All Season-Float W68kl (the Plan'.). Togather w h the GAUNA PARK. M 77547- E ARCHWOOD AVE AKRON, hom Me 5 8 ol your tim8shar6 O ando, FL, 32804 By: Gasdick S on Ea y. P.A 83.6O, 4652-287; DEVON A Float Unk a All S6ason-Float right to occupy, pursuant to 3115. B, 1312, 12, ODD, 1l2,OH 44301-2261. 4000, 76. 5, int t a insuMcient to o set FOSI NJ NOA 0818 Tw5t88, 1601 w. Colonial Dr EDWARDS 502 Radnor Ave WeeMloat Unrf a All Season- the Plan. Building(sWnh(sT Season-Float WeaMloat Unit, ODD, 1/2, All S6ason-Float th6 unls secu d by the AuguA1T,24, I8 O ando, FL 32804 Baltimore, MD 21212-4503, Flo W Mloat Unh a #| (SEE WHIBIT A"), during Unit 81o,997.71, $5.20, 4281-1068; WeeMloat Unrf, $7,267.57, lien. L17O71O CPNJNOAO818 B, 1703, 40, ODD, 112,s6ason-no WeaMlo Unit, Waak(s) (SEE HIBIT wA,PAUL A GIORDANO a UNDA $3.43, 4652-1069; NATHALIE Punuant lo the Fair Debt Augu& 17, 2 18 Season-Floa WaaMloat 822.773.7o. 86.24, 4538-23; during AMign8d Yea s) - (SEE M ESPOSITO GIORDANO642O BERLIN a CORY BERLIN 4660 Collerfion p ic6s A,h L17O845 Unh, S7,462.N, $3.60, 4652- MELNN CRUM a SUSAN HIB .'A' . WESTGATE 92nd Pl Un 1202 Pin6|las Park, K6st8r Ave Apl 116 Sharman is quiRd that w6 state lhe NoncE OF DEFAULT AND 287; MEUNA BAULDING CRUM 2519 A & Cove Lane TowNcENnR77 we gate n N782, B, 1408. 27, ODD. Oaks,CA914O3,4OOO,76,11, tollowing to you: THIS ls AN INnNT ro FORECLOSE 3200 Chadwitk N Conyen, Nimm6e, n 34758, 5800 B Boulevard KiMimm68, FL 1/2,Season-Flo Week/ EVEN, 1/2, All Season-Float AmMPT TO COLLECT A Gasdick Stanton Ea y, NoncE OF rRumE's GA 3 13-6485, B, 1704, 33, 5800a58 658 ,22Aa22B 34747 Said sale will be Float Unrf, 813,315.73, $6.50, WeeMloat Unk, 87,841.69, DEBTANDANYINFORMATION P.A. has been appoimed SAU NEN, 112 Saason-Float a24ca24D,32a32a39a39, made ( thout covenants, or 4847-922: $3.77, 4978-2121: MARYSE OBTAINEDWIUBEUSEDFOR as Twslaa by WYNDHAM wuTGAnrowNcENnRl W86 Float Unit, $11,013.35, WHOLE a WHOU a WHOLE wa aW, expr8M or implied, Augu&1 ,2,18 JOSEPH 6 GABRIEL SUPRIUS THAT PURPOSE. VACATION RESORTS, INC 2g 3.0 g NCH) S5.38, 5103-728; ROBERT a WHOU, 1 a1 a 1 a 1,#| gading thetitle, possaMion L17O865 3680 Cypr8N Lake Dr Lake By: Gasdick Stanton Ea y, P.A, F/WA FAIRFIELD RESORTS, On 911112018 a 11:00 am, WORKS III 50 Rotky Ridge Ct saason-noat WaahlFlo Unh or encumbrancas) lo pay the Wo h, FL 33467, 4000, 86, Twrfee, 1601 w. Colonial Dr INC F/WA FAIRFIELD GREENSPOON MARDER, Covington, GA 30016-7721, a All Season-Floal W66klFloat unpaid principal balance due 15, ODD, 112, Fixed WeeW O ando, FL 32804 COMMUNITIES, INC A L 201 E. Pine Street, Surfe B, 1704, 33, EVEN, 112, All Unit a #| Saason-Float Wee