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August 24, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 24, 2018

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PAGE 40B HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 24, 2018 tor eath day lollowing th6 date Recorded 4 23 13 in OR Book Sta e5 of Amerita, at the hont MEJIASARMIENTO,CAUE4A 210614, week 5, Biennial Tim6sharB Unit 210609, w k PIRAGUA ROMERO a in OR Book 4207. Paga 2760 otthis noticethrough the date 4431, Pa&e 889 LILIAN CORA steps ot the Oscaola Coun 40 c 64 BARRIO PRIMAVERA EVEN, Tlmesha lnle st 112, 41, Annual, Tim8shal8 lnterest YUUE DAYANA VALDES BERNARD c cARnR JR, 2805 pay ant is made. ltyou thoose DELGAD a CARLOS Cou house, 2 Courthouse BOGOTA, COLOMBl Par Diem $5.04, Detault 1, Par Diam 84.18, DetauW ARROYAVE, CRA18C NO. PARDoNERPLFAYmEvlLLE, to cur6 the defauN s6| forth in ALBERTO MEUNDQ Square KiNimm88. FL 34741, fimeshare Unil 16102, Weeh Balance $12,078.37. Detault Balance 89.732.99. Detault 120 08 APTO 405 BOGOT NC 28306, fim6shar6 Unrt tnis NoticB, the,amount duB GONZALU, BO SANTA all rigM, tkle and int6r6st in the 20, Bi6nnial EVEN, Tlmeshare Date 711 5 1 7, Mo gage Date 8 1 5/1 7, Mortgage COLOMBIA, TlmeshaP Unit 7705, Week 19, Biennial EVEN, mu be rammad to: LANDO CATAUNA CARR 3 R 7N Po prop&tysrfuatedintheCoun lnte st 1/2, Per DiBm $2.35, Recorded 1113116 in OR Book R6cod8d 1/13116in OR Booh 211414, k 31, Annual, Timeshare lnterest 112, Per RESORTS CORPORATION. Box 48 ARROYO. 00714 of Osceola. Florida, de cribed DetauW Balance $6.051.N. 4899, Page 2170 LUIS 4899, Page 2112 SILVANA fimesha ln e 1. Per Diem 82.o2, DetauW Balance A n: Janet Cu6bas, Debt PUERTO RICO. Tlmeshare Unrt a5: DetauW Date 6 1 17, Mo gage ALBERTO AYALA a ZUZANA A DUDA AKA SILVANA Diem 812. 3. Detault Balance 85,927.73, DetauW Date 5 1 16, Resol ion Deparfment, 5405 6701, Week 39, Triennial B, (SEE HIBIT Al Tlme Share R oded 7111/12 in OR Book LAZO,URB LO PARQUES LOS PAZMINO, 2051 M N ST $30,352.68, DetauW Date Morfgage Racordad 1111111 Diplomat Ci le, Ste. 1,fimesha lntePst 113, Per lntere (s) as defined in the 4295, Page 557 AMBER HEUCHOS N3731 B5 sTRAnoRD, CT 06615, 611117, Mo gage Recorded in OR Book 4194, Paga 610 O ando. FL 32810 befo lh6 Diem 82.71, DefauW Balante Dacla on of Covenants. CHEVEON REID. 20110 75TH GUAYAQUl ECUADOR. Tlmasha Un 210609, w68k 11 v16 in OR Book 5049, KENESHA CARTER, >760 sale date and time set torth in 86,48o.26, DelauW Date Condkions and Re ri ions AVENUE CT E SPANAWAY, WA Tlmeshare Unk 211012, w86k 41, Annual, Timeshare,ere Page 1779 MARCEUNO RENE OAKLAND RD CLARKSVILLE, this Notice. 10/15117, Mortgage Recoded lorVacation fillage at Pa way, 98387, fimesha Unk 170302, 15, Biennial MN, Tlmesha 1, Per Diem 84.18, DefauW DELGADILLO GONZAUS a TN 37040, Tlmeshare Unk Dated: Auqu5t 9th. 2018 5 31 13in0RBook4450.Page a5r8cod8din OMti R8cod5 Week 6. Bienni MN. lnt 1/2. Per Diem S6.23, Balanca 89,732.99. DefauW ANA MARIA BUSTAMANTE DE 7705, Week 19. Biennial MN. By: GRE NSPOON MARDER 1495 AL ANDRIA L Book 1591, at Page 379, ot fimeshare lntePst 1/2, Per DefauW B ante 815.538.29, Date &15 17, Mortgag6 DELGADILLoaLEsuEKAREN Timeshare lnte&t 112, Per uP, T stee WILLIAMS, 824 s 310TH PL tha Publit R8tord5 ol Oscaola Diam $3.76, DatauW B ance DefauW Date 511 17, Mortgaga Racordad 1113116 in OR Booh DELGADIUO ausTAMANn, Diem $2.02, DatauW BalanGa WHIBIT "A FEDERAL WAY, WA 98003, Counly, Florida (the Plan), as $10,636.19, DetauW Date Recodad 5/20116 in OR Booh 4899, Page 2112 THAYS CALUGUIWRMOSANCHU 85,927.73,DefaultD e5l1l16, LEAH BROWN, 655 fim6shar6 Unit 160602, week amended hom time to time. 8/15/16, Mo gage Recoded 4963, Page 1755 JAVIER FERNANDA BOCAL SANTOS W8O8COCHABAMBA.BOUVIA. Mortgage R6cod6d 11 1 11 MONTCLAIRSTPITTSBURGH, 18, Biennial EVEN, fimesha Together wrfh lhe right to 3119113in0R8ook4414,Page ALBAN a ESTEBAN a UDIA DASILVA BOCAL DOS fim85haR Unrf 200105, in o Book 4194, Page 610 PA 15217, Tlmesha Unk lnterest 112, Per Diem $3.89, occupy, punuanttothe Plan, 346 Brm ANN ROBERTS, GUERRERO, LOS EsnRos SANTOS 6 EDUARDO DOS 44, Annu,fin share DANIEL R BEAGU AKA 4203,W68k43,Bi8nnialWEN, Default Balance $10,79>.23, Assigned Unit Weeh (SEE 2047 s 113TH STREET MZ13ANLLA25GUAYAQUIL, SANTOS a FAB NE SZENASI lnt6R 1, p Diem $9.82, DANIEL R BEAGU, SR 1o4 fimeshare lnterest 1/2, Par DetaultDate6/15l16,Mortgage HIBIT A) and Assign6d Unrf SEATTLE, WA 98168, ECUADOR, fim8shal8 Unk MANZOTTl, RUA MARIO DetauW Balante 824.156.34, WOODLAWN DR CARRIERE, Diem $5.40, Default Balance Recordad 9/16/13 in OR Book (SEE HIBIT,in Assignad Tlmesha Unit 170302, Week 6204, Week N, BiennialNEN, POGGI 3 SAO PAULO sP, D6tauW Date 6 1117, Morfgage MS 39426, Tlmesha Unh 815,195.39, DetauW Data 4502, Page 2179 LEIRONDA D Y6ar(SEE QHIBITA). 