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August 24, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 24, 2018

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HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 24, 2018 PAGE 39B HERNANDU 4104 TERRI LINN GRENKE 1491 Maple Ave AuguA 24, 31, 2018,Miami, FL 33165, 5900 6 Un ,825,929.55.$1O.66.4811- made (without covenants, or 34741, all right, tkle and A',whose add ss is (See KILLEEN, TX 7654g-4490, Unk 111 MiWon, ON i9TO88 L171O62 ' 5900, 605A a 606c, 39 a 39, 749: TELLY s WORTHEN 335 warran . express or implied, interest in the p perty srfuated Exhibit "A"), in the payment or 5400, 5433, 5, WHOU, 1, All CANADA, 5700, 5727, 39, WHOLE 6 WHOLE, 1 a 1, All,E PINE ST SWAINSBORO, GA regarding tha title, possession in the Coun ot OSCEOLA, perfo nance ot the obligations Season-Float WeeWFloat Unrt, WHOLE, 1, All Season-Flo Season-Float Wee Float Unrt 30401-4048, 5600, 5626, 16, or encumbrances) to pay the Florida, described as: (SEE secured by a Mortgage $21,490.93. $5.85. 4947-595:,WeeWFloat Unk. $12.525.46. NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S a All Season-Floal Wee Float ' ODD. 1/2. All Season-Float unpaid principal balante due WHIBIT "A") Tlme Share recoded in OMcial Reco s NARDA M HALL a KARVEL $5.06. 4219-1212: SHAUNTEL SALE Unk, 814.673.4o, 86.o2, 4161- Week/Float Unrt. $20,019.06, under the morfgage in tha lntarest(s) (SEE HIB "A.') Book (See Exhibrt "A ). at Paqe LEWIS 1316 ISLAND GREEN ' BUTLER 2210 Beck St New WESTGATE TOWN CENTER 1583; ERIKA J DONES T135 88.21. 5067-1930; SYNETRIA amount of (See Exhibit "A"), according to lhe fima Sharing (See Ewhibit "A',of the Pubic ST DAVENPORT. FL 33896- Orleans, LA 70131, 5700, 5727, 29203.02N [rHOMAS) COLLINS AVE APT 511 MIAMI WORTHEN 145 Hunnicu wilh interest actruing at the Plan for WESTGATE TOWN Recods ot OSCEOLA Coun , 6806. 5400. 5433, 19. WHOLE. 42. EVEN. 1/2, All Season-Flo On 09/1812018 at 11:00 an ' BEACH, FL 33141-3273, 5900 Circle Swainsboro, GA 30401, rate of (See Exhibit "A") per CENTER. racoded in omcial Florida, intludlng the breach or 1. All Season-Float WeeWFloat Wee Float Unit, $12.742.93, GREENSPOON MARDER, B 5900, 605A a 606C, 39 a 39, 5600, 5626, 16, ODD, 1/2, All day, pursuant to the Mortgage, Records Book 1564, at Page detauW, notice ot which wa5 set Unrf, $31.857.63.$13.11, 490 - $6.21, 4901-67; EDILBERTO LLP, 201 E. Pine Stree,Surte WHOLE B WHOLE, 1 a 1, All Season-Float WeeWFloat Unit, advances, it any, under the 1473, of the Public Records fo h in a Notite ot DatauW and 975: STEPHANIE PINNEY a CASTANON a YESSICA 500, Orlando, Florida 32801, Season-Float Wee Float Unrt $20,019.06, $8.21, 5067-1930; terms ot said Mortgage, ot Osceola County, Florita lnlent to Fo close provided WILLIAM PINNEY 6798 Coun CASTILLO 5709 Malarkey Rd as Twstee pursuant to that B All Season-Float Wee Float ANGAD RAJNARAIN 107-57th chages and expenses of (the "Plan' . Tog&her w% the to the last known address ot Road 79 Daviston. AL 36256, Del Valle, TX 78617. 5700, Appointment of Trustee,Unk, $14,673.40, 86.02, 4 61- I07lh Street Ozone Park, NY the Trustee and of tha trusts right to octupy. punuant to Mortgagor(s), (See Exhibrf 5600. 5637, 23, WHOLE, 1,5733, 19. EVEN, 1/2, All recorded on 05/1 1/201 8 1583; NILDA VALLADARES a 1 1417, 5600, 5626, 24, WHOLE, treated by said Mortgage. the Plan. Building(sWnh(s) "A',by certm egistered Season-Float Wee Float Unk, Season-Float WeeWFloat Unit, in O cial Records Book FELIX CACERES Av Co5tan8ra,1, All Season-Float Week/Float Mortgagor(s) shall have the (SEE WHIBIT A,during Unk Mail or by publication by 832,852.31,$1 1 .76. 4897- $12.620.32. 86.14, 51 14-1072; 5332, and Page 2042. of the Coni Res Laguna vieja Casa 14 Unit. $10,984.50, $4.43. 4648- right to ture the default and Weak(s) (SEE HIB A,the undarsigned Tw ee, 2116; JOSE A PESANTU a MARY F DENNISON 3362 NE Public Recods ot OSCEOLA Barcelona.O6OO1 VENUUELA, 1000; CARY T WILLIAMS B any junior lienholder shall have during Assigned Yea s) - (SEE will sell at publit aurtlon to ANDREA N ESMERALDAS W rley Ave Arcadia, FL 34266, Coun,Florida, by reason 6100 a 6100, 15F 6 15G, 25 KIMBLEY D WILLIAMS 2535 the right to redeem its interest WHI8lT "A . wEsTGAn the higherf bidder tor lawtul 74 Edgewood Dr Westbroo'rt, 5700, 5741. 22, WHOLE, 1. All of a now continuing detauK B 25, WHOLE B WHOLE, 1 MaWhew Drlve Valdosta, up to the date the Trustee TOWN CENTER 7700 We g e money ot he United States CT 06498, 5600, 5637, 46, Season-Float WeeWFloat Unit, by Mortgagor(s), (See Exhibit a 1, All Season-Float WeeW ' GA 31601, 5600, 5626, 25, issues the Ce ititate of Sale Boulavard KiMimw, FL of America, on the hont WHOLE, 1, All Season-Float $2 ,480.98, 811.51, 5052- "A.'), whose add ss is (See FIIat Unit 6 All Season-Floal WHOLE, 1, All Season-Floal by paylng the amounts due as 34747 Said sale will be steps of the Osceola Coun Weeh/Floai Unit, 835,926.26, 2736; VICTOR R DENNISON Exhibit "A'.), in the payment or,Wee Float Unrf, 818,T67.3O,Wee Float Unrt. $14.166.47 outli ed above. By: Amanda L. made (wrth covenants. or Cou house. 