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August 24, 2018     Heritage Florida Jewish News
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August 24, 2018

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HERrrAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS, AUGUST 24, 2018 PAGE 33B th6 Claim ot Len &oded on Sw 33RD ST, MIRAMAR, FL it any, under the t8rm5 ot said HIBIT A octupancy Plm 8uilding 1, 201 E. Pin8 quired to make a ation junior lienholder shall nav6 the LLP, 201 E. Pine St et, Su 6 April 19, 2018 in lnstwmant 33029; Mo gage r6cord8d Claim of Len, chages and right5 in ac rdance wkh lhe Stre6t, O ando, Fl 32801, all tor a Suke, wkh (SEE HIBIT right lo Pdeem its interest up 500, O ando, Florida 32801, Number 20180235034 ot the on June 18, 2015; O.R. Book axpenses of the Tw ee and ot pDvisions of the D laration. right, thl6 and interest in the A oKupancy rights in to the date the Twstea issues as Twstae pur5uant to that Public Recods of ORANGE 10937 at Page 3441 Public the wstsc atedbysaidClaim Together wrfh an appurtenant p perty 5huat8d in the County accordance th the p visions the Cerfificate of Sal6 by paying Appointment of Twstee Coun,Florida for tha tollowing Recods ot Orange Coun,ot L6n. Obligo 5) shall have th6 undivided interest in Gommon ot ORANGE, Florida, d6scrib8d ot th6 D la tion. Together the amounts due as outlin6d recoded on 05 1 1l2018, PropBrfy: Unk Week 43, in that FL. Total Due: $12,328.87 as ot righttocu thadefauWand any elemen s of lhe Proje as as: A (SEE WHIBIT A ) wrth an appurf a undivided above. By: GREENSPOON undar Document lnst mant cerfain Unrf 106. August 9. 2016. inte s 84.97 junior lianholder shall have the d cribed in the D laration. undivided tenant in common inte&t in common elements MARDER, LLp. Twstee. no. 20180280913. of the WENDY JOSEFINA GIL per diem and AN8ssm8nl5 rightto deem s int8r85t up Projert 48 - lnte al Control inte st in Phase (s) (SEE ot th6 p jecl a5 d8Krib8d QHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF Public Records ot ORANGE SANTOS, Notice of DefauW in the amount ot 81,873.32; to the data the Twstee iNu8s Number(s): (SEE HIBIT A") WHIBIT A ot TUSCANY in the Declar ion. Projecl 48 TRusnE's SALE Coun,Florida, by ason ot and lntant to Foraclose sent described as: A timashare theCartificateotSalebypaying TUSCANY NLLAGE vAcAnoN VILLAGE VACATION sulns, - lnt v Conbol Num s): Owne s) Add ss Building a now co inuinq dafauW by via Ce ed/Registered MaiU estate as defined by Se ion th6 amounl5 dua a5 outlined SUITES 8122 A eao way asdescribadinMeDecla tion (SEE HIBIT A") TUSCANY Unh Week Year TS Undivided Mo gagor (sl. S86 Exhibrf publication to: 657 ED LUZ 721.05, Florida Stat es, above. By: GREENSPOON O ando, FL 32821 Said sale will ot Covenants, Condrfion5 and NLLAGE vACAnON sulns lnterast Season TS Phas6 A,whosa add M i5 (See MA1 CADUVERGE#7, SF DE more tully describad as: a MARDER,LLP,Twstee. be made(wkho k covenants,or Restrirtionsth8r8olasBord8d 8122 A 6Qo Way O ando, AmountPerDiemCOLReclnto Exhibit wA,in the pa t or MACORIS 12345, DOMINICAN StaySky intere (numbe d HIBIT A" - NoncE OF wa an . 8xp M or implied, in O.R. Book 6630, Page FL 328z1 S d s e,be nMEsHARE TRADE INS, performance ot the obligations REPUBLIC; A5s8ssment5 tor administ tiva pupoB: TRUSTEE'S SALE regarding the thle, poN6Nion 4259 in the Publit Records of made ( thout covanan s. or uc 10923 w Stat6 Hwy 176 sacurad by a Mortgage Balance: $1,823.92; as 1682) in StaySW Vacation Club Owna s) Add ss Building or anGumbrancesl to pay tha Orange Coun,Florida, and wa anty, axp u or implied, Walnut Shade, MO 65771, 300, laGod8d in omtial Recods 6vident8d by tha Claim ot Twst ( Twst ) 8vid6nced tor Unit Waek Year TS Undivided unp d princip balance due all amand nts thereto (the garding the tMe, poNeNion 349B, 19, EVEN, 1/2, Floating, Book (s86 Exhibrf A"l, at Page Len &orded on April 19, administ tiv6, ass855m8nt and lnt6r6st Suite Type Season under the mo gage in the Declaration . Grantee owns or encumbrancasT to pay the 81 ,284.86. 8O.42, 2017- (S86 Exhibrf A,ot he Public 2018 in lnst mant Numb6r ownership puposes by 3000 AmountP8rDi6mCOLR8clnfo amount ot (See Mibrf A"), a Typa (SEE HIBIT A unpaid printipal b ance due 0624463; Retods of ORANGE Coun , 20180235034 ot the Public StaySky Points. ROBERT L WOMACK 11903 wkh interest acc ing at Me Vac ion Own&ship in a (SEE und6r the morfgaga in the Augurt1T, 4, 18 Flonda. including the b ch or R6cords of ORANGE Counly, WIN SHIEN UAO and Crab Apple Cyprass, TX r a ot (See Exhibit A") per HIBIT A") Surfe and shall be amount of (See Mib A,L 170875 detauW, no it6 ot which was set Florida for lhe tollowing CINTYA YADIRA AGVIK DE 77429, L. 173, 27, WHOLE, 1, day, punuant to the Mortgage, qui d lo