6, Biannial EVEN, Tlmeshare Tlmeshar6 lnt8R 112, Per 04560 030 8RAZIL, Tlmesha R ded 327117 in OR 8ook 82 ,Wa6k13. Bienni EVEN, &1116, Mortgage Recorded JONES AKA LEIRONDA 3001 Pa wayBlvd, Kissimmee, lnterest 112, Per Diem $3.76, Diem $5.52, DetauW Balanca Unh 170607, Weeh 5, Annual, 5122, Page 1701 EVEUO Tlmasha lnt 1n, Par 1N115in0RBook4880,Page GOLDEN a MERRID GRADY, FL 34747 merain Time Sha Datault Balanca 81o,636.19. $13,985.84. DafauW Date fim8rnal8 lm&e 1, Per sANnAGoMoRAacLAuD Diam S3.32, DefauW Balance 2723 AMBYR ELIZABETH 1212 S BOULDER ST UNIT F Plan(P p6rfy)Addr6ss D6taultDat88l15 16.Mo gage 315117. Mortgaga Recoded Diem $9.24, DetauW Balante W MORAUS, 201 89,463.68. DetauW Dale 5 1 16. ANDERSON AKA AMBYR E GILBERT,AZ 85296,Timeshare Said sale will be made(withoul Recorded 3/19/13 in OR Book 4121117in OR Book5135, Page $21,966.57, DatauW Data MARSHLAND ROAD LOT 41 Mortgage R orded 4 v15 MIWR, 3427 WAUFORD DR Unk 19701, Week 43, Biennial covenants,orwa anty,express 4414, Page 346 KARI 2703 wALnR R ALANA &15117, Mo gage Recorded HILTON HEAD ISLAND, sc in OR Book 4767, Page 1647 APT B DUNDAW, MD 21222. EVEN, fimeshare lnte 1/2, or implied, regading the tkle, MACLELLAN B ANGELA PONCE 6 NARCISA E PONCE 1113116in0RBooW4899,Page 29926.fim haPUnk200206, CLANETRIA L GATES. .641 Tlm6shar6 Unk 170609, Week Per Diem 82.84, Defaull possassion or encumbrancas) WOODHULL AKA ANGELA vALDlvluoaPIEDADPoNcE 2053 nREsA VEGA LOPU, Week 11, nu,fin share PARK ST TURLOCK, CA 46, Biennial EVEN. fimashare Balante $8,268.97, Default to s is th6 unpaid balance MACLELLAN, 12599 S us VALDIVIUO, SALINAS18O4 Y ETAPA 33 EDIFICIO 8 DTO lnt 1, Per Diem $12.60, 9N80,fin shar6Unk160809, lnt8Bt 112, Per Diem $5.53, Date 711 11 6, Morfgage ot each 18sp6rtiv8 Mo gage HWY 53 SOLON SPRINGS,Wl PoRTm GUAYAQUIL, 201 EL COLOSO ACAPULCO, De auW 8 ance $32,221.16, W6ah 43, Bi6nnial EVEN, D6tauW Balante $14,977.99. Racorded 1112&12 in OR Book Racorded togethar whh 54873, Tlmashar6 Un 10407, ECUADOR, Tlm6shara Unh GFRO 39810 M CO, DetauW Date 31 17, Mortgage fimasha lnt 1l2, Per D6tauWDat81O 1l16.Mo gage 4357, Page 1795 MELNN F aKw8d inte inthe amount Week 2,TriennialB,Tim85har8 210911, w68k 14, Biennial fimasharB Unh 210204, R6toded v 17 in OR Book Diem $5.03, D6tauW Balante R dad 3/8116 in OR Book SHEARIN ll, 2821 NEAU ST ot (Saa Exhibit "A,whh lnterest 113, Per Diem 81.89, EVEN, fimeshare lnterest 112, w66k 51, Annual, TlmashaR 5098,PageN0 ROSA VIANA S15,884.45, De uW Date 4923, Page 2608 nRRY RICHMOND, VA 23223, intere aKwing at the rate Default Balance $5,365.51, Per Diem 87.28, DatauN lnterest 1, Per Diem S13.54, Es AARENAsaMANuEL &15115, Morfaag6 R8Gord8d MIWR,782OCHARUSMONT fimeshaP Unk 170407, Week ot (Sae Exhibrf A") p& day, Default Dat6 611/16, Morfgage Balanc6 817,866.25, DetauW DetauN Balant6 834,948.62, LOZANO GONZAW, 1N0 2 5114 in o Book 4574. RD DUNDALK, MD 21222, 48, Biennial MN. TlnPsha punuant o ha fimashar6 R6co 8d 9/19 13in OR Book Dale v15l17, Mortgage Dataull Dala 211/17, Mo gage RAND ROAD LOT 98 DES Page 2418 DARRYL DESHON Tlmesha Unh 170609, Weak lnt 112, Per Diem $3.29, Plan, advances, if any, under 4504, Pag6 1670 CAMILO Recoded 7115116in OR Book Ratodad 9R/16 in OR Book PL NES, IL 016,fimesha JONES a TONYA KATRINA 46. Bienni MN, fimeshara DefauW Balance $8,932.02, the terms ol s d Morfgage, SOSA, 10682 FAsclNAnoN 4993,Page1717 5021, Pag6 2392 HERNANDO Unk 2 3,Week13, Annu,JONES AKA TONYA KATRINA lnt& 1 2, Per Di6m 85.53. De uW Date 1 15116, chaqes and 8xp8n58s ot LN ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL (40839.0169) DE JESUS GAL S ZAPATA Tl ha lme st 1, Per BROOKS, 213 MUSGROVES DetauW Balante S14.977.99, Mortgage Recorded 4123113 in tha 6a and ot the t sts 33411,fimeshare Unh16O5O6, Augu I2 ,31,2O18 a ESTHER OVADIA GABBAY Diem S12.6o, DetauW Balanca MILL w COLUMBl sc Da uWData1OI1 16,Mo gage OR Book 4431, Paga 734 craatad bysaid Mortgage. Week 39, Biannial EVEN. L1711OO a ALIS GABBAY DE OVADIA 831,997.65, DetauW Date 29208, fimesha Unrf R8cod6d 3 8116 in OR Book AWSON YOUNG a L Obligo s) shall have th6 right fimeshare lntarest 1/2, Per a HAIM OVADIA COHEN, 3115 17, Mo gage Recoded 10707, Week 36, Triennial B, 4923, Pag6 2 8 NCENT YOUNG AKA SARA L to cu e detauW and any Diem $4.10, Dafault Balante SAN FRANCISCO CALU N 17inOR Book5o97,Paga Tlmeshare lmerest 113, Per JOSEPH MIWR, 8015 MCGOWAN, 215 EAST junior Lenholder shall have $11,702.88, Detault D 6 NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 74 EDIF PH QUARTER 14F 904slL 0MEND0zAaAN,Diem 82.41, DefauW Balance WMBERLYRD DUNDAW,MD COLUGE ST APT 14 tharigMtor8d66m