2 Courthouse $14.82, 5008-2808; ELEANORE 1395 NW PINE WOOD AVE performance of the obligations 87.71, 4349-309: STEPHEN,85.75, 4978-2009; KENNETH,Chapman.Authorized Agent. warran,8xp M or implied, SquaR, Kissimmee, Florida | SHARKEY Apt 509 180 ARCADIA. FL 34266-5445, satur6d by a Mortgage CUNNlhGHAM 6 ALECIA c TURNER a AUDREY TURNER ' WHIBrr "A" - NOTICE OF regading he t le, poNession 34741, all right, tkle and Chenyhill Clrtle London, ON 5700. 5T41, 22. WHOLE. 1, All recorded in OWicial Records CUNNINGHAM 14 Fox Hill 1625 Aven Ave Columbia, TN TRUSTEE'S SALE or entumbrance.sT to pay the interest in the properfy skualed N6H2M2 CANADA, 56D0, 5652, Season-Float WeeWFloat Unit, Book(See Exhibk"A',at Page Dr Cen er Point, AL 35215, 38401, 5600, 5636, 9, WHOLE, Owner(sl Address Building unpaid printipal balante due in the Coun of OSCEOLA, 8, WHOLE, 1, All Season-Float $23,480.98, $11.51, 5052- (See Exhibrf A'.), ot the Public 6100 B 6100, 44F a 44G, 2 a,1, All Season-Float Wee Unit Week Year TS Undivided under the mortgage in lhe Florida. described as: (SEE Wee Float Unit. $17,239.92, z736; ALEXANDER R AIKOO Records ol OSCEOLA Coun,39, EVEN a EVEN, 112 a 1/2,Float Unrt, $30,046.07. $12.37, lnterest Season Amount Per amount of (See Exhibrf A,WHIBIT wA. Time Share 86.12, 5008-2735; ?8903 Smoothstone Way Apl Florida, including the breach or All Season-Float WeeWFloat ' 4897-2854; KIMBERLY GAULT ' Diem MTG Rec lnlo wrth intere aK ing at the lnlerest(s) (SEE WHIBIT "A") August 24, 31, 2018 5 Gai rlersburg. MD 20886. detault, notice of which was set Un a All Season-Float Wee 1103 OPAL CT LA VERGNE, SHERYL Y DEWITT 411 w rate ot (See Exhibrf .'A per accoding to the Tlme Sharing L171O61,5700, 5T47, 46, WHOLE, 1, fo h in a Notite of DetauW and,Float Unrf, $18,131.96. 87.34,TN 37086-3536. 5700, 5725, Dekalb Mount Pulaski, IL62548, day, pursuant o the Mortgage, Plan for WESTGATE TOWN All Season-Flo Week/Flo lntent to Fo close p vided j 4863-148O; LISA M RIVERA 49, ODD. 1/2, All Season-Float 4000. 51 D, 26, EVEN, 1/2, Fixed advances, if any, under the CENTER, coded in OMcial Unrt, $22.425.92, $11.01, to h6 las known adtress of,104 Shippen St Union C y, NJ . Week/Floal Unrt, $16,715.13, Wee Float Unk, $6,919.65, terms of said Mo gage, Records Book 1564, at Page NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S 5072-721; FAYE A BUSSEY Mortgagor(s), (See Exhibk 070a6, 6100 a 6100, 24G B 88.22, 5075-2329; ANTARIO A $3.49. 5008-2494; MIGUEL M thages and expenses ol 1479. of the Public Records SALE 1269 MAYPORT LANDING "A by Cerfified/Registered 45F. 33 B 33, ODD a ODD, 112 GAULT Po 80x 98 JOELTON, NUNU B MARIA,ZEPEDA the Trust68 and ot the lwrts ot Osceola Coun,Florida wEsTGAn TOWN CENTER CIR JACKSONVILLE, FL Mail or by publication by a 1/2,Season-Float Wee TN 37080-0098. 5700. 5725, NEGRETE 1148 Waxwing Dr c ated by said Mortgage. (the "Plan"). Together wrfh the | 29 .026T (URBINA,32233-2298. 5700, 5753. 42, the undenigned Twstee, Float Unrf a All Season-Float 49. ODD, 112, All Season-Float Vlsta, CA 92083, 4000, 61D, Mortgagor(s) shall have the right to occupy. pursuant lo NERNANDV,EVEN, 1/2, All Season-Float will sell at public auc ion lo WeeWFlo Unk, $17,849.76, WeeMloat Unrt, $16,715.13, 26, EVEN, 1/2 Fixed Wea right to cure the default and the Plan, Building(s)Wnk(s) On 09 13/2018 at 11:00 am,Wee Float Unk, $13.359.51, the highe bidder tor lawhl $7.30, 4833-304; DOROTEO $8.22. 5075-2329; DARYLE J Float Unit, $5,542.56, $2.75, any junior lienholder shall have (SEE WHIBIT A'.), during Unrf GREENSPOON MARDER $6.48. 4g47-635: ,IAMES F money ot the Unrfed States . RIVERA 104 Shippen St Union CRAINE a SYRELLA K CRAINE 4978-2117; JAIME w VELEZ a the right to r8d86m ks int8R Week(s) (SEE WHI8lT "A. , LLP, 20 E. Pine StPel. Suke,KIRKSEY 791 Assisi Ln Apt of America, on the hont c y, NJ 07086, 6100 a 6|00, Po Box 296 Swi Current, SK ANDRES RUIZ SOLIS a SARA up to the date the Tw ee during Assigned Yea s) - (SEE 500, O ando, Florida 32801, 2301 Atlantic Beath. FL 32233, aps of tha Osceola Coun 24G B 45F, 33 a 33, ODD a S9H3V6 CANADA, 5700, 5756, M SOLIS Cdla El Gua acan Mz issues the certmcale ot Sale HIBIT A' . WESTGATE as Twstee pursuant to that,5T00. 5753, 42. EVEN. 1/2, All Cou house. 2 Courthouse ODD, 1/2 a 1/2, All Season- 49, WHOLE, 1, All Season-Float A4 v 7 auevedo, E UADOR, by paying the a Dunts due as TOWN CENTER 7700 Westg e Appoinlment ot T stee Season-Float WeeklFloat Unit, Square, Kissimmee, Florida Float Wee Float Unk a All Wae Float Unit, $27,785.04, 5900, 110D, 41, ODD, 1/2, All outlined above. By: da L. Boulevard KiNimm88, FL recodad on 0511 112018 $1 ,359.51, $6.48, 4947-635; 34741, all right, t le and Season-Float Wee Float Unit, 813.7|, 4844-2479; JAMES D Season-Float WeeWFloat Unit, Chapman, A ho ed Agent. 