under tha mortgage in the NoncE OF TRusnE's Float Unrf, $8,765.65, $4.24, cP NJ COL NOA 0818 DELAWARE coRPoRAnoN 500, O ando, Florida 32801, Season-Float W68k/Float Unit, Float Unrf a All Saason-Float amount ot (Sae Exhibit A,SALE 5103-702; TERESA E RUIZ 130 Augu t 1T, 24, 2016 tor the puposes ot instrf ing as Twstaa punuant to hat 811 ,013.35, $5.38, 5103-728; W68klfloat Unk, $17,521.72, with inte st accwing at the wuTGAn TOWN CENTER,s White Avanue Kansas ci , L17O583 a T ee Foraclosure a d Sale Appoinlment ot Twstaa nuguat1T,24, 18 $6.23, 4964-2609; BUKOLA rate ot (See Exhibit A per . ST (CORDERO) MO 64123. B. 1214, 23, ODD, under Fla. Stat. 721.856. me torded on 05/1 11201 8 L 17o863 OGUND RO a OLUWASEUN day, punuant to the Mortgage, On 09 1112018 at 11:00 am, 1/2,Season-Floal WeeW following ownan a ha by in omci Racords Book A OLAREWAJU 958 Ashton advances, if any, under lhe GREENSPOON MARDER, Float Unit, 816,29o.o3, 87.99, NoncE OF DEFAULr AND notified that you a in detauW 5M2, and Page 1761, ot the Pa 3033-3963, thDugh 4 5n018 Der diem: $8,681.97 th ugh 41412018 34741, all right, thl6 and lntenl to Fo close provided s 6 6000, $25,811.56, 81o.63, 5012- the high biddar for law,B, 1810, 46, ODD, 1n, | $11.411day th& aWe . A Dardi n:83.65 dayth aaWa . int8 inM8pDp8rfysrfuat8d to We la known add ss ot 33c aMD a 54c s 54D,25 a 1800; LORRAINE JOHNSON a money or the Unked Stat6s Saason-Flo W o Unk, 200, 1490,299,000und id6d A 63,0 188,645,000 in Me County of OSCEOL Mortgagor(s), (See Exhibk 25a33aM,MNa EVEN a LISA R STEVENSON 4423 w of ca, on the hont 814,996.94,$7.36,4947-2987; tenant-in-com n fee simple undividad tenant-in-tommon norida, destrib as: (SEE A,by Cerfifi 6gi 8red EVEN EVEN, 1 2 1n a1l2 24th Pl Gary, IN 46404, 6200, 5t8ps ot 18 OK la Coun August1T,2 18 im e in he re p t simpl6i 8 inUnh114; HIB A Tln Share Mail or by publiGation by B 1n,#ls6a5on-Floalw66k1 43AB, 14, NEN, 1l2, Fwed Cou house, 2 Courthouse L 170864 cormlDn known as Phase III 8iannia allocated 126,0 lnte (s) (SEE HIB A th6 undarsign6d Tw ee, no Unk,S6a5on-Float WaeMloat Unh, 817,129.3o, Squal,KiNimm88, Florida of FAIRFIELD ORLANDO AT PoinhtorusabytheG meein a oding o Me fin Maring will s&| at public aumon to oatUnk All S6ason- $7.01, 5060-2527; KATHUEN 34741, all right, trtla and STAR ISLAND, tog&h& wrm Oddy6a 5l. Plan tor wEsTGAn TOWN Ma highe bidd br lawhl no W oat Unrt a #| A KIM8ERLY 33B8 A um int8 inM6pDp8rtysku 8d NOTICE OF TRusnE's all appurt anGas the to, Contrart Numb6r. 641387121 cENnR, &orded in omcial money ot the Unhed St 6s s6ason-no W oal Unk. p Atlanta, GA 9, in th6 CouW of OSCEOLA, snLE accoding and subj6 to he - SHARON E EDWARDS, R ords Book 1564, Pag6 ot America, on We hom g12,926.68, t5.26, 4811-429; 62 ,52AB,12,MN,112.