make a resa ation wrth inte acc ing at the rorth in a Notice ol DetauW and Prop& : Unk Week 48, in that LIAO, Notice of DetauW and Two B6d om, S6ason 2-Float advances, if any, und6r the tor a Surte, wkh 6v8 (SEE rate ot (s68 Exhibh A per lntant to Fo&lose pDvid8d cert n Unit 302. lntent to Foreclose sent via WeeklFloat Unit, $5,735.16, terms of said Mortgaga, HIBIT A") occupancy day, punuant to the Mortgage, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S to tha la known addRN ot JOHN ARTHUR LONGWORTH CertifiedlRagistered MaiU $1.58,2017-0678770;D0NALD chagas and expenses of rights in accordance whh tha advances, rf any, under the SAU Morfgagor(s), (See Exhibk AKA JOHN A. LONGWORTH publication to: 11 AV 16-27 L PETERSON 165 Forestb ok the T stee and of the twsts provisions ot tha DaGlaration. terms ot said Morfgage, LP vncAnoN sulns A,by certm egi e d and DOROMY LONGWORTH, ZONA 10. GUATEMALA 01010, Dr Apt 234 Lewisville, TX created by said Mortgaga. Together with an appu anant chag and expens ot . 11 (BAUTISTA 3RDl Mail or by publication by the No ice ot DatauW and lntent to GUATEMALA; Mortgage 75067, M, 101, 19, WHOLE, Mortgagor(s) shall hava the undivided int6 in common the Twstee and ot Me twsts On 09 1v2018 at 11:00 AM, und6rsign8d T 86,sell Fo&lose sent via Certifiedl recodad on Dacamber 31, 1, 2 B6d om, Saason 2-Float right to cure tha d6fauW and 8|8m6nts ot the Projerf as c atad by said Mortgage. GREENSPOON MARDER, at public aurtion to the highast Registe d M publication 2015; O.R. Book 11035 at W68klFloat Unk, $4,551.42, any junior lienholder shall have d8Krib8d in the Declaration. Mortgago s) shall have the LLp. 201 E. Pine Streat, Suke bidder tor la ul mon6y ot the lo: 1253 w RUDOLPH ST, Page 3036 Public Records ot 81.32, 2017-0678770; ALAN the righl lo redeem hs inta st Projact 48 - lnte al Control right to ture the defauW and 500, Orlando, Florida 32801, Unhed Stat otA &ca, in the AVON PARK, FL 33825; Oranga Coun,FL Total Due: B ANDERSON a AMY E up lo the dat6 th6 T stee Numb6r(s): (SEE WHIBIT .'A") any junior lienholder sh,have as Tw ee punuant to that lobby ot Suhe 500, ot Capkal s nts Balante: 818,138.21 as otJuly 13, 2017, ANDERSON 2621 mbarly Dr iMuas the Certificate of Sale TUSCANY VILLAGE VACATION the rigM to deem hs intetest Appointmant ot Tw5t88 Plm Building 1, 201 E. Pine $1,823.92; as 6videncad by i e 87.3o per di&n and Ga and, TX 75040. M, 102, by paying the amounts due as SUITES 8122 An zzo Way up to the d e the Tw ee r6cord8d on 031081201 8, St 6t, O ando, Fl 32801, the Claim ot Len r6cord8d on AN8ssm6nts in the amount 23, WHOLE, 1, 2 BedDom, o lined above. By: Amanda L. O ando, FL 32821 Said sale will issues the Ca ific e of Sale under Document lnst mant all right, trfl6 and i ere in April 19, 2018 in lnstw Bnt ot $1,851.99; dascribed as: A Season 2-Float WeeMloal Chapman,AuthorizadAgant. bemade(w houtcovenants,or by paying the unts due as no. 20180137852, of tha the proper s uatad in Me Number 20180235034 ot the timasha e ate as defined Unh, 85,7o2.82, 81.58, 2017- WHIBIT A" - NoncE OF wa an,8xp N or implied, outlined abova. By: nanda L Public Records of ORANGE counS ot ORANGE, Florida, Public R ods of ORANGE by &ion 721.05, norida 78770: UTTICE DAVIS a TRUSTEE'S r6gading the tkle, poss8Nion Chap n, A horized Ag6nt. Coun,Florida, by r6ason ot descri ad as: (SEE WHIBIT Coun ,Floridatorthelollowing Statutes, mo lly d6scrib8d DERRICK DAVIS 41 Mackay Owe s) Add N Y6ar TS or encumbrances) to pay the EXHI8lT A - NoncE OF a now continuinq detault by wA") fime Sha lnter t(s) Prope : Unrf Waek 22, inthat as: a StaySW im Str6& South Brampton, ON Undivided lnterast Suke Type unpaid principal balance due TRWFS SAU Mortgagor (s), See Exhibk (SEEWHIBIT A asdafinadin rf n Unk 102. (numba d for admini rative L6NP8 CANADA, M, 104, lcNTsPhaseTypeAmoumPer und6r lh6 nD gag8 in the Owe s) Add M Year TS A,whosa addr85s is (Sa6 the Detla tion ot Covenants, JOHN UR LONGWORTH pupos6s: 2432) in StaySky 33, WHOLE, 1, 2 B8dDom, DiemMTGR6clnto amount ot (Se6 Exhibk A.'), Undivided lnt Suke Type Ewhibh A"l, in tha payment or Conditions and Ra rirtions AKA JOHN A. LONGWORTH Vacation Club T ( Tw Season 3-f1oat WeeMloat RUSSEU GLENAWONY with inte st acc ing at tha ICN TS Phase nount Per p6rformanc8 ot th6 obligations tor Westgate Lakes, v, O cial and DOROTHY LONGWORTH, evidencad tor admini rative. Unk. S13,818.26, $2.91, 2017- CUMONS B LIUIAN POWEU rale ot (See Exhib A") p6r Diem MTG Reclnfo sacured by a Mo gaga Racords Booh 9580, at Page Notic6 otD6fauW and lntentto ass8Nm8nt and own6nhip 0678770: JOE w ROBY 1801 CUMONS 11440 HIUHAVEN day,punuanttothe Mortgage, snvEN EARL DONOHO a r old8d in O cial R6cords 608, ot tha Public R8colds ot Foreclose s6nt via Cartifiadl puposes by 50 StaySky