34747 Said sale will be in omtial Recods Book REGINA G SALYER 47 ROCKY interest in the pDp8rfy srfuated $17,R49.76, $7.3o, 4833-304; STARKS a ALETIA M STARKS $8,195.20, $3.98, 5137-1247; EXHIBIT "Aw - NoncE OF made (whho covenanls, or 5332. and Page 2229, of thE BR ROYALTON, M 41464- in the Coun of OSCEOLA, COLANDREAH s ERVIN 3971 49735 Cooke Ave Plymouth, PETER WILLIAMS a FELISHA TRUSTEE'S SAU wa an,8xpr8N or impli9d, Public Records of OSCEOLA 834T, 5700, 5762, 24, ODD, Florida, described as: (SEE VEARLING CT CINCINNATl, Ml 48170. 5700. 5756, 52, WILLIAMS 1131 w Moultrie Owne s) Add M Building garding the tkle. poNeNion Coun . Florida, by Rason 1/2, All Season-Float Wee HIBIT "A") Tim8 Share OH 45211-3709. 6100 B 6100. WHOLE, 1, Fixed WeeWFloat Dr Bl heville, AR 72315, Unrt Weak Y6ar TS Und ided or entumbrances) to pay the of a now continuing default Float Unrt, 813,35o.84, S6.53, lntarest(s) (SEE WHIBIT "A") 64F a 74G, 52 a 52, EVEN B Unrf, 834,181.22, 816.93, 5107- 5900, 210D, 23, ODD, 1/2, lnte st Saason Amount Per unpaid principal balante due by Mortgago s), (See Exhibit 5052-2833; RICK J JORDAN accoding to the Time Sh ring EVEN, 1/2 a 112, Fixed Wee 1184: WILLIE p WILLIAMS B All Season-Float WeeWFloat Diem MTG Rec lnfo under the mortgage in Me "A whose addr85s is ISea 141 E. RIVERSIDE DR. APT Plan for WESTGATE TOWN Float Unrf B Fixed Wee Float,PRINO FORD WILLIAMS 110 Unit, $7.583.79, $3.66. 5052- SEBASTIAN SKITAL a amount ot (See Exhibit A . Exhibit A.'), in lhe payment or 12B, JUPITER. FL 33469, CENTER, recorded in O cial Un . $26,546.14, $13.1o, 5036- Timberland Dr Cordele, GA 2744; MAURICIO FERNANDO MAGDALENA A SK AL 3035 wkh inte rf acc ing at Me performance of the obligations 5700, 5762, 24, ODD, 1/2. Records Book 1564, at Page 2695: ROBERT L DEKLE JR 31015, 5900, 303A, 45, ODD, SOSA NAVARRETE a SARA Waters Edge Ci le AuDra, IL rate of (See Exhibrf wA per secured by a Mo gage All Season-Float Wee Float 1479. of the Public Records 1633 SPRING PARK WALK 112, All Season-Float Wee S OJEDA RIBADENEIRA 60504, 4000, 20, 1o, ODD, 112, day. puisuant to the Mortgage, recorded in O icial Records Unit, $13,350.84, 86.53, 5052- ot Osceola Coun,Florida CINCINNATl, Oh 45215-0066, ' Float Un,815,323.73, 86.28 Av Eloy Altaro N 34-381 Y All Saason-Float W6aMloat advances, if any, under lhe Book (See Exhibrf "A ), at Page 2833; SAMUEL CONCEPCION (the '.Plan"). Together wrfh he 6100 a 6100. 64F a 74G. 52 a 5135-700; RENARDO J CURRY Po ugal Quko. ECUADOR, Unk. $11,255.15, 85.46, 4947- terms of said Mortgage, (See Exhibrt "A',of the Public 4142 HI8lSCUS CIR WEST righ to occupy, pursuant to 52, EVEN a EVEN, 11z a 1/2,Town Court N37 Nassau. 5900, 210D, 24. EVEN, 1/2, 662; DEMOND s JEFFERSON chages and expenses ot Recods of OSCEOLA Coun . PALM BEACH, FL 3340.9-2727, lhe Plan, Building(s).Vnrf(s) Fixed WeeMloat Unrf a Fixed BAHAMAS, 6200. 12AB, 24, All Season-Float WeeklFloat a AVIS K JEFFERSON 5841 the Trustee and ot the twsls Florida. including the breach or 5700, 5T63, 9, WHOLE, 1, All (SEE HIBIT A,during Unk Wee Float Unrt, $26,m6.14, WHOLE, 1, All Season-Float Unrt, $7,764.04, $3.75, 4655- Ruby Walk Rex, GA 30273, c ated by said Mortgage. detault. notite of which was set Season-Float WeeWFloat Unk, Week(s) (SEE HIBIT A,$13.10, 5036-2695; JOHN E Week/Float Unrt, $28,289.42, 1913; ROSALIND D BENSTON 4000, 20, 32, EVEN, 112, All Mortgagor(s) shall have the to h in a Notice ot De auW and $1 ,368.59, $5.40, 4209-2314; durin Assign6d Yea s) - (SEE HOLSCHUH 2T TERRACE DR 811.69. 4940-2756; VALENTE 1313 Roxboro Rd BaltimoR, Season-Float Wee Float right to cure the de uW and lnlent to Fo close provided AUREA CINTRON 7224 Spring WHIBIT A . WESTGATE FTFAIRFIELD.MEO4742-3016. ' NORATO PINA a GLORIA E MD 21237. 5900, 210D, 32. Unk. 87,391.44, 83.74. 4209- any junior liennolder shall have to the last known add ss ot Hill Drive Spring Hill, FL 346o6, TOWN CENTER 77oo We gate 6100 a 6100, 85F 6 85G. 42 a MORALES CRIZTOBAL 208 EVEN, 112, All Season-Float 1962; TERRY E WARD 2175 the right to Rde8m ks interest Morfgagor(s), (See Exhibrf 5700, 5T63, 9, WHOLE, 1, Boulevad Kissimmee. FL 45, DD a ODD, 1/2 a 1/2, All ' Kings Pkwy Raleigh, NC 27610, Wee Floa Unk, $7,829.67, Shillinger Rd Sorth Apt 105 up to the date the Twstee '.A',by Certifi8d/R8gi5t8r8d All Season-Floa WeeMloat 34747 Said sale will be Season-Float Wee Float Unh,6200. 12AB. 4O, WHOLE, 1. 83.76. 