rfsinte st 711116, Mortgage R8coldad snLE PANAMA, PANAMA, fimeshare ORTEG 2739 N M ON AVE $6,285.89, D6tauW D a 21222,Tlm ha Unk17,CANONSBURG, PA 1N17, up lo tha date th6 Twstee 9125113in0RBook4507,Page LANDO RESORTS Unit 210611, Week 26, CHICAGO,IL6O639,Tim8sharB 1v1116, Morfaaga Racodad k 46, Biennial MN, fim ha Unk 170804, w k iMues the Certificate of S e 2345 SANDRA BlssoNNrm, coRPoRAnoN, a norida Annual, fimesha lnt Unk 2 2 ,Week1,Annual, 7110 15 in o Book 4806. Tlmeshara lnlaR 1n, Per 22, Biennial EVEN, Tlmesha by paying th6 amoums du6 7175 VIA LEONARDO LAW topo bon 1, Par Diem $12.79, DetauW fimeshaR lntePst 1, Par Paga 2253 JOSE GONZAW Diam 85.53, DetauW Balance lnte 1/2, Par Diem S3.69, as ortlined in the pr eding WORTH, FL 33467, fin share On S8pt6mb8r 20, 2018 at Balance 831,672.6o, DetauW Diem $7.81, DetauN Balance CURTIDO a ESTANISLAA S14,977.99, DetauW Date DetauW Balante $10,196.85, paragraph. To cure tha datauW Unrf 160506, Week 39, Biennial 2:30 p.m. GREENSPOON Date 511 511 7, Morfgage S19,o54.63, DelauW Date PAREDES DE GONZAW, 1011116, Morfgage Recoded DetauW Dale 911116, Morfgaga axplained in this Notice you NEN, fimeshare lntere 112. MARDER L 100 West R8cod6d 4118 16 in OR Book 7/1117, Mortgage Recorded MIRAFLORES NO 275 CASI 31&16in0R Book4923,Page Recorded 9118113in OR Book mu mkthe untyounow Per Diam $4.10, DetauW Cypr s C eh Road, Suite 4945, Pag6 406 SUSANA V3l17in ORBook5O97,Page MAYORVERASAN LORENZO; 2608 KELVIN LAVAR WELLS a 4503, Page 1823 DANIQUE owe,assetforthinExhibrf A", Balance $11,702.88, DetauW 700, Forf Laud6dal8, FL RODRIGUU YIN a DANIEL 1852 PARAGUAY, fim6sha Unk CARLA ANN BENNm. 6549 DAY LOVING AKA DANIQUE N including the p6r diem amount Date 7/1116. Morfgage N3O9, as T stee punuant to BURCH CORTES, ABEDUL (40839.0171) 210508, Week 35, Bi6nni VISTAVIEWDRWOODWAY,N DAY, 2340 ADAM CLAYTON toreath daytollo nglhe date Recoded 9/25113 in OR Book hal Appointment ot Twstee 525 FRACC. FLORESTA nugu 2 31. 18 MN. Tlm8shar6 lnteP 76712, Tlmesha Unrf 210410, POWELL JR BLVD APT 48 otthis noticethroughthe date 4507, Page 2345 DARRVL J rd on June 25, 2018, VERACRUZ, VERACRUZ, L1711O1 112, Per Di6m $5.17, DetauW Week 40, Biennial EVEN, NEW YORK, NY 1 30, payentismade.ltyouchoose PERKINS. 233 wlsnRIA w in O.R. Book 5356 Page 91940 M ICO, fi haR Balance $13,858.11, DetauW Tlm85har8 lnte 112, Per Timeshare Unrf 170802, Waek to cu the defauW s& torth in ALABAsnR, AL 35007, 622 ot tha Public Records of Unrt 211015, Week 41, Annual, Dale 10115116, Mo gage Diem 85.49, DelauW Balance 30, Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshare this Notice,the hll amountdue Timeshare Unit 210503, Week Osceola County, Florida, by Tlmeshare lnterest 1, Per NoncE OF TRusnE's Ratodad 4129115 in OR Booh $15,1N.72, Default Date lnterest 112, P6r Diem $4.67, must be mi ed to: LANDO 49. Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshare reason of a now continuing Diem $9.79, DetauW Balan MU 4771, Pag6 2116 KEYON 911/16, Mortgage Recoded Detault Balance $13,179.70, RESORTS coRPoRAnoN, lnleP 1/2, Per Diem 84.28, detauW by Obligo sl, (See $25,270.85, DetauW Dale UNDO REsoRn JONES, 8507 BRAMWEU 1113116in0RBook4899,Page Default Data &1/16, Mortgage AWn: Janet Cuebas, Debt DetauW Balance 812,216.48, Mibrf A whose add N v1/17, Mortgage R oded coRPoRnnoN, a norida WAY TAMPA, FL N647, 2488 JAMAR D LEWIS, 4156 S Racordad 4/17115 in OR Book Rasol ion Department, 5405 Default Date 6/1 5/1 6, Mo gage is (Sae Exhibit A ), in the 919/16 in OR Book 5021, Page co on fimesha Unrf 11307, Weeh wEsnRN AVE CHICAGO, IL 4765, Page 2068 RESORT Diplomat Ci le, Ste. 106, Recorded 7/15/14in OR Book payment or performance ot 2025 EVANS BRourm a On Septe b& 20, 2018 at 18, Bienni WEN, Tlmeshare 60609, Timeshare Unk 19604, RECLAMATIONS, LLC A O ando, FL 32810 belore the 4636, Page 679 MARY J theobligationssecuredbysaid JUUANA ALLYSON BRrm 2:30 p.m. GREENSPOON lnta rt 112, Par Di6m $5.24. Week 19, Biennial EVEN, WYOMING LLC, c/o CAPITAL sala date andlime selforth in PERKINS AKA MARY Mortgag6 &ord6d in O.R. AKA JUUANA BRourm, MARDER 1 We DefauW Balance 814.562.47. fimeshare lntePst 1/2, Per ADMINISTRATIONS, LLC, AS this Notice. HARRELL, 1417 QUEEN ANN Book (Sea Exhibrt A"), at Page 10021 N 52ND STREET CypRN c k Road, Suha DalauW Date 511116. Mortgage Diem $5.04. DefauW Balance R.A. 1712 PIONEER AVE STE Dated: August 9lh, 2018 CIR ALABASTER. AL 35007, (See Mib A"). ot the Public TEMPLE TERRACE. FL N617 7 . Fort Laudedale. FL Reco ed 3/17116 in OR Booh $14,020.64, Default Date 115 CHEYENNE, WY 82001, By: GREENSPOON MARDER Timeshare Unit 210503, Week Recods ot Osceola Coun,Tlmeshare Unit 211012, Week 3N,as T ee punuant lo 4929, Page 1749 ADERITO &15116. Mortgage Retorded Tlmeshare Unit 1N06, Week L T stee 49, Biennial EVEN, Timeshare Florida, including tha b ach or 10, Annual, fimeshare lnte st that Appoin Pnt ot T 5taa MOT 7 CROFUT PL APT 11 20115 in OR Book 4875. 