Carm6n Way Oxnard, CA DRAUSTIN.M78748,MRY advanc6s, it any, under the NADINE MONTOYA 18698 Book(s88ExhibitwA"),alPaq8 Orang6 County, Florida (the Regist8Rd MaiUpublication Points, 93036, M, 203, 3, WHOU, 1, ODD NUMBERED YEAR. t8nM ot said Mortgage. E. M NSTREET 8-1 (Sae Exhibit .' ), of lhe Pubit "Plan"), and all amandment(s) to: 1253 W RUDOLPH ST, PARMJIT SINGH SAFRl, 2 Bed om, Season 1-Float 0.01615,TWO chages and expenses ot PARWR, co 80134, EVERY Retords of ORANGE County, there o, it any. Together wkh AVON PARK, FL 33825; RANJIT KAUR SAFRI and Wee ho Unrf, $6,922.70, BEDROOM, 4204-370, lv, 2, tha T ea and of the twsts MN NUMBERED YEAR, norida, includinqthe braach or the right to occupy, pu uant AN8ssm8nls Balance: NAVKIRAN SAFRl, Nolice or $1.82, 2017-0678770; CARL L 811,698.34, 85.76, 1 0724- c atad by said Morfgage. 0.011325 96, ONE detauN, notice o which was set to the Plan, Building-Unrf(s) $1,823.92; as evidenced by D6tauW and,ent lo Fo clos6 BUSBY a JOANN M PERKINS 1221: AURED J. KAME Mortgago s) shall have the BEDROOM, 41 -40E, to h in a Notice ot DetauW and (SEE WHIBIT A,during Unit the Claim of Len r8cord6d on s6nt via C8rtifi8dlR8gist6red 1726 24 h Street Kenosha. wl 6 KAREN L KAME 421 nght to tU the detauW and lv, 2, $10,835.11, $5.34, lntant lo Foreclose provided W68k(s) (SEE HIBIT A , April 19, 2018 in lnstwment MaiUpublication to: 5917-88 53140, M, 205, 19, WHOLE, ELDRIDGE RD AUROR OH any junior lianholder 5hall hava 10907-N18; ERIN ASHW to the la known address ot during ANign8d Yea s) - (SEE Numbar 20180235034 ol the STREET,GRANDEPRAIRIE,AB 1, 2 Bed om, Season 2-Float 44202-7913, EVERV YEAR the rightlo d6em hsinterest VARNEY 601 L RD RIVER Morfgago s), (See Exhibh HIBIT A . wEsTGAn Public Recods of ORANGE T8W OJ9. CANADA; Morfgag6 W Float Unit, $13,642.80, a EVERV YEAR s MRY up to Me date the T stee RD HUTTON. M 7 -2022, A"), by Cartified/Registe d LAKES 10,000 Turkey Lake Coun,Florida tor lhe tollowing racordad on September 10, $2.90, 2017-0678770: JOSE YEAR, 0.031 67000000 iNU8S the Certificate of Sale EVERY MN NUMBERED Mail or by publication by tha Road O ando, FL 32819 Said Prop6rfy: Unit Wa6k5, in that 2015; O.R. Book 10981 at A vALIENn a SYLVIA G a 0.01946 gb a bypaying Meamoums dueas YEAR, 0.01 132,undersigned T stae, will s6|| sale will ba made (whho certain Unrf 302. Page 676 Public Retords ot VALIENTE 317 SE 1 h Te ace 0.0323 0000 . TWO outlin6d abov6. By: Amanda L. ONE BEDROOM, 45O65E, lv, al public auction to th6 highest covenants, orwa an . 8xpr8N JOSEPH M. THOMPSON Oranga Coun,FL Total Du6: Cape Coral, FL 33990, M, 302, BEDROOM a TWO BEDROOM Chapman, A horized Agent. 2, $11,711.03 $5.77. 1 72- bidder tor la ul money ot the or implied, garding Me thle, and JANET D. KNOWLES, $27,887.13asotJuly13,2017, 16, WHOLE, 1, 2 Bedroom, aTwo BEDROOM.5712-21 a HIBIT A" - NoncE OF 6304; SAMUEL CHRISTOP Unhad StatasotAmerica,inthe poN8Nion or encumbrancesl Notica ot Default and lntent to int8r6st $11.63 per diem and Season 2-Float WeeklFloat 2603-45 6 3108-46, v 6 III B lll, TRUSTEE'S SALE BETROS 302 Wat gate lobby ot Suit6 500. ot Capital to pay the unpaid princip Fo&lose sent via Certifiedl Assessmants in lhe amounl Unit, $5,702.82, $1.58, 2017- 2, a 2, a 2, $49,440.46, $24.38, Ow8 5) Address Year TS way HuWo, M 7 -5523, Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine b ance due under the Regi 6Pd Mail/publication to: ot S2,5oo.75; d8scrib6d as: A 0678770; MARK p ANDREWS 1 0972-3699; LARONDA Undivided lnte Suite Type EVERY MN NUMBERED Str66t, O ando, Fl 32801. mortgage in lhe amount ot 1325 w. 12TH STRE APT. timashare estate as definad a ANGELA H ANDREWS 1618 HENRY JEMISON a WILLIAM ICN TS Phasa Amount Per YEAR, 0.01 1325 09b, all right, tkla and int8r6 in (See Exhibk A,wrth inleP c1, PANAMA cl FL 32401- by Section 721.05, Florida s Beltlina Blvd Columbia, sc LEWIS JEMISON 2200 CEDAR Di6m MTG Rac lnto ONE BEDROOM, 45065E, lv, th6 property situated in the accwing a Me le of (See 2059; Assessments Balanc6: Statutes, more hlly described 29205, M, 303, 34, WHOLE, RIDGE CT MONTGOMERY, JANET RAE SHAW 780 2, $11.711.03, 85.77, 10972- Coun of ORANGE, Florida. Exhibk A") per day. punuant $1.744.89: as 6videnc6d by as: a NaysW interest 1. Season 3-Float Wee AL 36117, EVERY YEAR, B6v8rly Av6 Canal Fulton, 6304; AAUYAH KARAMA described as: me following to the Mo gage. advances. the Claim ot Li6n racordad on (numbered tor administralive Floal Unit, 83,482.78, $1.07, 0.031670000009b, TWO OH 44614-8412, EVERY EAVES 4224 DOLPHIN RD fim6sha lnterest(s) consisting if any, under the tem# of April 19, 2018 in lnstwmant puposes: 2190) in StayShy 2017-0678770; PATRICIA u BEDROOM, 5707-14, v, YEAR, 0.02265000000%, 1 LOUISVILU, KY 40220-3502, of an undivided tee simple said Mo gaga, chages