5064-742: FERNANDO Mobile, AL 36695, 4OOO, 40, i5su8s the certmcate of Sale Mail or by publication by Unk, $13,368.59. $5.40, 4209- made (whho covenants, or a All Season-Float WeeMloal,All Season-Float Wee Flnat COLON 27 Adeleaide St 3FI 20, ODD, 112, All Season-Float by paying the amounts due as the und8rsign8d Twstee, 2314; RICARDO E MARTINQ wa anty, 8xp M or implied, Unrf,$21.276.89,81O.47.4987- ' Unrf, $24.01 7.56. $11.88. HamoFd, CT 06114, 5900, Week/Float Unk, 812,368.34, outlined above. By: Amanda L. will sell at public urtlon tG a ADRIANA VAZQUU 228 gading the tkle, poss8Nion 1519; 4844-1376; ELBA L FELICIANO 306c, 49, ODD. 1/2. All $5.05, 5086-980; FELICIA H Chapman, AWhorized Agent. the highe bidder tor la ul Jet Dr NW Fort WaWon Baach. or entumbrances) to pay the AuguA 24, 31, 2018 29 Franklin St New Bedtord, 6as0n-FI0at Wee Float Unrt, WARD 10685 CARLEY RD WHIBIT A" - NOTICE OF money ol the Unrted States FL 32548, 5700. 5763. 31, unp d principal balance due L1T1O63,MA 02740, 6200, 33AB, 50, $9,692.76, $4.73, 5072-722; THEODORE, AL 36582-8187, rRUSTEE'S SALE ot America, on lhe l nt,ODD, 1 2. All Season-Float under the mo gage in the EVEN, 1/2, All Season-Float KERN A COWAN a KERSHA 4000, 40, 20, ODD, 112, All Owner(s) Address Building eps of tha Osceola Coun,Float Unrt, $15,055.93, amounl of (s86 Exhib A',| Weeh.Floa! Unk, $20,082.27, R o CONNOR COWAN 6A Season-Floa WeeklFloat Unit Week Year TS Undivided Courfhouse, 2 Courthouse,87.32, 4968-1142; ROBERTO wkh intetest acc ing at the Non E OF TRUSTEE'S $9.91. 4948-1299; CARMEN Shatoy Lana Carnbee 1 Unit, $12,368.34, 85.o5, lnte st Saason Amount Per Square, Kisslmmee, Florida,RODRIGUU ub La Aboleda rate ol (See Exhibrf A per SALE SERRANO 23 HOMER ST Carnbee, TRINIDAD TOBAGO, 5086-980; JEFFREY MOORE Diem MTG Reclnfo 34741, all right, trfle and 342 Calle 15 Salinas. PR 751, day, pursuant to the Mortgage. WESTGATE TOWN CENTER,APT 1 NEW BEDFORD, MA 5900, 307D, 25, EVEN, 1/2, a CHERYL MOORE 325 p CAMILLA J SHIVE a EARL s intara in the p per skuated 5700, 5763, 46, EVEN, 112, advances, rf any, under the 203. IG 02740-5344. 6200. 33AB, 50. All Season-Float Week/Float St sw Apt 313 Washin4on, SHIVE 280 Cave Ridge Road in the Coun ot OSCEOLA, All Season-Float WeeklFloat terms of said Mortgage, On 09/181201B at 11:00 am, EVEN, 112. All Season-Float Unit, 87,o52.16, $3.37, 4669- DC 20024, 4 0, 40, 45, Knob Lick, KY 42154, 6200, 41, Florida, described as: (SEE Unrt. $8.960.52. $4.22. 4571- chages and expenses ot GREENSPOON MARDER, WeeWFloat Unrf, $20,082.27, 1753; EUGENE T FODDRELL EVEN, 1n All season-noal 4, WHOLE, 1, All Season-Float WHI8lT A Tima Share 2198: GISELLE M ROD GUQ the Trustee and of the twsts LLP, 201 E. Pine Street, Surfe 89.91, 4948-1299; BARBARA 1475 TOWNSEND AVE APT Week/Float Unk, $7,057.10, W86klFlo Unh, $50,762.93, lnterestlsl (SEE WHIBIT A ) 13 UR8 LOS MIRASOLES c ated by said Mo gage. 500, Orlando. Florida 32801, J DAVIDSON 38 Harriet Ave 11 BRONX, NY 10452-6407, $3.56, 4272-2688: nMoTHY $14.02. 4947-2814: MARCELO according to the fime Sharing ARECIBO, PR 00612, 5700, Mortgagor(s) shall have the as T rtee pursuant to that Hempstead, NY 1|550, 6200, 5900, 406c, 2, EVEN, 1/2, All A GUNNELS a CHRISTA R VISERTA FERNANDA TOME Plan for WESTGATE TOWN 5763, 46, EVEN, 1/2, All right to cu tha default and Appointment of T ee 42AB. 11. WHOLE, 1, All Season-Float WeeklFloat Unit. GUNNELS 3346 Lenox Nauvoo MES UITA VISERTA; Rua CENTER, coded in OMtial Season-Floal Wee Float Unrt, any junior lienholder shall have Borded on 05/1 11201 8 Season-Float Wee Float Unk, 88.167.67, $3.97, 5154-1314; Road Dyenbug, TN 38024, Filom6na Stavone Dalacqua Recods Book 1564. at Page 88.96o.52, $4.22. 4571-2198; the right to deem rfs inte st in O cial Racods Book $29.738.42, $12.24. 5072- sHAwNmA D FODDRELL 4000, 60, 12, WHOU, 1. All 225 lt iba sP, Brazil 13255- 1479, ot tne Public Recods August 24, 31, 2018 up to the date the Trustee 5M2, and PagB 1817, of the 652; CAMILA SALGADO 186 2236 BRANDYBUCK LN Season-Float WeeMloal Unk. 371, B 6 B. 1800a 1802, 14 6 ol Osceola Coun,Florida L171O6O issues tha cerfmcata of Sale Public Recods ot OSCEOLA Belmont St 1st Floor Malden, C.HARLOTTE, NC 28269-4012, $16,003.60, $7.82, 4632-173; 14, WHOLE a WHOLE, 1 & 1. (the "Plan . Togalher with the by paying the amounk due as Coun,Florida, by ason MA 02148, 6200, 42AB, 46, 5900, 406c, 2, EVEN, 1 2. All TONI E HAYES SEIGUR 7244 Fix6d WeeklFloat Unk a Fixed right to oGcupy, pursuant to oytlined above. By: Amand L. or a now co tinuing defauW WHOLE. 1, All Season-Float Season-Float Weak/Float Unit, MARTHA LN FORT WORTH, Wee Float Unrf, a6,692.26, the Plan, Building(s)/Unit(s) NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S Chapman, A horized Agent. by Mortgagor(s). (See Exhibrf WeeMloat Unk, $26,537.59. $8.167.67, 83.97, 5154-1314: M 76112-5347. 4000. 60. 