#| horida, deKrib8d as: (SEE wuTGAn TOWN cENnR De aration or Covenants, 96 WHITMAN XING, 1479, ot lhe Publit R ods aps ol the Osceola County SMRINA MAR uln DA s son-noatweeklfloa Mrf, HIBIT A Tl Shal . (snNcHV Condrf nsand R6stri ionsfor CLARKSVILLE, TN 37043- ol OK8ola CouW, norida Courthousa, 2 Courfhous6 SILVA Po Box 98 DELMAR, $16,795.44, S6.9o, 5022-721; lme (s) (SEE HIB A On 09111/2018 at 11:00 am, FaimBd O ando at Star lsland 6337; Principal Balance: (the Plan"). Toge & wrm tha Square, KiNimm88, norida DE1 8, a JAMES LOUIS3O9W3OTHST aKoding to We fi Sharing GREENSPOON MARDER, asBord6din omcialRacods 818,794.16:lnta s :$3,O18.12; right to otcupy, punuant to 34741, all righl, tkla and ,63A 63BB63C NEW YORIL NY 10 1-27,Plan tor wEsTGAn TOWN L 201 E. Pin6 Sb t, h a Book 1709, Pag6 1701 6t seq Lata Chages: $25.00; TOTA th6 Plan, Building(sWnh(s) int6r8 inlh8prop6rtyskuat6d a63D,16 16a19a19,oDD 6200, 52AB, 12, EVEN, 1n, cENnR, Bord8d in O cial 500, O ando, Florida 32801, Public Recods ot OK la 821,837.28 M ugh 4 412018 (SEE HIB A ,during Unh in the Coun ot OSCEOLA aoDD oDD oDD,1na1 #| S8a9on-Float W at Recods Book 1564, at Page a5 Twstee punuant to th Coun,florida, t 8 l& M D diem:S8. day e . Week(s) (SEE HIB A,Fbrida, describad as: (SEE B 112 112,s6ason-noat Unrf, S16,795.44, 86.9o. 5022- 1479, ot tha Publit Reco s Appointment ot T rtea anyand all m ts and A 189, 1150.916,0 during ANign6dY6m s)-(SEE HIBIT A Tlma Sha o Unh a IS8a5on- 721; SOPHRONIA c THOMAS ot OK County. Florida codad on 05 1112018 supp& nts We to (tha undivided tanam-in-tom Dn HIBIT .A . wEsTGAn lnt6 st(s) (SEE WHIB A Floa loat Unk a #| 114 HORSE GUARDS w (M8 an").Tog8th withth6 in omcial ReGods Book Declaration . me Pro fee siTpl6i 8 in Unrf 109; TowNcENnR77 g e at ingtothe Tlma Sharing Season-hoat al Un COLUM8lA, sc 29229, 62,right to occupy, punuant to 5332, and Page 2039, ot lh6 d trib6d above a(n) Annual Annua allocated 189,0 Boulavald ssim,FL Plan for wEsTGAn TOWN a,n-F o 52AB, 43, WHOU, 1,tha an, Building(swnh(s) Public R o s ot OSCEOLA own6nhipint8r asd8Krib6d PointstorusebytheGrantaein 34747 Sad s 6,be cENnR, recorded in om Unrt,N1,O54.2T, 12.84, 952- Season-Flo oal Mrt, (SU HIB A,uring Unk Counly, Florida, by a5on in the D6cla tion and such Eachyaa s). mada (w ort v ams, or R ords Book 1564, Paga 219:WEWNGT0N DEJESUS S2B,347.96, t11.66. 5 4734; W k(s) (SEE IB A,ot a now continuing d&auW own6 hip int6 has been Contract Numbar. 