and Number 20180235034 ot the Vacation Club Twsl ( Twst REED 460 Eaton Vlllage Trce $31,662.15,1, $15.61, 10994- BEDROOM suln, 6414-43, EVERY NUMBERED YEAR, tenant in common intarest in expenses of the T stee and Public Retords ot ORANGE evidented tor administrative. Lenoir ci,TN 37771, M, 305, 2850; TAREY DENIECE vl, 812,452.o6, $6.14, 10470- 0.01 5835 000gb, TWO pepetui in he Plan Unit(s) of the tw s c ated by s d Coun . Florida tor the following assessment and ownenhip 16, WHOLE, 1, 2 Bedroom, MEEKS a RONNIE LOUIS 5785; MICHEAL RAY SHAW 425 BEDROOM, 5304-2z o, v, 2, ('.Club Suit&s)") set torth below Morfgage. Mortgago s) shall Pro : Unrf Week 2, in thal puposes by 10000 StayShy Season 2-Float Waeh/Float MEEKS 9137 MANSFIELD RD BOUDINOT CT ESCONDIDO, 813,252.o8, $6.53, 1 1020- in LP vAcAnoN SUITES and have the right to cure thg certain Unrf 406. Points, Unit. $9,552.70. $2.28, 2017- APT 130 SHRNEPO LA CA 92027-6224, EVERY 6405: THEOLA JOHNSON the Condominium Common defauW and anyjunior lienholder ANDREW G. MARTEL and Atimasha estate as defined 0678770; LEWIS R HIGGINS 71118-3144, EVERY YEAR, YEAR, 0.02265000000%, 1 a RODNEY JOHNSON a Elements and Timeshare shall have the right lo redeem CORINNE B. MARTEL, Notic6 by Saction 721.05, Florida 6 JEANNE K NELSON 2400 0.024750000009b, THREE BEDROOM SUITE, 6414-43, BRANDON JOHNSON, Common Elaments thereto as its interest up to the date the ol Detault and lnt6nt to Stalutes and a T st which Columbia Dr #20 Clea ater, BEDROOM, 1 507-23, |, Vl, $12,452.06, $6.14, 10470- 6913 GREAT FAUS DR more parficularly dastribed in Trustee issues the Certificate ot Foreclose sent via Cerfifiedl was created punuant to and FL N763, M. 05, 20, WHOU, 815,511.11. 2, S7.64. 10691- 5785; ANTWAN DEMETRIUS PLAINFIELD, IL 60586-5515, and subjact to fl) that certain Sale by paying the amounts due Register6d Mail publication to: her described in that ce ain 1, 2 Bedroom, Season 2-Float 2721; JASON LEE KUCERA BROWN B FLORENCE EVERY ODD NUMBERED Amended and Restal6d as outlined above. By: Amanda P.o. Box 642, BUCK LAKE, StaySky Vacation Club T st Wee Float Unk, $5.702.82, 2620 STATE HIGHWAY 111 s EUZABFrH BROWN 145 YEAR, 0.01 1 635000009b, Declaration or Condominium L. Chapman, Authorized Agent. ALBERTA, TOCOTO, CANADA; AgraamBnl ( T st Ag ement 81.58, 2o17-o678770; EDNA,M 77957-4902, EVERY VALLEY FORGE ST BELLE ONE BEDROOM, 5315- for Vlllage ot lmagina, A EXHIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF sewments Balance: dated June, 12,2014,executed ADELBERT CRUZ a YOLANDA YEAR, 0.01946000000gs, CHASSE. LA 70037, EVERY 48 o, v, 2, $9.581.75, Condominium, recorded TRusnE's SALE $1,823.92; as 8vid8nc6d by by and among FNTC America CRUZ 2917 N Augusta Nalional TWO BEDROOM, 1204-10, |, YEAR, 0.02265000000%, $4.72, 20160619393: ELOV November 6, 2015 in O icial Ownerls) Address Building the Claim ot Lian recorded on Holding Coporation, as lhe Dr Ha ingen, M 78550, M, 306, $27,875.13, $13.74, 10972- 1 BEDROOM SUITE, 4310- RODRIGUU a THELMA Recods Book 11009, Page Unit Week Year TS Undivided April 19, 2018 in lnstwment tw ee ot the Tw,StaySky 19, WHOLE, 1, 2 8edroom, 4097; UMAR SANUSI 56 44. lv, $15,034.97, $7.41, RODRIGUU 231 1 OXFORD ST 7799 in tha Public Records of lntePst Season Amount Per Number 20180235034 ot lha Vacation Club Development, Season 2-Float Wee Float TAFAWABALEWAWAYZENITH 10790-7260: DEBORAH CATO EL DORADO, AR 71730-8427, Orange Counly, Florida, (the Diem MTG Rec lnlo Publit Records ot ORANGE LLC, a D8lawaR limited Unk, $15,184.27, $3.09, 2017- BANK KANO, GuAnMALA. SCOTT B ROY LYNN SCOTT WERY ODD NUMBERED Condominium D6claration"); RENE THEBERGE a D County, Florida for tha following liabili company, and staysW 06787T0; ALTHEA VELTHUIS a MRY EVEN NUMBERED 1120 NORTH BIG SPRING YEAR. 0.01 1325000009b, and (ii) that ce ain Declaration MICHEUE THEBERGE 26 Prop6rty: Unit Waak 5, in that Vacation Club Assotiation, |, ROBERTVELTHUISWolkenveld YEAR, 0.01420000000,TWO ST MIDLAND, M 797o1, ONE BEDROOM, 4301-26 ot Covenants, Conditions and Graham Rd Ashton, ON certain Unit 1O4. lnc a Florida coporation not- 18 Almere, NETHERLANDS, N, BEDROOM. 7103-19E. vll, MRY ODD NUMBERED O, lv, 1, $16,281.26. 88.o2. Restrirtions and Vacation KOA1BO CANADA, 100, 19, EMIL w. MEISTER and A. tor-p M, as such ag ement 1 14, 33, WHOLE, 1,2 Bedroom, 1, 811,457.3o, $5.65, 10941- YEAR, 0.00973000000%. 20160594104; DANIEL Ownanhip lnstrument tor LP EVEN. 1 2, #| Season-Float SHIRLEY MEISTER, Notite ot may be amended and Season 3-Floal e Float 9157; EARNEST CHARLES 2 BEDROOM SUITE, 2106- LAREDoaM.nREsALAREDo Vacalion Surfes. recoded on Weeh/Float Unk 89.6o7.25. DelauN and lnt6nt lo For6clos8 suppl8m6nt8d hom time lo Unrf, $13,818.26, 82.91. 