43. $16.78, 4802-1559: (SEE WHIBIT "A.'T, during Unk SALE WHIBIT "A" - NoncE OF A,whose add N ls (See $10.98, 5022-71 3; JOSE LA MONT JONES a LAVANZIA NEN, 1/2, All Season-Float Auguat 24, 31, 18 Week(s) (SEE WHIBIT "A"), WESTGATE TOWN CENTER,TRUSTEE'S SALE Exhib A,inlhe paymentor PEREIRA 6 cAMMm WAY ASHTON 618 Dorene Place Wee Float Unk, S1o,141.96, L171O67 during Assigned Year(s) - (SEE 3.02s1 (HAWKINS) Owne s) Add N Building performance oftha obligations l MARSTONS MIUS. MA 02648- N6wport News, VA 23608, $4.05, 4554-1164; CEDRIC o WWIQIT A"). WESTGATE On 09/1&2018 at 11:00 am, Unrf Week Year TS Undivided,secured by a Mortgaga 1505. 6200. 42AB, 46, WHOLE, 5900, 407D, 31, ODD, 112, SEIGLER 1518E LANCASTER TOWN CENTER 7700 Wastgate GREENSP ON ARDER. lnterest Season Amount Per recotded in Qfitial Recods,1,Season-Floa WeeW All Season-Floal WeeMloat AVE FORTWORTH,TX761O2- NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Boulevard Kissimmea, FL LLP, 201 E. Pine Street. Surte Diem MTG Rec lnto Book (See Exhibk A . Page Floa Un,$26,537.59. $10.98, Un,$8,538.84, 84.1O, 4944- 6T74, 4000, 60. 43. EVEN. 112, SALE 34747 Said sale will be 500, Orlando, Florida 32801. TERRENCE H THOMAS 6 (See Exhibrt A ,ofthe Public 5022-713:LIUELQ NARVAU 1195; HAILEY L HARWOOD All Season-Float WeeMloat LANDO REsoRn made (w ho tovanants, or as Twstee punuant to Mat NlcHoLrm M THOMAS 3 Records olOSCEOLA Coun,538 Beaumonl CRS K th8n6r, Po Box 646 Vlnalhaven, ME Unrt, $10,141.96, $4.05. 4554- CORPORATION, a Florida wa an,express or impli9d. Appointment of Twrf King Fish Court Conch Bar Orive Florida, including the bRath or ON N2AOA9 CANADA. 6200. 04863, 5900, 411C, 9. EVEN, 1164: MICHEUE B. SMITH coporation regading the t le, possession recorded on 05/1 1/201 8 Tu le CPek Providencial6s, detauW,noticeotwhichwasset ' 54AB, 24, WHOLE, 1, All 1/2, All Season-Float Weekl THOMAS, 72m s LAFAYmE On September 13, 2018 at or encumbrances) to pay the in O cial Reco,ds Book TURKS-CAICOS. 4000 a 4000 form in a Notice of DefauW and Season-Floal WeeWFlo Unrf, Float Unit, 81o,574.o1, $5.13, AVE, CHICAGO, IL 60621, 2:30 p.m. GREENSPOON unpaid principal balance due 5332, and Page 1 74, of the a 4000, 28A a 28B a 61A. 34 lntent to FORtlOS8 provided 826,785.63, 813.27, 4978- 5050-1450; ARETHA KEMP 4000, 80, 51, ODD, 112, Fixed MAR>ER LLP, 100 West under the nDrtgage in the Publir, Recods of OSCEOLA B 34 B 24, WHOLE B WHOU o the last known addRN of 2283;WILLIAMJ0TRANT0JR 2880 DONNELL DR UNIT35O1 WeeklFloat Unk $10,c43.60, Cyp ss Craek Road, Surte amDunt ot (See Exhibrt A ), Coun,Florida, by Pason a WHOLE, 1 a 1 a 1, All Mo gagor(s), (See Exhibk a LISA L OTRANTO 34 Carmen ROUND ROCK. N 786564- $5.39 4678/1707; NEVRON 700, Fort Lauderdale, FL wrm inte st acc ing at the of a now continuir,g derauW Season-Float WeeMloat Unrf A,by Certifi egi ered Vlew Dr Shi ay, NY 11967, 2355, 5900, 411c, 25, EVEN, A BRADSHAW a KRISTA 33309, as Twstee punuant to rate of (See Exhibrt A per by Morfgago s), (See Exhibrt a,Season-Float WeeklFloat Mail or by publicalion by 6200, 64AB, 17, WHOLE, 1, All 1/2, All Season-Float Wae M BRADSHAW 58 Fai iew that Appointment ot T ee day. punuanl to t e Morfgage, A"), whose addPM is (See Unk a All Season-Float Week/ tha undersigned Twrtee, Season-Float WeeWFloat Unit, Float Unit, $9,700.34, $4.71, Road Geoge Town, KY11OO3 recoded on June 11, 2018, advances, rf any, undbr the Exhibrt A',in the payment or Floal Unrt, $6,7 .74. 82.3o. will sell at public au ion to $25,305.55. $12.51, 493T-I12; 5072-724; TONY KEMP 1300 CAYMAN ISLAND, 59,406c. in O.R. Booh 5347 Page temw of said Mo gage, performance ot the obligations 4349-530; SIMONE FARRAR the highest bidder tor lawhl BLANCA c CALVENTE 6011 Sunrise Rd Apt 212 Round 51, ODD, 1/2, F ed Weekl 2671 otthe Public Recods of chages and expanses of secu d by a Mortgage B JULIE HELDT 90 Challite money ot the Unrfed States N PAUUNA ST CHICAGO, IL Rotk, TX 78664, 5900, 411c, Float Unrf, $8,607.69, S4.18, Osceola Coun,Florida, by the T ee and of the twrts &oded in omci R8coTds Way St Martins E e Upper of America, on tha hont 60660-2307, 6200, 64AB, 29, 25, EVEN, 1/2,AllSeason-Float 5095-2646; VICTOR L SM H ason ot a now continuing created by said Mortgage. Book (See Exhibit .'A',Page Tulse Hill London. sw2 3RD steps of lhe Osceola Coun WHOLE, 1, All Season-Float Week/Float Unit, $9,700.34, a BoBBl J SM H 3010 N detauW by Obligor (s), (s Mo gago sT shall hava the ISea Ewhibk wA"), ot lhe Publ ENGLAND, 5300, 5324, 52, Courthouse. 2 Cou house Week/Float Unk, $25,427.72, 84.71, 5072-724; COLLEEN N Colorado St lndianapolis. IN Ewhibrf A whose add M right to tU Me detauW and Records of OSCEOLA County, WHOLE, 1, F ad WeeklFloat Squa,Kissimmea. Florida 812.56, 4944-1231; FRITZINN CARVER a JAMES G CARVER 46218.6100.36G.38,WH0U. is (See Exhibk A,in the any junior lienholder shall have Florida, includinq th6 breath or Unk, 827,516.96. $13.60, 4570- 34741, all right, le and B OCHOTORENA 43 Opal Ave 5020 119th Ter E Pa i5h. FL 1, All Season-Float o& payment or performante ot lhe right to deem rts ime defauW, notice o which was set 1227; ARTIE LAKINS aEDITH R in erest in the pDp8rty srtuated Glendale Heights. IL 60139, B, 34219, 5900, 411c, 48, EVEN, Unk, $11,341.80, S5.48, 4852- the oblig ions gured by said up to the d 6 the T stee forfhin a Notica ofDefauW and AKINS1949OHwy96 Kennedy, in the Coun of OSCEOLA, 1716 a B. 1719. 