40. Biennial EVEN, Tlmesha EXHIBIT "A" lnterest 1/2, Per Diem 84.28, deraull, no ice of which was sat 1. Per Diem $8.80, DelauW oded on June 11, 2018. 1 DANBU CT 06810, Page 1562 OTTINYSE MA lnterest 1/2, Per Diem $3.83, PATRICK TORRES a WANDA Detault Balance $12,216.48, torth in a Notice ot Detault and Balance $20,592.48, DelauW in O.R. Booh N47 at Page fimeshara Unrt 210211, Week BROWN, 3620 s RHODES AVE Detault Balance $1o,488.69, TORRES AKA WANDA CRUZ, Default Date 6/1 5/16, Mo gage lntent to Fo close provided Date 12/1/17, Morfgage 2485 ot the Public Records ot 49, Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshare APT 2301 CHICAGO. IL 60653, DafauN Date 11/1116. Mortgage 1o6 SPRUCE CIRCU Recorded 7/15/14 in OR Book lo th6 last known addr8N ot Recorded 9/9116 in OR Book Osc6ola County, Florida, by lnta s 1/2, Per Diem 85.44, finPshare Unrt 19604, Week Recorded 1v3/13 in OR Book TOBYHANNA. PA 1 8466. 4636, Page 679 SHELDONN Obligo s), (See Exhibh wA"l, by 5021, Page 2o33 DANIEL raason ot a now continuing Default B ance $15,510.44, 19, Biennial EVEN, fimeshare 4539, Paga 1252VIRGINIA LEE fimeshaR Unit 9406, Week 1, LIONEL OLIVER HALSTED a C8rtifi6d/R6gisl8r8d Mail or by OLATUNJI ABODUNRIN detauW by Obligor (s), (Saa DatauW Date 3 1 511 6, Mortgage lnter t 1/2, Per Diem $5.04. JONES a RUTH ELIZABETH Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshare SEONAID HALSTED. 357 publitation by lhe undersigned a EUNICE OLUYEMISI Exhibit A") whose addrass Recorded 8125/15 in OR Book De uW Balance $14,020.64, uwls, 3407 DYER PARK DR lnterest 112, Per Diem 82.o5, NORTHGATE TERRACE NW T stee, will sell al public ABODUNRIN, 18 HARLINGER is (See Exhibit A"), in the 4831, Paga 1462 HEATHER DefauN Date &15/16. Mo gage SPRING, N 77373, fimeshare DetauW Balance $5,885.58, EDMONTON, AB T5E 3E3 auclion to th6 highest bidder ST LONDON, SE185SY payent or performance ot POPE, 3827 SAINT EMMA Reco ed 11 20/15 in OR Book Unit 15306, Weeh 40, Biennial D6tauW Date 9 1/16. Mortgage CANADA, Tlmeshare Unit tor la ul money of he Unit6d UNITED KINGDOM, Tlmeshare the obligations secured by said CT LEESBURG, FL 34748, 4875. Page 1562 MARIN EVEN, Timashare lnte st 112, Recorded 329112 in OR Booh 210803. Week 50, Biennial States ot America, at the front Unit 211214, Week 48, Annual, Morfgage recoded in O.R. Timashare Unit 210211, Week MARIUA AGUIAR, 746 Per Diem 83.83, DetauW 4249, Page 2931 ADRIAN EVEN, Tlmeshare lnterest 1/2, s aps ot the Osc6ola County Tlmeshare lntere 1, Per Booh (See Exhibk A ), at Page 49, Biennial NEN, Timeshare KINGSLAND AVE APT 2 Balance 81o,488.69, Detault BENGHIAC a NIMSIE L ORTIZ. Per Diem $4.36, Detault Cou house, 2 Courfhouse Diem $7.78, Detault Balance (Se6 Exhibit "A"), ot the Publit lnterest 112, Per Diem $5.44, RIDGEFIELD. NJ 07657. Date 1111 16. Mo gage 53 ANA IPATESCU ST Balance $12,220.91, DetauW Square, Kissimmee, FL 34741, $20.421 .83. Detault Date Records ot Osceola County, DetauN Balance $15,510.44, fimesh e Unit 3401, Week 32. Recoded 1213/13 in OR Book SIGHISOARA MURES, Dale 8/1 5/1 6, Mortgage all right, title and interest in the 1/15/17, Mortgage Recorded Florida, including the breach or Detault Date 3/1 5/1 6, Mo gage Biennial EVEN. fimeshare 4539, Page 1252 LINDA H ROMANIA OMAN. Timeshare Recorded 9/11114 in OR Book pDp8rty situated in the County 6/22/16 in OR Booh 4980. defauW. notice of which was set Recorded 8/25/15 in OR Book lntererf 112, Per Diem 84.11, ROBINSON AKA UNDA Unk 14607, Week 5, Biennial 4664, Pag6 2835 MONIQUE s ot Osceola. florida, described Page 199 oLuwARonMl torfh in a Notite ot DetauN and 4831, Page 1462 JORGE DetauW Balance $11 930.02, HICKLIN, 506 NORTH MN. Tlmeshare lntePst 112, COLBERT AKA MONIQUE as: AKINYEMI IDOWU a lntent to Foreclosa pDvidad E ARCILA a GLORIA c DefauW Date 5/1/16, Mortgage cATAwBAsTLANcAsnR,sc P6r Diem $2.96, DetauW BALDWIN, 79 VALW VIEW (SEE HIBIT A) Tlme Share OLUWATOYIN MODUPE to th6 la known addr6ss of MURILLO,CALLE5SURN29A Re ed 5113/16 in OR Book 29720, Tlm8shar6 Unit 12603, Balance $8,383.20, DelauW DR MERIDEN, CT 06450, lnterast(s) as d8fin6d in lhe IDOWU, 59 G yONS DR Obligo s),(See ExhibhwA"),by 151 MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA, 4959, Page 2691 WELLINGTON Waek 42, Triannial B, Tlm6share Date 25 1 7. Mortgage Timeshare Unrf 210406, Week Datlaralion ot Covenants, BANKING ESS,IGll OGU Cerfifi agistared Mail or by Timeshare Unit 211109. SIMOES DE MIRANDA, 746 lnlere 1l3, Per Diem $2.08, R6corded 4l5l11 in OR Book 15, Biennial EVEN, Tlm6shar8 Condhions and Re rictions UNITED KINGDOM, fimesha publication by the undenigned Week 15, Biennial NEN, WNGSLAND AVE, APT. 2, DetauW Balance S5,9O5.98, 4113, Page 702 BRENDA L lnlere 112, Per Diem 85.89, for Vacalion Vlllage at Pa way, Unit 211214, Week 49. Annual. T st,will sell at public Tlmeshare lnt esl 1/2, Per RIDGEFIELD, NJ 07657 clo Dafault Date 811116, Mo gaga EICHELBERGER AKA BRENDA DetauW Balante $16,988.64, as &orded in omcial Recods TlmeshaP lnlerest 1, P6r aurtion to the high6sl bidder Diem $6.36, Default Balance Arthur Carmano, Jr Esq 399 Recorded 2120/14 in OR Book L CHAMBERLAIN a Default Date 411116. Mortgage Book 1591, at Page 379, ot Diam 87.78, DefauW B an for law,monay of tha Unitad $1 6,903.63, DatauW Date Campus Dr #315, Som6rset, 4573, Pag6 824 ANNIE MAE ANJANmA L THOMAS, 9728 Recorded 1V29l14 in OR Book the Public Records ot Osteola $20,063.81, Defau Date S at ot Amerita, at th6 hont 1111/16, Mortgage Recoded NJ 08873, fimeshara Unit CAPERS, Po Box 14012 AMBUWOOD LANE 4714, Page 836 RICKY L Coun,florida he Plan), as v15 17, Mortgage Recorded eps ot th6 Osc la Coun 5120 16 in OR Book 4963, 3401, Week 32, Biennial EVEN, BRADENTON, FL 34280, SHREVEPO LA 71118. WASHINGTON. 7 BURR ST amandad hom ma to time. 6/2u16 in OR Book 4980. Courthouse, 2 Courthouse Page 2844 RITA DE CACIA fim6shar8 lnterest 1/2, Per Tlmashare Unit 210606, weeh Tlmesha Unh 14603, Weeh EAST HAVEN, CT 06512, Tog&h6r wrfh lhe right to Page 200 JUAN CARLOS Squar6 Nimm86, FL 34741, CANHONI SUFFI COUHO, Diem $4.11, Default Balance 25, Biennial EVEN, fimesha 24, Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshare Timeshare Unrf 210406, W6ak ocwpy, punuant to the Plan, GunERRu SANCHU a,right,t le and intara inthe TRAVESSA MARIA LUCIA $11,930.02, Default Date lnterest 1/2, Per Diem 85.42, lnte st 1/2, Per Diem $2.33, 15, Biennial EVEN, Timesha AMignad Unrf Waak (SEE YOLANDA HERNANDU p par shuatad in lha Coun 12 CASA 7 SAO PAULO, sP 5/1116, Morfgage Recorded Detault Balance $15,060.71, DetauH Balance 86,758.98. lnterest 112, Per Diam 85.89, HIBIT and ANignad Unrf AKA YOLANDA MEDRANO, of OK8ola. Florida. described 02557 030 BRAZIL fiQare 5/13116 in OR Book 4959, Paga Dafault Dat6 9/15/16, Mo gage DetauW D e 7115/16, Mortgage DetauW Balance $16,988.64, (SEE HIBIT A), in ANigned 17095 HANOVER AVE AWN as: Unh 170106, Waek 39, Bienni 2691 GABRIEL NARCISO R6cord6d 214/15 in OR Booh R6corded 4/20112 in OR Book DefauW D e 4/1116, Morfgage Y6ar(SEE WHIBITA). PARK, Ml 48101, Tlmeshare (SEE HIBIT A) Tlme Shara EVEN, TlmBsha lnteR RAMOS ZELAYA, COLEGIO 4731, Page 615 KIMBERLY 4259, Page 2730 ROBERTO Recoded 1v29 14 in OR Book 3001 Pa wayBlvd. KiNimm88. Unrf 211215. Weeh 35. lnt8r85t(s) as defined in the 1/2, Per Diem $3.01, DetauW MAXIMO JERU 2 CUND AL ANN HOUSTON, 18001 GOMU a LYDIA E VARGAS, 4714, Page 836 JENNIFER FL 34747 me in Tlma ShaP Annual. Tlmeshare lnteresl Declaration ot Covenants, B ance 88,349.65, DetauW SUR 1 2 CUADRA AL ESTE RICHMOND PLACE DR APT 4846 N RWERFORD AVE VIGIL, 6346 TAMAR DR Plan(PDp8rty)Add N'.) 1, Per Diem $9.82, D6tauW Condrfions and Restritlions Date 10l15l16, Mortgage MANAGUA, NICARAGUA, 333 TAMPA, FL 33647, CHICAGO, IL 60656, fimeshare COLUMBIA, MD 21 045, Said sale,be made (wkho Balance $25,961.02, Detault tor Vacation Vlllag6 Parkway, R6co 8d 11127112 in OR Booh Tlmeshare Unit96O5, Waak 23, Timasha Unit 210606, Week Unk 16203, Week 23, Biennial Tim6shar8 Unit 12606, w86k cov6nants,orwa an ,8xpr8N Date 12115/16, Morfgage as &ordadin omci Records 4356, Page 522 MARSHA R Triennial B, Tlmashare lnterest 25, Biennial EVEN, Tlmeshare EVEN, Tlmeshare lnterest 1/2, 48, Biannial EVEN, Timashara or implied, garding tha title, Racoded 6/2v16 in OR Book 1591, Page 379, of MASON, 5422 85TH AVE APT 113. Per Diem 84.18, Datault lntere 112, Per Diem $5.42, Per Diem 84.4o, DefauW lnte st 1/2, Par Diem $4.52, possession or encumbrancas) Book 4980, Page 262 KAMAL the Public Retords ot Ost6ola T2 NEW CARROUTON, MD Balance $10,925.05, Detault DetauW Balance $15,060.71, Balance $12,863.32, Detault Default Balanta 812,778.65, to satis the unpaid balance TAQI RIDHA, BAGHDAD 306 County, Florida (the Plan), as 20784, Tlmesha Unh 18404, Data 1115117. Mortgage DetauW Date 911 5/1 6, Mortgaga Date 4/5/1 7, Morfgage Default Date 7/1 5/1 6, Morfgage ot each respe ive Mortgage HOUSE 6 ALADMIA, BAGDAD am8nd6d hom time to lime. Week 42. Biennial MN, Retoded 616116 in OR Book Recorded v4l15 in OR Book Recorded1O/1O/11 in OR Book Recodad 115115 in OR Booh R6cordad log8 h6r with IRAQ, fimeshare Unit 211412, Tog6th8r wrfh the right to Tlm8shaR ln ere 1/2, Per 4971, Page 375 WILSON 4731, Paga 