2017- JORDAN a LUWEUYN 46 O. ||. $11,725.61, $5.78, 1 114 BROCKW WAY APT A1 November 6, 2015, in O cial $4.46, 1 1017-7015;nRRENcE sent via C8rtifi8d/R8gist8r6d tima, a memorandum (.'Twst 0678770: BARRY L DOUGLAS PATRICIA JORDAN 3607 11o34-6262: PAuLrm D. BOWUNG GREEN, KY 42103. Records 8ook 11009, Page x GIVENS 11477 OAK BANK MaiVpublication to: 12403 Memorandum") of which is Po Box 562 Keego Harbor,Ml MASSIMO CIR STOCKTON, STOWERS a GREGORY T. MRY WEN NUMBERED 8650, in Wa Public Records CTJACKSONVIUE,FL32218- KIDSTON ROAD,VERNON,BC r6cord8d in OMcial Resorts 48320, N,212, 19, WHOLE, 1, CA 95212-2734, MRY STOWERS 32110 B RD YEAR. 0. 973 00,olOrange Coun,Florida(lhe 8852. 100. 44, NEN, 112, v1B 1S8,CANADA;CHENHAN Book1O758,Page6957,Public 2 Bedroom, Season 2-Float YEAR, 0.039180 9b, WAUER, M 77484-8164, TWO BEDROOM, 2405-40 fim6sha Declaration"). me,Season-float WeeMloal CHANG. 3804 LODESTONE LN Racords ot Oranga coun . WeehlFloat Unk, 85,7o2.82, THREE BEDROOM, 7108- EVERY EVEN NUMBERED E, ||. 2, $11,1N.75, 85.5o, Condominium Declaration and Unit, $6.964.71, $3.39, 10990- APT D, ST PAUL, MN 55122- Florida (.'Twsl Agreem6nt. . $1 .58, 201 7-0678n0: DAVID w 45, vll, 2, $18,631.28, 89.18. YEAR. 0.01615000000gb, 20160603288: GREGORY T. the Tlmeshare Declaration, 4862: AUDREY L G LYARD 1604; AMessments BalanGa: ma StaySkyintarastshall have MCMAHON a JOLIE,BAILEY 20160032123; JEFFERY 2 BEDROOM SUITE, HIMON Po Box 653 LOS as aach may be rther 7455 ORLANDO AVE 81,823.92; as 6vid8nc8d by a Use Yearanniversa subject 4740 Ridgeland Dr Frisco, M ALLENcuRTslNGERaKAREN 4307-44 E. lv. $11.731.24. ALAMITOS, CA 90720-0653, amended homtim6lotim8, are JACKSONNW, FL 32208- the Claim ot Lien recorded on to Sertion 5.3 ot lhe T st 75034, N, 214, 17, WHOLE, SUE CURTSINGER 5130 N $5.78, 20160584230; JAY MRY MN NUMBERED hereina er collectivaly refe ed 3N3, 100, 44, EVEN, 112, #| April 19, 2018 in lnst ment Agreement. 1, 2 Bedroom, Season 2-Float 430M PRYOR, OK 74361, FRANCIS NEBEL 5504 YEAR, 0.01 1325 9b, to as the Declarations"; Season-floal W oat Unrf, Numb6r 20180235034 ot tha Obligors shall have the right to WeeWFloat Unit, $5,702.82, EVERV ODD NUMBERED JORDAN CT JOHNSTON, ONE BEDROOM, 4702-22 Together wkh lh6 following: $6,964.71, $3.39, 1 4862: Public R6cods ot ORANGE cura th6 detault and any junior $1.58. 2017-0678770; ELAINE YEAR, 0.010000 000,ONE IA 50131 -3093, EVERY E, lv, 2, 81o.76o.87, $5.30, (a) m6 right lo se e a Tlme DANIELA A DE SANTANA Coun,Florida for the tollowing lienholder shall have th& righl R GINSTE 9 Pollach Dr BEDROOM, 7601-350, vll, YEAR, 0.032300000009b, 201 60625599; Period, as defined in the VIEIRA Av Genaro De Ca alho Properfy: Unit Week 46, in that to redeem ks inte st up to Ma boro. NJ 7746, o, 121, $9,196.70, 1, S4.53, 10837- 2 BEDROOM SUITE, August 1T, 24, 16 fimeshare Declaration, and to 1201 Bloco 2 Apto 110 Rec io cartain Unrf 203. the date the t stee iNu8s the 33. WHOLE, 1, 2 B6droom, 8645; DINO F. BALDAZO a 3304-31,|||, $34,436.04, L 170877 use and occupy a Club Surte Rio De Janei Rj. 22795077 JOSE o nz and AWIA Cerfificate ot Sale by paying the Season 3-Floal W68Mloat JAMIE LYNN PRINCEHOUSE- 816.98, 201 7002601 3; ol the Plan Unit Configuration BRAZIL. 80, 101. 42, EVEN. ORTIZ, Notite ot Default and amounts due as o rtlined in the Unk. $10,850.90, $2.49, 2017- BALDAZO 2879 F AVE KATHLEEN MARY NEBEL s6t fo h balow. on a hoating 1l2, #| season-noat Wea lntant to Foreclose sent via preteding pa graphs. 067a770; MICHAEL A PETERS MONTOUR, IA 50173-8725, 6204 TOWNSEND AVE. NoncE OF TRumE's use basis as set to h below. Float Unit, 811,68o.69, $4.73, cartmadlRagist8r6d Mail/ SSVNJ NOSO918-NOS a JOAN F PETERS Po Box EVERY EVEN NUMBERED URBANDALE,IA5O322,EVERY SAU in accodance with, and 2017 53; GLAUCIO DA publication to: Po Box 880, Augu I1T,2 ,2O18 01805 mousand Oaks, CA YEAR, 0.016150000009b, YEAR, 0.03230000000%. WESTGA E LAKU lv subject to the Daclarations. COSTA VIEIRA Av Genaro De MAYAGUU, PR 00681 - L 17o831 91358, o, 122, 7, WHOLE, 1, TWO BEDROOM, 6210- 2 BEDROOM SUITE, 3304- 2T .0T13 mMUHARE as amended, together with Ca alho 1201 Bloco 2 Ap o ; AN8ssm8nts Balance: 1 Bedroom, Season 1-Float 41E, vl, 814,132.26, 2, 31, |||, $34,436.04, $16.98, TRADE IN LLC) the right in common with all 110 Recreio Rio De Janai Rj, $1,823.92; as evidenced by Week/float Unit, 84,551.42, 86.96, 201 60073037; 201 7002601 3; RODNEY On 9/1v2018 at 11:00 AM, Ownan to use and enjoy 22795-0077 BRAZIL, 80, 101, the Claim of Len recorded on NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S 81.32, 2017-0678770; JOHN JOHN ANTHONY KILBURN ALBERT H RSTON a GREENSPOON MARDER, the fimeshare Common 42, EVEN, 1/2, #| Saason-Float April 19, 2018 in lnst ment SALE MARnN a DEUA s MARTIN a PATRICIA JANE JEMEKER MACHELL LLP, 201 E. Pine St et, Suite Elements