641449228 wa anty, 6xp N or impliad, 1479, ot ma PubliG Recods SOARES 20311 Johnson Rd NARDIALGORDON28Capt n during sign6d Y6a s) -(SEE b Mortgago s), (s Ewh rf located 200,0 Poims (as - CARLOS TADEU CHA@, garding thet le, poN8Nion ot Osc la Coun,norida Lntoln DE 1,6 a WrightRdSouMYamDuM.MA HIBIT .A . wEsTGAn,whose addl u is (s86 defined in the D6clara on) tor RUA FRANCISCO TAP OS or 6ncumbrant ) to pay tha (tha Plan"). Tog&her wrfh lha ,63Aa63a 02664, 62,54AB, 27, WEN, TowNcENnR77 w gate Exhib A"), in a payent or us6 by th6 Grant6a in Eath 170 APTO 34, NLA SANTO unpaid principal b ance due right to occupy, pu uam to B63ca63D,16a16 19a19, 1 2, #| S6ason-Float Bouleva NNimm . FL performanca ot th6 oblig ions yea EsnFANo, SAO PAULO, sP und the Drtgag8 in th6 the Plan, Building(5Wnk(s) oDDaoDDaoDDaoDD,1n Float Unk, S17,35o.28, S6.52, 34747 Said s 6 will b 58cu18d by a Morfgaga Con art Numb6 12613070B6 041N-000, B,Principal um ot (s68 Mibh A"), (SEE WHIBIT A"),during Unh 112 B1l2 a1 2, lseason- 5118-351; LEO D PERU 344 made (w ort cov6nants, or Bord8d in omcial Reto s - MICHAEL JOHNSON and Balanc6: $9,216.76; lm6 : wkh int& aw g at the Week(s) (SEE HIBIT A,flo W Mloat Unrf s,Van Houten Ave Passa,NJ wa an,axp N or impli6d, 8ook(s68Exhibrf A ,atPqe JUAN A JOHNSON, 1169 S1,453.3O; Lata Chagas: le ot (s Mibh A per durin Auigned YW l - (SEE s6ason-noat Mlo Unk 07055, 6200, 54AB, 32, MN, ragarding the thle, pou6ssion bs86 Exhibit "A,otthe Pubit couw RD 261, JONES, $40. ; TOTAL S1o,71o. day,pwwamtoth6Mortgag8, Hl IT A . sTGAn a,Saason-Fb noa 1 2,Sa on-Float or encu branc ) to pay the ecods of os EOLA Coun , AL 36749-2543: Princip thDugh 414 2018 Dar diam: advana. rf any. und& th6 TowNcENnR77oowa gata Unh 6 #| Saas -Fbat WaaW Float Unrf, g16,o55.34. 7.91, unpaid principal b anc6 due Florida, includinqthe br6ach or BalancB: Sa,713.64; lm t: S4.29lday tha aWa . A tanw of said Mortgage, Boulavard KiNimm6e, FL no Unk, S31,o54.27,S12.B4, 5064735; STACEY J JORDAN undar lhe mortgaga in tha defauW,notiteo whichwasset S1 ,619.22; Lale Chages: 84,0001188,645,0 undividad chq and 8xp 5 ot 34747 Said 5al6 will be 4952-219; CYWQ L PARR 10C6nh ParkWaySavannah, unt ot (s Exhibk A"), forthin aNotiG6otD8fauNand $45.00; TOTAL $10,377.86 tanant-in-common f simple th6 w aa and oflh6 tw ts made lwkho k covanants, or 1 T GOLDEN POND DR GA 3140T. 62 . 63AB, 43, whh int& aKwing the lnt6n to Fo closa provided thDugh 4n 2018 Der diem: int6 st in Unit 110; AnnuaU c at6d by s d Morfgage. wa an,express or impli6d, UNION, KY 41091-9710, WHOU, 1,Season-flo& tate ot (s Exhib A per to the last known add w ot S4.3Olday th We . A allocated 84,000PointEtorus8 Morfgago s) sh,hava the garding th6 lrfl6, poN8ssion a 6 a & B,65A a WeeMloat Unk, $18,975.24, day, punuanttothe