42 a 39, ODD 1/2, All Season-Float WeeW 1236;ANNAMSIMS3 7Lake Morfgage &old8d in O.R. issues tha Certificate ot Sale lntent to FoBlos8 p vided AL 35574, 5600, 5612, 30, Florida, d8Krib8d es: (SEE a EVEN, 112 a 1/2,Season- Float Unrf, 86,1o6.37, $3.90, Road Apt A,n, M 7,Book (See Exhibrf A,Page by payingtheamoums due as to the la known address of WHOLE, 1,Season-Float HIB A Tlme ShaR Float WeeMloat Unrf B,4754-1662; CHRISTINA E 6100, 44G, 23, EVEN, 112,(See Exhibk.A ,otthe Public o lined above. By:Amanda L. MortgagorTs ISee Exhib W Flo Unk, $32,791.32, lnta (s) (SEE HIBIT A Season-Flo WeeWFloat Unk, STROTHER 1248 HOWISON season-noat Floal Un,R8colds ot O la Coun , Chapman, A horized Agent. "A',by ert edl ista d $11.71, 4944-1307; KIMBERLY accoding to the fi Sharing 823,371.34. 89.58, 4656-2064; PL sw WASHINGTON, DC $8,370.86, 84 -1735; Florida, including the breach or HIBrr "A" - NOTICE OF Mail or by publi lon by A COLOMB 525 River et Plan tor wEsTGAn TOWN August24,31, 1& 20024-4132, 5900, 610D, 34, CHRISTOPHER M RAMIRQ d&auW,noticeotwhich was set TRUSTEE'S SALE the undanigned Ttu ee, Lol 20 Cartl on, VT 05735, cENnR, ed in omci L171O64 ODD, 112, All S6ason-Float 6 DAPHNE M AGUERO to hinaNoticeotDetauWand Owne s) Add ss Building will sell at public auclion to 5600, 5637, 1, WHOLE, 1, All R ods Book 1564, at Page WeeMloat Unrf, $7,758.55, RAMIRU 14026 sw 13 St lnt6nt to Fo&lose pDvid8d Unrf Week Year TS Undivided the highe bidder for law,Season-Float WeeMloat Unrt, 1479, ot Me Public Reco s $3.73, 5121-1466; SHANICE Miami, FL 33184. 61,56G, to the last known add u of lntere Season Amount P6r money of the Un ed S tes $34.060.25, $12.18, 505 ot Osceola Coun,norida NOTKE OF TRumE's TAYLOR 208 MCCLELLAN ST 30, ODD, 112,S n-Flo Obligo (See Exhibh A,by Diem MTG Rec lnto of America, on lhe hDnt 1540; JAMES M COLOMB (the Plan . Tog6therwrfhthe SALE PHILADELPHIA, PA 19148- WaeMloat Un,$8.665.81, Certifi agi e d Mail or by RICHARD G MANGAYAYAM a steps of lhe Osceola CouW JR 525 River StR6 Lot 20 right to occupy. punuant to wuTGATETowNcENnRl 1919. B, 1603, 44, WHOU. 1. $4.21. 5072-756; DEMETRIUS publiGation bythe undenigned TlnANEE M MANGAY AYAM Courthouse, 2 courmouse Cartleton, N 05735, 5,the Plan, Building(sWn (s) 3. PW All Season-Float Wee Float WILLIAMS Po Box 516 T,will sell at public 4879 Lenomar N Ste ing Square. KiNimm88, Florida 5637, 1, WHOU, 1,(SEE HIB .A,during Unrf On 0911&2018 at 11: am, Unrt, $10,963.49, 85.34, 4810- B oklet, GA3O415, 61,56G, aurtion to the highast bidder Heights, Ml 48310, 4000, 60, 34741,right, lkle and Season-Float Mloat Unh. Wee s) (SEE HIB .A,GREENSPOON MARDER, 1559: AMBER BERRY 2901 36, ODD, 1 2, #| S n-Float tor law,money ot the Unrfed 24,EVEN,112, ISeason-Flo int6 stinth8p p8 ys u 8d $34,060.25, $12.18, 5050- durin Assigned Yea s) - ESEE uP, 201 E. Pine St et, Suhe EDGLEY ST PHILADELPHIA, WeeklFloat Unk, $6. 1.36, St es ol America, the hont wee noat Unk, $10,915.66, in the Coun of OSCEOLA, 1540; SHIQU A CRENSHAW Hl IT A . wEsTGAn 500, O ando, florida 32801. PA 19121-1213, B, 1603, 44, 82.89, 5121-1479; PIUS steps ot the Osceola Coun $5.27. 4937-59; RICKY D Florida, destribed as: (SEE 1791 H nyHills L honia, TowNcENnR77oowe gate as Tw ee punuant to th WHOLE, 1, All Season-Floal EBOSELE6GIFTEBOSELEN1 Cou house, 2 Courthouse BAKER a VAURIE J BAWR HIB A") Tlme ShaR GA 3,5600, 5657, 36, Boulevad KiMimm6e, FL Appointment of T ee Wee Float Unit, $10,963.49, Jesse EbosaleClose Mosheshe Squa Mimm88, FL 34741, 5 Escapade Ln Savannah, GA lnte [s) ISEE WHIB A MN, 112, All Season-Float 34747 Said s e will be coded on 0511 112018 $5.34, 4810-1559; CHRISTINA Estale Wa,NIGERIA, all nght, trfle and inte in the 31405, 40 ,80,9, ODD, 112, accordingtothe Tl Sharing WeeklFlo Unk. 822.826.N. mad6 (wkho tovenants, or in O cial Recods Book L ANDREOLA a EUGENE J 6100, 65G, 43, WHOLE, 1, p p6r sku 8dinth8County All Season-Floal WeeWfloat Plan tor WESTGATE TOWN $11.22, 5064-704: ACEY wa anly, 8xpr8M or implied. 5332, and Page 1846. of the ANDREOLA 441 Willow Ave All Season-Float WeeMloat ot Osceola, Florida, described Unk, $7,075.2z, $3.39, 4271- CEMER, &ord6d in omcial BROWN 2392 BAYWOOD regading th6 tkle, poN8ssion Public Records of OSCEOLA 2nd Floor Roselle Park, NJ Unit, $11,768.91, $5.68, as: 1526; GLADYS M ZEGARRA Records Book 1564, a Pag6 DR SE AnANTA, GA 30315, or 8ncumbrant6s) to pay tha CouW. Florida, by ason 07204,B.1804,46,EVEN,1/2, 4887-1543; CESAR SEQUIL 6 (SEE HIBIT AT fime Share FLORES a D NA E D Z 1479, of the Publit Ratods 5600, 5657, 36, EVEN, 112, All unpaid printipal balance due of a now continuing detauN All Saason-Float Weak/Float ROXANA RODRIGUU RIVERA lnte st(s) as defined in the VELASQUU Ca. Chiclayo 280 of Osceola County, Florida Season-Float WeeMloat Unrf. under the morfgage in the by Mortgago s), (See Exhibit Unit, $6,973.91, $3.35, 4622- Carlos Gutier z Noguera Declar ion ot Cov6nants, Dpto. 801 -MiraRoPs Lma, (the "Plan . Together wWh the $22.826.33, 81 1.22. 