and Condominium Week/Float Unrf, 811,68o.69, Number 20180235034 of the RVS - AT ORLANDO,1o6 CoWag6 St Apt 2 Chelsea. KILBURN 25 WILSON CT HAIRSTON Po Box 3184 500, O ando, Florida 32801, Common Elements during the $4.73, 2017 53: JAMES Public Records ot ORANGE 310u. OMAC MAO215O,O,223,18,WHOLE, MONTICELLO, EVERY CANYON COUNTRY, as Twstee punuant to that Home Waek reserved to each D OLIVER a DELISA M Coun,Florida tor the tollowing On 9/1v2018 at 11:00 AM, 1, 2 Bedroom, Season 2-Float YEAR, 0.02265 00,CA 91386-3184, EVERY Appointment ot Twst6a ato said Timeshare lnterest OLIVER 1402 E Tlmbe iew Ln Prop6rty: Unh Week 49. in that GREENSPOON MARDER, Wee float Un,$10,879.83, ONE BEDROOM, 6214-30, YEAR. 0.02842000000gb. &ordad on 03/211201 8, as are and may be set forfh in Arlington, M 76014, 80, 102, cartain Unrf 402. UP, 201 E. Pine StPet. Surte $2.49, 201 7 0678770; Vl, S19,629.91,1, 89.68: 2 BEDROOM SUITE, 7106- under Document lnrtwment the Declarations; Timeshare 41, ODD, 1/2, All Season-Float MICHAEL P. SWEENEY, 500, O ando, Florida 32801. August 1T, 24, 18 DEMETRIUS LATRICE SIUER 16, vll, $22,204.36, $10.95, no. 20180161072 of the lnte s : (SEE WHIBIT.'A' Club Week/Float Unit, 814,816.97, Nolic6 of Datault and lntent to as T stee punuant to that L 17o871 B RU8lN E. SIWR II 1115 201 60661 525; Public R8colds ot ORANGE Suite Number: (SEE WHIBIT $6.02, 1 1017-7714; LUIS Foretlose sent via Ce ified/ Appointment ot T ee SURREY RD PAPILLION, Augurt 1T, 2,18 County, Flonda, by reason A") Unk Weak Number: ROGELIO CIFUENTES ARAYA Registered Mai publication &oded on 4/19/201 8. NE 68046-281 4, EVERY L 170868 ot a now continuing default (SEE WHIBIT .'A") Plan Unit a ESTER ANGELICA ESCOBAR to: 411 s HENDRICKS DR, under Document ln wment NoncE OF TRusnE's ODD NUMBERED YEAR, by Obligo s), (Sa6 Exhibit Configuration: (SEE WHIBIT EMPARANZA Camino Las GREENWOOD, IN 46142; no. 20180235248 of the E 0.006715000009b, ONE A"), whosa addr8N is (Sea A") Saason: (SEE WHIBIT Tranqueras No 4175 Santiago, A5s8Nm8nts Balance: Public Record5 of ORANGE TUKANY LLAGE BEDROOM, 2201-500, NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S Exhibrf A"), inth6 payentor A") Recurnng Right: (SEE CHIU. 80. 110, 35, WHOLE, 81,823.92; as evidencad by Coun,Florida, by Rason vAcAnoN sulns ll, 2, 81 1 ,457.30, 85.65, SALE parformance ot the obligations HIBIT A' lnternal lnte al 1,All Season-Float WeeMloal the Claim of Lien recorded on of a now continuing default T. 1g (CLEMONS) 20160490334; JERRY JOHN TUSCANY LLAGE secured by said Claim ot Len Control Number: (SEE HIBIT Unk. 823.926.65, 89.68, 11014- April 19, 2018 in lnstwment by Obligor(sl, (See Exhibit On 0911v2018 at 11:oo AM, ROBERTSON a GINA MARIE vAcAnoN sul~ r6tordad in omcial Retords A") and D) Membership in the 5171: CHRISTINE MELANCON Number 20180235034 ol the "A"). whose address is (See GREENSPOON MARDER, ROBERTSON 1020 UNDO 3 T. IDONOHO) Book(See Exhibit A . atPage Hilton Grand Vacations Club. a ROBERT A MELANCON 405 Public Recods of ORANGE Exhibrt .'A"), in the payment or 201 E. Pine Street, Surte CT MANTECA, CA 95N7- On 09/1u2018 at 11:oo AM, (See Exhibk A"), ot the Public LP VACATION SUITES 9501 Woodbridge Blvd Mandeville, Coun,Florida for tha tollowing performance ol the obligations 500, Orlando, Florida 32801, 8766, ODD NUMBERED GREENSPOON MARDER, Racords ot ORANGE County, Univenal Boulevad O ando, LA 70471, 80, 511, 32, EVEN, Property: Unit Week 16, in that secured by said Claim ot Len as Twslaa pursuant to that YEAR, 0.01 61 5000000%, UP, zo1 E. Pine Street, Suite Florida, including the b ach or FL 32819 Said sale will be 1/2,Season-Float w68h/ cerfain Unk 305. recorded in OMtial Records Appo ntmant ot Twstee TWO BEDROOM, 4303-180, 500, O ando, Florida 32801, detauW, notica ot which was set made Twrthoul covenants, or Float Unit, $23,352.27, 89.53, |, within ORLANDO'S Booh ls86 Exhibit A"). at Page racorded on 1 1/06/2017, lv, $1 2,951 .62, 2, 86.38 as Twstee punuanl to lhal forth in a Notic6 of DetauW and wa anly, 8xpRN or implied, 1 1015-2599: TIMOTHY w SUNSHINE RESORT, A (s86 Exhib .'A ), ofthe Public under Document lnstwm6nt 201605842N; DEAN J. DIRK a Appoimment of Twstaa lntant to For losa pDvid8d galding the thle, poNeNion LOVE 704 w MACK AVE condominium, according to the Records of ORANGE Coun,no. 20170605451, ot th6 JODIM.DIRK1O15THAVENUE Rcorded on 0110912018, to the last know addlaN or encumbrances) lo pay the OLN IL 62450-37,90, Daclaration ot Condominium Florida, including the breach or Public Records of ORANGE WEST SABIN, MN, MRY under Document ln m6nt ot Obligo s), (S Exhib unp d principal balance due 307, 15, ODD, 1 2, Fixed w86kl the ot recordad in O cial defauW, notice ot which was set Coun,Florida, by reason ot YEAR, 0.01 g46 gb, no. 201800018981, ot