Morfgage, Mortgago sl, (s Exhibh 84, 420,960, 0 undividad bythe Grantee in Each y8a 5). right to ture the detault and or encumbrantas) to pay ha 65B 65c 65D, 12 a 12 a S7.79, 511&529; KENN o advancas it any, under tha A,by gm egiste d I8nant-in-c0mnDn t68 simpla Contra Numbe 641609573 anyjuniorlienhold&shallhave unpaid printipal balance du6 12a12,0DD 0DDa0DDa JORDAN 387 J B swARn t ns of said Morfgag6, Mail or by publication by int&a in tha al p - NEUON ABEL OUVARES therightto eemrfsinta under tha morfgage in the oDD,1l2a1 2s1 2 1 2,#| RD WAGENER, sc 29164, chaq and 8xp8ns85 ot the undersignad T stee, com DnW hnow as Phase,ARANA and MARIA DEL up to the date lha T 86 a Dunt ot (s68 Exhibit "A.), season-noat W86Mloat Unk 6200, 63AB, 43, WHOU. 1, tha wst and of th6 tw s will sell at public aurfion to ot FAIR ELD ORLANDO AT CARMEN CARDOZO SAUNAS sues the amcate ot Sale w h intare accwing at me B #| S8a5on-floatW88klFloat All saason-noal WeeMloat t ated by said Mortgage. the highest bidder for lawhl STAR ISLAND. tog&h with DEOLIVARES,JESUSAGUAYO by paying the unts du6 as ratB of TSae Mibh A p Unh B,season-noat w86hl Unit, S18,975.24, $7.79, 5118- Mortgago sl shall have lhe money ot tha United Sl es all appu 8nanc8s th ato, 1732, COCHABAMB o lined above.By:Amanda L day,punuanttothe Morfgage, Flo Unk a,season-noat 529;JAMIE L WALKER wHln right to cur6 tha detauW and ot America, on the hont awording and wbjerf to th6 CERCADO, Bouu Principal chapman, rmorized Ag6nt. advancas, it any, undar the o Unk, 833,844.21, 19332 PREVOST ST DETROIT, anyjuniorli8nhold8rshallhav6 steps ot th6 Osceola County Detlar ion ot Covenant,Balanca: $9,350.81; lnte : IBIT n" - NoncE OF tarms ot s d Mortgag6, S12 481J814: HAROLD Ml 48235 2336, 62,64AB, the righttor6d86m rfsint6 st Cou hous6, 2 CouMouse Condhions and R6 ri ions tor $1,475.15; L e Chag85: TRwnE's uu chag and expenses ot E PARR JR 1 7 GOLDEN 5,EvEN,1n, ls son-noat up to the date tha Tw5t88 Square, KiMimma8, Florida Faimeld O ando at Slar lsland $40.00; TOTAL: S1o,865.96 Owne s) Addr8N Building tha T stee and ot th6 twsts POND DR UNION, KY 41091- W Mloat Unrt, t16,173.5o, iNu85 the amtata ot S e 34741, all right, thle and as ordedin OMcialRecods thDugh 41412018 Der diem: Unk Week YearTS Undivided t ated by said Morfgage. 