615 ANDRE R 4186, Page 467 ORTELIO 4717, Page 129 RICHARD acc ed int8r6st in tha a ount We6k 2, Annual, Tlmasha occupy, punuant to the Plan, Diem 83.2o, DefauW Balance BORGES JUNIOR a SCOTT 6 DOREEN GRIMES IGLESIAS a LAURINDA OMAR PAREDES, 5391 ot (See Ewhibrf "Awl, with lnterest 1, Per Diem 87.34, Assigned Unil Week (SEE $9,366.38, DetauW Date CLODIMARCOU QDRA1O2 AKA DOREEN A Lm, 20029 FLORES, 4500 sw 68TH CT FALLRIVER ROW CT inle st acc ing at the rate DefauN Balanca $19,376.60, HIBIT A) and Assigned Unh 3115116, Mo gage Retoded Lon 5 APTO 502A BRASILIA LEA BROOK PLFAIRHOPE,AL CIR APT 8 MIAMl, FL 33155. COLUMBIA. MD 21044. ot (See Exhibit A' per day, Detault Dale 211117, Mortgage (SEE HIBIT A), in Assigned V27l13inOR Book44O3, Page DF, 71907 BRAZIL, fimesha 36532,fimesha Unit210908. TlmeshaP Unk 16110, Week Timashar6 Unit 12606, w86k pursuant to the Tlmeshare Recorded 9/7/16 in OR Book Year(SEE HIBITA). 2152 WASHINGTON XAVIER Unrf 18101. Week 38. Biennial Waah 2, Biannial EVEN, 34, Bienni EVEN, Tlmeshare 48, Biennial EVEN, Tim6shar6 Plan, advances, it any, under 5020, Page 1663 MARITZA 3001 ParkwayBlvd,Kissimmee, ROSERO ANDRADEB MONICA MN, fimeshaP lnterast 112. Tlmesha lnte st 112. Per lnteR 1/2, Per Diem $3.09, lnterest 1/2, P6r Diem $4.52, the terms ot said Mortgage, ESCALANTE ANDRADE, FL 34747 &ein Tlma Share JACQUELINE SANCHU Per Diem 85.o8, DafauN Di6m $4.44, DatauW Balance DefauW Balante 89,121.o8, Default Balanc6 812,778.65, chages and expenses of CAUADADE LAVIRGEN#349 Plan (P perty) Add M' CISNEROS a JOSUE ANDRES Balance $11,818.81, D6tauN $12,41 2.97, D6lauN Date DetauW Date 11/15/15, Default Date 7/1 5/1 6. Mortgage lhe Twstee and ot lhe lwsts COL AVANTE COYOACAN Said sale will be mad6 (without ROSERO SANCHU a @o Date 1ol1/17, Mortgage &15116, Mo gage Recorded Mo gage Recorded 1/17112 in Recorded 1/5/15 in OR Book created by s d Morfgage. MWICO, DF 04460 M ICO, covanants, or wa an,exp ss EFRAIN ROSERO SANCHU, Recoded 616116 in OR Book 3116115 in OR Book 4748, Page OR Booh 4221, Page 75 4717, Paga 129 THE Obligo s) shall have the right Tlmeshare Unit 210612, Week or impliad, regarding the itle, E RITTER N 24 132 Y AVE LA 4971. Page 1450 JULIETA 2980 ALAINA GARRm MIOSHA VOGT, 569 MCKEWN UNKNOWN SPOUSE, HEIRS, to cure the detauW and any 40, Annual, Timeshare lnterest possession or 6ncumbrancas) GASCA QUITO PICHINCHA, ALVARU,5 WAWUT ST FL2 KLEINE, 109 N WAWUT STORANGEBURG,SC29115. DEVISEES, GRANTEES, junior Lenholder shall have 1, Per Diem $8.61, DetauN to satis the unpaid balance ECUADOR, fimeshare Un WEST HAVEN, CT 06516, FREMONT, IA 52561, fimeshaP Unk 16104, Week ASSIGNEES, UENORS, lhe right to Rdaam hs interesl Balante $21,352.87, Detault ot aach respeclive Morfgage 12101, Week42, Biennial EVEN, fi Pshare Unrf 5303, Week 23, Tlmesha Unit 10308, Week 45, Bienni MN, Tlme5har8 CREDITORS, TRUSTEES, AND up to the data the Twstee Date 5 1511 7. Mortgage R orded tog8th6r with Timeshare lnterest 1 2. Per Triennial B, Tlmeshara lntarast 42, Triannial B, fimeshaR lnteR 112, Per Diem $1.80, ALL OTHER PARnEs issuas the certmtate of Sale Recorded 9/7/16 in OR Book accwad interest in the amounl Diem $3.09, Default Balance 113. Per Diem 84.2o, DetauN lnterest 113. Per Diem $2.61, DetauW Balance $5,203.47, CLAIMING AN INnREsT BY, by paying the a Dunls due 5020, Page 1904 PAOLA ot (s68 Exhibit A"), with $8,632.88, DefauW Date Balanc6 $11,245.34, D6fauW DatauN Balanc6 $7,681.52, DetauW Dale 811116, Mortgage THROUGH, UNDER OR as o lined in the p ceding MILAGROS Dl NATALE inter t acc ing at the rate 711116, Mortgage Recoded Date 1111116, Mortgage DetauN Date 1/15/16, Morfgage Recorded 8124111 in OR Book AGAINST THE EsTAn OF parag ph. To cul8 lhe delauW MICHIELl, TRUJILLO 156 ot (s86 Exhibh A ) per day, 216113 in OR Book 4392, Page R6co ed 6/6116 in OR Book Racord6d 5/1/15 in OR Book 4168,Page874TYRONEVOGT SHARONMWIL DECEASED expl ned in this Notice you DPTO 502 MAGDALENAUM punuant to the Tlmeshare 1163 MARK A OLIVER. 4138 4971, Pag6 1511 ELISA M 4773, Pag6 1595 JEREMY AKA TYRONE GO 409 AKASHARON M sco 1465 must mktheamountyounow PERU,fimeshareUnk211212, Plan, advances, it any, under 4TH ST WAYNE. Ml 48184, MINORAKALISA M CALUNS. KLEINE, 109 N WALNUT ST BOUWRDEUTAWVILU,SC HooKsm RD UNIT 229 owe,a55etto hinExhibk A", Week 6, Annual, Tlmesha the lerms ot s d Mo gaga, fimeshare Unh 12403, Week 15033 ROSSINI DR DETROIT, FREMONT, IA 52561. 29048. Tlmesha Unrf 16104, HooKsm, NH 03106. including the perdi amount lntePst 1. Par Diam 89.58, thargas and axpenses ot 34, Triennial B, Tlmeshare Ml 48205, fimashara Unil Tlmeshara Unit 10308, Week Week 45, 8iennial EVEN, Tlmeshara Unrf 210608, Week ror each day tollowing the date Detau Balanc6 $24,809.30, th6 Tru 86 and of tha twst5 lnte st 1 3. Per Diem 82.47. 