the A ), by C8rtifi 8gisteRd und the mo gage in lhe Floa Unit, $11,861.58, 84.68, Racords Book 4158 Page torfh in a Notice ot DetauW and a now continuinq datault by TWO BEDROOM, 1604-52, Public Recods ot ORANGE Mail or by public ion by the amount of (See Exhibit wA"), 1099 5008; cHRlsnNE 1143 Public Racods ot Oranga lntent to For8clos6 provided Morfgagor (s), See Exhibit |, 1, 833,772.39, $16.65, Coun,Florida, by reason ot undanigned Twst86, will sall wkh in erest aK ing at the K LOVE 145 W No h Ave, Coun,Florida, togather will to the last known add N '.A"), whose addrass is (See 201 700881 13: a now continuinq defauN by at publit aurtion to M6 highe te of (See Exhibk "A") per Claramont, IL 62421, 90, 307, all appurtenancas theraunto of Obligo ), (Sae Exhibit Exhibh A"l, in tha payment or Augu t 1T, 2 18 Mortgagor (s), See Exhibit biddar for lawhl mon6y ot tha day, pu uant to tha Mortgage, 15, ODD, 112, Fix6d W68Mloat aWached. .'A"), by ertifiedlRagista d performance ot the obligations L 170869 A"), whose address is (See Unked Slatas ot aca, in the advances, if any, under the Unrf, $11,861.58, 84.68, 10990- Obligon shall have the right to Mail or by publita ion by lhe secured by a Morfgaga Exhib A"), in the paymant or lobby of Surf6 500, ot Capital terms of said Mortgage, 5008; cur6 lh6 detauW and any junior und6nign8d Twstee. will sell racord6d in O cial R6cords performance of lhe obligations Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine charges and expenses ot Augual 1T, 2,18 lienholder shall have the right at public au ion to the highest Book (s86 Exhibk wA"), at Page NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S secured by a Mortgaga Streat. O ando, n 32801. the T ee and ot the twst5 L 17o878 to deem ks int6r8st up to bidder lor lawhl money ot the (See Exhibit A"), of the Public SALE recoded in O cial Records all right, title and inte in c ated by s d Mortgage. e date the t st66 issues the Unrfed States otAmerica. inthe R8cord5 ot ORANGE County, TUSC LLAGE Booh(S6a Exhibrt.'A"),atPage the property 5kuat8d in the Mo gagor(s) shall have the certmcale ot Sale by paying the lobby of Suha 500, of Capital Florida, including th6 b ach or vAcAnoN sulns (See Exhibrf .'A"), ot the Public Counly ot ORANGE. florida, right to cure tha detault and NoncE OF TRusnE's amounts due as o lined in the Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine detauN,noticeofwhich was sel 3 T. 1 ISHA Records ot ORANGE Coun,d6scrib8d as: (SEE HIBIT any junior lienholder shall have SAU p&edinq paragraphs. St t, O ando, n 32801, all torfh in a Notice of Default and On 0911212018 at 11:00 AM, Florida, includ ng the breach or A ) fim6 Sha lnta (s) the right to redeem its interast wEsTGAn LAWS II OSR NJ OLNOSO918-NOS right, tkle and interest in tha lntent to Foreclose p vided GREENSPOON MARDER, detault, notice of which was s6t (SEE HIBIT A"l a defined in up to tha data the T st86 2g .01 (cwluo DA Augu& 1,2,18 pDperty skuatad in the Coun to the la known addl8N ot LLP, 201 E. Pine t, Suke lo h in a Notice ot Default and th6 Declaration of Covanants, issues the Certificata ot Sale SILvO L 17083o of ORANGE. Florida. described Morfgagor(s), (Sea Exhibk 5,O ando, Florida 32801, lntent to FO tlOS6 provid6d Conditions and Restri ions by paying the amounts due as On 09/1212018 at 11:00 AM, as: (S Exhibk A"ITlma Sha A ), by Ce ifiedlRegi ered as Twst punuant to hat to the la known addrass ot tor Westgate Lakes, lv, OMcial outlined above. By: Amanda L. GREENSPOON MARDER, lntere (s) in Parcel Building(sy Mail or by publitation by the Appointment ot Twstee Mortgago s), (See Exhibit Raco s Book 6489, at Page Chapman, Authorizad Agent. LLP, 201 E. Pine Streel, hke NoncE OF TRUSTEE'S (Unit(s)/ Unit week(sV Assigned undenigned Twstee, will sell r orded on 01 1 1201 8, A"), by Cerfified/Registered 3167, ot th6 Public Records HIBIT "A" - NOTICE OF 500, O ando, Florida 32801, SALE Yea s), (s86 Exhibrf A,at public aurtion to the highest undar Document lnst ment Mail or by publication by the ol Orange County, Flonda ( h6 TRUSTEE'S SALE as Twstaa punuanl o that NoncE ls HEREBY GIVEN, (See Mibk A,(See Exhibh bidder tor la ul money of lhe no. 20180018972, ot the undenigned Twst86, will sell Plan,and all am dmant(s) Owner(s) AddRM Unit Waek Appointmant ot Twst68 th Gasdick Sta on Ea y, A"), in D ign 6d Saason Unked States ot America, in the Publit Retords ot ORANGE at public aurfion to tha highast tha to, if any. Together whh Year TS Undivided ln erest racodad on 0511 112018, P.A, 1601 w. Colonial Dr (See Exhibrf A,in RVS AT lobby ot Suit6 500, ot Capkal Coun,Florida, by reason ol bidder tor la ul money of the lhe right to o upy, punuant Suite Type Season ICN Amount under Docum6nt lnst ment O ando, FL, 32804, as