9577, a a 60 a S7.a2, 50z7-2940; JOHNEU by pa ng Me un due as int& inM8pDp8rfyskuat8d Book 17o9, Page17o1 etsaq 84.48lday tha aWer). A lnta st Saason A Dunt Per Morfgagor(s) 5hall have the .65Aa65Ba65ca65D, M wHm 17574 G fiald o linedabove.By:Amanda L in lha Coun ot OSCEOL Public Reto s of Osceola 84,0001150,916,000 undividad Di6mMTGR8clnto right to tU the datauW and 12 12 12a12,0DDa0DD D6troit, Ml 48235, 6200, 64AB, Chapman, ALkhoriz8d Ag6nt. norida, d6scrib6d as: (su Coun,Florida, togeth with tenant-in-common tea simpla MARK A KINCH 11613 anyjuniorlianholdarshall have aoDD B ODD, 1n a1l2 a1l2 5, MN, 112,Season-float HIBrr n" - NoncE OF HIBIT A fi sh any and all a ndments and intarast in Unk 104; BianniaU HammotksGlad8Dr v8 i6w, th6 right to radeem rfs inteP5t a 112,season-noat w68 WaeklFloat Unk, 816,173.5o, TRusnE's MLE lntere (s) (SEE HIBIT A suppl ts the to (the allocated 168,ooo Points tor FL N569-2954, 4000, 49, 7, up lo the date tha Twstee Flo Unrf B,Saason-Float $7.82, 5027-2940: JOHN Owne s) Add M Building accoding to th6 Tlme Sharing . laration . ma Propa y us6 by the Granta6 in odd ODD, 112, Flx6d W68Wfloat iMu6s tha C6 ificat8 of Sale Wa6Mloat Unk a,Season- GRAYSON a USA,FLORES Unk We6k Year TS Undividad Plan tor wEsTGAn TOWN d85crib8d above is a(n) Annual y6a s). Unk, S9,382.81, a.54, 4925- bypayingth6 amounts du6 as Flo w hnloat Unk,233 Ridga Rd Byhalia, MS lnt S6ason Amount Per CENTER, racoded in O tial ownenhipinterestasdescribed Contrart Numb6r: 6416097 75; FEDERICO R RODRIGUQ o lin6d abov6. By: #nanda L s6ason-no w86klnoat Unk, 38611, 6200, 64AB, 9, ODD, Di&n MTG Reclnto Recods Booh 1564, at Paga in the D6claration and such - OSCAR ANGELO PEREIRA B DANIELA STORNINI Sanez Chapman,Authoriz6dAg8nt. g33,844.21, S12 4815-814; 112, All Saason-Float kl ZET R CORDERO a MARIA E 1479, ot the Public Racods ownanhip inte st has bean JUNIOR and MARIA ISOLINA Pena 1676 San Antonio De EXHIBIT A" - NoncE OF ANDR ATKINSON TAYLOR Float Un,816,6o2.13, S8.12, CORDERO 82N Bonn6r Dr ot Osceola Coun,norida alloc ed 84,000 Points (as ANIBAL, RUA PROF TORRES Pauwa Me os Buenos #&, TRusnE's E 89 RIDGE RD wHEAnEY 5072-743; BRUNILDA RIWRA Houston, M 77017, 4000, 16, (th6 Plan ). Tog6th8r whh the dafinad in tha DaGlaralion) for HOMEM 507 APTO 73, 1718 ARGENnNA, 6100, 53G, Ownar(s) AddraN Building HEIGHTS, NY 11798-1052, URB LA RMERA PUEBLO 2, MN, 1T2, lseason-noat right to occupy, punuant to use by the Gtantee in Each SANTOS, sP 1 1025-021,52, WHOLE$,Flxed Waekl Unit Waak Yaar TS Undivided Baa, 1713a 1713, 16a48, VIEJO, PR 00922, B, 1119, 44, W o Unrf, 84,748.43, the Plan, Building(s nk(s) year. BRAZIL; Principal B ance: Float Unk. .376.33, 88.58. lnterest S6ason Amount Per ODD 6 EVEN, 1 2 a 112, #| EVEN, 112, #| Season-float S2.17, 4319-2074; ISAAC A (SEE HIBIT A,during Unh Cont Number. 