14202, Week 44, Triannial B, 42, Triennial B, Tlmesha Tlmeshare lntar t 1n, Per 46, Biannial EVEN, fimeshar6 of lhis notice thDugh the date DetauN Data V15l1 7, c ated by said Mortgage. DefauW Balance $7,4N.7Z, Tlm6shar8 lntarest 113, Per lntarest 1/3, Per Diem $2.61, Diem $1.80, DefauW Balanca lnterest 1 2, P6r Di6m $4.46, payenl is made. lf you choose Morfgage R8cord6d 916116 Obligo s) shall have the right DefauW Date 1/1116, Mo gage Di6m $4.24, Datault Balance Detault Balance $7,681.52, $5,203.47, DefauW Date 8 1116, D6tauN Balance $11,219.20, to cure the detauW set forth in in OR Book 5020, PaBe 244 to cu the detauN and any Recoded 4/24113 in OR Book $11,735.32, DatauN Data DatauN Date 1115/16, Morfgage Mortgage Recoded 8124111 in Default Date 4/15117, Mortgage this Notice, the hll unt due MESHEA W W MACK junior Lenholder shall have 4431. Page 1294 GERARDO &15l16, Mortgage Racoded Retorded 511115 in OR Book OR Book 4168, Page 874 Recorded 1/5115 in OR Booh must be remmed lo: LANDO a DWIGHT ONY the rigM to eem hs intePst ENRIQUE RINRA ROMERO a 6/2V16in OR Book498O, Paga 4773, Paga 1595 ADANLFLORESlllBCYNTHIA 4717, Paga 1061 CARLOS RESORTS coRPoRAnoN, WOMACK, 410 DERBYCREEK up to the data tha T e6 MONIKA DELROSARIO oRnz 77 PATRICIO ALWIS SARAVIA (40839.0168) M FLORES, 1230 EAST ALBERTO MORALES A n: Janet Cuebas, Debt LANE cHEsnR, VA 2a6, iNu8s the amca e of S e ALCORU URB STA MARIA SUARU a CLAUDIA GIOVANA Augu8t24,31, 2018 RICHARDAVEKINGSVILLE,M CASTILLO a LEYDIS AINm Resol ion Departm t, 5405 fimesha Unk 210514, Weak by pa ng the amount5 due NORTE c LOS JABIUOS -- FONSECA FLORES, VILLAS EL L171O99 78363. fimasha Unrf 16306, RODRIGUU DE GRACIA. Diplomat Circla. S e. 106, 50, Annual, fimashare lnterest as.outlined in the pr eding NO 5 13 QTA ET NEVADO PAS E ne CASA Week 1, Biennial EVEN, JUAN DIAZ CIUDAD RADIAL O ando. FL 32810 betore the 1, Per Diem $3.00, DefauW paragraph.To tu lhe detauW MERIDA, 5101 VENQUEL m92 CHILLAN, CHILE, fimesha lnterest 112, Per ENTRE CALLE 8 Y 9 CASA 6 sale d e and time set forth in Balance 89,761 .48, Detault D e explained in this Notice you Tlmeshare Unk 15301, Week Tlmeshara Unk 10102, Week NoncE OF TRusnE's Diem $2.3,Detault 8alance PANAMA cl PANAMA, thisNotice. 8/1117, Mo gag6 Recorded must hW6 un younow 24, Bienni EVEN, finPshaP 13, Biennial EVEN, Tlmesha SALE $5,440.25. Detault Data Timeshare Unit 210402, Week Dated: Augu 17th, 2018 9 6116 in OR Book 5020, owe, as set lorth in Exhibh A", lnte 1 2, p Di n 82.99, lnta 112, p& Diem $4.07, LANDO REsoRn 10110117. Mortgaga Recorded 35, Biennial EVEN, Timeshare By: GREENSPOON MARDER Page 272 EDGAR MODESTO including h6 p& diem amount DetauW Balance $8 490.16, D6tauW Balanca $9.654.92, coRPoRnnoN, a norida 10110111 in OR Book 4186. lnte st 1/2, Per Diem $4.64, up. T ee LOPU ACOSTA B MARIA foreach daytollowingthe d e DetauW Date &1 16, Mortgage DetauW Dale 8115117, Mortgage topo on Page 4 9 ELMA SANDRA Datault Balance 811,158.26, HIBIT A" GUADALUPE MORAUS otthis notice thDugh the date Retoded 4n313 in OR Book Retoded 1111117 in OR Book On September 13, 2018 at POMPEY B LARESAVALDENE DelauN Date 5/1/17, Mortgage UUSES GRANADOS a FANY RODRIGUU, c ROBU payn6ntismade.ltyouchoose 4430, Page 2949 MALVIN 5084, Page 1753 JOEL DE 2:30 p.m. GREENSPOON POMP 43 GOLDWIN AVE Recoded 2/4/15 in OR Book JUDITH PERU CARDENAS, #697 FRACCIONAMIENTO to tU e detauw set forth in ANTHONY WOFFORD. 1102 JESUSCHINCHILLATORRES, MARDER L 100 W t APT7O9TORONTO ON,M6M 4731, Page 1053 LUJZA 4508 ST ANDREWS DR PASEO ALAMEDACUUACAN, thisNotice,thehllanDuntdue 27TH AVE w PALMmo, FL 1118 BURKETON ROAD Cyprass CRek Road, Surfe 5H4 CANADA CANAD ODILIE PINZON PAZ MIDLAND, M 79707, SINALOA, 80019 M ICO. mu be mmad lo: LANDO 34221. fimeshare Unk 8208. HYATTSVIUE, MD 20783, 700, Fort Lauded e, FL Tl shaR Unrf 164o2, Weeh RODRIGUU a LUJZA fimeshare Unh 160109, Timeshara Unk 170505, Waak RESORTS coRPoRAnoN, Week 25, Biennial NEN, fimeshare Unk 1602, W6ak 43, 33309, as T stee punuant to 49, Bienni EVEN, Tim8shar6 MICHELLE UMCHIN PINZON, Week 7, Annual, fimeshara 11, Annual, Timeshare lnterest AWn: Jane Cuebas. Debt fimeshare lnter t 112, Per Biennial EVEN, fimesha that Appointmant of Twstee lnte 112, P6r Diem $3.44, AVE 19 F NORTE BETANIA lnlerest 1, Per Diem $13.14, 1, Per Diam 812.3o, Detaull Resol ion D8partm6nl. 5405 Diam a.16, DetauW Balance lnt t 112, Per Diem 85.85. r8cord6d on June 11. 