5064-704; amount ot (See Exhibit "A"), A,whosz address is (See 1937; 480 Urb Santo Domingo- La Condk ns and R8 rirfion5 00018 PERU, 5 00, 5713. 22. right to occupy, punuant to REBECCA B ANDREWS 420 wkh inte st accwing at the Exhib A' . in the paymenl or Augu8t 24, 31, 2018 Vlctoria Lma, 00013 PERU, for Vacation Village at Pa way, NEN, 1 2, #| Season-Flo the Plan. BuildinglsVUnk(s) CHARLES ST FLORENCE. r e ol (See Exhibrf A") per performante ot the obligations L171O65 6100, 73G. 8, ODD, 112,as recoded in omcial Recods WeeMloat Unk, $13,623.45, (SEE WHIBIT "A"), during Unrf SC 29506, 5700, 5712, 21, day. pursuant to the Morfgage, sacuPd by a Mortgage Season-Float W Mlo Unk, Book 1591, at Page 379, ol $6.66, 5121-1455; DOLORES,Week(s) (SEE HIBIT .A,EVEN, 1l2, All Season-Float advances, it any, under the recoded in omcial Records $7,642.37, 83.71, 1149; lhe Public Records of Osceola E BR O 28 HORATIO ST during Assigned Year(s) - (SEE Wee Flo Unrf, $26,762.93. terms of said Mortgage. Book (See Exhibrt "A',at Page NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S CHRISTOPHER M DICKINSON Counly, Florida he Plan), as NEWARK. NJ 07105-4372, WHIBIT "A' . WESTGATE $11.00, 5038-161: REGINA A chages and expenses of ISea Exhibrt '.A,ofthe Public SALE 2737 MAJEsnc AVE. SAN amended hom time to ime. 5700. 5713. 50. WHOLE. 1, TOWN L`ENTER77OOWeWgata BATTLE 290 TOWN CENTER the Twstee and of the t sts Recods of OSCEOLA County, WESTGATE TOWN CENTER,BERNARDINO, CA 92407 a Together wrfh the right to - All Season-Float Wee Float Boulevad Kissimmee, FL ST FL 1 ORANGE, NJ 07050- created by said Mo gage. Florida, including the breach or .0 2 ISKITAL) ALEXANDRA s DICKINSON occupy. punuant to the Plan. Unk, $18,644.10, $9.19, 4723- 34747 Said sale will be 2857, 5700. 5712. 21. EVEN, Morfgagor(s) shall have the,defauW, notice ofwhith was set On 09/18/2018 at 11:00 am, 1440 CAMPER VIEW RD. SAN ANign8d Unrf Week (SEE 1397: CARLOS S VACA 73 N made (without covenants, or 1/2. All Season-Float Wee righ to cu the detauw and,torth in a Nolice ol Detault and GREENSPOON MARDER, DIMAS, CA 91773. 6100. 75G. HIBIT and Assigned Unrf PASSAIC AVE CHATHAM, NJ warran,exp ss or imp ed, Float Un,$26,762.93, $1 1.00, any junior lienholder shall have lnte t lo Foreclose provided LLP, 201 E. Pine Sl al, Surfa 16, ODD. 112. #| Season-Floal (SEE HIBIT A), in Assigned 07928-2526, 5700, 5T13, 50, Pgardin the title, poss6ssion 5038-161; JOSE G M RA 1027 the right lo Rd68m s inte st to the last known addrew of 500, O ando, Florida 32801, WeeMloat Unk. $7.443.62. Year (SEE WHIB A). WHOLE, 1. All Season-Float or encumbrances) to pay the Oriole Cir Brigh on, CO 80601, up to the da the T stee Morfgago s). (See Exhibrt as T ee punuant to that $3.54, 49M-544; STEPFON 3001 Pa way Blvd, Kissimmea, Wee Float Unit, $18,644.10, unpaid principal balance due 5700, 5712. 36, WHOLE. issues the cermcate of Sale,A. . by cerfmed/RegistePd Appointment of T stee BARRm 2163 N 9TH ST FL 34747 me in ime Sha 89.19, 4723-1397; XAVIER L under the mortgage in the 1, All Season-Float Wee by paying the anounts due as M,or by publitation by corded on 05/1 1l2o18 PHILADELPHIA, PA 19122- Plan (Proper ) Address") JEFFERSON B CASSANDER F amount ol (See Ewhibk A,Float Unh. 823.514.98. $9.67, o rtlined above.By: Amanda L. the undersigned Tw ee. in omcial Recods Book 1313, 6100. 75G. 48, ODD, 1 2, Said sale will be made (wkhort JEFFERSON 2531 Mcmanaway wrth intarest accruing at the 4280-1680: BOB A MUUEN Chapman, Authorized Agent. will sell at public aurtion to N32, and Page 2132, ot tha All Season-Float WeeMloat covenants, or wa an,express Dr Midlothian, VA 231 12, 5700, rate ot (See Exhibk '.A p6r JR a KEEN MULUN 3767 HIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF,the highest bidder tor lawhl Public Records ot OSCEOLA Unrf, $7,709.81. $3.69. 5099- or implied, regarding the tkle, 5713, 51, WHOLE, 1, F ed day, punuant to the Mortgage, Busby Mill Courf Ellenwood, TRusn['s SALE,money ot the Unrted States Coun,Florida, by reason 1154; DESIREE D BURTON poN8ssion or encumb nces) W6eMloat Unrt, $4,116.44, advances, it any, under tha GA 30294, 5700, 5717. 