1261500813 811,381.18; lntarast: 5099-1096: MAXWELL s Di6m MTG Ret lnro S6ason-float We& Float Unit WeeMloat Unrt, 89,737.88, CISNEROS 9370 sw 137th W6ek(sl (SEE WHIBIT A , - HORACE G MINCHEW and 81,795.46; Lat6 Chag85: CLARKE B FRANCES CLARKE BOYCE H CARTY 6 NESLYN p B,S8a5on-Flo Weeklflo 84.73, 4630-1046: WILUAM Ave Apt 311 Miami, FL 33186, during As5ign8d Yea sl - (SEE NANCY R MINCHEW, 1505 84o.oo: TOTAL: $13,216.64 1411 kov6| St Nashvill6, TN CAR7Y 3418 Danbu Chase Unit, 813,747.66, $6.75, 4357- RIVERA 119 Waln St 4 0. 36, 2, ODD, 1 2, #| HIBIT A"). wEsTGAn EASTLAKE DR, SCREVEN, thDugh 414/2018 Dar diam: 37208, B, 1114, 37, EVEN, T Fresno, M 77545, 4000 a 1163; JEFFREY TAYLOR 82M Bethlehem, PA 18017, B, 1119, Saason-Float WeaMloat Unk, TOWN cENnR 7700 We g e GA 31560-8722; Principal 85.45/day the a arl. A 112 Season-float Weehl 4000 6 4000 a 4000, 18A B Beardsley Dr Cha owa, NC 44, EVEN, 1/2, All season-noat $8 329.77, $4.04, 4900-2196; Boulevard Kissimmee, FL Balance: $6,286.76; lnterest: 84,0001150.916,0 undivided Float Unrf. 86.178.o5, $2.95, 18B a 18c a 18D, 52 a 52 a 28269, 8 B B, 1713a 1713, 16 W6aMloat Unrf, $9,737.88. GABRIELA D CISNEROS 32 E 34747 Said sale will be S638.73; Late Charges: tenant-in-common f6e simple 4572-1407: SHANDA D 52 B 52, WHOLE B WHOU a 48, ODD a MN, 112 a 112, $4.73, 4630-1046: MAURICIO 11TH ST HIALEATH, FL 33010- made (without covenants, or 83o.oo: TOTAL: $6,955.49 interest in Unit 104; BianniaU FARRINGTON a RICARDO R awHoLE awHoLE, 1 a 1 B,Season-Float WeeMloat MIRANDA 11013 NasbM 4134, 4000, 36, 2, ODD, 1/2, wa an,8xpr8M or implied, . thDugh 41512018 er diem: allocat6d 168,000 Points tor FARRINGTON lmparial Pa 1 a 1, Fixad WeeMloat Unrf Unit a,saason-noat Weekl Drive Rancho Cucamonga, CA #| Season-Float WeeMloal regarding tha titla, posseMion $2.321day therea er). A use by the G ntaa in Even P.O. Box Sb5O149 Nawau, a Fixed W86h/Float Unk B Float Unrt. $13,747.66, 86.75, 91730, B, 1212, 1, WHOU, 1, Unk. $8,329.n, $4.04, 4900- or encumbrances) to pay Me 84,000/420,960,000 undivided year(s). BAHAMAS, B, 1114, 46, ODD, Fixed W66Mloat Unk a Fixed 4357-1163; JOSE L DIAZ a All Season-Float WeaMloal 2196: USA D UPSHAW 656 unpaid principal balance due tanant-in-common tee simpla Contract Number: 1261612212 112, All Season-Float Wee WeeMloat Unit, $31,851.44, NANCY DIAZ 60-58 68 Av6 Unit, $20,774.86, 88.56, 4630- Lee Rd 450 Phenix c,AL under he mortgage in Me int&e in the real property - MEUSSA PRUITT and noat Unk, $7,036.04, $3.39, $11.41, 4897-1929; ROBERT Ridgawood. NY 11385. B a B, 2753; KATHLEEN CALICDAN 36870, 4000, 36, 19, ODD, 1n, amount ot (Sea Exhibit A"), commonly known as Phas6,PHILIP PRUITT ll, 3297 4947-2936; COLUNS o Dl PASQUALE a LAURIE L Dl 1713a 1714, 21 a21, EVEN B 9301 VAN NUYS BLVDAPT24O,Season-float WeaMloal with interest actwing al We