2018, DetauW Balance $10,582.01, VILLA CACERES CASA 3 DelauW Balance $38,046.52, Balance 83O,451.76, DetauW Diplomat Circle Ste. 106, 81 1 ,945.5,DetauW D e DetauW Balance 813,931.o5, in O.R. Book 5347 at Page DetauN Date 1 0/1 5 1 5, PANAMA, PANAMA, Timeshare DetauW D e 5 1116, Mortgaga Date 5/1 5/1 7, Mo gaga O ando, FL 32810 b ore the 5115116, Mo gage R6cold8d DefauW Date 811/17, Mortgage 2480 ot the Public Records ot Morfgage Recoded v28l12 in Unit 210806, Week 37, Biennial Recoded 10/7115 in OR Recordad 916116 in OR Book sale date and tima set forth in 4124T13 in OR Booh4431, Page Reco ed 9 15117 in OR Book Osceola County, horida, by OR Book 4236. Page 1397 NEN, Tlmesha lnterest 1/2. Book 48N. Page 1567 ANA 5019, Pag6 2135 SETH thisNotica. 1352 NANCY JEAN WOFFORD 5208, Page 2019 LIM WEE ason ot a now continuing UOYD MCOOKJR,PO Box P6r Diem $5.14, DetauW MARIE UNTON AKA ANA CHESTER BRVANT JR, 806 Dated:August17,2O18 AKA NANCY J JANTZEN, 5804 THIM a CHAI KWEE YIN, 120 detauW by Obligor (s), (See 329 DORAN. VA 24612, Balance 812.864.8o, DetauN HEDW, 9038 HARDWOOD CHESTNUT WOOD LANE By: GREENSPOON MARDER 90THAVECIRCLEEPARRISH, J LIMAU EMAS6TAMAN Exhibrt A ) whose addRss finPshare Unrf 16108, Week Dal6 4115117, Morfgage w T SSEE, FL 32311, CHA7TANOOGA, TN 37421, Tw ea FL 34219, Tlmeshare Unk UAMU EMAS SEREMBAN. is (See Ewhibh A . in the 41. Bienni EVEN, Tlm65har6 Recordad 11/20/15in OR Book finPsha Unit 210512, Weak TlmBsha Unk 211110, HIBIT "A" 8208. Waek 25, Biennial EVEN, NEGERI SEMBILAN, 70300 payment or performance ot lnt 1l2, Per Diem S2.59, 4875, Page 1120 ADOLFO 24, Annual. Tlmesha lnterest Week 51, Annual, fimesha ADOLF R CASTANEDA, 7213 Timeshara lntarest 112, P6r MALAYSIA, Tlmeshare Unrf lhe obligations setuRd by said DetauW 8alance 87,521.74, RUDAS, BRISAS DEL GOU 1, Per Diem $9.73, DafauW lnt6rast 1, Per Diem $13.30, BRAEHILL RD CHEYENNE, WY Diam $4.16, DetauW Balance 19104, Waek 42, Biennial Morfgage Pcorded in O.R. DBfauW Date 711116, Morfgage CASA 37 PANAMA, PANAMA, Balance $27.666.83, DefauW Default Balante $33,602.87, 82009, Tlm haR Unit 16310, $1 1 ,945.57, D6fault D e EVEN, Tl Bsha lnt6r8 112, Book (See Exhibit A,at Page Recorded 1v30/11 in OR Booh Timeshare Un 210711, Week D e 6 1 5/1 6, Mortgaga DatauN Date 4 1117, Morfgage Week 37. Biannial MN, 5/15116, Morfgage Recorded Per Di6m 85.85, D6fauW (Sea Exhibh A"), ofthe Public 4215. Paga 1899 MELISSA 31, Biennial EVEN, Timesha Recorded 11119/15 in OR R8cold8d 9/30116 in OR Book Tl ha lntere 112. Per 4124113 in OR Book 4431, Balance 813,466.44, DetauW R6cords ot O5ce0la Coun,MARUNE DOUD, 243 ROAD lntarast 112, Per Diem $4.22, Book4874,Pa9e19O5JAMES 5034, Pag6 187 MICHEW Diem $2.55, DetauN Balance Page 1352 ASHW LYNN Date 1011y17, Mortgage Florida, includingthe bRath or RIDGE TURNPIKE RAVEN, VA DatauN Balance $11,987.69, ANTHONY UNTON, Po Box AGUSTINA REID HOWARD, $8,362.12,DefauW Date 711115, WHYTE, 2630 FARMCREST Recorded 115118 in OR Book default, notice otwhich was set 24639, Tlm ha Unk 16108, DetauW Data2/15/17, Morfgage 2002 TALLAHASSEE FL CASA 1 CAUE 1 SAN Mortgage Recoded 1v1v11 AVE PmRBoRouGH. 5265, Page 2207 AMANDA forfhin a NoticeofDefauWand Week 41, Biennial EVEN, Recorded 3117116 in OR Book 32311,TlmeshaR Unk 210512, FERNANDO JUAN DIAZ, in OR Book 4207, Page 2760 ONTARIO K9L 1H7 CANADA, JOHNSTONE AKA AMANDA lntent to Foreclose provided Tlmesha lnte 1/2, Per 4929, Page 1635 ZADYA DEL Week 24, Annual, Tlmesha PANAMA, Tln 5har8 Unk JEREMIAH RAMIRU,PO Box fimeshare Un 170204, w86k DICKAU, 1107 3RD ST to the last known addreN ot Diem 82.59, DetauN Balance CARMEN BARRANCO lnterest 1, Per Diem $9.73, 211014, Waeh 24. Annual, 67244 ALauauERQuE, NM 48, Biennial EVEN, Tlm6shar8 ~ CAMANCHE, IA 52730, Obligor(s), (Sea Exhibrt A"l, by $7,521.74, DetauW Data 7/1116, MATUTE a ROSARIO MAnm DefauW B ance $27,666.83, fimesha lnt8r85t 1, p& 87193, Tlm haP Unh 16310. lnte st 112, Per Diem S3.87, fimeshare Unit 7404, Week 20, C6rfiti8dlR8gist8 d Mail or by Morfga e R orded 1v30 11 DE BARRANCO a EDGAR o DetauNDate6 15l16,Morfgage Diem 89.83, DefauW Balance Week 37. Biennial MN, DefauW Balance $11,096.43, Triennial B, Tim85har8 lnterast publicalion by lhe undenigned in OR ook 4215, Page 1B99 BARRANCO VASQUU, ALTOS Recorded 11l19l15 in OR Book $23,836.56, DetauW Date fim85ha lnt 1 2, Per DetauW Date 5 1 16, Mortgage 113, Per Diem 81.87, DefauW Twstee, will sell al public CARLOS GERMAN MUIA DE CERRO vlENn CAW G 4874, Page 1905 ANDREW T sl1l17, Morfgage Recoded Di&n 82.M, DetauW Balance Raco ed 712U13in OR Booh Balante $5,358.46, DefauN aurtion to the highe bidder ALBA B MARTA BUITRAGO CASA481PANAMA.834OON3 DUDAS,65 CABUS AVE APT 3123/17 in OR Book 5121, $8,362.12.D6tauWDate7/1115. 4474, Page 2047 RAPHAEL Date 6 15116, Mortgage tor la ul money olthe Unrfed HERNANDU a YANETH PANAMA, Tlmeshare Unrf 16 wAnRBuRY, CT 06710, Page 401 CAMILO ANDRES Mortgage R oded 1u1v11 F NOBU B LVNNE E NOBU,