Twstee ORLANDO, A CONDOMINIUM, Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pine a now cominuing defauW by Unrfed States of Amerita, in the to the Plan, Building-UnkTs) Per Diem MTG Ret lnfo no. 201 80280941,ot lhe in th6 Appointment corded at according to the Declaration Stre&, O ando, Fl 32801, all Mortgagor (s), (See Exhibrf lobby ot Suke 500, ot Capkal (SEE HIBIT A . during Unil WEDIN M. BAUTISTA 3RD Public Racords ot ORANGE lnst ment No. 20170045878 of Condominium th6 t, righ,trtle and interest in the A,whose addRM is (Sea Plaza Building 1, 201 E. Pin6 Week(s) (SEE HIBIT A"), 137 HIGH ST NUTLEY, NJ Coun,Florida, by ason ot ot the Public R6cords ot recorded in O cial Racords pDp skuat8d in tha Coun Exhibk A,in the paynem or St et, O ando, Fl 32801, all durin Awigned Y6a s) - (SEE 07110-1104. 1218, 19, EVERY a now continuinq detauW by O nga County, Florida, will Book 5283, a Page 4636, ot otO GE, Florida, described performanca ot Me obligations right, tkle and interest in the Hl A . wEsTGAn YEAR, 1/52, wo BEDROOM, Mortgagor (s), Sae Ewhibk sell at publit Aurtion to the the Public R6tords ot Orange as: A (SEE HIBIT wA") setured by a Mortgage property skua ed in the CouW LAKES 1 Turkay Lake GOLD, 1218-19, $19,832.00, "A',whosa add ss is (See high6st bidder ot U.S. hnds, Coun,Florida a5 amended undivided tanant in common racordad in omcial Recods ot ORANGE, Florida, dascribad Road O ando, FL 32819 Said $9.78, 2017 680; DAVID Exhibit A"), in the payent or in cash or certitiad tund5 only, hom lime to lime. 6950 Vllla intarast in Pha58 (s) (SEE Book (See Exhibrf A"), Page as: A TSEE HIBIT A sala will be made lwkhort a BUTZIGER 475 ARNOLDS p6rformanc8 ot he obligations on Sapt6mber 19, 2018 at de Costa Drive, O ando, FL HIBIT A") ot TUSCANY (See Exhibh A2,ot e Public undivid6d tanant in common covanants,orwa anty,expPu NECK DR WARWICK, Rl secured by a Mortgag6 9:05 am, at Gasdich Stanton 32827 me in Tlm8shar6 Plan VILLAGE vAcAnoN SUITES, Recods ot ORANGE Coun,inte in Phase (s) (SEE or impliad. regading the tkle, 02886-7109, 824, 46, EVERV racoded in omcial Recods Ear,P.A 1601 w. Colonial (Properfy) Addrass ) RVS - AT as described in the Daclaration Florida, including the breach or HIB A ot TUSCANY poNaNion or encumbrances),1152, ONE BEDROOM, Book (Sea Exhibk A,at Page Dr O ando, FL 32804, all ORLANDO 6950 Vllla de Co a ot Cov8nant5, Condrfions and defauW, notice otwhich was sat NLLAGE VACATION sulns, to paythe unpaid Nm8n s GOLD, 824-16, $16,8.24.00, (Sae Ewhibit A,ot the Publit right, titl6 and interest in tha Driva Orlando, FL 32821 Said R8strictionsth6r6ofasr8cod8d form in a Notice ot DefauW and as dascribad in Me Declaration dua in the unt of (s $8.29, 20170234142: Reco s ot ORANGE Coun , p perties listed below in sala will b6 made (wkhout in O.R. Booh 6630. Page lnt6nt to Fo lose provid6d ot Covenants, Condkions and Exhibrt A . w h int August 1T,18 Florida, includinq the b ach or Orange County, Florida tor covenants, or wa an,6xpr8ss 4259 in tha Publit Records ot to tha last known addl8N ot Rastri ions thereof as corded accruing at the te ot (See L 170873 derauW, nolite o which was set continuing nonpayment ot the or impliad. regading the thl6, Orang6 Coun,Florida, and Mortgago s), (See Exhibrf in O.R. Booh 6630, Pa9e Exhibk A per day, punuanl to torfh in a Notic6 ot Datau and pariodic payment5 due undar possession or entumbrances) all amendments thereto (the A,by Cert agi erad 4259 in tha Public Recods ol the Tlmesha Plan, advanc,lntent to Fo&lose pDvid6d the morfgages described to pay the unpa d ass6ssm6nts D6claration ). Grantea owns Mail or by publication by th6 O nge CouW, Florida, and it any, under me temw ot said NoncE OF TRusnE's to tha last known addr8N ot below, as tollows: due in the amount ot (s68 a Type (SEE WHIBIT "A' unde igned Tw ea, will sall all amendmen thereto (the Claim ot Len, chages and SAU Mortgagor(s), (See Mibk VINCENT WILLIAMS, Notica ot Exhibk A,whh i ere Vacation Ownenhip in a (SEE atpublit auctiontotha highest Declaration . Grantea owns expenses otthe Tw ee and of WESTGATE LAWS v A,by c6rtm 6gisteRd DetauW and lntantto Fo close accwing at the rate ot (s86 HIBIT A'.) Suite and shall be bidder for la ul money ot the a Typ6 (SEE WHIBIT .'A") the twsls cRated by said Claim .o15a rrHEBERG Mail or by publitalion by th6 sent via Cerf edlRegi erad Exhibit A per day. punuant to quired to make a r85ervation United States of rica, in the Vacation Own6rship in a (SEE ot Lan. Obligo s) shall have the On 11v2018 at 11:00 AM, undanigned Tw ee, will sell MaiUpublication to: 1 T341 the Tlmeshare Plan, advanc6s, tor a Suite, wkh ava (SEE lobby of Surt6 500, ot Capkal WHI8lT A' Suite and shall be right o cuP the d6tauW and any GREENSPOON MARDER, at publit au ion o the high6