37, Owner(s) Add8N Building ot America, on the fronl of a now continuing detauW BARRm 1834 NalDna to 6atis the unpaid balance $1.o6, 4174-2034: YALONDA terms ot said Mortgage. ODD, 112, All Season-Float Unk Week Ye TS Und ided steps of the Osceola Coun by Mo gagor(s), (See Exhibrf Slreet Philadelphia, PA 19121, ot eath spe e Mortgage c KIMBROUGH RANDLE 5026 chages and expanses ot WeaMloat Unk. $20,492.92, lntePst Seasol Amount Per Courthou58, 2 Cou house A"), whose add ss is (S 6100, 75G, 48, ODD, 1 2,Recoded together wkh > W kins Dr Apt D3 Jackson. the Twstee and of Me Wsts S8.38. 5 4-729; SHARON L DiemMTGRec to Squa . Kissimn e, Florida Exhibk A',in the paym6nt or S8a9on-Float WaeklFloat Unh, attrued intere in lhe amount MS 39206, 5700, 5722. 35, c ated by said Mortgage. WILCOX a ERIC L WILCOX 423 DAVID A GRAW N3 Pontoon 34741, all right. title and performance ot the obliggtions $7,709.81, $3.69, 5099-1154; ot (S8B Exhibh "A.'), wkh EVEN, 112,Season-Float Mo gago s) shall have the Acatia GDve Ln Lebanon, TN BridgeRdMasgna,NY13662, inte stinthepropertysku ad secu d by a Mo gage Auguat24,31,2O18 inteRrt acc ing at the r e Waek Float Unk, $16.040.N, right to cu the dBauW and 37087. 5700. 5731, 49. ODD, a 5500, 545 a 5544, 14 in the Coun of OSCEOLA, corded in OWiGigl Records L 171066 ot (See Exhibk A per day, $7.82. 5036-2639: DERRICK D any junior lienholder shall hava 1n. All Season-floal wkl a 14. ODD a EEN. 112 a 112. Florida. described as: (SEE Book (See Exhibit "A"), at Page pur5ua to the Timashara MANNING 3787 NORTWEW me rightto deem s inta A FloatUnk, $27,303.78. $11.23, Fix WeeMlo Un 6 Fixed WHIBIT A Ti ShaR (S6e Exhibk wA,ofthe Public Plan, advan s, rf any, under DR JACKSON, MS 39206- up to the date the Twrtee 5036-2508; MEODORE R WeeklFloat u,S22.91o.11, lnte (s) (SEE WHIB A' Records ofOS EOLA County, NOTICE OF TRWTEE'S the t ol said Mortgage, 5723, 5700. 5 22, 35, EVEN. iNu8s tha Ca ifitate of Sale PENDERGRASS JR 1061 E $11.32, 457*83: TANYA accoding to the Tlme Sharing Florida, including the b ach or SAU chages and expenses ot 1 2. All Season-float Wee by payingthe amounls dua as MOUNT AIRY AVE APT D3 BUENAVENTU a ALBERT Plan for WESTGATE TOWN defauW,noticeofwhichwasset WESTGATE TOWN CENTER he Twstee and ot the tw s Float Unk, $16,040.M, $7.82, ortlined above. By: Amanda L. PHILADELPHIA, PA 19150- BUENAVEW 1504 Hollow CENTER, &oded in omcial forfhin a NotiG8 otDetaultand zg 3.o (NPINOSO cPated by said Morfgage. 5036-2639; DENIS c BARRm Chapman, Arthorized Agent. 2718, 5700, 5737, 47, EVEN. TPe Bouleva Round Rock, R8colds Book 1564, at Pag6 lntent o Foreclose provided On 0911&2018 al 11:00 am. Obligo s) shall have Me right 8050 NW 96TH TER APT 202 EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF 1/2, All Season-Flo Wee M 786B1. 5500, 5536. 29, 1479, of the Public Recods to the last known address ot GREENSPOON MARDER, to cuP the detauW and any TAMARAC, FL 33321-1359, TRumE's SALE Float Unrf, $23,298.59, $9.59, ODD, 112, Floating, $10,695.27, of Osceola Coun,Florida Morfgago s), (See Exhibit LLP, 201 E. Pine w, Suhe jun r Lienholder shall have 57 . 5722. 41, EVEN, 1 2 Owne sl Add ss Building 5086-1043: DAVID J MANNING 84.65, 4506-1024; SHILOH B he Plan . Tog&her wrth the "A. . by Ce ed Regirta d 500, Orlando, Florida 32 1, the right to deem s int8 5t Season-Flo Weeklflo Unk, Unk Week Year TS Undivided a CATHERINE H MANNING ORNELIUS 304 MELVIN DR right to octupy, pursuant to Mail or by public ion by as Tw punuam to that up to the dat6 the Twstee $6,243.78, $2.88. 4308-2789;,eP Season Amount Par 855 Rum Rd ByDn, GA 31008, BROOKHAVEN. PA 19015- the Plan. Building(s)/Unk(s) lhe undersigned Trustee, Appointm6nt ot Tw ee iMu8s the ce mc e of Sale SANDRA D BARRm 2118 Diem MTG Rec lnto 5900 a 5900, 108A a 111c, 2 1613, 5600, 5615, 21, WHOLE, (SEE HIBIT A,during Unrt will sell at public au ion lo Bord8d on ow1 1 2018 by paying the amount5 due FlintLock Blvd KiNimm8e. FL MY rlS THOMPSON 8910 a 44, WHOLE B WHOLE. 1 1 Season-FbatW86 Flo t Week(s) (SEE WHIB .A ), the highest bidder lor lawhl in omtial Reco s Booh as ortlined in the pRc6ding ~ 34743, 5700, 5722, 41, EVEN, Lake Forest Blvd New Orleans, a 1, All Season-Flo Week/ Unrt, $25,929.55, 81o.66, 481 1 - during ANign8d Yea s) - (SEE money ot the Unkad Slates 5332, and Page 2160, ot the parag ph. To cu the detauW 112, All Season-Float Wee LA 70127, 6100, 74F, 48, Float Unk a #| S n-Float 749; DANIEUE CORNELIUS HIBIT A ). WESTGATE of America, on the IDnt Public Records of OSCEOLA explained in this Not e you Float Unk, S6,243.78, S2.88. WHOL,1, All Season-Float WeeklFlo Unrf, $19,623.47, 2350 Clea iew La Arton, PA TOWNCENTER77OOWe gate rteps of the Osceola CouW County, Florida, by reason mustr&nhthe untyounow 4308-2789; MARK s GRENKE Wee Float Unk, $14,866.38, $6.96, 4897-1944; JORGE 19014. 5600.5615, 21,WH0U, 8oulevad Nimm88, FL Iourthouse, 2 Cou house of a now cominuing delauW owe,assetto hinExhibk A", B LORRAINE J COOPER 87.o3.4o83-12o1; L DONES 4620 Sw 112 Ave 1. ISeason-FloatW Mloat 34747 Said sale will be Squa . Kiwimmea. Flor a by Mortgago 5), (See Exhib intluding e p8rdiema Dunt